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🚨 Live Happenings/Updates 🚨

β€’ Al-Jazeera: https://www.aljazeera.com/news/liveblog/2024/6/11/israels-war-on-gaza-live-ray-of-hope-after-unsc-approves-ceasefire

β€’ Middle East Eye: https://www.middleeasteye.net/israel-palestine-hamas-war-gaza-live-invasion

β€’ The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/world/palestinian-territories

β€’ Times of Israel: https://www.timesofisrael.com/topic/liveblog/ (trigger warning)


Our own wiki. Be sure to add to it and create branching articles:



β€’ https://electronicintifada.net
From the UK, single issue long time Palestinian investigative and general reporting, critical source

β€’ https://mondoweiss.net/
From the USA

β€’ https://new.thecradle.co/
Regional news from an anti-imperialist perspective

β€’ https://www.btselem.org/Isrsaeli
Premier Human Rights org

β€’ https://www.972mag.com/
Left news and opinion webzine from Tel-Aviv

β€’ https://decolonizepalestine.com/
A collection of resources for organizers and anyone who wants to learn more about Palestine

β€’ https://www.normanfinkelstein.com/blogs/
Known anti-zionist academic Norman Finkelstein's blog



al-Qassam Brigades







β€’ https://www.answercoalition.org/join_a_protest_near_you_free_palestine
β€’ https://www.palestineaction.org/


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who the fuck cares, also i'm pretty sure this hoe is a total nonentity anyway


Yes, children died. the majority of casualties were military and many of the civilian casualties were by the idf's own admission the result of their hannibal doctrine. I'm sure a handful of children were killed, by palestinian groups, on october 7th. but they weren't the target of the operation. meanwhile the idf targets gaza and kills tens of thousands of children and tens of thousands more civilian adults and this instagram retard doesn't give a single fuck.


Looking it up, 30 or so children died, out of some 1200 total. that's 2.5% of the deaths. meanwhile in gaza nearly 50% of the deaths are children. it would appear that hamas is about 20 times better at avoiding the murder of children than israel is, even assuming all the children were killed by hamas and not by the idf.


I don't think I would care if some elite academy got blasted.



given what we've seen of the kibbutz, it's safe to say the kids were killed by the IOF. There's no way Hamas brought down those reinforced concrete houses (built specifically to act as bunkers against small arms) on top of the settlers inside with AKs and M4s (where did they get M4s btw…?)


suspicious post ngltbqhwufam


THe whole bit probably was the funniest pieces of american TV in the last decade.


> it's safe to say the kids were killed by the IOF. T
The one baby recorded as killed was shot through a security door when militants were attempting to breack in to take hostages. I don't think it's unreasonable to assume some of the other children were also killed by resistance fighters.
>where did they get M4s btw
Smuggling. It's a gun even used in the Egyptian military, iirc. It is at least used by the Jordanians, and Lebanese too but I have no idea about Syria, it's also smuggled out of Israeli army bases, iirc we have also seen smuggling tunnels that go directly in to Israel.
But yea it is a very gun in common supply regionally.
>who the fuck cares, also i'm pretty sure this hoe is a total nonentity anyway
One day that anon is going to be arrested for stalking her for months before cutting her up, having sex with her and hiding her under a pool tarp. He's going to take selfies with the top half and even go to the police interview claiming to have been her boyfriend.


The sooner it becomes trendy to openly disdain against zionists the better.
<Ok Zionist.dancinggirl
Can't happen soon enough.

I mean, half the time, it's like one has to hide behind a trenchline of Palestinian gore and state backed pogroms to even imply that something untoward may be going on with the explicitly Jewish supremacist movement. And that keeps lending credence to the idea that the moment the MSM closes the faucet of atrocity porn, the problems go away with it.

It's insane how Zionism coexists with liberal humanist PR or how hasbara can deploy rancid century old colonial tropes side by side with woke trend chasing stuff.


>The sooner it becomes trendy to openly disdain against zionists the better.
It literally is. You don't have to even see them if you don't search them out to hate watch/read them.


