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Why were Nazis obsessed with indian history and more specifically the Aryan caste?
I started reading Hitler's esoteric beliefs and it seems he rejected catholicism for vague dharmic Hindu beliefs and was fascinated with the Hindu caste system. I also noticed this being a trend amongst German academics of that era.
Schopenhauer being the most prominent scholar of Hinduism at his time and also Nietzsche to some extent. Who praised Hinduism for it's life affirming and warrior asthetics. He even claimed he wished he was born a brahmin.


Vedanta is objectively correct.


You know how middle class people with too much time on their hands get involved into cults and all that buddhism shit? Probably something with that.


Why can't we have a fascist movement that culturally appropriates sufism.
Now that would be kino lol


Middle class people with a lot of time on their hands also get invested in Marxism to be fair


>Religion revolving around a blue alien street shitting god is objectively correct
Anon I…


File: 1711841630443.jpg (1.51 MB, 3780x2835, Summer Isle.jpg)

IIRC The root of the whole "Aryan" mythos was that the prevalence of Swastikas in different cultures were evidence of one great "Aryan" superrace that expanded from India to Europe and forged all the major civilizations of the ancient world. It fits in neatly with the Nazis racial deterministic worldview and creates a justification for European racial dominance. Hence the Swastika was chosen as the symbol of the Nazi movement to represent the unification/rebirth of the "Aryan" peoples.


It is too big brain for you.


Abrahamism was seen as a subversive Semitic influence so they took inspiration from Hinduism which is culturally and racially a indo-aryan and caucasian religion.


According to linguistic theory the speakers of PIE migrated to India and dominated the region to the point where most modern Indian languages are descended from PIE, and so Nazi theorists had the idea that the Aryans mentioned in the Vedas were these speakers of PIE and were actually the original white people. So they held that their mixing with a native black population would be why Indians have brown skin today and why India went from a dominant capital of culture (supposedly because they were dominated by white Aryans) to being colonised (supposedly because the Aryans interbred with blacks). Because the speakers of PIE also migrated throughout Europe and their language evolved into the Greek, Italic, Celtic, etc languages, the Nazis held the idea that these Aryans were the bearers of culture who eventually mixed with the natives in the lands they conquered and that their blood becoming diluted led to cultural decline. So, because Germany and the Nordic countries supposedly still had high percentages of pure Aryan people, they would be the vanguard of a struggle to crush the non-Aryan peoples and ensure the continuation of a pure Aryan bloodline, as racemixing would otherwise lead to a loss of Aryan culture and the abilities that the Nazis attributed to the Aryan race.


Is any of it true tho?
About an Aryan Indo European race that conquered parrs of India or were Aryans just regular brown people


Redpill me anon


Hmm for me to give you a good overview… well as I heard a yogi say, Indians basically invented math and science before they discovered this world isn't real. Nothing you do in this world matters at all really.

Basically they are the ones who most scientifically studied the imaginary nature of our existence.


I'm not expert, but I think there's at least some similarities between Proto-Indo-Europeans and what we'd call "traditional" European culture. For example you've got the Greeks worshipping a storm god called Zeus, the Germanics had Thor, the Slavs had Perun, the Proto-Indo-Europeans had Perkʷūnos, said storm god wielded a hammer called ml̥dʰnis I believe; so it's… I mean, if you squint you can see the correlation.

If the world isn't real, then how can I get drunk? Checkmate, Atheists.


>this world isn't real.


File: 1711843118679.jpg (699.17 KB, 1638x2048, IMG_20161025_153928.jpg)

Probably explains why Hindus are such nihilistic coomers


Basically let us say that existence is the dream of God and God is the only real thing in existence. With vedanta you will come to the realization of God as you. Again hard to explain. Your individuality is God getting deep into role-playing the bazillion they are roing as right now. At the same time you can so to say wake yourself out of the character you are role-playing as.


It is interesting because they preach brahmacharya and the rest of the yamas as a precursor, but the message is later that once you become developed enough you are immune to karma like I said.


How is that different from every monist or pantheistic worldview present in nearly all religions.
Kabbalah, gnosticism, sufism, taoism all believe similar things


So you have to be trad and based before being allowed to become a mega coomer?


