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Thread for news and discussions of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, its material conditions, the status and health of its socialist tradition, disproving common myths about it, etc.

Archive of the previous DPRK thread:
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As someone correctly pointed out in the comments (there are people defending it) it looks like a country where most of its cities and urban environments were destroyed and had to focus on building quickly and functional, they didn't have time or resources to spend on aesthetics.


It's pretty amazing that people believe that koreans are so poor that everyone eats rats, yet so rich that they can build a bunch of empty unused real estate for the sole purpose of fooling foreigners, and see absolutely no contradiction.


These pictures make me unironically kms.
I hate you faggots who post reddit.


Go ahead do it


want to*
I think I'll kill an American instead.


They live in a society with an exploding housing problem and also superyachts, why are you surprised they can believe that?


File: 1706222673091.jpg (97.28 KB, 1055x593, GEqhuIObkAAQ-yJ.jpg)

The Arch of Reunification has officially been demolished.


kinda sad tbh


File: 1706284287738.jpg (17.99 KB, 200x300, Nothing to Envy.jpg)

Have any of you guys read this


What did they do that?


the time for peace has ended


North Korea is transforming into a new form to increase their power level.


Probably just the recognition that enough time has passed with such different societies that North and South Korea likely won't ever see eye-to-eye based on a common heritage. The arch itself depicts two Korean women in traditional clothing, again a suggestion that Korea can be united based on its previous history as a unified country and tbqh, that's pretty unlikely now regardless of history as they're just too culturally different now. DPRK has its independence and perhaps that's the more important thing than being united with an American colony and absorbing that kind of society, culture and economy *just* because they *used* to be one people.

I think really the ROK feels the same way.


No anon, it's because the DPRK are convinced there can be no peaceful unification.
They're upping the hostility, because South Korea upped it.


It a pretty serious statement then, I get hostilities are high but for most of the Korean war it has been.




Please God if North Korea invades the south let Yeomni Park die first.


i think a renewed korean war will probably involved the chaebols and the cults of south korea forming a mujahadeen of temporarily aligned interests. north korea would have to be in charge of killing religious zealots and mercenaries alongside state officials. even the presidents of south korea mostly work for organizations like the eight goddess cult so it wouldnt be too surprising to me.


South Korea is one of the most corrupt shitholes in all of South East Asia.


>Parker not summarily executed for riding between two citizens instead of the wide path around them
>cameras exist to invade privacy
My hope has been shattered. I am no longer critically supporting the DPRK.


File: 1706307747000-0.jpg (45.89 KB, 583x583, 0.jpg)

File: 1706307747000-1.jpg (43.11 KB, 583x583, 1.jpg)

File: 1706307747000-2.jpg (44.28 KB, 583x583, 2.jpg)

>volunteering for maintaining and cleaning your neighborhood is 'weirdness' well hopefully they didnt mean it like that
>wow they're risking their life by filming on a gopro
>people walking in evident winter are 'droning along'. edit: people disagreeing with me are NK bots on reddit.com
>the streets are wide so they can drive tanks down them
>"These Pyongyang residents are probably the top 5% of their country so it's very possible they can afford basic things"
>"Litter requires packaging, which requires stores, which requires an economy."
>they're going to kill citizens for littering

there are actually more sane replies than expected, particularly appreciation for lack of commercialization of public space like billboards and the cleanliness, and many idiots are getting called out. but damn, the dumb people make you ponder how a person can become so profoundly thoughtless…


n-no Kim, you can still fix him….



Is South Korea the Florida of Asia?


Now that you mention it. I heard a rumor somewhere that most luxury apartments and the like that are sold for ridiculous sums in New York and the like are mostly just traded back and forth between criminal oligarchs as a way to launder money.

So it seems that the whole "build fancy shit just to fool foreigners" is more endemic to imperialist nations.


File: 1706856892083.png (187 KB, 557x208, ClipboardImage.png)

Ah, now it makes sense why Anarchists hate the DPRK so much.


Does anyone know how I can find the December 22nd 1989 edition of Nodong Sinmun?
Its locked here.


>public bathhouse mandate
I kneel


>but damn, the dumb people make you ponder how a person can become so profoundly thoughtless…
There was an episode of The Deprogram where they had an Australian guest who had been to the DPRK. He said that on his tour they passed a corn field, and that other Westerners on the tour were claiming that the corn was fake. Because you know, setting up fake corn to fool a few foreigners would definitely be easier than just actually planting corn.


File: 1706892195518.png (1005.17 KB, 602x955, ClipboardImage.png)

>sanitation pass
Atheist wudu; instead of being denied access to prayer/salvation/whatever you're denied access to public facilities
No wonder North Korea makes western christcucks shudder with rage.


North Korea is going all in. All laws related to North-South cooporation are being removed.


File: 1707590476155.png (781.41 KB, 862x600, ClipboardImage.png)

>Pyongyang considers Seoul to be its "most harmful and unchangeable enemy," the leader has said
>Pyongyang must be prepared to seize South Korean territory in the event of an "emergency," North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has said.
>In a speech marking the 76th anniversary of the founding of the North Korean Army on Friday, Kim praised the military for "firmly protecting the sovereignty and dignity of the country" from "imperialist military threats, blackmail, and the risk of war."
>[Kim] said his country has "summarized the history of our people's division and confrontation and defined [South] Korean puppets as the most harmful and unchangeable enemy" of Pyongyang.
>Against this backdrop, Kim stated that in the event of an "emergency," North Korean policymakers had "made a national decision to occupy and pacify [South Korean] territory."
>Last month, Kim also called on the national parliament to label South Korea the "number one hostile country."
>Citing US officials, the New York Times reported in January that Washington is worried that North Korea could "take some form of lethal military action" against Seoul. The paper's sources, however, doubted that Pyongyang would risk anything resembling a full-scale attack.
theres gonna be war, doesnt it?


Why doesn't Korea undermine the West by hosting a mega pirate bay server with all that juicy western media on it


cuz tpb is lib


how the fuck is a torrent website lib you fucking retard


File: 1707642935375.webm (Spoiler Image, 6.03 MB, 640x360, pla toys.webm)

POV: you sneezed during Kim Jong-un's address to the Supreme People's Assembly.


hello my name is russian federation pleased to meet you


the US would see that as a warcrime


>>1569474 welcome back sankara-sama


File: 1707946819983.png (404.53 KB, 661x623, cuba.png)

Cuba has officially made relations with South Korea


File: 1707952842996.png (1.01 MB, 1024x711, ClipboardImage.png)

cuba has been getting more and more lib recently. looks like the blockade has broken them at last.


Currently, I read a Facebook story from someone who just came back from traveling in North Korea, and found out that North Korea is aware of the outside world through smuggled media from South Korea. But the reason mass fleeing never happened is that they are aware that they won't fit in the new hyper-capitalistic, hyper-competitive society, especially aged people.


File: 1708431770300.png (1.21 MB, 1057x812, ClipboardImage.png)

>defect to South Korea
>get raped
nothing personal kid


Cuba has fallen
Millions must pay IMF loans


south korean christians are fucked up, man


What can you expect from a CIA run church, let alone one that circumcises men at 18? Literally Spaniard tier colonization.


If you try to test whether freedom really exists in the world, then try starting a nuclear weapon program like North Korea and Iran, then the 'good guys' are coming for you.


Welcome the to western civilization

Reminds of the uncontacted tribes doc where the dude who leaves the tribe for the civilization gets married and cheated on in less than a week


lol shitlibs get fucked (literally!)


Didn't the DPRK start considering the ROK to be a foreign adversary? All this shows is that they waited for DPRK before recognizing the ROK.

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