Actionists cut through 3 security fences to get inside Elbit's 'highly secure' compound and break into Kent's Israeli weapons factory.
Once inside Instro Precision, they begun dismantling machinery, tech and parts used to arm the Gaza genocide.

Palestine Action locked down all entrances into Scotiabank’s London office.
Despite slashing their stake in half, the bank still invests over $230million in Israel’s biggest weapons firm, making them the largest foreign shareholder in Elbit Systems.

The IOF admits to the wounding of 16 soldiers in Gaza in the last 24 hours.

Two IOF soldiers committed suicide in the past three days after returning from Gaza.
One of the soldiers regularly took selfies of himself celebrating the death and destruction in Gaza, posting videos online of himself boasting while destroying property and vandalizing Palestinian homes.
Despite being ruled unfit to return to the war, the same zionist soldier received an emergency call up, causing him to commit suicide. Due to his death occurring while off duty, the IOF refuses to acknowledge him as a β€œfallen soldier.”

In the middle of war, Netanyahu dissolved the "war cabinet" yesterday. This cabinet, formed in the days after October 7th, included Netanyahu and Gallant, who allied with their "rival" Benny Gantz.
With the departure of war cabinet member Gantz and observer Eisenkot last week, opportunities arose for others to join the decision-making room of the genocide war. Ben-Gvir immediately declared: "I need to return to being a leading force like I was before Gantz entered the government." With Ben-Gvir and Smotrich looming overhead due to Netanyahu's reluctant alliance with them, Netanyahu chose to disband the entire cabinet in favor of forming an "advisory council," stating that no new cabinet will be created.
The new "advisory council" will consist of Netanyahu, Gallant, former US ambassador Ron Dermer, Tzachi Hanegbi, and Aryeh Deri.
Opposition leader Yair Lapid commented: "We should have dissolved the entire government instead of the cabinet," underscoring the state of disarray and disunity afflicting the zionist entity and echoing the zionist public's statements condemning Netanyahu's illusory slogans.
This dissolution comes in light of apparent disagreements between the military and political levels of the zionist entity, where the IOF apparently took a unilateral decision yesterday for a "tactical ceasefire" in Rafah without Netnayahu or Gallant's knowledge. The political echelon spent the last 24 hours trying to remedy the outrage and appear united. It also comes a time when the IOF is frustrated and in desperate need of more manpower, having extended the age increase for reservist soldiers yesterday and passing various laws to include typically excluded ultra-Orthodox Jews in the IOF.
Further, this development follows a string of resignations from disillusioned zionist politicians desperate to end the war, admitting repeated military failures. The IOF itself has acknowledged that military pressure will not return the captives, with Gantz and many others acknowledging this failure.

American-British warplanes carried out 4 airstrikes targeting Kamaran Island off the coast of Hodeidah in western Yemen.

American-British warplanes target Hodeidah International Airport in western Yemen with 6 airstrikes.

The IOF admits that they failed to assassinate the commander of Al-Qassam's Rafah Battalion, Mohammed Shabana "Abu Anas" after they claimed to do so several weeks ago.
The IOF embarrassingly used a photo of an Egyptian sports commentator to "prove" their assassination, another example of the reality that the IOF's "precise" intelligence does not know who it is targeting.
Resistance sources confirmed at the time that the assassination had failed.

Armed clashes have intensified between the Palestinian resistance and the IOF Shaboura camp and near Al-Awda Roundabout in the center of Rafah, southern Gaza Strip. Zionist media announced that several soldiers were wounded as a result of an anti-tank missile hitting a military vehicle in the area.

Fierce armed clashes between the Palestinian resistance and IOF have renewed and intensified at Al-Awda roundabout in central Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip. The resistance has targeted another military vehicle, causing it to ignite on fire.

The IOF claims that one of its "Sky Rider" drones crashed in Quneitra southwestern Syria.

