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File: 1620255270401.jpg (155.88 KB, 898x600, Carter-Biden.jpg)

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🗽United States Politics🦅


Thread for petit discussion related to the greatest, best country God has ever given man on the face of the earth.


News livestreams:
CNN: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/cnn-news-usa.html
MSNBC: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/msnbc.html
FOX: https://www.livenewsnow.com/american/fox-news-channel.html
Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFEegalitarianism


super sad


It's almost guaranteed she works for a brokerage, dude


Break's over, more jury interviews


File: 1638395692746.png (1.4 MB, 1445x1434, ClipboardImage.png)

chinletjak Mark 2


File: 1638395784829.gif (1.45 MB, 326x256, tendies.gif)

>Jurors, your snacks are here


Is Glenn getting ratio'd? Fucking kek what an incompetent idiot this guy is. He had a "big break" with Snowden and has been riding it's coattails ever since by being contrarian Andy.


File: 1638397026467.png (4.29 KB, 250x66, ClipboardImage.png)

So true, dogluver_99, so true.


Greenwald is a silly person & very unbased for withholding 100s of thousands of Snowden documents from publication


Is this what Facebook is like? Reply guys writing entire books


I didn't know Trump wrote the second amendment, I also didn't know Trump protected the second amendment personally. I don't know what this lady thinks she's protecting herself from but if she fears that much for her life in America then she should wonder why it's so dangerous to live in the US.


Didn't trump want to take away guns after one particularly gruesome shooting?


UYGHURS she would say. Of course to her history never happened unless it is white people.


>semi-wealthy blacademic explaining how whitey is actually the root of all evils and not the class system he's benefitting from

every time. Nothing like watching the magical negro trope resurrected in order to cover for middle class benefit


File: 1638397753251.png (3.39 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

so they're gonna overturn roe v wade huh, that's something


As a realtor (see: vampiric middleman in a meaningless system) her fears boil down to her getting just desserts from the working class fed up with this whore's bullshit


Aye and then I would ask her why are Black folk the the most poor and most inclined to commit crime, and if she goes on the biological stint then that bitch will be forced to confront her liberal racism.


File: 1638397896215.png (579.47 KB, 1014x874, ClipboardImage.png)

>Falls for the satanic panic
>Also shoots up a school
You can't make this shit up


Seriously how much do they expect people to put up with? Almost everyone under the age of 40 besides some chinlet school shooters is going to fucking hate their government at this rate.


It's not possible he doesn't have a confrontational personality disorder. Being incessantly attacked by the Brazilian left and the American what-passes-for-left has led to him becoming Tucker Carlson's cheerleader. And let's not kid ourselves, Carlson is a classic fascist, in the sense that he's too craven to own up to it now but would gladly hail Hitler and hit the gas chamber buttons the second it became viable. Glenn is a lot of things but he's not stupid, there's no way he can't see this, yet he insists on wasting his entire time being contrarian.


Probably the kick in the pants we need, tbh.


He's the one on the left? He looks 9 not 15


maybe they used good looking photos of him because hes white



File: 1638399226398-1.jpg (59.27 KB, 460x432, aDDm3Z9_460s.jpg)

All you need to deal with those fags.


File: 1638399779282.png (435.05 KB, 460x432, ClipboardImage.png)

Decided to make my own addition


>Seriously how much do they expect people to put up with?
That's the trillion dollar question. In America, among a few other unfortunate places, people are incredibly passive and porkies are definitely taking advantage of that to go for broke. The only thing which can make people say enough earlier is class conscience, and we absolutely have to pierce through mass media to do it. That's why I keep talking about the admittedly terrible name of revangelism. Look at this horrid report of the world according to the eyes of a normie: >>625921. It's nothing but an increasingly incoherent jumble of disinformation and misinformation, and that's exactly what Porky will use as his first line of defense for the foreseeable future. It's not just Spectacle, but an incongruent mess of data which hardly matter by themselves, and yield nothing when cross-analyzed. People are pacified through (dis)informational overload, because someone who cannot perceive reality as it is, as a rule, will not act upon that reality. Common sense dictates that this absurdity will implode at some point, but history shows that said breaking point is a very, very undesirable scenario, namely WW1. Only by sliding past mass media to spread class consciousness can people revolt before the situation gets so bad.


class is actually universal, race is not, this is not the same thing, i hate liberals
>just grab me by my 40 yo pussy pwetty pwease mistah T ooooohhhhhhhhh im gonna-


Of course a CIA-sponsored academic would argue this.


> Almost everyone under the age of 40 besides some chinlet school shooters
The Bourgeoisie are not school shooters, they’re country bombers.


File: 1638400181326.png (44.66 KB, 1445x1434, ClipboardImage.png)


you just outed yourself as someone who according the original pic should have stfu


File: 1638400532621.png (80.12 KB, 308x293, slick.png)

>guam and hawaii aren't circled


Well according to the expanded remastered definitive edition pic you have just outed yourself as someone who should also stfu, ever think of that?


tbh I'd leave out the postsoviet states and Balkans but leave Turkey in


And the sperg wastes time replying existential comics >>625654


More videos of the shooter


hypernormalization bro

weird how dialectical materialism cuts through it like a thousand suns through butter lol


File: 1638401376204.png (4.45 KB, 348x149, ClipboardImage.png)

Who even has a vimeo account lol


>Who even has a vimeo account lol
hipsters broh


I managed to access the video without logging in


File: 1638402765680.png (774.6 KB, 634x935, yeah.png)

Just preordered my copy.


>Take up space
Sounds like manspreading


AOC gonna get really fat and do some feeder fetish porn


Stalin and Lenin biographies only have their entire body / upper half of their body taking up 50% of the front cover max.
This is literally her entire mug squared onto a cover.


I wish Candace Owens and Tomi Lahren would have just been porn stars instead of doing the fox news thing


wtf real marxists are conservative confirmed?


Who reads this shit?


>who writes this shit
Not them lol


Turkey has a way more serious communist movement than the core countries and they don't tend to be infected with CIA narratives.


Therein lies the problem: we have no way to actually engage in dialog with people. Mass media has obviously always been enemy territory for us, but in some countries (and presumably, eventually, all around the world) old media has been just plain blacking out the very existence of the left, presenting nothing but reactoid and marginally less horrible reactoid. And they're doing this because capital has entered a stage of decay whereas socialism has only ever become more and more "intuitively" correct and accepted by people, and thus simply telling the facts will keep on favoring us more and more. In new media, porkies are instead simply flooding the internet with bullshit, but the result works the same for them. In order to perpetuate itself at this point in time, reactionarism has to hinder dialogue and dumb people down to a degree it puts the self-perpetuation of society in jeopardy. COVID has proven this point beyond discussion, by flaring up the antivax plague of imbecility.

So we have to undercut mass media in order to make people simply become aware of the reality around them, and the only way to do so is to do it in real life. And seeing as mass organizations are dead, we have to do it on a first-name basis, so to speak. Small groups in every street block, slowly rebuilding the society which capital is undoing.


Their circle and their cocksuckers that would go to their parties and say "I was so wondered when you said '. . .' in you book, did that happen? OMG, I cannot believe you said that it was so clever of you. Oh that pesky 'y' was so dumb, good for you, you could handle them as someone as you should". I tried once to read one of Obama's book, and was boring as fuck. It is like reading a motivational book but the only motivation is gib lif for teh freedums.
>who writes this shit
I genuinely believe they write this books, they aren't hard to write either way.


>This take has proven to be pretty popular.
Popular where? in their idpoling circle? Nah. Even some libs are pushing back recalcitrant idpol as such, tho they would reject class struggle as well.


Bog bless.


They do operate on profit, as any corporation will. Especially in burgerstan. If uber never made any profit is because they rely on near to 0% interest loans to operate while they created a useless model.
Yep, they are the guys that will tell you how to run the economy.


lol what a retard, not pirating the book

Donors can mass buy the books as a legal backdoor bribe


Journalists and libshits


I was actually excited for omarva to win



>I genuinely believe they write this books
Even the people who read these books aren't this naïve.


Bike lanes and public transport is… LE BAD!


Even for that, they are that lazy? I mean those books are "yay U.S." "god bless 'merica", "FREEDOM" "lol, capitalism good, America good". That's not a brainer.


Yeah, MIT narratives, much better


That's more of a reason to just use a ghostwriter.


This is just a culture war thing. In eastern Europe they banned abortions entirely including restricting contraception. Poland for example is an actual fascist state barring the "living space" thing. The Polacks literally have an intention of spreading their subhuman genes across the continent as some form of "revenge" for their position in history. What I think the Polack state wants is basically to be the next Israel and in some ways they are.

In any case a reactionary state like Poland is an example of reactionary shit being successful despite the shit state of the nation. Polish are in a sense the "Mexicans" of the US but where at least Mexicans aren't fascist, just regular liberals, the subhuman polacks are nothing but fascist brains.

This disgusting subhuman infection that encompasses the US where the American brain has rotten through subhuman institutions that rot the brain even when people protest they accept it without going to war with the state.

My answer is, if you aren't willing to go to war with a state going outside the authority of the PEOPLE, you are subhuman trash that needs to be shot immediately as a genetic subhuman that should not be mixed with.

For the mods, I'm not talking about race but rather a mindset. The Polish brain rot is the same brain rot that exists in the US and must be destroyed with extreme prejudice. Some people may tell me that "convincing" and "debate" is better than violence but my personal position regarding this is that anyone who has slightly reactionary thinking must be shot, sterilized, or imprisoned. It's okay for other fellow communists to disagree with my point of view, just don't call yourself a liberal or conservative around me otherwise you're no more than a Nazi gestapo that must be shot.


Friend of mine got it for my birthday.
personally I just take the whole know thy enemy rhetoric


File: 1638416907586.jpg (21.04 KB, 447x444, 1343709614794.jpg)

What, is a dragon dildo as a gift too tasteful?


Yes and the libs will hate the dems and the rightoids will keep falling in love with "political outsiders" which become the sole reason to vote, to elect them out. From woke to schizo, from schizo to woke. Woke aftercare. And at some point the conversation turns to actual mask-off fascism , but in this childrish, defanged way where everyone cares most about what they will comment on the matter than the actual consequences. Then war.


File: 1638417748486.jpg (117.94 KB, 584x622, 1637389575095.jpg)

haven't deep throated one before, so I can't really say


Not a good angle of her if I am being honest.


>Take up space
Least inspiring title ever, all anyone ever does is take up space, with some variation


Just to be clear… everyone realizes it's a painting right?

I didn't realize until I maximized it. When I did that I realized all the weirdness is due to that fact.


>Mother defends 2nd amendment rights to a fault
>Son uses 2nd amendment rights to a fault


>subhuman genes
>Polish are in a sense the "Mexicans"
What the fuck does this even mean?

Gentlemen, show this microghnatia afflicted person the DOOR.


doubt it. it's a wedge issue that makes millions in fundraising for both parties.


>Polish are in a sense the "Mexicans" of the US
So this is what a converted /pol/ack looks like hmmm.


> Woke aftercare.


What has the Brazilian Left shit on GG btw?


File: 1638422817761.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.33 MB, 275x248, 1623609420051.gif)

>that cover
More like waste of space, amirte guys?


Burgers, what is the deadline for that abortion verdict?

Besides his usual knee-jerk defense of reactionary morons, now his nominally socialist hubby is playing the part of patsy for philantropist subversive shit for Jack fucking Dorsey of all people.


>I genuinely believe they write this books, they aren't hard to write either way.
I don't want to burst your bubble or anything, but they all just dictate to another person who writes it all down, then it goes through the secret service, then it goes through the editor, then back to the ghost writer, then back to the editor, then finally to the publisher.


The deadline is summer 2022, when the current term ends. Most likely the ruling will come some time around then.


File: 1638426505029.jpeg (93.88 KB, 640x625, burgoid soy.jpeg)

It's really easy to forget that so many of these, mass or not, shooters are juveniles who barely even seem to have the proper judgment, political or not, like the Kenosha dude who in retrospect seems to have gone too deep into the edgy LARP hole or had the adults around be super irresponsible C*UDs to a gross degree. Goodness this place is messed up.

Does anyone else think that this might be useful for the Democrats as it could potentially boost their voters' enthusiasm at the midterms next year? For the Left there's the possibility that the overt partisanship in the state's institutions further delegitimizes the exceptionalist illusion, an illusion still held by many over here, of the U.S.'s bourgeois liberal system and accelerates the dispellation of the spooks of reformism.


