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Welp edition
Live Updates: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
Global Tracker: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
The mod team asks you to please limit all covid discourse outside the mainstream media (vaccine skepticism, mask non-compliance, etc..) to this thread


>"death with corona" and "death within a month of a positive corona test" are counted as "corona deaths"
rightard cope


>when do you think restrictions should be lifted?
when the pandemic is actually over
are you a bougie this desperate to fly to other countries

>when should corona passports, vaccine and mask mandates stop?

actually i dont like these because theyre never done in a transparent way and its a violation of privacy
i still think you guys are fucking retarded for shitting on masks and vaccines lmfao


as long as the pandemic continues you fucking retard, which it will as long as pieces of shit like you keep getting your way


>A newspaper editor wrote an article recently apologising for his newspaper not pushing more against the government narrative and interpretation of numbers.

The "newspaper" is a conservative tabloid Ekstra Bladet


Hallo aus Deutschland! Really I've been thinking about migrating to your country because I live in Germany, which is firmly under the control of American medico-fascists and enforces now booster mandates ("2g+ Regel") with the most cruel, fascistic measures imaginable (depriving people of unemployment benefits, etc.). Our health minister, a mentally ill medico-fascist concentration camp doctor, Karl Lauterbach, continues to spread dangerous misinformation that omicron is actually "more deadly" than the wild Wuhan strain without any evidence.


>le wuhan flu
you faggots are so transparent


From what I was I've read, the virus was first discovered in Wuhan, where it was quickly contained by the Chinese government that saved thousands of lives. Come again?


Anzeige ist raus.


Aber erst am Montag, oder?


>someone help I can't stop coooooooooooopinggggggg


I am really not someone that is easily offended but if you are german you should know not to make nazi comparisons in this way. Or maybe it's Kabarett.


>who decides when it's over?
A good rule of thumb to know if this virus is still dangerous is to look how actual socialist countries like Cuba or DPRK react to it


I am serious now - at what point are you allowed to make Nazi comparisons? Sure, sure, they are not exterminating peoples or wage war on the entire world, but neither did the Nazis before 1939, right? Does anything the Nazis did between 1933 and 1939 not count as Nazi methods? We are dealing with serious, never-ending, increasingly unscientific controls in terms of bodily autonomy, the biopolitics Foucault was talking about are not in his abstract conception anymore, they are forced upon us directly, out in the open. This is nothing but an assault on the global working class.

Oh, so you are worried about people dying from a virus? Well, where fucking where you when the influenza killed thousands in 2018!

If you are not completely brainwashed and speak German, I recommend you this article: https://netzwerk-linker-widerstand.ru/magma/2022/02/biopolitische-machtergreifung/


Nah, I'm good. I already have a religion.


>getting asked to wear a mask is…. LE FASCIST
holy libshit


I am for mask mandates, especially in retirement homes and the such, where people have a very high risk of dying from the flu.


File: 1644589825854.png (17.59 KB, 511x385, insecure.png)

As someone who actually studied most of Foucault's work it's so tiring to see him getting mangled by antivaxxers.


Your religion is worshipping anti-science bullshit put out by Bayer AG (ex-IG Farben, profiteers of industrial extermination) and Biontech.


We don't talk to Nazis, we shoot them.


>most predictions that poststructuralist thinkers made in the abstract become real
>noooo don't misinterpret the actual thoughts of my favorite pedophile Frenchman!
hang yourself


>me and my liberal friends
The "nazis" (imagined nazis: 25 million unvaccinated in Germany, all nazis, especially the children; actual nazis: about 5k at best, observed by the Verfassungsschutz) must be so triggered


>pedophile Frenchman
t. Fox News consumer


you dont even see the irony and hypocrisy in posting this after all your unhinged posts


>DPRK react to it
the DPRK rejected millions of vaccines in the COVAX program and told them to send the vaccines somewhere else.


You sound a bit triggerd


Foucault was an actual pedophile who preyed on colonized people. Are you gonna die on that hill or will you admit you lost this exchange?


Yes I am fucking triggered because this vaccine mandate actually ruins my life. You know, some people despite posting on here have lives.


NTA but ad hominem is not an argument. If anything, you lost.


How does the vaccine mandate ruin your life?


>Foucault was an actual pedophile who preyed on colonized people.
The only "source" for this was some random conservative right-winger who constantly whines about le woke ideology. In over 50 years absolutely nobody else said anything about it at all until this person. He's also a collaborator with Jean Chirac y Alain Juppe, curiously accused of embezzlement. I think this helps understand his statements.


I can still critique his work and then use ad hominem especially after that retarded post by that other anon that he "read Foucault's work" (he didn't) and pointed out "well, biopolitics as a category by Foucault doesn't literally mean the state controlling your body" - I mean, yes and no. There are layers to that. Foucault's talk about hospitals and prisons certainly is, in the end, controlling your body directly. Most of capitalism is controlling your body indirectly.

But to be offended that people use the term "biopolitics" to talk about regulary vaccine mandates that are tracked via digital apps on your phone is super retarded, Foucault probably rolls in his grave.

If anything, it shows that the age of postmodern abstractions is over.


foucault wasnt even living in tunisia during 1969, youre retarded and easily believe anything you read on the internet (but this is obvious, youre an antivaxxer)


>this vaccine mandate actually ruins my life

I mean, if it's a social thing you can always take the jab and lie about it…

How hard is to take an injection that is objectively for your benefit? Like what, you worry the vaccine is going to bar your soul from salvation or something? Because if we are staying within reality, the vaccine is the superior alternative to the risk of unvaxxed covid.
Or maybe you lead such a privileged life where you don't expect to get it and you can afford the monoclonal antibodies treatment and such on a whim and taking the shot is a status thing. You know, the servants have to wear masks so you don't need to kind of thing.


File: 1644591112913.jpg (142.6 KB, 1080x1158, 1643689549712.jpg)

It really says a lot that the guy spouting Alex Jones-tier crap would also post some bullshit claims made against Foucault that were also only shared in Alex Jones-tier blogs and social media circles, rofl.


Lost my job over it.

Ah yes, the French understanding that you were not pedophilic when you are seduced by young ephebes, totally not children. What's worse, he did it in a country France colonized and talked to teenage boys to come with him in exchange for money - and this is confirmed, you don't need to consult Guy Sorman for that.


>this is confirmed
Can you post these confirmations?


>curiously accused of embezzlement.
Embezzlement in what context. There's nothing wrong with embezzlement usually.


>How hard is to take an injection that is objectively for your benefit?
What the fuck is this retardation. Yes, I can also inject myself with fucking fuel overnight, after all, the procedure would be the least of my worries…

Foucault was also one of the co-signers of French philosophers to lower the age of consent. This is all out in the open and not "Alex Jones-tier crap".


>Lost my job over it.
You mean you decided to leave your job to avoid vaccination.

Why is avoiding the covid vaccines so important to you, that you'd prefer the consequences that "ruin your life"?


>Foucault was also one of the co-signers of French philosophers to lower the age of consent.
That was part of a protest because French authorities thought that kids should go to jail.


This is from Tunesian journalists trying to DEFEND Foucault:
What the fuck? Source: https://www.jeuneafrique.com/1147268/politique/tunisie-michel-foucault-netait-pas-pedophile-mais-il-etait-seduit-par-les-jeunes-ephebes/
When you read the article, you find that Moncef Ben Abbes, a guy in the village at that time, confims this. The problem was that Guy Sorman made outrageous rightoid claims that Foucault would force children to have sex with corpses at midnight. Obviously bullshit. Still, he was a pedo.


>defending the capitalist
In any case:
>Why is avoiding the covid vaccines so important to you, that you'd prefer the consequences that "ruin your life"?
I am worried about the side effects.


>Foucault was a pedophile who raped kids
>here, it says Foucault wasn't a pedophile and didn't rape kids
Uh. Okay.


>paying kids under the age of consent to come with you under a lighthouse in a country your own country colonized is okay


>Foucault was an actual pedophile who preyed on colonized people


I don't read French, does the article state he had sex with these kids? If so, that's fucked, but it doesn't seem to be the case lol


If your fucking alarm doesn't go off when someone says he was "seduced by young children" then I do not know what to tell you.

Again, this isn't even about Foucault's work.


Out of all the things I can think about COVID 19 must be the most boring subject


>I am worried about the side effects.
But not about covid? Because that's the risk to balance here.

Also, did you take previous doses? Because the balance of minimizing risk was a lot heavier towards taking the vaccines in the first waves of covid. You had a lot higher chance of not getting proper treatment, being screwed by triage on crowded hospitals, or lacking the resources to get the treated or ventilated if by chance you got really sick.
And also there was , for the same reasons, a bigger social benefit to being vaccinated and minimizing your own impact on the healthcare systems(even if their unpreparedness and the virus spread can be blamed on capitalists).

So did you take the earlier covid shots?


>seduced by young children
my alarm would go off if someone said he seduced young children., not the other way around, or that he accepted the seductions and fucked them or w/e
were talking about a poor colonized country, its not surprising some kids would try to sell their bodies for money, the issue is if he took advantage of this or not

if google translate can be trusted, it seems he did not do any of this
>At that time, the Minister of the Interior is none other than Béji Caid Essebsi (1926-2019), born in Sidi Bou Saïd. "He would have tolerated no scandal, but knew that the village self-regulated. Two perpetrators of pedophile acts were very quietly banished from the village, although son of notables "reports close to the former President of the Republic.


>But not about covid?
Already had it. But I didn't had any symptoms. The German government just decided to lower the time where you count as "recovered" from 6 months to 3 months. Suddenly, from one day to another, by government decree, I found myself amongst the "schizos", "anti-vaxxers", "nazis", etc. because now I am barred from participating in social life. There are also conditions in my workplace, which I will not elobarate, that require me to take the vaxx or I am out.
>And also there was , for the same reasons, a bigger social benefit to being vaccinated and minimizing your own impact on the healthcare systems
If that is true, if this Malthusian logic applies, I can also just kill myself because I have a condition that requires me to visit a hospital on a regular basis. Tell me, should rock climbers get treatment when they injure themselves? Should chain smokers do? After all, we can just let pregnant women deliver at home, because it's their choice they didn't get the pill, right?

You are regurgitating the exact same shit the neoliberal elites pushed for decades. It's all about "self-care", don't you ever rely on the healthcare system which has been starved for decades as well.
>So did you take the earlier covid shots?
I didn't take a single shot because I already had it and natural immunity.


>Muh legal age of consent says 17.9 years and younger is pedophilia and 18 is totally normal.
Do people really think that desires and actions are determined by laws?

And are you seriously arguing people from the imperial core can't have sex with people from the imperialized countries? Nigha wtf.


>Do people really think that desires and actions are determined by laws?
Well this is the thin about laws, they need to have some standard to be enacted, there is also a legal driving age, a legal age to drink alcohol, and so on. Does that mean a 17 year old can be more mature than a 18 year old? Yeah, sure. But if you do not see the problem of a 40 year old man taking 17 year old kids to his hotel room in the global south (remember the cheque they got from Michel was probably more than what their father would earn an entire year) then I do not know what to tell you.


>if you do not see the problem of a 40 year old man taking 17 year old kids to his hotel room
i guess you're just going to completely ignore >>740923
youre contradicting yourself with the very same article you posted as "proof"
go home my man


>It's all about "self-care"
Actually it's you who's all about "personal responsibility" and risk taking. A closer example would be:
<Should I be allowed to smoke my cancer sticks in public with the rest of the responsible addicts who take responsiblility for themselves?
Which , no. I don't want your second hand smoke and I couldn't care less about your smoker's pride. You stink, you stain and you are pathological(an addict). But if you don't, smoke in private where others don't have to inhale the tar in your breath.

>I didn't take a single shot because I already had it and natural immunity.

