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Welp edition
Live Updates: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
Global Tracker: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
The mod team asks you to please limit all covid discourse outside the mainstream media (vaccine skepticism, mask non-compliance, etc..) to this thread
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the closest system that s simmilar to chinas is sk under park chugn hee

and that system was based suprisingly a lot on the control of korean chaebol porkies

of course there are differences but the differences is that chinas system calls for more state control, of porkies




Yes, it is capitalism, it is based on porky but with some adversarial state power, however, my question was not "Does China perfectly manifest the will of the proletariat?" but "Can the average Chinese person trust the CPC?" which is contextualized in China's history of extreme poverty, and global capitalism, and industrialization etc.. Which means yes, lockdowns are good, relatively of course, when China does them.


the gdr also took in western loans, you are ridiculous for associating leftism with suppressing a protest


yeah i dont disagree what i said wasnt meant to debunk your point it was to support your point by pointing out that out of all the capitalism systems china has the one that has the most state control over porky

but even then that isnt a perfect description because china has way more state control than that of sk meaning that from a peoples point of view, china can be trusted

why because unlike the west chinese system isnt controlled by porkie that much but rather the state seems to be the ones with the real power and thus can better help deliever proper laws for the benefits of the peoples


The efficacy stats are from trials, we have enough data now to report real world efficacy. The trials efficacy are inflated for pfizer and Moderna compared to their real world performance.


>we have enough data now to report real world efficacy
where is it


>Merck Created Hit List to "Destroy," "Neutralize" or "Discredit" Dissenting Doctors. Merck emails from 1999 showed company execs complaining about doctors who disliked using Vioxx. One email said: We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live



Ah yes sorry we agree


Probably hard to find since it showed the Chinese vaccines were most effective if the post summarising a link to the news in the China thread was accurate

Anybody save that link if you did post it here plox


File: 1638589094907.jpg (57.84 KB, 506x900, EvVfr3sU4AAETG6.jpg)


File: 1638589475483-0.png (51.54 KB, 912x379, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638589475483-1.gif (50.98 KB, 413x243, 1615015201122.gif)

Specifically, COVID-19 infection may increase people’s urges to poop. This new condition, named “restless anal syndrome,” comes from a case report of an unnamed 77-year-old man in Japan who experienced “deep anal discomfort” after recovering from the virus.1

Restless Anal Syndrome affects the body in similar ways as restless legs syndrome (RLS), a neurological condition that causes an uncontrollable urge to move the legs. People who have RLS constantly feel the need to walk, run or stretch. But people with restless anal syndrome might feel constant bowel movement.



*shits uncontrollably*


this is the future antivaxxers want kek


that anorectal violence schizo will short out when he hears about this




Blumenthal was shilling for lockdowns not so long ago. He changes his mind to whatever's popular, the little cretin.



If you live in a big city, it's likely that there is a test center around you less than 30 minutes walking distance. If you are in a rural region, it's likely that you are fucked, might as well just quit your job. If there are cops on the bus or train station, you will get checked, they right now send out entire squads of cops with assault rifles checking your digitalized vaccine passport or test result on trains, they also don't call themselves cops anymore, they wear a new riot gear uniform that says "immunization squad".

But even if you live in a big city, lines in front of the test station can take up multiple hours. Today it's pouring rain. Imagine you have job in which you have contact to customers or clients but you have to stand in the rain for 2 hours before even be able to get on the train.


Have you both noticed that ITT there is zero sentiment against a lockdown besides one guy? Yes, lockdowns are also used to immiserate the working class, but this isn't 2020 anymore. I would be totally okay with a lockdown. I wear a mask. I get tested everyday. The problem is that unvaccinated face obstacles that can't be dealt with anymore and are frankly inhumane. During a lockdown, you can't go to a restaurant. With the state repression against unvaccinated minorities, they lose their job and can't even go get a haircut.

Meanwhile, the vaccinated are the real COVID deniers. They act as if they can't spread it, acting like super spreaders.


Holy shit. I want to see footage of unvaxxed people being apprehended.