File: 1638427017075.png (311.79 KB, 1199x498, ClipboardImage.png)

>useful for the Democrats
of course but they wont do anything about it


File: 1638427154204.jpeg (54.99 KB, 680x454, vaush.jpeg)

picrel has a polish last name
tell me polish dna isn't inherently rightoid


Biological determinism has no place on a Marxist imageboard Fash. This place is for the reds.

Get ye begone, fash! *bash*


Are they really gonna outlaw abortions in USA?


The two most compelling arguments for it are:
1) Porky wants to inflate birth rates, but can't or won't give anything to parents to make them actually want to create more workers (paid family leave, living wage, free healthcare, reduced working hours, etc). So instead, they'll just continue these attacks on burgerstan's reproductive rights.
2) The cultural right is the only loose coalition able/willing to use political power, so they're going to get their way. The liberals and porkies they represent, even if they fully understand that getting rid of abortion is an uniquely awful and borderline accelerationist proposal, don't give a fuck because they have a vested financial interest in always keeping abortion rights on the chopping block.

Most importantly, why the fuck would anything nice happen here again?


>Does anyone else think that this might be useful for the Democrats
absolutely. would be the best thing that could happen to them really. it would give them a reason to exist and a way to motivate their voter base. their main problem is they don't want to actually do anything with power. ruling becomes a matter of running out the clock and making up long lists of excuses for why they can't do stuff people want. that gets really boring and de-motivating for the voters really fast. they already saw a big dropoff in the recent state elections and it would get worse for mid-terms. so if they're not going to do anything with power, all they really have to sell are rear-guard actions to protect the status quo from republican roll-back (protect social security! protect roe v wade!, etc). if those things are genuinely under attack it gives Dems a reason to exist, a reason for people to care about and stay invested in them.


meh, you should vote for Donald Trump, Ron Watkins and the famous quack Dr Oz


the scotus might do it, but keep in mind this would not outlaw abortions in the US. it would allow states to ban it, which means the red states could then ban it. and probably not all of them would, at least not immediately. so at worst you'd wind up with it banned in maybe half of the US, and there would be a lot of pushback going on around this.


this, it would be banned in half of america not all of it


>The deadline is summer 2022, when the current term ends
So they can drop the hammer at any moment?



By the way, the main hatechan boards were archived multiple times daily. I never knew why, but maybe Archive.org can do it for us if the admin asks?

>absolutely. would be the best thing that could happen to them really. it would give them a reason to exist and a way to motivate their voter base.
That's a good point. But…
>their main problem is they don't want to actually do anything with power. ruling becomes a matter of running out the clock and making up long lists of excuses for why they can't do stuff people want.
An abortion ban would be one such excuse not to do anything regarding, you know, the ongoing collapse of the real economy and the social fabric.


Based Dotard


>It turns out that Trump knew he had COVID at the first presidential debate, but lied about it. And then covered it up.


that's not a "But". It's exactly what they'd want. The whole point is they don't want to do anything for people economically except maybe a few bandaids (build back better). People are catching on to this, and it becomes hard to motivate turnout and engagement. the court overturning Roe would be an earthquake that would give them an issue and rallying cry to voters, something to be excited about and a diversion from the fact that Dems aren't going to do anything for you economically. The court doing this might the only thing that could prevent the Dems from getting completely btfo in the midterms and 2024.


>Dr. Oz
Does he even live in Pennsylvania?


>So they can drop the hammer at any moment?
Technically, but they typically issue their rulings at the end of the term, which is in summer 2022. Nothing suggests this will be different.


> had the adults around be super irresponsible C*UDs to a gross degree.
TBF the Militia guy that Kyle was with didn’t know he was underage and not a medically trained, and explicitly told him to go back to the group if they got separated, which is exactly what Kyle didn’t do, which let to the shooting.


File: 1638443898053.jpeg (79.5 KB, 720x544, cartoonchinpoed.jpeg)



almost coulda had a double assassination, which could've opened the primaries for a rematch


File: 1638446051814.png (24.44 KB, 1135x139, ClipboardImage.png)

HOI4 update fucking up America


You should all buy as much toilet paper and canned food as you possibly can!


What happened to the sea trade?


>What happened to the sea trade?

The ports have week long back logs. You get to the Port of Los Angeles and you have to wait in a line that stretches all the way to San Diego for weeks in the bay before your ship can be docked and unloaded.



Teamesters and longshoreman on strike or not around?


>Teamesters and longshoreman on strike or not around?
There's just too much product being moved right now from China. They can only unload so many containers a day, so if the volume of containers increase, they will have a backlog.


iirc the teamsters are shitting it up in their own way by refusing to work outside the port's main hours for less than triple time


You know, I used to say and meme that a Years of Lead situation in the U.S., but overturning Roe means this country will be split down the middle and fierce state legal battles will happen. Rightoids realize they will never have a united country again right? I've seen liberals get more and more radicalized and pissed off.

If people think we're divided now, just wait.


Why does it feel like the last two years have just been everyone trying to deny/cope with the fact that it's been laid out VERY clearly that this is not the greatest country by any stretch of imagination?


>last two
Last two? It's all been downhill since 9/11 and maybe that couple month 9/11 sympathy period after it.


The only people who are passionate for abortion are eugenics-lovers, and they are always passionate about doing it to other people rather than themselves. They don't have a stake in it like their personal rights are at imminent risk. When push comes to shove, the backers of eugenics can get it in a million different ways, and the likely outcome of this is that eugenics boards are back. (Actually, they never did leave - what do you think CPS and APS are, and what do you think happens in Human Services?) Remember that eugenics is already established as precedent, and the eugenics precedent was recently invoked over the vaccine mandates many times, so that isn't going anywhere.


And in case you're wondering, the argument against Biden's mandates wasn't that they violated the rights of people, but that the mandates were stupid and stepped beyond what the law actually allows Biden to do via an executive order with OSHA. But mostly, the argument against the vaccine mandates was that they were stupid and wouldn't do what they were purported to do, and thus it would go past anything that would be reasonably considered a valid use of emergency powers. That makes sense, because the whole OSHA mandate thing was always a way to push employers to mandate the vaccines without the feds telling them to, rather than something meant to stick.


>The only people who are passionate for abortion are eugenics-lovers, and they are always passionate about doing it to other people rather than themselves
Really says a lot about society


There will be very little pushback against the abortion ban. Hell just look at redscarepodcast and stupidpol, they are clearly in favor of abortion being banned. The fact of the matter is that political liberalism has been so utterly destroyed that nothing else is left but a rehash of 2000's era bush republicanism. Hell more zoomers are christian than millenials are.


What about the people who don't care either way but just don't want to hear the words, abortion, pro-life, pro-choice, or roe v wade, ever again in their life?


File: 1638452608904.png (83.92 KB, 427x400, ClipboardImage.png)

>Some random subreddits are representative of the the genera public


>Hell just look at redscarepodcast and stupidpol,
Bitch are you for real?


How could you not see that they are growing by the day? It's a place for the diseffected succdems who want to be socially conservative and they want to win over the richfag conservatives because they don't want to be viewed as cringe for having anti-capitalist opinions. This is how the power of memes work, anti-capitalism is so hated in on the internet that ou have to suck small business dick to even say something criticial about capitalism or else you wlil be viewed as a twitterfag or as a redditor. That's just how it FUCKING WORKS. I have sacrificed my fucking social life for being anti-capitalist, not even pro-commie and these fuckers don't want to stand in the line and instead OH DONALD TRUMP SAMA YOU ARE SO FUNNY
FUck these uyghurs.


You might as well consider leftypol a good barometer for the american public…lol

do the posters on this board not know any women?


>do the posters on this board not know any women?
I fucked 23 women today anon. Get on my level. Have sex.


I am once again going to remind you:
>do the posters on this board not know any women?
Probably only his Mom lol. Also when I pressed him about it on the subject he said that he has no moral objection to abortion, just that he thinks that it's used as a tool of eugenics, which I wish he would make more clear in general.


stupidpol and redscare is part of the media class that got reject. They can easily get swept up by porky like Aimee Therese did and manage to fuck up the left like she has. Do you want a whole media class of Aimee Thereses?


Women make the best eugenicists.


File: 1638453995179-0.png (170.61 KB, 554x395, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638453995179-1.png (14.47 KB, 924x194, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638453995179-2.png (15.47 KB, 930x214, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638453995179-3.png (13.92 KB, 926x182, ClipboardImage.png)



Does this abortion debate remind anyone else of that classic doctor joke.


You are literally just repeating yourself like a used-car salesman and not actually responding to what I said.


if they overturn roe it's all you're gonna hear about for a while


i did i am sorry, i don'tk now what the fuck to say? I'm a creature driven by intuition.


Dawg just stop browsing the internet for a bit, especially these contrarians subreddits you are obsessed with.



Kim Potter trial about to go live again


If you want to know what the public think then look at a damn survey maybe? Sure the methodology might not all be perfect but it's guaranteed better than looking at a fucking schizo subreddit.



File: 1638455690827.gif (2.19 MB, 320x240, baby seal.gif)

That's a terrible poll. What does "circumstances" mean? Does "under any circumstances" mean it's acceptable to club the baby's head as it's poking out like a baby seal?


It was the result of 30 seconds googling, the question is the question, you should ask the respondents why they responded that way. I think 'no restrictions' is a little kooky but people probably don't mean you can headshot any baby under 9 months in age when they say that


You know I'm thinking with this abortion debate. I think clearly everyone would agree, the earlier the better. I've read even the Catholic Church have a date at which the soul enters the fetus which is based on the last date at which a fetus can split because twins have an individual soul of course. Morning after pills have been invented. I think a broad range of people can be convinced to promote that.


>dumb nitpicking
it means any of the typical circumstances an abortion would take place


You know the page is massive and it breaks it down further right?


>it means any of the typical circumstances an abortion would take place
Which are what dates? That's an important issue to anyone who thinks about it for more than a second.


File: 1638456267357.jpg (102.27 KB, 948x674, gallup.jpg)

>You know the page is massive and it breaks it down further right?
I did not, but thank you anon, this suddenly went to good poll anon, because it completely confirms what I was saying lol.


Why don't you read further than the top of the first table you fucking sped


Bitch I did, and I posted it. Make some effort yourself you useless bitch.


Lmao stupidpol is stagnating and saturated with explicit rightoids.


File: 1638456700564.png (50.51 KB, 842x476, ClipboardImage.png)

Well it's not just a black and white time period based opinion
>Now I am going to read some specific situations under which an abortion might be considered in the LAST THREE MONTHS of pregnancy. Thinking specifically about the THIRD trimester, please say whether you think abortion should be legal in that situation, or illegal. How about … [RANDOM ORDER]?
tl;dr: 3 months yes, rape or threat to life yes, defects don't count


Well it doesn't mean leftypol isn't shit either, just a lesser kind of shittiness.


Wut? The conditions of the pregnancy don't have anything to do with the date. The date is about the development of the child and also the woman's ability to mitigate the pregnancy after the impregnation.

I'm saying just promote morning after pill and there won't be any need for the later term abortion debate.


Your first post was talking about circumstances, and that's the polling for all the circumstances. You brought up the date later, I didn't know that's what you specifically meant by circumstances.


>Your first post was talking about circumstances, and that's the polling for all the circumstances. You brought up the date later, I didn't know that's what you specifically meant by circumstances.
Just post the graphs you think are relevant. I didn't read through the whole graphs at first, but when you do you can read anything you want into them. Whether people support abortion or don't is a very complex issue.

But as the polls clearly show it's all about the date. Before impregnation greater than right after greater than a month after and so on and so on.


It's all about the date unless
>LAST THREE MONTHS of pregnancy


Why would you want that?


Kill yourself and go back.


No. Maybe try Reddit or Twitter to own the libs and do the discourse though. or just kill yourself


Why would you want to ruin several people's lives just to see the libs "seethe"?


Court's back on with a new batch of Jurors


says the guy crying about abortion


File: 1638460782684.jpg (24.15 KB, 345x450, 1354928874087.jpg)

What the fuck? Did seafreight collapse?


Yeah it's been shitting its pants for a while


whats prageru's view on gay marriage? They talk all about "muh FREEDOM" but i imagine as soon as it comes to gay marriage they'll be like "umm actually having freedom in this case is bad actually big government telling you who you can marry is LE GOOD!"


