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Al-Jazeera: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/liveblog/2024/5/22/israels-war-on-gaza-live-famine-fears-rise-as-aid-failure-escalates

Middle East Eye: https://www.middleeasteye.net/israel-palestine-hamas-war-gaza-live-invasion

The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/world/palestinian-territories

Times of Israel: https://www.timesofisrael.com/topic/liveblog/ (trigger warning)


Our own wiki. Be sure to add to it and create branching articles:



From the UK, single issue long time Palestinian investigative and general reporting, critical source

From the USA

Regional news from an anti-imperialist perspective

Premier Human Rights org

Left news and opinion webzine from Tel-Aviv

A collection of resources for organizers and anyone who wants to learn more about Palestine

Known anti-zionist academic Norman Finkelstein's blog



al-Qassam Brigades









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الله أكبر
.الى جميع الكادحين في الشرق، ان مصيركم في ايديكم
!يا عمال العالم ويا شعوبه المضطهدة، اتحدوا


Does the IDF have northern Gaza locked down or is there significant fighting still going on? Don't get how sirens are still ringing throughout Israel at this point, does the resistance still have capability to fire their rockets etc?


>Does the IDF have northern Gaza locked down or is there significant fighting still going on
They're still blowing up tanks there every freaking day. In that sense, everything is the same since day 1 of the invasion.


>Don't get how sirens are still ringing throughout Israel at this point, does the resistance still have capability to fire their rockets etc?



>go pro footage of a dude in an adidas tracksuit blowing up a tank
hell yeah dude


>They're still blowing up tanks there every freaking day. In that sense, everything is the same since day 1 of the invasion.
TBH i'd say the tempo has gone up since the first days.


Do you think they changed their strategy? Are they more bold/careful?


File: 1716238701341.png (653.39 KB, 632x596, 137548365593654.png)

So how does that work? What would happen if the colonial entity resisted the ICC's demands for arrests of its zionazi leaders?



How do they manage to get supplies? Tunnels to Egypt? Cause I saw Egypt is helping close such tunnels.


Nothing in the short term.
In the long term, countries will feel obliged to, little by little, stay away from Israel. Politically and economically.
You don't want to close the deal with a genocidal state.


File: 1716240611284.png (160.84 KB, 589x542, ClipboardImage.png)



Huge stockpiles plus local production of things like rpg shells, mines and some rockets

Although production is most likely halted and it does seem like they use less and less of things like long range rockets and actual rocket pods


File: 1716241022978.png (42.05 KB, 628x279, ClipboardImage.png)

>Hamas steals a “significant number” of its weapons from Israel, and much of its material for explosives from IDF duds, reported The New York Times on Sunday, citing Israeli and Western intelligence officials, and a former senior Israeli police officer.
>An Israeli intelligence officer told The New York Times that the failure rate for IDF munitions fired into Gaza could be as high as 15 percent.




File: 1716242807960.jpg (3.04 MB, 4032x2268, 20240505_194303.jpg)





Two stands up from this armchair


'Israeli' bombardment of Awda Hospital and ambulances last night (05/20/24) in central Gaza.


File: 1716246012277.png (221.34 KB, 429x409, ClipboardImage.png)

That's a lot of stand ups.


How long until Palestine is fully decolonized?


File: 1716247562808.png (466.36 KB, 1666x991, w39i2g1wvm1d1.png)

The international communist court is my friend


9 hours



my thought is im not clicking that shit
learn to use an imageboard.


Straight up nothing burger


I'm not clicking on anything Cuckerburg


Mostly that if you love 'Facebook for pictures' so much go back and stay there faggo.


Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, governor of Iran's East Azerbaijan province Malek Rahmati, the representative of Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to East Azerbaijan Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Ale-Hashem, and IRGC officer Mehdi Mousavi have ascended to martyrdom as a result of a helicopter crash as the group was travelling back from Azerbaijan.
9 individuals have been martyred, including unidentified crew members.
As representatives of the heart of the Axis of Resistance, they will be remembered for their steadfast stances in support of Palestine and for their resistance against zionism and imperialism.
In Raisi's last speech in Azerbaijan before the helicopter carrying him and others crashed, he stated: "The Palestinian cause is the foremost cause in the Islamic world."
Glory to the martyrs.

The last 24 hours marked the bloodiest period in Gaza in nearly two months. The Ministry of Health reported that the IOF carried out 10 massacres against families, resulting in 106 martyrs and 176 injuries, with unknown numbers still missing.
Since this morning, the IOF has carried out more massacres, bombing an entire residential square near Al-Fakhoura School in Beit Lahia, and repeatedly bombing Rafah, with at least 6 airstrikes reported in recent hours, such as on the Abu Azum and Tabasi homes. Meanwhile, IOF artillery shelling continues to target Jabalia camp and Beit Lahia in the north, in conjunction with occasional airstrikes.

According to zionist media, last week, two drones launched from Tulkarem crossed into the occupied interior, where they were shot at by the IOF. However, the drones were able to return to Tulkarem safely.


I never heard of this Iranian guy being called 'the butcher of Tehran' once before the last 24 hours.


Hezbollah operations 05/20/2024:
12:20: targeting the headquarters of the 91st Division in the “Branit” Barracks with a heavy Burkan missile, which led to the destruction of part of it, wounding a number of enemy soldiers, and setting it on fire, as a response to the “israeli” attacks on the steadfast southern villages and safe homes, especially the attack on the town of Naqoura.
13:25: targeting the Al-Rahib site with appropriate weapons and achieving direct hits. ‏
13:30: targeting the “Zebdine” barracks in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms with artillery shells, hitting it directly.
13:35: targeting “Ramim” barracks with Burkan missiles, hitting it directly.
14:45: targeting with guided missiles an “israeli” army center at the eastern entrance to the village of Ghajar, directly hitting a place where enemy officers were stationed and gathered, leaving them all dead and wounded, and the process of transporting casualties from the place was witnessed.
14:50: targeting the Al-Marj site with artillery shells, hitting it directly.
14:50: targeting the “Malikiyah” site and a deployment of “israeli” enemy soldiers in its vicinity with artillery shells, causing direct hits.
15:30: targeting the “Ramia” site with appropriate weapons, hitting it directly.
16:15: targeting the Jal al-Alam site with rocket weapons, hitting it directly.
16:50: targeting the Jal al-Alam site with rocket weapons, hitting it directly.
17:00: targeting the Al-Marj site with appropriate weapons.
21:10: targeting the Al-Marj site with artillery shells, hitting it directly.
22:30: after monitoring and following up on the “israeli” enemy forces at the “Malikiyah” site, when a group of soldiers moved inside it, the fighters of the Islamic Resistance targeted them with rocket weapons, inflicting confirmed injuries on them.


National Resistance Brigades (Martyr Omar Al-Qasim Forces) spokesman Abu Khaled:
Our forces, along with the resistance factions, continue to bombard enemy positions with shells and missiles.
Commander Abu Khaled, spokesman for the Martyr Omar Al-Qasim Forces (the military wing of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine), issued a military statement in which he announced that the Martyr Omar Al-Qasim Forces continued to confront the "israeli" enemy forces throughout the Gaza Strip, standing alongside the resistance factions, bombarding its locations and gatherings with shells and missiles. Below are the details:
Firstly: The artillery unit of the Martyr Omar al-Qasim Forces targeted enemy positions at the Rafah crossing with short-range 107mm rockets, achieving their objectives.
Secondly: The same artillery unit targeted the "Sofa" military site east of Rafah city with short-range 107mm rockets, causing losses among the enemy ranks.
Thirdly: The Martyr Omar al-Qasim Forces in collaboration with Saraya al-Quds (the military wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine), shelled "israeli" positions in the "Sderot" settlement with a barrage of short-range 107mm rockets in response to "israeli" crimes against the Palestinian people, and the operation achieved its targets.
Fourthly: The Martyr Omar Al-Qasim Forces bombarded an enemy gathering in the Al-Salam neighborhood east of Rafah with short-range 107mm rockets, causing losses among the enemy ranks.
Fifthly: The Martyr Omar Al-Qasim Forces in collaboration with the Martyr Abdel Qader Al-Husseini Brigades and Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, bombarded enemy forces at the Al-Mabhouh military site east of Jabalia using high-explosive C5K rockets, inflicting losses among the enemy ranks.
Martyr Omar Al-Qasim Forces – The Military Wing of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Military Media

The International Criminal Court announced that it is filing arrest warrants for colonial prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and colonial war minister Yoav Gallant, on the grounds that they have committed war crimes in their aggression on Gaza. The charges leveled against them include intentional starvation, extermination, and persecution.
The Court is also issuing arrest warrants for the leader of Hamas in Gaza Yahya Sinwar, Commander-in-Chief Mohammed Deif, and head of Hamas political bureau Ismail Haniyeh.

Maritime sources in Hodeidah, western Yemen, confirmed to Al-Akhbar that more than one naval clash was observed over the past two days between the Yemeni Naval Forces and the U.S. Navy along the international shipping lines in the Red Sea.
They noted that violent explosions were heard early Saturday near the coast of Al-Khokha, resulting from a Yemeni attack on a ship carrying an oil shipment en route to the ports of occupied Palestine. Hours after the first incident, another attack targeted a ship south of Hodeidah, according to the sources, who added that similar operations took place early yesterday near the Yemeni island of Hanish, which overlooks the international shipping lane.



But not only about explosives. What about food and water for example? Although I guess they had stockpiles for these too

I am merely asking because I remember Hamas saying in the first days that they can go on for 2 months and they are already going for like 8.


Death to every Zionist


File: 1716260055359.jpg (80.13 KB, 514x1024, 1716258282984063m.jpg)


Resistance fighters detonated a powerful car bomb against an IOF bulldozer during the ongoing armed clashes in Tubas. The IOF has withdrawn completely from the city after facing fierce resistance.


I did not know that.


Settlers announced the opening of the first "israeli" refugee camp, called "Al-Jalil Refugee Camp," as a result of the displacement they are subjected to at the hands of the resistance.
While the zionist political echelon seeks to return settlers in the north by the Fall, the hotels housing them have been instructed to prepare to do so until the end of the year at least.
230,000 settlers remain displaced in the north of occupied Palestine.

Zionist sources reported a significant increase in escalation on the Lebanese front since the beginning of the attack on Rafah.
Sirens rang 800 times in the north since the Rafah invasion began. Sirens are currently sounding 60 times a day on average, whereas the average was 14 times before the operation in Rafah.
Since the beginning of the war in the Gaza Strip, sirens have sounded 3,533 times on the northern border.


Iran: Raisi, Amir-Abdollahian, officials pronounced dead

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi alongside Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian and accompanying officials have passed away in the tragic helicopter crash in Iran's East Azerbaijan Province, according to an official statement by Iranian state media.

After locating the helicopter carrying the Iranian President and accompanying officials on Monday morning, Iran's Red Crescent Society (IRCS) issued a preliminary statement noting that there was "no sign of life" found near the wreckage locations.

This announcement comes over 16 hours after the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps reported they had lost contact with the helicopter carrying the officials. Since then, at least 73 rapid response and rescue teams from the provinces of East Azarbaijan, Tehran, Alborz, Ardabil, Zanjan, and West Azarbaijan were involved in the search and rescue operations led by the Iranian RCS.

Additionally, countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Russia participated in the search and rescue efforts in the province.

According to Iranian state media, the President's helicopter crashed against a mountaintop in the Varzaqan region on Sunday while returning from a ceremony to inaugurate a dam on Iran's border with the Azerbaijan Republic. Iranian state TV mentioned that the helicopter was one of three carrying Raisi and his accompanying delegation of senior officials, which also included Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian and the Friday Prayer Imam of Tabriz, among other officials.

In response to the incident, Iran's leader Sayyed Ali Khamenei called on the Iranian nation on Sunday to pray for the safe return of President Raisi and his companions.


By Christmas.


Never until the Zionazi entity is dissolved which won't happen as long as Democraps and Republiturds have a vast interest in keeping an ethnostate in the middle east


Kek, what makes you think Israel wouldn't just turn to China or India if support from Washington dries up?


last time i checked there’s no zionist lobby in china, chinese media is state owned and the chinese government has been working for years to deepen ties with states like iran
also india is not a superpower, if you think they can supply weapons and material to a state in the numbers america, china, russia, etc can then… lmao


India doesn't need to be a superpower to be Israel's next greatest ally. Being big is enough.


>>1861108 (me)
Oh and the pre-existing beef with Muslims makes Bharat a cheap acquisition


not a very effective ally at all




in what sense? big in your world map?
india is not a superpower, ziorats would rather samson option the rest of the world before trying to hang by a thread with “indian military aid”
stop being retarded


File: 1716266547751.jpg (171.68 KB, 640x360, NaziZion.jpg)

How do they explain this?


File: 1716266689271.png (29.51 KB, 900x779, 1580517690100.png)



Israel doesn't have any more friends if they burn the west. China and Russia are not interested in getting scammed again, Modi may be interested in wunderwaffe for his own genocides but Israel is not a large enough consumer base for Indian exports and doesn't produce affordable consumer goods like China.

Israel is 100% committed to being the US's dog and are completely unequipped to pivot away. India can't afford Israel's problems.

just report any zio you see and let the mods deal with it.




>ICC prosecutor Karim Khan during CNN interview today:
>“I had some elected leader speak to me and be very blunt, this court [ICC] was built for Africa and thugs like Putin”
lol man's just said fuck it I'm going rogue


What does this turd think about the Black Panthers allying with the PLO?


>what jews can learn from black people
How about "don't try and colonize your 'homeland' "? The Back to Africa movement learned that one pretty quickly.


Balls on this man


netanyahu punching holes in the plaster walls of his office r/n ahead of his 3pm meeting renacting the hitler downfall meme on zoom.


Netanyahu is calling up Boeing for advice rn


>I had some elected leader speak to me and be very blunt, this court [ICC] was built for Africa and thugs like Putin

lmao, wtf


I dont remember the court stuff but San andreas was okay game.


Don't even understand what his argument is. "Palestinians killed Jews before Israel was created, therefore Israel is allowed to subjugate Palestinians."


That crazy part is that isn't wrong. Institutions like the ICC were originally created to give extra leverage for the West to act against those who step out of line for their interests. However thanks to the US burning so much of its geopolitical goodwill to bat for its little Levantine colony, you now have people in these institutions deciding to stick to stated principles and ideals over unspoken strategic interests.


Godspeed to this man.


File: 1716293051012.png (404.46 KB, 895x770, france icc.png)

oh to be a fly on the wall of the french political realm right now


Based DeGaullists.


Labor power


Did not expect that tbh.

They will keep providing material support ig


what's this faggot's endgame? also when are the french finally getting rid of him


france belgium ireland spain support a palestinian state while italy and czechia oppose it.. wtf


>what's this faggot's endgame?
His endgame is to say whatever he needs to say to indefinitely maintain power. He's the most transparently opportunistic head of state in living memory, imo


>This court should be the triumph of law over power and brute force.
It's so rare to encounter an actually ideologically consistent and principled liberal. How much better the world would be if all liberal idealists were like him


french arabs rightfully hate him though and i don't think going all free palestine now is going to earn him any brownie points


Maybe he's trying to appease the French colonial empire. I think it's possible he just genuinely supports Palestine more than Israel though, he has a history of being 'jupiterian' and saying stuff that's outside the NATO party line.


French muslims + actual leftists are heavy-weight in France.
In Belgium it seems like the communist party is more present than ever.


>I think it's possible he just genuinely supports Palestine more than Israel though
pls no, i don't want to have to admit there's an issue macron is based on


File: 1716298168853.png (502.52 KB, 640x918, ClipboardImage.png)

Iran status? They've been quiet lately


I think he partly wants to try to get out from under the Americans, but can never really find a good opportunity because the EU is full of spineless Atlanticucks who won't go along with him.


>Israel is not a large enough consumer base for Indian exports
If Israel has special skill in anything it is population control, cyber espionage, and so on. It may not be permanent but a strategic partnership doesn't need to be.


NATO and EU exist to keep French down just as much as they exist to keep Germans down. Also, to keep French fighting Germans and back. France was more independent thanks to it's colonies, kind of


I think he would happily drop NATO but hopes to drag the EU out of the hotel room corner chair, but unfortunately the fat cuck Germany is firmly planted in it. If he has any spine the French should start leaking like a sieve.


i think most likely is that rather than actual sympathy for palestine he is just not personally as invested in israel as other western leaders, and also as you mention he is invested in distinguishing himself (and france in general) as an independent world influence that pursues its own interests. considering the french geopolitical position seems relatively precarious this could be potentially beneficial, theres a chance macron widens divisions within the western imperialist camp and at the same time undermines french neocolonialism by "acting boldly" and revealing just how precarious french neocolonial power actually is. but impossible to say, theres a non-zero chance that even partially distancing france from the sinking ship of american empire could actually pay off even if macron is doing it more opportunistic egoistic reasons


So another French-German war then? Just like old times right for the control of the EU and remove the cucked out Germany.


Imperialists are paper tigers. Their unity is paper thin as well.


Nah they won't fight, the Germans will just go limp, become deadweight and scream "SLAVA UKRAINE!!!" when the French try and drag them out of the Atlanticist cuck chamber
Maybe the CDU/AfD/BSW will uncuck them, but there's no chance when you have glowing retards like the Grunes in government


I wish him the best of luck in that endeavour if true, even if he's an insane despot.


hahahahahahahahahahaha, oh anon
need i remind you of the total cuckout of giorgia meloni and the italian rightoids? imagine putting any stock in these spineless cunts
never going to be a strong enough force unfortunately and probably a bunch of hot air as well

at this point all that's left is hoping that all the libshit nightmares are true and trump gets elected and fucks off from europe completely, this whole continent needs a kick in the ass


>this whole continent needs a kick in the ass
Do you suppose you could work up all the tradprot hillbillies and the neolib cosmostatists into eliminating one another?


Public opinion is against Israel in China, and the jannies aren't cleaning it up on the net so it's probably the CPC's position as well.

Biden, Bibi, or some Euro-toady? Wish he said who.


what would that achieve? i don't think there's as much of a country/city divide in germany as there is in america though


File: 1716305453812.png (16.88 KB, 852x290, 1716294351322323.png)

Labour flip-flopped, endorsed ICC jurisdiction.


File: 1716306065673.mp4 (4.79 MB, 1240x698, 1646065385078.mp4)



I can see it before me.
>Netanyahu gets arrested.
>He gets sentenced to 5 months in prison for war crimes.
>Sinwar gets a life sentence for terrorism.
>Libs cheer at this, claiming "justice" has been served.
>meanwhile Israel continues what it does, only with another PM.
>Western politicians will pretend it was all on Netanyahu and the other members of the Knesset didn't do nuffin.
>Israel will still be portrayed in the media as wholesome big chungus liberal democracy.
>Nothing fundamentally changes.


>thinking israel will give up netanyahu to be put in prison


None of this is going to happen. What's going to happen is America is going to sperg out massively and further convince the world they're a pants-shitting retard just like their presidential candidates.


And literally every single liberal very quickly finds out you're not supposed to do that.


German government still hasn't published a clear statement whether they endorse, oppose or accept the jurisdiction of the ICC.

Watching the spoxes and spooks squirm at tomorrow's press confederence of federal ministries is going to be epic.


File: 1716308000632.jpg (222.92 KB, 1279x1000, 20240519_111910.jpg)

>nazis suspiciously silent when world condemned other nazis


Tbf he did find out he wasn't supposed to do that and was explicitly told not to, he just decided to ignore them kek
Uhm sweetie Nazis hated the Jews, how could they be Nazi when they freaking love Jews? Consider yourself reported to the BfV for Hitlerite antisemitic thoughts. Heil Schultz.


>this whole continent needs a kick in the ass
Don't bother with hope anon. We're going to look increasingly inward and go back to killing each other over imagined differences for the next 100 years.


>>thinking israel will give up netanyahu to be put in prison
Probably not but they're likely going to put him in prison themselves in a few years.
Or he'll retire in USA.


File: 1716309258418.png (2.42 MB, 2000x1220, ClipboardImage.png)

To me the ICC arrest announcements represents another liberal hegemonic "solution" to a problem liberal hegemony created in the first place. Zionist Fascism It's quite literally an inverted repeat of the 20th century western strategy with nazis.

20th century:
>Western bourgeois governments fund Nazism's rise to power
>give Nazis Czechoslovakia on a silver platter
>encourage Nazis to go East and "kill the bolshevik"
>make non-aggression pacts with Nazis (long before Molotov-Ribbentrop)
>Western Booj Gov. suddenly do an about-face when the USSR signs Molotov/Ribbentrop
>actually nazism is bad BECAUSE they're FRIENDS with the COMMIES
>actually we declare war on Nazis since they aren't dealing with the USSR like we wanted them to and they're taking over the Nordic countries, and they're being reactionary on blast instead of quietly and behind closed doors like smart liberals do
20th/21st centuries:
>Western bourgeois governments fund Zionism's rise to power
>give Zionists Palestine on a silver platter
>encourage Zionists to fuck up the entire middle east
>give Zionists weapons with which they can commit war crimes nonstop
>Western Booj Gov. suddenly do an about-face when they start genociding Gaza in a way that is too obvious, too fast, and too open
>actually Netanyahu is literally Israeli Hitler, we need to RETVRN to the status quo of gentle liberal zionism
>actually we declare war on Netanyahu since he's being reactionary on blast instead of quietly and behind closed doors like smart liberals do

This is the real conceit of liberal western hegemony. They want the genocides to be slow motion, maintainable, quiet. It's Malcom X's "Wolves and Foxes" quip all over again.


netanyahu floridian hospital arc #soon….
yes anon this is a non-solution to the israel problem wow you're very smart


>wow you're very smart
thanks bitch


ur welcome and i love u ❤️


File: 1716309687471.mp4 (2.47 MB, 854x480, cunodoesntcare.mp4)

cvno doesn't fvcking care


File: 1716309822874.jpg (305.92 KB, 917x1000, R(9).jpg)

Maybe these ICC shenanigans will be the haile selassie at the league of nations moment that exposes how worthless all tgese international institutions are and lead to their dissolution.


i dont think the only organization coherently spreading aid in gaza should be dissolved right now, thanks


Everyone remembers Selaisse, but nobody remembers how Italy didn't get sanctioned for invading Albania, but USSR was for invading Finland


Unfortunately, no; China and Russia very much want neoliberal internationalism to continue. If China were for real about letting peoples choose their own developmental path they wouldn't sic dengoids/tankies on every anglophone social media space that is halfway leftist.


