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🚨 Live Happenings/Updates 🚨

• Al-Jazeera: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/liveblog/2023/10/15/israel-hamas-war-live-gaza-hospitals-fuel-to-last-24-more-hours-un-says

• Middle East Eye: https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/israel-palestine-war-gaza-invasion-live

• The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2023/oct/16/israel-hamas-war-live-update-news-today-gaza-water-fuel-aid-egypt-border-rafah-crossing-latest-updates#top-of-blog











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Remember to double check your sources, as well provide access to it.

الله أكبر
يا عمال العالم ويا شعوبه المضطهدة، اتحدوا!







File: 1698449701465-0.mp4 (4.63 MB, 406x720, SHIA RAVE.mp4)

So, Israel has already started the ground invasion of Gaza. Hezbollah said they would attack if Gaza is invaded. Where are they now?
If Hezbollah and Iran join the conflict and Israel falls, I'll convert to Shia Islam and livestream my circumcision.


I don't know why we're bothering with a new thread. Nothing's gonna happen. It's all fizzle.


What do we do if/when US invades Iran? Is there anything we can do against the war machine?


it's gonna take quite a surgeon to circumcise something that small


>I'll convert to Shia Islam and livestream my circumcision.
You have to cut your dick up if you covert to islam???
WTF?? :/ thanks for ruining my night anon.


Grab your rifle and bugout bag and head for the hills.


No, you are completely helpless and beholden to the powers that be. Institutional, political, civil, the repressive regime of order that rules your nation leaves you with little to do other than to struggle daily anew.




File: 1698449870679.gif (415.41 KB, 480x238, hereyougo.gif)

Very nice bait. Here is your (you).


If you could (or would) do anything you wouldn't be posting on an imageboard right now


I don't know about you but I am going to post.


a sizzle is never late, nor is it early, it arrives precisely when it means to




File: 1698450042269.webm (18.32 MB, 540x540, alunya_rises.webm)

the west shall fall



File: 1698450334659.jpg (14.67 KB, 255x255, batterup.jpg)

>weeb union
>Ukraine war expert


File: 1698450448407.png (1.67 MB, 2092x1770, ClipboardImage.png)

Habbo raids are getting spicy


>You have to cut your dick up if you covert to islam???
you don't


Whenever I want a war expert I go to youtube. That is where the real war experts are hanging out.


You do, though.


You probably should, but you don't have to.


Shia are based, if it's not explicitly stated they have to do something they'll wriggle out of it


>mfw American so my dick is already cut


you have to say the shahada
that's literally it


Communications blackout sparks panic in Gaza: AJ correspondent
Al Jazeera’s Safwat Kahlout, reporting from the northern Gaza Strip, says people in the Palestinian territory are “panicking” because of the communications blackout and intensifying Israeli bombing.

“The people are very much fearful, and they are very much panicking – unable to communicate with others who have been displaced,” he said.

“They used to call each other following every Israeli air strike. They are very much worried about their [loved ones]. They can’t receive phone calls from people to inform them about accidents or explosions.

“We could see pictures of people carrying others in their arms and going to the hospital because they were not able to communicate with ambulances.”


I'm sorry.


File: 1698450677041.png (155.13 KB, 955x485, ClipboardImage.png)


Utterly based.


Gigachad thought process about isntreal.


His coverage of Ukraine has been pretty good so far tbh. NAFO hates his guts because he doesn't spew their copes about AFU defeats.


Here’s a recap of today’s events

We are going to bring our live coverage to an end soon. Here’s a summary of today’s main events:

Gaza is facing a near-total communications blackout, cutting residents across the besieged Palestinian off from the outside world and each other.
Several international aid groups – including prominent UN agencies – have said they are unable to reach their teams on the ground.
Israel has upped its bombardment of the Gaza Strip as its military said it was “expanding” ground operations in Gaza.
Palestinian officials in Gaza have rejected Israel’s claim that Hamas is operating from Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest in the enclave. A former UN special rapporteur tells Al Jazeera that Israel is attempting to “prepare public opinion for the attacks to come”.
Fighting along the partition between Gaza and Israel has ramped up in at least three locations.
The UN General Assembly has passed a resolution calling for a humanitarian truce, with the US and Israel leading 14 countries in voting against the measure.

(Al Jazeera)


Hello? Based department?


File: 1698450991299.mp4 (4.37 MB, 364x360, shia sources.mp4)

Woah, Shiaism is Pentecostalism but Muslim confirmed?


>Palestinian officials in Gaza have rejected Israel’s claim that Hamas is operating from Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest in the enclave. A former UN special rapporteur tells Al Jazeera that Israel is attempting to “prepare public opinion for the attacks to come”.
Why is Israel so fucking hellbent on massacring people at hospitals? It's so pointlessly evil that it confounds me


Were you paying attention? Or does "Israel wants to genocide the Palestinians" goes in one ear, and out the other?


I think it's less about massacring the people in them and more about destroying their doctors, medical equipment, and supplies.


i.e. massacring the people




because zionism is an inherently fascistic "ideology"


>Gaza is facing a near-total communications blackout, cutting residents across the besieged Palestinian off from the outside world and each other.
It's pretty clear that Israel is doing this to prevent footage and photos of IDF atrocities from getting out and onto the web.

That said, is Israel really retarded enough to think the world isn't going to pit two and two together?


autistic militaryfags and generalfags would probably call it things like 'degrading the enemeis ability' or 'force removal' or refurbishment rate cancellation' or something fake and gay like that. but yes, massacring the people.


Show me the bomes!


>My question is, is Israel really retarded enough to think the world isn't going to pit two and two together?

No, but there'll be thousands of propaganda outlets in the meanwhile running oppo for them, and millions more useful morons spreading doubt, so by the time "confirmation" comes around the bodies will already be long cold and nothing can be done about it.



Oh no, IDF is firing into civilians. Fucking on civilians is fucking on civilians.




They are trying to get to the tunnels underneath Gaza and to do that, they have to bomb pretty much everything in the Northern part. This includes schools, bakeries and hospitals.


And probably also to avoid vids of their soldiers getting merced


File: 1698451517212.png (3.79 MB, 498x320, ClipboardImage.png)

A statement issued by the Islamic Resistance in Iraq:

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful
Permission has been given to those who fight because they have been wronged, and indeed, God is Able to grant them victory.
Believe God Almighty

The Mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq targeted the American occupation base in Al-Tanf, Syria, with two drones, which directly hit their targets.

Islamic resistance in Iraq
Saturday 12 - Rabi’ Al-Akhir - 1445 AH

everything under heaven is in utter chaos. the situation is excellent.


If there is no proof they have plausible deniability.


Just want to say fair to the Houthis. We all know they have a lot going on but they still took times out of their day and missiles out of their collection to fire at the Russian Saboteurs during these trying weeks.
We see you Houthis. Good job.




replace Uyghers (convinced nobody else in the right cares because how hard this shit is to spell) this is a joke palestinian activist people used to make. liek 20 years ago too as a piece of dark humor.. rightists are terminally unfunny or original it's just sad.


he's good at gathering info for mapping purposes, but I cringe everytime he tries to theory craft and draw big arrows for whatever offensive


File: 1698451775336.png (23.79 KB, 749x176, ClipboardImage.png)

Would you anons happen to know any? Might want to let them know if you do. Related to this topic, do you have any book recommendations on Palestinian guerrilla memoirs, not necessarily of the 2014 war but any other of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, be it 1948, the Second Intifada, etc.


When the US invades Iran I'm self-immolating, screencap this post. No, you can't change my mind


Strategic bombing is the classical military euphemism


Why, though?


come on anon, his jumping from Russia to Gaza is just proving he is one of these twitter 'clout chasers', even if he was a russian expert, do you believe he is also an expert on israel-palestine? What is the next thing he will magically happen to have expertese in next year?
It's absurd anon, come on you know this.


>Would you anons happen to know any?


Terrorism doesn't work, protesting kind of does sometimes





so post someone better


File: 1698451989031.png (60.92 KB, 1329x353, ClipboardImage.png)

Lol. Lmao.


>Oh no, IDF is firing into civilians. Fucking on civilians is fucking on civilians.
yes, that why ' refurbishment rate cancellation' because it stops those civilians joining the military and refurbishing the army.
completelly justifiable you see. military target. you seriously need to git gud at generalfagging.


damn, porn spammer is seething ultra hard today. looks like he got his russian saboteur conscription papers.
I post The Guardian, MEE and AJ every day you massive retard. Maybe information does not have to be fed to you through a severely mentally ill twitter personality, jfc.


hes pretty good at being a neutral map maker autist. theres only a couple of them and they can save time looking through telegram and twitter because they collate all the geotagged posts for you.


File: 1698452174112.png (4.27 MB, 2048x1654, ClipboardImage.png)

>Terrorism doesn't work, protesting kind of does sometimes
No it doesn't. People self-immolate all the time and it doesn't even get press coverage at all.


I like black men with big dicks so I don't really mind. It's better than soyjaks and anime shit.


File: 1698452230876.png (23.75 KB, 603x267, ClipboardImage.png)

this woman's grandfather was in the Ustace lmao


To be fair it would be the same even if that genocide was real (it isn't), and even if the Palestinian genocide wasn't real (it is). The Arab solidarity is a shadow of its former self, opportunism is the name of the game now, it should tell you something that the sole material supporter of Palestine is not even an Arab country.


>his first and only thought for contextulizing the word protest is extremely individualized
You have to go back redditoid faggot.


So tired of hearing this. Maybe don't be genocidal settlers then


Why the fuck would he pour so little on himself before lighting it? He probably didn't even die, that looks like maybe 20% burns, if that


she would know, the Ustaše literally sawed jews heads off with wood cutting saws. they were such utter savages that even the SS was disgusted with them and tried to force them to stop.



He might have started, seen the cop coming, and then lit himself on fire.


File: 1698452482914.gif (472.52 KB, 500x361, retard alert.gif)

Why don't you follow a conversation before you butt in with your retardation schizo black flag anon:

>When the US invades Iran I'm self-immolating, screencap this post. No, you can't change my mind
>Why, though?
>Terrorism doesn't work, protesting kind of does sometimes


File: 1698452505588-0.jpg (54.19 KB, 660x411, ahed tamini.jpg)

File: 1698452505588-1.jpg (173.67 KB, 1368x1026, Al_Assad_family.jpg)

Many Iraqis already pretty White, though, along with Syrians, the Lebanese and Palestinians. Features like light eyes and blonde hair aren't hard to find among them.


are triangle heads also a common feature


the collaborators were usually much worse than the nazis tbh. most of the nazis favored shooting because it was quicker, while the local collaborators were usually the ones doing the torture.


>Assad family.
Proof eugenics cannot be real.
If eugenics real how these come to rule?


I used to pass in front of this place every day when I was going to school, lmao that's crazy


File: 1698452700057-0.mp4 (66.88 KB, 640x360, based assad.mp4)


Not sure if this is true. The ustase’s main goal was targeting Serbs


>day one: “HOLY SHIT GUIZE this is decolonization in REAL TIME!!!”

>day 21: “nooooooooooo this is GENOCIDE ceasefire now!!!!”



Israel preparing public opinion for attacks on hospitals: Former UN official
Michael Lynk, a former UN special rapporteur, has warned that Israel’s claim that Hamas is using al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City as its base of operations aims to “prepare public opinion for the attacks to come”.

Israel had claimed that Hamas uses the large medical centre as a “terror operations base”. The Palestinian group firmly rejected the Israeli accusation.

“I’m aghast that international political opinion from the West – from Europe and North America – hasn’t turned more decisively against Israel even before this land invasion,” Lynk told Al Jazeera.

Hospitals in Gaza, including Shifa, have been sheltering thousands of civilians forced to flee their homes amid Israel’s continued bombardment. Palestinian doctors also continue to treat patients and people injured in the war.

Israel bombing around hospitals in Gaza: AJ correspondent
Al Jazeera’s Safwat Kahlout, reporting from the northern Gaza Strip, cites witnesses as saying that Israel has been bombing around the Indonesian Hospital and al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza.

Israel had accused Hamas of using the al-Shifa as a base, which the Palestinian group firmly denied.

“We don’t know if this bombardment around the al-Shifa hospital was a kind of warning or an extension of the ongoing Israeli air raids that have been intensifying in Gaza City and in the rest of Gaza,” Kahlout said.

Israeli push appears like ‘rolling start’ of invasion: US officials tell CBS
Israel’s ground incursions into Gaza appear to be “a rolling start to the ground invasion”, the CBS News network has cited US officials as saying.

Israel had said it was “expanding” ground operations in Gaza, with Hamas promising to resist the military’s advances.

Strikes in Syria linked to Iran to deter future attacks, US says
The US announced it targeted the ammunition supplies of militias linked to Iran with strikes in Syria, but said it did not want to escalate the conflict in the Middle East.

On Thursday, the Pentagon reported launching air strikes on two locations in eastern Syria, saying they were facilities used by Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

“The purpose for those two sites that we targeted was to have a significant impact on future IRGC and Iran-backed militia group operations,” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters on Friday.

“The main goal was to disrupt that ability and also to deter- to prevent- future attacks,” he said.


>all Jews in Palestine deserve to die
You don’t honestly believe this do you?


Anyone not currently taking up arms against the state of Israel is a legitimate target tbqh


I never said he was an expert on anything. He just does a good job reporting facts and events as they unfold.


>I post The Guardian, MEE and AJ every day
Every fucking hour more like. Try something more threatening to western narratives ffs


File: 1698453153906.png (476.77 KB, 732x1032, ClipboardImage.png)


>self immolation
ngl pretty pointless


File: 1698453296389.png (1.85 MB, 1500x1500, 1697755269686.png)

Does hezbollah take foreign volunteers?
My blood has been boiling for a while now and I don't think I can take it much longer.
I'll give up pork and alcohol if it means the chance to kill atleast one of these bloodthirsty demons.


For anyone who wants to help (all aid to Gaza supports Hamas if you don't know)




>Actal news media?! but they don't performatively denounce the west! boring!
lmao. go and watch haz or date-rape jackson then that's probably more your speed. retard.

This fucking guy. Always wish i could get a job as a 'defence analyst' imagine your whole job just telling reporters 'fighting in tunnels hard', 'war slow because winter. cold. ice.'. It is ridiculous.
Tunnel fighting will be ‘extremely difficult’: Analyst
David DesRoches, a defence analyst, has said that it will be difficult for Israel to fight Hamas in underground tunnels.

“It’s a real nasty situation, and I don’t think anyone has a real answer for fighting in tunnels. So it’s going to be extremely difficult and extremely bloody,” DesRoches told Al Jazeera.

Hamas is believed to have an extensive tunnel network under Gaza.


Gabor Mate on The Grayzone saying that this is the worst thing he's ever seen in his life because it's being done so psychotically and publicly.


I'm old and I agree with him.


>lmao. go and watch haz or date-rape jackson then that's probably more your speed. retard.
you're posting the fucking guardian. extremely telling that you can't post a source not controlled by the west or actual glow


yes it's never been like this before this bad in terms of publicly at least in my 20+ years of watching. the psychopathy is usually a muted one, the dehumanization is usually implicit not this explicit. actually very scary.


I've been watching Youmna Elsayed since she debuted as a journalist. She was on Democracy Now yesterday and she looked like a different person. It looked like she was going to reach through the screen and choke Amy Goodman for forgetting her.


They said they wanted to flood tunnels with chemical weapons, I'm imagining they will be wandering around all these tunnels with gas masks.


Inshallah many IDF will die


Gaza information blackout ‘risks providing cover for mass atrocities’: HRW

Deborah Brown, the senior technology and human rights researcher at Human Rights Watch, said the near-total communication blackout in the bombarded enclave is preventing people from “communicating with loved ones and accessing life-saving medical and other essential services”.

She added: “This information blackout risks providing cover for mass atrocities and contributing to impunity for human rights violations.”

Amnesty International also said the lack of communication “means that it will be even more difficult to obtain critical information and evidence about human rights violations and war crimes being committed against Palestinian civilians in Gaza, and to hear directly from those experiencing the violations”.

(Al Jazeera)


The trap is that Israel is trying to figure out the tripwire for Iranian and Hezbollah intervention. But Iran will probably intervene heavily once the IDF is too deep into Gaza and there's no backing out.


It doesn't "risk" it, that's literally the intent lol


the tunnels are ventilated, they wouldn't work otherwise. if israel could block off the ventilation shafts, they could gas the tunnels, but if they could do that the gas would be unnecessary.


Why are everyone so sure that Iran will intervene at all?


do these tunnels even exist or is it like when the US said bin Laden was living in a gigantic underground military base


Democracy now is pretty shit. I stopped listening because 90% of their coverage is immigration shit. No matter what's happening in the world, they'll instead cover the most minor immigration story instead. Russiagate and everything after was the final nail in the coffin for me.


We're not we're speculating against Iran and axis claims.


The bloodlust at every level, from the media to people I know irl, is chilling and unironically blackpilling. Fuck everything.

Godspeed to the Palestinians, who are far braver and more resolute than I could ever hope to be.


>No matter what's happening in the world, they'll instead cover the most minor immigration story instead

Was it like this during Iraq?


Iran has no intention of directly intervening, but US is gonna use Hezbollah involvement (who will intervene) as a pretext to launch an Iranian assault


They 100 exist. They are public knowledge.


>But Iran will probably intervene heavily once the IDF is too deep into Gaza and there's no backing out.

Do we know what's going on in Iran? Are there mass turnouts for Gaza?

My thinking is there's going to have to be a lot of support for intervention for the Iranian government to go through with it, because any significant action on Hez or Iran's part is going to give the US just the excuse they need, which is going to mean American bombs on Iranian cities.


Hezbollah and Iran could betray Hamas. Iran's priorities have changed from Islamic revolution to defensive Shia nationalism. I'm betting you there are guys within Hezbollah and Iran who see Gaza and the Palestinians as expendable because they aren't Shia and therefore "not our responsibility." I've seen many sectarian Shia argue this as well as Iranian gusanos. Iran itself will minimize its involvement while Hezbollah is sitting on the fence. They might not even intervene or do the bare minimum to save face. They are more concerned with their own position inside Lebanon and have become more conciliatory to the secular neoliberal system. The ISF have done the same which is very unfortunate. People still haven't forgiven them for backstabbing people in Syria while Hamas stood by the revolution.


How could I pull an example of that? Just something I noticed listening to their episodes regularly.


I was 4 when the Iraq War started so I can't say really, but I would imagine it's similar. Or more like the immediate aftermath of 9/11.


