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With Europe going full fascist, Russia being dragged into war with the EU, China being geographically surrounded by enemies, and the third world being too oppressed to rise up…
America, a country that leans right-wing, has somehow ended up as the last hope for communism and humanity to succeed over the forces of evil.

We face extinction and the forces of evil seem determined to drag us down into oblivion. Not only do we have to have a cultural revolution in America to change its internal right-wing bias, but we also need to wage war against fascism overseas. What leftists called "the great satan" has now become a sort of helm's deep, a last refuge against the mindless euroach fascist masses.

What can we do? How do we win?


>war with the eu
War with the USA by means of Europe, more like


File: 1718030853153.gif (2.85 MB, 200x234, terry mfw.gif)

>the EU isn't America's front yard
>it's not a puppet used to strike at Russia
>all these NATO loving Zionist nationalist parties aren't cucks for the USA
>America is not deliberately stripping the copper wire from the EU
>all these retarded nationalist parties won't just do neoliberalism but make it a bit more racist


The US wants liberals in power in europe to keep proxy wars going.
Not fascists who will declare a volk war and roll the tanks over russia's red line because evropa hates slavs.


>The USA doesn't want anti Russian racist liberals in power, they want competent hecking cute Russian appeasing people like merkel in power, which is why so much American money is flowing to fascist Russian hating parties, don't you see?
Retard. Wilders is funded directly by the us bourgeoisie.


File: 1718031241866.jpg (107.15 KB, 1176x1266, F_2h9KTWMAATLfz.jpg)


>fascists never backstab their "allies"
Right. The minute russia stumbles over one of these schizos' invisible trip wires of "boundaries" is when merkel does a 180 on russia and demands slavic blood. Hitler was "friendly" with the USSR too. Remember the Molotov–Ribbentrop pact?

Fascists are schizos, you never ally with or bargain with schizos.


Doomer troll thread. China and Russia despite being besieged on all sides by imperialism have only been growing in power and remain steadfast defenders of socialism. These European “nationalist” parties gaining power is just a sign that the West is on its deathbed, a single push by the multipolar world and it will crumble like a stack of cards, along with America


M-R was the Soviet last ditch attempt to stave off a war that was obviously coming for another year or two after every other European country refused to ally with the Soviets just were enthusiastically shaking hands with Hitler.


M-R was the greatest geopolitical prank in history which made Germany and West Europe go to war, completely shitting up their plans to direct Germany straight into the USSR. And I'm tired of pretending it's not, etc.


Regarding the elections to the European Parliament.

1. Nothing changes, because, despite the significant successes of the fascists, in general the conventional Satanists and transvestites will continue to rule the roost.

2. The shift to the right is obvious. As well as the loss of soil by the “agenda” parties - liberal, leftist, green. The sooner this abstract left dies, the sooner - as a reaction to militarization and fascisation - the revival of real communist parties will begin. Yes, the rollback to the right in the former GDR is an echo of the denial of socialism (we have the same echo). However, the new, not yet even conceived, revolutionary movement will become a negation of this negation. It will appear where people are fed up to their ears with both right-wingers and opportunists.

3. It is worth paying attention to the situation in Greece, where the KKE communists almost doubled their result against the backdrop of the failure of the ruling liberals and their left-wing henchmen like Tsipras and Varoufakis. At the same time, the Greek fascists, although distributed among prisons, also almost doubled their numbers.

In any case, the formula for a parliamentary or non-parliamentary future is known in advance. There is no room for any intermediate options. The closer to the global massacre, the more obvious the choice:

— Either fascists (nationalists/liberals/social-chauvinists, in a word - capitalists)
- Or communists

From Syomin, Russian communist


>defenders of floating signifiers
Don't care about your brand, read Marx and start over


>What can we do? How do we win?
What you should do is take some much needed meds first


>US wants liberals
>Not fascists


File: 1718033785484.jpeg (9.31 KB, 213x237, 1709741840124.jpeg)

>Satanists and transvestites will continue to rule the roost.


its a snark vs Medvedevs schizo posts, anon


>fascism is when you don't want immigrants and are skeptical of "trans-science"
As an ML I can only laugh at Western supposed communists….

….Like, have you ever read a single passage from the USSR's reports on fascism?

This site is Westoid socdem central, regardless of their self-proclaimed views.(USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST)


Where did OP say that, Mr Westoid ML?


>fascism is when you don't want jews and skeptical of "women-science"
As a National Socialist I can only laugh at those Russian supposed revolutionaries…


German """communism""" is not welcome here.


>As an ML
As the very middle class PMC cancer that will not see the other side of revolution


File: 1718034843070.png (1013.67 KB, 1080x1080, voot game.png)

All jokes aside. Are you fellow Euroshits really this worked up about this rigged booj voot???
Those parties are really only going to be more of the same neolib police state rubbish, that we already have been experiencing for decades since the USSR fell.

It's not over. It never was.
Now get your heads out of your asses and do something productive for the liberation of humanity. Like robbing a bank to fund your communist orgs, as the old Bolsheviks did.


The working class has massively turned against immigration and the only people still largely supporting it are PMCs that want to keep their uber eats affordable


Id/pol/ discarded


>Those parties are really only going to be more of the same neolib police state rubbish, that we already have been experiencing for decades since the USSR fell.
Correct. Thinking far-right parties gaining power through bourgeois elections will somehow go against bourgeois interests is an embarrassing take. Strong chance they don't even particularly do anything about immigration aside from the same performative cruelty we're already used to from the Euro right. Funding Ukraine will continue, rimming America's asshole will continue, and no they're not going to war with China lmao.


>no argument
>no solution
>probably not even part of their local irrelevant 2000 member party
Discarded into the dustbin of history


It isn’t the late 19th century anymore, we already know what happens when labor organizes to oppose immigration in hopes of bolstering its own position. It’s a short term goal that allows the ruling class to pull the strings of the working class, because when they give you this concession they will take away something else. It’s a move of desperation to attack the low hanging fruit of powerless immigrants, to take your fury out so some bankers can rest easily knowing the migrants are taking the brunt of the violence as a pressure release valve. It will win you nothing except the shame of atrocities.


The EU and NATO are fascist dreams come true. Fascists were some of the earliest advocates of an European grand alliance against "Russian barbarism" and "Asiatic hordes". They are going to die as they started.


File: 1718035404939-0.png (53.96 KB, 744x318, IMG_2178.png)

File: 1718035404939-1.png (157.62 KB, 499x680, IMG_2183.png)

Bad news for you on that front, the Germans were pioneers of such bourgeois degeneracy…


File: 1718035632374.pdf (839.49 KB, 170x255, graeber manners.pdf)

Anglo "Puritanism" is not welcome here either.


Stop posting the same Graeber text whining about “muh puritans” any time someone dares suggest that a life full of hedonistic sex and drugs isn’t fulfilling or productive to the proletariat


Okay so why are you supporting mass immigration with the only actual defense against all of this being hoping to win in the marketplace of ideas? What's your actual plan here? Are you hoping the platitudes people got sick of almost a century ago start to cut through?
You can't just import people at such a rate it's impossible to keep up with housing and infrastructure, then not even attempt to carry out the massive projects, and then expect everyone to just get over it. So why support doing it?


>we need to make an alliance with anti-transhumanist nazis and feminazis to fight the REAL threat: people taking estrogen pills
Anyone who allies with conservatives is vermin who deserves to die painfully. Pour gasoline on and burn traitors to the death, behead traitors with a katana, etc.


I’m not supporting it you fucking dumbass, it’s not up to you or me anymore. The most you can do is forgo Western style assimilation and try to build solidarity as workers, lumpen, and even the fucking peasantry that many migrants come from. If it’s actually a time of crisis then we have wars and famines and destitution ahead. Do you really think just the Western working class can survive? Immigration en masse has weakened the Wests social bonds, but its blowback from past imperial adventures in the first place. This is the time for Western workers to build a bridge to the workers and peasants of the rest of the world. It’s not fucking easy but it’s the only pathway to a world that isn’t rocked by nonstop nationalist wars and chaos. I don’t want to die in a trench or island against my brothers and sisters abroad we have the same enemy as I do. Immigration is a red herring that was only natural as European empires decayed and collapsed. I’m not going to fight a symptom.


