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Welp edition
Live Updates: https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
Global Tracker: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/map.html
The mod team asks you to please limit all covid discourse outside the mainstream media (vaccine skepticism, mask non-compliance, etc..) to this thread


Hell world.


>When the diagnosis was confirmed, all Moscow medical services, police departments, and the KGB were deployed to tackle the grave threat. Law enforcement officers found and quarantined everyone who had been in contact with Kokorekin or his family members.
The hospital where the infected man had been treated was locked down. Government stockpiles of precious linen reserved for wartime were made available to the thousands of confined workers and patients.
However, the main measure was the universal vaccination of all residents of Moscow and Moscow Region, unprecedented in history. Working 24/7, doctors injected more than 9 million people in a single week.


I wish I had enjoyed life more while I had the chance


File: 1637956529307.jpg (79.62 KB, 876x677, laincovid.jpg)

really scared tbh


will this cause western civilization to collapse hmmm


File: 1637956773953.png (28.99 KB, 554x554, 1608527980370.png)

>time to die
ebin… simply ebin :DDDD


bump may the new strain bring down global capitalism. thank you lord omnicron


File: 1637963015246.png (662.86 KB, 949x750, ClipboardImage.png)

>The latest is the most heavily mutated version discovered so far


Pls tell me that this new variant instantly kills everyone infected.



How do you deal with the fact that we will never return to pre-smartphone normal?


Dude. I am in Germany, we have a 80% vaccination rate and never really abolished social distancing and mask mandates. We were told, the vaccine protects you by a 98% rate from intensive care.

Right now, the situation regarding intensive care units is worse than last winter. This is mathematically impossible if the claims about the vaccine are even barely correct. The vaccine does jackshit.


File: 1637965108760.jpg (118.11 KB, 640x718, 1423949231458.jpg)


it's likely because most of the west opened up around the winter months of last year and the vaxx came out like March or so and it was a rather slow rollout?


How many of those in ICU are vaccinated?


No matter you twist and turn it, with a 98% protection rate this situatiion is impossible. They lied about the efficacy of the vaccine. Big time. That's all I have to say, I don't engage in vaccine denial.



>Most of the deaths related to COVID-19 can be traced back to unvaccinated people, RKI statistics indicate. And according to intensive care medics, 90% of the COVID patients in ICUs in Germany are unvaccinated. The RKI says the chance of survival is only 53% for COVID patients in the ICU once they go on a ventilator, whether vaccinated or not.

>So in essence, Germany is facing the same mortality rate as last year — but with many more times the number of infections, and for the great majority among the unvaccinated.


This wave also seems to be hitting unvaccinated people in their 30s and 40s.


It wears off after six months. When did the rollout start?


File: 1637965534610.jpg (54.87 KB, 318x266, 0007-001.jpg)

vaxxchads winning again stay seething "contrarians"


1.) They first said it was 9 months, then they switched it to 6 months, now apparently it's three months. But even then they claimed 60% protection rates even after that time. Another impossibility.

2.) Most people got their second shot in July. That's four months.

Stop the cope at this point holy fuck


File: 1637965844813.jpg (83.58 KB, 449x642, 1344921997931.jpg)

That's still quite high. Even assuming most of those are from the early bird vaccinations that started in December.

I wonder if the vaccinations do more damage long term, by giving people the illusion of safety, who then proceed to disregard all precautions, and the infection rate spikes again.


>German state media
Even the RKI switches their numbers all the time, and that 10% is definitely bullshit


It's closer to 30%.

>And according to intensive care medics

Who? No source for this. Who is claiming this? Not the RKI.


The vaccine is working better than I expected, but I support strictest lockdowns over vaccinations. And the only reason I ever suggest otherwise, is because I want more Americans/NATOuighurs to die.


Even if it's 10% (first time I heard this number), make your own calculation regarding how effective the vaccine is if only 30% of the population remain unvaccinated.


The point is that they lied about protection against infection and protection against need for intensive care with regards to the vaccines. I don't make conclusions, but that's just the facts.


b-but vaccine baaad beccassueesue


They point is mandates make no sense, don't end the pandemic and are just supposed to increase profits for the pharmaceutical industry.

There is no reason to vaccine children or healthy 20 year olds.


File: 1637966379770.jpg (163.77 KB, 600x450, 110119.jpg)

Did you just blow in from Reddit? Nobody here fucking expects the booj to tell the truth.

Oh, nevermind, you blew in from /pol/. Of course they found a way to profit. Lockdowns damage profits.


retardos? did you forget that the bourgeoisie is not a monolith?
there's a subsection that's damaged by lockdowns while others i.e. big pharma and tech are raking in profits and hoarding influence.


The one thing I Know about vaccinations being good is how all the successful nations are doing it and have no real problem with it. Back in the days yankees went to get their jabs, now we don't because we're fucking retarded.


>Of course they found a way to profit. Lockdowns damage profits.
1.) There are different factions in the monopoly bourgeoisie that have different stances towards lockdowns
2.) This isn't backed by evidence. Literally all the richest people and corporations got richer during lockdown. It only hurt petty bourgeoisie.


Good. May we be blessed with millions more dead Americans.


> They first said it was 9 months, then they switched it to 6 months, now apparently it's three months. But even then they claimed 60% protection rates even after that time. Another impossibility.
Cause the line is arbitrary. They are just deciding what percent they think is "good enough" based on how many vaccines/nurses they have available and how much people resist.

Or if 90% of the population is triple vaxxed but its still 30% leaky. Uh oh.


>It only hurt petty bourgeoisie.
And that is absolutely excellent.


You do realize other nations than the West use the inactivated vaccine Sinovac and the Russian one, right? The West only allows for vaccines made by Western corporations. Plus, none of the successful countries fetishize vaccines and think of it as the only solution to the pandemic. China literally closed down their biggest port for days, losing billions in profit, just to combat the spread.


based trips
i guess, but even then it's still not a horrible idea to get even yankee vaxx.


Yeah, truly that grandma owning that flower shop accross the street is the enemy of the people.


>it's still not a horrible idea
You are still missing the point. I don't care if it's a good or bad idea. Do it if you want. The point is they are currently trying to do a MANDATE (see Austria, Germany is next) which is fucking horrendous when they don't even allow WHO-approved vaccines like Sinovac, Sputnik or the Cuban vaccine!


>defending the footsoldiers of fascism
Fuck small businesses and fuck small business owners, newfaggot.


>adhering to the Frankfurt School theory about fascism
Take off that flag.


>NATO dabs on itself
What's the problem?


>Thinking that petty booj aren’t the social base of fascism is Frankfurt school shit
Try harder to blend in


Because I am in a NATO country and it affects me. If you don't, lucky you.


File: 1637967234700.png (1.36 MB, 1536x1571, 1611502699352.png)

I live in a NATO country, too. But loyalty to the cause of international socialism is stronger.


It literally is. The East German Marxist-Leninist historian Kurt Gossweiler did a lot of research on this, and found out that the NSDAP recruited out of all social milieus, but that the decisive element that got them into power was, as Dimitroff noted, the most reactionary faction of the monopoly bourgeoisie and the financial oligarchy. This idea that the NSDAP mass was the petty bourgeois was only crafted by Adorno, who tried to "psychologize" fascism - in fact, statistics show, it was more of a rural-urban divide that provided the NSDAP with support. The NSDAP's mass base was ruralites and unemployed. The petty bourgeois is barely overrepresented. Many petty bourgeois also were Jews, who obviously didn't support fascism.

Fuck you, you piece of shit.


Good thing NSDAP isn't the only model of fascism.


>they claimed 60% protection rates
careful with this, protection rate can have wdely different meanings (not getting it, not having symptom, not getting into hospital, not getting into rea, not dying)


>According to who?
According to everything we know about immunology you tard. Antibodies are made by whwite blood cells to target parts of pathogens, typically proteins of their outer layer, like the fucking spike protein. The principle of vaccines is to show the target protein beforehand to white blood cells, whether it's with neutered viruses or the bare intructions to make a limited quantity ofprotein (RNA) so your body react to the illness exactly as if it was already infected. But the longer a pathogen circulate, the higher the probability of changes. If we made the vaccine mandatory and didn't cave to obscurantists the virus would have lacked the time to mutate too much.


File: 1637971067809.png (74.96 KB, 324x242, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1637978926111.jpg (78 KB, 640x480, 1422511456817.jpg)

>you will never raise eyebrows for going out in public wearing a mask ever again



I want to vax but I don't want that w*stern mystery concoction inside my muscles
My country "offers" Sinovac (more like allows you to take the surplus kek) for the first two doses but the boosters are all american shite, what do?


File: 1637979581840.jpg (227.49 KB, 792x900, 1637624199243.jpg)

Imma be honest with you bros, i kimda want to get the pfizer vax and then intentionally catch and spread covid so that the virus will be able to adapt to the western vaccines faster


Pfizer has a higher risk of myocarditis specifically among young men. I would assume that applies to any AMAB people, unless hormone therapy affects it.


I thought you already got infected


Yeah now how about the people who are """unvaccinated""" because they are partway through their first two doses, or have refused a booster?


>If we made the vaccine mandatory and didn't cave to obscurantists the virus would have lacked the time to mutate too much.
Stop spreading liberal propaganda. The vaccine allows for asymptomatic transmission between vaccinated individuals. Even the news outlets now admit that it doesn't stop you from catching or transmitting it, just that it helps keep you out of the hospital.

A vaccine resistant version was literally guaranteed from day zero of deployment of these vaccines.


the vaccine doesnt stop contagion but decreases it considerably you mongoloid


It doesn't matter. If the overall rate of infection remains greater than or equal to 1 transmission per case then, in the case of mutating viruses (not all viruses mutate as well as others), you are going to develop the problem of vaccine resistance.


>gets proven wrong
<it doesnt matter

less transmission literally means less chances of the virus mutating

i fucking hate closet antivaxxers, at least antivaxxers arent disingenuous morons, theyre just flat out morons


It still doesn't matter. You buy a bit of time. That's it. That's all the vaccine did. It bought a bit of time. You aren't eradicating COVID. You aren't serious about trying to wipe out the disease. That is the real disingenuity here. You're repeating a liberal talking point that ultimately amounts to telling people to live with it.


That's not what the numbers implicate. It's impossible to have more case than last year if it would actually do this, I remember they claimed 80% protection against transmitting the virus. We all know now this was a complete bullshit claim.


confirmed retard


>carries water for liberals by shrugging and saying they couldn't have done anything more
>calling anyone else a retard


File: 1638031870942.png (31.57 KB, 1408x557, inzidenz.png)

>>620015 (me)
This is the infection rate in my country. In the summer, everybody got vaccinated twice. We have a 70% full vaccination rate. Explain this please (mask mandates and social distancing were never abolished).

Even if the vaccine would just stop transmission by 30%, those numbers are virtually impossible if the vaccine would do anything. It apparently keeps you out of the hosptial. That's it.


>>carries water for liberals by shrugging and saying they couldn't have done anything more
no one. ever.


The point is that social measures are a hundred times more effective than medical measures such as a vaccination, as it can be observed in China and Vietnam. Vaccination should be peripheral, yet is sort of mandated as the only solution to this pandemic.

You call everybody who does not want to get the vaccine a fascist, but we shouldn't even talking about vaccines and absolutetely retarded ideas like vaccinating children who have a miniscule chance of ever having a severe case. Yet we are talking about it, not because we like to dabble in conspiracy theories or are "anti-vaxx", but because this mandate the way it's implemented starts to ruin people's life. Materially.


You wanna get out of this pandemic? Just do mandatory testing, provided for free, accessible to everyone. A tested person is also much, much less or a spreader than a vaccinated person.
>everybody is euqal
>no division between rich and poor
>more effective tracking of the virus
Vaccinated people are mostly COVID deniers, they believe in the lie that the vaccine protects you from transmitting the virus even though it is transmitted via your mucosa and the vaccine only operates in your bloodstream. So they do not adhere to social distancing and mask wearing, acting as super spreaders.

I think vaccinated people should be quarantained at home, because they are unreasonable conspiracy theorists and a harm to everybody. And no paid leave, of course.

If you can't tell, the last part was satire.


No lie, my grandma and father who took the vaccine are unironic covid deniers. They think its real but dont think its anymore dangerous than a flu.


The vaccine is a flawed, short term solution that was never going to get rid of COVID and yet has been touted as the True End of the Crisis. When the flaws became readily apparent, the solution was to tell people to just keep taking it every few months for the rest of their lives while COVID keeps circulating, to just flat out tell people it was endemic. That if anyone had a problem with this solution, it was a problem with them and not The System. Never mind that the entire thing is just bandages over internal bleeding waiting for infection to set in, just think about Back To Normal!

This is blatantly fucking obvious. You can't even actually disagree with this, your "proof" against it was literally just showing that it was a short term solution >>619969 because "less chance of it mutating" doesn't stop the fact that time continues to roll on. Are you under the impression that the virus only has a couple chances to mutate and then once it's used up all those shots, it's just stuck the way it is?

And now, after two straight years of the ruling class telling people to "Go fuck yourself", you're going to call people who call this out for the bullshit it is anti-vaxxers for pointing out that the obvious fucking problem that was inevitably going to happen, happened?


Not to mention that the constant pressure to get new "boosters" is also the most profitable.


Imagine you got Lyme disease despite being vaccinated against it, and instead of treating you your doctors tells you "well… just get the vaccine again?" Complete insanity.


>Additionally, the FDA flagged a concern that Merck’s drug led to small changes in the coronavirus’ signature spike protein, which it uses to penetrate human cells. Theoretically, FDA cautioned, those changes could lead to dangerous new variants.
got approved anyway, efficacy rate of 30%


>They think its real but dont think its anymore dangerous than a flu.
That's true.


File: 1638038573625.png (49.42 KB, 614x286, vaccine fascism.png)

This is the Democrat party now. Fascist scapegoating and othering of the unvaccinated minority. This is who you libs are supporting now. You are fascists.