Many secular anti-Islamic republic Iranians are anti-Palestinian and support Biden's normalization policies. There's merit to this, after all the Islamic Republic's support for Palestine has been unconditional and even detrimental to its own interests. Many religious Iranians are steadfast supporters of Palestine and there are mass protests all over the country in support. There's a small sectarian faction that is anti-Palestinian because most are Sunni and Christian not Shia.


the American media was all impossibly horny for Iraq and accepted absolutely everything the regime said without question, then embedded and did their propaganda for them for 20 years.



It’s a bit deeper than that. Iran has a 2030 plan where they finalize relations with Israel and the Saudis and work with China on the belt and road initiative. It’s something their academics are preparing for and has been given the green light by their regime. Likewise, Russia and China will feign neutrality and keep doing business with Israel. “Multipolarity”, as they call it.


>Was it like this during Iraq?
It wasn't this level of bad. The lies were about the same, but people weren't bloodthirsty in the same manner.


Democracy Now is ok. I hate how insufferably woke they've become. Back when the Al-Aqsa raids were happening and people were being killed (a big event with serious implications) the front page of Democracy Now was about some LGBT shit and dead Palestinians were sidelined. I lost a lot of respect for them after that.


And like any colonial project, the restless natives are just in the way. Palestinians basically have nobody then?



lmao no it was much worse there was absolutely no dissent allowed during the runup to Iraq, and the Bush regime didn't even try to present evidence of their lies.


>It wasn't this level of bad. The lies were about the same, but people weren't bloodthirsty in the same manner.

The Iraqi people also were not being un-personed in the media. Instead the US narritive was about 'helping them'. They even inlisted their pet NGO's in to the goal, a very different situation in that regard too imho.


The volcano that is political Islam will inevitably erupt again no matter how hard Russia and the US try to suppress it and drive it underground. It's only a matter of time. The only thing that can prevent it is secularization and Westernization. Look at Saudi policy, it's all about the promotion of neoliberal consumer culture, a Western lifestyle, etc. etc. but in Palestine and Syria the conditions are so dire that it will inevitably erupt again and cause problems for them. Normalization will fail because it has no legitimacy and has to rely on authoritarianism to suppress local resentment against it.


Iran is one of the US's designated targets, and there's the belief within the government that Iran has developed the ability to create a viable nuclear weapon.

So between the disaster in Ukraine, the strengthening of Russia, the rise of China, and the US's waning industrial and technological superiority, if the US wants to take out Iran, now is so much better than later, especially since one of their key allies in the region just made peace with Iran.

Since Israel is the US's catspaw and the linchpin of their hold over the region, letting them just genocide all the Palestinians either by killing them or forcing them out and then letting Israel consolidate control lets the US strengthen its hold on the ME and gives them an unassailable platform to launch further attacks on Iran.


>Iran has a 2030 plan where they finalize relations with Israel
<this fucking guy again
you've been posting this bullshit here for literal months with nothing to back it up
take your meds already retard


Palestinians have the unconditional support of 99% of ordinary people throughout the Muslim world. Sadly, those people don't have sophisticated armaments. There's a reason political resentment from the Global South against the West has taken the shape of terrorism. It's because there really is nothing else. 9/11 was an act of desperation and people will keep trying to as long as capitalist world system continues to be the way it is.


>Does hezbollah take foreign volunteers?
>My blood has been boiling for a while now and I don't think I can take it much longer.
>I'll give up pork and alcohol if it means the chance to kill atleast one of these bloodthirsty demons.
Unironically probably in the near future we will see a lot of that. If this does not rise up the ummah…
>Democracy Now is ok.
Note they have not had Fink on once during this round, i think because of disagrements over 'woke' stuff he has been writing on recently.


My fault for reading hackernews but get a load of this humanitarian

> It's estimated that Hamas has between 30,000 and 40,000 soldiers(1), which is about 6% to 8% of Gaza's entire adult male population. There's no way of getting around it: if Israel finishes the job of eradicating Hamas, a large percentage of the Gazan population will be killed or captured, purely because so many of them are actively involved in Hamas.

>Anyway, if Gazan citizens learn the lessons of their mistakes, they still have a future. In Germany about 5 million German soldiers were killed, almost as many as the 6 million Jews they slaughtered. At the time that was a double digit percentage of the entire male population. But Germany rebuilt and is now a thriving country.

"Unfortunately a large percentage of palestinean children will die but on the bright side the ones left in the burning rubble could have a chance of becoming Germany. I beleive this unironically."


They probably won't rise up because they're just as atomized as the rest of the world. Neoliberalism won. History is still over.


>the 6 million Jews they slaughtered
It kind of irks me how often the other 5 million fucking people are just completely left out.


File: 1698455055631.mp4 (55.17 MB, 1280x800, 6084364621695004297.mp4)

Outside of Hamas? No. Iran’s government has made too many stupid decisions wrt Palestine and won’t help them when needed most, similar to how they’ve let Azerbaijan scout Israel for weapons and allow the IDF to eventually set up operations right on their border as Azerbaijan at the same time plans to cut Armenia off from Iran. It feels like self-sabotage or something far more sinister.
I hate to say it, but seeing how there is no proper response to Israeli aggression from the supposed allies of Palestine, it’s very much possible that they give minimal effort and then say they tried their best when their half-assed preventive measure fails. Iran does not actually want instability, which is why they’ve been lukewarm wrt Armenia-Azerbaijan (they have a large Azerbaijani population in the north) and their threats towards Israel won’t culminate into actual war for similar reasons.
You want proof? Here.


No it started before that. Fink started defending Hamas, or to be more accurate, defending Hamas' right to fire rockets at Israel and offered to represent them at the ICC to make a case on their behalf. For people like Goodman and Chomsky, both Jews with sympathies for the Israeli side, this was a step too far and he's not been on since. Hamas is a sort of red line for the Israel critical faction of the American left. All discussions of Israel must begin with an obligatory condemnation of Hamas. Fink dropped that a long time ago and I think he's right about that. The American left can't be allowed to pick and choose who should represent Palestinians any more than Israelis can. Since then, he's blasted Amy a few times publicly and criticized her wokeness but really he offended her Jewish sensibilities first.



5 million? lmao no it's actually closer to 35 million. liberals focus on the 6 million because those are the only victims of capitalism they consider to be human.


Oh right. Thanks anon.
He is so based..
One really can not sink the Fink.
He used to go around saying the solution was for Palestine to do Ghandi/Martin Luther like peaceful civil disobedience when i was younger which was always a bit irritating, do you know exactly when that changed out of curiosity?


>02:32 video of some random iranian talking about the torah + buzzword salad
he didn't even talk about iran/israel/saudi arabia relations, how is this proof of anything?
take your fucking meds, if you can't do that just kill yourself already so we don't have to read these schizophrenic posts about le "2030 iranian agenda plan" ever again you faggot


Why does he talk like a little girl having a tantrum?


Anon, unlike you, I’m actually from the region and can tell you for a fact that you have no idea what you’re talking about. Iran is hesitant to support Palestine because they’re going to betray them and slowly capitulate to the west under the guise of “multipolarity”. Iranian citizens are slowly growing wary of the IRI, who for a long time used to give tangible support to the Muslim world and now are doing a “pragmatism” due to sanctions. The world is not black and white, and especially not in the volatile and cursed West Asian/Anatolian/Middle Eastern regions.



posting this here, this is a book about Zionist collaboration with anti-semites


<Hezbollah reported violent clashes between its fighters and the Israeli military. The movement’s military information service published a corresponding statement on its Telegram channel.
Fizzlesisters… I don't feel too well…


he's always sounded like this. It's unfortunate, but let the man be based


>Most liked post


Autism, he doesn't know how to regulate his voice. Still based though.


Iran's Azeri (or more accurately Turkish) population don't have strong connections with Azerbaijan. Khameini is an Azeri Turk and Khomeini's family is Indian. The US state department supports Iranian Azeri Turkish areas being given over to Azerbaijan (the US loves to represent itself as anti-imperialist and a liberator) but this went down badly with Iranian Azeri Turks. Iran is more worried by Kurdish sepratism and their foreign policy is actually defensive. They don't want a shooting war with Israel or the US.

Fink's parents witnessed the Warsaw Ghetto uprising so that's been a huge influence on him. When he looks at Gaza it reminds him of what his parents went through and it makes his blood boil. Now why did he drop the Ghandi shit? In 2018, Gazans organized a mass protest movement called the Great March of Return. The idea was for Gazans to mass along the border fence and try to walk across it unarmed, peacefully like the fall of the Berlin wall. The idea being when you have a huge mass of people and they protest peacefully and move forward you can't stop them.

The IDF responded with sniper fire. They targeted elderly men, pregnant women, and children. 200+ people were killed and there were like 1000 amputees. Hamas restrained their followers but the IDF attacked Islamic Jihad and eventually their fighters lost their cool and responded with rockets. The Western press portrayed the whole thing as terrorism and that the peaceful demonstrations were purposely staged by Hamas so protestors could be used as human shields to attack the IDF. After this, Fink basically dropped the pacifism and swayed between "the Palestinians have been defeated I give up" to "WTF do you expect them to do? I can't condemn them for using violence when you shoot them for being peaceful." Then he came out and said Hamas were basically obligated to use violence for self defense. At this point, Fink begun to seriously alienate his longtime friends like Amy Goodman and he became a fringe figure. He pissed off the BDS movement for other reasons but their not really anti-Fink. The reason you don't see him on a lot of left media these days is because of his fallout with Goodman and Chomsky.


kinda miss the dude spamming interracial porn ngl


File: 1698455951983.mp4 (7.38 MB, 576x1024, fpir.mp4)


the illegal dissolution of the DDR was not peaceful, comrade.


>Anon, unlike you, I’m actually from the region and can tell you for a fact that you have no idea what you’re talking about
then how come you've been posting this retarded shit for MONTHS in this board and the best you can post for proof is a video of some random guy TALKING ABOUT RANDOM ASS SHIT THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR CLAIM? you're probably some diasporoid liberal gusano faggot, you have literally nothing worthwhile to say

prove iran plans to have relations with israel by 2030 or at least just shut the fuck up about it if you can't do that


Where's Hezbollah? I thought they said they were going in when Israel invades


>He used to go around saying the solution was for Palestine to do Ghandi/Martin Luther like peaceful civil disobedience when i was younger which was always a bit irritating, do you know exactly when that changed out of curiosity?
One point to add, on the most recent TrueAnon (worth a listen) he mentions how he was in contact with some people in Hamas and he suggested the peaceful route. Then after the March of Return, he felt so ashamed that he never spoke to them again.


>Iran's Azeri (or more accurately Turkish) population don't have strong connections with Azerbaijan
It’s lukewarm at best on their end, but would be exploited if Iran intervened to help Armenia in any way. Agree on the rest. It’s just that once Iran loses Armenia, they’ll lose everything else and succumb to Turkish-Israeli pressure.


this is so awesome holy fuck


The dismantlement of the Berlin Wall was and both sides wanted it gone. The defacto annexation of the DDR was not and it was cruel and immoral.


File: 1698456051669.jpg (9.42 KB, 242x250, CIA.jpg)

it is proven that Amy Goodman is a fed btw, and Chomsky may as well be. you cannot sink the fink, ignore the capitalist lies.


“Prove Iran plans”
I already did and it’s evident from their lack of a proper response that they don’t actually care about destroying Israel. How does that make me a “gusano” when I’m not even Iranian and don’t live outside my country?


>I already did
you didn't, you posted a video of some random ass guy rambling about the torah with geopolitics buzzword vomit peppered in

post proof that iran has a plan to have relations with israel by 2030


I know anon, what confuses me is how such a smart man with more knowledge of the situation than any of us would have advocated for the Great March of Return, how it went was exactly how it was always going to go, i cannot get my head around what he was thinking to advocate for this, for the needless death and crippling of children to achieve nothing and spread this christian disease of pacifism.
Maybe he just never shed his programming with regards to this part of american 'radicalism', idk.


The worst thing about Gaza is that everyone expected the blockade to be temporary. Even Hilary Clinton believed it would be lifted after a few years and she's no friend of Palestine. A blockade is an act of war. Gaza might be the longest siege in human history and as Fink points out by the late 2010s, nobody really gave fuck anymore. It became normal. If the sex slaves in De Sade's 120 Days of Sodom rose up and slayed their libertine masters we'd think "oh well what did you expect? I can't blame them for doing that." When Haitian revolutionaries put the white slaver class to death, everyone's like "I don't like it but I can't really blame them." When Hamas fighters loose their cool and open fire on a music festival, on Israelis enjoying themselves in the face of their own suffering, suddenly everyone's condemning Hamas. It's putrid and sick. When the PFLP or Fateh killed innocent people there wasn't this condemnation either but Hamas and PIJ always get shafted.


You wouldn’t apply that logic to America though?


Israeli raids continuing in the occupied West Bank
Israeli forces have raided the al-Jalazone refugee camp. The Israeli forces have entered the camp. They brought with them a bulldozer.

Now there has been a home that Israeli forces have said has been built illegally in an area that is inside the occupied West Bank, but that Israel says Palestinians need permits to build in. Of course, almost no one gets those permits.

We reported earlier this week that the Israeli forces had killed two Palestinians during raids of the same refugee camp. All in all, in the occupied West Bank we’ve been seeing the Israeli forces raid multiple cities, often resulting in confrontations with Palestinians.

We’ve also been seeing more and more calls for Palestinians to protest in cities – they are saying they cannot see their fellow Palestinians in the dark, without any communications in the besieged Gaza strip under heavy bombardment, and do nothing.


>. Even Hilary Clinton believed it would be lifted after a few years

Somehow I sincerely doubt that.


WHat I'd like to really know is why EVERYONE is fucking salivating for Arab blood. I guess it's because the Palestinians have been demonized for so long, and they embody the ultimate Other in the West (i.e. BROWN MUSLIMS crossing the BORDER). But also is it because post-covid everyone has become insane thanks to deteriorating conditions and they want to see someone, *anyone* be annihilated?


I do actually.


>WHat I'd like to really know is why EVERYONE is fucking salivating for Arab blood.
Short answer, they're not.
1.Western media does not represent western people.
2. Israelis are not people.


Because nobody really tried it before. Martin Luther King was a brilliant man. His pacifism worked because it was a form of blackmail directed at Christian America. His whole strategy is that you make the other side uncomfortable, you force them to confront the moral consequences of the system and then emotionally blackmail them by pushing their Christian guilt buttons. Then you push in the message of forgiveness and and transcending difference through Christian love and offer them an outlet for their guilt. It was a manipulative and brilliant strategy and it mostly worked although it isn't perfect. Fink and the other pacifists believed Palestinians could adopt a similar strategy but people like Sholomo Sand pointed out Israeli society is just too damn racist. Secondly, Palestinians are Muslims and neither the left nor the right in Western countries like that. 9/11 created this feeling of all out war with Islam, or bad Islam. Getting Americans and Israelis to sympathize with Palestinians is very difficult. If you show an Israeli a Palestinian child getting shot, they'll just go "well they force us to do this to their children and its sad but that's how it is."

Carl Schmitt would say the pacifists made the mistake of being anti-political, assuming they could just abolish friend/enemy distinctions through appeals to peace and human decency. The Israel/Palestine conflict is a colonial struggle and as Fanon points out colonial struggles are always zero sum. One inch for the Palestinians means one inch less for the Israelis, while black Americans were simply an oppressed minority in America not an entity to be wiped out and contained like Native Americans. tldr peace is not an option because Israel is just too damn genocidal and Westerners let them off the hook out of sheer racism not ignorance.


>When the PFLP or Fateh killed innocent people there wasn't this condemnation either but Hamas and PIJ always get shafted.
I've heard one of the reasons Israel supported Hamas is because the PLO are teflon coated
I believe she said she believed it at least


jfc US and Zionist twitter is horrific. The US is using Israel to provoke a war because what else are they gonna do? accept global economic and political defeat?


> Martin Luther King was a brilliant man. His pacifism worked because it was a form of blackmail directed at Christian America.
That and the rioting.
It's like how people credit Gandhi for getting the Brits out when Indians were going to violently throw them out in the very near future anyway.


The US bourgeoisie don't have the intellectual capacity to imagine anything other than the status quo, so to them it's either try and maintain it or accept annihilation, and there's no profit there.


File: 1698457247498.png (299.1 KB, 680x674, ClipboardImage.png)

Is this real? Has anyone here heard or read anything like this?


Israel didn't support Hamas. Because Israel's problems were with Marxist and nationalist groups they didn't see religious movements as a threat or even deem them political so they allowed them to exist. Basically, they failed to perceive the threat until it was too late (see Azzam Tamimi's book on Hamas on this). The PLO groups, including the PFLP, were more worried about the threat Hamas posed to the PLO and that's partly why Arafat rushed into Oslo. He wanted recognition for Fateh as the sole representative of the Palestinians. The PFLP wanted to undermine the Fateh leadership but also contain Hamas which was rapidly eating up its base of supporters. So Fateh, PFLP, and diaspora exiles like Edward Said fabricated a myth of Israel supporting Hamas. The only evidence for this is proto-Hamas soccer clubs and women's groups getting Israeli permits to operate. What Netanyahu does do is use Hamas as leverage to stall peace negotiations and pursue expansionist policies while keeping Palestinian factions divided and weak. Hamas didn't get a dime from Israel. Yassin was in prison most of the 80s and the PFLP actually busted him out the first time.


Someone said earlier that US special forces were engaging in landings on the beach of Gaza, which is certainly possible with the Gerald Ford parked right off the coast, and would be in form for the Americans, but so far no hard evidence yet, possibly thanks to the internet blackout.


Like Lucifer, they'd prefer to reign in Hell.


Yeah I've heard about it, nothing really solid though. Apparently Gazans managed to look out the smoldering ruins in the night sky at the coastline and were like "Oh Allah, it's Delta force!"



>Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor and dimwit, had written a laudation of his own and his bosses foreign policy for the November print edition of Foreign Affairs. The piece was finalized before the war in Palestine had begun.

>The Sources of American Power

>A Foreign Policy for a Changed World


Indeed, although the Middle East remains beset with perennial challenges, the region is quieter than it has been for decades.

The progress is fragile, to be sure. But it is also not an accident.

[The president's] approach returns discipline to U.S. policy. It emphasizes deterring aggression, de-escalating conflicts, and integrating the region through joint infrastructure projects and new partnerships, including between Israel and its Arab neighbors. And it is bearing fruit.