The zionist newspaper Haaretz published today: "Hezbollah has managed to increase its stockpile of missiles, shells, and drones by hundreds of percentages, either smuggled through Syria into Lebanon or produced locally, despite all attempts by the [IOF] Air Force in Syria and on the Syrian-Iraqi border to thwart and disrupt the entry of these weapons. In other words, 'israel' has failed in the battle between wars."
This claim is corroborated by Hezbollah's Resource and Border Affairs Official, Nawaf Al-Musawi, who told Al-Mayadeen in March 2024: "The work continues to open new warehouses and bring in more accurate missiles. What we usually used to store in half a year, we now restock in a month."
He added that new and more precise missiles are being added to the stockpiled, stating that any previous predictions of Hezbollah's capabilities must be significantly reassessed due to the increase in capabilities since October 7th.

Tens of thousands of zionist settlers are protesting in front of the Knesset in occupied Al Quds, demanding the completion of a prisoner exchange deal with the resistance and the overthrow of the Netanyahu government following the dissolution of the failed war council.
A new protest also broke out in front of Netanyahu's residence in Al Quds, which plans to join with the protest in front of the Knesset.

3 settlers were hospitalized, and 9 others were arrested, during confrontations with zionist police in occupied Al Quds in front of Netanyahu's residence.
The protestors broke through police barriers, chanting "Down with the tyrant!," demanding the overthrow of the government and reaching a prisoner exchange deal with the Palestinian resistance.


File: 1718668718238.png (112.91 KB, 541x971, young_tweets.png)

These posts from Michael Young about Israel's bad options facing Hezbollah are similar to my thinking. Young is a weird guy, he's a Lebanese libertarian (maybe the only one… although there might be some rich businessmen who are like that) and a supporter of the March 14 coalition which means he does NOT like Hezbollah… but he doesn't like Michael Aoun either. He doesn't like sectarian politics. He's not pro-Israel either. From what I can tell, being hostile to Hezbollah in Lebanon doesn't make you pro-Israel because a whole lot of Lebanese don't like Israel.

There was also an article from Reuters last week which I missed about Israeli air strikes in Syria, and some of their sources include Syrian government people:

>Reuters interviewed three Syrian officials, an Israeli government official and three Western diplomats about Israel's Syria campaign. The officials asked not to be named to talk freely about sensitive matters. The Syrian officials gave previously unreported details of the targets of Israeli strikes around the cities of Aleppo and Homs in recent months, including the June 2 attack. All those interviewed said Israel's moves suggested it was gearing up for a full-scale war against Hezbollah in Lebanon, which borders Syria, that could begin when Israel dials down its campaign in Gaza.



This is a twitteroid and a lot of words to say what everyone here has been saying for weeks and months anon.



i'm infloooooooooencing


Alright I won't post stuff anymore.


File: 1718693205647.png (578.64 KB, 851x903, ClipboardImage.png)

i called this on the literal first thread of this general but was called a retard and conspiracy theorist, weird


i dunno why since plenty of people were making that assumption on the very first week, i think mark ames rightly compared it to 9/11. ultimately it doesn't matter if they were incompetent, negligent or complicit, israel was going to carry out their genocide regardless.


literally the same as 9/11. They knew, but allowed it to happen because it's free casus belli.


File: 1718694029049.png (19.53 KB, 611x144, ClipboardImage.png)

The only way he'd ever mock Israel is to punk conservative burgers.


>prevailing conceptions
The red heifer demographic wanted to enact their agenda before the US lost any more power. Every single Israeli narrative forced on the western media has been a psyop.


File: 1718694460901.png (234.86 KB, 499x452, 1655673083482.png)

A lot of people were saying it. Obviously some people would disagree.


thank god
i love how they gave the go-ahead to that cyber rave on the border just days beforehand, cynical af


The arguments we had back then was not if they knew of attack plans, it was if they let it or facilitate it.
I'm still on the side it was simply arrogance and racism. They thinked they would easily repel any such attack like they did at isolated parts of the border.


Not only did they know they purposely moved their EDM festival where the attack was going to be. I don't believe they knew hamas was going to take hostages though. I think they sent out those choopers to start gunning down their own people because they saw they were grabbing hostages and that wasn't part of the plan.


> I think they sent out those choopers to start gunning down their own people because they saw they were grabbing hostages and that wasn't part of the plan.
Their report explicitly says plan to take hostages and hostage taking has always openly been the plan, Gilad Shartit?


