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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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So Gazi's group "Black Hammer" managed to raise $64,632 so he can build his own fruity little village for "colonized people" and now claims to have bought 200 acres with it. You'd have trouble buying 20 acres in Asscrack, Montana for $65k, but Gazi supposedly found someone willing to sell him 200 acres for less than $65k, because the $65k is supposed to cover all the costs of building his town, not just buying the land. One wonders that, even with 100% volunteer labor, how many buildings, roads, etc Black Hammer could be able to build with a measly $65k.

When asked about the financials behind this, people are directed to donate to Black Hammer.

When someone suggest they do soil testing, they got an… interesting reply.

Dis gon b good
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Or the entire history of utopian socialist experiments in the US during the 19th century.


This is pretty fucking hilarious ngl


>Gazi getting a Tucker Carlson interview soo
>BH is more notable than any of our vanguards


Being "notable" doesn't mean anything, nor is it necessarily a desirable trait on its own terms. We all know why Tucker is inviting Gazi on his show and it's not because he thinks Gazi constitutes an actual political force in the United States.


We've gotten interviewed by FOX several times in the past.
Literally all that'll come of this is Gazi humiliating himself on National Television. He'll pretty much just reinforce Tucker's race-war rhetoric.


yeah because tucker realizes how embarassing this shit is just like people in this thread do, if there was any "vanguard" who was competent and powerful enough both parties in the US do anything to keep them away from a public platform


Because tucker wants to degrade race relations further.


File: 1620345170918.jpg (19.4 KB, 312x321, bfc.jpg)

take a shot every time "Colonized" is used


Say goodbye to your liver


american culture is very hypersexual and prudish at the same time, a lot of the sexual pathologies and weirdness you see is a result of the schizophrenic nature of this. also from cursory observation it seems like a lot of them are tye same type of socially retarded people youll meet in other 'nerdy' hobbies so i think that partially has to do with how some of them seem to have no filter or grasp on social norms. porn has probably had something to do with more people being like ths but im just talking about the 'bdsm scene'. i like bondage but im not just gonna go out and tell anyone i know this cause a)its weird and makes people uncomfortable and b)im not touching the aforementioned "scene" with a 10ft pole lol


the only on-going autonomous zone I know of is in Minneapolis. George Floyd Square memorial. Not a week goes by with Mayor Frey or Councilwoman Andrea Jenkins talking about opening the street up again…for a bus line. Instead of taking a two block detour.

It's also open to the public, there's a green house, a library, a (clean!) clothing swap, there's really a lot there without the barrier of commercialization. Local News coverage showed it as a place of vitality and community when they were there for the conviction so it has broad support for an Autonomous Zone in the city now, most of the pearl-clutching libs have switched positions since even the haughty rich neighborhoods have "NO JUSTICE-NO STREET" signs in their yards and windows.

The main lady there, Marcia, is a teacher and sort of anarchisty. They have 24 demands before they open it up to cops, if ever…many of the demands are more radical than any transitional programme I've seen. Every Friday the WDA does a movie there and there's anarchist stuff everywhere, but it's not a bunch of white LARPers like CHAZ was, it's the actual people who live there and are sick of police terror in s minneapolis.

Getting rid of it would be a really bad look to the woke electorate of minneapolis, there's at least two dozen idpol groups with varying level of class-consciousness here but all of them with a lot of clout. And the FRSO, SAlt, and WDA-controlled unions in the twin cities would a raise too much of a fuss about it.

On Mayday a bunch of trade unions were there, you could build a toolbox at the carpenter union's table, etc.

Honestly it's Black Radicalism done right. In many ways Gazi is a twisted funhouse mirror version of Marcia or Camille.

Just wanted to share an inside look.


File: 1620347950049.jpg (28.81 KB, 512x599, EppY-tbVQAUV2hf.jpg)

>yfw only 1 usage of "settler"


It really is the dumbest shit


Thanks anon.


What the hell are you talking about?. Literally everyone is shitting on them rn


Interesting read. Thanks anon.


Oh shit. Is there anywhere I can read more


thanks posted this pic on /pol/ going to compare threads from here and there i like doing that i shift back and forth.

PS im a socialist but a racist socialist i call it RACSOC


>take the front door of your house or your a fascist
fucking faggot retard


>The glowyest group of feds ever assembled manages to get on primetime network television to rile up racial tensions and disparage class consciousness

Imagine my shock


File: 1620354065844.jpg (136.69 KB, 1600x900, oh so everyone you don't l….jpg)



Same retard from the Stonetoss thread, I assume, you can recognize a lack of comas and capitalization.


Awwwww, how cute. Better change up my posting style.


I will now recognize the pandering attitude.


File: 1620355293465.png (112.18 KB, 387x387, MaxComfy.png)

Love you.


I honestly can't wait for the unavoidable showdown with either the feds or a atomwaffen style nazi org, it will be glorious and very entertaining to witness and study, or hammer city will just collapse in on itself like CHAZ but 10x worse before anybody even notices it's existence, no matter what happens hilarity will ensue.