>china pays tankies to shitpost on the internet
shitlib fantasies that i wish were true


File: 1716311473063.jpg (131.88 KB, 1079x1072, 20240410_234146.jpg)

or they want to keep up capitalism, because they are capitalist themselves, and thus want to cut deals with countries to upkeep that capitalism for their own long-term benefit of the creation of a fertile and active market. i dont think the dengist hive mind really considers baby-leftist china campists on xitter as a more viable way to win one over the west than, say, direct investment in africa and east europe.


Where can I apply for Xibucks Imma tired of working a real job.


You don't understand! Everyone who disagrees with the Westoid academic consensus, the most truest and academic of all consensuses, like in regards to whether or not China is capitalist, imperialist, uyghurs, famine, GDP, yadda yadda, such people MUST BE paid shill


Give me some of those social credits Xi pays to his capitalist dengist neoliberal following I keep hearing about!


>developing third world is capitalist
>not developing them is also capitalist
>China is capitalist because every conceivable move is a ploy by capitalism


shut up and fuck off to the containment thread


this but unironically


china's mode of production is still the capitalist one; the same relations remain as in the west of worker-capitalist. even if they were a ussr-style proletarian dictatorship woeking towards socialism, they would still be capitalist, as the roles of worker-capitalist would just be replaced with worker-state.
please learn anything more about marxism than watching hakim videos, please.


well one was evil redfash tankie and one was wholesum yurop empire >:( what r u, hitler?????


>the same relations remain as in the west
absolutely insane


liberals are just the moderate wing of the capitalists different tactics are needed for different conditions genocide might be stopped in palestine but it will always be a strategy available as long as capitalism and colonialism exists


oy vey what about china thoughbeit


go bACK to xitter, lib. you're shitting up the intifada thread with non-marxist sycophanty
liberals are just bourgeois ideologists. capitalists themselves dont really have a set ideological role same way that liberal politicians and think tanks have, the rest is correct however


True. Maga Communism would be able to solve this.


>as the roles of worker-capitalist would just be replaced with worker-state.
Every single revolution was done with a proletarian vanguard party and it will continue on that way
Remember councils and trade unions can be full of wreckers and capitalist roaders and remember unlike parties you cant purge those in workers councils or that.
Fuck off with unrelated shit, china ended the yemeni genocide and allowed the houthis to free up space agaisnt zios.


File: 1716312729128.jpg (56.23 KB, 748x748, 20240502_170821.jpg)

note how i didnt say that the dotp is bad. regardless, stalinist style peoples-democratic popular-frontism very much removes emphasis from the vanguard party. ill stop the derailment so please dont reply with sbit you heard once in a podcast to falsify marxism xoxo
long live khamas


>china ended the yemeni genocide
source pls



that's not stopping the genocide though. that's just trade deals and ceasefire. it doesn't help any more or less than an israel-palestine ceasefire longterm. the genocider party still occupies large swathes of the country, sadly.
houthi-reverse-genocide-on-saudis bros, we were so close


>that's not stopping the genocide though, that's just [stopping the genocide]
the sinophobic left knows no bounds
>it doesn't help any more or less than an israel-palestine ceasefire longterm
good thing that china isn't just doing this one time thing and fucking off then
what a stupid comment


i still love u anon but u have to work on your liberal ideology problems. plase go to xitter.com and yes i h8 china bcuz im racis


It did not ended the war but china may now atleast break the saudi will to do war since their economy is linked with brics.
If a negotiation happened, the houthis are in the best negotiation capability agaisnt the sellout governments.
Regardless the houthis thanks to china are attacking israelis and not its own people in yemen.


What are you talking about? Iran and Saudis made peace with China's help


true true. sorry for being a wrecker i <3 the houthis grahhhhhhhhh.
less funko pops now!!!!!!!

but unironically


File: 1716314344498.pdf (1.21 MB, 172x255, balci.pdf)

>a more viable way to win one over the west
A well-oiled organization can do several things toward some end, at once, and even develop an integrated project to attack multiple fronts at once. That's how real social organization works.
The conception of a society as an FPS where you have to commit to one or two hand-held weapons and wield tf out of them is not only non-material, it is reactionary.
Whoever told you that you would have a ministry if you support fascist ideology and framing online was lying to you. If they gave you gift cards, I suggest you cash them in immediately.

>chinese workers don't earn wages limited to the cost of their reproduction
>chinese workers determine all policies of their firms
>chinese workers dispose of all profits of their productive labor as they see fit
>chinese workers have full control of their own labor power at every salient scale of collectivity, including alone
Behold, the real movement for changing the names of things

Merely pushing history along to keep the energy supply from collapsing. Material interests, not heckin morality.


File: 1716314472861.png (107.74 KB, 600x609, ClipboardImage.png)

The EU and Germany have bent the knee to the ICC bvll


>A well-oiled organization can do several things toward some end, at once, and even develop an integrated project to attack multiple fronts at once. That's how real social organization works.
well of course, i was just trying to counter the idea that china's sole purpose in going past the west is simply demoralization through social media. obviously they also benefit from creating a competing narrative in the rival empire's core, but that is just not their sole long term strategy was what j meant. probably should've worded that better. thanks for the correction regardless, what you said is nevertheless relevant.
total khamas victory 🙌


File: 1716315080983-0.png (745.95 KB, 922x2048, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716315080983-1.png (146.58 KB, 680x581, ClipboardImage.png)

Although Baerbock is the German FM and is quite possibly the most atlanticbrained retard in all of Europe, so this is their statement


Khamus has infiltrated the ICC. How are we supposed to take international order seriously ever again


as long as they don't try to shut this down this is still a small victory for palestine, given that hamas has supported the decision. They can bark but in the end Amerika holds the cards and can call the shots trul. It'll show, but for now I'd say this is looking good, bothsidesism aside.


*truly, whoops


Fuck yes, immense blow to German foreign policy.


>he would happily drop NATO
delusional, macron literally was a "young leader", is completely subservient to US interest, destroyed the last remnant of our independent diplomacy (and our diplomatic corps) and will say basically anything without any intention of actually doing it and the chief of parliament which belong to his party explicitly told "unconditionnal support to israel", multiple members of his government explicitly support israel, and they routinely accuse the pro palestinians leftist opposition of being pro hamas and antisemites
He is also a german lover who will never ever do anything against them.
The french state banned multiple pro palestinian manifestations, prosecuted multiple people for simply expressing support to palestinians, removed protesters from universities, helped defend israel against the iran and houthis, and never stopped selling weapons to the zionists.
Anyone thinking the man is anything but an empty puppet for international porkies and US and just like to talk big on international issues to appear important but never actually doing anything concrete is in for a rude awakening.


the eternal anglo strikes again


>china autist
you have a thread for this, faggot.


File: 1716316723693.png (665.35 KB, 1415x867, 342535.png)

France has long played this hedging game with the Arabs. Like if the U.S. leans in one direction, France leans in the other. It creates a kind of balance. France was one of Saddam Hussein's primary trade partners in the 70s/80s. The nuclear plant Israel bombed was built with French assistance.

>china ended the yemeni genocide
<source pls
That's funny because not even China says stuff like that.

>What are you talking about? Iran and Saudis made peace with China's help

I think you're getting carried away. It's not talked about publicly but Saudi Arabia took part in the military operation to shoot down Iranian drones and missiles. I noticed a funny thing on Guancha where China will broker negotiations like that, and the commenters will exaggerate its significance (because it's a win for China), and then a well-informed writer will put out a piece later being, like…. not exactly. Or just bringing what China is actually doing back down to earth.

<Our people often do not understand the situation and mix the three different categories of Islam, the Middle East, and Arabia. Last year, after the signing of the Tripartite Agreement, a friend was happy to say to me: "The Arabs finally united!" That kind of misunderstanding is roughly equivalent to the formation of a certain cooperation between China and Japan … The fun is that this is exactly what the Middle Eastern people think. "East Asians” are all "Chinese."


<Amid such myths, the Arabs have completely different ideas from us on everything involving China's relations with the Middle East. For example, after the signing of the Tripartite Agreement last year, the Chinese people were generally very happy. Everyone naturally believed that China helped smoothen the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Next, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries can unite on the big stage of the Middle East, cooperate and work together for a better life. I hope there will be a turn for the better in the Middle East.

<However, the interpretation in the Arab world is completely different. Their understanding is that the subject of the agreement is not the two Middle Eastern countries, but China. The reconciliation between the two countries is not a matter of Saudi Arabia and Iran at all, but a matter of China. The relevant rights and the blame also lies with China. Therefore, whether the Saudi-Iranian reconciliation can be sustained and whether it can produce good results depends not on the capabilities of those two countries, but on the capabilities of China. In their view, Saudi Arabia's reconciliation is China's "strengthening of its presence" in the Middle East and a "success" for China. If the follow-up situation is not good, China's prestige will be damaged.



File: 1716317085998.png (360.45 KB, 651x832, 1716314542394679.png)



rule based order status?


Zionazi sisters… Our own kind is turning against us…


Bending the knee




Sad, I always see him doing stuff like trying to join BRICS but then cucking out, assumed he was actually putting some faint effort into making France independent.


They live under the Islamo-legalist Karim Khanate now. All must bend the knee.


File: 1716318613405.png (173.47 KB, 850x400, ClipboardImage.png)

we must uphold the "international rules-based order", am i right fellow libs? ;^)


Currently thinking about Stalin's judge at the Nuremberg trials who recommended the death penality for every single culprit.


I find macron goodlooking in the unironic way.p


further evidence atlanticist france is insecure and needs to prove to itself and others that france is independent of american interests


PC Load Letter?


To be fair, anyone who advocates FOR any war but the class war should be disappeared.



Quds News Network reports that the resistance detonated more than 14 explosive devices during the ongoing IOF invasion of Jenin and its camp, in addition to a number of homemade explosive devices, amid intense armed clashes.

Details of the security incident that occurred in northern Jenin:
A zionist force withdrew to the Muqeibla crossing, northeast of Jenin, where a powerful explosive device was detonated against it, setting it on fire.
Occupation forces sent reinforcements to recover the destroyed vehicle. The IOF is on alert at the nearby Jalameh checkpoint alongside Red Star of David ambulances.
An IOF helicopter landed at Jalameh to evacuate the dead and wounded soldiers.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reportes that the number of martyrs shot by the IOF in Jenin has risen to 7, and the number of injured to 15.
Among the injured is the journalist Amr Manasra who was shot after the forces directly opened fire on a group of journalists covering the events. This comes after the IOF killed a doctor, a teacher, and a child since this morning in the camp.
An IOF sniper is opening fire on anyone who moves near the Martyr Khalil Suleiman Hospital in Jenin, and randomly opened fire towards the people present in the courtyard of Jenin Governmental Hospital. The hospital is under siege, with surrounding streets being bulldozed and snipers deployed extensively.
The Medical director at Jenin Hospital to Al-Jazeera stated that the situation is difficult because the medical staff is insufficient to handle the large number of injuries.
The current situation does not allow ambulances to reach the injured. In addition, The occupation is preventing the injured and medical personnel from entering the hospitals.

Seven martyrs and 19 injured with varying degrees of wounds have been reported in the massacre due to the ongoing occupation invasion of Jenin today.
The martyrs are
Dr. Osayd Kamal Jabareen (51 years old)
Mahmoud Amjad Hamadneh (15 years old)
Muammar Mohammad Abu Omeira (50 years old)
Allam Ziad Jaradat (48 years old)
Amir Issam Abu Omeira (22 years old)
Bassem Mahmoud Turkman (53 years old)
Osama Mohammed Hjeir (16 years old)
The Ministry of Health reports that the total number of martyrs in the West Bank and Al-Quds has risen to 513 since October 7th.

The Red Crescent was able to reach the body of a martyr in the Al-Hadaf neighborhood of Jenin, the 8th martyr in Jenin today during the ongoing invasion of the city that has last over 16 hours.
21 Palestinians have been reported wounded. Jihad Talib Abu Hamed was shot by an IOF sniper, who prevented ambulances from reaching him for hours as Jihad was left to bleed out.


File: 1716332796129-0.png (928.2 KB, 903x1147, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716332796129-1.png (1.13 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)


>Saudi Arabia took part in the military operation to shoot down Iranian drones and missiles
nobody thinks they dont have any rivalry and hostility anymore, saudis are still US allies, but they did significantly deescalate the proxy conflicts between the two, and yemen situation calming down was definitely part of it


>France has long played this hedging game with the Arabs
the french arab diplomacy is long gone, it has been destroyed since sarkozy fucking up libya, and the next presidents consolidated our vassalization to the US on the geopolitical stage




Oh no. We can't risk putting every american and zionist politician who helped arm this and other genocides in prison forever. Think of the consequences!



After confiscating their equipment and stopping their work earlier today, the zionist entity reversed its decision to stop the Associated Press' live coverage of the war on the Gaza Strip.
The ban came earlier today through an arbitrary use of the "Foreign Media Law," preventing the AP from distributing coverage to thousands of media outlets.
This comes after the entity has banned several media outlets, including Al-Mayadeen and Al-Jazeera, and has killed 150 journalists in Gaza and Lebanon since October 7th in a failed attempt to silence to voice of truth.


Did they realize they look like a bunch of totalitarian nazi retards who have war crimes to hide by doing this


They don't care because they've yet to face material consequences for looking like nazis.



It is true that Jews are demographically over-represented in stand-up


That's mostly self-inflicted not some kind of punitive response from The International Community.


Yemeni Armed Forces:
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
The Almighty said: "And it is incumbent upon Us to help the believers."
This is the Truth of Allah the Almighty.
In support of the oppressed Palestinian people and in response to the American-British aggression on our country:
The Air Defense Forces of the Yemeni Armed Forces, by the grace of Allah, succeeded in downing an American MQ-9 aircraft while it was carrying out hostile missions in the airspace of Al-Bayda' Governorate.
The aircraft was targeted with a locally-made surface-to-air missile, and footage of the downing will be distributed later, God willing.
The Yemeni Armed Forces confirm that the operation to down the aircraft comes just days after another aircraft of the same type was downed in the airspace of Ma'rib Governorate.
With this operation, the Yemeni Armed Forces have successfully downed five aircraft of this type during the Battle of the Promised Victory and the Holy Jihad.
The Yemeni Armed Forces continue to develop their defensive capabilities to confront the American-British aggression on our country and persist in carrying out their military operations in support of the oppressed Palestinian people until the siege is lifted and the aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip is stopped.
And God is sufficient for us, and He is the best disposer of affairs, the best master, and the best helper.
Long live Yemen, free, honorable, and independent.
Victory to Yemen and all the free people of the nation.
Sana'a, 13 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1445 AH
Corresponding to 21 May 2024 AD
Issued by the Yemeni Armed Forces

Mohammad Ali Al-Houthi, Head of the Revolutionary Committee in Yemen:
I call on America to send more MQ9 drones, as Yemeni air defenses enjoy grilling them.

Hezbollah operations 05/21/2024:
02:30: after monitoring the movements of the "israeli" enemy and following them closely at the Rahib site, a group of its soldiers was observed moving around the site and was targeted by the Islamic Resistance fighters with rocket weapons and artillery shells.
13:00: a position where "israeli" enemy soldiers were stationed at Ruwaisat Al-Qarn site in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms was targeted with a guided missile, hitting it directly and causing it to catch fire.
15:05: a gathering of "israeli" enemy soldiers in the vicinity of the Rahib site was targeted with rocket weapons.
16:04: the Malikiyah site was targeted with artillery shells, hitting it directly.
16:50: the Marj site was targeted with artillery shells, hitting it directly.
17:00: the Zebdine site in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms was targeted with rocket weapons, hitting it directly.
17:20: a gathering of "israeli" enemy soldiers at Karantina Hill was targeted with artillery shells.

According to an article published today in the zionist Haaretz newspaper, the red line in the attached image marks the new de facto border of the temporary entity, following the forced evacuation of over 200,000 settlers in the north. The Lebanese resistance has turned the northern settlements into ghost towns due to their uninterrupted targeting since October 8th.
Settlers yesterday announced the opening of the first "israeli" refugee camp, called "Al-Jalil Refugee Camp," as a result of the displacement they are subjected to at the hands of the resistance.
"The war with Hamas and Hezbollah, and 'israel's' decision to evacuate tens of thousands of civilians from its northern border with Lebanon, means there is an invisible wall across the Galilee. A massive wall has been erected across the entire country, and we are all banging our heads on it," says the article.
Journalist Zaid Nabulsi wrote: "This means that instead of 'israel' establishing a buffer zone in southern Lebanon up to the Litani River as it used to do in the past and as its criminal, incompetent, and foolish defense minister threatens to do today, the situation has reversed. The size of this usurping entity has shrunk against their will under the daily strikes of the resistance that have not ceased since the glorious 7th of October…"



Learned today that the zionazi entity doesn't have a constitution. What does leftypol think of John Mearsheimer anyway


File: 1716339595278.jpg (112.6 KB, 612x550, burn-the-world.jpg)

Genocide Joe was yesterday, be prepared for the Joelodomor.


this… might be the most impressive diplomatic blunder ive ever seen in all my years of lucid consciousness. the US secretary of state outright declaring that the country would punish third world countries with starvation if the third world doesnt comply with a genocide. watch them try to shift goalposts real quick when they realize how bad this makes them look.


Kamal Adwan Hospital in Beit Lahia has ceased operating due to continued IOF targeting, in yet another crime against the health sector in the Gaza Strip.
An IOF airstrike directly targeted the gate of the reception and emergency department at Kamal Adwan Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip.
In addition, the IOF directly opened fire at the northern gate of Kamal Adwan Hospital in Jabalia camp this morning.
The hospital is currently being evacuated of patients and medical staff, with several patients unable to be evacuated by the staff.
This constitutes a health disaster in the north of the Strip as the Kamal Adwan was the last operating hospital in the area after occupation forces besieged the Al-Awda hospital for the third consecutive day now.

Medical source at Al-Awda Hospital in Tel Al-Zaatar, northern Gaza Strip, to Safa News Agency:
The occupation forces have besieged the hospital for the third consecutive day and are heavily firing at its buildings.
Snipers from the occupation forces are stationed on the surrounding and adjacent buildings, firing in all directions.
Yesterday, the occupation forces targeted the fifth floor of the hospital with a shell, destroying the water tanks.
This is the second siege of the hospital, the first being in December of last year, which lasted 18 days.

The zionist army admits that two of its soldiers were severely wounded during battles across the Gaza Strip today.


How is Palestine this important to them?

I know Israel acts as a strategic asset in the region, but this is just tantrum levels of desperation. Huge if true.
>Genocide Joe was yesterday, be prepared for the Joelodomor.
Fuck that, let's just start calling him Joe Stalin.
I don't care if M—Ls take it the wrong way, my target audience are libs who insist US > USSR


File: 1716342373194.png (132.77 KB, 980x1203, ClipboardImage.png)

What does he thinks about it?


>How is Palestine this important to them?
The Zionist lobby is one of the largest in Burgerland. If you go against it you would basically fuck yourself against an opponent who has all the money and advertising in the world to run in your place.


So what you are saying is we destroy Israeli Lobby we can have the regular Oil and Gas Lobbies to be destroyed next. Because we know lobbying or as we call it in the actual civilized world bribery.



File: 1716343405961.jpeg (532.03 KB, 1170x1094, IMG_9448.jpeg)

Complete “tankie” vindication


This is what the U.S. position is though. The UN— international law— is out. The Rules Based Order is what counts now. What’s that? “Whatever the U.S. does rules and is based.”


File: 1716343555783.jpeg (534.63 KB, 1290x1068, IMG_3194.jpeg)

now they are talking about sanctions on the ICC over this shit


File: 1716343611508.jpg (51.16 KB, 1280x720, 19464957630754.jpg)

Apologize to him. NOW


saction the ICC and bomb the UN!!


from the river to the (IC)sea palestine will be free as in freedom



>stops funding unesco as a form of protest

>China becomes the largest donor
>US steps back and become a donor again

The same thing will happen if these idiots try to do this to the UN. The Chinese will gladly assume its position.


File: 1716344297047.mp4 (580.33 KB, 480x270, RUbWN9qDCae8RrW6.mp4)

he didnt say EXACTLY that phrase, but who cares right?


Being both-sidist is suffering, I see.


Egypt may resort to all options to ensure national security: Report

Egypt may employ all available alternatives to protect national security while also preserving the Palestinian people's historical rights, according to Egyptian television Al Qahera News, quoting an anonymous high-ranking official.

Egypt's adherence to its duties and treaties does not restrict it from doing so, the official stated.

