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To clarify I am pro-Palestine and have held this stance for quite some time now. I do believe that recent wave of palestine supporters have good intentions(and done a lot of genuine good) but I find certain aspects of their activism fascinating, cause they come directly from american twitter activism and its intersecting to see that deal with a real-life issue cause over the past decade this activism has campaigned and marched for causes like american bipoc struggles and queer activism
And while I believe that the majority mean well(and actually haven't done any harm) they are employing tactics and rhetoric that don't make sense outside twitter activism, For instance I came across popular posts stating, "You probably didn't know that x is actually was Invented by Palestinians" or discussing how Palestine is connected to the experiences of black or queer people
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>Trotsky faggot posting AI CP
Kill yourself right now, you fucking piece of shit.


While there might be racial biases and some larger actors pushing for the Palestinian, I think the biggest reason is the fact that there is no real clear invading/occupying force. It's a situation where ethnic tribal militias are killing each other, "free Haiti" or "free Cuba" mean nothing in context. I guess the one conflict you could say is more even-handed is Sudan, where Arab militias are just killing everyone that's not them.


ugh, westoids and their westoid problems


File: 1717676753460-0.png (944.35 KB, 1052x1618, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1717676753460-1.png (782.62 KB, 785x1623, ClipboardImage.png)


Oh for fuck's sake uyghur, Zionism has nothing to do with Rabbinical Talmudism. You will not find any reference to the Talmud in zionist writings; that is the fucking Haredims in Israel are so autistic about not wanting to join the IDF.
Besides, why stop at the Talmud? Why do these people not lift verses out of context from the Old Testament too, where you can find shit like "God blesses whoever blesses Israel" which Christian Zionists used to support Zionists? Oh, i know, it's because these fuckwards do not want to alienate Christian boomers


>Jews don't believe in the Bible
What the fuck do you think the Torah is?
>as the book explicitly states multiple times that gentiles are cattle to be enslaved without any value to their lives
Talmud isn't a single, it is a scholarly commentary written by dozens of scholars with their own opinions.
As for the Talmud demeaning goyims, yes, that is the truth. But in case this is news to you every single religion on Earth treated non-believers as second class citizens. Sometimed even with racial undertones; have you seen how Hindu writers describe Mlecchs or how Muslim scholars in the Medieval world described kaffirs? And let us not talk about the fact that Medieval Christianity explicitly approved of the enslavement of Non-Christians.
That doesn't mean you can just blame every chauvinists out there on the discriminatory nature of their religion (especially in a society as secular as Modern Day Isra*l), that makes as much sense as referring to Britain invading Iraq as a Crusade despite the fact that half of the English population are atheists. It just makes no sense.



>every single religion on Earth treated non-believers as second class citizens
This is the true social purpose of religion.


It's really validating to get a schizo post 2 minutes after mine. Complete coincidence but I'm just that good at calling them. Also I have spent too much time on the internet.
On a serious note, if you engage it, all you do is amplify it. I am not telling you to go outside, I am not asking you to have discipline. I am just telling you this one simple trick. You cannot alter the discourse.
One of them anyway. Distinction.


Rabbi Yeshua also said goyim are akin to dogs, he was also a schizo and a pedo and only started to preach to gentiles out of spite because his fellow jews called him a charlatan

You follow a jewish cult


The distinction makes no difference as to whether anything about the institution ought to be reproduced.


And your opinion on what ought to happen makes no difference.


File: 1717684982424.jpeg (155.76 KB, 753x800, IMG_7715.jpeg)

And I have to remind people that Feminists have the same purtanical anti-sex attitudes as christan fundamentalists.

It's all the same spooky nonsense.


Gods have been killed before and they can be killed again.

Which feminists, exactly? I propose that there is a class component to moral entrepreneurship that makes the most holy "middle class" especially prone to grabbing a doctrine off the shelf of the marketplace of ideas, building an autistic little world around it, and bitching that others aren't spending effort to uphold their alleged state of nature.


Andrea Dworkin seemes to be one that comes up. As mentioned in another thread.

>She defines pornography as a medium that is inherently showcasing acts of violence against women, and then uses this definition to showcase how porn contributes to the mass normalization of a patriarchal society. Which is to say, she draws a distinction between pornography and erotica in such a way, that few others who aren't also SWERFs do. However, the overwhelming majority of people do not make this narrow distinction. This, fundamentally, is leads to issues because we're working with two definitions here.

>The crux of Dworkin's argument is that pornography is a manifestation of the misogyny embedded in patriarchal society, how can this be true, if those same patriarchal forces are directly responsible for the repression and censorship of pornographic materials?


The sex wars are over and Dworkin lost.


Broadcasting a message of support is the end-all-be-all of American activity around Israel/Palestine. By all metrics, Israel does not need US aid even slightly. They are rounding up and executing unarmed civilians, they aren't fighting a total war; US support of Israel is symbolic, and likewise support of Palestine is equally symbolic. The absolute and only goal of American activism is sending a political message that people don't approve of what the Long-nose tribe are doing in Gaza. I wouldn't call it completely meaningless, because a strong enough message may influence the state to take its hands off the situation entirely and this opens the door another power to attack and bring the Jews' leaders into custody without fear of a world-ending nuclear strike from America. But this is like the bare minimum material change and even it is quite extreme on the face of it.