Civil unrest continues on the French Island of Martinique as people riot against covid jab mandates.

Colonized workers literally RISING UP against medical-industrial fascism and apartheid. If you don't support them, you are a fascist.


Here's the citation:

"Merck (NYSE: MRK), known as MSD outside the United States and Canada, and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics today provided an update on the MOVe-OUT study of molnupiravir (MK-4482, EIDD-2801), an investigational oral antiviral medicine for COVID-19. Data are now available from all enrolled participants (n=1433). In this study population, molnupiravir reduced the risk of hospitalization or death from 9.7% in the placebo group (68/699) to 6.8% (48/709) in the molnupiravir group, for an absolute risk reduction of 3.0% (95% confidence interval [CI]: 0.1, 5.9; nominal p-value=0.0218) and a relative risk reduction of 30% (relative risk 0.70; 95% CI: 0.49, 0.99). Nine deaths were reported in the placebo group, and one in the molnupiravir group. The adverse event profile for molnupiravir remained consistent with the profile reported at the planned interim analysis. "


Gov. Hochul signs executive order allowing hospitals to limit non-essential procedures
Halting people's surgeries and treatments to """stop covid""" totally won't have negative effects on people's health!

Does vitamin D deficiency increase the severity of COVID-19?
>If vitamin D does in fact reduce the severity of COVID-19 in regard to pneumonia/ARDS, inflammation, inflammatory cytokines and thrombosis, it is our opinion that supplements would offer a relatively easy option to decrease the impact of the pandemic.
Interesting, we've known since the beginning of the pandemic that Vitamin D is essential to people's immune systems in combating COVID-19 as well as many other diseases, yet telling people to take vitamin D is now considered "antivaxxer disinfo." If our government had prioritized giving people vitamin D or any number of other treatments, rather than non-treatment and waiting a year for shitty, broken vaccines, then the pandemic would have been a nothingburger. The pandemic was artificially worsened by governments suppressing treatments.

COVID-19: 30% of healthcare personnel in US hospitals remain unvaccinated
Just fire them all though! These nurses are clearly a hazard to their patients, better off shutting down the hospitals than subjecting our poor vaccinated population to this horrific danger!

DNA from Neanderthals affects vulnerability to covid-19
Bourgeoisie are now inventing racial eugenics explanations of covid.

Huge Freedom Protests Bring Australian Cities to a Standstill
Australian workers rising up. Are you on their side, or the side of big pharma?


Reminder for everyone here who mildly supports this, this is an unprecedented assault on your medical entitlements. This is what getting a foot in the door looks like. We should deny alcoholic with a liver problem treatment! We should deny mountain climbers who fell treatment! Actually, let's introduce a panel that judges you to make sure that your condition, whatever it might be, is totally external and not your own fault.


Indigenous Australians being abducted and force-vaccinated by colonizer police forces. I'm sure this is for their health though.


>Germany: Police are checking and verifying people's COVID vaccine digital identity passports. The new abnormal.

I sure feel safe now that there are police swarming every public place to check my digital vaccine certificate! Police are the footsoldiers of the bourgeoisie and the enemy of the working class– except for when they're """fighting a virus"""


File: 1638039717283.jpg (181.33 KB, 1200x1200, nazi doctor.jpg)

Forced medical procedures by reactionary governments are a hallmark of fascism.


>this is cultural genocide
lmao, what in your culture dictates the refusal of modern medicine? does your "culture" dictate the refusal of all types of modern shit like lighting bulbs, electricity, running water, or the ones that are convenient to you are okay according to your "culture"?

>muh elder



>BERLIN - A restaurant with people simply enjoying a meal, raised by the police state, to check their papers!


You are a fascist.


>fascism is when vaccines
you are a schizo, with a high probability of burgerism on the side


As an unvaccinated German, this scares me. I am very much relying on trains so I can get to my workplace, right now they allow for free PoR tests so I'll just get the damn test every morning, I am fine with that. But once they demand PCR tests, or slap a price on PoR tests, I am truly, truly fucked.

Even if I would get vaccinated now it would take a month at minimum before I count as "fully vaccinated".


No surprise that everyone who disobeys the fascist bourgeoisie is now considered mentally ill on top of being filthy disease-spreaders.

Question for you: what's the better solution to all the antivaxers now– to force-vaccinate them, throw them in camps, or diagnose all of them (millions, billions of people) with schizophrenia and then throw them in mental asylums? Maybe all three?


You ever notice how it's the same old countries like Austria, Italy, Germany leading the way on modern fascism.


So you thnk it's totally normal that the Australian cops force-vaccinate aborigines only? Okay dude


Yep, and of course the USA. All countries where the Nazi leadership quietly remained in power after WWII.


>right now they allow for free PoR tests so I'll just get the damn test every morning, I am fine with that
Question for you as someone living in a relatively free region of the world: what kind of tests are they mandating on unvaxxed now? Is it the painful, humiliating nasal swabs? Mandating that as weekly or daily testing is simply a "mild" form of torture, to get compliance by inflicting pain.


The best way to get the unvaccinated vaccinated were to allow for Sinovac, a traditional inactivated vaccine. Unless they are MAGA tards who are spooked about China, many would take that one.

But burger medico-fascists, who also rule Europe, won't allow for that ever. Instead they keep lying to the public claiming they did everything they could while terrorizing their population with those mandates.


>force-vaccinate aborigines only?
gonna need a source on that


File: 1638040392556.jpg (1.42 MB, 4096x4096, american.jpg)

>The communist anti-pharma pledge
UNLESS pfizer and moderna share their recipe


I refuse, period. I'm a healthy young man. I don't need a covid vaccine. I will never get one. I don't want heart failure, strokes, or paralysis.


It's pretty chaotic and depends on the state. For trains, they accept normal nasal swabs. By the way, they are very uncomfortable. The test center I frequent employs some brute who rams the q-tip into your skull and leaves it there for 10 seconds. For restaurants and hotels, they demand a PCR test which costs 80 Euros and takes 24 hours minimum to be finished. Before November, they actually still had that rule that you have to be tested to do anything, but they made the nose swabs cost 20 Euro. I faked my test result because of that (I can not afford 20 Euros every day) but now as you see in >>620191 they actually take the scanning of the QR code seriously now.

Our media is fucking insane right now. They publish op-eds basically threatening the unvaccinated with genocide ("one day, the tolerance of the vaccinated will be over!") not in some rag but on state TV. Meanwhile, they have reduced the number of available intensive care units by 30% compared to 2020, but you are being censored on social media once you point that out. The vaccination here seems to not work anyway. We never abandoned the social distancing/mask mandates and with 70% vaccinated the numbers for infected are going through the roof.


File: 1638040671985.gif (382 KB, 220x252, beyonce-drinking.gif)

Jesus, the insecure projection of your schizo fantasies.
>force-vaccinate them
Sure, honestly, I don't give a fuck about them. Some people literally want to resist being helped, because it's fucking tyranny in their schizo minds, and if they threaten others with their irresponsible actions, they should be force vaxxed.
>throw them in camps
why, you schizo? administering a vaccine takes 3 seconds. why do you think people are after you and want to gulag rape you? nobody gives a fuck about your schizo childish ass.

>diagnose all of them (millions, billions of people) with schizophrenia

lmao, BILLIONS of schizophrenics? Are you saying that up to half of the human population could be schizophrenic? Face it, dude, you are in a loud and crazy minority.

gifrel is me when you get forcevaxed while you scream "fascism"


Ive had covid so my antibodies are worth the same as any vaccination. I would get vaccinated if i was allowed to get the chinese or cuban vaccine, but i outright refuse american vaccines.


>>620215 (me)
The most humiliating thing is, I am safer for society than any vaccinated person. I get tested every single day. I follow social distancing. Meanwhile, vaccinated are extremly careless spreading the virus everywhere.

The media twists this into a "pandemic of the unvaccinated" because the statistic only features tested cases. Vaccinated never get texted, unvaccinated have to get tested everyday. So the actual number of infected flies completely under the radar.


>Ive had covid so my antibodies are worth the same as any vaccination.
They are much better.
>I would get vaccinated if i was allowed to get the chinese or cuban vaccine, but i outright refuse american vaccines.
That is only a sane decision.


I'm from the non-gay part of Europe that actually allows Sino, and trust me, non-Magatard schizos here find their justification here as well for not getting vaxxed. You faggots are just looking for excuses for acting retarded, simple as


also, being against msg is borderline racist schizo shit as well


>>620215 (me)
Another thing that comes to my mind - I've been told by an American friend that they now have tests where you just have to spit in a cup and the result is as accurate as the nose swabs.

If that is the case, and if they continue to not allow this here, it's clear that they don't give a shit about your health and just want to bully you.


Well I can't speak for everybody. I would get the Chinese vaccine. I have nothing to be ashamed of, I can look at myself in the mirror and say that I have done nothing wrong or harmed anybody. I refuse to undergo gene therapy pushed by American medico-fascists.


yeah they give those out for free in my university but they're not valid tests for the pass


Are you from America? What kind of tests do you need for trains, what for cafes? Do you guys have vaccinated-only placed?


>For trains, they accept normal nasal swabs. By the way, they are very uncomfortable. The test center I frequent employs some brute who rams the q-tip into your skull and leaves it there for 10 seconds. For restaurants and hotels, they demand a PCR test which costs 80 Euros and takes 24 hours minimum to be finished. Before November, they actually still had that rule that you have to be tested to do anything, but they made the nose swabs cost 20 Euro. I faked my test result because of that (I can not afford 20 Euros every day) but now as you see in >>620191 (You) they actually take the scanning of the QR code seriously now.
Shocking. You are being subjected to literal torture and extortion. Act accordingly.


>gene therapy


No I'm from Belgium. The only tests they accept for the pass are the pcr (40 EUR) and the antigenic (35 EUR). Discos are only for vaccinated people here (but they had to shut them down yesterday anyway).


mRNA technology was commonly referred to as gene therapy when it was developed as a cure for cancer. They simply call it "vaccines" because gene therapy obviously scares people.

Pharmaceutical corporations are very fascist.


>For trains, they accept normal nasal swabs. By the way, they are very uncomfortable. The test center I frequent employs some brute who rams the q-tip into your skull and leaves it there for 10 seconds. For restaurants and hotels, they demand a PCR test which costs 80 Euros and takes 24 hours minimum to be finished. Before November, they actually still had that rule that you have to be tested to do anything, but they made the nose swabs cost 20 Euro. I faked my test result because of that (I can not afford 20 Euros every day) but now as you see in >>620191 they actually take the scanning of the QR code seriously now.
It's seriously entertaining to see schizos contort themselves into all kinds of ass-fucking situations just to avoid a little prick in the arm. Hilarious, fascinating, super weird.


All clubs are closed in Germany. They only let vaccinated in but it did jackshit, all of them were superspreader events.

Who to blame? The unvaccinated, of course. Some liberals here now run this conspiracy theory that everywhere there is a cluster amongst vaccinated, it's because an unvaccinated person faked his vaccine passport. They're morons.


>mRNA technology was commonly referred to as gene therapy
<Fact Check-mRNA vaccines are distinct from gene therapy, which alters recipient’s genes
>things I don't like are fascist


File: 1638041506562.jpg (151.76 KB, 1008x756, 20211126_221431.jpg)

I never thought i'd be antivax but the absolute frustration of dealing with fluoridated american/european vaccine promoters who dont even care if the recipe for mrna vaccines is shared with the public and the international community or if there was market competition by cuban, russian and chinese vaccines against the western vax has made me antivax.
Antivaxxers are ridiculous too. I spoke with my aunt and uncle (antivax) plus my grandmother (provax) on thanksgiving talking about how i want chinese or cuban vaccines and they all proved to be fucking retards.
I told my aunt that i want traditional vaccines like the cuban and chinese vaccines rather than mrna vaccines like pfizer and she went fluoride crazy talking about "chyna bad, cuba bad"
My grandmother said "just take the mrna vaccines dont bother questioning why the recipe isnt public"
Tl;dr fuck westerners


>dude, it's just a pinch in the arm
reddit is the other way.

You fucking cunt. You gloat at the clearly retarded repressive measures the bourgeois state subjects a marginalized minority under, and still call yourself a leftist or something. Yes, how funny is it people trying to survive under such a regime.


>bourgeois state subjects a marginalized minority under
schizos aren't a marginalized minority


The funniest (/weirdest) thing I experienced was when a sociology professor was trying to explain to us that 90% of people in hospitals are unvaxxed. Went home later only to see an interview of where an hospital's director said that the majority of patients in the icu were vaxxed so i really don't know what to say anymore this shit makes absolutely no sense.


If being """unvaccinated""" makes me a schizo, then yes. there are billions of schizos just like me.

You are a fascist.

I would honestly look at whether you can escape as a refugee to somewhere like Florida.

Yes, I have only been tested for covid twice. Once, they did a nose swab. The second time, it was a spit test. With spit tests as an option, the swabs are just malicious.


Fascist. If our government was making non-Christians second-class citizens, I guess you'd say we should just convert to Christianity to avoid the inconvenience. And I guess you have no regard or concern for the people who are literally DYING and being CRIPPLED by the rushed, shitty vaccines.

It depends on the state. In free states, there are no mandatory tests at all.




>Muh bourgeois media fact check
LMAO go back to reddit you fascist


>hospital's director said that the majority of patients in the icu were vaxxed
source or schizo


Yeah they just invented a new definition for gene therapy (Mendelian genetics are outdated anyway, and I am not an Infracel). I don't give a shit, it is not a traditional vaccine, it doesn't inject you a dead virus, it's a new technology, that's the entire point.


They are in fact.


explain how that article is wrong or you are a proven lazy schizo


File: 1638041742002.webm (762.68 KB, 640x428, 1636020929458.webm)


I double check everything. Everytime I see one of our officials citing some statistic I check it and look at the methodology. The amount of times they dishonestly twist and manipulate stats has been a huge redpill for me.