Vedanta preaches the universality of religion. No one has a trademark on the truth. Many people independently come to the same truth.

Many people around the world came to the same astronomical observations. That is just a sign of validity.

Anyways vedanta has put it more clearly and succinctly than any other I have seen.


Weirdly I started getting into the beliefs of the Persian assassin order. They have put out religious scholars that are still being studied in qom Iran to this day and they have weird beliefs that come very close to vendata. All while retaining the belief that the Quran is the word of god. It's extremely neoplatonistic too


Which books about Vedanta should I start with?
I have a copy of the baghavat Gita but I've never read it


What is the purpose of worshipping god then? And praying and all that. That ultimately leads to nohilism


Read the yoga sutra of Patanjali. You can't get a more straight to the point guide. This is how it starts, no bullshit.

I. Integration
I.1 Ǩ æËíŸ≤‹ÀŸ–≤ºÎ
atha yogânuåâsanam
atha = now
yoga = process of yoking; union
ânuåâsanam = teaching, exposition
Now, the teachings of yoga.
I.2 æËí⁄Ã%Δ∆‡⁄%⁄≤¿Ë∞Å
yogaå citta-vëtti-nirodhaï
yogaï = process of yoking; union
citta = consciousness
vëtti = patterning, turnings, movements
nirodhaï = stilling, cessation, restriction
Yoga is to still the patterning of consciousness.
I.3 ™ÆŸ Æ˙œ¢‹Å —Δ∆¬¥‰ÉΔ∆—¨Ÿ≤ºÎ
tadâ draæøuï svarûpe ‘vasthânam
tadâ = then
draæøuï = seer, witness, pure awareness
svarûpe = own essence, identity
avasthânam = state of abiding
Then, pure awareness can abide in its very nature

You will probably need a companion text commentary, I started with Raja Yoga by Vivekananda but any are probably good.



It should also be added that for some time, people assume "Arya" was the endonym of the Proto-Indo-Europeans, but that theory was already refuted during the Nazi period, and now we know Arya was only used by the Indo-Iranians.


Another thing they preach, at a certain level of attainment books and mentors will have no value. Real anarchist shit. Develop your own connection with God and go from there.


>If the world isn't real, then how can I get drunk? Checkmate, Atheists.
The world is compromised of the mutable and the immutable and we can say science in general is the drive to reach the immutable, so called laws of nature. But perhaps there is something even more immutable than the laws of nature behind our experience itself.


Idealism, idealism everywhere comrade.


Smol brain


the swastika was everywhere across different cultures
the idea of a common "indo-european" cultural heritage came about in the 19th century and sometimes combined with racial ideas of the time, and somehow the swastika was attached to some idea of ancient aryanness and filtered through esoteric right-wing study circles to the early nazi party
dumb things can simply just catch on among people without much critical thinking ability, which the nazis did not have a lot of


ritual and religious study gets you closer to understanding and accepting the unity of being. the unified nature of reality as god doesnt preclude the significance of percieved divisions, those perceptions of difference are just ultimately illusory. but you cant understand the nature of the illusion without engaging in difference. theres a vedanta term for it that i cant remember, but describes the phenomena of having a kind of "aha" moment when you realize youve been misunderstanding somethings nature, classic example is mistaking a rope for a snake. you feel & behave fundamentally differently when percieving the rope as a snake, and upon realizing its a snake you have a moment of realignment towards a truer knowledge. the jdea is that responsible engagement with the world in general, along the lines laid out by vedanta practice, will eventually allow you to have this "aha" moment with all of reality, releasing you from the cycle of reincarnation


you affirm the hindu caste system by making fun of "street shitters" aka untouchables victimized by caste


>cultural appropriation leads to nazism
Who would’ve thought?


File: 1711851428576.jpg (Spoiler Image, 91.54 KB, 440x437, 440px-Serpiente_alquimica.jpg)

Based understander, but I don't belive release is possible our current condition on an infinite timescale. We describe the truth not because it will provide you an end or escape. There is no end nor escape.


How do we react knowing there never will be anymore meaningful absolution than exists in the here and now.


I think that is the crux, can we embrace futility and omnipotence at the same time?