So really, there is no rationality behind it and it's just schizo antivaxx pride. Ok. No further questions.




>So really, there is no rationality behind it and it's just schizo antivaxx pride
The rationality is… whatever. You are too far gone. Go look up how viruses work and we can talk again. Meanwhile, I think my doctor is better equipped to help me than you.


>i got covid and nothing happened
>but i won't save myself the fucking trouble of my stupid decisions because of what might happen if i get a shot
>so I'll just subject myself to the possibility of repeated infections and the certainty of social repercussions because of the miniscule chance of uh "side effects"
>if only you were as smart and rational as me you'd understand u_u;;


If North Korean tv is anything to go by they're still taking covid deadly seriously


Morally there is no difference with another few days, weeks, months. But legally it's better to have a hard baseline somewhere that no rich cunt with his fancy lawyer can wriggle out off.


the same liberal ideology that has us putting primary blame on unvaxxed individuals for the disastrous state response to covid has us fretting over our carbon footprint, individual consumer choices as though the problem in both cases was not this mode of production the whole time

covid is a product of capitalism (deforestation, urbanization in peripheral lands puts people in direct contact with novel diseases) and climate change is too (fossil fuels as capital’s unique trick for profits by disaggregation of production, labor arbitrage, capital mobility)

and we wonder why workers often break conservative on this issues… regressive sales taxes on gasoline, moral browbeating over lifestyle? blaming the worker who (rightfully) distrusts the same lackeys of profit who gave us NAFTA and the capitalists who give us $300 insulin?

there’s no individual solution to a collective problem and, more, the hegemonic ideology of individual solutions makes collective action that much harder. the only solution to the contractions/tragedies of class society is a class movement to directly oppose the class system


so basically youre saying vaccine mandates and quarantines are good? glad we agree


They are the lib side of a culture war. The only truly leftist stance is ZERO COVID. Anything less is different degrees of capitalist realism.


>The only truly leftist stance is [IDEALISM]
wow, tell us more.


File: 1644602594911.jpeg (95.79 KB, 1280x853, FLRmT4BVQAAdfTz.jpeg)

China did it, enjoy your culture war loser.


>enjoy your culture war loser
<Is deeply engaged in culture war


what culture war?


have you considered reading a thread before posting


A Chinese city is paying $1,500 to anyone who tests positive for COVID-19


File: 1644646948269.jpg (328.05 KB, 1080x1208, tXveRbo.jpg)


File: 1644704920479.jpg (121.37 KB, 1280x992, FEbWqGeWQAgsFYT.jpg)

It's so funny to see "marxist" "academics" talking about muh Soros muh vaccine muh globalism.


Soros is an anti-communist piece of shit, pointing out his nefarious influence is legitimate.


Did you read the essay? It's just a long-winded way of whining about vaccines.


thank you ben "red" garrison


total poverty may be what it takes to get amerifats to take more political action than vooooting


"natural immunity" from contracting covid previously won't protect you from variants dumbass

this is why we need a strong Tankie state to forcibly vaxx people. Break down their front doors and fill with them with Sputnik vax


>"natural immunity" from contracting covid previously won't protect you from variants dumbass
And neither will a vaccine made for the alpha variant spike protein.


>"natural immunity" from contracting covid previously won't protect you from variants dumbass
First off, the fact that you needed to put something like natural immunity in quotation marks reveals that you are an absolute bitch. Since when is the concept of natural immunity controversial? Do we have to go back to medieval theories about miasmas? Fucking hell.

Secondly, as the other anon pointed out, the mRNA vaccines are specifically designed to prevent you from going to the hospital from the alpha variant. And they did that … less than moderately successful looking at the results.
>this is why we need a strong Tankie state to forcibly vaxx people. Break down their front doors and fill with them with Sputnik vax


>Since when is the concept of natural immunity controversial?

When scientific terms became political buzzwords, and were used in word salad propaganda pieces like "vaccines + natural immunity = super immunity."

>Do we have to go back to medieval theories about miasmas?

This would actually be a big improvement because aerosol transmission has been severely downplayed in preference for fomite transmission in order to get people back to work and free organizations of responsibility for infections that happen on site. If aerosol transmission weren't being intentionally buried and a bigger effort was made to focus on improving ventilation and air filtration techniques like corsi boxes, in conjunction with other non medical interventions, the pandemic wouldn't be nearly as severe as it currently is.


Has anyone read Zizek's book on covid?




it read like patiently listening to a rambling uncle who is too engrossed in his own story to notice that you are getting annoyed.


Why is mental illness so prevalent in Denmark?


Jannies are right, kys faget


I'd like to read it. Zizek's brilliant.



>PIERRE, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - The South Dakota House has passed a bill to allow medical professionals to prescribe ivermectin to patients suffering from COVID-19.

>House Bill 1267 passed Monday on a vote of 40 to 28, South Dakota Broadcasters Association Reports. Its prime sponsor is Rep. Phil Jensen (R, Rapid City).

>The bill gives medical professionals permission to prescribe ivermectin in accordance with accepted medical standards. If ivermectin is prescribed, medical professionals must provide patients with an information sheet about the drug and subsequent healthcare information.

>Opponents of the bill argue the legislature should not be telling doctors what they can or cannot prescribe for their patients.



>Despite the efforts by the ruling elite and the corporate media to falsely claim that SARS-CoV-2 has become endemic and will be more like the seasonal flu, COVID-19 infections and deaths continue at rates comparable to the peaks of previous waves.

>A recent investigative report by Gothamist comparing provisional COVID-19 data by sex and age and preliminary influenza-associated pediatric deaths data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explodes the lie that the disease is mild and is akin to the flu.

>First, the report notes that influenza-related pediatric deaths nearly disappeared among children in 2021. This was largely due to the broad-based use of mitigation measures across the US and in schools. Second, COVID-19 deaths among children not only far outpaced flu-related deaths but have risen sharply throughout the pandemic.

>Just three flu-related child deaths were reported in 2021 compared to 539 COVID-19 reported deaths among children in the same period. Additionally, as flu-related deaths diminished between 2020 and 2021 almost to zero, reported COVID-19-related deaths among children nearly tripled from 198 reported deaths to 539. The report also showcases that the greatest number of deaths in 2021 occurred during the last five months of the year, amid a surge of the Delta variant and after schools reopened for the fall semester.

>Since the spread of Omicron, the frequency of deaths among children has only continued to rise. According to the same report, at least 58 reported deaths have been recorded since the start of 2022 alone.



>A new pre-print study in BioRxIv by a team of Japanese researchers, plus emerging data from the UK and South Africa, point in the same direction: that the Omicron variant BA.2 is not just outcompeting “original” Omicron, variant BA.1, but is also more pathogenic.

>The article estimated BA.2 as 1.4 times as contagious as BA.1, which is consistent with BA.2 managing to gain a lot of ground against an already fabulously contagious variant. From the abstract:

<Statistical analysis shows that the effective reproduction number of BA.2 is 1.4-fold higher than that of BA.1. Neutralisation experiments show that the vaccine-induced humoral immunity fails to function against BA.2 like BA.1, and notably, the antigenicity of BA.2 is different from BA.1. Cell culture experiments show that BA.2 is more replicative in human nasal epithelial cells and more fusogenic than BA.1. Furthermore, infection experiments using hamsters show that BA.2 is more pathogenic than BA.1. Our multiscale investigations suggest that the risk of BA.2 for global health is potentially higher than that of BA.1.


File: 1645260941492.png (429.37 KB, 810x960, ClipboardImage.png)

is this making fun of anti-restriction people or pro-safety people?

i was blessed to not be french


Don't worry guys covid will evolve to be less deadl-


>In South Africa, where Omicron was first sequenced, the seven-day moving average of new infections has plateaued at 2,500 per day. The death rate, however, has risen tenfold since mid-November, with an average of 164 deaths per day. Of note, more than 9,000 South Africans have died during the Omicron wave accounting for almost 10 percent of all COVID deaths. Rates of children dying were up by a factor of 2.2.

>On February 17 there were 435 deaths reported, a single-day high during the Omicron phase of the pandemic. In line with these findings, the moving average case fatality rate of COVID-19 in the country has been rapidly climbing. Viral sequences submitted to GISAID between January 24 to February 7, 2022, found that BA.2 accounted for 65 percent of cases.


>The BA.2 variant became dominant in Denmark by mid-January, displacing BA.1, and presently accounts for more than 90 percent of all sequenced SARS-CoV-2 samples in Denmark. Cases peaked at the end of January, where they have remained consistently high with a seven-day moving average of over 40,000 cases per day. Worrisome has been the acceleration of the daily death counts, which have edged above last winter’s peak. Thirty-three people are now dying every day.

>Placing these figures into context for comparative purposes, Denmark has 5.83 million people while the US has 331 million. If Denmark had an equivalent population, the case rate would be over 2.2 million infections daily and the daily death close to 1,900 per day.

oh boy




The caption reads 'The frenchmen satisfied with the lifting of the restrictions'.


>A year and a half after the arrival of Virus, some may have started wondering why the usually unscrupulous ruling elites decided to freeze the global profit-making machine

lol off to a bad start already, they froze nothing


>oh boy
and yet, Denmark has removed all restrictions, including testing requirements on entry into the country, if you have two or three vaxx shots you don't need a test.,


I mean, what really counts is how many people are hospitalized, in a country like Denmark, you don't just stay at home when you so sick that you might die. I haven't heard the hospitalization rate going up like last year in Denmark, UK, Germany, etc. so all this fearmongering is pretty silly.

The WSWS is also David North's cult, they called for the most fascistic measures against the virus, don't take medical advice from them.

About the death statistic, everyone with a positive CoVID test counts as "dead from the virus" but naturally that would go up with a more infections variant that however is milder in terms of symptoms.


>they called for the most fascistic measures against the virus
<noooo they want to genocide inocent virinos ;___;

>About the death statistic, everyone with a positive CoVID test counts as "dead from the virus"

You aut righter have been screeching this for years now and i have yet to see a single shred of evidence for it

>milder in terms of symptoms

Milder than delta, deathlier than the wuhan strain

You really want your wageslaves back to work dont you


How about the proposal of Proff Wolff that workers should be compensated for covid-19 related income losses, it could be payed by using all the extra covid-profits that capitalists made during the crisis.

go to 6 minutes and 5 seconds


>noooo they want to genocide inocent virinos ;___;
I mean none of these measures will actually exterminate the virus (it's gonna become endemic) not have they worked particularly well. However lockdowns and vaccine mandates had a significant impact on people's lives, mostly poorer people, and the global south. A current estimation is that per lockdown 10k children die in the global south due to interrupted supply chains.
>You aut righter have been screeching this for years now and i have yet to see a single shred of evidence for it
I am not on the right, and this is literally how the statistics is created. Positive test = died from CoVID. There is no other way to do this anyway, tests are only partially reliable and you can not make safe statements about the cause of death for every single patient. Maybe there are countries that use different metrics, but I am talking about the Western countries here.
>Milder than delta, deathlier than the wuhan strain
Again, I would contest the statistic about the death count. More people gonna have Omicron, so there will be more deaths regardless of the cause of death. Also "Wuhan strain", wtf.
>You really want your wageslaves back to work dont you
The entire point of vaccine mandates is to get people back to work so the capitalists don't have to undertake any safety measures for their workers, you just got your useless vaccine and you get back into your wagie cagey.


>>757167 (me)
Also lets not forget that they refuse to accept the same methodology for people dying from the vaccine, that is really a fucking hypocracy here.