>getting vaxed is like being force-converted into Christianity

>people who are literally DYING and being CRIPPLED by the rushed, shitty vaccines

What are the numbers, billy?


Bayer was once called "IG Farben", by the way - you know, one of the major facilitators of the Holocaust. These pharmaceutical oligarchs have a very fascist streak, it's appropriate to call them that.


Don't memearrow faggot. Post the parts of the article you believe to be wrong.

Lazy, willfully ignorant schizo.


File: 1638041990490.webm (2.35 MB, 576x1024, 1637549496505.webm)

Nobody has any obligation to get vaccinated unless either the mrna recipe is released to the public or sinovac/cuban vaccines are allowed as alternatives to western vaccines


>Yes, I have only been tested for covid twice. Once, they did a nose swab. The second time, it was a spit test. With spit tests as an option, the swabs are just malicious.
They do nose swabs on children (elementary school!) three times a week here in Germany. Mandatory. I wonder how this "generation covid" turns out.


>Nobody has any obligation to get vaccinated
you don't understand how states work, but that's okay, since you post under an anarcho flag


File: 1638042123941.png (468.32 KB, 914x646, vaccine religion.png)

>>getting vaxed is like being force-converted into Christianity
Yes, it literally is. Since the covid shots don't prevent covid. Forcing people to take the covid shots is purely a demand for ideological compliance. I will not convert to your religion.


>covid shots don't prevent covid


>What are the numbers, billy?
serious disorders
-nervous system : 91 523
-vascular : 23 331
-cardiac : 29 975

And this is only for the pfizer vaccine, nevermind the allegations of AE underreporting.


They do not prevent it from spreading, at the very least.


File: 1638042454854.jpg (1.93 MB, 2604x3683, 92456822_p0.jpg)

Critical support for the omicron covid variant in its struggle against western vaxfags who worship big pharma patented vaccine recipes
Critical support for covid in its struggle against people who have been vaccinated and immunized against covid
Glory to shincheonji church
Nobody has any obligation to get vaccinated unless either the mrna recipe is released to the public or sinovac/cuban vaccines are allowed as alternatives to western vaccines


>New York Gov. Hochul tells Christian worshippers: 'God wants you to be vaccinated'
"I prayed a lot to God during this time and you know what - God did answer our prayers. He made the smartest men and women, the scientists, the doctors, the researchers - he made them come up with a vaccine. That is from God to us and we must say, thank you, God. Thank you. And I wear my 'vaccinated' necklace all the time to say I'm vaccinated. All of you, yes, I know you're vaccinated, you're the smart ones, but you know there's people out there who aren't listening to God and what God wants. You know who they are."

"I need you to be my apostles. I need you to go out and talk about it and say, we owe this to each other. We love each other. Jesus taught us to love one another and how do you show that love but to care about each other enough to say, please get the vaccine because I love you and I want you to live, I want our kids to be safe when they're in schools, I want to be safe when you go to a doctor's office or to a hospital and are treated by somebody, you don't want to get the virus from them. You're already sick or you wouldn't be there. We have to solve this, my friends. I need every one of you. I need you to let them know that this is how we can fight this pandemic, come back to normal and then start talking about the real issues that we have to - fighting systemic racial injustice which exists today and if there is a denier I will take you on every day because I've seen it, I know it exists and we're not going to have a blind eye to this ever again any longer under my watch. That is my commitment to you."

This is what vaxxers really believe.


>91 523+23 331+29 975=144 829
out of how many vaccinations?

>total Pfizer vaxxed to date: 262 914 388

Which means that 0.055085992479042264% of people face such a threat. On what basis do you think that you might be affected? Do you have preconditions?


>clever people and retarded people both believe the sky is blue, therefore the sky can not be blue


>>total Pfizer vaxxed to date: 262 914 388
forgot source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1198516/covid-19-vaccinations-administered-us-by-company/
It's from November 21, so the % must be even lower than that.


>On what basis do you think that you might be affected? Do you have preconditions?
What if you have preconditions? For most of them, the de facto vaccine mandate does not care.


>What if you have preconditions?
Answer the question: do you have preconditions?


(besides schizophrenia)


Not the guy you originally talked to, but I have a thyroid issue, yes. My doctor told me not to get the vaccine, feel free to call him a schizo. Yet they try to ruin my life with those mandates.

Also, you just evaded the issue. This isn't about me. What if you have preconditions that are not recognized and you have your life ruined through the vaccine mandate? I am not gonna reveal my medical history to a medico-fascist like you. Medical history of a person should be very private.


File: 1638043239293.jpg (131.89 KB, 680x680, 1636558254759.jpg)

the question is not the rate at which the general population suffers from AE, it's more about a benefit-risk balance so to say. A lot of adverse events happen in younger people who where not at risk from the virus to begin with.


The fact that nobody is willing to engage with my point that nobody has any obligation to get vaccinated unless either the mrna recipe is released to the public or sinovac/cuban vaccines are allowed as alternatives to western vaccines is proof that the vaccine debate is controlled on both sides by westerners who do not give a fuck about the truth


why would I take any vaccine if I don't need it?


Holy shit, just take the vax, there's tons of young people dying or having lifelong consequences right now. Meanwhile the amount of people with meaningful side effects is miniscule.


>My doctor told me not to get the vaccine, feel free to call him a schizo.
Then obviously listen to your fucking doctor.
>What if you have preconditions that are not recognized
Then you should be given official papers by the incompetent retarded state and be given a free pass while at the least getting your temperature checked (which, btw, they do to everybody regardless of vaxx in China when they detect a dozen cases in a region). But we all know how this shit usually ends up in bourgeois countries. Example of Greece:
>Greek media reported last month that a scam allegedly involving thousands of anti-vaxxers and hundreds of doctors was revealed. Those who didn’t want to get jabbed against Covid-19, but yet apparently wanted to avoid restrictions upon the unvaccinated, paid doctors a fee of about 400 euro to inoculate them with ‘water’.
People use any kind of opportunity to get their schizo shit through. If it takes bribing a doctor 400 euros to write them an official paper saying they have 'beetus, thyroid cancer, fucked up heart and thus have a free pass from vaxx they will do it by the thousands.

I'm super pissed at people screaming fascism left and right because ultimately what this shitshow in the West is about is pure incompetence by the state + profiteering by pharma + liberal mind disease of the population = disaster.


File: 1638043706433.jpg (264.68 KB, 1285x900, 20211127_150659.jpg)

>Holy shit, just take the vax,




>Then obviously listen to your fucking doctor.
I don't live in Greece. I am being told to get fucked by the state if I decide not to get vaccine despite a precondition.
>pure incompetence by the state + profiteering by pharma
You do realize that pharma profits the most if the only solution to this pandemic are endless vaccinations, right?


File: 1638043821958.jpg (68.61 KB, 1012x393, picrel.JPG)

>Holy shit, just take the vax
No. Keep seething.
>there's tons of young people dying or having lifelong consequences right now
see picrel
Besides I already had it, I am literally more protected than most vaxxers so why should I risk it?
>inb4 naturali immunity is shit schizo!!!!!..!!!;;;!!!


>You do realize that pharma profits the most if the only solution to this pandemic are endless vaccinations, right?
It would take an enormous hoax from the government to keep justifying the tenth booster while not having lockdowns and what not for obvious economic reasons. You do realize that the bourgeois state doesn't just represent big pharma and that even among capitalists there are different interests tied to the pandemic's handling, right?


source on picrel



>It would take an enormous hoax from the government to keep justifying the tenth booster while not having lockdowns and what not for obvious economic reasons.
The "hoax" is that the unvaccinated are to blame for this. They already did this. Your hypothetical is already reality.
>You do realize that the bourgeois state doesn't just represent big pharma and that even among capitalists there are different interests tied to the pandemic's handling, right?
I realize that. That's why they are opposed to lockdowns, but very enthusiastic about the vaccine as the only way to get out of the pandemic.

However, we live under monopoly capitalism (imperialism). The interests of the petty bourgeois or the "national" bourgeoisie are easily being surpressed, meanwhile, the monopoly bourgeoisie, even the ones engaged in production, and the financial oligarchy got richer through the lockdown.


>[These data should be interpreted with caution. See information below in footnote about the correct interpretation of these figures]
<In the context of very high vaccine coverage in the population, even with a highly effective vaccine, it is expected that a large proportion of cases, hospitalisations and deaths would occur in vaccinated individuals, simply because a larger proportion of the population are vaccinated than unvaccinated and no vaccine is 100% effective. This is especially true because vaccination has been prioritised in individuals who are more susceptible or more at risk of severe disease. Individuals in risk groups may also be more at risk of hospitalisation or death due to non-COVID-19 causes, and thus may be hospitalised or die with COVID-19 rather than because of COVID-19.
get the vax, moron


>The "hoax" is that the unvaccinated are to blame for this. They already did this. Your hypothetical is already reality.


>get the vax, moron
<noo we are totally not liberals who see the vaxx as the only way out of this pandemic


How is what you greentexted wrong. Do you follow the media and whatever government you are living under at all?


<nooo, I was literally just proven to cherry pick information that I like while leaving out crucial detail that would debunk the narrative I'm trying to present here
Dishonest, selfish, disgusting schizo.


I am not selfish, I have bodily autonomy and can decide for myself against what disease I am vaccinating myself. I get tested every day. I am more benefit to society than you vaccinated people who are COVID deniers and never get tested.


>I have bodily autonomy
having schizophrenia makes you less an autonomous agent, and apparently a more self-important one too.


The vax is a decent short-term solution, offering significant statistical advantages unless you're a total shut-in even taking the risks into account.
In the long term, this is just flat out accepting mass death.

How very appropriate for capitalism.


How is assessing the failed anti-COVID measures by Western bourgeois governments and being critical of monopoly pharma in any way related to a condition in which you have a multiple personality disorder?

Keep trying to pathologize what disagrees with you, you pathetic dipshit.


You assume that the young are a highly vaccinated demographic which is not the case. While the vaccine does somewhat protect against death, I see no reason to take it given the fairly low number of people of my profile dying from this. Besides, what argument would there be for people who have no comorbidities and especially for those who already have natural immunity?


Covid is good. Covid does not matter. Covid should be allowed to run rampant and destroy western economies.
What really matters are the political ramifications of mindlessly accepting western vaccines without demanding the recipes to make them be publicized or demanding non western alternatives to the vaccines be taken instead of the western garbage


File: 1638044807852.png (31.57 KB, 1408x557, inzidenz.png)

>The vax is a decent short-term solution
Again - why? Not according to the numbers


keep in mind natural immunity doesn't last forever.


Schizophrenia and "multiple personality disorder" aren't synonymous, in fact even the existence of the latter is heavily debated.

Get vaxed, schizo.

>You assume that the young are a highly vaccinated demographic which is not the case.
Can you read? The assumption (not be me, but by the ones making the study) is the exact opposite.


>keep in mind natural immunity doesn't last forever.
Neither do these vaccines, which require bi-annual booster shots to remain effective.


"Not-dying". That's it.
It didn't even buy us a year before OmiCovid decided to apparently kick it in the dick.


Neither do the vaccines. But yet, people who got vaxxed with Johnson & Johnson in April are able to participate in social life in December, whereas unvaccinated do not.


Not disagreeing. I am criticizing the vax, but i don't expect the infection I got over in January to be helping me anymore. Nor the vax I got in june either.

Burn this stupid country to the ground.


Ah okay. Yeah, if you are at risk of dying from COVID, get vaccinated. But that still defies the argument that we should have a vaccine mandate or that the "unvaccinated" are to blame for this current wave


>They publish op-eds basically threatening the unvaccinated with genocide ("one day, the tolerance of the vaccinated will be over!") not in some rag but on state TV. Meanwhile, they have reduced the number of available intensive care units by 30% compared to 2020, but you are being censored on social media once you point that out.
I wonder if they are going to oversell and push forward full steam ahead. It is kind of like a social experiment. We can watch the cases be twice as high while the media says that we are back to normal and it will tell us exactly how many westerners brains are completely smooth.


It's not a study it's just the numbers on the field. What they mean is that if you have a population that is 90% percent vaxxed (for example) then it would be normal for there to be more vaxxed deaths simply because so many more people are vaxxed (why would that be the case if it works so well btw). This is not the case for youger demographics
>natural immunity doesn't last forever
I think I'll take natural immunity over vaxx "immunity"


>vaccine promoters who dont even care if the recipe for mrna vaccines is shared with the public and the international community or if there was market competition by cuban, russian and chinese vaccines against the western vax has made me antivax

Pretty much this. Even if the vaccines were 100% perfect sterilizing immunity with guaranteed no spread, not having a rollout that is free and takes less then 12 months for global coverage is equivalent to a for profit genocide.


Is this a false flag? Are you trying to make pro-vaccine people look like unhinged psychos that can't understand science? There are arguments for vaccines, otherwise Cuba and China wouldn't be deploying them, but they are not the arguments you are making. The vaccines don't stop transmission or mutation and the CDC really did lie to the public about getting them to protect others when that is completely not true.

The people making the case for social measures like free testing and quarantine(in addition to vaccination) are correct and leading virologists agree, but they don't get to write public policy, Pfizer does.


Lockdowns only end with worldwide proletarian revolution. The time has come.


File: 1638047217731.jpg (66.58 KB, 828x734, 1.jpg)

Revolutions are bad because they require you to ignore lockdown rules and gather in public spaces to riot and protest :^)


File: 1638047410060.png (38.62 KB, 267x189, ClipboardImage.png)

>proletarian revolution

all i see is the far right rising to power so idk where you are getting that from


I mean while this isnt infection rates tho the difference is huge


nvm that image is fucking small

heres the website and go down

there are multiple charts



>far right rising to power
Rioting workers in Martinique and the Solomon Islands are "far right" now.
All you people do is call proletarians "far right". Meaningless.
Maybe talk to them once in a while. Or better yet, try getting official communist parties to organise them.
If "communists" won't organise them, then they'll disregard them, as they rightly should.
Good luck achieving communism when the world depopulation scheme has reduced the planet to 500 million with the rest kept as slaves.


