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REMEMBER: Still care about this conflict? Ukraine is so 2022. Everyone is now interested in the Israel general threads these days instead

>(prior thread highlights TBA)


Evidence of the influence and origin of neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine



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>I will never stop seething

>You will seethe

Buddy, you're fighting with the phantoms in your head again. Seethe this, seethe that, seethe some meds for your mental condition.


Surely he won't fall for their lies the next time!


Been reading some shit on one of the reddit ukraine war threads while searching for war footage and holy shit the cope about Abrams is immense. One of the funniest things is the "blast-doors and blow-out panels" meaning the tank won't get destroyed by enemy fire if hit. Never mind that Lancets weren't hitting ammunition either and still taking out Leopard IIs and never mind that Blast Doors is a misunderstanding; their purpose is to prevent fire and explosions from a cook-off in the ammunition compartment. If the ammunition blows all at once in a catastrophic explosion, those blast doors aren't going to prevent the crew from, at minimum getting severe over-pressure damage and more likely will blast into the fighting compartment. Even if by some gods miracle that doesn't happen, the tank will be fucked completely either way, so there really is little difference to "muh inferior sovjet tenks!" Speaking of which, the ERA on the roofs of most Soviet/post-Soviet tanks as well as the roof covers and other applied armor, make the T-64, 72, 80 and 90 far better protected than Western tanks from top-down munitions and drone strikes.


File: 1701796406205-0.jpg (152.27 KB, 1170x1314, media_GAkikkdWsAALEM5.jpg)

File: 1701796406205-1.jpg (174.44 KB, 1170x1425, media_GAkikkOWQAAsjtT.jpg)

how it started


I think the reason why they take blow-out panels so seriously is that they might maybe give more survivability to the crew. But there are just so many variables influencing this that it might not be that important anyway. As I've read somewhere, if an APFSDS or even an HEAT round pierces the ammo compartiment, it will cause damage to other things than the tank's shells.


Is there a single tank since WW1 where a ammunition hit don't end up with all the crew dead? Even the French interwar megatanks like the B1 or 2C had ammos very close to the crew


There have been attempts to at least slow down the inevitable to give enough time to escape, before blow-out panels the wet ammo rack also intended to reduce the chances of, or to delay, a detonation.


This is the only foreign policy that matters. Everything else from Ukraine to South China Sea revolves around this geopolitical fact. What is happening in Ukraine is not even close to war with nuclear weapons.


There were some soviet plans with nuclear targets. I wonder if anyone has them.


These were never released but American plans in 1956 included neutral nation airfields.


File: 1701810076294.jpg (299.1 KB, 1033x1280, aa389c9a2fc97eca.jpg)

Logically USA would sacrifice Europe but anglos and Frogs would have nuked Moscow at that point. Losing Moscow would result in Russians going total nuclear war while Americans have calculated this in their war plans and they strike before Russians are able to shoot most of their missiles that Russians have calculated in their resulting total mutual destruction.


File: 1701813868197.jpg (203.71 KB, 1242x1698, GAnH5aFW8AAaOT8.jpg)

But if you close your eyes
Does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?
And if you close your eyes
Does it almost feel like you've been here before?

*Ukraine flag slowly transforming into the South Vietnam one*


You just reminded me that they still haven't fixed the Afghan flag emoji 🇦🇫


Dont get too emotionally attached in the war especially when you are contributing close to zero to russian war effort. Thinking every bit of low quality media about the war is the next happening fuking sad.


It's ogre ukropcocksucker


File: 1701816328376.mp4 (20.01 MB, 1280x720, 05.12.2023_IMR_Ukraine.mp4)

How long can they actually maintain this?


File: 1701817013894.jpeg (34.5 KB, 600x814, IMG_1681.jpeg)

>retards who think Marxism-Leninism is genetically passed down
thats true though, if you read theory your whole body (this include sperms) increases in revolutionary properties, so the baby comes out with an extra boost to revolutionary thought (unless the woman is more reactionary than you are revolutionary, but that’s very advanced math and i won’t bother you with that right now)
genes are not real though so you got that part wrong


Ah yes, no funding until at least the next US election is small nothingbugger and "small low quality media". But knowing your kind, you think drone compilations that mix 2022 and 2023 footages to make it seems that Ruzziansdonetskbugmens die en masse is the most gloriovs reporting on earth


Zelenskyy addressed Congress as planned then? Anyone have the video?


File: 1701818387027.jpg (218.84 KB, 1080x1080, 20231205_171712.jpg)

More ukranian nazi stuff to add to the bin. Crazy war.


>Arestovich: "We messed up…we picked the losing side"


File: 1701820391956.jpg (60.74 KB, 978x532, matrixmeme1.jpg)

arestovich redemption arc?


File: 1701820831127.png (361.73 KB, 980x551, ClipboardImage.png)


This happening already means that ability to maintain anything in Ukrainian war effort is quickly turning to shit.


File: 1701821347970.jpg (80.92 KB, 819x771, media_GAmjpLGXoAAGaOq.jpg)

Libs now seething about the Budapest Memorandum from back in 1994…


>Goonmaxing my revolutionary will in order to birth the next Lenin


File: 1701824049449.png (65.28 KB, 1200x350, ClipboardImage.png)

>retards who think Marxism-Leninism is genetically passed down


The Ukrainian troops had expected minefields but were blindsided by the density. The ground was carpeted with explosives, so many that some were buried in stacks. The soldiers had been trained to drive their Bradleys at a facility in Germany, on smooth terrain. But on the mushy soil of the Zaporizhzhia region, in the deafening noise of battle, they struggled to steer through the narrow lanes cleared of mines by advance units.

The Russians, positioned on higher ground, immediately started firing antitank missiles. Some vehicles in the convoy were hit, forcing others behind them to veer off the path. Those, in turn, exploded on mines, snarling even more of the convoy. Russian helicopters and drones swooped in and attacked the pileup.

Troops, some experiencing the shock of combat for the first time, pulled back to regroup — only to attack and retreat, again and again on successive days, with the same bloody results.

By day four, Gen. Valery Zaluzhny, Ukraine’s top commander, had seen enough. Incinerated Western military hardware — American Bradleys, German Leopard tanks, mine-sweeping vehicles — littered the battlefield. The numbers of dead and wounded sapped morale.

Months of planning with the United States was tossed aside on that fourth day, and the already delayed counteroffensive, designed to reach the Sea of Azov within two to three months, ground to a near-halt. Rather than making a nine-mile breakthrough on their first day, the Ukrainians in the nearly six months since June have advanced about 12 miles and liberated a handful of villages. Melitopol is still far out of reach.

Key findings from reporting on the campaign include:

● Seventy percent of troops in one of the brigades leading the counteroffensive entered battle with no combat experience.
● Ukraine’s setbacks on the battlefield led to rifts with the United States over how best to cut through deep Russian defenses.
● The commander of U.S. forces in Europe couldn’t get in touch with Ukraine’s top commander for weeks..
● Each side blamed the other for mistakes or miscalculations.
● In all, Ukraine has retaken only about 200 square miles of territory, at a cost of thousands of dead and wounded and billions in Western military aid in 2023 alone.

On Nov. 1, in an interview with the Economist, Zaluzhny acknowledged what had been previously unutterable — the war had reached “a stalemate.”
“There will most likely, he s




File: 1701829412485.png (973.39 KB, 2048x1536, ClipboardImage.png)


black flag anon continues to be a retard like always


>NATO actually wanted to lose the Ukraine war
l m f a o


🇺🇦🇮🇱 - cringe
🇺🇦🇵🇸 - gay
🇷🇺🇵🇸 - based
🇷🇺🇮🇱 - retarded


Reminder that this guy thinks the fascist shithole of India is better than Russia because in his mind it is genetically more communist lol


Unironically India has more revolutionary potential than Russia does, although at current moment Russia contributes more to fighting American hegemony.


In such that it is a barely industrial country with 1.6 billion people, definitely, saying India (currently) is better than Russia because genetically Russians are corrupt and evil is hilarious


>if you kill your enemies, they win


>Both Ukraine and Russia fell for Western provocations from different perspectives and both are paying the ultimate price.
the ultimate price russia is paying: winning the war, achieving their military goals and advancing dedollarization/their own trade system with BRICS
the ultimate price ukraine is paying: irreparable demographic collapse, huge loss of infrastructure and a complete abandonment of their dreams of joining EU/NATO or retaking the land they lost
but yeah, im sure america “wanted” this and they “baited” russia into winning


I think it's fair to say Ukraine is getting dropped if there is this much seethe posted in such a short time frame.


>The Russians, positioned on higher ground, immediately started firing antitank missiles. Some vehicles in the convoy were hit, forcing others behind them to veer off the path. Those, in turn, exploded on mines, snarling even more of the convoy. Russian helicopters and drones swooped in and attacked the pileup.


but russia can't have mcdonalds



>video released on the same day of the start of the SMO
>one of the first people interviewed are already going putler bad slava ukraini
media is mind rotting


File: 1701845297369.jpg (42.65 KB, 804x550, 1701845244113569.jpg)



>If the ammunition blows all at once in a catastrophic explosion, those blast doors aren't going to prevent the crew from, at minimum getting severe over-pressure damage and more likely will blast into the fighting compartment.
This isn't true though, there have been several Abrams which have suffered an ammo rack explosion. There will be some venting of gas into the fighting compartment before the blow-out panel is blown out, but less than a single propellant round cooking off inside the turret would produce.

>Even if by some gods miracle that doesn't happen, the tank will be fucked completely either way, so there really is little difference to "muh inferior sovjet tenks!"

The point is to preserve the crew as they are more difficult to replace than a tank.

Experience in WWII and the Zionist vs Arab wars showed that tanks that didn't get burned up could usually be fixed by hosing out the crew and welding up the armour.


You have to huff a lot of paint to have lived through the "Global War on Terror" and believe Western Intelligence services.

Their assessments only look reasonable compared to the crazy shit the Ukrainian government says.


>The commander of U.S. forces in Europe couldn’t get in touch with Ukraine’s top commander for weeks..
Now this is what actual incompetency at the brass looks like.


tbf if it was a real NATO war it would have been slightly more successful for about two weeks before the NATO air forces were wrecked in such a way that would take over a decade to recuperate, and then it would be exactly the same but with superior NATO DNA doing the suicide charging per NATO doctrine


>Germany is not Ukraine’s ally – defense chief
<Boris Pistorius has brushed off criticism that Berlin is giving Kiev “too little to win and too much to lose”
>“We deliver what we can. The same applies to almost all other allies and partners,” he said, adding that “Germany is not an ally of Ukraine and therefore not in an alliance.”

Well this sudden abandonment of Ukraine escalating quickly..


File: 1701854698511.png (9.75 KB, 604x96, 1701854317534394.png)

Based GOP????


"Well, as you know, I always felt we tried to go a bridge too far."


File: 1701857415014.png (173.43 KB, 390x280, ClipboardImage.png)

Ukraine? Ich kenne sie kaum.


>Germany is not an ally of Ukraine
this is just sad tbh


File: 1701858429923.png (157.98 KB, 736x325, welp.png)

So basically the US Republicans dont want to help anymore because of the southern border issue, so now zelesky is desperatly getting support from any other western nations it can get


File: 1701858585785.jpeg (99.57 KB, 602x687, IMG_1692.jpeg)

it’s ovyir


File: 1701858744986.jpeg (432.14 KB, 828x1129, IMG_1693.jpeg)

>we’re getting genocided
<actually we’re killing a billion russians
materialist explanation?


Brain damage due to Chernobyl radiation.


is this faggot anyone important?


it's actually the oldest trick in the book: the enemy is both strong and weak, while we're at the same time victims and winners.


Sounds like they don't actually need help from the US after all


File: 1701860244091.jpg (1.54 MB, 2269x1789, 1701860208965738.jpg)


File: 1701860312900.jpg (258.49 KB, 576x820, 1701860140278523.jpg)



Funny meme from 3 years ago, but not enough third reich insignia on the Ukrainians to be believable.


is this the new cope?
>not sending money to some random country = genocide


Au contraire, this is a desperate yelp for more gibs on the basis of
>No don't give up on weapon supplies! Ukraine git gud now I swear! Just imagine what a few more gibs can do on top of the recent 180 degree turn by Ukraine on their self-sufficiency they just achieved in the last 24 hours!


