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Thread for news and discussions of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, its material conditions, the status and health of its socialist tradition, disproving common myths about it, etc.

Archive of the previous DPRK thread:


How good is the DPRK army? Are they sophisticated, practice information sharing and make good of what few resources they have, or are they disorganized/corrupt like arab armies?


glow uyghys are not ur frens


Their ground forces are good, masses of artillery grant them immense firepower. They have a huge infantry as well and like the soviets they do lots of snipers and mortars, it would be hell to go up against them. Their air-force is shit, they can shoot down drones and helicopters, but not modern fighter jets or missiles. China and the Dprk have a mutual defense pact, which might cover their gap in Air-power. They also have the largest submarine fleet of any military, that is old but functional. They probably sank a south Korean Corvette in 2010. They also build a new class of submarine 2 or 3 years ago rumored to be able to launch an icbm.



File: 1641509363141-0.jpg (479.94 KB, 1280x960, blUaaadHSS8.jpg)

File: 1641509363141-1.jpg (387.31 KB, 1280x960, UMsI33lM31Y.jpg)

File: 1641509363141-2.jpg (317.05 KB, 1019x1080, 4uHCBzNAyXI.jpg)

The Sci-Hub VK account hosts an album of photos from the Pyongyang Sci-Tech Complex.


File: 1641662720443.png (539.63 KB, 640x639, pjt4vrdqifa81.png)

Happy birthday Kim Jong Un


Here's to you!


File: 1641677556354.png (261.09 KB, 626x455, load size ferreri.png)

>They also build a new class of submarine 2 or 3 years ago rumored to be able to launch an icbm.
God I hope so


The /dprk/ Matrix room has reopened.
You can join it if you are already in the official /leftypol/ Element space.


(27 January 2021) Number of North Korean Defectors Drops to Lowest Level in Two Decades


>However, China and Russia are pushing the UN Security Council to ease sanctions on North Korea by removing a ban on Pyongyang's exports of statues, seafood and textiles, and lifting a refined petroleum imports cap.


The request to lift sanctions against statue exports is particularly interesting, they are known to have exported a lot of statues to African countries.
Lifting the sanction against seafood exports I can see being a huge boon to the country, particularly its many seaside fishing villages that are some of the poorest places in the nation.


Daily reminder that storeshittistahn used biological weapons on Korea


New yeonmi park just dropped


Kek, people really think these subtitles are real and that Kim Jong Un regularly disappears entire cities.



File: 1642666850419.jpg (1.08 MB, 2456x1848, DPRK Myths.jpg)



looks good
but you really don't need to put that @ there 10 times, once or twice is enough


I don't get it, why don't people that speak Korean just come out and say the subs are fake?


Would be better with a sources section at the bottom


File: 1642689527948.jpg (20.86 KB, 188x338, Sickle_and_Hammer.jpg)

Nah Best Korea haters wouldn't believe it anyway and they'd just try and nitpick the sources

What matters is that it's the truth

if I were a primary school teacher I'd proudly print it up as a poster and stick it on the classroom wall
[Pic related] is for (you) comrade anon


agree with most of it but, ignoring the negative connotation, why isn't the DPRK considered an authoritarian dictatorship?
i can easily imagine an authoritarian society ruled by a dictator that has many positive aspects. is the author of the chart just avoiding snarl words or am i fundamentally misunderstanding how they are defined?


What is the short-hand way people in both the north and south refer to North Korea?
>North Korea?
>The initialism DPRK but adopted for the Korean alphabet?
>The full official name?


Good job


The North and South use different names for Korea. A southerner calls Korea “Hanguk” (한국) and the north “Bukhan” (북한). The northerners call Korea “Joson” (조선) and the south “Namjoson” (남조선).


So…South Korea?


The difference is Han vs Choson.


There's never a reason not to include sources.


How do you respond to dogmatists calling dprk revisionist because "they're nationalist and have almost a monarchy of the kim family"


I'm not taking people seriously who use the term "revisionist" especially when they talk about the most besieged country on the planet. Tell them Mao or Hoxha were revisionist, that will shut them up.


I mean, they are my organization man, so far the most serious one, so I need to be able to talk to them. And yes, funny how they talk about Hoxha a lot, bruh moment




If they call the DPRK "revisionist" they are probably not that serious.


ask them where they get their info from. Ask them to think materially and critically about NK position on a geopolitical level. Ask them why having a popular figurehead is bad.


That's nice of them could never imagine burgers doing such a thing


>Ask them why having a popular figurehead is bad.
<it goes against marxist principles *quotes stalin*
<also, juche turned marxism into idealism
<also, juche talks about "peaceful integration" of the bourgeoisie into the socialist order
<also, juche isn't marxist they said it themselves
<also juche talks about how ideological renumeration should be prioritized in a socialist system, which is idealist *quotes marx talking about the remnants of capitalism in workers*
and so on. their points are.. i don't know. semi-valid?


>DSA IC calls for lifting the US travel ban on North Korea and ending the decades-long devastating economic sanctions


that seems like very ideological nitpicking and somehow i doubt they debated this with an actual juche theorist that actually has his shit put into practice. NK dont just wank to ethereal theory, they have a state to run under constant US siege.
and obviously, critics made from the depth of your neolib hellhole to an actually existing socialist state with 0 reliable source is silly. you're allowed to crit their theory if you can show how it failed them in the material reality. Taking random docs from original kim and saying the theory is bad is not how you analyze and crit present day NK.

basically id call them sectarian, ultraleft idealists armchair faggots themselves, that slur a socialist state despite having no good access to the real way things are run, which is the important part, no some purely immaterial theory.

also, even their theory critics are mediocre
><it goes against marxist principles *quotes stalin*
they should see the irony there
><also, juche turned marxism into idealism
><also, juche talks about "peaceful integration" of the bourgeoisie into the socialist order
do they ?
><also, juche isn't marxist they said it themselves
yeah just cause they add their nationalist spin on it, doesnt mean the core isnt marxist.


>Kim Jong Un inspects designated Site for Large-Scale Vegetable Greenhouse Farm




Remover that you can watch North Korea's state tv broadcast online every day and that old broadcasts are archived.




File: 1643845990102.png (686.96 KB, 800x566, 800wm.png)

Does anybody have a rebuttal to this stupid meme that there is no light in the DPRK?


File: 1644079883847.png (907.83 KB, 960x960, ClipboardImage (5).png)

why do they look like this?


File: 1644079950360.mp4 (49.42 MB, 1920x816, Burger Military.mp4)


File: 1644089544584.jpg (83.65 KB, 800x566, fake photos.jpg)

how about this one


File: 1644098673386.png (1.06 MB, 1003x484, ClipboardImage.png)


Why are you calling it stupid if you don't have a rebuttal?
Very unscientific attitude, comrade.

there was an effortpost someone screencapped from long ago talking about how they construct composite photos from satellites but I can't verify that without seeing it


Post the part at the end where Chinese sigmas are heroically mowing down burger bugmen. God that was so satisfying to watch. I only wish they had Korean troops too


File: 1644109333953-0.jpg (212.46 KB, 1000x750, 1638313585387-0.jpg)

File: 1644109333953-1.png (1.04 MB, 612x816, 1642458802005.png)

These images aren't just one picture from a satellite. They need thousands of captures from months of orbiting to get a good picture. So, it is really easy to just not include as many images of the DPRK. This isn't even a massive conspiracy, it is trivial for them to make the DPRK look dark.

I have also heard that they use different wavelengh lightbulbs. I think there was even a pdf about this. But I don't have a link to that and I really don't know if it is real.

The DPRK does have energy issues and they have to turn their lights off if they are asleep, which is fair enough. But it isn't nearly as bad as the fascist media might want you to believe.


File: 1644298138913.jpg (203.22 KB, 1170x1652, jdfrfp4yjjg81.jpg)

The only correct stance on crypto in the world.


Explain this one to me.


File: 1644371947885.jpg (78.4 KB, 828x638, 1pz3422kiog81.jpg)

happens to me all the time


They have lots of solar panels everywhere


so this is how greater korea will be made, because kim chad hun wanted virgin puss and the US had plenty, wierd because he is gay but whatever.


Kim is gay and hetero, alive and dead, a genius evil mastermind and a bumbling idiot, fat and thin, smoking and quitting, a threat and a coward, materialist but heavenly, god and man, spirit and matter, the man of contradictions of universal proportions.


Average chad moment in the DPRK


>Talks about Wonsan City
<Shows unrelated map of Kuwait, and later, Mexico
Do fags actually fall for this shit?

Also, the top comment was:
>Funny how easily you can spot propaganda when you're an outsider.



when people say it's an absolute monarchy, what do you say?


asking for myself



File: 1644691489815.mp4 (52.85 MB, 1920x816, Lake Changjin Ending.mp4)

The guy playing mcarthur came back for the sequel which hasnt been release in outside of China yet


that they clearly have no idea how the NK political system function

man watching a patriotic war movie with US as bad guy was awesome. But they fall in exactly the same shortcomings as US ones. You don't see a single fucking korean, its barely acknowledged its outside china.


What's the most pro-North spin you can give me of the Korean War? What do you point to when people say the North started it?


File: 1644755790973.jpg (47.09 KB, 378x464, Kimilsung.jpg)

It's unclear and very politically motivated as there were no independent observers when the war broke out, and all testimonies come from one side or the other. The DPRK version is that South Korea started it by attacking the border at Ongjin and seizing Haeju and other towns, and this triggered the North Korean invasion. The capture of Haeju was actually officially reported by South Korea but later denied by its government (it was deemed a sort of misinterpretation). The most widely accepted version in the west is the pro-American, United Nations report which put all the blame on the DPRK and deemed it an unprovoked aggression.