File: 1638047717831.gif (3.38 MB, 498x280, 1611945385530.gif)

>all i see is the far right rising to power
Bruh everything will end with a societal collapse start prepping


No white fascist terror can daunt us or halt
All lands will take flame with the fires of revolt


So not even talking to people anymore, just screeching impotently into the internet void?


>has infantile disorder
>still uses the lenin hat


This nigha unironically thinks the Spanish Flu was fake or a nothingburger
A disease with a higher body count than WWI


>Are you trying to make pro-vaccine people look like unhinged psychos that can't understand science?
That's what they are. His posts are indistinguishable from redditors or paid shills


Faggots like you aren't worth convincing.


>muh cops
>muh troops
So bland , so by-the-book. Gawd. Data driven politics my ass, he IS Data.

Some day a hatch on the back of his head is going to unlatch and reveal hes an actual robot.


>fabricate variant
>introduce lockdowns
>vaccines cause death, illness
>fabricate another variant or wave based on this
Rinse and repeat.
The bourgeoisie are already building concentration camps in Australia for the unvaccinated.


But you’ve already convinced me
Convinced me and a bunch of people on this board

That you have absolutely nothing of value or substance to say


>Death from actual diseases, true communists mock such nonsense!
<Feeling queasy for a day because I got a shot, that’s too much to bear
You’re both stupid, and a bitch


>I won't use any western medicine
Are you retards for real?
This line of reasoning doesn't even make sense internally, BioNTech received Chinese support from the beginning. Pfizer only paid to distribute it later.


The vaccines have no benefits.


Of course not, we already know antibodies aren’t real and diseases are caused by not exercising enough ;)


>diseases are caused by not exercising enough
Partially true. Fat people always get ill more than fit people.


>sinovac is literally 2x as effective as PfizermodernaJJ


Your graph shows that young people are way more likely to die when unvaxxed, wow fucking owned omg.

Everybody knows young people are less likely to die from COVID but it can still happen, idiot.





>CIA coordinated ethnic pogrom in Solomon Islands is "proletarian revolt"
LMAO I kinda feel like lenin hat is just trolling


>CIA coordinated ethnic pogrom
Lol fuck off you stooge, the Australian military is sending troops there to suppress it. Bet you'd be calling Lenin a German agent you fucking rat.




Death to the bourgeoisie and their sycophants, the flames of worldwide proletarian revolution are rising.




File: 1638058876750.mp4 (629.78 KB, 640x480, new_xiland.mp4)

>Rioting workers in Martinique and the Solomon Islands are "far right" now.
I'm not supporting an anti-Chinese pogrom on the Solomon Islands organized by a right-wing Christian politician and boosted by fearmongering Australian media. You're a crank. Craaaaaank


Doctors and nurses aren't innocents. They're often sociopathic lackeys of the bourgeoisie, people like Joseph Mengele. Doctors murdered Stalin and likely many other communists like Zhdanov, Bierut, Gottwald, Shcherbakov, and probably countless others.


Leninhat I mean this in the kindest possible way but I really hope you get Covid so that you will realize how stupid your position is and finally shut up assuming you actually recover from it and don't get killed lol.
>Citing a Nazi as an example of a typical worker in the healthcare field
holy dishonest comparison batman


So do you think all clowns are serial killers too because of John Wayne Gacy?


Covid is a cold. It hasn't been isolated so it doesn't exist anyway, but I know people who tested positive (lol) last Christmas and I felt unwell over Christmas but that was it. Didn't get a test myself or course cos I'm not gay.


Dumb comparison.

Doctors are an inherent part of the capitalist system with power over life or death. It figures that it would attract bourgeois freaks.

Under the proletarian dictatorship doctors will be given no freedom whatsoever, paid an average wage, and viciously scrutinised. Any doctor suspected of mistreatment or killing a patient (look up Harold Shipman) should immediately be shot in the back of the head by a Chekist. Their profession will be opened up to the ranks of the working class.


>"complicated issue which is often simplified gets complicated once it comes under larger public scrutiny"


>The mod team asks you to please limit all covid discourse outside the mainstream media (vaccine skepticism, mask non-compliance, etc..) to this thread
hopefully this means everybody posting in here is getting banned


why would I trust the mrna vaccine more if I knew the exact recipe? It's not like you or me are experts on the effects of the ingredients on the human body, especially since "traditional" vaccines contain all sorts of shit that might seem pretty dangerous to the untrained eye picrel
We will still have to rely on experts to tell us if this shit is healthy or not.


there were mandatory vaccinations in the soviet union.
Forced medical procedures are a hallmark of a functioning society.


File: 1638060738757.png (174.14 KB, 610x737, ClipboardImage.png)

forgot pic


>Doctors and nurses are the enemy! For example, they can be employed to act against communists!
So can construction workers, teachers, farmers, service workers, literal slaves, peasants, basically any type of prole imaginable, and also other socialists

Imagine thinking
Is an argument against modern medicine, a literal crackpot serial killer that lucked out when the Nazis came to power

Why do you think they assigned him to a concentration camp instead of, say, a wartime medical unit for combat injuries?

Actually what does Mengele even have to do with virology?

Picrel for “brave heroic proles” rioting in defense of the Vietnam War


>Know what could dismantle his argument?
<Surely it’s an infograph from GullibleFuck.org!


> Doctors are an inherent part of the capitalist system with power over life or death
Doctors are an inherent part of any functioning society that has actual medical care you cretinous fuck

Wanna know another society that had doctors? Every socialist country to ever exist that made it past being a warzone.


Construction workers, poor peasants, factory workers, service workers tend to support communism. Doctors don't. They're rich bourgeois lackeys and they deserve to be worked to death at gunpoint with the exception of the likes of Norman Bethune. Let's make them actually serve the people for once. In nazi Germany doctors were a strong base of nazi support.
>Why do you think they assigned him to a concentration camp
The bourgeoisie always need thugs to torture and experiment.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST (AGAIN))


>doctors should be worked to death
>but my opponents are like nazis tho


>Wanna know another society that had doctors?
And they didnt have a privileged status. Which they often resented, hence why they murdered Stalin among others. Killer doctors must die.


You misunderstand me, I'm not trying to make the anti-vax point. I'm trying to say that even with the recipe for the vaccines we would still have to rely on experts to tell us if it's safe or not.


The USSR worked plenty of people to death.
Stop being a soft hearted fool. Why care for your class enemies? Some people simply have to die, and it's better that they be made useful for once.


go to sleep philadelphia


>The solution is to kill all the doctors!
<The problem is that they’re doctors, not that Western capitalism gives them an extremely privileged position in society with higher wages than almost any other prole which obviously buys their loyalty to the system
And your next rant will be about how in socialism there will be no programmers as well as no doctors

And they say I’m the anprim 😂
Will we also shoot people for the bourgeois crimes of wearing glasses, literacy, and speaking multiple languages?


>Killer doctors must die.
Did something happen to you as a child?


Yes, as we all know, it is surely impossible for a man that has gone through a rugged life constantly on the run, then surviving through a brutal civil war, then leading a country through a brutal interstate war, who loved to smoke a pipe, to have a stroke at the age of 74


He got a shot
The needle really hurt
He hasn’t forgiven those wicked (((doctors))) ever since


Your class enemies like people that provide medical care instead of just letting the sick and elderly simply die, which is explicitly what you’ve advocated before?


on the subject this movie is pretty good though


Already told you you dense cunt that doctors in the USSR were an anti-Soviet bloc.


Okay but the problem with you telling me that is that I think you’re a fucking moron so your words mean nothing to me


I've repeatedly said executing antisemites is correct in the past, take your bourgeois fascist perversion elsewhere.


File: 1638061761272.jpg (113.66 KB, 967x727, 1637505940737.jpg)

I think what he was advocating for was a "great healthcare purge" for doctors who expicitly resist things like socialized medicine out of bourgeois self-interest, not "abolishing medicine".
I have yet to see a pfizerfag say that we need to allow cuban vaccines or share the recipe so that we wont have to accept getting mysterious medical treatments like a black man in tuskegee.


> I think what he was advocating for was a "great healthcare purge" for doctors who expicitly resist things like socialized medicine out of bourgeois self-interest, not "abolishing medicine".
He didn’t say literally any of that
In fact his entire rant has largely been seething about the notion that doctors know more about disease and medical care than he does


What makes doctors uniquely different from other professionals?


What about executing idiots that advocate letting the sick and elderly die, are too dense to register a joke, and shit up leftist imageboards with constant schizo rants you’d expect to read on /pol/?


shut up about your dumb recipe.


File: 1638062504838.png (2.58 MB, 1341x1207, 1638014155225.png)

Just to clarify, when you talk about my "dumb recipe", you're actually referring to the super special high tech experimental vaccine recipe for covid-19 which pfizer and moderna think is so important that they refuse to share the patents with the world because "we dont want future competition over its capability of curing cancer or hiv"? That's the recipe you think we shouldn't talk about?


>ctrl + f "fasci"
>61 results
completely sane thread, btw


>private company wants to protect profits

this proves the covid vaccine is fake how? nobody argues it's not an opportunity for corporations to strike it rich (like every product is)


mudpie argument, but woke


File: 1638063326698.png (82.34 KB, 1200x400, 1608905193712.png)

All it proves is that we should deprive them of profit until they feel obligated to give in to our demands.
>Moderna and Pfizer have a direct financial interest in keeping their technology to themselves and guarding a competitive advantage not just in the sale of Covid vaccines, which are on track to bring in more than $53 billion in revenue this year, but also other potentially lucrative mRNA vaccines in development, such as one for cancer, H.I.V. and malaria, he said, adding, “They don’t want to stand up a future competitor.”
Why the fuck should anybody submit to medical procedures for experimental technology without knowing how it works?


>All it proves is that we should deprive them of profit until they feel obligated to give in to our demands.
you should start with food. refuse to buy food until they give into your demands


Further mutations of the Covid-19 virus could spawn a strain as contagious as Delta and as deadly as the Ebola virus. That's the stark warning from the World Medical Association.
Frank Ulrich Montgomery, chairman of the global physicians’ society the World Medical Association (WMA), shared his fears with Germany’s Funke media group’s newspapers on Saturday. He stressed the importance of not “giving the virus a chance” to mutate any further. To achieve this, it may be necessary to keep “vaccinating the world for years” to come, Montgomery said.

The Ebola virus, whose horrific effects on humans could be matched by a new covid strain just as the WMA chairman warns, was first discovered back in 1976 in South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The deadliest outbreak to date occurred in West Africa between 2014 and 2016, claiming more than 11,000 lives. The disease brought on by the virus causes a severe fever and internal bleeding, with the average fatality rate being around 50%, according to the World Health Organization. Some of the known strains, however, have led to death in a terrifying 90% of all cases.

When asked about the situation in his homeland, Germany, Montgomery warned that the number of Covid infections is likely to double in the coming ten days. He also called for the introduction of stricter measures in the country, urging authorities to close all Christmas markets and to ban festivities, as well as fireworks. And, should the fourth wave of Covid still not let up, nationwide business closures and lockdowns may be necessary, the scientist forecast. Any measures taken now will only have a tangible effect in two weeks’ time and, along with the vaccination campaign, the delay could be as long as six weeks, he pointed out.

The bleak predictions come hard on the heels of the discovery of the new Omicron strain in southern Africa. On Friday, the World Health Organization formally designated Omicron a “variant of concern.” While scientists are still studying the novel strain, fears have already been voiced that the heavily mutated Covid variant could be more contagious than its predecessors.


>b-but chiner helped them
that's not the point retard
it's about western vax being experimental, untested and not public, not about xi vs bidet culture war brainworms.


>Why the fuck should anybody submit to medical procedures for experimental technology without knowing how it works?
tbf clinical trials rely on people who do do that. Sometimes they need money, sometimes they are terminally ill that they would try anything.


I understand voluntary clinical trials out of desparation for money or cures, but the issue with the covid vaccine is that it's gonna be mandatory for everyone working by december 5th.




oh FUCK, really? as dangerous as ebola? damn dude.

When will omicron boosters be available?


>it's gonna be mandatory for everyone working by december 5th.
Not in red states


It doesn't say "omicron is as dangerous as Ebola", its just conflating the new variant with a hypothetical for clickbait reasons


Hey vaxxers
Any comment on these?


The chairman of the global physicians’ society the World Medical Association (WMA) isn't an e-celeb, dude.


The article is disingenuously conflating the two. Read it carefully. It's saying the doctor is making these statements about a hypothetical in the wake of the virus. Not that the virus is that dangerous.


I didn't need to read it "carefully" to understand what was and wasn't said. You guys are legit schizos. For real.


If they make a new vaccine for omicron it will be released with even less testing than the original vaccines

I will wait till everyone else takes it first


wont it just be the same vaxx from before but slightly modified??


the people who get it first will be the test group


Good news guys! It looks like the Omicron variant, while being extremely infectious, is a lot less deadly than the delta variant, having a very mild course for now.


would it be possible that if we let omicron take it's course on the population, people will be immune against more dangerous variants? Asking in case someone knows about the subject.


Yes, it's possible but undesirable. Besides, mutations can occur if you do that.


Hungarian FM Peter Szijjarto told RT he’s “frustrated” with Western officials playing politics with Russia’s Sputnik V, the world’s first Covid vaccine. He says they can’t bring themselves to publicly admit it’s “the best.”
The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has approved vaccines by Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Janssen, yet Russia’s Sputnik V is still awaiting the agency’s nod despite getting approval in over 70 countries worldwide. For Hungarians vaccinated with Sputnik V, that means they’re frozen out of the EU’s bloc-wide Digital Covid Certificate system, even though Hungary will start locally producing the vaccine next year.