It's probably not that much (about 10k in EU, mostly younger people) but it's still an argument to be against mandates when the efficacy of the vaccine is so weak and outdated against newer variants


File: 1645308768835.jfif (248.29 KB, 1080x1730, 1645308144638.jfif)

Saved from the amerishart general to move image to correct thread

Hey burgertards organ transplants require immune suppression to not be rejected which makes vaccines kinda irrelevant and given that you be rejecting the superior communist Chinese and Cuban vaxes you ain't be taking vaxxing serious anyway


Yes, that is quite literally the only correct stance as a socialist


you're better off believing the opposite of what weird sex web site says


and they'll give you a wopping $5


>You aut righter have been screeching this for years now and i have yet to see a single shred of evidence for it
You're aut right stupid. must be simple being a lib, just listen to whatever the media tells you and you get to feel superior… to people who know more than you lol

Oh, and here's the evidence, this is right under the table of daily deaths and infections on the State's serum institutions website:
>2: Opgørelsen af antallet af døde omfatter dødsfald, der er registreret indenfor 30 dage efter påvist covid-19 infektion - på baggrund af positiv PCR test.covid-19 er ikke nødvendigvis den tilgrundliggende årsag til dødsfaldet.
>covid-19 er ikke nødvendigvis den tilgrundliggende årsag til dødsfaldet.
Translation: Update of the number of dead includes deaths that are registered within 30 days of a covid-19 infection - on the basis of a PCR test. covid-19 is not necessarily the cause of death.
>covid-19 is not necessarily the cause of death.
covid-19 is not necessarily the cause of death.
>covid-19 is not necessarily the cause of death.
That comes from Statens Serum Institute, are they aut right?


>Also "Wuhan strain", wtf
people in this thread are getting corona info from CNN and MSNBC.


what's wrong with saying Wuhan strain?


it implies covid was made in a lab in Wuhan


>country that wants to desperately wants to open up and do away with health measures so that their porkies can make money again says that it is no big deal

>are they aut right too?

Every NATO country is borderline fascist, yes


What are you talking about? Working never stopped, only some petty bourgeois restaurants and corner stores had to close down. When we are talking about "measures" they mean vaccine passports. I also fail to see how the lockdown, the vaccine rollout, mask production, etc. was not a golden cow for the bourgeoisie? Every statistic indicates that during lockdown and mandates that private profits went up, even though the overall GDP contracted.

Again, if the situation in the hospitals remains stable, I don't see why you couldn't open up? Unless you want the state to punish the unvaccinated for no reason, just for the sake of it.


>What are you talking about? Working never stopped, only some petty bourgeois restaurants and corner stores had to close down.
As a labourer I was told i wasn't allowed to work. Are you retarded? Did you just ignore reality and the news the last year and make your own head-cannon up?


>I don't see why you couldn't open up?
Because the point is to not get the entire population infected with rona and keep rolling the dice on long covid. That was the approach since Delta and clearly kicking the can down the road isn't working.

>Unless you want the state to punish the unvaccinated for no reason, just for the sake of it.

Their spanking shall be thorough and merciless.


>asks for proof that deaths with covid are counted as covid deaths
>gets it
>instead of saying thank you, spergs off on an incomprehensible tangent
never change, /leftypol/

Point is, governments always said that restrictions were temporary until everyone gets vaccinated. Once you have vaccinated over 80% of the population (herd immunity threshold) there really isn't any need for restrictions, social distancing or any other measures. Canada has also achieved over 80% vaccination rate. If you don't open after that, then when?

>the point is to not get the entire population infected with rona and keep rolling the dice on long covid
vaccinated people don't get long covid, it's only in those who've been hit particularly bad with covid and gotten pneumonia or some other illness alongside covid. vaccinations prevent this. therefore, if you're vaccinated, you can move on with your life.


the trucker protest wasn't even about lockdowns, it was about petit boug truckers needing to be vaccinated to go over the US/CA border


In many countries you had subsidized short-time work to reduce crowded production enterprises. Office work was done from home. If you didn't get to work, you probably work in some service sector or a smaller business. Were you compensated in full? Because if not, you should be against the lockdowns, what's the point of not getting sick when you are thrown out of your house.

>Because the point is to not get the entire population infected with rona
But eventually that will happen when the virus is endemic. You probably also had the Spanish flu once, but over a hundred years it's in its n-th mutation and indistinguishable from a cold. That will also be the case with COVID at some point.

I think the draconian restrictions are a much bigger threat now because they may keep some of them in place in some countries even when it's completely endemic. Because the problem is that they have further implemented austerity on the healthcare system, even during the pandemic. I may remind you that the influenza wave killed tens of thousands of people in 2018/2019 flu season, hospitals were full, endangered groups started to get vaccinated. Incidences will also continue to stay up, probably even more as milder variants get more infectious. So unless they fix the metric, they can use this as justification for years to keep restrictions in case, with mandatory booster shots every 3-6 months. This would be an endless cash cow for the monopoly bourgeoisie.
>Their spanking shall be thorough and merciless.
So you offer no solutions, just more appeals to the neoliberal state to take people's social security, jobs, livelihood away. If you really are for a complete vaccine mandate, how will you do it? Forced vaccination by cops? Completely unfeaseable. There were mandates in the past, but they weren't as politicized and I can guarantee the 30% who don't get vaxxed will not get the vaccine now if they even made it to those restrictions.

Also, I would remind you that the vaccines were designed to specifically target the wild strain, we don't know if they work for Omicron. Furthermore, we are only now starting forth phase clinical trials for this completely novel mRNA technology. Both sides are hardened their stances right now. The unvaccinated overplay the danger of the vaccine, and the government and corporations deny that any side effects would even be possible and tell people who are vaccine longhaulers and just aks what they should do that they are "fascists".


inject them with tetanus


OK, but how are you going to do this? Ask them nicely?


Inject them with Tetanus too.


Yes most people don't realize that the lockdown protests in 2020 was mostly led by libertarian types and business owners. But that is not necessarily true for the protests against vaccine mandates, because you have 40-10% unvaccinated in almost every country, tens of millions of people. It's numerically impossible that they are all right-wingers. So to say that protesters against vaccine mandates also want absolutely no measures taken and just let the virus run its course is wrong.

It's mostly about exclusion. Everyone can wear a mask and do social distancing. With the vaccine mandates, you have complete exclusion of a minority, while the majority "gets their freedom back" and they start spreading the virus around.

Better would be a generalized test mandate for everybody, with free tests. What China does. This would also make everything a lot safer, and you don't have the vaccinated not behave like retards and going partying again without getting tested.


I'm going to inject your mom with my dick


Comebacks like this, you clearly deserve your money and easy live


>Once you have vaccinated over 80% of the population (herd immunity threshold) there really isn't any need for restrictions, social distancing or any other measures.
The vaccines don't prevent infection or transmission, so all you're doing by keeping everything open after achieving that is breeding strains that evade those vaccines.

Great job.


Endemic doesn't mean harmless you stupid asshole.



>“Endemicity” — the less disruptive coexistence with a virus that comes after a pandemic — “just identifies a pathogen that’s fixed itself in our population so stubbornly that we cease to be seriously perturbed by it,” the Atlantic’s Katherine Wu has written. “We tolerate it. Even catastrophically prevalent and deadly diseases can be endemic, as long as the crisis they cause feels constant and acceptable to whoever’s thinking to ask.”

>The current situation in Denmark offers an early glimpse of how that kind of “endemic” future could unfold. In late January, COVID cases there appeared to crest. But driven by BA.2, a more transmissible subvariant of Omicron, they began to rise again immediately after mitigation measures were lifted, reaching a new all-time high average of 7,970 cases per million residents on Feb. 13 — 13 times the country’s previous peak, recorded in December 2020.

>That’s an astronomical amount of virus. In comparison, the U.S. and the U.K. both topped out at around 2,500 cases per million residents at the height of their recent Omicron waves.


>all you're doing by keeping everything open after achieving that is breeding strains that evade those vaccines.
>Great job.
wait, so when should we open up? also, "vaccines cause vaccine-resistant strains" is literally an antivaxx talking point. Data shows that virus mutates much more in the unvaccinated population.


now show us number of hospitalisations, ICU bed and respirators in use, look at the number of deaths. all of those numbers are low because of vaccines
>before most people were vaxxed
>everyone get vaxxed!! vaccines will save us from restrictions!
>now that most people are vaxxed
>well, vaccines don't work so well anyway we still need a lockdown
they increased the powers of the police state and now they don't want to scale it down. NO ONE COULD HAVE PREDICTED THIS!!!


No, but what are you gonna do? Keeping everything in lockdown forever? You know that also ruins your immune system.

What is the most dystopian thing is that politicians and the pharmaceutical industry seem to almost hope that the next variant will be worse and some horrifying mutation.


>wait, so when should we open up?
When the virus is gone you dumb cunt. The problem is that the political administrations around the world refuse to commit to serious mitigation procedures and immediately lift even the lightest ones as soon as infections start to go down, leading to new mass outbreaks and repeating the cycle.

>vaccines cause vaccine-resistant strains" is literally an antivaxx talking point.

That's not what I said you illiterate fuckhole. The vaccines need to be supported with non-pharmaceutical measures like distancing, quarantines, masks, etc, since the vaccines don't prevent transmission or infection. China's anti-covid measures have proven how valuable and necessary these measures are in supporting the vaccines.

Post your numbers, faggot.

>Keeping everything in lockdown forever?
They haven't been locked down at all you porky shill.


File: 1645377525692-0.jpeg (200.29 KB, 1910x1382, FLPztZEVkAQwYw0.jpeg)

File: 1645377525692-1.jpeg (55.91 KB, 997x704, FLnbY0JXwAMy-Zu.jpeg)


>Danish 🇩🇰 political leaders have completely lost their frigging minds releasing all #COVID19 mitigations — these are exponentially ⬆️ surging DEATHS not cases!!! This is what happens when a country’s leaders gaslights its own citizens.


>Endemic Delusion".

Used to describe the delusional belief that the pandemic is over and that we can get back to 2019 life by suppressing the fact that we need to keep innovating and fight the virus.

>Best exemplified by Denmark


File: 1645377893586-0.png (9.55 KB, 637x209, FLqIb07WQAQglcJ.png)

File: 1645377893586-1.jpeg (78.86 KB, 1309x773, FLqJz1aXIAEBgYt.jpeg)

>So let's do a little fact-checking.

>What is the number of cases of people hospitalized *with* and not *because* of COVID. Well, according to SSI (the Danish CDC). Well, according to the latest data (from today), it's 30-40% who were hospitalized because of other reasons


>In other words, both the health authorities and the Danish press is misleading the public about this. This is not a 'small' part. It's the opposite. It still means that the majority of people are hospitalized because of COVID.

>If we put this into a graph, it looks like this:


>Pro-virus fags fall silent because they need their handlers to tell them how to respond


First image: Look at how many more cases there are, and compare that to how many new deaths there are. It's clear that, while more people are dying now than before, the amount of deaths per case is significantly lower.


Is that a new euphemism for plague rat?


File: 1645391998359.jpg (71.21 KB, 288x499, 1344290461117.jpg)


i call them covidpozzers. Please be clever and shorten it.









this comic is still confusing


It's because they don't have COVID in North Korea you fuck. Show me some examples, no, show me just one example, just one, o n e, this number: 1, of a North Korean news outlet declaring that Covid isn't serious or that vaccination ain't worth the risks of side effects.


> China's anti-covid measures have proven how valuable and necessary these measures are in supporting the vaccines.
lmao. You mean like welding citizen's doors shut and hauling non-complaints straight to jail?
Yes, if only we were China.
This is probably why Trudeau praised China and just acquired emergency war measure powers to emulate them.


China: Like 3000 COVID deaths
USA: 900,000

yes I think we should be more like China


You really think China had only 3K Covid deaths in a country of over a billion people?
Such naivety. The US is also downplaying the total deaths.


Vietnam had like 30 deaths before the second wave hit.
It's perfectly possible in a normal society where you're unwilling to 9/11 your people every day so capital isn't mildly inconvenienced.