Again, Nazis were never “anti-trans”. Cope harder


Supporting mass immigration and being completely against anyone around you or even worldwide whose skin color differs from yours are two different things.

Honestly, I also dislike some of the government's immigration policies, which are deliberate ways of introducing labor (perhaps my nationalism is acting up). In the current capitalist world system, such policies align with the interests of capital (though this doesn’t mean being completely against immigration is socialism).

Moreover, the impact of immigration on the local native labor force requires systematic data and statistics rather than baseless claims.

Honestly, we are currently facing a dilemma: should we support the immigration policies put forth by capital, or should we follow the opposition to immigration (the latter of which can easily fall into the abyss of extreme nationalism)? Rational positions can certainly be put forward, but in an increasingly polarized atmosphere, people are more inclined towards absolute, radical, and even extreme voices.






Marx already rejected you.

<The social principles of Christianity have now had eighteen hundred years to be developed, and need no further development by Prussian Consistorial Counsellors.

<The social principles of Christianity justified the slavery of antiquity, glorified the serfdom of the Middle Ages and are capable, in case of need, of defending the oppression of the proletariat, even if with somewhat doleful grimaces.
<The social principles of Christianity preach the necessity of a ruling and an oppressed class, and for the latter all they have to offer is the pious wish that the former may be charitable.
<The social principles of Christianity place the Consistorial Counsellor's compensation for all infamies in heaven, and thereby justify the continuation of these infamies on earth.
<The social principles of Christianity declare all the vile acts of the oppressors against the oppressed to be either a just punishment for original sin and other sins, or trials which the Lord, in his infinite wisdom, ordains for the redeemed.
<The social principles of Christianity preach cowardice, self-contempt, abasement, submissiveness and humbleness, in short, all the qualities of the rabble, and the proletariat, which will not permit itself to be treated as rabble, needs its courage, its self-confidence, its pride and its sense of independence even more than its bread.
<The social principles of Christianity are sneaking and hypocritical, and the proletariat is revolutionary.
<So much for the social principles of Christianity.

Now go dilate.


Marx famously never read either the BIble or the Tanakh and thus can be dismissed as an authority on anything religious whatsoever.

This is the same retard that accused Capitalism of having a "Jewish spirit" and of the Jewish God being Money. Somehow Marx still never gets taken to task for being an absolute lolcow when it comes to religious analysis.


>Marx himself was a Christian
id/pol/ reported


Slam dunk


File: 1718038402505.jpg (109.74 KB, 480x563, Laughing_Marx.jpg)

I wish. America is the best country to build socialism in one country in geographically. But it won't happen. The American superstructure was built by capital almost entirely from the ground up. You are liberal golems, even the people who sincerely want to be communist. We all are, to an extent - we do all live in capitalist society - but liberalism doesn't run nearly as deep elsewhere.
While yes, an American might see that capitalism is objectively destroying society, they will likely hold on to a whole ton of garbage: bourgeois individualism, moralism, fundamental inability to picture proletarian politics, and so on. They never knew anything else in their entire fucking life, no one around them knows anything else, the vast majority of literature reinforces liberal superstructure, and most of all, even if you personally have the immense willpower to step past it, it SCARES THE HOES.

It doesn't in most of the world. If you said that Stalin didn't kill enough people, at least 20% of the global population would agree. Most people in Russia, China, a sizable minority across the rest of the world. It's not actually weird to say that. I think more people would agree than disagree if you conducted such a poll and accounted for biases like communications access and language barriers. It's only a taboo thing to say in western countries and some reactionary middle eastern states. Stalin is far from the only barometer. Most people in the world look at phrases like "is AI art ethical" and chuckle because the very idea of putting the issue like that is absurd if you aren't head-deep into the liberal gutter of observational "morality".

This is why you see so many "libertarian socialists", anarchists and other bullshit in the west. Western "left" parties can't even bring themselves to oppose possible nuclear war out of fear of looking like evil tankies. Westerners are so fucking scared of real proletarian rule they'd rather fight in a Nazi regiment. They belong to liberal superstructure, they are capital's loyal soldiers, no matter how hard they deny it. Also explains why so many of them jumped to support Ukraine. "Socially conservative communists" are the other side of the same coin, but they're not so strictly dependent on liberal superstructure and as such are more uniform across countries.

Do I want you guys to rise up? Yes, of course. But a hell of a cultural shift must happen for that to occur.


>With Europe going full fascist
<Not sure if terminal ultraleft retard or bait

Transatlantist liberal establishment basically called every succdem, nationalist, conservative and centrists that isn't in cahoots with them, a far right or fascist. Just basically trying to spook everybody to rally with them to save their dying project.

75% of the parties that won aren't fascist or far right in any traditional sense (more than the tradition establishment liberals) and those that are most are opposed to the Ukraine war. The common argument was basically muh immigration and muh oppostion to EU-project. When I look for European fascists the closest thing I see are the fucking European green movement. They hate industry, they hate workers, they absolutely are the biggest warmongers on the continent and believers in spreading the western system, they are techbro- big capital infested fuckwits, and when you really look into their policies they are also anti environment for the most part and all they do is pose for the environment. These bastards lost in the EU elections big time.


>This is the time for Western workers to build a bridge to the workers and peasants of the rest of the world
Communist parties can't even manage this and they weren't even particularly good at it when Moscow was tard wrangling them constantly. The EU needs a break from neoliberalism to solve these crises but their autistic special interest that is markets and fair competition (ie no SOEs) is baked into it at a foundational legal level. Hopefully someone wises up and tears up the rules under the guise of national security, the one get out clause that the law allows.
>Moreover, the impact of immigration on the local native labor force requires systematic data and statistics rather than baseless claims.
You can see it in the UK and Canada to such a point that it's entered the public consciousness and is massively fueling the right, in the UK's case basically destroying the Tories and replacing them with Reform. In these two countries it becomes most obvious with just three stats:
<net immigration data (it's flying up)
<GDP (it's stagnating or growing slightly)
<GDP per capita (it's going down)
The conclusion most have come to is that the immigrants are being brought in to prop up the economic decline or causing it outright
>Honestly, we are currently facing a dilemma: should we support the immigration policies put forth by capital, or should we follow the opposition to immigration (the latter of which can easily fall into the abyss of extreme nationalism)? Rational positions can certainly be put forward, but in an increasingly polarized atmosphere, people are more inclined towards absolute, radical, and even extreme voices.
This is pretty much my conclusion but every other political party is dead set on only allowing the far right to deal with it. My theory is because their economies are also rotten and being propped up by them in less obvious ways than the UK and Canada somehow.


>every other political party is dead set on only allowing the far right to deal with it
This is how electoral politics works, how often have left-of-center parties successfully co-opted issues from the right? People have fixed ideas of what each party represents and if you want to see this in action you can wait until November to see how much the Ameritard president's new attempted "tough on migration" image will stick with the public.


My impression so far, is that people here and principled leftists online are unphased by the election result.


The only real example to the contrary is the Danish socdems declined to engage in mass immigration and they remain popular and the far right is irrelevant there


Aside from polls this is probably as good of an indicator as we'll get that immigration is really the main issue moving the needle, but it's still just one example at the end of the day.


OP is exceptionally dim and almost certainly (99.999% probability) american


>muh "mass" immigration

Why do people actually care about this shit at all? Don't tell me you anons are getting swindled by the populist bs about how our working class is being replaced or fucked over or whatever by scary migrants. A completely immaterial problem that doesn't actually affect anyone's life in any noticeable way at all, other than that you might hear some people speak arabic on the subway lmao

Working class people in developed western economies don't want to pick fucking cucumbers for 2 euros an hour ok?? And if birthrates stay the way that they are the only way to not have the entire economy collapse and also not substitute natural births with immigration is to raise the retirement age to 80, which would actually effect us.

