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🚨 Live Happenings/Updates 🚨

• Al-Jazeera: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/liveblog/2023/10/30/israel-hamas-war-live-palestinian-death-toll-gaza-rises-above-8000

• Middle East Eye: https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/israel-palestine-live-gaza-hamas-war-invasion

• The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2023/oct/30/israel-hamas-war-live-updates-aid-trucks-enter-gaza-strikes-casualties-israel-targets-hit-syria-lebanon



Lenni Brenner - Zionism in the Age of Dictators





[Add non burger shit here]

(This includes blatantly obvious concern failtrolling/fedposting, painfully unfunny/nuclear misanthropic autism [ie. /pol/] and derailing/hypersectarian schizophrenia)

Remember to double check your sources, as well provide access to it.

الله أكبر
يا عمال العالم ويا شعوبه المضطهدة، اتحدوا!


Ahahaha… oops i forgot that addition and edition are two different words hahaha…




First for both sides leftcoms to be beaten severely.


Third for udrub udrub tel aviv


Analysis: How would Israel find, map, take and keep Gaza’s tunnels?
To enter Hamas tunnels, Israel will have to resort to military practices decades old and long forgotten.

>A week after Israeli troops encircled Gaza City and cut it off from the southern part of the Gaza Strip, there seems to be no evidence of a serious attack towards the centre.

On Wednesday, a select group of Israel-based foreign reporters was taken to a section of the battlefield, which journalists described as “the fringes of Gaza City”. Nearly every building was destroyed or heavily damaged by aerial bombardment, artillery fire or advancing tanks and infantry.

Videos show Merkava tanks grouped in an encampment surrounded by tall sandy berms, almost certainly constructed by the armoured combat bulldozers routinely deployed with advance units. The defensive sand walls are likely to deny Hamas fighters the opportunity for hit-and-run attacks.

To an analyst, the position and posture of that 401st Brigade company show more than the Israelis probably wanted to. It tells us the advance will be slow, street by street rather than block by block.

It also proves that Gaza City’s hardest battle, the underground one, has not begun in earnest. Some tunnels may have been identified and destroyed as troops advanced, but that is likely a tiny part.
The 34 Israeli soldiers whom Israel has admitted have been killed so far were apparently killed individually or in small groups – when tunnel war begins, the numbers are likely to jump in bigger groups.
To enter the tunnels, Israeli forces will have to resort to military practices decades old and long forgotten to get around the challenges of fighting underground.

Identifying entrances
To gain a position to fight in the tunnels, Israel has to identify as many entrances as possible. For a system believed to be up to 500km (310 miles) long, those probably number in the tens of thousands.

Most are hidden, inside residential buildings, garages, industrial facilities, warehouses, under rubbish dumps and, after more than a month of bombardment, under heaps of rubble.

But Israel has been preparing to tackle the tunnels since the 2014 incursion into Gaza. Incessant surveillance by drones, using sophisticated software that analyses movement patterns and can recognise individual faces and match them to a database of known Hamas members, revealed hundreds or thousands of entrances.

Informants probably added more, and I would not be surprised if the Weasels (Samur) specialised Israeli tunnel-warfare unit, knows half the tunnel access points.

>Mapping the tunnels

Knowing the entrances is useful, but even if all known ones were attacked, that would not make the tunnels unusable for Hamas. Most tunnels have several entrances at each end so some would always remain open.

The tunnel builders, Hamas, have a huge advantage as they know the network. Israeli software might offer hints connecting patterns of movement to reveal that two points are probably connected, but it does not reveal the underground routes, directions, or junctions.

To map the tunnels with whatever degree of accuracy, commandos must get inside, facing huge dangers and difficulties. The first is technical: Down there, GPS positioning devices are useless as satellite signals cannot penetrate the soil.

The solution will most probably use devices that combine magnetic sensors, not affected by going underground, and movement sensors like those used in step counters. A crude and imprecise system, but better than nothing.

>Getting around

Once inside, the Weasels will most likely operate with night-vision goggles rather than give away their position using lights. They will not be able to use radios to communicate with units on the surface, so they will have to use field telephones, technology from over 100 years ago.

Soldiers will unroll wires, connecting them on the move, further slowing the advance. Even if they do not meet Hamas resistance, they must stop at every junction and assess where the branches lead.

A small force will have to be left at every side tunnel to defend from counterattacks. Every time they find a vertical shaft, which are almost always used for entrances, they will have to pause, map the position and relay it back to units on the surface.

Surface units will have to find the opening and secure it; if it is in territory not controlled by the Israeli army, they will either have to take it or tell the tunnellers to stop or go around it. This will repeat hundreds of times. In the past, Samur released videos of its tunnel-capable robots that might be useful as trailblazers, reconnoitring passageways and sending back night-vision videos. But they can be used on one level only, as they cannot climb ladders or obstacles.

>Surviving inside

For practical purposes, everything has been analysed so far assuming that there is no opposition in the tunnels. That is completely unrealistic: Hamas has surely prepared to put up fierce resistance.

Most tunnels are probably booby-trapped with pre-positioned improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Those can be wired to remote detonators, but they can also be triggered by specialised detonators that react to light, vibration, noise, movement, and even increased carbon dioxide concentration when people are present.

The tunnels are laced with wires and cables that carry electricity, internet, telephones and military lines. Hamas may have observation and detection devices that would let them know where the Israelis are so they can remotely explode charges in that exact spot.

Israelis cannot simply cut all the wires because, like in movies, some detonators might be triggered when their electrical supply is severed. As everyone with a connection to mining knows, explosions in confined tunnels are far deadlier than on the surface. They spread further and suck out oxygen so those who survive the initial blast often suffocate.

Hamas may also ignite incendiary compounds that deprive occupants of oxygen and spread as high-speed flash fires or create thick, often toxic smoke. This would keep the tunnels mostly undamaged, allowing the Palestinian fighters to use them after they force the enemy out.

The Weasels will almost certainly have breathing apparatuses but wearing cumbersome masks and air tanks makes communication and combat more difficult.

An Israeli mobile artillery unit is seen in a position near the Israel-Gaza border, Israel, Saturday, Oct. 28, 2023. Israel on Saturday expanded its ground operation in Gaza with infantry and armored vehicles backed by "massive" strikes from the air and sea, including the bombing of Forcing Hamas out
Every commander, on both sides, prefers to avoid fighting in tunnels. Hamas probably cannot prevent Israelis from entering some tunnels but can try to deny them the freedom to operate in them.

Israeli command knows that its advantage in technology and weapons is considerably higher on the ground than under it, so it would prefer to flush Hamas out and fight on the surface. To do so, it may use chemical agents such as teargas, a little of which goes a long way in tight tunnels.

It is likely Hamas does not have enough protective gear for its tunnel fighters, so any gas-based agent could be effective. Even though Israel does not feel constrained by international conventions, as it does not regard Hamas as a legal combatant, I do not think it would use lethal gasses. That would cause additional international accusations that would be hard to deny.

Water has often been used in the past to flood tunnels and force their occupants out but there is simply not enough water in Gaza. But there may be other options. Egypt is said to have poured sewage into smuggling tunnels from Gaza.


Urban fighting is difficult, requiring specific knowledge and equipment; tunnel combat is even more challenging and specialised. As military tunnellers found years ago, ordinary weapons are too big and cumbersome to use in confined spaces.

American Tunnel Rats in Vietnam often only used pistols but found that, when they fired, the flash destroyed their night sight for a long time. When using night vision goggles the problem is even worse, so it is likely that Israelis will carry smaller calibre weapons with sound suppressors, not so much to decrease noise as to prevent muzzle flashes.

Whatever firearms they choose, tunnel fighters will have limited firepower as only two can fire at a time, one kneeling, the other standing over them, blocking the field of fire for the rest of the team.

Hand and rifle grenades are almost certainly out, as well as any kind of rocket launchers. Stun and flash grenades might give the Weasels an advantage by rendering the enemy temporarily deaf and blind, but it is questionable if those can be used without danger to their own side.

In line with centuries-old practice, they will certainly be equipped with combat knives or machetes, as hand-to-hand fighting is certain to happen. There has been much talk about Israeli tunnelling attack dogs, but a military and police canine expert I talked to dismisses the idea.

Dogs are far too unpredictable in conditions of extreme combat stress and there were many cases when under flashes and noise of a firefight they turned against their own side, he explained.

>Destroying tunnels

Hamas needs the tunnels and might only want to block some of them tactically but not destroy them altogether using small explosions to prevent the enemy from using a particular tunnel.

Digging under combat conditions is impractical and makes the diggers vulnerable the moment the obstacle is removed, so a blocked tunnel is likely to remain so for the duration of conflict. Israeli combat engineers had announced that they were testing a “sponge bomb”, a device containing two chemical substances that create rapidly expanding foam.

The idea is to instantly create a concrete-hard plug to block the tunnels, but there were mishaps in use, and it is not certain if the sponge bomb is ready for deployment. Rather than just block it, Israel wants to destroy every tunnel it takes, so it will have to make sure that the entire structures are caved in, not just the entrances.

In most cases, this cannot be done by simply placing explosives inside tunnels. For more permanent demolition, it is usually necessary to dig deep holes in tunnel walls and ceilings, fill them with blasting dynamite and detonate so that deep structure is shaken and soil caves in to fill it.

It looks quite implausible to embark on such a massive engineering undertaking during fighting, so Israel might see its task as first destroying Hamas fighters and then demolishing their entire underground network.

To get to the latter part might take Israel months and it must win the underground war first, something that will also take time.



WASHINGTON (AP) — Israel has agreed to put in place four-hour daily humanitarian pauses in its assault on Hamas in northern Gaza starting on Thursday, the White House said, as President Joe Biden pressed Israelis for a multi-day stoppage in the fighting in a bid to release hostages held by the militant group.

Biden said Thursday that there was “no possibility” of a formal cease-fire at the moment, and said it had “taken a little longer” than he hoped for Israel to agree to the humanitarian pauses. Biden had asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to institute the daily pauses during a Monday call and said he had also asked the Israelis for a pause of at least three days to allow for negotiations over the release of some hostages held by Hamas.


>Israeli military believes drone that hit southern city of Eilat launched from Yemen
The military had earlier said the drone hit an elementary school in the southern Israeli resort city, causing damage but no casualties.

A military spokesman has now said the drone is believed to have come from Yemen, calling it a concern.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels have claimed repeated missile and drone attacks aimed at Israel since the beginning of the war although analysts have said they likely do not possess the capabilities to open a major new front in the fighting.

However, if confirmed, this would be the first time that the Houthis have successfully hit Israel.

IDF soldiers experience airstrikes is one good thing
>Hamas says Israeli soldier held hostage killed by Israeli air strike
Hamas’ armed wing, the al-Qassam Brigades, said an Israeli soldier held hostage in Gaza was killed and another captive soldier was injured in an Israeli air strike on central Gaza.

>‘Pauses are not a solution’: Analyst
The White House’s announcement that Israel has agreed to a four-hour pause in fighting to allow civilians to flee south falls woefully short of the needs in Gaza, Abdel Hamid Siyam, a Middle East expert at Rutgers University, told Al Jazeera.

“Pauses are not a solution,” he said, saying what is needed is a “ceasefire so that humanitarian aid can come in uninterrupted, that foreigners can leave the country, and maybe negotiations cane take place”.

“If this is only a pause to allow people to move from the north to south, it did not work in the past, it will not work in the future,” he said. “In four hours, people cannot come. They don’t have cars, they don’t have fuel. It’s not going to work.”

“There is mounting pressure on Israel now to open up for a real ceasefire, a real truce for a day or two or three. I think that is coming in the next few days,” he said.


the idf is not going inside the tunnels



yeah were talking about an extremely casualty averse military that doesnt even want to get in firefights, theyll gas the openings they find but there is no way they make an actual effort to clear tunnels. at most youll see a few gung ho guys with a death wish because theres enough of those in any military, and those exceptions will be played up by the IDF as a major operation


File: 1699554660874.jpg (854.21 KB, 1920x1321, LOL.jpg)

No fucking way they someone drew her as Black Widow, actual joke of a country.


the ghost of Gaza


>I do not think it would use lethal gasses
They absolutely will, and then they'll just deny that they did. There is lots of footage showing them use white phosphorus and doctors saying they are treating white phosphorus wounds, and Israel just stone faced denied it because they know their supporters and the media will ignore it. People seriously underestimate how easy fascists find it to lie about the atrocities everyone sees them committing.



This “march Gazans south” scheme, clearly an attempt to facilitate cleansing of north Gaza of Palestinians, is ICC declared genocide worthy shit. Unmistakable intent.


it'll fizzle


That cringe Israeli sketch wasn't even original. They were directly ripping off an SNL sketch from 2 years ago. And guess who makes a guest appearance.


What are you taking about.

We already saw yesterday what they are doing. IOF was marching hundreds of Gazans south a gunpoint. Corridors of people leaving their destroyed homes forever, with tanks on both sides. A trail of tears.


That specific thing is objectively ethnic cleansing, although not necessarily genocide. There's simply no way around it. It is ethnic cleansing, period. No Israeli, no Zionist can deny it.


it's fizzlin


>US State Department holding sessions with dissenting diplomats: Report
Officials in the US Department of State have held listening sessions with diplomats who have criticised the Biden administration’s approach to the war on Gaza.

Several diplomats have drafted a dissent cable with the objective of reaching State Department leaders.

Citing officials, the CBS television network reported that the sessions are being held with diplomats serving in six US embassies in the Middle East and North Africa.

shit. it's inecitable.
>US diplomat says no signs Iran, proxies seeking escalation
David Satterfield, the US special envoy for Middle East humanitarian issues, says it is essential that Iran and Hezbollah do not undertake provocative actions.

He added the exchange of fire between Israel and Hezbollah across the border with Lebanon raises the potential for unintended escalation.

“We do not believe that a conflict involving Lebanon and Israel is in any way inevitable,” Satterfield said in an online briefing with reporters.

“The here and now reality is there is no indication on any side that there is an intent to precipitate a conflict or a war.”


The pause is an escalation not an escalation not a deescalation. It means the IOF is fully intending to kill and displace every Gazan, and the US is recommitting to that.


SNL somehow having cultural relevance in amerikkka makes me queezy


File: 1699556848551.png (804.17 KB, 1022x731, ClipboardImage.png)

>Rabin-Lieberman and her fellow citizens held off the attackers for three hours,[5][6] killing 25 militants before the IDF arrived.[2][7]
so wikiglow is just casually repeating hasbara as the truth, this time they didn't even bother writing "according to israeli media […]"


Israel, Central Europe, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are the 4 terminally reddit regions of the world.


I know that those defending what is going on by any means necessary have no shame whatsoever, but what are they going to shift to as the death toll rises and it becomes more and more obvious even to the most ignorant people what is going on, as the bodies pile up and when a serious attempt is made to annex at least some of Gaza?



ICC, UN & similar organisations are irrelevant. If there is _one_ thing to be learned from this conflict theatre, it's that these entities have NO legitimacy whatsoever. Both were established as tools to maintain the post-WWII hegemonic order, and will hence under no circumstance prosecute any violation by the (western) hegemon or its allies/extensions, no matter the volume of evidence.

Any self-respecting Revleft does not care about these organisations, beyond underscoring the above fact, pointing out obvious contradictions, and ensuring these entities are consistently delegitimized.


>Gaza blood bank bombed, health ministry says
The Palestinian Ministry of Health says Gaza’s blood bank service has been put out of service following a “targeted” Israeli attack.

>Red Cross says it has resumed patient escorts to Gaza border after its convoy was hit
The humanitarian group had temporarily halted patient escorts to the Gaza border with Egypt after its convoy came under fire on Tuesday, the ICRC’s Gaza delegation chief told the Reuters news agency.

William Schomburg called the incident “deeply alarming” and appealed for safety guarantees.

“The ICRC was targeted the day before yesterday, and that is unacceptable,” Schomburg told Reuters by videolink.

Asked in the same interview if the ICRC had any staff fatalities in the Israel-Hamas conflict, he said a colleague had been missing for weeks. He did not provide further details.

>At least 18 Palestinians killed in West Bank across one day
9 minutes ago
At least 18 Palestinians were killed in the occupied West Bank on Thursday, the health ministry has announced.

Fourteen of them were killed by Israeli forces in a sweeping military raid and drone strikes on Jenin city and refugee camp.

More than 20 others were wounded in the military operation in the city, which lasted around 12 hours.

Elsewhere in the West Bank, four people, including a 15-year-old boy, were killed during raids in Bethlehem, Nablus, Hebron and Ramallah.
At least 178 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank since 7 October.

"The bloody aggression of the Israeli occupation on Jenin governorate is a deliberate escalation to detonate the situation in the West Bank," the Palestinian foreign affairs ministry said in a statement.

WTF is going on in the West Bank? What is the plan of the zionazis??


File: 1699559374794.png (Spoiler Image, 2.34 MB, 1000x1414, ClipboardImage.png)

She held off the attackers by letting them hit her fat cheeks for hours until they were exhausted


What did I tell you retards. That this thread would just become a space for reporting death figures. And that's exactly what it is.

The statistical accounting of an ethnic cleansing.


They have their utility. You're just too much of a romantic and uneducated to see it.


File: 1699559605490.png (90.2 KB, 274x184, images.png)



It's incredibly mentally draining watching the active genocide of millions of people with the full throated material support of the west in supplying arms and justification on one hand and hardly anything to support the resistance aside from a few token words and futile mild attacks by groups like the Houthis or Hezbollah on the other, and some useless sign waving by American libs. The stress of waiting to hear what new atrocities will emerge is eating up my life and interfering with my job. Is there any way this gets better for the Palestinians? Give me some hopium that isn't bullshit.


Tbh you should probably log off if its that bad for you
Theres no reason to stress about something oit of your control, but when we do we fall into irrationality and fear, and its bad for us
Sometimes its better to be distracted


File: 1699560250166-0.png (1.93 MB, 2000x1333, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1699560250166-1.png (966.65 KB, 688x1125, ClipboardImage.png)



Simply turn on MSM and you'll see to where it'll shift. There is a consistent and coordinated attempt at portraying Palestinians and their allies, and to a increasing extent, all Arabs and even all Muslims as uncivilized savages who must be pacified by violence. This is also combined with increased calls for all kinds of censorship, surveillance and banning all kinds of speech deemed "pro-terrorist".

The ruling class can manufacture consent for ethnic cleansing, but it will require a stronger dehumanization campaign than the one carried out after 9/11. However, this time it does seem that the imperial establishment is willing to provoke a full-blown clash with large parts of the global south, and even some of its own constituents to defend what it perceives as a core interest.


I'll give you some hopium: The governments are cucks, but the third world is flooding with hatred and anger. The Palestinian identity will never disappear, it's stronger than ever, and it is more coherent than the Israeli one.

We love Palestine. We love Palestinians, and we won't let their memories disappear, never. More and more people are waking up to this bullshit.


Palestinians are extremely resilient and innovative and they have a cockroach ability to survive in the most dire of circumstances.


one of the uyghas who made that art literally named "graffiti"


You just know…


Mossad is getting Marvel to make a superhero show with a Mossad agent as hero.



Not really. The ICC can never be used to prosecute imperial crimes. There is no precedent for that, and there will likely never be one, as the US has legally authorized itself to physically invade and destroy the ICC in the unlikely event it is prosecuted.

As for the UN, it is a historical relic of a post-WWII order that no longer exists. It has "utility" insofar it can function as an international forum of sorts, but not much beyond that. Not that it matters much - it is mostly maintained, headquartered, and staffed by the hegemon, and will likely shrink in relevance as its host weakens.


>man does thing
i sleep
>woman does thing


>Yemen’s Houthis say launched ballistic missiles on Israeli military targets
Yemen’s Houthis have launched a batch of ballistic missiles at various targets in Israel, including military targets in Eilat, the group’s military spokesperson said.

Yahya Saree was quoted by the Houthi-run Al Masirah TV as saying the operation “reached its objective and led to direct casualties”, without providing more details.

The Israeli military has yet to comment publicly on the Houthis’ claims.


>Israel says intercepted ‘suspicious target’ in southern region
An Israeli military spokesman said the target was shot down by a US-made patriot air defence system.

It comes after Israel said it had shot down a missile over the Red Sea headed towards the country. Earlier in the day, a drone had hit the southern city of Eilat.

Israel did not say where the latest target or missile was believed to have been fired from, but had previously said it believed the drone had been launched from Yemen.

A spokesman for the Yemen-based Houthis said earlier that the group had launched a batch of ballistic missiles at various targets in Israel, including military targets in Eilat.


Sudanese fisherman in the Red Sea rn.


File: 1699563439712.png (527.15 KB, 630x380, ClipboardImage.png)

International Expert Statement on Israeli State Crime
This statement is written and signed by members of an international community of scholars with globally recognised criminological expertise in the area of state crime. What distinguishes our work is an understanding of state crime that moves beyond the narrow framing of international law, to one that focuses on organisational deviance and harm perpetrated in pursuit of state goals.

Forty years of dedicated, peer-reviewed research has established that the coercive opportunity-structures available to states, when combined with weak control-mechanisms that might restrict their application, create the conditions for the illicit use of violence by states seeking to coercively achieve contested political goals. It has also been established that states have a disproportionate ability to conceal, distort and deny their criminal applications of violence, and to frustrate subsequent forms of accountability.

