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Thread for news and discussions of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, its material conditions, the status and health of its socialist tradition, disproving common myths about it, etc.

Archive of the previous DPRK thread:
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They are gonna send his ass home.


File: 1692155270458.png (265.57 KB, 675x543, myao_salute.png)

Myao mentioned


File: 1692169607687.jpg (106.96 KB, 1170x1246, 1690595986516.jpg)

Thats embarassing for the US lol


Huge collection of textbooks from the DPRK in Korean


Follow on video https://www.youtube.com/live/xpOq2-0373s

In regards to questions about whether Best Korea is socialist or not; Workplace democracy.

How do you think they were able to maintain a high tech society under the embargoes they've endured.



based DPRK saving babies from being boiled



>calls self a communist

>eats up bougie anticommunist propaganda

Its more common than you think!


The only source: one article from an American newspaper quoting Peruvian government
>wow our commies are so crazy that other commies support us against them


https://philippinerevolution.nu/statements/ndfp-celebrates-the-76th-anniversary-of-the-glorious-workers-party-of-korea/ (October 2021)
>The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) extends the warmest revolutionary greetings to the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) as it celebrates its 76th anniversary in the leadership of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). The alliance of underground revolutionary organizations of the Filipino people fighting for national freedom and democracy has profound respect and admiration for the party of the working class and people of North Korea—the party that led the struggle for a country that is independent from imperialism and is building socialism.



Fair point honestly.


File: 1692620868215.mp4 (11.87 MB, 540x360, 배우자.mp4)

10 years ago.


watched it, pretty good, although he could have mentioned the bacteriological warfare and the fact that UN without true china and USSR was basically nato
I'd have liked more digging into the modern political system of dprk too.
tbf his vid is already 3h+.




>these fucking comments
Westerners will believe anything lmao




Westerners will always find some way to shit on the DPRK


Clapistanis clap for the burger flag when they are just indentured servants to the bourgeoisie and the police will clap them if they don't clap enough for HFCS and Red #5.


the same mfs who will thank nazi soldiers for their service in reddit comments


File: 1694227891995.png (126.91 KB, 1019x499, ClipboardImage.png)

based korea hacks over 40 million in crypto from casino scammers



Some important developments are happening


File: 1695024115002.png (41.93 KB, 474x285, ClipboardImage.png)

One day I was scrolling through Instagram when I came across an image that is pretty much similar to pic related. It's made by Milos Popovic, for your information…


I feel like all this stuff about N Korean hackers is bullshit. N Korea is so societally isolated from the greater international culture that people are even able to make expensive movies about killing certain political figures something that for example has not happened with Russia or China for example. I feel like this is just a bullshit excuse to justify a fuck up or to steal money


pics or stfu


what a dumb post, comrade


I think they are real and based.
It's the kind of shit all nations do, cyber crime that is but based and regularly targets the enemies of us all.


this picture is bullshit, it's been debunked a thousand times already
source for the pic is page 46-47 in this pdf


Lazarus is a well-established APT.
Not only does it make complete sense for them to have a state-sponsored cyber capability, it would be embarrassing if they didn't for the last ten years.
I keep my support for these groups critical (they're frequently finance-driven opportunists who would ransom a hospital and your water supply if it were an effective way to get money), but Lazarus consistently focuses on big-fish financial targets (banks, crypto, media, pharma), Western cyber researchers, and governments/military (esp. South Korea). So critical support.


File: 1695140249966.jpg (340.59 KB, 1152x2048, 20230919_121552.jpg)

Materialist explanation?


more context would be appreciated. I think it is necessary to understand that multiculturalism under free market is a different thing from multiculturalism not in a free market society. Cultures under free market get simplified and objectified and turned into commodities that get turned into parodies of the original, still doesn’t justify the statement made in the text. Also it is likely that further two parts of Korea develop further they become more different in culture, language and values which makes unification less likely and more violent, this could be the reason for this statement.


literally written : they want to reunite korea while the south korean porkies want to import cheap labor and let US and japanese porkies impose their globalized bourgeois culture where nations doesnt matter, only capital.
it obviously have harmful reactionary tendencies, but nationalism can be progressive and their unique context makes it not that harmful: I doubt its gonna lead to any repression of the illegal underclass of immigrants in dprk cause they dont exist.
On the other hand, the multicultural celebration of sk is just thin progressive paint on the exploitation of migrant workers and integration into the globalized and merchandised capitalist culture


Standard bourgeois nationalist line. Rather than viewing socialist society as the only context in which a truly multinational, multiracial society can exist with real equality (USSR during its revolutionary period and Cuba being prime examples) they are uncritically accepting the bourgeois conception of race as scientific and irreconcilable, and of nation as only being able to persist in a "homogeneous" (a word/conception which inherently requires the idealist erasure of internal contradictions) society.