Doing a little trolling.


everyone knew about the plan but they thought hamas wouldnt risk carryng it out


they probably gunned down their own people because their military is bunch of retarded colonial cops who don’t even consider their enemies human


>everyone knew about the plan but they thought hamas wouldnt risk carryng it out
This is my take as well, also considering that going over the border and taking hostages back in to the strip is the only viable strategy available to hamas and the resistance outside of rockets, idk why anyone ever thought it was special that Israel knew of this.

With regards to them potentially knowing the attacks would play out as they did I just cannot buy that elements of unit 8200 and the Gaza Division saying 'there is an serious attack that will happen and we're going to let it happen.' and then sitting in their bases to get entirely wiped out of taken prisoner, 8200 specifically being one of the hardest hit (and tbh probably an MASSIVE intelligence gain for the resistance).
The fact that the Israeli's famously stopped monitoring key comms is also proof of their complete arrogance, btw, as well as picrel wankery they spent their time on, convincg themselfs it had real utility because of the potential tech jobs and contracts it could land them in after service private sector.


Krav maga is so dirty and over the top, to the point where metalgear CQC was heavily based on it
Source: hideo himself


I'm pretty sure plenty of anons speculated that the IDF knew full well Hummus was planning an attack


Never tried it, but from what I gather, yes, it is overrated. It's not so much a martial art as it is a set of principles to abide by when engaged in lethal hand-to-hand combat. The problem is that IDF soldiers are armed and actually trying to kill people, and the average civilian isn't. On top of that, by the second generation of Krav Maga practitioners someone started trying to work Aikido into it, hence all the wrist locks (which is hilarious, because this is the version that the IDF uses). This is compounded by the fact that, because Krav isn't a martial art as such, instructors basically end up teaching a watered-down version of whatever their actual base is. You might get lucky and get trained by someone who did BJJ or Muai Thai, or you might get someone who trained in Aikido or some other useless martial art. Either way, you'd be better off just training BJJ or Muai Thai than Krav Maga.

It also only takes 5 weeks to become an instructor, compared to many, many years for any other martial art. That should set alarm bells ringing for anyone thinking of starting Krav Maga training.


How did Hezbollah become unpopular among non-Shia? My understanding is that after 2006, Hezbollah was celebrated as heroes by most of the Arab world for kicking Israel's ass but today they seem to be pretty unpopular among Christian and Sunni Arabs. The Syrian proxy war certainly has something to do with, I have a very good friend who is from Idlib and hates Israel with a burning passion, but also hates Hezbollah. I'm not sure if that can be the entire explanation though.


File: 1718730743489.png (2.03 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

> hence all the wrist locks (which is hilarious, because this is the version that the IDF uses).
IDK about any of this stuff but i would assume they incoperate restraints because the IDF plays an occupation-police role in the west bank and tend to get stabbed at, shot from minimal range, and etc. They're usually in groups so another shoots the assailant often but i at least imagine it was the rationale despite not being particularly useful.


that's how sectarian politics work anon. hezbollah getting popular in 2006 was only because they got to show themselves as defenders of lebanon, national heroes, etc. but that doesn't last forever, and hezbollah is very much a shia group. once the war was over, things went back to normal and hezbollah went back to being that shia party instead of that group that fought israel.


what does he think of hamas or pij?


She is a big fan


>All these military self defence martial arts are rubbish
What about sambo?


Not a sambo expert but the grappling element seems like a mix of judo, BJJ and greco-roman which is legit. Don't know about the striking part of it. But these Russians and caucasians have been dominating MMA for a while so it seems like a good base.


8 IOF soldiers were injured in the Tal Al-Sultan neighborhood of Rafah in the Gaza Strip, according to zionist media.

A number of injuries have been reported east of "Kabri," in Al-Jalil in northwestern occupied Palestine as large fires continue to burn, according to zionist sources.

A number of wounded soldiers were evacuated from Gaza via helicopter to "Beilinson" Hospital in "Tel Aviv" following a security event in the Gaza Strip.

Fires continue to burn and spread in northwestern occupied Palestine as a result of Hezbollah's operations. Settlers are reportedly wounded in "Neve Ziv," east of "Nahariyya."

