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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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we have two conceptions of whiteness, the overarching (true) conception of whiteness as the outcome of colonialization and selfish extraction and that of the individual white person born into a white body. The white individual should not feel personal shame but should understand their advantages, the looks and glances that do not exist that would've existed where they black. the white person should recognize these things, but not (hopefully) find in themselves the farthering of oppressive systems by their own actions.

the whtie individual needs to understand, must understand that when oppressed people speak of oppression, speak of whiteness as oppression, that they are an unwilling participant. As long as you are not a racist, not a transhpobe, not homophobe, you are still on the side of the oppressed minorities.

Lets take as a case study, the native american movement. Are the popular figures of native american liberation fighting? They were defeated by our ancestores, forcefully put unto reservations. Who do they talk to now? They talk to you, the largest percentage of the American prolateriat. Even if you hear thins like, "white this, ", "white that," do they mean you? You individually? No! They're talking to you! They recognize that they need you, but also that you need that.

Even if you are white, you are oppressed. The oppressed people recognize this, Chinese maoist radio broardcasts spoke to you, the reminent of the Native American specifically hope to recruit you. They see themselves in you whether or not their rhetoric specifically mentions it.

White prolateriat, your liberation is with the liberation of the oppressed people within the United States. Do you shun them? Do you feel offended that they specify your people in their oppresssion? Are they not correct to do so? However! They specificially speak to you! Your ancestors decimated theirs, and in their weakened state they call to you, the oppressed white prolateriat, calling you to rallies, accepting you into organizations, hoping for your approval!

Shall you follow the words of strange internet cult leaders, giving you excuses for your whiteness, or shall you conceptualize your wihiteness into a habitual, congruent, statistically likely part of the superstructual talk of race?

Alliance with the oppressed people of the world is our only salvation.

Shall you resist the American form of leftism of be annoyed at it? Will you realize that the American lefitst movement is what Karl Marx had originally envisioned the anti-bourgioise movement as following or will you sit on the funny basket weeving leftist imageboard and complain about it?


File: 1700550138179.jpg (43.54 KB, 700x394, franklin on whiteness.jpg)

read theory (picrel)


File: 1700550193817.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 7.11 MB, 640x360, oh wait.mp4)

>(true) conception of whiteness


I will admit I'm very drunk, but I know who I'm posting at.

Diverging conversation towards people who are obviously not on this discussion board is a cringe behavior, you and me are whiteoids probably, (most likely)

Everyone on this board is a westerner pm


westoid moment, who cares?


Everyone here is a westoid, you're probably a westoid


Agreed, OP. But you wasted your energy typing this out here. Most people here are woefully ignorant when it comes to such subjets and try to hide that behind a vulgarized Marxist reasoning that ignores the superstructure and its real impacts.


File: 1700563185889.jpg (160.99 KB, 1082x1023, F-I8tYVbMAAXDb2.jpg)

Kinda preaching to the choir while expecting tomatos. Like you're right, but why did this seem like it'd be a hot take here? Sharpening the spoon doesn't do anyone good.


You're speaking in English, you're a westoid


no i'm not entirely white but then again very few people are


This board has many non westerners.

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