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Volume 4: Finally some actual riots edition

Discuss anything on Southeast Asian politics. Elections, open orgs, jungle NPA or just random shit. There’r still dozens of us! Kiwis are welcome! South Asia can joined too I guess.

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Critical support for /SEA/ anons against the dengoid menace.


On Indonesia: Are they continuing to fight? How is the situation? As of now i'm saying they're hella based.

On Thailand: As of now i hope libs and monarchists massacre each other creating a void for socialists to exploit like it happened in the midst of 1917 in Russia. Still waiting for how this stuff evolves though.


bourgeoisie revolution always procide socialist ones


File: 1608525216756.jpg (562.01 KB, 939x1190, Robespierre.jpg)

make him proud


I have questions:

>Tldr on events leading up to protests in thailand right now?

>What's the reddit tier narrative and why is it obviously wrong?

>Who is /ourguy/?

>What's the realpolitik angle on this? Does China support the monarchy and if so, are they using thailand as a bargaining chip or are they really that cucked?


Guy in pinned thread said this so I'm samefagging to paste it


>China is allied with them principally to have more expendable trade routes (their ambition is to go around Singapore), same reason as to why China is pushing for infrastructure on Myanmar (and why they're pressing Turkmenistan to join Bri)


File: 1608525217893.png (6.24 KB, 610x352, Flag_of_the_Communist_Part….png)

Can somebody meme these bad boys back into existence?


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File: 1608525219599-1.gif (1007.82 KB, 375x304, 5d585aaac5456938e4247e8f7b….gif)



>dozens of dudes on a Turkish kebab forum pissed off the monarchy so much that glowies from all imperialists start DDoS’ing the site
Fucking thin skinned bastards.
The fact that the hammer & sickle is tilted really fucks with my eyes. Seriously who the hell the designed that atrocity?




Lol, China just lend their 50 cent army to thai government. Currently, They're generate shot on twitter thai trending section since someone just find out that hongkong polices and twitter accounts from hongkong are tweeting the contents and tags which mean to support thai government act against anti gov protestors. This was happened just 4 days after some PRC minister visited bangkok.


I don't think that last (or continuing?) DDOS was made by Chinese glowies since I don't think that any Chinese official would be interested in shutting down an English speaking Albanian survivalist forum. Probably Thai glowniggérs (or some thin skinned rich kid) bought some Chinese botnet and just try to shut down any website mentioning these protests.


This is clearly made with PRC’s support (servers, paid bot services,…) but not their direct involvement. The Thai glow NIA is possibly the perpetrator as they have a history to lashing out against anything and anyone critical of the military and their monarch puppet.


>unironically thinking Thailand is feudal


It is kinda hybrid of feudal-capitalism.


Having a monarchy doesn't mean they are feudal. Monarchy and capitalism can co-exist.


Thailand currently is in the same political situation as Imperial Japan in the 30s. A hyper capitalist system where the monarchy has succeeded in transitioning themselves into full-fledged capitalists, held together with an overwhelmingly influential military that is funded by both national and international capitalists and use the king as only a religious and ceremonial figure. The biggest difference is that they never got the chance to get their national capital to the stage of development as the zaibatsus or the chaebols in Japan or South Korea, so they’re very dependent economically to their masters. O-Cha fucked up when he tried to change his allegiance to China just when the US needed their position as a US foothold the most.


Thailand is still at a level of development where liberalism is still a progressive force


thai ladyboy anime when


They’re liberal anon, neoliberal that is. Most of their stuff are privatized. The state after the 2014 coup is effectively broken up into the military monopoly and their subjects. The military acts unlike a big corporation than an actual state.
Pinochet is still a liberal because it’s mostly based on their economic policies rather than social or a pretense of democracy.
I don’t get this meme. Thai transsexual community face just as much discrimination as anywhere else. They’re just more popular and even that is debatable under the current dictatorship.


what I meant to say is that liberal democracy is still a progressive force considering Thiland's level of development, not neoliberalism.


Maybe but from a person that has entirely rejected the concept of a liberal democracy as anything other than a bourgeois dictatorship that can go fascist at a flip of the switch, Thailand is still very liberal in the classical sense of the world. The term liberal is not meant for the social liberation or the superstructure that arose in the French Revolution, but the liberation of MoP ownership into private hands.




The bourgeoisie revolution generally proccides a proletarian revolution, Thailand has not hand a bourgeoisie revolution yet


>Thai protesters use social media to organize
&ltthe government can’t shut it down because it would further weaken their pandemic stricken economy
Truly the bourgeoisie will sell us the ropes to hang them with.
Nor had any Indochinese countries, yet here we are.


bruh capitalism has been imposed from the outside in the third world for the past hundred years. i doubt marx would have even called the February Revolution a "bourgeois" one, it only lasted less than a year and did nothing to accumulate the proletariat in that case


Some would argue that the imposition of capitalism is also a form of bourgeois revolution, just like the spreading of revolutionary activities from socialist countries in the 20th century. Therefore I think it’s damn stupid for socialist countries to have reservations in interfering to support other socialist movement and socialist in one country was nothing but idealist gate keeping that partly put the Soviet Union behind politically right after ww2.
This is also why think opposing “social imperialism” or even having such a concept to compare a higher form of spreading socialism as a more advanced mode of production is a rightist, social chauvinist deviation of Marxist-Leninism. Mautists can suck it.


File: 1608525236587.jpeg (636.83 KB, 3000x1949, IndoInFlames.jpeg)

How's it going over in Indonesia? Is the labor protest a sizzle or a fizzle?




Say what you will about Jamus but at least he triggered the unions so hard.


File: 1608525237319.jpg (641.03 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20201022-105826.jpg)



why is their a mcdonald sin every country


We got that dogshite in malls for decades now bruh. They constanly get bankrupt due to losing to streetfoods. By this point the only people cared about them are children below 15.
There's a perk in having good food instead of mushy trash.




File: 1608525238914.mp4 (14.8 MB, 570x720, ราชาธิปไตย.wmv.mp4)



Indonesian workers singing the Internationale


File: 1608525242076.png (99.27 KB, 226x222, 4d178230ecc7f115fcbe391ef3….png)



Finally some actual reds in the protest, based. Also noting there’s only like 2 dudes singing because of how long such a leftist song hasn’t been sung. At least there’s still people keeping the flame alive amidst the blackest reaction.
A red Indonesia is the only way this region will rid itself of imperialism.


Considering that ML is illegal in the country even that few dozens of people are a HUGE signal


What alternate symbols should communists use if the hammer & sickle is banned?


Depends on the culture of the place, they could do like Dsa that have a different art for each chapter


Raised fist! FFS How difficult can this be? Raise your fucking fist.


Or a plain red flag


red star, if that is also banned use a lit torch


Meh,Look like blood is spilling in Thailand soon after that yesterday happened.


>blood is spilling in Thailand
Source? I can't find anything.




File: 1608525244864-0.png (203.55 KB, 598x461, Screenshot from 2020-10-24….png)

File: 1608525244864-1.png (344.42 KB, 596x663, Screenshot from 2020-10-24….png)

File: 1608525244864-2.png (315.12 KB, 596x455, Screenshot from 2020-10-20….png)

File: 1608525244864-3.jpeg (81.26 KB, 1024x1024, 1*sF-RK34vHoXfasWP57R2IA.jpeg)

Here are some infos which I've gathered together:
There are very few prominent marxists who declared their support of the Thailand protests. Beside Vijay Prashad and Taimur Rahman, I've found nobody who openly supports the movement. It actually seems, that many marxists/leftists hesitate to side with the protest movement.

There is a statement which was signed by 35 leftist groups from all over the world: https://thinkleft.net/2020/10/15/solidarity-with-the-people-of-thailand-for-democracy/

Interestingly, the Thailand protests are also being supported by taiwanese netizens and Joshua Wong, leader of the HK protests (Milk Tea Alliance).


If this current protesting's success it may lead to SEA spring since laotian zoomers who saw the current protest in thailand started questioning CPL by generating tag "If Laos politic is good" on twitter that pissed CPL off that they declared everyone who generate this tag may receive execution as the highest punishment. Meanwhile, Cambodia leader of opposition Som Rangsi endorsed this protesting. China isn't going to like it if Hunsen gets kicked out since they are ready to create military base in some cambodian island in the gulf of thailand.
Sorry for my bad english


that is just lip service. why the hell would I care what anti-chinese taiwanese and hk shitters have to say


It’s quite good though. You’re from Laos?
Som Rangsi is a far right ethno nationalist piece of shit. Hun Sen might be corrupt but he did the right thing banning the fucker. The dude probably only help China as long as the money continues to flow but I doubt it’s some actual alliances with China.
A possibility of a Laotian counterrevolution is really slim because they’re the true buffer zone between Vietnam and the PRC’s interest in the region so both will intervene if any kind of US backed opposition arises. Over here the training of Laotian military and police is an annual activity as well as the whole affair with fighting Hmong leftover contras and Laos monarchists.
Mostly just lip service as the other anon said. The American DoS even tried to force him to shut up about it because they’re not liking the quick radicalization of the Thai protests and they’re still waiting for Prayut to rethink about his allegiance.




Protests are radicalizing? Post proof please.
As of now i see Indonesian workers striking chanting the Internationale, while i see Thai youth striking making pop culture references not even close to socialism. Still i have no interest for preserving the monarch and i'm seeing more than one Asian Marxist in favor of the protests.


>just lip service
I see, good to hear!


Redfish supports Thailand protests and interviewed this guy

(He's a trot and trot are notorious for bad geopolitics yet is bio on Wiki makes what he says seem fully genuine)


This guy is a dumbass that only supports the protests for being against the monarchy though. Even the Hunger-games-fanboys is better than that for wanting social democracy.


Tell me more.
I only know of this nobody via Wiki.


How much of Indonesia is this kind of cucked /pol/tards?


Indonesia is very cucked after the PKI got purged.


Jesus fuck has Malaysia stopped even pretending to try and stop the pandemic? What the hell is going on?


When Vietnamese people are taught about the war are americans a totally unhuman and evil other or are people like hippies and anti-war protesters mentioned like "their were some sensible americans who tried to stop their evil war hungry government"?


Somewhere in the middle. Since we actually managed to reunite the country, there’s a lot less bitterness towards the war and the US than for example the DPRK. The war is officially considered an idiotic and unnecessary war that shouldn’t have happened at all. Much of the hatred and scorn is on the gusano puppets that betrayed and gave up the country’s independence for imperialist gibbs.


I was shocked when I heard they didn’t plan to lockdown between states.