>Broadcasting a message of support is the end-all-be-all of American activity


File: 1717874981971.jpeg (2.3 MB, 2048x1280, 21 soldiers killed.jpeg)

The really funny thing about this is that you'll have Israeli units that fulfill every lib fantasy of a multi-ethnic diverse group of people who share a common identity, but also have their own differences and they'll label as disgusting white colonizers


>Do something
Do you have any idea into how to pressure the US gov into stop aiding Israel and/or help Palestine or is this a way to moral posture against people who don't have the means or knowledge to help.


obviously you should just blow up infrastructure used to get it there yourself


Jesus probably wasn’t pale, but he might have been. Assad looks pretty white tbh.


Extremism is truly too high autism score for society.


Can't do anything. Israel does not rely on US aid to fund its genocide. The actual role of the US in Israel is the promised support of America's nuclear arsenal, which will be used against any country that tries to stop Israel. Remember that the US has pledged to carpet bomb Europe with nuclear ordinance if there is ever an attempt to try Israeli officials in the ICC. It is the greatest, most evil empire to ever exist in human history, and in all likelihood we must wait for the second coming of Christ to destroy this entire world and create a new one with no America before there will ever be an end to this.


Is this one anon samefagging or do people really think the U.S. is irrelevant to Israel’s genocide. It’s really a joint U.S. and Israeli operation.


No. Fuck the radlibs


File: 1717967714226.png (548.81 KB, 728x738, ClipboardImage.png)

On some level, I do think these people are unintentionally cheering for the slaughter of Palestinians by encouraging them to continue the "fight against the colonizers" It's like encouraging a 5-year-old to fight a teenager, they can't win and they won't grow stronger from getting beaten either


>employing tactics and rhetoric that don't make sense outside twitter activism
OP is unable to cope that the the fat acceptance people are doing more than they are to forge solidarity and work against the genocide and erasure of cultural memory of Palestinian history


anti-sex feminists are not very common at all tbh, there's a whole thread debunking Dworkin right now


puritanical feminists are a minority
most feminists came out of the whole 60s sexual liberation movement


File: 1717988256431.png (1.17 MB, 800x950, ClipboardImage.png)

the most interesting part of that post is the historical materialism and the brief look at censorship laws. It's really no shock that Texas (a state that banned abortion) is moving to ban porn, when, the original censorship laws in America (and England) were created to both control obscene materials and abortion access, even banning contraceptives for married couples.


File: 1718018134512.png (206.8 KB, 741x738, ClipboardImage.png)

There have definitely been cultural and material results; but its likely that it will fizzle out quicker then Tibetan activism


File: 1718032299582.png (613.5 KB, 899x813, ClipboardImage.png)

Palestinians don't exist as people anymore, they are an abstract for western leftists to project onto, they want them to fight to their deaths than acknowledge that this is a conflict they can't win


Yes, but not all of them are islamist


File: 1718037291539.png (31.05 KB, 748x333, ioouip.png)

>wait, it's all soda?
<always has been


I'm really not sure this is true. Israel's problems are growing and they're not all ones that they can just shoot at.


like what?


Israel's existence heavily depends on how much the west needs a spoiler embedded in the middle east versus the costs of maintaining it. The fact that EU countries are wavering on this shows that this is coming into question. This is coming as the US is increasingly forced to cannibalize its own lackeys to keep them from getting too powerful or too far away. Even in the medium term this spells a very uncertain future.


File: 1718059873484.png (419.77 KB, 456x562, ClipboardImage.png)

Pepsi is the choice of Soviets.


>Palestine can't win
what paying zero attention does to a mfer


how's the weather in Tel Aviv?


Israel's existence depends on propaganda, printing money and blackmail


I think Israel can weather anything as long as it has the US as a guarantor. Like, yeah the Europeans want to try the Jews in the ICC for their latest blood sacrifices to Baal and Moloch, but the US basically won't let anyone do that. Similarly it gives them America's UN veto power. So any resolution against Israel will be vetoed by the US.
And I get that the US protests and all signal a changing in public sentiment here. But I wager it'll still take another 50 or 100 years for public opinion to shift strongly enough to affect political change. And frankly the Palestinians will have been completely ethnically cleansed by the Long Nose Tribe at that point.


The US capacity to affect the world has significantly dropped otherwise it wouldn't be in the situations it's in right now. The US cannibalizing its allies and compradors forestalls destruction but also makes the cycle of loss repeat that much faster.


Well so far attempts at multi-polarity have been slow and agonizing–I'd say they're destined succeed but it's a matter of when. At this time, it takes an extreme dedication to principle to swim against the current. Yemen is one such case, turning down all US concessions including official recognition to wage their fight against the Jews. But they're really risking everything and foregoing all their immediate interests to go against America. And it goes without saying that the US public cares far less for the preservation of Yemenis, because during their civil war there was virtually no outcry over the indiscriminate bombing of civilians there like there is now in Palestine. I guess in that way it's good that American protests and activism are so ineffective because it shows that the US is not being so heavily weighted in the calculations of principled fighters.


Considering that we've seen more change in the last 5 years than in the 20 years before that combined I would say that we're reaching some level of tipping point.


I don't think you have to get weird about people doing stuff.


i don't really think americans making it about them is narcissism considering the objective fact that the US is the center of global world empire and is the main party actively supporting israel?


Their goal of being on the "right side of history" encourages using and discarding endless numbers of momentarily useful "allies". All will be denied and forgotten as the eternal revolution turns onwards.

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