Just because retarded labor aristocrats are getting duped into scapegoating the migrants as the root of all evil doesn't mean that we should give that kind of reasoning any credit at all


File: 1718046350164.jpeg (173.03 KB, 1920x800, tell.jpeg)



>we have to allow capital to get easily overexploited and bullied workers because the number must go up
Put the democrat flag on


File: 1718048261517.jpg (60.15 KB, 457x617, 1681834524767.jpg)

The working class is the last hope for humanity.


>how else will I afford avocado toast if exploited immigrants aren't out there pickin?
Kill yourself, lib.


>Danish socdems declined to engage in mass immigration
What does that mean?


>America is the last hope for humanity
Lol, lmao! Burgerland is the reason humanity is fucked in the first place


>War against human traficking. Use modern surveilance tech to find and execute the organizations sending poor people in boats and cars.
>Integrate immigrants already inside. Legalise all the illegals to stop alienation.
>Social programs to make it possible for second generation immigrants to escape from reactionary parents.
>Smash without mercy reactionaries.
>Integration with the rest of the world to pacify Middle East and South America in the short run.
>Fund socialist revolutionaries overseas to pacify Middle East in the long run. Nuke Dubai.
These are the policies centered on immigrants that came to my mind. Thoughts?


File: 1718051825339.png (56.21 KB, 928x619, ClipboardImage.png)

They just tried to find the level people seemed happy with. They've been in power from 2011-2015 and 2019-present. You can see them lowering it here when the nationalists started gaining ground, and then just setting it to 0% change when back in power.


Read up on who created america: it will blow your fucking mind.


But how did they do that?




File: 1718052484664.jpg (690.73 KB, 1037x1200, a8d.jpg)


Also this tell:
>how else will I afford avocado toast if exploited immigrants aren't out there pickin?


>Strong chance they don't even particularly do anything about immigration aside from the same performative cruelty we're already used to from the Euro right. Funding Ukraine will continue, rimming America's asshole will continue, and no they're not going to war with China lmao.
Precisely. Meloni, the postergirl of le new fascism™, has been doing just that.




File: 1718052797099.jpg (294.44 KB, 1080x1384, il_1080xN.1116440495_agbk.jpg)

Muh immigration just falls back to
>remember the good ol days of capitalist exploitation.
Everyone here should understand why these people get into a dinghy to cross oceans looking for work. It is the same system that exploits us all. Immigration wouldn't be an issue without our global financial capitalist and militarist system so maybe focus on changing that instead of trying to RETVRN to the good ol days of capitalism.


>look down and laugh at the poorfags!

wow very cool


File: 1718052991941.jpg (100.43 KB, 450x385, img-10.jpg)

What do you think about your countries strict internal migration controls anon. For anyone living any country in the world, I think we would consider it unthinkable that the government would have any control over your movement within your own country.


Integration programs, not just letting in anyone without documents, designating where new arrivals are settled to avoid ghettos, tough naturalisation process, not handing out many work visas, sending people back when their country is safe (ie Syria).


How are you going to assimilate people and send them back. EU has birthright citizenship too so they will have a lot of citizen children within a few years.


File: 1718053647431.png (206.34 KB, 1148x625, ClipboardImage.png)

So true, this is literally Hitler and I can't even right now


EU doesnt have birthright citizenship my guy, a few countries have a limited version of it.



>Children born in France (including overseas territories) to at least one parent who is either (i) a French national or (ii) born in France, are automatically granted French nationality at birth. Children born in France to foreign parents who do not fulfil either of these two conditions may acquire citizenship from age 13 subject to residence conditions (see French nationality law). A child born in France to foreign parents becomes a French citizen automatically upon turning 18, provided that they reside in France on their 18th birthday and have had their primary residence in France for a total (but not necessarily continuous) period of at least 5 years since the age of 11.

and so on. not birthright.


File: 1718053909807.png (20.72 KB, 1242x50, ClipboardImage.png)

The deleted post in question
Assimilation/integration is what you're thinking of as naturalisation during the process of becoming a citizen. In this case they just make sure you're part of Danish society for the duration of your stay.
>Since 2019, there has been a shift towards a more stringent policy approach. According to the new legislative framework laid out by the Danish government, greater focus should be placed on the return of beneficiaries of international protection (as soon as the situation allows it), rather than on their integration (Paradigm shift). As a consequence, the term "integration" has been replaced with "self-support and return".


>we have to allow
Nothing to allow retard, it is simple economic necessity in our current system. Either allow migrants to come in and do menial labor that western labor aristocrats don't want to do or stop complaining and overthrow the current system, but don't be taking that shit out on desperate migrants looking for a couple bucks in the imperial core

>cuz number must go up

Have fun working till you're 80 dumbass

It's not about my personal preferences you fucking mongoloid, I couldn't care less about fucking avocados or whatever. It is simply how our economy works right now. Either have some brown people in your country and tell xenophobes to off themselves or be prepared to keep working till you're 80, there is no other way

This post is incomprehensible, I have no idea why you reacted to my post


Don't worry, we will get agricultural robots to pick your fruit and drones to deliver your Uber Eats


File: 1718055285145.png (344.97 KB, 512x370, ClipboardImage.png)

>Either have some brown people in your country and tell xenophobes to off themselves or be prepared to keep working till you're 80, there is no other way
>Either work or have a slave class
Amazing insight.


I mean he said 'in the current system' which is kinda true.

IDK man I feel conflicted cause I really think anti immigration is cancer but it's also so popular


File: 1718055696877.png (85.47 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>I mean he said 'in the current system' which is kinda true.
It's not true. Most of our expenses don't go towards labor costs.


True but without migrant labour food in particular would be a lot more expensive


It would be expensive until the useless fucks that run everything are forced to automate
Current western economics is the equivalent of looking at China making a tractor that does the work of twenty peasants and being like "Woah… we're gonna need a lot more peasants!"


Yeah and automation is totally gonna favor the working class guys, we'll have so much money and free time once the robots are doing everything :D

Those are the cards we're dealt dumbass, we can also overthrow the whole system, but you and I both know that's not gonna happen anytime soon. So what do you want? Do you want to work till you're dead or do you want to have a few more immigrants?

>I feel conflicted
About what? What is there to feel conflicted about? How many brown people you have to look at on your way to work?

>anti immigration is cancer


>but it's also so popular

Who cares??? How is being a racist being popular relevant to our analysis at all???


It is true dumbass, those are the options in our current system. There's not enough people being born in developed economies, that means in our current system less and less people will be paying into the retirement funds for more and more older people. The solution to this problem is to either bring in young workers from lesser developed economies, who can pay into the retirement system and be a productive force in the economy in general or alternatively we all get to work till we die.

"where our expenses go", whatever the fuck that means, is not relevant to the discussion at all


I mean in theory maybe they would eventually automate but the consequence for the foreseeable future would be food price rises and food going to rot on the farms due to not enough workers willing to do it.


Rightoid drops soykaf film at 11


That's fine, since we've established automation and immigration won't benefit the working class we'll just have to do neither. Sorry about your food delivery app but it's not economically viable and it's not the job of the working class to subsidise your luxuries.
They are rip off merchants, they refuse local workers because they can't fleece them for bed and board.


>Who cares??? How is being a racist being popular relevant to our analysis at all???

it might be nice for someone other than neolibs or fascists to be able to win elections sometime


>They are rip off merchants, they refuse local workers because they can't fleece them for bed and board.

Well yes, which means that if they were forced to hire only locals they would put up prices, this is my point


At a certain point you may as well just outsource it if your industry relies on minimum wage migrants living in extortionately priced bed and breakfast shacks on your totally-not-a-company-town farm
Maybe some sort of radical solution like the formation of an SOE would eventually come to pass, so every farmer doesn't need a fleet of little drones. Or maybe the free market could fucking do it for once!