The DPRK arguments on the causes of the war are:
1. That from 1948 to 1950, South Korean troops launched numerous intrusions and raids into North Korean territory (there was constant fighting around the 38th parallel), while their president Syngman Rhee and advisors kept urging about attacking the north and had publicly talked about this many times. Additionally, a military triumph in the north could reignite support for Rhee, whose situation was deteriorating. Rhee lacked popular support, had suffered a serious defeat in the May 1950 legislative elections and faced strong underground resistance as well as protests and mutinies (ie. Jeju uprising, Yeosu–Suncheon rebellion)
2. That South Korea (ROK) was an illegitimate state installed by the United States, filled with Japanese collaborators, war criminals, traitors and American officers, and had no right to exist in the first place. It was propped up after American forces overthrew the popular People's Republic of Korea in 1945 (a national government in the making). The ROK was repressive and murdered independence leaders (Kim Koo, Ryo Un Hyong) and between 1948-50 executed up to 200,000 koreans and arrested 500,000 more during political repressions (and later would go to account for the majority of crimes during the war). So in short the Korean war would've never happened without American interference.
3. That before the war, the United States had already decided that North Korea would be deemed the aggressor, and had prepared the legal groundwork so that responsibility be placed on the DPRK in the name of the United Nations, and to secure a quick intervention under command of the United States. And also that America had double standards on the 38th parallel and what constituted aggression. When North Korea invades the south, the parallel is treated as an international border. When US invades the north, the 38th parralel is deemed "an imaginary line" and American leaders stop caring about it.

The Korean War: A History - Bruce Cumings
Patriots, Traitors and Empires: The Story of Korea's Struggle for Freedom - Stephen Gowans
US Imperialists Started the Korean War - Foreign Languages House (DPRK book, has their official view on the war)


Quality effortpost anon. I would screenshot rn but I am on mobile


File: 1644759100056.png (193.56 KB, 1735x450, ClipboardImage.png)


epic thank you anon


>the North started it
you mean the legitimate government tried retaking its occupied territories of the foreign backed fascist collaborationist dictatorial government, after it started attacking them.

also the UN at the time without ussr and communist china had 0 legitimacy, it was basically nato


Weird, kind of like the UN after they joined. Also hadn't the USSR joined already? I thought they were one of the founding members…


Also of course the DPRK was justified either way. You don't need any excuse to spread communism to be frank


they had joined, but when the other powers decided to put the retard fascists hidden in taiwan at the table instead of communist china, it boycotted the whole thing. US then used it for passing its imperial intervention as a legitimate move toward uncultured retard who dont know history and geopolitics.


File: 1644777002079.mp4 (7.97 MB, 980x1280, dprk_weightlifting.mp4)

made a small update to a classic


What's the homeless problem in storeshittistahn looking like now?



Kek, this is so good. Can't stop watching it. What's the original?


Is it confirmed that the South had sent death squads and others into the north?



Is my homie KJU trying to transform into his dad? NK and Cuba are the only countries that give me hope.


File: 1644862157113.png (450.18 KB, 1783x898, Korean War.png)

Thanks Comrade, higher quality screenshot here. Will make use of this in the future.

Could i also get an easy to understand quick historical rundown on why there were two Koreas in the first place and why the north was more legitimate then the south?


correct them in that it's a hereditary socialist state



its not hereditary if they get elected at the position, and its not even the same position. Retard



>it's not the same position if it has all the power and privilege as the previous condition but call it something slightly different



>what is juche?


Just gonna leave this here.



>if it has all the power and privilege
but it does not


video about russian jucheists


Extreemely based



Includes DPRK techno @ 4:28



Pyongyang accused Washington of pursuing “military supremacy” at the expense of Moscow’s “legitimate” security demands


Welp lads It's official the Russians are the good guys in this conflict
I already thought so, but now I know


File: 1646008971334.jpg (349.32 KB, 1280x1280, KIM.JPG)

he used to be so fat


>even news anchors are wearing Joseon era dresses now
And people will still claim there's anything progressive about this tinpot cult?


That lady always has worn that.
>hurr durr muh traditional clothing
Koreans can dress like Koreans, you chauvinist pig.


why they can't use traditional clothing as an anchor ?


news anchors in the West wear traditional clothing too



Preserving your nation's unique culture in the face of globalist capitalism is progressive, paradoxically. We don't want everything to be a gray mass controlled by the Amis.



DPRK is literally an absolutist monarchy and the direct successor of Joseon Korea, why should the left support it?


can i get an uptodate pic of slim kim?


File: 1646168356545.png (17.4 KB, 1423x119, ClipboardImage.png)

you say that as Joseon Korea wasnt pretty fucking cool



Is this what leftypol has become?


Stfu globalist, we're been pro-monarchy since Ancient Inca times.


>Kim Jong Un gives Historic Speech, clarifying Party's Programme for building Socialism and Communism


read the archives linked in the OP we went through this a million times




Requesting that comparison image that shows the heads of American and DPRK states. The USA roles are almost all dictated by the national president himself, or by people hand picked by the president, while DPRK has a large variety of people dictating these roles.


File: 1646378941476.jpg (692.33 KB, 2000x1657, 1628104867740.jpg)


Does the DPRK legislature elect those people? Who elects the legislature?


fuck off vooooter



Thank you very much. I'll try and add it to the booru.


File: 1646856838795-0.png (58.73 KB, 314x252, Untitled2.png)

File: 1646856838795-1.png (25.76 KB, 592x426, Untitled.png)

The official incel candidate is about to win the South Korean election, holy fuck.

>Anti-feminism is at the forefront of this year’s Korean presidential election, with populist candidates mobilizing an army of angry young male voters.

>'[Yoon’s] pledge of abolishing the women ministry is what I have been waiting for. I think the ministry has done nothing and wasted our national budget.' A proud anti-feminist, Seo is part of a new and angry generation of young men in male-oriented South Korea fighting for what they see as “true gender equality". “Korean men have had to shoulder a lot of burden for generations,” Seo said. “We do military service while women are free to go on with their lives. Where’s the justice in that?”


From what i hear, SKorea is the First country where Incels and femcels have political power.


Fucking incredible development. But I get that doing almost 2 years of military service must suck.



>no thread for this
leftypol is dead


I wanted to make a thread but I was scared for getting banned for talking about the incel links so posting it in the DPRK thread was safer.


File: 1646863356022.jpg (51.96 KB, 665x392, 1643524955256.jpg)


>got elected without a majority
Bourgeois "democracy"


>Bourgeois "democracy"
in spite of you not understanding what a republic is, true democracy is mob rule and serves as the greatest advantage to the ruling class. fuck democracy


File: 1646867854889.png (304.31 KB, 596x663, 1646867152924.png)

Western headlines trickling in.


lmao its still way better than north korea which doesnt even let people vote…. or rather you do, your choices are "yes" and "shoot me" 😒


north korea did vote. they voted for communism/juche in 1953, not with ballots but with rifles. they got exactly what they voted for and some cultish retards on this board still defend it


south korea voted for its ronald regan

and the ironic thing is the liberal guy is economically closer to park chung hee/south koreas fdr tho the analogy is kinda eh

im in doomer mode


File: 1646874722833-1.png (168.71 KB, 645x541, korea.png)

File: 1646874722833-2.png (507.61 KB, 1080x1040, koreangenocide.png)

Incel vs 8 goddess/megalia civil war soon?
Also never 4get the peoples' republic of korea


Name three political parties in DRPK.
Not reading your posts until you do.


Oh look, a reactionary bourgeois take, delivered with the pose of a rebel. It's anarcho-burger time!


Not happy to see this. Can someone explain this? I had no idea DPRK was so racist..


motherfucker you made my heart skip some beats, I had to check if that tweet was real.


all of them are puppets to the Wpk, its the illusion of choice. you can't prove North korea has real elections.


File: 1647019450900-0.png (209.11 KB, 1827x887, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1647019450900-1.png (736.3 KB, 950x534, ClipboardImage.png)


Who is /pol/ North Korean poster?


File: 1647019735581.png (749.94 KB, 992x744, ClipboardImage.png)

>Who is /pol/ North Korean poster?


Thread of rare photos from inside North Korea.



File: 1647697162261-0.jfif (204.4 KB, 1300x866, FOLgTn3WUAc4GJA.jfif)

File: 1647697162261-1.jfif (232.67 KB, 1300x866, FOLgTn4XoAEqnw1.jfif)

File: 1647697162261-2.jfif (197.16 KB, 1300x866, FOLgTn5XwAA799J.jfif)

New apartment quarter under construction in Pyongyang. This seems to turn out impressive.


North Koreans are people just like anyone else, and have all manner of flaws. With how isolated they are from the international community, it's no wonder that racism can make it into op-eds in the papers, even when the party line is staunchly against racism.



not gonna lie, some of them look cool.



Housing is free in the DPRK. Why would the government deliberately keep the homes empty after putting in so many ressources to build them?


File: 1647877990916-0.png (4.72 KB, 278x264, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1647877990916-1.png (24.61 KB, 1223x91, ClipboardImage.png)

DailyNK is associated with the US government and they dont even try to hide it


As the article points out, only a couple of lots qualify for the free housing program. There is furthermore a growing black market for housing, with supply and demand in a nominally socialist country being a reasonable explanation for vacant apartments.

You only have a problem with it because it's funded by a country you don't like. Can you demonstrate Daily NK is an unreliable source in-and-of-itself?


if it receives funding from the US, an state with a history of lying and using any way to spread it's agenda, then is not reliable by default


Information on the DPRK are very sparse. The self-assurance of that author, Mun Dong Hui, is unwarranted given that buying and selling k housing is illegal there. There is also no information about the author whatsoever except that they have over 300 extremely vitriolic anti-DPRK articles on their belt.



Sorry but housing is completely free in the dprk (if I am not mistaken it is even written as such in the constitution)

Of course there likely is some corruption however this would suggest high demand relative to available stock not deliberate vacancies (since it would be very easy for the housing authorities to detect if the lower administrators were witholding properties in order to extort bribes; You just send people down there to check at random intervals)


get the fuck out of here liberal, left doesn't include you


These bogpills are too strong for you traveler.


>source: Facebook
Don't post shit like this. It only hurts our reputation.



Daily NK was established with the express purpose of serving as an outlet for anti-DPRK propaganda and is run from Seoul. Also NED is a front for the CIA. You might as well cite Radio Free Asia.


Can you provide a couple instances where they provably lied?


Here is an instance where someone discovered an inconsistency in their narrative and pointed it out, which made them go back and edit the text of an interview from 2015.


Damn this video is hot!


File: 1648206431774-0.mp4 (9.47 MB, 1000x480, 1.mp4)

File: 1648206431774-1.mp4 (14.32 MB, 1590x480, 2.mp4)


Did they really put this out?