This disciplined approach frees up resources for other global priorities, reduces the risk of new Middle Eastern conflicts, and ensures that U.S. interests are protected on a far more sustainable basis. Challenges remain. The Israeli-Palestinian situation is tense, particularly in the West Bank, but in the face of serious frictions, we have de-escalated crises in Gaza and restored direct diplomacy between the parties after years of its absence.

>Alastair Crooke, who has personally negotiated prisoner exchanges between Hamas and Israel, has published a rather bleak outlook.

>Escalations Cannot Be Stopped – The White House Is Rattled; Escalations Might All Fuse Into ‘One’

>The reality of the necessity of war is permeating widely the consciousness of the Arabic and Islamic world.

It is no coincidence that Netanyahu flourished a map of Israel during his General Assembly address last month in which Israel dominated from the River to the Sea – and Palestine (indeed any Palestinian territory) was non-existent.

Tom Friedman in his NYT reflections may fear that just as NATO’s impaired performance in Ukraine has ruptured ‘the NATO myth’, so too the 7 October Israeli military and intelligence collapse and what happens in its wake in Gaza ‘might explode the entire pro-American alliance structure’ in the Middle East.

The confluence of two such humiliations might break the spine of western primacy. This seems to be the gist to Friedman’s analysis. (He likely is correct).

Hamas has succeeded in smashing the Israel deterrence paradigm: They were not afraid, the IDF proved far from invincible, and the Arab street mobilised as never before (confounding western cynics who laugh at the very notion of there being an ‘Arab Street’).

Well, that is where we are – and the White House is rattled.

This is what worries the White House Team. They are deeply unconfident that an Israeli invasion of Gaza will put ‘Humpty’ together again. Rather, they fear that events may go badly for the IDF, and further, that the images relayed across the Middle East of Israel using overwhelming force in a civilian urban setting will revolt the Islamic sphere.

In spite of western scepticism, there are signs that this insurrection in the Arab sphere is different, and resembles more the 1916 Arab Revolt that overthrew the Ottoman Empire. It is taking on a distinct ‘edge’ as both Shi’a and Sunni religious authorities state the duty of Muslims to stand with Palestinians. In other words, as the Israeli polity becomes plainly ‘Prophetical’, so the Islamic mood is turning eschatological, in its turn.

That the White House should be floating kites about ‘moderate’ Arab leaders pressing ‘moderate’ Palestinians to form an Israeli-friendly government in Gaza that would displace Hamas and impose security and order shows just how severed is the West from reality. Recall that Mahmoud Abbas, General Sisi and the King of Jordan (some of the region’s most pliable leaders) pointedly refused even to meet with Biden after the latter’s Israel trip.

The anger across the region is real and threatens ‘moderate’ Arab leaders, whose room for manoeuvre is now circumscribed.

So hotspots are proliferating, as are attacks on U.S. deployments around the region. Some in Washington claim to perceive an Iranian hand, and are hoping to expand a window for war with Iran.

Should Israel enter Gaza (and Israel may decide it has no choice but to launch a ground operation, given the domestic political dynamics and public sentiment), it is likely that Hizbullah will incrementally be drawn further in, leaving the U.S. with the binary option of seeing Israel defeated, or launching a major war in which all the hotspots become fused ‘as one’.

In a sense, the Israeli-Islamic conflict now may only be resolved in this kinetic way. All efforts since 1947 have seen the divide only deepen. The reality of the necessity of war is permeating widely the consciousness of the Arabic and Islamic world.


>The reason you don't see him on a lot of left media these days is because of his fallout with Goodman and Chomsky.
It's because he speaks about woke. Trueanon even prefaced an interview with "now you may not agree with everything he says but on Palestine…"


If's all media. US and British public opinion is overwhelmingly in favour of immediate ceasefire.
There's a massive contingent of people in the west who are ignorant or just don't care. but even those that are aware and care are mostly opposed to this.

even those numbers would be much higher or more radical in their views if they were exposed to honest reporting. Instead we get wall to wall coverage of the conflict that can only depict Palestinian deaths as regrettable inevitabilities of war.

This is also partly why much of the west remains incapable of understanding the gravity of this situation. You turn on CNN, MSNBC or Sky News and the whole story is told as if it's still 2003 and that this conflict exists in a tragic vacuum of total American hegemony. Meanwhile every other region on earth can hardly believe what they're seeing. The international rules based order has devolved into a lawless gang war under the supervision of a king that doesn't even know he's signing his own death warrant


Can't imagine having to do this. tragic what these people are going thru


Clearly Hamas MADE them do this


>Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor and dimwit
>the region is quieter than it has been for decades.
Kek. luv me 'bama


Fink's fall from grace happened before he started writing about woke stuff. His fall out with Goodman had a lot to do with him slowly moving towards a more cynical and radical line. There were also the fights between him an BDS which was pure autism on his part. His last book on Gaza that came out in 2019 (I think) was basically an argument for taking Israel to the ICC and included some defenses of Hamas, it sold like 300 copies. Really all this began when he attacked Dershowitz and got railroaded. Back then Goodman and Chomsky stood by him, but both of them have been to Israel and lived there briefly and now Fink is openly defending Hamas and saying BDS won't work. He crossed a red line and he's spoken about how he lost friends over it.


>ow Fink is openly defending Hamas and saying BDS won't work.
Incidentally, both the correct position to take


Dmitry Medvedev writes:

Israel keeps postponing its ground operation in Gaza. Mostly under pressure from the United States and fearing global anger.

But do not flatter yourself. The operation will take place, and will result in the most serious bloody consequences. Moloch always demands more and more victims, and the machine of mutual violence will now work for years.

In addition, the West is very tired of Ukraine. And he enthusiastically took up the support of Israel. Even the new speaker of the US House of Representatives, Michael Jackson (sorry, Mike Johnson, although what difference does it make), called helping Tel Aviv his first business.

Or maybe it's better to resume the Middle East settlement process and finally try to implement UN Security Council Resolution No. 242 of 11/22/67? Or even the original Plan for the partition of Palestine, adopted on November 29, 1947 by UNGA Resolution No. 181?

Those questions are, of course, rhetorical. After all, it is much more interesting to divide the loot for someone else's war away from the USA. The war must go on…



File: 1698458176743.jpg (244.36 KB, 1290x1411, yougoqueen.jpg)

The pro-Israel celebrity sphere is just on a whole other level of deranged.


at this point im pretty sure hamas tunnel command centers are anywhere but near hospitals, that would just increase their chances of getting hit


Imagine caring.


Funniest thing she's ever posted


Fun fact about the tunnels btw is they have telephone lines so the idf has seemingly cut commuication to everyone but hamas tunnelbros.


>China giving vocational training, without harming a single person, is the exact same as the West committing ethnic displacement and genocide
The Westoid mind in a nutshell


Westoids really like trotting out the "I didn't know!" excuse whenever a reckoning does come, but it's pretty fucking obvious that they're aware of everything this time around and they're about as genocidal and bloodthirsty as the Nazis were.


The bad Palestinians just have to go away so they can go back to larping as liberal anti-imperialists whenever they suspiciously show up in every conflict responding to their military encroachment


I had an older Iranian friend at one of my jobs. Super progressive guy, talked about how the KKK attacked his house when he was a kid in the 70s. Idk about his politics concerning the geopolitical situation. We were working together around the start of the trump administration so that never came up. Would bum me out if he was an Israel guy. Dude was so fucking smart and funny. Don't understand why secular Iranians would support Israel. I know they're a bit idpol brained but find it hard to believe they would fall in line behind Israel right now during a global out cry.


There has been an on the ground update on AJ TV but idk how new it was.
Israel push to ‘fragment’ Palestinians failing amid Gaza attacks: Editor
Mouin Rabbani, co-editor of the independent website Jadaliyya, says Israel’s longstanding attempt to divide Palestinians in order to fragment their national cause “has been an absolute failure”.

That’s because “Palestinians throughout the world are mobilising in support of what’s happening in the Gaza Strip”, he told Al Jazeera.

“Palestinians are mobilising in support of what Israel is doing to the Palestinians in the West Bank”, as well, he added.

Report indicates US wants different approach from Israel
The Washington Post earlier reported that the Biden administration is urging Israel to pursue “surgical” operations in Gaza, as opposed to a full ground incursion.

The report cited five unnamed US officials, who said the administration was concerned that Israel’s approach could lead to a wider escalation and scuttle negotiations for the release of hostages.

“They have clearly shifted from an initial ‘We have your back; we’ll do whatever you want’ to now ‘You really need to rethink your strategy.’ And they’re doing it in a careful way,” one official told the newspaper.

Reporting from Washington, DC, Al Jazeera’s Patty Culhane say the story could be an effort by the Biden administration to guide Israelis without officially rebuking them. It is a common strategy US administrations have used for years, she said.

“If they are talking to the Israelis, trying to guide them and give suggestions and trying, they never do it in public,” she said.


>“They have clearly shifted from an initial ‘We have your back; we’ll do whatever you want’ to now ‘You really need to rethink your strategy.’
Translation: You really need to stop.. we're all going to die.


The insane secular types are the ones who were born in Iran and worship a completely warped perception of America.


File: 1698459404987.png (3.08 MB, 2048x1152, ClipboardImage.png)

Israeli army ravages Jenin camp, resistance hits back
Four Palestinians were killed in the early hours of 27 October as the Israeli military raided the cities of Jenin and Qalqilya in the occupied West Bank.

“Three young Palestinian men were shot dead, and 12 others were wounded by Israeli gunfire last night as a large contingent of Israeli occupation forces stormed the city of Jenin and the surrounding outskirts,” WAFA news agency reported, citing local and medical sources.

The latest raid in Jenin began shortly after midnight and led to heavy gunfights between resistance fighters and the Israeli army. The three Palestinians killed were identified as resistance fighters, including a commander in the Jenin Brigade of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad's (PIJ) Al-Quds Brigades.

“Our Mujahideen fought direct and violent clashes and achieved confirmed hits and direct casualties among the enemy’s ranks, placing them in a series of ambushes,” the Jenin Brigade said in a statement.

The statement added that fighters targeted the troops with several improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

Israeli bulldozers destroyed large sections of the roads in the Jenin refugee camp as troops carried out search operations and deployed snipers on rooftops.

Mounds of dirt sealed off the roads leading to the camp. According to WAFA, bulldozers destroyed several streets and damaged the camp’s water supply pipeline.

Israeli troops raided the West Bank city of Qalqilya early on 27 October, where another young Palestinian was shot and killed during clashes that broke out.

Qassam Abdul Hafez, 26 years old, was also a resistance fighter.

“The number of Palestinians killed by Israeli occupation forces in the West Bank since October 7 rises to 110, with over 1,900 individuals sustaining injuries,” WAFA said.

Israeli forces continued their ongoing arrest campaign overnight, detaining dozens of Palestinians in several cities.

The occupied West Bank has emerged as a front in the ongoing war between Israel and Gaza.

Hamas and PIJ-linked armed groups across the West Bank have been clashing with Israeli forces nearly daily.



This is your daily reminder that the US government is a malignant cancer on the world, entirely dedicated to apartheid and global domination, rotten to the core, and completely irredeemable. There is nobody and nothing to vote for. It will never change and never stop spreading chaos, death and despair until it is defeated or dead.


Maybe fizzle gang was right


>Iran is hesitant to support Palestine because they’re going to betray them
they're literally the only ones actually doing shit for them, not being willing to go into open war with the world hegemonic power for them isnt really a "betrayal"

>slowly capitulate to the west under the guise of “multipolarity”.

you're a fucking retard holy shit, iranians would be happy to work with the west (and was doing so until usa threw a tantrum), they just want to keep their sovereignty and to keep their oil money
the random unrelated seethe about multipolarity just mark you as a fucking glowie (or a tremendously retarded ultra, theres a few of those, basically indistinguishable from the glowies)

>Iranian citizens are slowly growing wary of the IRI, who for a long time used to give tangible support to the Muslim world

lmao, if iranians revolts it certainly wont be over lack of solidarity to other arabs, what a stupid line

>The world is not black and white, and especially not in the volatile and cursed West Asian/Anatolian/Middle Eastern regions.

indeed but everything you say is still fucking stupid shit


Did hamas actually attack civilians on oct 7 or whenever it was, or were they all IDF?


last i heard half of the victims were IDF when they cross checked the names released by israel (satan nation)


Probbably some, who knows, civilians and other groups came through the breach during and after the hamas mission, also israel has been refusing to release the numbers of civilians and soldiers killed or the numbers of those they killed themselves.
It's impossible to really tell and not worth getting hung up on, basically.
We have not had a proper full counting to know, i think.


File: 1698460384815.png (223.67 KB, 516x676, ClipboardImage.png)


for both gandhi and mlk, theres was a very real and serious threat of escalating violence that couldnt be easily contained, and actual real violence happening already (that they refused to condemn and recognized as part of why their struggle worked, but libs always forget that). That combined with their "reasonable" and "just" image offered a way for compromise and reform. They were also a lot less oppressed and vulnerable compared to gaza, it was systemic power structures and laws, not straight up city scale concentration camp.
palestinians just dont have anywhere near the same level of threat power, and so their pacifism just makes them easier to shoot


Ground invasion soon. Amerilards will soon get to die for Pissrahell.




you know what, i think that's true now. the videos of people screaming in agony after israel unleashed hell literally at the brink of negotiating a ceasefire are so visceral that the axis of resistance will have to intervene. it's so over.


Me with the I ❤️ Hamas T-shirt


Turns out she's funny after all. But its the laughing at her kind


>fabricated a myth of Israel supporting Hamas.
stfu you lying bitch, theres literal admission by ex chief of israeli intelligence they favored hamas, avoided messing with them, and even facilitated their financing. Netanyahou also opened the gates of qatar money into gaza knowing it would reinforce hamas, in a policy that was avowedly because it would be an easier enemy to propagandize against (and theres the fact his electoral campaign was also funded by qatar lmao)


File: 1698460827566.png (49.68 KB, 496x155, ClipboardImage.png)

the images of this crying crackoid is a good one in these trying times. thank you and saved anon.


American working class strategy and struggle has always been a mix of absolute selfless sacrificial pacifism in the face of violence and a Righteous self defense in the face of reactionaries genocidal onslaught. Both strategies are valid and some people are only capable of the one. We all struggle to prove our humanity.


Pacifism is a cancer anon. Look what it has done to radicals in the USA and then Europe. It has created for an knee-jerk reaction to violence in much of the radical space. it is imperative to not let it spread, it is the most important thing.


Wtf are you talking about polls are showing most people in Western countries want an immediate end to the bombing, and there have been massive pro-Palestinian demonstrations since Oct 7.


UN General Assembly vote sends warning to Washington: Former UN special rapporteur
Former UN special rapporteur Michael Lynk says the resolution, despite being non-binding, is “a fairly accurate barometer of international diplomatic opinion and international public opinion” on the war in Gaza.

“So, the United States I’m sure is giving … military advice to Israel in how to fight in close, densely packed urban centres – I guess lessons that it would have learnt from Fallujah and Mosul in Iraq,” Lynk told Al Jazeera.

“But it’s also telling Israel, ‘We can’t keep you immune from world opinion forever.'”

Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters are expected to take to the streets of Britain on Saturday as Israel steps up its offensive on Gaza.

PA Media reports that police expect about 100,000 people to join a demonstration in London demanding a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war, with other rallies organised elsewhere in the UK, including in Manchester and Glasgow.

About 200 British nationals remain in Gaza, the UK government says.

Biden taking ‘Democratic constituents for granted’: Professor
Shibley Telhami, a professor for peace and development at the University of Maryland, has said that Biden is “recklessly taking his Democratic constituents for granted” with his response to the war in Gaza.

The US president saw his approval rating amongst Democrats drop 11 percentage points this month, according to a recent poll, as he offers unwavering support for Israel.

“Sure, they won’t vote for Trump,” Telhami wrote, referring to Democratic voters, “but Biden risks de-energizing them, especially the young people he will need to win. His [Middle East] stance is a political loser, even aside from moral and strategic questions it raises.”


half of released names were idf/police, and some of the "civilians" were settlers
0 children name
names cover only half of the reported death numbers though


Quite interesting perspective, not sure if i buy it but nonetheless fairly interesting:
Iran-Russia set a western trap in Palestine
<Pepe Escobar
>The only country that could possibly distract the west from Ukraine is Israel. But the US and its allies are walking into an existential trap if they think a West Asian victory will be more easily won than a European one.


sauce ?


Hamas ready to confront Israeli attacks with 'full force', it says
Hamas said on Saturday its fighters in Gaza were ready to confront Israeli attacks with “full force” after Israel intensified its air and ground assaults, Reuters reports.

The Palestinian militant group said earlier that its fighters were clashing with Israeli troops in areas near the Israeli border.

Israeli military spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said in a televised news briefing on Friday evening that its “ground forces are expanding their operations tonight”, raising the question of whether a long-anticipated ground invasion of Gaza might be starting. Israel’s air force was conducting extensive strikes on tunnels dug by Hamas and on other infrastructure, he said.

The armed wing of Hamas said late on Friday its fighters were clashing with Israeli troops in Gaza’s north-eastern town of Beit Hanoun and in the central area of Al-Bureij.

Hamas, which governs Gaza, said in a statement early on Saturday:

The Al-Qassam brigades and all the Palestinian resistance forces are completely ready to confront [Israel’s] aggression with full force and frustrate its incursions.

“Netanyahu and his defeated army will not be able to achieve any military victory,” Hamas said, referring to the Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Al Jazeera, which was broadcasting live footage overnight showing frequent blasts in Gaza, said Israeli air strikes had hit areas around the enclave’s main hospital.

Reuters could not verify the reports of the strikes near Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City.
Israel’s military accused Hamas on Friday of using the hospital as a shield for its tunnels and operational centres, an allegation the group denied

This old fuck could be in charge during ww3. can you imagine. it really is 'joe-ver'.
Biden says US ‘stands ready to take further action’ after Syria strikes
In a letter, Biden officially notified Congress that US forces had conducted strikes in Syria against “facilities used by the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) and IRGC-affiliated groups for command and control, munitions storage, and other purposes”.

US officials had previously briefed reporters on the strikes, which they said were in response to attacks on al-Tanf base in Syria. The Pentagon on Thursday said bases housing US personnel had been attacked four times in Syria and 12 times in Iraq over the last week.

“The United States stands ready to take further action, as necessary and appropriate, to address further threats or attacks,” the letter from Biden said.