It is the consensus of our scientific community that we are currently witnessing these risks and tendencies taking place in a particularly intensive form in Gaza, Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank. Palestinians within the 1948 boundaries (now Israel) are also experiencing high levels of threat.

Cumulatively the evidence firmly indicates that in a disproportionate response to the Hamas killings of October 7 the Israeli state is employing its extensive and advanced military capacity to inflict violence on Palestinian peoples on such a scale that it is accurate to frame it as the annihilation phase of genocide.

Israel’s actions in Gaza and historic actions against the Palestinian people fit both legal and criminological definitions of the crime. As Raphael Lemkin, the author of the term genocide wrote, genocide is not limited to spectacularised acts of mass killings but includes ‘a coordinated plan aimed at the destruction of the essential foundations of the life of national groups’.

Genocide is a process designed to erase a people ‘in whole or part’ based on their racial, ethnic or religious identity. Israel’s announcement of a state of ‘total siege’ of Gaza, cutting off water, food, electricity and medical supplies, amounted to a clear statement of intent to commit genocide against the Palestinian people by ‘deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part’ (Genocide Convention 1948, Article 2). The genocidal intention of the Israeli state is also embodied in statements by its leaders: IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari declared that ‘the emphasis is on damage and not on accuracy’ when referring to Israeli aerial bombardments, while Netanyahu threatened to ‘flatten’ Gaza reducing it ‘to an island of ruins’. Knesset member, Arial Kallner, revealed ‘there is only one goal: Nakba [catastrophe]! A Nakba that would dwarf the Nakba of 1948’. When Defence Minister Yoav Gallant ordered a complete siege on Gaza he described Palestinians as ‘human animals’, and Israel’s President Isaac Herzog stated that there are no innocent civilians in Gaza, Israel’s declared intentions were again clear and explicitly genocidal. In Nazi Germany, Rwanda, Cambodia and Burma/Myanmar the ‘non-human’ epithet underpinned and made easier the mass extermination of the ‘other’. At present our concern is not so much with whether these statements amount to legally conclusive evidence of specific criminal intent, as with the way the use of such overtly dehumanising language contributes to a genocidal process which is currently passing into a particularly intense and dangerous phase.

Empirically we know that genocide unfolds over years and frequently decades. Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians did not begin on October 7, 2023. For Palestinians the genocide process began in 1917 with the Balfour Declaration, when Britain ‘gifted’ their country to European Zionists looking for a Jewish homeland. It materially took form in the 1948 war, which led to the creation of the State of Israel. During this catastrophe (the Nakba) thousands of Palestinians were killed and 750,000 were driven from their homeland, forever denied a right of return by the Israeli state. Decades of dispossession, occupation, structural violence, forced eviction and apartheid discrimination have followed. What we are witnessing now is the dénouement of the Israeli state’s genocide of the indigenous Palestinians. What we are seeing is a second Nakba.

When organisational actors such as states commit crimes they rely on the complicity of powerful enablers in order to both execute the illicit activity and to evade justice. At present the Israeli state is materially enabled through the provision of military support both by foreign states (particularly the United States) and by international armament suppliers, whose exports states licence. The Israeli state is also enabled by the reputation-laundering services provided to it by state actors, mainstream media commentators, PR corporations and Zionist public intellectuals.

In the latter respect state crime experts are acutely aware, based on a wealth of findings, that when the criminal abuse of state power takes place, even in genocidal situations, state institutions have a significant capacity to publicly distort their criminal actions and evade justice, especially when supported by well-resourced enablers. They also have the ability to remain silent.

One of the most significant scholars of state crime, Stanley Cohen, informed by his experience in South Africa and Israel, documented the mechanisms which criminal states employ to distort and deny their illicit conduct and silence those condemning their deviant behaviour. Drawing on Sykes and Matza’s classic study on ‘techniques of neutralisation’, Cohen argued that these techniques included the denial of responsibility, denial of injury, denial of the victim, condemnation of the condemners, and appeal to higher loyalties.

We have seen these techniques of denial used with a particular level of intensity over the past month by the Israeli state, allied governments, mainstream media actors, and public intellectuals promoting the ideology of Zionism, in an attempt to socially neutralise stigmatising definitions of Israeli state violence as criminal. In the current situation, the false charge of antisemitism—which conflates legitimate criticism of the genocidal actions of the state of Israel with historical persecutions of the Jewish people—is one such example, which serves to condemn the condemner. The Israeli state and its supporters also work to deny the victims of the siege, bombings and other atrocities – who are mostly women and children – as victims. The research on state crime victimisation indicates that the impacts of this violence will be extensive, trans-national and inter-generational in scope.

The research on state crime also demonstrates that international law and the courts which serve it are currently incapable of adequately responding to state crimes both during and after their commission. However, it is important to note that state signatories to the Genocide Convention have an obligation to intervene to prevent and to punish genocide.

Based on a growing number of empirical studies, the state crime research indicates that the most important mechanism for holding states to account during the commission of state crimes such as genocide, is an organised civil society that creatively uses a range of methods that facilitate mass participation in socially rigorous forms of exposure, condemnation and disruption. This mass form of condemnation must be organised, repetitious, large-scale and resilient, if it is to successfully define state violence as criminal and if it is to meaningfully disrupt the illicit actions of criminal actors.

This suggests every citizen can play a critical role today in condemning and disrupting Israeli state crime. By participating in locally organised forms of protest, nonviolent solidarity movements like Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) and in mass demonstrations, civil society has the power to dismantle the Israeli state’s genocidal apartheid structures. A heavy responsibility falls on civil societies whose own states are directly involved in enabling the Israeli state’s crime of genocide or whose industries are supplying materials used by the IDF to execute illicit violence.

Stanley Cohen writes in this regard: ‘The test of acknowledgement is not our reflex reaction to a TV news item, a beggar on the street, or an Amnesty advertisement, but how we live in between such moments. How do we carry on with normal life, knowing what we know?’.

State crime research suggests that the answer to this question, will have a determinate impact on the intensity and duration of the current sequence of Israeli state crime, the scale of the genocide and the scale of human suffering it induces.The amplification of demands for an immediate ceasefire, an end to Israel’s occupation of Gaza and the West Bank, an end to international complicity, and support for the Palestinian BDS movement, are critical measures through which civil society can enforce fundamental human rights in the face of systematic violations by the Israeli state.

<list in link


File: 1699564275615.png (2.58 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

they already do it in video games
>Be Rainbow Six Siege developers
>make a strong jewish IDF woman
>name her "Ash"
how did they get away with it?


These rightists think Hamas has weapons it has not used yet. It even has these ESP things which are really good at killing americans.


Saraya Al-Quds military spokesman, Abu Hamza:

Our people are being subjected to the most heinous crimes and massacres in complete silence.

Our fighters are repelling the enemy's tank columns and mercenaries on all fronts of the battle.

We are facing with all defiance and steadfastness a world war, who clear target is the genocide of our Palestinian people. The enemy, in the midst of madness, targets everything, even its own prisoners in the hands of Saraya Al-Quds and the Palestinian resistance.

We are an integral part of the Al-Aqsa Flood operation and we stand shoulder to shoulder with the Al-Qassam Brigades.

We disclaim our responsibility towards the enemy prisoners in light of the barbaric bombing of every inch of Gaza.

We announce our readiness to release Mrs. Hanna Katzir for humanitarian and health reasons, noting that we may not be able to provide her with healthcare in the face of exhaustion of fuel, electricity, medicine, and all life essentials.

We declare our readiness to release the boy Yaghil Yaakov for humanitarian reasons and for his young age, noting that the prisons of the occupation are filled with hundreds of prisoners from the children of Palestine.

We reassure our people and all those who love and support us across the world, that Saraya Al-Quds and the resistance are a thousand thousand times well, and our enemy, attempting to advance on different fronts for several long days, is tasting pain and horror in their tanks, which have become mobile coffins, with the help of God.



Video message from the two was released.

In the video, the first settler addresses her family, stating that she hopes she will "see them next week."
She said she believes the responsibility for everything bad that has happened to them is on Benjamin Netanyahu, explaining that he "destroyed everything, targeted people, and tortured them. He is the reason behind the murder of children. He committed grave errors which caused harm to our society, and another society, too. I believe that Netanyahu is the one responsible for the whole problem and the turmoil in the world. It is time for Netanyahu to leave the government."

She added: "The fighters of Al-Jihad [Saraya Al-Quds] did everything so that we stay alive and well. They treated us very respectfully in terms of health, food, sleeping. Everything happened normally. They dealt with us very well. I demand from the 'israeli' government that you communicate a clear deal so that we can return to our families quickly and safely."

The second settler is a 13-year-old who also addressed Netanyahu stating: "The amount of bombing is unbelievable, horrific, and monstrous. You are killing [Palestinian] children and also killing 'israeli' prisoners. You have cut off water, electricity, medicine: we as prisoners need all of that; not Palestinians, but rather, we are the ones who need this."

He said: "With time passing, my life is in great danger. Thank you to the fighters of Islamic Jihad [Saraya Al-Quds], who saved our lives in Gaza so that we do not die and provided me with food, water, medicine, and everything."
He added: "Netanyahu, if anything happens to me or any prisoner, it is on your hands and it is your responsibility, because the fighters of Al-Jihad here are doing everything to keep us and all 'israeli' prisoners safe."


Abu Obeida:
Al-Qassam Brigades announce the killing of the imprisoned soldier "Faoul Azai Mark Assyani," 19 years old from "Modi'in," with ID number (214179293), and the injury of another imprisoned soldier with moderate injuries in a zionist bombardment that targeted the Gaza Strip today.

It should be noted that Al-Qassam Brigades will later issue material that documents the veracity of this announcement.


Ministry of Health:

The toll of martyrs in the West Bank today, Thursday, reached 18, including a 15-year-old child.

The names and ages of today's Thursday martyrs in the West Bank governorates:

Martyrs of Jenin
1. Ayham Mohammed Ibrahim Amer (23 years old)
2. Mohammed Nasser Hassan Matahen (30 years old)
3. Raafat Aql Omar Abu Aql (21 years old)
4. Mahmoud Hussein Ali Abu Al-Nada (47 years old)
5. Qais Raed Jamal Dwaikat (21 years old)
6. Lotfi Sayel Howaiti (21 years old)
7. Mohammed Abdul Karim Al-Sabbagh (30 years old)
8. Mohammed Youssef Azzam Zayed (15 years old)
9. Mu'tasim Fawaz Issa (32 years old)
10. Ahmed Mahmoud Shafiq Khalaf (18 years old)
11. Mohammed Tareq Hussein Fayyad (19 years old)
12. Ibrahim Hassan Zaher Abahreh (25 years old)
13. Ahmed Taysir Mahmoud Abu Qotnah (22 years old)
14. Thaer Mohammed Marai Abu Qotnah (23 years old)

Martyr of Al-Amari Camp - Ramallah
15. Mohannad Abdul Qader Jad Al-Haq (29 years old)

Martyr of Nablus
16. Qadri Azmi Qadri Hattab (22 years old)

Martyr of Dura - Al-Khalil
17. Anas Nasser Mohammed Abu Atwan (30 years old)

Martyr of Beit Fajjar - Bethlehem
18. Mohammed Fareed Hamdan Thawabteh (51 years old)


What a bunch of corrupt grubbing retards. JFC.
>The Palestinian Authority (PA) has told the Biden administration that it is open to a governance role in Gaza after the war ends, if the US commits to a full-fledged two-state solution to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to a New York Times report.

Hussein al-Sheikh, the secretary general of the PA’s parent Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), told the paper that he had spoken to the US secretary of state, Antony Blinken, last week.

He said the PA was seeking “a commitment from the US administration, with a comprehensive political decision that would include the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and East Jerusalem.”

Palestinian leaders were looking for “a serious American initiative that would force Israel to abide by it, to commit to it,” he said, adding: “This current US administration is capable of doing that.”

Oh look.. Another officer… (Master Sgt.) how strange!
>Israeli soldier killed in Gaza fighting on Thursday
The Israeli military has announced the death of a soldier in fighting in the Gaza Strip, bringing the total number of soldiers killed there to at least 35 since the beginning of ground operations at the end of last month.

(Master Sgt. (res.) Moshe Kogan, 32, was a soldier in the air force’s elite Shaldag unit.

The military also confirmed the death of Roni Eshel, a soldier who had previously been listed as missing since Hamas’s attack on October 7.

The deaths bring the total number of Israeli military personnel killed since October 7 to 354.

Thanks anon.
'mobile coffins' is pretty good. lol.


Why are so many Europeans rightoids? It's like they are all like that. Even left wing Euros spout rightist propaganda.


the luxury of living in comfort


As if right wing thought isn't rampant on all continents


That's just how history goes. No matter the form of government the revolution that is coming to the mode of production is imminent.


Because the culture is rightoid. if you don't get shaken up you will just absorb what is already around you.


things are slowly heating up in lebanon, us and israel have sent some signals that they're interested in trying to hit hezbollah harder which could escalate things significantly

I just hope they get cocky and then slapped hard. Seeing a carrier sink would be great.

>comparing them to cockroach
fuck you cunt


hammer and sickle there for no reason at all.


File: 1699570823204.png (222.96 KB, 391x512, ClipboardImage.png)

Why are leftists like this?


It isn't though. It isn't rampant all over the world.


High brain basedicity.


What's bad about the last two?


How does freeing Palestine requore those three things? Are the only capitalists white christians? Was the Bible written by capitalists?


Because at heart every leftist is really a supporter of Hezbollah. Our anti-white, anti-christian, anti-capitalist politics aligns perfectly with the Hezbollah.


amazes me there are people who actually find this funny


terrible and tasteless metaphor. get a grip


lol, keep posting /pol/


>Check early life section


>t. brainwashed


the fuck is even funny about this
it's literally just "hahha zoomers talk weird"


there are 51,000 christian palestinians. wtf are you talking about


are you lost anon? do you know where you are?


It's possible the Islamic groups in the Middle East could birth a kind of socialism, even if it doesn't go by that name. Groups like Hamas and Hezbollah are non-governmental but have built large welfare systems that aren't tied to any government. It's possible these could form the base of working class power that would destroy the capitalist state or they will stagnate or be taken over by the bourgeoisie. Either is very possible. We have to recognize these groups have done more for the battle against imperialism and for social justice than any other movement on earth right now.



>Islamic groups in the Middle East could birth a kind of socialism
lol nah

>We have to recognize these groups have done more for the battle against imperialism and for social justice than any other movement on earth right now.

lmao nope, that would be the CPC

I respect hez and hamas for their anti imperialist struggle, not for their ideology or their closeness to socialism
besides, PFLP exist ya know ?


>this what polyps actually believe
only the "kill the capitalists" is true, and communists are far from the only ones supporting a free palestine, even some libs do
"leftist" is also a pretty meaningless term, most self identified "leftists" arent communists


ok kafir


CPC is run by a bunch of liberals who believe in neoclassical economics. There's a socialist faction but they are on the margins at this point and the PFLP are a bunch of nobodies. They won't even exist in a few years. They are practically run by Syrian intelligence now.


Damn, no good loot.
>Pentagon says Houthis tried to recover downed US drone
The update comes after US officials said a US MQ-9 drone was shot down off the coast of Yemen by the group on Wednesday.

“We know that there was an attempt by Houthis to try and recover the MQ-9, but it is unlikely that they will be able to retrieve anything of significance,” Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh told reporters.

Singh added that the US was not currently looking to recover the downed drone.

>MSF details attacks on health facilities during deadly Israeli raid in Jenin

Doctors Without Borders, known as MSF, said the Israeli military raid in Jenin comes as part of a “dramatic increase” in violence in the city, located in the north of the occupied West Bank.

The humanitarian group said its teams treated a paramedic on Thursday morning who was shot inside an ambulance, while Israeli army vehicles blocked ambulances from accessing hospitals.

An Israeli soldier fired at the emergency unit of a hospital on Wednesday night, “hitting the wall in full view of our colleagues who were standing outside”, MSF said.

“Today, our team witnessed Israeli forces fire at the entrance of the hospital, with bullets hitting the wall directly above the door.”

The group stressed that “hospitals are not targets and must remain safe spaces”.

“Medical care must not be impeded. We call on the Israeli military to stop firing on hospitals and to stop their military vehicles from blocking ambulances and medical staff from reaching healthcare facilities,” it said.


There's reports saying Israeli Apache helicopters killed a bunch of isreali civilians and others in the music festival. Not sure how legit the sources are, apparently Israel has admitted to it.


people saying shit on twitter isn't 'reports'


>Kill the whites
Whiteness is a made up concept created by European aristocrats to justify the subjugation and discrimination of other people- including but not limited to Irish, Greeks, Jews and Itallians.

>Kill the Christians

1. Look up Liberation Theology
2. A sizeable chunk of Palestenians as well as Arabs are Christian. Cope.

>Kill the Capitalists.

If need be. An anti-capitalist revolution needs anti-capitalist action. If they're not going to surrender their stolen property and MOP to the people who it actually belongs to, then fuck 'em.


>More details are emerging about strikes in southern Israel, for which Yemen’s Iran-backed Huthi rebels are claiming responsibility.
A drone on Thursday hit a school in the southern Israeli resort of Eilat and Israeli air defences later intercepted a missile over the Red Sea, the military said.

Yemen’s Iran-backed Huthi rebels said they had launched “a barrage of ballistic missiles” at southern Israel, but did not mention drones in their statement.

No one was physically hurt in the explosion at the Eilat elementary school caused by the unidentified drone, but paramedics were treating seven people for shock, said an army spokeswoman at the scene.

Emergency services confirmed the details separately.

Local residents clustered around the school complex, which was cordoned off by dozens of soldiers and police officers, an AFP reporter saw.

Later Thursday, the Israeli army said it intercepted a missile over the Red Sea without confirming its origin.

The Huthis have claimed repeated missile and drone attacks at Israel as they step up a campaign of disruptive strikes also targeting US forces in the region during Israel’s war with Hamas since October 7.

Huthi military spokesman Yahya Saree said in a statement: “Our armed forces… launched a barrage of ballistic missiles at various sensitive targets of the Israeli entity… including military targets in the area of Umm al-Rashrash”, the Arabic name of the town that stood where Eilat now is.

He said the operation was “successful” and claimed “direct hits”.

Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari told reporters the army was monitoring threats in the region, including against Eilat on the Red Sea coast.

“It can come from several places,” Hagari told reporters.

>i don't know how legit the sources are but they exist and also i'm not going to provide them
Okay. IDK what you want anyone to say to that anon.


>our anti-white
>our anti-christian
>our anti-capitalist
You're either a chinlet or the folks at Langley aren't paying you enough.



PARIS — French President Emmanuel Macron called Thursday for the world to strive to obtain a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, at the opening of a conference on the humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian territory.

In carefully calibrated remarks, Macron went further than before in calling for Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip to halt. “We need to work harder to protect civilians. We need a very quick humanitarian pause and we need to work toward a cease-fire,” he told delegates at the conference at the Elysée Palace.


I hope Macron gets ass cancer and dies. "work towards a ceasefire" that silver tongued snake.


>“There can’t be a cease-fire when Hamas continues to launch missiles on Israel because we cannot disregard Israeli civilians,” Tajani said in response to a question from POLITICO.

What did JVPITER mean by this?


Is North Gaza captured?


>believe in neoclassical economics
>they are on the margins at this point

>PFLP are a bunch of nobodies

they certainly declined, but they still exist and still have fighters, and still have links to the western left. They're also the primary reason the palestinian cause is so well known and supported in our circles.
Big respect to them.

>They are practically run by Syrian intelligence now.



File: 1699575427329.png (403.83 KB, 730x410, ClipboardImage.png)


Chinese economics today is neoclassical not socialist

The link between PFLP and Syria is well known. All the different Palestinian factions aside from Hamas are puppets of foreign powers. Why do you think Hamas is popular? Even though they are allied with Hezbollah and Iran they supported the Syrian revolution. Hamas is an independent actor and makes its own decisions and Palestinians like that. PFLP, Fateh, Ahmed Jibril's group are always sucking someone's cock.


Really hammering hospitals tonight.
Israeli strike hits yard of al-Shifa Hospital complex: Health Ministry official
Ashraf al-Qudra, the spokesman of the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza, told our colleagues at Al Jazeera Arabic that there appears to be casualties.

“The medical teams are still inspecting the area to find out if there were dead or wounded [victims],” al-Qudra said.

“Israel is now undertaking these dangerous steps against the hospitals to put them completely out of commission and subsequently displace the people sheltering in them as well as the patients and medics.”

Thousands of displaced Palestinians are sheltering in the al-Shifa medical complex.

In recent weeks, the Israeli military has repeatedly ordered the hospital – the largest in the Gaza Strip – to evacuate, drawing condemnation from rights groups who say medical facilities must be protected.

==Fire reported at Gaza children’s hospital after Israeli air strike
The director of Gaza’s al-Rantisi Children’s Hospital said that an Israeli air strike has hit the medical facility, causing a fire.

In an urgent voice message sent to Al Jazeera Arabic early on Friday, Dr Mostafa al-Kahlout described a “massive fire” at the hospital.==

The hospital, which is located in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, was previously hit by an Israeli strike earlier this week.

Al-Rantisi Children’s Hospital is funded by the US-based Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund. It is also sheltering an estimated 1,000 refugees.