>immigration won't benefit the working class
It does benefit the working class you absolute retarded cretin, how does not having to work till you're 80 not fucking benefit you???? Use your goddamn brain if you have one for god's sake

> Sorry about your food delivery app

Complete nonsense cope, I don't order food online fuckface and if you think that's the only function immigration has for our economy you are absolutely lost and you should stop posting and kys

>it's not the job of the working class to subsidise your luxuries.

It's not about having luxuries you imbicile it's about how our social welfare system works

>in order to win we have to capitulate and work with/be racist xenophobes
Yeah that's definitely gonna work and get us everything we want


File: 1718058246595.png (186.22 KB, 700x1242, ClipboardImage.png)

It's been debunked


>Whip harder, white boy!


hardly the fault of immigrants that we destroyed our own economy with brexit and then retarded economic policy


this says nothing about immigration and everything about government fiscal/monetary policy. "record immigration has failed to keep the Titanic above water" - well yeah, but if you want to know why it's sinking maybe look at the gigantic hole in the hull.




When did I say it would raise standards of living???

My argument is that immigration is necessary to maintain the age demographic requirements for the continued survival of the retirement system as it currently exists, there has to be a certain amount of young people who pay into the retirement system.

Of course immigration doesn't raise the standard of living as all the profit gained from cheap labor is syphoned off more and more by the bourgeoisie


File: 1718058657957-0.png (233.68 KB, 2212x1777, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1718058657957-2.png (107.13 KB, 1110x522, ClipboardImage.png)

That's more of a problem of the implementation. We are doing to enforce the slave caste status of immigrants. We need to start following the arab example and have their employers steal their passports and etc. If we leverage immigration properly we can even start cutting the work week and working days per year for all citizens.


this guy gets it


>there has to be a certain amount of young people who pay into the retirement system.
No there doesn't. The retirement system can be funded from any tax dollar. Every tax dollar is the same tax dollar. Tieing taxes to certain sources of funding only make sense when they're inextricably linked like car taxes and road maintenance or something. There is no need to tie the retirement fund strictly to employment taxes.


ok but more broadly the country needs a reasonable amount of young people to keep producing goods/services/etc for old people to use


There is tho, retirement is tied to the labor force of a given society, it's a rainy day fund that you pay into as a laborer, only that money is used to pay for elderly people who can't work now, it is exactly as the car example you gave, maybe even more interlinked. You can't just replace it with any ol tax from anywhere. That would be more of a UBI for old people thing


It's parsed through a retarded Telegraph writer so there's a minor sleight of hand to fit in their whining about low productivity being some kind of personal choice of zoomers or whatever. The low productivity is caused by the huge amount of low skilled workers and the low wages. It's automation suppressing. Machinery drives productivity, not personal work ethic. The peasant breaking his back in a field is less productive than a tractor driver.
Who says anything about fault? It's shitting up the economy and causing problems to the extent there's a far right resurgence, so it needs to be turned down.
Well yes but now people are so absolutely sick of it either the socdems or shitlibs resolve it or you'll get it resolved by the far right (who will then do the same retarded fiscal policy)
I thought it benefited the working class? So it's not about benefiting the working class, it's now about looking after 90 year olds? You need millions of workers for that?
Now you are cooking with gas. In fact since we're already putting them on not-company towns, why not give them a separate minimum wage and have them do everything?


thinking solely in terms of tax is a mistake: private pensions are just as big a factor. you know those shareholders who's value CEOs are always trying to maximize, to the detriment of workers? yeah, a good chunk of them are pension funds. if this was simply a tax problem you could always abolish or slash public pensions to balance the books.

as a purely illustrative case: imagine an economy with no money at all and no scarcity of resources, but with a scarcity of workers. now imagine people get old: right, fine. but now they need carers to help them with daily tasks: you must now take workers away from resource collection tasks to allocate them to care tasks. if you do not increase the supply of workers, the total number of "productive" workers falls every time a resource worker changes to becoming a care worker. with a sufficiently imbalanced population it's perfectly possible to have a situation where, to meet all the older people's care needs, you'd need more care workers than there are total workers.


You can because if the government is generating revenue it is generating revenue. It doesn`t matter wgat it`s spent on or where it came from. The social security fund inherently ubi welfare anyways, consider that disabled people also collect social security even without paying in.


we don't have the fucking industry to make automation the way china does.

regardless of fiat bullshit, you need young people to actually keep society running, if you don't have enough it's gonna be a bad time.


There is no economic need, but among the Christians who observe prosperity culture, there is a social need to impose individual reward through economic access. Among those who don't, there is a need to keep old people economically and socially entrained in the church and other social institutions, mostly to get their hands on the sizable bequests.


>I thought it benefited the working class?
It is
> So it's not about benefiting the working class, it's now about looking after 90 year olds?
Do.. do you think working class people don't grow old?
>You need millions of workers for that?
When you have millions of old people, yeah, you do. You braindead moron

This argument is detached from reality, money doesn't just come from nowhere and society doesn't just run on money. You need people to work to keep society running, to produce your goods, to maintain your systems, to convert labor into social welfare, etc

>consider that disabled people also collect social security even without paying in.

Not everyone becomes/is disabled, everyone becomes old


File: 1718060025010.png (322.78 KB, 2300x2227, ClipboardImage.png)

>Boomers hold half the wealth in the country
>still can't pay market rate for services
Truly the worst generation. Everyone will celebrate when the last one is in the grave.


Damn bro fr. Honestly, this changed my mind, we should just kill all old people actually


>we don't have the fucking industry to make automation the way china does.
We can just use our money to purchase the required machinery, and put it in a building that we will call a "factory".
Wow I didn't realise that we need entire towns of carers. That explains some odd things I've seen
>go buy fast food
>cooked by a carer
>get a taxi
>get driven by a carer
>look into the fields
>dozens of carers picking fruit
Any wonder elderly expenditure is running so high, the entire capitalist system has been absorbed into the pensioner care system


Holy shit you're stupid, how hard is it to understand that you need a certain number of workers to support the needs of the non workers.


Is it frustrating you that you incessantly trying to change the subject onto MUH CARERS isn't working?


File: 1718060668332.png (1.54 MB, 900x599, ClipboardImage.png)

Yeah imagine being a non-boomer and giving one fuck about what happens to them. Our whole society is going to be restructured once they finally kick the bucket and we raid their tombs for the gold they buried with themselves.

Nothing about how they're living today has any relevance to us once we reach their age.


You have a child's brain

>the entire capitalist system has been absorbed into the pensioner care system

Yes, this is what happens in developed economies where life expectancy reaches in the 80's, you've got a lot of old people to take care of


My only worry is that they all get to ride it out and live nice retiree lives until they die peacefully in their sleep and we get shafted because they all voted to close the borders and then when we're old there won't be anyone to pay for our retirement. We have to abandon the retirement system right now, before it's too late! If we're going down, we should take the boomers with us


I mean yes, dealing with fuckwits is kind of frustrating.


>Wow I didn't realise that we need entire towns of carers.
The UK has 1.5 million carers, plus another 1.5 million NHS staff (who disproportionately care for the elderly), and both the care system and the NHS are chronically understaffed while seeing demand grow year on year. Forget an entire town: you need an entire Wales of carers, and soon you'll need an entire Scotland of them.


Bold of you to assume we'll get our hands on that wealth. Even discounting the fact only a tiny minority will inherit anything of that much value, the boomers are merrily pissing all their money away to casinos, cruises, etc etc so that there's nothing left by the time they're dead


Casino and cruise firms technically redistribute some of that money downwards in the form of wages, expenses on maintenance, entertainment, booze, etc, while the rest goes to shareholders in profits and cycles around again. the money doesn't "disappear" as such.


File: 1718061451372.png (1.45 MB, 1080x1080, ClipboardImage.png)


>China being geographically surrounded by enemies
gee i wonder who's puppets are surrounding them and with whom's weapons…
it couldn't be america right?


>to shareholders in profits
Isn't a large problem that all the profits and much of everything else is out of country? Idek what's still UK owned .


