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With Europe going full fascist, Russia being dragged into war with the EU, China being geographically surrounded by enemies, and the third world being too oppressed to rise up…
America, a country that leans right-wing, has somehow ended up as the last hope for communism and humanity to succeed over the forces of evil.

We face extinction and the forces of evil seem determined to drag us down into oblivion. Not only do we have to have a cultural revolution in America to change its internal right-wing bias, but we also need to wage war against fascism overseas. What leftists called "the great satan" has now become a sort of helm's deep, a last refuge against the mindless euroach fascist masses.

What can we do? How do we win?
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Euros, how much awareness is there in your countries about how the US is eviscerating industry and economy? Like the lolberts in the US accidentally falling into good foreign policy positions, is it only unlikely groups who have this awareness?


>far right winning
what makes you think he didnt willingly hand the country over to far right lmao


Its fine being old
Its not fine wasting your life


Oh trust me. I wasnt there in the /marx/ thread during the 4/lit/ split. I was in middle school using 4chan in the summer to support swarmfront because the 2012 doomsday prophecy made me believe in conspiracy theories about jewish globalism.


File: 1718221472040.jpg (105.71 KB, 800x600, ihanali.jpg)

Far left? Finland? None of the "far leftt" MEP is a socialist and Jussi Saramo is openly anti-socialist. I just wish words had some meaning


Germany hasn't voted for any far left. Die Linke is not far left. They're just social democrats.


Not a lot here in Germany. They like to blame Ukraine and muslims for everything instead of the US.


Li got the mep position right? What are her politics like? She seems to me like one of those progressive libs who are obsessed with following rules.


You’re like a liberal saying obviously if you aren’t voting for Genocide Joe you must want the Orange Man
>Le workers!
Workers aren’t just honkies


>Literally opens up with “America is the perfect place to build a revisionist attempt at socialist aesthetics”


>Another euroach running defense for modern euroid fascists
<Fascists hate industry!


Thank you comrade Macron for collapsing the French Republic for the 5th time in history.


Social fascists hate social production (i.e. the practice of real life in society). They believe it's a private right.


In other words, you’re basically spewing incoherent nonsense
Consider suicide


Well this whole primise hinges on
>China being geographically surrounded by enemies
Which I think will be fine. Been seeing Chinese and Japanese studios collaborating on certain anime projects, China has been easy but not abstinent on the adventurism and aren't overextending. They have good defenses and good infrastructure. They'll be fine.


the big question there seems to be India, a country that is also rising, and has long had antagonisms…but it really doens't seem to be going much further than a historical bad-taste relationship.The west very clearly wanted to turn them into mortal enemies but it really doesn't seem to be going anywhere.


I bet you're doing that weird sect thing where you treat "social production" as the mode succeeding capitalism, rather than as the dual to material production:

<The development of fixed capital indicates to what degree general social knowledge has become a direct force of production, and to what degree, hence, the conditions of the process of social life itself have come under the control of the general intellect and been transformed in accordance with it. To what degree the powers of social production have been produced, not only in the form of knowledge, but also as immediate organs of social practice, of the real life process.

You should learn more Marxist theory so that you understand what is going on here. Until then, enjoy life


No, I’m doing that thing where I write off retards that try to argue actual fascists aren’t actually fascists, actual socdems are actual fascists, and actual fascists hate industry (industry, which is good good, because the prophet said it’s good good, and the point of Marxism is not to think independently or scientifically) despite…the entire history of fascism and the main financial backers of fascists?


>What are her politics like?
Basicly liberal who is focused on students issues. She used to fuck regularly my good friend while dating her current spouse so I got to knew her in personal level way back when before she got to the upper party ranks. That time she was a chairwoman of the youth organization of her party.

I did not follow EU elections but one of the statements she said that she will not be in the same EU-group as Clare Daly and Mick Wallace and leftists should ostrezise them. Looks like Irish did it lol. Reason because they are far left Putinist or something


>Li got the mep position right?
She got a landslade victory. Basicly she had so much votes that she alone could have been second biggest party. I guess people thanked her that she managed to lead Finland to NATO with Sanna Marin


File: 1718277749002-0.png (572.43 KB, 921x561, sedyymqth66d1.png)

Finnish far right MEP Sebastian Tynkkynen wearing a diaper and shitting himself while graveling with his knees in the chairs of the church. Anti-gay and anti-immigration representative who is openly gay (tried to pray the gay away wont work lol) and dating a dude from Africa. It's our gift to you EU, please enjoy.


>With Europe going full fascist
Hysteric. Not even close to a majority.

That posters actually entertain this stupidity is beyond embarrassing. I didn't think you cunts could dig any lower, but holy shit.