File: 1711852389430.jpg (40.92 KB, 640x640, COwYNAFWUAAecjJ.jpg)

Phrased in the Christian tradition.


I want to physically throttle every smug imperial core bourgeois failson lickspittle chinlet who utters the phrase "street shitter"


idk why does the entirety of western europe worship a God invented in West Asia during the late bronze age?


It's generally agreed upon now that there was a proto-Indo European language and that speakers of this language migrated from the Ponto-Caspian steppe to Europe, India, and Persia around 2000 BC. The languages of these regions are mostly descended from that spoken by these migrants, and in some cases its thought that they successfully conquered and destroyed the previous civilizations of these regions. Some argue that the Indus Valley Civilization was destroyed by PIE invasions for example. That's about where the similarities end though. PIEs were not same race of super men, just the same kind of warlike steppe nomads that would periodically plague settled peoples up to the days of Ghengis Khan. They didn't have a united empire or civilization, their culture was always heavily influenced by the people they came into contact with, and they were themselves beaten by later generations of non-Indo-European steppe migrants like the Huns and Mongols. We're also not really sure what they looked like, so they may not even have been "white" in any recognizable sense.


>Guenon was right
Holy shit. The vedas were written by white Ukrainian Slavs.


Hey I may be middle class but I can still fall down


Heh good one tone


Oh you are approaching me


File: 1711899120598.png (53.91 KB, 788x571, guy david.png)

Anyway, why does anyone do anything. Most of the time the answer is either stupidity or they are compelled by forces outside their control.
I don't know Hinduism but I know a little Buddhism.
Do you know the story of Ambedkar? It's not a story the liberals would tell you.
B.R. Ambedkar was an untouchable and wrote most of the Indian constitution. That's impressive intellect and dynamism as well. Shortly after, he called the constitution trash, a hack job.
He converted to Buddhism and made a new movement called Navajana, which is like a synthesis of Marx and Buddha supposedly.


I mean what is so odd about that?
We communists fly hammer and sickle, yet we haven't been a workers movement for decades.


Well they were written by people who spoke the same language as the people who would eventually diverge into Ukrainian slavs like 3000 years later.


Westoids can't imagine actual religious beliefs outside their tradition so they recast them through a pseudomaterialistic lense. New Age practices are fun-house orientalism for results oriented atheists.

shit bait


>Anyway, why does anyone do anything.



>ritual and religious study gets you closer to understanding and accepting the unity of being.
you can understand these things perfectly fine without religion or ritual. many people have come to such conclusions without religion or ritual.
>the unified nature of reality as god
the most powerful religions on the planet do not preach this, and furthermore pantheism is just atheism in disguise since it redefines material reality as god, rendering the word a mere synonym of material reality, and substituting the more commonly accepted idea of an omnipotent and omniscient personal god who predates material creation and is separate from, and outside of, material creation
>those perceptions of difference are just ultimately illusory.
tell that to religious militants. it might be true, but it won't change their behavior.
>responsible engagement with the world in general, along the lines laid out by vedanta practice, will eventually allow you to have this "aha" moment with all of reality, releasing you from the cycle of reincarnation
even buddhism has arbitrary dogmas. why is reincarnation something that is supposed to be escaped? Why does reincarnation occur in a hierarchical way rather than at random? Why is there a soul capable of being reincarnated? These are unprovable and non-materialist precepts.


File: 1711906550422.png (294.32 KB, 720x611, demiurge-grillman.png)

>existence is the dream of God and God is the only real thing in existence
an unprovable assertion. I could just as easily say that the multiverse is the set of all possible temporary fluctuations occurring in the void and that only the void is real. I could just as easily substitute existence as "God's dream" for existence as "Void's fluctuation" Either way it's unprovable. The only thing we can do is make observations in collaboration with others, build those observations into hypotheses, and then regularly test those hypotheses for consistency through experimentation, and then peer-review our experiments. Eventually we might approach something resembling the knowledge you claim to have through intuition and worship but that's a long way away.


File: 1711907340770.jpg (85.21 KB, 400x708, hitler sculptor.jpg)

Nutsacs were illiterate LARPers and thought Hinduism was le epic Aryan religion as opposed to "Semitic" Christianity. Obviously Christianity was influenced by Greek ("Aryan") philosophy just as strongly as by Jewish mythology. Half of Judaism comes from Zoroastrianism anyways, which is a direct descendant of the ancient Vedic religion and for example retains belief in an afterlife as opposed to reincarnation, which is a later innovation.

