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File: 1714935053531.jpg (791.17 KB, 1512x2688, 20240410_160651.jpg)


Hello, ask a Kashmiri leftist who lives in Kashmir anything from culture to politics and history of socialism in kashmir


CIA, MI6, or Mossad?


Well, I personally prefer them more than Indian RAW because of the direct impact. CIA and MI6 at least


where is the heart of socialism in kashmir


Mossad helps RAW and Indians buy a lot of Israeli weaponry for use in Kashmir


The whole state started as a socialistic state because 90% of muslims were serfs due to feudal british allied hindu king. The first leader of the state was a pro freedom from both india and pakistan, secular and socialist. He also did the most successful land redistribution reform here to curb the serfdom which led to a rise in QoL factors here. Pic related, the socialist red flag of the state but post 70s socialism completely fell off in kashmir due to various factors including the soviet invasion of Afghanistan


Assuming you're genuine, kudos for doing this.
Are people who are active in any kind of left organizing subject to Indian state repression there? The last update I saw about Kashmir reported that the internet was cut off or closely monitored there. Do you speak freely about left politics on messaging apps and other internet channels?


Very funny, now cut the cute stuff and just say which one employs you(Don't derail thread)


>Are people who are active in any kind of left organizing subject to Indian state repression there?
There are hardly any protests past these years ever since 2019 and India's shift towards Hindu Nationalism. It's completely 1984 like. We had two independent online news site in Kashmir. One of them was shut down recently by the regime and the editor jailed for 3-4 years without a trial (through a law called UAPA) for a 12 year old article which was pro freedom.
>The last update I saw about Kashmir reported that the internet was cut off or closely monitored there. Do you speak freely about left politics on messaging apps and other internet channels?

Oh no. You cannot talk against indian regime if you're not anon. They'll just file an UAPA case on you which can have you arrested without a trial for years. In fact, they also have circulars stating that anyone working locally with the government (doctor, engineer, etc) cannot post online any criticism of the ruling regime. I'm not talking about pro freedom statements but general criticisms. It's a complete nightmarish shutdown here. Pic related


Why would Mossad hire me? They're pro India. Even Americans are trying to curry favours from India because they want to use them against China. Do you want me to speak in Kashmiri? koshur cha tagaan?


There's been a lot of liberal trolls pretending to be leftist recently. Proceed with caution.


Makes sense. Indian liberals are very hitlerite on Kashmir. Indian lefties are very good but only close to 30-40% of them


What are your top 5 favorite foods from where you're from? Im an indian food fanatic


Aab gosh
Tamatar tsamun


So in a locked down panopticon like kashmir what is to be done? I ask because Israel has been exporting their technologies of social control to other countries, and places like Kashmir, and I expect them to be implemented in my country sometime.


Do you guys really call tomato a tamatar, thats cute af


That's an urdu/Hindu word for it. In Kashmiri, it's called ruwangun. Pic related.


Awesome. Sorry i have no fucking clue why but i think im a bit of an indiaboo(weeaboo for india) if thats a thing.


Currently we're just trying to survive against the suppression which keeps on increasing more and more. We're just trying to hold the line. At same time, the small number of rebels are fighting against the army in the world's most militarized zone and there are weekly skirmishes.


Indian spotted
Hindu Nationalist Bharat must be broken into pieces for the freedom of my people. It's a disgusting casteist, racist, communal shithole which has a history of electing mass murderers from Indira Gandhi to Modi. 5000 years of culture and they have trouble understanding the concept of toilets.


The earliest and popular pro freedom writer was a Kashmiri Hindu Communist. You wouldn't know this because you are historically illiterate. He coined the term, "Kashmir for Kashmiris". "Bharat" is not a communist state, it's a hindu nationalist hellhole. I'm not a communist as well. I'm a leftist.


Coming into supporting "India" against the West question. It makes even lesser sense to support India. China is right there as a communist anti West country. Shouldn't I support China and not India. Why would supporting India make sense there if you're so worried about CIA etc? China is a ten times superior option. They're also a world power unlike India


Bump with some Kashmiri food


CIA, MI6, or Mossad?


We already went through this once


>CIA, MI6, or Mossad?
Why would the US, Britain and Israel work to balkanize their own proxy against China?


Especially when India has a proven track record of torturing and killing Kashmiri socialists


How do the Hindu settlements work? Is it like in the West Bank where Jewish settlers just kill Palestinians and take their land with the full support of the Israeli government?


That's something Indian leaders promote every week but they haven't started as of yet. At most we have military encampments as we are the world's most militarized zone. The military harasses people, uses them as human shields, does extrajudicial murders, takes away their belongings etc. there's also a lot a fetishization of us.


hey op thanks for the refreshing thread.