US lawmakers, under pressure from the Biden administration, approved one of the largest weapons sales to the zionist entity, for 50 F-15 warplanes worth $18 billion in total. This sale took place despite Biden's false promises to "withhold weapons" if the IOF carried out a "major offensive" in Rafah.

The UKMTO officially reports that the "Tutor" ship has sunk in the Red Sea, after it was targeted by the Yemeni Armed Forces with a naval drone, as well as aerial drones and ballistic missiles.


what? but pij are massive islamic revolution stans maybe even moreso than hezbollah



>totally gay um akshully reddit take.
this is leftypol not the democrat caucus. we're allowed to say israel planned october 7 as a cassus belli: it's both punchier and more substantively true than pretending that if it hadn't happened they wouldn't be committing genocide.


>it's both punchier and more substantively true
no it isn't
it presents the resistance as pawns of israeli schemes taking away all the autonomy one might grant the palestinians and its also not true



File: 1718747220007.png (56.15 KB, 200x183, ClipboardImage.png)

>What about sambo
Grappling skills are not inheritable. Reported for racism.
I imagine what the Biden Admin wants to say is ; 'Look, we have to send the weapons, Israel is in a fight for it's survival, this is actually serious.' but they are afraid of spoooking the markets and so on.
>this is leftypol not the democrat caucus.
I have no idea what you're referencing, sorry.
>t's both punchier
Debatable. Regardless, this isn't twitter for exclusively short-form simpletons, there's no need to be 'punchy'.
>and more substantively true
It's not though.
And like >>1888906 said, aside from being probably false it's just a - likely racist tbqh - assumption that the Arabs could never really make such a successful action without the Israeli's helping in some way or allowing them to.
Hubris and Racism is what caused this, they felt the Gazan's were 'suitably deterred' and anything the best they could muster would be delt with by 'advanced tech' and available staff on the border and in the Gaza Envelope (tbf true with the naval assault attempt). Even if we are to disregard the lives, Israel also gave up likely large amounts of intelligence information with the overrun of the base and unit 8200, some of this we seen when spies in the strip were killed over information gained in the raid, they did not hit that base unprepared.


Undetected, Hezbollah Hoopoe mission exposes sensitive Israeli sites

The Military Media of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon - Hezbollah released Tuesday footage showing its reconnaissance drones flying over swathes of occupied Palestinian land, including Kiryat Shmona, Nahariya, Safad, Karmiel, Afula, all the way to Haifa and its port.

Titled "This is what the Hoopoe came back with," the nine-minute-and-a-half video captured footage and exposed sensitive Israeli sites. Hezbollah indicated that the video was only the first episode of more yet to come, highlighting that the drones bypassed Israeli air defenses and returned to Lebanese airspace undetected.

The published footage included intelligence about Israeli sites inside occupied Palestine and clearly showed that the drone arrived at the port of Haifa intact. Hezbollah's drones brought back footage and information about sensitive sites they captured over Haifa starting with the port itself to oil refineries and military factories, not to mention the locations of military battleships and important economic hubs in the port.

In detail, the video first shows Hezbollah's drones flying over a military-industrial complex belonging to Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, which includes numerous factories, warehouses, and testing fields in which components of air defense systems are manufactured and assembled, especially the Iron Dome and David's Sling.

Iron Dome and David's Sling platforms, rocket engine test tunnel and storage, air defense missile storage, missile component manufacturing facilities, control and guidance systems factories, company administrative buildings, and missile testing radars all appeared in the video.

According to Hezbollah, the area is highly vital and sensitive, occupies an area of around 6.5 km2, and is 24 km away from the Lebanese-Palestinian border.

The video also included an overview of Krayot, an Israeli suburb north of occupied Haifa, which includes six occupied cities with a population of 260,000 Israeli settlers. Hezbollah published a complete high-definition view of the urban conglomeration there, with a real-time tour detailing Krayot districts and neighborhoods, including residences of Israeli official residences and commercial complexes.

The scenes also filmed the Yitzhak Ben-Tzvi Street, Karti Square, Savyonei Yam complex, and Abraham Gardens towers.