Indian soap opera level of editing lmao


KCNA video of the test


File: 1648247528430.jpg (56.43 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

It's like outsider art but produced by a nuclear-armed state




spilled my tea lmao


Juchewood cinema


File: 1648299781664.png (216.25 KB, 1660x897, ClipboardImage.png)

Looks like you missed the second 'a' in 'cataid'

It certainly is a real link, someone has used the Wayback Machine ( https://web.archive.org ) to archive a snapshot of http://www.dailynk.com/english/read.php?cataId=nk00100&num=13544 , a real site that is now replaced by https://www.dailynk.com/english/factors-contributing-to-the-decrea/. The numbers 20160612010922 between those two links denote the date timestamp of when it was archived: 2016-06-12 01:09:22 AM.


this really rattled china and russia huh? bet they're biting their ankles that they're stuck with a rogue state huh


What the fuck are you talking about?


weren't russia and china holding talks about this missile test or something?


they're holding talk to remove the sanctions retard


>The Juche idea, the guiding ideology of socialism in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, was and is target of much criticism not only by the bourgeois media vehicles, from who we are already used to reading these types of content, but also by many progressives and so-called communists. Among the latter, stand out, in particular, Hoxhaists and Maoists, those who raise Enver Hoxha as a great defender of the purity of Marxism-Leninism against revisionism and those who follow “Marxism-Leninism-Maoism”, summarized by Abimael Guzmán, leader of the Sendero Luminoso, from Peru, as “the third and superior stage of Marxism-Leninism”.
>It is well known that between the followers of both lines there is a lot of friction, as well as between the main leaders of the two sides. However, when it comes to the Juche idea and socialism in Korea in general, they both embark on a common frenzy of criticism, most often frivolous. In an attempt to prove the "purity" and "superiority" of this or that idea, they launch attacks against the country that, at times, even assimilates and adheres to what is broadcast by the media at the service of capital and of imperialism, which is, in fact, something to be scared about, coming from communists.
>Given this situation, this article is intended to bring to light the criticisms raised against this idea and Korean socialism in order to provide a reasonable clarification and conclusion of what is really in them.


Did you guys know that the Korean peninsula didn't exist between 1945 and June 25th 1950! On that date in 1950 it reappears and the North attacks for no reason at all.



is it true that kim jong il wrote 1500 books and 6 operas?


During the 1970s he was involved with the creation of the 5 Revolutionary Operas: Sea of Blood, The Flower Girl, Tell O' The Forest, A True Daughter of the Party, and The Song of Mount Kumgang. Maybe the 6th is The Fate of a Self-defence Corps Man. He’s never credited with writing them himself and you can find them on youtube. I don’t know exactly how many works are credited to Kim Jong Il, but keep in mind that many of them are transcriptions of talks he gave to officials and can be as short as 7 pages.


No, but it costs a grand to find out you aren't going to score with the living blowup doll. Play Elden Ring instead, it's cheaper and will give you a better illusion of intimacy with living plastic.


>UNITED NATIONS, April 13 (Reuters) - The United States is pushing the U.N. Security Council to further sanction North Korea over its renewed ballistic missile launches by banning tobacco and halving oil exports to the country and blacklisting the Lazarus hacking group, according to a draft resolution reviewed by Reuters on Wednesday.
>The United States circulated the draft to the 15 council members this week. It was not immediately clear if or when it could be put to a vote. A resolution needs nine "yes" votes and no vetoes by Russia, China, France, Britain or the United States.
>Russia and China have already signaled opposition to strengthening sanctions in response to Pyongyang's launch last month of an intercontinental ballistic missile - it's first since 2017.
Come on Putin, I know you want to do it - Put a pipeline over the Russo-Korean border.


File: 1649993545718.png (245.58 KB, 474x476, ClipboardImage.png)

Happy 110th to Comrade Kim Il Sung!


hell yeah dude



Doubtful. If true, based and impressive.




Hostility toward North Korean defectors on rise in South Korea: Survey
Enmity toward North Korean defectors is growing in South Korea, a new survey shows, with nearly one in four respondents saying they feel negative about accepting North Koreans into society and nearly 70% saying they don’t want their children to marry a defector…

The institute’s latest survey of 8,000 South Koreans last fall showed negative sentiments about North Koreans have nearly doubled since 2016. That year, 12.1% of respondents reported negative feelings about defectors, while the latest survey showed 25.1% of respondents reported negative sentiments toward North Korean refugees in the country.




Domestic news in the DPRK can be so warm and wholesome 🥰🥰🥰


Fuck South Korea
They abduct north koreans dont allow them to leave south korea and treat them like shit


Its always incrdible to me how beautifil north korea is i once spend several hours looking at pyongyang through google maps


I love my homie KJU so much man.


File: 1650442207461-1.jpg (1.09 MB, 639x1500, 1.jpg)

File: 1650442207461-2.jpg (1.01 MB, 590x1500, 2.jpg)


>An American cryptocurrency researcher was sentenced to 63 months in prison and fined $100,000 for helping North Korea evade sanctions, a federal judge ruled on Tuesday, marking the latest courtroom victory for U.S. sanctions against Pyongyang.


File: 1650976011154.jpg (51.56 KB, 560x400, 2022-04-26-2-01.jpg)

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Makes Speech at Military Parade Held in Celebration of 90th Founding Anniversary of KPRA

>To cope with the rapidly-changing political and military situations and all the possible crises of the future, we will advance faster and more dynamically along the road of building up the self-defensive and modern armed forces, which we have followed unwaveringly, and, especially, will continue to take measures for further developing the nuclear forces of our state at the fastest possible speed.

>The fundamental mission of our nuclear forces is to deter a war, but our nukes can never be confined to the single mission of war deterrent even at a time when a situation we are not desirous of at all is created on this land.

>If any forces try to violate the fundamental interests of our state, our nuclear forces will have to decisively accomplish its unexpected second mission.

>The nuclear forces of our Republic should be fully prepared to fulfil their responsible mission and put their unique deterrent in motion at any time.



File: 1651482838040.jpg (86.34 KB, 850x1002, gg5kzlw5gzw81.jpg)



lol wat?


kek, is this from the south?


>You will never participate in a parade in the DPRK why even live


>tfw the ant hard work suddenly goes up in smoke when winter cometh
>tfw the grassshopper was right
>tfw the fucking ant queen took all your hard labor and you're as poor as grasshoppers






Well that sucks.

>The country so far has shunned vaccines offered by the UN-backed Covax distribution programme, possibly because administering the jabs would require international monitoring.

They had no vaccination program because they had no cases. You can get vaccines from many suppliers (also from Russia, China, Cuba), so the reason given by the author is not plausible.
>Easley said the presence of the virus could affect any plans the leadership has for missile or nuclear tests.
That… doesn't make any sense?


>That… doesn't make any sense?
I mean, it ain't entirely wrong, one person could get covid thus forcing everyone involved in either test to be under quarantine, which could delay said test


proof that china has abandoned the dprk



File: 1652392900312.jpg (120.24 KB, 1280x853, kim.jpg)

N. Korea says six people died from COVID-19


North Korea said Friday six people have died from COVID-19 and that around 18,000 people have shown fever symptoms the previous day, in its first release of the number of infected cases and possible infected cases.


File: 1652500888803.jpg (32.1 KB, 620x432, 5769110.jpg)

Kim Jong-un declares Covid outbreak a ‘great disaster’


North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, has declared the country’s first Covid-19 outbreak a “great disaster” as it reported 21 more deaths.

State media said 174,440 people were newly found with fever symptoms on Friday alone as the country scrambles to slow the spread of Covid-19 across its unvaccinated population. North Korea said on Saturday that a total of 27 people have died and 524,440 fell ill amid a rapid spread of fever since late April. It said 280,810 people remain in quarantine.

Kim said he had “faith that we can overcome this malicious infectious disease within the shortest period possible,” the report added. The country imposed nationwide lockdowns on Thursday after confirming its first Covid-19 infections since the start of the pandemic.

Kim said they would be following the Chinese model of virus prevention.

“We should take lessons from the experiences and fruitful achievements in preventing virus of the China’s Communist party and its people,” he said.


File: 1652631034242.png (420.63 KB, 927x671, damn.png)


>its real
<Mt. Kŭmgang is a region where snow falls relatively heavily


File: 1652633223919.png (1.04 MB, 1280x800, ClipboardImage.png)


I love how this mf is casually smoking troughout the whole meeting rofl


Why the fuck did they not vaccinate? Is the great will and juche spirit of the Korean people going to fend off the virus?


File: 1652733780839.jpg (293.14 KB, 1024x680, herbal-medicine.jpg)

Lacking vaccines, North Korea battles COVID with antibiotics, home remedies


To treat COVID and its symptoms, state media have encouraged patients to use painkillers and fever reducers such as ibuprofen, and amoxicillin and other antibiotics - which do not fight viruses but are sometimes prescribed for secondary bacterial infections.

While previously playing down vaccines as "no panacea", media have also recommended gargling salt water, or drinking lonicera japonica tea or willow leaf tea three times a day.

"Traditional treatments are the best!" one woman told state broadcasters as her husband described having their children gargle with salted water every morning and night.

An elderly Pyongyang resident said she had been helped by ginger tea and ventilating her room.

"I was first scared by COVID, but after following the doctors' advice and getting the proper treatments, it turned out not a big deal," she said in a televised interview.

While not claiming that antibiotics and home remedies will eliminate COVID, North Korea has a long history of developing scientifically unproven treatments, including an injection made from ginseng grown in rare earth elements it claimed could cure everything from AIDS to impotence.

Some have roots in traditional medicines, while others have been developed to offset a lack of modern drugs or as "made in North Korea" exports.


When is SK collapsing so we can have turbodengist J U C H E W A V E 2 0 7 7


when the US suffer from a burgerkrieg at the earliest.
they're litterally too big to fail.


>Kim said they would be following the Chinese model of virus prevention.
Incredibly stupid in an Omicron world.


At the time they had no cases and the amount of vaccines they were offered wasn't enough anyway


Biden spares two words for North Korean leader

Asked by a reporter if he had a message for North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, US President Joe Biden succinctly replied “Hello. Period” on Sunday, his last day in South Korea before moving on to the Japanese leg of his Asian trip.


Let me post my Juche gang starter folder for that anon who asked


File: 1653397134676.png (130.63 KB, 459x512, ClipboardImage.png)

Serbs are bro-tier allies. We stand with Serbia, from the belly of the beast! Kosovo is SERBIA.