>What the hell is going on?
Fuckery going on at the political arena and useless politicians. The current PM Muhyiddin wanted to declare a state of emergency because of covid but people here rightly see through him and see it as him trying to consolidate power. The Agong rejected Muhyiddin's request.

There's some leading up to the covid situation getting worse with election and campaigning in Sabah and telling people to go VOOT.

I tell you what though, i'm staying inside.


How did Vietnam and Laos survive Soviet bloc collapse when all others except Cuba didn't?


The DPRK also survived. Once the USSR went down it was inevitable that all the states between them and the Western bloc would fall as well, whereas the more isolated ML states weren't as economically dependent on the Soviets.


One word: forced liberalization
It’s basically became inevitable once both China and most of SEA became the enemy of Vietnam after the occupation of Kampuchea and the Soviet Union under Gorb was being retarded assholes. But in some way, it also led to the party survival as well.
Most of the liberals and reactionaries fled to China in the invasion in 1979 so we didn’t have our own Pizzahut guy. Plus Linh was a pretty damn competent reformer.


How the hell will SEA combat future climate disaster? If looking at predictions most of our region would be uninhabitable by the next 20 years.


Yea I am planning to commit suicide


File: 1608525271986-0.png (54.02 KB, 924x272, Screenshot (117).png)

File: 1608525271987-1.png (82.31 KB, 926x461, Screenshot (116).png)



Once again showing Twitter being absolute cancer filled with either libs or retard conservatives. It’s a loss cause.
Especially how they only ban leftists or target of imperialism there. Rightists get their account back so easily.


Man things went from 0 to 100 real fast…


Well this particular guy here is the former prime minister of malaysia. I haven't been following the attack in France but man what a mess. This shit is gonna split people up and make muslims and non-muslims at each other's throats.


this is pretty weak, go and report the second post as hateful conduct and it will be gone
if it wasn't a blue check mark the account would be suspended
link it and i'll show you


Here's the tweet if you want to see it.
I don't have a twitter account and I just wanted to show it off because Mahathir said something crazy.


>Papa Xi is i agree at protesting in thailand
Behind-scenes funding of Thailand protests show invisible Western hands


I think its weird. Isn't the king already friendly towards the US? Why should the instigate a color revolution in a country, which is already their ally?


What a clown world when Najib is the goddamn hero for once


Yes. the king has always been good with the west, Some yankee anons here are just so arrogant they like to think everything is the work of there government.

Why do you guys think the old red shirts havn't come out for this one? I havn't had a chance to sit down with any yet and really talk about it properly but one think i keep hearing is that it is good that it is students because the military will be less likely to shoot on them, for obvious historical reasons.


The king is nothing but a weak puppet of the military. They specifically chose him for being the most incompetent idiot in the Thai royal family.
The key figures is the Prayut military clique that support him. They started out using the US’s support to oust the first corrupt sucdem government in 2014, but as the time go by O-cha started to be more on China’s side because of the “free gibbs” and cheap weapon contracts. Something that greatly pissed of the US since Thailand have been buying US hardware for decades before that. Most of this protest is a shadow game between the US and China for geopolitical routes and weapon contracts to fuel the two countries ever expanding military industrial complex.
The reason the protesters hasn’t been violent yet is because the US only used them as a threatening gesture to put the Thai military dictatorship back in line, not to entirely overthrow them.


>The king is nothing but a weak puppet of the military. They specifically chose him for being the most incompetent idiot in the Thai royal family.
So is he basically a puppet who gets a fat paycheck which he uses to party while the military does the politicking in his name?


Sorta like the old hag and her cronies in Buckingham or any modern day “monarchs” really.




File: 1608525301393-0.jpg (75.1 KB, 720x400, FB_IMG_16038022423037573.jpg)

File: 1608525301393-1.jpg (204.15 KB, 719x962, IMG_20201102_024001.jpg)

aight, who made this?


I mean it’s partly true though. Most English speaking Indonesians and Filipinos are super cringe religious nuts that act just as toxic as a bolsonaro drone.


File: 1608525302434.jpg (20.22 KB, 540x596, 1ab9bf85e7628d26d97393d4d6….jpg)

Actually accurate tbh.

>Singapore not inside



Singapore is not a real country though. It started as a way for the Bongs to control the traffic through the SEA without giving it to any independence movement and LKY just used it as a chance to make it into his personal fiefdom.


Not wrong but rather over-generalizing.


What would be the most nuanced take on the existence of Singapore and Singaporean nationalism?


That anon is right in that Singapore is not a real country, in so much as it is a separatist state created against the Malaysian Federation. But the impetus for merger and/or separation is less to do with LKY and Bongs, but more about the ideological conflict (that is informed by the racial makeup) of Singapore and Malaysia. Put it simply, Malaysians wanted politics to be oriented around racial lines while Singaporeans were more down for racial egalitarian.

The socialists in Singapore did advocate for assimilation or at least adoption of Malayan culture (Malay instead of English was considered to be our lingua franca) while rejecting merger because the racial politics and also for fear of giving UMNO more weight in crushing them. Singapore nationalism (if there is any) wasn't borne out of some love for Temasek, or even the whims of Bongs and LKY, it is simply a defense mechanism of the non-Malays here to keep apart from Malaysia and their racialized state/politics.


File: 1608525304874.jpg (16.07 KB, 447x64, FB_IMG_16022570704882995.jpg)

You forgot this


Welp. Even with all the riots and shit the labor unions still cucked out and Jokowi still put the Omnibus shit into law.
Fucking hell is Indonesia cucked to the core.


You mentioned that some of the youth are still somewhat in support of Sukarno and his pre-coup government. How do they react to this shit? Or are they just as ambivalent because they’re too disconnected with normal working class people?
On another note, how does people even stay or become leftists in Indonesia where even the thought of a color red triggered almost everybody?


File: 1608525310370.jpg (338.48 KB, 1016x774, 266df6beb5e44d82a000cf0e9b….jpg)

Man, why did the labour unions pussyed out?


>Another day, another bailout for the decaying corpse of petronas
Jesus just let it die already.
That’s what labor unions do really. Unless it’s a fanfic like Kaiserreich, there’s little to no way a union can do to the capitalist establishment aside from some passive reforms to push off some weight from the workers in the short term.
When met with armed oppression from a state that is made to push around labor unions like the Reagan and Thatcher neoliberal administrations. The fold quickly.


>You mentioned that some of the youth are still somewhat in support of Sukarno and his pre-coup government.
That's way more fucking complicated than you think. Sukarno is THE universally praised figure among Indonesian public, yet the religious population has made it publicly controversial again to bring up the CIA orchestrated Communist Party massacres in the 60s. We lost the enthusiasm we had during the overthrowing of Suharto. The Sukarno administration is worshiped and the Suharto administration is vilified, yet we are ambivalent to Marxism. Sukarno's failure in building the economy of Indonesia and Suharto's purge of any form of Marxist thought really ruined the image of Marxism.
In short, even though sukarno is universally liked, the youth don't have much faith in marxism, its a failure.

>How do they react to this shit?

Deeply angry, confused, desperate, maybe the same as whatever you feel like right now. Nobody expected something this bad would happen. Massive protests all over the nation did nothing and the government has been becoming less transparent, we have a communal feeling that democracy is dead. The omnibus bill is hated by virtually everyone save for the diehard jokowi supporters. I think we have pretty much disillusioned with the promises of the lesser evil party we chose and the promises of becoming a bigger part in the international economy.

We can't understand why everyone is reluctant to do business in our country. We know neither the western hegemony or the eastern hegemony cares about is. We used to trust China in helping the development of our nation, but lately all they have been doing are plunging our country deeper into foreign debt and bringing more of their own workers here instead of hiring our people. We don't understand how our education system became so shit that we can't compete with the foreign countries. We don't understand why we don't have a single political party that wants to bring actual, fundamental change.

It's getting bleaker everyday in my opinion.

>On another note, how does people even stay or become leftists in Indonesia where even the thought of a color red triggered almost everybody?

Not quite really.
Most of the learned youth don't have much opinion on marxism and want a very economically socialist version of social democracy instead. The upper middle class diehard Jokowi supporters have little support for socialist programs. The islamic conservative youths just straight up despise any kind of marxist symbol, they've been indoctrinated since birth that marxism is an oppression of religious freedom. Anyone outside this group think they're literally retarded.


>the board still use the god awful cloudfare
Fucking hell when is Space gonna upgrade this shithole?

Great post comrade. This is also why I’m so curious to how Sukarnoism is still surviving and it turns out it is just as terrible as the third positionist path of Argentina that led the country down a path of complete alienation from socialism (albeit without Sukarno going full fash like Peron did). The curious thing that is see in all countries where the pro-imperialist dictatorship is overthrown by the “democratic liberal” new establishment is that the fascists never truly went away and stayed as the guard dog for the liberals to use every time the proletariat try to organize. Chile until recently still used the same constitution made by Pinochet. South Korean and Japanese politics still have the same military dictatorships running everything behind the scenes. And the “new order” of Suharto is still a constant shadow over Indonesia with the same fascist paramilitary gangs that massacres the PKI going free as “heroes”. The democracy after Suharto in many ways has always been a sham with most economic policies of the country remained unchanged.
>I think we have pretty much disillusioned with the promises of the lesser evil party we chose and the promises of becoming a bigger part in the international economy.
If that’s ever a real possibility, neoliberalism would’ve been phased out a long time ago. “Lesser evil” voting is a dead end. On the other hand “being a bigger part in the global economy” either mean Indonesia get completely subsumed by other imperialists with the liberals like Jokowi or Indonesia become a bigger imperialist than it already is now under the fascist-aligned conservatives. Seriously the only way out is with socialism even if it is banned.
>We used to trust China in helping the development of our nation, but lately all they have been doing are plunging our country deeper into foreign debt and bringing more of their own workers here instead of hiring our people.
They tried to pull the same gay neocolonialist shit over here ever since 1975. They’ve been nothing but a lower stage imperialist than the west and that’s a sad truth with the return of capitalism in China. Sometimes I think that the only way for any country to develop is being a pawn to imperialist against an actual socialist country (like Europe and Japan did) which they’ll drop you like a broken toy once you’ve outlived your usefulness or through socialism. Global capitalism has truly reached its end stage and any room for development has ended for most of the developing world.
I truly admire you guys for even trying to keep a flame of social democracy in such a hell hole where I would be a complete doomer in such a bleak world.
>The islamic conservative youths just straight up despise any kind of marxist symbol, they've been indoctrinated since birth that marxism is an oppression of religious freedom.
This kind of religious doublethink is also extremely common here in evangelicals and catholics. They are anti-communist because it curtailed their “religious freedom” but at the same time they attack everyone for not following the same sky god as them. The liberal brainworms truly runs deep in reactionaries.