And it isn't even Christmas yet. :^)


stop FORCING gay marriage on the american people. Government must protect their rights and freedom of beliefs.


No, the argument is gays have the same freedom to marry a woman, so everything's fine. Yes, really.


dennis prager WILL have the transition surgery and spread the bussy


Why is being fat considered alpha here? Look how often chinlets depict themselves. They depict themselves as being kinda buff but also fat.


I live in SoCal and I can see dozens of container ships 70 miles away from ports.


>Why is being fat considered alpha here?


Statistically speaking, aren't most Americans at least slightly overweight by medical standards? People are just larger in the US and also Canada.


Yes but it doesn’t imply being heathy. I get depicting yourself as buff but not fat.


Who wouldn't want to be a bloatlord?


File: 1638462624594.jpeg (106.68 KB, 500x738, corn mane.jpeg)

you can thank Big Corn for that.


I mean Agent Kochinski depicts himself as some alpha male yet he’s a fat fuck. Same with Donald Trump


Based Khrushchev making americans fat


I wish I was a huge strong fat man with a thick long beard and tons of body hair with a huge chode that is like 11" around and like 8" long and huge bull nuts. All the mentally damaged girls and twinks looking for daddy would be all over me.


I wish I was a huge 7' tall strong fat man with a thick long beard, huge hands and tons of body hair with a chode that is like 11" around and like 8" long and huge bull nuts. All the mentally damaged girls and twinks looking for daddy would be all over me.


The daddy fetish is really fucking annoying. It’s all over mainstream media now. People who have this fetish should be thrown into gulags and brainwashed


I agree, stalinists are indeed annoying


Nice cope. Come back to me when you guys actually succeed in doing something.


I bought a bidet, no more stink ass for me


>Why is being fat considered alpha here? Look how often chinlets depict themselves. They depict themselves as being kinda buff but also fat.
Fighters are categorized by weight class not height even. If you're obese you're an automatic heavyweight. You can dominate any welterweight with your sumo skills or something.


File: 1638468551576.png (52.93 KB, 454x520, image.png)

All of Anglophone media has been continually pushing stories about how everyone is affected by "inflation" (which has some truth, but they always omit key details like the CARES Act being trickle-down economic policy), and Amerilards are buying it hook, line, and sinker and have internalized this propaganda believing the solution is therefore to cut spending on the public sector (but never the military) and cut taxes without paying attention whose taxes get cut (they always fail to notice the tax cuts never ever affect lower income tax brackets, it's always corporate, capital gains and estate/inheritance taxes that get cut).


According to new polling, approximately half of Americans say they are directly feeling the negative impact of record inflation in the US, with some saying the hardships they’re facing are severe.
Overall, 45% of respondents in a new Gallup poll said they were struggling directly because of inflation and ballooning prices hitting multiple industries. Among households making $40,000 or less, 71% said they were suffering hardship from inflation.

Of those households earning less than $40,000, over a quarter (28%) describe the financial impact as severe and say they cannot maintain the same standard of living at the moment.

The more money people make, the less they feel direct hardships from inflation. Less than 30% of those making $100,000 a year or more say they are feeling any effects from inflation, while nearly half of “middle income” households say they are feeling the negative effects.


lmao we are so fucked


civil war is imminent


File: 1638470062548.png (Spoiler Image, 160.35 KB, 510x339, 7CE2B656.png)

>A majority of young Americans are worried about the state of democracy in the U.S., according to a new poll released this week by the Harvard University Kennedy School's Institute of Politics.

>The poll found that 52% of young people in the U.S. believe that the country's democracy is either "in trouble" or "a failed democracy." Just 7% said that democracy in the United States is "healthy."

>There are significant partisan divides. While young Democrats are roughly evenly split on whether U.S. democracy is functioning or in trouble, 70% of young Republicans reported that the country was either a democracy in trouble, or a failed democracy.


But anon, if the liberals are the ones pushing such thing, a.k.a. rethugs.


Active standoff at the UN building with a man holding a sawn-off shotgun


<capitalism is when no food


Come out and drink your corn syrup!


this is all a scam
>less supply = more demand
>more demand = higher price
>higher price = more profits




God I hope Caleb gets him on film


File: 1638472175792.png (1.41 MB, 1618x1620, 20211202_140846.png)

Lol i made a shitty meme


tax cuts would make it worse since they give people more disposable income so actually tax cuts would do more inflation


Why is he wearing that earpiece? With his usual outfit it just looks like a glowie LARP.


File: 1638472332558.png (417.35 KB, 636x474, shingo.png)

Because most chinlets come from the savage hinterlands of america where people drive alot and eat fatty mcdonalds burgers instead of walking and eating healthy like in the coastal cities.

Their fatness is further proof of rightoid-ruraloid savagery and their glorifying it is cope


So his producers can talk to him, he works for RT. and it's not a LARP he's a SVR glowie, show some respect


File: 1638472390407.jpg (90.88 KB, 1024x576, hamburguesas-2.jpg)

But anon, under capitalism I was promised to have my burgers.


Fucking kek how did more people want incest and rape babies to run around in 2018? I think this is proof that I now accept that society is truly degenerating when rape babies and incest babies are more important than in the past.


This picture is Malthusianism in action. Imagine an America without burgers.


File: 1638472573450.png (435.4 KB, 612x455, paranormalscream.png)

>Fox news

Fox news screencaps are really too easy, its rage porn for brain rotted right wing boomers


Nah-hah, quitting burgers was something Stalin did, not Malthusian, but communism!


the virgin 'stalin took the guns' vs the chad 'stalin took the burgers'


Stalin rebuilt homes? that's kinda based


*right click*
*save as*
Yep. This one's going in my anti-rage folder.


Fox News are the original clickbaiters and grifters, only because they know exactly what they're doing when they fool conservatives who's brains have become pure brain liquid.


Funnily enough it was under Stalin that hamburgers were first introduced to Russia:
>In 1936, Anastas Mikoyan, who at the time was People's Commissar of Food Industry of the USSR, went on a trip to the United States to boost economic cooperation and study the development of the US economy. During his visit to the United States Mikoyan studied the system of Macy's department store in New York.[2] There Mikoyan took notice of the mass production of hamburger patties and ordered 22 hamburger-producing appliances.


-20 autism score conservative watching this like "dats raaght".


Kim Potter trial back from lunch break



se-cede balkan-ize se-cede balkan-ize hu hu hu hu


File: 1638474052296.png (290.69 KB, 1200x609, Map_of_CSA_4.png)

It's gamer time. This is good motivation to work on my book today


Man, this country is such a shithole.


gonna go to a local sports game like
"LET'S BAL-KAN-IZE!!" clap clap clapclapclap


You WILL get ANCAPISTAN in the Souf and you will LIKE it.


>Prominent Christian televangelist and anti-vaccine advocate Marcus Lamb died after being hospitalized with Covid-19, his family announced Tuesday. Lamb founded Christian television network Daystar Television Network in 1997.

Lamb was taking horse paste. Daystar is one of the big Christian televangelist networks and he paid for part of a Gulfstream jet with COVID bailout monies.



>white trash boomers start balkanization over having to consider other people's needs, while quoting star wars


>when japan tried building a shinkansen bullet train passenger rail system in texas back in 2016


File: 1638477165370.mp4 (1017.14 KB, 404x720, top quack.mp4)

>Texans calling anyone else’s infrastructure obsolete


fucking BASED johan

did it died



File: 1638477692076.jpg (58.4 KB, 621x401, secessionism.jpg)


File: 1638477765609.mp4 (44.89 KB, 480x480, corona-dance-2.mp4)

>mandatory corona celebration dance
>levae your thank you corona chan or else she will not be killing more brain-rotten conservacucks.
Thank you corona chan.


tfw the virgin 22% in my libbish state


I think it will go nowhere. Republicans will lose turnout if they repeal Roe since they have so many single issue voters on this issue. Same reason Democrats will never give you free healthcare.


>remember pearl harbor


how well would Texas fair? I think they could do it but this requires them to not be turbo-ancapitastani



Bet Texas and California are propping up the region stats quite a bit, maybe New York too.


I wonder how New England divides by state. Vermont, New Hamsphire and Maine would probably be much higher, Vermont has a secessionist movement that has something like 30% of the state interested in it. New Hampshire has a lolbert movement that encourages ideological migration. And Maine has a higher opinion of Canada that it does of the rest of the US.


File: 1638478440113.mp4 (6.25 MB, 1024x576, ASU.mp4)

uhhh based??


>Marcus Lamb
this is just applied darwinian evolution and nature healing itself


>>627405 let the southeast secede

their libertarian free market lolbert experiment is only being managed because of federal fucking money

if the fucking south east secedes i cant wait to see the reality as without federal funding they have to raise taxes or pretty much cut so much gov shit that their states become fail states



shit like this makes me think this country will forever be fucked


Florida relies a lot on corruption from South America, too…


File: 1638478912524-0.png (242.01 KB, 1354x1211, federal subsidies.png)

File: 1638478912524-1.jpg (52.72 KB, 896x681, farm subsidies.jpg)

File: 1638478912524-2.jpg (142.74 KB, 960x860, farm subsidies2.jpg)

Actually when the South secedes, it will be a Maoist Jucheist Peoples' Republic under my leadership. The USA on the other hand will be led by either Tom Cotton or Pete Buttigieg depending on who wins the 2024 election.


>>627438 yeah thats why i think they are going to cut gov spending likewhat happened during the kansas expirement

except in this scenario of seccesion ITS GONNA BE FUCKING WORSE :D


No shit Einstein


File: 1638479284721.jpg (18.55 KB, 400x334, lolcat-serious look.jpg)

Anti-appealing the pro-American families.
Movements that won't achieve too much.
But yeah, based for them.


>A group of dems representatives are planning to introduce "stopping grinch bots act"
>That will aim to ban scalper bots from bulk buying in demand products to resell
They seem to have their priorities very well defined, what a fucking joke of a party and country.



>me when anime weebs spam their shitty cartoons.


>one guy has a meme
>another person with a death 2 america sign
actually pretty based for DSA types tbf




It solves a real problem, I guess. Not a very important one, but scalpers are antisocial nuisances.


One at the front is wearing a PSL shirt lol


File: 1638480191193.png (139.01 KB, 469x401, eNlCsV0.png)


File: 1638480396643.jpg (37.54 KB, 1200x630, tmg-facebook_social.jpg)

>did it died


File: 1638480398081.png (313.05 KB, 701x394, RLMMike.png)

>Even the cameraman filming the meeting was moved to speak in favor of the separatist movement, leaving his post from behind the camera to suggest that the U.S. should “look at Star Wars. They gave emergency powers to Chancellor Palpatine and look what happened.”
how embarrassing


Kek, to be fair Lucas wrote that as a criticism of the Bush era so if you loop it back around, it kind of is a valid point


If we apply autism we can also notice that the flag graphic used on the banner they carry is from the PSL logo.


Americans are so used to being fucked over that they perceive anything that makes their life better as a conspiracy to hurt them. Trains are a way to take away their freedom to visit anywhere they want, free healthcare is a way to allow the government to deprive them of healthcare if they don't obey, and so on.


>Kek, to be fair Lucas wrote that as a criticism of the Bush era so if you loop it back around, it kind of is a valid point
Akshually the phantom menace was actually the first draft of Star Wars, except Annakin was names Annakin Starkiller and he bitchslaps princess Leaia.


File: 1638480651479.jpg (77.77 KB, 610x415, FFoX8MkXMAA8Yav orig.jpg)

Biden is enacting not-Remain in Mexico.


>Biden is enacting not-Remain in Mexico.
Where do they remain then?


Mexico is being annexed for humanitarian reasons


In not-Mexico, duh.


File: 1638480799772.jpg (31.73 KB, 509x385, better than expected.jpg)

>image of a man tranquillising a seal to take him to the vet


It would make for a much, much smaller border to watch…


Mexico: America's Jockstrap.


Biden is finishing what Polk started.


>Nips try to do X thing to benefit the US public
>TEXAS:FUCK YOU! We don't want your help fuck off with your shit, we still remember that time you fucked us over 80 years ago.


