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What is the difference between skinheads that are self proclaimed nazis and the "original" skinheads? What's the whole mess around OI? I've heard some things here and there and i wanted to know more about it.

This is the only imageboard i know that is left leaned so make it count.


Edgy emotionally neglected mfs are all the same dunno.



different political content in their art not so much an aesthetic difference.


All punk rock and adjacent music sounds like boring garbage to me, dunno. Maybe ask /mu/ or reddit or something.


That's weird considering how varied punk is among it's many many subgenres, arguably more so than metal but obviously less than electronic music


skinheads were a youth subculture in london in the late 60s that came out of mod fashion that dressed in workwear like doc martens and levis and listened to and danced to ska and reggae
it was short lived, but there were "waves" of the fashion and music being rediscovered after that, spreading throughout the world, and they blended into punk stuff also, and were radicalized by neo-nazi orgs alongside anarchism and commie sects cuz they were a bunch of aimless lumpen white kids
the original wave in london wasn't political at all, just a bunch of kids dressing modernist and going out to club to jamaican music
i was obsessed with this stuff for like a month which is why i know all this, and i still have a preference for levis and black leather lace boots to this day as a result


File: 1700235287608.jpg (77.71 KB, 481x955, 2y808cnsc2s51.jpg)

This pretty much captures it. Just like the racists in world war ii, oi tried to appropriate symbols for neo-nazi movements, but this time the punks were ready and had learned from the past. Picrelated is enlightening. Basically Nazis will look for any opening and invade, smearing their gross obsession with black cock all over the place. You cannot give them any wiggle room because they ultimately want to take over. This is why, to this day, people are seriously warned about putting red laces on their boots (the Nazi/RAC colors) because there are people that will NOT give you to the benefit of the doubt and bash your skull in if they see those.
You have to be militant about this stuff.


ironically, nazis act more like jews than the jews themselves


Read "Elements if Antisemitism" by Adorno & Horkheimer. It's a chapter in the Dialectic of Englightenment, which is easy to find online.
Basically they go as far as to say that everything antisémites accuse Jews of, they are guilty of themselves. NAZIS think of people as mindless cattle, NAZIS want to rule over and dominate the whole world, NAZIS want to hypnotize and brainwash people with propaganda, NAZIS want to infiltrate and control the banks and the media and the government from the inside to achieve their agenda.


the original skinheads were just a bunch of english working class youths who didn't particularly care about politics

>no u
so this is the power of freudianism


sometimes no u is more accurate than you think. its called projection, and people who form their political opinions based on their feelings of insecurity tend to project a whole lot


Run and hide, nazi


>Basically Nazis will look for any opening and invade, smearing their gross obsession with black cock all over the place. You cannot give them any wiggle room because they ultimately want to take over.
Exactly like /pol/ lmfao. And also aren't the red laces SHARP's colors and meant to represent anarchism/communism?


yeah, projection is a freudian concept and like the rest of it, it is a bunch of bullshit. here's a good marxist critique of freudianism by a soviet guy called valentin voloshinov who is rumoured to be an alias of mikhail bakhtin. the frankfurt school's reliance on freud was one of their biggest flaws and led to such embarassing takes as "the authoritarian personality" and the "left fascism" of the students' movement

>if you're not satisfied with lib-tier "nazis hate jews because their mommy didn't love them" type of arguments you are a nazi yourself
i bet you think weimar failed because of too much democracy and le paradox of tolerance


I'm sorry I had to assume you were posting in bad faith because it was so retarded.
The argument made in Elements of Antisemitism wasn't psychoanalytic it was dialectical. But you didn't bother to read it so you wouldn't know. I can only come to two conclusions: either you're an antisemite that's pissed he got found out or some kind of hooting baboon that sees the name "Adorno" and freaks out like this.


>I'm sorry I had to assume
<proceeds to go on assuming again
is mayonnaise dialectical?


Both are fucking gay lifestylism.


Just admit you're losing dude, you're the same guy that keeps posting blacked shit I imagine. Fuck outta here.


the original, good skinheads are the "sharp skins", you will find them at many punk/anarcho/antifa places. Tight pants, white polo shirt, red suspenders and (often) gauges in ears.


>gauges in ears.
this is a 2010s hipster faggot trend


and yet a lot of the sharp skins nowadays have them. I'm telling you my observations, I'm not passing judgment.


>hipster faggot trend
Take your meds grandpa


There's a while ranking system, but black laces are probably the safest bet if you're around people in the know. White and red are both nazi/white supremacist, I know that much, and I think purple laces have some connotation too but not sure what they're associated with.


>>1680833 (me)
*whole, not while


You don't live on an 70/80's London council estate. Stop LARPing nobody is going to care what colour your laces are.


i heard that skinheads were originally punks who didn't like how punk was becoming political so they shaved their mowhawks. that's why they later showed up at more pop punk shows


you don't hang around with many punks/anarchists, do you? I guarantee you if you come dressed as a skin they will check the colour of your shoelaces


>you don't hang around with many punks/anarchists, do you?
I do actually
>I guarantee you if you come dressed as a skin they will check the colour of your shoelaces
No they wont lol. LARP.