>The curious thing that is see in all countries where the pro-imperialist dictatorship is overthrown by the “democratic liberal” new establishment is that the fascists never truly went away and stayed as the guard dog for the liberals to use every time the proletariat try to organize
The first two presidents after Suharto tried to clean the mess though. They tried to dismantle the military powers from the legislative and completely reform it. Their presidency didn't last long, as you would expect. They were met with heavy opposition from the ruling parties, and the military even threatened to stage a coup. Reformation efforts practically died in 2001 and the same old parties have ruled without any substantial dissenting voice against them ever since.
>I truly admire you guys for even trying to keep a flame of social democracy in such a hell hole where I would be a complete doomer in such a bleak world.
Fuck that, I'd migrate to europe if I had the money to do it, kek. All the political parties, big and small, are owned by either the New Order remnants, the imperialist cocksuckers, or the rich mass media owning conglomerates. It's checkmate.


>Reformation efforts practically died in 2001 and the same old parties have ruled without any substantial dissenting voice against them ever since.
>europe if I had the money to do it, kek. All the political parties, big and small, are owned by either the New Order remnants, the imperialist cocksuckers, or the rich mass media owning conglomerates.
Pretty much the same thing for every “liberal democracies” in the world. It’s fucking sucks and I hate how Maoism and Soviet revisionism have poisoned the well so hard that leftists never tried the old ML strategy of just organizing abroad amongst intelligentsia first to build a first layer of leadership before going back for agitation. It’s either go into the woods and fuck about like the NPA or the Naxalites. Or try desperately for electoralism which happened to the PKI and we both know what’s the logical conclusion to that is.
The biggest issue is that most leftists today can’t keep their mouth shut and only go abroad when they’re political exiles which is just unproductive. The other is that the imperial cores have copied this strategy over the decade of the Cold War to apply it to themselves for neoliberal regime change.
>I'd migrate to europe if I had the money to do it, kek.
That’s the whole point though. The people who leaves as proles will have the will to go back and agitate while the rich that leaves will always revert either into hard right fascism or radlib uselessness, a tool for imperialists and nothing else.




>still billions sinking into the zombie corpse of Petronas for no reason
>1mdb hasn’t even got resolved yet
>do nothing to contain the pandemic
&lthuh duh pumping billions more into porkie will surely fix this!!!
What the hell is wrong with these people?


File: 1608525327745-0.png (102.79 KB, 965x509, capture-20201107-120514.png)

File: 1608525327745-1.jpg (85.37 KB, 960x720, 01.jpg)



any of you guys ever smoke Thuoc Lao?


Do th THai protestors have an opinion on the Israel?


What would you prefer them to do?


For some reason Vietnam also have huge military contracts with Israel. Most of our modern small arms are based on their tech.
Even though they got caught spying here multiple times.
Tried it once. Toxic as hell.
But watching tourist getting fucked up on it is funny.


>duterte cuck out to the US
&ltone month later
>duterte go back to cuck to China
&ltone week later
>duterte invite US in to suck them off
Is this guy the king of flip flops or something? His foreign policy is an absolute madhouse of constant contradictions. Even Belarus have more consistency in dealing with Russia and the EU.


Any fellow Anakbayan members on here? Anakbayan Silicon Valley Representing here. We're planning on putting out a lot of Agitprop after November 30th and thought I could get your opinions on some stuff.

https://open.spotify.com/track/18vPk6lJuLnit6uHjI1O2E?si=DPviVpoET0KEb8lix6swyA (oust Duterte song that was produced by some kasamas in the bay area)

We're planning on putting out some videos regarding an intro to AB as well as a general overview of Class conflict. Any criticisms and suggestions is welcome to us by yall.


Man I haven’t heard of you guys for a long long time. Any new developments this year?


I can't speak for Anakbayan PH, since im based out in the US. We're just continuing our Oust Duterte campaign, protesting outside the consulates during Peoples SONA. In regards to my specific chapter I wrote a statement regarding the US election and how it relates back to the Philippines which we should be pushing out today. We're also getting ready for N30 so that should get you up to speed. I'm sure AB Philippines has way more updates regarding the campaign against Duterte


What does the US chapter have regarding policy changes compared to the Duterte admin? The Filipinos I see here are usually very supportive of the guy. Even when his direction is wholly contradictory at times.
Is that different from the western diaspora?




we're in favor of Genuine land reform, taking away land from the landlords and big comprador bourgeois, as well as mechanization of agriculture and building the industrial forces in the PH. We're also against his liberalization of the Economy. I'd say the filipino community is split almost evenly in the western diaspora in terms of their support for Duterte. But even within the people against Duterte you have your run of the mill conservatives who don't like his alliances with China, and the other half dont like his drug war campaign and the passing of the Anti Terror Law. Hope that answers your question. If not let me know what specific points you want me to address and I'd be happy to tell you.

Also here's the statement that we posted last night in case anyone is interested in reading: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHen2Nagbsg/


Also just wanted to add on: In terms of solidarity work with the rest of SEA, is there any Indonesian orgs that we could work with? Doesn't matter if its US or in the homefront, we'd like to help prop against the neoliberal reforms in solidarity with y'all. Our Social investigation class analysis tells us that Indonesia is right there in terms of rev potential and we'd like to help prop up and link with someone and also possibly help provide political education too depending on where the masses are at




File: 1608525368254.jpg (47.7 KB, 720x377, FB_IMG_1605258487977.jpg)

Uh-huh oh


Lads, will the average Singaporean ever realise that construction workers, janitors, cleaners, maids, and so on are socially valuable and deserve dignified wages, instead of having them farmed out to debt peons paid next to nothing? And that financiers, C-suites, startup jocks etc are mostly a pack of petty con men who should rot in prison?


Call Jamus a succdem all you want but at least people are starting to talk about the poor more and more because of him and his minimum wage shit.


Bruh, I ain’t one of those decolonization crowd but that was kinda cringe bro. No one says lads here.


Lmao. That looks so hilarious I refuse to believe it’s real.
The Singaporean society has such a hard on for academic achievements it’s honestly alarming even in the perspective of East Asian countries. They somehow even ignore the fact that most of that qualifications all need capital and inheritance to get. Sure you can get on top “by the bootstrap” but that’s still never as easy as your parents paying for your Harvard degree.
Sure it used to exist a meritocracy but that never lasts over a generation under capitalism.


>but that’s still never as easy as your parents paying for your Harvard degree.
tbf most of hyper-elitist people I know usually are some middle to upper-middle class people who get scholarships instead of their parents paying for them. The latter are more self-aware.


The worst of survivor bias at work. Most of the fuckers I know who “made it” are extremely reactionary even more than the privileged people who usually turn out to be liberals.
Fun fact about western scholarships, it’s given by NGOs like candy over here and China. They usually slyly choose the most anti-communist of students to give it to as well.


Nah I meant like internal scholarships. Singapore's government gives a lot of them here. But usually the people chosen have very meticulous path planned out for them to walk. Very terrifying when you think about it.


I think that they won't realize and if they do, they don't want to recognize.


>But usually the people chosen have very meticulous path planned out for them to walk.
That’s mostly the point of scholarships if done to its final conclusion. Getting them requires you to align yourself with the politics of the people who give them out. Otherwise you’ll get kicked out or sued to bankruptcy.


File: 1608525378924.png (647.09 KB, 1140x806, Grace transparent fixed.png)



Who is the other guy? Looks like a monarch.


Wow it's like an embassy or something


It is Xi Jinping :^)


Replace alunya with deng cat and you’re good.


For all the libertarians, you are nothing more than nihilist lumpen!




Anyone still have updates on the protests last night in Bangkok?
What? I only see on the thread socdem anons and MLs. Also, with the total failure of the Indonesian left to even take a stand, can you blame them for being doomers?


Is there even an Indonesian left anymore?




The labor unions and sukarnoid welfare folks are kind of left I guess.


File: 1608525403888.jpg (38.45 KB, 474x497, 1541694639867.jpg)

Is it really though?


Forget about +62. It's not worth of your time. SEA were cucked & doomed from the beginning.


There should be chaos in SEA. Catastrophe, tsunami, earthquake, the more the merrier. We're all nothing more than cattle waiting for the shepherd to exterminate us.


More like a heard of sheep jumping from a cliff. Speaking of which, how do you guys spend time in quarantine over there?


Tone down your doomerism please. Our time has not come yet.

Being miserable. East Malaysia dropped the ball, so post-Cov19 recovery slowed down.


I don’t think the economy in most of SEA will ever recover from this. Even with the huge packets of aids to big businesses.
Sad that this won’t lead to much revolutionary change though.


File: 1608525487689-0.jpg (14.03 KB, 206x255, IMG_0959.JPG)

File: 1608525487689-1.jpg (62.78 KB, 780x520, ak_bsr_2111.jpg)

>Indonesia protests cucked themselves to death and Jokowi got what he wanted
>Thai protests devolved into performative bullshit and non-action
Why do I ever think that anything would change?


It is inevitable without any organization and theory.


File: 1608525527666.png (334.14 KB, 1920x972, 1920px-HeroinWorld-en.svg.png)

What do you lot know about the Golden Triangle?



The disaster that is Myanmar today mostly stems from Ne Win Ceausescu-tier retardation. The first few years were going pretty okay but with slow progress due to them trying to be isolated from even the rest of the socialist sphere and the Maoist sphere. Then they started to return to take advice from the world bank, train their military with the US (extremely retarded considering the socialist council only took power using the military) and took up so much loans it bankrupt the country. The retardation of trying to make the currency divisible by 9 which make most savings useless was the final straw.
The later fragmentation of the multiple military cliques created the modern incarnation of the Golden Triangle.


Kinda. The thing with most of the western posters here is that they think that the left here (in its current form at least) will ever be similar to them. It is way more complicated. While it is true that Sukarno is very left-leaning with his ideas, he is also religious. In fact most of the prominent leftist intellectuals here are either Islamists or believe in Islam as another tool for liberation.

Our national symbol, the Pancasila, enshrines both social justice and religiosity. This kind of thing only happens in third world countries.


File: 1608525561258.jpg (22.53 KB, 512x360, MaoImelda.jpg)

Hey comrades.

I'm the ex-LLCO guy who wrote those walls of text on the CPI (Maoist) and CPP-NPA which get shared around sometimes.