The idea of the "homogeneous" nation or state is absurd on its face and is a historical falsehood. Even the so-called "homogeneous" status of the Nordic states (which many reactionaries cite as the reason why their social-democracy "works", as opposed to social-imperialism), is a mythology constructed by these states as a means to both legitimize themselves and pave the way for the bourgeois/fascist project of exploiting the land and peoples they control. Ask the Sámi people how homogeneous a society Sweden, Norway, or Finland is, I'm sure they'd be happy to enlighten you as to how many were murdered to achieve that illusion. It's especially absurd to view the "multinational, multiracial" concept as nothing more than a means to "Americanize" Korea. The United States itself actively seeks homogeneity despite the claims of the "progressive" wing of its fascism. There are tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of indigenous women alive today who have been sterilized by Federal and state governments against their will. Black culture is wrung out and commodified for all its worth and discarded when white people are finished with it. Immigrants are told that we are a "melting pot" while their cherished family and cultural practices are regarded with fear and revulsion until they warp them into barely-recognizable husks more palatable to white tastes. In every instance "homogeneity" is nothing more than a mask the dominant nation puts on to pretend it doesn't need to come to terms with its own chauvinism. "Why work on myself?" it says, "everyone agrees with me anyways!" A so-called "Worker's Party" adopting that conception and not doing an iota of work to analyze the conditions of its greatest global enemy (evidenced by its absurdly out-of-touch view of the US) is deeply alarming.

Their conception of "multiracial" is similarly alarming. Like >>1602410 said, there is a legitimate critique to be made of these concepts in the context of bourgeois society, where they cannot genuinely exist and instead act as smokescreens for national exploitation and imperialism. For those of us fighting for the construction of the dictatorship of the proletariat it's critical that we have a firm conception of what's scientific and what isn't. Race, in any respect, is an unscientific term with no material basis. Bourgeois forces hastily and messily redefine it constantly once each conceptualization is revealed as unworkable. First it was about spirit (or original sin even!), then it was about skull shape and IQ, then it was about genetic traits, and now we're throwing in mitochondrial DNA. Whatever arbitrary correlation pseudoscientists thought they found would be magically the reason why one group in western society is dominant over all others, and the differences between the "civilized" and "uncivilized" the reason why social strife persists. No, class struggle cannot possibly be a thing, there aren't material differences in interest between different sections of production, you see Stalin was really just a dumb Asiatic Georgian and that's why he was a communist! Yet constantly bourgeois ideologues are hounded by the age-old (and correct) statement that "correlation doesn't equal causation" and are only able to maintain race as an immutable, "scientific" trait by restricting the masses view of the greater context that these trends arise in. Race quickly falls apart with even cursory knowledge of the genuine causes of inequality and destitution in capitalist society, and on the intellectual front the emerging study of epigenetics is likewise challenging dominant pseudoscience.

All of this is to say that the principal relevancy of race to the communist movement is in seeking reparations for what racialized people are owed from the bourgeois class (as part of the wider project of the oppression of that class in the DotP) and actively challenging the racialized superstructure in bourgeois society which maintains a class collaborationist attitude among many. The correct response to western "multiracial" narratives is to correctly state that only socialism and later communism can actually bring about such an equal and equitable society. Instead, the Worker's Party accepts bourgeois pseudoscience as fact and, rather than fighting against the west on the home turf of the scientific working class, has decided to fight on the terrain the west has chosen for them. They're being baited into a trap position to alienate them from the wider movement, and fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I would be less harsh about these critiques if the Worker's Party still showed any real interest in taking part in these international line struggles and actually sought to be a part of the International Communist Movement, but they have made it clear that they are uninterested outside of performative greetings and window dressing.


Shitty translation and the ROK does use multiraciality to present itself as better than the DPRK, in a way that could be likened to leftypol users' favorite subject of discussion, idpol. This is also be hinted at by the quotation marks around "multiracial society" and the sudden cutoff of the text could hint to a deliberately misrepresented meme image.


*quotations around "multiracial society" in the sense that capitalist conception of it is bullshit


It's a correct translation. The full text is pretty easy to find online. For example: https://espressostalinist.com/2015/07/30/the-dprk-on-race/

Link also includes further links to sources in the original Korean, in case you wanna verify the translation yourself.


So, how do people justify North Korea abducting Japanese citizens?


Japan raped, murdered, and enslaved Koreans for decades and to this day refuses to admit any fault in that, and yet we're supposed to cry rivers about a handful of Japs (literally a dozen or so, not the multiple hundreds that the Japanese invented) getting interned. Japan is so fucking ridiculous when it comes to playing the victim in every scenario, they rape and genocide their way through China and people like you will cry about poor Japan being a victim of the war.


Every side was doing this in the cold war + Japanese media exaggerated it and marked hundreds of people went missing or died in Japan as abducted + some were actually voluntary defectors + Kim Jong Il admitted and apologized for the few legitimate cases in 2002 (blaming it on some people in security services acting against orders) and returned those who wanted to return


>So, how do people justify North Korea abducting Japanese citizens?
I personally don't. In what context?


I see. The translation could well be leaving out important details. I do not read korean well enough to translate but articles published by even international korean news agencies still tend to be mechanical and even lacking in some cases.


File: 1695748094301-0.jpg (86.55 KB, 1000x666, IMG_20230922_115659.jpg)

File: 1695748094301-1.jpg (130.02 KB, 1024x682, IMG_20230922_115701.jpg)

Twitter is going crazy over kim jong-un's new drip


st enough weight that he looks slimmer whilst not in a suit.
good for him!


Damn, dude's looking good! The hat's a good vibe.


how is he so fat


Caloric surplus


File: 1695919805431-0.png (864.37 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1695919805431-1.png (47.51 KB, 300x273, ClipboardImage.png)

The Koreans really sent this american black back to the land of the KKK to be mass incarcerated huh?
That's fucked.. Basically gave him a death sentence.

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