Why not? Everyone says that they lie, so much that I think that I think they are actually telling the truth about their numbers. About as much as they can at least. You can't be that precise.


China actually tried to eliminate COVID with so called 'authoritarian' measures (like building quarantine hospitals) rather than saying 'waaaa it's too hard uwu' so yes I believe their numbers


So what's the actual number, 6k? 9k? It would still be tiny compared to any other country. "NOOOOOO THEY'RE LYING IT CAN'T BE NOOOOOOO" is just burger cope


Yes they've eliminated covid, like you could have too, but you choose to flatten the curve. In the end, both you and China will relax all restrictions and everyone will get covid, just that in China that will happen under a weaker variant + vaccinated population + effective therapeutics. It's just a policy difference, little else.


>just that in China that will happen under a weaker variant + vaccinated population + effective therapeutics. It's just a policy difference, little else.
just like Europe: omicron + vaxx'd pop + a healthcare system that isn't collapsing.



There were US DoD funded biolabs in Kazakhstan as well weren't there?



The document that Pfizer promised to release about the vaccines has tons of redactions. Why? Because they are clearly hiding something. Here is a long-ass thread about it:


From my limited understanding, they never really tested the side effects of the vaccine on other organs than the liver. The redacted parts imply huge problems in terms of side effects and efficacy.



Cope and project.


looks like nobody cares about the flu anymore


Still there tho.


>Pfizer CEO: Fourth shot of COVID vaccine "necessary"
where's the anprim flaggot, I wanna hear xit's take on this. 4th shot of the exact same vaccine. It will work! on making Pfizer stock go up and the CEO millions get booooooooooosted


dont care


dumb anti-vaxxer conservative drumpftard

how about you learn science, you science-denier? you will get boosted as many times as they tell you, that's science!


man you surely know me well


sry I thought you werent joking. Irony is so hard when the same shit is told unironically a few reddit boards over


I will put the third one sometime in april, now im busy.


File: 1647349683342.png (954.45 KB, 615x767, 1647347212328.png)


I'm kinda tired of wearing masks outdoors tbh
are these even proven to work? not the masks themselves you retarded libs, but wearing them outdoors.


Depends, are there crowds of pedestrians with you outside lad?
The masks aren't to protect you it's to lower the risk of spreading the Rona if you happen to have it and don't know it


>are there crowds of pedestrians with you outside lad?
Not really, I live in the periphery of a smallish (200k pop) city.
I wish the central gubmint took these things in consideration but alas I'll have to wear the mask outdoors for an indefinite amount of time.


File: 1647568369240.mp4 (2.34 MB, 480x480, 1638553100789.mp4)


new exposure risk calculator just dropped, mostly for indoor gatherings


Storeshittistahn's Covid response so shameful it convinces a burger right libertarian that treating the uninsured through public health spending is a good thing
>This would be slightly less infuriating if it weren't all so predictable. Two years ago, as Congress was debating the first round of COVID emergency funding, I wrote that lawmakers would "end up spending money we don't have to solve a crisis that can't be fixed by spending more money."

>I was not completely correct. Funding COVID treatments for the most vulnerable was and will continue to be a worthwhile public investment. But it's a damn shame that so much of the COVID relief money spent over the past two years went to everything except COVID relief.




Get the coof and die.



File: 1649257779822.png (2.13 MB, 1170x1269, ClipboardImage.png)

new COVID symptoms just dropped


>new symptom : being sick
No way


Nothingburger, I still have to wagecuck tomorrow.


Now that Covid is over, China is being ridiculed and disparaged for ever attempting to eliminate it, and there are absolutely 0 NPI being enforced anywhere in the world, I think it's time to talk about how many clinical studies have begun to come out that ALL AGRRE that even mild cases of Covid-19 cause significant cognitive impairment and does irreversible, observable brain damage, and only the specific mechanism by which this is happening is uncertain right now.


Severe brain inflammation, neuronal death, bleeding the brain, decline of gray matter, observed across all covid-19 studies of humans, monkey, mice, even in cases with *no respiratory symptoms*.


That's a Britishism for 'throwing up' in case you didn't know


I guess the bourgies had to do something to replace leaded gasoline.

Personally I had COVID and I don't really /feel/ dumber… but then who knows, I wasn't exactly the brightest screwdriver in the toolbox before anyway.


The brain damage might translate to faster aging of the brain. You'll go senile at 70 instead of 80.


I wish I was in China. My stupid country even stopped mask-wearing. I had covid and while it was mild, I still have a cough a month later, and feel more tired, insomniac and brainfogged than usually.


Well shit, none of us are gonna live that long anyways.


I will.


Sure, man, sure. Nobody on this site is gonna get their names on the list for saving in the domed/underground bourgie colonies.


>Severe brain inflammation, neuronal death, bleeding the brain, decline of gray matter
but enough of last evening. Where were we at?


My favorite new covid symptom:
>feeling sick or being sick
Took me 3 months to recover. I feel ok now. I've been getting more retarded as I age but more knowledgeable which is nice. Marxism really does give you analytic skills which are pretty powerful. I need to brush up on math though, probably never going to do that….
Krautanon, now that restrictions are being lifted in Germany, do you think Covid is over or are they going to come back with new restrictions?
Are mass protests back on the menu with no covid restrictions and 20-50% higher food prices?


>Took me 3 months to recover. I feel ok now
That's great to hear, anon. I really hope I recover in due time as well. Best of luck in your studies!


Are chinese really starving because of the lockdown and sky high prices of groceries or is this westernoid propaganda??


How do other countries look, can't really infer anything definitive from this


opinions on the boosters?
they don't seem effective and allegedly there are a shit ton of newly listed negative side effects.
but there's gonna be several more waves if the government of burgerstan continues to be this incapable


Got covid after I just took my third booster and so did my boyfriend. None of us got any symptoms while our unvaccinated daughter got pretty sick. At the same time most of your friends got sick and in their families it was a noticeable difference between people who had gotten two shots and people who had gotten three. All of the boostered ones were pretty much symptom free. Anecdotal evidence sure, but I don't think you can say that boosters are ineffective.


At the outset, trading a million lives (way, way more than the original worst case scenario which was hundreds of thousands) to meet 3Q GDP growth targets was seen, rightly, as the rationality of truly dystopic capitalism. Now, this view is implicitly accepted as the correct, moral consensus, and those who would choose lives over USD as derided as the true dystopics. Just something to think about, eh.


What they lack are fresh deliveries for logistical reasons. Chinese care about fresh produce much, much more than other people. Their diets are much higher quality than ours lol and are made of few preserved and canned or frozen foods.


didn't bother getting the vaccine so doesn't really apply


Google Covid neuronal death, since you like to do your own research.


yeah have you seen the screeching videos


seems speculative at best


I find the pushback to the starvation claims on weibo to be amusing since people pull the “when I was a kid I ate only porridge everyday and my parents rendered all the fat from strips of beef and used that to flavor our food for weeks and we were considered well fed” card. Lel. They have plenty of grains and shit they just want their veggies.


Honestly, from in China, this just makes Shanghai look like a bunch of arrogant, whining cucks who did this on purpose because they wanted “western style” Covid policy and I predict this vulgar response will be the legacy and Shanghai’s clout will be severely diminished. They have had to deal with 1/10th the ordeal Wuhan did and responded with 10x the whining.


It’s reproduces by literally every single study lol. It’s emerging as an established fact and nobody wants to deal with it at this point because they’ve declared “Covid is over” and “it’s just a cold”. Yes it’s just a cold that caused brain damage equivalent to 2-10 years of aging.


yeah we'll see doubtful how serious it is though


File: 1649786801614.png (591.53 KB, 1000x1000, 1647345541118.png)


Just. Google it. I’m not lying when I say every single study shows the same result.


i googled it and the CEO of the Googles says you're wrong and a schizo


>Spike protein induces neuronal death in mice
>before and after images of “mild” case found pronounced reduction in grey matter and am increase of of diffusion indices in specific regions of the brain
>People who had recovered from COVID-19, including those no longer reporting symptoms, exhibited significant cognitive deficits versus controls when controlling for age, gender, education level, income, racial-ethnic group, pre-existing medical disorders, tiredness, depression and anxiety. The deficits were of substantial effect size for people who had been hospitalised (N = 192), but also for non-hospitalised cases who had biological confirmation of COVID-19 infection (N = 326). Analysing markers of premorbid intelligence did not support these differences being present prior to infection.

And on and on


ok but both the vaccine and a natural case come with the spike protein.


Which vaccine are you taking about? You know there's multiple covid vaccines that are functionally different ?

Actually, you probably don't, since you're a truther


looks speculative at best


looks like china is fukt


File: 1649981495542.png (73.07 KB, 1035x714, ClipboardImage.png)


Shanghai bastards.


Are these cases restricted to Shanghai?
If not, the CPC should just flatten the entirety of the city for treason


The PLA*


It’s not possible to contain it within Shanghai.


Basically while Shenzhen locked down at 100 cases and cleared their outbreak in a well, Shanghai attempted to do some light restrictions to get out of zero Covid in a managed way, and the result was cases exploding because of Omicron, and half a million Chinese will be dead by this time next year.


I hate how we're all supposed to act like none of this ever happened, and is still happening.

>Go back to work peasants


Zero-COVID strategy drives Omicron cases down across China


Proof that public health measures work and technological measures (vaccines, drugs) are at best a bandage on an open wound.


all public health measures are deployed along with technological measures though


So after the entire narrrative collapsed I guess we should pretend it never happened. Okay.

I will never forget this.



It doesn't matter what you think. They have the best dashboards, the best live data and society has been conditioned over the last 2 decades to be controlled by social media. All the incentives are in place for established powers to cause a pandemic whenever they feel a threat to their power.

When you have access to live social media data, the dashboard, the media and levers of power, it seems like it's endgame for the citizens? I don't think people realize this. Is democracy over ffs?

We have to change the incentive structures.




reported for being lenin hat


File: 1652833240819.jpg (179.66 KB, 1016x1120, IMG_20220517_191611.jpg)

No one can beat the good ole USA at sacrificing over a million people for a pandemic to not shutdown the economy.


I was going to be snarky but man it's funny realizing how the economy is melting down anyway



>Lose GDP, Keep workers : you can get the GDP in another day.
>Keep GDP, Loose workers : you lose GDP and Workers.
>Xi Jinping.


well if the cuba-iran open source vaccine is off the ground finally then i hope the us IP isn't needed


1 million dead americans


Victims of liberalism


Who's ready for monkeypox?



moderna/pfizer have spike protein

i stupid now




Tested positive for covid last Friday lads.


Only cause can be bile in the sanguine, not looking good for you. That's why you should keep some basil in your pocket.


Get well soon, comrade. This board won't be the same without you.


>the west and especially burgerland has allowed covid to run just completely rampant


File: 1655768575230.mp4 (6.89 MB, 652x756, 1628479318988.mp4)

Keep us updated. Post videos.


How can I distinguish if I have Long Covid or/and ADHD and depression?


I'm mostly fine now, just feel a bit tired and sometimes coughing.


Caught corona again, so this thread is once more relevant. Last timeI had it was September last year. Still have my sense of taste and smell, but feel like absolute shit. Double-vaxxed (last year), but looks like it didn't help. Feel way worse than first time, 21 days after 2nd vaxx dose.

Every bone in my body aches, coughing fits leave my throat sore, keep blowing my nose. I thought it was the flu, because this is how a flu feels for me, but PCR says corona. Probably omicron or something after. My eyes hurt, I want to sleep but I can't, I've been in a delirium between wakefulness and sleep since yesterday.

Caught it at a punk festival this weekend. Who would've thought partying and moshing for three days straight with no sleep on weed, speed and beer with hundreds of punks all over Europe in a crowded, mostly closed and unventilated venue could have given me corona?!