File: 1698462290638.png (198.68 KB, 1242x1399, ClipboardImage.png)



> No matter how bad you might think the situation is with the United States and key munitions for the US, Israel and Ukraine… it is actually worse. Much worse. Stock valuations trump national defense. It isn't even close. And it is not being fixed.

> As explored in the linked analysis - which is very much worth reading - in the fat and happy days since the fall of the Soviet Union, the Pentagon and US government have allowed Wall Street and Wall Street practices to take over defense manufacturing.

> And why not? It isn't as if the US was ever going to fight a peer war again, right? In the meantime, money talks. Wall Street does not maximize wealth by maximizing economic output, or quality, or innovation, or any of those quaint factors. The real money is made through oligopolies and "moat" construction. Limit competition. Get down to one or two big players. Have a "moat" which prevents the entry of new competitors. Then gouge the customers to create a high and growing cash flow, that never stops, because of lack of competition

> Unfortunately, if the customer is US National Security, that means we are all in very bad shape - as we are. The Pentagon is talking about increasing arms production. They haven't yet, not even 1.5 years after the invasion of Ukraine. It's a complicated process - because genuinely boosting national security conflicts with cash flow maximization for Wall Street. High profits mean ruthless cost cutting. Shut down all production lines that don't have a current contract. Make no effort to maintain machinery or labor - that would waste money.

> Through monopoly or oligopoly pricing make the US pay through the nose if any more ammunition or vital missiles are to be made. And a non-trivial point - the entire US defense industry is in the hands of multinational oligopolies. They have defense interests on multiple continents. They have to consider all factors. And the Pentagon and Congress, the MIC, have absolutely no problem with this situation. The MIC was never set up to maximize national security - what a quaint and naive idea! If you've been doing this your whole career - what's the big rush to change things?

> The world is on fire. That is irrelevant from a Wall Street and MIC viewpoint. It simply doesn't matter - until the entire world changes because of it.



File: 1698462958554.webm (776.59 KB, 202x360, Red Baron.webm)

>muh Wall Street
>muh oligopolies
>muh competition
>muh smol bidness
>muh multinationals


I think pacifism is important especially against an overwhelming foe. Plus its naturally going to occurred when people start supporting your cause. Violence stems out of failed peaceful protest. It needs to work in tandem. Peaceful protest tie up resources, spread propaganda and create martyrs. It is it's own war front and can't be ignored. Where do you think the recruitment for radicals comes from? The main missing ingredient is class solidarity. Unions need to withhold labor to cripple the war machine. I understand that's an unpopular position for workers and they want their bread buttered. But if the working class is going to take power we need assert ourselves on a global stage and show we can change forgien policy.


File: 1698463129237.png (54.36 KB, 587x523, ClipboardImage.png)


free palpatine


thank you comrade

fuck, they're really gonna try to literally kill everyone in the north



>One of the more important side stories to the recent wars in Ukraine and Israel, and competition with China over Taiwan, is that the U.S. defense industrial base, composed of 200k plus corporations, is being forced to actually build weapons again. Defense is big business, and since the end of the Cold War, the government has allowed Wall Street to determine who owns, builds, and profits from defense spending.

>The consequences, as with much of our economic machinery, are predictable. Higher prices, worse quality, lower output. Wall Street and private equity firms prioritize cash out first, and that means a once functioning and nimble industrial base now produces more grift than anything else. As Lucas Kunce and I wrote for the American Conservative in 2019, the U.S. simply can’t build or get the equipment it needs. There are at this point a bevy of interesting reports coming out of the Pentagon. The last one I wrote up earlier this year showed that unlike the mid-20th century defense-industrial base, today government cash goes increasingly to stock buybacks rather than actual armaments. And now, with a dramatic upsurge in need for everything from missiles to artillery shells to bullets, we’re starting to see cracks in the vaunted U.S. military.

>The signs are unmistakable. In Ukraine, fighters are rationing shells. Taiwan can’t get weapons it ordered years ago. The Pentagon has put together a secret team to scour stockpiles to find high-precision armaments in demand on every battlefield and potential battlefield. But the problem goes beyond national defense. In Lake City, Missouri, the largest small arms ammunition plant in the world has decided all ammo production is going to the military, meaning that there is going to be a domestic shortage for hunters, sportsmen, and maybe even police. This shortage may look like a story of a sudden surge in demand, but it’s actually, as Elle Ekman wrote in the Prospect in 2021, a story of consolidation and de-industrialization.

>Surges due to wars aren’t new, and there’s always some time lag between the build-up and the delivery. But today, the lengths of time are weirdly long. For instance, the Army is awarding contracts to RTX and Lockheed Martin to build new Stinger missiles, which makes sense. But the process will take.. five years. Why? What is new is Wall Street’s role in weaponry. We used to have slack, and productive capacity, but then came private equity and mergers. And now we don’t. The government can’t actually solicit bids from multiple players for most major weapons systems, because there’s just one or two possible bidders. So that means there’s little incentive for firms to expand output, even if there’s more spending. Why not just raise price?

>But don’t take my word for it, take that of the Pentagon. In 2022, the DOD reported that “that consolidation of the industrial base reduces competition for DOD contracts and leads DOD to rely on a more limited number of suppliers. This lack of competition may in turn increase the risk of supply chain gaps, price increases, reduced innovation, and other adverse effects.” And that’s why, more than a year into the Ukraine conflict, the ramp-up is still not where it needs to be.

>This week, the Government Accountability Office (GAO), which is a Congressional office charged with investigating problems in government and business, explained why. The GAO came out with a report on how the Pentagon is doing essentially zero oversight of Wall Street’s acquisitions of defense contractors. The title is as boring as you’d expect, designed to have few people pay attention, but offering a red-alert to procurement officials.

>The report is simply jaw-dropping. Despite all the chatter about consolidation at high levels within the Pentagon, and in Congress, the bureaucracy has made essentially no progress whatsoever. For instance, we have a trillion dollar defense budget, but there are just two people in the Department of Defense who look at mergers in the defense base. You couldn’t staff the morning shift of a small coffee shop with that, and yet two people are supposed to look at the estimated four hundred mergers plus going on every year among defense contractors and subcontractors.

>Four hundred mergers every year is a lot, but of course, that’s just an estimate. Why don’t we know how many acquisitions happen in the defense base? As it turns out, it’s an estimate because the Pentagon isn’t tracking defense mergers anymore. To put it in boring GAO-speak, Pentagon “officials could not say with certainty how many defense-related M&A now occur annually because they no longer track or maintain data on all M&A in the defense industrial base.” So the DOD is almost totally blind to the corporate owners of contractors and subcontractors, which might be one reason that, say, Chinese alloys are being discovered in sensitive weapons systems like the state of the art F-35.



Anyone check on milley?


recap (op:AJ)
It’s 6:30am (03:30 GMT) in the Palestinian territories and Israel, and here are the most significant developments in the past few hours:

>Explosions lit up the skies over Gaza as Israel carried out its most intense bombardment of the besieged enclave since the war began.

<Rights groups have warned that the near-total communications blackout in the Gaza Strip “risks providing cover for mass atrocities”.
>US officials tell American media outlets that the US government has been pushing Israel “to adopt a narrower scope” for its Gaza offensive.
<Israel has continued its nightly raids in the occupied West Bank, storming al-Jalazone refugee camp north of Ramallah.
>The US ambassador to the UN has called for the protection of Palestinian civilians, just hours after Washington voted against a General Assembly resolution urging a truce.
<US President Joe Biden says in letter to Congress that his administration “stands ready to take further action” in response to more potential attacks on US forces in the Middle East.
>Hundreds of Jewish Americans and other activists stage a sit-in at New York City’s Grand Central Station to demand an immediate ceasefire.



>Was it like this during Iraq?
In the U.S.? No. It was much worse after 9/11. But I've heard it said among well-informed people that Israeli society is behaving in a similar way to the U.S. after 9/11. People just out for blood en masse. I think one thing we might see in the U.S. is a crackdown on Palestinian groups, charities, anything (whether real or perceived) that could conceivably be linked to Hamas – which in the U.S. is a proscribed terrorist organization which makes any kind of "material assistance" to them illegal.

On the U.S. military maneuvers, this is very different from Iraq. Theoretically, the U.S. could try to invade Iran, but it's not moving the troops that it'd need to do that. During the preparations for the invasion of Iraq, which went on for a year, the U.S. sent to 160,000 troops to Kuwait (and a few other places). You couldn't miss it. There were callups and trains loaded down with all of this stuff heading toward the coasts. And even some people criticized the U.S. from within for not sending enough troops. The U.S. military obviously isn't undefeatable as its boosters claim, but it is a giant machine. If the U.S. goes to war – and I mean a "real war" – it's going to start rolling and just won't stop and then once it gets to where it's going, it'll dig in and stay for a while.

The U.S. military when it invades a country brings America with it. It's like a massive construction corporation. There will be thousands of troops coming whose job is just to pave roads and runways to support this machine and deploy mobile Burger Kings and KFCs. The federal government will federalize the National Guard troops from every state.

What we're seeing now is three carrier groups, a few thousand paratroopers who are in this specialized role of being able to deploy very quickly, and then lots of aircraft in various bases. The U.S. can bomb Iran with bombers based in Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean and from the continental United States. They can fly that far and back. The Iranian navy would be destroyed, their air bases and missile sites that are sitting in the Pentagon's databases will be attacked. Iran's nuclear facilities will be destroyed. But that's the threat Iran is really facing right now, not a ground invasion by the U.S. military.

Milley's retired now.


Why is it blackpilling?


It's actually pretty funny how empires keep pulling this "freedom fighter" shit and we fall for it every single time.



bruh this letter..
Hello Mr Finkelstein
I live in Haifa israel/Palestine but the events that unfolded made my wife and I flee to the states for the time being. I was a 19 years old soldier in the Israeli navy when operation “cast led” happend, it’s been 15 years since and the events of the last two weeks made me feel like I’m there all over again and i am devastated. what have i been a part of?? Massacre and slaughter! I have witnessed crimes against my fellow men and women. When I got released from the navy, I started questioning the situation entirely, I started questioning the reasons why I was there in the first place. The answers I got were disturbing but non the less had to be confronted and they led me to a life of confrontation with the entire so called Israeli civil society and its apparatuses, my friends and family could never grasp the horrors we are performing on an hourly basis in Gaza for the last 20 or so years…the events that took place on October 7th as gruesome as they were, are a drop in a bucket compared to what the gazans feel every second. The kibutzim that got a small dose of their own remedie, are some of the richest and most affluent IN THE WORLD! while 20 meters away sits “an open game reserve” with some of the most impoverished people on earth, to openly state that today will get you in A LOT of trouble in “israel”, October 7th was bound to happen and I was genuinely surprised it didn’t happen earlier. I have been saying these things out loud for the past 15 years, but only a few years ago, through a good friend, I came across your work and public speeches and I have no other words but thank you. I was on the brink of insanity when I first met with your critique on the question of Palestine and suddenly I felt a great relief, I am not alone.
Words can never show my eternal gratitude for your work and actions Mr Finkelstein and for that I admire you deeply and I’m trying to pass your words and ideas onwards to never be quiet about the matter, to stay true to what I witnessed for the memories of the innocent people who are suffering and dying from horrendous brutality that is happening in my name and in the name of a religion that once was a part of a magnificent leftist tradition. With a broken heart I once again say, Thank You.
Solidarity for ever!


>I think one thing we might see in the U.S. is a crackdown on Palestinian groups, charities, anything (whether real or perceived) that could conceivably be linked to Hamas – which in the U.S. is a proscribed terrorist organization which makes any kind of "material assistance" to them illegal.

I think this will happen on a state by state bias. American politics have changed and in the next election cycle undying loyalty to Israel isn't going to be the bipartisan winner it once was. Not only do will you have the resurgent left with its growing unions and political muscle putting on the pressure against Israel. You're going to have the independents who feel shame, guilt, and anger over 250 billion being spent on a genocide. While most of rural American looks like the west Bank and American cities might as well be tel Viv. Then you'll have the cynical far right that sees this movement as an opportunity to oust the zog occupied government. There's an anti Israel coalition forming and from this >>1657060

The military is starting to dissent. You think the military is going to be able to motivate the most anti Israel generation to go die for their insane cause? No this shit is fubar and things are going to start rapidly changing. There's no regaining the narrative on this. And from your analysis I think you too know the brass doesn't want to escalate things.


I don't think the brass wants a war with Iran, but they're not going to stop one once it starts. Their job is to fight wars and their job right now is to kill anyone who messes with U.S. troops at these lilypad bases in Iraq and Syria. I'm much more pessimistic than you about the prospects in U.S. politics and from what I can tell support for Israel as gone up among both Democrats and Republicans since this kicked off.


Does Hezbollah have naval capability? They might end up having to take out the USS Gerald Ford should it directly aid in the genocide going on


File: 1698466685750.gif (1.49 MB, 360x348, 1632593429576.gif)

>American politics
>resurgent left



The current union movement is a legitimate source of hope


File: 1698467318875.jpg (155.9 KB, 734x529, HanitPSDammage.jpg)

Hezbollah doesn't have a navy but they hit an Israeli corvette with a cruise missile in 2006. That would be the biggest threat to U.S. ships in the Mediterranean. The Israeli ship was sailing pretty close to the coastline though while the U.S. ships are going to be farther out at sea which makes targeting them more difficult. Also those ships have better defenses. I don't think Hezbollah poses a serious threat to a U.S. carrier group.


I swear on my life I'm asking in good faith, I just haven't been able to follow the news closely. Can someone please explain what's going on that people are saying Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians? In the sense that something is different from the colonization that's already been happening for decades.


How long can these fuck boats sustain shooting down hezbollah and houthi missiles for?



File: 1698468194418.jpg (108.42 KB, 1024x1024, 1696798274272642.jpg)

It's more bombs than usual but you're right in that it isn't much different from what has been happening for years.
The difference is now there is a lot more coverage out there to show the extent of israeli crimes so we're seeing broader support.
If you know anything about israel then you know genocide is baked into its dna.


File: 1698468343405.png (126.91 KB, 365x273, ClipboardImage.png)

Real answer: probably nobody knows. The Moskva had the same kind of defenses but got toasted but the Ukrainian missiles were probably better than what Hez and Houthis have.

None of these shits are combat tested.


A long time. A carrier group has several destroyers with them and each of those have dozens of missile interceptors each. I forget how many exactly but it could be 60 on each one. I don't think Hezbollah has that many. Also the ships can just sail away and still strike at Hezbollah from farther away than Hezbollah's missiles can reach. Basically, there's not a whole lot they can do about them, but Hezbollah isn't really organized to fight the U.S. Navy. It's designed to fight Israel.


>None of these shits are combat tested.
The Moskva did not have the same kind of defenses, many of which didn't even seem to work because it's an old Soviet ship that hadn't had much maintenance. There are also U.S. destroyers in these groups right now which have been shooting down Houthi missiles and drone in the Red Sea.


guided missiles aren't the answer, the answer is precisely launched, unguided missiles. much more bang for your buck and easier to volley in general. US interceptions max out at like, 40 interceptions per minute or so based on magazine size, but more practically volleyed missiles will inevitably get breakthroughs even past that.


But you're trying to hit a moving target that at max speed is going 80km/h and is 200 miles away with volleys of unguided rockets, and that might even be "close range." The Tomahawk missiles on board these ships can hit Iran from the Mediterranean.


Not impossible, its the point of very low-upkeep ships like gunboats which could stealthily traverse the open ocean, not unlike what happened during the Millennium Challenge


also, closer range directly equates to higher rates of interception failure - these ships are going straight into the Persian Gulf to project power, but in reality Iran could trash them pretty easily. will they? probably not at this point, the powers in play are still largely posturing. but its a show of strategic incompetence on the part of the US to effectively just bluster, and considering the flagship series coming out of the Millennium Challenge, the LCS, have all completely faltered. They are scuttling ships which are as young as 5 years old because they are inoperable.


File: 1698469495837.png (323.63 KB, 720x1053, 1698461970538096.png)

Well leftypol, what's it gonna be?


And they also miss a lot of missiles. It only takes 1 or 2 to sink a ship.


The official story was clear: Saudi forces shot down a ballistic missile fired by Yemen’s Houthi rebel group last month at Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh. It was a victory for the Saudis and for the United States, which supplied the Patriot missile defense system.

“Our system knocked the missile out of the air,” President Trump said the next day from Air Force One en route to Japan, one of the 14 countries that use the system. “That’s how good we are. Nobody makes what we make, and now we’re selling it all over the world.”

But an analysis of photos and videos of the strike posted to social media suggests that story may be wrong.

Instead, evidence analyzed by a research team of missile experts appears to show the missile’s warhead flew unimpeded over Saudi defenses and nearly hit its target, Riyadh’s airport. The warhead detonated so close to the domestic terminal that customers jumped out of their seats.

Saudi officials did not respond to a request for comment. Some U.S. officials cast doubt on whether the Saudis hit any part of the incoming missile, saying there was no evidence that it had. Instead, they said, the incoming missile body and warhead may have come apart because of its sheer speed and force.

The findings show that the Iranian-backed Houthis, once a ragtag group of rebels, have grown powerful enough to strike major targets in Saudi Arabia, possibly shifting the balance of their years-long war. And they underscore longstanding doubts about missile defense technology, a centerpiece of American and allied national defense strategies, particularly against Iran and North Korea.

“Governments lie about the effectiveness of these systems. Or they’re misinformed,” said Jeffrey Lewis, an analyst who led the research team, which shared its findings with The New York Times. “And that should worry the hell out of us.”

Shooting down Scud missiles is difficult, and governments have wrongly claimed success against them in the past.

The missile, seen in this video released by the Houthis, is believed to be a Burqan-2, a variant of the Scud missile used throughout the Middle East. It traveled about 600 miles.

Mr. Lewis and the other analysts, based mostly at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, Calif., were skeptical when they heard Saudi Arabia’s claim to have shot it down.

Governments have overstated the effectiveness of missile defenses in the past, including against Scuds. During the first Gulf War, the United States claimed a near-perfect record in shooting down Iraqi variants of the Scud. Subsequent analyses found that nearly all the interceptions had failed.


File: 1698469561971.mp4 (46.86 MB, 1280x720, z376o8DwVEbJy9Dp.mp4)


File: 1698470218390.png (547.33 KB, 738x2577, hungary 1956.png)

It started in 1956 with the west calling hungarian fascists "freedom fighters" and CPGB split over the issue. The ones who fell for the lies called the ones who knew better "tankies". That's the literal origin of the term "tankie"


File: 1698470287470.png (1.06 MB, 762x916, ClipboardImage.png)

>Israeli shitpost twitter puts India in the forces of darkness


File: 1698470373646.png (72.81 KB, 897x495, ClipboardImage.png)


have you noticed that people from india are kinda brown. i mean indian israel defenders are total cucks because they will never be peers in the eyes of zionists, because they're fucking dark-skinned.


