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if you ever wondered what the modern Weatherman/leftist Western revolutionary looks like, you have well-documented examples of foreign volunteers in Iraq and Syria. So I'm not going to pretend I was there, most of my information is from some documentaries and one autobiographical comic of a guy who volunteered. The actual soldiers, doctors, and engineers from Western countries were highly sought after. The doctors and engineers more so, and the real soldiers were used as instructors and occasionally worked with local units, but these guys were not the majority going,
So first off, the YPG was a Kurdish ethnic militia and it did not accept foreigners (which bummed out a lot of these guys). They had to join the SDF; in most cases, they did not have any skilled labor or military ability, so they were made to do grunt work in the liberated cities. They were also encouraged to post on social media to bring international attention. They felt like they were adding to the war effort and helping to kill fascists and the Kurds would gain some credibility. Despite that, there were culture clashes, this was still a Middle Eastern nation and these guys just could not read the room. Like organising a drag-show, They actually dissolved their international brigades because there were too many of these retards coming that didn't even want to do physical labor.

This is a documentary about a group of British and American soldiers who were actually fighting. They are respected, working with local forces and training with them on the ground.
The one is a podcast about the 'anarchists' in Rojava. most of it was just willful denial on their part.
The is the comic I mentioned.by a volunteer who was made to do grunt work.


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They also make for funny gifs


Why did you make this thread about Foreign Fighters in Syria again?
Learn to use the catalog, retard.


> so they were made to do grunt work in the liberated cities.
The three people I know well who went to fight: Two fought in Raqqa, building-to-building urban fighitng. One died fighting turks during Olive Branch. So i do not know what you mean by either 'grunt work' as they were fighting or combat-medicing or whatever, nor 'made' considering they CHOSE to go and volenteer, it's what they signed up for.

TBH brother it sounds like you're angry at international volenteers and seething. Did you get in an argument or fall out with a volunteer at a meeting or something?


The hell are you talking about, the YPG had an academy to teach people coming how to fight and foreigners did fight under this organization, under YPG international. The YPG is the main member of the SDF which is a coalition so yeah of course they joined the SDF. The culture clashes were mostly internal to Syria because, breaking news, most people over there have a very traditional upbringing in contrast to the progressiveness of orgs like the YPG which aims to emancipate women among other things.
Maybe do your homework before spitting on people sacrificing their lives to fight fascism.


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Foreigners joining the peshmerga while it happened, was extremely rare, most foreigners joined the YPG associated group. The issue with the YPG was that they would rather have tea than to fight isis while isis was just in another village a mile away. The death of westerners was taken rather hard by the YPG. Very few units were formed with just westerners. One exception was Martyr Bagok unit. Most of which were veterans of western militaries. Hardly social media larpers. Shit, that unit could not even take photos. The other formed with macer gifford turned into a shitshow when the larpers started using all the morphine as recreational drugs.


This is a former US Soldier who actually fought in Ukraine and it really does show the massive difference in quality and qualification

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