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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Anyone want to organize some monthly Internationale sing-alongs here? I mean, most online political communities are nihilist / cynical disasters, so I thought we should have some Marxist / Leftist / Socialist positivity once in a while.

No political content for the main event; just, let's sing along to the Internationale in various languages.


Okay, I'm embarrassed by this Panera Bread left version.

How about this older one? I prefer the Chinese version ("the Internationale MUST exist" is extremely powerful), but let's do something most users can actually read.


I like the idea, although I'm not willing to put my voice online for specific personal safety reasons.


I like this one

probably not that good for singing though


Really, how do we get more enthusiasm for this project?

My problem with a lot of leftists in the West is that we have no spiritual education. We are merely labor aristocracy that resents the share of surplus value that we receive for our work.

Before one seeks to become a Marxist, one should have a proper education in the spirituality and psychological makeup that befits a Marxist, so that we can become a true revolutionary force in a world where Five Eyes tracks everything and we persist under unlimited threat.

Singing Red songs, starting with the Internationale, should be the foundation of our spiritual education.




I'm not going in the CIA voice database + I don't sing


Voice changer. Or, just sing with a vocaloid.


>My problem with a lot of leftists in the West is that we have no spiritual education.
You lost me, kid.



From the Chinese perspective, Marxism is a form of spirituality. If it were not, it would be unable to get the People’s Volunteer Army to storm the UN positions in Korea, with the former underdressed, underarmed, with the latter bearing tremendous advantages in firepower, training, and materiel.

If it were not, the Japanese would never have said “among your prisoners, you can always tell who is a Communist because they are the ones who make sure the other prisoners get the best food first, then only grudgingly eat the leftover dredges afterwards”.

Before you study Marxism, you must first undergo a program of mental and spiritual reform so that your values and emotions are aligned with those who are seeking revolution. Otherwise, you’ll simply be another member of the Western left-wing talking shop that has gotten so little done over the past 50 years.


communists should be like Shaolin monks


so u sayin that the power of marxism doesn't lie in keeping everything exactly the same but with red paint and new names? woah. I don't think anons here are ready for such incendiary ideas.


I would call you idealist but you probably don't know the meaning of that insult. you are mentally retarded and have never read marx. stop spamming the board

anti-marxist posts attract retards like shit attracts flies



In the Soviet Union, the term was moral education. The failure of the Soviet Union, in the Chinese analysis, lay in the loss of faith in Marxism.

Objectively, I am asking you to be a model of discipline and moral excellence, just as I am belatedly moving toward such myself. Without the tinge of Marxism, how would you consider your refusal of this exhortation?

Or are you asking to make our leftist movements not those of the proletariat, but that of lumpy profiteroles (yes, I know it’s lumpen) with the values engendered in such?


Does china have pizza hut? If so, its already too late


Once again, shall we sing the Red songs together? The role of our Western comrades is not to forment revolution, because we will simply be overrun by Western security services.

Instead, our role is to keep the old feelings, the old dreams, alive, and infiltrate, infiltrate, infiltrate.

The ideal socialist is the ideal tool for capitalist slavery. But if we keep the old dreams alive, we shall control their power elite before they know of what has happened, and bring sooner the day of our final struggle, our last liberation.

Shall we sing the old songs together?


grass status: immaculate


I am not familiar with your hipster slang. What is that a reference to, marijuana?

If you will not sing, then post.

Debout! les damnés de la terre!


Same poster as above, but I would like to prevent historical errors, like moving to Russian too quickly.

Die stets man noch zum Hungern zwingt!



I'm overall more interested in revolutionary potential than revolutionary action, because it's obvious that the social potential for revolution does not exist in the First World.

However, trying to build disciplined Marxist-Leninist organizations for their own sake, simply biding its time for 50-80 years, is still worthwhile.

Or does that timescale scare you?

For justice thunders condemnation…


A better world’s in birth!


Touch grass. Then go and join a real political party.



Like the American Democrats? You're an American Democrat in spirit. Or, perhaps you're just a generic Succdem in denial.

Весь мир насилья мы разрушим
До основанья, а затем


File: 1707796895009.png (5.53 KB, 275x183, JCP.png)


And yeah, every day, I touch the sweet, soft grass of Socialism, even if it's overrun with cat shit or dog shit.

What can you say, in contrast? If you are not a glowie, you are a glowie in spirit.

What have you done for the proletariat today? What have you done for the proletariat this month? What have you done for the proletariat this year?

You are nothing more than a LARPer dressed up in red colors.

起て 世を覆せ


i would rather sing hasta siempre commandante or el pueblo unido hamas sera vencido or bella ciao


>You are nothing more than a LARPer dressed up in red colors.


File: 1707809462303.png (16.67 KB, 300x192, 8th.png)


They actually have a stranglehold in Kansai; iirc Kyoto is their powerbase.

And yeah, you can note I'm using the older Japanese lyrics, not the modern ones which sound like out of an advertising pitch.


Then, shall we go ahead with it? Internationale just seems like something most people could agree on.