The Persian Gulf is a different matter for sure. I don't think the gunboats pose much of a threat to the U.S. warships with their radar-guided guns, but the Iranian anti-ship cruise missiles launched from vehicles like this are like the Exocets which sank British warships during the Falklands War. Also the LCS is a trash ship yeah and the fundamental premise of the design was flawed. The U.S. military became obsessed in the 90s with Cybertruck-tier ~future weapons~ compared to the Cold War when you just had big ships with lots of missiles.


Also I'm a little skeptical of "Millennium Challenge" because war games are not designed to predict reality, really. That's impossible. They're designed with different parameters to test weapons and methods, and they can often be configured in such a way that the U.S. will always lose, but it gets sailors to think about different problems. That stuff doesn't necessarily have predictive power, in other words. Of course, war is always full of surprises… which is something Israel learned again the hard way.


age of darkness ending in dark souls is the good ending


US has enough shit to bomb them back to the stone age without nukes. They probably wouldn't move in with ground forces. Just knock out all their infrastructure.


File: 1698471205452-0.png (261.17 KB, 1098x836, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1698471205452-1.png (211.78 KB, 1170x1105, ClipboardImage.png)



Rip King. They also say bombed lots of underground targets
Israel says it killed Hamas commander who helped plan October 7 attacks
The Israeli army says its fighter jets struck Asem Abu Rakaba, head of the Hamas Aerial Array.

It said Abu Rakaba was responsible for Hamas’s UAVs, drones, paragliders, aerial detection and aerial defence, and had taken part in planning the surprise attacks inside Israel earlier this month.

There was no immediate comment by Hamas. Al Jazeera could not independently verify the information.



Literally nobody can convince me that all the Hamas bases are nowhere near civilian infrastructure, and are, thus, untouched. All this "we killed Hamas commander" is, was, and always will be bullshit.


It seems like there are two main thrusts of the Israeli attack, both on the southern side of the border: one near the edge around Beit Hanoun, and another more southern one towards Bureij and the main Gazan road.
The map on Wikipedia, which mind you during the early stages of the war was pretty shit and late, highlights them.

There are also two smaller attacks. One in the north immediately opposite of the southern edge attack that's also trying to take Beit Hanoun, and an amphibious one in the coastal areas of Gaza City.
Btw the sea attack is most likely being conducted by IDF special forces rather than Delta Force. Misidentification by civvies.

This shit's really much bigger and ambitious than the one 2014. Fizzle gang and "it's just a raid" bros are wrong.


The Weeb Union video said that there were attacks in the direction of Kahn Yunis, ostensibly to keep pressure off the attacks in the north.


>Nooo this is horrible! Just think about how bad this makes the Jews look



morning in Gaza.

its not fog, its smoke and concrete dust.




They're going Final Solution. Everyone on the ground before the internet/comms shutoff was saying this is much different and more vicious than before, which is saying a lot.


File: 1698474988078.gif (503.49 KB, 500x333, 1409698386944.gif)

>that blue
Now we wait for Israelis to actually go into the cities.


What do you guys think Iran will do when these are no longer "incursions" but an invasion?


Unforgivable evil


The Americans have been saying that if/when Iran does get involved, it's going all in on destroying Iran's oil industry at least, but I doubt they'll stop there.

So when Iran does enter the conflict, they're probably going to have to go all in as well.

If that's the case, then for starters, that's probably going to mean a full barrage on Northern Israel, as well as the American military bases in Bahrain and Qatar.

The Americans have been lusting after an excuse to flatten Tehran for years, and they've been working overtime getting more Patriot and THAAD systems deployed to the ME. It seems like one way or another they're expecting to need them.



Lose one war
Start another one

Burgers favourite game


you always hear those small engines buzzing around in the air, what are they? drones? artillery spotting helicopters?


Seems suicidal of Iran to engage then, what benefit would they get?



>The anger across the region is real and threatens ‘moderate’ Arab leaders, whose room for manoeuvre is now circumscribed.

>So hotspots are proliferating, as are attacks on U.S. deployments around the region. Some in Washington claim to perceive an Iranian hand, and are hoping to expand a window for war with Iran.

>The panicked White House is over-reacting – sending huge convoys (100s) of heavy-lift cargo planes loaded with bombs, missiles and air defences (THAAD and Patriot) to Israel but also to the Gulf, Jordan and Cyprus. Special Forces and 2,000 marines are being deployed too. Plus two aircraft carriers and their attendant vessels.

>The U.S. thus is sending a veritable full-scale war Armada. This can only escalate tensions – and provoke counter-moves: Russia now is deploying on Black Sea patrol, MiG-31 aircraft equipped with Kinzhal hypersonic missiles (that can reach the U.S. carrier force off Cyprus), and China reportedly has dispatched naval vessels to the area. China, Russia, Iran and Gulf States are engaged in a frenzy of diplomacy to contain the conflict, even were Hizbullah to enter deeper into the conflict.

>For the moment, there is focus on hostage releases creating much (deliberate) noise and confusion. Perhaps some expect that hopes of hostage releases may delay, and finally bring to a stop the planned invasion into Gaza. However, the military command in Israel, and the public, are insistent that Hamas must be destroyed (as soon as the U.S. vessels and new air defences are positioned).

>Be that (the invasion) as it may, the reality is that Hamas’ Qassam Brigades have shattered both the internal and external paradigms of Israel. Depending on the outcome of the war in Gaza/Israel, the Brigades may yet land a further contusion on the body-politic that “triggers a global conflagration – and explodes the entire pro-American alliance structure that the U.S. has built” (in Tom Friedman’s words).

>Should Israel enter Gaza (and Israel may decide it has no choice but to launch a ground operation, given the domestic political dynamics and public sentiment), it is likely that Hizbullah will incrementally be drawn further in, leaving the U.S. with the binary option of seeing Israel defeated, or launching a major war in which all the hotspots become fused ‘as one’.

>In a sense, the Israeli-Islamic conflict now may only be resolved in this kinetic way. All efforts since 1947 have seen the divide only deepen. The reality of the necessity of war is permeating widely the consciousness of the Arabic and Islamic world.


You're about say some stupid vulgar materialist shit no matter what answer you get, aren't you.


What's your problem?


Glowuighurs posting in this general trying to meme "nothingburger" into existence for some fucking reason. Yours?


I don't have one and I haven't been following the thread enough to note the supposed CIA infiltration of the Palestine thread on leftypol.org.


>The Americans have been saying that if/when Iran does get involved, it's going all in on destroying Iran's oil industry at least, but I doubt they'll stop there.
IIRC I remember reading articles saying that the counterpoint to this is that Iran/Hezbollah will also guarantee a sort of gulf MAD by destroying KSA's and Israel infrastructure respectively, at any cost. And that was before the new cold war was made explicit and Iran got the official full support of the RF and the counterbalance of BRICS to USA's sanctions. which makes any threats of setting the whole of MENA aflame more credible.


Well now Iran and KSA are friends sorta so maybe they will just bomb Israel.


friends don't host american military bases


File: 1698477559766.png (285.53 KB, 642x435, 1687573265797.png)

If humanity's wiped out because of Isn'treal, we didn't deserve to continue on.


Lot's of paradoxes in the ME. Qatar is one of Israel's number 1 enemies because of their state media being the only major news agency in the world that's Pro-Palestinian. Qatar and KSA are also enemies despite both having bases. Israel has no US bases.


Not friends, but Iran, KSA and Turkey all want to be players in regional politics. Ignoring Palestinian genocide isn't how you do it.


File: 1698478045985.png (10.68 MB, 4919x2460, ClipboardImage.png)

U.S. Quietly Expands Secret Military Base in Israel
<Government documents pointing to construction at a classified U.S. base offer rare hints about a little noted U.S. military presence near Gaza.

>[…]The U.S. Army is quietly moving ahead with construction at Site 512, a classified base perched atop Mt. Har Qeren in the Negev, to include what government records describe as a “life support facility”: military speak for barracks-like structures for personnel.

>Though President Joe Biden and the White House insist that there are no plans to send U.S. troops to Israel amid its war on Hamas, a secret U.S. military presence in Israel already exists. And the government contracts and budget documents show it is evidently growing.

>The $35.8 million U.S. troop facility, not publicly announced or previously reported, was obliquely referenced in an August 2 contract announcement by the Pentagon. Though the Defense Department has taken pains to obscure the site’s true nature — describing it in other records merely as a “classified worldwide” project — budget documents reviewed by The Intercept reveal that it is part of Site 512. (The Pentagon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)



Qatar is on KSA's shitlist, because Al Jazeera talked shit to Mohammed over Khashoggi.


File: 1698478415353.png (48.79 KB, 406x245, ClipboardImage.png)

By the way, how does Al Mayadeen measure against AL Jazeera?

>Al Mayadeen (Arabic: الميادين; The Plazas) is a pan-Arabist satellite news television channel launched on 11 June 2012 in Beirut, Lebanon.[3] Its programming is predominantly news. It has news reporters in most Arab countries. In the pan-Arab TV news market, it competes against Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya, and also against Sky News Arabia and BBC Arabic Television.[4][5] At its founding in 2012, many of Al Mayadeen's senior staff were former correspondents and editors of Al Jazeera. Al Mayadeen is viewed as pro-Hezbollah and pro-Syrian government.



They're already engaged. The US will blame them for any American killed in the region. They've said as much.

So there's already the Gerald Ford off Cyprus, with the Eisenhower apparently being sent to the Persian gulf, and two more carrier groups made up of the Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt being sent to currently undisclosed destinations.

Iran's options right now are to do nothing, and work with Russia and China to try and bring a diplomatic settlement. The time limit on this is based on how aggressive the Israelis are. The goal of the Israelis is to kill or "remove" the Palestinians from Gaza for good. This would be bad for Iran for a number of reasons, but at the very least it would mean Israel (and by extension the US) shoring up its position in the region. Hamas has proven just how dangerous it is to Israel, and if only for that pragmatic reason the Palestinians need to be protected.

Waiting also gives the US more time to scrounge up more men, more ammo, more weapon systems, and ship them to however many fucking bases they have in the ME. Two of the largest (iirc) are in Bahrain and Qatar, which already have thousands of soldiers in them and however many airplanes, and then you've got at least one ACC group on the way, and possibly 3.

So attacking now means dealing with an already off balance Israel that seems ready to commit to a massive quagmire of urban combat against a city of 2 million people with not much to lose, and which seems panicked at the thought of Hez invading from the north, and seems nervous enough that it's even started bombing airports in Syria (and I think attacked Lebanon?). The American bases on its doorstep unfortunately can't be sunk, but they're not moving targets either. It also means them and the Americans in the region are going to be ammunition poor, which is a problem I don't think Iran has to worry about.

I think the military term is "escalation dominance," which means that compared to Israel Iran has somewhat of an ability to determine how hot things get and how quickly. The Americans are panicking and trying to rush as much as they can there as quickly as they can to try and mitigate that.

But I don't think it's all about Iran, either. It's not like Iraq loves having American bases there, or Syria, or just about anyone else, not all necessarily state actors. What really seems to be freaking the Americans out is the possibility that they might just get kicked out of the region entirely. All those bases are on their own small and vulnerable and reliant on material support from the whole imperial system to survive. How long would they be able to keep going without constant shipments of food and supplies? The American military really doesn't have the capacity any more to deal with large, sustained conflicts, and it getting involved in a land war in Israel, a sea war with Iran, possible insurgent attacks across its ME bases, on top of the massive drain of resources that Ukraine has turned out to be, the time has never been better to try and kick them out, for anyone that's interested in that sort of thing.

Which isn't necessarily to say that I think that the Americans will all be driven out militarily right this second, but the general perception among the bourgeois media seems to be that the Nato Mystique has vanished thanks to the defeats in Afghanistan and Ukraine. The Americans aren't invincible any more, their weapons aren't the best, and now with China taking the position that it is, it's not the only game in town any more. The rapprochement brokered by China between Saudi Arabia and Iran is proof of America's loosening grip over the region. The last thing they had to offer was bullets and bombs, and now Washington doesn't even have that to offer any more. Any conflict the US gets into in the region is going to be expensive, and I don't think there's any possibility that it will prolong their stay there.

The big, the really big "but" though is whether or not Israel or the US are willing to deal with the results of that kind of military catastrophe with anything short of nuclear retaliation, and to be honest I really don't think they are.


File: 1698479692385.jpg (22.27 KB, 649x472, 1698477210419387.jpg)



>Al Mayadeen
I know what a "Jazeera" is, but what is a "Mayadeen"?


Ground operation expansion status?


Literally says in the post you replied to:
>Al Mayadeen (Arabic: الميادين; The Plazas)


>(Arabic: الميادين; The Plazas)
Ok, but what is "Plaza" referring to? Jazeera means "Peninsula" as in "Arabian Peninsula".


probably evoking the idea of it being a place of discussion


If this breaks out into a regional war between the US and Iran, do the Houthis have the weapons and capabilities necessary to significantly target shipping in the Red Sea? Cutting or even disrupting shipping headed through the Suez and Bab al-Mandab would be a catastrophe, hence the multiple military bases in Djibouti.


File: 1698482356761.png (1011.26 KB, 1440x856, 20210329_101556.png)

Allah's greatest warrior shall return!!!


All it would take is 1 rogue pro-Palestine cargo ship captain and the Egyptian government is looking at its people rioting if they try clear the thing out of the canal before getting western concessions.


The ship was intact too. If you did that and then blew a hole in the hull it would've taken them significantly more time to clear it.


Yet another King Lear gem ✊😜🇵🇸🇮🇷!!


>pacifism is important especially against an overwhelming foe


>durrr pacifism good sing kumbaya nurp nurp
Did you leave the spoon in your skull when you lobotomized yourself?


If you read the statements of Israeli officials who worked Gaza in the 80s they say stuff like "its our fault we let them exist" or "we didn't deal with the threat early enough so its on hour hands." People focus on the latter part of these statements and gloss over the former. Azzam Tamimi wrote the book on the internal history of Hamas from its own documents and there isn't any indication they took money from Israel. Accusations were thrown around that Rantisi was a Mossad agent but these claims came exclusively from Fateh and the PFLP and there's no proof (accusations like this are pretty common in Palestinian politics e.g. there are people who claim Arafat was a CIA agent or was secretly Jewish). Israel does use Hamas as leverage and does encourage conflict between PLO and Intifada groups like Hamas and PIJ, but it never provided material support to anyone besides Fateh.

>Netanyahou also opened the gates of qatar money into gaza knowing it would reinforce hamas, in a policy that was avowedly because it would be an easier enemy to propagandize against

The second part is true and while Qatar does pay Gaza's civil servants, these civil servants aren't necessarily members of Hamas and Qatar does not provide Hamas or the Qassam Brigades direct funding. The US signed off on Qatar funding Gaza's health ministry, doctors, garbage collectors etc. becasue somebody needed to do it and there was a fear of Gaza becoming a failed state and at one point there was genuine fear al-Qaeda linked groups would take over the strip.

>Did hamas actually attack civilians on oct 7 or whenever it was, or were they all IDF?
In the past, Hamas openly killed civilians, saw no shame in it and proudly took responsibility. Around the time of Operation Protective Edge, you see the Qassam Brigades move away from deliberate killing of civilians as policy. If you look at the Hamas assaults on Oct 7th, it's pretty clear civilians were not a prime target. If they wanted to kill civilians many more thousands would be dead. They had ample time to kill upwards of 2,000 people. There is footage of Hamas fighters killing civilians, but there's footage of them showing restraint and informing Israeli civilians they aren't under orders to kill them. Saleh al-Arouri, a leader of the Qassam Brigades, stated that his troops were under explicit orders not to harm civilians. Is Hamas responsible for war crimes? Probably, but was the whole al-Aqsa Flood operation a terrorist attack? Not anymore than any other military operation.


It's a propaganda outfit that's pro-Syrian. Highly partisan reporting.


>Probably, but was the whole al-Aqsa Flood operation a terrorist attack? Not anymore than any other military operation.
Yes. So we can see clearly the accusations of terrorism at their core, here or in general, aren't really justified by the deliberate murder of civilians, but rather by the claim that the institution doing it lacks legitimacy.


Soon, as always


Generally, whenever Palestinians use violence they are condemned for it. Guettres speech condemned Hamas but endorsed Israel's right to defend itself as long as it follows international humanitarian law. But why not state Hamas has a right (maybe an obligation for an elected government) to use violence to defend itself as long as it follows international law? The bottom line is Palestinians don't get to use violence. They can only be victims. The real injury of Hamas attack, what genuinely makes people mad, isn't that they killed civilians (they've done that before and Fateh has done it) but they managed to defeat an entire IDF division, kidnap its ex commander and briefly hold Israeli towns and cities.




File: 1698490415568.png (640.6 KB, 1346x736, 56496-065.png)

>It seems like there are two main thrusts of the Israeli attack, both on the southern side of the border: one near the edge around Beit Hanoun, and another more southern one towards Bureij and the main Gazan road.
Saw this image the IDF recently from overnight (apparently) showing tanks and dozers along the coast, separate from the amphibious commando raid, so that might make three thrusts. In terms of the basic plan, it seems pretty similar to "Operation Cast Lead" in 2008-2009.

>you always hear those small engines buzzing around in the air, what are they? drones? artillery spotting helicopters?
Drones I think from the whiny, high-pitched engine sound. Look up a video of a Predator drone taking off. Military helicopters have a much heavier, thicker sound.

>two more carrier groups made up of the Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt being sent to currently undisclosed destinations
Not sure about that. From what I can tell. Both the Lincoln and Roosevelt appear to be in port in San Diego. They're Pacific fleet carriers.


Elon is a commie wow


He's isolationist. Communism is more particular than anti-imperialism which has intersections with isolationism.


I guess they forgot that the Empire was an allegory for the US.


People crying over Hamas's cruelty like they just came across it are fucking lambs


He's a businessman, when he sees Iran on the map he probably just think about how many Teslas he could sell there.


BJP IT cell cucks are biggest cockgobblers of Israel and they still get thrown under the bus. The only reason they even do all this is to own the Muslims. Severely retarded, to the point where even the scummiest Zionist HinduNat shills like the one in picrel have to call them out.