Furthermore, Egypt warned "Israel" of the repercussions of a further escalation in the Gaza Strip after Israeli soldiers took control of the Rafah border post and refused to engage in any coordination efforts, the broadcaster said.

Egypt has rejected an Israeli proposal for joint coordination to reopen the Rafah crossing between Egypt's Sinai Peninsula and the Gaza Strip, along with managing its future operation, Reuters reported, citing Egyptian security sources.

Israeli officials from the Shin Bet security service introduced the plan during a visit to Cairo on Wednesday amid heightened tensions between the two sides following the recent Israeli aggression on the city of Rafah in southern Gaza and the occupation of the main Rafah crossing with Egypt.

The crossing has historically served as a vital conduit for humanitarian aid entering Gaza and as an exit point for medical evacuees. Egypt insists that the crossing should be managed solely by Palestinian authorities.

Throughout the week, Cairo and Tel Aviv have exchanged accusations regarding the closure of the border crossing and the consequent hindrance of humanitarian aid to the besieged Gaza Strip.

Egypt stressed that the closure of Rafah is solely due to the Israeli military operation, repeatedly cautioning that the Israeli offensive seeks to empty Gaza and forcibly displace Palestinians into the North African country.

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said that the Israeli war on Gaza created a major humanitarian tragedy for the Palestinians.

He stressed that Egypt is continuing its efforts to establish a ceasefire in Gaza and bring in more aid.

In a press conference on May 20 with his Greek counterpart Georgios Gerapetritis, in Athens, Shoukry added that they are still working on reaching a ceasefire in Gaza and bringing in more aid into the Strip because the situation is worsening.

He revealed that he discussed with his Greek counterpart Egypt's efforts to prevent the displacement of Palestinians and not end their cause.

Shoukry said that the only solution to stop the war in Gaza is a "two-state solution."

He added that Egypt continued to open the Rafah crossing since the first day of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, pointing out that 65% of the aid entering Gaza was contributions from the Egyptian civil society, he said.

Shoukry said that five other crossings must operate at full capacity to adapt to the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

The Egyptian Foreign Minister further warned against the negative repercussions of expanding Israeli military operations in Rafah adding that the latter exposes aid convoys to danger and restricts their entry into Gaza.

France, Belgium announce support for ICC measure

France and Belgium announced on Tuesday their support for the International Criminal Court's (ICC) application for the issuance of arrest warrants against top Israeli officials and Resistance leaders.

The Chief Prosecutor of the ICC, Karim Khan, stated on Monday that his office is filing applications for arrest warrants before Pre-Trial Chamber I of the ICC against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Security Minister Yoav Gallant, making it the first action of its kind taken against any major US partner.

Khan said that Netanyahu and Gallant bear criminal responsibility for a list of "war crimes and crimes against humanity" in Gaza, including "extermination and/or murder, starving civilians, willful killing, willfully causing great suffering, or serious injury," and deliberate direct attacks against civilian populations in the Strip.

His decision sparked outrage in the occupation entity and the United States, both threatening to take retaliatory measures against the court, including imposing sanctions.

"France supports the International Criminal Court, its independence, and the fight against impunity in all situations," the country's Foreign Ministry said in a statement late Monday.

Belgium's Foreign Minister Hadja Lahbib posted on X, "Crimes committed in Gaza must be prosecuted at the highest level, regardless of the perpetrators," with a statement attached.

Netanyahu described on Monday the ICC's measure as "antisemitic" and confirmed that it will not constrain "Israel" in its war on Gaza, which is nearing eight months, labeling Khan one of the "great antisemites in modern times."

Khan had previously received a threat from 12 Republican senators, who said he could be hit with "severe sanctions" if he issues international arrest warrants for Israeli officials.

In a report earlier this month, Axios revealed that House Republicans are drafting a bill aimed at imposing sanctions on ICC officials as a "precaution" in response to any arrest warrants against Israeli officials over war crimes in Gaza.

President Joe Biden voiced his condemnation on Monday of the court's measure, describing the warrants as "outrageous".

"Let me be clear, we reject the ICC’s application for arrest warrants against Israeli leaders," Biden said at a Jewish American Heritage Month event at the White House on Monday.

"Contrary to allegations against Israel made by the International Court of Justice (ICJ), what’s happening in Gaza is not genocide. We reject that," Biden said in his speech.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken echoed Biden's stance, saying the United States "fundamentally rejects" the move.


>the regular Oil and Gas Lobbies to be destroyed next
Given the fossil fuel industry's activities in other countries, I think we had better pack a lunch, because they don't play nice.

The UN is international neoliberalism. Nobody wants that except exploiters.

Start looking at people in the newspaper like food. Americans may well eat them alive.


File: 1716346467110.png (358.47 KB, 800x450, 1511565428056.png)

>Houthis torpedoed Israeli economy and asserted control over Red Sea traffic
>US threw some bombs, and then nothing, when that didn't work
>what the FUCK was all the US Navy funding even for?
>ICC wants to do some pointless bullshit
>wah, wah, wah sanction, sanction SANCTOOON


a paper tiger exposed in real time it seems like.



The balls of these guys holy shit


File: 1716347703213.png (1015.85 KB, 1748x1637, 654878965412.png)

Nobody should be listening to Emma Vigland or Democracy Now. The fact that they feel free enough to promote the end of the zionist project is extremely notable. I think it's a direct result of the campus protests.


>Nobody should be listening to Emma Vigland or Democracy Now
Who are they and what's wrong with them exactly? I saw her in the "Majority Report" with the dude and she sounds pretty good for me. She used to be more of a "liberal" before?


btw this slaps


>How is Palestine this important to them?
The Israeli lobby has made itself the most powerful over the last half century in USUKEU. The entire ruling class is either beholden to them or lives in fear of them.


Which sane country that isn't a US slave would still make trading deals with the Zionazi colonial entity in the next decade or so


they're weakling centrists that follow when it's safe to do so


Ah, right.
Here in Brazil we coined the term "esquerdunidense", basically esquerda (left) + estadunidense (american). A "esquerdunidense" is a leftist american, basically. The joke is, americans are "incapable" of being communists, so when anyone in the US appears on media talking shit about human rights or workers right we just now this same person would commit a genocide in Africa just to make sure their coffee doesn't get more expensive.

Both Republicans and Democracts are ultra-mega-right-wing for our standards. Lula today is a centrist, but he's probably to the left of Bernie.


File: 1716357766581.png (232.02 KB, 612x550, 3lqr2gfdfv1d1.png)

Threatened the third world with holodomor if they fight back


How are the replies in the comments section so well informed and incredibly based?


Tbf Americans have never had the opportunity to put this to the test. Now, the French…


File: 1716358013702.png (855.75 KB, 1200x900, ClipboardImage.png)

>Here in Brazil we coined the term "esquerdunidense", basically esquerda (left) + estadunidense (american). A "esquerdunidense" is a leftist american, basically. The joke is, americans are "incapable" of being communists, so when anyone in the US appears on media talking shit about human rights or workers right we just now this same person would commit a genocide in Africa just to make sure their coffee doesn't get more expensive.
So brazillian for baizou? American liberals give a bad name to "leftism" worldwide.


can someone explain to me the stalin nuremburg references? I'm too stupid


They're gonna get genocided lol


They probably mean that the common belief is that UN and ICC and such organizations are weapons of imperialism, and Stalin has helped create them


A few weeks ago they threatened that if Ukraine loses there will be a global financial crisis. Now if Israel loses they threaten global starvation. Desperate and empty threats unless they're willing to go full black swan.


Well, they are managing to kill Palestinians with humanitarian aid drops


File: 1716359103856.png (269.34 KB, 612x681, ClipboardImage.png)

Gonna be really funny watching the political fallout of Israel collapsing and watching whatever the fuck happens to the American political system. I don't think even the best top secret bleeding edge government AI would have a clue what is going to happen.


I would imagine if Israel fell then the Jewish population of the US would double. I imagine zio influence would only get stronger and the zio gusano population would become even more vocal.



> Palestine becomes a state

> This triggers clause where US stops contributing to the UN
> The rest of the world easily compensates for the loss of funding to the UN
> USA becomes rogue state and loses all global influence

Idk sounds like the best case scenario


File: 1716360616424.jpg (44.37 KB, 295x300, 1389830928646.jpg)

They are. Repeat after me: "When faced with the choice - war or decline, no capitalist empire ever chose decline."


This wont be a national war like in the past. The bourgeoisie is firmly and openly multinational and the communist movement must transcend national boundaries if it's going to meet porky on the battlefield on behalf of the global proletariat. And the communist political model in its current form wont have enough profit to fund that war.


File: 1716361450061.jpg (96.65 KB, 1004x1024, 1716351092452589m.jpg)



File: 1716361609893.jpg (863.34 KB, 2048x2048, d2a-842034155.jpg)

he can't keep getting away with it


I haven't seen this garbage take since a textbook from 2000's crooning praises about the rise of multinational corporations and the decline of relevancy of nation-states, and heckin wholesome it all was.


t. seething social chauvinist


File: 1716362459078.png (269 KB, 654x365, norw.png)


We've reached the point where the crisis of capitalism is a choice between globalizing development or relegating it to being a privilege of the golden billion. What this means is that the world is rebelling against unipolar hegemony by proxy of capitalism, in favor of multipolar politics by proxy of industrialism, protectionism, social democracy and even socialism. China wants to have its own multinational NGOs but doesnt get to because it ruins the rules based order. North korea wants to continue economically developing free of sanctions but doesnt get to. Cuba wants to import medicine to take care of their citizens but dont get to. The world wants to continue developing but the imperial core wants to halt development if it benefits anybody who isnt playing by the rules. That's the point where trotskyist world revolution becomes more clear as a solution to the global crisis, especially with the advent of the internet. Dont get me wrong, im not a cosmopolitan, but this is no longer an economic system limited to the west, but a global economic system in need of a global overthrow.


>implying seething
I take a look outside for five seconds, and the nation state hasn't gone anywhere. Learn to do Marxist analysis properly, and pay attention to how "currency" actually functions, and how it defines bourgeois relationships with each other and the world around them.


File: 1716363016324.png (60.25 KB, 1196x568, 1716345655224594.png)



Source: came to him in a dream


File: 1716363738314.png (22.21 KB, 739x415, ClipboardImage.png)

Dios mio.


File: 1716363839977.png (73.26 KB, 750x382, ClipboardImage.png)

Hah this guy is a walking zogbot muttmerican meme.


File: 1716364043016.png (4.94 KB, 674x61, -.PNG)

leg status?


I see he was employing the Ukrainian method of demining.

>my only regret is I have but two legs to lose for my country



File: 1716366279996.mp4 (4.19 MB, 540x960, 1715955326673795.mp4)

zogbot freakout (gone sexual)


File: 1716366333174.png (260.6 KB, 654x355, ire.png)


Libertarian lady explaining how palestinian protests are not actually free speech


this is an actual example of a guy who literally believes god in heaven is supporting israel btw. very common delusion among american evangelicals.


thank you glottal fry lady for teaching me knowledge


File: 1716367624873.jpeg (539.18 KB, 1170x802, IMG_9451.jpeg)

The worst thing that Israel has ever done in Gaza happened today.


Israel did WHAT?!


>1st amendment only protects the speech of rich people

quelle surprise


If god supports Israel, then why is the whole world against Israel?


leg status: updated


File: 1716379306117.jpg (97.47 KB, 810x1024, 1716371057367596m.jpg)

Netanyahu threatens International Criminal Court with assassinations


Real supervillain move


File: 1716380389998.mp4 (662.21 KB, 640x360, YzTmKrpaXJ-3XCyg.mp4)

Fuck twitteroids for always paraphrasing in the most sensationalist way possible and fuck you more for posting a screencap of his stupid tweet instead of posting the video.


File: 1716381362243.png (107.74 KB, 600x609, ClipboardImage.png)

>turning the ICC into a pariah institution
yeah that's what's happening for sure


War is the health of any state. Self-flattery is not something prized by moderns.


File: 1716381895735.png (47.98 KB, 989x211, ClipboardImage.png)

They got one thing right I guess


>meet porky on the battlefield
Fuck that larping ass hero shit you drama queen. Learn to stab capital in the back like EVERY SUCCESSFUL ACTION and btw take porky's dick out of your mouth.


>Why aren't you enforcing our double standards?!


File: 1716382704186-1.gif (64.9 KB, 550x690, hiding.gif)

Was reading some of this book last night about German soldiers in WWII and found the behavior described to be reminiscent of Israeli soldiers, particularly the descriptions of soldier psychology during the destruction of villages and civilian populations during partisan warfare.

One of the conclusions it draws is that the act of killing people creates a great feeling of certainty of being in the right (it feels very good!), so soldiers will kill civilians and then retroactively (more or less immediately) use that to confirm the person they killed was an enemy, because they killed the person. I see parallels in Israeli soldiers killing civilians, in that psychologically, killing the civilians is what turns them into "Hamas" for those soldiers. Even the presence of obvious civilians is also taken by soldiers as further proof of the enemy's vile character (they're "hiding behind civilians"). There's a lot of confusion and uncertainty in war and so, obviously, soldiers will look for opportunities to kill as a way of reducing uncertainty. I need to read more of the book though.

This old "Bob the Angry Flower" comic actually describes the psychology well.

The authors of the book also talk about a video of American helicopter crews killing a group of civilians in Iraq (including a Reuters camera crew) which was leaked by Wikileaks (this was called "Collateral Murder").

The authors suggest the soldiers really did believe they were killing insurgents, but it started when one helicopter pilot saw a "weapon" (possibly a camera carried by the Reuters crew), which is what he was "wanting" to see (he was confused, disoriented, uncertain – but now that he saw a "weapon" he now had a great deal of certainty in what he was doing), and within seconds was given the authorization to open fire. Some of the survivors of the initial blast ran for cover, which also enraged the pilots, made them MORE certain. Then when they learned shortly thereafter that they had also seriously wounded two children, expressed contempt for the people they had just killed for "bringing their kids to a battlefield."

The basis for this claim btw is ("CCP-connected"!!!) Roy Singham having some relations to "No New Cold War" stuff and giving money to PSL-adjacent organizing. Like that "Goldman Sachs donor fund" stuff. What's alarming about this whole story to me is that I remember the first people to single this out were some Twitter anarchists and also MAGA commies + Caleb for their own differing sectarian reasons (PSL being too tankie for the former and too woke for the latter). They were all alleging that "Goldman Sachs" was funding them (rather than Singham using a type of account at the bank for donations to non-profits.) Then the press picked up the thread and ran some articles about Singham (The Daily Beast and the New York Times I believe) alleging he's part of some Chinese influence op. The press might have done so anyways, but it tells me that what starts as some people digging up loose connections as part of an obscure sectarian feud can quickly run away from them, and get turned around by the establishment to attempt to squash left-wing groups.


File: 1716383240548.png (274.63 KB, 847x651, NxYZvtb-3885406581.png)

Picking between Israel and everyone else, the Anglos are gonna pick Israel


File: 1716383439296.png (220.65 KB, 541x360, uss liberty.png)

SO NOW THAT THE DUST HAS SETTLED, was this the moment in history when israel sank america's liberty to the bottom of the ocean?


>One of the conclusions it draws is that the act of killing people creates a great feeling of certainty of being in the right (it feels very good!), so soldiers will kill civilians and then retroactively (more or less immediately) use that to confirm the person they killed was an enemy, because they killed the person. I see parallels in Israeli soldiers killing civilians, in that psychologically, killing the civilians is what turns them into "Hamas" for those soldiers.
Anyone who runs is a VC, anyone who stands still is a well disciplined VC.


Yeah, pretty much.


>Simultaneous application for arrest warrants against Israeli officials and Hamas leaders 'has created the incorrect impression of equivalency,' it argues
Well, they're not wrong, just not in they way they think.


File: 1716390633014.png (9.11 KB, 593x175, 1716389163218045.png)



File: 1716391201371.png (81.09 KB, 1512x1512, zionazi_yin_yang.png)

I made this. What do you think?



Equals South Korea?


File: 1716391996333.png (170.55 KB, 640x424, ClipboardImage.png)

Lol I knew I saw it somewhere. I said bepsi but I was like, naw there's something it looks more exactly like.


File: 1716392205686.jpg (11.21 KB, 156x210, tnl7d94x3xp41_png_92.jpg)

Tbf that's not too off the mark


Level 10 Cyberlegs
>My legs are OK


dangerously close to summoning park chung-hee schizo


Pepsi might have gone a bit far with this


>they must be Hamas because killing them makes my dick hard


if you put this in a movie they'd say it's too on the nose


File: 1716397528038.png (71.81 KB, 308x174, ClipboardImage.png)

True. That actually happened with Senator Joseph McCarthy appearing in the film Good Night and Good Luck through archival footage.


File: 1716397780401.png (204.82 KB, 676x1353, ClipboardImage.png)

>go look up UNRWA funding crisis
>only the two usual anglos and BASED euro koshernats refuse to resume funding


Imagine bombing your allies' energy supply to try to weld them to you and they break away on the hill you're gonna die on two years later anyway.


It's funny that a day before it dropped I said Germany would only be dragged away from America kicking and screaming and they're now throwing a tantrum over equating Hamas and Israel.


I thought that it wasn't going to work out in the long run because it was an attempt toliterally force a major world economic Power to sustain artificialmy inflated prices on ENERGY for a literally indefinote period. American fracking gas wasn't going to get dramatically cheaper and cutting the EU from the BRI was going to result in the EU being forced to subsist on American table scraps. The break was and still is inevitable, I'm just surprised the cracks are showing this early


>The break was and still is inevitable
Nope. Financial bourgeoisie actively grow stronger when industrial bourgeoisie declines, thanks to short selling. And all of EU's financial bourg are Atlanticists.


File: 1716399162924-0.png (2.64 MB, 1289x2028, GOMRQO9WcAEloXa.png)

File: 1716399162924-1.png (1.23 MB, 1289x2021, GOMRQPEW0AEY_Rw.png)


Finance is going to get fucked too, look at the absolute state of the American national debt, the dollar's decline as reserve currency, and BRICS hoarding gold.


File: 1716399348823.png (182.23 KB, 211x423, ClipboardImage.png)

>It was my imagination, and in my mind, I believed it. Even now, I believe it.


>money = strength
Retarded idealism. Possession is the only real power. Read Grundrisse, boomer.


Hope FM Michael Martin absolutely ratfucks them over this lol


"DISINFORMATION has no right to exist."
<not on x, if anyone wants to use this please feel free


Until the dollar is no longer the reserve currency, American national debt doesn't matter.


American national debt partly contributes to dedollarization, and the fact they keep throwing an extra trillion onto it every few months, and the rate they are throwing it on continues to increase, while they're in fiscal dominance, and their military budget balloons in order to get less and less military out of it, reducing their ability to enforce it as reserve currency, is just the beginning of their problems.
Seizing Russian assets has the Saudis and Chinese worried, and China has started shifting over from US treasury bonds to gold. This hasn't been felt yet because private investors stepped into the gap, but as soon as the US inflation improves then the private investors will exit to more profitable ventures. Of course they could just keep inflation high, but that will also fuck the dollar. They're boxed in for getting skullfucked.


>Seizing Russian assets has the Saudis and Chinese worried
>less and less military out of it, reducing their ability to enforce it as reserve currency
This contributes a lot more to dedollarization than than any asset seizing fuckery. US seized foreign assets all the fucking time - Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela.

The American dollar is backed by the American military. As the latter declines, the former follows. Weakness invites bolder and bolder challenges, while holders of capital valued in American dollars become more and more invested in American domination. This is the real bourgeois "nationalism" and the actual consequence of no gold standard. It's why bourgeoisie have no plan for a post-US dominance world, why American politicians cannot conceive of not being in charge.


American-British warplanes bomb Hodeidah in western Yemen with 6 airstrikes.

The IOF is forcing those inside of Al-Awda Hospital in the northern #Gaza Strip, including medical staff and wounded, to evacuate it at this moment, as the siege on this hospital continues for the fourth day.
This comes a day after the IOF bombed and forcibly evacuated the nearby Kamal Adwan Hospital, leading to a complete shutdown of medical services in the northern Gaza Strip.


>American national debt partly contributes to dedollarization
Sorry, fiat money doesn't work like that. Read MMT. If it's good enough for Michael Hudson, that's a you problem.


someone give me a billions must die bliken jak


The IOF is sending new rounds of reinforcements into Jenin as its invasion of the city continues for the second day in a row, amidst ongoing armed clashes with the resistance.
24 Palestinians have been wounded during the incursion, 4 seriously.
An Al-Arabi TV correspondent describes the heroic scenes taking place: "The soldiers are afraid to get out of their vehicles. We need a military explanation to explain the nature of the fighter in Jenin and its camp. They are getting closer to the occupation vehicles and throwing bombs at them, even though the area is covered by drones and dozens of vehicles are deployed."

Sami Al-Arqawi ascended to martyrdom after being targeted by occupation bullets in Jenin during the ongoing invasion.
Sami is the 9th martyr to ascend since the IOF’s nearly two day long aggression.


Only problem here is that Euro financial interests are flooded with American financiers. They aren't the ones gaining from this decline, it's the American industry and finance that stands to gain from Euro industrial decline.


Hudson has said that foreign dollar reserves are forcing dedollarization out of sheer necessity?


Wonder how much pressure they are putting on the ICC that they can be this confident an arrest warrant won’t be issued.


Probably just hoping Netanyahu leaves office soon and they just can let it all blow over.


"Of course" sounds skin deep to me. It is not hard to imagine Netanyahu having the chutzpah to request asylum, at which point it's a slow but sure ride to a sunny Florida retirement.


