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/leftypol/ - Leftist Politically Incorrect

"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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I was messing around and stumbled upon this
>lefty pol

What does the average leftypol user do in his freetime? and get done in his day?

here is a red reimu for you commies


Fuck around on here while recovering from work


great :thumbs_up: you're not a neet! xd, do you enjoy it?


It's not soul destroying like outbound cold cold sales

Pay could be more, my body hurts

What do you do?


after looking around
this website glows like a mother fucker
yikes lmao


It's /lefty/pol/itics of course it glows like a thousand suns

What were you expecting?


I was bored and wanted to talk to people but this is shit


Try >>>/siberia/ you should still maintain anonymity of course but it is more chill


The board isn't a chat room that closest you're going to get to that is probably one of the general threads.


I'm leaving <3


leave this life retard


See you again tomorrow!


File: 1714861346855.gif (2.07 MB, 270x200, pronk.gif)

>user experience?
Gentrification of the site trying to curate it like other sites, making it increasingly boring, generic and unable to build new culture. Years of staff overmoderation have contributed to this, and I don't see it being undone any time soon. A slow death of a legacy, if you will.

>What does the average leftypol user do in their freetime?

Volunteer FOSS programming, participating in org meetings (socialist org and its front groups, union and inter-union meetings), sometimes rallies, team sports four days a week, watering pot plants and making moonshine*, watching cartoons and neglecting the gym.


>What does the average leftypol user do in his freetime
Read, drink, draw, write, listen to music and hang out here.
>get done in his day?
Depends on the day; Sometimes I'll mess around trying to fuck around with Javascript to jailbreak programs, sometimes I'll spend the day just relaxing, other times I do specific things in my life that need to get done like cleaning out a shed or organizing files. Sometimes I'll edit images and videos for fun or for work. This is besides my actual job of course.

>average leftypol user experience?

It has it's ups and downs like any imageboard, there's just less fascists and it's slower than 4chan, (although miles faster than most other non-4chan imageboards like 8chan.moe).


>What does the average leftypol user do in his freetime?
drink beer, read theory, cry-masturbate
>and get done in his day?
besides work: volunteer associations, free software, go to the gym 1-2 times per week


File: 1714865986373.webm (2.88 MB, 256x384, alunyatheme.webm)

I come here to discuss Amerikkkan imperial collapse, the rise of BRICS and the global south, and the reactionary excesses that exist everywhere under capitalism.

I work 50 hours a week. I have a wife/daughter. In my free time I read and exercise. I am sober, healthy and happy despite the problems of the world.


Why are you guys still responding, he left

He probably thinks we 'glow' because we don't have a uyghur hate general


I don't need OPs validation to have a conversation. Go away.


work and get home and code sum projects in Rust and shit on poltards on le/leftypol


AI technology is such a banger for humanity


A slow death is fine. A quick death would be better but you know what they say you can't always get what you want.

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