File: 1698495395631.jpg (21.01 KB, 170x227, Phosgene_poster_ww2.jpg)

The comments in Indian newspapers are the worst I've seen. I haven't seen anyone else talk about the specific types and quantities of chemical and nerve agents from Sarin gas to phosgene to use in the tunnels.


File: 1698496724353.png (352 KB, 600x370, elonhouse.png)

Mf probably thinks its like the Mojave over there and he could do a New Vegas.


Elon is mentally a 12 year old contrarian 4chan poster.


Critical support for Mr. House against the inter-imperialist rivalry between the NCR and Legion imperialism


Please link the newspaper that said this. I know exactly the kinds of news outlets that peddle this shit but I want to see for myself.


this is the second time i see this post or am i getting dejavu


File: 1698497982191.png (56.09 KB, 600x548, ClipboardImage.png)

>Elon Musk is going to do more for the anti-imperialist struggle than anyone here
say sorry /leftypol/


>Islationist that wants to kill internal enemies (leftists) instead of external ones.
I took the bait :(


>internationally recognized aid organizations
That sounds like an excuse to say "sorry, your aid org isn't internationally (aka western backed) recognized."


And people said the Hamas attack would make people hate Palestine. The support not only has been mantained, but I think it has grown. The only places that still support Israel, and I don't mean bothsidism but full on support, are echo chambers.


idk, everyone in power and the media is hell bent on murdering every last palestinian child.


>The only places that still support Israel, and I don't mean bothsidism but full on support, are echo chambers.


File: 1698499342835.png (38.72 KB, 412x535, 654896046.png)


I hate these people so much. Hope communists take power here someday.


Who even bothsides this conflict?


The worst thing the British ever did was embed English into India so I have to read the insane ramblings of hindutvas.


>what a thousend year of muslim occupation does to an MF


then /leftypol/ is also 4cancer contrarian.
anyway, musk had no problem with glowies couping evo morales. the guy just fears that starlink and or his other space stuff suffers damage. he's not an arms producer porky and more than likely doesn't win anything in wars and conflicts of the scale that are unfolding right now thanks to the usa and eu being run by totally insane retards. he's kinda in the same boat as a lot of big german porkies, except our porkies are already in trouble and recession.


Canada's social democrats seem to be fracturing over the issue(and that's a good thing).


>/leftypol/ is also 4cancer contrarian.
but we're the cool 4cancer contrarians you know the ones who say uyghur instead of the n word


Left liberals and socdems. Most of the Israeli left.


>Israeli left
You mean Maki?


Demsocs and left-liberals that can see how obviously evil Israel is but are too brainwashed to realize the West are the bad guys.
A token amount of conservatives who think interventionism is a net negative and are probably equally anti-Jewish and anti-Muslim


British Labour is coming apart at the seams as well.


The first peak of this was when they purged the Corbynites near the time the last war happened when the Iron Dome was overwhelmed, crazy that this might actually spell the functional death of Labour


As a result of discussions stemming from all of this, I can confirm that the NDP's supporters include Ayn Rand fans.


IDF re-issue plea for civillians to evacuate northern Gaza amid "intense hostilities"

The Israel Defence Force has released an “urgent message for the residents of Gaza” where it calls on civillians from northern Gaza to temporarily relocate south.

“Moving back to northern Gaza will be possible once the intense hostilities end”, the spokesperson said in a video message.

“Your window to act is closing, move south for your own safety”, he added. “This is not a mere precaution, this is an urgent plea.”


The earth in Gaza is shaking: Gallant

The Israeli defence minister says Israel has “moved to a new phase” in the war against Hamas, adding that “the earth in Gaza shook” through the military operations.

In a statement from his office, quoted by Israeli media, Gallant said: “We attacked above ground and below ground, we attacked terror operatives of all ranks, in all places.”

“The commands to the forces are clear: The operation will continue until a new order,” he added.

Gaza residents reported experiencing the heaviest bombardment overnight since the war started, while UN officials have warned that Israel’s attacks could lead to thousands of more Palestinians being killed.

(Al Jazeera)

Gaza turned into 'ball of fire' leaving at least 377 dead in designated safe areas

A spokesperson for Gaza's health ministry told reporters on Saturday that Israel's bombardment overnight had turned the enclave into a "ball of fire".

Ashraf al-Qudra said the heavy Israeli bombardment had killed at least 377 more Palestinians in designated safe areas.

His statement to the press came shortly after new figures released by the ministry putting the death toll since 7 October at 7,703.

Qudra added that the Gaza Strip's health system was paralysed and called for international help, as well as for medical students and retired nurses to come forward.


Israel strikes 'terrorist cell' in Lebanon as tensions rise across the border

The Israeli military said one of its drones struck a “terrorist cell” in Lebanon that had tried launching anti-tank missiles across the border.

“The IDF thwarted a surface-to-air missile that was fired from Lebanon toward an IDF UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). In response, the IDF is striking the origin of the missile’s fire," said the army on social media.

Sporadic violence between Israel and the Lebanese Hezbollah movement has been ongoing since the bombardment of Gaza began, and a number of foreign countries have called on their citizens to leave Lebanon.

On Saturday, Lebanese authorities also issued precautionary guidance for evacuating Beirut International Airport and its surrounding facilities in case of emergency.

The guidance was issued for the Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport, which lies on the southern fringe of the capital city.



With bothsides I mean people who just want peace. I understand them tho. even when war is necessary, you have to keep in mind peace to reduce excesses.


Haven't seen any footage of tanks exploding or a real fight there. I blame action movies for making me interested in watching this kind of stuff. Fuck


Israel blacked out all comms out of Gaza.


All the countries voting yes to that >>1656769 to begin with since this resolution also condemn Hamas


File: 1698502501204.gif (1 MB, 300x188, 1349124227671.gif)


File: 1698502553259.jpg (60.34 KB, 1080x1017, FB_IMG_1698346226248.jpg)

I have a friend who is a mid-ranking NDP member. I've been meaning to ask him about the status of the Palestine debate within the party but I'm worried it will end with me going on a rant defending Hamas.


No? The "also we condemn Hamas" version of the resolution was proposed by Klanada and didn't pass



It’s almost 16:30 (14:30 GMT) in the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel. Here’s a recap of the latest developments in the past few hours:

UN human rights chief warns that thousands more civilians could die if Israel’s large-scale ground operations in Gaza continue.
Telecommunications blackout continues across Gaza, adding to residents’ anxiety as they’re unable to contact relatives and hampering rescue efforts.
The Israeli military has reissued a call for residents in the Gaza Strip to evacuate the northern part of the enclave
Israel says its troops are still in the field in Gaza, after the army widened its air attacks on the enclave amid a nearly-total communications blackout.
Entrepreneur Elon Musk has announced that his satellite-based system Starlink “will support connectivity to internationally recognised aid organisations in Gaza”.
There have been more detentions in Israel’s campaign of mass arrests in the occupied West Bank since the war began three weeks ago.
The Hostage and Missing Families Forum, a platform representing families of Israelis taken captive during Hamas’s attack on October 7, says they expect to hold a meeting with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and defence minister Yoav Gallant as early as Saturday evening.
A heavy exchange of fire continues along the Israel-Lebanon border. Israel says mortars and antitank guided missiles have been launched from southern Lebanon at its military positions, setting off sirens.

(Al Jazeera)


File: 1698502769705.jpeg (43.12 KB, 599x804, n08A8NO[1].jpeg)

>Sabo's face when





File: 1698505614576.png (1.6 MB, 1486x833, 1696871129639.png)


File: 1698506020701.png (397.18 KB, 805x898, ClipboardImage.png)


Where is the Palestine official military?


Gaza has none other than Hamas


>official military
they're not allowed




lol i remember that sodamn insane


Too much nu4chan shit and tankies on leftypol. other than that it's fine.


Palestine is just a vassal state of Israel and not a "real" country, did you seriously not know that until now? Of course Israel isn't going to let them have a military


How can Pissrael drop bombs on foreign nations like Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon (which ones did I miss?) and have 0 repercussions whatsoever?

How does this not trigger retaliation? Is it because Israel has a more capable army? Or Egypt is allied to US? I feel like an attack on several countries would mean a joint response from all the affected countries.


Palestine is not a "state", so it cannot have an army, basically.


Israel has the unconditional backing of the USA and yes it has a stronger army than any of their neighbours, so they can do whatever they want.


Imperialism is a helluvadrug. The US is holding them, maybe even forgiving some debts and giving some money so they shut up.
The anti-imperialist ones are too weak and fucked to do something.


>this is our urgent plea to Gazans who don't have internet connections to hear my message (also it's in English so good luck lel)
Who the fuck do they think they're fooling


Ground invasion slowly beginning


The PA has a security wing but it's really a proxy for Israel, although many members are also involved in the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades and Jenin Brigades. There's the Palestine Liberation Army, which was supposed to be a unified armed wing of the PLO, but in reality its a Syrian proxy.


Comrades, why do y'all hate Israel so much when it's one of the most healthy democracy in the world? Surpassing even the US and many European nations?




gee i wonder why the third world dont believe in liberty and democracy anymore


File: 1698507979745.png (131.43 KB, 474x266, ClipboardImage.png)

>Ground invasion slowly beginning
It's getting kind of clowny how Israel can set an arbitrary goalpost of "invading Gaza" while bombing and starving the people there. But hold on to your outrage, the invasion hasn't even begun yet! The big bad isn't here yet!

How many "feints" of the ground invasion have happened yet? two, I think? This would be the third. And I presume should the axis of resistance fail to honor their promises of attacking Israel and starting the western intervention, that Israel will also fail to commit and continue making Gaza unlivable from afar.


Israeli state-apartheid bourgeois democracy is more progressive than Palestinian hamasite islamocommunist dictatorship.


>Democracy where almost half the population living under the authority of the state can't vote and has no rights because they're the wrong ethnicity.


bruh. Hamas was literally funded by Israel's secret police to weaken the socialist movements in Palestine


>How many "feints" of the ground invasion have happened yet? two, I think? This would be the third.
I'm getting flashbacks to this summer and the Ukrainian counteroffensive.


Hamas came out of the Muslim Brotherhood which has a socialist wing and many of their members were ex-MLs and ex-Maoists.


File: 1698508567012.png (589.41 KB, 447x627, ClipboardImage.png)

>Stalin, the butcher of the revolution, organizes the anti-communist state which even today retards the progress of productive forces in Occupied Palestine.


File: 1698508715854-0.mp4 (1.31 MB, 490x360, source.mp4)

This post might not be serious, but, anyway
>As described in the report, the Democracy Index produces a weighted average based on the answers to 60 questions, each one with either two or three permitted answers. Most answers are experts' assessments. Some answers are provided by public-opinion surveys from the respective countries. In the case of countries for which survey results are missing, survey results for similar countries and expert assessments are used in order to fill in gaps.
In other words, liberal "experts" just make up the results according to their world view, which is why AES countries rank so low while the US, which has practically only two parties, which are basically the same, or Israel, rank high.


how was last night a 'feint'?


Support for invading Gaza in Israel has fallen drastically in the last week per a recent poll.
Not looking good for Netanyahu lol


Bibis probably relatively fucked either way.


File: 1698509312250.jpg (37.53 KB, 530x600, 1602663680047.jpg)

>Israeli state-apartheid bourgeois democracy is more progressive
lol, lmao even
>hamasite islamocommunist dictatorship
not a thing
>we are getting to a point where some mfs are actually fucking thinking Hamas is actually le secret socialists
Retards, save yourselves some mental gymnastics. Hamas is not socialist. They are incredibly reactionary as opposed to any secular option, that is blatantly obvious. They exist because Israel gave them the means to exist and until Israel itself does not exist and therefore removes any reason for such a reaction to emerge from Israel's colonialization of Palestine (with more progressive forces to take their place) they will continue to exist.


>Comrades, why do y'all hate Israel so much when it's one of the most healthy democracy in the world? Surpassing even the US and many European nations?
that's a good one, thanks for the laugh



Here at our incredible store we stock the only source you need for your latest news and events:: NOTHING

>Hezbollah invading from the North?


>Main Israeli invasion into Gaza?


>US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf?


>Iranian threats to widen the war





<By Andrew Korybko, a Moscow-based American political analyst who specializes in the global systemic transition to multipolarity in the New Cold War. He has a PhD from MGIMO, which is under the umbrella of the Russian Foreign Ministry. Originally published at his website

>A lot of folks are concerned after the US struck two facilities in Eastern Syria on the pretext that they were being used by Iran to carry out at least 19 proxy attacks against American troops this month. Although Defense Secretary Austin said that this is “separate and distinct” from the latest Israeli–Hamas war, he also warned that more strikes might be forthcoming if Iran ramps up its attacks like some of its media surrogates suggested it might do if the aforementioned conflict continues escalating as expected.

>As it presently stands, however, the US’ latest bombing of Syria isn’t all that big of a deal. Just two facilities that were allegedly storing arms and ammunition were struck in the border town of Boukamal according to the Associated Press’ unnamed military source. By contrast, Israel has bombed Syria’s two largest airports several times this month thus far, after which each were shortly placed out of service. Here are two analyses about those particular attacks that readers should review if they have the time:

* 10 October: “Russia Is Unlikely To Let Syria Get Involved In The Latest Israeli-Hamas War”

* 22 October: “Russia Isn’t Expected To Stop Israel’s Strikes In Syria”

>Of pertinence to this piece is that Russia never gets involved to deter or respond to any of Israel’s literally hundreds of strikes against the IRGC and its allies that it’s carried out since September 2015. That’s because President Putin agreed to a so-called “deconfliction mechanism” with Prime Minister Netanyahu in the immediate run-up to his country’s anti-terrorist intervention there. Israel was afforded complete freedom of action to respond to what it considers to be Iranian-linked threats to its security.

>A similar such policy is in place when it comes to the US’ much rarer bombings of Syria on related pretexts. First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council’s Committee on International Affairs Vladimir Jabarov said in April 2017 that “Russia has no intentions to use its Aerospace Forces against US missiles if Washington decides to carry out new strikes in Syria as it could lead to a large-scale war.” In both cases, Russia occasionally objects to those two’s violations of international law, but it never militarily responds.

>Over half a decade since Syria finally received the long-delayed S-300s from Russia in fall 2018, it still has yet to fire a single one at attacking American or Israeli aircraft, which is arguably attributable to Russia refusing to grant it this authorization in order to avoid any escalation that could lead to a larger conflict. This informal policy is veritably in place up to now as evidenced by President Putin telling representatives of religious associations on Wednesday that his country’s goal is to prevent the latest war’s expansion.

>That being the case, what just took place actually isn’t anything new, but simply the latest manifestation of the same dynamics that have been in place for years. Russia prefers that America and Israel don’t bomb Syria, but it also understands that they’re threatened by Iran’s military presence there, which arms proxy groups to fight against their occupations. Russia agrees with Iran that the US is occupying Syria and Israel is occupying Palestine, but it disagrees with the unconventional methods employed to oust them.

>The precedent established since the start of Russia’s anti-terrorist intervention in Syria in September 2015 shows that the Kremlin won’t intervene to deter or respond to American or Israeli attacks there. It also opposes Iran’s unconventional ones against their occupation forces that it plans via proxy in that country since its policymakers deem them to be a reckless escalation risk. If the latest war expands across the region, then Russia is expected to continue sitting aside as those two bomb Iran in Syria.


File: 1698509482126.gif (3.92 MB, 360x360, 1654802367582.gif)



I never said they were socialist read my post and don't be quick to assume that without Israel "progressive forces" (whatever that means) will suddenly take their place and dominate Palestinian politics.



Mobilization has been declared in Gaza.

Hamas Press Statement:

"In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

Cutting off communications and the Internet from the Gaza Strip, and escalating the bombardment, by land, sea and air, on residential neighborhoods; It warns of the occupation’s intention to commit more massacres and genocides away from the eyes of the press and the world.

We hold the occupation, Washington, and the Western capitals that supported it fully responsible for the series of heinous massacres and their repercussions.

We call on the Arab and Islamic countries and the international community to take responsibility and take immediate action to stop the crimes and series of massacres against our people.

We call on our people wherever they are in the West Bank, Jerusalem, the 1948 territories, and the diaspora. We also call on the free people of the world to mobilize in support of Gaza and to stop the aggression and war of extermination against civilians.

We affirm that our steadfast Palestinian people will not be intimidated by these fascist policies, and their valiant resistance will not stop revolution and struggle until they repel this barbaric aggression, defeat the occupation from our land and our holy sites, and exercise our right to freedom and self-determination, by establishing the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, God willing."

Islamic Resistance Movement - Hamas

Friday: 12 Rabi’ al-Thani 1445 AH
Corresponding to: October 27, 2023 AD


This. His only chance politically was probably some miracle where they launch the invasion and it goes so swimmingly well that people changed their minds about him. If they are already turning on the notion of invading then he's completely fucked. I wonder what that will mean for the likelihood of an invasion itself though, since even if it becomes increasingly unpopular Israel will take a potentially catastrophic hit to its credibility if they call it off.


Israel will have to go ‘all the way through’ Gaza to achieve stated goal

Israel has said it plans to completely eradicate Hamas in the war.

It’s an endgame that likely spells “catastrophe” without any “good outcome”, according to Harlan Ullman, a senior advisor at the US-based Atlantic Council. He argued that Hamas’s attack gave Israel “no option” but to “go in heavy into Gaza”.

“And once that happens, I don’t see any way out,” he told Al Jazeera. “Now possibly, and I hope the United States is doing that, by stitching together some kind of diplomatic initiative with Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, maybe after imposing initial ground strikes, there can be some kind of a ceasefire or a truce.”

“But without that, this is just going to get worse because Israel has got to go all the way through Gaza to achieve its aims of getting rid of Hamas, and the Gazans have no place to go,” he said.

(Al Jazeera)

Protests in Ramallah as night raids continue

In the center of Ramallah, there is yet another protest, another vigil that is taking place

This is now a nightly event. Not only here in Ramallah, but right across the occupied West Bank. We see protests every night in Nablus, in Hebron, in Jenin for example. We are expecting to see much more of this in the hours ahead.

There were at least 25 people arrested last night. That brings the number of arrests and detention since October 7 … to around 1,550. It takes the total number of Palestinians in Israeli jails in so called administrative detention – that’s being held in detention without being charged – to around 6,600 Palestinians.

(Al Jazeera)

Abu Ubaida: 'Israel knows the cost of freeing the captives'

Speaking live on Saturday, Abu Ubaida, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades spokesperson, said that "Israeli bombing has killed 50 of the captives so far" and that "Israel knows the cost of freeing the captives".