File: 1716407397312-0.png (195.48 KB, 600x651, ClipboardImage.png)



Way too huge of a gamble on hoping this will blow over imo. The U.S. is now saying that Palestinian statehood means they will effectively withdraw from the UN and making threats of using leverage previously unthinkable. But they were issuing these threats under the operating assumption that opposition would be buyable ME states and not Western European allies to start defecting. Germany will not— their statement here suggests high confidence that ICC will only issue warrants for Sinwar.



Yes. Let more countries join with China against the US. I'm sure this will help you guys in the long run


Does the video not work?


it's broken here too


same here


Nervous that I've been saving nitter videos wrong and have shitloads of broken ones now


Marx called it "Fictitious Capital" for a reason


Journalist Anas Al-Sharif:
A short while ago, "israeli" occupation forces imposed a tight siege on Jabalia camp from all sides, depriving its residents of any shelter after destroying and burning all its facilities.
Today, the vehicles advanced towards the last shelter centers west of the camp, leading to the displacement of people in dire and tragic conditions under the threat of artillery shells and war missiles.
The already collapsed civil defense system came to a halt, leaving the bodies of the martyrs in the streets and alleys of the camp. Dozens of people remain under the rubble with no chance of survival or possibility of recovering their bodies.
Thousands of citizens are left without shelter after their homes were destroyed and turned into rubble by the occupation forces. People are wandering aimlessly, fleeing with their lives without knowing a safe destination to take refuge in.


>Seizing the assets of countries like Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela.
>Seizing the assets of countries like Russia

These things are different


>bourgeoisie have no plan for a post-US dominance world

You bet your ass the time to make plans is right about now


A reasonable person would think that, yes. Ask Int. Brig. anon to verify if liberals are reasonable people.


Now they are.
>John McCain: Russia is a 'gas station masquerading as a country'
>"muh technology transfers"
>Western wunderwaffen
After two years into a war the West thought they could win with sanctions alone. Remember?


>no gold standard
The tankie-to-Bircher pipeline is real


Bourgeoisie are only as universal as their capital allows them to be, and the universal acceptability of gold as a pass to every economy means, ironically, the rich were a lot more cosmopolitan than before Bretton Woods got abolished.



The IOF admits to the serious injury of a soldier during battles with the resistance in the northern Gaza Strip.

Zionist sources report that an IOF soldier was killed and 5 others were injured, 2 of whom are in serious condition as a result of a building collapsing on them in Rafah, southern Gaza.

A second IOF soldier was pronounced killed, in addition to the 4 other wounded soldiers, as a result of the resistance's detonation of an explosive device and sniper fire in the Gaza Strip.

The IOF admits that 3 IOF soldiers, including 2 officers, were killed in the northern Gaza Strip.
Two of them were killed in an Al-Qassam sniping operation in Beit Hanoun, which wounded a third soldier. The third was killed by an explosive device in northern Gaza.

In a complex operation, Al-Qassam fighters were able to ambush a zionist infantry patrol consisting of 10 soldiers in a night ambush by targeting them with a Ra'adiyah explosive device and throwing hand grenades.
When the rescue force arrived, our fighters detonated a Shuath explosive device, resulting in the members of the two forces being killed and wounded near the Agricultural School north of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip.

Hours after Al-Qassam Brigades announced a complex operation against IOF soldiers in Beit Hanoun, zionist media sources report on a “difficult security incident” in the same city in the northern Gaza Strip. Details of the incident, including casualties, are under strict military censorship.


File: 1716414433516.webm (456.77 KB, 416x360, capcomrubio.webm)

>US continues shooting itself in the foot
>China wins by doing nothing


What's their other option other than just issuing non-committal statements that other people can make sure never come true by simply not going to those places? The US is at the point of threatening them directly, but it's becoming quickly obvious that this is a rapidly sinking ship.


On the one hand - getting "k'd" in public, on the other - protests don't escalate into violence.


File: 1716415389703.png (314.52 KB, 589x778, 1946593659836.png)

Burgersisters…. No one of our high autism score state could have predicted this


i'm honestly shocked at how blatant the j__s have been at showing how much oversized power they have over the us government. they seem to have lost all sense of keeping up appearances


Btw americabros, are Americans today more aware of AIPAC?


Don't give all the credit to the jews. Christian fundamentalists and gusanos are helping as well!


File: 1716416951717.jpg (90.86 KB, 1200x1200, Adam_Friedland.jpg)

The American People are waking up. There is a puppet master, and we must cut the strings and escape to freedom!




File: 1716418295034.png (761.74 KB, 1134x1216, 1716406570512409.png)


you stole my post :(




File: 1716418544474.png (935.24 KB, 1442x1080, 1716410571919708.png)

it gets better


File: 1716418708948.jpg (162.73 KB, 534x1237, 1716417128619584.jpg)


It's the little things that get you through hard times like this lmao


Dumbest people on the internet. Jfc.


>goes to 4chan to post about antisemites and to gloat

What do Israeli and Ukrainian nationalists do exactly so that they produce people like this


Tbh I suspect that's just bait. Could've just put on a vpn to samefag to make the email drop look natural.


File: 1716419099940.jpg (65.37 KB, 367x306, mr bones wild ride.jpg)

>/pol/ basedly outing zionist propagandist
wow we are really in some interesting times


Most well adjusted Zionazi


We're in Those Weeks, my dude


Private property


File: 1716419510838.jpg (4.72 KB, 182x167, 1673469222523282.jpg)

You have to be fucking kidding me


this reminds me of that rabbi shmuley, every time I've seen him speak he talks about genitals being cut off by Hamas and breasts being cut off and played like bongo drums.


Randomly saw this old clip of Trump saying too much about the conflict lol.


Gallant allows Israelis to enter West Bank areas off-limits since 2005

Israeli Security Minister Yoav Gallant instructed the Israeli occupation forces to allow Israeli settlers to enter an area of the northern West Bank they had been banned from entering since the liberation of the Gaza Strip in 2005.

While the law prohibiting Israelis from entering the West Bank areas was repealed by the Israeli Knesset last year, the Israeli occupation forces are still prohibiting the settlers from entering under military orders in four settlements that had been declared a closed military zone.

Gallant's order rescinds the declaration of a "closed military zone" in three of the four settlements, which he said would lead to "the development of settlement and provide security to the residents of the region."

This follows on the heels of a similar order issued just last year in May, which removed the closed military zone at the illegal outpost of Homesh, another settlement that was evacuated and demolished in the wake of the liberation of Gaza.

Gallant also said that this move, essentially allowing for further expansion of Israeli settlements in violation of the Palestinian territories, which he termed the "Jewish hold" on the West Bank "guarantees security".

Moreover, he claimed that "the application of the law to repeal the Disengagement Law will lead to the development of settlement and provide security to the residents of the region."

The Israeli minister's decision comes amid heightened levels of settler violence, and it gives more ground for settlers to perpetrate violence against Palestinian civilians.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Volker Turk underlined in March that Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories have increased by a record amount and they risk eliminating any practical possibility of a Palestinian state.

He said that the growth of Israeli settlements amounted to "Israel's" transfer of its own population, which he said constituted a war crime, which echoes the Biden administration's statement last month that the settlements were "inconsistent" with international law after the occupation announced new building plans.

Accompanying the report due to be presented to the Human Rights Council in Geneva later this month, Turk said: "Settler violence and settlement-related violations have reached shocking new levels, and risk eliminating any practical possibility of establishing a viable Palestinian State".

In a related statement, "Israel's" diplomatic mission in Geneva argued that the deaths of 36 Israelis in 2023 should have been included in the report.

"Human rights are universal, yet Israeli victims of Palestinian terrorism are ignored by the Office (of the High Commissioner) time and time again".

The 16-page report demonstrates the plans for 24,300 new Israeli housing units in the occupied West Bank from one year through to the end of October 2023, which was the highest record since UN monitoring began in 2017.

According to the report, a sharp increase in the intensity, severity, and regularity of both Israeli settler and state violence against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank has been evident, especially since October 7.

Since October 7, over 400 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli occupation forces or by settlers, it noted.

Turk's report noted that the Israeli policies appeared to match an "unprecedented extent" with the goals of the extremism of the Israeli settler movement, whereby cases of settlers donning full or partial IOF uniforms and harassing or attacking Palestinians blur the line between them.

Sometimes the Palestinians were shot at point-blank range, it added.

Ireland, Norway, Spain recognize Palestinian state, Irish PM says

Ireland announced that it recognizes the state of Palestine, as confirmed by Irish Prime Minister Simon Harris on Wednesday, adding that he expects other countries to join Ireland, Spain, and Norway in the coming weeks.

At a press conference, Harris said, "Today, Ireland, Norway, and Spain are announcing that we recognise the state of Palestine," based on the 1967 established borders, adding, "Each of us will now undertake whatever national steps are necessary to give effect to that decision."

"I'm confident that further countries will join us in taking this important step in the coming weeks."

He highlighted Ireland's role and history in this by saying, "Taking our place on the world stage and being recognised by others as having the right to be there was a matter of the highest importance for the founders of our state."

Meanwhile, AP quoted Norway's Prime Minister as saying that the country's official recognition of Palestine as a state will take effect on May 28, which Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide has also confirmed.

In a quick response to retaliate, the Israeli Foreign Ministry declared on Wednesday it had ordered an immediate recall of its ambassadors to Ireland and Norway.

After Spain announced its recognition of Palestine, "Israel" also recalled the ambassador to Spain for "consultations" and reprimanded and condemned all Spanish, Norwegian, and Irish ambassadors after all three countries announced their recognitions.

Recent indications from European Union members Ireland, Spain, Slovenia, and Malta suggested a collective move toward recognizing a "two-state solution" as crucial for achieving lasting peace in the region.

"There cannot be peace in the Middle East if there is no recognition," Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre said earlier today.

Several European Union countries have in the past weeks indicated that they plan to make the recognition, arguing a "two-state solution" is essential for lasting peace in the region.

Norway, which is not a member of the European Union, still mirrors its moves and has been a fervent supporter of a "two-state solution."

Meanwhile, in Spain, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is scheduled to address the parliament about setting a date for recognizing a Palestinian state.

Sanchez plans to announce the recognition of an independent Palestinian state on Wednesday, a government source told Reuters, confirming an earlier report from news website El Confidencial.

A spokesperson for Sanchez's office refused to comment.

The Norwegian prime minister and foreign minister are scheduled to hold a press conference at 06:30 GMT on Wednesday, with the Middle East as the main topic of discussion. This move comes amid a recent Israeli military invasion in the northern and southern areas of the Gaza Strip, resulting in a new wave of forcible displacement and heightened restrictions on aid, raising concerns of famine.

Despite not being part of the European Union, Norway has maintained its stance on recognizing Palestine as a state, conditioned upon its potential positive impact on the peace process between "Israel" and the Palestinians, aligning with the United States' position on the matter.

Nine EU member states had recognized Palestine. Eight countries, namely Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia, recognized Palestine in 1988 before joining the European Union, and Sweden recognized Palestine in 2014.


that music gave me brain cancer


File: 1716420402530.png (167.08 KB, 1033x731, 1343628879911.png)

Dumbass shill being a newfag isn't even that rare on 4chins.


yeah we saw his deal and it sucked





Nah, the IDs are the same throughout. If it's a troll the OP was expecting to be revealed and found either a real Brooklyn Jew's email or just guessed an email that happened to be real as part of the joke. Never sure myself when I see dumb shit like this kek since people pretend to be shills for trolling purposes all the time


File: 1716420984769.png (471.96 KB, 683x478, ClipboardImage.png)

lol I remember all the drama around that shitty game

polite sage for offtopic


File: 1716421438279.jpg (177.08 KB, 1280x787, Hezbollah 05-22-24.jpg)

Hezbollah operations 05/22/2024:
12:00: targeted Al-Sadh site with artillery shells, achieving a direct hit.
16:00: targeted a building used by “israeli” enemy soldiers in the “Avivim” settlement with appropriate weapons, achieving a direct hit, in response to the “israeli” enemy’s attacks on the steadfast southern villages and civilian homes, the most recent of which was the attack on the electricity company workers in the town of Maroun Al-Ras.
17:15: targeted the Al-Samaqa site in the occupied Lebanese Kfar Shuba hills with rocket weapons, achieving a direct hit.
17:25: targeted the Al-Baghdadi site with rocket weapons, achieving a direct hit.
17:25: targeted a building used by “israeli” enemy soldiers in the “Kfar Giladi” settlement with rocket weapons, in response to the “israeli” enemy’s attacks on the steadfast southern villages and safe homes, and the targeting of civilians.
18:38: targeted the Jal Al-Alam site with artillery shells, achieving a direct hit.
19:55: targeted a gathering of “israeli” enemy soldiers with rocket weapons on Al-Tayhat Hill, achieving a direct hit.
20:30: an aerial attack was launched with attack drones on the artillery positions of the newly established 403rd Battalion, south of “Beit Hillel,” targeting the locations and positions of its officers and soldiers and hitting its targets accurately.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful,
In light of the zionist occupation publishing a video clip regarding the capture of female soldiers during the events of the Al-Aqsa Flood battle on October 7th, we affirm the following:
- The video clip being circulated by the Hebrew media is edited and manipulated, and the authenticity of its content cannot be confirmed.
- The timing of the video's circulation is part of the occupation's failed attempts to tarnish the image of our valiant resistance by spreading fabricated narratives that have been proven false through various forums and media investigations.
- The scenes show female soldiers in a military site captured during their work in the Gaza Division command, and they appear in civilian clothes because they were on a rest period, especially since the attack occurred early on the morning of Saturday, October 7th, which is a day off for them.
- There is deliberate truncation and editing in the scenes, selecting images and clips to support the occupation's claims and lies about assaults on the female soldiers.
- The clips show deliberate distortions and manipulation of the English translation, fabricating words in the English translation that were not spoken by any of the fighters in the video, neither in Arabic nor in English. This manipulation in the translation proves the falsity of the zionist narrative from its origin.
- The presence of traces of blood or minor injuries among some of the female soldiers is expected in such operations, which may involve scuffles. The scenes did not show any physical assault on any of them, but rather a dialogue between the fighters and the female soldiers without any assault or abuse.
- The female soldiers were treated according to the ethical rules of our resistance, and no mistreatment of the female soldiers in this unit has been proven, despite their brutal actions against our people and causing the deaths of hundreds of peaceful demonstrators on the Gaza borders.
- All images and scenes from the recent exchange operation confirmed the good treatment they received under the care of the resistance in Gaza, unlike the oppression, abuse, and killing faced by our male and female prisoners in the occupation's prisons.
The Islamic Resistance Movement - Hamas
Wednesday: 14th of Dhu al-Qi'dah 1445 AH
Corresponding to: May 22, 2024
Corrections in manipulated video published by IOF:
1:56 - Wrong translation where the subtitle reads: “These are the girls (women who can get pregnant.)”
Correction: The fighter did not mention any word related to pregnancy. He said “sabaya” سبايا which translates to female captives.
1:58 - Wrong translation where the subtitle reads:
“These are the Zionists.”
Correction: The fighter did not mention any word related to zionism or pregnancy. The fighter said “Al-Hamal,” which is a colloquial word that starts with the Arabic letter ه meaning “failures". The IOF translation intentionally distorts it to a different word (with a ح instead) which means pregnancy.
2:03 - Wrong translation where the subtitle reads: “You are so beautiful.”
Correction: It can clearly be heard that the fighter said, in broken English, “you are no beautiful.”

After 46 hours, the IOF has completely withdrawn from Jenin camp after facing fierce resistance, unable to achieve their goals. 11 martyrs ascended during the heroic battle, titled "The Walls of Death" by the Jenin Brigade.
Determined fighters planted locally-made explosives on vehicles in the camp, while fighters rushed from Tulkarem, from Kafr Dan and Jaba', in order to support their fighting brothers in Jenin with ambushes of death. Explosive after explosive targeted IOF vehicles in all parts of Jenin governorate, while the bullets of the resistance sang overhead.
The resistance defended the steadfast camp with all might, stunning journalists and soldiers alike. A zionist soldier was quoted as saying: "We did not find a significant difference between what we faced in Gaza and what we are currently facing in Jenin."
A reporter on scene stated: "The fighters are getting closer and closer to the vehicles while carrying explosive devices, despite the skies covered with drones and dozens of military vehicles on the ground. We don't see IOF soldiers…They don't leave their vehicles out of fear of the Palestinian fighters."
Glory to Jenin, the wasp's nest, which proves again that the camp is forbidden to invaders.


idk he could've just used a vpn on a different device to retain his id. The chance of real private email address being posted that just so happens to be registered on a phonebook is more unlikely than someone finding an email online and posting that. Not doubting the foolishness of zionists though.


arent vpns banned on 4chins


What's Papua New Guinea's problem?


Did Netherlands and Italy vote for it? I was laughing at them earlier for typical koshernat behavior


>Zios listening to Dead Prez now


Lmao they couldn't pick a more anti zionist rap group.



>Netherlands and Italy abstained
>Belgium and France voted in favour
>Sweden and Finland abstained
>Denmark, Norway and Iceland voted in favour
>Lithuania and Latvia abstained
>Estonia and Poland voted in favour
You can literally see the West splitting in half over this. Int. Brig,'s anon dick is hard.


>Germany abstained
I gotta get out of this reactionary shithole but I got family


File: 1716438390768.mp4 (51.83 MB, 1920x1080, Dead Prez Shadia Mansour.mp4)

Here's the Dead Prez verse clipped down since the vid was long and it was at the end.


anons gimme a TLDR on the zionist media campaign over the last 24 hours. It's killing me that I can't follow this. All I had time to see was le innocent teenage girls.


Australians! => >>1863467


> t. Anon Frank.


>>1863463 samefag
from what I've seen it's
>countries vote to give Palestine full member state status
>Israel releases video of teenage girls, actually soldiers, one with a bloody mouth
>UK media goes wild about le Hamas rapists



File: 1716442372424.gif (2.93 MB, 498x280, lol.gif)


Why did Brazil suddenly decide in 2019 to fuck over Cuba?


File: 1716443151408.jpg (417.79 KB, 1600x1200, bolso.jpg)


File: 1716445017945.png (508.27 KB, 916x466, ClipboardImage.png)

How do /k/opers explain US being this shit at building?


I'm not a pier expert what is this supposed to mean to me?


well see anon is retarded and can not see that the "bends" are intentional


To be fair to them everything in america is built from wood so they never had to learn.
I think about being American a lot because they never have to mix cement or carry bricks all day or knock down brick wall, in america to make a building they just smash bits of wood and plasterboard together and call it done.
Not sure what has to do with image though.


Dang why is your country so poor despite?


File: 1716450252951.png (585.28 KB, 1322x1412, ClipboardImage.png)


why post something so carefully cropped that it deliberately leaves out the source?


It appears you can see via reuters in the picture.


Just report people who do this or post twitter screncaps ITT, anon.


>It appears you can see via reuters in the picture
Maybe but thst tends to mean the source of the image which is often different from the article.


How about reporting faggots who fill up the thread with /meta/ commentary?


Poland officially recognizes Palestine since the Cold War


What is the source of these articles:


Czechia and Hungary are hypercapitalist shitholes. Everything is privatized. There are thousands of petit-bourgeois roaming around. Czechia in particular is deeply rooted into organizations of finance capital. Similar for Hungary - Budapest and Prague are the bulwark of reaction. Austria (and Slovenia partly) in comparison have a much more social-democratic hypercapitalism. There's more political freedom - there's more communist activity. You can really see Mitteleuropa splitting even politically on the microlevel. It's another sign of the need for an international struggle.


File: 1716451841001.mp4 (2.61 MB, 480x360, zizek mitteleuropa.mp4)



File: 1716451946254.gif (25.24 KB, 624x525, 1487622096003.gif)

And also invading both of them again and running reactionaries over with tanks. Former Warsaw Pact is to be subject to active culling.


File: 1716459801410.png (28.49 KB, 600x183, ClipboardImage.png)

>Nothing ever happe-ACK!


fake and gay


File: 1716459964169.png (74.11 KB, 900x500, ClipboardImage.png)

>Austria (and Slovenia partly) in comparison have a much more social-democratic hypercapitalism. There's more political freedom - there's more communist activity.
Saw this poll for the Vienna state election the other day but didn't have anywhere to post it


File: 1716460364506-0.png (63.25 KB, 271x499, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716460364506-1.png (2.24 MB, 1140x2623, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1716460435911-0.mp4 (2.59 MB, 720x1280, Irish Hamas.mp4)

File: 1716460435911-1.png (278.86 KB, 629x819, ClipboardImage.png)


>Ireland, if your goal was to reward terrorism by declaring support for a Palestinian state, you’ve achieved it.


> Hamas thanks you for your service.



I have no idea what this means. Why would you assume everyone knows what the political parties are in the Vienna state election??


It's the KPO crossing the representation threshold






Only the last is mine, but I always put my source in the subject field.


The source of the third is Spongebob Squarepants.

youre welcome pleas donate some bitcoin if you liked my answer


File: 1716470965197.jpg (75.33 KB, 680x425, ezgif-6-d7f1760866.jpg)


The West must strike now, and collapse the Iranian regime

<The Iranian people long for freedom and democracy. We should take this opportunity to liberate them

>Hidden from many in the West is the internal chaos caused by yesterday’s events in Iran. The past 24 hours have exposed the vulnerability of the clerical regime, and for the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei – who rules with absolute power – this will be the main takeaway from yesterday’s helicopter crash and the death of president Ebrahim Raisi.

>The 85-year-old ayatollah will surely view the crash that killed Raisi as a “test-run” for his own death and succession. And when seen in this light, the regime’s handling of the past 24 hours will be extremely concerning.