File: 1653398037208.png (591.09 KB, 690x1280, ClipboardImage.png)



Le conozco en persona, es un sujeto maravilloso.
I know him in person, extremely cool guy


File: 1654000449163.png (479.93 KB, 632x584, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1654260963734.jpg (39.83 KB, 675x465, kim-jong-un.jpg)

>korea builds enough nukes to start selling them to other pariah states
I so wish this can happen. If the west isn't braindead they will lift the sanctions and bribe them not to. Could NK stay based for long enough for this to happen. Obviously history shows most countries can't be this based *cough* *cough* china *cough*.


All countries do things like that too, USA expresident, Donald Trump told people that bleach could cure covid, and Braziliian president Jair Bolsonaro was reportedly "afraid that the vaccine could turn him into a crocodile"


They're literally funded by the CIA.
Very recently, they went on to compare Kim Il Sung with Hitler and Mussolini!


OMG thanks for posting it over here!


DPRK is so, so good


File: 1654733330823.mp4 (17.12 MB, 1280x720, Brother Louie.mp4)


Are you actually North Korean? Or living in the DPRK?



Thread from guy who visited DPRK multiple times. We could get him to make a thread here and ask any questions you guys have if you want to try.


christ fag is a degenerate bourgeois rapist imagine my shock


Holy shit that place is irredeemable.



File: 1656269552230-0.jpg (382.79 KB, 1000x1500, 1654248937154.jpg)

File: 1656269552230-1.jpg (512.46 KB, 1536x1021, 1654562200446.jpg)

File: 1656269552230-2.jpg (474.58 KB, 1000x1500, 1654555272886.jpg)

File: 1656269552230-3.jpg (245.9 KB, 2048x1365, 1654531271220.jpg)

serious cutie alert


They're actually more even handed an i thought they would be:
>She must have gotten executed for her behavior in the video with anti-air guns fired by dogs that were afterwards used as an afternoon snack for the Great Leader.
>There is no way that she had a day off or was assigned to some other duty.
>I realised that whole Vice thing was mostly sensationalist clickbait bullshit just from the titles alone. We sneaked journalists into North Korea as if that fat fuck Shane Smith went through the DMZ in a ghillie suit or some shit. Lol.


>Jang Myong Il released an article under the title "The United States Must Not Forget Its Miserable Defeat in the Korean War."
>The article said.
>On June 25, 1950 the United States provoked the Korean War after thorough preparations in a bid to realize its wild ambition to occupy the whole of Korea and make it a stepping stone for aggression on the Asian continent. At that time, it thought that it could easily occupy the DPRK in its cradle by dint of numerical and technical superiority.
>The United States hurled to the Korean War one third of its ground force, one fifth of its air force, most of the Pacific Fleet, troops of 15 satellite countries, the south Korean army and the Japanese militarists, more than two million in all. It invested 165 billion US dollars of military spending and shipped over 73 million tons of war supplies, 11 times as much as those spent in the Pacific War.
>The DPRK, founded only two years before, was incomparable with the United States both in number of strength and hardware. The result of the war, however, was entirely beyond the expectation. In the three years of war the United States suffered huge human and material losses.
>The US magazine "US News and World Report" commented that the losses of the US forces in the Korean War are two times greater than those suffered by the United States in five big wars– the Independence War, the war in 1812, the Mexican War, the US-Spain War and the Philippine War. The myth of US mightiness that it was never defeated in more than 110 wars for nearly 180 years since its foundation was totally broken off in the Korean War.
>Noting that the Korean War in the 1950s can be called "showdown between A-bomb and rifles" which was fought by the DPRK in its cradle against the United States boasting of being the strongest in the world, the article continued.
>The secret of the DPRK's victory in this showdown lies in the Juche-based military idea, superb strategy and tactics and outstanding commanding art of the great leader Kim Il Sung, the iron-willed brilliant commander, and in the indomitable fighting spirit of the Korean People's Army and the Korean people who bravely fought with do-or-die resolve, firmly rallied around their leader.
>Today the DPRK, under the wise leadership of the respected Kim Jong Un, Supreme Commander of its Armed Forces and ever-victorious iron-willed brilliant commander, has possessed the military and technical upper hand which can destroy any forces seeking military confrontation with it at one stroke, an irresistible war deterrent.
>If the United States dares to recklessly provoke the DPRK, oblivious of its miserable defeat in the Korean War in the 1950s, it will not escape irretrievable disaster, the article warned.



>DPRK Special Workshop for Officials in Party Life Guidance Sections
>Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Has Photo Session with Participants in Special Workshop​
>Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Visits Kumsusan Palace of Sun​
>Special Workshop for Officials in Party Life Guidance Sections of Organizational Departments of Party Committees at All Levels of WPK Held General Secretary of WPK Kim Jong Un Guides Workshop

>Ode to the Mother Party


>The total length of course, covered by the President Kim Il-sung for field guidance until the last days of his life just after Korea's liberation from the Japanese imperialists' colonial rule, is more than 578 000 kilometers.


Looks like we have some newfrens


Juche sisters…


>twatter crap
Archive link to the article loser


It's true, I'm the flag in the back in the pic.


I did want everyone to know if they don't already that there is a fantastic Russian observer of Korean affairs named Konstantin Asmolov whose work even translated into English:


Video is a discussion between him and Kagarlitsky.


>Radio Free Asia
Can you please keep the imperialoid propaganda out of my Juche thread? Thanks


It's true, i was the anonymous source listed.


Them having a bias doesn't automatically disprove the source. They even put a photo in, and you can cross-reference dog-eating with other stories like https://apnews.com/1e4cc8823492487ba94f9fb163126fb2/Man-bites-dog:-North-Koreans-eat-dog-meat-to-beat-the-heat
You're not obligated to defend this shithole at any cost you know. North Korea has serious problems that go beyond 'muh sanctions' 'muh imperialism'. It's leadership is corrupt, inequality is high, and they totally screwed up the Covid situation.


Saying that RFA merely has a "bias" is the understatement of the century
Who gives a fuck what different cultures eat btw, since thats the main thrust of your articles. AP doesnt try to frame this as a class thing, everyone eats dogs in Korea on both sides of the border. It even wraps up by saying that culture is changing and that dog consumption is on the decline, so even in your anglo brain where dog eating is le bad, its a non issue
>North Korea has serious problems
I dont disagree, but why dont you actually raise those problems instead of this garbage?


not a bias, they are an arm of the US state as propaganda, photos are meaningless and can be easily be twisted and manipulated, and histories are just that with no proof, a history, also eating dogs is common in big parts of asia, you just pretending that don't exist to own NK.
>You're not obligated to defend this shithole at any cost you know
i am if you make up bullshit about them you know because i like the truth, there is no problem in admiting that you are just repeating the US regime line about their enemies so you can not fry your brain studying the truth.


No, but saying that they are literally a State Department operation does disprove the source.
>They even put a photo in


SKorea to lift ban on NKorea TV, newspapers despite tensions

>SEOUL–South Korea plans to lift its decadeslong ban on public access to North Korean television, newspapers and other publications as part of its efforts to promote mutual understanding between the rivals, officials said Friday, despite animosities over the North's recent missile tests.



Anyone still have the English-subtitled recordings of a guided tour for a bunch of Chinese? I remember they were posted in this thread sometime last year.


Embedding error.
This one ?.


File: 1659083205150.jpg (492.41 KB, 672x950, 8.JPG)

Kim Jong Un says Korean peninsula on the ‘brink of war’
>North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has accused the US and South Korea of bringing the Korean peninsula to the “brink of war”, as Seoul and Washington prepare for their first large-scale joint military exercises in four years.

>In remarks reported on Thursday from an event on Wednesday to mark the anniversary of the end of the Korean war in 1953, Kim threatened to “wipe out” South Korean forces with nuclear weapons in the event of a confrontation.

>“Our armed forces are completely prepared to respond to any crisis, and our country’s nuclear war deterrent is also ready to mobilise its absolute power dutifully, exactly and swiftly in accordance with its mission,” North Korean state media reported Kim as saying.

>“It is a suicidal act, and absurd and extremely dangerous, to talk about military action against our country when we actually already have the most powerful weapon which you fear the most.”

>The joint US-South Korean military exercises next month will be the first large-scale drills since 2018, when they were scaled down ahead of a summit between Kim and then-US president Donald Trump. Since 2019, the exercises have been reduced to computer-simulated command post-training.

>This year’s exercises, to be held in late August and early September, will include joint aircraft carrier strike drills and amphibious landing training.

>…In his speech on Wednesday, Kim blamed the US for “demonising” Pyongyang’s “routine” military developments as “provocations”. He warned “military gangsters” in the South Korean government to stop issuing what he described as threats.

>North Korea’s foreign ministry issued a statement on Wednesday describing the joint US-South Korea exercises as being conducted with a “thick gunpowder smell”. It called the two countries “a horde of belligerents wanting the wretchedness of war”.

>The ministry also warned that this summer’s joint drills may “spread into the second Korean war”.

>…In an editorial this week, North Korean state newspaper Rodong Sinmun urged citizens “always to keep in mind the historic philosophy that the nature of the US imperialists and class enemies will never change and you must hate imperialism unconditionally”.


Exactly this one, thank you.


A bit related:
Has South Korea, through K-pop, K-drama, and excessive media exposure of its public figures, emerged as a player in global capitalism? Instead of being just some mere bastion in East Asia for it?


no,absolutely not,even Taiwan is a bigger player. (you should add manwha to the first group I guess,but most of them are garbage,just like the chinese stuff that gets translated)


Well it's big in Southeast Asia and North America? They're winning spots on Spotify and Netflix as well as local media here (they made ad sponsors with various companies operating in Indonesia)


But what about Samsung, LG, and Hyundai



File: 1659718225078-0.png (343.16 KB, 550x412, FY-DUVAWIAA2Cfd.png)

File: 1659718225078-1.png (183.55 KB, 425x268, FY-DMKbXEAAvh_i.png)

File: 1659718225078-2.png (517.09 KB, 740x493, FY-DMKcWQAAVbyR.png)

File: 1659718225078-3.png (548.57 KB, 620x465, FY-DMKQXEAAyN1q.png)

borgor shop in Pyongyang


damn looks good


Kim Il-sung apparently said that "Enemies of class, whoever they are, their seed must be eliminated through three generations". Is there a good debunk of this three generations thing?