I've got a few questions - both regarding history and contemporary conditions which hopefully comrades here can help me with.

1. Regarding Cambodia, I've heard there is rising nostalgia for ANGKOR & the Khmer rouge around social-nationalist types. How significant is this nostalgia? Are we talking thousands of people, or handfuls of pety-bourgeois lefty intellectuals?

2. Are there any real socialist groups in modern Cambodia at all? If so, what is their internal/deep political position on the Khmer Rouge?

3. Regarding the Philippines, which faction is currently in control in the leadership since the Sisonites were sidelined & the Tiamzons went into exile? Are some of the more militant statements coming out of the party proof that Oris & gang have a greater deal of control or are they just a show of desperation? Also, is the current anti-china push proof that the Dengists have been sidelined or removed?

4. Why does the CPP-NPA-NDF continue to repeat the rumor that 70% of filipinos are supposedly peasants when that hasn't been true since the 1960's? ie, close to 60% of the population are now urban, 50% are employed in the service economy. In the past I've personally criticized Sison & Mid level NDF people on this, presented evidence to the contrary and I'm usually met with some kind of non-excuse or silence. Is there a strategic reason for promoting this myth or are the party just totally detached? I'm really confused as to why this is still going on.

5. To what degree were the various communists parties coordinating during the Vietnam war era? If Mao hadn't fucked around, how far did the red tsunami/domino strategy go geographically?

>Pic related to last question

The reason SEA doesn't have nice things


gangster HK movies comes from there.


>To what degree were the various communists parties coordinating during the Vietnam war era? If Mao hadn't fucked around, how far did the red tsunami/domino strategy go geographically?
The regional cooperation fell apart quite quickly even during the fight against the French. Lai Tek, a Vietnamese defector turned French glowie has fully infiltrated and sabotage every attempt of friendship between the Malayan and Indochinese communist movements. With the post-ww2 era have the Malayan decimated. The Burmese on the other hand was gripped not only by the concept of “socialism in one country” but also a sense of false nationalism (they’re called the Union of Burma for a reason) that pushed them into third postionism which weaken them tremendously, the Siamese and Indian workers completely alienated in the country they have lived in for decades.
The three Indonchinese fair no better. The influence of Stalin era buffer zone ideology still lies heavy in the minds of all three parties. So our cooperation after 1954 was much more lax than before. It was because of this belief in the separate building to socialism that Vietnam didn’t even notice the rising nationalist reactionary elements rising inside of the Kampuchean communist that stuck behind or even try to fight against Sihanouk’s oppression of them. We just gave him a pass because he allowed the HCM trail to go through Cambodia without resistance.
We were dealt a bad hand. But it’s also apart of our faults.
>I've heard there is rising nostalgia for ANGKOR & the Khmer rouge around social-nationalist types. How significant is this nostalgia? Are we talking thousands of people, or handfuls of pety-bourgeois lefty intellectuals?
There’s a lot of it. Especially in the anti-Vietnamese sentiments. These were quickly spurred from not only the irredentist claims of Kampuchea Krom or Lower Kampuchea (which is now the Vietnamese region of the Mekong southern delta) but also the rampant propaganda after the occupation. They’re still now supported by the CNRP - a now banned US backed party comprises of gusano liberals that used to support Lon Nol and far right ex-KR members. Their supporters are pretty widespread however they’re now weaken due to entire party being banned and prosecuted under treason.
>there’s any communist in Cambodia?
A small section of the CPP is still communist however they’re still very irrelevant in the larger political picture.


What's Laos like?


Dumb burger here, Regarding point 4, can you point me to some sources that you use? I googled myself and it led me to statista and I just wanna know if its the same sources you use or you have more evidence.


> Why does the CPP-NPA-NDF continue to repeat the rumor that 70% of filipinos are supposedly peasants when that hasn't been true since the 1960's?
Are they doing anything based on that rumor though?


He probably made that number up on the go. Because even the numbers from the WB have most of the Filipino population in the rural area (about 52% of the total population). It’s very urbanized sure (mostly to quarantine people from communist influences), but saying that most people there are city folk is ridiculous.


Modern census data shows that about 47% are urban, so it looks like I was wrong, yeah.

This is weird, because I seem to remember quite strongly reading around 2015 that it was around 49% with a growth rate of just under 1% per year. I thought I knew this because I did a shit ton of research for an article, so either the data I was using was wrong or I'm totally misremembering. In which case, my bad.

That being said, even if not quite as drastic as I'd believed, 47% of their population being Urban totally discredits the claim that 70% of the country are peasants unless somebody can point to the existence of massive rice paddies in the slums of Manilla.


What were the answers that JOMA would give you when you criticized him? Off the top of my head I think the number of 70% comes from that the peasantry would constantly move from the rural to the urban and back due to lack of harvest, work, or inability to pay rent and this would contribute to a miscalculation on the census data as they'd be counted as urbanized but still be from the peasantry


This is pretty much the answer yeah. The rural population in the Philippines are in a constant state of flux due to them usually try to move out and find seasonal jobs in the city. But because they’re still tied to their family in the countryside I guess that’s the method which the CPP use to get those numbers.
The CPP still has their problems that is they’re very entrenched with the purist revolutionary ideology of Maoism. Of which on a purely strategic level, doesn’t work well anymore with the current methods of anti-communist warfare where they turn the cities into impregnable fortresses to keep out communists. As much as Maoists want to believe it, the core of any socialist movements will never be the peasantry alone, but the combined might of the urban industrialized workers and the industrialized wage earners in agriculture. Without it, they’ll be fighting a never ending battle of insignificance.
The US has formulated the urban strategy perfectly to combat Maoist tactics. There’s a reason why the Viet Cong were so successful, they actually use multiple ways of waging a guerrilla war from urban infiltration to rural organizing.




>”history” e-celebs
Complete and utter shit. Only a few minutes in and it already butchered a quote from Ho Chi Minh to paint him as a nationalist. Fucking cunts.


Viet here, I fear for the future of our country, bro.

China and USA are gonna start some shit and Vietnam will be the smacking point.

We must value independence above all else.


Also, reading the history of Vietnam during the Khmer Rouge era, I can't help but shed a tear.

Practically the whole world was against us.


Replace Vietnam with SEA and you would be right.

The ascendence of China will only mean new forms of old worries for us.


how rich are SEA countries? do you get many foreign visitors there?


Wish that we have a Vietnamese version of this song but for the Farewell to Kampuchea. It capture the feelings of loss really well.
It’s a shared fear for the future comrade. Most of our friends in the region feel the same.


We must stay strong together.


why? worse case scenario they annex you and you get rich in a couple of decades in return. seem like a win to me, the chinese age is truly upon us, I would choose it over my retarded leaders who have no idea or vision for the country anyways


Poor af. Tourism is a huge industry though.

Sinophile please, we have heard this shit all before…


You are dumb, vassals will never be treated as well as core provinces. That's the story of entire western China.

We must have our own worker based government.


Yes, people love imperialism. Why aren't there more imperialsm in the world? Every small country should just be invaded by a larger capitalist power and everything will be fine.


you are incredibly dumb if you believe that trade pacts with china haven't helped SEA more than western countries at all


Trade pacts help govt and corps, not workers.


Holy fuck are you retarded? You probably don't live in SEA so I won't even bother responding to this.


Tell me how has trade pact helped us?


Funny, because I am a viet.

Until wages increase and workload lessens, then I will start praising trade pacts.


We rely on them as our primary trade partners, it would hurt our economy more if we didn't trade with them then it would affect them. Plus we get cheap goods in our market that we don't produce otherwise.

Wages are workload won't be decreasing either way until we industrialize and turn into a modern economy.


So you are saying if we let China annex us, we can work lesser due to chinese development?


I said worst case scenario, it likely won't be happening though. But sure, much better than a dead end future and being forever a shithole, at least that is my take.


You seem easily influenced, China, like every empires, only want vassals. Divide and conquer is their game.


Hard not to when you're running out of options here.


The option is ASEAN standing together as a bloc.


The option is and will always be an united ASEAN. Even if someday we reached like a Final Internationale shit, SEA still still gotta negotiate and cooperate with the world as a bloc like other continents.


ASEAN doesn't have the required the industries and knowledge to go forward yet, which is exactly why we need foreign investment and exchange.


No guarantee that those things will give us the industries and knowledge we need, rather than just another excuse to suck us dry.


>rather than just another excuse to suck us dry.
isn't that already happening though, how worse are you waiting for it to get?


>imperialism is good actually
Ah the return of the eternal Dengoid.
As opposed to a very probable American sinophile telling Asians about submitting to another Co-Prosperity Sphere? Fuck off.
>Muh imperialist burden
You’re talking as if independent development doesn’t happen at all throughout history especially under socialism. Imperialism has always been overwhelmingly in favor of the power bloc that do it, not their vassals. Look at what most of the African Francophone Sphere and tell me that’s equal exchange.
I love how Dengoids always have a double standard when it comes to the source of imperialism. It’s good when it’s not the Americans that do it because “reasons”. Have some actual ideological consistency for once.


Wtf? If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging you retard.


Their entire logic is that one imperialist is better than the other just because they’re less shit than the competitors. That’s it.
The same shit the “for king and kaiser” idiots in ww1 and Japanese empire Trot shills were peddling decades before.
Their fault of logic is that because the imperialist they’re supporting haven’t had the chance in the sun as the main hegemony yet so they couldn’t be as exploitative as they wanted. Example is the Mittleuropa plans to rule Europe with a pan-Germanic iron fist of the German Empire or the short but genocidal Co-Prosperity Sphere.


>I know the pandemic has been devastating and people have been criticizing me for caring too much on the economy.
&ltSo to limit the pandemic all holidays between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is canceled, get to work you prole!
Is Jokowi fucking serious? Does the fucker know that working spread the virus just as much if not more than normal social gatherings?




Short version: No
Long version: Hell No.

Needs the trade unions to stop sucking PAP's dick.


I thought so as well when the protests and violence started over the labor laws. But then things died down again with both the Islamic organizations and the labor unions cucked out and the laws got passed. The NPA is pretty damn cornered with only a few hundred fighters left. And the region will be doomed from climate change in about 10 years.
I damn hope for a light at the end of this gloomy tunnel but I haven’t seen anything yet.
With electoralism? Never.


File: 1608525712234-0.jpg (143.2 KB, 640x516, lmao.jpg)

File: 1608525712234-1.jpg (34.52 KB, 382x385, 6b74f8098ac6ab0d9af6cae38a….jpg)

You know what? Let them have it. The cucked workers shouldn't deserve any sympathies/help at all. They need to feel the pain first in order to wake up.