Also Hitler didn't actually believe in jackshit, he just said whatever sounded cool or suited his goals.


>Hitler didn't actually believe in jackshit, he just said whatever sounded cool or suited his goals
uhh based


Least fascistoid stirnerite


hitler was a true believer
is it so hard to believe some bumpkin with a deeply repressed austrian catholic upbringing ended up becoming an insane monster?


>many people have come to such conclusions without religion or ritual.
How do you explain a Satori or Eureka moment?
>Why does reincarnation occur in a hierarchical way rather than at random?
You can read it metaphorically. The more unskillful you act, the deeper into the pits you go.
>Why is there a soul capable of being reincarnated?
We don't know. Our top spiritualists are working on the problem.


Explains why guenon wanted to be a Hindu first but was rejected by his order so he turned to islam


Uhh I guess it's back to talking to myself or something. Guys, I try to be social.
There is a difference between understanding something on an intellectual level and incorporating it. The gap is very large. Anyone can understand what the Buddha is saying on some level. However, not a lot of people can successfully apply it and so on.
If being Buddha was easy everyone would do it.


idk man i am an atheist i just find religion and theology interesting and think its important to understand and sympathize with it considering its ubiquity


Ironically enough, the indo Europeans originated from the caucasus, where the nazis failed their stalingrad offensive. I am convinced that the original Indo Europeans were close to slavic in nature, vidrel


Swastikas were present throughout northern Europe's history. It was not as if it was something entirely imported in the 20th century.


>Is any of it true tho?
Aryans had brown skin, brown eyes and black hair, had robust skulls and were lactose tolerant.
The ones that went West mixed with paleo-europeans, among them some populations with blonde or red hair, and others with blue eyes, and others with fair skin. Western hunter gatherers for example had dark skin and blue eyes, Anatolian farmers spread to Europe and brought fair skin. If you search for proto indo european reconstructions then you will see that they just look like darker skinned central asians.

The similarities aren’t a coincidence because indo-europeans forced their languages and cultures on the paleo-europeans. Orphan(s) raised by a she-wolf, orphans go on to be the first ancestors, that myth for example can be found everywhere amongst cultures connected to the eurasian steppe.

A shaky comparison could be hungarians or turks migrating west from central asian and settling in europe bringing their language, imagine that but on a bigger scale, with almost all of europe getting assimilated, besides Basque, Corsica, Sweden and the Balkan, and then Sweden and the Balkans also getting assimilated.

And thats just talking about the ones that went west.


You have a point, PIE religion had a sky father (dyeus, dyos? yesus?) and his twin sons, trinity much?

Twins were also magic healers, guided travellers with stars (star of bethlehem), and would go to the heavens.


File: 1712137872842.webm (6.2 MB, 616x472, nazis atlantis.webm)

It's because the Nazis believed that the Aryans came from Atlantis and settled across the world becoming a "race of kings" after Atlantis sank into the waves. The Nazis believed that the Aryans initially settled in the Himalayas and conquered the Indians, and the prominence of the Swastika in Hinduism and the Himalayan region, along with the fact that there have been Swastikas and Swastika-like symbols used across the globe (because its a fairly simple symbol) cemented in their mind that the Swastika must have been the symbol of the Aryan race. And so the Nazis came to use the symbol of the Swastika to represent the Aryans.


the problem is modern history is so pozzed now that video is just as accurate as any textbook at this point. which i assume has happened before thousands of years ago to and people just said fuck it and made up their own history, fast forward thousands of years and now we call it culture and history and it stuck


File: 1712157002877.jpg (69.68 KB, 750x750, 4su9stofd7v41.jpg)