'No further powers to Brussels’: Hungary’s foreign minister calls for more sovereignty within the EUREAD MORE: 'No further powers to Brussels’: Hungary’s foreign minister calls for more sovereignty within the E
“This is a political and ideological issue and I am very frustrated about this,” Szijjarto told RT, describing how under EU regulations, either the EMA or national governments can approve vaccines, as Hungary’s government did with Sputnik V and China’s Sinopharm shot. “We don’t understand why [this approval] is not respected by the other member states,” he added.

The EU’s cold shoulder for the Sputnik V shot is more a question of politics than efficacy, Szijjarto suggested.

“Whenever I talk to Western European colleagues… they always tell me that they know that Russian scientific performance can be spoken about only very highly,” he said. “I tell them ‘Look, it works the best. Of course it works well.”

Privately they all say that… when it comes to publicly, they all say differently.

“I hoped for the conflicts to be left behind. And I hope for countries’ understanding that we need to cooperate on the issues like saving the lives of people. But, unfortunately, I have to be disappointed because this is not the case,” the minister said.

Szijjarto added that the timely arrival of Sputnik V and the Chinese vaccine made by Sinopharm had helped the Hungarian economy reach pre-pandemic level by the summer.

“At the beginning – I mean [during] the first part of this year – the deliveries from Western producers were [at times] late. They were cancelled even sometimes, or the volume was less compared to what was contracted,” Szijjarto said.

The fact that both Sinopharm and Sputnik delivered additional volumes [on time] compared to others, gave us a huge advantage. We could reopen the country and the national economy around two months earlier than the European average.

Phase 3 trial data showing the efficacy of Sputnik V has been published in the authoritative medical journal, The Lancet, while a comparative study based on data from Hungary and published this week found the Russian jab to be the most effective of five different vaccines in preventing Covid-related deaths. Sputnik V came in second behind the US-made Moderna shot in preventing infection in the first place. The study was based on data from 3.7 million people.

When it came to choosing his own vaccine, Szijjarto turned to the Russian-developed jab. “The reason for my vaccination with Sputnik is crystal clear,” he told RT. “When I was a kid, I was vaccinated by Soviet vaccines. Since I am still alive and doing well, I decided, why should I change?”


this was a quote taken out of context apparently


Oh, my bad


Herd immunity is a dangerous lie promoted by the bourgeois. Many will die and there will be more mutations. People who get covid can get it again anyway.

Undoubtedly, many will appear in the bourgeois media promoting herd immunity claims


herd immunity is the goal of mass vaccination
if herd immunity is a lie then so is the vax


Do you know it's possible that people misled by anti-Chinese bigotry are still protesting for genuine reasons, such as against the COVID repressions?

I know, hard to imagine, but I guess the world is a bit more complex.


You absolute retard, herd immunity is what happens when a large number of people are immune to something. Herd immunity to viruses can be achieved through natural and/or vaccinated immunity.


Mount Sinai Long Beach hospital fired 72 healthcare staff due to vaccine mandate, and then closed down due to staff shortage.



Obviously herd immunity in this case is the ‘everyone gets the virus and become immune to it’ and not the ‘everyone gets the vaccine and become immune to it’ the way the medical community uses it.


Cringe, however it's totally unacceptable to go to hospital and end up dying due to antivax christian mom nurses


Herd immunity is not possible with flu-like illnesses like covid. You get it you can get it again. and your immunity wanes. Vaccinated individuals can get infected and spread it.

Herd immunity is no longer claimed as a goal of vaccination. Yes it was initially claimed that vaccines would cause herd immunity but that ended up being proven to be a baseless claim which was untrue in reality.

Allowing everyone to get infected for herd immunity is a terrible idea but one which is spread by various commentators in the bourgeois media


they should go work in another area with less risk of getting infected


Paris makes mask wearing outdoors mandatory at public gatherings

Can maskers even defend this? Doesn't EVERYONE know covid doesn't spread outdoors by now?


>All four had been fully vaccinated for COVID-19

Ready to get boosted some more, fellow vaxxbros? Got to get a booster for every new variant. The more boosters you get, the closer you become to immortality.


>covid doesn't spread outdoors







> Doesn't EVERYONE know covid doesn't spread outdoors by now?
That doesn't follow at all. It's not like it chooses not to infect people who are outside, just that it's less likely to be inhaled in particulate numbers high enough to likely cause infection. A more infectious strain will make it more likely that a smaller number is needed to likely cause infection meaning that it'll be more viable to spread outdoors as well.


>Florida reports
didn't Florida get caught with fucking with the numbers here?


I really don't think I believe any state. They're all lying in one way or another.


Exactly. It’s actually worse than delta, where young people are mostly asymptomatic and old people die, and is instead: young people also get a little sick and old people super die.


the ones with the "most" ones is the same as the rapes in Sweden, they just report more often.


File: 1638156923763.jpg (99.44 KB, 802x1024, FFSjTAQXoAkAKOZ.jpg)

France postpones vaccine mandate after violent unrest in Martinique and Guadeloupe

Germany - the jabbed and unjabbed are separated with a fence in a supermarket

The Australian government will introduce new legislation forcing social media companies to “unmask” anonymous users who post offensive comments, or make them pay defamation fines if they are unable or refuse to do so.

Fauci: "They're really criticizing science because I represent science. That's dangerous."


File: 1638157007399.jpg (164.99 KB, 933x1129, FFSzZVvWQAcTgxZ.jpg)

So-called "environmentalists" and "ecologists" don't seem to have a problem with all of this plastic mask waste.


As opposed to antivaxxers the human waste?


Fascist, your days are numbered. Hope your fifth booster gives you clots.




Fascist, I hope your 'natural immunity' makes you catch AIDS.


File: 1638175126721-0.jpg (53.65 KB, 530x687, IMG_20211129_093438.jpg)

File: 1638175126721-1.jpg (40.62 KB, 531x620, IMG_20211129_093440.jpg)

This is the infection rate vs the vaccination rate for my country. Apparently being vaccinated makes it spread easier.


american education typed this post


You have an explanation?


not the other guy but the probably explanation is that due to the vacinnes people are more vvilling to go outside

the problem vvith this is uh


File: 1638182368500.jpg (117.67 KB, 712x939, 1638181793591.jpg)

Is communism compatible with nostradamusianism?


Conflating correlation and causation. That's like statistics 101, lesson 1.
There's plenty of feasible counter-hypotheses:
>places with higher infection rates will seek vaccination more urgently because there are higher infection rates
>a sane government would prioritize vaccination efforts in more infected places
>cities have better goods distribution systems and more human density, independently aiding both metrics

Furthermore, Munchen and north of Hamburg are counter-points to the interpreted trend. Either that or the second image is so vague and inconsistent to the point it's useless.

I wouldn't say probable, based on practical efficacy statistics. Possible maybe.


>need to find a new apartment to rent (current one is humid as fuck, gets moldy)
>new lockdowns are coming
>rent prices fall due to no more tooorists and stooodents
thanks, covid


File: 1638189321827.png (564.35 KB, 503x496, 1587749993574.png)

>tfw multiple antivax people at my workplace caught covid and probably going to end up severely disabled
>all in their 20s and 30s and now have pretty serious heart and lung issues
>one of them can't even walk more than a hundred feet without her heart rate spiking to the 140s now
>another ended up on blood thinners in her late 20s


Use reusable masks?


You mean cloth, IE 100% useless masks?


>due to the vacinnes people are more vvilling to go outside
Covid doesn't spread outdoors.
If you mean people are more willing to mingle indoors now, then how do you account for the vaxxed countries that are still doing masks and lockdowns? Vaxxers are the most terrified of covid, they are still in favor of all the lockdown and mask measures.

Very simple fact that >>622725 proves: the "vaccines" don't do shit. If they did, we would see significantly less covid in highly vaccinated regions, but we don't.


>everybody got vaccinated twice
>70% rate


Source and legends?


Wait so your social distancing measures weren’t loosen? Mine is similar to yours in rate and vaxxed but the months when it skyrocketed was due to massive loosening of restrictions.


Reminder that after a while even if social distancing is still recommended, people are applying it less and less as time goes on.


The pandemics will continue until the average worker age improves!

jkjk or not

I feel like the pandemic is creating a bubbling cauldron of reaction, of which anti-vaxx/mask/lockdowns is only the top layer. A whole lot of people seem to be quietly seething about woke/covid/democracy not doing anything for them stuff and would jump at the side of anyone who "says what we are all thinking". And what they are thinking is the right wing stuff that fell out of the overton window.


>places with higher infection rates will seek vaccination more urgently because there are higher infection rates
Wrong, the states with low vaccination rates have very aggressive repression against unvaccinated.
>a sane government would prioritize vaccination efforts in more infected places
Okay, but this is not the case.
>cities have better goods distribution systems and more human density, independently aiding both metrics
Are you implying there are no cities in the east? And then what is the point of forcing rural people to get vaccinated?

Again, may I remind you that according to the official narrative the vaccination protects against infection by 60% at least. You can do all the mental gymnastics you want, this is statistically impossible unless something somewhere in this chain has fucked up.


12 countries getting omicron'd.

Canada, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Israel, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and the first sighted South Africa.

It's happening again.


Comrade Corona just keep bringing out the hits!


How long till the usa gets omicron'd?


How do I prevent getting Omicron'd in December as a vaccinated service industry worker in a third world country that isn't Clapistan ?


You don't. Omicron is a mild variant so it wont kill you. Just catch and spread it so vaxfags will get sick and question why they worship booster shots


Daily reminder "mild variants" are still 100x deadlier than any vaccine
Aren't you a bit too old to be afraid of needles?


wear mask?


If you are young it's mild, sure. I'm just concerned about spreading it to older people with comorbidities.


mask, social distance, stay at home when possible, wait for the new booster


wash your hands before touching your face


Wear a hazmat suit all the time.


File: 1638288107280.jpeg (55.47 KB, 483x645, FFU1-7CVgAMlcVK.jpeg)


How do I improvise a Hazmat suit as a poorfag?




File: 1638298217717.png (1.24 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Biden’s message to Wall Street: Mass death will not interfere with corporate profits
>In his statement Monday, the US president delivered a message to the financial markets that nothing will stand in the way of boosting the profits and wealth of the super-rich.

The timing of Biden's latest speech comes immediately after Friday's huge selloff at Wall Street. In his speech he is trying to reassure the financial Oligarchy that the latest Omicron variant of Covid-19 will not impede their interests or let alone stop them from realizing their profits. In other words, new round of lockdowns will not be needed especially now that we are heading towards holiday season. This extreme indifference to human life and safety is equally shared today by both Capitalist parties.


>take your dose of weird sex website
>Yes ma'am


File: 1638301799232.png (12.58 KB, 225x225, 225px-ETBsoyjak.png)

>You WILL read my trot newspaper!
>You WILL speak about the "congress assault" as "trump trying to coup the US goverment" in 2022!
>You WILL see everything capitalist states do as fascism!
>You WILL NOT want better wages for the workers at the Weird Sex Web Site!
>You WILL NOT join a stalinist party!
>You WILL spam my newspaper on /leftypol/!
>You WILL have Weird Sex!
>You WILL be recorded while having Weird Sex to be uploaded at the WebSite!


>Trots take over
>everyone has kinky sex
>stalinists bullied into extinction

I fail to see the downside


Much agreed comrade etc


File: 1638302881111.jpg (79.84 KB, 600x600, forgot_to_ask_thumb.jpg)

You will also be recorded doing so tho


no but cassandra is


I don't care, sexual openness is cool



Has anyone here had a booster shot? How did it go?


Anti-vaxx vs Pro-vaxx is just a consumer choice at this point. As useless as debating whether you prefer coca cola or pepsi.


ironic as trots tend to be sex freaks


>it's a consumer choise whether you face inhumane repression and ostracizing potentially ruining your life for good because of a specific choice regarding your bodily autonomy


it is

it's the same with not having a cellphone, everyone else is still going to carry a mic and camera everywhere


Literally not having a QR code scanner is not a personal choice anymore. Stop acting like it is. I will lose my job soon due to the vaccine mandate. Probably not being able to pay rent. So of course I am getting vaccinated, not because of health reasons, but because of the bourgoeis government threatening to take away my livelihood.


it's the same with having a cellphone
or not wanting to use zoom/meet/skype/teams


I could use a VPN or use a different software than Zoom. But that is quite different from injecting myself with something multiple times that seems to be permanent.

Also, it is, albeit difficult, to live without a cell phone or video calls. But it is increasinly made impossible to live as unvaccinated, because they target it where it hurts (paid leave, welfare, etc.)


everything they're saying makes sense this isn't a big deal we all have booster shots when we were kids now the real objection that is coming up is from people who are concerned about countries that don't really have good vaccine access yet and the concern is that if more powerful wealthy nations start distributing boosters now that those poor countries are going to have to wait longer and they're they're right that's that's what's going to happen that is what is going to occur

now what does that mean does that mean you shouldn't go get it no of course that's not what it means the reality is that the us is has committed to this course of action you not getting it isn't going to help in fact it will probably slow them receiving their vaccines down the government is committed to this course of action that is what it is going to do it's going to try to get people to get booster shots so if you're going to get one get one quick get it soon you know that way the government isn't trying to persuade you to go get it it's already you've already got it it's out of the way and they're going to see those numbers go up they're going to be more likely to get them produced for the global south for countries that aren't as wealthy

so i know it's counter intuitive this is one of those things where the government's committed to this course of action and you're not going to be able to change it the quickest way for them to get it at this point is going to be for you to get yours because if a whole bunch of people hold out because they're upset about this it's going to keep the numbers low in the u.s which means they're going to keep more here which means they're going to expend energy on trying to get you to get your booster rather than starting to look at other countries and help them

this is uh kind of like putting your your own mask on before you help others on an airplane now it's a bad analogy because the reality is most of us already have our mask on we're just making sure that all the connections fit perfectly and um i uh i do have an issue with this but at the same time there's nothing we're going to do to change this thats way the united states government works


Media Scare Mongers Over Omicron Variant


File: 1638325722545.jpg (1.05 MB, 1938x1664, nljksah.jpg)


>Hence, booster doses may only be needed if there is evidence of insufficient protection against these disease outcomes over time.