The bearings surely will set their heads right. But then again what happen if they're all never wake up? We're dead!. Don't be so dumb, you dipshit.


*the beatings


>cucked workers got beatings
>situations worsening
>do nothing
>congrats you're a cuck


Indonesia has been trying it ever since 1965. It hasn’t improved at all. And the workers even more complacent.
Seriously, how come it only got worse even when the Suharto new order got deposed? It seems like a reoccurring pattern. The same thing happened to the Philippines. Before the rise of the Yellow neoliberal faction, the CPP was on their way to victory not unlike the Shining Path in Peru, then it all fell apart. Did the short reprieve from military dictatorships drained all support for the left?


The left is no more than ghost. The resurrection of them needs time. Think of like burgers, but we don't have weapons or guns.


>but we don't have weapons or guns.
This is kind of a weird question but how come we are completely disarmed yet the criminals, narcos, and even Islamic fundamentalists get so much weapons? They just seems to pop out of nowhere weapons ready in hand.


You sound like this comissar.


Yo viet-anon, what do you think about this? https://bunkerchan.xyz/leftypol/res/1198326.html#q1198326


Is it true a color revolution is in the making in Vietnam?


That's one of the few insurgencies that got bought out essentially


What would it take to mend the rift between the PRC and its socialist neighbors Laos and Vietnam?


They have been trying for years. But there’s nothing yet because the fundamental facts is that any foreign backed opposition will and should be crushed. Most of them now resort to feeble actions like minor terrorism and autistic screeching online with fake pictures made from photoshop.
If you know some Vietnamese I would recommend reading the Public Security magazine, where we openly debunk the newest of their attempts. A lot of them is just hilariously bad and pathetic.
The driving rifts is mostly out of the profit motive that is now in all three countries. It’s not the PRC fault that they’re repeating the policies of imperialism and gunboat diplomacy. It’s mostly due to their economic base being capitalist and its need for resources, which in turn drive the new nationalist expansion. The only way to permanently fix the issues is that we need a true return to a planned economy in not only China but also Vietnam and Laos.
Laos at it currently is in a strangely manipulative and toxic relationship with China. Mostly because the PRC constantly tries to get them to privatize so that the SOEs can be later bought out.






Why even bump when you have nothing to contribute or ask?


It is just to keep people informed and aware that a group of people from /SEA/ is here.


People come here mostly to discuss different topics that they’re interested in, not to be represented or stupid things like that. In the end, does it matter since the entire board is slow enough that most thread wouldn’t even get slide away with bad/non-content threads?
But on a side note, it seems like the recent pandemic only make the worker’s situation worse without much organizing going on. Indonesian left is weak beyond belief who let all the anti-unionist laws came to pass. The Filipino left failed to take the initiative during the panic wave of people leaving the cities. The Thai protests now have fizzled out the the point that they had to ask the UN for help. While in Malay and Singapore people are just too busy caring about the fruitless electoral politics to do anything productive.


>In the end, does it matter since the entire board is slow enough that most thread wouldn’t even get slide away with bad/non-content threads?
Nah fam, the thread was in page 32 when I bumped it.

Your description of the Left in SEA is spot on and also why there isn't much discussion on here as compared to other generals. It is still very stuck in the post-USSR anti-communism phrase unlike the rest of the world which seems to be moving out of.


What’s your take on the damming of the Mekong river? I don’t see it generating much electricity since it has diminishing returns the more dams you built upstream. Laos seriously ruined themselves trying to be the generator of SEA, now are bankrupt plus having to sell their SOE.
It annoys me how much the region is still relying so much on hydroelectricity to the point that doing more would just further accelerate the effects of global warming. At least the recent pressures from the US satellites finally make China more caring in the share of water data.
Does it though? Most of the world outside of a few countries it seems has been stuck in the same state of stagnation ever since the 90s. People in most of the world still fear any sign of left wing radicalism as a specter hanging over everyone. SEA especially so since the entire regional structure of the area is born out of the US abandoning their puppets when Vietnam and Laos gave up planned economy.




Put Graceposter on suicide watch


> Most of the world outside of a few countries it seems has been stuck in the same state of stagnation ever since the 90s
Most of the world seem to embrace some kind of 'socialism' or at least don't go into full REEEEEEEE mode. We are still under the specter of China so it is way easier to equate China=commie


File: 1608526890170.jpg (195.04 KB, 717x390, IMG_20201216_065727.jpg)

Recent popular opinion of the society = [b]Capitalism is good & fine, until China does it & that's communism. /s[/b]


>embrace some kind of 'socialism' or at least don't go into full REEEEEEEE mode
What? Do you even know what socialism mean? No it’s not state welfare to prop up a private economy.


File: 1608526891277.jpg (77.33 KB, 719x211, IMG_20201216_070539.jpg)

Let's hope for something better.






File: 1608526892109.jpg (301 KB, 2896x2896, Poljak YES.jpg)



Obviously a lot of elected 'socialist' are succdems or demsuccs but people are becoming more anti-capitalist and open to socialism at least the younger ones.


>elected people
&ltbeing more left
Where? Most of neoliberal countries in SEA are either under political dynasties or military juntas pretending to be democracies. Hopefully the word socialism is more widespread so that the sinophobe stigma finally goes away.


File: 1608527137862.png (407.78 KB, 753x770, Screenshot (151).png)

Zoomers turning socialist in Malaysia?


Full article here https://malaysia.news.yahoo.com/sick-system-young-malaysians-turn-012300588.html
Malaysiakini is shit and cringe. They seems to be similar to bernie bros but actually know how to get out of the “voting for the lesser evil” brainworms that plague westernoids after the Harapan failed to do anything meaningful other than just the same neoliberal austerity but now with a human face. They seems to be pushing the PSM into a better position than the current old generation of reformist so seems that is controlling the party. Hopefully they can arm themselves better so that the BN won’t try to repeat the 60s style wave of repression again.
They’re probably still scared of going full communist however. I don’t see a single mention of the MCP at all when their contributions to the Malayan left was much more significant than the reformists. Guess it’s still a taboo subject.


Can I get a QRD on the situation in Malaysia? Are they just a shitty(er) version of Singapore?



tbf everyone in this region is still scared about the anti-communist purges and are treading on thin ice because of it.

3 times worse :^)


>treading on thin ice because of it
I mean it is inevitable that if the moment the PSM have become organized enough to pose a threat on the electoral level, both the BN and Harapan will go on full “commie purge” mode. The best way to ensure that won’t happen is have to support of the arm forces and police like how the Venezuelan did it. Also they should seriously have actually existing courses in the party for leftist theory education. That way they won’t have the same problem of infiltration as the past organizations.
Probably much shittier because both major party are neolib to the core. There’s not even a hint of care for welfare from them.


File: 1608527140881.jpg (19.04 KB, 255x247, 07240638e2f0c25cc1465bffdc….jpg)

>The best way to ensure that won’t happen is have to support of the arm forces and police like how the Venezuelan did it
Ain't gonna happen anytime soon.


Malaysiakini also sucks because you have to pay to read their articles.


Looks like someone is dumping spent nuclear fuel rods in SEA.
>Carlo Arcilla, director of PNRI, said that a study on corals conducted by their team of researchers had found elevated radiation levels in the West Philippine Sea, higher than in other coastal areas of the country.
>Arcilla said he had reported this finding to a virtual meeting of the ASEANTOM (ASEAN Network of Regulatory Bodies on Atomic Energy) last week, with other ASEAN member-countries led by Vietnam, and called for further investigation on the matter.
>The radioactivity was detected through the isolation of Iodine 129 in sea corals. The research was led by Angel Bautista of the DOST-PNRI Nuclear Analytical Techniques Application, who specialized in the study of corals and has a doctorate from the University of Tokyo.
>“We don’t know what caused it. But the fact is concentration levels rose – higher in the West Philippine Sea than on Philippine (Rise) side in the east,” he said in mixed English and Filipino.
It’s just getting worse and worse, isn’t it? It’s not bad enough that we get stronger typhoons so it gives us this as well.


Bump because I know no one is gonna keep track of this thread in bunkerchan


Any tips for someone joining the local succdem party so that I can be disappointed by it?


Which country?


>Joining the succdems

Not even once.



Yea it is gonna be a waste of time but idk what else to do.


File: 1609525653049.jpg (224.58 KB, 798x1000, art-28503-01.jpg)

Hey, if you happen to live close to the national library, could you take some pictures of the contents of this book? https://www.nlb.gov.sg/biblio/202486134

The posters seem pretty cool


I can drop by soon


Nice. Plz be safe, don't let the virus hurt you


Honestly, it is the really heavy rain lately that is keeping me indoors. Check back in like 7 to 8 days.


Is it the WP? Joining it is fine if you’re intending to find likeminded people. Creating book clubs and such.


Considering the kind of people in the party I really much doubt they would read actual theoretical text and shit. I am keeping my expectations really low.


You don’t even need to go deep into theory right from the get go. Start small, like a discussion group on SEA or specifically Singaporean leftist history. Talk about the failings as well as successes that they had and what could be done to further worker’s rights. Only mentioning the role of the communist as an important but largely ignored part of that history, how government can infiltrate these orgs and cause a stir with ease due to lack of theory.
That’s should be a good way to make people more mindful of theories.


Yea I plan to talk about the Barisan Socialis a lot since they are the only representative of socialism in Singapore and they technically merged with WP.


File: 1609950391028-0.png (807.87 KB, 700x881, 941pvw2zy5s51.png)

File: 1609950391028-1.png (29.6 KB, 400x213, laotian monarchists.png)

Laos is secretly the communist Wakanda


Shit went downhill fast after his death. Guy was based as hell, willing to kick his entire bourgeois family to the curb to form a country.


How did you know that book is in that library?


File: 1610026285096.jpg (237.76 KB, 2550x2200, IMG_20201010_234648.jpg)

I was searching online for books on the GDR, when I found this. Unfortunately, there didn't seem to be a digital version of the book, all of the links I found were selling a physical copy.

Some days later I see Singapore mentioned and remember that one of the links was to the national library.


Holy the amount of burger ignorance is insufferable. This is exactly what I feared in an unmoderated board, when dumbass burgers kaki kong kaki song about anything they want.

While Singapore is very authoritarian(quite par for course for SEA and America tbqh), too many seems to assume acquiescence for acceptance. Dissent is channeled into more covert ways and sheer stubbornness for example PAP has been trying to get rid or eliminate Singlish for decades, but to no avail. 2020 has a lot of dissent pushed out where the people criticized the government for not carrying the lockdown/containment measurements fast or well enough. PAP suffered its worst election ever too, despite its attempts to gerrymander and the key opposition parties not contesting everywhere. Hell even right now, people are bitching about a certain policy made by the government which is doubtful that it will be implemented.