File: 1659735356613-0.jpg (1.01 MB, 2000x1333, FZWbAc2XwAAVBSP.jpg)

File: 1659735356613-1.jpg (1.03 MB, 2000x1333, FZWbAcyWIAQNQ5Q.jpg)

File: 1659735356613-2.jpg (1.56 MB, 2000x2511, FZWbAdzWQAYJmYR.jpg)

File: 1659735356613-3.jpg (1.46 MB, 2000x2507, FZWbAe8XEAEFABo.jpg)


dude weed


Are pollinators able to get up there? Very cool though




This pretty much debunks it, my view is that the myth of Songbun (Which roughly translates to social composition) is used to scare South Koreans, because its logic implies they would all be classified as an irredeemable caste. Here is the DPRK dictionary definition of Songbun, the last sentence is key: 사회계급적관계에 의하여 규정되는 사람들의 사회적구분 곧 사람들의 사상상 구성성분으로서 어떤 계급의 영향을 많이 받았고 어떤 계급의 사상이 그의 머리속을 지배하고있는가 하는것을 알기 위하여 출신과 직업, 사회생활의 경위에 의하여 사회성원을 사회적부류로 나눈것. 사람들의 성분은 고정불변한것이 아니라 생활환경과 조건이 달라지는데 따라 변한다. The concept of Songbun popped up in English speaking circles only around 2012 (Despite it apparently being extremely prevalent during the 1970-80s), however it does seem South Koreans have used it at least as far back as the 1990s. I will say that families who had relatives that fought with Kim Il Sung’s partisans have historically received a better quality of life compared to the average person as a type of reward, but it would be a ridiculous stretch to believe that certain families are coal miners for eternity because someone related to them lightly collaborated with a class enemy a few generations back. It is utterly ridiculous how widespread this generational punishment idea is, the sanctification of defector testimony has ruined any genuine attempt to understand the DPRK. It’s like using the testimony of a QAnon follower to understand the US Government.


Are there any good English news sites for the DPRK? I see dprktoday.com linked here. nknews is glowified


Voice of korea
again KFA UK (they have a website list with links to info about the DPRK in english)


Why is part of 2nd pic censored?
Also, makes me very hungry…


I mean, ants have been detected as far up as the stratosphere, so I expect there would be something that could get up on top of these buildings.


Kim Yo Jong gave a speech blaming South Korea for COVID19 in DPRK


looks like a half-assed video game map of a city, also you can clearly tell they’re vacant by the fact that there’s almost no one in the streets


there is a noticeable lack of cars but theres lots of pedestrians in both pictures


yes, im talking about pedestrians
there’s not a lot
i’m assuming it’s a planned suburb that ended up not attracting a lot of residents



These photos could be from early on when not everyone had moved in (or it could be during a time of day were most people are at school/work).

But there is more fundamental issue: why would they bother to build all these buildings and then not use them at all? That's a lot of concrete and labour to waste…


You know if she gained a couple pounds she'd look better, for me of course.


It's day time, people are at work.


idk cities can be kind of dead at times and NK has like 10% of the souls in it that SK has.
t. lives in a rather small no-name city.




Its got like 45% of the population of RoK.


This is kind of a silly accusation lol


Putin says Russia and North Korea will expand bilateral relations, KCNA reports
>SEOUL, Aug 15 (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin told North Korean leader Kim Jong Un the two countries will "expand the comprehensive and constructive bilateral relations with common efforts," Pyongyang's state media reported on Monday.
>In a letter to Kim for Korea's liberation day, Putin said closer ties would be in both countries' interests, and would help strengthen the security and stability of the Korean peninsula and the Northeastern Asian region, North Korea's KCNA news agency said.
>The "strategic and tactical cooperation, support and solidarity" between the two countries has since reached a new level is their common efforts to frustrate threats and provocations from hostile military forces, Kim said in the letter. KCNA did not identify the hostile forces, but it has typically used that term to refer to the United States and its allies.
>The "strategic and tactical cooperation, support and solidarity" between the two countries has since reached a new level is their common efforts to frustrate threats and provocations from hostile military forces, Kim said in the letter. KCNA did not identify the hostile forces, but it has typically used that term to refer to the United States and its allies.



Please post workcited. Requesting for a friend.


there was a follow up on loyal citizens of Pyongyang can you send it please


North Korean Godzilla fights the reactionaries



File: 1661575734729.jpg (116.91 KB, 921x960, 765655.jpg)


File: 1661851772710.png (2.37 MB, 1155x1606, ClipboardImage.png)

What is the ideological basis for the seeming reverence of north korean media (atleast from what ive read in Rodong Sinmun) towards the Kim family? Despite the extremely based and advanced socialist economy the norks have managed to put into practice, its always this aspect of north korean society i cannot quite understand when it comes to Juche ideology and its attachment to the concept of the great leader.

also extremely based articles holy fuck


File: 1661852988045-0.jfif (104.04 KB, 1280x720, DPRK artwork.jfif)

File: 1661852988045-1.jpg (2.05 MB, 2000x2962, Stalin Icon Painters.jpg)

>What is the ideological basis for the seeming reverence of north korean media towards the Kim family?
Think of it a an 'Icon' that represents every struggle that korea has gone through (20% of the population was killed during the Korean War and every building over one storey was destroyed) it acts a an symbol of hope and that Korea can and will never be defeated. The Kim family is like a 'Golden Thread' that starts from the origins of the DPRK connecting to the present day. (also each Kim has held a different position in the party and each has less individual power than the previous leader).

Its similar to how the CPSU used the 'Stalin Icon' as a way to give them something to rally around as well as a symbol of hope to the Soviet Population during WW2, 'as long as Stalin is with us we can never be defeated'.


>Think of it a an 'Icon' that represents every struggle that korea has gone through

this is actually what i first assumed as well, seems like a very effective way to carry a national image across a wide base
it also reminds me about how Chairman Mao was portrayed during the heights of the Cultural Revolution



>South Korea did an attack and then got counterattacked almost to the point of getting annihilated

No fucking wonder USA rewrote history



Poster behaving uyghardly


how about you address my points in good faith?


>shitpost constantly
>repeat the same tired, debunked talking points
>be a massive faggot
>cry whine and scream
poluyghur behavior


>debunked talking points
how are you debunked anything? Red Star OS is a closed source software. Fact. Norks don't want to contribute to the actually existing communism. Fact.

North Korea is a monarchy with the position of the general secretary being hereditary in the Kim family. Fact.

Where are your arguments?


File: 1661862964640.png (456.67 KB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

>socialism is when software is open source! my heckin coderinos!


so why would a supposedly socialist society close source it's software? and not share code contributions with the humanity?


>socialism is when software is open source!
unironically yes



Shut your mouth and open your source.


No, socialism is when software is free.


>so why would a supposedly socialist society close source it's software? and not share code contributions with the humanity?
Why should they? North Koreans have better things to do than waste their time on computers.



Answers: To make it more difficult to get hacked by the enemy and to save a marginal amount of resources on making the code open source.


Is North Korea Plato's ideal republic with Legalist characteristcs?


soyjaks will destroy society won't they?


To make it harder to get hacked. The Cuban distro "Nova" is also closed source.


>security through obscurity
sounds like they're a bunch of noobs to me


>open source makes it easier to exploit software
lol. LMAO.
the absolute state

by the way, nork shit closed source software was already hacked multiple times lol


>The Cuban distro "Nova" is also closed source.
actually existing socialism everyone


File: 1662054636920.jpg (131.03 KB, 592x600, 37024.jpg)

Why North Korea won’t be mourning Mikhail Gorbachev’s death


Pyongyang looked on with contempt in the late 1980s as the Soviet reformer carried out his policy of perestroika, or restructuring, believing it to be a betrayal of socialism. And the regime has long held up the Soviet Union’s collapse, as well as the economic and political turmoil that followed, as a cautionary tale against ever undertaking similar reforms.

It took some time for the North Korean regime to realize how far Gorbachev was willing to go with his reforms. But once they did, Pyongyang recalled its students from the Soviet Union and went into isolation.

The North Korean press did formally congratulate Gorbachev with Soviet holidays, but the extremely hostile way that the regime treated Soviet diplomats in the country left no doubt about what Pyongyang’s real feelings were.

When the Union collapsed, Pyongyang put Gorbachev next to Nikita Khrushchev, the Soviet leader who denounced Stalin and inaugurated a less repressive state, in the ranks of terrible revisionists whose treason destroyed socialism.

The lessons Kim Jong Il took away from these events were never to yield, never be lax and never ever reform. The regime has taught this ever since to the army and secret police, and Kim Jong Un has evidently absorbed this lesson himself as he now rolls back the tepid reforms he undertook earlier in his rule.


The Chinese Ubuntu Kylin is open source though
Time for you to become Dengist


>To make it harder to get hacked. The Cuban distro "Nova" is also closed source.
Making it closed source does nothing for security, hackers don't need source code to find vulnerabilities, they probe binary code with fuzzing techniques (systematic probing) . Open source code benefits those people who contribute bug-fixes and patches. I guess even based Cuban socialists are not immune to false IT-wisdom.


The DPRK is not run in the feudal mode, but is it so much of a problem if the Kims or the Castros are leaders nearly like monarchs if they are competent and meritorious instruments of the great masses of people, over a socialist base? Why is it taken for granted that the way to have feature of democracy is to setup representatives, who mostly are candidates of the bourgeoisie power, by farcical election rituals? Do not the results that politicians deliver trump all the ideology and circus acts?


"great men" are an idealist fairy tale, they don't fucking exist. every competent socialist leader was backed by countless people working positions within a larger apparatus of governance trying to represent the people's needs and wants. It's never by fiat


>the Kims or the Castros are leaders nearly like monarchs
they are not
its actually so fucking tiring repeating this so often

pretending source code access doesnt make it easier to find flaws is pure retardation
also, for all we know its pretty easy to get access for citizens of these country, access from outside is a different story. And they're based on open source solutions and as such benefit from the open source ecosystem anyway


they don't, students have unfiltered access to internet



Most so called socialist/communists who have a problem with the DPRK don't actually care about its political system dejure or defacto (If they did they would critique the DPRK as being too parliamentarian rather than not enough)

Rather their problem is largely with the symbol of strong paternalistic leader who tries to guide the masses (ie. actually gives some kind of a shit about the country and population). In other words, they have really dysfunctional daddy or mommy issues at the political level.

The defacto practice of the DPRK's Great Leader consists in going to major infrastructural/industrial/agricultural/etc. and seeing what the state of things are there (the working conditions, the state of equipment, whether management is trying to hide things or being open, how the plans have implemented, etc.) Beyond that its a lot of ceremonial activities.