FDR did pearl harbor


I mean TBF I'm sure Japan wanted to make money off of it not just help people, but still retarded to reject bullet trains as 'obsolete' because we have the F-150 now


File: 1638481337799.jpg (26.06 KB, 568x506, FB_IMG_1638481286828.jpg)


I want her to fucking vore me


lmao fake


>literally privately-funded project
>muh obsolete technology
>drives F-150s.


Japan would have actually built a rail system under 5 years. Can't have that because you could have a contract company that's ran by the Governors nephew theoretically building a high speed rail for 15 years.


Burgerstani law is designed nowadays to be inefficient and only benefit shareholders and the ruling class.


File: 1638481597864.jpeg (1.69 MB, 4032x3024, Trump-Car.jpeg)



I bet most of those car parts were made in China lmao. America doesn’t even manufacture their own car parts anymore.


those doors aren't bulletproof



File: 1638482147710.png (144.52 KB, 2000x1250, cssna.png)

Chapter 1: The Spirit of Rebellion
“States Rights” is a term that is often thrown around by secessionists, alongside the phrase “The Spirit of Rebellion”. Since winning the civil war, the United States has grown to become an economic powerhouse and an imperial hegemon. Through its method of couping and invading foreign territories, many of which have since been wrongfully denied statehood (despite becoming territories), the United States has expanded in power as well as silenced much resistance to the mechanism of American Capitalism.
Rather than maintaining its position as a Constitutional Republic, the USA has degenerated into a nepotistic Anocracy where powerful families, such as the Bushes, the Clintons, the Koch brothers, and others, exert a firm grip on the political arena. This country, purported to be the “freest” and most “Democratic” nation on Earth, boasts a proud 40 million citizens below the poverty line (a metric which the government arbitrarily changes in order to reduce the number of people eligible for welfare), as well as 40% of Americans who do not identify as Republican or Democrat being denied any Democratic representation due to factors such as the “First-Past-The-Post” system of party qualifications for electoral participation, rampant Gerrymandering, Lobbyism (also known as “Corruption” or “Nepotism” in other countries), a lack of a national holiday for the presidential elections, a lack of access to polling booths, as well as a lack of statehood for American Samoa, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the northern Mariana Islands. The Electoral College, too, ensures that those who own more land, of which Bill Gates is a famous example, can unduly influence elections by preventing those in the most populous areas to rightly outweigh the votes of landowners in more rural, supposedly “Conservative” areas.
To provide an example of the unfairness and inequality of the American so-called “Democratic” process, we need only to look at the recent 2020 Democratic Primary to decide the presidential candidate of the Democrat party. During this election process, there existed two categories of US states; “Primary” and “Caucus” states. “Primary” states follow federal voting laws, whereas “Caucus” states follow the whimsical rules of the party in question, which change constantly. Unsurprisingly, polling stations in caucus states were consistently full and inaccessible to voters. The “Shadow Incorporated” (now known as BlueLink) voting application, created and run by former Pete Buttigieg staffers, was used in several states which suspiciously were later accused of vote rigging. As for the misconception that laws are determined Democratically, this concept is illusionary as well. In the USA, laws are determined by the Supreme Court, whilst you as a voter are incapable of even electing the justices of said court. Congress, too, controls which laws and Constitutional amendments will be made, though you, the voter, are never asked. These so-called “popular representatives”, alongside the office of the Presidency, the Supreme Court, and State Governors, are all beholden to the interests of, and groomed and hand-picked by, the machinations of the Two-Party Dictatorship of the United States of America. The biggest third parties of the USA in contrast consist of the Libertarians, the Communist Party, the Constitution Party, the Greens, and others, although these large organizations often never even show up on election ballots. For reference, nations such as Bolivia have been subject to regime change coup d’etats for the mere accusation of exhibiting similar behavior. Typically, to vote third party, Americans are forced to write in candidates’ names, regardless of popularity or momentum. Furthermore, neither major party functions as a true political party as in other, more functional, Democracies – the Democrats and Republicans function more as corporations than anything. Voters are consumers, donors are investors, Congress and the Secretariat are the Board of Directors. Ghouls such as Nancy Pelosi and Mitch Mcconnell consistently claim to represent the American People, as if the USA were a Republic of some sort, but to reiterate an earlier point, an average of 40% of Americans consistently identify as third-party, and are thus wholly unrepresented by the highest echelons of governance. According to an NBC poll, as of November 2021, 34% of Americans do not believe that their votes even matter.


Wow, this country really might just contain the dumbest, most arrogant fuckers in all of human history


File: 1638482388169.gif (3.03 MB, 359x202, 1551808697276.gif)


Just a book exerpt :D



Is this part of your book?


I didn't parse it all yet but I think it's cool you're trying to write your thoughts in a structured format. More anons should do it.


Don't listen to anons who won't give you an actual rebuttal to your points Shay.


brb writing the revcel manifesto




Even if Roe vs. Wade is overturned it won’t exactly change much. In Republican led states abortion is already effectively banned. It’s TECHNICALLY legal in the sense you can still get one, but it’s only like one severely underfunded clinic in the entire state. Roe vs. Wade being overturned would just be a formality.


I now live within a society which depends on lost technology from ancient civilizations. Thank you capitalism for making my anime scenario real.


major burger moment
On second thought, perhaps Texas should be allowed to go away after all.


In Michigan after the recent school shooting, a couple other shooting threats have been made and 50 schools are shutting down temporarily


not at all the cover a narcissist would choose
no siree. she just doin it all for the people


File: 1638491582042.jpg (572.92 KB, 1514x1501, 1634605631295.jpg)

Chapter Two: A History of the South and United States territories
On April 12th, 1861, the Confederate States of America fired on Fort Sumter, officially marking the beginning of the American Civil War. On April 9th, 1865, the Civil War ended, with the victor being the Union, now known as the “United States of America”. But who really won the Civil War? This question may seem odd at first – most people seem to believe that the American people, themselves, with the Union as their weapon, defeated a nation purely composed of slave-owners and racists, liberating the slaves they held; “and everyone lived happily ever after…”. This, however, is a rather naive and misguided notion – to this day, the institution of slavery remains legal in the United States. Furthermore, indentured servitude, another institution similar to slavery where a man is a slave to his debts to private institutions, has come to be the main driving force behind the American economy. The thirteenth amendment, widely celebrated as the section of the Constitution which “officially ended slavery”, offers a loophole which allows slavery as punishment for crime. Suspiciously, the United States maintains the largest prison population on Earth. Who, then, determines the “crime” for which slavery is legally allowed as a punishment for? Who becomes slaves in prison? Why, the ghouls in Congress and the Supreme Court get to determine who goes to jail and why. Marijuana users end up in prison, as SLAVES, and those wealthy enough to pay bail and hire good lawyers avoid punishment. Who determines the lawmakers and congressmen who are allowed to pick and choose who becomes a slave? Sure enough, it is partially those southern states which supposedly “lost” the Civil War.
It is a simple fact that former slaveowners, current slaveowners, and the bourgeois class, won the civil war. The poor, the slaves, and the working-class indentured servants, lost. On April 15th, 1865, shortly after the Union won the civil war, Abraham Lincoln, an extremely progressive Republican and president of the United States, was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, ostensibly a “Confederate sympathizer”. Who took Lincoln’s place? None other than Andrew Johnson, a “Dixie Democrat”. Thus, immediately after the slaves were “freed”, and the Confederate States of America was defeated, The great American Reconstruction began. This monumental task to “heal the nation” was undertaken, therefore, by a right-wing democrat, aided into the presidency by a “Confederate sympathizer”. What happened then? Former slave-owners returned to their plantations, after swearing loyalty to the USA, and began taking slaves as “apprentices” (which we now call “unpaid interns”). Carpetbaggers went South to peddle snake-oil and take advantaged of the poor and vulnerable populations who were uneducated and wanted cures to the various illnesses that came from poverty and injuries which resulted from fighting in the war. Slavery was, of course, “illegal” for the most part – but renting slaves (which we call “wage labor” now), became quite fashionable. An era of share-cropping began, a system of neo-Feudalism and Capitalism, whereupon peasants paid tithes to their landlord in order to remain on the land they lived. Former plantation owners integrated into American society and formed a new Capitalist class. This new Capitalist society with neo-Feudal characteristics enslaved the lower classes EQUALLY, and the poorest among us integrated with former slaves to become the proletarian class, the working class. Since then, the United States has largely continued to operate with minimal changes, even to the point where Jim Crow laws were only recently abolished, relatively speaking.
The Virginia Slave Codes of 1705 officiated a distinction between an “Indentured Servant” and a Slave. Indentured Servants were largely Celts, whilst Slaves were largely of African descent. Indentured Servitude is based upon the concept of “working off your debt”, which is legal to this day. Despite the two categories functionally being the exact same thing, we now live with the consequences of their distinction – Race and Racialism were invented alongside the supposed “Whiteness” of the Irish, and these concepts continue to divide us. We are all indentured servants nontheless; anyone who pays rent to live in their own home remains in indentured servitude. The United States therefore remains an empire built on slavery and genocide, yet remains unapologetic as it continues to engage in such practices.
As this book is written, the “Land Back” movement continues to demand that the Settler States of America give territory to the indigenous people. Why is this an important concept, and have we not already given the indigenous enough land in the form of the reservation system? In the past several centuries of living in United States territory (alongside other nations like Canada), the natives have continually suffered literal genocide at the hands of the government. Indeed, the Confederate concept of “States’ Rights” even resonated with many native American tribes during the civil war, including the Cherokee, Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Seminole, who all allied themselves with the CSA. There was even a proposed state named “Sequoyah” to be given to, and governed entirely by, the native American tribes who were forced there during the Trail of Tears if the Confederacy won the Civil war. Since the Confederacy lost, the state of Sequoyah was never created, and instead the illegitimate state of Oklahoma was formed in its place. The Confederacy promised to give this land to the natives for helping them win, and thus when Sequoyah was proposed to the United States Congress, it was quickly shot down. Oklahoma continues to illegally occupy the rightful territory of Sequoyah to this day.
The native Americans, too, had several Confederacies of their own. The Blackfoot Confederacy, which they call “Niitsitapi”, was based in the midwest, and the Iroquois Confederacy, which the natives of the Great Lakes region call “Haudenosaunee”, or “the land of the home-builders” in English. This confederacy was based in what is now the Rust Belt and the Great Lakes region. Haudenosaunee was an extremely progressive and Democratic society, even purported to be an early example of Libertarian Socialism, although much like the Confederate States of America, Haudenosaunee too was destroyed and then occupied by the USA. The nation of Haudenosaunee and Niitsitapi still lack any independence. Much of the midwest was purchased in 1803 from Napoleonic France in what is now called the “Louisiana Purchase”. This territory was ceded in exchange for 15 million dollars, or 342 million dollars in today’s currency, though much of the Louisiana territory was not occupied by the French and was still controlled by the indigenous, and most of what the United States bought was the right to colonize them from the French. Louisiana itself was reduced in size to become a small southern state, and the rest of the midwest was later settled by Americans, further displacing the natives. Louisiana maintained a rich French-style culture for many years, up until the USA Anglicized it, even to the point of outright banning French from being taught in schools and punishing children who attempted to learn it. French culture itself clashed with the White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) culture which had developed over the years, leading to calls for Louisiana locals to “Speak White, not Cajun”. Louisiana and the rest of the midwest also remain occupied by the culturally genocidal USA.
Many slaves in the south as well as natives from Georgia and Alabama fled to Florida in order to maintain independence from the USA and escape from its institutions. Over time, they intermingled and formed the Seminole tribe, and the state of Muskogee was eventually established, though Spain and the United States conspired against its founder and ousted him, at which point the Spanish colony was ceded to the United States and eventually the resistance was crushed. The Seminole never surrendered and Florida remains an illegitimate state. Similarly, the Cherokee Confederate general Chief Stand Watie was the last general to surrender to the USA. Lumbee natives in North Carolina, who similarly to the Seminole intermingled with non-natives, though maintaining their native traditions, lack official recognition as a native American tribe.
Over time, the concept of “Manifest Destiny”, or as Adolf Hitler would call it when invading Slavic eastern Europe, “Lebensraum”, overtook the hearts and minds of American colonists, and thus they waged war on Mexico and the unconquered native tribes in the wild west in order to reach and conquer land from “sea to shining sea”, from the Atlantic ocean to the Pacific. Many former Spanish colonies including Tejas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California were all integrated into the states. California and Texas declared independence from Mexico, and although Texas maintained its independence from both Mexico and the USA from 1836 to 1845, California only maintained independence for 20 days. They were both then invaded and annexed by American troops; Texas formally voted to become a state, though California was never afforded this option, and thus remains illegally occupied, as no referendum was ever held to ask Californians whether they want to be part of the United States. Texas, too, declared independence again from the United States and joined the Confederacy, though it too was invaded and annexed again, this time without referendum. Similarly, when the slaves were “freed” after the Civil War, they were never given a referendum on whether they wanted citizenship in the United States. Malcolm X recognized this conundrum and suggested that a modern referendum be held to ask descendants of slaves whether they would like to establish a “Republik of New Afrika”, and a similar referendum has been proposed to ask Californians and Texans if they would like to be independent. The United States, in typical settler fashion, continues to deny these proposals.
The Pacific Northwest, also called Cascadia and Alaska, are well-known for their large indigenous populations. Alongside this, many environmentalists, having recognized the incredible biodiversity of the regions, have called for independence from the extremely environmentally destructive nation of the Fracker States of America. Much like other regions, a clear pattern has been shown in the United States’ denial of independence for this region. Alaska, though ceded from Russia in a land purchase, has not had any official referendum as to whether it would like independence. The Canadian Pacific Northwest is no better in its treatment of natives and the environment. Continuing west into the Pacific islands, Hawaii was illegally invaded in 1893 by the United States after undergoing a coup d’etat staged by US citizens who bought up land on the islands and sought to monopolize the islands’ resources for themselves. Hawaii is still denied independence from the United States.
Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines were all ceded to the United States during the Spanish-American War; and while the Philippines eventually gained independence, Puerto Rico and Guam remain occupied. Worse, neither territory is even granted statehood in the United States, and thus both lack any form of Democratic representation within the government. The US virgin islands, American Samoa, and the northern Mariana Islands also lack statehood and representation, despite also being populated territories.
So what, exactly, does this all mean? Put simply, it means that the majority of the United States was built by conquest and settler-colonialism. Domestically, the USA has been oppressive to its own people, and on the world stage this oppression continues to be shown in US foreign policy. The United States of America continuously coups and invades countries around the globe, supposedly to spread “freedom” and “Democracy”, concepts which do not even seem to apply to its internal affairs. On the contrary, the biggest enemy of the Yankee Settler State has consistently been free and Democratic countries; with the aid of the Central Intelligence Agency, the Yankee government interfered in the election of Evo Morales, president of Bolivia, marking the beginning of a short-lived dictatorship by Jeanine Anez (though Evo was rightfully re-instated later), overthrew the Democratically elected president of Chile, Salvador Allende (beginning the military dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet), invaded Grenada, instated a two-party dictatorship in Brazil (even explicitly advising the Brazilian dictatorship to have two parties share power specifically to give the illusion of choice to Brazilians), and even interfered in its own elections to prevent Bernie Sanders from becoming president in 2016 and 2020.
The history of the Yankee Settler State is one of continued oppression and misery. Ever since it was founded by slave-owning tax evaders, the US Government has continually ruined the lives of countless Americans as well as the lives of countless foreigners who have lived through strife at the hands of NATO and the Military-Industrial-Complex as the USA seeks to expand and grow the power of Corporate Lobbyists and stock shareholders who maintain a totalitarian grip on American society and politics. Every day, third-worlders suffer to mass-produce products for American and Western consumption, meanwhile the vast majority of Americans themselves who remain too poor to even afford these commodities due to the centralization of wealth in the hands of the bourgeoisie hardly benefit from such Imperialist policies. The Cost of Living has skyrocketed in the past decades, yet the minimum wage remains stagnant; furthermore, imported cheap labor is used by the Capitalist class as an excuse for American unemployment by blaming migrants for the labor market functioning as it does. The USA waged a “cold war” on the Soviet Union, one of the most progressive superpowers in modern history, and now threatens to declare a new cold war against China, all while continuing to starve the people of Cuba and the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea through sanctions and embargoes, though Yankee liberals who ostensibly stand against Capitalism and Imperialism still cheer on Sherman’s “March to the Sea” for burning down Atlanta and many parts of the South, essentially cheering on the USA’s rise to power and its destruction of progressivism in the modern era in the process.