>As part of his 2019 “Second Phase of the Islamic Revolution” manifesto, the ageing ayatollah has spent the past 5 years “purifying” the regime, empowering a new generation of ideological absolutists, in order to complete his personalization of power project to guarantee a smooth and orderly succession when he dies.

>The supreme leader did this to control his elites, knowing full well of the divisions that could potentially appear after his death – and, more worryingly, that the Iranian population, who overwhelming seek regime change, would use Khamenei’s death as an opportunity to bring about the destabilization and the collapse of the regime and therefore his legacy.

>To mitigate this scenario, the purification process over the past 5 years has installed a new generation of Khamenei absolutists across every key position, fully prioritizing ideological commitment over experience or technical expertise.

>Raisi’s de facto appointment as president in June 2021 was part of this “Second Phase”. Since then, the supreme leader has installed a new generation of extremists across all key political, military and bureaucratic positions – something the West has completely overlooked in its obsession with restoring the 2015 nuclear deal. The regime’s goal in Iran has been ensuring Khamenei’s ideology outlives him, and that there is an orderly succession process from start to finish

>The handling of the Raisi helicopter crash and subsequent death has been anything but this. From start to finish the new zealots at the helm have demonstrated utter incompetence: failing to control communications, not sticking to well-rehearsed emergency protocols and ultimately entering full panic mode.

>This has exposed the deep vulnerabilities of the regime. Khamenei may have thought that prioritizing ideological commitment over experience or expertise would help to control his elites. In reality, it appears to have exacerbated the incompetence of the regime as this new cohort clearly lacks the capabilities to guarantee a smooth succession.

>Khamenei, who has preserved the survival of his Islamist regime by consistently spilling blood on the Iranian streets, will be fully aware that if regime’s elites handle his death as they’ve handled Raisi’s, his project could unravel completely.

>But as the age old saying goes: another person’s loss is another person’s gain. While chaos of the past 24 hours will have increased the ayatollah’s angst, it has simultaneously boosted the Iranian people’s morale.

>Ignore Iranian state-tv propaganda, currently being recirculated on mainstream media in the West. Iranians aren’t “flocking” to mourn Raisi’s passing: they’re celebrating it. The death of the president, known as the “Butcher of Tehran”, was greeted with fireworks and the raising of alcoholic beverages.

>Like Khamenei, the Iranian people have been closely monitoring the regime’s handling of the crash and how the elites have gone panicked. And they are surely growing in confidence that Khamenei’s death – and the subsequent and inevitable elite chaos that it will cause – will create the best opportunity to bring an end to the Islamic Republic once and for all.

>This is an opening that should be exploited. We must support the Iranian people’s democratic ambitions to bring an end to a regime that kills its own people, seeks to eradicate the world’s only Jewish state, and exports terror around the world.

>Instead of offering condolences to the regime – as EU officials have shamelessly done – the West should be focusing on the Iranian people in its public diplomacy. It should be amplifying the calls of the Iranian people for an end to the Islamic Republic. Simultaneously, the U.S. government and its allies should consider covert operations – both cyber and kinetic – to exacerbate the divisions within the regime’s elite and embolden the Iranian people against the regime.

>Make no mistake: the collapse of the Islamic Republic will be the single most liberating event for the Iranian people, the Middle East and global security.


Ireland? Supporting terrorism? NO WAI!!!


And this is exactly why the public-private intelligentsia is a Systempunkt.
<A systempunkt ("system point") is a type of critical, vulnerable point in a system. The system may be a physical system (such as computer network) but the term is usually used when referring to a market (e. g., the French steel market, international flax market, etc.) A systempunkt is a point in such a system vulnerable to disruption by many small interactions, such that a swarm of disruptions and attacks will cascade through the system and collapse it, possibly resulting in financial loss, supply shortages, or destabilization.


File: 1716476094989.png (342.44 KB, 726x423, ClipboardImage.png)

If HeenduNats can appropriate Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad and Subhashchandra Bose, literally anything is possible.


File: 1716478072607.jpg (35.68 KB, 477x461, 1627281929536.jpg)

>mfw le international diplomatic entity asks for anything


How do war propagandists sleep at night? I legitimately can't think of a more vile and degrading job. There's more honor and dignity in being a fucking banker; at least bankers just profit off wars instead of trying to convince everyone else that their war profiteering is actually noble and just


By what standard, Liberal Protestantism? Some bellicose European nationalist ideology that needs to be rendered down? You have to be more specific where your emotional excretions are coming from so that we can use the correct wet wipe when we send you back to r/thedeprogram
Kys you classist piece of shit.


Sorry, I don't talk to deranged Maoists. Try taking some antipsychotic medication and then we can have an adult conversation


File: 1716480529371.jpg (24.22 KB, 500x460, E8AH2EFVgAAkIcY.jpg)


File: 1716480711961.jpg (164.85 KB, 880x480, Breaking-BadAMC.jpg)


Anyway, the correct answer is that virtue societies are the province of adolescents and other cases of arrested development, and that the division of labor is held sacred by Greco-Roman culture, which Europe has inherited and re-encountered, and which you are perpetuating.
>Sorry, I don't talk to deranged Maoists. Try taking some antipsychotic medication and then we can have an adult conversation
Adults don't reify their feelings and buidl class systems around them.


They throw off their gentile coats of acceptability.

Where ordinarily the system relies on a fundamental layer of deception by which it makes reference to everything of its own system of meaning, these are its cheerleaders who, understanding the nature of the duplicity, set to work in its utmost defence because, for one reason or another, they wish to climb the ranks and ascend.

In another life they would be the middling officers of the SS who carry out every order with the ruthless efficency of one who takes as easily to genocide as they do under the banner of 'Freedom' and 'Democracy' as they would for 'The Fatherland'.


kys liberal


>Where ordinarily the system relies on a fundamental layer of deception by which it makes reference to everything of its own system of meaning, these are its cheerleaders who, understanding the nature of the duplicity, set to work in its utmost defence because, for one reason or another, they wish to climb the ranks and ascend.
That is an individualist, moralist take, not material.
Remember that the reproduction of the working class consists in reproducing people who are willing to accept the working class position (subordinate, exploited, indebted, suppressed in their own creative powers) and to reproduce it. They cannot exist as "higher" without a notion of "height", and classical culture provides one ready-made and geographically apt.

>class is necessary because dead homosexuals said so


I cannot explain to you how fundamentally alienated you are going to be from other human beings if you take serious moral offense to terms like "noble" because they have a historical class association that no longer even fucking exists. Please try to become a human being again, this is just absurd.


File: 1716481393471.png (435.28 KB, 750x738, ClipboardImage.png)


>Remember that the reproduction of the working class consists in reproducing people who are willing to accept the working class position (subordinate, exploited, indebted, suppressed in their own creative powers) and to reproduce it. They cannot exist as "higher" without a notion of "height", and classical culture provides one ready-made and geographically apt.

Okay ChatGPT, give me an incomprehensible word salad, but repeat back to them a couple of their own words so it looks like I've said something.

Excellent, now translate it from English to Cuneiform and back again.



This honestly looks like a bot.


True. It takes just one look at Russian-Ukrainian war to see that the same people who are the loudest patriots of their side switch sides seamlessly, effortlessly, and back in 1917 former Tsarist Russian-speaking administration which was erasing Ukrainian culture easily switched sides to start erasing Russian culture while barely speaking Ukrainian


Maybe he's using ChatGPT, but there's definitely a deranged human being behind this. I know a triggered frothing-at-the-mouth Maoist when I see one, I've argued with many in my time


So, when Israel falls apart, expect to see current frothing-at-the-mouths zionists to suddenly find within themselves arab ancestry and start being the loudest patriots of Palestine from the river to the sea


File: 1716481980519.png (17.46 KB, 200x198, image(4).png)

That is not what point implies.


>In another life they would be the middling officers of the SS who carry out every order with the ruthless efficency of one who takes as easily to genocide as they do under the banner of 'Freedom' and 'Democracy' as they would for 'The Fatherland'.


>Where ordinarily the system relies on a fundamental layer of deception by which it makes reference to everything of its own system of meaning, these are its cheerleaders who, understanding the nature of the duplicity, set to work in its utmost defence because, for one reason or another, they wish to climb the ranks and ascend.


>not writing for 8th grade reading level is ChatGPT
Have the reactionaries found a new meme? I believe so.

>alienated you are going to be from other human beings
I don't commune with bourgeois socialists, and I sure as fuck don't take orders from condescending emotion dispensers who are almost certainly younger than I am.


Yes, this describes "loyal" careerists who don't actually have any real ideology


>Actually, being able to see through my word salad means you're stupid!

This does not imply that they will abandon it the second they are given the chance.


spoken word is getting really weird, just go back to henry rollins


This is the most schizophrenic shit I've ever read in my life


But they will abandon it the second they are given the chance, because they are rootless careerists


>I don't commune with bourgeois socialists
Mainly because you don't commune with anybody. Try making some friends.


>If you don't submit to my emotional groping I'm going to constructively disunderstand you


>I gotta get out of this reactionary shithole Germany but I got family
< t. Anon Frank.
Kek. funniest thing i read on this site in forever.
TBH most people just remember Dead Prez because (if you're ancient like me) some of their tracks banged in the club. Most don't care about their uncompromising politics and community organizing.


While this GPT shitposter is unfortunately very funny, it is ruining my desired autistic leftypol immersion, and is therefore reportable. RIP


Here's what GPT has to say about the virtue signaling fgt upthread:
<But the difficulty lies not in understanding that the Greek arts and epic are bound up with certain forms of social development. The difficulty is that they still afford us artistic pleasure and that in a certain respect they count as a norm and as an unattainable model.
<A man cannot become a child again, or he becomes childish. But does he not find joy in the child’s naïvité, and must he himself not strive to reproduce its truth at a higher stage? Does not the true character of each epoch come alive in the nature of its children? Why should not the historic childhood of humanity, its most beautiful unfolding, as a stage never to return, exercise an eternal charm? There are unruly children and precocious children. Many of the old peoples belong in this category. The Greeks were normal children. The charm of their art for us is not in contradiction to the undeveloped stage of society on which it grew. [It] is its result, rather, and is inextricably bound up, rather, with the fact that the unripe social conditions under which it arose, and could alone arise, can never return.
Oh, sorry, actually that's Marx.


Yes but you've very purposefully and deliberately extracted a key sentence from that in which the argument loses the final sentence which determines the entire thing.

Why have you done this? Because you're a massive prick.


File: 1716483938625.png (171.91 KB, 350x248, ClipboardImage.png)

>Our side's women when they are proud genocidaires
<Heroes, valiant, fearless and powerful.

>Our side's women when they meet combat




>israeli news website
>the page constantly refreshes in the background if you switch to another tab
every time
why do they do this?


File: 1716484419843.png (39.79 KB, 1200x600, BitShekel.png)

They're using your computer to mine bitshekels.



>claims I left something out
>won't quote it
You're on the wrong thread, go here >>1861942

>steals audience compute cycles



Need an edit of this in which the 'Loose associations' is just replaced with 'Dialectical Materialism'.


>can't into greentext


File: 1716485532140.png (280.54 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>They're using your computer to mine bitshekels.
This is the Israeli economy now.


I don't think that's true, at all. It has always been like this, and the drama is still contained to the culture war and political theater. Being a Zionist, a settler colonial supremacist, is still more "politically correct" than most things. Having an affair is far more of a PR problem than coming out in public for jewish supremacy, or expressing one of those doomsday crackpot beliefs some evangelicals have about Israel. Saying the wrong word, wearing a mask or any other stupid fucking shibboleth blunder is still much greater threat than gloating about directly aiding apartheid and ethnic cleansing.

Hasbara has long been ridiculous and blatant outright lies, because it reads straight from colonial propaganda, with all the built-in supremacy and old time prejudice that doesn't jive well with modern PR. And the culture war was already this ridiculous. Facts already didn't matter at all, and had been relativized what with the emphasis on "fake news" and "disinformation". So it changes nothing if hasbara is laughable schizo babble tinged with century old white supremacy, because nobody cares about what is real or not, just how effective it is as ammunition in the culture war and whose side is "winning".


File: 1716489258691.png (105.73 KB, 904x524, 1716482901732543.png)


>click link
>switch tabs
>this link starts refreshing in the background
seriously, what the fuck
jerusalem post, haaretz, times of israel, israel hayom, ynet literally every single one of them
what do they gain by doing this? it's driving me crazy


fake pageviews


They don't care about pageviews. Pageviews cost them money. They care about ad impressions.


karl marx was a hindoo. materialik dialekticism inspired from the vaisheshika sir.


File: 1716492181234.mp4 (810.27 KB, 720x720, orc diplomat.mp4)

Zionists when they represent Jewish people:


ad impressions are made by pageviews dumbass.


If that were true then they wouldn't cry about ad blockers. Dumbass.


are you being intentionally obtuse?


Only because they're too lazy to reload a frame. Do you econ fgts know anything about the actual production of the material would you move around in your dreams?


what the f… what the fuck are you talking about?


some kind of leftist islamist synthesis is going to develop in the next year or so and then there will be a zionism chinletism synthesis to be the antithesis to lefto islamism and we will all be blamed for this

>new york slime
how do you kidnap soldiers? its called POWs friedman u jewish idiot


For whatever reason I thought you were asking why they reload the whole page instead of just the ads




woah teh IRA is gonna love this



serious question, how did mericans go in less than 30 years from "our humble muslim fighters for liberty in afghanistan fighting against the godless soviets" to "those mooslems and commies are working together to destroy america!"


>Mike Johnson: America should punish the ICC… If the ICC is allowed to threaten Israel's leaders, we know America will be next.


>Mast was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is the son of James Mast and Tixomena Trujillo. His maternal grandparents were immigrants from Mexico.
Stop being racist against half mexicans


in france this is basically the new judeo-bolshevism conspiracy theory except promoted by the government and mainstream media instead of fat old boomers. anyways i read some expert on islamism saying there will probably be synthesis between islamists and leftists because some islamists are becoming more and more left wing and the government actually fears this.

my idea lefto islamism
>reject rationalist model of the universe and bourgeois rationalism
>spinozaist-arabist immanent god. universe = god. no need for olde marxist dualism
>cosmic cyclicalism
>martyrdom and jihad
>occultic rituals part of praxis (magickal experiments) and the angelic hierarchy
>materialist analysis of social conditions that is based on messy networks instead of the base/superstructure hierarchy
whatever i want it to be real plz god make it real


I don't know enough about Islam to comment, but can any resident arabs/muslims comment? Is there anything in Islam which prohibits a planned economy, DOTP, or socialism/communism? I know there has been arab socialism/baathism in the past but is there actually such a thing, or can be such a thing as islamic socialism?


DoTP and planned economy are old and gay. too literal. socialism will be more like a gestalt consciousness instead of like a couple of old dudes in an office planning stuff. like decentralized planning when people spontaneously responds to what goes on around them. like how corpos in markets already plan things but people instead of big corpos.

the occultic spiritual traditions of islam (sufism + islamic magick) are useful for revolutionary socialism i think also.


>occultic rituals part of praxis
my knowledge of islam says they, just like christians, don't do ritualistic occult shamanic shit, they just do salah or pray from the quran, exept maybe for sufis


>like how corpos in markets already plan things but people instead of big corpos.
decentral planning and central planning are the same thing anon, not one advocate of "decentral" planning can explain to me how its not just a slower and more error proned version of half of gosplan anyway.


>decentralized planning
>people spontaneously responds to what goes on around them
what the fuck
how is it planned if it's "spontaneous"?
you will ride the stationary bicycle generator to power OGAS and you will enjoy it, give me planned economy or give me DEATH


a lot of magick comes from islam. they do talismans, amulets, exorcisms, charms, and spells and stuff too, contacts with spirits and angels. dream interpretation like psychoanalysis. all kinds of cool stuff. like duh most ordinary muslims dont all do this stuff but a lot of them use amulets and do dream stuff and things. you have sufis do dances and the shia do big ceremonies. you have heretical sects that do lots of weird stuff too.

gosplan literally a bunch of fat old bald dudes. its like the military. you have to have smart generals or you will loose. gosplan failed because they let dodo brained old people who didnt know what a microprocessor was run it and they make bad strategies. so okay error prone yeah thats probably true but you dont have like huge total failures caused by some guy at the top thinking computers are useless so lets not build too many.

its like lenin said in state in revolution. socialism is like when a woman is getting raped in the streets and people see it and stop to help her. they dont take orders and theres no leader or anything. they just react to whats happening. so in a socialist society if theres a need in one place society just responds to it and balances stuff out.


File: 1716497897663.png (2.39 MB, 1920x1272, ClipboardImage.png)

Go to or even look at images of Turkey, anon. 🧿


File: 1716498009712.png (557.54 KB, 849x749, ClipboardImage.png)

>a lot of magick comes from islam. they do talismans, amulets, exorcisms, charms, and spells and stuff too, contacts with spirits and angels. dream interpretation like psychoanalysis. all kinds of cool stuff. like duh most ordinary muslims dont all do this stuff but a lot of them use amulets and do dream stuff and things. you have sufis do dances and the shia do big ceremonies. you have heretical sects that do lots of weird stuff too.
Sounds like the fast track to getting beheaded.


NTA but id assume a big difference between Sunni/Shia and Sufi islams. Just like in judaism there is a big difference between orthodox ben shapiro shit and Kaballistic mysticism


Is there something up with almayadeen.net, anons? I cannot get articles.


duh we must reject people who use magic to harm others (sorcery) okay but saudi arabis is not normal wahabiland.

sufis arent a sect. u get sunni sufis and shia sufis and they mix stuff too and there are lots of orthodox jews who are into qabbalah mysticism. there used to be catholic christian qabbalah too.


File: 1716498468275.png (40.01 KB, 958x295, ClipboardImage.png)

shoutout to that jewish woman who tried to cast a spell on hamas leaders.

pic unrelated, just funny


>orthodox jews who are into qabbalah mysticism. there used to be catholic christian qabbalah too.
yeah but both were probably based on earlier pagan near east mystery traditions. Yahweh was just a local canaanite storm god originally.


If production both satisfies and creates new needs, how do you detect what the actual new needs are so that history can advance with due haste?
In 2024, the separation of planning and execution, applied along several lines to industrial practice, has left to us a production system suitable to implement a Mass Line in many types of consumption goods.
>hundreds of T-shirts and mug vendors
>numerous technical standards for interchangeable standard components
>many types of components and assemblies produced entirely from a zip file and payment card number, in quantities from 1 to millions
>3D printers of every shape and size
Imagine a community CNC machine shop or 3D printer for every several thousand people, to which a user can send a variety of standard, semi-custom, or self-designed CAD files to be automatically processed and turned around in a day or two. Socialist society would be called upon to distribute the knowledge of these new processes into the hands of ideally every worker so that they can make use of these means to satisfy their needs, and ensuring that the intellectual labor is incorporated into the general intellect as appropriate.


according to Chabad lore, the rebbe put a curse on Stalin and he died a couple days later


The UKMTO reports that a ship was attacked 98 nautical miles south of Al-Hodeidah, Yemen.

The UKMTO reports that a ship in the Indian Ocean, 420 nautical miles southeast of Merca, Somalia, was boarded by an unknown number of people from two small ships.

National Resistance Brigades (Martyr Omar Al-Qasim Forces) spokesman Abu Khaled:
Our forces bombed the "Zikim" base in cooperation with Saraya Al-Quds, pursued enemy infantry patrols, and rained down their positions with mortar shells.
Commander Abu Khaled, spokesperson for Omar Al-Qasim Forces (the military wing of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine), issued a military statement announcing that Omar Al-Qasim Forces, in cooperation with Saraya Al-Quds (the military wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine), bombed the "Zikim" base, also bombed the enemy’s site in "Netzarim," and pursued its forces in the axis of advancement in the Al-Jenina neighborhood. Here are the details:
Firstly: Omar Al-Qasim Forces, in cooperation with Saraya Al-Quds, targeted the "Zikim" military base with a rocket salvo in response to the occupation’s crimes against our people. The rockets hit their targets.
Secondly: The artillery unit of Omar Al-Qasim Forces targeted the enemy's supply line in "Netzarim" with heavy mortar shells, hitting their targets and causing large losses to the supply line.
Thirdly: One of our fighting groups targeted an enemy infantry patrol fortified in a destroyed building in the advance axis in the Al-Jenina neighborhood, east of Rafah city. They fired anti-vehicle B7 shells at them, causing its soldiers to be killed and wounded, and our group returned to their positions safely.
Omar Al-Qasim Forces – Military wing of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Military Media


File: 1716498780877.png (14.11 KB, 320x180, ClipboardImage.png)

>there used to be catholic christian qabbalah too.
Isn't that just regular Catholicism?


>Today agent your job is to post on reddit, you backround is 'witch-tok'. Remember the points; Israel has a right to defend itself and antisemitism is everywhere.


File: 1716499015777.png (254.18 KB, 850x440, ClipboardImage.png)

For me it's Catholic Kabbalah with Narco-state characteristics.