In Plato's Critias, it describes one of the walls of atlantis being adorned with red, white and black stones, and a scholar like robert sepher attempts to draw an analogy of this to the flag of the third reich.
In Timaeus and Critias, it describes Atlantis existing 9,000 years before the dialog, so around 11,000 years ago from today - but in the same story, it claims that athens existed back then too in the ideal form of socrates' Republic, and that athens was actually a rival to atlantis.
So not all whites are atlanteans, only the northern europeans (who in the vril myth described in "the coming race") ascend from hyperborea/the north pole, where francis bacon (founder of the british empire concept, and inspiration for 007) claimed that king arthur also had his settlement there.
The swastika tracks the seasons by orientation around polaris/the north star, so the swastika is a symbol of hyperborea in its astrological meaning. The egyptians also gave prescience to polaris (and sirius), where it has been uncovered that ancient egypt had connections to ireland (the land of the aryans).
The aryans themselves are the formal founders of the hindu religion (where "caste" denotes "colour" and is thought to be a racial hierarchy with whites on the top).
So its not all crazy, but the myth is still evolving, with esoteric hitlerists like miguel serrano and savitri devi, where serrano for example (in "hitler, the ultimate avatar") claims that the nordic people 60,000 years ago worshipped a crucified god (like odin on the world tree or christ on the cross), and that the true god is wotan-lucifer-christ, which is realised in the third reich.
I like devi's work "the impeachment of man" by contrast that sees how the third reich is basically overcoming liberalism by overcoming the anthropocene. Unfortunately, the enlightenment religion of "MAN" has only grown more toxic since.


>Twins were also magic healers, guided travellers with stars (star of bethlehem), and would go to the heavens.
The celestial twins are in the gemini constellation ruled over by mercury, the healer (which is why his staff represents medicine) and messenger of the gods.


History is not a discipline where people just read words in books and accept them uncritically as facts.

>Robert Sepher


File: 1712168566599.gif (3.52 MB, 498x498, 1708710058269.gif)


File: 1712168972172.jpeg (41.23 KB, 495x619, images (51).jpeg)

India in the 19th and early 20th century was the Japan of today: The magical and mystical place that all orientalist white bois loved to romanticize and get their weird esoterism from.


the swastika was like a good luck symbol pre hitler and it appears in many diffrent cultures, its sort of like a 4 leaf clover


>dubious history and parrallelomania
Real Zeitgeist hours


This, real Aryans were Slavs who conquered India


OG aryans were brown.


"Iran" literally means "Aryan"
The caucasus mountains are in iran
Prometheus (mithra), the creator of man was chained to mount caucasus
Heraclitus' Logos (the spawn of western philosophy) comes from the zoroastrian great flame of being
Iranians have a greater claim than slavs or browns


Well, Iranians are also brown.

Aryans were steppe people that assimilated other cultures, thats why everybody has an equal claim to being "aryan", because most people living in Western Eurasia are speaking an Indo-European (Aryan) language.


all that fire worship is more ancient than zoroastrianism. Interestingly enough it's also still practiced in india still and scandivians kept it arround even after turning christian.
Wether the indo europeans were white or brown, I don't really know (tho I'd probably lean towards fairly brown) just according to the languag I believe it must be mostly close to something slavic.
Also, there is a difference between aryans and indo-europeans. The way I understand it, aryan as a word has only historical relevance in iran and india and a little in the balkans. I like to think, aryans are a subgroup of the original indo europeans.


You don't have to guess because theres reconstructions, sounds Balto-Finno-Urgic-Arabic to my ears.


never thought of it that way lol


how come all the other developing countries manage not to shit in the street?


Anon has a point, you see the same "they must've been white in ancient times!" talk about both India and Japan.


it used to be greek. I guess white people need some foreign culture to simp for, to not get depressed or something.


>culture "belongs" to a single place
actual tumblr drones


That video is a fucking gem, LOL.