I've never seen a country that fucked itself beyond repair like Ukraine. At this point, after multiple points of no return have been passed, I simply can't imagine a scenario that doesn't end in pure crippling depressive horror for Ukraine. Even if a miracle happens and Russia withdraws. There is seemingly no exit strategy for Ukraine, they did drink the Western kool-aid so willingly that they actually endangered the existence of Ukraine as a historically constituted nation state itself.

No matter how this ends, Ukraine is far too big to just be ending up as a small destitute mafia state created by NATO like Kosovo or Moldova that everyone can just forget about - a destitute rump country infested with Hitlerites that also happens to be the biggest country in Europe by territory which is also completely militarized is gonna throw Europe into the shit for decades to come.


Analog horror about current events lel


And you know, the western governments could have soften the blow about them rescinding proper support for Ukraine to keep the population thinking they really did the best by them. But of course saying this was the best they could do but Russia simply defeated their attempts to save Ukraine would be bad PR at home, instead it's
>Ukraine isn't an ALLY, we didn't OWE them ANYTHING much less win a victory FOR them!
And ultimately to restore confidence in NATO there will be articles for years now with headlines to the effect of
>Ukraine is the example of how you DON'T use NATO weapons/tactics
And the body will just be full of accusations that the Ukrainians either just ignored NATO tactics or were just too incompetent and corrupt to properly adapt NATO tactics to their situation, requiring everything be spoonfed to them by NATO generals who can only be *so* good at fighting the Russians in Ukraine and the details had to come from Ukraine therefore.


aZOG battalion are jewish nazis loool


To be fair "NATO tactics" involve the American airforces softening the enemy up for weeks before an attack.


Yeah, albeit against enemies that have even less Anti-Air than Ukraine did, though I'm sure articles pointing out that Ukraine couldn't do shock and awe wouldn't in turn point out that shock and awe would be difficult to implement against Russia than it was for Iraq


It would be harder vs Russia but there is a reason the Americans developed glide kits and bomb lobbing techniques.


Sure but shock and awe kinda requires the enemy to be utterly helpless, essentially American shock and awe is supposed to act like nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the same amount of explosive force just delivered conventionally and spread over a wider area, it's still intentionally a gross display of overkill to suggest to the enemy that the US do not have hearts in their chests and showing up front the savagery they will resort to.

It worked in Japan and the US therefore didn't need to invade the mainland, since the obvious implication is the nukings won't stop while Japan continues to resist invasion, since then they've tried to get the same effect with conventional explosives at the start of every war they've fought ever since.


File: 1701864014633.png (387.73 KB, 576x608, ClipboardImage.png)


>I've never seen a country that fucked itself beyond repair like Ukraine. At this point, after multiple points of no return have been passed, I simply can't imagine a scenario that doesn't end in pure crippling depressive horror for Ukraine
They feel the same way

<Ukrainians prepare for a long war. Will the West stay the course?
>Tilnenko says war fatigue is a fact of life.

"Everyone's tired. The soldiers are tired, victims are tired, the IDPs are tired. But there's no way out. We can't just give up and say 'okay, fine'. At the very least, too many people have died. We hope it'll get easier. And we'll see how it goes."


Christ, at this point it sounds like a conscious mercy killing



extremely limited &
already happening


File: 1701870831523.jpg (276.88 KB, 800x1424, Oleg_popov_(cropped).jpg)

Can't believe Ukrainians murdered Oleg Popov, random LPR deputy, billions of ruzzians clowns must be killed


I think people are really underestimating how dire the situation is for Ukraine, military aid has been delayed by two months, Russia is pushing up on the final heavy fortifications in Ukraine that Ukraine has been able to build on since 2014, giving Russia a much easier time to gain ground, Russia has been taking back territory in a days which took Ukraine months, and the weather is going to heavily favor Russian advances due to the ground freezing up and trenches become much harder to defend


All you can do is observe the conditions and wait and see. I don't think anyone denies that things are swinging against Ukraine and media/government commentary proves it. It's surprising how drastic the change is in just a.month or so. The Zaluzhny-Zelensky division and October 7th seems to have opened some floodgates. What that would suggest is this war was indeed never a balance of territorial gains, because those didn't change drastically enough to cause this.


spicy times are upon us brothers


To clarify, I meant the west, this can end in utter disaster for Ukraine in a matter of months, because Ukraine has only been able to fortify its more western regions right after the failed counteroffensive, and if Russia's army keeps gaining traction like this, we can see fast territorial gains, especially during winter
>Zaluzhny-Zelensky division
I thought it was really interesting to read just how little the US, Ukraine, and Zaluzhny and Zelensky were seeing eye to eye, they kept insisting that they defended the region around Bakhmut with its old 2014 trenches all around the city, and now it failed they're starting to play the blame game and


Sure but it's not like they've fortified the entire country, there is going to be a point where a Ukrainian retreat won't be to another defensive position because there'll be nothing behind them, at that point they'll have to surrender with nothing left to fight with as all gibs will have been stopped.

What I think has changed for the west is the knowledge that the current Ukrainian government will just fall back to Lvov if they have to evacuate from Kiev and will quite happily keep fighting the Russians as they push to Lvov *if* they're given the gibs to allow it. I suspect that will involve a mobilised Russian military getting too close to NATO borders for comfort, whereas if Ukraine surrenders, IMO there's two outcomes
>Russia gets a conditional surrender where the current Ukrainian government holds on to some rump state between Russia and NATO
>The Ukrainian government flees and Russia for all intents and purposes takes over the whole country, but all that will be sent to Western Ukraine will be peacekeepers
Either scenario is preferable to a combat ready army declaring victory at the NATO border, possibly (though unlikely) bolstered with Ukrainians who've turned on their former government.

Basically it's just better that Ukraine loses before this gets anywhere near Poland.


That's already happening, the last heavy fortifications are around Bakhmut, after that its either almost 2 years old or only 2 months old


And through it all nobody will think to ask why should NATO tactics be considered so good when they've literally never been used in practice against a near peer adversary.


Oil cap status?


File: 1701878716900.png (434.07 KB, 426x639, ClipboardImage.png)

>moscow's war chest
why do they have to make everything about russia sound badass? what is their endgame here?


>war chest
that's standard terminology anon.


The Titanic has largely sank


>Zelensky critic found dead in Russia – media
<Former Ukrainian MP Ilya Kiva has reportedly been found with a stab wound to his head
>The apparent murder was organized by Kiev, Ukraine’s ‘Strana’ news media outlet has claimed, citing the nation’s military intelligence spokesman, Andrey Yusov, who stated that Ukrainian security services were behind the attack.

The irony is that despite these assassinations obviously being intended as PR and morale boosters in Ukraine (for a nation that cries wolf about and demands sympathy for allegedly Russia attacking civilians, Ukrainians seemingly live for the murders of non-combatants), by now they just come across as Kiev admitting they've suffered a defeat.


>by now they just come across as Kiev admitting they've suffered a defeat
They also come across as indistinguishable from Russia in terms of their politics. Liberal media was always making a big deal of supposed assassinations of Putin's political enemies.


File: 1701880761963.png (12.92 KB, 260x109, ClipboardImage.png)

>check out his wikifedia
<member of right sector
<then became member of the socialist party of ukraine
what the hell


What's weirder is the top one is the Donbass pro Russian opposition party


File: 1701884547129-0.png (65.6 KB, 1113x302, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1701884547129-1.png (526.02 KB, 1132x992, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1701884635822-0.png (650.43 KB, 1112x1066, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1701884635822-1.png (25.2 KB, 1009x163, ClipboardImage.png)

also which one of you is this


That's gotta sting if you're Ukrainian
>No more gibs for Ukraine!
>We have to protect our border with Mexico instead!


>he said he was a communist and had always planned to betray Ukraine
ain't no fucking way lmao


>McIntyre said he was a communist and had always planned to betray Ukraine
holy fucking based, more balls than me and everyone i will ever meet, I KNEEL ;__;


File: 1701885697738.png (44.86 KB, 1081x209, ClipboardImage.png)

the tldr of this article is that Ukraine is going to lose if it commits to defense while dividing itself as it conflicts with US allies like Poland and the US itself divides over the issue of supporting Ukraine. It instead must switch to an 'active defense' based on asymmetric warfare i.e. where it is outgunned
>The gradual destruction of the Russian Black Sea Fleet warships is an example of such an asymmetric war. It is the most successful one and the one that is changing history. In fact, we are destroying a very serious enemy fleet without an adequately developed naval fleet. This is asymmetry in its classic form.


File: 1701885952991.png (92.9 KB, 1479x449, ClipboardImage.png)

Also Newsweek article on Ukraine not being an ally of Germany says that the German interest is in a stalemate. We can probably safely guess that is a long term Ukrainian loss


File: 1701886529081-0.png (80.31 KB, 1455x348, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1701886529081-1.png (77.73 KB, 1291x297, ClipboardImage.png)

Also apparently South Korea provided basically all of the shells for the failed counter offensive
>The U.S. Department of Defense estimated that Ukraine needed 90,000 shells per month to respond to Russia’s attacks. However, the amount of shells that could be procured in the U.S. was only one-tenth of Ukraine’s demand.
>Amidst these geopolitical dynamics, South Korea has emerged as a key alternative for the United States regarding ammunition supply. The U.S. Department of Defense has estimated that with cooperation from South Korea, they could facilitate the transportation of approximately 330,000 155mm shells within 41 days.


If they wanna win, they gotta go full white Taliban with the assymetric warfare. And full on nazi youth educations camps on a massive scale. Could Europe and the US afford to support that, materially and optically? I know right now Ukraine is pretty bad nazi-wise. But I'm talking about turning up another notch.


more worst korea L's.
these dogs never learn


someone post the DPR/russia knight/wizard meme pls, i lost it again


File: 1701888152537-0.png (59.68 KB, 1146x256, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1701888152537-1.png (52.2 KB, 1152x232, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1701888152537-2.png (40.72 KB, 1130x212, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1701888152537-3.png (64.31 KB, 1194x255, ClipboardImage.png)

Already posted but it's generating quite the buzz


File: 1701888236314.mp4 (8.37 MB, 720x1280, ukraine abba.mp4)


File: 1701892589039.png (317.99 KB, 500x320, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1701892837090.jpg (907.49 KB, 3840x2160, Stealth_20231206_205915.jpg)



File: 1701892967957.png (1005.76 KB, 1200x897, Nova Crawler.png)


Old story but just now reading up on it.
>McIntyre told the Russian outlet, which is banned in many Western countries, that he left the Ukrainian legion after being "compromised as a whistle-blower" which he said meant a "bullet to the back of the head."
>He "fled" to the Black Sea port city of Odesa, eventually travelling to Moscow via Istanbul.
>He said he brought military intelligence to Moscow, including names, command structure and information on weaponry, adding he "was successful in that."
>"The wealth of information he has provided is already being used by the Russian military and law enforcement," Gadziev said.
>"Spies exist, and I'm a spy," McIntyre said, when asked if he had any words for the fighters he spent a year battling alongside:
<"Mission accomplished."
I kneel


For Westerner's, maybe. They understand war solely through economic terms. Wherever they are, they must SANCTOON. STOP TRADING! YOU ARE FEEDING THE BEAST!


Inejiro Asanuma moment.


at least this is a democratic assassination program, rather than an authoritarian one.


>The point is to preserve the crew as they are more difficult to replace than a tank.
Arguable. Putting aside any morality issues
>there have been several Abrams which have suffered an ammo rack explosion.
Yes, I've seen the aftermath and the fighting compartment is burnt out. The blast doors are neither thick enough, nor designed to withstand catastrophic explosion, they're meant to prevent ammo cook off (which is not the same thing) from entering the crew compartment and in the case of possible catastrophic explosion, giving the crew enough time to get out of the tank, which is similar to Soviet tanks as well, as we see most times unless there's a direct hit to the ammunition, a destructive penetration with burn-out is usually slow-starting and lets the crew get out of the tank. The only time I can recall an abrams having its crew survive a penetration of the ammunition storage and surviving with crew staying inside was an incident in the Gulf, a type-69 (I think) fired an APFSDS and destroyed the ammo, but since the Abrams had a round in the breech, it fired back and destroyed the Type-69 before retreating. It wasn't a catastrophic explosion however.