Its actual a management technique used in succesful large capitalist enterprises. Honestly it be nice if western leaders actually did more "field guidance" it might shake them a bit.


>Rather their problem is largely with the symbol of strong paternalistic leader who tries to guide the masses
No, my problem with all AES states is that party dictatorship is NOT a proletarian form of government.
As was proven by the USSR and other Warsaw Pact countries that imploded the second the party eased on the repressions and control of information a bit.
What kind of fucking proletarian government is that that it implodes the second it lets the proles enjoy the freedom of information?!

>In other words, they have really dysfunctional daddy or mommy issues at the political level.

Rich coming from faggots who jerk off to Great Supreme Leader Kim itt and drool over videos of him riding on a horse.

Also no wonder faggots like this >>1149813 spew literal capitalist propaganda how open source is akshully makes it easier to hack your software.
HEY THERE RETARD, all internet server infrastructure is backed by open source!
Fucking noobs.

The primary reason for closed source is the same as with any closed source - spyware.


Best Korea remains standing ergo it is run by the workers party


That just doesn't make any sense..


>pretending source code access doesnt make it easier to find flaws is pure retardation
People that look for security flaws in open source software, compile it and then they put the binaries through a test suit that tries out millions of attack vectors. So hiding the source-code doesn't actually hide security flaws. Security by obscurity really doesn't work.

>for all we know its pretty easy to get access for citizens of these country, access from outside is a different story.

OK this may be a legitimate reason.

I think that a quick and dirty way to do IT security, especially for countries like Cuba that don't have big budgets, is to put a lot of boobie traps in their systems, for hackers to trip over.


>No, my problem with all AES states is that party dictatorship is NOT a proletarian form of government.
>As was proven by the USSR and other Warsaw Pact countries that imploded the second the party eased on the repressions and control of information a bit.
>What kind of fucking proletarian government is that that it implodes the second it lets the proles enjoy the freedom of information?!
If "proletarian form of government" means there are no rules, then it's just idealism. "Freedom of information" is just an excuse for people to consume pornography and revert the masses to the selfish retarded apes they innately are. Whatever you think of their methods in suppressing the masses' innate ape behavior, North Korea has been successful in maintaining socialism. If you let the masses be apes, then you can't progress beyond capitalism.


>If "proletarian form of government" means there are no rules, then it's just idealism.
<NOOO if there's not my party circlejerk at the helm it means there is chaos NOOO

>"Freedom of information" is just an excuse for people to consume pornography and revert the masses to the selfish retarded apes they innately are.

>innate ape behavior
wow, great rightoid muh degeneracy muh human nature larp
back to pol


History has shown socialism requires order and ruthlessness against anti-socialist behavior and historical nihilism. Anarchists never achieved anything other than becoming naive useful idiots for capitalist empires.


Something on occupied Korea



1. Repression of elements elements defacto hostile to it is necessary for any society to be sustainable: Otherwise those hostile elements eventually corrode and change it into something else entirely.

2. "Rich coming from faggots who jerk off to Great Supreme Leader Kim"

You see, exactly this proves the dad/mom issues hypothesis: Nobody who sympathizes with the DPRK, much less Koreans themselves would ever masturbate to images of the leadership, nor would they describe their respect in such degenerate terms (see video related)

3. The "freedom" to access information is quite different from the "freedom" to rabidly disseminate it. In the DPRK most people can access all sorts of the most recent research papers should they put in the request. But that does not imply that individuals or corporations have the ability to push and sell anything from attention grabbing ads, pornography, or complete political fabrications or half truths.


>capitalist propaganda how open source is akshully makes it easier to hack your software.
<reading the code doesnt make it easier to find flaw
<as if tons of capitalists enterprise didnt fund and use open source in various ways
you know Im a dev by trade, I like open source, it's big strength being that the interested users can improve and scrutinize it, but you're really a retard if you think that being able to read a program doesnt make it easier to hack it, and open source is useless if noone improve it (which is why it usually works a lot better for backend tech stuff than end user shit).

And again, citizens might be able to get the source, how the fuck would you even know. I don't have access to their mail system either yet I know it exist.

and anyway, even if my perfect socialist utopia would have open source for everything, I can understand the koreans as a nation under siege known for paranoia and secrecy not being keen to it
also funnily enough I have seen claims of people installing red star to check it out and monitoring out, and being surprised to find it was absolutely silent on network traffic, although it did watermark image/videos files

>the party eased on the repressions and control of information a bit.

what a fucking disingenuous statement. USSR was actively sabotaged and sunk against the will of the majority of the people, and if you think western style freedom of press doesnt involve heavy control of the information you should go read chomsky


I honestly dont know enough about the man to judge, but the ridiculous hate he gets from westerner must means he does something right

>The primary reason for closed source is the same as with any closed source - spyware.

the primary reason for most closed source is business people paranoia with their assets in a capitalist world, the spyware is a recent development, and given everything goes online now anyway and everyone gives permission to get spied on, Im gonna say the spying wouldnt even be hindered by open source

>party dictatorship is NOT a proletarian form of government.

most communists and proletarians would disagree. Make me laugh whats your perfect form of "proletarian government" ? I don't even think the concept was ever used for something else that a proletarian dictatorship, aka a one party state

also doesnt mean I think censorship and repression is all good and well, our lib "democracies" have shown how effective a soft grip can be, but they never abandoned the glove of steel when the real need arise either.

finally, really, it's not like you have any idea how proletarian and democratic the NK government actually is.

are you claiming all flaws are found by automated attacks ? thats stupid, if they were that easy to find, they would be that easy to fix. While it can be a useful tool especially on unhardened stuff, security flaws are found all the fucking time by devs working in their own codebase, or clever guys looking at the source, or even more clever guys looking at the source they had to rebuild themselves without comment or variable names. the claim it just doesnt make a difference is simply false. You still get more benefit security wise opening the source on a widely used tech stuff (and again, despite that, major flaws are still found after years of use by thousands who just imported the library without ever bothering to look the code). And closing the source never make flaws disappear either.
open source is good, I prefer it to alternative in all cases, but its not magic and seething at NK over it is laughable


We have a best Korea thread btw


Absolutely fascinating



Why is Korea doing so poorly compared to China?


To begin with it's smaller
It has a lot of mountains


Then on top of it half it's territory is occupied by burgeria


Songun and Juche say "Socialism develops in struggle against capitalism, not cooperation"

Khrushev and the revisionists say "socialism develops in coperation with capitalism"


File: 1662480267642.jpg (69.35 KB, 1100x619, 190424172.jpg)

Russia is buying artillery shells from North Korea, US intel says


Russia has been forced to buy ammunition from North Korea amid severe shortages caused by global sanctions, according to a US intelligence briefing reported by The New York Times.

The recently-declassified briefing said that the deal included millions of artillery shells and rockets, but provided few further details of when, or exactly what, has been purchased, the NYT said.

Mason Clark, Russia team lead at the Institute for the Study of War, told the Times: "The Kremlin should be alarmed that it has to buy anything at all from North Korea."

The rogue state is currently under a 2009 United Nations Security Council ban on importing or exporting weapons.






Can someone help me historically link the short lived people's republic of Korea to the DPRK as it's authentic successor. It's hard to know what happened when every source acts like the Kim Il-sung was purely a Soviet puppet.




& Deterrencepilled


Well the fact that they maintained much of the old govermental systems is one. You also gotta remember that it was literally dismantled by the US and then those who dismantled it got the south, not the north.


Communism soon lads



File: 1663019941512.jpg (136.18 KB, 1200x800, xi kim jong un.jpg)


File: 1663020215390.png (468.86 KB, 905x862, acab.png)

>To make it more difficult to get hacked
mmmh yes security by obscurity, my favorite. ignore that we have formal methods by which to prove computer program security these days, just obscoooore instead


You. I like you.


I forgot to add, but the kinds of formal methods that can prove a program secure can also prove it insecure. even something like afl-fuzz will quickly rek your shit
depending on your paranoia level you either want Debian, Qubes or if you're really autistic then Muen



Hadn't heard, many thanks.
Also qubes is cute, no bully.


>you know Im a dev by trade
so what? plenty of devs have understanding of computer security on the level of two-years old toddler

>but you're really a retard if you think that being able to read a program doesnt make it easier to hack it

nobody reads fucking sources to exploit a software
all serious exploits are made in assembly anyway


File: 1663031547290.jpg (171.49 KB, 1069x1069, for your thoughts.jpg)

>you know Im a dev by trade
I'm a security associate by trade.

You're both expressing unnuanced views that are partially correct.

The most important thing I can suggest in a post is to read this.
(by these security professionals https://privsec.dev/about and feedback)
While the question they're answering is slightly different, they discuss how open source affects security and how it doesn't. Most exploitation isn't done by reading source code. It can be used to make discovery processes more efficient, like what they say in the "Good counter-arguments" section, but not releasing code hasn't stopped even low-level things like Intel ME from being reverse engineered.

It's not as simple as FLOSS good security, FLOSS bad security. Not by a long shot.

anyway, debonk time:
>all serious exploits are made in [byte code] anyway
For what definition of 'serious exploit' does this make sense? Are javascript browser vulns not serious because they aren't smashing your kernel?
Log4Shell is serious. Base CVSS score of 10.0, remote code execution. We're still handling it. Don't need byte-code for that. Here's a PoC exploit: https://github.com/kozmer/log4j-shell-poc protip: it's Python
>nobody reads fucking sources to exploit a software
Not far from correct, but still incorrect: see source

>pretending source code access doesnt make it easier to find flaws is pure retardation
Somewhat true, but very exaggerated. Most people don't find exploits from the source code, as >>1149396 suggested (but also exaggerated), people generally don't read the source to find exploits, the techniques most used also work on binary code. Source code and debug symbols can be used to make the process more efficient, but it clearly and demonstrably works regardless. Plus, you can use reverse engineering/decompilation to effectively re-create the source code from a binary. I've done that on small programs, no reason why a team can't do it on big programs.
As they correctly said, it helps with debugging and patching (if there are outsiders willing to help, such as the public or invested businesses) which is actually important to security too.

>And they're based on open source solutions and as such benefit from the open source ecosystem anyway
Sure, but their modifications don't benefit and can affect the open source components. So it's more complex than 'benefits of open plus benefits of closed', when each can affect the other.

>and open source is useless if noone improve it
Relevance to this situation? If I were a citizen forced to use a software, I might have an interest in testing it.