Outsiders have always created a mirage or false image of Singapore for their political ends. They claim Singapore to have a free market capitalism, yet has huge public sectors and cooperatives headed by admittedly cucked NTUC. They claimed Singapore to be dominated by Asian values, yet its ruling elites are exceptionally Anglophilic, educated in foreign, western university and Christian. Ironically enough, the Taoists and Buddihists were surveyed to be as accepting to the LGBTQ stuff as atheists and Catholics, with the Christians and Islamics overwhelmingly against. They claim Singapore to have no welfare, yet the government gives rebates and discounts for whatever the people need to pay for. Sometimes even giving money every year and in times of crisis (like now) directing its public companies to hire people and telling companies that they would pay a percentages of their workers' salaries.

I don't want to say that Singaporeans are actively resisting the PAP, but any genuine resistance becomes hard to fully express without tapping in its socialist past. The people are agitated, but find no outlet for their energy. The best of us leave and never come back, the rest of us just kpkb in coffee shops and vote Opposition.


Nice post comrade I seriously don’t think that you should pay any mind to their nonsense our their optics of us since it is predominantly western-centric contrarianism. They have no internal integrity or consistency to speak of. They just support random countries with a strong state sector as a limp-wristed attempt to oppose their neoliberal economic reality. This unsurprisingly leads to many strange contradictory takes.

They support China and the DPRK yet every time the DPRK do anything against Chinese interests, they start to drag out anti-communist propaganda. They support Singapore but oppose to Vietnam even though both have strong state sectors and are close with the US. It’s weird.


They are somewhat right in discerning that the future will look a lot like Singapore if people just give up on class struggle, but the ideal that this country is projecting has a lot of cracks enough that it is not written in stone

Alright I am going to the library now to take pictures and scrub it clean of personal data.


It seems like WP is very focused on building an electoral machine. Not that it is a bad thing but I kinda wanted to gleam the ideological core of the Party and was disappointed.


Bump to see if anyone of my region's posters made it here.


File: 1610477964655.jpg (48.32 KB, 913x483, selamatmalam.jpg)



Abang go to sleep!


Where’s your region?


Read OP…


Anyone interested in making a matrix room for the /SEA/ general? Britpol has one and we could also use it to get in touch with people still in the bunker if we drop a link there.


Idm but I don’t think we have the numbers or the enthusiasm to really keep it going. /brit/pol is notorious for being buoyed by a few narcissistic posters shilling their hot takes and shitpost.


You could try, but I don't think it'll be a good idea. The feds also spying & watching us.


Feds are gonna do that anyway. Sercuity shouldn’t be a problem.




Specifically numbnuts! However we did have a few SA and Aussies coming and going a while back.


>SA and Aussies
They have their own generals.




Fine by me. As long as it help recruit more people into the general.


Fawk bad earthquake in Sulewasei island Indonesia youse ok over there?


dang, first the sriwijaya air crash now this


At least no volcano eruption yet…


Is it just me or is private airlines the worst thing to ever happened to that mode of transportation? It is even more relevant with Indonesia where the rate of accidents is sky high.


Oh wait the plane crash was a private jet?


Most Indonesian airlines are privately owned, very much so with Sriwijaya Air - the corporation that owned the plane.


Pass out the matrix room link then, buddy.


File: 1610770358471.jpg (55.03 KB, 640x480, 1588892330091.jpg)







File: 1610802252927.png (686.8 KB, 1645x1055, Screenshot (159).png)

>the rate of accidents is sky high.
What is up with this. Is it the terrain or something?


Is it that really lot? Indonesia is really big after all.


The recent crash had the plane from a broken no flight state to carrying passengers in a month. I think they just pay people off to get through safety checks. Not to mention I suspect there’s a repeat of Pakistan where most pilots use fake licenses.


The articles i'm reading in the aftermath of the recent crash keep citing Aviation Safety Network and how Indonesia has the most air accidents and fatalities in Asia. Then again there's also mention of India which is next on the list and the US topping the list of air accidents and fatalities worldwide and those are also very big countries.

Apparently from 2007-2018 all indonesian airlines were banned from flying into the European Union and the US Federal Aviation Administration did something similar between 2007-2016.

I see. I remember the 2018 Lion Air crash in Indonesia had something to do with the Boeing 737 MAX model being faulty and it led to those planes being grounded.


An interesting bit. Just a few days before the Sriwijaya crash Boeing agreed to a settlement over their 737 Max fraud conspiracy charges.


Seven dead in military helicopter crash in southern Philippines
>Seven Philippine service members, including an air force colonel, died when the helicopter they were flying in crashed in the southern Philippines during a hunt for communist rebels over the weekend.

>The military said the helicopter, a refurbished UH-1H Vietnam-era craft commonly known as a Huey, was flying on Saturday (Jan 16) with another Huey on a supply run to a remote base in Pantaron, a mountainous region in Bukidnon province, when it crashed.

"The other helicopter radioed and told them they were trailing smoke," said Major-General Andres Centeno, the commanding general of the army's 4th Infantry Division. "It crashed into an open field." No survivors were found when rescuers reached the area, he said.

>The victims' names were not released pending notification of their families, but the highest ranking among them was an air force colonel, the military said. Of the other six, three were airmen and three served in the army.

>The forward-operating base was set up as part of a campaign to finally eradicate the New People's Army, the armed unit of the Communist Party of the Philippines. The insurgent group has been locked in a low-intensity conflict with the government in Manila since 1969. The rebels' fighting force is estimated to be around 5,000 people, down from a high of 20,000 spread across the archipelago nation in the early 1980s.

They got shot down Vietnam-style.


Would be interesting to see if it is the fault of Boeing and/or the Indonesian's lax regulations.


Using same tactics again & again. They never learn, do they?


Based NPA


The same shitty Huey helicopters too, no less.


Get in the matrix room Vietanon.


I cant post on matrix for some reason :(


Whats the problem exactly?


Really? You can't post on matrix? Use Element, m8.



>Welcome to the land of the free and home of the brave. As a Malaysian, I am totally disgusted. Please stop lecturing us on the rule of law, due process and moral hazard. The US has just proven again that it has no moral leg to stand on!

Lmao at the comments.


Welcome to the SEA of cuck


File: 1612103809804.png (205.1 KB, 500x640, 1a1aa83707e0cffafd479772cf….png)

>be me
>think my countrymen are classcucked due to them being ignorant, apathetic and servile
>feel guilty that my perception could be coloured by my hermetic lifestyle
>decided to help out at the succdem party
>talk to people
>found out they really are ignorant, apathetic and servile

Honestly, I somewhat pity the succdem party that their members seem are too afraid to be radical/socialist precisely because the people they are trying to win over don't even give a shit about anything important. At least some are agitated, but are living in a poverty of ideology to really describe their dissatisfaction on an ideological level hence fall back to personalities contests.


File: 1612188353727.png (747.75 KB, 1411x901, Screenshot (165).png)

Military coup in Myanmar. Aung San Suu Kyi detained.


>army junta bets big on China
Bruh. I know Suu Kyi is a shitty neoliberal fostered by the Obama era of US foreign policy but this is just hilariously bad.
Inb4 Huh duh critical support for based right wing military junta with ethnic nationalist characteristics


Suu Kyi is also an ethnic cleanser so let's not act like her hands are clean


>I know Suu Kyi is a shitty neoliberal
What were her economic policies?


More because her government is basically useless when they got elected in and almost half of her supporters are still Buddhist supremacist yeah. There practically no side to support aside from the Wa army. The other alternatives are like choosing between different kinds of cancer.
Most of her international support base comes from the World Economic Forum so yeah, a big neoliberal. She supports opening the country mining wealth to western corporation instead of military controlled labor mining as of now that mainly export to SEA and China. Labor policies is the same with the military junta because it’s already shit enough.


Yep, the Rohingya. Where did they go?


Ahh buddhist supremacist, such as Ashin Wiratu & the others.


>no SEA general on bunkerchan
>SEA general on .org
Is this the more active chan?


Yes. But SEA is the most depopulated of all generals so it is very slow compared to others.


File: 1612732971931.jpg (45.94 KB, 634x383, IMG_2893.JPG)

I don't check on the other one much because most people already moved here. Also, the constant checks annoy the hell out of me


Happy Chinese New Year, friends


I can hear the firecrackers going off outside.


File: 1613065516536.jpg (338.48 KB, 1016x774, 266df6beb5e44d82a000cf0e9b….jpg)

>mfw I can't mock my PM for not eating with his family tonight because I can't really do that either


File: 1613066239471.jpeg (32.67 KB, 484x250, thai-2.jpeg)

Is anyone in thailand or philipines? I plan to go to both after Corona. I do not know any Thai leftists outside of family And I only know a couple of philipines anarchists.
Would be grreat to meet up with some from here for cofffee and maybe a spare couch to sleep on perhaps.


>after corona
I doubt it. This is going to be Flu 2.0. The entire distribution of the vaccine has been a complete mess and the virus is mutating quicker and quicker.
It’s officially banned here but people shoot fireworks all the time lol.


> The entire distribution of the vaccine has been a complete mess
Even in Vietnam?


Ehat do SEAnons think about Duterte's drug war in the Philippines? How did he manage to keep so much support even after the thousands of deaths due to death squads and police? Is the Law and Order meme that strong in Asia as they say it is?


>Ehat do SEAnons think about Duterte's drug war in the Philippines?
Honestly it is par for the course for Philippines. I know a Flippino told me he supports Duterte going after drug-lords but not for flaunting the death penalty.

>Law and Order meme

What meme?


>Ehat do SEAnons think about Duterte's drug war in the Philippines?
It is not a drug war, more a redistributation of power in the drug industry. The police are the biggest dealers in Phillippines, everyone knows this. The whole thing is nonsense and just puts lots of addicts in a cell or in the ground.


>The police are the biggest dealers in Phillippines, everyone knows this
Really? I thought that shit was a meme.


Looking at how most of the West is largely still ignorant of the situation in SEA and often giving out retarded hot takes, I think we should compile some trustworthy sources on SEA news. I’m seriously tired of the constant spew of monarchy suck ups, military clique supporting idiocy of Dengoids and radlibs.
I mean the world as a whole. The government here doesn’t put much faith into buying vaccines and only stockpiles it to calm down the economy.
Ah! The old Reagan playbook.