>perience in WWII and the Zionist vs Arab wars showed that tanks that didn't get burned up could usually be fixed by hosing out the crew and welding up the armour.

Middle-Eastern conflicts and WW2 are very different to current combat. Most tanks in direct tank to tank or tank vs anti-tank fights were burnt out completely because HEAT absolutely fucks up crew compartments regardless of if it hit the ammunition or not, first examples being the after-effects of Panzerfausts on Soviet tanks in Berlin with the result being spaced and cage armor being welded on to mitigate the effects, because it would create a tiny hole and negligible damage to internal systems, but absolutely fuck the crew up.

Moreover its better to not be hit at all, it's better for the ammunition to not be hit, which is why Soviet tanks have smaller turrets and designs (other than smart weight limitations for cross-country) and why ammunition in autoloaders is stored in a hard-to-hit area of the tank, the bottom of the middle. Anti-tank mines usually do not detonate in the middle of a tank, they usually go off under the tracks, or into the sides, disabling the tank for a mobility kill. Frontally you have almost no chance of penetrating and hitting the carousel, and the sides are defended by side armor, the road-wheels and Sideskirts (with ERA usually) which is all spaced out too, making equivalent protection very high. That's what made Soviet tanks quite survivable for a long time, while tanks like the Leopard 2 literally blew apart the moment an ATGM penetrated the massive ammo racks


lol the ukraine aid package was blocked


File: 1701908615084.png (105.6 KB, 224x298, ClipboardImage.png)

I think he meant it in a technical sense, meaning "we are not in any defense pact with Ukraine." Makes me think of America and it's greatest ally, Israel who is also to my knowledge technically not an ally of America or anyone else.


If he means it in a technical sense then he's clearly using that as an excuse to disengage from the conflict. At the start of the war German officials were literally said Germany was at war with Russia. Now they're saying "well technically we're not allied with Ukraine". It's a huge shift in rhetoric that signals they're getting ready to cut Kiev loose.


File: 1701909253265.png (130.86 KB, 904x710, ClipboardImage.png)

>congress will approve more funding


File: 1701909380538.png (767.7 KB, 1398x1268, 1701902590719535.png)

It's Yvir!!!


Wtf is this even saying? Is he threatening that Ukraine will migrate into the EU like Franks and Goths settling in the Roman Empire?


File: 1701909534458.png (126.63 KB, 730x456, 1701908250447602.png)


File: 1701909969907.png (79.02 KB, 774x486, ClipboardImage.png)


while creating a cassius belli to just rip into ukraine like it's poland in the 40s to limit the losses to the russians is not beneath the US empire, it'd be very hard to propagandise that kind of neck snapping about face to all the little fashies with the ukrainian flags on twitter.


>ukrainian army defeats poland and usa



File: 1701910926991.jpg (74.46 KB, 620x349, image[1].jpg)

>Mexico's face when


File: 1701911139613.png (22.29 KB, 594x361, 1701911080258396.png)


the gemistry



>we'll heckin leave and come to your country!
they should flee to argentina, it would be more fitting for their type


the brinksmanship isn't over yet. i still bet they'll approve some amount of funding for ukraine by the end. this is how burger politiics works. they want biden to give them something and make him work for it, in exchange for giving him less than he wanted..
>Sen Bernie Sanders also voted against
lol wut. is some of his spine starting to grow back?


I just learned Xelenski doesn't even speak ukrainian



>The Reactionary Mind in 370 AD:

<A million mostly armed Visigoths cross the Danube while the Roman Empire’s legions are committed to Middle Eastern conquests
>Hey these Visigoth refugees are so desperate for food and shelter they are offering to ally with us against the Huns. Let’s starve them, kill their dogs and force them to trade their young boys as sex slaves in exchange for the dog meat.

>The Reactionary Mind in 2023 AD:

<The Western imperialist core military is committed to Middle Eastern conquests
>They tried to help the Visigoths by letting them settle in Rome, but the Visigoths just chimped out for no reason! I need a job to move out of my parents basement! Hey where is the nearest border camp?


Leave it to right wing historian wannabes
to conveniently frame a historical event in order to inspire xenophobia while
leaving out the historical fact that it was unironically the xenophobic, imperialist and genocidal tendencies of the Western imperialist Roman administration mixed with their insatiable greed which forced the Visigoths to revolt. It was only the incompetence of the late-stage Roman leadership which caused the Western empire to collapse, and only the incompetence of the military response to the revolt which caused their astonishing defeat at the Battle of Adrianople. If anything in history is repeating it is the incompetence of xenophobic imperialistic nationalists corroding the stability of a unipolar world order.


File: 1701918528639.gif (1.32 MB, 560x418, flag.gif)

i did a thing.

watching these fucking animals eat each other is actually pretty amusing, tbh.

its just a shame that all the blood drunk savages responsible for this war are going to get away with it just like they got away with Iraq and Afghanistan.


Yeah he laid out the rest of that. He is saying we are not under any signed obligation to support Ukraine. It was always an arm as you go arragement.


They'll keep getting away with it until we overthrow them. The first rule of Western government is no elite will ever be punished for anything. It's like the rules of feudal Europe. Royalty look out for royalty, even in warfare eoyals will always get the royal treatment when captured. We are peona or animals to be used they are the only real humans.


Of course not. Firstly, the Jews in the Pale of Settlement weren't part of the Ukrainian volk so had little need to learn Ukrainian vs Russian. Secondly, anyone his age would have learned Russian in the Soviet school system. Even the native Ukrainians from those generations usually speak Russian if they lived in the cities. So the only native Ukrainian speakers are peasants from Western Ukraine and seething nationalists.


The DPRK has a chance to do something really funny.


yeah I imagine even a lot of normies would have a hard time supporting Ukraine if it changed its flag to include a swastika on it


please don't advertise 4cuck


i feel like russia is focusing on retaking its losses in the last 5 months to make sure Ukraine cant claim any victories


>Putin has ordered his troops to retake the territories Russia lost this summer to create the illusion of a successful counter-offensive


Plenty of articles out there trying to AKSHUALLY the swastikas and other nazi symbolism in Ukraine. I don't think it'd be too hard to convince normies that swastikas are good as long as they're associated with Ukraine.


>russia is retaking lost territories but barely taking any new territories, is this the end for putin's war with putin's army in putin's russia?


Can't some bored Ukrainian finish those tsarists? They kill random nazi defectors but not monarchists with a wide audience


It's Putin's fault that we are absolute fuck ups!


of course eastern euro natsocs hate the russian empire, they believe in the same >my volk stronk nonsense rwa believes in. not to mention their belief in russians being subhuman


doesn't this guy live in west?


File: 1701957796039.png (42.09 KB, 813x224, ClipboardImage.png)

Some choice quotes

>The notion that, 21 months after Russia invaded Ukraine, the Russian military would still be capable of mounting an offensive seemed inconceivable only a few months ago, after Moscow had suffered a series of devastating setbacks.

>And yet, despite the obvious threat Moscow poses, Western leaders appear disinclined to credit it with the seriousness it merits. The argument made during the early stages of the Ukraine conflict – that ensuring Russia suffered a heavy defeat would dissuade Putin from further acts of aggression – has been replaced by war fatigue, and a desire to end hostilities at all costs, even if it leads to an emboldened Russia.

>A recent defence conference in Berlin was treated to a doomsday scenario whereby Europe risked suffering the same fate as the Holy Roman Empire under Napoleon, and being “washed away” in a future conflict with Russia because of Nato’s inability to defend Europe’s eastern flank.

>Sönke Neitzel, one of Germany’s leading military historians, claimed that it could take 15 years before his country was capable of defending itself against Russia. His sentiments were reinforced by Jacek Siewiera, the chief of Poland’s National Security Bureau, who warned that Nato had as little as three years to prepare itself for a Russian attack on its eastern flank.

>Nor has the West’s response to the conflict engendered better co-operation in the defence sphere. Commenting on the stalemate in the Ukraine conflict, the secretary general of Nato, Jens Stoltenberg, recently lamented the fragmented nature of Europe’s defence industry. “We are not able to work as closely together as we should,” he said, warning that the inability of European nations to pool resources could undermine efforts to maintain ammunition supplies to Ukraine.

>The failure to afford the Russian threat the seriousness it deserves is evident in Britain, too, where analysis of Jeremy Hunt’s Autumn Statement last month suggests the Government is unlikely to fulfil its pledge to raise defence spending from 2 per cent to 2.5 per cent of GDP, a key requirement for making our Armed Forces better-equipped to counter the Russian threat.
<Not only, it appears, is Europe preparing to let Ukraine lose the war: it has little appetite for defending itself against future acts of Russian aggression.


>The notion that, 21 months after Russia invaded Ukraine, the Russian military would still be capable of mounting an offensive seemed inconceivable only a few months ago, after Moscow had suffered a series of devastating setbacks.

By the way this part is just massaging anxieties. Everyone has known for a while that Russia has been ramping up production and expanding its army. It's not being deterred and hamstrung at all, despite all the alarmism about its red lines being crossed.


>Europe risked suffering the same fate as the Holy Roman Empire under Napoleon, and being “washed away” in a future conflict with Russia because of Nato’s inability to defend Europe’s eastern flank.

Why are they threatening Europe with a good thing?


"The European Garden" having to tank mass immigration form Baltics and Poland while being fucked to oblivion by the US would be great end for France and Germany


Ikr. It's hilarious EUfags are comparing their political union with the HRE, arguably among the most dysfunctional powers of the Medieval period


File: 1701960013483.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1347, weaponboredom.png)

Putin weaponised boredom.


File: 1701962999059-0.png (50.22 KB, 1107x232, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1701962999059-1.png (43.39 KB, 751x221, ClipboardImage.png)

First one
>According to Reisner’s analysis, Ukraine faces the challenge of surviving the winter, particularly protecting the hinterland, and preparing for spring when it comes to recapturing occupied territories.

Second one
>Is this just more messaging to the West to break their will? Perhaps. NATO and the European Union are showing signs of fracturing as the war approaches its second year with no end in sight and financial commitments running in the billions of dollars. What once brought these alliances together — Russian aggression and their threat to eastern Europe — is slowly dividing them.




Putin has weaponized destroying enemy personnel and equipment faster than they can be replaced.


putin ordered his army to destroy NATO's equipment to create the illusion that NATO's equipment can be destroyed


I fucking hate "2.0" becoming the new "neo-"
Like, Russia definitely isn't an improved and patched version of USSR


>Great resettlement 2.0
critical support


Putin has weaponized rifles, artillery, warplanes, and tanks.


You are laughing, but NATO ghouls have been calling their weapons "lethal aid" for ages now


File: 1701967299639.mp4 (10.44 MB, 1280x720, Nato Falling.mp4)

>Why are they threatening Europe with a good thing?
Even they don't believe that Balts, Poland and Finland are next. They want to whip up fear for the post war situation so that the Mexican standoff with Russia may continue to keep the collective hysteria (and money) ongoing since that is the only thing keeping the block united. Otherwise it's curtains for nato. The Nato stooges in Brussels aren't really worried about Ukrainian collapse, they know it's done deal at this point, the only unknown is when. Nato has been riding with that ever looming threat of Russia and Russofobia since it's foundation and now when they got what they wanted and after all that drum beating they couldn't do shit and exposed it a paper tiger alliance with not enough muscle to even supply a medium size proxy conflict.

They dug themselves too deep in this Ukrainian dungheap and put all of their credibility on the line. They are really worried that people come to their senses and peace will be given a chance and European countries make peace and reopen ties with Russia. In the process they themselves and getting exposed as harmful dead weight charlatans and nato getting rolled back as counterproductive and useless relic that was always an engine for tensions and imperialism and not of security.


the west is now a collective doomposter


They've always been doomposters, the disolvement of the USSR just gave them a quick, short bloomer phase, but that has already expired.


Putin was the first one to weaponise war against a country, he invented invasion.


