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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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What made a homeless man with a mom that died when he was still a teenager into an extreme anti-communist social darwinist that believed in shoving homeless people and anyone that wasn't a middle class german into concentration camps?


WW1-induced brain damage


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File: 1718248446526-1.png (395.21 KB, 559x328, nationalism.PNG)


Ukraine is a country.


File: 1718250489886.mp4 (447.94 KB, 480x360, captainazov480p.mp4)

not anymore lol


>Petty bourgeois mindset coming from a middle class background that fascism would appeal to
>German racism, German imperialism/Drang nach Osten ideology, volkisch ideology, etc. most of which came from the 19th century
>Far right/tsarist influence spread by White emigres after the Russian civil war
>WW1 revanchism, 'Stab in the back' believer
>Idealism and pseudoscientific views, possibly occultism
>Sexual repression, misogyny, psychopathic tendencies (drove his niece to suicide, etc)



Tell me more about this niece. That's a Hitler factoid I didn't know


A lot of communist leaders came from the petty bourgeoisie and they didn't go with fascism. I came from a labor aristocratic background thats basically rural america pettybouge and I didn't turn out rightoid at all lol


Ok liberal, but you still should fell ashamed for your PMC labor aristocrat privileges.


Hitler's niece who moved in with him and shot herself in 1931 because Hitler basically controlled her whole life and tormented her. Word is he was in love with her, but it's unclear if there was sex involved.
Well that's why I listed multiple causes




PMC isn't real, you're either prole or bourg


he grew up a rural petit-bourgeois and probably already developed most of his political convictions before becoming a boheme in vienna and then eventually pursued a career in the german military
also even during that time, he was still receiving inheritance from his dead father's estate


Nta, but consider the following suggestions from about 45 years ago:
<(b) The antagonism between the PMC and the working class cannot be wished away in the name of anti-capitalist unity — any more, for example, than the antagonism between men and women, or between black and white can be, The left, which is now predominantly drawn from the PMC, must address itself to the subjective and cultural aspects of classoppression as well as to material inequalities; it must commit itself to uprooting itsown ingrained and often subtle attitudes of condescension and elitism. The tensions between PMC leftists and the working class can only be dealt with by starting with a clear analytical perception of their origins and nature. Guilty self-effacement on the part of PMC radicals and/or simplistic glorification of the working class simply perpetuate the class roles forged in capitalist society.

Tell me you haven't finished Capital without telling me, gamer


literally glowies. bavarian glowies in this case.


>Lumpenprol turns fascist
Many such cases


If it wasnt him it would have been someone else.


< he was still receiving inheritance from his dead father's estate
Anons i'm confused about what lumpens are again.


this tbh. if it wasn't for the intelligence agency, he would have been a homeless bum, roaming the streets, and selling for booty for cash and died in obscurity


It's whoever the reactionary Christian middle class can't control, basically. Here's how it played out in England and how the Bannonoid memetards are trying to play it now, and why the only correct response is to shut them down and eject them from the discourse entirely:

<English Calvinists (“Puritans” was, in fact, a term of abuse) were mostly drawn from the “middle stratum” of their communities, the one which, as I’ve said, was most thoroughly caught up in the emerging national market. They were also the prosperous householders who employed the largest numbers of local youth as servants. The retreat of the aristocracy from rural life, along with much of the gentry (Stone 1965, Laslett 1965: 180—81) left such people in a strategic position in most villages, one which they were quick to take advantage of. Godly reformers circulated pamphlets and bibles, pooled funds to hire preachers, and tried as best they could to win control of both the borough and the parish governments. As churchwardens and magistrates, they began stripping away everything they found distasteful in traditional worship. Bells no longer tolled at funerals, nor was corn thrown at weddings; bagpipers and fiddlers were to have no part in religious ceremonies (Thomas 1971: 66—67). Most of all, their attacks were aimed at calendar festivals, especially carnivalesque rituals like Christmas and May Day, and the ongoing festive life of the village green.

<As Keith Thomas points out, such attacks were at the same time attacks on the public place of the young in village culture:

>What were the campaigns for the Reformation of Manners if not attempts to suppress all the great obstacles to the subordination of youth: holidays, when the young people were released from their masters’ su pervision; theatres, to which they flocked to be corrupted; alehouses, which threw them into disorder, there being “many drunkards short of twenty years old”; gaming, “a pernicious thing and destructive of youth ”; maypoles, which encouraged “the rout” in their insolency towards the “ancient and the honourable” and taught “young people impudency and rebellion”: dancing, for “where shall young men and maidens meet, if not at the dancing-place?”; sabbath-breaking, by “servants and…the younger sort”; and all the annual rites of misrule when youth temporarily inverted the social order? (Thomas 1976: 221).

<But concerns about youth were already becoming hard to distinguish from those concerning class. One constant complaint in Puritan tracts was the multiplication of impoverished households. The problem, in their view, was that young men and women were abandoning domestic service and marrying early, despite the fact that neither had the resources to support a proper family. This concern was matched with one over “masterless men”—with the independent poor, the murky and disordered world of hawkers, beggars, minstrels and vagabonds. In an ideal society, all these should be assembled under the domestic discipline of the Godly, who would direct them in labor as in prayer (Hill 1979; Wrightson & Levine 1979).29

<The more radical Calvinists developed a utopian vision in which such authoritarian families were the only hierarchical organization that really needed to exist. The ideal community would be governed by an assembly of “elders,” who were simply the heads of larger households. In New England, where Puritans were actually in a position to put some of these ideals into practice, the chief men of a community were given legal authority to place any young man and woman determined to be living alone in an “unruly household” as a servant in the households of more respectable elders—by force if necessary (Morgan 1944: 45-47, 85-89).

