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It’s a little bewildering knowing nothing has happened to actually curb out indias population growth at this point. It’s not high in the sense that the countries geography can’t actually sustain a lot of people, it’s that its government definitely can’t, and this shows in the state of the country and its unemployment issues. The visibly poor urbanization rates topped with a complete lack of industry who is well behind China in terms of productiveness, alongside horrid amounts of corruption and you end up with a country that’s still horribly poor after decades of undisturbed development. Indias population projected to increase even more doesn’t do anything good for other Indians at all and just becomes a raging annoyance for the countries leaders to put up with, not because it’s increasing, but because it’s not going down to a level that their leaders can actually handle. There’s also just the sense that being capitalist instead of socialist makes things substantially harder in general for the country to actually progress at all.


Why is india so badly urbanised and so little industrialized? they produce a fucking ton of ingeneers and STEMfaggots but they don't even have the industries to make them useful?


That’s not hard to explain actually. Their unemployment is really bad and so are their governments priorities. Their leaders don’t value industry or respect trade workers, unsurprisingly barely anyone tries to get into industry over their as much as the Chinese do which means a lot of construction and factory work that needs to be completed never gets finished. Not different from the overeducation issue seen in the imperial core, but there it’s taken to its least logical extreme.


Nah just wait.


Do you have any articles that expand on these issues?



Just one, I really hate the stigma around these jobs considering how important they’re for so many others to exist.




If you could stop making a thread for every inconsequential thought you have


Their government fell for the start-up & VC model. That's where most of their techies who haven't migrated to the US are employed


Are they at least getting anything meaningful done? It’s hard to imagine the country having things like smart cities and automated processes without the proper infrastructure installed first but I wouldnt think it’s impossible.


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Population is growing overall, but growth is decreasing in some parts. iirc kerala is below replacement levels of fertility.


indias birthrate is already falling like everywhere else bruh



In some parts, yes these ideas would apply, however the population of the country is set to increase by skittle over 100 million by 2050 and continue increasing somewhat until the end of the century.


The imperial core outsources tech jobs to them, and they dedicate their resources to fulfilling those economic needs for the imperial core, so it's a feedback loop. The falling rate of profit will fix it eventually.


god I hate ch*rchill

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