File: 1701969316034.jpg (99.67 KB, 1080x1043, 1701968896785843.jpg)



File: 1701970825355.png (1016.22 KB, 1200x800, ClipboardImage.png)

<Ukraine's latest weapons request includes THAAD air defenses and F-18s
>WASHINGTON, Dec 6 (Reuters) - Ukraine's latest list of U.S. weapons it says it needs to fight the Russian military includes sophisticated air defense systems, F-18 "Hornet" fighter jets, drones, Apache and Blackhawk helicopters, according to documents seen by Reuters.
they didn't even get the F-16s and they're already asking for F-18s, what the fuck are they thinking here?


File: 1701973415620-0.png (54.24 KB, 1066x253, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1701973415620-1.png (42.18 KB, 868x217, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1701973415620-2.png (45.5 KB, 1076x221, ClipboardImage.png)

From the 3rd
>The city of Avdiivka is at risk of encirclement. A wounded soldier told ZDF, “They are attacking all the time. We are losing a lot of soldiers. There is no strength left to fight them. They bombard us with artillery and drones.” Another soldier mentioned the lack of supplies and inadequate equipment, highlighting to the BBC the precarious situation in the southern delta of the Dnipro. Evidently, the situation of the Ukrainian army there is more tense than presented by Kyiv.
>A soldier said, “We paid for most of our equipment ourselves – bought generators, power banks, and warm clothing. Now, as the frost comes, it will only get worse – the true situation is being concealed.” He also reported an attack on the banks of the Dnipro near Kherson, saying, “The entire river crossing is under constant bombardment. I saw boats with my comrades on board disappear in the water after being hit.”
>It seems that large parts of the Ukrainian troops have reached a point of exhaustion. Military expert Prof. Carlo Masala from the Bundeswehr University Munich told ZDF, “The possibility of rotation is hardly given, with troop units only filled up to 60 percent on some days. This is an insanely great burden.” Other experts, including Dr. Christian Mölling from the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), also warn, urgently advising to equip Ukrainians with the prerequisites for a new offensive in 2024, as hesitation could have devastating consequences for Europe.


and 2nd
>There was a sharp decrease in the volume of new aid over the same period, totaling just EUR 2.11 billion – an 87% drop compared to 2022 and marking the lowest level since January 2022.
>Ukraine now increasingly relies on a core group of donors such as the U.S., Germany, and the Nordic and Eastern European countries that continue to pledge and deliver both financial aid and important weaponry, such as F-16 fighter jets, the study shows.
>Only 20 of 42 donor countries provided new aid packages in the past three months, the least active period since the start of the war, with minimal commitments from the EU and the U.S., Kiel analysts said.
>EU countries now surpass the US in terms of military aid, especially Germany and Nordic countries, contributing to a shift towards military aid among the top ten donor countries – accounting for 58% of total aid as of Oct. 31. The United States remains the largest military donor, but Germany is rapidly “catching up”, with total military commitments exceeding EUR 17 billion.


File: 1701976415027.png (69.95 KB, 1096x275, ClipboardImage.png)

Not only may Ukraine be getting less support, so might Europe! lmao




What's it called when everyone is supporting you when you (appear to be) winning, but turn away the moment you start losing? It's something school bully related, isn't it


What's gonna happen first? To the last Ukrainian or to the last Western weapon?


West isn't emptying all it's weapons to Ukraine. Some rinky-dink EU countries might be pressured into it and in some sense already have, but the US will never do that. Ukrainian collapse or mutiny seems more likely also than the fight to the last hohol IMO.


as a russian proxy? yes


If Russia keeps fucking up their border security I wouldn't be surprised if this dude gets assassinated by a car bomb eventually.


holy shit wargonzo is back


File: 1702005740173.jpg (53.67 KB, 706x254, 1701997357203504.jpg)



Honestly I have to kind of feel sorry for these people, just used as total stooges by the CIA


File: 1702006197037.png (110.22 KB, 800x751, ClipboardImage.png)

>south vietnam now facing a dark winter, with very little hope
>the US is no longer an ally to be trusted




why supporters of the jungle would want the confederates, an garden ideology, can someone fix this with Shay's flag ?


never feel sorry for these people. they are murderous scum who wanted every man, woman and child in russia to starve to death and wanted everyone in the world enslaved under burger global dictatorship forever.
they are only just starting to get what's coming to them, don't get cold feet now.


Because globohomo and Jews bad.


So is Adviivcka stalling? God damn I want big fucking arrows of 100kms per week. I remember that when bakhmut would have been fell, there would be nothing till kiev or something. Give me big arrows!


File: 1702007988037.png (63.69 KB, 749x661, 1702003888943279.png)


>YT video entitled "Russian BREAKTHROUGH at Avdiivka: FRONT on the verge of COLLAPSE"
>click on it
>mapfag tells me that the Russians advanced 500m and captured a farmhouse


Unfortunately, the reason for this conflict wasn't providing entertainment for you


File: 1702011704981.jpg (48.58 KB, 680x517, qd9v20t14b4c1.jpg)

I guess the west has already cut funding




Already posted with the same joke:
>Funding is over :/ 😭


File: 1702017503816.png (295.11 KB, 917x757, 1702017196348899.png)


Real shit?


idk, Vashchenko DC and Seattle, Vashchenko just doesn't sound right


Even if we charitably assume that NAFO was grassroots and wasn't glowing at all, this is still really pathetic after all of their posturing like
>Never surrender! Never stop making the orcs seethe! Literally the entire world depends on us making memes about the war!
just to then surrender and rage quit before the two year mark.


File: 1702025877407.jpg (142.14 KB, 1200x900, Washington-DC.jpg)

Actually he was born Gerogi Washatin. It was a cherry blossom tree that he cut down in his youth. That is why cherry blossoms are planted in Washington DC to honor our Nihongo founding Otōsan.


Das rite wite boi.
And the ancient Egyptians? Ukrainian too. Don't you forget it.


Such people are called "hanger-on"s.




Brings a tear to my eye to remember that Ukrainians were both the first and second men to walk on the moon


>White House touts ‘year of suffering’ for Russian troops
<A senior US official has outlined a strategy for Ukraine as he urged lawmakers to sign off on more aid
>“Another year of funding and another year in which Russia will have to suffer on the battlefield is fundamentally a better position than we are in today without that funding,” Finer said. “I think there is no way to dispute that.”
This is just delusion at this point, or willfully misleading people on the idea that Russia hasn't and won't continue to adapt to the battlefield to minimise losses while Ukraine continues to use barely trained conscripts en masse as bullet sponges while demanding wunderwaffen they believe will actually win the war.

I don't believe in the good and evil paradigm, but this is the inhumanity of having tunnel vision, being solely focused on a single goal and ignoring any and all concequences of their actions made towards that singular goal. But why would it be any different? Everyone in the US government knows they're untouchable, it's literally impossible for any of them to have to answer for essentially genociding Ukraine just to give Russia a bloody nose. If there is any humanity in any NAFOid or Ukraine-flag toting shitlibs, then understanding this should be the reason they're all going quiet now, but I still think it's just embarrassment on behalf of their own states for "losing" to Russia, being a glowie is just ingrained into western society now. Everyone is just as fucking ruthless as the CIA is and just as happy to lie to themselves that really leaving waves of blood in their wake is justified as long as it is abroad and to protect the inherent "moral" virtues of US hegemony.


<Moralists don't really *have* beliefs. Sometimes they stumble on one, like on a child's toy left on the carpet. The toy must be put away immediately. And the child reprimanded. Centrism isn't change – not even incremental change. It is *control*. Over yourself and the world. Exercise it. Look up at the sky, at the dark shapes of Coalition airships hanging there. Ask yourself: is there something sinister in moralism? And then answer: no. God is in his heaven. Everything is normal on Earth.


Tbh this is probably just a response to public fatigue and congressional divisions. Russia is suffering more than us, I swear


File: 1702032303467.jpg (179.35 KB, 1600x900, cover5.jpg)

They could just cut out all the talk and just show this image whenever Ukraine comes up, perhaps edited so that Ukraine is the guy above, the US is the guy below and the diamonds are a balkanised Russia and that'd pretty much convey the same level of thinking on display there.


File: 1702032909270.png (49.51 KB, 914x281, ClipboardImage.png)

>Russian forces knocked out part of Kyiv's energy infrastructure on Thursday, a sign that Moscow has moved to a new phase in its war against Ukraine.


>Foreign aid has been widely cited as one of the main reasons Kyiv has found success in fighting Russia's military, but a new report shows Ukraine has experienced a dramatic decrease in the amount of newly committed aid in recent months.

>The report from the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW Kiel) showed an 87 percent drop in new aid packages from August to October when compared to the same period last year. The current amount of committed aid is also the lowest level recorded by IfW Kiel's Ukraine Support Tracker since January 2022, the month before Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his invasion.


>"Absolutely disgraceful. The UAE has rolled out the red carpet for indicted war criminal Vladimir Putin," posted Bill Browder, a political activist fighting against Putin.


btw Bill Browder is Earl Browder's grandson


I heard that the German dude arrived early and that's why he was left waiting.


That's possible, when I looked into it it looked like Russian bluster but the Western MSM writing about it and quoting known political actors convinced me to post it anyway.
I leaned towards believing it because October 7th exposed a gap between the Arab world and the West.


Also can't discount the possibility that this isn't necessarily an expression of favouritism with Russia, but rather just the Arab world expressing to the west that they're independent and make their own decisions. No doubt at some point the US had tried to order the UAE and Saudi Arabia to not receive Putin as a guest and this is just a way of demonstrating their autonomy, the coveted "fuck you" display if you will that ironically America and Americans adore to utilise themselves.


When 2% of World Economy outproduce 77%


>btw Bill Browder is Earl Browder's grandson


File: 1702045483078.png (1.05 MB, 1056x594, ClipboardImage.png)

it's truly yivir…


Something tells me the Russians would much prefer to not be in a situation where 500m is considered a breakthrough.



Russia doesn't have geniuses like Brusilov or Voroshilov, so they have to fall back to old and tried atrrition warfare. It gets things done, whether you - or Russians - like it or not


nah its just a fetcher of modern warfare. Large troop movements are a lot easier to spot quickly and react to these days.


You will recognize the difference between commie and porky armies when China finally does some military operations anywhere. "Modern warfare" in Ukraine is hamstrung by utter inability of either army to coordinate their troops. And no coordination means no ability to break through


>You will recognize the difference between commie and porky armies when China finally does some military operations anywhere.
I wouldn't get your hopes up. The biggest factor in determining the competence of an army is experience, and China has none. Nobody really has experience with large scale conventional war these days, except now the Russians ofc. The Ukrainians too but their army won't exist for much longer.


amerikkka has the exact same experience china has fighting a peer enemy: 0


Correct. If the US and China went to war the opening phases would probably be like watching two blind people with brain damage take swings at each other.


If they went hard it would be like the opening months of WWI, just replace hundreds of thousands of dead infantry in open fields with dozens, if not hundreds, of wrecked cruisers and frigates in the South China Sea.


>The biggest factor in determining the competence of an army is experience, and China has none

Imagine believing bourgeois propaganda, lmao

China does loads of drills, and those drills are much, much more in-depth than Americans' "gamefied simulations". Don't forget that Chinese generals are actually blood from blood of proletarians and care deeply for the army, actually being the first army on the planet to start focusing on drones excessively (and actually producing first battle-ready drone motherships, even)


>Imagine believing bourgeois propaganda, lmao
It's not bourgeois propaganda, what I said applies equally to NATO militaries. They all have zero experience in this type of fighting. I guarantee that all else being equal, any Russian unit that served in Ukraine would obliterate any NATO counterpart.
>China does loads of drills
Drills are far inferior to experience. You can make them as fair as you want, but ultimately there's a huge difference between being shot at and pretending to be shot at.


>You can make them as fair as you want, but ultimately there's a huge difference between being shot at and pretending to be shot at.

This means you are doing the drills wrong


File: 1702051876694.png (52.06 KB, 1091x271, ClipboardImage.png)

unrelated but I love this headline lmao


No it doesn't. A commander in an exercise can go through the motions, but his behaviour is obviously going to be affected by knowing that its the real thing, knowing that he's actually sending troops into real danger, coming under real fire, etc. You can tell a company commander that his company has been wiped out for the purposes of an exercise, but there is no way to simulate the effect of watching his boys get chewed into hamburger meat, and how this might effect his decisions. Simulations are by definition an approximation.