The vicinity of the Indonesian Hospital in northern Gaza has been struck with “11 missiles”, the director says.


File: 1699575998684.mp4 (17 MB, 1280x720, Orca - Get Mad.mp4)


And also medicals in the west bank:
Médecins Sans Frontières has insisted “hospitals are not targets and must remain safe spaces”, saying there had been a “surge in violence” in the West Bank.

Since 7 October we have seen a dramatic increase in violence from Israeli forces in Jenin. Since then, our team has treated over 30 patients with gunshot and blast wounds.

Today, there has been a surge in violence, with widespread bombing and shooting – this morning leaflets were dropped on Jenin refugee camp, telling residents to evacuate, many of whom have no safe place to go.

This morning around 10:30am our team treated a paramedic who was shot while inside an ambulance. Since 11am this morning, Israeli military vehicles have blocked ambulances from entering the hospitals, forcing them to refer patients to hospitals further away.

Last night, a soldier fired at the emergency unit of the hospital, hitting the wall in full view of our colleagues who were standing outside. Today, our team witnessed Israeli forces fire at the entrance of the hospital, with bullets hitting the wall directly above the door.

Hospitals are not targets and must remain safe spaces. Medical care must not be impeded.


File: 1699576496576.png (1.07 MB, 892x600, ClipboardImage.png)

‘It could have been a massacre’, al-Shifa Hospital director says of strike on complex
Mohammad Abu Salmiya, the director general of , says a group of civilians next to journalists were shelled in the yard of the medical centre.

“This led to a lot of casualties, including critical injuries. It could have been a massacre in this place because of the number of the number of people in this complex,” Abu Salmiya told Al Jazeera Arabic.

“Before that, they bombed a building very close to the hospital. And now, there are heavy clashes and heavy bombing next to the hospital,” he said.

“Not a second goes by without bombing close to the hospital. Many of the hospitals windows have been broken, and there is fear and anxiety amongst the medics and the patients and the displaced people.”

>More from the al-Shifa Hospital director

“This is a war against the hospitals and a war against all the [Palestinian] citizens,” Abu Salmiya said.

“When you target hospitals, this is capital punishment against not just the medics and the patients, but against all of our people in the Gaza Strip.

“People won’t be able to receive health care and medicine from the hospitals, which will affect their well-being in an already very difficult public health situation. Everyone knows the needs of the hospitals. Everyone knows the hospitals have become graveyards.”


File: 1699577260893.png (1.03 MB, 1080x867, image5.png)

But Israel already has their own comic book character
>queer coded
>shows up in racist memes
>blows up hospitals


the fuck is queer coded?


narcisstsic op image


File: 1699578289537.jpg (91.27 KB, 640x704, Et32D1qWQAEGYvw.jpg)

actually joker was the UN ambassador for iran in one of the comics


How long until a ceasefire?

What’s everyone’s prediction?

I give this war two more weeks.


File: 1699580292360.webm (4.95 MB, 1280x720, 1699573515165639.webm)

Is it me or are the far right and mainstream Assmerican liberals basically the same? The only distinction between the average democrat and a /pol/tard is the way they talk in public. Biden doesn't call blacks uyghurs but on the inside he's no different to the most extreme white nationalists.


>Monsieur Joker
…I don't get it, was it because he was exiled in France?


>implying hamas isnt sucking qatari cock
one of your article is litterally about the troubles in the relationship between pflp and syria, obviously their support toward the syrian state against islamists helped them get shit from them and hezbollah but that hardly means theyre 'run by them'

hamas is popular because they got ton of money, arent too corrupt, and never got compromised going to betrayed peace deals, not because theyre independant, because theyre not anymore independant that the other factions


Genocide Joe literally fought for segregation when he was younger


File: 1699589219985.png (463.84 KB, 774x1024, ClipboardImage.png)


sirs…… not like this….


inviting brown people into a country where brown people are shot on sight in order to boost the economy is the mother of all bad ideas tbh


What makes you assume Palestinian freedom fighters want a ceasefire? At this point the best they can do for their liberation is attack Zionist infrastructure as much as possible which will force "Israel" to spend BILLIONS to rebuild. A ceasefire means defeat.


"some of you may die but that's a price I'm willing to pay."


don't they already invite Filipino workers in Israel?


Gaza doesn't want a ceasefire because a ceasefire is a gift to Israel.



Many more hospitals have been bombed now and I haven’t seen or heard of many “secondary explosions” from the numerous munitions depots that Hamas stores in these hospitals. Can say OSINT folk chime in and explain this strange fact to me?


File: 1699594603882.png (131.75 KB, 565x810, ClipboardImage.png)

Anon, they aren't just depots, it's a whole fucking fortress system! There's actually no genocide in Gaza. Hamas is just hiding the population in the underground city they've constructed. That's why Israel HAS to use bunker busters on hospitals, because underneath it's just meters and meters of concrete and steel.


File: 1699594631978.png (Spoiler Image, 85.28 KB, 565x635, ClipboardImage.png)

Which of course is a remix of an old classic


I'm continuing the discussion from yesterday about video evidence of Hamas massacre. Considering how surveilled the border to Gaza is and israel obsessed with security I am astounded at the lack of gore videos. There are videos from around the happening but no active massacring.

I would assume a massacre did occur, considering the amount hate palestinians must feel towards israel. It would also be in israels interest to publish it.

Also israel would supposedly know if a tiny cocroach tried to get past so where tf was the IDF? They should've known about the mobilisation before hamas even came over the wall. I'm not saying it was an inside job, but it seems israel definitely wanted this to happen.

Lastly: plz post vids of hamas massacring. It doesn't really matter in the big picture but I would like to know. I have scoured twitter for october 7th vids but only get circumstantials. Supposedly there are some verified by hrw, but I found only stills.


US State Department says it hasn’t so far found evidence for Israeli war crimes in Gaza

/leftypol/ BTFO


It's not about what you want. It's about what the Palestinians want.


Because of course they haven't.


File: 1699598933780.gif (1.99 MB, 400x400, 1445714137956.gif)


So Nazis can basically do any hate crime they want and Liberals will instantly blame Muslims for it. The absolute state of the West.


I mean if you can't trust the US state department who can you trust


Kmart: Australian store pulls 'Merry Ham-mas' Christmas bag
The Christmas food-themed bag featured the pun "ham-mas" in large lettering.
The Australian Jewish Association said it had "politely suggested" it be removed from sale because of the unintentional likeness to Hamas, which is a proscribed terrorist group in Australia and several other countries.

Wesfarmers, which owns the retail chain, apologised.


>At this point the best they can do for their liberation is attack Zionist infrastructure as much as possible which will force "Israel" to spend BILLIONS to rebuild. A ceasefire means defeat
They shoot some bottle rockets, of which like 90% miss or get shot down, while Israel hammers Gaza with tons of JDAMs every day. On the war against infrastructure, Israel is winning massively.


Oh no leftybros, we're loosing on the Christmas front


The next target is hummus.


you mean freedom dip


They want to fight back. A ceasefire allows America to pour in more weapons to Israel and Israel to build up a more fascist existence. The Palestinians have a right to resist.


File: 1699605009004-0.jpg (101.2 KB, 1032x464, 56cp196eny251.jpg)

File: 1699605009004-1.jpg (195.15 KB, 1000x1000, C2PsDelUQAAVkft.jpg)

>Is it me or are the far right and mainstream Assmerican liberals basically the same? The only distinction between the average democrat and a /pol/tard is the way they talk in public. Biden doesn't call blacks uyghurs but on the inside he's no different to the most extreme white nationalists.
No that's factual and correct.


>plz post vids of hamas massacring
IDF is not sending their best






Fuckin hell, reminds me of the ground level accounts of the Battle of Stalingrad. The Nazis called it "rattenkrieg", the war of the rats. Fighting street by street and ruin by ruin through piles of rubble and clouds of dust.

No matter how this turns out, even if it turns into a last man and last bullet situation, I think Hamas has earned its place in history.


Then destroy them, natsoy. We don't give a fuck about the shit you said; go wild if you must. But you won't do it or can't do it, do you? Because of what you're a cuck, chinlet, and troon itself. You're part of liberalism itself, faggot. You're not a master racer, bla-bla-bla; you're a peasant with Stockholm syndrome.


mfers think they playing dwarf fortress


File: 1699608942118.png (128.39 KB, 538x482, 1699598185483582.png)


Good, but not good enough. Seriously, there should be international jihad against those Zionists. By any means necessary.


Ban Christianity
Ban Islam
Ban Judaism
Their will be no Jews because their will be no Judaism. Because it happens to all Abrahamic regions it's fair and even.


File: 1699610598914.png (254.44 KB, 592x627, israel.png)


>Cope for what?
Cope for the fact that Amerimutt hegemony is the final hope for fascists around the globe and the fall of Israel will ensure its end. No more care packages from the CIA for yout to go around and stage coups. No more shitlib psyops and bothsiding. Your kind will be raped and slaughtered on the streets while everyone cheers.


So what? Even if you raze and level that hospital to the ground, Indonesia itself won't act. Their government are full of liberals that succumb to US & its allies, they even don't join the BRICS.


File: 1699611448984.png (1.56 MB, 1080x2184, ClipboardImage.png)

forget hamas = isis
now hamas = russia


They still won't get those billions of dollars, no matter if they praise Isreal or not.


File: 1699611923403.png (617.28 KB, 854x624, ClipboardImage.png)



Irish should've taken care of them later anyway.


the video depicts a man holding up what appears to be a baton


Israeli tanks surround al-Rantisi Hospital complex
Al Jazeera has verified footage showing Israeli tanks near the al-Rantisi Hospital complex in Gaza City.

Palestinian activists and journalists this morning published a video showing Israeli tanks and vehicles in front of the gate of the hospital in the al-Nasser neighbourhood amid the sound of gunfire.

Late on Thursday, al-Rantisi Hospital and the area around it was one of the several medical facilities targeted by Israel.

Gaza government says Israeli strike on al-Shifa Hospital kills 13
The Hamas-run government of the Gaza Strip says an Israeli strike on the territory’s largest hospital has killed at least 13 people.

“Thirteen martyrs and dozens wounded in an Israeli strike on al-Shifa compound today” in central Gaza City, a government statement said.


why's it a surprise when loyalists pull this shit lmao


not. surprise loyalists always supported Israel


File: 1699616634481.png (1.48 MB, 1366x589, ClipboardImage.png)

Name this gang of rogues.


I asked chat ai and it suggested: "Finklestein's Shadow Syndicate"


>According to testimonies, an #American R9X Hellfire have been fired at journalists at Al Shifa Hospital tonight. The missile has blades that rotate at high speed leaving amputations around and few damage in buildings.


"We have investigated ourselves and found no evidence of crimes" These are the vibes I am getting.


Americans usually use these things for targeted kills most evidence you tend to see of them is that they have been fired at some people in a car, as they also slice right through the top.
>That video
Jesus.. Horrific. I think i will be sick at the terror of it now…


Do you like my new toy, prole?


>Palestinian Foreign Ministry accuses Israel of ‘hijacking’ hospitals
The Palestinian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Expatriates says Israel “kidnaps hospitals as hostages for extortion” in Gaza.

In a statement, the ministry said Israel was continuing its siege of hospitals to “blackmail” the international community for “political gains” and to force Palestinians to move to the south in a “new episode of genocide”.

The ministry also called on the international community to respect its position on protecting civilians and to apply pressure on the “occupying state” to commit to this.

>Palestinian Foreign Ministry accuses Israel of ‘hijacking’ hospitals
The Palestinian Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Expatriates says Israel “kidnaps hospitals as hostages for extortion” in Gaza.

In a statement, the ministry said Israel was continuing its siege of hospitals to “blackmail” the international community for “political gains” and to force Palestinians to move to the south in a “new episode of genocide”.

The ministry also called on the international community to respect its position on protecting civilians and to apply pressure on the “occupying state” to commit to this.

>Gaza ‘carnage simply must stop’: UNRWA boss
The head of UNRWA has called for an end to the “carnage” afflicting war-torn Gaza.

“The present course chosen by the Israeli authorities will not bring the peace and stability that both Israelis and Palestinians want and deserve,” Philippe Lazzarini wrote in a media opinion piece.

“The carnage simply must stop.”




File: 1699620291104.jpeg (37.42 KB, 640x480, Chuddy do u love me.jpeg)

mods need to act before this thread becomes another /pol/ colony like the ukraine thread. seriously how is this moderation so ass as to leave posts like that up for hours?


File: 1699621613791.jpg (378.58 KB, 1080x1535, IMG_20231110_134646 (1).jpg)

Le IDF face


>Another 'Master Sergent'
Is everyone this sergent in the IDF? WTF is going on?
Jannies actively want that probably.
> like the ukraine thread.
They hyper-moderated the ukraine thread to insta-remove basically any dissenting opinions.


>Israeli forces bombed Al-Shifa five times in less than 24 hours: Ministry
Gaza Health Ministry spokesperson Ashraf al-Qudra says Israel has bombed Al-Shifa Hospital buildings five times since Thursday night.

“They shelled the maternity department and the outpatient clinics building. One Palestinian was killed and several were wounded in the early morning attack,” he said.

In the wake of the attacks, witnesses said many people were starting to leave the grounds of the facility fearing further attacks.

Israel has warned people to evacuate but al-Qudra said that was impossible.

“We are talking about 45 babies in incubators, 52 children in intensive care units, hundreds of wounded and patients, and tens of thousands of displaced people,” he said.

>‘Israel maintains its crimes against hospitals’: Minister
Palestinian Health Minister Mai al-Kaila has said 18 hospitals in Gaza have ceased operations since the start of the Israeli military offensive in early October.

“Israel is turning its back to the international community, and maintains its crimes against hospitals, health centres and shelter centres across the Gaza Strip,” al-Kaila said in a statement cited by Palestinian WAFA news agency.


as someone said, the rank are earned due to time served, so at the end of military service everyone will at least become a sergeant.


I think some mods got so fixated on PPH as proof of their own success that, even if leftypol was 80% cum/chug/gers, if it saw a 15% increase in PPH they'd pat themselves on the back for a job well done.


She'll be better off without him


Marc Lamont Hill embarrassing zionists again.


What the fuck

What what the fuck kind of weapon is that

Pure sadism


TBF it was designed to reduce civilian casualties, I guess I'm moderately in favour of it compared to normal bombs


File: 1699626119843-0.png (37.42 KB, 878x379, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1699626119843-1.png (413.1 KB, 637x583, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1699626155255.png (324.32 KB, 827x530, nk_hamas.png)


who draws this shit? what do they do for the other 9 years in a decade? can I get them to draw my house? and will it be targeted with air strikes if I do?


for the other 9 years they draw 'where's wally' books


did this mf have a go on Epstein's jet?


>your hiding in a merkava when this guy fires a fagot seeking missile at you wwyd?
forever lmaoing at the shining democracy of the middle east.


>can I get them to draw my house?
<architect prices
<but for more than just fake and gay lines.
<in color
You're going to be bankrupt anon.


>TBF it was designed to reduce civilian casualties, I guess I'm moderately in favour of it compared to normal bombs
It's such a weird one, isn't it.
My extreme reaction has always been disgust towards them, far more disgust than a regular missile, i cannot really rationalize it though because it causes objectively less collateral damage than explosions.
I hate that this line of thought and either of these things exist though.

News articles getting more horrid by the hour..
>Al-Shifa director: 20 killed in Israeli strike on school
The director of Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital says at least 20 Palestinians were killed in an Israeli strike on a school in Gaza City.

>Fleeing on designated safe road, Gaza residents come under fire
From Hani Mahmoud in Khan Younis, southern Gaza

Gaza residents fleeing on Salah al-Din Street have come under heavy fire from Israeli tanks.

Multiple people were killed and many injured using the very thoroughfare that they were promised by Israeli forces would be safe.

The wounded were rushed to al-Aqsa Hospital, the closest medical facility to Salah al-Din Street.

Residents who spoke to Al Jazeera say they are frustrated, they are angry, and that there is no trust in anything the Israeli military says.

They say that the pauses in fighting to provide windows for evacuation were a trap.

>Israeli snipers target al-Quds Hospital, kill one: Red Crescent
We’ve just received a statement by the Palestine Red Crescent Society saying at least one person has been killed and 20 wounded in shooting by Israeli snipers targeting al-Quds Hospital.

Two of the wounded were in critical condition, it added.

“Fierce clashes now and occupation snipers shooting at al-Quds Hospital. Casualties among the displaced” Palestinians sheltering at the facility, the medical organisation said.


Be the janny you wish to see in the world anon


I mean the idea of it is definitely freaky but it's just because we're used to normal fragmentation bombs which are objectively horrifying if you stop to think about it.

I remember a parody column in private eye years ago like 'western powers demand assad stop using chemical weapons and use chemical explosives instead like a civilised country'.


First of all, we have no idea what that guy is holding. Secondly, fighters will obviously bring their wounded to the hospital. It's a hospital's requirement to care for all injured regardless of civilian or combatant and regardless of what side they are on. Lastly, we have a lot of footage from inside the Indonesian hospital and if it had arms caches, weapon stockpiles, and a command post inside we would have seen them already.


its the way its being used. some fuck threw it into a hospital yard with loads of already injured civilians. knowing it was going to slice them up. for shits and giggles. obviously no fighters there.


Well yeah it goes without saying that America/Israel are evil imperialists who will use them on civilians anyway


>First of all, we have no idea what that guy is holding. Secondly, fighters will obviously bring their wounded to the hospital. It's a hospital's requirement to care for all injured regardless of civilian or combatant and regardless of what side they are on. Lastly, we have a lot of footage from inside the Indonesian hospital and if it had arms caches, weapon stockpiles, and a command post inside we would have seen them already.
They're all full of international medical personell and aid/rights organizations. The claims are farsical on their face but they're not aimed at anyone who cares for the obvious truth, they are there to assuage guilt.
Kek. Private Eye still winning. Very good UK publication.
>for shits and giggles.
Probably. But mainly to scare the rest in to migrating south i think.

This is wrong btw, it's now 21 hospitals.


Dude westerners truly are just beyond cartoonishly evil. Just pure sadism and hate in their hearts.


File: 1699633843113.png (5.55 MB, 2500x1667, ClipboardImage.png)

>Dude westerners truly are just beyond cartoonishly evil.
Did somebody say "Day of war against hospitals"

>‘Day of war against hospitals’ says al-Shifa director

The head of al-Shifa Medical Complex has called today’s attacks against his hospital and several others a “day of war against hospitals”, adding that it was “tragic in every sense of the word”.

“The sick and wounded occupy all of the hospital’s corridors, and we cannot perform surgical operations,” said Muhammad Abu Salmiya, speaking to Al Jazeera.

“We cannot find a single bed to place victims on,” he added. “We are taking difficult decisions between who to save and who to let die… as I speak to you I am standing in front of 100 dead bodies.”

Abu Salmiya said that only four sections of the hospital were still operating: the intensive care unit, the baby incubator unit, the operation theatre and the dialysis unit. “These wards cannot function without electricity,” he said. “We are in dire need of fuel… to keep these critical units operating. Thousands of patients lives are hanging by a thread. This is a war crime.”

The director added that the thousands of displaced people living inside the hospital are without food or water, and that the fear is that Israel will bomb the hospital and destroy it.


File: 1699634656165.png (296.64 KB, 463x477, sad.png)

im tired


PRCS says Israel ‘opened fire’ at ICU in al-Quds hospital

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) says Israeli forces have opened fire on the intensive care unit at Al-Quds hospital in Gaza.

Earlier, PRCS earlier said one person was killed and 20 others were wounded in a shooting by Israeli snipers targeting the hospital.



File: 1699635211189.png (411.71 KB, 586x731, 4764902.png)

This is fucking insanity. As usual, "terrorism" is used as a carte blanche to arrest anyone they want for being Arab. Only democracy in the Middle East btw. The entirety of the West is already twisting completely innocuous statements as excuses to arrest people just for being Muslim, like the guy in Canada who got arrested just for saying "from the river to the sea". This is essentially a full on ethnic crackdown throughout the Western world where Muslims are no longer allowed to say ANYTHING because deranged Westerners will always find an excuse to twist it into "terrorism".

Even in the usual Western boogeyman nations like China, the worst that would happen if someone made a similar statement on hostile entities (which this woman wasn't even doing, her statement was completely ambiguous and it was only through racist gymnastics that it was assumed to be supporting "terrorism") is that the status gets deleted. Literally the only thing that liberals even remotely had something resembling a moral high ground on was the illusion of freedom of speech, but that's obviously complete bullshit anyways. This is indefensible even by liberal standards so they'll just ignore the video.


File: 1699635291154.png (1.47 MB, 1246x1028, 1698532844666348.png)

absolutely based


File: 1699635439469.jpg (983.73 KB, 1284x1282, 1689434039049533.jpg)

Guts is Palestine
Griffith is Israel


New GDF going into detail on why Israel is an apartheid state not just against Palestinians in the occupied territories, but against Arab citizens of Israel as well.


Israel absolutely has a white supremacist outlook but it's of a strange Eastern European flavor Westoids aren't used to, take a look at Netanyahu or Gallant and tell me they wouldn't look out of place wearing Russian or Ukrainian uniforms instead


??? Thats ridiculous


where did the rocket go? you can see it in a few frames but when the camera moves to the wounded guy it is nowhere to be seen?