This is not a drill. This is a sneak peek of what's to come. When the PDF is available, I'll post it here.


dont worry bro ill just post the pdf here straight from the source


That's also good! Anyway keep up the work!


Over the last few months, I have been observing and thinking about how United States has constantly refused to help its citizens. How corrupted the Republic that many supposedly care so much about has turned to a Oligarchy for the rich. With the legal bribes in the form of lobbying, turning the elected "representatives" into puppets for the rich. After seeing so call progressives get into office and become the very things they hate, it occurred to me, the only way you can fight corruption is by destroying the foundation it stands on.

So I am willing to start for now will be "For a New Republic" a movement that seeks to destroy and replace the corrupted US Republic that has been tainted by money and ruled for profits. With there only interests in mind is forever profits over the sake of citizenry who suffer the most under this system of power. Where if you are a worker you are seen as only a lesser of a human and object to create profits, and whatever they can scrap by is taxed heavily so that those in power can live comfortable lives.

Why do I mention this? Because the "For a New Republic" seeks to change the power dynamics to give more power to the working people of this country, whose rights and powers have constantly be stripped from them through out the decades, and really accelerated after the Cold War began. So instead of working people being under the thumb of the elites, we seek to instead put those elites into check like they should been and not allowed unlimited power. We of the New Republic will be restore stolen rights for the working folks, and make it so that does rights cannot be taken again.

But how does one start to get people on the side of the New Republic? Well that question can be answered by appealing to their needs. Finding out the most dire needs that most of the citizenry want, and from there creating the solutions to help. This is the main way to gain a mass movement, though that is not the only way.

The other way is you can play on the cultural myth that's been built up - revolution, the idealism/utopianism (both in the philosophical sense and the common use), and the "hard work" mentality.

By doing so you can do that without validating any of the transgressions of the historical US. While Basically creating. a "lost cause" narrative. I am aware that the use of the "lost cause" is loaded, but it is necessary too look at how it was created. By doing something similar instead of hailing traitors as heroes, instead explain how the American Revolution's ideals have been betrayed.

What we see is that's already kind of a thing with people saying liberalism failed at delivering "liberty equality fraternity". They feel betrayed by the government for now up holding its torch of the ideals of American Revolution it set out 250 years ago. So what we do instead is not to promote pride in the US as it is but what we could make it into. Which plays back into what was mentioned previously, of the cultural myth we have built up, using what is already there and building up from there. This is how we will get to those people, as you are appealing to the cultural mythos and would be more than willing to accept it.

Now how would we do this you might ask? Well even just as a PR move we as communists should come together and draft a new US Constitution. Since in this country the founders are seen as revolutionary heroes, you can harken back to their ideas that the constitution should have had multiple revisions as a living document. One that was supposed to change over the generations, something that was immediately betrayed a generation after the country was founded. The long list of broken promises that the federal government continues to do, instead of having a new constitution for the current era. The elected officals hold the old constitution as a piece of religious text, only taking bits of pieces they see fit to fit their narrative.

Instead with the drafting of a new US Constitution we should look at the other socialist countries and use theirs as a foundation for ours. Much like what happened when the American Revolution did happen, where others looked at our old constitution at the time, and used it as the foundation for their own. This is nothing new and should find the best constitution for our selves and create it from there.

Being as a lot of talk has been on a new constitution it has reasons, the first is that there needs to be a group advoicating for legit change and one of the ways is instead of updating the old constitution, is the new one that can be drafted by the people for the people. second is that if there happens to be more visible divisions within the US as the Empire slowly collapses in on itself. We want to be the faction that has real solutions for the disillusioned and truly wanting change. Finally, the other reason is with the basis of a constitution you can put down the frame work of many of the issues we face. Creating fundamental rights established in this constitution along with past ideas of a Socialist Bill of Rights for example, and making sure that these rights are put into law without ambiguous language and straight to the point. That way there is no loop holes that can be exploited and if there is they can be filled immediately.

The New Republic's constitution, shall not be be seen as an religious document instead its purpose is to set the ground work for the rights that must be given bring true equality. The New Republic's ideals should grounded in values that are missing the liberty, equality, and fraternity that developed around the American Revolution. Americans have become more and more divided and lost the sense of fraternity that once drove the country forward. The ideals unity are most important thing that has been lost through constant division to keep us separated. While the very liberties that we hold dear were ripped from under our feet for the "security" of the government that cares little for the worker.


>Now how would we do this you might ask? Well even just as a PR move we as communists should come together and draft a new US Constitution. Since in this country the founders are seen as revolutionary heroes, you can harken back to their ideas that the constitution should have had multiple revisions as a living document. One that was supposed to change over the generations, something that was immediately betrayed a generation after the country was founded. The long list of broken promises that the federal government continues to do, instead of having a new constitution for the current era. The elected officals hold the old constitution as a piece of religious text, only taking bits of pieces they see fit to fit their narrative.

thats not the right idea, by doing what you are proposing we are legitimizing the founding fathers and their constitution to a certain degree

and thats a bad thing you see for the founding fathers or the ideals of the american revolution is what caused this decay in the first place

jeffersonism caused the reactionary rural and libertarian nonsense that is currently plaguing america

hamiliton caused the rise of the elite urban and company elites that currently has a monoply over political power

the other founding fathers like franklin james madison or etc of this idea of limited gov has ended up castrating gov to the point it cant do anything

AND DOnt get me started on the rugged individiualism which i argue caused a us vs them culture or fuck everyone else besides me culture to appear in the us

the truth is the only way for america to trully get better is that you have to destroy the concept and or identity of america itself. Burn it all to the ground into the burning pit where it belongs. Until this is done, until the very concept of america doesnt exist anymore than america will never get better


>for the founding fathers or the ideals of the american revolution is what caused this decay in the first place

nah in the first place it was the glorious revolution.


nah man think bigger

all of the problems came from the english civil war


You do know the founders got their ideas from the Glorious revolution right? So if you want to destroy the American ideals you have to kill England too for having their revolution.

Look I get it. American Revolution ideals bad, destroy everything America because its all bad. You have to actually think for a second why mention the civil religion of the US. Because the only way to uncuck these fuckers is giving them examples of what they already know.

You may not like the approach but its just a draft of what I literally thought of just yesterday. So forgive me that some of my ideas may not seem as sound, but I understand when trying to gain a mass movement, you can't immediately go full iconoclast. Trust me I would love to go full iconoclast and destroy the very foundations which Captialism stands on and the civil religion in this country. But normal everyday workers? They will think you are insane and won't follow your cause and would turn to your enemies faster.

But I am open for more criticisms if you are willing, because the alternative is to nuke the country if you truly want to be that radical.

So the English once again are to blame damn them and the Rose War. Bringing the ideals of English Common Law.


File: 1638495475574.png (96.4 KB, 253x199, ClipboardImage.png)


>But I am open for more criticisms if you are willing, because the alternative is to nuke the country if you truly want to be that radical.

what concerns me is that this type of pathway can lead to the revisionism, specifically the revisionism that semi contributed to the creation of fascism

(tho i mainly blame the euro syndicialists for causing this)

However what you say is true and i agree that appealing is the practical option but the problem is that the american communist party has done something like this before

cough the lincoln cpusa shit

and in the long term did this achieve anything. No once the united states gov decided that the commies were a threat the us gov decided to do the red scare and all other anti communist activies. And the communist party fell apart

perhaps things will be different now but tbh im very cynical about this shit.


Good post anon, I like it. Sign me up. Let's wage an information warfare campaign to get people on board.
I think on the point of making/editing a new constitution a strong rhetorical point is that we still live under the slaveholder's institutions. The slaveholder's legislative branch, with the slaveholder comprises intact giving excessive power to a minority. The regressive Supreme Court.
The work of 1865 wasn't completed, they should have tossed out all this garbage then. And of course the capitalist is the slaveholder today.

Amendment #1: Abolish the US senate and reform the House to have a representative per 100k people.


I understand the concerns, and it makes sense. Revisionism is always a thing and should be warented. I only created my ideas from the base line of understanding what normal people can understand.

What I should mention is when I wrote what I did it is to act as a proposal of sorts to get the idea out there. Even if there are parts people don't agree on its not set in stone. That's one of the reasons I posted it here first as I can gauge how the anons here would feel.