Again, you are doing the drills wrong if they don't give applicable battlefield experience. There are corrections to the drills experience by the real battlefield, obviously


File: 1702052139485.png (785.63 KB, 911x634, shush.PNG)

>me when Venezuela threatens an imperialist war for oil


how is venezuela imperialist


It's not, I was making a joke about the left being silent about the potential war, I was just quoting the headline. I'm silent because my opinion ranges between not caring and wanting them to win.


I actually agree with you. Weren't they just cutting the communist party?
I saw video of Chavez saying they never attack them cause they want to work to socialism together in peace. Theres little reason to give Maduro a blanco here.

There was, unlike in Ukraine, no Guyana infringing on Venezuelans rights. There apparently isn't even a road


I think Ukraine proved our doubts right, I doubt Venezuela under maduro will


Maduro is not Chavez and you'll see. Nuff spammed




I think Venezuela invading Guyana is a terrible decision that will harm the Bolivarian Revolution. I also think that the split between the PSUV and PCV is a result of the former shifting to the right and trying to court local bourgeois support, necessarily at the expense of workers and the Bolivarian revolution itself. All that being said, if Venezuela insists on going to war it would be far better for them to win than to lose.


I think it's more of a sign of a pattern of 'Communist' parties betraying successful populist movements. LFI/PCF in France, Podemos/PCE in Spain and now PSUV/PCV in Venezuela.


>I think it's more of a sign of a pattern of 'Communist' parties betraying successful populist movements.
The communists split from the PSUV over the issue of them allowing Western oil companies to start drilling in Venezuelan fields, also cuts to the social safety net. In this case I think that the communists were probably in the right, since these actions by PSUV were undermining some of the central commitments of the revolution: resource sovereignty and equitable distribution of the benefits it brought.


>I think Venezuela invading Guyana is a terrible decision that will harm the Bolivarian Revolution

Nah, US empire is at it's weakest right now. Pushing from all fronts will force a collapse. They've backed down from Nigeria's planned attack on Niger, for example, and are trying to force Israel to size down the operations out of fear that American bases in the ME are going to be overrun. Taiwan rhetoric got shut up hard, and now even Ukraine nonsense is all doomerposting.

It's dominoes hitting each other, and USA is in full panic mode. If Venezuela punishes American proxies, and if Argentina goes for Falklands grab, and if yadda yadda - USA will just lose at every battle and let it all slide


>It's dominoes hitting each other, and USA is in full panic mode.
That's what makes them dangerous Anon. You can't seriously expect them to just lie down and die, they will fight if they feel it's necessary. Even if you want to argue that the US is thinly stretched, that's a fact of which they are clearly aware. If they're aware of it then they are going to start prioritizing some hot spots over others, and the Americas will almost definitely be at the top of their list. Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems like a huge risk to just assume that the US will just sit idly by as Venezuela undermines the Monroe Doctrine, which has been the cornerstone of their geopolitical strategy for the past 200 years.


>You can't seriously expect them to just lie down and die

But that's what they will do. They will lie down, screech in disbelief at the events happening, and die. That's the fate of all empires




>Monroe Doctrine, which has been the cornerstone of their geopolitical strategy for the past 200 years

The only people willingly sacrificing their economies for the US overlord are other Westoids, and nobody else. Well, Ukraine too, but that's a special case of putting your whole future in the hands of USA while hegemon is shitting himself on the deathbed. Europe, Canada, Australia are willfully destroying their own economies to prop up US economy, with "the West" becoming poorer and poorer just to make sure that USA can turn them into real-deal colonies, lmao


>That's the fate of all empires
No empire has ever died without kicking and screaming and smashing shit in the process in a vain attempt to keep itself afloat through sheer violence. The collapse of US soft power makes military intervention more likely not less, just as a government that has no popular support will rely more heavily on repression.
Sure but I don't see what any of that has to do with whether the US will intervene in Guyana.


>No empire has ever died without kicking and screaming and smashing shit in the process in a vain attempt to keep itself afloat

Ukraine was/is that. How's that working out so far?


I never said they would be successful in preventing their decline, just that they would use violence to attempt to do so. Ukraine is a great example.


And after Ukraine they'll stop trying


File: 1702058140418.png (32.07 KB, 514x352, 7fe.png)

Sorry m8 but "our enemies will just let us win" is an objectively terrible strategy.


File: 1702066362483.png (536.84 KB, 897x736, ClipboardImage.png)

<Berlin delivers another military aid package to Ukraine
>The new aid package includes 250 155mm artillery shells
yes, you read that right, 250 artillery shells
not 250k, not 2500, but instead two hundred and fifty artillery shells!


They are running on fumes at this point.


its over


Dont be naive SocDems are not our friends or allies, the Communist parties are correct.


Aleksiey Arestovich, a former advisor of Zelensky, says that the West (USA+Western Europe) is deindustrialized and too weak to even defend NATO members such as baltic states, and they are culturally, socially and mentally unable to take a part in a larger war, as they would beg for any kind of peace agreement after losing few thousand soldiers. He blames Ukrainian elites for "betting on the dead horse" instead of creating a new system of security and trade with Russia and China.



>they are culturally, socially and mentally unable to take a part in a larger war
This is entirely true. It's not a matter of affluence, but its toxic mix with decay that i think caused this


Uhh, did you check casualties taken?


is it possible for one man to get more btfo


File: 1702070470343.png (31.19 KB, 862x291, ClipboardImage.png)


Still less than what French paid for what, less than a kilometer of gains?


File: 1702075869453.mp4 (17.49 MB, 1280x704, himars.mp4)

Video of himars getting destroyed

Text says that they were controlling if himars ever left the tree line, and that didn't happen

Apparently, this is a video from March, even


>the Left is silent
Oh sorry, my bad.




if we're talking ww1, near the end the point was as much putting pressure on the enemy resources and supply as gaining land.
Those offensives also did cost as much or often more men to the defenders
ww2 big moves were enabled with motorization, tanks and CAS aviation
Now with drones, satellite imagery, portable AT/AA launchers, modern long range air defense and missiles, it seems we're back to a more static attrition warfare focused on supply and arty/drone superiority


It's only "static" in that Ukraine literally never stopped counter-attacking, and it's fucking cancer to conduct an offensive into an enemy offensive. I didn't expect such retardation, tbh. I guess you never "lose the initiative", if you just never stop attacking.

What was my prediction, btw? Anybody have a screencap?


bros you forgot about the super secret factories that totally exist because the NATO shitters launder so much money through defense companies! They have to exist!!!!!


File: 1702079450567.jpg (12.49 KB, 347x330, GA2b4vLXoAEVq85.jpg)

As long as in the heart, within,
The Ruzzian soul yearns,
And towards the ends of the west,
[The Ruzzian] eye gazes toward Kyyyiiv,
Our hope is not yet lost,
The hope of two thousand years,
To be a free nation in our own land,
The land of RuZZion and of the Third Rome


ukraine lost, israel lost, guyana lost, taiwan will lose, kosovo will lose, south sudan will lose
europe will suffer more than they did during the black death and amerikkka will be wiped off this planet


Its pretty damn funny that Anatoly Karlin has gone from being a bitchmade retard about Russia losing in Ukraine to being a bitchmade retard about Russia winning b/c his incredibly maladaptive coping strategy



File: 1702080034175.jpg (65.26 KB, 598x364, lenin_real.jpg)


A lot of his defenders say that his critics never read his work, but honestly his argument does boil down to the idea that western hegemony is simply unassailable because it is overwhelmingly powerful. He argues this is the case because liberalism is the best system ever and if any other “illiberal” system arises then western liberals will simply kill them all with their overwhelming military force. He calls these genocides “events”. Its actually kind of funny how reading his work reveals that he’s actually far, far more violent and brutal than his critics tend to think of him.


Any choice quotes?


You don't have to read him, his thesis is taken for granted in IR by people who haven't read him either. The idea of a liberal end of history doesn't need a book you have to read, you can just point to it as evidence the elite itself believes it happened


I think he has an essay form of Last Man which summarizes his ideas without having to read his book. But Fukuyama actually had to defend his ideas from critics by emphasizing that “democratic peace theory” was not his idea, but an idea others came up with to defend his thesis, and the idea that there is reduced conflict in the world is not what he argued. He argued that other civilizations (or systems, at the time they had the luxury of being less openly racist) are weak, unstable, and lack “appeal” and so will easily be toppled or collapsed with pressure brought to bear by the overwhelming might of liberal democracies.


Damn, history really will be looking back at those fools like we do at the divine right of kings and shit.


So does he actually give credit to liberal democracies for the collapse of the Soviet Union?

Spectacular lack of analysis over something trivially true - more power = vae victis. This is why no pacifism will be permitted within the communist party, and no co-existence will be considered. We ''will' invade and run capitalists the fuck over.




djordje ustasington was a croat, disregard these lies of perfidious galicia


That same Voroshilov who supported the decision to start a counteroffensive over the whole front line in early 1942, when the Red Army was clearly not ready yet, which led to some terrible losses? In that case I'm glad modern Russia doesn't have geniuses like him.


File: 1702092194504.png (611.14 KB, 947x615, ClipboardImage.png)



Mysterious political bombings in Western Europe by 2025.


File: 1702096051252.png (1.3 MB, 1080x2870, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1702096094192.png (141.56 KB, 2688x2688, 1344177706902.png)

>Nationalizing some strategic assets has made their private owners rich.


Nationalizing doesn't mean the seizing of assets without compensation.


File: 1702096582159-0.jpg (409.44 KB, 1024x721, ukrainian coper.jpg)

I had a sensible chuckle at this


File: 1702097009726.png (687.14 KB, 2070x2070, 1702034908242358.png)

Good morning and death to hohols


Looks like /pol/ anti-transgender memes


But wouldn't they no longer be owners, then? Isn't it more profitable to have a bigger share? This all sounds like Western cope over there being not enough privatization in Russia.

>55% of economy in state hands

>Moscow has the most billionaires in the world


The West


Writer meant "former owners".

There also isn't a contradiction between the Russian economy now being 55% state owned and Moscow having lots of billionaires. They mostly got rich over the last thirty years before the current war forced the Russian state to nationalise critical industries. And those former owners got a nice payout.

I think even in the West the age of neoliberalism is over and the return of crypto-fascist political parties will mean the return of state control of many industries like how it was before the privatisation trend started in the late 20th century.


File: 1702098397129.jpg (687.79 KB, 1080x2870, ClipboardImage1.jpg)



joke from the russian four chan
>F16s drawing a russian flag
>is this zrada or peremoga?


comically evil appearance


File: 1702101728365.png (27.89 KB, 824x249, 1702093366057598.png)

What stage of cope is this?


alternate history cope


File: 1702101941489.png (74.66 KB, 885x350, ClipboardImage.png)

pure fucking seething (this is like 10% of the full tweet lmao)


File: 1702102581681.jpeg (2.12 MB, 4456x3191, IMG_1698.jpeg)

putin is weaponizing chess


What really stands out to me is his reference to the Russia's "cattle-like population". Like this mother fucker is so fucking entitled he thinks the Russians are obligated to destroy their own country for him.

Honestly, I think Russians are waking up. Now I'm no historian, but it seems to me like the European "Community" teases all these nations on the periphery with the possibility of being "European" to lead them around by the nose. Like they legitimately get these countries, like Ukraine, like Poland, to think that if they just play ball with the rest of Europe long enough, they'll be "part of the club" as it were. But the reality is there's no chance of that. It's an exclusive club, if you're let in it's just so you can clean the toilets. And the second you stop being leashed by promises of eventually being an equal player in the "European Community" they take the mask off and screech that they always knew you were subhuman cattle.

And I think Russians are genuinely waking up to this. I think we're going to see a really pronounced reorientation in Russian culture. Maybe an acceptance: "We're not European, we're Russian and we're proud of it."

As Europe declines alongside America, the false-promises of eventually achieving "Europeanness" will be rebuked more and more by peripheral nations.