>physics doesn't exist

you think a hunk of metal and 6 swords smashing into the ground at that speed wouldn't fly the fuck far away after slicing people up?


Westoids really have mastered making the most ridiculously over the top cruel and sadistic weapons.


I'm honestly not sure what to expect in such a situation.
I guess lots of parts strewn around from the impact? some sort of markings on the ground?
maybe these things can travel horizontally?


Looks like it might be a piece of it. Most of the debris on the ground are probably part of it.


>Hamas says latest Israeli attacks ‘disgrace in face of humanity’
Hamas described Israeli attacks on civilians as a “disgrace in the face of humanity”, referring to an attack on civilians fleeing northern Gaza using Salah el-Din road, and another attack on displaced people sheltering at al-Buraq school.

“Our people will not be defeated by these criminal, fascist actions,” Hamas said in a statement.

More than 50 people have been killed in these “massacres”, it said, adding that Israel will continue to carryout “crimes, before the eyes of the world”.

It said these attacks, which ignored “all international humanitarian laws” and are supported by the US administration, will not break the Palestinian people and the “resistance”.


Why do those knife missiles seem more barbaric than an explosive one


They're equally barbaric


Being cut in pieces is messier than being instantly vaporized


Because America has already normalized 80 years of explosive slaughter.


File: 1699637706598.png (190.18 KB, 288x346, ClipboardImage.png)

>32days pass
>She is forgotten
What are the odds the IAF was the one who killed her in the end?


oh no..
Israel has killed a further seven Hezbollah fighters on its northern border with Lebanon, taking the total death toll of Hezbollah fighters to 78 since the Hamas attack on Israel on 7 October

The rising death toll in Lebanon and the killing of 18 Palestinians by Israeli security forces in the West Bank on Thursday prompted the Iranian foreign minister, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, to declare that a wider regional escalation of the conflict was inevitable.

Hezbollah, the Lebanese political and militant group and Iran’s most prominent proxy movement, named the seven fighters in a statement that said they were “martyred on the road to Jerusalem”, the phrase Hezbollah often uses to record deaths. The Hezbollah death toll now well exceeds the numbers killed in the 2006 war with Israel, prompting internal debates about its next steps.

The group’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, will make his second speech this month on Saturday, setting out his latest thinking. He ended his last one-hour speech on 3 November by saying he was leaving all military options on the table and that this dispute with Israel was of a different order to all its predecessors.

One person killed, many children wounded after Israeli snipers target al-Quds hospital, says Palestinian Red Crescent
The Red Cross statement calling for the protection of patients, healthcare workers, medical facilities in Gaza comes as the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PCRS) said Israeli forces opened fire on the intensive care unit at al-Quds hospital in Gaza City.

One person was killed and 28 others were wounded in sniper fire by Israeli forces at the hospital, the organisation said.

The majority of the injured were children, it said, two of whom are in critical condition.


They confirmed she's dead. Her mother was probably phoned by some money hungry Palestinians looking for cash or some retard from /pol/ looking for thrills. Meh one less colonizer.


>Israeli military says striking Lebanon after latest cross-border attacks
The military said three Israeli soldiers had been injured by an anti-tank missile that hit a military post in the Manara area of northern Israel.

The military also said two other soldiers were wounded, one seriously, by a brought-down “hostile aircraft” that flew over Israel from Lebanon.

It said it was “currently attacking” several Hezbollah targets in Lebanon.


File: 1699639183455.png (182.37 KB, 370x385, 1344988864299.png)

>The Hellfire R9X is a Hellfire variant with a kinetic warhead with pop-out blades instead of explosives, used against specific human targets.
>It is intended to reduce collateral damage when targeting specific people.
>kinetic warhead
So this is where Ameribrain and Great Man Theory leads you. Putting less explosives in your ammo, and spending resources and time on assassinations.


File: 1699639298345.jpg (40 KB, 552x501, 1698170061398001.jpg)

Give me some hopium bros. Will Israel collapse in our lifetime?


File: 1699639405018.png (1.59 MB, 1334x750, ClipboardImage.png)

It is a completely a product of and for their 'anti-insurgency' ideas in afghanistan and syria and etc. when they needed a new 'head of' to kill every few weeks and get headlines to give an impression of 'winning'.


I just read some retard saying that Palestinians don't let their daughters attend school or go out the house without a hijab
Anybody else feel like the international community is trying to paint the arab world again like Afghanistan to prepare for war? That the people there are brown and savages? That the civilised Jewish people came from Europe and made the desert an oasis? That they brought democracy to the uneducated Middle East, that they brought gay rights and women rights and Technology and gluten free food to the Middle East?


>Deployed in secret in 2017, its existence has been public since 2019.
>The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies
>Release dates 1 December 2014 (London premiere)


Have you heard of the curse of the 8th decade? It's a popular religio-conspiracy among the Israeli community and rabbis in particular, about how just like both the first and second kingdoms of Israelites collapsed in their 8th decade, so too will Israel collapse in its 8 decade, or by 2028, this is why Bibi says he must stay prime minister by that year as he is the only man able to "break the curse".


Save this video to your phone so you can explain the context and pull it up any time somebody says something pro-zionist.


The biggest hopium is that they are completely losing the propaganda war, and western countries are sacrificing their own credibility to uphold the line as well. The only people who are still supporting Israel are pretty much openly pro-genocide and saying things like "Palestinians are just animals anyway." It's revealing very deep and pernicious racism and psychotic bloodlust within liberal westerners and making them comparably disgusting to the average person as the western reactionary right has become. Soon people will realize the only human option is the far left.


This type of missile isn't meant to have a big explosion, just enough energy to propel the blades with sufficient force to cause major wounds (likely to multiple people). A regular explosive payload on this would be kind of missing the point since it would outright kill people when it's trying to dismember them. The point of a weapon like this is to inflict trauma and disability, while also not being as dramatic and loud.


File: 1699640733147.png (1.89 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>Israeli forces continue to push towards centre of Gaza City
The fighting in the urban areas of the Gaza Strip have reached critical levels, as the Israeli occupation forces are pushing forward and deeper.

Now the Israeli troops are stationed in Tel al-Hawa neighborhood, in al-Shati refugee camp and even in the eastern areas of Gaza as they are trying to infiltrate more into the central and to main centers of Gaza City. They are only on Kilometer away from Al-Shifa hospital.

I’m in the south right now. We can hear the Israeli bombardment from time to time, we can even hear the fire exchanged between Palestinian fighters and the maneuvering troops on the far east areas of Khan Younis and Rafah district.

>‘Electricity, water, communication’ cut off from Indonesian hospital, health ministry says

The Palestinian ministry of health has posted a video of the Indonesian hospital in the messaging app Telegram, showing that the building is standing in total darkness.

It said electricity, water, and communication has been completely cut off from the hospital, which is in Gaza’s north.

And yet they almost always kill.. I see no peg-legged Soleimani on the scene..
Be honest anon, you just made all that up, didn't you?


File: 1699640741694.png (434.37 KB, 640x874, ClipboardImage.png)


Regular anti personnel rounds aren't about vaporizing and also basically knife missiles. The goal is to shred people with shrapnel. Similar kind of stuff happens. The knife missile is kind of spooky because there is no bang. That sound it makes in the video is spooky.


File: 1699641115615.jpg (5.82 KB, 300x168, 1343709614787.jpg)

Imagine my shock that reactionaries partake in magical thinking. Now make up some rumours that Israeli statehood began much earlier than than the Declaration, and you might trigger panic.


They kill but often it's gruesome and takes a while, compared to bombs obliterating you instantly. The guy who got his legs blown off is almost certainly going to die, but everyone nearby doesn't just hear an explosion and later learn he was killed - they just hear him screaming as he bleeds to death. That is the intended effect.


>Indian unions call for end to labour deal with Israel
Major trade unions in India have called on their government to scrap an agreement with Israel that will allow tens of thousands of Indian workers to replace Palestinian construction workers whose work permits have been revoked since the Israeli war on Gaza started.

The statement, released on behalf of the Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU), All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC), Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC), the BJP-affiliated Hind Mazdoor Sabha (HMS), and several other Indian union organisations, called for India's trade union movements to show solidarity with Palestinian workers by refusing to replace them.

“Nothing could be more immoral and disastrous for India than the said 'export' of workers to Israel,” the group said in an open letter published on 9 November.

“That India is even considering 'exporting' workers shows the manner in which it has dehumanised and commodified Indian workers.

"Such [a] step will amount to complicity on India's part with Israel's ongoing genocidal war against Palestinians and will naturally have adverse implications for Indian workers in the entire region.”
>Read More:


So maybe it wasn't the blade missile. This is even worse somehow. Just trying to pop a flare and the collateral damage is chopping people up.


>Plan Dalet (Plan D), of March 1948, is the most noteworthy. Guided by a series of specific operational plans, the broad outlines of which were considered as early as 1944, Plan Dalet was drawn up to expand Jewish-held areas beyond those allocated to the proposed Jewish State in the UN Partition Plan. Its overall objective was to seize as much territory as possible in advance of the termination of the British Mandate—when the Zionist leaders planned to declare their state.
Yeah, say Israel really started in 1944 with Plan Dalet, which Israel is obviously is continuing to execute to literally right now.


They set a restaurant in Australia on fire because the owner was a pro-palistenian, then a person recorded the torched place cheering for the attack


Least psychotic Zionist.


Wow, as an upper middle class Jew living comfortably in the West, you pointing this out makes me feel unsafe. I'm literally shaking and crying right now. #fightantisemitism


200% chance


>Being cut in pieces is messier than being instantly vaporized
They can launch the thing at some easy target for what? a few million per operation, from a drone? No need to mass produce it or spend many in failed attempts since it could be a PR op >>1674556 Just hit some target that won't expect it(like Soleimani thinking diplomatic protection meant anything), maybe a scapegoat, call it the supreme motherfucker of hell and collect headlines.

It doesn't matter if you spend the rest of the time bombing civilians and unleashing military psycho frat bros with guns on the population. Because the lapdog journo just got their parcel of reporting, where they can say the strike was "targeted" and the damage to bystanders "minimized" and the objective "achieved".

If the thing makes many times it's cost in lapdog media revenue and public opinion wrangling, then it's just money well spent in PR, no? Instant PR by Hellfire missile. Just add blood and shake (the ground).


>Something smells like it's burning, is it the burgers or the smell of children in gaza burning?
Cartoonishly evil.



Lol what are these people thinking posting these videos pn accounts with their name lol.



The less intelligent among the Nazis may act out without properly assessing if it's safe or acceptable to do so.


No ‘export of workers’ to Israel, say trade unions in India
All major trade unions have called on the govt to scrap the agreement with Israel & appealed to workers to boycott Israeli products and to refuse to handle Israeli cargo


>Construction workers from India should not be used to replace Palestinian workers in Israel, said major Indian trade unions in a joint statement issued on Thursday, 9 November. The signed statement was released on behalf of Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU) , All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC), Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) and even BJP-affiliated Hind Mazdoor Sabha (HMS) among others.

>The statement takes note of Israel seeking to replace approximately 1.3 lakh Palestinian workers with workers from India.

>Stating that Indian trade unions must rise in solidarity with Palestine and reject the "disastrous" idea, the central trade unions have called upon the Indian government to scrap the agreement signed in May 2023, during Israeli foreign minister Eli Cohen's visit, to send 42,000 workers to Israel.


WTfF I thought the Orthodox were anti-Zionist???


normalfags will never learn


inb4 crackdown on Idian unions because unions are anti hinduist muslim dens


Not all of them are. Some Orthodox Jews are like some of the Haredi, and some are theologically opposed to Zionism but support it as a matter of realism.


Depends on the sect.


Holy shit I love the PMC now.


Comrade Branco agitates against the Zionist entity


as >>1674620 says it depends on the sect.
the Chabad-lubavitch group in that screenshot are pro-zionist. the Satmar group and Neturei Karta are the ant-zionist ones that we see on these protests.

on a unrelated note theres a story that the chabadd rabbi put a curse on Stalin and he died a few days later.


File: 1699645910469.jpg (68.43 KB, 1024x522, magicduel.jpg)

>on a unrelated note theres a story that the chabadd rabbi put a curse on Stalin and he died a few days later
Picrel, magical duel between Rabbi Deathnote wielders and Juche necromancers.


File: 1699647957195.mp4 (3.25 MB, 480x832, zionistcowards.mp4)


>Professional Managerial Class
>high school teacher


File: 1699648810685.jpg (170.99 KB, 1151x1151, DSb7cQXVAAEAdZL.jpg)

In a hypothetical scenario where Palestinians manage to liberate their country and utterly defeat and abolish the Zionist government: would they be justified in killing/expelling all Jews from the country?


Holy schizophrenia! It's amazing lol. I wish…


Teachers have to manage kids. Calling them PMC is no more stupid than any other use of the term.


They would just do what the Haitians did and say that any Israelis who sided with them are Palestinian/Arab.


>when you understand what PMC means


Justified in what sense? Morally? I would say not, since it's pretty hard to justify ethnic cleansing in pretty much any situation. It would be one thing to remove foreign-born Jews, dual passport holders, etc, but by this point a lot of Jews have been established for multiple generations and know no other home. Not to mention the Mizrahi Jews that have been there just as long as the Palestinians. Keep in mind that in Haiti whites were a tiny minority, whereas even if the Palestinian exiles returned Jews would make up something like a third of the population. On the other hand if Jews nigh universally proved incapable of adjusting to the post-apartheid Palestinian society, removing them may be a distasteful practical necessity, although that seems unlikely.


It's a meme term. Don't derail the thread.


Nasrallah status?


based teacher




Midwestern Marx claims teachers are PMC.


They don’t have the numbers to do that.


elite college jewish students are experiencing anti semitism because of palestine rallies



They are lying as usual. What are these antisemetic incidents? People chanting from the river to the sea, saying they don't support Israel etc. This isn't anti-semitism and these students are usually hardcore zionists who've been working on campuses for years trying to get Arab professors fired. Fuck em!


what is this anti-semitism they experienced? did someone spray paint "Palestinians rule!" on their driveway?


Genocide apologia.


Only if they have American/European accents.


most mizrahim are from morocco


Aren't North African Jews Sephardic? Besides, there was always a population of Mizrahi Jews in Palestine long before Zionism existed.


In fairness, there has been an uptick in antisemitic incidents in both Europe and the US. The problem is that Zionists are using that fact to shut down all criticism of Israel.


You also won't see Zionists saying a single word about the rise in Islamiphobic and anti-Arab crimes.


I wonder if this war will radicalize disillusioned ex-Bernie supporters or if they'll just end up jaded and cynical like the Occupy Wall St generation?


>In fairness, there has been an uptick in antisemitic incidents in both Europe and the US.
Probably exaggerated to the extreme.
They have whole organizations which do this and it's a known tactic of zionists abroad from israel.


The only real violent incidents and murders have been Islamophobic. Western media is calling protestors banging on library windows "antisemitic" because some Jewish students happened to be in THE PUBLIC UNIVERSITY LIBRARY they were protesting next to. They're even starting to say that "free Palestine" is antisemitic, not just "from the river to the sea". It's fucking insanity. There have been genuinely antisemitic incidents, but FROM NAZIS. An actual good faith pro-Palestinian protestor would never be drawing swastikas or saying some of the shit that the Nazis have been saying, but the way Western media spins it is that they immediately insinuate Muslims were behind it when the act is first discovered, but once it inevitably turns out to be some Groyper shithead they just entirely ignore it. The Zionists would genuinely love it if a pro-Palestinian protestor actually hurt a Zionist but it isn't happening because they aren't psychopaths like the Zionists are.


That's not even to mention the psychotic doxxing and harassment of Pro-Palestinian protestors through all aspects of their personal and professional lives.


calling Israel an apartheid shithole and partaking in pro-Palestine protests is "antisemitism" and illegal. There you have your rise in "antisemitic incidents".


>In fairness, there has been an uptick in antisemitic incidents in both Europe and the US.
I don't buy it, the only source for this has been the ADL which is notoriously a Zionist rag and thus their word is worth nothing, they immediately call anything that slightly inconveniences a Zionist antisemitic while excusing all the actually and unmistakably antisemitic shit in Ukraine, so fuck 'em completely.


Debian conference is gonna be in Haifa, Israel this up coming year. We have to stop this! Meh…. I guess the Qassam rockets will scare them off llll


video released by hezbollah.
"What is happening on our front is very important and very influential. It may seem modest to some who expect or demand Hezbollah to quickly enter into a full-scale war with the enemy.

However, if we objectively look at what's happening on the borders, we will find it to be very significant, very important, and very influential.

Of course, [what is happening now] will not be sufficient in any case. It will not be sufficient in any case."


Like seriously. How do they justify this shit? Where is the Hamas fighter here? Is that guy a commander?


Yes. I've been thinking about a resolution to the conflict and it looks like there are 3 options.

1) Least casualties, 'mature' enlightened centrist option. UN implements the Chinese plan against the US will as a coalition of the willing, sanctions and occupies Israel, implements 2 state solution. Ignores historical injustice, stops the killing now. Truth and reconciliation commission for respect and understanding without forgiving or forgetting. Make reparations come from taxes and make both sides pay as a symbolic token of good will and mutual respect between the two societies. This is Israels best option, all others inevitably lead to one state solution.

2) Force, justice option. Give Iran a nuke. Israel suddenly much less belligerent. Probably starts a regional war that forces Israel loses forcing them to negotiating table, Zionists flee, Palestine becomes Zimbabwe. Ends in one state democratic solution.

3) Wait, justice delayed. China finishes belt and road, links Pakistan to Iran and builds a pipeline from Iran to Syrian coast. Russia globalizes its oil trade. US petrodollar monopoly collapses. toyStoryDrop.jpg Funding evaporates. Israel suddenly realize physical resources are necessary for production and not just intellectual property and capitulates. One state solution in addition to the concessions in the first option.


>It will not be sufficient in any case

This is not a correct translation. The actual correct translation is "it will not be limited to this".


I seriously wish ill upon every zionist pig in the world. They are demons.


The burger restaurant is owned by a Palestinian who put out a statement that he wasn't going to be cowed into silence and would support Palestine. That location is in the middle of Jew Town tho, so it was pretty likely that some Zionazi would attack it. There's a general suspicion that the guy who recorded the racist rant for the 'gram is the guy who did it because he sounds like an incel nut, and in spite of what people reckon Aussies generally don't do racist school shooter shit like that. Fucking sucks that the Israelis are exporting their terror to the west.


>A difficult night. Initial news of the killing of 16 of our soldiers as a result of a missile attack on Merkava tanks and ambushes carried out by infantry groups in a number of neighborhoods inside gaza.
Lol. it'll be one guy by the morning and the IDF report.


I imagine real casualties are probably a half a dozen or so times higher than what the idf puts out, if not more.


Seems like it was actually cateless collateral damage.
Like if they dropped a fuel tank over a populated area.


File: 1699655275940.png (503.2 KB, 700x394, ClipboardImage.png)

>IDF preparing for Gaza fighting to last a year — unsourced report
The IDF is expecting to be fighting in Gaza for a year, Channel 12 reports. It says the IDF is set to expand its ground operations into areas where the IDF has never operated before.

“There is no pressure to hurry,” the unsourced report says.

“That is the message army commanders are being told all the time: Work slowly and securely. Bring the results.”

The report says the IDF is “preparing for a period of a year of fighting… in different areas… different methods, but a year of fighting to get to the fourth stage of this war: The entry of a new government in Gaza that is not Hamas and is not backed by the Iranians.”


Why does the US support Israel? A geopolitical analysis with economist Michael Hudson - Nov 10, 2023


Netenyahu knows if this war ends hes finished. He's gonna prolong it as long as he needs to


>Aussies generally don't do racist school shooter shit like that
Well when they have access to guns they seem to do so at a pretty high rate for their population. Christchurch was committed by an Australian. Also Australian special forces were probably the most cruel and violent of them all during the invasion of Afghanistan, despite again only making up a small part of the invading forces, which is saying a lot. Australian nonces doing heinous shit in Southeast Asia is another horrifying can of worms as well. On an institutional level there's also the Nauru concentration camp.


File: 1699655346876.png (55.31 KB, 1012x255, ClipboardImage.png)

ITT; we make news headlines that might as well be real

"top ten reasons why Gaza should surrender, you won't believe number 6!"

"dear black lives matter, we jews can't breathe too"

"help! we are under attack! donate now on your phones"

"35 Jewish things Arabs need to stop appropriating in 2023, like hummus and terrorism"

"inclusivity, diversity, and progress, why I joined the IDF as an Asian woman"

"out of ten, how antisemitic are you? take our free quiz to find out, You Might Also Like this funny tiktok dance featuring Palestinian prisoners"

"why 'from the river to the sea' is a TERF dog whistle"

"Palestinians being radicalized by Israel's actions? What about Arab/Muslim terror radicalizing Jews?"

"to be pro-Palestine IS to be pro-Hamas; says Nelson Mandela"

"why you should invest in gush katif now!"

"toxic Palestinians should look at the bigger picture on why the IDF is doing these kinds of airstrikes."