<In other words, the Puritans did not see any distinction between projects of social reform directed at the lower classes, and the process of educating the youth. The two categories were not fully distinguished: they formed, as it were, a kind of unruly residual; the solution in either case being the imposition of domestic discipline. In their ideal society, anyone without the means or discipline to support a family should be incorporated into a larger household, working under the pay and careful direction of a disciplined master, who would also be responsible for their catechism and moral instruction.

<As one might imagine, this vision, or the prospect of reducing collective ritual life to a matter of sermons and bible-reading, did not inspire uniform enthusiasm among parishioners. English villagers seem to have had a particular aversion to being preached at. “When the vicar goeth into the pulpit to read what he himself hath written,” observes one Stephen Gardiner in 1547, “then do the multitude goeth straight out of church, and home to drink” (Thomas 1971: 161). And once called so into question, everyday habits like stopping off at the local alehouse after a day’s work, or piping on the village green, became overt political issues. May Day celebrations (the English equivalent of the continental Carnival) became perhaps the greatest single particular focus of contention.

>The village maypole, Richard Baxter tells us, was near his father’s house at Eaton Constantine, “so that we could not read the Scriptures in our family without the great disturbance of a tabor and pipe and noise in the street.” Baxter often wanted to join the revelers, but he was put off by their calling his father a Puritan. The phallic maypole was for the rural lower class almost a symbol of independence of their betters: Baxter’s father “could not break the sport,” even though the piper was one of his own tenants (H ill 1964:184).

<In some cases they lead to open confrontation:

>A Star Chamber case for 1604 tells how a group in the country parish of Alton, Southam , procured a m instrel and danced on Whitsunday. W hen the constable and church warden tried to arrest the musician, they were overpowered by his supporters who moved him to another part of the village, locked him in a house and, posting one of their own number on the roof to keep watch, continued to dance m errily on the lawn to the strains of the music that came out through the open window (W right & Lones 1938: 299).

<It’s hard to say how often such occasions lead to outright violence (most of our sources were written by Puritans who referred to ordinary church ales as “heathenish rioting”), but riots did occur, and not only over economic issues like enclosure.


>jews turned the socialist movement against the interest of the workers
And what are those interests of the workers that Jews allegedly turned against?


>Tell me you haven't finished Capital without telling me, gamer
quote the passage that refers to the existence of a PMC


Nta but I bet it's these. All middle-class moralists draw from the same poisonous well and all of these moralistic elements are best eliminated from any worker's movement.

<As for the religious question, we cannot speak about it officially, except when the priests provoke us, but you will detect the spirit of atheism in all our publications. Moreover, we do not admit any society which has the slightest hint of religious allusion in its statutes. Many wanted to apply, but they were all invariably rejected.


The joke is that Capital vol. 3 was unfinished, and the manuscript breaks off in the chapter on classes, just as he is trying to formulate a theory of classes. You've magnified political rhetoric into theory out of sheer debate lord retardation. You should kill yourself for thnking television debate is meaningful and important.


File: 1718291255218.png (185.3 KB, 374x470, 1681516798155231.png)

what the fuck are you talking about? television?


Where else do people learn to treat Capital as a cookbook, if not streamers who are nothing more than modern capitalist televangelists?


This is described in Marxism and the National Question by Stalin.
In short, the Jews do not exist as a nation. The repeated attempts to force national forms of organization, such as Jewish workers' unions, only resulted in damage to the workers' movement. More recently, the attempt to force a nation of Jews into existence created possibly the most reactionary state on the planet.


I still don't know what you're saying, but I'll take it as an attempt to concede the point to me.


Debate is a childish game that decides nothing and isn't important.


what >>1884648 said, also on this site its often used by reactoids to say women/minorities/queers when they go on their weird anti-social rants they try to pass off as marxism


File: 1718299529327.pdf (583.75 KB, 180x255, Bataille Fascism.pdf)

TL;DR: Petty bourgs and all other dying classes flock either to subversion (anarchism) or authority (fascism)


Everyone should want to subvert capitalist relations. What kind of counter-revolutionary sad sack are you?


i didn't say it was a bad thing


Oh… that's OK then


Chauvinistic environment and sociopathy probably due to trauma ?


He was a petit bourgeois who despised the working class.


the social democrats did that and shitler was never a socialist


>go back in time
>teach teenage Hitler how to paint properly
>World Communism achieved


And I was told he was a lumped with a bourgeois inheritance earlier ITT? >>1884639
I'm confused again, anons.


>Hitler fucked his niece
wtf I love nazism now


that post was obviously /pol/ bait
as if fucking national socialism was an answer to the problem of ethnicity dividing workers lmfao


File: 1718441419674.jpg (93.98 KB, 1258x734, hitlerviennaworkers.jpg)


based workers
he was that weirdo at work who thinks hes better than everybody else.


or they get proletarianized, as stalin pointed out in his shoemaker example from 1906


if they fail then yes, that's just basic marx, nothing to do with funny mustache man

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