>I feel rage. We all should. All Europeans.
Our governments need to be much, much tougher in the measures they take against the Russian state. It must be punishment after punishment after punishment.
Zero tolerance for the criminal aggressor state.
>In that, he could count on the incredible brittleness of American democracy, where you can brainwash tens of millions of voters just by buying some key influencers, which in turn gets you half of one of the two political parties to get legs of jelly in front of Moscow while they talk bombastically about everything but Moscow.
>Putin likely encouraged the Iranians and Hamas to attack Israel, but even if he didn't, it's clear that our failure to act against Iran made the Hamas attack against Israel more likely.
>God knows what Putin is about to do to the oil markets, but he obviously visited KSA and UAE for that reason, and the Iranians visiting Moscow today can hardly be a coincidence - in addition to everything else they would wish to coordinate.
>Just as critically, longer-range weapons aren't being sent, F-16s aren't being sent.
And we also have unchecked obstacles to helping Ukraine coming from Turkey, from Hungary, from Slovakia, even from Poland. This is catastrophic, and it is pathetically weak and dishonourable, too.
>Those who have the misfortune of being trapped within the Russian sphere of control will be crushed in a neo-Stalinist purge.
If I slapped a Nazi uniform on him, would anyone be able to tell the difference?

I know my opinions and positions are harsh, inhumane and bloody, but I will never, ever, match the unhinged bloodthirst of real reactionaries. All I can do is learn and replicate a portion of it.


If Putin orchestrates another 1970s oil squeeze I demand that Iron Felix do another cum tribute.


>No empire has ever died without kicking and screaming and smashing shit in the process in a vain attempt to keep itself afloat through sheer violence
The US handled Britains decline pretty smoothly, ngl. Afraica done, whoopsie. Oh no, now India is free.


this report is from 2015 anon, before the current russian-ukraine war.
even before it was quite high.


What did you think the World Wars were about?


Germany not being punished enough for WWI.


File: 1702105923071.jpg (475.92 KB, 1500x1070, puting-031822.jpg)


>full tweet:

We're on the verge of being check-mated by just one man, namely Vladimir Putin.
He overreached so much, we could've wrecked him, his regime, his expeditionary forces, and to some extent even his country.
But he could count on his cattle-like population to just obey, obey, obey.
And he could count on decades of chosen weakness on the part of European leaders to simultaneously give him tons of money and power by buying his oil and gas and refuse to have any serious military strength.
And he could count on the West's nuclear policy "experts" to be fully predictable little meat robots - all he had to do was imply a few threats and the seed of fear was planted, guaranteeing that no American troops, and no European troops, would stand in his way.
And he knew he could count on, especially, Biden, Scholz, and Macron being ultimately too afraid to directly stop him.
Once the key Western states were on an intermediate trajectory of helping Ukraine somewhat, but not too much, and with any strong actions completely off the table, he then only needed to gradually erode the resolve of the Western world and to create distractions and diversions elsewhere. In that, he could count on the incredible brittleness of American democracy, where you can brainwash tens of millions of voters just by buying some key influencers, which in turn gets you half of one of the two political parties to get legs of jelly in front of Moscow while they talk bombastically about everything but Moscow.
Sensing the weakness dish was close to ready, he did the same trick he'd done in 2015, when he'd seen he couldn't get more in Europe - open a 2nd front (at that time, Syria, and then our elections).
First, he's been tearing through the Sahel region with near-complete impunity, expelling France while America remained passive.
Then he tested the waters: what if Iran openly helps Russia to attack Ukraine? Can the war be broadened, or will the West smack Iran down? We did nothing of any seriousness, and so the aid only continued - Iranian Shahed drones are raining down on Ukraine on a regular basis to this very day. And that also emboldened Iran within the Middle East.
Putin likely encouraged the Iranians and Hamas to attack Israel, but even if he didn't, it's clear that our failure to act against Iran made the Hamas attack against Israel more likely.
This opened a second front in the global confrontation of the revisionist states against the Western order, and a perfect excuse for weak-willed Republican politicians to pretend to be strong by supporting Israel while dropping Ukraine.
And it isn't over.
God knows what Putin is about to do to the oil markets, but he obviously visited KSA and UAE for that reason, and the Iranians visiting Moscow today can hardly be a coincidence - in addition to everything else they would wish to coordinate.
And where are we now?
US assistance to Ukraine is on course towards drying up and it cannot be fully replaced, even with massive efforts on the European side.
Just as critically, longer-range weapons aren't being sent, F-16s aren't being sent.
And we also have unchecked obstacles to helping Ukraine coming from Turkey, from Hungary, from Slovakia, even from Poland. This is catastrophic, and it is pathetically weak and dishonourable, too.
There is much blame to go around. But more than that, the costs and the dishonour are disastrous.
Those who have the misfortune of being trapped within the Russian sphere of control will be crushed in a neo-Stalinist purge. The Middle East will continue in semi-controlled and costly chaos. China is emboldened and arming up fast. Europe still hasn't properly woken up and can't handle its own neighbourhood. And America's prestige and place in the world are crumbling for all to see.


>Those who have the misfortune of being trapped within the Russian sphere of control will be crushed in a neo-Stalinist purge.


This is fake. State ownership in Russia amounts to state having shares in a company. Companies are drawn towards state protecting them, as is natural, but they are ultimately private



Biden July 13:
>Putin has already lost the war in Ukraine

Biden December 6:
>"If Putin takes Ukraine, he won't stop there," “We can't let Putin win,”

ok, i'm confused. how did putin manage to un-lose the war


You mean same counteroffensive that murdered Nazis' dreams of a WW1-style trench warfare - right in front of Moscow? Same actions that caused so much losses to Nazis that they had to mobilize last mobilizeable populations, and then throw them into the Stalingrad meatgrinder?

>b-but no fancy big arrows!

Lol, lmao even.

>b-but Soviets weren't ready yet!

Soviets has kept like a third of their forces on Japanese border, and Germans even without those had huge trouble getting forward. And then Germans had to basically remake every unit in their army due to the losses in 1941 and 1942


Using Bolshevik necromancy he resurrected the Red Army soldiers from the Great Patriotic War and used them in Storm-Z detachments.


It is afraid and extremely resentful

>But he could count on his cattle-like population to just obey, obey, obey.

Imagine wasting so much money on propaganda, and population of foreign country just didn't bought it


it did glow, which is precisely why none of these glowing accounts will return to posting like normal people, but instead will resign from their glowposting


File: 1702109572167.png (172.88 KB, 597x817, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1702109660274.png (4.12 MB, 1436x2047, nazi_to_nato.png)

it's funny you say that since (west) germany was punished less for WW2 than it was for WW1


File: 1702109793582.png (442.11 KB, 515x653, ClipboardImage.png)

look how charming this guy is, I couldn't stay mad either


File: 1702109877174.png (249.51 KB, 502x341, ClipboardImage.png)


Literal cobson-ass motherfucker


wewuzism is the most powerful political force in human history. it can turn any L into a W with enough time and insistence.


Maybe in terms of reparations but psychologically I think the occupation and partition did far more to reform the populace. I think even with all the Putin hysteria there is no way a German government could involve itself directly in a major war without open revolt.

That's the reason they are having to crack down on any anti-NATO or anti-Israel sentiment. But they can't do that for long before losing electorally.


that would be like me saying "if every capitalist magically ceased to exist, the Soviets would have won"


>dark winter
Uh oh


gemrald reference


But that's trve you tard, if every capitalist country collapsed then the Soviet would've won. The original tweet you responded to is wrong because they bought into the meme Russia is just one giant gas station that will die if they can't sell oil, ignoring the massive population and industrial base of the Russian state vis-a-vis Ukraine


>And he could count on the West's nuclear policy "experts" to be fully predictable little meat robots - all he had to do was imply a few threats and the seed of fear was planted, guaranteeing that no American troops, and no European troops, would stand in his way.


File: 1702112186897.jpeg (574.71 KB, 828x1336, IMG_1700.jpeg)


Ukraine is a culturally distinct entity separate from Moscow. It was not invented by le evil germs or Lenin no matter what inbred worker-hating pedo Muscovite chauvinist says. The reason why leftists generally support Russia in this conflict isn't because the Left hate le ebil hoehols or because we want to suck Moskal micropenis but because multipolarity will in the long run be better for workers' rights and eventual undermining of Capital


Lol what level of delusion do you have to be on to think NATO would have fed men into the meat grinder when they don't even supply enough artillery? Fear of nuclear escalation isn't what is stopping America from supplying enough 155mm artillery shells for the Ukrainians to be at parity with the Russians.


It's going to be interesting seeing some of these account just straight up swivel to the next conflict (Israel) and others just stop posting/getting deleted.

I expect at least one NAFOID will commit suicide when Ukraine looses its 1991 borders officially.


>Those who have the misfortune of being trapped within the Russian sphere of control will be crushed in a neo-Stalinist purge
We're back


Not every national identity deserves to exist.


File: 1702114367547-1.png (325.08 KB, 1180x1754, 1689708485897072.png)

already happening


This person was lost to schizo post 2016 politics lol


that + the assad curse got them ;__;


ok but im not a tard tho :(


Liberal malaise will break your mind



Soviets already had more than enough people, what it lacked was experienced commanders and equipment and even Zhukov was in favor of a limited offensive only in the western direction. The bloodbath that happened in Rzhev, Lyuban, Kharkov operations could've been avoided entirely if not for your favorite geniuses like Voroshilov.
Then again, to you it's just some history in a remote part of the world, you never lost any ancestors there, plus you clearly lack knowledge outside of the very basic stuff.


And no, the december counteroffensive under Moscow is it's own thing entirely, you dumb fuck, I'm talking about early 1942.



>The bloodbath that happened in Rzhev, Lyuban, Kharkov operations

Oh right, the famous operations where German invincible armies killed gazillion Soviet troops, had no losses, and then had to be rehabilitated in the rear to forget the horrors of killing hundreds of shovel-armed red army men :^)


File: 1702117161326.png (965.95 KB, 617x767, ClipboardImage.png)

Russian Forces have captured the fortified hill southwest of Avdiivka City - Suriyak


File: 1702117216519.jpg (101.37 KB, 1108x860, 67676787.jpg)




Great argument, I'm sure you are very knowledgeable on the topic and can tell me how these offensive operations went on in reality.


Russians are advancing on all fronts. Ukraine is finished, their only hope for survival is to give into Russia's demands and hope that promising never to join NATO is enough for them to retain Black Sea access.


I'll drop you another bone too, maybe it will make ignorant faggots like you research the topic at least a little bit.
As I'm suspecting that any quotes from history books would be dismissed by the likes of you, here's a letter from Stalin himself regarding the 2nd Kharkov operation in 1942, which is called "Order of the Supreme Command Headquarters No. 0455 on the mistakes of the South-Western Front command. June 26, 1942."


A couple of quotes are especially interesting here.

>During any three weeks the South-Western Front, thanks to its frivolity, not only lost the half-won Kharkov operation, but managed to give the enemy 18-20 divisions.

This is a catastrophe, which in its disastrous results is equal to the catastrophe with Rennenkampf and Samsonov in East Prussia.

>It is clear that this is not only about Comrade Baghramyan. It is also a question of the mistakes of all the members of the Military Council and, above all, of Comrade Timoshenko and Comrade Khrushchev. If we had informed the country in full about the catastrophe with the loss of 18-20 divisions, which the front has experienced and is still experiencing, I am afraid that you would have been dealt with very harshly.

I'm sure you'll find a way to slither out of this, maybe use an emote or two. To you it's all just spectacle, at the end of the day.

Meanwhile, I'm perfectly fine with our commanding officers caring about the casualties during this Russian-Ukraine conflict, and I'd rather have no gains and red arrows at all for months.


Ukraine is "Little russia" + galicia. Banderastan is only Galacia


And Belgians even agree themselves :D


When do you think we will reach the point where ukraine frontlines start collapsing rapidly, and russia just rushes in.


>A couple of quotes are especially interesting here.

Mostly because it's a known fake, lmao. You can check Bahramyan's career and see that this supposed catastrophic failure didn't affect his career, like, at all. Neither were Timoshenko's or Khruschev's careers affected. Meanwhile, actual catasdtrophic failure generals got DETAINED and TRIED AT COURT, some of them just SHOT THEMSELVES without waiting for a trial.