File: 1613174441839.png (657.3 KB, 1000x760, 359734987538945.png)

>They claimed Singapore to be dominated by Asian values, yet its ruling elites are exceptionally Anglophilic, educated in foreign, western university and Christian. Ironically enough, the Taoists and Buddihists were surveyed to be as accepting to the LGBTQ stuff as atheists and Catholics, with the Christians and Islamics overwhelmingly against.
I've heard similar things, how in some Asian countries the kind of people who regularly fly off to the U.S. for a vacation or own property there and talk like a stereotypical Western "snowflake" can also be more socially conservative.

Just turning to China for a second, but I've heard it can be like that there, although I'm sure this is also a generalization of such a big country. But you'll have a city like Chengdu, which is apparently one of the most openly accepting cities in China of LGBT people. At the same time, it is historically a city that was fairly isolated, being near the mountains in the west, and has held onto more of a "traditional" Chinese culture, including traditional architecture, and for thousands of years it has been a location for refugees and migrants which gives it a more diverse mix and vibe, and is known for being progressive about women. So the "left-right" culture distinctions that exist in the U.S. don't translate to this context at all.

It sounds based. I'd love to visit.


Given the sheer size of China, it really is its own world. There is perhaps no greater geopolitical distinction than the one between that of the West and the East.


It is just that Westerner's concept of what a conservative and liberal is isn't really in line with how others view the world. [spoiler] tbh it is more of an Abradhamic faith issue than actual traditions and shit [/spoiler]

That isn't to say people in Asia aren't traditional, but they are not actively hostile to new things and adaptation.


With even China turning their back so away from the military junta, how would you predict the Myanmar coup result now? Probably it is going back to warlordism again.


It is going to be business as usual in SEA. porkies getting what they want without the facade of democracy.


Yeah, pretty much. Looking back, not many neoliberal countries in SEA even try to pretend that they’re democratic.
<family ruled oligarchy
<democracy but with anything left purged from history.
<military junta LARPing as a monarchy.
<absolute chaos torn between the US and China with a ruling party that long ago abandoned socialism due to pressures.
<Korean-styled oligarchy where it can revert back to dictatorship at any time.
<Same thing with the black fascists of the dictatorship era still being the political mainstay.
<oil monarchy
<Military junta
>Timor Leste and West Papua
<Aussie and Indonesian colony


Yea I think SEA is a good example of what is really like to live in a bourgeois democracy. Porkies are in charge via owning the parliament and shit like that, and while people can vote, their choices are often limited or corrupted by system of patronage.

Even when their favored party do get in, the porkies will always a coup to rid themselves of the party they don't like anyway.


Friends, I loathe America and have been seriously wondering why don't I go to somewhere in the region, make bank teaching english or doing an expat job and enjoy the weather and beautiful women of the region?Where can a fed up burger bro go in the SEA area and live somewhat comfortably.


File: 1613803348317.jpg (12.01 KB, 225x255, 13b3218c3908c975d67265e212….jpg)

>make bank teaching english or doing an expat job and enjoy the weather and beautiful women of the region?
Burger please, you will be solely disappointed. Don't come over here and be a walking cliche.


>you will be solely disappointed.
Literally why? I know a shit ton of euros who live in SEA who couldn't be happier.


Weather is only going to get worse with global warming and no one needs to learn English that much anymore.


Most people over here knows English. The region is practically sinking (and literally in the case of Indonesia).
Orientalism westerners are only treated well in East Asian countries and Vietnam where people don’t hate your guts. But that’s out of the question too with the pandemic that have most Euros becoming jobless NEETs.


Yea a lot of expats here are jobless in the pandemic and are planning to leave to their home country.


>Don't come over here and be a walking cliche.
Maybe. But I'd still rather be a walking cliche than living in this shit stain country.

Climate change still isn't set in stone right now. Also, I personally plan on going with more than the ability to teach english.


Where are you even from dude?


Pennsylvania, USA.


Wow, feel ya bud. Fun fact, according to surveys, we over here have an overwhelmingly positive attitude towards Americans. Weirdly enough, people here love America more than Americans like you guys do.


How’s the vaccination distribution going in SEA?


Going as expected over here in Singapore I guess. Most are complaining about other things than the pandemic itself.

At least the pandemic pushed back the GST hike.


>volunteering with WP Singapore
What am I in for


File: 1614354003278.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.67 KB, 601x508, 086701af3d4a870a2001fba209….jpg)

Succdems. Succdems everywhere. And a lot of dumb opinions.


A very disappointing time. WP is just a less shit PAP. Are there seriously no leftist reading groups or anything of the sort in Singapore? It doesn’t even need to be a full fledged party.


All I've heard of are radlibs who want to talk about queering this and that, afaik


>Are there seriously no leftist reading groups or anything of the sort in Singapore?
Imagine thinking people here ever read anything political.

>All I've heard of are radlibs who want to talk about queering this and that
That's not really fair. Whoever told you that should stfu and stop getting their news and talking points from EDMW and Calvin Cheung. The people I met are radlibs in that they want democracy and wealth redistribution, but they are not overtly socialist or radical in their outlook or politics. Some tried to rationalize and say the people in general are centrist or something, not over some dumb idpol shit.


I guess I heard wrong. Where did you find these groups?


I just applied to volunteer like you did.


Look WP will likely fail to change anything for the unglamorous reasons of being in a FPTP system (thanks anglos) and thinking the people have centrist beliefs and trying to cater to them (whether true or not). Not because that malay woman or people on twitter have some hot takes about chinese people or 377A.


File: 1614444117833.png (91.57 KB, 465x600, 68747470733a2f2f692e696d67….png)



Why the fuck is there indie guitar music in the background lamo.


It's an acoustic guitar you zoomer


Waht, nooo, didn realise???


File: 1614475291927.jpg (54.44 KB, 1125x641, 256165816.jpg)



File: 1614478939211.jpg (128.89 KB, 900x750, general-aung-san-4.jpg)

Are there any good English biographies of Aung San?


Imagine the cpp actually succeeding. It will be hilarious seeing how Duterte is walking precariously between China and the US and getting hate from both.


>First generation citizen told me she hates mainlanders and unironically asked me if her immigrant father would be offended if she shit talks foreigners in her living room
>Another told me he is happy that China is becoming more powerful because he feels it is the Chinese people's turn to oppress

Why are first-generation citizen so cringe. I swear the chinese diaspora here will have a hard time in SEA with people like this around.


Do you guys think Duterte's policies have helped the NPA grow in numbers/relevancy? As in is he creating dissent worth joining the guerillas for?


Dude done fucked up trying to compromise with the Japanese and British. Both wanted to annihilate any ideas of independence of Burma. His death later delegitimized any hope of Marxist Leninism ever taking root in the country. Instead we get barrack socialism with warlord characteristics.


Filipinos I've seen on reddit while reading about the NPA seem to be of the opinion that his rampant redtagging consistently boosts them, and some of them think the government likes having conflict with them because it allows them to clamp down on everyone else.


Idk, aren't NPA on the decline after failing to make peace with Duterte.


According to the Philippine government the NPA now number -40,000 troops if their reports are to be trusted.


You think there's any timeline where Myanmar isn't ran by drug dealing racist military guys?


Before Aung San’s death there was some semblance of hope. Vietnam faced the same thing which in some case being even worse. The Vietminh knew who their enemies are: religious warlords, bandit paramilitary, ethno-separatists, imperialist supporters, Trots, Chinese KMT… None are given the slightest form of concessions, all were neutralized especially the imperial powers. If they pretend to support you, take it as long as they are useful.
The whole point is to never negotiate with people who are out to destroy you from the start. It’s kill or be killed. Never try to build a government with them.
Which is a huge expansion because only a few years before especially during the schism between China supporters and hardline militants there were less than 2000 NPA members.


I'm joking about them having negative numbers because of the AFP constantly overstating their kills by huge numbers. I saw some guy tally them up and it comes out to negative 40k lol


Vietanon, debate Haz on China.


Literally who?


Newest e-celeb, Vaush but dengist


Stopped reading there. Dengists have an incurable disease of never-been-to-the-country-they-supportitis. The only cure is a few months of therapy living in Mainland China.


Haz streams with a bunch of other people, one of them is actually from Mainland China


Lmao wtf is this?
We have reached peak cringe.


Imagine the irony if infrared is sponsored by the ccp


This is what 0 Left does to a mf.


I’ve been avoiding the infrared general because they seems too retarded and cultish. But the CPC wouldn’t care about developing socialism abroad even if it’s exactly like dengism. They would support anything that help them reach their hegemonic status even if it’s incredibly reactionary. A dengist America will just be as nationalistic as current America.
I usually come across two kinds of mainlanders that generally support the government. First is the status quo defenders of social democracy, they genuinely believe that you can’t get anything better than welfare. The other is the patriotic nationalists, they only support the government because China has never been stronger. Both only use leftist lingo in the case of drawing in self hating western simps, which is the case here.
Don’t have the time to watch their autism though.


File: 1615394282757-0.gif (3.35 MB, 660x380, Jnb7PRS.gif)

File: 1615394282757-1.png (17.01 KB, 587x162, Lmao.PNG)



I am afraid I have to side with the 白左 on this. Racism from the Chinese diaspora to the other minorities do exist. IIRC someone from here once told me he couldn't rent a place from a Chinese landlord for racial reasons. I even saw a Chinese tell a Malay that Malay should stop being the national language. Even right now as we speak, Malays here are upset over the some dumb shit the MPs were arguing about the wearing of tundungs in certain professions over others for some reason.

There is an actual argument that the local discourse of 'Chinese privilege' could very be coopted by liberals or Anglophiles/comprador to undermine any form of class consciousness or solidarity, but Qiao have poisoned that well by making the whole issue part of a the bigger conflict between China and the USA. Kinda self-centered to spend half the article talking about America when one could talk about the legacy of British colonialism and the precarious position of the Chinese diaspora in SEA.

Qiao could have easily talked about how Singapore's failure to completely dismantled the institutions and economic left by their colonial masters to forge their own has resulted in the Anglophiles/comprador to replace the role of the colonizers. And that by using the American white privilege theory, the local 白左 will fail to dismantle the hegemony since white privilege theory is part of the colonial legacy itself. Only a commitment to anti-colonialism/imperialism and socialism will do that because it fundamentally goes against the source of the colonizer's, white or chinese, power.


>Kinda self-centered to spend half the article talking about America when one could talk about the legacy of British colonialism and the precarious position of the Chinese diaspora in SEA.
Kinda self-centered to spend half the article talking about America encircling China geopolitical when one could talk about the legacy of British colonialism and the precarious position of the Chinese diaspora in SEA that could lead how racial politics is conducted in Singapore and the emergence of Chinese privilege.