"shocking: hamas fighter rapes child beheads willing onlookers"


Citadel Under Siege: Why October 7 is Israel's January 6


celebrities who receive sexual assault charges flee to Israel, so it is also a criminal's heaven


>Hill Peyton Ruiz - Channel 14 correspondent:

>A difficult night. Initial news of the killing of 16 of our soldiers as a result of a missile attack on Merkava tanks and ambushes carried out by infantry groups in a number of neighborhoods inside gaza.


>I've been hearing reports of a major ambush or several ambushes in gaza against the iof, reportedly many casualties.
Oh i think this is made up. Only comes up on twitter randos and literally /pol/ with a search of the name "Hill Peyton Ruiz".



File: 1699655516229-0.png (362.4 KB, 583x543, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1699655516229-1.png (846.56 KB, 828x467, ClipboardImage.png)

bruh they're really trying to spin "holocaust 2.0" to mean "kill more jews" and not "Israel is doing another holocaust"


>Jews were the biggest donors to BLM, a d this is how you repay us?
Saw a lot of them saying exactly that.


can't let such a ripe opportunity to self-victimize go away!


"Stop misappropriating the legacies of MLK and Nelson Mandela for Hamas"


Just remembered that all of this started because some retards decided to have a rave near the world's largest concentration camp. lmao


apologies for that then.


File: 1699655905593.jpg (75.17 KB, 616x405, 6846741.jpg)

That would've mainly been the anti-Zionist jews anyways lmao.


>They are the most moral army on the world, but also the sexiest?! Top 10 IDF hotties to get circumcized for! [gallery]


"How condemning genocide makes you worse than Hitler" in a publication that features in the same issue an article titled "Rethinking the role of Nazis as historical villains"


Yep, and they did it on the first day in history too.


"A painful visit to the second Auschwitz, the Re'im music festival grounds."


all of those cases are exceptional tho: everyone knew those cunts were sick in the head they just didn't do anything about the warning signs because they were dropped on head nazis or they self selected because nobody is joining the army when anybody can get the dole and avoid being molested at Puckapunyal. Nauru sucks hard but it's being run by a British government contractor called Serco and was most likely committed to so our sea borders could be used as a lab like the gaza strip.


Dead Palestinian painter could have been the next Hitler.


just realized the IDF sews pockets at the hips to make them look wider, literal thot army


Our Struggle: What the Zionist Movement Can Learn from the Third Reich

>The Nazi Party may have killed six million Jews, but their ability to pursue policy in the face of "Left" hysteria stands as a model for Zionists everywhere


aussie detected


Anyone got that iconic Al-Qassam video where they run up to the tank, drop an explosive on it, run back and shoot another tank? Forgot to save it.


"mia khalifa, the next eva braun?"


It's hard to parody them because they already said shit more outlandish than you can dream.

>Why Nazis have been taking the blame for Islamic antisemitism


Block September: How Minecraft Serves as Palestinian Propaganda


Thats backwards. Israel is an american military base.


File: 1699656422210.png (438.79 KB, 1600x1312, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1699656451759.png (2.27 MB, 1200x857, ClipboardImage.png)

oh fuck, that did happen, a gazan painter was reported to be killed and the replies were full of israelis calling her "fake"


And there is no reason for fatigues to be that tight lol.


<Palestinian Groups Ask ICC to Arrest Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu for War Crimes & Genocide in Gaza

>On Wednesday three Palestinian rights groups filed a lawsuit with the international body, urging it to investigate Israel for the crimes of genocide and apartheid.

>The petition also calls for arrest warrants to be issued for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, President Isaac Herzog and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant. International inaction against Israeli aggression is part of “a systematic failure to hold Israel to account for decades,” as well as the “absolute double standard” applied to war crimes committed against people of the Global South, says Noura Erekat, associate professor at Rutgers University, author of Justice for Some: Law and the Question of Palestine, part of the Palestinian team of academics, intellectuals and activists who helped bring the ICC lawsuit.

>Al-Haq, Al Mezan and the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights — told the court that Israel’s suffocating siege of Gaza and the indiscriminate attacks on densely populated civilian areas amount to war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

>Reporters Without Borders have also submitted a petition calling on the ICC to investigate the now killing of 34 journalists

>This is not merely a lawsuit against Israeli individuals as stipulated by the petition, which it very much is, but it is also holding on trial the International Criminal Court, the international criminal law, international legal institutions as a whole, which have demonstrated an absolute double standard when it comes to the Global South.

>All those who have been indicted, with the exception of Slobodan Milošević, have been Arab and African individuals, heads of state, officials.

>Karim Khan, the prosecutor of the ICC, opened the investigation within a week of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin for the forcible transfer of Ukrainian children to Russia, immediately, without question. In this case, it took the prosecutor, Karim Khan, three weeks to travel to Rafah in order to investigate what was in the first week an evident example of genocidal intent

>What we see is not merely a repetition of history, but a continuation of colonial legacies, and one that led to the failure of the League of Nations



I love how that camouflage makes them stick out like a sore thumb literally everywhere they go


File: 1699657354830.png (48.73 KB, 504x406, ClipboardImage.png)

"At least the Nazis felt bad about killing Jews, Hamas lacks that little humanity"

jk,It's actually kind of real (from the r/stupidpol megathread):

>[…]Nothing could surpass the barbarism of what Hamas did that day. I have seen and covered many conflicts in my life, but I have never seen anything quite like this.

>As I said after watching at the Israeli embassy the other day the unedited footage of the massacre, this is one occasion when saying that some people are worse than the Nazis is not hyperbole.

>Average members of the SS and other killing units of Hitler’s were rarely proud of their average days’ work. Very few felt that shooting Jews in the back of the head all day and kicking their bodies into pits was where their own lives had meant to end up.
>Many spent their evenings getting blind drunk to try to forget. Nazi commanders had to worry about staff “morale”. When the war ended, the Nazis tried to pretend that Treblinka and other death camps never existed.

>Compare this with the behaviour of Hamas on October 7. As those of us who have viewed the raw footage from the day have seen and heard for ourselves, these terrorists were not just pleased with what they were doing. They were elated. They spent the whole time screaming “Allahu Akbar” with delight. As they decapitated bodies and shot terrified civilians, they were grinning, congratulating each other and seeking acclaim from others.

>In one call which the Israelis captured and played, a young Hamas terrorist called back to Gaza to boast to his parents that he, their son, had killed ten Jews “with my own hands”. He was ecstatic with joy. And desperate that his father and then his mother would give him their praise he desired. They did. Their boy had turned out good.


>Nauru sucks hard but
>blames the contractor being foreign
lol. pathetic. you sound like you work in government.
i don't have it seconding this.

>Al-Quds Hospital risks closing in next three hours as fuel, supplies run out: PRCS

The Palestine Red Crescent said the looming closure of the hospital in Gaza City means patients in the intensive care unit and babies in incubators will die.

It would also leave 500 patients and injured people without access to medical care, PRCS warned.



Fuck all of this shit! I'm going to become a hacker and work for Palestinians making free software and Israel free software so the Mossad can't fuck their computers.


They really went full force with hasbara on reddit after October 7. Probably deployed thousands of agents working full time on that one piece of shit site alone to completely overrun and take over the discourse. This worldnews thread was just 5 months ago and had 30k upvotes with relatively sane comments for reddit, especially compared to the state of worldnews now:


File: 1699658300597-0.png (1.02 MB, 1230x648, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1699658300597-1.png (787.95 KB, 740x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

just when that country, the UAE couldn't get any more cucked.
i found this tweet by one of the Emirati king's close friends. my Arabic is shit but I'm sure enough he said the following about this picture of a blonde Israeli woman

>This is miss Israel, the first time I looked at her i said to myself by allah we should bury the hatchet with them

>This is the angel that I am asked as an arab to kill so that Abbas and his ugly posse could rest knowing she had died….i say fuck you and fuck your people!, i dream of visiting the beaches of jaffa and the sweet girls of jaffa


Ukrainian pussy hit different


what no pussy does to a mf


Ask the Emiratis. The Muslim Brotherhood is coming for them and one day the Emirs will hang from their Burj Khalifa. Those traitors.


Don't they buy those women buy the truckload anyways?



only the elite, whom he's a part of.
dude, you don't want to know about the kind of lavish sex parties they have with escorts there, its disgusting to say the least


inshallah brother


They do but you do not understand how much these people worship blonde hair blue eyed pale women. It's embarassing.


>black roots
>eyes are grey
uhh, nailed it?


Israel admits apache helicopters fired on their own civilians running from the Supernova music festival.

This is how so many cars at the music festival ended up destroyed. Apache helicopters

The IDF collected all the destroyed cars and arranged them one month after the incident

This is is why we saw images of burned people inside their cars. Obviously a gun does not make this damage, but an Israeli apache helicopter does. Israel showed these images to journalists to justify their genocide in Gaza.

The Apache helicopters appear to have focused on vehicles streaming back into Gaza from the Nova electronic music festival and nearby kibbutzes, attacked cars with apparent knowledge that Israeli captives could be inside.

Drone footage from the scene of the music festival shows the damaged cars before they were rearranged by the IDF.

Likewise Israel has admitted to shelling Israeli civilian homes killing at-least 112 Israelis in the process.

Here is an example of one of the houses in the kibbutz that were shelled by Israeli tanks.

Multiple eyewitnesses from the music festival report being fired on by their own Israeli forces, Danielle Rachel and Yasmin Porat.

"Commanders in the field made difficult decisions — including shelling houses with all their occupants inside in order to eliminate the terrorists along with the hostages"



Quora isn't usefu…ACK!!!


Yeah that's what I meant by they. Yeah I know they are into scat and watersports and whatever humiliation shit.


trying so hard to live to those old sheik tropes from 80s movies, stupid, wealthy, and with a raging perverted boner for any Nordic woman


Those tits look photo shopped. It doesn't matter. In the Middle East revolution is inevitable, socialism is possible, Islam is certain. The Arab monarchs and dictators are shaking in their boots right now. They are terrified of their own people.


the saudis are a prime example of why having all that money is bad for the human brain.


There is nothing moral about ethnic deportation. If they were deported on the basis of class however…


File: 1699659363777.png (321.76 KB, 1186x1454, ClipboardImage.png)

<Israel bombs hospitals, massacres civilians, denies emergency services to besieged population in concentration camp, ethnic cleansing of Gazans proceeds with expected bloody toil
But through the magic of lapdog journalism

<Fighting rages around Gaza’s hospitals as civilians flee for safety

>[…]Hospitals have been struggling with scarce resources to deal not only with the inflow of casualties but also thousands of Palestinians seeking refuge. Now many people have streamed from Gaza City toward areas to the south, seeking some safety, but Israeli airstrikes have hit virtually every corner of Gaza.

>The Israel Defense Forces, or IDF, confirmed it had surrounded several hospitals and demanded they be evacuated, according to Israel Army Radio. The IDF says the hospitals are used by Hamas as hubs to store supplies and fuel.

>[…]Tens of thousands have taken advantage of the pauses to flee, with 50,000 leaving Thursday alone, according to the United Nations humanitarian affairs agency. An estimated 900,000 have packed into the increasingly teeming south since the start of the war.


Westoids should start calling for Isn'treal to be dismantled.


>We call for an investigation of the Netanyahu regime’s war crimes as well as the role of Biden and US leaders in aiding and abetting them. Nov 9, 2023 1.7M Views



that's the small stuff, I remember seeing a statement, although may be out of proportion, of an instagram in abu dhabi who claimed to have had sex with horses, giraffes, donkeys on camera, with young royal boys to make them become men, seeing transvestites being forced to fuck wealthy men in the ass, and swallowing piss as you said., the things happening in between upper-class emirates ranks makes Epstein island look like a small pedo ring, I hope to god that was fake


On one hand based, on the other hand it's likely genocide joe and benny boy are going to get away with it.


they are living a real life hentai movie


they should but they never will. usa "leftists" can't even bring themselves to threaten not to vote for the dems to stop a genocide.


>confirmed it had surrounded several hospitals
What did they mean by this?


>Hadash party says police broke into Nazareth office amid crackdown on anti-war protesters
The majority-Arab Hadash party says police raided its branch office in Nazareth earlier this evening, tearing down political posters and spray-painting over murals.

“The Ben Gvir police continues its political persecution and attempts to intimidate and silence the Arab public and other forces opposing the war,” Hadash says in a statement, tying the raid to a broader police crackdown on those trying to protest against the war in Gaza. A handful of Arab community leaders were arrested yesterday.

“We will not put up with these provocations. We will continue to lead the joint Arab-Jewish struggle against fascism, war and persecution,” Hadash says.


File: 1699660738845.jpg (8.34 KB, 310x163, images.jpg)

Ehh I wouldn't doubt it. You can just type bestiality on image search and find loads of real images. Anything less than snuff wouldn't surprise me. I wonder if they are as bad with the Eastern Euros as they are with the phillipinas, Africans and Indians. They lie to them and say they're getting a job in America then they end up inArabia and steal their passports and the authorities won't do shit but help keep them there.

Worse yet, the Wrstern authorities help them get away with crimes in the eest like story I posted:>>1674805
They helped him escape back to KSA before he could be arrested.

This story was crazy (pictel) this migga was obviously a slave but none of the papers mention it, they just casually report he has the same last name as his master lol.

>Bandar Abdulaziz, 32, was found beaten and strangled in the Landmark Hotel, Marylebone, on 15 February 2010.

>The Old Bailey was told the assault by Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud had a "sexual element" and he had attacked Mr Abdulaziz many times before.

Then the bongs sent him back to KSA where he is presimably in prison(yeah right)

>On October 20, 2010, Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud was sentenced to life imprisonment and was ordered to serve a minimum of 20 years for strangling and beating Bandar Abdulaziz to death. In March, 2013 he was allowed to return to Saudi Arabia to serve the remainder of his term in a Saudi prison. According to the agreement between the U.K. and Saudi Arabia, he must serve at least 20 years before he can be released


File: 1699661006948.jpg (114.96 KB, 1200x675, covergn-1903472925.jpg)

>Not while disgusting CIA vermin like you among us. Get fucked and choke on a razor blade.


are you sure? there seems to be a lot of Turks who support Israel to own the Syrian Arabs whom they are dissatisfied with.


>Currently comitting a genocide and aiding in genocide against Kurds, Yazidis and Armenians
>Member of NATO
>profiteering from the Russo-Ukraine war
>considers communist parties such as the PKK "terrorist orgs"
<but they stand with Palestine!
So does Saudi Arabia, should we start deepthroating them as well?



It's Turkey not Turkiye


File: 1699663030109.jpeg (200.63 KB, 1200x800, da0dba9d_l.jpeg)

>there are many MLs in Türkiye
I wonder how they feel about Erdogan.


>Never Again for anyone
Honestly this is probably the best slogan to use, because there's no fucking way you can spin it into anti-semitism without making racist claims that Jews are some special chosen race and they alone should be protected from genocide.


Based walking Germ stereotype telling it how it is.


Really heating up this week.
>Israeli forces have carried out airstrikes on a series of Hezbollah targets in Lebanon, the Israel Defence Forces has said.

IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari said on X (formerly Twitter):

Among the targets attacked were a number of buildings and military positions where the organization’s terrorists operated, a weapons warehouse and an intelligence infrastructure from which terrorists directed terrorism against the State of Israel.

Hagari said the Israeli strikes were in response to launches from the militant Hezbollah over the last day.

As the Guardian’s Patrick Wintour reported earlier, Israel has killed a further seven Hezbollah fighters on its northern border with Lebanon, taking the total death toll of Hezbollah fighters to 78 since the Hamas attack on Israel on 7 October.

Hezbollah’s leader, Hassan Nasrallah, is to make his second speech this month on Saturday setting out his latest thinking. He ended his last speech on 3 November by saying he was leaving all military options on the table.


suck my balls, every time australia goes left or tries to make regional partnerships MI6 and CIA come in full force with propaganda and subversion to make sure they keep our minerals and their bases here. it wasn't just whitlam, they write our foreign policy for us.


YPG fag spotted. Opinion discarded.

Imagine talking shit about the Turks being in NATO while being a literal US proxy.


File: 1699664794395.webm (3.6 MB, 640x360, based_touissant.webm)

that pic goes so hard


That’s like 2% of the pop at best, anon. We have radicals in our midst just like every Muslim country but most Turks are working-class, it was seen when thousands of them protested against Israel recently.
>Currently comitting a genocide and aiding in genocide against Kurds, Yazidis and Armenians
Where is Türkiye committing a genocide rn? And are you talking about Armenian genocide? Yeah they got cleansed and deported to other areas of the empire, and sure some died, but that isn’t genocide.
>Member of NATO
Anon, most of this board lives in a NATO country.
>profiteering from the Russo-Ukraine war
It’s just business, everyone does this to extent. Putin is good friends with Erdo.
>considers communist parties such as the PKK "terrorist orgs"
PKK aren’t communist lol, we have TIKKO who we don’t bother.
They prefer Erdogan over some Kurds from HDP, for sure.


File: 1699665022491.png (427.88 KB, 1100x985, Marx29.png)

pics like this make me want to strangle every war profiteer


File: 1699665278686.jpg (54.86 KB, 700x747, gayliberals.jpg)

>32days pass
>They are forgotten
What are the odds the IAF was the one who killed them in the end?


>Where is Germany committing a genocide rn? And are you talking about the holocaust? Yeah they got cleansed and deported to other areas of the empire, and sure some died, but that isn’t genocide.


strangle every zionist by the neck until dead. strangle every war profiteer by the neck until dead. Make them watch this as the life is leaving their eyes. Remind them it is a hospital that they bombed with blades.



I don't need to look at videos of mutilated journalists to know to stand with Palestine against Israel, idk. Why even do that to your psyche?


least armenian genocide-denying turk.
also, while most of this board lives in NATO, the key difference is that you defend your nato country and everyone with a brain here does not defend theirs.
regarding TIKKO, they are literally considered a terrorist organization, fight together with the kurds, and have spent decades waging an insurgency against the turkish government.


I am long desensitized to gore. Dunno about the others.


Some people might, and it's also important to be aware of what's actually going on instead of just leaving it up to your imagination.


File: 1699666852606.jpg (43.42 KB, 369x655, anarchism.jpg)

Don't lose hope everyone! The Israeli Left will save us!


File: 1699667021624.png (268.82 KB, 392x386, ClipboardImage.png)

>regarding TIKKO, they are literally considered a terrorist organization, fight together with the kurds, and have spent decades waging an insurgency against the turkish government.
He's just saying wrong things to bait you anon. don't bother.
But also, TIKKO people are still fighting turkey because after ISIS was subdued many went to fight the Turkish proxies on the border instead.


>it's also important to be aware of what's actually going on
pretty sure you can do that without watching clickbaity gore compilations


Nobody is watching 'clickbaity gore compilations'.
Not everything has to be about you, spare us the concern trolling faggotry.


Pretty sure you can not be a wee baby.


>Four prominent Arab Israeli leaders were detained in Nazareth Thursday over planning a protest that police alleged could incite violence and threaten public order.
>Balad chair Sami Abou Shahadeh, former Hadash MK Mohammad Barakeh, former Balad MK Hanin Zoabi, and former Balad chair Mtanes Shihadeh were arrested on their way to what Arab media called “an invitation-only vigil.”
Being left-wing and an Arab politician in Israel is not recommended right now.


It's atrocity porn, so whatever, the context and general situation is already abhorrent, a war crime, and basically a fascist state doing ethnic cleansing, without the need to look at weepy individual stories.

You're so cool dude my fellow /b/tard!


Not all of us ate freaks who get turned on by bloodshed like you, you sicko


What's so bad about watching the actual, material praxis behind the words "war crime" and "fascist state doing ethnic cleansing". Should they remain abstractions, instead?


It's ok some people are squeamish panzies. I'm well aware their are people who can't even see a needle go into someone else without feinting. But just keep yhat faggotry to yourself.


have you never heard the term atrocity porn before



Only sickos who get turned on by it call it that. Seek help.


They raided the Hadash offices today too: >>1674833
Here is an article about the repressions also: https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/israel-palestine-war-israelis-fear-and-denial-society-slides-towards-fascism
>What's so bad about watching the actual, material praxis behind the words "war crime" and "fascist state doing ethnic cleansing". Should they remain abstractions, instead?
Honestly it's probably just a new way some freak has found to derail.


>The same thing [repressions] is happening in Israel’s health service where Palestinians make up 40 percent of personnel in hospitals, medical centres, and pharmacies.
Made me laugh btw. Love that these retards are destroying their own country.


>Honestly it's probably just a new way some freak has found to derail.
Probably. Not that it actually matters to IDF, which is why I don't mind derails.


>Not all of us ate freaks who get turned on by bloodshed like you, you sicko
Atrocity porn refers to the use of morbidity in conflicts as a spectacle. Be it and endorsement or denouncement, it focuses the limited attention span of the news cycles and audiences on these events from where convenient narratives can be woven, excusing the need for free standing analysis.

Even if it's shitty propaganda, demonstrably false, obviously so, it still captures the discourse because confronting it is socially rewarding, and enables the public to be enlisted on "the information war" as an offshoot of the culture war. Reducing the actual information to factoids to be collected and used as ammo for your "camp". And once in that mindset, there is no truth to be ascertained anymore, everything is relative. So while, the propaganda may have the need to incorporate evident facts in their narratives, the threat of outside disruption is minimized.

<All my camp's is truths, all my enemy's is lies, and if it wasn't, it was to win the "posting information war" and I did my part supporting my side.