Also, link you have is a screenshot from some book instead of an actual archival document, and even the archival document itself is reported as a MACHINE-PRINTED COPY (meaning it's supposedly a type-writer reprint of a hand-written document, meaning there's not even a signature underneath it), not the original document.

Wake the fuck up, this document is literally an extra, meaning there's a high chance it's a straight up fake, since this document doesn't bear any relation to reality


Wait a fucking minute

>23 июня 1942 года Юго-Западное направление было упразднено.

"23th of June South-Western Direction was abolished"

>А 26 июня 1942 года Сталин отправил личное письмо командованию Юго-Западного фронта, в котором говорилось:

"26th of June Stalin sent a letter to the governance of South-Western Front"

Did Stalin sent a letter to an abolished entity three days after it was abolished?


File: 1702124287135-0.jpg (127.29 KB, 695x1000, getImage (1).jpg)

File: 1702124287135-1.jpg (179.99 KB, 666x1000, getImage.jpg)

It being a fake, a known one, even, is something you just made up.
Also, do you not know the difference between the words Направление and Командование? The front itself went nowhere. As far as it not being a catastrophe, it gave Wermacht the possibility to go for Stalingrad, do you think they just magically appeared there? Not to mention the staggering casualties, which of course mean nothing to you.


And no, not every general who fucked up was tried at court. As for some of them shooting themselves, that's not an argument, different people react to things differently.
It's pretty insane how disrespectful faggots like you are to the real history that happened. With zero knowledge about the topic, too, seeing as you went straight to wikipedia. Have a good one, read a book or two. in the meantime I'll be happy we have no geniuses like you and early WW2 period Voroshilov in command right now, otherwise I'd likely be dead already somewhere in the Ukrainian steppes and in 50 years some pseudo communist on the web would dismiss it as some minor fuck up, just statistics.


File: 1702125544624.png (52.61 KB, 1012x260, ClipboardImage.png)

>It is a devaluation of the Ukrainian war effort. There is no other way to put it, in my opinion. And that, for Ukraine, is a terrible situation.
>"If you're Vladimir Putin, you're saying, well, my strategic decision to try to hold on longer than the west is working.
>"This is crunch time … an unfortunate aligning of the fiscal stars.
>"All the times that Western policymakers have come to Kyiv and said, 'We stand with you for as long as it takes' - I mean, it all sounds kind of hollow right now, right?"
>Max Bergmann, director of the Europe, Russia, and Eurasia Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told the same news outlet: "Normally, American foreign policy and funding to advance and support America's foreign policy interests have been separated from domestic political and policy fights. But not in this case.
>"We've gone to the bare bones of what we can provide . . . there's no money."


>As far as it not being a catastrophe, it gave Wermacht the possibility to go for Stalingrad

You know that giving up ground to trade for enemy losses is a Russian tactic since before Napoleon, even?

Also, your pic is proven fake by the virtue of it being a COPY of a TOP SECRET DOCUMENT, i.e. it's an oxymoron since TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS are not ALLOWED to have copies. Also, what the fuck "super important" does even mean

Also also, Stalin:

>i-if we tell the people that we lost 18-20 divisions, w-we are going to be in trouble!

Ahahaha, the fabled top secret documents detailing Soviets hiding their losses



File: 1702125822422-0.png (69.48 KB, 1020x261, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1702125822422-1.png (60.34 KB, 1127x264, ClipboardImage.png)

>The 31-year-old mortar gunner said that he and his comrades from the 47th Mechanized Brigade "had ten times more ammunition over the summer." per the newspaper.
>And Western supplies are now at the "bottom of the barrel," Admiral Rob Bauer of the Netherlands, who chairs NATO's Military Committee, said at a Warsaw Security Forum meeting in October.
<Andriy Yermak, the head of Ukraine's presidential office, said that Congress' delay in providing aid to Ukraine would "very likely make it impossible to continue liberating territory and create a high risk of losing the war," per The New Voice of Ukraine.

>Russia has started regrouping its forces. This could mean that in the coming weeks, there might be even more intensive advances by the occupiers in Ukraine, says Ants Kiviselg, the commander of the Estonian Centre for Defence Investment.
>"The situation in Ukraine is escalating. The overall intensity of fighting has increased by about a quarter compared to the previous week. Russia is trying to regain initiative across all fronts, yet there haven't been significant changes in the front lines," says Kiviselg.
>The Estonian intelligence chief mentions that Russia has altered its offensive tactics, shifting from direct infantry attacks to long-distance strikes. This significantly complicated the repositioning of Ukrainian units and the creation and improvement of defensive positions.
>The head of military intelligence also notes that Russia has started repositioning its armed forces, suggesting that in the coming weeks, there might be even more intense offensives in Ukraine.


>You know that giving up ground to trade for enemy losses is a Russian tactic since before Napoleon, even?

And to prove this, I'll remind you that Soviets had plans regarding fortifying STALINGRAD during 1941 WINTER. There were entire two engineer armies working on fortifications at Stalingrad


File: 1702126246866-0.png (40.47 KB, 1258x324, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1702126246866-1.png (53.57 KB, 926x368, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1702126246866-2.png (856.1 KB, 897x839, ClipboardImage.png)

Putin apparently called the West a neocolonial rentier economy which exploits its periphery. Natty booj thesis validated imo
>“The elite of Western countries, however, those that find themselves at the top of this process, are trying to slow it down, to artificially restrain growth, as they believe, on the global periphery, which they are used to exploiting, using as a resource, as a source of rent, simply as a colony,” Putin further said.


ᵣussia is isolated and about to collapse in 2 weeks though


>Chechen independence
>Transperson advocating for Caucasus ISIS


It's called realpolitik


i mean they advocate for actual ISIS in syria too so it's not surprising


What's the natty booj thesis?


>What's the natty booj thesis?
my interpretation: that the national bourgeoisie remains progressive and wasn't some leninist flaw rehabilitating nationalism which ultimately leads to revisionism and collaboration with imperialism, causing the collapse of 20th century AES. ultras leveraged the post-cold war period to attack this and many reacted poorly to the post-2016 world and subsequent rise of multipolarity by 2022 as all part of a concerted nationalist attack on liberalism and international capitalism, leading many to fail to thread the needle and instead support imperialism against the natty booj


in the case of multipolarity the way the thesis was validated is the natty booj did not become sub-imperialist collaborators under globalization


The natty booj of where? Hope you're not talking about Westoid natty booj who would collaborate in a heartbeat of they got a better deal.



File: 1702128174374.png (672.65 KB, 1080x1369, SillyStalin.png)

Stalin was pretty silly like that. Sometimes.he'd write letters to people he had purged days before or appoint people to posts only to send them to the gulag a week later.

It was a comedy where death was the punchline and the official party line was the bread line.


We need someone like him so badly. Scratch that, we'd need ten of them.


Also, he planned a war against Germany on a globe. And still won!


File: 1702128405506.png (1.92 MB, 936x1338, ClipboardImage.png)


>Westoid natty booj
i dont think it exists anymore in this stage of development lol. the bourgeoisie is very international in imperialist countries, thats the point


NAFiggers will unironically call this a good meme.


>"American rounds come in batches of almost identical weights, which makes it easier to correct fire, with very few duds. Now we have shells from all over the world with different qualities, and we only get 15 for three days. Last week, we got a batch full of duds."
>The lack of shells, Fizruk said, has hampered his unit's control over the northern flank of Avdviivka in eastern Ukraine and their ability to shoot at Russian troops.
Shoigu can't keep getting away with it!


>>we only get 15 for three days


Shoigu have hoarded all the shells so he can sell them high for the Taiwan war


>artillery can go 400-500km+
>the taiwan strait is only ~180km
<china can fire artillery from the mainland and it hits on taiwan
it's so fucking ogre


>Oh right, the famous operations where German invincible armies killed gazillion Soviet troops, had no losses
Idk why people pretend like this is the narrative even in mainstream, bourgeois history about the war. Even fucking Wikipedia shows a disparity of less than 1.5x (4.5 million Axis KIA/MIA to 6.5 million Soviet) in favour of the Axis when you account for German allies and Soviet POWs that died in captivity. Hardly the stuff of Enemy at the Gates, and unsurprising when you consider that the Soviets spent the majority of the war on the offense. You're arguing against a strawman.


File: 1702130386757.png (140.84 KB, 589x645, 1702118496099440.png)

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.




How long until fascists coup the bourgeous democratic government in the US?


Dissolving a formation doesn't make its commanders evaporate into thin air. Notice that it specifies the "governance" of the Southwestern front, ie its leadership who were still very much capable of receiving letters.


File: 1702131222184.webm (3.96 MB, 1080x1080, 17021168098144.webm)

>be Hungarian living in Ukraine
>let's go to the spa before Xmas, I tell my family
>Ukrop army drags us out from the sauna
>We going to bakhmoot


Remember what they took from us.




They reap what they sow


The sauna2trauma pipeline Isreal


I thought everyone knew this already


Who must go?



>A recent article in the Economist citing internal Ukrainian government polling data revealed that support for President Volodymyr Zelensky has crashed to just 32 percent, following the failure of the country’s counteroffensive over the summer and the outbreak of open political struggle with the military led by General Valery Zaluzhnyi. The Economist went on to characterize the relationship between Zelensky and Zaluzhnyi as “terrible.”

>Conversely, support for Zaluzhnyi stood at 70 percent. Even the head of Military Intelligence Kirill Budanov polled better than Zelensky with an approval rating of 45 percent.


File: 1702132588660.png (2.1 MB, 1284x1791, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1702132996601.png (317.05 KB, 988x1327, ClipboardImage.png)

new 'bama
<How The Biden Administration Messed Up Its Own Foreign Aid Request


It's bizarre he did this as a sweetener since it only broached the issue of immigration, which his admin gave the perception of ignoring for the last two years at least as far as republican governors and media outlets are concerned. since they took the house, the right has been galvanized with a need to strike back particularly after the trump indictments and now the media campaign to warn of an incoming dictatorship in 2024.

really this gets back to how democracy wars are failing to ideologically unite the US ruling class and under Biden it's become clear this divide is not bridgeable, likely because of the post-2016 grand chess move of lumping in domestic divisions with that of the wider liberal international order. this is to say dems thought this would mean they champion American international leadership in a global crisis of democracy and put republicans on the wrong side of it to put them further on the backfoot as an ailing party that rallied behind a nationalist populist. like restoring deterrence via Ukraine, this was not the checkmate that liberals thought it would be and it only accelerated the decline of unipolarity. instead, the right is very disincentivized to salvage the Ukraine war because they feel targeted by it exactly because they took anti-immigrant inspiration from rising nationalism in Europe.


File: 1702135221658-0.png (49.17 KB, 770x592, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1702135221658-1.png (73.81 KB, 770x592, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1702136378569.jpg (57.54 KB, 1024x538, 1702135953347241m.jpg)




File: 1702137483379.png (210.94 KB, 345x393, ClipboardImage.png)

>die welt is reporting on it
oh shit, it's fuggen happening


TL;DR for non-german speakers?


TLDR: According to reports of the German newspaper DIE WELT and drawing from sources within the polish 'intelligence community' (pro-Zionist, pro-NATO, pro-Atlanticist, pro-Neocon Newspaper) the Yacht that is officially being blamed for the attack and did a mysterious stop at a Polish port was not only 'checked' by Polish officials but apparently there were American intelligence agents at the place.


File: 1702138435866.png (6.19 KB, 199x148, ClipboardImage.png)

oh boy


you have to be completely brainwashed on mainstream media to have fallen for the "russia blew up their own pipeline" shit, it's so fucking retarded
what enrages me when i talk to online liberals that believe it is that i get the feeling they don't really believe it but instead play along because they think it's a good thing that america bombed german and russian infrastructure


File: 1702141056223.png (2.47 MB, 861x6655, ClipboardImage.png)

machine translation of the article


File: 1702141232345.png (242.25 KB, 600x483, ClipboardImage.png)

what are they preparing?


A spring counteroffensive!



More like, summer in a noose, amirite Kaitlyn? Ahahahahajjj


Probably will (try to) blow up the bridge again. Or will drop more idiots with flags on the shore.