File: 1718062183815.png (103.36 KB, 842x542, ClipboardImage.png)

It just about makes a third of non-EU immigrants when you assume the entire sectors of healthcare and care are fully dedicated to that, drops significantly when you include EU.
It's time to cut to the chase and get an entire England of carers


>Yeah imagine being a non-boomer and giving one fuck about what happens to them
People have boomer family that they care about. On top of that boomer wealth is exaggerated. Once the boomers are gone the wealthy boomers who are ceos and the like who actually own the wealth will pass it to their kids. The working class boomer who has to work at a department store at 75 is not passing anything to his or her children. So tell us how old people needed to be genocided because of bourgeois boomers and their children and grandkids.


yeah, the transfer is between generations but not really inside the nation. (even on the wages side, many cruise ship employees are also non-brits…)


>We can just use our money to purchase the required machinery, and put it in a building that we will call a "factory".
<just build your own ISP, prole!
Why do you think it's okay to post rightoid logic anywhere, even in jest?


By "we" I mean the actual state, in the same way I'm not saying the average leftypol reader requires entire towns/cities/countries of carers.


An absolute banger of a post!


Go through old age as an object on an assembly line if that's your kink, but keep them off of others.


>Go through old age as an object on an assembly line if that's your kink, but keep them off of others.
You are the one arguing we need to exploit others to enjoy a higher standard of living.


If the (British/American) state was capable of doing reindustrialisation then we would be living in a whole different world.


>the state can do anything it wants and people can't break it in half
Terminal manager brain. Are you Chinese or just Republican?


Holy fuck, if we had socialism it would be an entirely different state, why can't you be honest in this conversation? The entire premise was 'immigration is necessary IN THE CURRENT SYSTEM'


Not sure where you got that from but that's basically the case already. If we're going to be bringing in the equivalent of an entire country in carers then it would make sense to actually make it more like an "assembly line" and build designated care towns/cities, rather than have a ridiculously inefficient, low quality, decentralised system driving up the already exorbitant costs.
Funnily enough the biggest reason this won't happen is because old people have insisted nothing gets built for decades and now nobody has any initiative with such projects.
I think we're in the early stages of the state losing any real say in anything and being forced by reality to deal with issues or face collapse.


Buddy, bourgeois "democracy" is literally designed to prevent any workers interests from being represented. That is the main purpose. The whole voot spectacle only serves to simulate legitimacy to the public. If by some miracle a communist party still manages to threaten bourgeois parties' rule, they historically got banned or violently repressed.
No communist party will ever win an election in bourgeois politics. The piggies would never allow this

Stop hoping for this fantasy!


when a party advocates a position, generally speaking it increases the popularity of that position rather than increasing the popularity of the party. that is, if a left-wing party adopts anti-migrant rhetoric, it will not make the left-wing party more popular but it will make immigration less popular. you cannot chart a path to victory by going "we'll do the fascist immigration policy, but the socialist healthcare policy": you've got the socialist healthcare vote locked down, sure, but the people who want the fascist immigration policy will vote for the fascists - if you want them to vote for you then you ought to convince them that healthcare is a more important issue than immigration.
(Blair did this a lot: on both immigration and welfare he adopted right-wing rhetoric. Did it stop people seeing Labour as the party of welfare and high immigration? No. But it did make public attitudes to both more hostile: if the leader of labour is saying we're flooded with dolescum, there must be something to it…)

though this is more of a historical curiosity since Britain no longer functions even on these general rules of bourgeois democracy:
there is an important extra lesson as regards the British case, which is that it's closer to a managed democracy than a traditional bourgeois democracy at the moment. The 2019 and upcoming 2024 elections have been comical frauds with a preordained result and a press doggedly doing their best to shut out stories that don't fit with it. In 2019 the ordained winner was Johnson, now it's Starmer-Labour.

If you like, in a typical bourgeois democracy there is a choice between plan A and plan B, with an obvious bias towards plan A, but theoretical scope for voters to go the other way. If Labour had won in 2015, for example, that would've been a surprise but perfectly agreeable to the bourgeoisie. If the Conservatives somehow won now, or Labour somehow won 2019, however, all hell would break loose - there's only one plan. 2017 has shown the old methods weren't reliable enough.


>if we had socialism it would be an entirely different state
Idealistic trash.
>why can't you be honest in this conversation
Because your religion changes nothing. Look at actual "socialists" sending old people away from the rest of the world as if they had nothing to contribute.

Those who have more in common with their age cohort than the people they've lived with and worked with already do inhabit retirement communities. Seems kinda sick to build a society along capitalist values painted red, but "Marxist" economists turned Marx's critique on his head and are ironically making the exact same calls as the neoliberal faggots we want to cut up for meat.
Seriously. Which neoliberal cult told you that Capital is a guidebook?


File: 1718064975731.jpg (79.52 KB, 670x613, 20240611_031550.jpg)


Didn't they gain in Germany too


>The heirs of Ceacescu mantaining NATO security
We truly live in a society


>that is, if a left-wing party adopts anti-migrant rhetoric, it will not make the left-wing party more popular but it will make immigration less popular.
A great example of this is how the Communist Party of Czechia got permanentally fucked, because they went rightoid on some issues, believing they could take some votes from the rightoid parties. It utterly backfired, losing so many voters that they lost all seats in parliament and now the party is completely irrelevant. NEVER CONCEDE TO REACTOIDS ON ANYTHING! Always push your own case.

>managed democracy than a traditional bourgeois democracy at the moment.

Sorry, I don't understand what you're saying here. Isn't "managed democracy" liberal jargon? Please elaborate.


Ah yes it's totally unreasonable to expect someone to move to access continuous state services. Why even bother having hospitals? We can fit an MRI in a truck and drive it house to house. Schools? Absolutely neoliberal, send the teachers to the students individually.


>managed democracy liberal jargon
Let me guess, you're a professional-managerial middle class member who feels seen.


Aren't Finncucks ruled by a far-right party?

Anyway, trashy lib meme


Smug LLM slop discarded


Baffled retard detected


>professional-managerial middle class
I'd rather you insult me with something like "labour aristocrat" and not this weird gibberish.


it's liberal jargon, and i mean it in essentially liberal terms. basically, in the 2017 election the press gave relatively balanced (i.e. very biased towards support for the Conservatives, but some hearing for Labour - like 2015, really) coverage of the election campaign. Corbyn was supposed to be massively unpopular, and opinion polls showed Labour would lose badly. Then it turned out that actually, Labour did quite well and the Conservatives lost their majority in parliament. This was the "democracy" part of the bourgeois democracy - but it had gotten the wrong result, the voters had said something.
So in 2019 the press collaborated much more aggressively than is usual to cover up stories hostile to the Conservatives (like Boris Johnson showing up to the cenotaph with a hangover and laying a wreath upside down, so the BBC used old footage from when he did it properly) while pushing fake stories against Labour (like a Labour activist "attacking" a minister's aide, which even the minister in question says never happened), while internally Labour staff worked as hard as they could to undermine their own party. This worked and the Conservatives won big under Johnson - I'll spare you the details but then he and his successor Liz Truss were bounced out in fairly short order, and now in 2024 the press are doing the same thing the other way around: Nearly all negative stories about Labour are covered up or quickly dismissed, while full attention is given to stuff like the Conservative PM leaving D-day celebrations early, disproportionate press attention is given to ReformUK (which takes Tory votes) over the Greens (who'd eat Labour votes), the broadcasters have tied down most of the debates to being Lab-v-Con with no minor parties, etc, etc… Meanwhile, it's reported that many Conservative ministers and staff actively refuse to campaign in the election.

So basically: in 2015 or 2017 there was a marginal impact to voting one way or the other. You could rubber stamp bourgeois approved candidate A, or bourgeois approved candidate B. (in 2017 this choice was presented, but Corbyn was "approved" only on the understanding he'd lose because voters overwhelmingly preferred A… the same mistake MPs made endorsing him for leader to begin with!) in 2019 or 2024, however, the situation is more like a Yeltsin 1996 case: people above your pay grade have decided that there is one acceptable candidate, the only job of the voter is to rubber stamp candidate A. There is no contingency planning for a victory by the other candidates. Thus, a manged democracy.