>>1150375 your brain on /g/
>The primary reason for closed source is the same as with any closed source - spyware.
No. It's commercial reasons, such as anti-competitiveness. There is also status-quo/laziness, licensing issues and also spyware to take into consideration.
Spyware is trivially easy to discover or detect, without source code (just ask https://spyware.neocities.org ). It's done all the time in malware forensics. There are also often ways to discover what information is being collected or sent, even if encrypted and obfuscated.
>all internet server infrastructure is backed by open source!
Not even close to true (although most is!) but this is fallacious garbage.
Protip: the Open Source model works excellently in this situation because there actually are millions of highly-motivated and well-funded invested parties. That doesn't generalize to all situations, like a country that most people in the world decided not to like, which (like others) commits cyber attacks against foreign states, their corporations and their citizens. The OS mode still has benefits to them but equating it to internet infrastructure is meaningless.


File: 1663050117217.webm (18.2 MB, 640x356, RMSquest.webm)

excellent post anon. have a video


It’s sanctioned to hell and it’s mostly comprised of mining land. It has a very small percentage of farmable land and on top of that chemical warfare in the Korean War has dwindled that already small percentage. The dprk was designed to work as a whole Korea (farming in the south mining in the north). It’s the reason why they ultimately seem unification despite western propaganda


Too add, it has supposedly trillions of dollars worth of raw material in that small patch of land. If it were not sanctioned and if reunification happened it would be an extremely successful and sustainable socialist nation. Not to mention trade would skyrocket the development of pretty much every socialist state in the world currently


Very nice :)


I read somewhere the the norks have oodles of gold in them there mountains, and that this is one of the major reasons why the US is still maintaining its occupation of the south. how accurate is this?


Probably true tbh. South Korea also gives a strategic advantage against china and a succession of the north would Literally put them next door to china.


>be socialist country
>filled to the ass with sanctions
>make all software open-source because westoid coooder said so
>westoid programmer finds an exploit
>no way of informing the devs because sanctions
>sells the exploit to the CIA instead
>all digital infrastructure immediately crashes

Thank you westoid saviors.


>>make all software open-source because westoid coooder said so
>>no way of informing the devs because sanctions
do you think the internet doesn't exist in the DPRK? do you think them walling their network off from the rest of the world is due to sanctions and not due to the Juche ideal?


>westoid programmer finds an exploit
>no way of informing the devs because sanctions
>sells the exploit to the CIA instead
>all digital infrastructure immediately crashes

Exploits are almost never created from source-code, most security exploits that are being created are targeting closed source software and are created from binary code.
Opening source-code has virtually no security downsides, but it does have up-sites.
Closed source code does not prevent the CIA from getting exploits.
Closed source code does not protect digital infrastructure

Stop this misinformation shit.

My guess is that North Korea has basically an air-gapped intranet for it's digital infrastructure.
They do have some stuff connected to the internet but it's probably on a separate physical network, and they probably removed all the usb-ports from those computers ever since the stuxnet-cyberweapon succeeded in breaking Iran's nuclear centrifuge control-software.


having source code does help things like instrumentation, and having debug symbols is also helpful. for example if you use afl-fuzz like I mentioned earlier in here then you can insert a "breakpoint" thingy just before your program reads any kind of input, which makes afl able to fork() already initialized processes, leading to faster fuzzing. but this could also be automated by trapping calls to read() and such. maybe afl++ does that these days, I'm not sure


Internet does exist in Korea, they had to create their own internet because sanctions won’t allow them, sanctions against Korea are so bad that they can’t even sell fucking sand to China.

Due to this sanctions communication between western countries and Korea is very difficult, because of this barrier if their software was open source people would indeed find exploits, but the info about them would most likely be sold to the CIA and wouldn’t reach Korea, which would put the digital infrastructure of the DPRK in great danger.


Also those software were created for Korea, to serve Korean purposes, not western, those who need the source code already have it, opening it to people who only want to harm socialism won’t do any good to Korea


oh and this cuts both ways: faster fuzzing means bugs are found and patched more quickly
sure the nork internet probably sucks but it's not like they don't have any. nothing stops them from setting up say a national gitlab instance. getting TLS set up might be tricky since you don't want to trust a root CA controlled by the yanks
I know the external part of the DPRK network can be reached since www.naenara.com.kp resolves to which whois says is located in Potong-gang. glowiepedia confirms this. it's slow as hell THOUGH, but that might just be that webserver
this implies that there are no socialists programmers outside the DPRK


Is there any changes now that Russia is sanctioned to hell as well? Maybe makes sense to start trading with NK. Has that happened?


What you are saying doesn't make fuzzing faster, because you'd have to re-compile it over and over.
And compiling is really slow. Big software packages take hours to compile.

>they had to create their own internet because sanctions
well wouldn't that be an intranet ?
>sanctions against Korea are so bad that they can’t even sell fucking sand to China.
Yeah i don't think they really obey all the sanctions. I don't have any evidence but it stands to reason that China and the DPRK do bartering deals that don't show up in financial systems. The US has a lot of power over international trade. However in China's own backyard it can do pretty much everything it wants.
At the moment there is probably no trade between China and the DPRK because of the Pandemic stuff.

>if their software was open source people would indeed find exploits

But people find exploits for closed software. In fact most exploits in existence are for closed software, so you can't say that closed source software has security benefits that prevent exploits, that is just demonstrably wrong.
I don't know the specific reason why the DPRK doesn't go opensource, but in general , it's a falsehood to claim that closed source software has better security. It's a incorrect claim that proponents of proprietary software made up. it has been refuted a million times, stop spreading this bullshit.
The idea of security by obscurity is a myth that needs to die.
Go listen to independent software security researchers, they consider open source software a prerequisite for security, because things that can't be audited can't be considered secure.

Maybe the DPRK just thinks all technology with potential military application has to be a secret, and because information systems are used by the military it's all classified. It's very likely that they don't even know the concept of free software. They probably won't trust any ideas that come from America, so they probably won't even consider it until there is a Chinese version of the free-software movement and people like Stallman. Many people probably don't realize this but expressing political ideals and legal principles in terms of freedoms is v e r y American. Somebody who understands the language for political ideals and legal principles in countries like China or the DPRK would have to translate this into their political vernacular in order for this to make sense to them.

You can not take actions of the DPRK's as a vote in support of proprietary software.

>Also those software were created for Korea, to serve Korean purposes, not western, those who need the source code already have it
So it's open-source for Koreans only ?


>What you are saying doesn't make fuzzing faster, because you'd have to re-compile it over and over.
that's not how fuzzing is done, certainly not with afl


speaking of the norkernet, I found this interesting site that scans the entirety of the DPRK's assigned IPv4 block:
some amusing things:
>North Korea generally wants your new software stacks to get off their lawn.
>Lest you think that North Korea is completely backwards and can't get keep up with new technologies, let's set something straight right now. They've totally got VMware:


fugg, I meant allocated not assigned


>>North Korea generally wants your new software stacks to get off their lawn.
So they're using a lot of old, vulnerable software? Can you elaborate on this part?



A tangent note:

Intranet for a socialist country has some very important advantages:

1. It makes it very difficult for hacking to be done by hostile foreign powers, corporations or individual shitdisturbers, since the network is physically seperate and unconnected by wire or lightwaves. This is generally why militaries operate parallel networks for their communications even in capitalist countries.

2. It significantly limits advertisement and propaganda from the outside from leaking in. This is especially important because such things can overwhealm people by sheer massive bombardment (analogously, its why getting off of social media and systematic use of Adblock is important for online mental health for people living in capitalist countries).

3. When there is legitimate need to access outside information (like say research papers, books, etc.) it can be done a permission based whitelist system and ergo is based on organic domestic needs.

TLDR: Nationalize, socialize and indigenize communication/information networks.


File: 1663092115805.jpg (132.67 KB, 1000x1414, debian-stable.jpg)

>So they're using a lot of old, vulnerable software?
it's not old, it's stable


>It can be used to make discovery processes more efficient
now ask, does this counterweights the benefits of code audit that open source provides? You say it yourself that software components get reverse-engendered in the process of exploitation anyway.

>For what definition of 'serious exploit' does this make sense?

In the definition of "hard to detect" and "hard to mitigate"
BIOS firmware exploit is orders of magnitude harder to detect and mitigate than some java script browser exploit

>No. It's commercial reasons, such as anti-competitiveness. There is also status-quo/laziness, licensing issues and also spyware to take into consideration.

Dude, in modern times of total advertisement number one reason for closed source - spyware. And backdoors, which is essentially the same. You're naive if you think Norks keep their software closed source because of some outdated security considerations, or because they just don't understand the benefits of open source lol, and not simply because their KGB needs backdoor access to machines. They understand the benefits of open source well enough that they used Linux for their Red Star OS, they are not neanderthals from the stone age. Again look at the Soviet policy regarding typing machines to see what's going on.

>Not even close to true (although most is!) but this is fallacious garbage.

Dude, if it is not running literally open source linux distro, it at least runs a closed source piece of shit that is based on open source linux. I'm dealing with mikrotik routers daily, and their RouterOS is a closed source linux.

>That doesn't generalize to all situations, like a country that most people in the world decided not to like, which (like others) commits cyber attacks against foreign states, their corporations and their citizens. The OS mode still has benefits to them but equating it to internet infrastructure is meaningless.

bullshit, if they have made their code contributions to linux public - they could leverage their influence as an INSTITUTIONAL player in linux space as opposed to Red Hat
for open source community utility of contributions takes precedence over their ideological content (lol)
if Noks make clean good code contributions - nobody would care that they all wear Kim Jon Un's haircuts or whatever



"nobody would care that they all wear Kim Jon Un's haircuts or whatever"

Lib detected, post discarded.


>tankies can't into irony for the n-th time


>if Noks make clean good code contributions - nobody would care that they all wear Kim Jon Un's haircuts or whatever
case in point: nobody likes NSA
but everyone uses their code contributions like SIMP, SELinux and Ghidra


File: 1663095398942.gif (2.07 MB, 640x326, nk.gif)

Someone at NSA has a good sense of humour.


When he says "business opportunities" he really means child sex trafficking which is totally on brand for such angloid scum.


Can you guys give articles about South Korean agencies abducting North Korean workers working abroad, in China in particular?