In addition, the Islamic Resistance's drones reached occupied Haifa's port – the largest in the occupied territories – and captured footage of the Haifa port Bay area, a highly valuable economic and trade area that hosts massive military installations, industrial infrastructure, and commercial areas.

The area includes the Haifa military base, which is the main naval base for the Israeli occupation forces, which is responsible for the northern naval front, as well as Iron Dome storage and platforms, petrochemical facilities, oil silos, the Haifa power station, and Haifa airport.

The Haifa Port area includes ship maintenance hangars, the building of Unit 3800 at Haifa Naval Base, the main warehouse and supply section at the Haifa Base dockyard, the Yaltam Unit building, submarine unit buildings, submarine dock and mooring, and the Sheyetet 7 submarine unit command building.

In addition, Hezbollah's video filmed the Karmiel and Mizrahi piers, as well as container ships and port operations.

Warships filmed comprised military vessels, including the Bat Yam logistical support ship, Sa'ar 4.5, 5, and 6 boats, and the Dvora-class fast patrol boat.

Major General Wasif Arikat described what Hezbollah revealed in the latest video as the "most valuable bank of targets."

He told Al Mayadeen that the message behind the video has been received, adding that what is happening now is not a field war but a war of awareness that proved that the Israeli occupation army, once described as the "invincible army", has been defeated and retreated.

On his part, Brigadier General Mohammad Abbas said that Hezbollah's drones surpassed all air defense systems and returned without being detected by Israeli systems.

He highlighted to Al Mayadeen that the video unveiled dozens of "super vital" targets, demonstrating that the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon possesses highly advanced capabilities.

Brigadier General Abbas further explained that the name "Hoopoe", which is a type of bird, reflects the long distance that Hezbollah's drones traveled in occupied Palestinian lands before returning with such valuable scenes.

Israeli media described what Hezbollah's drones documented as "disturbing" and "very dangerous".

Experts decode messages in Hezbollah's Hoopoe mission video

Hezbollah's video ended with the phrase "and the birds as they soar," which suggests that the Lebanese Resistance group's drones are still flying in the airspace of occupied Palestine, expert sources told Al Mayadeen on Tuesday.

They highlighted that one of the most important things documented by the Hoopoe is the area of ​​the military-industrial complex affiliated with the Rafael Company, which is an extremely sensitive area.

The sources explained that companies and websites specialized in aerial and industrial imaging refrain from publishing any updated images at the request of the Israeli government due to their sensitivity.

In the same context, the experts told Al Mayadeen that Hezbollah's video includes three types of potential targets: military (the Military-Industrial Complex and the Haifa Military Base), civilian (the Krayot area), and strategic (Haifa Port and its facilities).

They added that the three types of potential targets are meant to establish a three-dimensional balance of deterrence against "Israel", with each dimension relating to the type of target "Israel" may strike in any confrontation with Lebanon.

"Hezbollah wanted to say that [the equation is] military for military, civilian for civilian, and strategic for strategic," the sources pointed out.

Touching on the details of the video, the experts explained that the missile illustrated next to the target card has guiding fins at its front, symbolizing a precise missile, which is a message Hezbollah intended to convey in the video.

They noted that the red missile illustrated next to the identification card of Haifa Port indicates that Hezbollah treats this site with a high level of seriousness in terms of potential targeting.

According to the experts, this video is only the first episode in a series yet to come, with subsequent episodes showing how far the Resistance's reconnaissance drones have reached inside occupied Palestinian airspace.

Elsewhere, the sources told Al Mayadeen that the timing of releasing the video is undoubtedly linked to the visit of US envoy Amos Hochstein to Lebanon on a mission "of Israeli nature" even if it appears as part of a mediation effort.

Earlier, Hochstein called for an immediate de-escalation of tensions on the northern border between Lebanon and "Israel".


don't care about morality, gaza is still blockaded on all sides by the west so it's more effective to blame a Machiavellian fifth column than it is to claim a legitimate threat. actors with a material interest in israeli security won't be swayed but the political class might.

>high on their own supply

doesn't make sense. you can't cow people into inaction through fear. fear breeds loathing, the israelis should understand that: it's their only personality trait.



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