I'm seeing Euro lefties I consider trustworthy on social media saying that the rightoid growth was much more due to discontent with the pro-Ukraine frenzy which the establishment has pushed than with immigration.

I have to say that seeing greens and left-liberaloids blaming this on nothing but racism against immigrants is giving me flashbacks to SJWs deeming all critics as misogynistic shitlords.


Based Yeltsin1996poster. This is the correct take.


they would say that though, wouldn't they? they want to feel like the momentum is with them. a vote for the right is a vote for the right, "actually, they were doing it for good reasons that you and i would endorse…" is a transparent fairy tale.
the SJWs were right that most of their critics were, in fact, misogynistic shitlords. that's the beauty of the numbers game that is the internet. the number of rightoid "anti-SJWs" or plain old fashioned bigots was much larger than the number of sincere "anti-idpol leftists" or other good faith actors.


also in these debates Brexit has never been mentioned. yet for six years that was all we heard about. Gaza was not mentioned except briefly in the first one.


It is a state that, while having a national "game" that looks a lot like a competitive election, does not allow that game to affect or infringe capitalist relations. It isn't just liberal cope; it's their bulwark against effective entryism, for those still larping around with bourgeois political forms. How have Communists been doing in Indonesia or Singapore?


My next (probably last) effortpost on here is gonna be on the failures of American Marxism; so I don’t think you should look here for hope.


>American Marxism
The who what now?


It's fucking Joever anon…we were too woke for him


How Marxism manifests in the United States. How it’s broadly interpreted, and how it’s put into practice by American Marxists. I’ll be building off that article on the Western Left’s obsession with martyrdom, as well as where it deviates from Marx and Engels, the various problems with its attempt to rebuild itself, and some other topics of interest. It’ll probably take days because there’s a lot of stuff I’ve got to cite and sources I have to go over again.


i brought a ticket to another province and nobody is stopping me


Well, where in Europe did the left vocally stand against the Ukraine frenzy? Because as an outsider looking on, only the usual reactoid parasites seemed to be openly criticizing it.


The rules don't keep you from traveling to another province, just from becoming a legal resident.


Well what are the practical differences for such a resident?


You aren't allowed to work and use government services and etc.


Greek KKE and Portuguese PCP did


The left has been arguably bound by globalization in the west in the way that the Right hasn’t, which has mostly resulted in what we’re seeing in Europe where the Right is making advances, often over the old strongholds of the Left. This is something the Left just doesn’t have an answer to in earnest.

I’ll be honest, I wholly expect National Rally to eke out a win. Maybe not this election, but eventually. I don’t think the constant popular front strategy will hold up forever.


If I'm getting this right, Macron dissolved the assembly because the far right growth in the EU election, which tends to have high abstention, will now scare the French into vooting against them, and althoo the left would obviously stand to gain, the French left is a complete shitshow now (the historical unity in 2022 was completely ruined by the Ukraine and Gaza debacles and by a centrist scum who refuses to ally with the far left), Macron's centrist are the most likely to grow now.

Did I get this right?


That's what Macron hopes for. Funniest resolution is the left winning for maximum schizophrenic government, but it's the least likely result


File: 1718075739371.mp4 (1.08 MB, 1104x720, Annoying Cockhole.mp4)

It's both migration and Cuckraine warmongering. Ukronazi 'fugees behave ridiculously badly, entitled and arrogant that Euroshits are becoming sick of them. Many still don't mind them despite of this, because they have low melanin amounts.

Of course, all left libs are too russophobic to capitalise on this and will "support" Cuckraine regardless. The German Greens got fucked especially hard in the voot for this reason.


Refugees and pissing off the locals, name a more iconic duo


STFU, /pol/tard
I specified Ukronazis, not refugees in general.


I think literally the only ones I've ever not heard people complain about are Eritreans for some reason


>The left has been arguably bound by globalization in the west in the way that the Right hasn’t

I think that's changes with israel/gaza. The right just has it easier rhetorical on local issues. But people are starting to become more aware of global issues. All the left has to do is continue to be the anti-ziobist party and they can grow from there. It's the one issue the right can't co-op and it will ultimately split their base between the antisemitic that want all the jews dead from biblical prophecy. And the anti-semitis that want all the jews dead right away.


My parents are from Henan, and later moved to Jiangsu.
My parents might be more familiar with the procedures and restrictions related to household registration (hukou) migration, but there shouldn't be any regulations that strictly prohibit moving to another province. Many people have been migrating to other provinces; the once popular term "Beipiao" refers to people who come from non-Beijing areas and live and work in Beijing without a Beijing household registration. Similarly, there are many workers in Shanghai from other places.




Can people without the registration find regular employment or just informal work?


File: 1718078994369-0.png (165.32 KB, 700x257, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1718078994369-1.png (1.5 MB, 912x1368, ClipboardImage.png)

>For anyone living any country in the world, I think we would consider it unthinkable that the government would have any control over your movement within your own country.
Akshually the LAPD blocked Dust Bowl refugees from entering California.

LAPD Blocked Dust Bowl Migrants at State Borders


Without a local household registration, you can still find a job, although some positions may be restricted, and it may be difficult for your children to attend school.


File: 1718079379411.jpg (75.12 KB, 759x656, 1628925499880.jpg)

America is the country where a revolution is most likely but it's not ripe yet.
America is the country where capitalism is most developed and its contradictions are most intense.
Once a revolution comes to america all the multipolarists, third worldists and anitimperialists will exile themselves in russia, china or iran, convert to russian orthodoxy or islam and their criticism of the united stated will continue as the same but they'll add a new paragraph saying that the american communist revolution was the conclusion of all the sins of the american empire and that's why orthodoxy/islam is the only light left for humanity. Or even wors,e they'll move to western europe and critizise the american revolution because it was not done right.


File: 1718079449957-0.png (539.56 KB, 1198x1190, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1718079449957-1.png (286.48 KB, 2300x2227, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1718079449957-2.png (264.04 KB, 870x745, ClipboardImage.png)

> boomer wealth is exaggerated


if that first chart is accurate then, tbf, the silent generation were way more crushingly dominant than boomers ever were.
(though it's very interesting that this is specifically untrue for real estate, meaning their wealth was tied up elsewhere.)


I think they meant to label it silent generation and all previous.


Actually it says:
>Silent Gen = born before 1946


hey china anon, wondering if youre familiar with the Chuang journal: https://chuangcn.org/resources/faq/

its an english language "left-communist" publication that translates interviews/essays from chinese communists(?) and writes original stuff as well. link seems to be potentially broken so i hope it works. i read their first published journal and appreciated it as an english language publication that took chinese communism seriously without reverting to tropes and arguments over western propaganda, but it is certainly critical of the existing governance. i also dont mean to take this thread too far off topic so i might start a new thread, but i'd need to refamiliarize myself a bit with the journal, its been a few years since i read it. i dont have a strong position on its content either way but feel like it did help familiarize me with china as an existing place rather than a historical abstraction.


They are glowies that perpetuate Westoid stereotypes


Actually spot on.


Chaung are glowies you idiot they already got exposed for yellow facing (white people pretending to be Chinese with Fae Chinese names).


File: 1718093776025.png (589.59 KB, 595x967, 196636574056736.png)

>beating the far right
What did libcucks mean by this




When America turns communist. All New World peoples will drag humanity forward and end the forces of obacurantism, the euroach peasant is mostly a nazi. Europe never lost its genocidal, segregationist ethnic cleanser ways and I doubt they ever will


Finland's right wing government fucking exploded what happened there?


Ah, I haven't encountered these before. I went and checked them out. This indeed is a left-wing magazine, and there should be a lot of content sourced from Ethnic Chinese.

However, left-wing ideologies vary greatly, and this magazine seems to endorse many liberal theories.




I made a quick map for "far left" parties elections results in EU. Makes it easier to understand the absolute state of these elections.