>National vaccination programme policy decisions to add a booster dose should take into account the strength of evidence regarding the need for these doses, their safety and effectiveness, as well as the global availability of vaccines. Offering booster doses to a large proportion of a population when many have not yet received even a first dose undermines the principle of national and global equity. Prioritizing booster doses over speed and breadth in the initial dose coverage may also damage the prospects for global mitigation of the pandemic, with severe implications for the health, social and economic well-being of people globally.

>Introducing booster doses should be firmly evidence-driven and targeted to the population groups in greatest need. The rationale for implementing booster doses should be guided by evidence on waning vaccine effectiveness, in particular a decline in protection against severe disease in the general population and in high-risk populations, or due to a circulating VoC. To date, the evidence remains limited and still inconclusive on any widespread need for booster doses following a primary vaccination series.

>In the context of ongoing global vaccine supply constraints, broad-based administration of booster doses risks exacerbating inequities in vaccine access by driving up demand and diverting supply while priority populations in some countries, or in subnational settings, have not yet received a primary vaccination series. The focus remains on urgently increasing global vaccination coverage with the primary series driven by the objective to protect against severe disease.


WHO reiterates warning against Covid boosters for healthy people as U.S. weighs wide distribution of third shots, extends call for a moratorium on Covid booster doses until the end of the year


>The WHO strongly opposes the widespread rollout of booster shots, asking that wealthier nations instead give extra doses to countries with minimal vaccination rates.

>Dr. Mike Ryan, director of the WHO’s health emergencies program, reiterated the organization’s calls for a moratorium on booster shots through the end of the year to give nations enough time to immunize at least 40% of their populations against Covid. About 5.5 billion vaccine doses have been administered globally, but 80% have been given out in high- or upper-middle income countries, according to the WHO.

>WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Sept. 14 that most countries with under 2% vaccination coverage are in Africa, where less than 3.5% of the continent’s eligible population is fully inoculated against Covid. Africa will likely miss the WHO’s target of a 10% vaccination rate by the end of the year. “I will not stay silent when the companies and countries that control the global supply of vaccines think the world’s poor should be satisfied with leftovers," Tedros said.

>World leaders further discussed the global vaccination effort at a meeting Tuesday of the United Nations General Assembly. “It’s a real moment of truth,” Ryan said. “We, as a world, are getting another chance, chances we haven’t taken before, to focus on vaccine equity.”

>President Joe Biden will hold a Covid summit Wednesday to encourage international dignitaries to help improve global vaccine distribution. “We don’t want any more promises, we just want the vaccines,” Tedros added.

>An FDA advisory committee rejected a proposal Friday to recommend boosters for all Americans over 16, citing concerns about insufficient data and the potential for myocarditis. The group, instead, narrowed that plan, endorsing third doses for people 65 and over and other medically vulnerable people.



zzzz just get the jab anon it's not a big deal zzzz

being antivax is cringey



Now the people became like those who complain of adversity in the hearing of the Economy; and when the Economy heard it, His anger was kindled, and the fire of the Economy burned among them and consumed them. The people therefore cried out to Dan Patrick, and Dan prayed to the Economy and the fire died out.




why is there so much rightoid antivaxxer trash posting here

keep your conspiratard beliefs on facebook


<"Give me stonks, or give me death!"

t. some Texan boomer probably.


CNBC host Jim Cramer goes on psychotic rant calling for universal vaccine mandate, enforced by the military
>We need to force vaccinate everyone for muh economy!


KYS Lib fascist


They should do it, I want to see the mouth breathers forming militias and fighting the US military. in the heart of the empire.


Military deployed to help massive Covid vaccine effort as UK fights Omicron variant
The UK military is imperialist… unless they're giving people poison covid shots.

NT Police investigate reports three people escaped Howard Springs quarantine facility
Surprise, workers don't like being locked up in camps against their will.

Pfizer drones light up night sky in China's remote area with health tips

Covid: Greece to fine over-60s who refuse Covid-19 vaccine
>Fines of €100 (£85) will be imposed at monthly intervals from mid-January on those who refuse, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said.
After wrecking their pensions with austerity, now the fascist state is fining elderly Greeks for refusing the useless, poison """vaccines"""

Israel’s spy agency will track Omicron patients’ phones, at least through Thursday.
Israeli mass warrantless surveillance is good for workers now I guess

49-year-old who survived COVID forced to get vaccine to remain on lung transplant list, dies after second moderna shot

The epidemiological relevance of the COVID-19-vaccinated population is increasing
Paper in Lancet proving """vaccinated""" people are spreading covid

Transmission potential of vaccinated and unvaccinated persons infected with the SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant in a federal prison, July—August 2021


>The UK military is imperialist… unless they're giving people poison covid shots.
Hahahahaha you massive cringe retard
Stopped reading btw


>injecting myself with something multiple times that seems to be permanent.
What's permanent?


US Closing Hospitals At Record Pace During Pandemic

Jimmy "Arm the Poor" Dore on fucking FIRE!


It's okay. We don't need hospitals anyway because people dying of covid who refuse the vaccinations don't deserve hospitalization. In fact, hospitals help people who make dumb mistakes, like recklessly driving or overdosing on drugs. Only dumbasses and poor people need hospitalizations, everyone else knows not to make mistakes. In fact, healthcare should be denied to the poor because they're worthless.


File: 1638389734293.png (1.2 MB, 1280x719, ClipboardImage.png)

Omicron variant exposes “vaccine only” strategy to combat COVID-19
>The Omicron variant has shattered the lie that the pandemic can be ended without a globally-coordinated strategy aimed at the elimination and eradication of Sars-CoV-2.

How clearly this article illuminates that capitalism and the nation states are the enemies of not just scientific advances but the very wellbeing of humanity too.
Multiple teams of scientists designed, tested and prepared for production COVID-19 vaccines of numerous and ingenious variations vaccines in just a year. A truly magnificent task!
This was possible because science is international, despite many capitalist governments trying to thwart this powerful aspect of humanities deepening knowledge of the underlying rules of Nature.
Implementation of these tools and products is hindered at every stage by the profit system which is based upon nations states.
The concluding paragraphs make clear that only the active intervention of the international proletariat under the leadership of the Trotskyist movement can free societies from the fetters of this anarchic system.


>another ended up on blood thinners
Blood clots are caused by vaccines.


>and then everyone clapped


>The concluding paragraphs make clear that only the active intervention of the international proletariat under the leadership of the Trotskyist movement can free societies from the fetters of this anarchic system.
Not sure if this was a joke, but it made me laugh out loud. Gotta love the cult. Their writing is hilarious.



they're getting desperate



Based Jimmy "No war but the class war" Dore


I work in healthcare and lots of my fellow nursoids are retards


Are their names Albert Einstein?


Close the hospitals. The closures will increase until the vaxx improves


Damn Germany is serious about the vaccine, anyway just posting this to see leninhat screech about the 4th reich or some shit


hope its pure shitposting, but the fact these kind of baffingly retarded opinions allowed only because it shit on the "antivax" are becoming commonplace is very worrying, because I fail to see how its benefit fucking anyone (especially considering 90% of people working in hospitals prolly caught it already).


The Federal Republic of Germany has always been fascist.
Isn't it funny how it's the same old countries like Austria, Germany and Italy leading the charge on fascism?


sorry bud you don't get to be a science denialist in here


I don’t see why people are freaking out over the new variant. As long as you’re vaccinated even if you get infected it’s not that big of a deal. At worst you might feel like have a mild cold for a day or two.


The vaccination they approve of is still only the flawed one for the Wuhan type they overproduced, which has to be infected into everybody's bodies before even the Delta variant vaccine can be rolled out. That's why they are ramping up the vaccine mandate, it's not about health you fucking idiot.




So now in Germany vaccinated people, even the ones with booster shots, are subjected to daily nose swabs.

At this point many of the vaccinated who only got the mRNA preparation or the spike protein preparation because they wanted their rights back start to get angry - either they start getting really really mad at the unvaccinated like the media tells them, or start to question the validity of the vaccines. Remember that the media and the government told people that vaccination prevents you from spreading the virus by 85% so once we got everybody vaxxed, the pandemic is over and vaccinated can do whatever they want.

Meanwhile, the repression against unvaccinated reaches fascistic levels. Now unvaccinated can not even go in stores anymore unless it's a grocery store. But in some states like Hessen grocery stores could by themselves not allow unvaccinated in. Unvaccinated are also forbidden from entering basic services like haircutting, lodging, working out, etc. - I wonder what happens during Christmas. There are many families that have unvaccinated amongst them, they wouldn't be able to attend gatherings or go to church with their families. Without comparing it in quality, these are easily 1933 levels of division that is sown across society.

Public transport requires you to get a nose swab. As many rely on public transport to get to work, they have to wait multiple hours in lines during December mornings to get tested. The testing that is offered is barely enough to cover the amount of people that rely on it, employers don't give a shit and don't over it. Due to increased numbers of faked vaccine passports and test certificates, now only the digital version is allowed in many establishments, meaning old people without a smartphone are completely fucked.




I refuse to get a Covid-19 vaccine because it is not in my immediate self-interest to do so.


The bourgeoisie have likely been planning this ever since they succeeded in smashing the proletarian dictatorships in 1989-1991.

Fact is that the world is ruled by people who want the proletariat to die. Communist parties who don't stand against this should be swept aside and replaced.

It's either worldwide proletarian revolution and red terror or worldwide bourgeois dictatorship and white terror.


>Fact is that the world is ruled by people who want the proletariat to die.

Yeah like all the porkies that wanted to do 'herd immunity' and no lockdowns 2 years ago


No they didn't. Their intention all along was lockdowns, vaccine passes as a precursor to social credit systems, increasing control over the proletariat, maiming workers with vaccines.

If people think it's pure happenstance that the bourgeoisie across the world is singing from the same hymn sheet, give up politics and do something else.

Clerks who think punching down on proletarian resistance should be hanged.


People on here don't seem to realise we're essentially in 1938 with no USSR this time.

Fascism is not smiley happy blondes waving swastikas, it's the untrammelled dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, and in response to this we must have the untrammelled dictatorship of the proletariat.


Honest question, why do you keep posting here when everybody thinks you're a nutter and just laughs at you?


It's important for a communist to speak the truth and plenty agree with me. If I wanted to be popular I wouldn't be a Marxist Leninist.


Pfft nose swabs

They should go with anal swabs to be more accurate


you first bud


the idea that the USSR would let a bunch of petty booj and labor aristo retards stop a public health campaign is just hysterical. The terrible attempts at neolib governments to make a public health campaign isn't evidence of a global conspiracy beyond that which we already know that class is attempting


lololol, the bourgeoisie imposing apartheid and whipping up fascistic hatred of the unvaccinated isn't a "public health campaign".
Locking workers out of restaurants and public transport isn't public health, it's nazism.

The nazis used to call Jews and Soviet citizens carriers of disease. It's the same thinly veiled excuse for white terror and bourgeois conquest.

It's the labour aristocrats who are ok with lockdowns and punching down onto the proletariat like the pathetic little barking lapdogs they are. They think they'll be running the death camps.

Don't worry, in five years when you're dead or in a concentration camp you'll realise you were wrong.


File: 1638560608849.png (259.62 KB, 919x737, 1627969232575.png)


Did the USSR have a for-profit pharmaceutical industry and didn't allow vaccines from other socialist countries? Did the USSR had a healthcare complex that had the decisive interest that you stay sick? Would the USSR have used outdated jabs just because they had been overproduced?


>Don't worry, in five years when you're dead or in a concentration camp you'll realise you were wrong.



>>628675 (me)
By the way, the hypothetical question "would socialist countries also have such a vaccine mandate in this situation" is non-sensical, because it wouldn't have come to a situation even close to what you have now. China for example, and other countries as well, defeated the virus in the beginnung with merely social measures, not technical ones. Once you defeat the spread and the monitor clusters, you are done before any vaccine is even developed.

After that you just need to give all the old geezers the vaxx and you are done. This is also why China is against the vaccine mandate.


Literally only the West was telling retarded lies to its population ("just get vaccinated and you will get all your freedumbs back", leading to vaccinated being super spreaders), then blamed the unvaccinated despite them getting tested every day, now retardedly shifting to the "vaccine only" solution, then backtracking on it, then vaccinating people with the wrong vaccine against the Delta variant. How is this rationality.

Answer me this question, what is safer - a party where everyone is fully vaxxed, or a party where everyone is negatively tested. Answer this, faggot.


File: 1638566035489.png (51.24 KB, 587x537, ClipboardImage.png)

Why has communism now killed 5,230,000 people? Why did you make the virus, commies?


because they were libs xD


>omicron is as bad as a cold
it's finally ending


This is never going to end. They're always going to find some reason to keep this circus going, it's just too profitable. Unless we do something about it.


My suspicion is that they gonna use the vaccine for the Delta variant for the Omicron variant in the fifth wave, just like they use the vaccine for the Wuhan variant for the Delta variant. This way the vaccines keep having poor results, all they need to do is reduce some more intensive care units like they did this year and you got yourself a never-ending profiting scheme for booster vaccines every three months.


>the government did not make it mandatory for people to get vaccinated. Instead, it presented the facts: that vaccination is a most effective means to control the spread of the virus and lower the death rate and the severity of the disease should someone become infected.
>make people aware of the importance of being vaccinated and that the vaccines are safe. By encouraging people to get vaccinated, herd immunity, will hopefully be realized in the most populous nation of the world by the end of this year.
Your source contradicts your antivaxx schizophrenia, anonymous.






I heard people are being denied public transport before their daily test, so they have to walk an hour to the testing center before getting on the bus to go to work. Oh and that the tests cost money?