But at least I'm good for the summer. Plus I got a week off work, nobody doubts the corona.

did you have adhd/depression before covid?


>did you have adhd/depression before covid?
Depression yes, but adhd no. Although adhd maybe is exaggerating it and I only lack motivation.


The reinfection of covid are gonna be brutal to some people, even the young. We will pray for your lungs.


I used to think I had depression, turns out it was ADHD.
So far it has been a dry, heaving cough. I heard you have lung problems if they fill with liquid.


Good luck comrade, uncritical support for your immune system against roundboi imperialism.


Cognitive Impact of Severe COVID Is Equivalent to 20 Years of Aging, Study Finds

We all know that COVID-19 can lead to lingering fatigue and brain fog. But one of the most rigorous examinations to date of the long-term cognitive impacts of severe infection has just yielded some pretty unsettling results.

In a study comparing 46 severe COVID-19 patients with 460 matched controls, researchers found the mental impacts of severe COVID-19 six months later can be the equivalent to aging 20 years – going from 50 to 70 years old – or losing 10 autism score points.

"Cognitive impairment is common to a wide range of neurological disorders, including dementia, and even routine aging, but the patterns we saw – the cognitive 'fingerprint' of COVID-19 – was distinct from all of these," says neuroscientist David Menon from the University of Cambridge in the UK, who was senior author of the study.

But the researchers suggest the likely culprit isn't direct infection, but a combination of factors: including reduced oxygen or blood supply to the brain; clotting of vessels; and microscopic bleeds.



USA fucking up big time if this is the case


USA is already run 100% by senile people so it makes no difference really


We are probably going to keep finding out new fucked up things that covid does to people.


File: 1656819500291.mp4 (2.79 MB, 1280x720, covid us biolab.mp4)

Prof. Jeffrey Sachs:

"I chaired the commission for the Lancet for 2 years on Covid. I'm pretty convinced it came out of a US lab of biotechnology […] We don't know for sure but there is enough evidence. [However] it's not being investigated, not in the US, not anywhere."


Piling up more retardation on the most retarded country because of their retarded policies makes perfect sense.


Havent gotten a covid or a single flu or cold since covid started. Also don't wear a mask anywhere anymore and do whatever the hell I want. feelsgoodman


>Not a medical scientist
I mean…


File: 1656827052022.png (207.5 KB, 1065x545, ClipboardImage.png)

>Just reporting the findings of a team of medical scientists from one of the top medical science publications in the world
Come on anon…



american healthcare really is that bad, and covid 19 really does have long term symptoms

too big for this board




<vaccination does not appear to be protective against long-COVID features, arrhythmia, joint pain, type 2 diabetes, liver disease, sleep disorders, and mood and anxiety disorders.
<we've now shown that vaccination appears to offer no protection against the long-term autoimmune effects of COVID
<our vaccines don't stop transmission, and don't appear to stop long-term illness
ok schizo


File: 1656978193770.png (1.46 MB, 2334x1652, fitness.png)

BA.5 exploded to 50% of all US cases.

>An important feature of the variant is its fitness, which is the composite of lineage growth, basic reproduction number, extent of immune-evasion and generation time. From an analysis of 6.4 million SARS-CoV-2 sequences, here is the fitness plot, and note that BA.2 is at the upper right, whereas BA.5 would be well off the chart for maximal fitness.

Brandon asked vaccine makers to update new vaccines for BA.5 but I doubt the CDC is even going to talk about it.


I wonder why the actual team itself didn't say that covid was a us bioweapon…


Should I be concerned this is increasing exponentially


About half the intensity of the Influenza virus mutations.



Boomer producer.


>boomer remover
not bad
>boomer producer
very very bad not good


update. Just got a cold or covid or donno what. I slipped up somewhere and didnt hand sanitize probably. its germy fuck season in america right now, avoid touching public surfaces


>reduced oxygen or blood supply to the brain
this isnt about masks right


How many of those medico-fascist restriction do you think will be enforced in the upcoming fall and winter? My suspicion is that they will be directly tied in with the Ukraine situation and the inflation caused by the war so instead of suffering from inflated prices and supply chain disruptions we will just be barred access in the guise of fighting against a virus.

Will there still be life-threatening repressions this time for people who didn't get their 4th shot with an outdated and untested drug?

I feel like that's coming.


wearing a mask is not going to significantly reduce oxygen to the brain.


I'd be more concerned with microplastics than a lack of oxygen.


Lots of people missing their appointments cuz they're covided these times. Perhaps because nobody gives any more shit to social distantiation.
What NATO screeching and no oil do to MFs


anecdotal report incoming.

Finally got infected. Ironically during a 7 day period with almost no contact with people.

It felt like no other illness I've ever had. It came on in 20 mins, One minute I was making coffee, 20 mins later_full_ flu-like aches and weakness. Almost zero throat or lung or sinus symptoms. 10 bright red spots on one calf was an unusual symptom, looked like a buckshot. Took 2 aspirin each day for 2 days.

Literally 48 hours later exactly it stopped, like taking off a heavy coat. Back to 90% health maybe. Some chest congestion for the following week, along with massive demotivation, brain fog and weakness. Probably back to 100% now 3 weeks later.

Leaving that aside, I can't stop thinking about the fact that this could be how they could govern now. All the incentives are in place.

Local or national population causing a ruckus with their strikes or whatever? Release the special variant you've prepared earlier, or that your powerful ally has provided. Then send in the mobile auto turrets.


just get the jab anon, it's really not that bad


you can solve all that by getting injected


by now why ont you leave him alone? Do you still wanna argue for the jab, lol? What did it even do


mate it would have been even worse without the jab. I mean yeah people still get COVID but rarely die of it, the partial immunity has forced it to become a more infectious/less severe variant


>mate it would have been even worse without the jab
proof? Or you know what, just keep it. I am so out of that shit. Either it kills me or I couldnt give less of a fuck. And yeah I had it already too. Who hasnt.


well have to talk about the left in this big pharma moneygrab eventually, and your delusion will not spare you from that


yes anon lets give up on all medicine because its produced by private corporations


Total anecdotal experience, could be full of shit: Every person, especially the boostered ones, who got the jab got COVID with medium-heavy symptoms. Every unvaxxed person, including myself (and I've been in crowds almost every day) that I know didn't get COVID OR at least had very very mild symptoms. Also all the boostered people I know have all kinds of injuries, heart problems, constantly get sick, etc. - I think if you get the vaccine (remember it's not actually a vaccine, it's MRN or Vector technology) once it's fine, but three times in a row it sort of fucks you up.

I'm absolutely unafraid of the virus. It really only endangers people at risk, elderly, those with lung cancer. And plus, why does the government go so far as to ruin people's lives of they don't get the vaccine (attacking their social security, jobs, etc.) but for the Influenza nothing has been done at all? Shouldn't Influenza vaccines be mandatory? 2019 20k people died in the US alone just by Influenza.

Leave me the fuck alone. I got people in this thread hoping that I would die about a year ago. Fuck all happened. The virus is in its 5th or 6th mutation now, it really is endemic.


>>1064509 (me)
Also, every person who got boostered and got sick as fuck uses the excuse "thank god I got vaccinated, otherwise I would have died"

Absolutely hilarious.


there won't be any real restrictions
but I wish we lived in the world of fasc imagination
u wot

>could be full of shit



>total anecdotal experience
>says retarded shit
many such cases


anecdotes aren't evidence, but also, what even would be your mechanism for how having a vaccine could make someone's response to COVID be worse? Surely it would do nothing in the absolute worst case? The COVID jabs don't even use live virus so you can't actually contract COVID from them in any case.


I was one of the only vaxxed and boostered people in my store when nearly my entire team was out with COVID and I was one of the only people on my team who never got it, even after nearly the entire store had gotten


Have you ever considered that the unvaxxed people who did suffer seriously from it did not live to tell the tale?

t. boosted that barely felt anything when I was positive.


Idk about it making infections worse, but I got three vax shots and it caused me heart problems so distressing I went to the hospital and I’ve had fucked up vision problems ever since


Fuck finally got covid I think. Omnicron is infectious aa fuck, I dodged covid all the way up until now and was doing everything normally. Though… it felt like the weakest cold Ive ever had. Throat was scratchy for a day, then partial sniffles and tiredness for a few days. I was vaxxed back in December so maybe I was still good or maybe I got a really low viral load.

I gave it to my gf and she got screwed (maybe because I gave her a higher viral load). Fever, chills of 102 and heavy muscle aches and headaches all around for two days now.

Now I'm worried about long covid, though they said omnicron has lower rates of it like 4-5% compared to the 10% of delta. Apparently even vaxxed people that had only mild covid can get long covid later. But vaccines help by reduce clotting risk and shortness of breath risk by 50%.

Watch out anons I would def say its more infectious now than before and burgerstan is in full covering it up mode. This shits probably a bioweapon, viruses don't give people brain fog for years..


Yeah, I also lost my undefeated status this week, got jabbed twice with pfizer's mystery liquid in jan and feb, and so far it inflammation feels really really annoying on my upper respiratory tract but otherwise I'm feeling fine on every other respect, no fever no chills barely any fatigue, muscle aches or cough.

My rightoid relatives behaved like bug chasers on 2020 on got it relatively earlier, one of them lost their sense of taste for like 9 months, that sounds awful lol.


Why didnt anyone lislisten to me when i gave covid medical advice


File: 1657859451611.png (822.65 KB, 603x992, ClipboardImage.png)

/pol/ having a normal one


wtf i have a parasite fetish though


Ascended schizophrenia


Shay I'm asking for real, why are you so disgusting?


i watched tentacle rape hentai a lot at a young age


my mom still hasn't gotten her normal sense of taste back and she got it back in january 2021.


Why would that give you a parasite fetish and not a tentacle rape fetish?


well first it was tentacles, then it was egg-laying, and then it was eggs hatching. and those eggs were hatching inside rather than outside.



animorphs gave me a brain slug parasite kink.
bartimaeus trilogy made my vore fetish worse and added a posession fetish.
hardly alone


parasite brainwashing is top tier porn content


Who needs brainwashing if you can just directly control them?
Not like they can do anything. Not even squirm.


File: 1657865614301.webm (2.92 MB, 1080x1080, 1657851397642.webm)


>I'm feeling fine on every other respect
Well scratch that - I'm "feeling" fine but I can't fucking sleep and my arm hurts a little.
It's clotting right lads? I guess I'm heading to the doc but I guess a little aspirin will do for now.


Can u link me ur protocol again i lost it and might need it now


bro don't ruin this for me


I know dem feels. It really sucks losing that v card. I'm pretty sure the hand sanitizer must have killed some of the viral load off because I didn't get any whole body symptoms aside from fatigue. I'm getting really paranoid about the brain fog and neurological long covid potential shit now though


Vaccinated are now at a higher risk of being hospitalized or dying than unvaccinated.



So ive had covid twice.
>take an aspirin each day youre sick to prevent the microclotting that destroys your heart and lung tissue
>vitamins c and d for immune support
>mucinex to dry up your lungs and prevent pneumonia
>nyquil to sleep because youre not gonna be able to sleep otherwise
>lots of fluid like gatorade or water
>if you live in america and only get 10 days of sick leave then only take those sick days once the covid migrates to your lungs because thats when its most important to rest


Take home tests are less than worthless. I took 2 following all the instructions and looked super close negative both times. I took a molecular test and was positive. Don't even bother wasting money on those


File: 1657911630561.jpg (Spoiler Image, 172.5 KB, 1200x900, 1657842316151.jpg)


>super close negative
It's called positive. Read the instructions. All three tests agreed.


reason i never got the vax


Guys im terrified. Am i going to get long covid and be retarded for life now? death to amerikkka for giving me this shit, cant wait to see it all burn down


No I meant I looked super closely with a flashlight and it was clearly showing negative. Then the molecular showed positive, the take homes are garbage


>>take an aspirin each day youre sick to prevent the microclotting that destroys your heart and lung tissue

I took 2 aspirin each of the 2 days that I felt sick, only because of flu-like aches. Nice to hear that I was protecting heart and lung tissue too.