Are you considering Sinn Fein as 'far left'?…



>finland 20%
>Greece 25%
damn, my excuses to the fins and greeks, I didn't know they had game like that



It has been absolutely wild watching this site's decline accelerate over the past few months. MAGAcom schizos and illiterate social media addicts have truly dealt the finishing blow to this husk


MAGA communism is preferable to the liberals here


We didn't kill the site. The bourgeois democrats just stopped


>obvious samefag

Are you the guy who obsessively screams about Trump and goes out of their way to pick fights in /usapol/


nope two different people


File: 1718116938607.jpg (61.88 KB, 640x828, FB_IMG_1717533750092.jpg)

The users of leftypol have been laminating about the death of the site since 2017. We've been through 3 board splits and 2 migrations. Leftypol will never die.


As long as the right side dies, whatever else happened was historically necessary


didnt ask you but thank you for your contribution

appreciate it, that was also my impression. they seem to have some articles that are good analysis as well as some that are naive and/or bad faith


kino if true


"Third worldists" are not against a revolution in the US, they think it is extremely unlikely to happen, especially any time soon, so they are just pessimistic people. Of course they would complain that a potential revolution in america is "not real communism", but tha happens all the time, is not particular to third worldists. At least many people are saying this. Many people, many saying…


>3 board splits
I lost count at two, 8chan and Bunkerchan. Which am I missing?




The 4/lit/ split


Umm there was one board split on 8ch so it became leftypol and leftpol I think. Then uh did Old BO keep the board until the end of 8ch? I forget. Then post 8-anything, bunker was usurped or was it leftypol? I forgot.


>America is the country where a revolution is most likely
Lol no. The American country most likely for revolution is Brazil.
>America is the country where capitalism is most developed and its contradictions are most intense
The contradictions are not most intense in the US not even close.
>Once a revolution comes to america all the multipolarists, third worldists and anitimperialists will exile themselves in russia, china or iran
Why would they move out? Those people aren't anti-American just to hate on America they got to those conclusions because of US actions and its role with fighting socialism and national liberation movements.


Why did I just watch someone die? What were they saying?


>The American country most likely for revolution is Brazil.
You don't know how wrong you are.


nta, i was a little afraid Brazil would have some form of far-right paramilitary informal coup, since the numbers of CACs growing at an alarming rate during Bolsonaro. We had a coup attempt, but it did not descend to civil war.


>Why did I just watch someone die?
She lived.
>What were they saying?
From memory: The Ethiopian maid was asking to be helped up naturally and her Kuwaiti employer who was filming was just saying: well you're shit out of luck.


With the logic that >>1882471 used Brazil has way more potential than the US


>America is the country where capitalism is most developed and its contradictions are most intense.

Brasil is definitly not where "capitalism is most developed" at all


Fascist peasantry got mad at the 5 brown people there


And the US is not where "contradictions are most intense".


Nah. It's just that ziggers are 24/7 on here. But good people are on and off in terms of days and weeks.


Define good people


>It has been absolutely wild watching this site's decline accelerate over the past few months. MAGAcom schizos and illiterate social media addicts have truly dealt the finishing blow to this husk
You faggots have been making this exact same post since the first incarnation of this board on 8ch. Just fuck off already like every other annoying faggot before you.

>Define good people
Probably being liberal ISG fag or something. I think we can guess by his whining about "Ziggers."


I need to do an effort post about this specific technique in the liberal faggot's passive aggressive playbook.

>omg this site used to be good

>now it's full of wrongthink people
>consensus crack consensus crack
>DAE not like this site anymore and think it should be shut down?
>Whoahh soo true sis me too!

Faggot just fuck off and don't announce it. But of course you've just been making this same post every fucking day for years without ever leaving.



pod poster detected


See these are the kind of faggy insults that only make sense to a liberal faggot.


>liberal faggot

NPC detected


That would be fun. There are never enough writeups deconstructing the psyops of the ruling class


Debate isn't important.



No one was debating you liberal faggot. I'm just highlighting you.




Please address your reply to someone who cares like
on your way back to watching YouTube preacher streamers


>on your way back to watching YouTube preacher streamers
Wut… this is what I'm talking about with faggot insults that only make sense to other liberal faggots.


Reported for /pol/


>on your way back to watching YouTube preacher streamers
What does this even mean? Were you drunk and saying a good person is a youtube preacher


Why did East Germans vote for afd?


lmao neck yourself /pol/


>anon abandons international proletariat the moment a right-wing force takes power
Why are people so scared of organizing? It's so easy. Talk to your coworkers about the power imbalance between the worker and the manager. Join a party, an organization, a book club, ANYTHING.
Read. Just READ A BOOK.
Put up fliers, posters, just DO SOMETHING.


File: 1718142575625.png (753.22 KB, 636x909, f52.png)

>Reported for /pol/
<anti-liberal means pol
Go back


Because communism has been effectively destroyed and demonized there and Eastern Germany has been a bigger shithole than West Germany ever since the fall of the GDR. Lumpenprols tend to become reactionaries when there is no class conciousness and political education. Immigration also is a problem because the media here portrays these people as the source of all evil and when there actually is a violent attack by one you can be sure that it only gets worse.


It’s weird that most east germans actually have a high opinion of the DDR in polls but they vote far-right.


Almost as if nostalgia for any past AE""S"" state was just nationalist boomers reminiscing about le good old days and not actual appreciation for communism.


Conservatives are liberal for all practical intents and purposes. There is no reason to distinguish between any justifier of the current condition. All you classfags get the wall.
>posts internet trash as an argument
<"go back"
40 keks


>Conservatives are liberal for all practical intents and purposes.
Yeah that was the point of the tweet you dumb faggot. It really marvels me when you faggots just barely get what the point of a post is and then you repeat it back to me as if you just made an insight and you think you're contradicting me.


Russia is a socialist ?


Germans haven't been communist since 1919. By now it's a genetic trait to be anti communist.


I don't care what brand of fertility cult you're promoting, people who reproduce Protestant class culture don't even get to see the end of the revolution. Govern yourself accordingly, rightoid.


>Consume only current product then when new product comes out consume new product


if europe is fallen whys it a colony of the US: >>1883377


File: 1718157967773-0.jfif (151.37 KB, 1282x718, GPul6GmWQAAABF_.jfif)

File: 1718157967773-1.jfif (80.34 KB, 1482x832, GP0OSc7XcAAzncd.jfif)

First polls from France show Macron's move backfiring spectacularly.


You realise you can reject both without appealing to one or the other, right?


I want you to know that my eyes glazed over your post because I'm too tired to read it but I saw SCARES THE HOES in bright red and then began laughing like marx in your pic


don't worry fellow europeon leftists, after mass immigration and lbtqbraaaping I'm sure we'll find another stupid hill to die on


File: 1718178344632.jpg (895.95 KB, 2048x1495, 1717967748829.jpg)

>shay was in /marx/ threads with me on /lit/ in 2013

i dont like being old


Euros, how much awareness is there in your countries about how the US is eviscerating industry and economy? Like the lolberts in the US accidentally falling into good foreign policy positions, is it only unlikely groups who have this awareness?


>far right winning
what makes you think he didnt willingly hand the country over to far right lmao


Its fine being old
Its not fine wasting your life


Oh trust me. I wasnt there in the /marx/ thread during the 4/lit/ split. I was in middle school using 4chan in the summer to support swarmfront because the 2012 doomsday prophecy made me believe in conspiracy theories about jewish globalism.


File: 1718221472040.jpg (105.71 KB, 800x600, ihanali.jpg)

Far left? Finland? None of the "far leftt" MEP is a socialist and Jussi Saramo is openly anti-socialist. I just wish words had some meaning


Germany hasn't voted for any far left. Die Linke is not far left. They're just social democrats.


Not a lot here in Germany. They like to blame Ukraine and muslims for everything instead of the US.


Li got the mep position right? What are her politics like? She seems to me like one of those progressive libs who are obsessed with following rules.