DORE: US Closing Hospitals At Record Pace During Pandemic
But yeah, the bourgeoisie is really doing all the lockdowns and vaccine segregation for your health.


how do people look at this and think "hmm yes the US is going to continue to operate indefinitely like this"


>run healthcare for profit
>treating pandemics isn't profitable and crowds out the for profit procedures
>budget cuts, bankruptcy follows
>still whine about half assed measures to end the pandemic
>when cessation of even those would completely torpedo the remnants of the system
Congratulations on finding the basic contradiction between turning a profit and helping fellow man.

Rest in piss.


At the start people were posting maps that were just The Map showing US and the west in general having the best virus response in the world.


We've known about hospital shutdowns for more than a year, btw. Healthcare workers were the leader in job loss caused by the pandemic, by the way.


Flattening the curve or flattening the global poor? How Covid lockdowns obliterate human rights and crush the most vulnerable
>Marketed as life-saving public health measures, lockdowns triggered death and economic devastation on a global scale while doing little to slow the spread of Covid
>@stavroulapabst & @MaxBlumenthal on how lockdowns flattened the world's most vulnerable


Australian Hayley Hodgson was placed in a Covid internment camp despite testing negative for the virus
>She was confined to a box for 14 days, offered valium when she complained about confinement, and lost her job
>"You feel like you're in prison…"


Chinese lockdowns worked just saying
Maybe the rest of the world is doing cargo cult lockdowns


Liberalism is a mental illness. Change my mind.


"I am a socially conservative person who likes to think about my community"
"You're making me wear ze mask!? How foolish of oh you!"


The whole capitalist world is doing FASCISM. This is FASCISM.


File: 1638573232616.jpg (16.92 KB, 680x566, 1638518429674.jpg)

Finally, cuckservautist anti-vaxxers, liberal-brained populists and anti-NATO jingoists can agree - lockdowns and other anti-pandemic measures are bad.


On COVID restrictions, our governments keep firing up the gaslights and shifting the goalposts

Listen closely and one might be able to discern the unmistakable sounds of our elected and unelected officials frantically firing up the gaslights and moving the goalposts on COVID restrictions and vaccinations.

It was a precipitous but inevitable shift from "two weeks to flatten the curve" to get the jab or lose your job, and unsurprisingly, there is still more to come.

Met the provincial vaccination targets? Great; but now it's time for a booster. Ready for the "temporary" vaccine passport system to expire? Sorry, we need to extend it through spring; proving once again that if you give the government an inch on your rights, they will go for the mile every time.

Less than a year ago, government and public health officials touted vaccination as a panacea to end the pandemic. It's safe, effective and will allow the country to put COVID behind us, we were told. To that end, citizens were encouraged, prodded and eventually threatened to get their shots, with holdouts demonized by politicians at all levels. Yet, in Ontario, even as the province exceeded by weeks its vaccination and case number targets of the government's phased reopening plan, citizens were offered only breadcrumbs in return: moving up Phase 3 reopening by just a few days, with no plans at the time for a complete reopening.
Goalposts shift again

And now, with new case numbers in Ontario essentially split evenly between the unvaccinated and fully vaccinated and questions about waning vaccine efficacy, the goalposts shift again with the rollout of booster shots elsewhere in the country and calls for expanded eligibility.

One does not need to look hard to guess what the next step will be across Canada. In Israel and France, the definition of fully vaccinated was changed to include boosters; those six months out from their second dose, or first booster, are now considered unvaccinated, and their vaccine passport privileges suspended.

There is, of course, the popular rebuttal that these goalpost shifts are entirely above-board as the "science evolves." But that exposes the flaw inherent in governments' COVID response: for nearly two years, debate and dissent from burdensome COVID restrictions has been short-circuited with demands that citizens "trust the science"; a modern take on debate-defusing exhortations to "support our troops" during the War on Terror. Every infringement on citizens' privacy, mobility, autonomy and conscience rights has been justified by officials in the name of the infallible technocratic might of "the science."

But when proven wrong – or more importantly, unpopular at the polls – that formerly rock-solid science on which officials acted is simply dismissed out of hand. Policymakers, however, cannot on one hand demand unyielding adherence to science, and then down the road simply hand-wave away their previous demands on the grounds that their knowledge or political fortunes have evolved.

It is for this precise reason that checks and balances exist in governance: to prevent rule through unaccountable technocratic appeals to authority. Debate and dissent in the age of COVID, however, have become four-letter words.

Our public health officials and elected politicians should not at this point expect any benefit of the doubt. Considering that we are still taking our shoes off and binning bottles of water at airport security 20 years after 9/11, that government officials and their unelected mandarins are unwilling to cede their newfound power in an age of COVID should not come as any surprise.

Indeed, officials have shown they are not above apparent falsehoods to further their aims. Last week, Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health Kieran Moore justified the immunization of children between the ages of five and 11 by claiming hospitalization and case counts for that age group were increasing. Yet, according to Ontario's own data, there had been zero hospitalizations in that age group in the past two weeks at the time of Moore's statement.
Always another threat

As the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) once knew, "There will always be a new disease, always the threat of a new pandemic." Accordingly, the number of boosters, or the percentage of fully-vaccinated citizens, needed for a return to normal will always be n+1. Meet one metric, and be met with two more. As the ACLU continues, "If [fear of disease] justifies the suspension of liberties and the institution of an emergency state, then freedom and the rule of law will be permanently suspended."

Already we see public health officials priming the pump for the next goalpost shift. Even if vaccine uptake is high among five to 11-year-olds, it will still not be good enough. According to Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada's chief public health officer, toddlers under the age of four will be next to need the shots, claiming with an absolute lack of shame that – unlike all the other times we were promised an end to the pandemic – vaccinating that group will be a "turning point."

The government, of course, will never walk back its emergency powers of its own volition. And why would they? After two years of fomenting terror and division among the population, they have cultivated a solid base of support that combines the post-9/11 see-something-say-something paranoia of a middle-class yuppie with the unctuous 1980s Moral Majority sense of superiority.

Until public opinion turns sharply against government overreach, we will continue to live in an artificially prolonged state of emergency, beholden to the whims of bureaucrats and elected officials.


File: 1638573394976.pdf (710.96 KB, 197x255, pemic_report.pdf)

ACLU Pandemic preparedness guide
Explains how the state will use pandemics as a way to implement fascism– unless we stop them.


File: 1638573528893.jpg (52.34 KB, 550x412, FFnjJegXoAEAHQP.jpg)

Russia. Communist member of parliament shows up in a concentration camp uniform, with a QR code patch, to protest vax mandates.


Chinese lockdown:
>NOBODY leaves or comes in
>rent frozen, bills frozen
>wages still paid
>guys in full hazmat suits delivering shit
>lifted when there's no cases
Western "lockdown":
>office rats work from home
>service workers got no work and no wage
>rest of the wagies work like nothing happened
>rent and bills are due
>food delivery guys spreading virus door to door
>lifted whenever bougies cry (next week)
Gee that shit doesn't work, guess gramma gotta die


Deliberately engineering pandemics and other natural disasters to accelerate the contradictions of a for-profit society is good praxis.


French citizens invade shopping mall that requires vaccine passports

🇮🇪Garda run off the streets by parents against masks mandates for kids in Ireland



honestly im just waiting for the real dangerous disease to come

because when that finally comes at that point people have lost all trust on science

and then these skeptical people will go out and die in fucking droves. And when that fucking happens, the west is gonna fall down a lot.


>die in fucking droves
Nah, lethality is a detriment to infectivity. COVID is actually perfect - low lethality, but a massive wound that will keep on giving, can't keep immunity for long, rapid mutations. It has the potential to become endemic, like the flu.



The same genetic sequence appears many times in one of the coronaviruses that causes colds in people - known as HCoV-229E - and in the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) that causes AIDS, Soundararajan said.

South Africa, where Omicron was first identified, has the world's highest rate of HIV, which weakens the immune system and increases a person's vulnerability to infections with common-cold viruses and other pathogens. In that part of the world, there are many people in whom the recombination that added this ubiquitous set of genes to Omicron might have occurred, Soundararajan said.

"We probably missed many generations of recombinations" that occurred over time and that led to the emergence of Omicron, Soundararajan added.

More research is needed to confirm the origins of Omicron's mutations and their effects on function and transmissibility. There are competing hypotheses that the latest variant might have spent some time evolving in an animal host.

funnily enough its happening now :^)


>the west is gonna fall down a lot.

One can only hope


File: 1638575530133.png (134.36 KB, 800x800, 1474325065624.png)

Well, we're approaching levels of THANGS that shouldn't be possible. Regular COVID would just fuck up your lungs so bad, you could get a mold in them.


now we are getting common cold and aid shit. In the moment of time when the people of the west have become utterly cynical of their gov, meanwhile the people of the east still trust or in some cases support their gov more(china)

this this is trully a kek moment


How do anti-lockdown people respond to China's success?




Like they do to all information that contradicts their worldview - that it's a lie.


What success? IF the virus originated in China, it got out. They'll have to keep doing lockdowns forever unless they admit it's endemic all around the world and impossible to stop. Oh, and they're obviously faking their stats.

Also: Deng Xiaoping was a fascist. He operated a fascist takeover of the Chinese state. This shit? This is fascism:

That said, COVID was spreading all over the world MONTHS before it was "discovered" in Wuhan.


File: 1638576526816.png (84.94 KB, 820x485, 1344177706900.png)

Okay, that's great shitpost.


>kids lined up for medical checkup is fascism
Were you home schooled?


>Also: Deng Xiaoping was a fascist. He operated a fascist takeover of the Chinese state. This shit? This is fascism:
Wow children standing in an orderly line waiting for vaccinations. That's total fascism compared to China during Mao.


Maternal COVID-19 Vaccination and Its Potential Impact on Fetal and Neonatal Development
>Vaccines have been developed at “warp speed” to combat the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Although they are considered the best approach for preventing mortality, when assessing the safety of these vaccines, pregnant women have not been included in clinical trials. Thus, vaccine safety for this demographic, as well as for the developing fetus and neonate, remains to be determined. A global effort has been underway to encourage pregnant women to get vaccinated despite the uncertain risk posed to them and their offspring. Given this, post-hoc data collection, potentially for years, will be required to determine the outcomes of COVID-19 and vaccination on the next generation. Most COVID-19 vaccine reactions include injection site erythema, pain, swelling, fatigue, headache, fever and lymphadenopathy, which may be sufficient to affect fetal/neonatal development. In this review, we have explored components of the first-generation viral vector and mRNA COVID-19 vaccines that are believed to contribute to adverse reactions and which may negatively impact fetal and neonatal development. We have followed this with a discussion of the potential for using an ovine model to explore the long-term outcomes of COVID-19 vaccination during the prenatal and neonatal periods.

The State of Emergency, Coercive Medicine, and Academia

Now you can see why the vaccines were a mistake

Three teens in custody after wild Howard Springs escape
>The teens, aged 15, 16, and 17 years old, have all tested negative to Covid-19 and are now in police custody after scaling a fence and fleeing the area in the early hours on Wednesday morning.
>All three are close contacts of a case in the remote community near Katherine.
>Earlier, a police checkpoint was established to search every car and boot lined up at the corner of Howard Springs Rd and Whitewood Rd.
>Last week a 27-year-old male allegedly absconded from the facility and was later found by police on Darwin’s main strip.
>In January, a 33-year old woman scaled the fence and walked off but was located by police within 15 minutes.

>"Absconding from Howard Springs isn't just dangerous — it is incredibly stupid," he said.
>"Because we will catch you and there will be consequences."
>fines of $5,024 applied to breaches of a Chief Health Officer direction
So the bourgeoisie can just lock you up in a detention center now EVEN IF YOU DON'T HAVE COVID, to stop you spreading covid.

Biden Continues Trump-Era Ploy to Privatize Medicare
>Under a Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) program now underway, more than 30 million seniors and disabled who chose traditional Medicare could be placed into largely investor-owned Direct Contracting Entities (DCEs) without the beneficiaries’ understanding or consent. We must not allow hedge fund managers to oversee our health care.
>“DCEs are yet another scheme to privatize Medicare. Like Medicare Advantage plans sold by the big insurers, the DCE program threatens traditional Medicare, and is designed to thwart the system our nation desperately needs — a publicly funded, improved Medicare for All.”

Covid: Trigger of "rare" blood clots with AstraZeneca jab found by scientists
>The team - in Cardiff and the US - have shown in exquisite detail how a protein in the blood is attracted to a key component of the vaccine.
>They think this kicks off a chain reaction, involving the immune system, that can culminate in dangerous clots.



You probably believe that there are death camps in Xinjiang lol


‘Biggest cancer catastrophe ever’ to hit NHS as up to 740,000 potential cases missed
The fascist bourgeoisie used covid as a pretext to delay all of these cancer screenings.

Majority of mumps cases are among the vaccinated, CDC finds
Chalk that up as another hoax vaccine.

Passengers on planes, trains must be vaccinated as grace period ends
>Unvaccinated travellers over the age of 12 can no longer board a plane or passenger train in Canada, and a negative COVID-19 test won't serve as a substitute for most people.

The Betrayal of the Clerks: UK Intellectuals in the Service of the Biosecurity State


Fascism is when mom takes you to the doctor


anti-vaxx bros….i'm not feelign so good!



File: 1638578240579.png (657.16 KB, 1200x1800, ClipboardImage.png)


being uber serious all the time is more reddit than anything.


Antivax sentiment is reasonable in places that don't allow the Chinese vaccines
While the West was fucking around with experimental technology the Chinese were already planning to be able to ramp up vaccines for new strains in a matter of months or even weeks because the technology they used is tried tested and well understood

It doesn't make sense to keep boostering vaccines for the alpha strain instead of vaccinating boosts aimed at the new strains which is what the chinese were already thinking and talking about about when they developed their vaccines

Antivaxxers who are denied access to the superior communist vaccines are correct to be suspicious and afraid and any engagement w/ them must respect this fact

Don't get me wrong grandpa here is fully vaccinated and sadly not with the Chinese vaccine because he weren't allowed access to it thanks to liberal porky anticommunism

However if you don't understand that people in capitalist and what is fascism but capitalism removing the false mask of liberal humanity are right to be terrified of porky vaxxes and that terrified people say wierd shit you ain't going anywhere just masturbating


The only thing the Chinese vaccines have going for them is that they are probably less dangerous. You can't vaccinate against coronaviruses or flus. They just mutate around the vaccine.