Its practical move for now as the left in the US is far too fracted but if we had a common thread that seems outlandish (creating a new constitution that destroys the civil religion behind the current one) and rally the groups together. It will be hard but I believe that is the way you get the many communists in different parties together into one block.

I glad you agree, for now this is just a proposal to get to the public. I would need to create the foundations of the movement the demands.

One of which is what you mentioned, and the abolishment of the Senate was actually one of the things that I would do. The Senate the slaver's creation to protect themselves from the masses to gang up on the states that had more population than they did.

Let us create the New Republic from destruction of the old. If this movement ends up becoming a party I wonder what it should be named.


Its practical move for now as the left in the US is far too fracted but if we had a common thread that seems outlandish (creating a new constitution that destroys the civil religion behind the current one) and rally the groups together. It will be hard but I believe that is the way you get the many communists in different parties together into one block.

hmm fair enough


You must all go and buy all the tendies you possibly can!


File: 1638499672708.jpg (58.84 KB, 750x542, momma tulsi.jpg)

Momma Tulsi would've handled the tendie crisis…


lol, an Amerilard with omicron attended an anime convention with over 50000 attendees


File: 1638501949451.gif (1.61 MB, 600x338, corona-celebrate.gif)

He wants to show the corona festive spirit.



The only 'tendies' you would be eating would be the logs coming out of her ass, creepy Tulcel.


File: 1638505044253.png (148.28 KB, 949x767, 4.png)


weeb remover


Now this is a brilliant talking point. Let's call this bullshit about le free market solving the climate crisis for what it is: a disguised climate change denialism.


not sure if cursed…


File: 1638506527181.mp4 (1.31 MB, 276x480, 5txvcqfz78381 2.mp4)

New York man steals school bus.


I blame Grand Theft Auto Trilogy Definitive Edition


File: 1638509774763.png (1.47 MB, 4973x3550, world socialism.png)


ROFL and they bombed a base in a blue state full of non-whites. Don't they hate both of those things?


File: 1638510910313.jpg (47.74 KB, 1079x880, IMG_20211202_131219.jpg)

Chapter 3/8 finished


Important reminder for all comrades in Seattle, Washington

The recall election for socialist city council member Kshama Sawant will soon be held. If you haven't already, please make sure to vote NO on your ballot and submit it before December 7th, 8 PM.

Sawant has been an instrumental figure in popularizing things like a 15 dollar minimum wage in the region, and having a democratically elected socialist politician unseated by an organized coalition of bourgeois interests would set a terrible precedent. The fact that porky is going to such lengths to try and unseat her should be indication enough that she's been a boon for the working class in Washington. Once again, vote NO.

For those unfamiliar:

>Sawant has advocated the nationalization of large Washington State corporations such as Boeing, Microsoft, and Amazon and expressed a desire to see privately owned housing in "Millionaire's Row" in the Capitol Hill neighborhood turned into publicly owned shared housing complex saying, "When things are exquisitely beautiful and rare, they shouldn't be privately owned." During an election victory rally for her City Council campaign, Sawant criticized Boeing for saying it would move jobs out of state if it could not get wage concessions and tax breaks. She called this "economic terrorism" and said in several speeches that if the company moved jobs out of state, the workers should take over its facilities and bring them into public ownership. She has said they could be converted into multiple uses, such as production for buses. Sawant maintains that a socialist economy cannot exist in a single country and must be a global system just as capitalism today is a global system.

>The core issues of Sawant's campaign were a successful minimum wage increase to $15/hour, a successful "millionaire's tax" or income tax on wealthy Seattleites, and an unsuccessful rent control program. Back during the 2013 campaign, Sawant had said rent control is "something everyone supports, except real estate developers and people like Richard Conlin" and compared the legal fight for its implementation to same-sex marriage, and the legalization of marijuana in the United States, both of which she supports. Her campaign for a $15 an hour minimum wage has been credited for bringing the issue into the mainstream and attracting support for the policy from both Seattle former Mayors Michael McGinn and Ed Murray. In response to criticism that a $15 an hour minimum wage could hurt the economy, she said, "If making sure that workers get out of poverty would severely impact the economy, then maybe we don't need this economy." She is also a supporter of expanding public transit and bikeways, ending corporate welfare, ending racial profiling, reducing taxes on small businesses and homeowners, protecting public sector unions from layoffs, living wage union jobs, and social services.

>Sawant's platform of non-local Seattle issues, like rent control, income tax, corporate welfare, supporting the minimum wage outside Seattle, in SeaTac, and other cities, and participating in the Seattle Arctic drilling protests drew criticism from Sawant's opponents and favor with her liberal supporters.

>In August 2020, petitioner Ernie Lou submitted a petition to the King County Elections Office to recall Sawant, which was allowed to proceed in a decision by the Washington Supreme Court on April 1, 2021. Sawant responded by denying the charges in the petition and claiming that the recall effort is backed by right-wing billionaires. The recall campaign was criticised by journalist Liza Featherstone, who characterised it as being controlled by "tech corporations, real estate interests, and business lobbyists". In September 2021, the King County Elections Office set the recall election date for December 7.

>In 2019, Sawant ran against Egan Orion, a small business advocate and organizer of the city's annual LGBT pride festival. The 2019 Seattle City Council election gained national attention after Amazon spent an unprecedented $1.5 million on the campaign. The company, which is the largest private employer in the city, contributed the funds to a political action committee operated by the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce which backs candidates the chamber considers to be more "business-friendly". The PAC supported Sawant's opponent in the race. Amazon became increasingly involved in city council politics after the passage of the Seattle head tax in 2018, which would have cost the company $11 million annually in order to fund public housing and homeless services. Shortly after enacting the tax, the city council voted 7–2 to repeal it, with Sawant being one of the two dissenters. On November 5, 2019, Sawant was elected to a third term on the Seattle City Council.


File: 1638513291173.jpg (103.54 KB, 844x634, pickaxe.jpg)

critical support for the bourgeoisie


You might want to share this with the fantasy maps reddit or whatever it's called


Autism aside, this is pretty amusing. What's with the lakes tho?


I bet it's climate change but they seem to be placed randomly. Shay should just start with a future climate change map, they must exist


File: 1638514597993.png (146.35 KB, 674x420, legal system.png)

another pic for your "the US is a hellhole" collection.


This is from a short while ago, but this really captures where we are at right now as a country.

Some say Hedges is too much of a doomer (USA will collapse any minute now gaiz!!1!1!) but I inject this shit straight into my veins


jfc, how many times are they gonna try to recall her?


Oh shit are we doing obscure criminal cases?




>democratically elected
I agree with everything else you said anon, but you need to cleanse yourself of this fiction already. Elections are an oligarchic institution at a fundamental, they are not democratic.




At a federal level, I agree, and I'm certainly not advocating for electoralism, but communists can make small inroads in local elections. If the electoral system was as entirely oligarchic as you say, she wouldn't have gotten elected in the first place.

I'm not fond of Trots either, but she gets results, and that's what matters.



>If the electoral system was as entirely oligarchic as you say, she wouldn't have gotten elected in the first place.
They are oligarchic in the sense that elections always select for certain strata of society before any votes are even cast. This was recognized by the Athenians who literally invented the word. There are certainly socialists like Sawant living comfortably enough to run for elections, but elections are not going to install homeless socialists without jobs in office.


There are a fuckton of commie/socialist orgs, parties, think tanks and other shit in the US, now tell me why the fuck they don't join together and present common candidates for all posts and even a presidential condidate after a primary election?

They could be the 3rd biggest party if they just fucking joined together, they're all losing because they want to.


You're 100% correct. I just get jumpy when people imply that the bourgeois electoral process is entirely undemocratic because too many people use that as rationalization for their nihilism and their lack of effort in struggling with the political apparatus of capitalist society. People like Sawant show that it's possible for communists to at least get their foot in the door and help the working class, and I think it's important to emphasize that.


File: 1638524023674.jpg (364.76 KB, 1726x1036, duality of man.jpg)


The "bourgeois process" generally? It can be democratic in the sense that the elections are fair and somewhat honest. The process we have in America now? That shit is such a fucking joke that election monitors America sends to other countries don't even fucking bother, and it definitely changed after 2000 to a more overtly dictatorial arrangement.


If she gets recalled, they'll shoe in a Bezos stooge in her place like the rest of Seattle's city council.



the problem with bourgeois elections is always that the economic inequality inherent in the system tilts everything in advance. you can run them 'fair' and it will still replicate the system most of the time because the people with money will use their influence every step of the way to get results that replicate the system, with donations, bribery, manufacturing consent with the media, etc, etc. And in the US you have two completely corrupted parties that monopolize the whole political system and act as gatekeepers for porky as well. the vote on election day might itself be "fair" but the deck has already been stacked in every possible way every day before that.
Some anti-capitalist might occasionally slip through, but that will be rare, and when they do they'll continue to face hurdles. With Sawant they keep putting these recall elections on her. I remember she had another one right after they coup'd Evo Morales in Bolivia, like two years ago. I remember this because her result went a very similar way to what they called "fraud" in Bolivia. She was "losing" all day but the late reporting districts were more favorable to her and put her over the top late into the night or the next day.
So they make her have to constantly campaign in an endless series of regular and special recall elections over and over again because they assume she'll eventually lose one, and it keeps her constantly under pressure and distracted from doing her job.


USano bros are they really hiding Biden all the time? Barely hear anything about him.


>I bet it's climate change but they seem to be placed randomly.
Actually theyre all real basins and shit lol. They just dont have water in them yet.


File: 1638536594063.png (32.51 KB, 1091x204, ClipboardImage.png)



that already exists, it's called the National Guard


Nick Land agrees with the last one but for pretty lolsy reasons.


And thus, the state of muskogee waged war on the united states government… again. This time, led by an utter retard leading an army of boomers from "the villages" and a large militia of former cubans.


Epic. Federalism is dying. War between the states soon.


Shadowprez confirmed


22 states already have guards. This is meaningless news that is being blown out of proportion by media.


>He noted that Florida would be the 23rd state with a state guard recognized by the federal government, joining states like New York, Texas and California.



>State defense forces are distinct from their state's National Guard in that they cannot become federal entities. … State defense forces generally operate with emergency management and homeland security missions. Most SDFs are organized as army units, but air and naval units also exist.

State and national guard are different and who controls them



Go back to your El Salvador bitcoin thread.


Haven't checked that thread. Just saw a lot of liberals on reddit freaking out like it's Hitler all over again then i checked articles and saw half the states in countries have state guards. It's a nothing burger move.

Florida used to have a state guard during WW2 because Nat guard had to go to war so they needed guys to stay back and take care of state duties then it was disbanded.

This will just help for storms and hurricanes and governor more control over how to move them around than nat guard


Half the states in country*


**Half of the patty in the burger


Would inland basins be filled in the middle of Asia? I guess so. But you should use a map that has the ocean higher so that Florida is btfo. Cool map tho


Iirc he went the longest any president ever had before giving his first press conference, I think it was months?



They had to train the deepfake AI to perfection


Actually the intention behind the lakes is to terraform earth under a united global socialist government


File: 1638542615432-1.jpg (47.82 KB, 1200x675, FFoIjc_XMAQHD8b.jpg)

"controlled opposition" seems too generous


filtered. jump off a bridge.


Of course eugene-kun is also against the existence of CPS/social services


1) Ban abortion
2) Gut social services
3) ????
4) Get your catalytic converter stolen for crack money




Haha yes


If people are duped or don't give a shit and give their assent to the capitalist parties, it's still "democratic" in this sense that the word has meaning today. Democracy in the original sense of the word wouldn't have elected office that is the domain only of a few of the rich, and certainly wouldn't have the entrenched oligarchy that is absurdly wealthy that has been the case for the whole 20th century. The oligarchy is so rich that the multi-millionaire capitalists voice grievances that they are little people, because relative to the oligarchs, they are little more than slightly fatter peasants. All of the republican systems of modernity were designed for an oligarchy to rule, that puts on aristocratic airs about how great their institutions are but are really just about money and allowing the generals to keep running their drug wars and all that stuff.