Islamic Resistance in Iraq:
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
"Permission [to fight] has been granted to those who are being fought, because they were wronged. And indeed, Allah is competent to give them victory."
In continuation of our path of resisting the occupation, in support of our people in Gaza, and in response to the massacres committed by the usurping entity against Palestinian civilians, including children, women, and the elderly, the fighters of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, at dawn today, 23/5/2024, targeted vital targets in our occupied lands at the Port of Haifa using advanced Arqab cruise missiles.
The Islamic Resistance in Iraq confirms its continuation in striking the enemy's strongholds.
"And victory is only from Allah. Indeed, Allah is Mighty and Wise."
Islamic Resistance in Iraq
Thursday - 14 Dhu Al-Qi'dah 1445 AH

Following the sounding of sirens, it was reported that a large barrage of over 30 rockets was fired towards settlements in the upper occupied Al-Jalil and dozens of explosions have been heard in Safad and Al-Jalil.


no such thing as paganism. its just a made up word christians used as an insult. it means like redneck in latin.

no the church didnt like christians being interested in hermeticism and qabbalah

more mayan and indian folk beliefs than qabbalah true mestizo consciousness

90% of these ppl are fakes and anyway we know god is with the al qassam not the israeli uyghur army


Sir i beg of you, i'm tired of reddit, you gave me the same job last week, when do i get to funnel money into ISIS-K, airdrop MREs to azov or infiltrate taiwanese politics like the cool agents? this is not what i wanted to do when i said i wanted to serve the free world.


>Imagine a community CNC machine shop or 3D printer for every several thousand people, to which a user can send a variety of standard, semi-custom, or self-designed CAD files to be automatically processed and turned around in a day or two. Socialist society would be called upon to distribute the knowledge of these new processes into the hands of ideally every worker so that they can make use of these means to satisfy their needs, and ensuring that the intellectual labor is incorporated into the general intellect as appropriate.
this is just FALC nonsense. Your argument is basically invent some version of the star trek replicator and we wont need to ration anything.


>Imagine a community CNC machine shop or 3D printer for every several thousand people, to which a user can send a variety of standard, semi-custom, or self-designed CAD files to be automatically processed and turned around in a day or two. Socialist society would be called upon to distribute the knowledge of these new processes into the hands of ideally every worker so that they can make use of these means to satisfy their needs, and ensuring that the intellectual labor is incorporated into the general intellect as appropriate.
My local burger library has a free 3D printer. Even 3D printing is far from completely automated and CNC even more so. You should look up maker's spaces if you interested in that. There's one here where you can get access to like every CNC, lasercutting, woodworking, machine under the sun for $100 a month. Kind of steep but it's not like those machines are free to maintain.


Do you have a material argument, or just a labor fetish? Does it scare you that, some day, Capital will be a history book?


>Imagine a community CNC machine shop or 3D printer for every several thousand people, to which a user can send a variety of standard, semi-custom, or self-designed CAD files to be automatically processed and turned around in a day or two. Socialist society would be called upon to distribute the knowledge of these new processes into the hands of ideally every worker so that they can make use of these means to satisfy their needs, and ensuring that the intellectual labor is incorporated into the general intellect as appropriate.
My local burger library has a free 3D printer. Even 3D printing is far from completely automated and CNC even more so. You should look up maker's spaces if you interested in that. There's one here where you can get access to like every CNC, lasercutting, woodworking, machine under the sun for $100 a month. Kind of steep but it's not like those machines are free to maintain.


FYI, this is why recognizing a Palestinian state (West Bank and Gaza only) is actually a very BAD thing and inconsistent with anti-imperialism.


File: 1716503070655-0.png (260.22 KB, 726x599, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716503070655-1.png (158.28 KB, 711x445, ClipboardImage.png)

>My local burger library has a free 3D printer
>Even 3D printing is far from completely automated
>and CNC even more so
That's a strawman. I didn't say the shop would be unstaffed. At the very least I would expect a few staff to do some minimal sanity checking and packaging for distribution. You're the one laying that FALC complex on me; I'm simply stating what capabilities are available and offered in the market today. I'm calling for a next-phase society to establish such relations to them as extend the all-around "free development of each" toward the "free development of all" (Manifesto).
>You should look up maker's spaces if you interested in that
Not all of those have fully equipped machine shops. And my sense of this capacity goes beyond mere "having"; it is a capacity that all people should have available to them, not just engineers (who already do have these capacities available to them). Let me emphasize that in no way does this fully replace mass production of those articles of such common use that unit production makes no sense.
It seems more that you're worried about losing control. Are you scared?


> or self-designed CAD files to be automatically processed and turned around in a day or two.


can you retards shut the fuck up about this nerd shit it has 0 to do with the topic at hand.


I admit that was optimistic.


American-British warplanes bomb Hodeidah International Airport in western Yemen with 2 airstrikes.

Zionist sources report that an IOF soldier has been seriously wounded during the battles against the resistance in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza.

30 zionist soldiers were wounded during battles in Gaza in the past two days, including eight critically wounded, according to zionist media.

The American-British airstrikes that targeted Hodeidah in western Yemen targeted the homes of former President of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh and former Vice President Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar, according to Al-Mayadeen.

Weeks after fighting pitched battles with zionist vigilantes and the LAPD, UCLA students and community have set up a new encampment. Organizers are requesting numbers at the encampment ASAP—come support your comrades at Moore Hall/Kerchoff Patio! Solidarity!

Large sections of Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Hospital in Deir Al-Balah in the central #Gaza Strip are experiencing power outages amidst an imminent cessation of operations of the hospital as the occupation continues to prevent to delivery of fuel.

Power and internet has been completely cut off from Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Hospital in Deir Al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip after fuel ran out due to the occupation's prevention of fuel delivery, except for the intensive care and neonatal units. Martyrs and wounded continue to be transported to the hospital.


Heavily stratified. 19th century yuroop levels.
Honestly expected a tankie poster to know of the struggle of the Guinean peoples. High potential to go red in the next domino scenario, that place.


Hezbollah operations 05/23/2024:
11:50: targeting the newly established headquarters of the 91st Division in the "Eilit" base with dozens of Katyusha rockets, in response to the assassination carried out by the enemy in Kfar Dajjal injuring and terrorizing children.
12:30: targeting the surveillance equipment at the "Metulla" site with appropriate weapons, <a href="https://t.me/PalestineResist/41038" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">hitting it directly.
14:30: targeting the headquarters of the Sahel Battalion of the 769th Brigade at the "Beit Hillel" base with dozens of Katyusha and Falaq rockets, in response to the assassination carried out by the "israeli" enemy in Kfar Dajjal, injuring and terrorizing children.
14:30: targeting the surveillance equipment at the Al-Rahib site with appropriate weapons, hitting it directly.
16:55: after monitoring and tracking the "isareli" enemy forces in the "Shtula" forest and observing a Merkava tank attacking our people and safe villages, the Islamic Resistance fighters ambushed and targeted it during its movement with a guided missile, hitting it directly, resulting in the destruction of the tank and the killing and wounding of its crew.
16:55: targeting the Al-Marj site with artillery shells.
20:30: launching a drone attack on the headquarters of the 769th Brigade in the "Kiryat Shmona" barracks, targeting the officers' offices and the communication company building, hitting the targets accurately, in response to the assassination carried out by the "israeli" enemy in Kfar Dajjal, injuring and terrorizing children.
19:20: targeting the Zebdine barracks in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms with rocket weapons, hitting it directly.
21:15: targeting three buildings used by "israeli" enemy soldiers in the "Evan Menachem" settlement, hitting them directly, in response to the "israeli" enemy's attacks on the steadfast southern villages and civilian homes.
22:20: targeting a building used by "israeli" enemy soldiers in the "Metulla" settlement with appropriate weapons, in response to the "israeli" enemy's attacks on the steadfast southern villages and civilian homes.

Government Media Office:
The Government Media Office publishes an update on the key statistics of the genocide war waged by the Israeli occupation on the Gaza Strip for day 230 – Thursday, May 23, 2024:
230 days of genocide war.
3,191 massacres committed by the occupation army.
45,800 martyrs and missing persons.
10,000 missing persons.
35,800 martyrs who reached hospitals.
15,239 child martyrs.
31 martyrs due to starvation.
10,093 female martyrs.
493 martyrs from medical teams.
69 martyrs from civil defense.
147 journalist martyrs.
7 mass graves established by the occupation inside hospitals.
520 martyrs recovered from 7 mass graves inside hospitals.
80,200 wounded and injured.
71% of the victims are children and women.
17,000 children living without their parents or one of them.
11,000 injured needing to travel for treatment for surgeries.
10,000 cancer patients facing death and needing treatment.
1,095,000 infected with communicable diseases due to displacement.
20,000 cases of viral hepatitis infections due to displacement.
60,000 pregnant women at risk due to lack of healthcare.
350,000 chronic patients at risk due to the prevention of medication entry.
5,000 detainees from the Gaza Strip during the genocide war.
310 cases of detention of healthcare personnel.
20 cases of detained journalists whose names are known.
2 million displaced people in the Gaza Strip.
189 government headquarters destroyed by the occupation.
108 schools and universities completely destroyed by the occupation.
313 schools and universities partially destroyed by the occupation.
604 mosques completely destroyed by the occupation.
200 mosques partially destroyed by the occupation.
3 churches targeted and destroyed by the occupation.
87,000 housing units completely destroyed by the occupation.
297,000 housing units partially destroyed by the occupation.
77,000 tons of explosives dropped by the occupation on the Gaza Strip.
33 hospitals put out of service by the occupation.
55 health centers put out of service by the occupation.
160 health institutions targeted by the occupation.
130 ambulances targeted by the occupation.
206 archaeological and heritage sites destroyed by the occupation.
33 billion dollars in initial direct losses due to the genocide war on the Gaza Strip.
Government Media Office
Thursday, May 23, 2024


I can give you some reason why the former voted the way it did.

The real, grassroots right-wingers/neo-nazis/"national radicals" who are mostly just workers and petit-bourgeois and not all gangster-capitalists like the ruling party have consistently supported Palestine because they just hate Jews that much. In fact they are still the only ones who don't fully support Israel, despite them also hating Arab immigrants. The mainstream right, by supporting Jewish orgs at home and the American Zionist lobby (there is no distinction, all Jews support Israel here, even the old-timer leftists who are anti-imperialist in all other respects) can distance themselves from the national radicals and legitimize their own (somewhat softer) rehabilitation of interwar era fascism against liberal critiques.

The connections are there probably for lobbying the GOP. The government is hoping that if they give enough money to zionists, they might convince to US government to not carpetbomb our country for building Chinese factories. The US zionist connections are totally crazy btw. The fake "influencers" that they use for electoral campaigns have literally the same set designs as the ones at Shapiro's Daily Wire.


ZAKA testimonies examined; no signs of sexual assault on Oct. 7: AP

When Hamas launched Operation Al Aqsa Flood on October 7, "Israel" fabricated claims of Resistance fighters sexually assaulting Israeli women at the site of the music festival to hoard international support for its genocide.

Since then, the occupation's disturbing attempt to publicly scrutinize the Resistance by falsely accusing its fighters raping settler women has been debunked multiple times.

"Israel's" allegations heavily relied on testimonies brought forth by ZAKA, an Israeli rescue group that submitted a report to the UN regarding the false rape accusations from October 7. It was then revealed that ZAKA's founder himself, Meshi-Zahav, was convicted of rape and of exploiting his power to sexually assault young girls.

The Associated Press, in this context, examined the testimonies of two ZAKA volunteers and found that they have been misleading the global public into thinking Hamas sexually assaulted Israelis on October 7.

AP relayed the testimony of Chaim Otmazgin, a ZAKA volunteer who collected bodies after the operation. Otmazgin's testimony relied on an "interpretation of sexual abuse" rather than evidence.

Reportedly, Otmazgin found the body of an Israeli teenager, but her pants were pulled down, and automatically assumed that she was raped. When he told lawmakers and reporters about what he had seen, he asked for their interpretations. However, the volunteer now claims he never said she was sexually assaulted, although AP found that his testimony greatly alluded to that.

Three months after the testimony, ZAKA reported that Otmazgin's interpretation was wrong, and found that a group of Israeli soldiers "had dragged the girl’s body across the room to make sure she was not booby-trapped", which is why her pants were down.

Another testimony came from Yossi Landau, who claimed he saw a pregnant woman whose fetus was still attached to her umbilical cord, but outside her body. Landau reportedly called Otmazgin at the sight, but the latter negated his testimony himself.

According to Otmazgin, what he saw was a heavy woman and an unidentifiable lump that was attached to an electric cord. However, Landau still deliberately told global media what he had falsely seen.

Following the events of October 7, "Israel's" standard protocol for such attacks could not be employed because of its magnitude and unexpectedness. Therefore, the occupation employed its forces in two concentrated settlements, Sderot and Ofakim, and neglected the site of the festival.

Forensic experts who were deployed after were spread thin over the festival location. However, the group responsible for gathering the settlers' bodies was made up of 3,000 mostly Orthodox Jewish volunteer workers, who were not qualified to determine if any sexual assault instance had happened. Moreover, they were tasked with separating settlers from Hamas fighters who had been martyred during the operation, therefore not looking for signs of alleged sexual assault.

Moreover, when reporters interviewed ZAKA volunteers, the regular protocol was dismissed, which allowed unqualified volunteers to give their testimonies without consulting with the official spokesperson.

Consequently, they relayed what they saw, knowing fully well that they were not forensic workers able to identify signs of sexual abuse, rendering their accounts unreliable, and subsequently false.

Previously, the New York Times, which deliberately promoted the false claims of Hamas sexually abusing Israeli settlers on October 7, was debunked several times through extensive analysis of the background of the authors of its infamous article accusing the Resistance of such acts.

Aside from entrusting unqualified authors, an Israeli film director, and a fresh graduate, to lead its most incriminating piece of false information, internal editors then revealed that the story had been rushed and was not thoroughly researched or analyzed.

Moreover, the family of a key figure in the NYT's story, asserted that reporters manipulated their statements, Press TV reported, citing Israeli media.

One day following the publication of the report, the Israeli news site Ynet interviewed Gal's parents. They emphasized the absence of evidence supporting the claim that she was raped, asserting that the newspaper's reporters had interviewed them under false pretenses. The parents stated that they were unaware of the sexual assault issue until the article in the American Daily was published. Additionally, Gal's sisters vehemently refuted the allegations of rape.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that the Israeli police are finding paramount difficulty locating and finding any Israeli settlers who were victims of sexual assaults or witnesses of such acts allegedly committed by the Hamas Resistance movement during their October 7 Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.

Pro-Palestine students push Melbourne Uni to agree to major demand

After more than a one-week encampment by pro-Palestine protesters inside a department building at the University of Melbourne, the latter has become the first Australian education institution to agree to some of the demands of student protesters.

Students across multiple campuses nationwide declared their commitment to sit-ins, urging universities to disclose, divest, and sever all ties with weapons manufacturers linked to "Israel", which, according to the students, makes these universities complicit in the Israeli war on Gaza.

Starting next month, the University of Melbourne will make extra disclosures about arrangements of its research project grant to enhance transparency, it said in an announcement this afternoon.

Even though it will disclose the parties and the amounts included in the funding of the research, the university said that confidentiality obligations, national security regulations and laws, as well as the safety of researchers will still apply amid disclosures.

"This commitment reflects the University’s dedication to fostering informed dialogue and understanding about our contributions to Australia’s social and economic wellbeing, including in our commitment to the defense and national security of Australia," the statement said.

According to the university, since last year, it has discussed this issue with a huge variety of staff members and student groups some of whom took part in recent protests.

On the evening of May 22, student activists said if the university makes a public statement agreeing to an important demand of theirs, which is disclosing its ties to weapons companies, they will end the encampment.

On the same day, University of Melbourne for Palestine organizer, Dana Alshaer, also said that the university's disclosure commitment was "a major win, but also a first step."

The university administrators previously threatened the students with police and disciplinary action as they camped inside the university's Arts West Building for eight nights.

In honor of a Palestinian who was killed alongside his family by the Israeli occupation in Gaza before he could start his studies in Australia on scholarship, the students renamed this building "Mahmoud's Hall".

Pro-Palestine students and staff at La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia, have criticized the university's directive to halt their sit-in as an “attack on free speech” and pledged to continue rallying against the crackdown on their encampment until their demands are met.

Following Deakin University's lead, La Trobe University issued an official instruction on May 17 for protesters to dismantle their encampment on the Bundoora campus, amid a series of student-led pro-Palestine sit-ins nationwide.

Monash University confirmed on May 18 that the student encampment on its Clayton campus in Melbourne's south-east had disbanded. At the same time, the University of Queensland has indicated its intention to end its pro-Palestine camps.

Earlier this month, the Australian National University (ANU) urged a group of pro-Palestine students to disperse their on-campus encampments or risk "violating the university's code of conduct."

La Trobe University affirmed its commitment to allowing students and staff the freedom to protest, albeit without encampments. However, Students for Palestine La Trobe slammed the university, accusing it of trying to suppress pro-Palestine encampments.


Doesn't the recognition of Palestinian statehood includes things like the right of return? I don't think Palestinians would agree to this motion otherwise.


Right if return to West Bank and Gaza. So if your family was cleansed from Safed you have to go to the West Bank and not Safed.


File: 1716512490338.png (91.62 KB, 680x680, ClipboardImage.png)


>It was then revealed that ZAKA's founder himself, Meshi-Zahav, was convicted of rape and of exploiting his power to sexually assault young girls.



>Jews get the right of return after 2000 years but Palestinians don't after 76 years


File: 1716526096732.jpg (189.21 KB, 500x502, 1345241824364.jpg)

Trying to use liberal obscurantist rhetoric is funnier than the obvious supremacism. Just ask exactly how those border and the nation-state of Israel became "sovereign", and just how much violence hides behind that word.


File: 1716526368644.png (802.22 KB, 950x953, ClipboardImage.png)

forget it jake
it's israel


Israeli newspaper claims the New York Times is pro-Hamas and biased against Jews


Thos is dogshit art, a dogshit banner and you should feel bad.


Why are you hol-accosting him like that


Many people have been saying this!


>put Karim Khan back in his place
The audacity.


that's what we call a dogwhistle ladies and gentlemen ~_^


Kinda funny when you remember they praised him 10 years ago as "one of the good Muslims" when he wanted to prosecute daesh and the base for warcrimes, but doing it for our friends, not even for all the Knesset but one guy?? That's a nono


File: 1716549031048.png (37.96 KB, 220x134, ClipboardImage.png)

>put Karim Khan back in his place


>We know that America would be next
Why so afraid? Did you do anything wrong?


Is this like an inside joke for him? lol. I mean he was working for israeli intelligence or something b4, no?


The ICJ has just ordered Israel to halt its military offensive in Gaza, 13 votes to 2.


This is the most obviously fake shit I have ever seen. No one would go to pol and samefag in their epic jidf propaganda thread of their own twitterpost and post their work email "accidentally'. This is fucking baby brained for anyone to believe this. Only the mentally disabled thing noticers of pol would get neuron activation from seeing this forced spectacle attempt and feel the need to make a post of approval. You need to go back


Times they are a changin'


File: 1716557670004.png (124.69 KB, 785x940, ClipboardImage.png)


Based. All foreign governments are bound by this decision. Germany now has no excuse to not stop weapons shipments.


IIRC, USA is technically not bound, but still massive development.

Sure, more radically positive things could be happening, but however big or small, we should celebrate this victory 100%


No, legally it's bound, the ICJ derives its authority from the UNSC and the US is a UN member state.


not saying they are gonna stop though.


that's the ICC which america and israel are not signatories (but importantly palestine is since 2015). the ICJ are where the big boys play


File: 1716558478471.jpg (105.03 KB, 937x1024, 1716544439061671m.jpg)

uhm, eurocommunism bros?


I'm pretty sure the order is only in rafah not all of gaza.


File: 1716558681267.png (24.7 KB, 228x220, ClipboardImage.png)

>spain will never be base-


when's catalonia gonna be free from river to sea?


File: 1716559456724.png (569.92 KB, 601x600, ClipboardImage.png)

there's no river thoughever


fine then, mountain to sea


File: 1716560119666.jpg (139.89 KB, 1024x793, europe rivers.jpg)


interesting how american media covers this war
i was just watching a program where they go over biden's falling support among young voters because of the "war in gaza" without mentioning israel ONCE in the segment
conversely the "war in ukraine" is always "russia's/putin's war on/against ukraine"


File: 1716561208886.png (350.76 KB, 744x495, ClipboardImage.png)

Hi I just woke up is it netnyover yet?





File: 1716564107404.mp4 (2.35 MB, 720x1280, DR5NUDo0ppKPeBsc.mp4)

There is credible evidence that Ben Shapiro is literally a Mossad asset.


who's this guy
also source on sheytanyahu founding breitbart?


Power has been cut off at the intensive care and neonatal units of Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir Al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, the last remaining units that had power.
The hospital is the last functioning one in the central Gaza Strip and is continuing to receive martyrs and wounded while treating over 1,200 patients, portending a health catastrophe.

Several fires broke out in occupied Safad following the sounds of explosions and an attempted interception of what is likely to be a cruise missile.

Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Sare'e:
An important statement by the Yemeni Armed Forces will be issued this afternoon at the million-man demonstration in Al-Sabeen Square to announce military operations as part of the fourth phase of escalation.

The IOF has surrounded Kamal Adwan Hospital in the northern Gaza, opening fire and bombing its vicinity, with shells fired at the hospital. Medical staff and wounded are being besieged by the occupation forces.
The hospital is now completely out of service following the bombing and siege. It the last hospital that was providing medical services in northern Gaza after Al-Awda Hospital was shut down a few days ago.