Seems like a sensible treatment protocol, where's it from?


Unless you have some preconditions or are above 80 years old there is a microscopic chance anything will happen to you beyond the symptoms of a regular flu (influenza).

The "long COVID" shit was always a meme. There is "long influenza" too, hell, you could even have long term impairments due to a regular cold.

Just be glad you got the "recovered" status when the next wave of repressions fly in by fall and winter.


Unlikely. You'll maybe still feel like shit for a month or three afterwards.
It took me a month before I felt non-retarded.


where's ur lenin hat, bro


File: 1658193026086.jpg (58.77 KB, 1068x601, gigachad1.jpg)


>NEW - North Korea says 99.98% of its nearly 5 million "fever patients" since late April have fully recovered.

>The country has a near 0% vaccination rate.

What are we to make of this?(use the general + dumb bait)


>not in general
didn't read and kept not reading. reported


Long Covid is not bullshit but it’s just politically incorrect to talk about it lol. Covid fucks up your cognition, can create long term problems and can activate other diseases. You should absolutely want to avoid or mitigate it.


File: 1658243851806.jpg (62.5 KB, 600x1189, 538.jpg)

>it’s just politically incorrect to talk about it


I've spoken to people that claim to have long COVID and idk, they are jobless, in debt, and poor as fuck, seems like it is real to me, otherwise why wouldn't they just get a job like they had before COVID


does anyone have a source on the mysterious flu-like illness that struck america in like 2018 and was probably covid from a lab-leak?


No, it's bullshit. With as infectious as it is, and the absence of any type of containment response, it wouldn't have taken until l2020 to get a full-blown pandemic. Also: fuck you Shay.


Funny to think about how when the whole covid shit started anons here were making posts about purposefully getting it and and finding sneaky ways to infect bougies as a form of biological warfare kek


It was a lot deadlier back then, and a number of low-level porkies and politicians actually died. Now it just has a chance of giving you dementia.


Is there any truth to the mass vaccine die off /pol keeps shilling? I'm sure there's been vaxed people that have died, likely not totally due to the vax. But the way they talk about it is like vaxed people are dropping like flies shortly after the shot.


>Is there any truth to [anything] /pol keeps shilling


ive been vaxxed all the way with no side effects

dont listen to anything /pol/yps are pushing


80% of my country is vaccinated, no huge spike in deaths.
Yep it's bullshit


I got vaccinated. Then I liked universal healthcare even more because I and my family didn't have to pay to be treated. Then I just walked out. No lines any of the 3 times we went; shot 1, shot 2, booster. Different places each time. Great day out with the family, sluggish next day eating leftovers and watching classic Spencer Tracy films with Grandma then back to normal.


I saw a /pol/yp complaint that after all their friends got vaccinated they appeared like zombies, with sluggish movements, sunken eyes, and brain fog. then I realised it was fake because what /pol/yp has friends?


So what's with this shit about Biden getting covid? Do you think he'll be fine or is he fucked?


He dead


Biden have such puddle for brain that long Covid might actually be an improvement.


File: 1659777567255-0.png (511.76 KB, 588x584, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1659777567255-1.jpg (39.07 KB, 500x480, 1470830046540.jpg)


The question isn't even that IMO. The vaccine was pushed to restore order, not to safeguard people. There was never an interest to contain the virus in any meaningful way, just slow it down a bit so that hospitals wouldn't be flooded with moribund people. They immediately normalized that getting the virus is inevitable (it wasn't) that their criminally negligent management of the virus was the only way, and that forced vaccinations were justified. China disproved this for 2.5 years straight and of course the cope is to accuse China of everything, from inventing the virus, lying about number of infected, and containing it with 1984 Mind Control Stalin Hitler Authoritarianism.


I agree. But it still rings my alarm bells, that the only vaccines available in the West are MRNA tech or vector vaccines. Sinovac is still verboten and even the pseudo-inactivated vaccine Valneva is not released yet, at least not in my country.

With all the schizo shit out of the way, this just seems like a huge cashgrab for the pharmaceutical complex. China defeats the virus by social measures and beefs up their medical system. Meanwhile, the efficacy of Western vaccines seems to be rather marginal.

If you look at their testing policy during the vaccine rollout, the testing policy when mandates where lifted, and all that shit, you inevitably arrive at a conclusion that it's all working in tandem to maximize profits despite all contradictions. And then you see the vaccine being promoted as a miracle cure, so you start asking questions. That's why I am distrustful who calls for more forced measures against the so-called unvaccinated which seems more like a cultural signifier to me than a sincere demand.


I developed severe chest problems and heart palpitations with the booster, and have had visual snow syndrome and eye floaters ever since, don’t believe people saying there are no side effects and it’s all /pol/, I legit have to learn to live with my eyesight being fucked up for the rest of my life


We're on the same page. Everything regarding this COVID situation has left me astounded at the capacity to profit over anything, particularly health and death. The western powers, and by that I mean companies and the politicians they buy and give scripts to, are entirely cynical. It is hard to believe that these super organisms are made up of humans. Worse still is that very likely 90+% of the humans that make up those super organisms think they are moral and usually do the right thing. They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The corollary here is that Capital bends good intentions to its will.


One day you won't even remember the difference


>what even would be your mechanism for how having a vaccine could make someone's response to COVID be worse?
Pretty simple. If the "side effects" (really just the normal effects of the stuff your immune system is supposed to respond to) are not merely transitory, but at least somewhat permanent, you can still be dealing with the effects of the vaccine when you get actual covid, and then the effects of the covid add on top of the effects of the vaccine.


But you do know that simple medical drugs like ibuprofen and such has also side effects, right? That is, for some people. What is the maximum percentage of people with side effects that is acceptable? I can assure a 100% effective vaccine of anything is impossible.


One day maybe, but I’d rather have a lifetime of normal vision over the burger vax


>last 2 weeks
>work with a coworker who refuses to wear a mask for 2 weeks straight in a cramped room, 12 hours a day
>she tests positive and has heavy symptoms
>I barely get a runny nose for 2 days, and test negative on 2 pcr tests and 1 antigen test taken during the last two weeks


Yeah but I don't care in return. Some incredibly useful medical drugs have a 1% or 2% chance of heavy side effects. I don't care. They are useful. Tough luck if you had unwanted effects. And now because the US is a free country that lets barbarians dictate policy and run outside without Polio vaccines, they will have a Polio outbreak. these barbarians maybe don't die, but travel to poor countries without vaccines and reintroduce the virus/bacteria there.


I'm involved in a political campaign right now in my country (municipal level). I have to knock on doors to collect signatures so that our candidate may run.

I can tell you from first hand experience that COVID-19 is still very relevant WHILE the media has moved onto Ukraine and so on. I knock on at least one door a day where the potential voter tells me s/he can't come out due to being infected.


U got lucky?


An odd comparison to make because the Polio vaccine is actually a sterilizing vaccine that prevents the spread of Polio. The COVID vaccines are not.


no shit anon


Now that the dust has settled I think we can all agree that COVID is a cold-tier disease and people got killed en masse by blowing out their lungs with ventilators. Also long covid sounds like state-sanctioned hipochondria to me.


you forgot your lenin hat


I'm not that poster.


It's all right Phil, we know you got banned from Twitter.


Who the fuck is Phil?


>When the virus is gone you dumb cunt.
You're genuinely mentally ill.


>But the way they talk about it is like vaxed people are dropping like flies shortly after the shot.
The government of Alberta, in Canada, used to have a webpage with graphs showing hospitalizations and deaths by age group against how many days since dose#1 and dose#2. Dose#1 had noticeable spikes in both shortly afterwards. This isn't due to covid waves since the different age groups gained access at different times. With how the definitions worked at the time they were likely counted as part of the unvaccinated.

But I don't think /pol has settled on any particular narrative. Maybe the vaccine is supposed to kill today, or maybe in two weeks, or maybe in a few months, or over the coming years. Their goalposts keep shifting. The real problem is when authorities' goalposts seem to keep shifting just as badly, assuming new and uncomfortable evidence is even acknowledged.

>Also long covid sounds like state-sanctioned hipochondria to me.
There are studies showing biomarkers with strong correlation to long covid. So there's definitely something going on, but I don't know that all the causes or effective solutions are known yet.


Who's Phil?


Pheel deez nuts in ur mouth looool



no one should go mask-off in the age of mass surveillance. you're honestly the baby who won't do the bare minimum to help contain a rampaging disease.

anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers will get compulsory shots and sent to re-education facilities.



shit take you will get mandatory inoculations after the revolution


File: 1661536963373.jpg (218.46 KB, 742x759, c-c-combo.jpg)

In A First, Man Tests Positive For Monkeypox, COVID-19 And HIV At The Same Time




the guy is acting and the "doctor" is a deuschebag, and i dont know how to write douschebag. Might as well be Deutschbag, amirite



Should I get the omicron booster


I'm sorry lad but I don't have the ability to determine research whether it's safer to take the experimental gene therapy or suffer the omicron in my current state of health

If you have access to Chinese Russian or Cuban boosters for omicron you should probably jump on it

It breaks my heart how many people can't access those for purely political commercial interests

You'll have to do your own research



>>1160804 (me)
Thinking about this you'd hope they've ironed out some issues at this point w/ regards to the booster

Nevertheless you are the person in charge of your health so research make a decision I imagine getting omicron is not particularly pleasant seperate from more abstract risks


File: 1663352700649.png (818.39 KB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

Lancet report claiming Covid could have come from US lab prompts anger

Major Covid report suggests virus could have leaked from a US lab

Covid-19 death toll is a tragedy and 'massive global failure at multiple levels,' Lancet commission says

‘Untrustworthy and ineffective’: Panel blasts governments’ covid response


I'm sure the U.S. was behind it, whether it leaked out of fort Derrick, or was a deliberate ploy by neocons like Mike Pompeo, Jon bolton, and anti-china hawks like Steve Bannon, released at the Wuhan military games.


File: 1663358595532.png (2.22 MB, 1750x2500, ClipboardImage.png)

Still undefeated against covid. Haven't caught it once. Wear your mask, take the booster, stay home, stay safe.


Everyone stopped caring about covid months ago.


same but I never bothered with the boosters, should I? kinda forgot covid exists tbh


The article title that says it came from a US lab has as picture a chinese police…..

And in the article, the author is discredited because he appeared on a show…..

I really hate libs. They're the fucking worst.


My articulate queen did an episode of Good Faith podcast today that might be the most mainstream friendly, vaccine/pharma realist discussion out there. It covers the narrative shifts pretty well. BJG interviews an equally articulate medic.


Same except I'm an unvaxed anti-masker. If you took the boosters, you are a retard.



That bad faith patreon episode is available at https://kingdex.xyz/feeds/

She found a Doctor willing to step out of line, maybe because he has his own media brand to promote, idk.

The episode basically explores the arguments that Dore has been making and validates them articulately. The closing music was "Living in crazytown" or something.


Yes and no. People aren't mass dying, but that's not actually /pol/s or anyone elses claim, its the VAERS or virus associated side effects that are the issue specifically short-term as long-term impacts are completely unknown for the most part.