"The cost of the captives is to free all Palestinians from Israeli jails," he said.

Abu Ubaida said that the war was a "turning point in history and in the freedom of Palestine".

"We reiterate to Israel, who are daily threatening a ground invasion: we wait for you, we will teach you and the world what true strength looks like. We will meet you with strength you cannot imagine. We have embarrassed you in front of the world."



>don't be quick to assume that without Israel "progressive forces" (whatever that means) will suddenly take their place and dominate Palestinian politics
Opposition to Israel is progressive by definition. Obviously if Israel is destroyed (inshallah) then things change dramatically, but its ridiculous to start making decisions based on conditions that haven't yet materialized.




Bibi's career was over the moment the Hamas invasion happened. He has been very good at cockroaching his way out of situations before, but 200 hostages taken and 1400 Israelis killed is not something anyone in Israel can survive.


500k Marched in London today, 10,000s of more in other cities all over the UK.


>Mobilization has been declared in Gaza.

Maybe Israel was telling the truth in their bloodthirsty promises of making Gaza a tent city and then disowning it.

The west would take over the "humanitarian duties", tokenly admonishing Israel's current government, through which they would gain effective political control of Gaza, being the only source of food and water and shelter. And continue fighting "Hamas" under those pretexts. Carrot and stick. Want to eat,drink, shelter, safety? come to the NATO run refugee camp in "the safezone".

Maybe Israel has decided *not* to remove Palestinians *from* Gaza but to take away Gaza *from* Palestinians.

This has the benefit of putting to use both the deranged zionists and the otherwise liberals who oppose Israel to some degree, by providing a "lesser evil" that still 100% suits the foreign policy of the USA.


Take your meds.


File: 1698510391820.gif (539.42 KB, 200x200, 1604504801422.gif)

So what is Israel's endgame for all this? Occupation? Slow encroaching occupation? Move in kill anything that moves then leave? This whole thing just seems like one massive clusterfuck.


where did you get the 500k number from anon? I know it was big, msm is saying about 100k, but that was also the number we were guessing for this week a few days ago so i think they copied it.
Plus smaller rallies all over the UK btw.
Stated endgame? 'destroy hamas' install a new government. idk how that will work they cant do elections that will never work




>Move in kill anything that moves then leave?
This, and then slowly settle seems to be gameplan.


U.S. tells citizens to evacuate Lebanon
>The State Department recommends that U.S. citizens in Lebanon leave now, while commercial flights remain available, due to the unpredictable security situation.


ground invasion status?




Weird they'd tell them too evacuate when nothing's happening


Hezbollah Invasion? Delayed
Houthi drone strikes? Delayed
US patriot missiles? Delayed
Iranian escalations? Delayed

It's all coming up Delayed


was fizzle gang right?


>Weird they'd tell them too evacuate when nothing's happening
And they have to go to work tomorrow anyway


10,000 Palestinians dead, so not really



We're still climbing up the escalation ladder, Israel is gonna expand the ground expansion operation phase by phase, where everytime they do something to Gaza they turn around to look at Hezbollah and Iran.


Clearly no one important to Anon.


All lies told by Hamas Biden told me only 5 Palestinans and 1 dog has died.


turning up the genocide dial and turning back to look at the audience like its the price is right


Don't forget the dog had mange.
And the children were rabid.



<The Iranian regime has launched an online campaign to recruit volunteers – including children – to fight alongside Hamas in the war against Israel. But the government’s propaganda efforts are not making much headway among anti-regime Iranians.

Hard cope


clearly this pro hamas line is being promoted by the anti abortion lobby




>This is important: China at the UN explains its position after it was berated by Israel for not supporting a US-led resolution that called for a "humanitarian pause" instead of a full ceasefire in Gaza.

>The UN Chinese ambassador explains that it “condemns all acts that harm civilians and acts that violate international law”, and that “the civilians we are talking about here include both Palestinian and Israeli civilians”.

>China didn’t vote for the resolution in part because the US text failed to mention the root causes of the current crisis in Gaza, which “lies in the fact that the two-state solution has not been well resolved” and that “the rights of the Palestinian people have not been fundamentally safeguarded for a long time” (he precised that China “has always advocated equal attention to the security concerns and legitimate rights of both Israel and Palestine”).

>China seems to be essentially afraid that the US, via the resolution, is attempting to establish a new narrative on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that will make it even harder down the line to resolve the issue, by ignoring the rights of the Palestinian people. Case in point, the Chinese ambassador later told the Council that the US effort, if adopted, would “completely end the possibility of a long term two-State solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict” and that “we would be irresponsible if we are ambiguous on the issue of war and peace” (https://news.un.org/en/story/2023/10/1142817).

>Also, he also told the UN security council that another key reason why China didn’t vote for the resolution was because “the draft does not reflect the world’s strongest calls for a ceasefire, an end to the fighting, and it does not help resolve the issue. At this moment, ceasefire is not just a diplomatic term. It means the life and death of many civilians.”


China winning by default again. ffs


France 24 loves this stuff, they have a few ultra lib iranian 'dissidents' who live in europe they get on as often as possible. It's a really weird editorial hard-on they have because they often simply end up having to talk about literally nothing stories for extended periods of time.


File: 1698513451871-0.png (203.42 KB, 590x856, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1698513451871-1.png (695.39 KB, 998x1503, ClipboardImage.png)

The US is really picking Israel as the thing to go mask off about.



land of the free


File: 1698513658613.png (975.62 KB, 1178x1180, 20c20e041e7155f32.png)

>including children – to fight alongside Hamas in the war against Israel.
Iranian Young Avengers when?


Not a burger there, is this usual for the senate to make this kind of (apparently) non legally binding opinion declaration? What is it for?


do you think ameria will use this conflict for something like a Patriot Act 2.0?


US just stopped export of american weapons, so not really.
Sizzles take time, and to be honest it is already sizzling, thousands of innocent people are dead, more than multiple 9/11s.


Yes, the internet is going to be cracked down upon at this point. It has been heading in this direction since 9/11. These past few years have shown the state that the internet is too dangerous to keep around. People aren't smart or wealthy enough to build their own ISPs or infrastructure.


seconding this. trying to work out what the ramifications is for the students, or what the point even is. it says it is unanimous but how many even turned up to denounce some literally who students? weird thing.


Was there anything like this during Vietnam? Singling out students seems patently insane, but what do I know.


The Internet is already being cracked down on


Are there any reliable numbers on Israeli casualties in the initial "Al-Aqsa Flood" offensive? Also how many were IDF soldiers and how many were civilians*? The portrayal of it we get is that it was a bunch of terrorist attacks when most of the attacks seem to have been on military checkpoints and settlements.

*Arguable to what extent settlers forcing Palestinians to leave their homes at gunpoint can be considered to be civilians.


Well, when I mean cracked down upon, I mean a severe push for complete control rather than the boiling frog approach. This is going to be implemented on the ISP side, so there won't be any circumventing it. It'll be a total ban on unapproved websites outside of the USA and heavy censorship of websites hosted in the USA. You will need a license to host webpages domestically and using foreign hosts will be illegal if discovered. This can be done completely legally.


Supposedly a US carrier borne plane is circling the southern part of the Gaza strip. Waiting to see if it gets confirmed, either way it's definitely something different.


File: 1698514907238.jpg (18.9 KB, 300x238, Kent_State_massacre.jpg)


The US legislature loves to do this kind of posturing but it's unusual to make this kind of sweeping condemnation of US citizens for voicing an opinion (as opposed to something like protestors actually doing civil disobedience). This is effectively a signal to the bourgeois and the climbers that they need to GET IN LINE on this issue (it's directed at the ivy league students). It may be a prelude to some kind of legal measure if AIPAC keeps yanking on the strings (they are obviously behind this), which is just going to further accelerate the discontent in the US.

Cops never needed any kind of special authorization to beat up and arrest people protesting for civil/human rights or whatever. They basically do it for fun. The big protest in Grand Central Station saw hundreds of people arrested.


Vietnam was a whole different ball game. I know recency bias makes people want to believe that whatever's happening right now is the worst thing that's ever happened, but Vietnam was truly an insane occurrence, both foreign and domestically.


Also notably by linking criticism of Israel to support for Hamas, they are invoking the laws relating to terrorism. Due to various laws and executive orders, if the US just labels you a terrorist they have on-paper legal authority to just waive all of your rights (thanks Obama).


Vietnam was also a war where they were sending US troops into active combat, not really comparable to this situation.


Common Bernie "I Killed Rosa Luxemberg" Sanders L


this can always grow worse though


He voted in favor as well


Just wait


Give it a few days, already reports that US wants to send special forces in.
Undoubtedly, WWIII is on the horizon. We're just not there yet, so it's best we keep hysteria in check.


That's what I meant lol


backstabbin' bernie


He was always a ghoul on foreign policy, especially things like this.


what a farce US democracy is. straight up going against the majority will of the people.


Bourgeois democracy.
Bourgeois democratic institutions
Democracy of the Bourgeoisie


Loving the UK media at the moment, every time they get 'both sides' on the zionist just fucking looses it and looks visibly insane.
Has anyone made a compilation yet?


Bernie "Burn Palestine with white phosphorous" Sanders


File: 1698515721313.png (171.63 KB, 872x358, ClipboardImage.png)

Note in particular this bit.
They are manufacturing the narrative that support for Palestine makes you a Hamas agent. We are on track for things to get real ugly real fast.


Forgot video.
Completely mental.


People have to walk the tight line of realizing that WWIII is coming, but not getting hysterical about it. It's best to just be prepared mentally and materially (to the best of your ability) so you're not caught off guard and fall into the depths of panic when it happens.


I want a switch 2 before ww3 tho


I did just hear a plane on the stream


Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is currently speaking at a press conference in Tel Aviv.

“This is the second stage of the war… Our calls are very clear – to destroy the military and government ability of Hamas and return the victims home,” he said.

“We call the civil population, please go to the safe area on the streets,” said Netanyahu, warning Palestinians in Gaza to evacuate the northern region of the strip as Israel expands its ground presence.

He went on to address Israel’s allies, saying, “If Israel is not going to win today, they are going to be next in the axis of evil… That’s the beginning of the war,” he added.

Netanyahu added that Israel is “ready to make sure that the murderers are going to pay the price for the massacre” following the October 7 Hamas attacks.

He added that Israel is “going to abolish this evil in order to further all humanity.”

“The war inside Gaza is going to be long,” Netanyahu added.

“This is our second independence war. We’re going to save our country. We’re going to fight in the air, ground and we are going to fight and win,” he said.

“This is the mission of my life…in your name and the name of everybody,” he added.


>please go to the safe area on the streets


>This is our second independence war.


>If Israel is not going to win today, they are going to be next in the axis of evil… That’s the beginning of the war,
what did he mean by this?


These ghouls actually want WW3, jesus christ


Something just nice for once

Here's German head communist Honecker & the goat Jassir Arafat on a single picture


>“This is our second independence war
This day in history Oct 7th: Occupied Israeli Territories declares independence from the State of Hamas


>If Israel is not going to win today, they are going to be next in the axis of evil… That’s the beginning of the war
Bruh this makes even less sense than Ukraine saying it, wtf are they doing up at Mossad rn


Ein großes Bruderkuss für dich mein Genosse


File: 1698516542118.png (8.86 MB, 4140x2680, ClipboardImage.png)


Completely unhinged.


>People aren't smart or wealthy enough to build their own ISPs or infrastructure.
Some people are and hard censorship incentivizes bypassing it, gives allure to that which previously was untouched by curiosity, complacent. It works just fine as it is in a controlled discourse. The US already holds most of the knobs directly and much of the rest arbitrating profit for media corporations.

The problem which IMO is arising,is the growing disdain for mainstream narratives and "legacy media", mostly caused by these spurts of happenings when they get called to propaganda and disrupt the niches of discourse to close ranks around the approved line. And that creates a market for alternative media which is not yet controlled. Removing it will just see it replaced and more sought after.

All that needs to happen is for "legacy media" corporations to invest and take over the messengers and indie platforms, and then it doesn't matter anymore, see Youtube. Just tweak the algos and the financial incentives and the attention economy will balance accordingly within the allotted limits, like legacy media once did following advertising,investors and consolidation.


This is why homosexuality should be banned.


israel-turkey relations just broke


They're just deploying a rhetorical device to appeal to US narratives of resistance, the same as Ukraine.

World War 3 isn't around the corner. This conflict may not even turn into a regional war, much to the chagrin of posters here.

This is just another politician spinning a terrible situation to their own cynical and dreadful ends.


Any actor in the middle east can make this go global by fucking with the oil fields, shutting down the canal, or pressing israel into the samson option.




File: 1698517193797.png (304.48 KB, 500x500, ClipboardImage.png)



well that's certainly something


Insane rhetoric, right…

Israel’s defense minister Yoav Gallant is now speaking at the press conference.

“I have faith in the…fighters and commanders, the forces, the Mossad and its people and all the defense systems. Together, we’re going to achieve…victory,” he said.

“At this time, we are readying all the front – the north, center and south,” he added.

“We are making…effort in order to return the abductees to us, to our country. It’s a very complicated effort,” said Gallant.

“It’s dealing with reality that we didn’t know [about] in the past. We are ready to do anything… This is not a secondary mission. This is a national priority,” he added.

“As long as the military pressure and fire is going to be increased, as we hit the enemy harder, there’s better chance…that the enemy will agree to solutions to return the loved ones.” Gallant said.

“It’s not going to be a short war. It’s going to be a long war. We should have patience,” he added.


Believe it or not the majority of the Arab nations are trying desperately to avoid a wider war; fucking with oil fields, shutting down the canal, and the ridiculous idea of pushing Israel to self-destruct don't factor in as rational actions with desired outcomes.

The US sailing a carrier into the Persian Gulf has put to bed the possibility of regional unrest.


Probably referring to the ambassadors being recalled.
It's political theatre tbf anon. I would not see this as a serious long-term breakdown in diplomacy IMHO.


my prediction is that if there's going to be a WW proper, it will be during trump's term. nobody really wants a world war except the US and the satan nation of israel


>“It’s not going to be a short war. It’s going to be a long war. We should have patience,” he added.
Does this mean it's gonna be a long bloody war or do they just wanna make sure the Israeli public has patiance when they keep stalling because they're too cowardly to launch a real ground invasion?


they're treating destitute starving civilians as if they're the strongest military on earth


This is my reading of the situation as well. Wars are costly and can lead to unrest. Corrupt arab leaders wants to stay in power more than they want to save the Palestinians. Posturing means nothing.


>do they just wanna make sure the Israeli public has patiance when they keep stalling because they're too cowardly to launch a real ground invasion?



Corrupt arab leaders stay in power by supporting popular things among their subjects like saving the Palestinians


The real question is whether by refusing to confront Israel these pro-Western Arab governments are going to come under serious threat from their own populations.


Appearing to support popular things among their subjects like saving the Palestinians, while maintaining good relations with burgerstan to not risk sanctions/coups


Well, the contradiction will break these arab nations up.


I hope so, but I'm not sure that they will be able to riot their nations into the ground.


File: 1698518026419.jpg (Spoiler Image, 32.74 KB, 600x400, theman.jpg)

What would he have to say about this conflict?


isn't he anti-zion?


File: 1698518067984.png (309.93 KB, 683x647, 1697712685436966.png)

lemme at em


Da joos are putting chemicals in the water to tur Hamas green.


>Bruh this makes even less sense
It doesn't have to make sense. In fact, it's better if it doesn't immediately make sense, because then that information cannot be immediately filtered.

The "information war" is in no insignificant part a scheme to enlist the audience into a "culture-war-like" discourse. For that, what's important is to engage for good or for bad, love or hate. It's only a failure if the information is rejected, filtered, ignored. Basic, trope-y and downright infantile propaganda reaches the widest audience and the nuance or substance is irrelevant, because that is found in the social aspect of consuming and discussing and culture-warring with that information.


File: 1698518454787.png (471.83 KB, 593x850, ClipboardImage.png)

Have you condemned Hamas today, /leftypol/?


of course


>This meme makes a valid point, but DO YOU CONDEMN Hamas though?


material explanation for this?


I condemned Hamas to your wife last night.






No, Hamas is based and I'm tired of pretending otherwise


this is evidence that materialism is bullshit, materialism expects that every human thinks rationally for themselves when the majority of us are fucking retarded.


That's what they have been doing for the last decades yes, the question now is if the internal pressure, the 'arab street' as the analystfags call it will accept that or will push for changes
Never, you have to go back Piers.


I condemn Hamas for allowing the only anime store in Gaza to sell funkopops. This is against the Islamic sharia and all moral sense.


If Satan and Israel went to war I would side with Satan because Israel is the greater Satan.


According to esteemed theologian Ruhollah Khomeini, USA is the great satan and Israel is the lesser satan.


Benny Gantz, Israel’s former defense minister is now speaking at the press conference.

“The ground maneuver, alongside the other stages, could progress the return of the abductees home,” he said.

“I personally met abductees’ families and they can approach me anytime, I promise,” he added.

Speaking of Hamas, Gantz said, “They are war criminals that are sacrificing the citizens, residents of Gaza. Hamas brought them disaster.”

“Even though they pretend they represent them, the picture is clear – it’s pure evil against pure justice and justice should prevail,” he said.

“The operational stages are going to take a long time,” said Gantz.

“Our unity is our strength, during the war and after. The people of Israel are ready… Nobody can win against us… With the help of God, we are going to fight, we are going to win,” he said.

Bibi Answering questions at the end of the press conference

“There was a terrible failure. It’s going to be investigated. We’re going to turn each stone,” Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in response to a question about whether he bears responsibility surrounding the October 7 attacks by Hamas.

“The ground operation that we expanded…is going to help us in this holy mission,” he added.

“We’re not going to change the goal of destroying Hamas,” Netanyahu said in response to a question about the “tension between destroying Hamas and bringing back the abductees.”

“There’s no tension,” he added. “We have two goals. One is to destroy the operational and military abilities of Hamas and the second one is to bring back the abductees," he said.

"We have to win against Hamas because it’s our existence, but it’s affecting all of the western civilization,” said Netanyahu.

He added that “Iran is the axis of evil” and claimed that Iran was involved in the Hamas’s attacks on October 7.



There's a postcolonialist one


>materialism expects that every human thinks rationally
read a book uygha


>tfw religious fanatics have a better understanding of geopolitics than many "leftists" who claim the US is run by Israel


Yes but both of them are greater Satans than the actual Satan himself.