Every covid vaccine is a waste of time, money, and life.


I think antivax sentiment is reasonable anywhere that distrusting the government is reasonable. In China the government represents the people better than 95% of governments on earth and can be trusted to use the power of mandates/lockdowns to their benefit. The American government is the slave of the rich and can be trusted to abuse their new powers via state of exception and still let people die of covid even if they claimed to implement China's policies. This also speaks to obvious cultural differences which prevent China's policies from being effective in America. (I am not actually sure what China's policies were exactly, they seem to involve a much more effective quarantine.)


Many countries are moving towards issuing biometric passports to their citizens. Malaysia was the first country to issue biometric passports in 1998.[1] In December 2008, 60 countries were issuing such passports,[2] which increased to over 150 by mid-2019.[3]

The currently standardised biometrics used for this type of identification system are facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, and iris recognition. the Department of State has issued only biometric passports as standard since August 2007.

From 1789 through late 1941, the constitutionally established government required passports of citizens only during two periods: during the American Civil War (1861–1865), as well as during and shortly after World War I (1914–1918).

The contemporary period of required passports for Americans under United States law began on November 29, 1941.[24] A 1978 amendment to the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 made it unlawful to enter or depart the United States without an issued passport even in peacetime.[25]

A conference on travel and tourism held by the United Nations in 1963 did not result in standardized passports. Passport standardization was accomplished in 1980 under the auspices of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

In 1981, the United States became the first country to introduce machine-readable passports.[29]

In June 2021 (Pride Month in the United States), Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that an option for American passport holders to select a third gender category on their passports was planned but would take time to implement.


China is not socialist.


Neither are 95%+ of countries, nice empty provocation though.


lockdowns are good when china does it


lockdowns are good when a competent nation does it


China is in that 95%, the chinese government represents chinese porky first and foremost and not the people.
The truth is not a provocation.


Correct, you don't get a 95% approval rating without winning trust by doing things well.


purging the tech sector and forcing a common prosperity campaign while launching anti corruption campaigns is in the interests of porkie


If you think all capitalism is exactly the same, or China's is the same as the West's, then you have not done any research and no I won't spoonfeed you.


File: 1638580744879-0.png (328.28 KB, 1974x910, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638580744879-1.png (704.01 KB, 1037x1491, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638580744879-2.png (512.54 KB, 1280x672, ClipboardImage.png)


the closest system that s simmilar to chinas is sk under park chugn hee

and that system was based suprisingly a lot on the control of korean chaebol porkies

of course there are differences but the differences is that chinas system calls for more state control, of porkies




Yes, it is capitalism, it is based on porky but with some adversarial state power, however, my question was not "Does China perfectly manifest the will of the proletariat?" but "Can the average Chinese person trust the CPC?" which is contextualized in China's history of extreme poverty, and global capitalism, and industrialization etc.. Which means yes, lockdowns are good, relatively of course, when China does them.


the gdr also took in western loans, you are ridiculous for associating leftism with suppressing a protest


yeah i dont disagree what i said wasnt meant to debunk your point it was to support your point by pointing out that out of all the capitalism systems china has the one that has the most state control over porky

but even then that isnt a perfect description because china has way more state control than that of sk meaning that from a peoples point of view, china can be trusted

why because unlike the west chinese system isnt controlled by porkie that much but rather the state seems to be the ones with the real power and thus can better help deliever proper laws for the benefits of the peoples


The efficacy stats are from trials, we have enough data now to report real world efficacy. The trials efficacy are inflated for pfizer and Moderna compared to their real world performance.


>we have enough data now to report real world efficacy
where is it


>Merck Created Hit List to "Destroy," "Neutralize" or "Discredit" Dissenting Doctors. Merck emails from 1999 showed company execs complaining about doctors who disliked using Vioxx. One email said: We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live



Ah yes sorry we agree


Probably hard to find since it showed the Chinese vaccines were most effective if the post summarising a link to the news in the China thread was accurate

Anybody save that link if you did post it here plox


File: 1638589094907.jpg (57.84 KB, 506x900, EvVfr3sU4AAETG6.jpg)


File: 1638589475483-0.png (51.54 KB, 912x379, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638589475483-1.gif (50.98 KB, 413x243, 1615015201122.gif)

Specifically, COVID-19 infection may increase people’s urges to poop. This new condition, named “restless anal syndrome,” comes from a case report of an unnamed 77-year-old man in Japan who experienced “deep anal discomfort” after recovering from the virus.1

Restless Anal Syndrome affects the body in similar ways as restless legs syndrome (RLS), a neurological condition that causes an uncontrollable urge to move the legs. People who have RLS constantly feel the need to walk, run or stretch. But people with restless anal syndrome might feel constant bowel movement.



*shits uncontrollably*


this is the future antivaxxers want kek


that anorectal violence schizo will short out when he hears about this




Blumenthal was shilling for lockdowns not so long ago. He changes his mind to whatever's popular, the little cretin.



If you live in a big city, it's likely that there is a test center around you less than 30 minutes walking distance. If you are in a rural region, it's likely that you are fucked, might as well just quit your job. If there are cops on the bus or train station, you will get checked, they right now send out entire squads of cops with assault rifles checking your digitalized vaccine passport or test result on trains, they also don't call themselves cops anymore, they wear a new riot gear uniform that says "immunization squad".

But even if you live in a big city, lines in front of the test station can take up multiple hours. Today it's pouring rain. Imagine you have job in which you have contact to customers or clients but you have to stand in the rain for 2 hours before even be able to get on the train.


Have you both noticed that ITT there is zero sentiment against a lockdown besides one guy? Yes, lockdowns are also used to immiserate the working class, but this isn't 2020 anymore. I would be totally okay with a lockdown. I wear a mask. I get tested everyday. The problem is that unvaccinated face obstacles that can't be dealt with anymore and are frankly inhumane. During a lockdown, you can't go to a restaurant. With the state repression against unvaccinated minorities, they lose their job and can't even go get a haircut.

Meanwhile, the vaccinated are the real COVID deniers. They act as if they can't spread it, acting like super spreaders.


Holy shit. I want to see footage of unvaxxed people being apprehended.


He might be right that anti-vax drama is overshadowing the privatized Vaccines mass death


>Honest question, why do you keep posting here when everybody thinks you're a nutter and just laughs at you?
>Have you both noticed that ITT there is zero sentiment against a lockdown besides one guy?
Ehh, I probably agree with him, but I don't post in this thread much because I'm just trying to ignore Covid. I wish I could take a nap for however many years until this is over so I won't have to hear about any of it anymore.


we got cocky vaxxbros…


How? German measures are perfectly reasonable and hit the unvaccinated. The first sentence being the most obvious lie.
Where do you get this from? German police don't carry ARs. You think special forces is checking your vax status? Better get it then.


German measures are perfectly reasonable in a capitalist country that has more interest in the profits of its ruling class than the welfare of its citizens. I'm pro vaccine but making it mandatory is a dumb move, or rather it's the only move that a state like Germany can make because it's the most cost effective way of saving their economy.


I have overstated it when I said perfectly reasonable, obviously the chinese system is superior. Point is that post is ridiculous.


don't forget he used to be virulently anti-assad and anti-dprk until it too proved unpopular



>Where do you get this from?
I saw footage of it. I haven't been subject to that myself, at my suburban train station there are public transport security officials and few cops in uniform checking your vaccine passports.
>German police don't carry ARs.
They do. There is an AR in every police car stored away, and federal police patrol airports with ARs. But yes, "special forces", in our case, that would be the Bereitschaftspolizei are deployed in this AFAIK. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if the military checks your vaccine passport in a few weeks, they are already deploying military for health reasons, meaning they help out in emergency rooms, flying people out to less occupied hospitals. But you know, it's a foot in the door, and if there is something we've learned during this pandemic is that once they get their foot on the door and they gonna end up going to the end with it.

Well yes, they are the most effective to maximize monopoly rents for big pharma. A measure that would actually be effective would be a general test mandate for everybody every day or every second, that's free and accessible and provides you with all available testing methods. Vaccines seem to do jackshit when it comes to stopping the spread.


>I'm pro vaccine but making it mandatory is a dumb move
Why? If it works 100% of people should take it, if fit doesn't nobody should.
I don't know shit about medicine, why should the decision to take the vaccine be on me?
My only options are 1) take a guess 2) "learn" about vaccines on the internet to make an "informed" decision
That's where all the conspiratard shit comes from.

What I'm against is the retarded measures used to enforce the vaccines, passports and QR codes, annoying shit making day to day life harder. Should be vax cheka knocking on everyone's door with loaded syringe, none of this gay voluntarist shit.


Yep, German communists have taken a good nuanced stance on those fascistic new measures. The DKP chapter in Hannover even goes much further, although a bit too much for me personally:


German communists are well aware of state repression. Communists are barred from taking on public service jobs and the KPD was outlawed for bogus reasons.


Good to see.


>big pharma
stupid concept for baby criticism of capitalism


It's in the interest of the state to vaccine as many jabs as possible, for profit reasons. When there is always a small minority of unvaccinated, that's the best case scenario for them - every time they have a scapegoat, and they can use to start cutting their social entitlements like paid leave and unemployment benefits away.
>I don't know shit about medicine
So do politicians. Do you think they know shit when they proclaim themselves to be medical authorities? They get all their info from politically compromised "vaccine tsars" in the pockets of big pharma like Dr. Fauci in the US or Dr. Drosten in Germany who rose to the status of celebrities.

But you don't need to know all the medical information. If it's about fighting a pandemic, the exact side effects of the vaccine and its individual efficacy doesn't even matter. The question is, what are large-scale effects and social consequences of a vaccination campaign - is it designed to stop the spread or not? So far, we can statistically observe two phenomena:

1.) As vaccinated have been told to be immune now, they don't get tested, they gather in large groups and spread the virus everywhere

2.) The protection against infection (not severe cases!) seems to be far, far lower than the original claim of 85%, in fact dramatically lower

None of this is conspiratorial or anything.


I could have also written out "chemical monopoly bourgeoisie" and "financial rentiers" but I still haven't forgotten how to talk to the average Joe, fucking retard.

Also, did you know that the German pharmaceutical industry was one of the main facilitators of the Holocaust? But just ignore that, they've totally changed now.


The vaccines work and 100% of people should take it but firstly we're not living in an ideal world where either people will line up to get jabbed or where the state can (or even should) realistically enforce this in an orderly fashion. And secondly the vaccine isn't enough to contain the pandemic because vaccinated people can transmit the virus and enhance the possibility of a resisting variant appearing.


Bereitschaftspolizei isn't special forces, shut the fuck up. They are crayon eaters that like to use nightsticks.
>federal police patrol airports with ARs
This is true.
>There is an AR in every police car stored away
Quite likely also true. Doesn't mean they carry it around to check documentation, that is quite the leap.
>military for health reasons, meaning they help out in emergency rooms, flying people out to less occupied hospitals.
This is good or you want these patients to die gruesomely?


The vaccines work in what sense. Against the need for intensive care? Nevermind that this is also manufactured due to a reduction in available intensive care units, then yes, all the old geezers and people with preconditions should get the vaccine. But if it's not protecting against spreading it, then there is no reason why healthy young men or children should get it who have a miniscule risk of a severe risk just like influenza or something. It's simply irrational, especially as they abandon all other measures and use this issue to ramp up the security state.

But even if they worked against spreading it, I would still raise awareness against a ramped up surveillance and security state with total control over people's bodies because I'm not a fucking naive liberal.


File: 1638623029677.mp4 (21.11 MB, 1280x720, 1638039851747.mp4)

>Bereitschaftspolizei isn't special forces, shut the fuck up. They are crayon eaters that like to use nightsticks.
There isn't a dictionary definition of "special forces" you retard. Obviously I'm not talking about the GSG9 here. Riot police isn't regular police that checks your driving license, is all I wanted to say. And yes, Bereitschaftspolizei also has ARs in their lockers.
>Quite likely also true. Doesn't mean they carry it around to check documentation, that is quite the leap.
Video related, check out at 14 seconds.
>This is good or you want these patients to die gruesomely?
This is quite the moralistic and liberal trick you are doing here. It implies "no alternatives" like the neoliberal preachers have been telling us since years. You didn't have to reduce the intensive care units. You didn't have to deploy the fucking military, instead force civil companies to help and fly them out.


Ordnungsamt is police that have been taught literacy so quite the opposite of Bereitschaftseinheit.
Yeah, clearly discussion over. I hope you are gunned down by the SEK.


It does prevent spreading, to an extent, but it's not perfect, still way better than nothing though.

Like fucking hell, pick your battles, you're just making all 'anti establishment' people look bad by rallying against vaccines.


Ordnungsamt isn't even police. They often have zero training, not more than a bouncer, and can't even check your documents, all they can do is a civil arrest like every other citizen according to paragraph 127 StPO. Shut the fuck up man, you are completely clueless and don't even believe your own eyes when I show you evidence.
>Yeah, clearly discussion over. I hope you are gunned down by the SEK.
I was using the general second conjugation, but phew, that mask fell quickly.


Then what are you watching in the video you imbecile?
You are completely missing the point, one time it's special forces, then it's Bereitschaftseinheit, in the video we are watching Ordnungsamt. Now you are telling me what?


Everyone should take a vaccine by their own volition, even if they are young, but I otherwise agree with your post.

Vaccines shouldn't have been necessary, we have been forced again and again by the neoliberal order to get sick or to get the vaccine, with the attached idea that it was the most scientific way to carry out the inevitable genocide.

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