Euroach “socialists” be like
>Ackshually it’s a good thing the fascists are in power and anyway they aren’t really fascists they just wanna kill Muslims and Africans which is actually based an communist
How tf can you be more of a settler than actual fucking settlers?




he's too arrogant for that tbh


i'm gay and i fucking hate these people




I mean, it already does support open Nazis with guns and use openly Nazi rhetoric against der russiche untermenschen. Did so before the election, and America does as well. If anything, this election improved the state of things in Germany, at least.


>think scientifically
Awww, autie wants to bang numbers together and feel like he's important? Too bad, there are other sciences.

I'm not making excuses for any fascists. Anyone who wants a class system (and that includes the one inherent in the republic) gets chopped up for food. Including social fascists. Including the screechers who cry when someone tries to make them think instead of becoming enchanted by their emotion-raising circle jerk.


Don't worry they hate you too


>She used to fuck regularly my good friend while dating her current spouse


>There are other sciences
Pseudoscience isn’t science, sorry numbers are scary tho, faggot


Also I get you get very very hard LARPing as a revolutionary on the interwebz, but you can save your virtual signaling, I was just pointing out fascism has a meaning lmao


im not wasting my life at all but it is disorienting for it to go by so quickly


i dont think the danger is concentration camps so much as it is the collapse of any functioning intra-national european governance, and then a steep decline in standard of living once trade and industry is in chaos from that, and then increasingly reactionary policies on labor and civil liberty. maybe im being naive but i dont see the anti-migrant policies of these quasi-fascist european populists as trending towards putting migrants in camps, even if brutal expulsions are on the table. it seems more likely that the biggest effect would be autarky rhetoric leading to poorly thought out and poorly implemented policies that cause surprising collapses in supply chains and quality of life which are responded to with austerity. these dont seem to be competing projects of revanchism and monopoly like with early 20th century fascism as much as they are the reaction to the EU as a common political and economic project of european integration that depends on participation in the international neoliberal market to maintain a sufficient welfare state in europe. that was always an unsustainable position since the west is no longer the uncontested industrial center of the world, and its not particularly surprising that the reaction to its decline is for reactionaries to delude themselves into thinking they can just pull up the drawbridges and everything will be okay again, since these countrys genuinely believe they achieved their wealth by their own merit and hard work rather than by occupying a particular position in global capital reproduction.

tl;dr i think the success of quasi-fascist populism in europe would look much less like early 20th century fascism and much more like eastern europe after the destruction of the USSR, i.e. spiralling standard of living, mass privatizations, historical revisionism reviving fairy-tale versions of nations' past, etc.


>hismat is pseudoscience
Callate la chinga puta


>America, a country that leans right-wing, has somehow ended up as the last hope for communism and humanity to succeed over the forces of evil.
It's probably because communism is j-ish and all the jays live here.

Also, in what sense does America lean right? Aside from some of the Boomers, my coworkers say class conscious stuff constantly. And speaking out against sodomy or race-mixing makes you a social pariah in most cities at least.
>a cultural revolution in America
What do you think "Civil Rights" was? N-gers, jays, and Irish teamed up to bring down America's WASP elite–and I say this as an Irish-American. The neoliberalism that followed was just another form of j-ish economics, with sociopathic Gentiles acting as faces for Talmudic sorcerors like Milton Friedman. Not to mention Warburg and the ((Federal)) Reserve.(Raids used to be believable)


>N-gers, jays, and Irish teamed up to bring down America's WASP elite

god i wish this was real


The third world can still rise up… The problem is most people are politically very ignorant. If you create some class consciousnessand mobilize the indigenous populations (Zapatista style) and unite the workers of bananas, pineapples, coffee fields, the revolution can begin. As long as USA doesnt invade by proxy. In such case, the socialists in USA are responsible for stopping the attack.


>As long as USA doesnt invade by proxy.
a failed proposition
>In such case, the socialists in USA are responsible for stopping the attack.
lol, lmao even


>If you create some class consciousness
That time has past. People are turning more reactionary in the entire world and China isn't interested in helping other countries gain class conciousness.


Proles hate each other more than they hate the capitalists in the third world same as the first.


>The third world can still rise up


Any euroids here can clarify where those rightoid parties which grew so much stand on Gaza and Ukraine?


They want total genocide of Palestinians and suck Russian cock, next question


Costa Rica has no army. And the police is not as militarized as in the US.
What proxy will the US use? It certainly wont send troops.


Sorry this was meant to >>1885595


why wouldn't it send troops? america has no problems getting its hands dirty, in particular when the opponent is defenceless. landing a few squads of dumbass marines for "peacekeeping" is right up the usa's alley.

they can also just use the cia to fuck things up internally, as they do all the time.

and this is before we consider that costa rica is maybe a few hundred kms from the panama canal, and we all know what happened there. just say that costa rica is "the new centre of drug trade" and voila: casus belli is ready and waiting.


Correct, faggot
Again, sorry numbers are scary


Reported for anti-Marxism, enjoy counting the seconds to your demise, autie


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