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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Online Canadian chvd rag The Post Millenial got hacked and its data leaked, including a bunch of FBI e-mails in its user data
Archived here https://web.archive.org/web/20240503041720/https://thepostmillennial.com/


is that benny gantz's email in pic 4? lol


thanks security services, very cool!


>Canadian Conservative publication
>Secretly funded by Americans
everyone already knows this
National Post is managed by Conrad Black who spent decades overseas trying to avoid tax evasion charges from the Canadian government

basically every Canadian politician who sucks the dick of capitalists is bought and paid for by the Americans

this includes Trudeau and basically all libs/cons


they should just annex canadia into america already.


It's an ongoing work in progress. Pretty sure Langley tasks its most incompetent officers on this job because it takes virtually zero effort and half the Canadian politicians sitting in their legislature secretly have American passports anyways.

I predict that when Xi hits the socialism button in 2050 America will have finally managed to push through a referendum officially annexing Canada.

This of course assumes that Cucktin remains a Cuck and Ruzzia doesn't do anything to stick up for itself in the meantime like actually launch nukes rather than having Medvedev shitposting on Twitter and calling it a day.




>including a bunch of FBI e-mails in its user data
Wasn't TPM publishing a lot of articles about antifa under Andy Ngo's byline? I figure the FBI agents who subscribed to it were assigned to keeping tabs on antifa types, and that's why they read it, they just hoover up anything about antifa that gets into print. That's my hunch.

>Canadian Conservative publication
>Secretly funded by Americans
<everyone already knows this
Well it wasn't a secret. TPM is owned by Human Events which is an American conservative media company that goes back to the 1940s and Henry Regnery, the right-wing publisher.


Is Canada just America's little brother at this point?


There is actually zero reason for Canada to be a separate country from the US other than a post colonial country trying to have its identity


As if the Post Millennial didn't have enough hacks already.


File: 1714822247212.png (232.41 KB, 1697x484, ClipboardImage.png)

Lol there's way less difference between Wales, Scotland and England, hell even probably less than South England vs Norf.

Lol I googled Canadian celebrity for the lulz because of the ones I knew, but I didn't even know half these people were Canucks. Keanu Reeves and The Rock just blew my mind. I feel like I just got Mandela effected.


Based trans hackers.
On the other hand though, Feds are very open about their intelligence operations, like RFA VOA, NED, and all these NGOs around the world. It's crazy how open they are about it and nobody seems to give a shit and still cite them like nobody's business.


Why is the transhumanist flag so ugly? It looks like it was designed by toddlers


Canada will be anexxed in the future, no doubt.
Nah. It looks like ice cream.


fallout ass kind of lore


Yair Lapid who was PM briefly a few years ago, as well. And I think the Israeli Prime Minister's office as well? Too lazy to check.


at least wales and scotland have separate languages.


File: 1714830347089.png (259.49 KB, 512x384, ClipboardImage.png)

At least the they have different accents too. Cannucks all just sound like Americans. God now I'm going to be afraid every burger is really a crytpo-cannike.

I say we reunify Canada and America and we spin-off the Quebecois because French is gay and having to share a country with them sucks.


Nah. It's hideous
Every time I see it, my stomach fills with this rising feeling of disgust and hatred that spreads throughout my body


>2deep4me conversation about the nature of canadian nationhood
>generic transhumanist hater
holy hell the response to this thread is not only derailing, but makes me want to take a nap


Extremely based. transhumanist hackers for the people's republic.


The thread wasn't about anything in the first place.


let me guess, you also don't like what it symbolises?
it's objectively a fairly inoffensive set of colours that go together reasonably well. if it represented something boring like the standards council of canada i would be very surprised if your reaction was so strong.


Why does this literally who organization getting hacked not belong in /isg/? Anyways archive.org is down thepostmillennial.com is down(I guess because of the hack?) I found their twitter feed and they get like 5k views per tweet and 10-20 comments and all they do is repost conservative rage bait videos.

Why the fuck should I care?


The thread wasn't about anything in the first place.


The thread wasn't about anything in the first place.


they should just annex canadia into america already.

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