File: 1702143095777.mp4 (2.48 MB, 576x1024, 17020261541690.mp4)

>yet there haven't been significant changes in the front lines," says Kiviselg
But there sure was a change in the amount of mobikilisation videos + ukr officials saying that they need 20k a month MINIMUM. Huge burst of videos surfaced this week


File: 1702143377650.png (338.94 KB, 1170x997, 65676787.png)

Many such cases!


didn't they say the same thing for this year's counter-offensive?


>they don't really believe it but instead play along because they think it's a good thing that america bombed german and russian infrastructure
<Gotta do your part for the information war!
It's par for the course. Politics as downstream from the "culture war" is well trodden, so everything gets channeled there.


That’s so mean! :’(


>Probably will (try to) blow up the bridge again
Like, let's assume that NATO really really wanted that bridge cut and they don't much care for deniability anyway. Would it be that hard for "Ukraine" to damage it?

>what are they preparing?
That sounds an empty threat a guy with no power would say. I mean, what is he supposed to say anyway, he's been given the post of MoD after the war is thoroughly decided in favor of Russia. If nothing else, and this doesn't matter what side one takes, because NATO is openly saying that Ukraine is getting no more support for it.

So in comes this guy, probably a NATO handpick, and says his gimmick, which is being Crimean Tatar. His wikipedia page(s) sound like he's one of those silver-spoon people that get groomed through "leadership", "diplomacy" and academic programs to be stooges from childhood.




File: 1702181599438-0.png (247.93 KB, 518x809, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1702181599438-1.png (323.68 KB, 518x781, ClipboardImage.png)

collapse status?


<Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelensky heads to Argentina, hoping to win Global South’s support
zelensky is going to argentina, what are the odds he just stays there? lmao


>hoping to win Global South’s support


After Ukrainians, including Arakhamiya who literally was one of the negotiators from Ukrainian side, admitted that Russia gave them a peace offer that literally was a demand for neutrality, and they shafted that offer because Boris Johnson said them to continue fighting?


They have like 5-15% chance for one of the heavier missiles to get through. Russia is intercepting most of them, but not every one of them. Russians are apparently also started using radio-electronic warfare heavily to push missiles off course, so the chance to hit the bridge drops even lower into fractions of a percent.

Ukraine will still be able to hit the bridge, though, eventually. It's a percentage to hit, not a physical impossiblity


File: 1702188814010.jpg (99.67 KB, 1080x1043, 1701968896785843.jpg)



finally thank god the imperialism will end and the right to self determination will be respected


there's something so dystopian about a bunch of soldiers walking into a spa to recruit


Facts like this are quite funny. It’s like observing that California is in range of the US army. No kidding Taiwan is literally part of China lol. Just because it has a pro-Independence party atm doesn’t mean its geography has changed at all.

This isn’t the 20th century anymore. If the US casually thinks the Pacific Ocean is no barrier to it conducting war in China how can you believe the strip of water between the mainland and Taiwan island can block the PRC


Those aren't soldiers, it's draft officers, not military. Ukraine also legalized private draft officers https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/nov/27/ukraine-change-conscription-policies-russia-war

>Changes to include use of commercial recruitment firms to carry out more targeted conscription, say officials

<commercial recruitment firms

Reality is stranger than any fiction. What the fuck


Man made horrors beyond comprehension and so on


>Ukraine will still be able to hit the bridge, though, eventually
they've hit it multiple times before, all these cuck missiles from the west can muster is poking small holes that are repaired instantly


California is not some peninsula off the coast of the continent. This is a dumb thing to get angry about.


>Those aren't soldiers, it's draft officers, not military.
semantics tbh



Hannan and his ilk are delusional spoiled bourgeois cunts
This is why I support Russia


Who must collapse? 🤔


Marx was right about the wintering away of the state.


Zelensky is certainly an expert on white powder.


>Take away Russia's nuclear weapons
What is even the point of writing an article with this as a hook?

>Say hypothetically, Russia has the dementia ridden leader we have, then Russia is finished and would be suffering endless toxic spills from train derailments and tactlessly supporting other nation's genocidal tendencies just to continue the Cold War he may or may not have forgotten ended 30 years ago.


File: 1702202206117.jpg (116.01 KB, 866x1390, santa-and-cocaine-H32RKX.jpg)

ho ho ho


porky-made horrors


what are they preparing? they are preparing to do a poo sooooo stinky that it drives away the Russians from Crimea

It's actually genius when you think about it



File: 1702208740258.png (1.38 MB, 840x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

new decorations at the US embassy in moscow


PLEASE park a captured/destroyed Abrams outside of their embassy ASAP.


Ukrop sympathisers will literally be ready to die just to put flowers there. Not really worth it imo


They should just blow it up tbqh


ignore the cringe lyrics this ai is actually good


File: 1702212877599.png (1.01 MB, 800x784, ClipboardImage.png)


cringe + based


to be fair, Argentina does have that retarded ancap in power now, so he can probably at least sway Argentina


File: 1702213273137.jpg (975.77 KB, 2859x2043, 1702213053036809.jpg)


>in the past Russian Federation has lost so many tanks in one conflict
almost like a conflict on this scale hasn't happened in Europe since WW2


that image goes hard


File: 1702214128251.png (46.77 KB, 1003x211, ClipboardImage.png)

I like how the man went from verging on defeat to 'on a roll' lmao



fucking disgusting, god i hate NATO so much


>there will be no transport, sit there till the end


Most Russian nazis did/do


Likely fake. You can hear ashovel sound before the earth falls down


File: 1702220228422.jpg (73.07 KB, 640x774, .jpg)

This anon knows.


same shovels they fought with at buckmoot?


File: 1702222526464-0.png (243.86 KB, 1080x387, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1702222526464-1.png (234.6 KB, 1080x382, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1702222526464-2.png (393.82 KB, 1080x876, ClipboardImage.png)


These are brilliant.


>putin is DONE
>Ukraine BLEW IT
This is hilarious


Merge these into one pic, plz


True, only ruzzians need to dig trenches to save themselves from the multiples wonderweapons ukrainians have



A side note to prove my "schizo" posts from a long time ago. 23% of Germany's population, or 19 millions, are either migrants or children of migrants i.e. non-germans. Meaning that today's Germany's population of Germans is less than there were Germans (including ones resettled to Germany after WW2) in the World by what, around 20 millions? That's like a proof that Germany lied about it's losses in WW2, and those were actually catastrophic and way higher than Soviet losses, both in absolute numbers and percentage (since USSR demographics didn't result in such depopulation, while fertility rates weren't entirely dissimilar)


There's a new retarded Russian tg channel (Степной Ветер) that's making staged videos on the level of Ukrainian fakes. This one video is likely a fake from them. But Ukrainians have both women on the frontlines, below ground morale, and high death rates


leg status?


Stop with the purity testing. I posted this, for example >>1699421


File: 1702228344921-0.png (266.57 KB, 679x674, 1651171925229.png)

File: 1702228344921-1.png (427.47 KB, 922x798, venezuela_fox_news.png)

File: 1702228344921-2.jpg (82.02 KB, 600x400, arwa-mahdawi-2.jpg)

i love this genre. now we're getting it with ukraine cope.

there was a good one of these i think involving the guardian that's been posted here a few times, with one about castro and tony blair, and another i think about fascist art vs communist art. anyone have that one?


That means there's around 63 million Germans. 😱


Down from more than 80 in 1941


New one from the frenchie


That first one is such a banger


Is real life a HOI mod now? Lol


File: 1702229238139.png (50.86 KB, 1118x297, ClipboardImage.png)


>pro-Zionist, pro-NATO, pro-Atlanticist, pro-Neocon Newspaper
Yes. Info for non-Germans: Die Welt (not to be confused with the communist newspaper junge Welt) belongs to the publisher group Axel Springer (not to be confused with the science publisher Springer). Any journalist working for AS has to sign a pledge that they are loyal to Israel and the USA. This has been the company's policy for decades. So if these guys now talk like this…

>Meaning that today's Germany's population of Germans is less than there were Germans (including ones resettled to Germany after WW2) in the World by what, around 20 millions? That's like a proof that blahblahblah
The rest you write does not follow if your guessed reference value for population size back then turns out to be wrong.


>The rest you write does not follow if your guessed reference value for population size back then turns out to be wrong.
It doesn't follow at all actually. German population in 1950 (in both FRG and GDR) was just over 70 million, still higher than it is today (63 million native born, non-immigrant descended Germans). Obviously then the ethnic German population has been shrinking through natural means (most likely emigration and low birth rates) and the war is unnecessary to explain this decline.


>German population has been shrinking through natural means

Yeah, through the lack of males and through only aged and injured remaining


>Stalin was a savage and the people he savaged in turn became savages who are now savaging Ukraine, we need to savage them to teach those savages a lesson about savagery, that will pacify them.
It annoys me the author of this big think almost certainly gets paid a lot more than I do for real work.


One also wonders why none of that savagery bled into Ukraine itself considering it was Ukrainians enforcing the grain quotas, carrying out the purges, joining the Red Army by the millions during the war, etc. Liberals seem to unironically believe that CPSU officials and NKVD officers operating in Ukraine in the 30s were all Russians and not locally recruited Ukrainian communists.


>One also wonders why none of that savagery bled into Ukraine itself
it did and that's why the counteroffensive failed
ukrainians are slavs who are actually not european but asiatic orcs instead, they can't operate elvish NATO equipment because they don't understand the mystic runes inscribed in them


It has been wild to watch the media flip flop between portraying Ukrainians as sophisticated Westerners and savage Asiatics depending on how well things are going.


I will never forget the first week of this war
>Why should people care? Well this is a *relatively* European nation
Just so much wrong with that one idea that perfectly painted a picture of what the west is actually about.


Man I hate the cunts that rule Britain


File: 1702234124361.jpg (433.22 KB, 1080x594, milei.jpg)

clown show


milei put a literal neo-nazi in his government btw
getting pretty fucking sick and tired of these guys hiding behind their jewish bullshit while at the same appointing literal fucking nazis to power



File: 1702237812472.png (571.09 KB, 1284x1470, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1702238199370.png (464.52 KB, 1369x1432, ClipboardImage.png)

>the backstab is extremely limited and was already happen-AAAAAAAACK


File: 1702239342242.png (287.12 KB, 478x1304, ClipboardImage.png)

*Lord Hannan of Kingsclere to you, commoner
>Daniel John Hannan, Baron Hannan of Kingsclere (born 1 September 1971) is a British writer, journalist and politician. He is currently a sitting member of the House of Lords where he takes the Conservative whip,[3] and has since 2020 served as an adviser to the Board of Trade. He is the founding president of the Initiative for Free Trade. A member of the Conservative Party, he was a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) for South East England from 1999 to 2020.

The things that propagandists and clout chasers say could pass for the ramblings of minimum wage pseudonym gossip writers, SEO farmers, and Xitter reply-guys. But it's actually the ruling class signing their name to those words without a hint of shame.


demonic looking eyes


Can we do a Biden version of this since he previously said Russia already lost and now its invading Europe next


File: 1702241082959.jpg (546.06 KB, 979x832, 1494724997179.jpg)

>Thus, by a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus, the enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak. Fascist governments are condemned to lose wars because they are constitutionally incapable of objectively evaluating the force of the enemy.


Nazis hate the universalism the Jewish people used to incarnate, but they're pretty cool with Israel since it subverted Jews into bloodthirsty muh blood and soil faggots.


TACKtical retreat time, it's ogre…Also lmao, "uhh guys we go defense mode between some months and a year, but no worry Ruzzia will collapse any time soon"


The highly anticipated Ukrainian 2024 counter defense.


Thats just problem with people and ideologies in general, 'Ur-Fascism' is wrong.


My thought reading that book was that I'm not sure how much applied to just modern states and their ideologies


>we're officially on the defensive
Ok, finally, I can test my predictions.

>we'll just spend half a year suiciding into Russians!

>can't lose initiative, if you never stop attacking!
Fucking gravedigging retards.


File: 1702247172060-0.png (41.87 KB, 542x377, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1702247172060-1.png (429.08 KB, 1242x1504, ClipboardImage.png)

>here's how ukraine can still win


win win scenario for me, to hell with Orban


File: 1702247761270.png (979.66 KB, 1125x933, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1702249796387.png (694.97 KB, 737x1800, bakhmut copium.png)

Unique IPs: 162

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