He might be right that anti-vax drama is overshadowing the privatized Vaccines mass death


>Honest question, why do you keep posting here when everybody thinks you're a nutter and just laughs at you?
>Have you both noticed that ITT there is zero sentiment against a lockdown besides one guy?
Ehh, I probably agree with him, but I don't post in this thread much because I'm just trying to ignore Covid. I wish I could take a nap for however many years until this is over so I won't have to hear about any of it anymore.


we got cocky vaxxbros…


How? German measures are perfectly reasonable and hit the unvaccinated. The first sentence being the most obvious lie.
Where do you get this from? German police don't carry ARs. You think special forces is checking your vax status? Better get it then.


German measures are perfectly reasonable in a capitalist country that has more interest in the profits of its ruling class than the welfare of its citizens. I'm pro vaccine but making it mandatory is a dumb move, or rather it's the only move that a state like Germany can make because it's the most cost effective way of saving their economy.


I have overstated it when I said perfectly reasonable, obviously the chinese system is superior. Point is that post is ridiculous.


don't forget he used to be virulently anti-assad and anti-dprk until it too proved unpopular



>Where do you get this from?
I saw footage of it. I haven't been subject to that myself, at my suburban train station there are public transport security officials and few cops in uniform checking your vaccine passports.
>German police don't carry ARs.
They do. There is an AR in every police car stored away, and federal police patrol airports with ARs. But yes, "special forces", in our case, that would be the Bereitschaftspolizei are deployed in this AFAIK. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the military checks your vaccine passport in a few weeks, they are already deploying military for health reasons, meaning they help out in emergency rooms, flying people out to less occupied hospitals. But you know, it's a foot in the door, and if there is something we've learned during this pandemic is that once they get their foot on the door and they gonna end up going to the end with it.

Well yes, they are the most effective to maximize monopoly rents for big pharma. A measure that would actually be effective would be a general test mandate for everybody every day or every second, that's free and accessible and provides you with all available testing methods. Vaccines seem to do jackshit when it comes to stopping the spread.


>I'm pro vaccine but making it mandatory is a dumb move
Why? If it works 100% of people should take it, if fit doesn't nobody should.
I don't know shit about medicine, why should the decision to take the vaccine be on me?
My only options are 1) take a guess 2) "learn" about vaccines on the internet to make an "informed" decision
That's where all the conspiratard shit comes from.

What I'm against is the retarded measures used to enforce the vaccines, passports and QR codes, annoying shit making day to day life harder. Should be vax cheka knocking on everyone's door with loaded syringe, none of this gay voluntarist shit.


Yep, German communists have taken a good nuanced stance on those fascistic new measures. The DKP chapter in Hannover even goes much further, although a bit too much for me personally:


German communists are well aware of state repression. Communists are barred from taking on public service jobs and the KPD was outlawed for bogus reasons.


Good to see.


>big pharma
stupid concept for baby criticism of capitalism


It's in the interest of the state to vaccine as many jabs as possible, for profit reasons. When there is always a small minority of unvaccinated, that's the best case scenario for them - every time they have a scapegoat, and they can use to start cutting their social entitlements like paid leave and unemployment benefits away.
>I don't know shit about medicine
So do politicians. Do you think they know shit when they proclaim themselves to be medical authorities? They get all their info from politically compromised "vaccine tsars" in the pockets of big pharma like Dr. Fauci in the US or Dr. Drosten in Germany who rose to the status of celebrities.

But you don't need to know all the medical information. If it's about fighting a pandemic, the exact side effects of the vaccine and its individual efficacy doesn't even matter. The question is, what are large-scale effects and social consequences of a vaccination campaign - is it designed to stop the spread or not? So far, we can statistically observe two phenomena:

1.) As vaccinated have been told to be immune now, they don't get tested, they gather in large groups and spread the virus everywhere

2.) The protection against infection (not severe cases!) seems to be far, far lower than the original claim of 85%, in fact dramatically lower

None of this is conspiratorial or anything.


I could have also written out "chemical monopoly bourgeoisie" and "financial rentiers" but I still haven't forgotten how to talk to the average Joe, fucking retard.

Also, did you know that the German pharmaceutical industry was one of the main facilitators of the Holocaust? But just ignore that, they've totally changed now.


The vaccines work and 100% of people should take it but firstly we're not living in an ideal world where either people will line up to get jabbed or where the state can (or even should) realistically enforce this in an orderly fashion. And secondly the vaccine isn't enough to contain the pandemic because vaccinated people can transmit the virus and enhance the possibility of a resisting variant appearing.


