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To be fair it's only the second largest industrial action in Northern Ireland. Do NOT ask about the first one, we don't talk about Britain's only ever successful general strike. We do NOT.
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I want to go on holiday but have no passport, and just thinking about all the countersigning and photo faff to get one fills me with dread. Guess I'm stuck here for the time being.


File: 1708293667190.jpeg (71.77 KB, 1200x630, kenstarmer.jpeg)

now that sir ken starmer has come out for a ceasefire should leftybritpol support labour?


He's just trying to get votes, he's still Pro NATO and all, David Lammy went to the Munich Security Conference today.

If he was in government, he would not call for a ceasefire, or if he did only in a false sense to pursue his own interests.


I find that stuff stressful too but it's all pretty simple apparently. . Can you just get the picture done and ask a friend or family to do it for you?


After a period of reflection, I have come to the conclusion that if I can't even get a passport sorted I probably couldn't manage a holiday anyway.
Thank you for the advice regardless, anon.


Still makes me laugh how 'oil-for-food' was supposed to be a 'scandal'.
What a terrible man, working and risking to blunt the affect of modern day seige warfare! Terrible!


Once you get a passport just buy a plane ticket make sure you got some money and go.
Being in it will help you sort out the details like a place to stay and things to do and etc.


<now that sir ken starmer has come out for a ceasefire should leftybritpol support labour?
No, you should campaign to have him kicked out of Labour for this antisemitic stance…


If you have a child passport it's easy to renew, you don't need references or anything like that




File: 1708307750750.png (2.05 MB, 2220x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

Yuan Shao?


Problem is my mum has it and if I ask she'll take the piss out of me for wanting to go abroad on my own (she has never left the country).


Need to make this post.

Saw two jobs advertised at Boots for pharmacy technicians; both minimum wage, one for 30 hours another for 25.

Taken together with the minimum wage, the maximum earning potential for the contracted hours works out around £900 after tax. The store is in a location between two cities with no easy transport into town from either, except by rail which is a fortune. The local cost of renting (which doesn't exist, really) is only available for housing which starts at around a grand.

To rent a room in the first city, not an apartment, but a room in a house share, starts at around £800 on the outskirts. Renting a room in the second is unavailable, because the only location is the city centre and quite literally all of them have been converted into student accomodation for the tax incentive by landlords (install fire doors and a panel and you're set).

The ONLY feasable accomodation available is through renting as a lodger in one of the neighbouring towns; this means that you must be able to drive to and from the place you are lodging, because they are individual houses with rooms not rented by an agency but by individuals with no oversight.

This is the reality of wage supression; wages have not moved inline with housing costs nor have they risen in real terms since the end of the 90s. It is absolutely absurd that some people will call themselves socialists, yet when brooked on issues such as labour rights, and even the patheticaly misaligned challenge of fair pay, will simply retort that it is down to the individual to seek better employment; not only do such people exist, but they sail on by because the system as it was twenty years ago or more has not failed them in the way it is currently failing the general working population.

The absolute joke is that this is without considering the question of immigration. The idea that housing should remain a speculative asset is a complete joke. And what's more, the hour-rotation for these jobs is entirely the norm now for employers. They will contract you for at most 30 hours, and will simply feed you shifts piecemeal with no stability. Yet the working population of this country, despite holding together a large part of the fabric of the day-to-day service and care industry are not important enough (read: they do not possess the material resources) to lead to change. The power for that lies squarely in the voting population whom earn the median salaray and see politics as at most a game.


Is this the start of the Erie Unifications Wars if Northern Ireland is going on Strike, I need it bros I really do.


To be fair, they still do, they were just bought by a fucking Yank company


>they were just bought by a fucking Yank company
Who preceded to instant shut down their factory in the south and water their 'chocolate' down to taste like cheap nasty burger harshness trash.
The latter still makes me kind of angry.
Despise American chocolate, co-op had pretty good chocolate in the UK.


>Who preceded to instant shut down their factory in the south and water their 'chocolate' down to taste like cheap nasty burger harshness trash.

What the fuck….


File: 1708353030951.jpg (675.32 KB, 1206x1600, communism is progress.jpg)

Bro who cares? Getting made fun of is not that big of a deal. You need your passport for all sorts of paperwork stuff anyway.


American chocolate is greasy and tastes not as good but burgers are used to it so they are fine with it


If that the case, just do the fucking work to get your passport and make your mother happy.


Oh cool, really? I have a child passport from when I was like 5 and I thought I'd need to completely reapply, but that makes things much simpler


Mile may be a stupid neoliberal, but he's correct on wanting to take Falklands, it is not "ours".

Cameron is visiting the island, and said there is "no discussion" in relation to sovereignty.

If for some reason, which I doubt, there is a war over this, it is a massive positive if the British Army loses, a victory against imperialism, and possibly shows something to the people here.

Aside from the Falklands issue, who's watching The Way by Adam Curtis now at 9?


The issue of the Falklands should be settled through a referendum of the people living on the islands. Nothing else matters, least of Argentine jingoism.

>Aside from the Falklands issue, who's watching The Way by Adam Curtis now at 9?

Thanks for the reminder, putting the telly on now.


*least of all


yeah watching adam curtis new show
no fucking clue whats going on


You can definitely tell it's a Curtis show from the ominous music and panning archive footage every 2 minutes lol


the editing and general feel is very curtis
the story, not so sure.


I think that was very good.


it ended just when it was getting interesting


The last 10 minutes were kino.


Oh cool the whole series is on BBC iPlayer already. I guess I'm going to be tired at work tomorrow.


Well it IS an adam curtis project.


>The Way by Adam Curtis


I'm half way through the third episode and it's meh. Definitely peaked in episode one. The show is not what I expected from seeing the promotions.

It's turned into a reverse refugee story, which as a concept stopped being thought provoking about 8 years ago. There's far too much black mirror-esque stuff for my liking. And the characters aren't very interesting save one.


If you're not a bong and can't get it on iplayer, you might have to wait for a while.


It's already on the piratebay you absolute binches


it was alright
waiting for curtis to make something normal though


Same. I didn't even bother with that last russian one he did because there was no narration.


that was pretty damn good actually


..Nice. thanks.


File: 1708461787996.jpg (1.91 MB, 1080x1565, 5e05jt2hipjc1.jpg)



Ashlea you fat bitch your daughter would be too fat to get raped on a bus judging by how you'd likely feed her.


it looks like that meme


File: 1708465123107.png (66.05 KB, 862x575, Truss_Its Over.png)

>Anglo cuties getting laughed at by brown people on the bus
Bong brothers…


He hasn't supported one at all


It's also very funny looking at all the infantile online leftists turn their nose up at him when this program alone is more than they could ever dream of organising


The Way is fucking god awful, don't even watch it ironically, it's just boring. Years and Years was miles better than this and that wasn't even that good. Absolutely laughable political takes too, it strays away from advocating any position besides 'we need to imagine' and the power of love and shit. The usual suspects just ended up calling it communist propaganda anyway so they might as well have actually had a bit of left wing thought in there.


Is Adam Curtis' involvement obvious? I'm interested in his foray into a non-documentary format


You can detect some familiar themes when the characters are monologuing but not really I guess.


The vibes are there.

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