A quick one, without replying to any anon in particular.
I guess in the 19th century, with the Bri'ish conquest of India, there was a huge wave of interest for its history and philosophies among some european intellectuals. Some of them were serious scholars, who spent time deciphering the languages, translating sources, doing fieldwork etc. Others were just hacks that wanted to be some dark, edgy, almost "emo" philosopher and they picked up this exotic cultural aspects just to piss off their more conventional and "moderate" peers. So you have those German thinkers who wanted to shout out loud they were viscerally anti-Christian - some would say anti-Judeo-Christian - but at the same time they also rejected contemporary forms of western enlightenment, rationalism, positivism, liberalism and so on. Some people adhering to this strand of thought embraced whatever element of this almost alien culture just because it gave them the cool edge. Frankly, among any serious scholar of Hinduism or Indian culture in general, I would never mention the Arthur guy. And OP said correctly that the Fritz guy may have been interested in Hinduism just for the edgy "macho warrior caste" thing, but he was clearly projecting his frustrations there. If you just pick up a modern, succinct introduction of about two hundred pages about classic Indian philosophy, you'll be more knowledgeable about the subject in a few days than those couple of freaks in their entire lives.
Regarding the Swastika, I once heard it represented the apparent movement of the sun across the sky, but I also read that some authors think it represents the movement of some constellation around the north pole in a year. Regardless, it was regarded as a symbol of good luck and was never associated to a cult of genocidal freaks for thousands of years in Asia. It must also be said that it's a relatively easy geometric motif to produce, so it may have not had any particular deep meaning at the start.
As far as the "Indo-Europeans", we are talking about a collection of tribes speaking very similar varieties of a single language that through thousands of years have moved out of their original land and conquered virtually all of Europe and large parts of Asia. They had an original religion worshipping a heavenly male god associated with thunder and weather and basically many central gods in subsequent religions are derived from him, both in name and attributes, even tho they very often are the result of a syncretism between the original "sky-god" and those of the conquered people. Interestingly, both in Greek and Germanic legends, the leading gods at some point defeated older gods, with the new rulers associated with the sky and the old ones with earth. Indian mythology is much more complex but some variations of this motifs appear there too.
Where were the IEs originally from? I guess the current consensus is the Pontic Steppe, meaning modern Ukraine, southern Russia north of the Caucasus and north-west Kazakhstan. There are competing theories about an Anatolian - Turkey - origin or an Indian one. The name IE was chosen just because in historical times their languages dominated India - sort of… - and Europe. In truth, they left out Iran-Persia - large cultural and linguistic area - and the original scholars ignored both the Hittites of Anatolia - hence the Anatolian origin theory - and the so called Tocharians - who lived in modern Xinjiang.


reconstructions are sus to me because it implies that there were somehow fewer languages in a time when people lived in smaller groups and were more spread out. realistically the people more than a few days away would be hard to understand but bible-brained linguists somehow think there was a pan-European "proto-indo-european" language


there were just a lot less people in the world back then, probably a couple million when pie was spoken


right AND that means there would be more languages per capita on average because people would be too spread out and communicate too rarely to have a unified language over long distance. it is the development of writing and the growth of cities, trade networks, roads, agriculture, etc that leads to standardization of languages. If you lived in 10,000 BCE there's a good chance that if you didn't run into a tribe directly related to yours, you wouldn't understand each other.


there's no reason to think that it couldn't just spread out to many different communities over time that spoke a different language before or that hundreds of million of people couldn't descend from a single tribe, ashkenazi jews descend from ~350 people and they only emerged a couple hundred years ago


Theres a difference between language family and language origin. When PIE first was spoken those people were living in the Pontic–Caspian steppe. A steppe is like a gigantic highway with people travelling all over the place, especially with horses (thats also where horses were first domesticated) so communication was important.

For example the Iranians and Scythians were able to understand each other.

There were complex supply chains back then, jewelry produced in the Mediterranean can frequently be found in Northern Europe, and the tin for bronze tools came from the British isles.


File: 1712235026952.jpg (31.46 KB, 620x310, Engineer.jpg)

>Well, Iranians are also brown.
Theyre tanned, not brown. Also, many arabs have infiltrated their country, which is why theyre muslim to begin with.
>The way I understand it, aryan as a word has only historical relevance in iran and india and a little in the balkans. I like to think, aryans are a subgroup of the original indo europeans.
Well, the aryans were the founders of the hindu religion, and to their myth are the "root race" of today's humanity (where they are described as the "gods" who created mankind - think of the pure white "prometheus" aliens).
The aryan myth is that the "adamic" race created all contemporary humans, but that they descend in order of derivation from the source; the more "white" you are, the more aryan, with blonde hair and blue eyes being purest. The caste system was based in "colour" by the same standard.


