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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Can btfo online reactionary religious ghouls epic style be a net positive for scientific socialism?
How do we fuse the two and harness this power?
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It makes sense if you are 13 years old and indoctrinated at a young age, but idg how you don’t get over being disappointed as a much older adult. There is a piece of the puzzle missing.


Good book


Bit strange that some people can be more emotionally triggered by the question of god then they are against imperialism.


The two often do go hand-in-hand.


File: 1705436091242.jpg (87.15 KB, 735x490, GDv9mDOWsAAGemD.jpg)

Err, no. A 2,000 year old religion cannot be seen as the main reasoning for something which started in the 15/1600s, despite that religious figures were also some of the first peasant revolters.
But sure, you can continue to have an unhealthy rage about changing things that doesn't actually progress society in any meaningful way


File: 1705436555075.jpg (123.13 KB, 1010x810, Christian-Imperialism.jpg)

I never said it was the main reason, I said they often go hand-in-hand. Religion is a good tool for psychologically and social control of the native populations you conquer.


The same way vague promises toward the working class are used for imperialistic of fascist movements. That doesn't mean an anti-working class stance must be made.


File: 1705437210262.jpg (190.57 KB, 800x587, missionaries.jpg)

Yes, but they still often go hand-in-hand.


Then it is not religion. It is weaponised religion.


>Then it is not religion. It is [ … ] religion.


weaponised religion




The power of the church, yes, and the states influence on the church, but not religion.


File: 1705437872556.jpg (68.78 KB, 417x480, tahiti.jpg)

Nah, it's both.


Explain how


File: 1705439113736.jpg (58.25 KB, 640x360, missinary dun goofed.jpg)

Idk, makes sense to me on its face. Explain to my why it can't be both?


if religion isn't weaponized it's not religion.
kill yourself religionfag.


Because christianity is inherently anti-exploititive
Again, explain why.


File: 1705440163637.jpg (2.54 MB, 3509x2550, j williams.jpg)

History says otherwise.
I think I'll use that as the benchmark.


No it doesn't. The way society has used religion is your arguement.


File: 1705441519311.png (2.9 MB, 1118x1286, boxers.png)

Well, Religion doesn't exist without society in a vacuum, so I guess yes?


File: 1705450278453.jpg (98.78 KB, 960x1277, FB_IMG_1704830765652.jpg)

Anyone recently see an uptick of Christian apologia? Even in leftist circles. I find it suspect especially right now that fucking protestant are as close as ever to sacrificing enough children to yawhe to appease
Jesus and bring about the apocalypse. What do Christian institutions have to do before people stop defending them?


Western leftists feel the need to appeal using the cross because they’re too weak to make their case without invoking idealist superstitions. They don’t even bother attempting to challenge the big money that flows into religion out of fear it will step on the toes of someone’s spooks.


it's not possible to know in the abstract whether any deity exists, but it is possible to know whether the gods of specific religions exist because their holy texts make specific claims about actions those gods have performed in the material world


>I read Nietzsche and it convinced me to convert to religion


Bro why does failure creates monsters in leftists? ᴉuᴉlossnW, this bitchass >>1723110 , …


Nietzsche was anti Christianity more than anti religion. He wrote entire books on Greek paganism



B-but muh LIBeration theology!!1!!



>There literally isn't a "before" the singularity, it just was.
No. The singularity is the event before which physics does not know what happened because predictive models break down. It does not mean time doesn't exist. A number of things could have happened before the singularity. Maybe the previous universe collapsed for example. Maybe the laws of physics aren't actually constant and only came into being at that moment and before the singularity there were different laws of physics.


He was anti-brahmin (the priest caste) and supported the warriors instead, so any "religion" to nietzsche is one not concerned with abstracting divinity, but anchoring it in lived experience.
He gives praise of the hindu mahabrata and the greek iliad for its primary focus on warriors over the dictates of the godhead.
This is also why he says he prefers the old testament to the new.
Late nietzsche > early nietzsche


Isnt a singularity to einstein a type of ontological impossibility though? Its something that cant be scientifically investigated?
Thats why some say singularities dont actually exist


brainlets are so hypnotized by these little poppy subtitle tiktoks and the pseudo-intellectual high priests who make them.


the singularity just refers to the universe being in a highly dense/hot state about 13 billion years ago and before then we don't really know much.


File: 1705720334740.jpg (46.52 KB, 355x566, 2570.jpg)

I will say though that the ultimate pagan work is the epic of gilgamesh, which is a pure celebration of life - where enkidu as a wild man is initiated into the world by a holy prostitute for 9 days straight, then he eats bread and drinks wine and goes into town to start a brawl with a demi-god
It really connects you with our adamic origins, before we were usurped by the curse of monotheism


Dialectically though its where being reaches its limits, which is why it is a self-referential point, but only by self-separation. For example, we will never see the big bang because light was not even created until after this point, yet we have theoretical knowledge of it, but only by abstraction, but a true abstraction.
In space-time we see dialectics by relativity, but at higher speeds time slows into its opposite tendency, until it reaches light-speed where there is no time. The singularity is this same event where being is born from nothigness, as per the hegelian circuit:
All im saying is that the discourse of relativity is symbolic because einstein himself was a socialist, so his findings are political in nature


File: 1705741506106.png (878.82 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Any Charvaka fans ITT?


>Late nietzsche > early nietzsche
Dude's brain was leaking out of his ear and he was going batso from syphillis. I suppose that makes him more entertaining to read.




File: 1705795920331.mp4 (1.71 MB, 640x480, girugamesh.mp4)


He's the politically incorrect Slovenian of the left wing, of course he's funny.
I believe many of his ideals within Socialism are novel, but I haven't read any of his books yet, only listened to about six hours of him lecturing on YouTube, along with those insane reels on insta.
Comparing him to Lenin is kind of fun, though I prefer Stalin's works.


His books are not good
You can tell off the bat because he mass produces them to feed his pathology for rambling


>His books are not good
Thanks for letting me know, I had heard similar a few years back
>mass produces them to feed his pathology for rambling
Akin to Hιtler then, but kind of opposite, his books ramble but his speeches are relatively coherent, though the ideology was still the drivel fed to the populace by the military-industrial bourgeoisie.


At least hitler built a nation


With a result of it returning to worse than Wismar conditions. And inevitably (due to Germanic peoples land claims as far as the Volga region) harming severely the Soviet Union and leading to its eventual downfall.
Sadly it was predictable, with Frankfurt becoming the nation's degenerate global imperialist haven.
I like how Gottfried Feder was able to implement a national variant of the Labour Theory of Value, to limited success


File: 1707776384080.jpg (216.88 KB, 630x700, MARX RELIGION.jpg)


File: 1707823443812.png (431.08 KB, 608x655, 1705557956436.png)

least illiterate nazi


Zizek is still 74, it's not too late to make him president of Slovenia


File: 1707826604582.gif (389.5 KB, 260x317, prof laugh.gif)

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