File: 1699668751141-0.png (527.71 KB, 758x495, F9Z4VExWMAEGrqJ.png)

File: 1699668751141-1.jpg (160.69 KB, 1357x1007, F9Z4r6AWoAAkP3c.jpg)

File: 1699668751141-2.png (298.84 KB, 300x387, F9Z7q5TXsAAB3tR.png)

File: 1699668751141-3.jpg (69.8 KB, 928x697, F9Z8eE8W8AASAwX.jpg)

>Imagine talking shit about the Turks being in NATO while being a literal US proxy.
Again, Recep, you're not fooling anyone.

The PKK is an actual anti-colonialist, anti-capitalist form of meaningful resistance. Turkey doesn't even come close.

Picture 1: Abdullah Öcalan speaking to PFLP leaders in Lebanon
Picture 2: PKK fighters training with Palestinian guerrillas in Lebanon
Picture 3: Sakine Cansız wearing a Palestinian Keffiyeh, which she started wearing due to being inspired by Palestinian resistance
Picture 4: DFLP fighters in the West Bank protesting the capture of Abdullah Öcalan, blaming the US and Israel's involvement resulting in his capture by Turkish intelligence

The PKK have consistently condemned Israel's actions. Israel and Turkey are on the same imperialist team in the end

If Turkey actually condemned Israel, they'd actually fight against Israel- but considering they too are lead by a genocidal fascist i wouldn't expect much.


File: 1699669712176-0.mp4 (527.71 KB, 480x848, 9769325.mp4)

File: 1699669712176-1.png (285.84 KB, 595x793, 58536.png)

File: 1699669712176-2.jpg (82.38 KB, 1170x724, 584673.jpg)

Yet another failed attempt by Zionists to claim they were hatecrimed by a pro-Palestine protestor, but its obvious she said cunt lmao. They literally can't find ANYTHING but Nazi false flags that they have to memory hole once it turns out to be a Nazi. It's insane. They're desperately forcing themselves to share the weakest examples of pro-Palestinian "antisemitism", and their narratives immediately get dismantled.


Maybe they should hire /pol/tards to falseflag shit.


>barely audible, drowned out by other people chanting
>she totally said this specific slur
This is particularly egregious because of the way that ambiguous audio can be made to sound more like one thing or another.


I thought that said "horrifying jew out of Concordia" For a second


Shay, is this map just Trump’s proposed map but with a canal?


Damn, its special needs hours already.


>adjusted so fat people can fit in them


>muh campists
>muh both sides


File: 1699672368072.jpg (35.77 KB, 1078x677, baton.jpg)

>Footage of Hamas terrorists inside the Indonesian hospital in Gaza.
caught in 140p


File: 1699673061697.gif (3.31 MB, 353x265, 1699054934404.gif)

since mods chain banned my posts here is some direct news sources:

official hamas media:
official telegrams:
https://t.me/qbrigades (english)
https://telegram.me/qassambrigades (arabic)
https://t.me/mmirlb (hezbollah english military media)


>Explosions, gunfire as Israeli forces conduct raids across occupied West Bank

Another late night and early morning of raids at multiple locations across the occupied West Bank. Some of the more notable ones were in Jenin, which has become a flashpoint when it comes to these raids.

Clashes have been ongoing and the situation has escalated in the last 30 minutes or so.

We are told that explosive devices have been used against Israeli army members and their equipment, and we’ve seen videos emerge from there where you can hear a lot of loud explosions and lots of shooting.


File: 1699674809932.jpg (140.68 KB, 1179x1000, F-jXptjXgAIlhJG.jpg)

These things have probably all have been posted before, but consider them put together.

Official Israel propaganda shitting on the very Western MSM which so doggedly defends it. Pic related.

IDF just plain murdering a Channel 4 journalist: https://twitter.com/HamzaMSyed/status/1722727087201452090

Israeli PM openly saying that journalists who documented the October 7 attacks will be killed as perpetrators too: https://twitter.com/dannydanon/status/1722613218437480704

To these, add the fact that cobverage of the conflict in the MSM has been reduced to almost nothing at some point in this past week or so.


File: 1699675227174.png (201.88 KB, 554x554, ClipboardImage.png)


Are the Kurdish CIA agents in the Palestine thread with us now?


You are both mentally ill.
Also "anarcho-monarchism" is not a real thing it's literally a shitpost made-up ideology. It's deliberately contradictory.


>the same type of people in charge of Israel are also the same type of people in charge of the west
/pol/ converts are seriously retarded. israel is a lackey of america not the other way around


you're talking to an unconverted /pol/yp. Also yes, they love to let the tail wag the dog.


Who's this angel?


A very wonderful Palestinian woman.


Very hilariously stupid meme. American fascists either don’t care about this conflict or support Palestine because they hate Jews. The ones who support Israel are usually anonymous Jews who exist within white nationalism to corral other anons into voting for neocons, as was the case with Tucker Carlson’s recent guest Douglass Mackey, who went by the name Ricky Vaughn during the Trump election cycle and was working as a GOP operative.

Also, you know what Mel thinks about Jews ……. Right???


Every fucking nazi I've seen online supports Israel for some godforsaken reason. I guess palestinians are browner than israelites


Any specific examples? I’m not denying this happens, I just want to know who’s saying what because I can diagnose with 100% accuracy why they would support Israel


>nazoid and turkoid shit still here
i hate jannoids. i hate jannoids.




Jesus (peace be upon him) didn't call out "Jews", he called out the Pharisee scholarly element that dominated the Jewish milleu. Everything Jesus did; desecrating or directly violating Old Testament laws such as eating or working at Sabbath should be viewed in this Legalistic Pharisee vs Mystical anti-conservatism of Jesus lens instead of racialistic "le joos" or "le synagogue of satan" (which is pretty ironic considering that Protestant Americans, not Jews, are the most fervent advocate of merging religion with capitalism in this world bar none). Illiterate nazi rubes who didn't read their scriptures and only virtue signal through religions should just shut up


Zionism was pretty heavily supported by fascists and other far-right groups, because it meant they could just deport all the jews. The Nazis originally planned to send them all to Madagascar.


Explosions, gunfire as Israeli forces conduct raids across occupied West Bank

Another late night and early morning of raids at multiple locations across the occupied West Bank. Some of the more notable ones were in Jenin, which has become a flashpoint when it comes to these raids.

Clashes have been ongoing and the situation has escalated in the last 30 minutes or so.

We are told that explosive devices have been used against Israeli army members and their equipment, and we’ve seen videos emerge from there where you can hear a lot of loud explosions and lots of shooting.

Hundreds of thousands expected at pro-Palestinian rally in London

Hundreds of thousands of pro-Palestinian demonstrators are expected to rally in London this afternoon to call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

The “National March for Palestine” has been at the centre of political controversy amid claims that holding the event on Armistice Day is disrespectful to veterans and could result in violence.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has labelled the decision to rally on November 11 as “provocative and disrespectful” and expressed concern the Cenotaph and other war memorials could be desecrated.

British Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who has come under fire for describing recent pro-Palestine demonstrations in the UK as “hate marches”, has condemned the planned march as “entirely unacceptable”.
London’s Metropolitan Police have resisted pressure to request the Home Secretary to ban the march, saying the legal threshold has not been met as organisers have assured that they will keep clear of the war memorial.

Organisers from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign have said the march will finish up at the United States embassy about two miles away from the Cenotaph.

Police have allocated nearly 2,000 officers to police the event and warned they will not tolerate any disorder caused by either the marchers or right-wing and veteran counter-protesters.

Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, the former co-leader of the anti-Islam English Defence League, has called on his supporters to gather in the capital.

“I do believe if the groups come together, there will be serious disorder,” said Deputy Assistant Commissioner Laurence Taylor, the officer in charge.

“We know that there is likely to be some groups from both sides … who will likely seek each other out later on in the day.”

MSF Canada says lost contact with staff at al-Shifa Hospital

Doctors Without Borders Canada said it is “extremely concerned about the safety of patients and the medical staff” at the Gaza City hospital.

“Patients are still in the hospital, some in critical condition and unable to move, there are caretakers still inside the facility,” it said.

“We urgently reiterate our calls to stop the attacks against hospitals and for the protection of medical facilities, medical staff and patients.”

MSF reports dramatic intensification of attacks on al-Shifa Hospital

The medical charity MSF International said attacks on the al-Shifa Hospital have “dramatically intensified” in the last few hours and staff have reported “a catastrophic situation”.

“We urgently reiterate our calls to stop the attacks against hospitals and for the protection of medical facilities, medical staff, and patients,” the organisation said.

MSF also repeated an earlier notice that it was unable to contact its staff at the hospital and that it was “extremely concerned” about their safety and that of patients.

Japan wants to play ‘lead’ role to end Gaza crisis, implement ‘two-state solution’: Report

Japan’s Foreign Minister Yoko Kamikawa said her country wants to “take a lead” in efforts to alleviate the deepening humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip, according to local media reports.

Kamikawa said in an interview with Kyodo News that Japan will also proactively work with other nations towards the realisation of a “two-state solution” to establish an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel.

“We will aim to improve the humanitarian situation and help de-escalation in the short term, and approach them to realise a two-state solution in the long term,” the foreign minister was quoted as saying.


The Pharisees were Jewish


Jesus was Jewish too, so was the overwhelming amount of early Christians. In fact that the most common theological issues for early Christians aside from grappling with Platonism and Gnosticism was how much of Judaism they need to retain( should we retain circumcision? What about dietary laws?) See Peter and the Roman Centurion, or even the fight between Paul and Peter. This is not to mention that a huge amount of early Christian sects outside of Rome still viewed themselves as primarily Jewish and cross-conversion with Judaism was still pretty common (i.e with the Judaizers)
>Before Paul's conversion, Christianity was part of Second Temple Judaism. Gentiles who wished to join the early Christian movement, which at the time comprised mostly Jewish followers, were expected to convert to Judaism, which likely meant submission to adult male circumcision for the uncircumcised, following the dietary restrictions of kashrut, and more. During the time period there were also "partial converts", such as gate proselytes and God-fearers, i.e. Greco-Roman sympathizers which made an allegiance to Judaism but refused to convert and therefore retained their Gentile (non-Jewish) status, hence they were uncircumcised and it wasn't required for them to follow any of the commandments of the Mosaic Law.[


>Japan wants to play ‘lead’ role to end Gaza crisis, implement ‘two-state solution’: Report
my schizo theory is the US is telling them to do this. so that it gets done but not directly by the US. they want to ensure another conflict will happen so they have guaranteed weapon sales in the future


>directly violating Old Testament laws

Leviticus is supposed to be a cautionary tale about men creating their own rules instead of living in accordance and how it leads to ruin


personally I doubt japan can do shit in palestine, they have no power there that I've ever heard of.


>Jews control the west and they obviously control Israel.
Except they don't, and you dumbass /pol/yps still keep on ignoring this. Israel was created by western powers to serve western intrests. Biden himself admitted that creating a state like Israel would be neccessary to keep their own interests afloat.

>Western powers have been hypnotized by a petty group of merchants who think they’re God’s chosen and whom refer to the rest of humanity as their cattle.

I agree, the Brits and the EU utterly suck.

>The same people who Jesus called out are now the same people who dictate whether or not someone is antisemitic for opposing Israel. You commie faggots keep coping though, see where that gets you.

There are plenty of Jews who oppose Israel, including but not limited to Norm Finklestein.

>I forgot to mention that your beloved USSR recognized Israel right away

Ok and? Plenty of communists who've been devoted in fighting it as well. The PFLP comes to mind.


The only reason Israel is allowed to do the things they do by AmeriKKKa is because they're the only country in the middle east that wants to suck the west off and they're in a very strategic position to serve American interests.


File: 1699678113837-0.jpg (390.62 KB, 2048x1536, F9jg3nlWIAAhBjJ.jpg)

File: 1699678113837-1.jpg (387.42 KB, 1536x2048, F9jg3nqXEAA61-F.jpg)

File: 1699678113837-2.jpg (154.71 KB, 947x2048, F9jg3noXwAAuAJn.jpg)

His cross had the words "Simon of Trent" on it which is a medieval blood libel charge. Engels once remarked that anti-Semitism is a product of a retarded culture.



mods kindly get off your asses and clean up the thread, we don't need a hundred posts about this /pol/ shit.


Thinking fed? How does one complain about white supremacism of Israel and believe blood libel?


>Jews’ are most closely related to skeletons


Blood Libel is not just a Racialist talking point but also a Right-religious one. He's most likely a Trad Christian; and if trends from the Third World is to be believed then the religious Right will in fact be the predominant form of far right element in the West in the coming decades


>Jews control the west


Not out of USA, that's for sure. Fucking evangelical nutmegs.


I really like that this thread is even more of a clusterfuck than the Ukraine ones were.


File: 1699679353809.jpg (36.31 KB, 724x674, 1343709614794.jpg)

History being back on the menu really shakes up the liberals that need history to be over.

>oh, I'm blackpilled!

>oh, I must derail this thread no matter the cost!
>stop talking!
>stop posting!
>I must schizopost!
>it's a nothingburger!
>it's a fizzle!


>‘They will say they are Jews, but are not’
Gospel of John and Revelations are both written after the Paulician moment, when Christianity developed a separate identity from Judaism and competition with Jews escalated, which i pointed out in my previous post. Also in case you forgot the Book of Revelations explicitly stated that 144.000 Jews would be saved
>Modern Jews have nothing in common with the actual Hebrew-Israelites of the bible except their submission to the same Semitic religion, genetic testing has already proven that modern ‘Jews’ are most closely related to skeletons found in the Southern Mediterranean, dating to the medieval period
This is false btw Jews and indigenous Palestinians are 50% genetically related
>Jesus Christ threw down the Racial-Split and said that he came to save ‘his fathers people’ the Indo-European Aryan branch-race native to Europe and drove a split between them and the Hebrew-Israelites
This is patently false and you know this is patently false because if Jesus cared about bloodline purity he would not consorted the Samaritan woman. And how would this racialist reading of Christianity reconciled with the fact that in the book of Acts God directly ordered Phillip to convert a Negro eunuch who was not part of the Indo-Aryan racial cline? You literally can't debate religion with me man because unlike most channers i have an actual academic background in religious studies specializing in Christianity and its many branches.


Oh, yeah, also, since the subject is Israel, a lot of /pol/tards come here, and think they are fucking welcome or that anybody wants to listen to them talk.


the meme is about american nazis whining about zog. the implication of the meme has nothing to do with the current conflict and does not imply they care about palestinians. The point of the meme is that unharmed american nazis will whine about how "da jooz control america!!!1!!" while actual palestinians are getting the shit bombed out of them every day by actual zionists. that's the joke. sorry you're too stupid to understand it.


File: 1699680725103.png (135.79 KB, 1736x526, ClipboardImage.png)

damn didn't know Engels was a redditor (https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1847/11/prin-com.htm)


Iranian president on his way to Saudi Arabia for summit on Gaza
Ebrahim Raisi will be among the leaders meeting in Riyadh later today.

Before leaving Iran, the president accused the US of sending contradictory signals on the war in Gaza.

“Americans say that they don’t want the expansion of the war … but their words and actions don’t match. It’s Americans that provide the fuel of the Zionists’ war machine,” Raisi said.

The president went on to say that the issue of Palestine is the most important for the Islamic world, adding that it was time for action.

This is the first time an Iranian president visits the Gulf country since Tehran and Riyadh amended ties in a China-brokered deal in March.


Chabad are some of the biggest religious Zionists in the world.

Also look into Rav Avraham Kook. He was deeply Hegelian and crafted religious Zionism mostly from Hegel.


Hmmm, who are those guys?
Oh wait, I know, isn't that the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky and his gay lover?


>Iran gets a nuke
Two more weeks sadly



>Babies on incubators begin to die as Israeli forces besiege Al-Shifa hospital
Newborn Palestinian babies in incubators are beginning to die as Israeli forces put Gaza's Al-Shifa hospital under total siege and power blackout.

Israeli fighter jets and tanks have been shelling the area outside the hospital, the biggest in the coastal enclave, for over 12 hours without a pause.

The hospital's yard was struck on Saturday, leading to a fire. It came shortly after electricity was completely shut down.

The power outage has led to the death of one premature baby hooked to incubators so far, according to Munir al-Bursh, the director of the Palestinian ministry of health.

Al-Bursh said more babies and patients on life support will die every hour if power does not return soon.

"Electric lines were cut off and generators stopped working. We are surrounded and cannot leave our places," al-Bursh told Al Jazeera.

Muhammad Abu Salima, the director of Al-Shifa hospital, said there was currently no water, no fuel and no internet.

The ministry of health said on Friday night that up to 30,000 people are inside the hospital's complex, including patients, displaced people and medical staff.

"Thousands are trapped inside the complex, including patients, medical staff, and some first responders and civil defence personnel," Abu Salima said.

"We are hours away from death, and the world is watching us die, but we are not numbers," he added.


>We are hours away from death, and the world is watching us die


Do you reckon the br*tish government is gonna kettle and arrrest the marchers in London?


>there has been an uptick in antisemitic incidents in both Europe and the US


The palestinian protestors are going to boost tory numbers in the polls, so its not in their interest


>Source: trust me bro


ideally; i fear that these movements will melt away like BLM in USA, or the Egyptian revolution. That, I think, is more likely if states play nice with the demonstrators.


You think it's ideal that there are mass arrests?


File: 1699697020780.png (366.53 KB, 605x492, ClipboardImage.png)

Have you armed yourself with a vehicle yet, comrade?


I think the unique repression Palestinian movements face could radicalize the movement, and encourage more dedicated organizing efforts, resulting in institutions more durable, capable, and therefore more dangerous to the bourgeois state. A much worse outcome than state repression is a co optation of the liberation struggle, like occurred w/ black americans, or LGBT people, and letting the demos exhaust themselves thinking that going for walks and yelling simple slogans is the height of political work would be a step in that direction.


This horror strikes me rewnewed everyday but just the fact that joespeh biden goes up in front of the nation every week to reiterate his defense of genocide is a really shocking.


to expand on this:

I think the bourgeois state has learned the effectiveness of the playground they allow for "activism," ie. non-ideological charity organizations, NGOs, demonstrations, etc, with serious legal and social penalties for those who step outside these boundaries. I think this strategy is extremely difficult to counter. I think allowing pro-Palestinian demonstrations to run around in this cordoned off "political sphere" would be the bourgeoisie's best strategy to defang and exhaust this movement, as they have with so many others. HOWEVER, I think the potential repercussions of even just the visibility of a palestinian liberation struggle could lead them to abandon this very effective strategy, and return to classic mass repression, which carries with it the potentially dangerous radicalization effect we have yet to see from the former, cordoned off, "civil society" strategy.


Why was this video deleted? Can someone reupload? It was a compilation of Gaxans firing RPGs at Merkavas.


>kids these days: the sketch
how did you get a picture of me?
that's clearly an RPG-7. bomb it.


Japan more based than I expected than I expected them to be, more based than most of the west anyway


File: 1699705203039.mp4 (5.04 MB, 1280x720, GQ-bXMp6M5iy77Uc.mp4)

Video of attack on a barricaded house in Beit Hanoun.


This feels so weird, they just disappeared after the explosion. Was it an RPG?


The first short clip was taken in the morning as reconnaissance and the second one took place hours later.
If you're talking about the guy at the window when they attacked specifically, then he's obviously toast.


File: 1699709350572.jpg (237.16 KB, 1240x1748, 1699707328008188.jpg)

new nasrallah speech soon


File: 1699709495005.jpeg (148.27 KB, 828x608, IMG_1485.jpeg)





they already crossed that one retard


He's still talking like a lib and sort of bothsiding but I didn't see this coming at all…


Where is the house-to-house fighting, Hamas? Why Gaza is falling quicker than Bakhmut?


The Palestinians continue to get shafted and all the saber rattling is for nothing. Gaza will get occupied again, the West Bank will get turned into another Gaza and the "resistance" anti-imperialist will keep drawing red lines further ahead of Israel's actions.

Hezbollah is going to write a sternly worded letter and tack it to a mortar shell once all 2 million of Gazans get deported.


>Why Gaza is falling quicker than Bakhmut?
because they don't have Western military support


Strongly worded letter from Nasrallah: ‘Cease the aggression’

Lebanon’s Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has just finished his second speech since the beginning of the war.

Here are some of the highlights:

“This painful event and these significant crimes prove the Israeli enemy seeks revenge without moral, legal or humanitarian limits. This demonstrates the nature of this entity.
All pressure elements must target the American administration because it is the one holding the decision in the first place.
The most important thing at the moment is the change in world opinion regarding Israel, which is killing thousands of children and women. This transformation is in the interest of the resistance, its project and the population of Gaza, especially through demonstrations in Washington, London, New York … Time is putting pressure on the enemy.
The Islamic Republic of Iran does not decide in place of the resistance movements, but it supports them.
The drone that targeted Eilat two days ago caused great fear in Eilat, and the Israeli enemy acknowledged it. This event was of significant magnitude and importance. Israel was confused when determining the origin of this drone, whether it was from Yemen, Iraq, or elsewhere. In the end, they accused a Hezbollah cell in Syria. Therefore, they bombed Syria, and we lost several martyrs there. This is how Syria pays a heavy price.
To the Americans, I say: If you want the secondary fronts to stop, you must cease the aggression on Gaza.”