Bereitschaftspolizei isn't special forces, shut the fuck up. They are crayon eaters that like to use nightsticks.
>federal police patrol airports with ARs
This is true.
>There is an AR in every police car stored away
Quite likely also true. Doesn't mean they carry it around to check documentation, that is quite the leap.
>military for health reasons, meaning they help out in emergency rooms, flying people out to less occupied hospitals.
This is good or you want these patients to die gruesomely?


The vaccines work in what sense. Against the need for intensive care? Nevermind that this is also manufactured due to a reduction in available intensive care units, then yes, all the old geezers and people with preconditions should get the vaccine. But if it's not protecting against spreading it, then there is no reason why healthy young men or children should get it who have a miniscule risk of a severe risk just like influenza or something. It's simply irrational, especially as they abandon all other measures and use this issue to ramp up the security state.

But even if they worked against spreading it, I would still raise awareness against a ramped up surveillance and security state with total control over people's bodies because I'm not a fucking naive liberal.


File: 1638623029677.mp4 (21.11 MB, 1280x720, 1638039851747.mp4)

>Bereitschaftspolizei isn't special forces, shut the fuck up. They are crayon eaters that like to use nightsticks.
There isn't a dictionary definition of "special forces" you retard. Obviously I'm not talking about the GSG9 here. Riot police isn't regular police that checks your driving license, is all I wanted to say. And yes, Bereitschaftspolizei also has ARs in their lockers.
>Quite likely also true. Doesn't mean they carry it around to check documentation, that is quite the leap.
Video related, check out at 14 seconds.
>This is good or you want these patients to die gruesomely?
This is quite the moralistic and liberal trick you are doing here. It implies "no alternatives" like the neoliberal preachers have been telling us since years. You didn't have to reduce the intensive care units. You didn't have to deploy the fucking military, instead force civil companies to help and fly them out.


Ordnungsamt is police that have been taught literacy so quite the opposite of Bereitschaftseinheit.
Yeah, clearly discussion over. I hope you are gunned down by the SEK.


It does prevent spreading, to an extent, but it's not perfect, still way better than nothing though.

Like fucking hell, pick your battles, you're just making all 'anti establishment' people look bad by rallying against vaccines.


Ordnungsamt isn't even police. They often have zero training, not more than a bouncer, and can't even check your documents, all they can do is a civil arrest like every other citizen according to paragraph 127 StPO. Shut the fuck up man, you are completely clueless and don't even believe your own eyes when I show you evidence.
>Yeah, clearly discussion over. I hope you are gunned down by the SEK.
I was using the general second conjugation, but phew, that mask fell quickly.


Then what are you watching in the video you imbecile?
You are completely missing the point, one time it's special forces, then it's Bereitschaftseinheit, in the video we are watching Ordnungsamt. Now you are telling me what?


Everyone should take a vaccine by their own volition, even if they are young, but I otherwise agree with your post.

Vaccines shouldn't have been necessary, we have been forced again and again by the neoliberal order to get sick or to get the vaccine, with the attached idea that it was the most scientific way to carry out the inevitable genocide.


>It does prevent spreading, to an extent, but it's not perfect, still way better than nothing though
It's also better than nothing to get a lot of vitamin D or boost your immune system with smoothies and supplements. So what's the efficacy rate? Why were specific groups like pregnant women excluded from clinical trials, yet they are being told to take it?

>carrying ARs
Dude, at this point it's embarrassing, just stop. Admit there has been excessive police force to go through with an irrational mandate that is very worrying.


What is in the video, explain the video, you utter fucking retard. I would be very happy to stop if you stop promulgation your absolute retardation.
Knowing the basics of how police work is relevant to a leftist, you are just throwing words you don't understand around, which is bad. So if you could just stop doing that, that would be fucking fantastic.


What you are seeing is the police raiding a restaurant asking everyone for vaccine passports while some of them carry ARs. They literally shout "Polizei!". It's not the fucking Ordnungsamt, it's not the fucking Sicherheitswacht, it's cops. Seriously, are you trying to troll me?


Rewatch the video or something

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