What is the state of resistance against the indian state? I dont know really anything about kashmir just that there was a independance group decades ago that did a bunch of bombings.
What groups are functioning right now that are anti-india (even non-leftist ones)?


Wtf is going on with the BJP and how are are you smashing it?


File: 1714977217499.jpg (210.96 KB, 905x1280, 20240506_023322.jpg)

There's a new group PAFF which has islamist origins clearly but they all the lingo and messaging they have adopted is purely leftist. I guess they have realised that it has been a long time since Afghanistan and the newer generation is not that much interested in islamism and it won't work well with the global solidarity movements either. So they are islamists larping as leftists but that's still a good thing which means even islamists have realised that the newer generation is trending leftwards.
The other group is TRF.


We can't smash it. BJP loses all the elections here in Kashmir but their real stronghold is middle India also known as the cow belt plus the state of Gujurat. Also, BJP politicians get hacked to death Maoist every month or so


I know next to nothing about anything including about Kashmir. As far as I understood, it's a region administered by Pakistan and India, with a joint administration region. But by the way you write, it seems that what you mean by Kashmir it's mostly an Indian administered (dominated) area?

How is it living in Kashmir? What do people believe? What do people do for fun on their spare time? What is the food like? What's a weird superstition people believe in, like walking under stairs is bad luck? What are the general attitude of people towards politics? How big is the leftist movement?

That makes my pussy wet.


What is your position on China?


Thanks, but I prefer Herr's Carolina Reaper Cheestix.


Wow. Thanks Kashmir. Very cool!


>Indian liberals are very hitlerite on Kashmir. Indian lefties are very good but only close to 30-40% of them
Ironically American leftists are very hitlerite on Indians.
I have had good experiences with Indian leftists but to talk to any so called American leftist on India it has no left or no related history and they are just dirty, slavelike, sex obsezsed etc.
It's very bleak.


Wow, thank you for sharing this BJP propaganda piece, you glowuyghur.


Probably a bit distant from you, but any thoughts on Naxalites?


File: 1715003925667.png (12.75 KB, 480x138, ClipboardImage.png)

So much for the tolerant left.


unfortunately mautism is in a league of its own when it comes to self criticism sessions


Get some help lad
>How is it living in Kashmir?
Pretty bleak rn
>What do people believe?
Largely muslims with some sikhs and hindus
>What do people do for fun on their spare time?
Just the usual
hiking, movies, videogames if they're younger like me
>What is the food like?
Lots of lamb based dishes. Even the hindus hear eat non veg openly
>What's a weird superstition people believe in, like walking under stairs is bad luck?
Not eating fish from a spring
>What are the general attitude of people towards politics?
Pro freedom parties aren't allowed to contest elections and they form the largest base here which brings down the voting percentage a lot and those who vote, largely vote begrudgingly for the lesser evil.
>How big is the leftist movement?
Fell down post 90s because of the soviet invasion of Afghanistan and killing/torturing by India but it's rising amongst the youth hence >>1846267
Also, I'm from Indian Occupied Kashmir. Pakistan side of Kashmir never actually had people of Kashmiri ethnicity. In Muzaffarabad side, they're paharis ane Gilgit-Baltistan side, they're Gilgitis and Baltis. Kashmir has a lot more ethnicities than just Kashmiris. Indian Occupied side is where the main Kashmir valley and where the most ethnic Kashmiris reside


They were bound to happen especially with how Indian authorities and Indian landlords treated and tortured the poor tribals. Indians tribals would plow the lands for days and in the end get paid in "salt". Not even real money. They were heavily exploited.


Lot of Indians in the west are leftist when they talk about the West and right wing when they talk about India


Thanks babes. Those are nice answers 😘
That's true in many other places. I personally know Bernie bros but when it comes to national politics, they despise the social democrats and "begrudgingly" or openly support the conservative, neoliberal, religious right.


Yeah but kind of personal for me regarding Indians as I am a Kashmiri and they support militarized occupation of my home


Do Kashmiris have to leave their place for higher education and jobs? If yes where do they go?

Also I've found it interesting that J&K has above average HDI compared to other Indian states despite all the state repression.


>Do Kashmiris have to leave their place for higher education and jobs? If yes where do they go?
Yes, some India and some abroad. Not a lot of choices there. One of my friends internet company had heavy losses due to Indias incessant internet shutdowns. Same for some other friends. If there was free travel then people would've chosen China or Pakistan more
>Also I've found it interesting that J&K has above average HDI compared to other Indian states despite all the state repression.
We had one of the lowest hdis back then but the land redistribution changed everything for the best plus due to the little autonomy we had before 2019, Indians couldn't buy and settle in Kashmir even when we had no elected governments but that changed post 370 abrogation in 2019. It had kept the land prices low and poor people had an easier access in buying and owning their own land. But that's changed now, economic indicatore have worsened post 2019 370 abrogation.