File: 1712252090124.jpg (449.77 KB, 600x4300, 1445258716973.jpg)

>Implying 90% of Japanese culture ain't already highly derivative of Chinese culture


Other developing countries don't have a caste system


>Theyre tanned, not brown. Also, many arabs have infiltrated their country, which is why theyre muslim to begin with.
Let me tell you something, nazi anon; all the Iranian rightoids who are obsessed with Aryanism and Persian identity are browner than Arabs. The guys who looked like Reza Pahlevi are all either Islamists or occasionally Leftists


>Theyre tanned, not brown
>they're brown, not brown


And no, caste system is not the color line. Division based on color is something that is unique to America and 19th century Europe as they seek a way to substitute Christianity as a moral bond that can consolidate the European empires in a Schmittian friend enemy distinction against the rest of the world. This was at a period where an increasing number of colonized peoples, particularly African Americans, became Christian. Therefore a new method of division need to be invented.
It is a very complicated topic, but Ambedkar had already remarked way back then that the caste line had very little, if any, racial or otherwise apparent ethnic distinction in them, which is why you got Aryan tribals and black skinned Brahmins everywhere across India.


Apparently the term "caste" comes from the portugese "casta" (race), originating in the 16th century. A direct english translation refers to the placement one is in by birth ("jati").
A general latin meaning derives from "castus" ("pure").
"Arya" in sanskrit is अर which can be translated as "white ones", "without blemish" and so on.
If the Aryans were indeed PIE peoples then it makes sense that it was fair-skinned people who occupied the priestcraft.
>dark-skinned brahmins
Well, we also have to understand that india has went through its own period of liberalisation.
Or do you really think caste being associated with race is a far-fetched thing?
They always bitch about england but still worship any white person who goes there. My 6'0 blue-eyed friend went there and experienced the same treatment as vidrel.


Indians worshipping blue eyed aryans have little to do with the caste system, duh. You can get the same reaction in Malaysia or Vietnam.
Again, race has little to do with caste or liberalisation. In the first place, most jatis are literally just clan-based division of labour. Who gets to clean shit, who can ride horses, who can wash bangles, who can appear in daylight, and so forth and so on. Most Indians regardless of caste looks the same, which is why they'll make a riot about knowing your last name since most of the time it is the only way to know your jati. The Indian caste system has more in common with say the caste system in Japan ironically, with their purity based culture and their Burakumins whose reason for exclusion has more to do with violation of Buddhist hygienic rules than any racial bloodline. Or the Cagots in France.


The caste system post-aryan diaspora makes no sense i agree. Thats why its dumb to fight for hindu nationalism or something like savitri devi did. The same way guenon embarrassed himself submitting to the hindu leadership.
Aryan india is very different from poo-in-the-loo india.
Der Fuehrer actually noted once about the disaster that reducing infant mortality in india is doing for them. He wanted more indians dead. Thankfully churchill made it easier for Him by instituting the partition.
But hare krishna larpers have no place in a european "traditionalist" context. Christianity in truth is as traditionalist and ethnically relevant to europe as any ancient idolatry. Thats why Evola wasnt a globalist like the theosophists were.


>Anyway, why does anyone do anything. Most of the time the answer is either stupidity or they are compelled by forces outside their control.
>I don't know Hinduism but I know a little Buddhism.
Well, to give my understanding of the pedantic view. Basically, the idea is to liberate yourself and then to use your knowledge to liberate others.

An analogy I remember by a yogi: the yogi works to surmount dividing this existence from that. We could call the fence "the veil" in some nomenclatures. But instead of just hopping the fence, the yogi kind of sits atop the fence to try and pull other people to the other side.


But "why?" In the greatest sense. I have a theory but it is rather irrelevant for us to ask from our position.

Things we know for certain: We live in apparent time. Things seem to go from one state to the other. Logically we should want things to always go in the direction of a more favorable state as much as possible.


>Aryan india is very different from poo-in-the-loo india.
>Der Fuehrer

can you just fucking kill yourself


what is Sufism again?


That’s just good politicing.
Machiavelli hit on that way before.


refers to a broad set of mystical traditions within islam, historically it was prevelant throughout islamic societies all over the world but the rise of quranist interpretations and salafism has really reduced its acceptability

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