What we have now, though, isn't even that. It's just straight up rigged, to the point where those who rule laugh in your face. After the spectacle of 2016, you could have just cancelled the entire United States and nothing would have changed. Not only is democracy dead, but large parts of the country - both parties' hardliners and the apolitical who loathe the very mention of "politics" or democratic participation - would be happy to see the end of it. The idea that you could actually vote for someone who represents your interests is rejected out of hand. Not that many people even believe that democratic elections work this way any more, and they tend to be the clueless ones. There are a lot of generally apolitical people who like to think that whatever happens, there is some sort of check on the rulers' overreach, but right now they have to be dreading what the powers that be are doing.

At present American democratic government is a morass that makes it difficult for someone to actually do something. The highest you could get is maybe mayor of a small city, but usually it stops at the city council or school board. Even these though are often being run without serious opposition, or a voter base that sees much different between their options.

I don't think Sawant is going to be long for this world politically. COVID has seriously buggered the left as an electoral force, because a large part of the left base does not like anything that is happening, yet the left parties and organizations are marching in line with this insanity.


File: 1638543555256.jpg (175.57 KB, 1080x862, FB_IMG_1638543511895.jpg)

Ben is literally one word away from getting it


he even stuck the "crony" in there as a little addition


File: 1638543955138.png (1.96 MB, 1080x862, ClipboardImage.png)

Easiest edit of my life


Why did he intentionally insert "crony" as though it were an afterthought


It's his way of saying that the situation is abnormal, that the croniness is a corruption of capitalism imposed from the outside.


so he doesn't piss off the majority of his fans who think crony capitalism = communism


Kim Potter trial is back in session for day 4


inserting the single word of 'crony' before capitalism to handwave away all the contradictions is possibly the biggest cope in history. it's also Theory for lolberts


Those people think that capitalism worked at some point in the past. Even leftists believe in the myth of a prosperous capitalism, lol


ever think about how there were three presidents in the 1880s who share names with cartoon characters. just thought that was interesting


File: 1638549398186.png (452.48 KB, 806x632, 1638232000540.png)

when will all of this end


Never, but now even arch-libshit Trevor Noah is questioning the vax thing lol



Now that the omicron variant is out, which has a "wildly higher mutation" than other variants, and the mutation will displace mRNA vaccines, then not soon.


File: 1638553100789.mp4 (2.34 MB, 480x480, variant.mp4)

But I don't want it to end


This is a vaccine that will grant significant T-cell immunity (tl;dr immune cells that attack infected cells directly) and the granted immunity should last a lot longer than for other current vaccines. I am hoping this is authorized sometime soon so I can get it. Dunno about you instajabbers though.


This pill from Merck which should be able to treat COVID-19 cases in infected patients was also just recommended for authorization by the FDA. The federal government intends to buy millions of such pills, including a similar Pfizer pill that's also on track to authorization. These would effectively mean that the great majority of cases which are severe enough for you to see a doctor could be treated.


>This is a vaccine that will grant significant T-cell immunity (tl;dr immune cells that attack infected cells directly) and the granted immunity should last a lot longer than for other current vaccines. I am hoping this is authorized sometime soon so I can get it. Dunno about you instajabbers though.
Good thing I didn't get the first wave of vaccines. I hate when I buy products that get obsoleted immediately.


Beta staying beta.
Sigma? more like ligma.


Climate scientists warned that pandemics would be more likely in the future. We haven't even faced the ancient virus frozen in Siberia. It's going to get far worse with infrastructure break down and mass migration.



File: 1638555290737.jpg (36.79 KB, 636x697, FB_IMG_1638534782347.jpg)

To many people are massive pussies to get a shot but this pill would work. Americans love popping pills.


File: 1638555439380.gif (2.95 MB, 269x264, 1631585079397.gif)

mfw it hasn't even begun…


File: 1638555612254.png (484.52 KB, 460x510, ClipboardImage.png)


The other vaccines already grant some level of T-cell immunity, it's just that Novavax grants significantly more.
Here's another I spotted, interestingly it works through a skin patch:

As for Novavax, it also does not require freezing, it can just be refrigerated:

Severe or life-threatening side effects very rare; ~90%+ efficacy, incl. against some variants that it was tested against:

NYT predicts it may deliver the goods by next spring or summer:

But maybe sooner:


>The other vaccines already grant some level of T-cell immunity, it's just that Novavax grants significantly more.
The point is, if it's a better vaccine, then the other ones will be obsolete if it comes out. I don't really care about the vaccine stuff anyways, all the old people in my life are vaxxed anyways. If I catch Covid and give it to some random unvaxxed boomer that was their choice as much as mine.


So any of our CDC approved vax experts here can tell me, if you're vaxxed you can still catch covid. So if I'm vaxxed and catch it and transfer it, do I give a milder form of the disease than if I'm unvaxxed and catch it?

How does the unvaxxed are harming everyone else argument still hold up?


No. If you are vaccinated, but catch and spread the disease anyway, it will only be mild for you, whereas the other person who catches it, depending on their vaccination status, will feel worse effects. Also, spreading the virus while vaccinated also encourages the virus to adapt to be able to infect more vaccinated hosts, which, of course, is based and accelerationist-pilled.


File: 1638556965982.mp4 (8.03 MB, 1280x720, 1636918235103.mp4)

>Also, spreading the virus while vaccinated also encourages the virus to adapt to be able to infect more vaccinated hosts, which, of course, is based and accelerationist-pilled.
Damn I didn't think about that, seems pretty based indeed


Some other notes about the Merck and Pfizer COVID-19 pill candidates.

The Merck pill has actually been around for quite some time and has been used effectively against other diseases.
1a. "He found that it worked against multiple coronaviruses: MERS and mouse hepatitis virus.[2]"
2a. "It silenced the virus’s ability to replicate, he says, but it also suppressed the virus’s transmission from infected ferrets to uninfected ones.[3]"
3a. "The United States has agreed to purchase 1.7 million courses of molnupiravir for US$1.2 billion, which works out to about $700 per 5-day course."

1b. "Merck reported that the pill, called molnupiravir, performed so well in a clinical trial this year that it halted the trial early so it could move quickly to approach the FDA and make the treatment available. An early report showed the drug cut the risk of hospitalization and death to 50% in patients who had mild-to-moderate disease, but a final analysis of the trial reported on in November showed a reduction in that benefit to 30%."
2b. "Both doctors emphasized that if and when molnupiravir is authorized—and even if it is as successful in real-world scenarios as it was in the study—vaccination will remain essential for preventing SARS-CoV-2 infection—and for slowing its spread. People who are vaccinated have a much lower chance of getting sick and needing any treatment, they say."

Pfizer's pill is also built off of old anti-SARS research.

Because of the way Pfizer's pill works, mutant variants should not be a problem.

Pfizer's pill looks to be very effective at cutting hospitalizations.


It increases the chances of breakthrough cases.
Variants like Delta have a greater viral load than og covid. The unvaccinated create a better environment for transmissibility. Breakthrough cases happen with every vaccine but the likelihood shoots up when half the population remains unvaccinated. It does “harm” the vaccinated, but way more damage is done to the unvaccinated because the effects are milder.


Isn't this the Pfizer medication that costs like 70x the costs of manufacturing, in which the government even subsidized part of the investigation?

NVM, when I wrote this I had to investigate:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FCrkIfxvo4 (Kyle Kulinski: Merck Sells Tax Funded Covid Pill To US For 40x Cost)
Is merck, so this post:


File: 1638558693414.gif (804.23 KB, 245x130, 7656765.gif)



man i'm not spending the effort trying to parse that shit. tldr of the funnies?


File: 1638560469054.png (85.85 KB, 421x237, ClipboardImage.png)

Ironically , Dead Space is coming back, a shambling parody of the original thing, fuller yet incomplete.It's creator long dead, uprooted. A thing assembled from dead remains, long preserved by a vast, ghoulish being. Remade to shock and prey, it lays in waiting denying assumptions of monetization, until it has victims within reach.



Video games are now entering the same territory as hollywood has, doing reskins and reboots of previous games. Updating Halo/LA Noire, etc. just like hollywood constantly updates films from the 70s/80s vidya game studio execs do the same thing except they only update the graphics


0% surprised


Hopefully never, because Corona-chan is making short work of antivax morons.


File: 1638562160802.png (15.04 KB, 504x432, are you a burger.png)

>Antivaxxers are now buying “magic dirt” from Canada as a COVID-19 cure and to “reverse vaccinations.” $100 for 4 Oz of dirt. They are eating it, drinking it, snorting it, and bathing their kids and pets in it.
>Analysis of the soil showed dangerous levels of lead and arsenic.



File: 1638562872603.jpg (58.01 KB, 833x432, FFpHBndVkAENtnX orig.jpg)

>Lost in the crazy of doxxing the son of the president and a major TV infotainer: TUCKER CARLSON ASKED HUNTER BIDEN TO WRITE HIS SON A COLLEGE RECOMMENDATION LETTER.


I hate when the fearmongering of COVID is related to the pharma greed.
I understand COVID is an issue, but capitalism showing their colors what create is the contrarian discourses that the rightoids screech, but not because they are angry against the big pharma, but because they want to sell their homemade pill that 100% sure cures the illness (like Jesus is my medicine come here to pay me $50 because Jesus said so, and so on).
We promote here the real cure.


Great news fellow patriots:

>New rules approved by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that took effect on Tuesday dictate how collection agencies can email and text people as well as message them on social media to seek repayment for unpaid debts.

This is only possible in America thanks to our unique and great American freedom, which is paid for by our servicemen. Thank you for your service.


its making quick work of big city liberals lmao.


I haven't seen lpol promoting big pharma. Some, yeah, like in ITG I had this discussion with someone claiming JD is ow a liber-tard-ian antivaxxer when in reality he criticizes mandates. Even when I asked proof of JD promoting antivaxx shit.
>rebublikans aren't simping to big pharma
The funds approved to investigate moderna-pfizer vax were approved by a republican and the funds of Merck (selling the pill 40x times more expensive) come from a bill approved by the senate, with republicans voting yes.
They are very hypocrite in these cases.


File: 1638567059301.mp4 (8.5 MB, 608x1080, daddy.mp4)

Hahaha. Absolutely


Absolutely *incestuous


dog bless amerga ::::''''–D


I'm a stupid uncultured American. Do other counties have this problem of being stuck in a nostalgia loop? Maybe this is why Korean shows and films are starting to break into America.


Here on this clip you can see how the principal of an american high school motivates a 14 years old to go to his gym class. Finally burgers are doing something about fat people, bless you joe biden


Why would they title the video like that. It's clear the kid is a known problem child and was there to intimidate or attack the vice principal.


most of leftypol goes full neo liberal when it comes to covid


In many ways it was even worse for poor people in the past. The "middle class" is a very recent thing and it is dying out. Look at Biden not cancelling any student loans as one small example, that is one of the multitude of things capital can't/refuses to do to maintain the so-called "middle class". They are doing nothing to stave off socialism. It's inevitable…or we just become woke feudal cannibals.


Based tomboy making burgers eat the fuggin salad


The state overspending where it doesn't matter, solving problems in the no-structural way, and giving 0 fucks about the problems so we can hate the government, and helping the cause of the con-artists politicians with their le smol gobirmint screeching discourse.


File: 1638570428064-0.jpg (47.46 KB, 480x600, Ethan-Crumbley.JPG)

The parents of the Michigan school shooter were charged with involuntary manslaughter, and are now fugitives after disappearing. Bizarre.


Would transitioning have saved her?


Fuck if I was a burger with a face that naturally looked like a shoop I'd do a terrorism too. Whst is this creature?


My God, I fucking hate Gusanos. I wish nothing but misery on them. The funny thing is, I can't be considered racist because they're whiter than most white poeple.


>>628807 (me)
Sorry for this rant. I am just working with my gusano boss right now. I hate his guts so much.


Gusanohate is a perfectly natural reaction to them.


Is it really that big a deal? They have flu shots every year.


what's going on here?


File: 1638571852251.jpg (160.82 KB, 1890x1417, gondola 1457294166781.jpg)

The fact that you need 3 armed police officers in a fucking school to control children is proof the US has failed as a country.


<that moment when even gondola gets depressed


File: 1638573695966.jpg (151.76 KB, 1008x756, 20211126_221431.jpg)

Speaking of the us failing as a country, my book is 5/8 chapters complete


Hey, isn't that spurdo? why is gondola now?


File: 1638574657781.png (54.5 KB, 312x161, ClipboardImage.png)

spurdo is this

gondola is the two legged thing without arms


>I can't be considered racist because…white poeple.


write it while tripping, it will improve your writing greatly.