You'll be waiting a while, I doubt they will ever even set anything up, I give 50:50 odds on whether BH even bought any land or whether it's a total scam.


It's gonna be funny when winter arrives.


It is a fetish


the only on-going autonomous zone I know of is in Minneapolis. George Floyd Square memorial…
Neat story! Never heard of that place before.


Gazi is hardly representative of Black Americans. Black Theater kids maybe




File: 1620416015195.jpg (71.15 KB, 960x960, spongebob boof.jpg)

So Black Hammer and their politically-adjacent ilk owe their ideology to an idealism-driven inferiority complex, right?

Like everyone else, Black Hammer sees the sorry state of black Americans, Native Americans, colonized Africans, etc and the (white) West's opposite but analogous 500 years of wealth, power, and global dominance. Most people don't think about it too much or arrive at a more or less materialist conclusion and go about their lives with their sanity intact. But if you're the type of person to subconsciously believe races are imbued with inherent metaphysical characteristics and/or materialism is completely alien to you, this reality is extremely painful if you aren't white, and a source of pride-by-association if you are. Everything that troubles Gazi's Dear Hammers can be easily and thoroughly explained by coincidences of history and geography, but it doesn't come naturally to them to think like that. Hurt by their own idealism, they reach again to idealism for a cure. Ultimately this causes them to turn white supremacist ideology on its head to remedy the contradiction of believing themselves to be racially great yet oppressed by a stronger racial force.

A black ethno-nationalist grifter-cult with maybe a few dozen members is nothing like the gravity of Nazism's evils, but the basic pattern is the same. How can it be, the Nazi asks, that the superior German people suffer at the hands of the fabled Jew? His answer is simple: although Aryans are the master race, they have been outplayed by the supernaturally evil and cunning Jewish race.

For those with Black Hammer Syndrome, the Mad Libs script is: people of color are good, smart, beautiful, hygienic, the chosen people of Mother Earth, etc. but were dastardly colonized (etc.) by the evil, stupid, ugly, unwashed, raping, pillaging, bloodsucking whites, who would be backwards barbarians if not for undeserved generosity/knowledge stolen from POC. There's a kernel of truth in this–Chinese gun powder, the Islamic Golden Age, the occasional generosity of Native Americans, etc propelled whites along their historical arc–but it's dogshit analysis in isolation.

In summation: what no materialism does to a mf


good post anon, someone should save this


>The very next day I was contacted by security chief and scolded for “gossiping” told that I would have to publicly self critique. I was told that comrades are not allowed to speak amongst each other about their concerns with leadership because it “leads to comrades drawing their own conclusions” (that is NOT me exaggerating, that is a direct quote) and that instead we should go to our leadership so we can be told by cadre what to think. Thinking for yourself in BHO is disunity, a security risk, individualistic..
< Gossiping and anarchism are bounds for removal from your position
Ha ha ha ha.


File: 1620445464171.jpg (8.04 KB, 265x190, download (29).jpg)

say it with me leftypol


Imagine being rich enough to own a car and a gun.


Damn they really in a cult huh



Fucking based. These people understand that you can't get through to the people with a bunch of gay nerd shit and theory. You need simple phrases. Land Back rolls off the tongue. This is how you actually reach out to people, not spewing a bunch of stupid nerd shit.

They are probably CIA but for real the left could take a queue from their marketing.


yeah lol this is 100% a cult. probably ties back to the cia


They certainly have got dedication.

They've got land, supposedly a division in the organization for scientific endeavors, guns, decent operational and informational security, and enough autism to carry through this.

But their theoretical work is shitty nonetheless.



Im not sure if anyone's already posted it but i think i recall a quote from nkrumah where he basically shuts down this sorta cringe African Narodnik utopian peasantry shit where you sing AFRIKAN MAGICK HYMNS TO MAKE PLANTS because it basically was encouraging african people to fit into the retarded stereotypes that the britbong and french governments had made up of them.


File: 1620452094409.png (718.97 KB, 735x586, kib.png)

It hurts to see how in the age of superficial surface-level branding and imagery over content that they're going to be strawmanned as the future of American leftism by the media and the alt lites who take it seriously
Hell, even many of these "militant" black activists who willingly get shamed by the media only get the racial aspects of what Huey Newton and Angela Davis wrote and in doing so border on fascism


Both of those are good policies though, provided they're in the hands of a group that actually follows Marxism Leninism.


File: 1620452441074.jpg (60.42 KB, 750x739, image0-26.jpg)





what did he mean by this?


Retarded religious beliefs exist, but what that anon is talking about is of a larger cultural stereotype in regards to African culture, in which it occupies a singlar set of archetypal customs and cultures.


File: 1620462585455.png (890.8 KB, 1276x876, ClipboardImage.png)



Agents of Disruption And Deception: Exposing Black Hammer’s Plot To Destroy Revolutionary Leadership And Manipulate The People (2020), by Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, Minister of Defense, New Afrikan Black Panther Party

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