Yemeni Armed Forces:
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
The Almighty says: "O you who have believed, if you support Allah, He will support you and plant firmly your feet."
In support of the oppressed Palestinian people, in response to the American-British aggression on our country, in implementation of the directives of the leader, Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr El-Din Al-Houthi, may Allah protect him, and in response to the demands of our dear people and the free people of our Islamic nation,
The Yemeni Armed Forces carried out three special operations on three ships as follows:
The first operation targeted the "israeli" ship (MSC ALEXANDRA) in the Arabian Sea with several ballistic missiles.
The second operation, as part of the fourth phase of escalation, was carried out by the Naval Forces, the Drone Air Force, and the Missile Force in a joint operation targeting the ship (YANNIS) belonging to Eastern Mediterranean Maritime, a Greek company, as it passed through the Red Sea, and the strike was accurate, by God's grace.
This targeting operation came after three ships belonging to the same company arrived at the ports of occupied Palestine on the 4th and 5th of May of this year.
As for the third operation, it involved the Missile Force targeting the "israeli" ship (ESSEX) with several missiles in the Mediterranean Sea while it was violating the decision to ban entry to the ports of occupied Palestine.
Therefore, the Yemeni Armed Forces renew their warning to all companies dealing with the "israeli" entity that their ships, regardless of their destination, will be targeted within the declared operation zone.
The Yemeni Armed Forces, with full determination and faith, are proceeding to implement the fourth phase of escalation in victory for the oppressed Palestinian people until the aggression stops and the siege is lifted on the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.
And God is sufficient for us, and He is the best disposer of affairs, the best master, and the best helper.
Long live Yemen, free, proud, and independent.
Victory to Yemen and to all the free people of the nation.
Sana'a, 16 Dhu al-Qi'dah 1445 AH
Corresponding to May 24, 2024 AD
Issued by the Yemeni Armed Forces

<br/>🚨 The International Court of Justice at The Hague has modified its March 28 ruling in a 13-2 vote against the zionist entity, stipulating the following:

- An immediate halt to the aggression on Rafah.
- Unimpeded access to fact-finders and investigators looking to enter the Gaza Strip.
- The opening of land crossings, including the Rafah border crossing, to allow humanitarian aid into the Strip.
- The immediate implementation of prior Court orders.
- The immediate application of orders given to “israel” in previous court rulings.
The Court granted “israel” one month to submit a report on its compliance of these orders. It also called for the unconditional release of zionist captives.

The IOF admits that one of its soldiers was seriously wounded during battles with the resistance in the northern Gaza Strip.

Violent and heavy IOF airstrikes described as "unprecedented" have targeted various residential areas in eastern and southern Rafah, southern Gaza. IOF artillery shelling targeted the vicinity of Kuwait Specialized Hospital in the center of the city. A number of homes in Al-Shaboura refugee camp were targeted and an airstrike was reported in Qarara, west of Khan Younis.
This intense wave of bombing comes just hours after the International Court of Justice ordered the zionist entity to halt its aggression on Rafah.


ICJ orders 'Israel' to immediately halt offensive on Rafah

In a momentous emergency verdict on South Africa's complaint accusing "Israel" of genocide, judges at the United Nation's highest court, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), ordered "Israel" to immediately halt its military assault on Rafah in southern Gaza on Friday.

Nawaf Salam, president of the ICJ, read out the verdict, stating that the situation in Gaza has deteriorated since the court's last injunction to "Israel" to remedy it.

Salam stated that the occupation shall "immediately halt its military offensive and any other action in the Rafah governorate, which may inflict on the Palestinian group in Gaza conditions of life that could bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part."

"Israel had not provided sufficient information about the safety of the population during the evacuation process, or the availability of food, water, sanitation and medicine for the 800,000 Palestinians that had already fled Rafah so far," Salam said, adding, "Consequently, the court is of the view that Israel has not sufficiently addressed and dispelled the concerns raised by its military offensive in Rafah."

The court also ordered the occupation to open the Rafah connection between Egypt and Gaza so that humanitarian supplies may enter, as well as to enable access to the besieged enclave for investigators and to report back on its progress within one month.

The ruling was accepted by a panel of 15 judges from throughout the world in a 13-2 vote, with only Ugandan and Israeli justices opposing it.

The ruling was issued a week after being requested by South Africa as part of "Israel's" genocide charges. Outside, a small group of pro-Palestinian protesters waved flags and protested demanding a free Palestine.

"Israel" has repeatedly denied the allegations, maintaining that its onslaught in Gaza is aimed at eliminating Hamas fighters, even though it has killed over 35,800 Palestinians and injured 80,011 others.

An Israeli government spokesperson on Thursday stated that "no power on Earth" will stop "Israel".

"Israel's" invasion of Rafah is the "last step" in destroying Gaza, a lawyer for South Africa told the UN top court recently.

South Africa requested on May 10 that the International Court of Justice (ICJ) order to halt military operations in Gaza, and Rafah, in particular, ensuring the withdrawal of Israeli occupation forces from Rafah as part of measures to prevent genocide in Gaza in its ongoing lawsuit against "Israel".

The published ICJ filings revealed that South Africa asked the court to order "Israel's" complete withdrawal from Rafah, the "last refuge" for the people of Gaza, as well as the allowance of unrestricted access to UN officials, organizations, journalists, investigators, and humanitarian aid into the Strip.

South Africa reiterated that "Israel" is killing Palestinian civilians while starving them by blocking humanitarian aid deliveries to the Gaza Strip. "Those who have survived so far are facing imminent death now, and an order from the Court is needed to ensure their survival," South Africa said in its filing.

It is worth noting that the ICJ failed to charge "Israel" with genocide but imposed a set of anti-genocide measures the occupation blatantly neglected.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his "disgust" on Monday after the International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor Karim Khan applied for arrest warrants against him and Security Minister Yoav Gallant over alleged war crimes in Gaza.

"I reject with disgust The Hague prosecutor's comparison between democratic Israel and the mass murderers of Hamas," Netanyahu said.

The charges against Netanyahu and Gallant include "willful killing", "extermination and/or murder," and "starvation", and though all that is true due to what is being seen on the ground in Gaza, Netanyahu linked the ICC's actions to ongoing protests against the Israeli crimes in Gaza on US university campuses, describing them as a manifestation of "new anti-Semitism".

According to Axios, the recent filing of applications for arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is going to further isolate "Israel" globally and put further pressure on the Biden administration to coerce Netanyahu to end the slaughter in Gaza. It might also prompt Congress to pass legislation against the International Criminal Court.

World Bank warns: Palestinian Authority on brink of fiscal collapse

The Palestinian Authority is at risk of financial collapse, according to a World Bank report released on Thursday. The report cites dwindling revenue streams and a sharp decline in economic activity amid the ongoing Gaza war.

"The fiscal situation of the Palestinian Authority has dramatically worsened in the last three months, significantly raising the risk of a fiscal collapse," the World Bank said in a statement.

"Revenue streams have largely dried up due to the drastic reduction in clearance revenue transfers payable to the Palestinian Authority and a massive drop in economic activity," it added.

In the next few months, the authority's deficit is projected to hit $1.2 billion, doubling the $682 million funding gap recorded at the end of 2023.

The Palestinian economy is expected to shrink by 6.5 to 9.6 percent, though the Bank emphasized that the forecast is "highly uncertain."

"Increased foreign assistance and the accumulation of further arrears to public employees and suppliers are the only available financing options for the Palestinian Authority," the World Bank said.

Since October 2023, nearly half a million jobs in the Palestinian economy have disappeared, as reported by the World Bank.

This includes approximately 200,000 job losses in the Gaza Strip and nearly 150,000 job losses in "Israel" among individuals residing in the West Bank.

Poverty levels have risen, with the World Bank stating that currently, almost every resident of Gaza lives below the poverty line.

If "Israel" does not renew a waiver Israeli banks need to maintain relationships with their Palestinian counterparts an "economic catastrophe" in the occupied West Bank will ensue, according to Western officials, as cited by the Financial Times on Wednesday.

Due to expire on July 1, the waiver permits payments for vital services and salaries tied to the Palestinian Authority, easing the entry of essentials such as food, water, and electricity into the occupied Palestinian territories.

Three Western officials declared that if the waiver is not renewed, the Palestinian economy will gradually shut down over time.

"The point that we’re making . . . is that you shouldn’t be threatening people’s access to food, electricity, and water at a moment like this, especially in the West Bank," a US official said, adding that it "will be to the detriment not only of Palestinian interests but also to Israel’s and the region’s security and stability" if it is not renewed.

Two Western officials claimed that the US is leading efforts to renew it by soliciting allies to pressure Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. British officials revealed there is concern in the UK over the matter.

The officials noted that this issue will be negotiated at the next G7 finance ministers meeting this week in Italy.

The Palestinian economy formally runs on "Israel’s" shekel, and Palestinian financial institutions have to deal with the Bank of "Israel" and Israeli banks to access the economy.

Back in February, the World Bank said that the Israeli aggression on Gaza had devastating effects on its infrastructure, which could take years to rebuild, and caused the blockaded Strip's economy to shrink by more than 80% in the last quarter of 2023.

The World Bank declared that the war caused paramount damage all over Gaza, with all economic activity in Gaza coming to a grinding halt.

The United Nations stated in late January that the genocide in Gaza and the drastic magnitude of bombing have destroyed almost half of the Gazan infrastructure, rendering the Strip uninhabitable and in need of billions of dollars for rebuilding.

It is also worth noting that after seven months of war on Gaza, "Israel" racked up a bill of 60 billion shekels ($16 billion), leaving in its trace a deficit way past this year’s target and a deteriorating economy, Bloomberg has lately reported.


Interview with Israeli Marxist parliamentarian, Ofer Cassif.


How can i view this article, anons? John Elmer read part of it and it sounded very interesting, IDF view of getting RPG'd from inside of the tank.


try archive.is


File: 1716573420913-0.png (119.52 KB, 606x516, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716573420913-1.png (217.62 KB, 1044x478, ClipboardImage.png)

The only thing I could find was this tweet, which says that it comes from one of Blumenthal's books.


>In a momentous emergency verdict on South Africa's complaint accusing "Israel" of genocide, judges at the United Nation's highest court, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), ordered "Israel" to immediately halt its military assault on Rafah in southern Gaza on Friday.
At the beginning of the campus protests I was skeptical but it's undeniable that they were a factor in drawing more attention to the genocide. I'm aware how western centric this sounds. Westoids must redouble efforts, bongs must vote for pro-palestinian candidates only.


Thanks anon. This is gold: https://archive.is/UVJxG
>"The whole tank is burning, so I think everyone is dead. I'm in the middle of Khan Yunis. There are terrorists in the area. The thought that I'd rather be shot or abducted than burn in the tank goes through my mind. I jump down to the ground, and the tank suddenly starts moving in my direction. Turns out the driver hadn't lost consciousness; he also thought everyone was dead. He stuck his head out of the opening and hit the gas in order to beat it out of there. I'm lying on the ground. I gather that the tank is about to drive over me with the left tread. But I don't have time to stand up, so I roll myself to a spot where the center of the tank will pass by in a moment. The tank gives me a blow to the head, I go on lying there while it passes over me and goes on its way. I'm unarmed, wounded, black with soot. My fingers are burnt, and all my flesh is exposed. I'm a guy who faints during a blood test, but now it doesn't affect me, and I use my fingers to help me stand up. Nothing is hurting, and I start to run in the direction of the battalion."
<Wanting to shoot me. "I run, run, run. Afterward, I was told that the commander who was in a Namer APC behind me saw me running, reported seeing a terrorist and requested permission to shoot me. The convoy commander denied permission because there were more forces there, and he was afraid of a friendly-fire incident. I keep running and see a Golani unit – they're aiming their rifles at me, I'm signaling to them that I'm a soldier. They realize I'm IDF, thanks to the helmet. They start to patch me up. I tell them that my crew burned. The next thing I remember is a 20-year-old female paramedic who's calmly tending to me, then my evacuation, with someone else from my tank lying next to me, but I can't make out who it is. I know he's one of the three, but I can't figure out who. Secretions are oozing from him and he's totally black. Even the whites of his eyes are black."
>The buddies in the tank. "One of the crew members is still in intensive care. He's waiting for a lung transplant, because his lungs were burned so badly. He's married, with a little girl. Another buddy is in a rehab ward. Both he and the third buddy are currently undergoing a succession of plastic surgery procedures, because they were in the fire for a few minutes, whereas I managed to get out within seconds."

>I tell him I can't do it, that he should speak to him, but he refuses. 'You're conscious, we need him to hear your voice. Just tell him that you're lightly wounded in Soroka and that everything is fine.' I asked the doctor whether I really had suffered only minor injuries, and he just replied, 'Everything is fine.'"

<I was asked to join a battalion outside the brigade, which had suffered a number of mass-casualty incidents. I am part of the team that supports the battalion commander. We analyze the enemy, highlight the risks. In one battle, I suddenly realized that a tank from a neighboring brigade had entered our sector, and then we hear on the wireless the battalion commander ask, 'Who fired a shell at the battalion commander's house?' A tank shell could come only from our forces, so it was immediately clear that it was friendly fire. We see on the computer the tank aiming at the battalion commander's house, and we immediately radio the neighboring brigade: 'Cease-fire, cease-fire! You're shooting at us!' Two of our soldiers were killed.

It goes on and on and on. Going status? NOT WELL


This completely blows away the Israeli casualty reports, BTW.
It also appears they all have severe PTSD now.


>We see on the computer the tank aiming at the battalion commander's house
fuckin lol


cum recovery status?


Fucked up pasting this one for some reason:
The fact that these are just the stories these few soldiers who spoke to Haaretz revealed is telling, imho.
> first we were in northern Gaza, in an area the army controlled, but then we moved to central Gaza and a soldier was killed. From that moment, everything changed, there were more incidents. There was one Saturday when a force of ours hit an explosive device, and two soldiers were killed on the spot. Two hours later, two more killed and 10 wounded. You have no control over where and when the event will happen, whether you'll be there or not. Many incidents took place 200 meters from me. One time terrorists took us by surprise. There was a clash, and two soldiers were wounded by gunfire. The terrorists managed to escape, and people came out of it feeling they had missed a chance. I'm a paramedic and I was active in tending to the wounded, so I came out of it with a feeling of success."


Fs in the chat for the kidnapped Palestians who's getting his lungs ripped out to keep this rat alive


>I know he's one of the three, but I can't figure out who. Secretions are oozing from him and he's totally black. Even the whites of his eyes are black."
Second fascist govermemt to throw large numbers of Jews into crematoria


They called me fake. They called me gay. Whom's laughing now?


youre still gay


A most dialectical analysis.


Jesus Christ clip them down at least. We don't need 12 full length articles per hour.




Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu unveils regional plan to build a “massive free trade zone” with rail service to NEOM


>Second fascist govermemt to throw large numbers of Jews into crematoria
kek. 10/10.



Someone really needs to investigate the fuck out of Haz and his income sources, which think tanks he's been sleeping with, and so on.

Hot chip, have a (You)

Oh, he has just set the cat amongst the pigeons.


Not as hot as a Merkava but thanks


File: 1716587879392.jpg (177.56 KB, 1280x787, Hezbollah 05-24-24.jpg)

Hezbollah operations 05/24/2024:
23:35: (Thursday night, 23-05-2024), targeted a gathering of "israeli" enemy soldiers at the Sarawat Triangle opposite thr town of Yaroun with rocket weapons.
15:35: targeted the espionage equipment at the Bayad Blida site with appropriate weapons, hitting it directly and destroying it.
17:20: targeted the Al-Malikiyah site with two Burkan missiles, hitting it directly.
17:35: targeted a Merkava tank in the "Shtula" forest, after the tank that was destroyed yesterday was replaced. They targeted it with guided missiles while it was moving, leading to its destruction and causing the crew members to be killed and wounded. When enemy soldiers were observed moving around the destroyed tank, Islamic Resistance fighters targeted them with artillery shells and hit them directly.
17:40: targeted a building used by enemy soldiers in the settlement of "Margaliot" with rocket weapons, in response to the "israeli" attacks on the steadfast southern villages and safe civilian homes.
18:30: targeted the headquarters of the Border Company in the "Doviv" barracks with Falaq missiles, hitting it directly.
18:35: targeted a building in which a military intelligence force was stationed in the “Al-Manara” settlement containing technical spy equipment, with appropriate weapons and it was hit directly, which led to the destruction of the spy equipment.
18:35: launched a drone attack and targeted the rocket and artillery battalion headquarters in the “Yoav” barracks, hitting the position and residence of enemy officers and soldiers accurately, in response to the “israeli” enemy’s attack on the town of Hanawiyeh.
19:05: launched an aerial attack using explosive drones on Friday, May 24, 2024, targeting the newly established headquarters of the 91st Division in "Eilit," targeting the locations where the enemy's officers and soldiers were stationed and hitting them with precision, in response to the “israeli” enemy’s attack on the town of Hanawiyeh.
19:30: targeted the "Ramtha" site in the occupied Lebanese Kfar Shuba hills with rocket weapons, hitting it directly.
21:30: targeted headquarters of the Sahel Battalion of the 769th Brigade at "Beit Hillel" base with Falaq missiles, hitting it directly.

Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, during his speech today, May 24th, 2024:
We are in the days of the Resistance and Liberation Day, and this tragic incident occurred, leading us into a state of mourning and loss.
We will focus on words and talking about the sacrifices of the resistance and its people today, tomorrow, and in the coming days. Today, I suffice by congratulating you all, the entire Lebanese people, and all the free people in the region and the world on the Resistance and Liberation Day.
I extend my condolences on the passing of the honorable scholar Sheikh Ali Korani. Sheikh Ali Kourani played a role in the early days of Hezbollah's establishment. Next week, we will hold a memorial service to honor him, where we will speak further about his contributions.
Once again, we offer our condolences for the esteemed martyrs who passed in the plane crash in Iran.
We need role models and examples because, without them, what we believe in remains mere ideas and ink on paper.
We should view martyr Sayyed Raisi as a role model in all the positions of responsibility he held.
When martyr Raisi took responsibility for the Astan Quds Razavi, he brought significant changes in administration and development, and provided valuable services that benefited the deprived and poor.
Iran has withstood the dangers and challenges it has faced since the early days of the revolution's victory in 1979.
President Raisi's era saw a development in Iran's diplomatic presence and prioritized relationships with neighboring countries and the East.
Sayyed Raisi had a great belief in the Palestinian cause and the resistance movements, and he had a strong hostility towards the zionists.
During martyr Sayyed Raisi's era, relations with the East were maintained, and relations with the West were kept at a certain level.
Iran supports resistance movements with money, weapons, training, expertise, and experiences, and Raisi was deeply committed to this.
Martyr Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian was a believer in the resistance and its movements. Minister Amir Abdollahian had a deep love for Palestine, Lebanon, and all resistance movements.
Unfortunately, the Arab summit produced nothing.
One of the reasons for the failure of American policies towards the region is the denial of reality and detachment from it.
Those who expect Iran to abandon Palestine and the resistance are very deluded.
The Islamic Republic of Iran has been continuously supporting resistance movements since 1979, with increasing support that is now openly evident.
Today, in the eighth month of the war on Gaza, the "israelis" in both the government and opposition acknowledge that what the entity has experienced this year is unprecedented.
The enemy admits to the severe suffering it faces and acknowledges its incapacity and failure.
The enemy could not achieve any of its goals, as admitted by the head of the National Security Council in the entity.
One of the signs of zionist failure is that Netanyahu disavowed the security and military apparatus, exposing their vulnerabilities.
Hundreds of families of zionist soldiers and hundreds of university professors and elites are calling for an end to the war, which will increase pressure on the enemy's government.
The Palestinian state, which the officials in the enemy entity reject, is seen as an existential threat to this entity.
The recognition of the Palestinian state by several European countries represents a significant loss for the occupation.
As a result of the Al-Aqsa Flood and the steadfastness and resilience of the resistance, "israel" is now facing the International Criminal Court after a request to issue arrest warrants for Netanyahu and Gallant
“Israel" has never respected an international decision and launched the most severe raids on Rafah after the International Court of Justice's ruling.
We extend our gratitude to the professors and students worldwide who demonstrated in support of the Palestinian people.
The demonstrations in universities around the world and yesterday in front of the U.S. Congress reveal the depth of humanitarian sentiments stirred by the Al-Aqsa Flood around the globe.
Netanyahu clearly disavowed the security councils in the entity during the war, stating they did not provide him with accurate assessments of the threats from Gaza.
If Netanyahu wants to continue his aggression, he will head towards disaster and catastrophe.
Responding to Netanyahu's statement about "important and detailed plans to restore security to the north": Gaza surprised you, your elite forces collapsed, Hezbollah initiated the opening of the front, and Yemen also surprised you.
We tell the enemy: Lebanon's resistance surprised you on October 8, as did Yemen.
When you bombed the Iranian consulate in Damascus, the Islamic Republic surprised you with its True Promise.
We are the ones who have the right to talk about surprises; you should expect surprises from our resistance.
The enemy should expect surprises from us; we study all your scenarios, and your deceptions do not fool us, nor do the pressures from your masters in the world work. This resistance will continue.
When we go to battle, we go with explicit objectives. We said the first goal is to support Gaza and the second is to prevent any preemptive strike by the enemy on Lebanon.