Last bump for sometime with Kashmiri rock music
I'll be gone for a day and come back to answer anymore questions




Last bump with special super secret russian tunnel


post some kashmiri recipes please


Have more Indians settled in Kashmir and Ladakh post 370 abrogation? And who's buying most of the land? I've heard of Sonam Wangchuk's protests in Ladakh for statehood restoration


What's the record and current stance of the CPI (M) on Kashmir like? Do they play a positive role for Kashmir's freedom in Indian politics?


There is only one cpi m leader here who has a record of winning elections that is because he was known as a pro freedom supporter who was jailed and tortured by Indira Gandhi before becoming a cpi (m) member.



They support the pre 370 autonomy but not Kashmiri freedom because supporting latter is against the Indian laws so they cannot openly say it. It will likely get the whole party banned


Very very few in Kashmir, but they have taken most of the local tenders and resources. They have a monopoly on sand mining now and they're destroying the environment doing so. They also have increased axing of forests. More people have settled in Jammu. In ladakh they won't because the climate is very harsh but the rest of the story regarding resources is similar and even if it isn't by now, it will be soon


The previous governor was a modi favourite and he helped modi even in 2002. He had invited Gujarati businessmen specifically to advise them on how to get more resources in the state



Thanks for your answers


Is ok, ask any questions you have. It's important for more people to know about Kashmir politics for global leftist solidarity


Kashmir (and Pak and Bangladesh) are an integral part of India just like Hong Kong is a part of China. Anyone who opposes this is a running dog of white/muslim/chinese billionaire class.


Building Nuclear weapons before building toilets is something both China and India (and Pak and NKorea) did. This was clearly the right choice considering what happens when you try to gain economic brownie points by avoiding nuclear weapons. You go the way of the ukrainians and the arabs , who are getting genocided.


fuck ya mudda


that guy is retarded. he thinks tsarist Russia was socialist. Atlantis was real.


Don't project


Looks like i have talked to all the different 20 posters here on this site
I'll back in a few days


goodbye have fun <3


I lost two cousins in Kashmir both Hizb ul Mujahideen volunteers small world desu


bumping with a well researched video on kashmir conflict


What do u guys think about the shit going on in Azad Kashmir with the protests and cost of living crisis? Does it reinforce the pro-independence (neither India nor Pakistan) people?


why the fuck is there an image of this effort for this specifically


what is your favorite bollywood movies?


>how Kashmir got good at smoking Indian soldier
<4chins meme images history
Did you really expect anyone to watch this or take it seriously? LMAO.


aside from the pepe thumbnail i thought it was solid, but please post a better video


what do you think of kashmiri pandits? they seem like a pretty reactionary bunch. are you glad they were expelled?


Aight, I'm back
I actually like this video and it is not researched badly
I mean the protests died out as soon as govt said they're ready to negotiate on the demands. You need to realize the difference that the majority of AJK doesn't want independence, it's 30-40% (less than 10% in areas like Gilgit Baltistan). JKLF tried to take advantage of it and raise pro independence protests which got amplified by Indian media to show that AJK doesn't want to be under Pakistan despite the fact the same organization (JKLF) is banned in India
Some people like to think that during 1989 KPs were controlling everything, they were owning most of the land etc which is why the exodus was justified which is wrong actually. It would have been true from 1857 till 1960s but because of the >>1845840 reforms their position in the society wasn't the same anymore. They didn't make the majority of the landlords and the muslims didn't make the majority of the serfs. Still there are a lot of things there, they were mainly targeted of their pro india beliefs and sometimes just for their religion. Even the number of them killed wasn't that high compared all other conflicts involving minorities (219 died in targeted killings according to govt sources over two three years where as in anti Muslim riots in Gujarat thousands perished, same for the 1984 anti Sikh pogroms). Due to the fearful environment created with spark from rhe rigged 1987 elections and these killings, govt ordered them to be moved out of Kashmiris and they fearing the bloodshed in Kashmir, obliged leaving their homeland behind. There are also some other stuff there like India admitting they used Kashmiri Pandits specifically in Kashmir for spying on independence movements, India assassinating a pro independence communist KP etc. but yes, what happened to them was very tragic. I don't think I'm glad they're expelled because this is their home as well and now their existence is of merely of a stick which India uses to beat Kashmiri independence movement with, nothing more and nothing less. Living outside Kashmir, they're slowly losing their culture as well. A terrible fate.


I haven't watched much at all since years due to the propaganda they make but probably Haider (I'm biased towards it) and Andhadhun (the last one i watched)


People like to make content about their native language and i follow some of them. We have some neat content makers now.


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