(Al Jazeera)


>Pls stop :(( pls


another saber rattling by cuckrallah, "Axis of resistance" my ass.


What a fucking coward.


Nasrallah really isn't a cuck. He just has to say the quiet part out loud, on behalf of other Arab states and Iran.
Hezbollah can't do so much alone. It's either all together or no one and Hezbollah are not the ones holding back.


>‘Artillery shelling, intense shooting’ at al-Quds Hospital, PRCS says
The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) says the situation around al-Quds Hospital is “extremely dangerous”.

While Israeli tanks continue to surround the hospital, there is also “artillery shelling and intense shooting at the hospital”.

It reported injuries among the displaced, but the exact number is still unknown. More than 14,000 Palestinians are sheltering inside the hospital, PRCS said.


>You're a fucking brainlet
it goes without saying anon.


>Imagine capturing "ground" when there are extensive tunnel network. You're a fucking brainlet
This is cope. Hamas aren't the morloks and there are likely still tens of thousands civilians in Gaza. Moving logistics underground is not feasible at this scale.


>Was it an RPG?
Looks like it. The Zionazi's head is probably hamburger meat since a HEAT round will blow right through a concrete wall like that.


Had a vaguely right wing coworker come up to me the other day and start fuming about all the money Israel is getting. Not sure if they’ve got much real support left.


Tell me little smart guy, what will happen after the IDF control Gaza and Hamas/armed factions retreat in the "extensive tunnel network"? Le epic counteroffensiyyv? No, Gaza will be genocided and it will be too late to defend the city. You sound like a Ukrainian at Soledar, remember what happened there you massive dork


It's always misleading to describe these movements "melting away." Keep in mind that the participants of any mass demonstration like this exist on a spectrum of radicalism and commitment. 90% may be sympathetic liberals or just random Muslims/Arabs who are otherwise pretty moderate in their views or not especially politically active. However they always operate around a nucleus of more committed, ideologically motivated, and politically conscious activists. These people are the real heart of any successful movement, almost like the officer corps of an army. Even if the moment passes and the mass energy fades, these people remain, and more importantly they gain valuable organizing experience, form important connections with others like themselves, and often recruit a few new people into the activist core. This leaves them in a stronger position to take advantage of the next outbreak of mass dissent, and direct it towards meaningful goals.



I wonder how much food/munition they still have. I believe they can get food from the south, but how the fuck are they supposed to get more munition?



>wow who knew the UK had so many antisemitic terrorists


Right wing as in standard conservative Zionist or actual anti-semitic poltard


Hezbollah operations on the northern front from so far today :

10:55 a.m. : Targeting of the Hadab Al-Bustan site with missile weapons and achieved direct hits.

11:30 a.m : Targeting the Al-Jardah site with artillery shells and caused direct hits.

14:00 pm : Targeting gatherings of the occupation forces in Wadi Shumira, Tal Shaar, and Badid (the occupied Lebanese village of Tarbikha and its vicinity). With appropriate weapons, they achieved direct hits

15:00 pm: Targeting an enemy militia and a Zionist infantry force in the Metulla site with guided missiles and caused direct hits on them.

15:00 pm : Targeting the Radar and Zibdin sites in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms with appropriate weapons and achieved direct hits in them.

16:00 : Targeting the Al-Malikiyah site with appropriate weapons and achieved direct hits.

They are also flying several drones into Israeli territory every day in addition to attack drones in order to deplete iron dome missiles.


>deplete iron dome missiles
is that even possible with all the american funds?


you can't fire dollars to intercept a rocket. the US has very little production of the required items.


I still imagine they have a lot of rockets in there warehouses and plenty of production going on


You'd be surprised, they produce far below the rates required to keep up stockpiles.


Math is usually better for this kind of thing than make believe.


Nasrallah's speech highlights:

The impressive and legendary battlefield of Gaza is significantly decisive today in the course of events, and the real bet is on the battlefield.

The West Bank is advancing towards more confrontation and inflammation. The enemy entity states that the situation there may force them to withdraw forces from the south and the north to face what they fear in the West Bank.

Yemen took a bold, strong, public, and official stance and sent batches of missiles and drones to the occupied Palestinian lands.

What the brothers in Yemen did had very important effects, even if we assume that the missiles and planes did not arrive.

One of the most important results of Yemen's exceptional position is that it provided significant moral support to the Palestinian resistance fighters who seek this support.

The Yemeni threat compelled the "israeli" enemy to divert part of its air defenses from the north and south of Palestine to "Eilat."

The Yemeni threat made the "Eilat" area unsafe, meaning more "israeli" displacement from the Gaza envelope, increasing pressure on the enemy.

Yemen is taking significant, blessed, and commendable steps, despite threats made against them before and after their action, including the resumption of the American war against them.

The Yemeni military intervention is accompanied by an unparalleled global popular presence in support of the Gaza Strip.

Targeting American bases in Iraq and Syria was based on the idea of solidarity with Gaza at the beginning of the battle, especially in Iraq.

Operations in Iraq serve the idea of liberating Iraq and Syria from the remaining American occupation bases, but the primary basis for these operations is solidarity with Gaza.

The actions of the Iraqi resistance reflect great boldness and courage as they fight the Americans, whose fleets have entered the region.

The brave men of the Iraqi resistance are challenging the American armed forces with fire.

The Americans are pressuring our brothers in Iraq and us in Lebanon, using every Western, Arab, and Lebanese channel to convey threats to us.

The American threat has not stopped resistance operations in Iraq, Yemen, or Lebanon.

If the Americans want to stop operations against them in Iraq and Syria, they must stop the war on Gaza. This is the only way to stop the operations.

Syria, despite its difficult circumstances, continues to embrace the resistance and bears the consequences of this position.

The drone that reached "Eilat" a few days ago marked a significant achievement. The enemy was at a loss in identifying the source, bombing one of our formations in Syria, leading to the martyrdom of several of our members.

I do not think that anyone expects Syria, as a state and people, to offer more than it already has, emerging from a global war and fighting American-protected ISIS.

Despite all the wounds, Syria still stands firm and embraces the resistance.

Iran's firm and continuous political, material, and military support for the Palestinian resistance is no longer hidden and is known to everyone.

If there is a resistance force in Lebanon, Palestine, and the region, the primary military and financial support is from Iran.

The Iranians have not spared anything in providing money, weapons, training, and effort to the resistance movements in the region; Iran continues to persist despite all threats.

Iran does not change its position on supporting the resistance and will always remain a protector and supporter of the resistance.

On the Lebanese front, operations have been ongoing since October 8 until today.

Despite all preventative measures, our operations continued on the front, and despite the constant presence of armed "israeli" drones, which constituted a new factor in the confrontation.



Any step forward on the Lebanese front is tantamount to a martyrdom operation, and this expresses, through the scale of daily operations, the courage and firmness of the martyrdom fighters.

Last week, there was a quantitative increase in the number of operations and in the type of weapons used. For the first time, we used attack drones.

The missiles that entered service in recent days on the Lebanese front are Burkan missiles, weighing 300 kg to half a ton.

We used Katyusha rockets for the first time in this confrontation, in response to the brutal crime in Ainata and the attack on the Iqlim Al-Tuffah region.

The drones and Katyushas were in deeper areas inside the occupied territories, and this was necessitated by the nature of the battle related to Gaza and the escalation in the south.

Over 350 casualties of [zionist] soldiers and civilians reached a single hospital in Al-Jalil in northern occupied Palestine.

Last week, we witnessed the targeting of civilians and a vehicle of Al-Risalah Islamic Scouts, and the Islamic Resistance responded.

The Islamic Resistance responded quickly and decisively to the crime in Ainata, informing the enemy that we will not tolerate any harm to civilians.

Today, we reveal the daily entry of reconnaissance drones into northern occupied Palestine, some reaching Haifa, Akka, Safed, and sometimes crossing the north.

Every day, we send several reconnaissance drones into northern occupied Palestine, apart from the attack drones.

In recent days, we have witnessed a new wave of "israeli" threats towards Lebanon due to the quantitative and qualitative elevation on this front.

The general trend in the southern Lebanese front continues, and it will remain a pressing front.

We praise the heroic fighters and the supportive environment that bears the burden of confrontation on the Lebanese front, as well as the burden of displacement and material losses.

The general Lebanese political and public stance is supportive and commendable, making this front active and influential. I do not wish to comment on the deviant positions.

Today's battle is different, and it is not I who announces the steps. Our policy in the current battle is that the field is the one who acts and speaks.

On the Lebanese front, eyes must remain on the field, not on words.

We are in a battle of steadfastness, patience, accumulation of achievements, gathering data points, and a battle of time, which is a need for the resistance and its peoples, helping in defeating the tyrants.

All factors, both within and outside the entity, will pressure its leadership. This pressure must continue, and so must patience and endurance.

We look forward to a horizon where Palestine triumphs, and the enemy fails to achieve any of its goals.

Victory is coming, God willing, and our generations will witness the liberation of Al-Quds and prayers in Al-Aqsa Mosque.


head theme
2 premature babies die at Gaza hospital: Israeli NGO
Two premature babies have died because of power cuts at Gaza’s largest hospital, Physicians for Human Rights Israel says, citing doctors there as fighting rages around the Al-Shifa complex.

“As a result of the lack of electricity, we can report the neonatal intensive care unit has stopped working. Two premature infants have died and there is a real risk to the lives of 37 other premature infants” at Al-Shifa Hospital, the Israeli doctors’ group said in a statement.

Gaza Deputy Health Minister Youssef Abu al-Reesh, who is currently inside Al-Shifa Hospital, told Al Jazeera all generators and power sources were off.

Dozens of “babies are fighting against death”, he said.


Daniel Khan's pretty epic


File: 1699724969538.png (3.25 MB, 2048x1280, ClipboardImage.png)

>is that even possible with all the american funds?

Surely as KSA-Yemen and Ukraine have shown the stocks only go so far, but Israel is a nuclear armed power, most of Israels rivals are also compradors of it's sponsors… And everyone is playing geopolitics with this, with the resource spent being in common, Palestinian blood.

The only way Israel could cease to exist in it's Zionist form is if, somehow, the USA allowed/encouraged Israel's internal crises to the point of breaking and , along NATO, permitted some sort of takeover, direct or indirect. And then, once in charge, relaxed on the ethnonationalism because their soft power can't support it anymore, and they don't need to with all the hard power they get from formally moving in with all their toys and full of authorizations and public consent to once again fulfill their "responsibility to protect".

Then liberals revert to squabbling about "left/right wing" settler colonialism and harm reduction. And the clock on their opinions is set back a couple decades to the dastardly Iranians disturbing the peace and making it harder to find "peace". Everyone wins in the imperial core, except the more rabid idelogical elements, which nonetheless provide the excuse for "pacification" and idealist cover for a geopolitical problem.


>The only way Israel could cease to exist in it's Zionist form is if, somehow, the USA allowed/encouraged Israel's internal crises to the point of breaking
The collapse of the Great Satan is more likely than the collapse of Israel at this point, but its collapse would leave Israel in an unsustainable position anyway.




Having been lightly prodded by the Biden administration the Netanyahoo regime in Palestine agreed to split its days into a 20 hours block dedicated to genociding Palestinians and a 4 hours block for ethnic cleansing.

Israel agrees to 4-hour daily pauses in Gaza fighting to allow civilians to flee, White House says - Chicago Tribune, Nov 9 2023

Neighbor countries have rejected to accept ethic cleansed Palestinians from Gaza. This leaves Netanyahoo with no real plan for what is to happen with Gaza. He is changing his war aims by the minute.

Netanyahu says not seeking to ‘occupy’ Gaza but ‘demilitarise’ it - AlJazeera, Nov 10 2023

> Netanyahu’s comments come days after he said Israel would take responsibility for Gaza’s security for an “indefinite period” after the end of its war with Hamas, prompting pushback from the United States. <

Meanwhile it has become obvious that many of the casualties of the Palestinian Al-Aqsa flood were killed by indiscriminate fire from Israeli Apache helicopters as well as its ground troops.

Israeli Apache helicopters killed own soldiers, civilians on 7 October: Report - The Cradle, Nov 9 2023

Craig Murray's Twitter account has been hacked to discredit him.

The Curious Hacking of @craigmurrayorg - Craig Murray, Nov 10 2023

Day by day the members of the resistance axis in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen are taking steps up the escalation ladder.

Ibn Riad - ابن رياض @IbnRiad - 20:48 UTC · Nov 9, 2023

In the context of this equation, we need to understand that every single faction of the wider Resistance Axis is holding back an significant amount of their capabilities and firepower, to be brought to bear in further stages of escalation, and especially in the case of total war.

Escalation of Gaza aggression makes battle expansion inevitable: Iran - Al Mayadeen, Nov 10, 2023

The message to the U.S. and Israel is 'bring it on'.



Martyr Izz El-Din Al-Qassam Brigades spokesperson, Abu Obeida, in a recorded speech:

We are engaged in the 36th day of the Battle of Al-Aqsa Flood, which history will immortalize and the occupier will not erase.

"Israeli" tanks face fierce resistance and intense clashes, forcing them to retreat and change the course of their incursion.

The American-backed "israeli" war machine is destroying everything in front of them before advancing, but it faces resistance that destroys their armored vehicles and their soldiers' fortified positions and assembly areas.

Our fighters emerge from underground and above it, from under the rubble, and destroy their armored vehicles and tanks.

Quick and easy revenge comes to appease their internal front.

Bombing hospitals, schools, and civilian facilities are the achievements of the occupier to have an achievement over the sea of innocent blood. The enemy's massacres in Gaza are the only achievement in the war.

We announce that we have documented the complete or partial destruction of more than 160 zionist military vehicles since the beginning of the ground aggression, including more than 25 vehicles in the last 48 hours.

The occupation will not enjoy a moment of peace but will continuously pay the price. I say to our people, you are the victorious side by the will of Allah.

The confrontation is asymmetrical but still frightens and terrifies the strongest force in the region.


Five new killed in battles in the northern #Gaza Strip; According to Israeli sources:

Major (res.) Matan Meir, 38 years old, from Udem, fighter in the 697th Battalion, 551st Brigade.

Maj. (Res.) Moshe Yediya Leiter, 39, Min Zorim, a member of the 697th Brigade, 551st Brigade (Fire Arrow Design), served as a platoon leader in a Shildag unit.

Major General Yosef Haim (Yossi) Hershkowitz, 44, from Djibouti, fighter in the 697th Battalion, 551st Brigade (Half-Fire Formation).

Sergey Shmerkin, 32 years old, from Kiryat Shmona, a fighter in the 697th Battalion, 551st Brigade, fell.

Major (res.) Netanel (Nati) Harush, 34 years old, from Jerusalem, fighter in Administrative Assistance Unit 5084, Givati ​​Brigade.


>160 zionist military vehicles
only 160?




If even a quarter of those failed to fully protect the crews and troops inside then you're looking at around 100-200 casualties easily.


I always really like this one with video.

Organiser says 1 million people march in London
Mustafa al-Dabbagh, an organiser from the Muslim Association of Britain, says one million people took to the streets of London demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and for the end of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

“Our protest has taken place completely peacefully and the main disruption happened from far-right demonstrators. About 100 of them were arrested today and that’s completely ridiculous. They’ve been egged on by the divisive rhetoric of our Home Secretary [Suella Braverman] who has been busy creating division within our society,” al-Dabbagh told Al Jazeera.

Some of the right-wing protesters threw bottles at officers, and police vehicles sped around the city to respond to reports of tensions in the streets. London’s Met Police said later it made 82 arrests of counter-protesters.

Police said the pro-Palestinian rally had a “very large” turnout and there had been no incidents related to it so far.


File: 1699726169649.png (9.29 MB, 4000x2400, ClipboardImage.png)

some bretty pased plackards.



Israel has no strategic depth whatsoever. Both the imperial establishment (e.g. Biden) and its natural opponents in West Asia (e.g. Nasrallah) agree with the materialist explanation that Israel is an imperial outpost (see Biden comment re: "if Israel didn't exist, we would've created it"). Hence, the continued attacks against US bases in the region.


File: 1699727465004.jpg (146.56 KB, 941x1000, F-rDJPuXcAAHHkU.jpg)

The Parliament have been taken…2 more weeks until total Isreal defeat i guess


File: 1699727628736.png (249.37 KB, 578x369, 70945645.png)

What the actual fuck. Indistinguishable from the Nazis. At least we're at the point where the West is in a precarious enough geopolitical position that they will eventually have a massive and deserved reckoning over this sheer depravity.


>"we just want to tell you to be mindfull of what you type on the internet"


Is zionism more extreme than Nazisim? The Nazis seemed to actually like Arabs and loved Islam. Or Hitler did at least


>Israel has no strategic depth whatsoever.
It also was woefully insufficient resources and military industrial capacity to survive on its own. Israel is not like most colonial powers in that it isn't the projection of some far way empire, its population are not like French colonial administrators in Indochina or American officials in Afghanistan. Its people and government mean to make that country their home and remain there indefinitely. Unlike other colonial proxies like say, South Vietnam, it has a sufficiently strong political base to stay in power. What it lacks however is military self sufficiency, and given the decline of American ruling class hegemony both globally and over their own people, the US actually seems like the weakest link in the alliance that sustains Zionism.


Only because they wanted the arabs to revolt against the british and french. Don't be fooled, it's all pragmatism there. Same reason why they called the japanese honorary aryans, or allied with the south slavs despite them being "subhuman".



both rely on the same logic, their actions only differ because of the material conditions they operate in.



Attempting to counteract these systemic issues was very likely the rationale behind the US-backed "normalization" and/or "Abraham accords" push. The idea is stupid enough, it could only be cooked up by the DC FoPo architects.

The whole premise behind the project is bizarre and nonsensical. Constructing an unpopular alliance with a number of weak regional subservient reactionary regimes (which have zero popular legitimacy) does not a strategic depth make. That whole idea crashed & burned rather quickly, so we're back to square one, where the NATO fleet had to show up to make up for that.

At this point, I'm wondering what's the next game plan will be. Project #1 attempting to destabilize and/or remove rejectionist forces in Syria/Iraq/Iran/Lebanon failed miserably and even resulted in broadening the rejectionist front to include Yemen, and further weakening the GCC. Project #2 aka "normalization" is probably going nowhere now.

So what's next? Another attempt at regime change? Full-blown war? And with what? With the western industrial base depleted in Ukraine, what is the next game plan?


They're probably going to have to just continue with what they were doing before, that is propping up Israel with weapons indefinitely without any hope of making it self-sufficient in its own security. Israel is America's Spanish Ulcer, and one they will become less and less capable of supporting as their relative decline continues.


>given the decline of American ruling class hegemony both globally and over their own people
people keep saying this, but it seems to me like lefty copium. the us empire is not that decadent imo. it's still got another century or more in it.


>it's still got another century or more in it
Impossible to give a timeline really, but it is definitely declining and its collapse due to internal contradictions and external pressure seems more likely than Israel's.


> Israel is America's Spanish Ulcer, and one they will become less and less capable of supporting as their relative decline continues.
The military decline of the US absolutely vanishes against how most Arab states decayed in recent times.


>it's still got another century or more in it.
one of the two largest political wings is trying to illegal enforce a no-abortion policy when that very policy has gotten like a 4% approval rating in polling. its political situation is collapsing, its unable to provide its military ammunition because of rampant market racketeering, and its entire geopolitical project in the ME is on the verge of collapsing.


I don't expect anything from Arab states, even absent US support for Israel. However without that support it seems plausible that the Palestinians themselves and allied forces like Hezbollah could grind down the Zionists and make their position untenable, like what happened in Rhodesia.


The decay of Arab states is very real, but the growth of non state actors like Hezbollah and Hamas in their place is also growing, those non state actors are the only ones with any victories against the IDF


>it's still got another century or more in it

>dismantled and decaying industrial base

>can't win a proxy war against Russia
>internally unstable due to polarization and various culture wars
>fraying atlanticism in Europe
>reduced sphere of influence in West Asia (esp. after Iraq & Afghanistan)

Nope, sorry. Ain't going to be a century. It's Joever.


but isn't it's industrial base just exported and being held at gun point by the US's already developed and unparalleled weapons?


>dismantled and decaying industrial base
Still the second biggest in the world
>can't win a proxy war against Russia
>internally unstable due to polarization and various culture wars
Not really, people getting annoying at PTA meetings and making kids miserable is par for the course
>fraying atlanticism in Europe
Europe is completely on the side of US and Israel save for Ireland which is a tax haven, Atlanticism is more concrete in Europe now than it was in the 60s
>reduced sphere of influence in West Asia (esp. after Iraq & Afghanistan)
Somewhat true but Israel is still there and will be for the foreseeable future


>‘Israelis concerned by criticism’ during hospital siege
Reporting from occupied East Jerusalem

Daniel Hagari, the Israeli military spokesman, has been speaking in the last hour and he insisted the Israelis are not attacking the al-Shifa Hospital – but he acknowledged there is fighting around the facility, saying they are targeting Hamas fighters.

But he said the eastern side of the hospital is still open – and then he said the Israelis are open to moving babies out of al-Shifa to another hospital in the Gaza area.

Now that raises a lot of questions. How would that work? How would they safely be able to move if there is fighting ongoing in the area. And secondly, to what hospital would they go because we’re hearing from across the Gaza Strip they’re running out of essentials they need to treat the premature babies. We’ll see how this plays out tomorrow.

