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Egypt threatens to suspend peace treaty with Israel if its forces move into Rafah
EGYPT could suspend its peace treaty with Israel if Israeli forces are sent into the densely populated town of Rafah on the Gaza Strip’s southern border, two Egyptian officials and the European Union’s foreign policy chief said today. … The Egyptian officials also warned that fighting there could force the closure of the besieged territory’s main route for deliveries of food aid and medical supplies.

Meta considers labelling the word "Zionist" as hate speech
"Given the increase in polarized public discourse due to events in the Middle East, we believe it's important to assess our guidance for reviewing posts that use the term Zionist," a Meta spokesperson said in response to an AFP query. "While the term Zionist often refers to a person's ideology, which is not a protected characteristic, it can also be used to refer to Jewish or Israeli people."

In bid to curb immigration, France to scrap birthright citizenship in Mayotte
Located close to the impoverished Comoro islands off the East African coast, the former French colony has become the centre of fierce social unrest, with many residents blaming undocumented immigration for the deteriorating conditions. Much poorer than mainland France, Mayotte has been shaken by gang violence and social unrest for decades. The situation has recently worsened amid a water shortage.

Dutch court orders halt to F-35 jet parts exports to Israel
The court sided with human rights groups who argued the parts provided from a Dutch warehouse contributed to law violations by Israel in Gaza. Israel denies committing war crimes. The Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza says more than 28,100 Palestinians have been killed in just over four months.

UK: Anti-apartheid campaigner Andrew Feinstein set to challenge Starmer in upcoming elections
Andrew Feinstein, who was elected by the Organise Corbyn-Inspired Socialist Alliance (OCISA), a group launched in February 2023 with the aim of ousting Starmer, has received endorsements to contest the Labour leader’s Holborn and St Pancras constituency. Feinstein told Middle East Eye that he has not formally declared his candidacy, but will do so after a process of engagement with communities and groups in the constituency.

Ban water bosses' bonuses now over sewage spills, say campaigners
The UK's water companies, which are in charge of managing water supply and waste water, have faced heavy criticism in recent times over leaks and sewage discharges into rivers. Pressure is growing on the UK's water system, much of which was built decades ago, due to climate change and population growth.

Mystery ship capsizes in Trinidad and Tobago, triggering massive oil spill and national emergency
The spill was "not under control" as of Sunday, said Prime Minister Keith Rowley, who added that the country is grappling with a national emergency. The mystery vessel capsized Wednesday in waters off the Caribbean island, having made no emergency calls, with no sign of crew, and no clear sign of ownership.

Haiti: Police Brutality Case Against the Press Investigated
Radio UNI FM urged journalists to be careful in the streets when doing their work, and not to give in to the barbarities of anti-democrats nostalgic for the dictatorship, predators of information professionals.

Pakistani protesters block highways to demonstrate against election results
The demonstrations on Monday follow the announcement of the final results from the February 8 vote, with tensions high amid claims of vote rigging and tampering, and intense uncertainty over the formation of the next government.

Indian police block roads to halt farmers marching to New Delhi
Some government ministers are expected to meet farm union leaders on Monday to avoid a repeat of the year-long protest, which was aimed at forcing the government to repeal farm laws designed to deregulate vast agricultural markets. The march comes just months before national elections in India, in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi is widely expected to win a third term.


EPA again OKs use of toxic herbicide linked to Parkinson’s disease
The US Environmental Protection Agency is doubling down on its controversial finding that a toxic herbicide is safe for use across millions of acres of American cropland, despite what public health advocates characterize as virtual “scientific proof” the product causes Parkinson’s disease.

As corporate America pivots to AI, consumers rejected for loans, jobs
Rachel S lives in a walkable neighbourhood in Brooklyn, New York. Most days she is able to live comfortably without a car. She works remotely often but occasionally she needs to go into the office. That’s where her situation gets a bit challenging. Her workspace is not easily accessible by public transportation.

'Lead or Lose': 21 Arrested Blockading Biden Campaign HQ Over Climate, Gaza
About 100 campaigners blockaded the headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware. "If he doesn't stand for a cease-fire [in Gaza] and take bold action to end the era of fossil fuels, millions of young people will stay home in November," said Sunrise.

War on Gaza: Lawmakers introduce bill to 'review' US-South Africa ties after genocide trial against Israel
“South Africa has been building ties to countries and actors that undermine America’s national security and threaten our way of life through its military and political cooperation with China and Russia and its support of US.-designated terrorist organization Hamas,” James said in a statement.

Woman killed after she opened fire in Joel Osteen’s megachurch, boy with her shot, hospitalized
A woman in a trenchcoat opened fire with a long gun Sunday inside celebrity pastor Joel Osteen’s megachurch in Texas, sending worshippers rushing to find safety while two off-duty officers confronted and killed the shooter. Two other people were shot and injured, including a 5-year-old boy who was in critical condition.

US spends more than $7m a year to keep up superyacht seized from Russian oligarch
The US government has said it is spending more than $7m a year to maintain a superyacht it seized from a sanctioned Russian oligarch, and urged a judge to let it auction the vessel before a dispute over its ownership is resolved.


The European Communist Action stands by the side of the struggling farmers in Europe
The mass farmers’ protests that are taking place in many European countries, such as Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Greece, prove that the policies followed by the EU and the anti-popular governments, such as the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the “green” transition, have caused acute problems of economic survival for farmers and stockbreeders. Rural incomes have been hit by the huge increase in production costs, which are high to ensure the monopoly superprofits of the business groups, such as those in the energy sector, while the burdens of the imperialist war in Ukraine are being shifted onto the popular strata. Big traders, big agri-business and finance, making superprofits due to CAP market and trade rules, plunder toiling farmers and force them to sell their products at very low prices.Moreover, due to capital concentration and the consequent restructuring, the survival of toiling farmers is called into question.

There’s No Such Thing as a Free Helicopter Ride
That Sebastián Piñera should die in a helicopter is a case of unsurpassable poetic justice. “Free helicopter rides” has long been a meme among fascists inspired by the extrajudicial murders of leftists that the Argentine and Chilean governments carried out. The personal helicopter pilot of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet openly admitted that he repeatedly murdered prisoners by throwing them into the ocean from his helicopter. As head of state, Piñera inherited and perpetuated Pinochet’s legacy, forcing capitalism on the Chilean population despite brave and widespread resistance. This is not the first time that we have outlived our oppressors—and it will not be the last. Below, we share a statement from our dear comrades in Chile on this historic occasion.

Your Wars! Our Dead! “Sir! No Sir!”
We present here three texts (which we have translated into French) originally published on the initiative of the cluster discussion “Balkan Anarchists Against War” at the Balkan Anarchist Bookfair which took place in Ljubljana, Slovenia in July 2023 (BAB 2023). We have a number of things to say about both the general framework in which this discussion took place and the texts themselves. First of all, let’s set out the reasons why we didn’t physically attend this bookfair, after corresponding with the organizers and discussing with several comrades around us who were asking themselves whether or not to go. The main drawback was the position (or the lack of a clear position) the BAB 2023 organizers finally adopted on the anarchist movement’s attitude towards the war in Ukraine. The crucial question we all worry about is the support of some anarchists but also of whole organizations for the Ukrainian side in the current war and the space that could be given to them in BAB.


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