You’re like a liberal saying obviously if you aren’t voting for Genocide Joe you must want the Orange Man
>Le workers!
Workers aren’t just honkies


>Literally opens up with “America is the perfect place to build a revisionist attempt at socialist aesthetics”


>Another euroach running defense for modern euroid fascists
<Fascists hate industry!


Thank you comrade Macron for collapsing the French Republic for the 5th time in history.


Social fascists hate social production (i.e. the practice of real life in society). They believe it's a private right.


In other words, you’re basically spewing incoherent nonsense
Consider suicide


Well this whole primise hinges on
>China being geographically surrounded by enemies
Which I think will be fine. Been seeing Chinese and Japanese studios collaborating on certain anime projects, China has been easy but not abstinent on the adventurism and aren't overextending. They have good defenses and good infrastructure. They'll be fine.


the big question there seems to be India, a country that is also rising, and has long had antagonisms…but it really doens't seem to be going much further than a historical bad-taste relationship.The west very clearly wanted to turn them into mortal enemies but it really doesn't seem to be going anywhere.


I bet you're doing that weird sect thing where you treat "social production" as the mode succeeding capitalism, rather than as the dual to material production:

<The development of fixed capital indicates to what degree general social knowledge has become a direct force of production, and to what degree, hence, the conditions of the process of social life itself have come under the control of the general intellect and been transformed in accordance with it. To what degree the powers of social production have been produced, not only in the form of knowledge, but also as immediate organs of social practice, of the real life process.

You should learn more Marxist theory so that you understand what is going on here. Until then, enjoy life


No, I’m doing that thing where I write off retards that try to argue actual fascists aren’t actually fascists, actual socdems are actual fascists, and actual fascists hate industry (industry, which is good good, because the prophet said it’s good good, and the point of Marxism is not to think independently or scientifically) despite…the entire history of fascism and the main financial backers of fascists?


>What are her politics like?
Basicly liberal who is focused on students issues. She used to fuck regularly my good friend while dating her current spouse so I got to knew her in personal level way back when before she got to the upper party ranks. That time she was a chairwoman of the youth organization of her party.

I did not follow EU elections but one of the statements she said that she will not be in the same EU-group as Clare Daly and Mick Wallace and leftists should ostrezise them. Looks like Irish did it lol. Reason because they are far left Putinist or something


>Li got the mep position right?
She got a landslade victory. Basicly she had so much votes that she alone could have been second biggest party. I guess people thanked her that she managed to lead Finland to NATO with Sanna Marin


File: 1718277749002-0.png (572.43 KB, 921x561, sedyymqth66d1.png)

Finnish far right MEP Sebastian Tynkkynen wearing a diaper and shitting himself while graveling with his knees in the chairs of the church. Anti-gay and anti-immigration representative who is openly gay (tried to pray the gay away wont work lol) and dating a dude from Africa. It's our gift to you EU, please enjoy.


>With Europe going full fascist
Hysteric. Not even close to a majority.

That posters actually entertain this stupidity is beyond embarrassing. I didn't think you cunts could dig any lower, but holy shit.


Euroach “socialists” be like
>Ackshually it’s a good thing the fascists are in power and anyway they aren’t really fascists they just wanna kill Muslims and Africans which is actually based an communist
How tf can you be more of a settler than actual fucking settlers?




he's too arrogant for that tbh


i'm gay and i fucking hate these people




I mean, it already does support open Nazis with guns and use openly Nazi rhetoric against der russiche untermenschen. Did so before the election, and America does as well. If anything, this election improved the state of things in Germany, at least.


>think scientifically
Awww, autie wants to bang numbers together and feel like he's important? Too bad, there are other sciences.

I'm not making excuses for any fascists. Anyone who wants a class system (and that includes the one inherent in the republic) gets chopped up for food. Including social fascists. Including the screechers who cry when someone tries to make them think instead of becoming enchanted by their emotion-raising circle jerk.


Don't worry they hate you too


>She used to fuck regularly my good friend while dating her current spouse


>There are other sciences
Pseudoscience isn’t science, sorry numbers are scary tho, faggot


Also I get you get very very hard LARPing as a revolutionary on the interwebz, but you can save your virtual signaling, I was just pointing out fascism has a meaning lmao


im not wasting my life at all but it is disorienting for it to go by so quickly


i dont think the danger is concentration camps so much as it is the collapse of any functioning intra-national european governance, and then a steep decline in standard of living once trade and industry is in chaos from that, and then increasingly reactionary policies on labor and civil liberty. maybe im being naive but i dont see the anti-migrant policies of these quasi-fascist european populists as trending towards putting migrants in camps, even if brutal expulsions are on the table. it seems more likely that the biggest effect would be autarky rhetoric leading to poorly thought out and poorly implemented policies that cause surprising collapses in supply chains and quality of life which are responded to with austerity. these dont seem to be competing projects of revanchism and monopoly like with early 20th century fascism as much as they are the reaction to the EU as a common political and economic project of european integration that depends on participation in the international neoliberal market to maintain a sufficient welfare state in europe. that was always an unsustainable position since the west is no longer the uncontested industrial center of the world, and its not particularly surprising that the reaction to its decline is for reactionaries to delude themselves into thinking they can just pull up the drawbridges and everything will be okay again, since these countrys genuinely believe they achieved their wealth by their own merit and hard work rather than by occupying a particular position in global capital reproduction.

tl;dr i think the success of quasi-fascist populism in europe would look much less like early 20th century fascism and much more like eastern europe after the destruction of the USSR, i.e. spiralling standard of living, mass privatizations, historical revisionism reviving fairy-tale versions of nations' past, etc.


>hismat is pseudoscience
Callate la chinga puta


>America, a country that leans right-wing, has somehow ended up as the last hope for communism and humanity to succeed over the forces of evil.
It's probably because communism is j-ish and all the jays live here.

Also, in what sense does America lean right? Aside from some of the Boomers, my coworkers say class conscious stuff constantly. And speaking out against sodomy or race-mixing makes you a social pariah in most cities at least.
>a cultural revolution in America
What do you think "Civil Rights" was? N-gers, jays, and Irish teamed up to bring down America's WASP elite–and I say this as an Irish-American. The neoliberalism that followed was just another form of j-ish economics, with sociopathic Gentiles acting as faces for Talmudic sorcerors like Milton Friedman. Not to mention Warburg and the ((Federal)) Reserve.(Raids used to be believable)


>N-gers, jays, and Irish teamed up to bring down America's WASP elite

god i wish this was real


The third world can still rise up… The problem is most people are politically very ignorant. If you create some class consciousnessand mobilize the indigenous populations (Zapatista style) and unite the workers of bananas, pineapples, coffee fields, the revolution can begin. As long as USA doesnt invade by proxy. In such case, the socialists in USA are responsible for stopping the attack.


>As long as USA doesnt invade by proxy.
a failed proposition
>In such case, the socialists in USA are responsible for stopping the attack.
lol, lmao even


>If you create some class consciousness
That time has past. People are turning more reactionary in the entire world and China isn't interested in helping other countries gain class conciousness.


Proles hate each other more than they hate the capitalists in the third world same as the first.


>The third world can still rise up


Any euroids here can clarify where those rightoid parties which grew so much stand on Gaza and Ukraine?


They want total genocide of Palestinians and suck Russian cock, next question


Costa Rica has no army. And the police is not as militarized as in the US.
What proxy will the US use? It certainly wont send troops.


Sorry this was meant to >>1885595


why wouldn't it send troops? america has no problems getting its hands dirty, in particular when the opponent is defenceless. landing a few squads of dumbass marines for "peacekeeping" is right up the usa's alley.

they can also just use the cia to fuck things up internally, as they do all the time.

and this is before we consider that costa rica is maybe a few hundred kms from the panama canal, and we all know what happened there. just say that costa rica is "the new centre of drug trade" and voila: casus belli is ready and waiting.


Correct, faggot
Again, sorry numbers are scary


Reported for anti-Marxism, enjoy counting the seconds to your demise, autie


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