This is our final struggle.
Unite toward tomorrow


>Or does that timescale scare you?
Goes hard. The ultra fears long term plans.
This but unironically


Bruh just join a party and go outside.


Fed bait, and on top of that even if you were sincere why the hell would you use The Internationale in the current day? The Internationale was written in a time prior to the successful revolutions which established the proletarian nations desired in the song. The era of revolutions was concluded following the GPW which is why the Soviet Union dropped the song as their anthem. In the context of multipolarity, The Internationale is at best irrelevant and at worst actively anti-communist because it can and has easily been coopted by left anti-communists to support various color revolutions, as they utilize the song’s implication that there are no proletarian nations hence the necessity of creating one through NATO backed color revolution.

tl;dr The Internationale is a relic that in the modern day is actively counterproductive. If you want to sing a communist song so badly at least do something like the Chinese national anthem


The circus is here



Shoigu in North Korea, which is why I don't think the Internationale is irrelevant.


You should study the article written by Lenin on the twenty-fifth anniversary of the death of Eugene Pottier. Learn to sing ‘The Internationale’ and ‘The Three Great Rules of Discipline and the Eight Points for Attention’. Let them not only be sung but also explained and acted upon. ‘The Internationale’ and Lenin’s article express throughout a Marxist standpoint and outlook. What they say is that slaves should arise and struggle for truth. There never has been any supreme saviour, nor can we rely on gods or emperors. We rely entirely on ourselves for our salvation. Who has created the world of men? We the labouring masses. During the Lushan Conference I wrote a 700-word article which raised the question of who created history, the heroes or the slaves.[19] ‘The Internationale’ says we must unite until the day comes when Communism will certainly be realized. If you study Marxism you will see that it teaches unity and not splitting. We have been singing ‘The Internationale’ for fifty years but people have tried to split our Party ten times. I think it possible that they will do it another ten times, or twenty times, or thirty times. You don’t believe it? Maybe you don’t but I do. When we reach Communism will there be no struggles? I don’t believe that either. When we reach Communism there will still be struggles, but they will be between the new and the old, the correct and the incorrect, that is all. After tens of millennia have passed by, the incorrect will still be no good and will fail.


Mao in 1971.


Tsinghua in 2021.

Apparently at CPC meetings the Internationale still gets dragged out for special occasions.



Do you really think the NSA / Five Eyes doesn't have the IP and identities of everyone here? Sure, a proxy or a layered proxy could make them not bust you on a casual inspection, but if you're not proxying, you're already exposed.

I wouldn't be surprised if server admins are participating in COINTELPRO's successors, and it's simply what we have to live with for now, today, tomorrow, and the tomorrows for many years.

It's just not opportune to bust us yet, especially since the leftists here have turned into a bunch of cynics and nihilists with little real threat to the established order.

As for the Internationale, as I've said before, I am happy that some COMRADES agree with me that self-cultivation and moral reeducation should be the foundation of our adhesion.


As for the Chinese national anthem, it's just the music to a Chinese patriotic film, i.e, the song of a single nation-state whose lyrics are heavily cribbed from the Internationale and whose emotional power is specific to a single country, and arguably, inferior for that.

If you want to do anthems, why not the old anthem of the USSR?


File: 1707825109239.png (1.7 KB, 300x200, cpc.png)


The Internationale
MUST come to pass!


I don't sing when sober




It's better when you're drunk, hell, everything in this rotten, corrupt world is better when you're drunk.


Also, finally, yes, the Internationale has been coopted by anti-Communists the world over. It is a generic Leftist song, but as such, it also unites the Left, anarchist, syndicalist, Marxist, whatever.

The entire problem with parts of the left is that we splinter. We are prone to dispute and we are prone to not allowing ourselves to be subject to discipline.

In an era where much of the world was still ripe for revolution, our truculence was an asset, not a bane. Now, the Naxalites are downed, the Maoists barely made it in India, Shining Path is dead, most of Latin America is seeing a reactionary backlash, and in the First World, glowie has his boot on our throats.

The first instinct among many should be to infiltrate, infiltrate, infiltrate, but the second should be to subvert, subvert, subvert. By improving our own moral character, by making our own example charismatic through our goodness, the heterodox and the glowies can be moved to our own side.

I suppose this is incredibly idealistic, but is it any more idealistic than waiting for capitalism to collapse?

In one, we can take active action and through practice refine our understanding of theory. In the other, we simply shitpost.

> Philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it.

Ineun uli majimag, pangalim ssaum-ini
This is our final struggle, our decisive struggle.

Inthonasyonallo, inlyuga tteolchili!
With the Internationale, mankind will rise!



Correction, the Maoists barely made it in Nepal. The Naxalites are still around, but they're mostly contained in India.


File: 1707849504309.png (1.81 KB, 318x159, cuba.png)


Borrad el rastro del pasado!
Arriba, esclavos, todos en pié!


File: 1708107584797.png (1.98 KB, 200x133, vietnam.png)

chế độ xưa ta mau phá sạch tan tành
toàn nô lệ vùng đứng lên đi

We will quickly destroy the old regime and completely destroy it
All the slaves stood up and left

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