I’ve read a lot of Qiao recently and they always seems to have something sketchy about them. Their theory are surface level at best and mostly used to justify nationalist and ethnic foreign policies for China. That plus the preference for PRC glowies to use diaspora as a front for propaganda it’s not out of the question that they may be funded by mainland backers.
Or maybe they’re just retarded left nationalists and I’m just paranoid. Sometimes ignorance just looks like conspiracies.


Are they really diaspora? I thought they are mainlanders. Why else would they write so much about China.


From the horse’s mouth:
>Qiao is a grassroots media collective of diaspora Chinese writers, artists, and researchers devoted to challenging rising U.S. aggression and imperialism on China and promoting socialism and internationalism.
This glows so hard it could be seen from space.


Glowie is too harsh but i do think diaspora should be China simps. Like Sinophobia in SEA is because the perceived allegiance Chinese have to China (and some Singaporean citizens do feel this btw) and QIao isn't really helping by playing defense for China instead of their own country/community.


>but i do think diaspora should be China simps
but i do not think diaspora should be China simps


Why? Some diaspora community have existed for centuries. Hell should other East Asian countries be China since technically they’re also part of diaspora albeit a few thousand years ago?
It was this exact attitude of inert ethnic nationalism was what cause porkies to tie sinophobia with anti-communism. With Mao and his infinite level of rightist sectarianism also contributed by fostering diaspora only communist organizations in socialist countries that only supported China.


Just looked up a sub for “Asian socialists” on R*ddit since I heard Đen foods are using it to support their gay Neo Co-prosperity Sphere and just wow:
<filled with Americans LARPing “my parents were gusanos and I hate them”
<right wing military death squads are cool because they simp for China
<NPA is supported by the CIA?


Who is Den Foods? But yea their sub doesn’t seem like socialists in Asia (which is a very big and heterogenized area to begin with) but Asian socialists. They should read more theory tbh.

Maybe that’s where the Qiao Collective comes from?




Fucking auto correct. You’re probably right that Qiao are just a bunch of wacked out nationalists.
A repeat of this utter disaster. Long story short, the leadership of communist party rather than try to fight off the British to gain independence like everyone else, attempted to do it with concessions. This predictably led to the British taking advantage of the situation and use the military to murder Aung San.
The socialist loyalists faction in the military did a counter coup to establish “Burmese way to socialism” which excluded the communist party because of their weakness. However the military were complete retards that destroyed any semblance of national unity with their racist and isolationist policies. Then the economy went down the trash can because of bad management and currency manipulation (they made the Kyat divisible by 9).
Their “socialism” was pretty much a nationalist military dictatorship that ran the economy like a black market combined with extreme Buddhist fundamentalism and nationalism. It is outlined by the System of Correlation of Man and His Environment which is now unavailable due to the coup that made the Burma library domain inaccessible.


Welp, it can't be help then. We're doomed anyway.


But they're against both Dengists & Western Libs. What does it mean?


Idk if this fag false-flagging. But if it's really VietAnon, kys.


The coup didn’t went as planned. That’s what it meant. The generals wanted to oust the liberals because they dislike having their power taken away by a civilian government, then pivot themselves toward China and Russia to stabilize the situation. They didn’t expect that China’s relationships with Suu Kyi was that strong and their subsequent disregard of all of the Myanmar military requests. Then the protests poured even more gas into the dumpster fire by destroying PRC investment in the country, which is a big no no for any imperialist powers.
Basically they went in with no plan of action post coup and shat the bed horribly.


Lol accidentally based


With pretty much every country in SEA calling for a return for normalcy in Myanmar. Do you guys think that in the future ASEAN will break its principles of non-interventionism?
If the protest dies down, we are probably going to see the return to isolationism in Myanmar. But this time even worse because they have thrown away any semblance of “socialism”. The welfare is gone, the industry are all in the hands of foreign corporations and the people less likely to be submissive after the horrible bloodshed.


>Do you guys think that in the future ASEAN will break its principles of non-interventionism?
I hope it does. ASEAN needs to have more authority and centralized to be a viable bloc in the coming decades.


Need a favor people. Can someone give me a quick rundown on what's happening in Myanmar. I keep seeing reports of the military gunning down protestors and were also executing Rohingya muslims from what I understand. And their ousted PM was apparently okay killing the Rohingya. So, I'm lost. WTF is happening there rn? Do we have a dog in this race? Who or what am I suppose to be in favor of?


>Who or what am I suppose to be in favor of?
For people who claim to read so much you people are such trologydytes. Nobody can decide for you who you should be in favour of and if you think that they are I have a great business opportunity for ya.


Take a look at the Myanmar thread anon


Why cant you be more like >>140585? He/she was actually useful.


Why could you literally not work out that you should check the catalogue first before making this thread?
I expect this from normies but it's outstanding that there are leftists out there this dumb. especially from the site that has the 'smartest leftists on the internet' supposedly. lol.


File: 1616873282935.jpeg (27.81 KB, 500x328, Putin Muammar.jpeg)

>nationalist military dictatorship that ran the economy like a black market combined with extreme Buddhist fundamentalism and nationalism.

This actually sounds like libyan socialism


how about you don't be a hostile piece of shit when people are asking for information and guidance?


Oh, so now I made this thread? I really should just ignore you since you're clearly either mentally ill, an insufferable twat or both. But even if I checked the catalogue there's no guarantee I woulda saw the Myanmar thread. This one alone when I looked was buried rather far down.


point still stands. You retards always likes to consistently model themselves as '2smart' and pretend you read complex books, etc. when the reality is cannot even do the most cursory of basic research like searching and have to rely on random anons who will probably lie to you because every 3rd person has some fucked agenda, it's really bad. You people need to be derided until you learn to read and to think critically for yourselves.


Calm down fam, you are making it sound like you can change the situation there.


Libya was actually a pretty successful socdem state with ambitions to form their own African power bloc. Too bad they’re too naive to see the coup coming. That’s why most “socialist” countries have a heavily politicized army with a direct connection with a vanguard party and strong militia training, to stop them from turning when push come to shove.


Today marks the start of actual arm conflicts of the Myanmar debacle. This gonna get spicy.
>At least 20 soldiers were killed and four military trucks destroyed in clashes with the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), one of Myanmar's most powerful rebel groups, DVB news reported.

>Reuters could not immediately verify the reports and a junta spokesman did not answers calls seeking comment on the clash.

>Myanmar military aircraft have started bombing positions of another group, the Karen National Union (KNU), for the first time in more than 20 years and thousands of villagers have fled from their homes, many into Thailand.



Yep, gonna open a Myanmar civil war thread.


File: 1617631919297.jpeg (151.56 KB, 640x413, 6F4E5EF7-F919-44F8-8AB6-4….jpeg)

Finally the prime minister and the president got voted in. Hopefully the new administration will be focusing on the state industry and infrastructure rather than drawing in new foreign investment. I just want to see high speed rails before I turn 30.
The foreign requisition of some SOEs in the service sector has been nothing but a disaster. The buyouts of Sabeco and many supermarket chains by Thai bean counters turned many once profitable enterprises into hollow shells of themselves.


Is there something i could read about this guy and what is his thought anon?


File: 1617685102630.png (23 KB, 82x93, Screenshot_2021-04-06 Volu….png)



What the difference between the PM and the president?


>What the difference between the PM
'Highest political leader.
>and the president?
Leader of the army.


I mean like any political difference.


Leader of the ministers, command the economy
Official leader of the country and arm forces. Technically can dismiss the PM.
Unfortunately most of his work are either untranslated or classified. Most of his early career was in intelligence. However one thing that is of note in his inauguration speech is a big emphasis on infrastructural development and welfare. Which is a new development from the party resolution after the 13th Congress.
Some of the more notable things from the resolution:
>heavy emphasis on democratic socialism combined with democratic centralism in policy building and party discipline
>putting the fight against climate change and improving healthcare as priority for the next 10 years and beyond
>human resource management especially in the intellectual class as the forefront for economic development


>Some of the more notable things from the resolution
Are things said in resolutions actually done, or are they just said?


Yo what is happening in Pakistan?


File: 1618545848179.jpg (94.67 KB, 1300x974, 90166682-illustration-of-j….jpg)

Pakistan has been a shithole seance 1948.


Pakistan is south east asia?


The congress only concluded a few months ago and bureaucracy is a bitch to deal with. However, new policy regarding new sustainable energy subsidies as well as the pivoting of many coal power plants into gas powered are pretty substantial. A few days after being voted in, the government has already started the finalization of the North-South high speed railway project and solving the current political blockade regarding the railroad SOE. Hell, there’s been talk of restarting the nuclear power initiative as the rest of SEA was too busy dealing in internal problems to care.
The whole thing with democratic socialism is mostly for dealing with higher transparency in the provincial level especially in the current monopoly rush in real estate ownership (something I always see as not only unsustainable but also a sign of a returning lard lord bourgeoisie) and illegal privatization. Recently there’s also a drive for a direct line of open dialogue between ministers and citizens.
Not really SEA but Pakistan is essentially one of the most important nodes within China’s BRI as well as their close proximity with Russia. This makes it much more beneficial to divert support for them. Plus it would a pretty nice own to Modi’s India.


>Hell, there’s been talk of restarting the nuclear power initiative as the rest of SEA was too busy dealing in internal problems to care.
Is this for civilian power, or military nukes as well.


No but I have no clue where to post it


No. SEA is Myammar, the whole of IndoChina, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, East Timor, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Brunei.


Well, our first and now only nuclear facility in Da Lat was built by the US for military enrichment of fission materials for the southern puppet. Later when it was restarted in the 80s in the middle of when tension between both the US and China was at its height. Then it was expanded by DPRK technology in exchange for a few million tons of rice during the Arduous March of the 90s. Every signs pointed to military use (but that’s just the inner conspiracy nerd in me taking). This was later halted when we normalized relations with China and the rest of the world.
Currently there’s plan for civilian nuclear fission to be established as another source of power for 2035 or sooner.
Use the search function dude. There’s a south Asian general right in the catalog. It was formed after a pretty big influx of Indian anon in the last SEA general, now it’s much more active than this one.


Could Vietnam get nukes it the Vietnamese government wanted them?


Yes, but like any country in the world, we see the trade embargo to big of a risk. People generally don’t want to go back to the subsidies era of planned economy because they were done terribly in the past in the context of us being besieged by most of the world back then.

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