The fact of the matter is in the CDC website and you can find the VAERS data base. Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System is meant to report all recorded cases of side effects of any vaccine. But according to themselves they only record 1-10% of actual side-effects. Even assuming the 10% maximum and using the tiny numbers of 2020 for VAERS reporting (~6000) that still means that at base minimum, the number of actual sideffects are roughly 60,000 people if not 600,000 people. That's just going by stats back in 2020. As of Septmber 16, 2022 the current numbers are 2435969 reported sideeffects by either the Moderna or Pfizer vaxx, but I'm going to use the more conservative number listed in the Open VAERS report; 1,407,409 reports and 30,000+ deaths: Now recall the 1-10%? Yeah that's means at base minimum, 14 million people had side-effects and 300,000 died, this is not small-change. And this can be found if you look for it, but otherwise social media and MSM completely ghost and remove any content about these vaccine problems including numerous deaths. Such censorship by porky is suspect because they don't bother to censor other narratives, do they?

>inb4 but my COVID deaths higher than vaccine deaths

Doesn't matter, the majority (over 90%) of COVID deaths are due to Comorbidities ranging from lack of immune system to heart problems and simply a lack of nutrition. I dare say a lack of proper care and media hysteria drumming up panic contributed more to these deaths than the virus itself did. The Virus just accelerated existing processes, conveniently so for porky. So the number of deaths purely by COVID is no larger than vaxx deaths and the number of average deaths per year in America has barely changed. But even putting aside comorbidity, lets look at the people that die. Most people dying from COVID or covid comorbidity were 50 years and older or were infants or had been very ill already. A large number of deaths for vaccines has been in every age group, but particularly teenagers, often related to the heart.

And inb4 "conspsiritard" Here's even mainstream sources talking about problems
- https://historyinfographics.com/twice-vaccinated-form-majority-of-future-covid-19-deaths-in-new-projection/
- https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/old-lyme-teen-shares-story-of-heart-problems-after-2nd-dose-of-covid-19-vaccine/ar-AAKpp9a
- https://www.timesofisrael.com/hospital-blamed-over-womens-death-from-heart-inflammation-after-vaccination/
- https://www.msn.com/en-gb/health/medical/dont-exercise-for-48-hours-after-pfizer-jab-because-of-extremely-rare-side-effect/ar-AAMcecr
- https://www.theepochtimes.com/doctors-risk-losing-license-for-opinion-on-covid-vaccination-deemed-misinformation-by-certifying-boards_3995791.html
more died in the Clinical Trial Group than the Control Group

Moreover the vaccine is stated by Fauci and the CDC that it does not prevent transmission or illness and only has a 30% reduction rate in terms of impact of the disease, Not high enough a result in my book to inject poorly tested and rushed vaccines made by porky companies.

Furthermore there is evidence of these vaccines being unsafe because the FDA has tried to stop the production of these corporations several times but then 'mysteriously' (corporate lobbying bribes) permitted them to continue soon after. Not to mention Pfizer trying to get out of a whistleblowing lawsuit abut the vaccine, stating the government knew of their fraudulent their clinical trials.

>inb4 Muh anti-vaxx strawman

I have no problem in their idea, Soviet vaccines are 100% the real thing and did their job properly. But porky vaccines and medicine in general have a long history of intentionally not ironing out side-effects, lying to the public, using vaccinations for social experiments and ignoring or holding back cures and doing nothing after these things are revealed. You should be fundamentally mistrustful of ANYTHING porky supports as an anti-capitalist.


>I have no problem in their idea, Soviet vaccines are 100% the real thing and did their job properly. But porky vaccines and medicine in general have a long history of intentionally not ironing out side-effects, lying to the public, using vaccinations for social experiments and ignoring or holding back cures and doing nothing after these things are revealed. You should be fundamentally mistrustful of ANYTHING porky supports as an anti-capitalist.

Ok what about Cuba's covid vaccines? Are there reports on their effectiveness?



I've got the mp3, where's the best place to upload it?


File: 1663805174356.png (200.38 KB, 406x461, ClipboardImage.png)

>The interim results of a Phase III trial in Cuba has shown an efficacy of 71.1% after only two doses, The interim results of the Phase III trial in Iran show that the efficacy of a two-dose regimen is 51.31% against symptomatic disease, 78.35% against severe disease, and 76.78% against hospitalization.[12][13]

>It combined the Soberana 02, the vaccine booster shot shows an efficacy of 91.2%.[7] The final result of a third dose of Soberana Plus increased the efficacy up to 92.4%.[8] Efficacy against severe disease and death is 100% for the heterologous three-dose regimen.[9]


>On 22 June 2021, The official Cuban government sources reported that the results of an initial study by the Cuban Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology involving 48,290 participants found a 92.28% efficacy rate[8][9][10][11] at preventing symptomatic COVID-19.[12][13] The report included a confidence interval of 85.74%–95.817%



if only plane tickets werent 800 dollars


File: 1663815550452.png (416.22 KB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

you're linking to the falun gong as evidence?
>Twice Vaccinated Form Majority of Future COVID-19 Deaths in New Projection
an incredibly misleading bit of data analysis, too bad i actually can read stats.Here's what it looks like, to scale.


every bit of this is questionable in source or just outright bad. sorry, no.


Thanks, I admire people who bother analyzing statistics.


>Linking Falung gong
Lmao. Discarded.


Are people here still on the 2020/2021 vaccine narrative arc?

There's been a shift.

Vaccine appreciator here, fwiw.


>It's possible that some of the patients of the mysterious vaping-related lung disease that swept through all of the 50 US states in 2019 were actually COVID-19 patients, according to a group of Chinese scientists and radiologists after reviewing some 250 chest CT scans from published papers. These scientists urged the US to start screening for COVID-19 patients in 2019 e-cigarette or vaping use-associated lung injury (EVALI) patients.


As an antivaxer covid skeptic, I have been saying this the entire time.

There is a lot of evidence that COVID-19 was circulating globally the entire year of 2019. If that's true, it's CONCLUSIVE proof that the pandemic was not an emergency, let alone a justification for lockdown and mandate fascism. How can you explain that the virus was circulating a whole year and nobody even noticed, but when it's declared an emergency, suddenly it's the plague?


Then where the fuck was the pile of bodies from "vaping disease" if it was already covid?


proof that it came from the USA


Excess deaths coincide with the pandemic and haven't returned to the pre-2020 baseline. Why?


>There is a lot of evidence that COVID-19 was circulating globally the entire year of 2019

like what


>Excess deaths coincide with the pandemic and haven't returned to the pre-2020 baseline. Why?
The real question is why dad the corporate media stop reporting deaths as soon as the "vaccines" rolled out and now just trying to pretend covid is over?


It's almost like the media is manufacturing consent in the populace to accept and normalize the first of many future disasters that will affect the whole world in the coming decades so that they don't notice that maybe all of this is unacceptable and we shouldn't go back to work and pretend like everything is fine 😳


well it's not really a question is it, the government wanted everything to go back to normal and the public were bored of COVID stories so it benefitted both to not mention it anymore


File: 1664543992443.png (339.21 KB, 3266x1152, ClipboardImage.png)

how do I read this graph?
what the fuck does 1,000,000+ mean?
Seems it's not as significant in this one, but maybe not?


File: 1664544064670.png (80.68 KB, 814x712, ClipboardImage.png)

No wait, in 2022 people were already largely vaccinated. This means they were dying en-masse even after vaxxed.


>It's almost like the media is manufacturing consent in the populace to accept and normalize the first of many future disasters
Or maybe the billionaires who own the media are buddies with the billionaires who own the pharma companies and the vaccines don't fucking work


Exponential function.Open up geogebra dumbass.


It polls badly. That’s it.

People have forgotten by the government *had* to do “lockdowns” because by the time they did, schools were already emptying and people already didn’t want to go to their jobs.

Covid was really eye opening to me the blowback all these low-quality agitprop campaigns cause. Just because it all started in China, they accidentally terrified themselves.


Blame Falun Gong.



File: 1664573542873.png (482.99 KB, 1766x2066, FG4CP14.png)




>SARS-CoV-2 has been circulating in northern Italy since December 2019: Evidence from environmental monitoring


>All samples came out to be negative for the presence of SARS-CoV-2 genomes with the exception of March 12, 2019, in which both IP2 and IP4 target assays were positive. This striking finding indicates circulation of the virus in Barcelona long before the report of any COVID-19 case worldwide.



Coronavirus traces found in March 2019 sewage sample, Spanish study shows


was covid an op?


we now know 9/11 was, if they're willing to blow up two skyscrapers with controlled demolitions we know they're willing to do a lot of things.


>we now know 9/11 was
We do, how? non-burger here…


We don’t


different burger here, we don't. it's a tinfoil theory schizos have been pushing since it happened and nobody has ever provided conclusive evidence


burger here, I'm pretty sure I had it in late 2019. there's already some compelling evidence that Lyme disease was engineered on Plum Island and the US government has done a ton of shady fucked up shit, so I've suspected that covid was an op all along

relevant: https://unlimitedhangout.com/2020/04/investigative-series/all-roads-lead-to-dark-winter/


Lyme wasn’t engineered genius. Even if they did, for what reason? It isn’t deadly nor does it really do anything after a week.


>burger here, I'm pretty sure I had it in late 2019.
Euro here, same. I think it just took a while to be officially noticed though.
that or it was an OP targeting proponents of black anarchy.


File: 1664581388674.png (188.58 KB, 500x573, 1469311534601.png)

I'll have to get back to you after I've read the book Bitten (not really since these posts will be pruned by then)

the glowie fears the insurrecto nihilist


File: 1664582099791.png (80.58 KB, 918x591, ClipboardImage.png)

>the glowie fears the insurrecto nihilist
And so they should!


I get the reaction and I wish it weren't so but I'm afraid in this hellworld the schizo truthers turned out to be right. Every single angle of the event, from the hijackers constantly being shielded from mid level fbi agents by higher ups, to the inexplicable military exercises the day off, to the doctored frames of the pentagon security cams, to the analysis of the building destructuion, to the very specific demo cut applied to support structures in the wreckage, everything beneath the surface level story points to an inside job.
>nobody has ever provided conclusive evidence
the analysis of the tower 7 freefall is as conclusive as it gets with no investigative cooperation. The obvious truth is the hijackers would never have pulled off the plan without the cia and the buildings would have never come down without planted explosives.


>as conclusive as it gets with no investigative cooperation
absence of evidence is not evidence
this is the same flawed line of thought holocaust deniers use


source: dude trust me


I'm much more willing to believe fentanyl is an op than COVID is, though they both accomplish the same things, killing those that would demand affordable housing


File: 1664662815363.png (283.55 KB, 474x505, ClipboardImage.png)


>Lancet Covid-19 Commission Chair Jeffrey Sachs joins @MaxBlumenthal & @aaronjmate to explain why he thinks US biotech is behind the origins of Covid.


It's notable because it almost, by the words of the state, destroyed the greek economy.
Don't be a happening fag soyfacing for the next thing every minute of the day, anon.


Burgers plz explain


Taiwan has 32k-41k new cases in the past 2 days.
China had 0.4k-0.5k new cases in the past 2 days.

Germany 136k-172k new cases, leading the world in new COVID cases, and deaths. It's very likely other western governments are not counting properly and have similar numbers to Germany.



I have been saying this since 2019.


WTF Max and Aaron? What timeline are we on?


Idk if Taiwan is on lockdown but China is.


>Germany 136k-172k new cases, leading the world in new COVID cases, and deaths
guess which news dont wanna talk about our glorious corvid response anymore


Chine knows it's a bioweapon which is why they've enacted completely draconian policies, hence the low and definitely not baked infection numbers


in fact I remember, yesterday i saw an article on the frontpage of one of our news site
>I am a German in China and their corvid autocracy brought me back home
Nevermind that we tried the same, only without success. In typical German goverment fashion



I thought ebola only spread through direct contact with thrle bodily fluid of an infected person, is there a new airborne varient?


who knows, but catching it is patsoc and therefore BASED
so i wouldn't worry too much


File: 1666177105581.jpg (116.38 KB, 1000x867, 0ewg0vuvxhk213.jpg)

Caught it for the second time. The last one was 2 years ago.