The materialist explanation is that IDF girls dancing on TikTok make peepee hard and many Indian men are awkward and think westoid women are all easy and will spread their legs for you if you simply ask them, because that's what they infer from Hollywood movies. It also helps that Hindutva fascists are on pair with Evangelicals when it comes to kissing Israel's ass.


There's a Satan Katamari. Where within that Isn'treal and Burgerland are is up for debate.


The secret of Islamic theology is that satan is actually a good guy so yes USA and Israel are even worse than satan


it's obviously bait anon.. that's not a thing anyone actually believes.


Don't be idiots, it's because they hate Muslims.


turns out they only support israel for the bobs and vagene. forgive me, hundistani brothers, i misjudged you. you're horny just like me.


I rate the US 10/10 Satans, and Israel 9.5/10 Satans.


USA and Israel were created by Pazuzu to get back at the Middle East for not making child sacrifices to him anymore. Inshallah we shall defeat these demons with rockets.


Sorry if it's been discussed but what's up with Musk talking about Starlink for Gaza and posting that Iran military bases meme? I'm not on twitter



If the state department is listening or if any general gets a report about this thread. Please coup the biden regime. Begging you to step in and stop this retarded nonsense.


Musk is a socialist billionaire. No contradictions.


Hamas said that it is trying to locate eight Russian-Israeli dual citizens that are among the nearly 230 hostages captured during its October 7 attacks against Israel

Agence France-Presse reports:

“From the Russian side, via the foreign ministry, we received a list of citizens that have dual citizenship,” senior Hamas representative Moussa Abu Marzook said, the RIA Novosti news agency reported.

“We are looking for those people… It is hard but we are looking. And when we find them, we will let them go… We are very attentive to this list and will process it carefully because we consider Russia to be a close friend,” he said.

“About the peaceful citizens that were taken and that are now in Gaza, we treat them as guests,” claimed Abu Marzook, who arrived in Russia on Thursday for talks on the hostages. “We will free them as soon as there will be the conditions,” he said referring to the Russian-Israelis.

Russia’s deputy foreign minister Mikhail Bogdanov confirmed Hamas had handed over a list bearing eight names.

“They have promised to react, to help, to find them and take all necessary measures to free the Russians,” TASS quoted Bogdanov as saying.

Marzook told Russian media there was no progress on international talks to free the hostages. He was quoted as saying “dozens of Western and regional officials came to us to demand the liberation of the detainees.”

The civilians were taken as “a result of chaos,” he said.



File: 1698519842433.mp4 (1.31 MB, 490x360, source.mp4)


File: 1698519898890.png (502.29 KB, 646x767, memri greatSatan.png)

>They are manufacturing the narrative that support for Palestine makes you a Hamas agent.
Oh no!
Okay, I'm done Padraig, get the fertilizer…


Guys super divorced, been on a bender for like a year and is going broke from legal fees and overhead. So you know pretty awesome the U.S let's this weirdo control a bunch important space infustructure. Him going rogue would be something.


Israel has a smaller population than the US though so per capita that is more like 9500 Satans.



The war on Gaza since 2021 has fucked with my head and maybe I'm becoming moralistic and un-Marxist here but I pretty much view the entire world through the lens of Palestine. If I wanna know who the good guys and the bad guys are, I look at who supports Palestinian resistance and who the Palestinian resistance considers their ally.


File: 1698520104113.webm (3.96 MB, 480x852, hindutva.webm)


I triple-dog dare everyone to post “FREE PALESTINE” in the comments of this presidential candidate’s video:



But Palestine has no allies basically


yea there are only bad guys


he's pretty antisemitic but also he's pissed at the EU for requesting him to shutdown all the palestine talk. literally the only thing anyone still on twitter is talking about which pretty much translates into shutting twitter down, so you can see why that rustled his jimmies.


I thought this one did happen, but was done by Israel a while ago.


The difference in class interests hasn't been as acutely sharp on anything as the Palestinian genocide (at least in the West). It is absolutely valid to use it as a metric for shitheads and non-shitheads.


I don't have instagram


Get someone who has IG to do it then.


who is this why is that relevant


>he's pretty antisemitic
Didn't he do a friendly interview with Netanyahu where he was asked about antisemitism and avoided the question repeatedly? I didn't really believe it before but drugs and divorced guy brain are pretty much the only explanation for his behavior.


I don't have any friends


anon we're on leftypol



File: 1698520497952.jpg (74.68 KB, 1080x1102, F5kuj9TbMAAFx6E.jpg)

>material explanation for this?
What no pussy does to a mf.


yeah he's old, his brain is fried and is just lashing out at whoever last antagonized him, like some muppet. it's kinda hilarious and sad at the same time.


kill kill kill


She’s running for president.


anyone can run for president


al-shifa hospital status?


>no audio

begone 4channer


She’s officially on the ballot in New Hampshire.

So go and provoke her into saying something about Palestine because so far she’s said nothing.


Where can I get raw footage of the war? I wanna make a tribute video with this.


File: 1698520776016.jpeg (46.72 KB, 365x273, image.jpeg)


I just realized Hamas alone was able to do more damage and destruction than all neighboring countries in most wars. Holy shit.

The IDF is shit, and it's kinda sad that the arab armies are even shittier.



I wonder what she is doing now


>it's rehashed propaganda
my sides


everything from the 90s and 2000s


Guess Fukuyama was right, though not in the way he intended.


Some king ripped down the Israeli flag at the FAO building during the Rome protest today


Al-Shifa Hospital exceeds capacity by 500 percent

Patients in Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital have been transferred to other hospitals as the hospital has been overwhelmed with patients due to Israeli bombing.

A spokesperson from the Ministry of Health said they can no longer cope with the high volume of patients.

“We are overloaded, we are at 500 percent overload, we have 30 beds in one department but have 120 cases, so we will transfer them to the European hospital in Rafah, to reduce the overload in the hospital, but we expect more and more cases,” he said
Israeli bombing causes damage to Gaza’s Indonesian Hospital

Gaza’s Indonesian Hospital has been damaged as a result of sustained heavy Israeli shelling, causing parts of the ceiling to collapse.

In photos shared online by photojournalist Abdulrahman Nawajha, equipment in the hospital has also been damaged.

The bombing comes as Israel has cut off all forms of communication for the besieged enclave since 17 October.



File: 1698521560481.png (278.35 KB, 474x316, ClipboardImage.png)

>their bloon is on my hands


File: 1698521638131.png (1.49 MB, 2048x1152, ClipboardImage.png)

Hamas resists Israeli offensive in Gaza after violent night of airstrikes
Gaza-based Palestinian resistance faction Hamas announced on 28 October that its forces successfully held back invading Israeli troops who overnight launched large-scale ground operations into the coastal enclave under the cover of intense air raids.

Hamas says its forces dealt “heavy losses to the enemy's ranks” as they repelled the ground incursion. Nonetheless, heavy clashes continue in several points of the northern Gaza Strip.

“The enemy fell into ambushes set up by the Palestinian resistance on several fronts. Kornet missiles and Yasin shells were used to repel the attack, and we expect the enemy to try again. The Israeli regime used helicopters to evacuate the wounded and the dead from the battlefield,” the Hamas statement reads.

For their part, Israeli media claims there are "no reports of Israeli casualties" and that “ground forces, including infantry, combat engineering forces, and tanks, remained inside Gaza […] operating deeper into the Hamas-run territory than previous limited incursions.”

On Friday night, the Israeli army began what officials described as an “expansion” of their ground operations into Gaza after several nights of “limited incursions” that were also repelled by the Palestinian resistance.

According to local reports, the elite US Delta Force has been accompanying Israeli troops into the besieged territory. However, Washington maintains that its forces only provide logistical advice to Tel Aviv.

The Israeli ground offensive was launched under the cover of a violent campaign of airstrikes by the Israeli air force, which decimated the northern Gaza Strip with hundreds of bombs, including internationally banned white phosphorous and cluster munitions.

Despite the intensity of the Israeli offensive, the Gaza resistance continued to launch rocket attacks toward the occupied territories, setting off alarms in several settlements.

As the clashes continue, Gaza remains unreachable to the outside world after Israel cut off all phone and internet services to provide cover for the genocide being committed against Palestinian civilians.

“This communications blackout means that it will be even more difficult to obtain critical information and evidence about human rights violations and war crimes being committed against Palestinian civilians in Gaza and to hear directly from those experiencing the violations,” Erika Guevara Rosas, senior director of research, advocacy, policy and campaigns at Amnesty International, said in a statement on Friday.

UN agencies and human rights organizations say they can still not reach their staff and health facilities inside Gaza.


If I was Hamas I would have kept the hostages in the hospitals


If they keep the hostages in the hospitals they might run out of hostages pretty soon and then they have nothing to trade with.


If I were Hamas I'd just execute some hostages now starting with the military colonel they captured.


that's kinda smart ngl


It would give the IDF a pretext to attack the hospital to free hostages and they'll just argue the hospitals were Hamas command posts.


Nah, you want to bargain them later.
Instead, break a bone for every Palestinian murdered. Lynch the colonel though, fuck that guy.


They will do it anyways



The hostages aren't for negotiating with Israel, read up on the Hannibal Directive. It's Hamas' bargaining chip with external powers.


you retards who come to scream 'MUH HANNIBAL DIRECTIVE' every time someone speaks of hostage swaps are so tiring.
The one fact you learn does not empower you to tell the future stop pretending.


How do you folks respond to all the "Why don't you go demonstrate in gaza instead?"


the war brides are for keeping (´・ω・`)


File: 1698523863106.png (19.99 KB, 474x462, 1674411169355-0.png)

the Hannibal Directive is just exemplary of how Israel does not care about the lives of its citizens. it supports antisemitism abroad to force Jews to come to Israel to be used as the fodder for colonial expansion, sent out to live in settled disputed territory where they will get maimed, killed, or captured as part of the conflict. double this existing fact with the fact that Hamas is treating its prisoners well and it becomes desirable for Israel to silence the prisoners because they contradict Israel's narrative for their Fina Solution.


It's not really worth responding too lol. The rhetorical equivalent of "I know you are but what am I"


>The US sailing a carrier into the Persian Gulf has put to bed the possibility of regional unrest.
delusional, thats just mostly theatrics and asking for your carrier to be sunk if things heat up

>majority of the Arab nations are trying desperately to avoid a wider war

this is true however, and Im pretty sure china is trying to calm them down as well. Russia prolly isnt too concerned, a regional war would give them guaranteed easy successes in ukraine, would make their oil sell even higher and fuck the euros even harder.

fuck i really hoped to see US and israel getting btfo, but the arab world likely isnt interested, they're either too weak or get a lot of gibs from the empire, brics isnt mature enough yet to coordinate for kicking them out and china isnt interested into escalating and fucking with their oil supply

palestinians best hope is heroic resistance and hezbollah putting enough pressure that israel run out of ammo and political willingness.
Or alternatively, israel getting retarded and escalating the war itself, and arabs finally deciding enough is enough. Maybe a coup in egypt (probably unlikely).


It's not worthy of a response.
If you're just interested in a rhetorical device: genocide ought to be opposed anywhere, regardless of where it takes place.


You tell em "why don't you go die for israel?"


>Israeli mobs harass Palestinian students in Netanya College, shouting ‘death to Arabs’


death to the juiff


>How do you folks respond to all the "Why don't you go demonstrate in gaza instead?"
You do a 360 and walk away.


>US threatens to stop supplying Israel with rifles as Ben Gvir arms civilians

big if true?


File: 1698524310254.jpg (57.04 KB, 679x376, 1673393496003399.jpg)

>The US sailing a carrier into the Persian Gulf has put to bed the possibility of regional unrest.


360 turns you back to that person


Israeli military says its warplanes struck positions in Lebanon
Fighters in Lebanon have regularly exchanged cross border fire with Israel since the beginning of the war.

Most recently, Israel’s military said its warplanes “attacked a number of military targets of the terrorist organisation Hezbollah in Lebanese territory”.

It said a military post and observation positions were destroyed. Earlier in the day, a shell hit the headquarters of the UN peacekeeping mission in southern Lebanon.

A Lebanese military source told the AFP news agency on condition of anonymity, “an Israeli shell penetrated the cement wall” around the peacekeeping mission’s headquarters.

Iraqi resistance drones again hit US occupation base in Syria
The Iraqi resistance targeted the massive Al-Tanf US occupation base in Syria with drones during the early hours of 28 October, in the latest attacks against Washington’s presence in Iraq and Syria.

“The Mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq targeted the American occupation base in Al-Tanf, Syria, with two drones, which directly hit their targets,” a statement by the coalition of resistance groups, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, said on 28 October.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq is a coalition made up of several Iraqi resistance groups with links to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Crops (IRGC).

It was formed this month in response to US support for Israel’s brutal war on Gaza.

US occupation bases in Syria have come under daily attacks since 17 October. Bases in Iraq, including the Ain al-Assad base and the Harir base, have also been repeatedly struck.

These attacks are being carried out in solidarity with and in support of the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

In response to the surge in attacks against its forces, Washington conducted midnight air raids in Syria's Deir Ezzor governorate, allegedly targeting two IRGC storage facilities early on 27 October.

"These precision self-defense strikes are a response to a series of ongoing and mostly unsuccessful attacks against US personnel in Iraq and Syria by Iranian-backed militia groups," US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said in a statement.

“Iran wants to hide its hand and deny its role in these attacks against our forces. We will not let them. If attacks by Iran’s proxies against US forces continue, we will not hesitate to take further necessary measures to protect our people,” he added.

Just hours after the US strike, Washington’s base in Syria’s Al-Omar oilfield came under attack.

The Pentagon has been working around the clock to reinforce its bases in Syria and Iraq, deploying air defense systems, surveillance equipment, weapons, and troops.


Has Iran responded? No
Has Hezbollah invaded? No
Have the Houthis stopped? Yes

I rest my case


>muh pregnant woman belly stabbed and the baby taken out and smashed
literally been a staple of propaganda war since as long as it exist, you can find example of it in ww1, ww2, and all nato wars. Pretty much never true ofc, only some maniac nazis adjacent militias like banderists would do something so unhinged.


there is literally no source on the US carrier going to the persian gulf, eisenhower just went past the gibraltar and theres no proof its going to go further than the med


The spin is to disorientate them from these incoming hands


File: 1698524568445.gif (387.8 KB, 320x240, 1362212099346.gif)


1. They tried in 2018. The Israelis shot them by the hundreds.
2. Why does nobody ever suggest that Israel respond with nonviolence? You'll notice that libs only ever direct this demand at the oppressed and never at the oppressor.


File: 1698524714225.gif (45.94 KB, 300x200, 360-1.gif)

>360 turns you back to that person
You fool! You imessile!


new fags get out


that's not a 360 move, that clearly a 540.


File: 1698525064064.mp4 (4.1 MB, 854x480, terroristwin.mp4)

A source would be nice


>The Israeli regime used helicopters to evacuate the wounded and the dead from the battlefield”
why didnt anyone gave the palestinians manpads?


death to israel


given the amount of random civilians that just lost their loved ones near/in the hospitals, thats just asking for them to get lynched


>First, I redirected the movement of the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower Carrier Strike Group to the Central Command area of responsibility.
Imagine being slower than western journalists. Eastern Med is under EU Command AOR.


>centcom taking responsibility means its going into the persian gulf


File: 1698525512288.gif (915.17 KB, 356x270, stalin-mosin.gif)


i see fizzlegang has developed cope levels never seen before
>ok it's real but the ship isn't going to go as further as it was announced it would go


>buh-buh-buh it could be the Red Sea!
Uh-huh, sure. Maybe Gulf of Aden to fuck on the Yemenis? Put the fucking copium down, retard.


File: 1698525792784.png (303.33 KB, 713x734, ClipboardImage.png)

lol they lost even the pod johns it's so fucking over dude


Analysis: Israel’s ground attacks yield lots of bang, little success
Israeli forces have hit public telecom infrastructure in Gaza, which is now under an almost total communications blackout.

The only means to get information out to the world are the few remaining satellite telephones, but those could be targeted at any time.

Israeli Air Force dedicated electronic warfare aircraft can pinpoint every device exchanging data with low-orbit communication satellites and direct deadly air-to-ground missiles against it.

However, the destruction of communication nodes and the use of electronic countermeasures to block any remaining public lines that survived will not harm Hamas fighters who – knowing Israeli tactics and capabilities – appear to have prepared for this course of action.

You can read more of our analysis on the impact of Israel’s land incursion, bombing and information blackout here:


Literally who?


Will you do a come tribute or will you disappear like the others, when, not if, your posts go bad?


the pod save america guys, a pod that became huge during the trump term that usually walks the mainstream dem line.


Libshit central podcast. Only know them from infamy.

Always keep analogue in stock, just in case.


underage b&


My posts will not go bad.

You may screencap this and add it to your collection. When the time inevitably doesn't come, and you are proved wrong, you have my permission to rename it: "Why I, Tank-Anon, Was wrong"


>How do you folks respond to all the "Why don't you go demonstrate in gaza instead?"
"Because dipshits like you mean the demonstration is needed here."


File: 1698526248910.webm (2.43 MB, 852x480, hebrew flow.webm)



Delightful, thank you.


There is no carrier in the Persian Gulf you dumbass lmao


File: 1698526354782.jpg (298.38 KB, 1953x938, 1698520913885587.jpg)


cant find where I read it, but just checking released soldiers names :

>Authorities name 311 soldiers, 58 police officers killed in 2023 terror clashes
thats already almost 400 hundreds names that are legit target

they have a count including both soldier/police and civilians name here with 900 names

so among the released names, we have 41% confirmed solider/cops


also to note, vast amount of the civilians on that second list are killed at the rave (where there were firefights and a fucking tank), and many others seem to be from rockets



File: 1698526626053.png (85.81 KB, 999x495, ClipboardImage.png)


Could explain the nuances of this for us non-aficionados? I get here's a lot of air traffic, but what else am I missing?




Look at the type of aircraft they are.

Apparently the only British carrier is on its way to the Middle East, no source on this so it could be false


Editorial removal request seems to have been removed.


File: 1698526748445.jpg (62.15 KB, 680x670, 27ww36.jpg)

I'm gonna go see what's up in the talk page


rifles isnt what israel needs anyway, its ammo and missiles


So if you're Israeli do you a) sign a promissory note or b) try to ride the landing gear? :^)


it's a bunch of israelis whining and making accusations of antisemitism


Doesn't tell me anything, sorry. Not a planefreak (bless you lot tho).



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