University Bourgeoisie Leftists created nazi skinheads by their own anti-working class attitudes.
Let me explain.
Initially skinheads were a reggae offshoot, so were obviously not nazi. They were an authentic "white" working class youth movement. They would have been a powerful element of the leftwing In Britain had they just been left alone.
However their authenticness and tough behaviour was frightening and intimidating to university leftists. Not to mention jealo


…err i'll continue.

Not to mention jealousy over women. As the skinheads were taking all the university chicks every weekend.
So jealous university leftists smeared the skinheads as a racist hate movement.
The skinheads then adopted the label and nazi imagery purely to offend their critics (a phenomenon that is widely known among many groups)
The entire time skinheads never actually were racists or nazis
Even up to the present you have skinheads who admire and pay respect to dead black singers.


Why do skinheads shave their head bald btw? Most punks in my country probably haven't touched a shaving razor for a decade or so


It comes from blacks shaving their afros off. Also people are seriously confused about the relationship between skins and punks.
Skin =/= punks. Punks came later. Punk literally means faggot.


Punk Rock is my favorite kind of music, particularly Green Day, as I think their American Idiot Album is the greatest Album of all time (it is has extremely Leftist, Anti-War, and Anti-American lyrics), ✊😜!


and skinheads arent faggots, theyre big manly men?


File: 1700555892704.png (19.88 KB, 320x314, ponk.png)

Might as well also post this


>theyre big manly men
That's very gay.


why do people want to wear a uniform, can someone explain?


I'm not in the scene, but it'd be a little embarrassing if we didn't reclaim straight red.

In Australia, the Eureka flag (flagrel, /auspol/ OP picrel) is claimed by both pro-White racists and by a couple of unions in the labour movement. Makes me wonder if anyone has naively tried to start shit when the one or two unionists with Southern Cross symbols sit among the recent Palestine protests. Symbols can be strange, hell, just ask the United Farm Workers.

Red laces on your left foot means you like being fisted, duh.


File: 1700557046648.jpg (59.26 KB, 640x480, mpv-shot0001.jpg)

what you wanna do right is get all 'is boots an' then replace the laces wiv red ones, then ya tie 'em together when 'e's not lookin.


the word punk means bottom bitch in prison lingo. Its why black guys say stuff like "yo get that punk bitch" It was pushed as a thing by literal prison bitches, its a subversive joke to make an entire youth movement around calling yourself a bottom bitch.
Some punk culture is alright nonetheless.


insufficient self development, feelings of inadequacy


>And also aren't the red laces SHARP's colors and meant to represent anarchism/communism?
Stupid me didn't put this in the previous reply:
Like almost all of these cultural codes, it would depend on region. If SHARPS got there first, they may have reclaimed red where you live, then you go to another place and get your teeth bashed for being in the National Front. I checked an online guide which claims blue is worn by [sic] 'sharps' to symbolise 'cop killer', while SHARPs and other anti-racists adopted yellow to differentiate. Although yellow apparently can also mean you want someone to pee on you sexually.
Someone on reddit said in South East Africa, laces represent tribes:
>I would say that lace color is EXTREMELY important! The Maasi Tribe traditionally wear red laces on their Docs. If they are out and about on the plains and run in to anyone in yellow laces, that means it's the Yoruba Tribe, and it's probably gonna go right the fuck off
So, uh, yeah. Check your locals before you wear red to an event.

I can find comments as recent as 2019 saying:
>"I have boots with red laces because I think it looks cool, but yesterday a man came up to me and asked if I stand for my laces. I said that I don't have any meaning behind my shoelaces, and he told me to google it."
>"I rock white laces [for the look] and today was the first day in probably about 3-4 years someone has asked me "what they mean"."
It's obviously rare, but it looks like especially some older people will vibe-check you, and it's good to know what you're signalling in case you ignorantly get into a context where it gets noticed.


Kinda ironic because the Eureka movement was mostly made up of foreigners and the leader of Eureka wanted to remove white men's right to vote. Once again racists are dumb and don't know what they support.


And of course, chances are they mean nothing where you are, but there's no harm in checking before you do somer eal ignorant shit.


>Kinda ironic because the Eureka movement was mostly made up of foreigners
There is a point to be made about anti-Chinese sentiment. The rebellion, while predominantly European for obvious reasons, was nationally broad: During the 1855 Victorian High Treason trials, The Argus court reporter observed that of "the first batch of prisoners brought up for examination, the four examined consisted of one Englishman, one Dane, one Italian, and one negro, and if that is not a foreign collection, we do not know what is." That said, there is no evidence that Chinese were involved in the Battle of the Eureka Stockade. The anti-Chinese and then ignorantly White supremacist interpretation is dumb but it's easy to see how it gets justified by them.


But yeah, it does suck. The recent re-emergence of a White nationalist interpretation of the Eureka flag has become pretty normal, and I hope we can reclaim it. Some anniversaries of the Blockade celebrations have even refused to fly the flag because of the potential to offend.


My view:
Original skinheads arose from status quo dissatisfaction, while neo skinheads are just immature teens with friendship problems that are in their edgy rebellious phase that they'll grow up from (just like how most LP'acks are tankies that'll eventually grow up and realise how immature tankism is for them)


LP tankies? whats that?


Leftypol tankies


Wtf are you talking about, punk meant a hoodlum or street criminal in general. You just have a weird hateful obsession with gay people.


I don't know which definition came first, probably that one, but 'punk' absolutely was and is prison slang for submissive, often in a sexual context like being prostituted out for gay sex.

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