>Decide to see what right wingers are talking about
>Everyone thinks that the USA is undergoing active hyperinflation
>Everyone thinks that there will be mass blackouts and starvation from supply chain disruption
>They also think that cryptocurrency will retain value even though they think there will no power or food, so they're converting all of their assets into crypto
How many levels of ideology are they on?


Fuck off, /pol/.


all reduction in the quality of life is due to (((the fed))) printing money, decrease in affordability of goods cannot be reflected by a real decrease in their availability



>They also think that cryptocurrency will retain value even though they think there will no power or food, so they're converting all of their assets into crypto
We need to convince more of them this is a good idea.


I mean, it is based on the fact that zionists designed that war, but that's not completely correct. Saddam distancing from Washington after the Iran-Contra affairs, which showed that the U.S. has no friends, just business partners, is what the real root of the need to invade Iraq.



Is that Tennessee? Wasn't there another incident there about a bunch of elementary or middle schoolkids got the police department called on them allegedly because they were accused of having "participated" in a fight, in reality just being at the wrong place and trying to stop the squabble no less, and almost sent to juvenile jail or some similar shit? It sounded like a Dickens story, complete with sadistic court officials and Victorian tier "morality" to boot.

To be fair there are crazy sorts of fights that happen in the high schools in the U.S., but the cops are just one more facet of an already in general very messed up system.


>[Reuters] U.S. State Department phones hacked with Israeli company spyware - sources

Greatest Ally strikes again. No sanctions will come though and reduced aid. They would throw the hammer down on any other country that does this however to US. Youd see libs screeching of a report like this about Russia for weeks on end

This will be forgotten by tomorrow



Is it possible the family was a bit dysfunctional? What parents just run away while their kid is jailed? It is weird.
sorta seems like perhaps


i heard tucker's going to offer the partents an internship gig


>Merck Created Hit List to "Destroy," "Neutralize" or "Discredit" Dissenting Doctors. Merck emails from 1999 showed company execs complaining about doctors who disliked using Vioxx. One email said: We may need to seek them out and destroy them where they live



I hope this crypto shit crashes.


File: 1638583306598.jpg (1.14 MB, 970x1505, CCCposter.jpg)

>Reading about FDR.
>John Nance Garner got pissed off that "ThIS Is A RePUbLIc NoT a HeCkIn EmPiRerInO!!!111!!!" And stepped down as FDR's VP over some of the New-Deal programs.
>FDR appoints someone from the fucking Progressive Party (I.e A relatively influential SocDem third-party that existed for a period in the US) as his new VP.
>Gets called a gommie by rightoids.
<Dabs on them with a 10% margin popular vote victory at the next election anyway.

Also the 'C.C.C' sounds unironically extremely based. A future socialist government in America or other Anglosphere countries with crumbling infrastructure should honestly consider a modern day analog of the program.


Too bad neoliberalism has made it so that our country can’t even do a cucked solution like socdem anymore to make life less shit


File: 1638583756231.jpg (6.69 KB, 280x210, dogemuch-1.jpg)

hmph I always wonder what is the intention in each news. I always consider that is greater what is not said on purpose than what is said.
Said that above, I would love to know if they are doing anti-Israel propaganda now. and why



File: 1638584132500-0.jpg (2.5 MB, 2359x3000, WPAposter.jpg)

File: 1638584132500-1.jpg (401.99 KB, 1207x1536, WPAposter2.jpg)

File: 1638584132500-2.jpg (150.25 KB, 615x290, WPAhealthposters.jpg)

File: 1638584132500-3.jpg (152.08 KB, 699x1024, WPAreadingposter.jpg)

Oh and i forgot the WPA (Works progress Administration) which operated basically the same the CCC except more around urban public works instead of rural public works and is the actual reason why so much of the infrastructure that we see in those videos of the 50s actually fucking existed.

They also released public health advisories and had numerous projects meant to provide the entire country with 'Art, Music, Theatre, Libraries and Historical education'

Im beginning to realise why rightoids cope so much about FDR with shit like 'UmM AcHuaLlLy He WaS oNe Of tHe WoRsT pReSiDeNtS beCaUsE hE wAs A RaCiSt dEmocArAt ThAt DiDnT gEt BAsHiC eCoNoMiCs!!!11!!!!"

It's cope because ultimately America needed a SocDem with borderline 'dictatorial' (By modern standards) powers and a State-Capitalist economy to save itself from completely falling the fuck apart from the great depression.


america needs another one tbh


also if you want to read about another interesting program read about the samuel undong under park chung hee

it was unironically statist rural syndicalism and it worked


Civilian conservation corps
Seeing these wholesome posters makes me wish the usa didnt turn out to be the strongest force for reaction in the industrialized world


File: 1638585788198.mp4 (118.98 KB, 388x360, tucker.mp4)


You guys should subscribe to uscsb


> It's cope because ultimately America needed a SocDem with borderline 'dictatorial' (By modern standards) powers and a State-Capitalist economy to save itself from completely falling the fuck apart from the great depression.
Most realistic reality we could’ve had under Bernie.


That art looks like an alternate timeline burgerville America that was socialist.


It would be great having that tomboy beat me up and choke me.


File: 1638590511528-0.jpg (166.32 KB, 924x679, Nolongerviable.jpg)

I guess you could call Neoliberalism 'NOT ECONOMICALLY VIABLE'




>BP business plan "Key risk: Texas City Site kills someone in the next 12-18 months."
>Eight days later, those fears were realized.
fuck porky on god


The U.S. Marshal's office is offering rewards of up to $10,000 for any information leading to the capture of the Michigan shooter's parents.


Why are the worst types of white "people" Americans? What is it specifically that bred this particular type of "white" subset of human in the states?








Yikes, stop being racist against POWs (People of Walmart)


Those are white trash. We PoM (People of Mayo) do not associate with their kind.


Imagine a nation literally built on company/corporate towns and slavery and in the same sentence say that this country is about "freedom".

When the states attempted to build itself a peasant life that existed for hundreds of years throughout the world, they had to do it by pushing this Yeoman farmer shit by expulsion of Indians except the people made most use of this were corporations and companies. This country is a bloody mess and needs to end and restart.


File: 1638595084504.jpg (228.51 KB, 1242x1832, 1637594976619-1.jpg)


>Why are the worst types of white "people" Americans? What is it specifically that bred this particular type of "white" subset of human in the states?
You sure about that cheif? South Africans or Australians probably have us beat.
>Those are white trash.

Excuse me sweety that's offensive. In this house we call them "the wrong kind of White person." Anyone else used to read stuffwhitepeoplelike.com . They taught me everything I know about White people.

>Finally, and perhaps the most important to be aware of, is the unacceptable category of t-shirts. There are a few simple rules to follow in order to avoid wearing the wrong t-shirt. First, if it’s made of a stiff, thick cotton, throw it in the garbage immediately. White people t-shirts must be made of the softest, finest organic cotton. This is law. Unless it is vintage, the shirt cannot be made in a foreign country (unless you can certify its labor conditions). The shirt cannot contain a current sports logo. Shirts with sports logos are acceptable, but they must contain a logo that hasn’t been used in 15 years. Last and not least, it cannot be baggy. Your t-shirt must be tight-fitting for both style and mating purposes.

>It is also imperative to understand that faux vintage shirts (“Getting Lucky in Kentucky”) are completely unacceptable. They are beloved by the wrong kind of white people, and must be avoided at all costs.

>This information is best applied when you are planning on attending a social gathering. Your t-shirt says a lot about you, and if it’s the right kind of shirt it will set white people at ease. Also, asking a white person “where did you get that shirt?” will allow them to tell you a detailed story about how they acquired it. This will enable them to assert why their shirt has a higher ranking than yours and they won’t view you as a threat.

>Never underestimate the importance of t-shirts to white culture. It is an essential tool in determining the social rank, desirability, and value of a white person.



File: 1638596764437-0.png (56.48 KB, 156x193, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1638596764437-1.png (8.74 KB, 404x500, crumbjak.png)


Damn, the brother was 13. How fucking good was this zip gun that this kid made that it was even worth stealing? Who the fuck was he selling to? The kids at school?


Gangbangers presumably.


the article said some 19 year old Arab, so probably somebody who has never held a gun before and thought they could just rip off a kid easy


File: 1638597162784.jpg (13.29 KB, 474x266, .jpg)

And he was just assembling manufactured gun parts. My bad. Smart kid.


Not that smart since he shot his sister. Obviously the parents are the real retards in this story though.


Never understood why people try to rip off gun dealers. Seems it's a common kind of sale to turn into a robbery. Even when you're selling it legally.


Because it's better not to leave records when you need a burner gun. Also guns attract criminals and criminals like stealing shit.


It's high risk high reward.
Some criminals just like the high of getting away with something, so they try to just walk away with a gun.
Some criminals want to pull off a perfect heist perfectly and want to minimize risks.
Different mindsets I guess.


Yeah I think it's the type of people who want the item and the ease they'll have in fencing it vs. other things sold on craigslist. Guns and Yeezys are probably the most dangerous things to sell person to person.




I didn't know a president could appoint another VP, I thought it just went down the chain of command if someone quit.
Burger education for you lol


>some right wing shit i'm not reading


File: 1638600999031.png (540.38 KB, 856x557, ironic.png)

>He wanted to help people
>Yet in the end, it was a person who killed him
The naïve fool.


Stupid commie you don't fucking get it. It was a black person so that means commies are wrong and white ethnostate, lel helicopters, and bitches in grass fields n shit.


Dumb /pol/shitter. Only replying because I think I've seen that profile around before and it feels a little weird to know he died. Small world, I guess.


>Everyone can see the irony here
Yeah maybe if your a racist. Should I judge all white people or mexicans or whatever as scum because 1 of them did something shitty?


>Goes on and kills a BLM activist in another car jacking who complains black people have it too hard in legal system.
Which of his tweets said that? Also people aren't being released from prison more because of BLM, it's because of Covid.

>Between March and June, more than 100,000 people were released from state and federal prisons. According to analyses by The Marshall Project and The Associated Press, this constitutes an 8% decrease in the national prison population since the pandemic started.

>On April 6, Attorney General Barr sent a memo to federal prosecutors urging them to consider Covid-19 related risk when making bail decisions. The memo cited the risk inherent in increasing jail populations during the pandemic, as well as concerns about risks to individuals. Notably, the memo still instructs prosecutors to detain people who pose a public safety threat, despite concerns about the virus.


File: 1638602597194.png (82.41 KB, 360x450, todayiwillcloseup.png)

>US lawmakers propose legislation to empower the Securities and Exchange commission to block the amount of money being invested into China.
<Michael Hudson's reaction.

>Michael Hudson :

>He thinks that China dollars to build factories, Roads and railways and invest. He thinks that somehow China's balance of payments is going to fall apart without the US market. Without US investors telling President Xi what to do. That the chinese government wont have a clue what to invest in and how to let the 'free-market', Meaning George soros blackrock and other companies operate.
>So in short he's living in a dream world where other people physically NEED us to stay alive.
>It's like a guy that dosen't realise his ex-girlfriend dosen't need him anymore.


>His charges were dropped had nothing to do with COVID. Making shit up to cope
It says in your article the charges were dropped because they couldn't make the case. What does that have to do with BLM?


*China needs US dollars to build factories


>The kid who was killed by him was a BLM protestor
The charges being dropped had nothing to do with BLM.


Kinda like how Nazis are the biggest murderers of white people huh?



Allegedly they've been apprehended.

so says news articles


His sign in his the pic of him just says "stop killing black people" what does not wanting the police to kill people when they could just arrest them like George Floyd, etc. (or sometimes when they just kill people doing nothing wrong)?


Ironically this'll also benefit the leftists and patriotic bourgeoise there, because they can use this to show comprador inclined elements, government, and general people that the imperialists cannot be reasoned with. It's why the dotard's bluster, tariffs, and sanctions were said to be gifts in disguise, a it gave a boon to the "construction of the nation", so the joke goes. The imperial core underestimates the ability of the other poorer nations to develop advanced technology even when deprived of "access" to technology transfer, as the examples of the DPRK and Iran indicate.


>believing /pol/


It all started with a little something called Manifest Destiny.


A significant chunk of games from major producers I've seen over the last two years has been reboots/remasters and it's starting to make me think there's some covered up fuckery going on behind the scenes.



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