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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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This thread is for feedback related to administration and management. For technical issues use >>>/tech/6724
If you cannot dispute your ban here due to being banned, Use >>>/meta/
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If this is your first visit please lurk for a while before posting. /leftypol/ is an imageboard for non-sectarian leftist political discussion. The staff aims to allow everything within these bounds. To that end there are some explicit rules
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* No Reactionary or Identity Politics
Low quality threads are subject to be anchored or locked at volunteers discretion.
More detailed rules can be found in the /leftypol/ Manifesto PDF (attached)
The rules governing moderators and administrative decisions can be found in the /leftypol/ Constitution PDF (attached)
You may dispute actions taken by the staff or offer suggestions in this thread. Alternatively use >>>/meta/

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Go plan terrorism and whine somewhere else. /leftypol/ is not an effective platform for that discussion. You're wasting your time here.

As a side note:
>Let me assure you, nobody here is smart or capable enough to do anything like that.
The blocker is that no-one is motivated to do it. Any illiterate lumpen can make lethal explosives with stuff from WalFart. You're a disgrace to the flag you chose if you honestly believe that line you wrote.


File: 1622770634349.mp4 (3.49 MB, 1280x720, 1622695144535.mp4)

Kill yourself at your earliest convenience.


Blowing random shit up isn't praxis bro…


Although I don't support blowing shit up, by definition it is praxis.

However, I don't even mean that. The second you try to talk about organizing, fighting back, or defending yourself in any meaningful way that doesn't involve just talking about theory online like a fucking loser the mods try to shut you down. All I want is for the mods to act less like coward traitors that should be lined up against a wall and instead have a more hands-off approach to moderation.


Mods also have to follow the TOS m8.


It isn't wise to attempt to organize on an imageboard.


Eh it deppends on the imageboard.


That's literally not true.
You've supplied zero (0) cases to support your assertion. When have mods stopped organization or defense?
(No, that one lasers thread doesn't count. That's instigation.)


File: 1622782272967.png (80.08 KB, 200x200, ClipboardImage.png)

>it takes the mods 10 mins to remove a child pornography thread
I get that there aren't billions of mods yet but jesus, can't you engineer a general filter for schizo and raid threads?


10 minutes is a fast response time


It is usually removed near instantaneously and we have filters in place that we are continuing to develop. On occasion most of the mods are offline or preoccupied but it really helps when you guys will report/send a message in the matrix about any offending content. Thank you.


Site is currently being spammed with /pol/cels crying about Islam


got it thanks. they are being banned when they break rules, report anything you see


Why was the image on the booru that pointed out good firearms to get deleted?


ask on the booru thread on /meta/


>can't you engineer a general filter for schizo and raid threads?
Alright technocracyfag, define parameters for such a filter and I'll tell you if that can be coded.


where is it


Wait bunkerchan is leftypol now?

What the fuck happened?


its always been leftypol


But the bunker logo, oh hell, it's even leftypol now, it's like I'm taking crazypills.




Look up the Mandela effect


No, this cannot be, I was just here last year and it was bunkerchan, bunkerchan!


Were you around for the split and the end of the split, anon?


What fucking split? I only remember the /leftypol/ and /leftpol/ split, I thought that died along with 8chan.




Holy autism.

So space_ is gone?


Yep, no more space_.


The mods did a revolution, with the help of the people. Infrastructure has improved noticeably.


Im extremelly new to this chan. Can you tell me things about it and this chan's culture?


Lurk moar


Lurk moar and read the FAQ


What questions do you have?

We're leftists, mostly marxists, non-sectarian, from all around the world. This is the only bastion of anti-idpol and non-idpol leftist discourse.

I won't go into what that means, lurk more for now.


Would it be possible to get a rss feed of https://leftypol.org/news.html


Idk what I dont know, I guess I´ll lurk


can mods move this thread to /b/ please?


I made one with a feed generator: https://feed43.com/leftypol-news.xml


where did the Black Hammer thread go


to hell, I hope


Please cull right-wing posters. If I wanted to talk to them, I know where to find them.


Go to /r/communism if you want excessive tankie quality control.
That's not a joke, it's actually good.


Why are there so many racists from this board???


File: 1623690557348.png (45.08 KB, 1573x348, racist liberals.PNG)

I literally had a thread discussing racism from the users of this board and it was deleted. Why is this allowed?


For being false flag shit, feck off.


What was it?


<A reply


Twitter, please.


newfag here,can anyone tell me what kind of userbase does this place have?


seems pretty based so far, just wish that design was better. maybe i'll get used to it


Try the themes settings (Settings in top right, the dropdown in bottom right of the popup).

As for the userbase, it's a melting pot of anticapitalists. Fuck libs.
I can't save images on this device right now so pretend this neat guide was attached:

FAQ: https://leftypol.org/faq.html

If you came from /pol/ or a derivative, their idea of us is a literal myth based on hearsay and false-flag posts that OP makes and screenshots (protip: most of them crop out the replies)


Unique IPs: 29

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