Sorry to hear.

Germbros, you doing alright?


Doing just fine. I don't mask as much as I did in 2020, but I still wear one to stores and keep a few in my car.


Damn, the powers that be did it. They managed to convince the population that a vascular disease that can infect nerves and deplete the immune system is just a flu.


The covid pandemic made me realize how willfully negligent governments are to other diseases and preventative medicine. Mexico has been raising tobacco taxes, introduced a controversial sugar tax, introduced big warning labels on unhealthy food items, but unfortunately even that is too little.


Any news?


>>1263157 (me)
>yuropoor grannies freezing to death because Anglos blew up the Nordstreams
With a probable surge of Covid likely

Good job breaking it you liberal ie. Vooooting in support of gloryfying literal fucking Nazis retards,

Fucking stupid fascist thugs


reminder that if you want to keep up to date on covid related news and research, Naked Capitalism has a whole covid section in their Watercooler daily posts




COVID-19 reinfections substantially increase risk of death and Long COVID

Getting COVID more than once might be even worse than we thought
>A new study finds increased risk of future hospitalization, organ failure, and even death from repeat COVID-19 infections.

People’s CDC COVID-19 Weather Report
>The Weather: A slight increase from last week shows that 81.23% of the population is living with substantial or higher transmission

>Guys, let me make it very clear

>The average adult gets flu once every 5 years

>Before Omicron, covid was estimated to infect every 16 months

>Covid dysregulates far more than flu, it infects T cells and depletes dendritic cells

>What do you think the cumulative effect will be?

>⚠️SERIOUS—Babies <6 months have “high #COVID19-associated hospitalization rates”—(but no vaccines avail) according to a damning new

report. ➡️All the smug & arrogant pundits who say kids “low risk” & “practically immune” need to be branded for child endangerment!


COVID-19 reinfections substantially increase risk of death and Long COVID

correct link


One month ago I got reinfected. It was the second time I had covid. I only have 1 vaccine shot from a year ago. Should I get a second dose?


Yes, asap


It's better than absolutely nothing, but your best bet is still masking up and isolating as much as possible.


Catching covid and surviving is the equivalent of getting vaccinated. Ive had it three times unvaxxed and i can say with certainty that it no longer worries me at all.


it's clearly made you retarded


Long covid will be the only long thing you will have.


>Good thing it's not a serious disease unless you've got preexisting conditions
I always wonder whether or not people who contend this point realize that this represents more than half of the entire adult population in the U.S. In other words, the majority of people.

<Other estimates put the number of non-elderly adults with pre-existing conditions as high as 102 million, 122 million, or 133 million. In addition to declinable conditions, these estimates took into account conditions that would not necessarily get a person denied when applying for individual health insurance then, but that could trigger other adverse actions. Hypertension (high blood pressure) is an example of one such common pre-existing condition affecting more than 33 million adults under 65. A KFF study of medical underwriting practices asked individual market insurers to consider a hypothetical applicant with high blood pressure who also smoked and was overweight. In 60 applications for coverage, this person was rejected 33 times (55%); offered a policy with surcharged premiums 25 times (42%), and offered coverage with no restrictions or premium surcharges twice (3%).


Note that these are the figures for the non-elderly. The elderly population basically all have preexisting conditions (something like 85-90%). The other assessments in which the above refers:


Breath out through nose


Is this for a two dose vaccine?

You got only one needle which is unusual, people usually either go both or none. I am not sure maybe you need to do both again since a year is passed? Ask your doctor how many you should get.


>Aussie researchers develop new nasal vaccine to combat COVID-19


File: 1668949831403-1.pdf (651.74 KB, 191x255, cevr-11-222 (1).pdf)

My physician told me he's been generally advising patients who were due for a booster and had recently been infected with covid, to wait 6 months after initial infection before doing so. Mostly because that is when 'natural' immunity begins to wane i guess.

I think Israels ministry of health has published research that suggests a continuous saturation of antibodies can weaken future immune response (i think this was partly why the gap of time waiting between first 2 shots was increased.

fwiw he also told me he only got the first 2 Pfizer shots and hasn't gotten a booster, which ultimately is also where I'm at. After getting the 2nd shot, I got really swollen lymph nodes, booming headache, hard to swallow, etc. Turns out I had an active case of infectious mononucleosis (caused by the Epstein-Barr virus).

I've been tested for covid each time I've been sick over 3 years and have never tested positive, so while reactivation of dormant EBV is something known to be caused by covid-19 infection, im guessing due to my immune response to the vaccine and the stress preoccupying T-cells/low cd8 count, caused EBV reactivation. Covid vaccines causing EBV reactivation has also been documented, but only recently has research really begun in this area.

It's a bit frightening because my recent liber function tests are showing elevated enzyme levels indicative of liver injury or hepatitis.
Not that I should have to say this; but I'm not an antivaxxer & am not telling you to avoid getting it. After all, your prior infections with covid would've been the most likely trigger of a similar event, so you probably should consider getting it in 5 months or whatever.


that the AmeriKKKans and their satraps would just quite blatantly sabotage NS makes the U.S. bioweapon theory more likely, and in the Korean War the West did attack with germ bioweapons against the Communists
relatively older, detailed articles


File: 1668952413933.png (20.26 KB, 326x272, ayy lmao.png)


>It's only a SocDem blog and one Trot org left keeping track of and caring about about Covid still
Holy shit this is actually really depressing. When a disease sweeps through with a greater than 1% mortality rate everyone is fucked especially when you remember that labor shortages in healthcare have skyrocketed.


Turns out the lab leak propaganda was funded directly by SBF. And not in any small quantity, either.


Millions died.


the reason rightoids denied that covid was dangerous and that masks were necessary was because they are bankrolled by the medical industry which didnt want to admit that private healthcare doesnt work in the event of global pandemics. the reasons liberals were so insane about wearing masks and getting vaxxed is because they were bankrolled by pfizer, moderna etc which wanted to sell vaccines. leftists dont fall for this dichotomy


that isn't it at all
people were just skeptical that there was so much of a push to get everyone vaccinated by the bourgeois state despite a relatively low death rate..


pretty much this. which is why I never got the vaccine


excess death was massive, what are you talking about lol. regardless covid is practically a non-issue if you're able-bodied and vaccinated. seriously, it's weaker than a cold and the incidence of "long covid" is paltry if you're immunized.


ive had covid thrice and a weaker person wouldve died from that, but due to my immunological superiority i have survived and become stronger as a result.


>excess death was massive
not really when you factor in how many deaths were labled "covid deaths" like people killed in car accidents
>regardless covid is practically a non-issue if you're able-bodied and vaccinated
its a non issue if you're able bodied, vaccines only really help the elderly and people with other health issues.


sounds like you have a weak immune system


I have a weak immune but I only got covid once


i have a good immune system
never got covid


>not really when you factor in how many deaths were labled "covid deaths" like people killed in car accidents
this is nonsense, if people died because of lack of hospital infrastructure even though they didn't die strictly of covid, then it was by all means a crisis that arouse from covid.


>this is nonsense, if people died because of lack of hospital infrastructure even though they didn't die strictly of covid, then it was by all means a crisis that arouse from covid.

no, people dying of things unrelated to covid still being counted as a covid death just shows how inflated the numbers are


File: 1669137981569.png (Spoiler Image, 822.65 KB, 603x992, blood clot parasites.png)

you dont even need the vaccine just take aspirin while you're sick and it'll prevent the blood microclots from rupturing blood vessels and destroying your internal organs


glad to see you are trusting in reliable sources like schizoposts


i mean, it depends if you're assessing this from how much of a personal risk it represents to you individually, in which case yes they're disregardable, vs the social costs of covid which shouldn't be easily dismissable as "number padding" if you're any sort of socialist, or even slant progressive.


what was so bad about the masks and vaccines anon? really?


no it wasn''t fucking schizo dumbass


Cry about a piece of cloth more


you're the only deranged lunatic here


your schizophrenia is acting up


>Vaccines make people into skitzo dumbasses, therefore we should not administer vaccines


File: 1669224762300.jpg (139.02 KB, 1083x1336, FiMHmUwWYAAzN0d.jpg)


>Doug Billings shares message of HOPE and INSPIRATION for taking America back from the commusocialists
yeah sounds legit


>death rate between 2% and 17% for people over 50
>20% of infected never fully recover, many permanently incapacitated.
>hospitalizations so common that hospitals run out of beds.
Just a mild flu, bro.


File: 1669589378545.jpg (65.11 KB, 607x608, Untitled.jpg)

that's right


The 6% metric isn't even in the article.


They're being sarcastic.


The excesses of zero Covid has some benefits for science. For the second (and soon to be last) time, we have studies of spread of Covid-19 that can effectively timeline infection and control for sources of infection.


Basically, a guy jogs through a park and infects 33 people. Low wind speed, high temperature, moderate humidity. People who came within 1-meter of him or are thought to are much more likely to be infected but even some who were simply in the same area or visited the same places got sick.

His original infection route is not the objective of the paper but remarkably too it’s thought he got it from *fomites* because he shared non-disinfected airline seats with patients who had identical nucleotide mutations in their strain. This is more speculative though and the paper doesn’t exactly connect the dots.

The more important thing is that it concussively proves that Covid-19 can be spread outdoors which I believe has been known but kind of denied. It’s been long enough we can admit this truth though, right? Now that nobody cares? The authors speculate high exertion of him and others increased infections. Basically breathing hard as fuck on everything means more virus in the air.

If you think “oh maybe they got sick somewhere else,” you can read the paper and you’ll get some insight too about why people have started to fatigue if ZC in China.


covid deniers feel like contrarians who aren't even contradicting anything anymore. It's probably a reason why long-covid has been picked up by the more underground schizo-gang.



The virus is less likely to spread in less densely populated areas and coof particles on surfaces become inactive quicker when it is warm, so wouldn't you expect this?


In retrospect, one of the biggest lies of Covid, which is still repeatedly constantly, is "herd immunity". A fundamentally misunderstood concept that was entirely fictionally.


File: 1669864459422.png (71.84 KB, 1025x555, ClipboardImage.png)

Is it tho? Nobody even thinks about Covid anymore where I live. Nobody wears a mask. I guess we'll see what this January does.


Nobody talks about it because the media simply stopped reporting on covid because it became too politically contentious. Herd immunity doesn't exist for the novel coronavirus. The most vulnerable members of the population died from Covid, and Covid continues to circulate aggressively and widely within populations, infecting and killing people at a normal rate. Neither natural immunity nor vaccination were able to establish the supposed "herd immunity threshold" and stymie the circulation of covid, let alone provide actual immunity to vulnerable, unvaccinated or unexposed members of the community. This is because, fundamentally, Covid re-infects and infects vaccinated people, and is contagious in those population.

The concept was grossly misappropriated and wrongly explained to populations to promote at different times goals of opening and vaccination quotas. What you see is normal circulation of a highly contagious respiratory virus.


I am the biggest covid skeptic, please suck my dick for being the biggest board schizo


>Nobody even thinks about Covid anymore where I live. Nobody wears a mask
Same here, and guess what, I just got covid for the first time lol. Shit sucks, I hope my ability to smell and taste comes back.


I caught it maybe half a year ago but nothing really bad happened. Was just a mild cold for a day or two.


I caught it and was sick for a week with painful coof and what I later learned was "brain fog" for about a month. Fortunately I was informed that this was psychosomatic brain fog! What a relief. I didn't actually get as sick as I felt because if I had (and I didn't) that would give credence to the mask mandate people.


Zero COVID is fucking dead thank Jesus, even the Chinese think it's retarded


File: 1670179403080.jpg (906.11 KB, 2268x4032, m7felnifjoj71.jpg)

Damn, it was fun to cull the weak until covid made me and my immune system into one.

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