We know the Israelis are concerned by the criticism they’re receiving because of the situation and the deaths reported in just the past few hours.


File: 1699731070593.mp4 (14.62 MB, 1280x720, Ahm984xbGO0EVbxF.mp4)

More from Beit Hanoun.


Tbh I think Islamism has been on the decline over the last few years. Arab states worry about non-state actors but these groups are becoming more and more marginal and contained. With the absence of Islamists and any viable left tradition, more and more Arab youth are embracing secular neo-neoliberalism. This was Netanyahu and the Arab states whole strategy for Israel-Palestine and Hezbollah, just contain them, secularize society and wait for the next generation, who aren't interested in resistance, take root. If you take a look at the whole region, you'll see resistance actors, both Islamic and leftist, are dying off and being pushed out. Hamas and Hezbollah are among the last holdouts.


Reminder the RPGs used here are produced and assembled in Gaza


Most of these groups like Arabs, East Asians don't even have a tier in Nazi race 'science'. It's the sort of thing that was cobbled together without any rigor


Just a reminder that Israel's rationale for not providing infantry support to their armoured forces is to "reduce casualties" or some shit.


One thing that's a little sus about these videos is that you never get a good look at the aftermath of the attacks, so its impossible to tell what their effectiveness is. Sure you see them hit the tank with an RPG, but there's no way to tell if it was intercepted by trophy, or how much damage it caused. That might just be a product of Al-Qassam's tactics, which mainly consist of hitting the enemy and then bugging out back to their tunnels. They may not have time to sit around and film their handiwork for propaganda purposes. Still, these videos show tanks being hit, but they don't conclusively show them being destroyed or knocked out.



>Still the second biggest in the world

The gap between #1 and #2 is only getting wider though.

>Not really, people getting annoying at PTA meetings and making kids miserable is par for the course

Racist populism making a comeback isn't, though.

>Europe is completely on the side of US and Israel save for Ireland which is a tax haven, Atlanticism is more concrete in Europe now than it was in the 60s

Nope, the ascendant anti-establishment political forces in Europe don't give two shits about atlanticism. Both the populist left/right vocally favour economic integration with Russia/China, at the expense of atlanticism in order to avoid further deindustrialization. The US is on the opposite side of the argument. Atlanticism has never been any weaker. Defeat in Ukraine will only exacerbate this.

>Somewhat true but Israel is still there and will be for the foreseeable future

It depends. If Zionism can be renegotiated in a form that allows self-sufficiency, and a number of compromises are made to that end - possibly. But I don't see "Zionism by imperial gunboat" to be viable long-term.


are those tanks destroyed or just disabled? if they're just disabled do the crews escape? do they stay inside awaiting rescue? hamas hasn't published videos of them firing at idf escaping tanks afaik


>More from Beit Hanoun.
Crazy how they've not moved at all since they put troops down in Beit Hanoun.


Well yeah, it'd be better to see the aftermath, we're not 100% sure, but I can't blame them. They just shoot and run for their lives.

The destroyed vehicles will stay wherever they are, maybe in the aftermath someone film the whole region and we can count more or less the damage


Guerrilla warfare in a dense urban environment against a well armed opponent tends to slow things down a lot


Looks to me like Israel are trying to do this trickle with the border always opening in order to make it more likely to be able to cause a riot at the border and force it open for civilians.
>Rafah crossing to reopen for foreigners Sunday, border authority says
Gaza’s border authority says the Rafah land crossing into Egypt would reopen on Sunday for foreign passport holders.

Evacuations from the strip into neighbouring Egypt for foreign citizens and Palestinians needing urgent medical treatment were suspended on Friday.


A few earlier videos like these showed various parts of the hull flying after impact. Not saying this means the rockets always do this, but that it probably varies from doing nothing to total destruction depending on a lot of factors.


they should upload the blueprints somewhere


>>1675530 (me)
You also have to remember that Israel publicly admitted the destruction of a Namer APC + the death of its entire crew (from the Givati Brigade) once. Again, it's not completely useless.


It would be better if Palestinians go down fighting and be wiped out than end up slaves like the American Indians. It's better to risk death than live for a moment on the Israeli occupier.


I'm surprised so many leftists are pro-Palestine given that Israeli is a very lefty country and many socialists in the 50s blindly supported it. What changed?


Go back


Have you missed the complete Likudnik political dominance since Rabin was assassinated?


File: 1699732978577.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1713, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1699732988130.png (307.8 KB, 600x600, 6bb.png)

>given that Israeli is a very lefty country


To be honest if Hamas poisoned the MDMA supply they would win the war in a week


File: 1699733190673.png (32.07 KB, 514x352, 7fe.png)

>kibbutz socialism


It's sectarian and racist but the property is technically held in common


A handful of agricultural cooperatives does not a socialist country make. You might as well say the US is a "lefty" country because Amish communities and hippy communes exist.


Are you telling me leftists switched allegiance to Palestine because labor isn't the dominant party in Israel anymore? That's fucking sad. I remember reading that the Baader Meinhof type left were widely criticized by other German leftists for even aligning themselves with the PFLP. In the 50s, a lot of leftist figures seemed to support Israel. Ever read Edward Said's memoir? He said he went to dinner with Satre, De Beauvoir and Foucault and found all of them supported Israel and gave him zero respect. These people stood up for Algerians but sided with Israel because they saw it is a genuinely socialist or left leaning country and said Zionism was a national liberation movement. I don't think Said ever spoke to them again.


> it's still got another century or more in it.
That's absurdly optimistic.


lol breitbart go kill yourself fucking uyghur


File: 1699733673417.jpg (206.62 KB, 1080x813, 1620953818361.jpg)

>In the 50s, a lot of leftist figures seemed to support Israel.
Libs and socdems maybe. Communists have been anti-Israel since the 50s.


>Israeli is a very lefty country
It's literally an apartheid state anon wtf you talking about


File: 1699734164634.png (145.03 KB, 640x480, IMG_7260.png)

>Breitbart mentioned


The Tsarist Empire: Bastion of Socialism!!!


chinlets think jews = leftism


File: 1699734561894.mp4 (2.34 MB, 640x416, 16997296464850.mp4)

I hope they follow up with something


Israel was once a celebrity cause for Western leftists in the 50s and 60s. There were a lot of people on the left who were oddly sympathetic to ZIonists and made an exception on the Palestine issues.


I don't care about dumbfuck hippies thinking that kibbutzim built in nahel settlements are revolutionary.


“Western leftists in the 50s and 60s” is definitely a euphemism


File: 1699734931616.png (422.36 KB, 469x393, ClipboardImage.png)

>Israel was once a celebrity cause for Western leftists in the 50s and 60s.
So was Palestine though.
Have you considered it is an selective reading that is making you retarded?


the radlibs who were fed zionist and anti-communist propaganda during the cold war were pro-israel?
wow, no way maaaaaaaaaaan, tell us more


Yeah, but the pro-Palestine left was controversial back in the 60s. Other leftists accused them of antisemitism. There was a real bias for Israel among some. In some ways, its a litumus test for a genuinel leftist and the sell out left.


I think the knowledge of the Nakba and the settler-colonial ethnic cleansing was less widespread back then, and the historical memory of WW2, and the mythical founding of Israel as a "safe place for Jews" still dominated public discourse. The intervening decades have done a lot to dispel this idea.


With the war going on for a month now what do you guys think are the chances of our PFLP/DFLP comrades and the rest of the prisoners being released from jail in a prisoner swap for the hostages?


File: 1699736339860-0.png (189.11 KB, 651x852, Nato Nazis.png)

File: 1699736339860-1.png (4.12 MB, 1436x2047, nazi_to_nato.png)

File: 1699736339860-2.png (203.78 KB, 603x1049, schnezz truppe 5.png)

File: 1699736339860-3.png (245.09 KB, 603x1050, schnezz truppe 6.png)

File: 1699736339860-4.png (289.23 KB, 603x1050, schnezz truppe 7.png)

>"Israel notes with regret and repugnance that the other German State (GDR) has ignored and continues to ignore Germany's historical responsibility for the Holocaust…"
This statement is especially absurd when you consider that it is West Germany, not East Germany, who prematurely ended denazification, joined NATO less than 10 years after the Holocaust (before the warsaw pact was even a thing), and was the source of the literal nazis in the NATO command structure, like Adolf Heusinger.


File: 1699736570237.png (279.85 KB, 719x539, ClipboardImage.png)

It's always worth going over stuff again, even if it's obvious to you, because, as HL Mencken said, "A sucker is born every minute." I'd say the assumption that everything that we need to know is already obvious is incredibly dangerous, and leads to more ignorance in the long run, because the education of the public that needs to be continuous and unrelenting gets swept aside as "well, duh!"


Won't happen unless the Zionists experience a substantial military defeat, which will depend entirely on the morale of the army and general population. Hamas can't hope to defeat the Israelis outright or even outlast them in a war of attrition. Israel's vast numerical and material superiority means that Hamas will run out of fighters and equipment before they do. The only way they can win is if they inflict enough casualties and hold out long enough that the morale of the IDF collapses, or else the Israeli public turns against the war. Tbh I don't think that's very likely. Realistically I think the best case scenario is that this ends up like the Tet Offensive: a tactical disaster that proves to be a strategic victory in the long term, since even if Israel seriously depletes Hamas and occupies the strip the still have to deal with governing it, and the damage to their reputation and diplomatic standing will be long lasting. Israel will likely come out of this weaker than they were on Oct 6, but I doubt Hamas will achieve any of its short term goals.


File: 1699736918061.jpg (451.36 KB, 1378x778, Alphonsegaston[1].jpg)

>The message to the U.S. and Israel is 'bring it on'.


>No stated that he never second-guessed his decision to defect from North Korea and make a new life in America.
How could he have known that defecting to the South would lead him to the US? South Korea was very tight on emigration for many decades.


>Israel’s threat against Lebanon ‘very dangerous’
Marwan Bishara
Marwan Bishara
Senior political analyst

Israeli leaders are acting like war criminals. They used to be political criminals, now they’ve become war criminals. When the Israeli president says there are no innocents in Gaza, all Palestinians hold responsibility for October 7. When the defence minister calls them ‘human animals’ and says he will treat people in Lebanon the same way – basically the Israelis are taking the position that women, children, and men can be slaughtered in revenge.

These are war crimes. This is genocide. There is intent and there is action. And it’s very dangerous. What worries me is because the US has deployed its armada to the east Mediterranean, the Israelis think this is their chance because the Americans are here and if they finish with Gaza, perhaps they can start with Lebanon. It’s dangerous what is going on.

>No Palestinian Authority in post-war Gaza: Netanyahu
Israel’s leader ruled out a role for the current Palestinian Authority government in Gaza once the war between Israel and Hamas is over.

“There will have to be something else there,” he said, when asked whether the Palestinian Authority, which has partial administrative control in the occupied West Bank, may govern Gaza after the war.

“There won’t be a civilian authority that educates their children to hate Israel, to kill Israelis, to wipe out the state of Israel,” Netanyahu said.


“Western leftists” are liberals. There is no difference between the two.


>>1675589 (me)
To turn these things into leftists would require them to support anti-imperialist movements such as Palestine and be at least neutral to China.


Israelis are monsters and must be destroyed.
>Two premature babies die in al-Shifa Hospital, director of facility says
Al-Shifa Hospital director Mohammed Abu Salmiya says two prematurely born babies have lost their lives due to the power outage at al-Shifa Hospital.

“They were 39 children and now they’re 37 newborns,” Abu Salmiya told Al Jazeera.

The babies, who require oxygen devices, were moved from incubators to a bed in another part of the hospital that is “not conducive to newborns”, he said.

“We’ve placed 10 prematurely born babies on one bed because these children need a particular temperature, they need particular respirators and ventilators, and particular nutrition,” he added.

These babies weigh somewhere between 800 to 2,000 grams, according to Abu Salmiya. He said doctors are struggling to save their lives and are now using “primitive methods”, but that this is “very unsustainable”.

Abu Salmiya said the Israeli army has ignored requests to transfer the newborns out of al-Shifa to a safe location.


We shouldn't be neutral to China. Within China there is an ongoing struggle between the more left socialistic factions (once led by Hu Jintao) and the more right leaning nationalist economic liberals you see with Xi Jinping. This is one of the most important political battles in the world today. It's more important than the endless Trump vs Biden shit people won't stfu about.


I wonder what petit porkies like Gigi Hadid and DJ Khalid think of their bosses being of the same ppl genociding theirs


DJ Khaled only cares about jetskis


File: 1699738066468.jpeg (338.78 KB, 1284x600, IMG_7259.jpeg)

I want to kill these people.


go back.


Neutrality does not prevent action against individuals who have been involved in war crimes. In other words arresting say a war crime suspect or somebody who's thought to be involved in crimes against humanity or or war crimes if they go into the territory of a neutral State. I think there can be no legal objection to their being arrested in that state and prosecuted in that state itself under Universal jurisdiction principles, or under the law of the Geneva conventions.

The Geneva conventions set out a series of what are called grave breaches of the conventions and every country that's party to them, which is every country in the world virtually, is obligated to take steps against persons when they are in the territory. So I think if a if a a neutral State finds somebody who's been involved, and/or suspected of being involved in international crimes, that they are perfectly entitled, and indeed under the Geneva conventions actually obligated, to take legal action against them, because these are legal actions against individuals in their own right, and not against States as such. So I think the law of neutrality does not in to any extent stand in the way of enforcement of international criminal laws.

If the acts took place in a different country even if the victims were foreigners that none of that matters it's called Universal jurisdiction in legal circles and that and that action can be taken there there is law on this. there was a prosecution notably in Germany some years ago of a person for genocide emerging out of the Bosnian War I think for involvement in the srebrenica massacres and the person was found in Germany so the German authorities arrested him prosecuted and and convicted him. he then took the case to the European Court of Human Rights saying that Germany can't do this because the actions took place in a foreign country and Germans were not involved as victims and such but the European Court of Human Rights said that no this is permissible. Universal jurisdiction is allowed against International crimes such as genocide or crimes against humanity and so their states have the option of taking action

In the case of war crimes under the Geneva conventions It's actually an obligation to act but for genocide and crimes against humanity it is an option rather than an obligation but countries are allowed to do that andone does see examples of that on a modest scale occurring. That means it would be a possibility actually that Arab states but also other states that currently are already signaling very strongly that they condemn the wholesale bombing of Gaza and kill the killings of 10,000 civilians that they could actually start using their own legal systems of going against individual Israeli politicians that they suspect of being the perpetrators of of war crimes and thereby put even legal pressure under their systems on on these individuals.

Many prominent Israeli politicians and politicians elsewhere like Mr Putin are careful about the countries they travel to and I think leading American politicians, such as former President Bush and people in his administration, I think take care not to go to foreign countries unless they are very sure that there won't be action taken against them on these Universal grounds.

It's worth bearing in mind to remember that Palestine is a party to the to the international criminal court and the court has jurisdiction over anything that occurs on Palestinian territory. So that the actions which take place in Gaza itself, even even though Israel is not a party to the international criminal court, nevertheless in its operations on Palestinian territory, the court would have jurisdiction over those. The difficulty of course would be apprehending the people and arresting them and sending them onwards but as we've said and and you've just pointed out the the international criminal court isn't the only possibility there's also the possibility of just trial within Arab countries themselves under under International laws.


>intercepted by trophy



No, it wouldn't, retard.


if it was intercepted by trophy there would have been casualties among the fighters since they are so close to the tanks


Yeah apparently it also doesn't work within 50m, and at least a few of the videos I've seen were within that range. The resistance fighters really have balls of steel.


Then just say liberals instead of smearing communists.


It’s depressing that everyone has accepted the racist logic of the new Cold War (all these peoples are teaming up against The West) and siding along such lines.


talk to people irl, not bots on reddit.


>permabanned from Reddit
>your subreddit gets quarantined
>botted to shit
>shadow bans
>literal CIA, and Eglin Air Force base
>all just to "change the discourse" on lib central
Do you hear yourself speak? Go fucking organize IRL, not Reddit.


It’s because westerners seldom have the intellectual capacity to detach themselves from the western idea. Everyone is raised under liberal capitalism and will ultimately defer to the enforcers of this system to defend and care for them. Why do you think we have so many shows and movies that depict cops and Feds as serene beings, why do Marvel movies exist? It’s to promote this idea that America is good and everyone against America is evil.
I have a condition exhibition disorder so I can’t really go out much.
If you’re not willing to engage in open warfare (online) on your enemy, they’re winning. If they’re not scared of you, they’re winning.


File: 1699739555512.mp4 (1.91 MB, 720x718, 1654839579634.mp4)

>open warfare (online)


File: 1699739592789.jpg (110.42 KB, 607x586, 1636489235549.jpg)

>open warfare (online)


Wow, funny 2020 meme you fucking retard why don’t you fuck off if you’re not going to be productive and post on subs like thedeprogram and latestagecapitalism(USER WAS SENT TO TOUCH GRASS)


you are smoking crack if you think Im going to discuss anything with a terminally online retard with an "exhibiton disorder"


JIDF go home


incredibly retarded post.


knowingly biting bait is still more retarded than baiting in the first place anon.


>The Israeli Ynet news website cited a military statement saying four soldiers were killed in a booby-trapped tunnel in Beit Hanoun
Lol. They just keep doing it. WTF do they put in the food up in Beit Hanoun.. JFC.
Five Israeli soldiers killed in heavy fighting: Military
The Israeli army says five soldiers were killed during battles in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli Ynet news website cited a military statement saying four soldiers were killed in a booby-trapped tunnel in Beit Hanoun in northern Gaza while the fifth died in fighting elsewhere.

The number of Israeli soldiers killed since the start of ground operations on October 27 rose to 43.

The army is facing fierce battles from armed Palestinian groups in different areas across Gaza.


More info:
Four soldiers of the reservist's 697th Battalion were killed by a deadly blast from a booby-trapped tunnel shaft next to a mosque in Beit Hanoun. The troops were not inside the tunnel. In addition, four others sustained severe injuries, two of whom are in critical condition. One other soldier died in northern Gaza Strip battles.

Furthermore, the IDF reported that an officer and four soldiers from the 697th Battalion of the 551st Brigade sustained serious injuries during recent clashes in northern Gaza. Additionally, a commander from the 12th Battalion of the Golani Brigade was seriously wounded in the central Gaza region.


I can tell the intelligence level on this board is really high these days. I was mocking the article you buffoons


only 4?


Heroes never die!


File: 1699741457074.png (13.69 MB, 3788x2525, ClipboardImage.png)

4 plus 4 injured, 2 critically. is pretty a lot anon, not least for the most casualty adverse army in the world.


You'd have easier time pulling teeth from a hippo, than getting IDF to admit to real losses.


Even their admitted losses are high for israel, israel society will still be burying their dead and seeing cripples wheeling around Tel Aviv soon enough.

>Israel targets anti-tank missile cell in strikes on Hezbollah targets

The Israel Defense Forces says it targeted a cell of Hezbollah operatives that fired anti-tank missiles at Israel earlier today, as part of strikes on the Lebanese terror organization.

According to the military, Israeli fighter jets destroyed Hezbollah “military infrastructure and positions” in Lebanon.

Sderot says drone intercepted after sirens activated in Gaza border towns
The Sderot Municipality says a drone that entered Israeli airspace has been successfully intercepted.

The statement comes after suspected drone infiltration sirens sounded in the southern city and other communities near the Gaza Strip.


BTW, what's the source for Israeli advances into Gaza? Is it IDF?


>BTW, what's the source for Israeli advances into Gaza? Is it IDF?
And embeded reporters, yea.
They're doing that american Iraq war thing of allowing reporters to embed in to units but having control of their ouputs and not otherwise letting journalist in to the zone.


>Following strong pushback in Israel, France seeks to walk back President Emmanuel Macron’s remark that there’s “no justification” for Israel’s bombing of “these babies, these ladies, these old people” in Gaza.
Walking back 'you should not kill babies and old people.'. I really do tremble in awe of his jupiterian moves.


File: 1699742770788.gif (73.49 KB, 853x761, open warfare online.gif)





Hezbollah operations 11-11-2023:

- Eastern Sector:
1. At 09:45, targeting the Ramim barracks (occupied Lebanese village of Hounin) with missile weapons.
2. At 15:00, targeting an enemy armored vehicle and a zionist infantry force at the "Metulla" site with guided missiles.
3. At 15:00, targeting the "Radar" site and Zebdine in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms with appropriate weapons.
4. At 16:00, targeting the Malikiya site with appropriate weapons.

- Western Sector:
1. At 09:50, targeting an armored infantry force at Karntina Hill in the Hadb Yaroun area.
2. At 10:55, targeting the Hadb Al-Bustan site with missile weapons.
3. At 11:30, targeting the Jardah site with artillery shells.
4. At 14:00, targeting gatherings of occupation forces in "Wadi Shomera," "Tel Shaar," and "Badid" (occupied Lebanese village of Tarbikha and its surroundings) with appropriate weapons.


New thread: >>1675689
New thread: >>1675689
New thread: >>1675689
New thread: >>1675689
New thread: >>1675689
New thread: >>1675689
New thread: >>1675689
New thread: >>1675689
New thread: >>1675689
New thread: >>1675689


surprised people thought this was anything other than bait

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