A message of the Islamic Resistance Movement - Hamas to our Palestinian people in general and to the people of Gaza in particular:
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
"Moses said to his people, 'Seek help from Allah and be patient. Indeed, the earth belongs to Allah. He gives it as an inheritance to whom He wills of His servants, and the [best] outcome is for the righteous.'"
This is the truth of Allah Almighty.
To our Palestinian people, to the honorable people of Gaza:
The pen fails to write, words fail to express your grace and generosity, and the entire universe itself cannot match your firmness and steadfastness.
Hamas, with its brigades and resistance, cannot repay your patience and sacrifices, even though it is part of you and for you and offered its best youth and greatest leaders alongside you. Blood has flowed like rivers to water the homeland and, Allah willing, will bloom into a noble and honorable victory worthy of your sacrifices.
The blessed battle of Al-Aqsa Flood marked a strategic turning point at a decisive moment in the history of the Palestinian cause. The resistance leadership in Gaza, amid the siege, decided to exercise its right to resist as a natural response to the crimes in the occupied West Bank, its division, the construction of zionist settlements on it, Judaization of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, its partition, complete control over Al-Quds' mosques and churches, racial discrimination against our people in the occupied interior, the ongoing brutal aggression against our free prisoners, and its expansion and presence in the region, as if "israel" is preparing to control the entire region in all fields, under an extremist zionist government.
This letter, O our family, our people, our relatives in every place, we send to you from the midst of the battle of Al-Aqsa Flood with pride, honor, and respect for you. You have endured what nations before you could not bear; rather, many states, unions, and empires have fallen and crumbled in days and weeks against wars far less severe than the Nazi, fascist, zionist genocide war against us in Gaza, the West Bank, Al-Quds, the occupied interior, and in all places. Yet, you remain steadfast and firm, teaching the world the meanings of patience, steadfastness, love for the homeland, and sacrifice for the dignity and honor of your nation, despite the betrayal, silence, and abandonment, leaving us to face this vicious war alone. It is as if fate has chosen its men, and today it is being written by your hands.
You, our people and our family, have written with your blood what no historians could write, what all wise men could not say, what no chronicles could mention, what all writers could not list, and what all anthologies could document not in poetry. You have performed excellently, disgracing your enemy, and creating unmatched glory with the blessed battle of Al-Aqsa Flood, for you have become a unique school—people and resistance—teaching generation after generation. Thus, all the pains will turn into hopes realized one after another amidst these difficult days, as the enemy gathers its strength and tyranny to uproot us from our land and burn everything green and dry within and around us, hoping to achieve its goals and dreams, or perhaps prolong the life of its evil, strange entity on our land.
But Allah's decrees prevail.
"The assembly will be defeated, and they will flee."
O patient and steadfast people of Gaza:
We are humbled before you, your sacrifices, your support, and your embrace of our resistance, for we emerged from the womb of your suffering, your pain, your anguish, your sacrifices. We fought with all honor and bravery, seeing victory being written by your hands. How could it be otherwise when we emerged from every camp, neighborhood, house, street, and alley, seeing you compete to offer the greatest sacrifices and devotedness for this land in the path of Allah? We witnessed the greatest meanings in a mother bidding her son farewell to Allah as a martyr with ululations, takbeer, cheers, and praise and thanks to Allah.
In light of all this, we have written our letter from our hearts to you, and we confess frankly that we are utterly incapable of thanking you or offering what is necessary in loyalty to you, and that we are working in all directions and fighting on all fronts with our brothers in the Palestinian factions, hoping through this to offer you even a little in return, and to correct the paths to rectify the missteps and mistakes that occurred and continue to occur as a result of the genocidal war and systematic targeting of every step we take, to improve the reality and build a cradle to support your fighters and mujahideen, your sons who emerged from your loins and wombs. Perhaps in this way, we can continue to serve you—and no matter what we do, we are unable fully achieve this. However, we are working diligently and often in emergency committees to correct governmental, relief, humanitarian, security, and economic paths. We have succeeded and erred, and we will keep trying and trying until Allah decrees what He wills.
We direct a special message to our mothers, sisters, and daughters…
You are the symbols of this stage and the preserved honor of the nation. You are the best women of this land and you are, Allah willing, the symbols of victory, because we know how much pain you have endured, how much sorrow you have faced, and how much loss of loved ones you have faced that has overwhelmed the hearts of men. So how must it be for you? We send you our salutations, gratitude, and appreciation, and we ask Allah to help us fulfill your rights and honor your patience. May Allah heal your hearts through the hands of the fighters.
In conclusion:
We say to the zionist occupation: You have indeed achieved a great and overwhelming victory in revealing the true face of the crime and terrorism of your temporary entity, a truth we could not have exposed even if we spent years trying. However, your Nazi behavior has provided a gift, exposing your reality to the entire world. You managed to advance and infiltrate through the killing of thousands of civilians and the scorching the earth of Gaza's neighborhoods and cities, for you have destroyed hospitals, schools, mosques, churches, infrastructure, universities, civil and governmental institutions, and international facilities and targeted medical, relief, humanitarian, governmental, and international teams, and you have closed the borders and land crossings.
But our question to you is: Can you remain for a moment in your positions of occupation or continue your ground operations safely? Can you build fortifications to protect yourselves from our resistance or live a moment of safety in our land?! We will not answer you, but our answer will be what you see [through our actions], not what you hear, and then the believers will rejoice in the victory of Allah, and He will heal the hearts of a believing people.
"And Allah is predominant over His affair, but most of the people do not know."
May Allah's peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you.
The leadership of the Islamic Resistance Movement – Hamas
Friday: 16 Dhul-Qi'dah 1445 AH
Corresponding to: May 24, 2024

Zionist media reports that several IOF soldiers were wounded in "Shtula" in northern occupied Palestine as a result of being struck by an explosive drone launched from Lebanon earlier today.


>actual forces of darkness
How is anyone supposed to take this Disney movie shit seriously


Stop being antisemitic, it's their culture to steal dialogue from JRPGs and do molly all day


I genuinely think Fanon would have supported October 7 and probably the hostage taking and festival massacre too. All these lukewarm woke types who say he was against violence and didn't really mean it are wrong. He probably would have praised 9/11 too. Fanon is right about Israel/Palestine. Its a Manichean struggle of colonizer vs colonized and the only path is naked brutal violence.



>We are forced to enter Rafah
Total Zionist Death tbph


>festival massacre too
ISTR some sources attributed those deaths to IDF and its Hannibal policy


>Someone really needs to investigate the fuck out of Haz and his income sources, which think tanks he's been sleeping with, and so on.
His seed popularity is from the leftypol base lol, he's languished quite a bit with normal uptick since the feud between us and them. Hinkle is far more successful from the sphere but has DC links.
I think Haz just benefits from being more proactive and not caring about money as much as other ecelebs, so he is happy to put some feelers out with people your average eceleb would never meet.


For some reason my online nazbol friend is really taken with him.


Why dont small countries just have their own UN that bars membership for any country with veto power in the actual UN? That way they can ignore what the imperialists have to say while still collaborating for and funding international humanitarian projects.


Why the United States Can NEVER Stop Israel


File: 1716599565985-0.jpg (390.61 KB, 1440x2378, IMG_20240524_210959.jpg)

File: 1716599565985-1.png (74.98 KB, 615x680, 7oswg3.png)

when did libs become the "billions must die" chvdjak



Have they ever not been?


>I think Haz just benefits from being more proactive and not caring about money as much as other ecelebs
I think it's mainly because he just streams and looks like a Command & Conquer villain. His audience is pretty young and almost entirely male. It's "angry" and wearing black and having swords and guns.

>when did libs become the "billions must die" chvdjak
That guy appears to be a Republican Party fan (but that also makes him a lib) and is also a former Apache helicopter pilot but see >>1862550 >>1863622


Sources in the resistance confirmed that the IOF failed to assassinate Mohammed Shabana "Abu Anas," the commander of the Rafah Battalion of the Martyr Izz El-Din Al-Qassam Brigades, after they claimed to do so during their unprecedented bombing of the city today.
Abu Anas, as the commander of the Rafah Battalion, oversees the Eastern Rafah Brigade, Yabna Camp Brigade, Tal Al-Sultan Brigade, and the Shaboura Brigade.
His sons Abdelnasser and Mahmoud were martyred in the great crossing of October 7th while raiding the settlements of the Gaza envelope as part of the Al-Qassam elite unit. Anas, his eldest son, was martyred just last week, in an ambush he carried out in Rafah in which 15 zionist soldiers were killed.

Spanish Vice-President Yolanda Díaz, on the recognition of the state of Palestine:
"We can't stop here.
Palestine will be free, from the river to the sea.”


File: 1716606149074.mp4 (6.89 MB, 1280x720, Haz Theme Park.mp4)

>I think it's mainly because he just streams and looks like a Command & Conquer villain.
Kek, maybe. But really if so it's because he's charismatic. He's always been a good speaker, I don't think even during the split anyone denied that. Personally I think it's because of his ability to put himself out there, who else would? Hakim? An Iraqi doctor content to upload informational videos? Breadtube? The people that run off reddit money?
I think a lot of it is purely down to Haz and his own initiative, he operates in a unique space in the infosystem not just out of his own virtues but due to the way out information economy works. It would be awesome if he larped as Brotherhood of Nod though.
inb4 shrieking about /isg/


why are you posting about eceleb shit ITT


File: 1716606383529-0.png (744 KB, 900x900, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716606383529-1.png (1.02 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

> think it's mainly because he just streams and looks like a Command & Conquer villain.
That's Unruh, Haz is a Batman villain, Haz Al Ghul as he calls himself.

>,Kek, maybe. But really if so it's because he's charismatic. He's always been a good speaker, I don't think even during the split anyone denied that.

Lol not at all. He talks like he has a lisp or something. He seems rather slow/ autistic/overall mentally deficient. The times where he's said anything coherent even if mitigated with his psychoticism are few and far between.


>inb4 shrieking about /isg/
Because you cryptojanny hall monitor, most of the site is FUCKING DEAD because of your autistic fascination with creating a little gulag for all discussion.
How about you smash the report button a little harder, log on to the matrix chat, cope and seethe, and then kill yourself?


>He talks like he has a lisp or something.
lolwat, no he doesn't. He talks like an angry retard and it's funny.
Although despite my bitching about little hall monitors and their retarded enablers on the mod team dedicated to having every subject relegated to an irrelevant little pseudo-board, I do feel like this is getting off topic.


He definitely sounds like has a speech impediment of some kind.


When? I'm not against laughing at retards, but I feel like you're just taking the liberty of anonymous imageboards and unfairly mocking him as a retard. At worst he sounds a bit drunk because of his psychotic behaviour.


I don't know what to tell you, he doesn't sound like an EFL at least no matter what. He doesn't enunciate anything correctly.


You know I can't call it, I guess it's his odd cadence. I've heard others talk about how he puts on his fake deep voice. I think he probably just has some kind of autism voice which always sounds like low grade retardation.


Reply to my post you little fucking cunt, tell me why everything needs to be policed and the site being shit is good actually, you little 2020 oldfag rat


>2020 "old fag"
>I've been here since 2016
>I'm still not an "old fag"


Imagine posting on leftypol in 2034 kek.


Yeah I was mocking newfags coming in and shitting the freedom up lol
You know you're getting old when in 2020 you were mocking le 2016 oldfag army and then realize you're doing the same to le 2020 oldfag army


>have to submit your post to the 2030 oldfags to have it verified before posting


We have posters who were in Kindergarten when leftypol started.


File: 1716608570999.jpg (33.76 KB, 681x383, 5rz0ow0yv2z61.jpg)

Another thread got locked but somebody asked.

>What is the difference between Jewish ideologty and Zionism?

The term means different things to different people. For a lot of anti-Zionists, anyone who isn't 100% for yeeting Israel off the map is a Zionist. But I think there's actually a solid number of American Jews who "support Israel" and they're on the "team," but don't necessarily go around calling themselves "Zionists" (or that much) because that implies a firm ideological commitment which, being Americans, automatically means they're not THAT invested in it, because they live in the United States and haven't moved to Israel. Obviously, there are American Jews who do call themselves Zionists, but even in Israel, not everyone calls themselves a "Zionist" even though they support the army, or believe in things that would have people here call them Zionists.

A lot of people are like this. Like, even with the comparison between Israel and the Third Reich, most Germans who served in the Wehrmacht didn't consider themselves to be "national socialists" yet still wanted to win the war.


Judaism is inherently Zionist but there are people who call themselves secular Jews meaning they don't believe in prophecy.


Although ofc you can be a secular ethnostatist like all those /pol/ larpers who are always fantasizing about establishing an ethnostate somewhere anywhere in the world.


They drive me fucking nuts, I wouldn't even care if they weren't just a bunch of pussies. We have moderators from reddit now.
In the early days imageboards were basically a declaration of war on realspace, and only got tamed later. Now they're full of complete fucking faggots whining you're not using the dedicated thread and smashing the report button, and it's the primary ideology of the sites moderation team. No wonder the whole format is going into the ground.
TikTok retards are more radical than the average imageboard newfag. They need to be thrown in a woodchipper but instead they've been enabled all the way.


So leftypol is 10 years old this year right? Did we pass the anniversary?


Sir! Sir!!! You have to post this in the dedicated leftypol anniversary thread! Oh how PricklyCactus would ban you for this, which was always the case and definitely not the result of a bunch of redditors and other retards deciding they need to turn another platform into the grey goo!


>Judaism is inherently Zionist but there are people who call themselves secular Jews meaning they don't believe in prophecy.
There are some ultra-Orthodox Jews who don't support Israel because they think it's blasphemy to have an Israeli state before the return of the messiah, and I suppose you could call them "Zionist" because they support a hypothetical and mystical Jewish kingdom (after the messiah comes back) but that doesn't have much to do with Israel in the actual world which was founded by a bunch of secular nationalists.

A lot of the religious Zionism nowadays seems to me like a re-theologization of essentially secular concepts. What's interesting about that is how it paralleled the rise of Evangelical Christianity in the U.S. post-1970s, which is very political and nationalist, and varying version of Islamism which also emerged and rose up at the time. There was the Grand Mosque seizure in 1979 and the Islamic revolution in Iran. It's like a global phenomenon with different forms of expression.


File: 1716612347107.png (156.01 KB, 938x325, 1348977939012.png)

How fucking mad are you, /isg/tard?


Wow, really? Outside of the screenshot thread? Do better.


It's funny that you post this screenshot as if it doesn't show how much people like yourself have killed this site in particular.


That's right. The tankies did it all. By… not leaving, when the rest self-purged. Over, and over.


File: 1716618366836-0.png (154.12 KB, 1170x1593, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1716618366836-1.png (965.83 KB, 1180x885, holoreality.png)


>8th graders
Uh, what are they planning to do with the "antisemites" that are of age, and currently participating in politics?


It's cute that you've self identified as "The Tankies" when you're actually one of the worst posters on the site who was instrumental in the modern era of making the site bad. If the site was popular enough to notice the difference then you being promoted to janny like Hoochie would have some effect.
You're a little janny freikorp, I'm sure half the site has interacted with you and felt you trying to patrol their posting. Every few months I come back and you are trying to police the site. You are always trying to tell people where and how to post, yet you've never managed to post anything good yourself.
Where are your good posts?


Just because some pre-Islamic pagan arab traditions didn't fully die out doesn't mean that's what that sect of Islam is "about." The prayer beads are for counting, they don't ascribe divinity/magic to it like Christians do. The spinning is basically another form of prayer because Sufis believe in remembrance of God inside themselves rather than just during the obligatory prayers. It's not like a summon.

Magic is explicitly forbidden in all trends of Islam. There's no wiggle room on it. Sufism is however frequently an inspiration for people making Arab themed art due to the art and poetry, though the magical shit is more zoroastrian. Zoroastrianism might be what you're thinking of.


That instantly and totally justifies two things:
1. fleeing Burgerland and never coming back
2. homeschooling if 1. is not possible


Critical support for nazbols?


File: 1716622629982.jpg (11.95 KB, 600x600, 1344141595255.jpg)

It's just a Holocaust museum, how bad could it be?


You're missing the point, autist. Just because there are rules against X doesn't mean no one breaks them, nor does it mean it gets enforced enough to prevent rogue sects from existing in small numbers.

Also mainstream religions fucking love secret society bullshit. There's so many reasons for a strict religion to have off the books weirdo culty shit for people to blow off steam.


ALSO, every religion that "forbids" magic happens to also have stories of like, oh idk… fucking Muhammad fucking flying on a fucking pegasus to fucking different levels of heaven and have explicit conversations with the previous dead prophets?

Magical thinking like, oh idk, jesus coming back to life, turning water to wine, making bread out of nothing.

ALL of that is magic in a broader sense, it's just State Sanctioned Magic.

So if you're a mystic sect, you can just rationalize the rituals to yourself as being the Good Magic in the name of Allah or Jesus.

You're dumb as shit if you think this doesn't happen constantly.


Newfag here, but I would like to put my support into the "bullying nerds" camp over the "please stay on topic always" camp.

It's not like this thread is being brigaded or spammed, and we've run out of news to talk about.

If there are any autists out there with too many specific details on the Gaza situation, I doubt they're discouraged to vomit their opinions just because we're organically branching the topic of our discussions like normal, not-virgins


>I genuinely think Fanon would have supported October 7 and probably the hostage taking and festival massacre too.

How clueless would someone have to be to think Fanon would have disavowed the Palestinian cause? He was active in the Algerian resistance movement, he clearly meant what he wrote…


bake a fucking bread I can't post images


stay the fuck on topic newfag. shitpost in a shitpost thread, there's plenty of them. this is a thread about an ongoing fucking genocide of the Palestinian people. have some fucking respect and post about that.


My post wasn't saying that Muslims don't believe in magic. My point of contention was that you said it was a part of Islam, even saying "they do it." You used Sufi spinning as an example and this is 100% not magic, it's a prayer. You used an unnamed Shia ritual and all I can think of is the thing where they cut themselves, which is a show of grief for the unjust slaying of a historical figure, again not magical. You claimed talismans are part of Islam, when basic Islam 101 forbids idols. Exorcisms are performed in Islam by reciting Quran rather than shaking sticks over people.

The hadithic story of Muhammad you used is not betraying this. The Quran states over and over that the messenger (Muhammad) only has what Allah gave him. Muhammad didn't have magic powers himself. If that story was true, Allah sent the divine horse as he sends angels and miracles. This is different from ascribing power to statues and talismans, because the latter is saying that the power comes from the object and not Allah. This is considered a form of shirk (polytheism) by all Islamic scholars. You have to remember that Islam came from conflict with the Meccanites who worshipped statues who believed that they were giving them powers and good fortune. Islam is the rejection of this practice and sure as hell did not invent it.

I don't know how else to put it. Islam teaches you to avoid magic which is the opposite of what you said. You said it comes from Islam and that "they do it." They do not "do" it. They don't do spells, ever and they didn't invent spells either. Practices such as talismans predate Islam, such pre-arabic tribal culture or zoroastrianism as I said, and Islam explicitly calls to destroy it.

tl;dr they didn't invent idol worship and magic and they sure as hell don't allow it. Anyone claiming otherwise missed out on Islam 101 or is using it to sell rocks to art girls.


Shut the fuck up. Nobody cares and it has nothing to do with anything. Shut the fuck up.


I care. Have you considered raping yourself with a bayonet for whining?


This is the Palestine thread you massive autistic. if you want to spam nonsense about mysticism go to /siberia/.


>screams about something being in the wrong place
No bark, infracel


>derail about judaism
>derail about islam
>derail about ecelebs
how's the weather in tel aviv? raining rockets hopefully


>leftypol is one person
Listen, kiddo, social deconstruction is THE Marxist science and on topic everywhere. If you want to be an economist faggot go to CNBC. Concur with >>1866080


>thinks shitting up the board and ignoring the thread topic is a good thing
well it makes sense, but you're still wrong and retarded






Saraya Al-Quds - Tulkarem Brigade:
In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
“And they plotted and Allah plotted, and Allah is the best of plotters. So see how was the end of their plot! For We destroyed them and their people all together.”
To our people in the city of Tukarem and its two camps, O you who have been our shield in all circumstances as we have been your sword in all battles, greetings of the homeland to you.
A delegation from the [Palestinian] Authority's Security Forces requested to visit Nour Shams camp today, Saturday 25/5/2024, with the aim of inspecting some destroyed houses and taking photos to be rebuilt (later) under the pretext of public interest.
We, in the Tulkarem Brigade, did not object to their entry into the camp on the principle that we all work for the benefit of this camp each of us in our own way.
However, we had some legitimate conditions to establish and reveal the truth about the assassination of the martyrs Motasim Al-Arif and Ahmad Abu Al-Ful ("Kris"):
- Forming a fair investigative committee that includes members of the martyrs' families
- Revealing the truth and holding the perpetrator legally accountable
- The [Palestinian] Authority's acknowledgment of its responsibility for the assassination of the two martyrs
- Not pursuing the wanted [by the IOF] individuals
However, we were surprised by the absolute and unequivocal refusal of these conditions. Therefore, the Brigade rejected the visit of the [Palestinian] Authority's Security Forces to the camp and bargaining over the blood of its people under the trap of "public interest." We will not compromise on the pure blood of our martyrs that watered the camp's land and illuminated our path.
We will not be deceived by these malicious conspiracies.
O best of nations and the greatest supporters, our people in Nour Shams camp, we must all be united and vigilant against these conspiracies being woven for us here and there in the dark rooms. We must stand as one man, shoulder to shoulder, to confront our close enemy who is plotting against us.
We say to both the near and the far that the Tulkarem Brigade and Nour Shams camp are a beacon of truth, a name written in blood.
“And they plan, and Allah plans, and Allah is the best of planners.”
It is indeed a jihad of victory or martyrdom.
Your loyal brothers, holding firmly to the ember of their faith,
Saraya Al-Quds, Tulkarem Brigade
Note: Martyr Ahmad Abu Al-Ful was assassinated by PA Forces on May 1st, while Motasim Al-Arif ascended on April 2nd after PA Forces tried to assassinate and kidnap</a> Tulkarem Brigade leader Abu Shujaa.
Eight Palestinians have ascended to martyrdom by PA bullets since October 7th.

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