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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Why did you guys delete the LGBT thread? The content was actually pretty relevant


Cry about it


we're getting flooded by concern trolls




Has someone bothered to put this on archive.org?


Gutting a thread is one thing. Gutting a thread but leaving all the furshit up is another entirely.
Purge the furfag jannies or this site will die.


What are you talking about? leftypol users aren't psychic.


I'm literally the only furfag janny and I have nothing to do with whatever you're complaining about. But if you're complaining about the furry porn on /siberia/, well, it's siberia, we have no rules that ban porn on there. It's an NSFW board.


Compromise: A U.N. Owen flag


These don't work when there's leftist meme-paragraphs that flash for barely a second or two, its supposed to be fake subtitles not a place to squeeze in an essay.


Due to lag on many devices, the snow is now off by default and can be re-enabled in the [Options] menu.



Why is there a silly hat and is there a way to get rid of it?


Site's birthday.
Go into the [Options] and add this Custom CSS:
[data-board] > .files > :nth-child(1):not(.multifile) > a::before{
content: none;
[data-board] > .files > :nth-child(1).multifile > a::before{


Hi, mod team/janitors/Admins. I talked with a friend about getting funding through ads.
One anon commented it would be a shitton of work trying to avoid losing anonymity, but the friend, who knows I visit this site, he visits this site regularly, told me it is possible to use Brave.
I am not sure up to what extent they are anonymous, and how they do not invade public privacy, but he recommended this, and apparently, they pay on cryptos, so might be worth the try to investigate furthermore.

Kudos, comrades.


let's not


Hi! Thanks for your interest in this topic.
I cannot officially speak for the rest of the staff yet as I haven't directly asked, but I feel confident in saying we have no interest in making money from users, even for non-profit purposes. We don't even have plans to add a cryptocurrency donation address for server costs, and that's a non-intrusive, voluntary method of financial support.
My personal view is that advertisements are in almost all cases both annoying and an exploitation of the user. I recommend using an adblocker on all commercial services, and directly donating to any content creators you wish to support.


Why is my board theme full of gay and faggot instead of red and black?


domo arigato


Got it, my idea was to promote more the board using most of the fundings to
1) Pay the costs of the server.
2) Use the funds to get the promotion of some personalities, like Richard Wolff, who named the board some time ago.
3) Incentivize the board council and its bureaucratic members (mods, janitors, etc)

Anyway, tried my best to search for something anoynomous.
See ya!


i think we need an alternate news thread for bourg news sources like nyt, wapo, ft, etc so we can laugh at the coping liberals


What's up with the hats?


Go ahead
The tech guy who implemented that is off duty but he will take them off once he comes back.


What the absolute fuck is going on.


a mix of ban-evading and multiple repeat offenses in the past made it so that eugene and a few others (like lear) were basically put on a probation where they could keep posting if they obeyed the rules and be treated as ban evaders if they didn't, as it was either that or they were gonna be effectively permabanned

eugene went and posted covid denialism outside the covid thread so we treated him as a ban evader - something we've done in the past and made fairly clear to them, so he knew what he was doing.





File: 1641082940828.png (114.61 KB, 419x287, anti.png)

Based Engels. I hate the middle class and small business owners.


Will you guys please stop posting links to your site on 4chan's /pol/ board and repeatedly telling people to "go post here instead it'll be epic XDDD"
Its honestly just clickbait at this point.


your first mistake was implying that 4/pol/ does not bait the shit out of itself with garbage threads that have absolutely no point whatsoever, because that happens all the time to the point where a left wing politically incorrect raid on your website is nothing but a spec of dust compared to the chance of /pol/ users manufacturing consent like gorillas masturbating to dead orangutan babies
also, are you Croatian or something? I'm just making a guess for the sake of it


Planned maintenance today at around 10 UTC (around 9 hours from this post).
No downtime expected, business as usual.


Is it over??


We survived, comrade.


Planned upgrading today in one hour (11 UTC).

Downtime will occur.

Finished, for now. Let me know if you see strange behavior.


>Let me know if you see strange behavior.
the site is full of retards. is that a feature or a bug?


le testing












wow look >>700015 im amazing :0000




i think this is the worst get in the history of gets


>9's are GETs


hecking sad



Do palindromes count as gets?

Unique IPs: 26

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