You got it wrong. I am not a tankie… More like nuclear tipped ICBM:

Historical socialist states have killed far too few people. I mean consider that complete wastes of space and life like you exist at all. You need to be physically and meta physically erased for the good of not just socialism but human life tout court.


The average North Korean doesn't own a PC. They don't have a computer culture. They don't post on imageboards or have social media like we do. Nobody there cares about "FOSS" like some spergs here do.
>They understand the benefits of open source well enough that they used Linux for their Red Star OS
Yet Red Star OS is closed source. The state is pragmatic and cautious in maintaining order, and they surveil their citizens to prevent what they call "capitalist delinquency," they have no incentive to support "software freedom."


>The average North Korean doesn't own a PC. They don't have a computer culture. They don't post on imageboards or have social media like we do.
That's where you're wrong uygha


>not knowing about the nork dating sites


>the average North Korean doesn’t own a PC
False, ask anyone who has been there and you’ll learn that you can just go to your nearest cyber-cafe or library and use a computer for free
>they don’t have a computer culture
False, they have dating sites with slangs for stuff and there are many sketches in Korean tv shows about the generational gap and how the newer generations use computers
>they don’t have social media
They even have a dating site

Get out of /leftypol/ officer we aren’t dumb enough to blindly gobble up your fedy propaganda


>The data, published on Wednesday by the U.N. children’s agency UNICEF, was collected by Pyongyang’s Central Bureau of Statistics last year, based on an international methodology
>While 98 percent of households had a television and 69 percent had a mobile phone, only 19 percent had a computer.
>Only 1 percent nationally, and 5 percent in the capital Pyongyang, had access to North Korea’s intranet, but there was no internet


God, what a shithole. MLs will defend this.


20 percent in 2017 aint bad for a poor af country. Poor countries have usually more cybercafes than PC ownership
>In 2018, North Korea unveiled a new Wi-Fi service called Mirae ("Future"), which allowed mobile devices to access the intranet network in Pyongyang.[70]
so the network access prolly is massively bigger now, if they didnt have wifi before its not surpising access was severely limited


The old korea friendship association boomers here said this is exactly the case, most people will just go to a cafe since it's cheaper plus it has coffee and hangout space.


>super poor country has no le epic compooter= shithole
Lol burger


Says the guy whom'st whole life and economy is based on le compooter.


Lyuh Woon-hyung (Yo Un-hyung) was a key figure of Korean independence and the main organizer of the Committee for the Preparation of Korean Independence (CPKI) and the People's Republic of Korea (PRK). He was a populist christian socialist who met Lenin, Trotsky, Sun Yat Sen and Mao and had been part of the Korean provisional government in 1919. He was murdered in 1947 by a far right group, Baeguisa.

The People's Republic of Korea was established on 6 September 1945 by the CPKI as the Japanese withdrew from Korea and the Allied forces approached. Its main organizers were 3 leftists: Lyuh Woon-hyung, Ho Hon and Pak Hon-yong. The government included people from the entire political spectrum but it was predominantly leftist. They elected a representative assembly to govern on behalf of the People's Committees throughout Korea. The government totaled 87 people, the vast majority of them being resistance/independence leaders of Korea, both domestic and abroad. Of the 55 members with political backgrounds, 42 were left wingers and 13 were right wingers.
The PRK's program called for nationalization of major industries, confiscation of Japanese-owned land, redistribution of land to the peasants, an 8 hour workday, minimum wage laws, rapid industrialization and other social reforms. Various conservative and right wing groups boycotted the KPR and founded the Korean Democratic Party as a counter. They urged the American forces to destroy the PRK and slandered it as "communist" and "pro-Japanese" and the US forces, half ignorant half willingly, believed everything said.

Anyways, about the PRK connection to the DPRK:
After the People's Republic of Korea and the committees were banned in the south, the American military government sponsored the creation of a right wing coalition, the "Representative Democratic Council", in an attempt to draw the moderate leftists to the Korean conservatives/nationalists and isolate the Far left. The Left formed its own coalition in response, the Democratic National Front, which served as direct successor of the PRK. It included Lyuh Woon-hyung's new party, the Korean's People Party. The Democratic National Front was shattered after the 1946 Autumn uprising and was succeeded in practice by the Worker's Party of South Korea. Said party was the result of the merger between the People's Party and the Communist Party. The DNF itself was absorbed by its northern counterpart in 1948. Subsequently, the Workers Party of South Korea merged with the Workers Party of North Korea to become simply the Workers' Party of Korea. Aka, the party that has come to dominate the DPRK ever since.

Conclusion? North Korea, with its social reforms, its People's Committees and its Workers Party, is the legitimate continuation of the People's Republic of Korea

Bruce Cumings. The Origins of the Korean War, Volume 1. 1981
Joong-Seok Seo. Korean Nationalism Betrayed. 2007


Kek better than Angola and Haiti


You got me good anon


Yes, some of the few actual humans left on Earth live in the DPRK.



>North Korea Executes People for Watching K-Pop



based. makes me support the DPRK even more


definitely true and based


Wtf americabros
"These usability improvements will help Western researchers navigate the KCNA’s published articles and learn about the DPRK. But there are still unfortunately some major problems with the webpage.
For example, if you click on any of the google links above, you’ll be taken to the “secure” webpage using the HTTPS protocol (instead of the HTTP protocol). Ordinarily, that’s a good thing, but the KCNA webpage uses a self-signed certificate, so you get a scary looking error message. On firefox, it looks like:
At first glance, this error message makes it look like the KCNA webpage might have something dangerous like a virus on it. That’s not the case though. The message just means that the webpage isn’t properly encrypted.
The North Korean government wants to fix these problems, and we should too. It’s in both their interest and ours to improve the communication between our countries’ foreign policy experts. Unfortunately, the current US sanctions regime makes this difficult. I have a standing invitation from my North Korean colleagues to visit them and teach about modern web standards, but the US has banned American passport holders from entering North Korea. So American sanctions are effectively preventing North Korea from improving their internet."
I was sceptical of an article in a korea friendship association magazine talking about their websites that claimed americans to be literally making them seem unsafe when they are not, turns out it's true.
The article is Korean ystävät 1/2022 on this site:
Direct download:
On page 10, have fun using deepl on it.


they could relatively easily get TLS certs via https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Let%27s_Encrypt
that said, TLS means cucking to the US (NSA) controlled CAs
this will remain an issue until we move to a web of trust model instead, as is used for OpenPGP, usually for email encryption


And they talk about neutral internet shit


lel, the guy who went to the DPRK to talk about crypto is now in Russia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHd1tugIuII



How possible is it for DPRK to have a female leader after Kimmy's death?


Is DPRK like the modern day Sparta?


Yes, but without the fascism and actually caring about their citizens instead of throwing them from cliffs for being disabled and instead of being war,pingers their military is only to protect them
Tbh DPRK is just socialist Switzerland


No, socialist Switzerland is China because they are non interventionist and trade with people.
The DPRK is the socialist version of the weird survivalist neighbor you know who went off the grid years ago and never came back.


Survivalist but has a space program.



Wtf I thought planning of pencil production was impossible..!


In the sense that everything you know about either society is scare mongering propaganda from their enemy states. Yes.


Sparta was generally defensive in military action and served the progressive role for its time period. Supposedly said the Libyan oracle of them when asked of the moral and spiritual difference between Athens and Sparta: “Thus saith Ammon to the Athenians:I prefer the terse Laconic utterance to all the sacrifices of the Greeks.”


The power of workplace democracy



Good morning new friends



Yeah, you see, shit like that is what stops me from thinking of them as socialists. The whole fucking book is about quoting kim il sung and what he really meant by this and that. I honestly can't give an ass about what he said, just show me how exactly your economy changed in 70 years, don't even need to go deep in statistics, just 3-5 pages on general outliers, like the role of money and how and where they reduced commodity production and introduced workplace democracy.

This makes it look like a theology debate rather than marxist analysis.



What the hell is this?


Screencapped for posterity


Missile test.


It is primarily a response to Maoists and Hoxhaists who misrepresent what Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il said and say that they are not real socialists based on that.
For more information on their economy you can see this book.


are these just missile tests or is there some new western provocation? any sources to follow?


just nord korea flexing on the japs, I approve tbh



probably brandon's fault


File: 1665016582456.png (Spoiler Image, 180.8 KB, 600x3200, ClipboardImage.png)

>my reputaterino


File: 1665283336722.jpg (116.64 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Why does he only have nukes for attention? Kim is so lonely he needs attention from Westerners, that's why he shoots rockets so much




Present there were personages of the Workers' Party of Bangladesh, the Bangladesh National Socialist Party, the Awami League of Bangladesh, the Communist Party of Bangladesh (Marxist-Leninist), the Bangladesh Institute of the Juche Idea and other political parties and organizations, and the public.


Looked them up, Their not actually weird, and their actually part of the Grand alliance [WPB i.e commies + Awami League i.e Socdems + others]
Really unfortunate naming lol.
But you know what, take it back.


Wonder how many of these "national socialist" parties exist in the world due to funny naming


This question has probably already been asked 100 times and rightoids and libs have made up some cope to explain it 100 times, but can anyone explain this to me.

The DPRK is supposedly so broken down that it is constantly on the edge of outright fatal famine and state-death, And there is no electricity and power is constantly being rationed but….

It can afford to supposedly turn its capital city into a moderately nice looking and clean Potemkin-village on a city-wide scale and have lights on all the time and supposedly have almost 3 million people pantomiming doing office jobs and working in restaurants serving food and shit…when if you were in the middle of constant starvation. why even waste such precious human and economic resources? And all to just 'impress' foreign tourists on guided outings?


>And all to just 'impress' foreign tourists on guided outings?
Libs believe it which is the only thing that matters sadly


Westernoids are so high on white supremacy that according to them even the country under an almost total Western embargo with an ideology directly opposed to theirs feels the need to spend considerable resources on impressing mayo people.


north korea is a pretty third world economy but its not the shithole westoids like to portray it is
as a chinese person travel to north korea is relatively easy and you can see how their society works and isnt too far from what people in SEA countries have to live through for instance, although from what i can see is way fucking cleaner


Stop strawmanning. Everyone knows only north korean elites live in pyongang so Kim Jong Sung's clique can stay in power.


describes liberalism aptly
no content but kayfabe


Finally, some unbiased reporting on NK in the West!


File: 1667073996750-0.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 2.6 MB, 640x360, WsDvsPDEcov4FisG.mp4)

File: 1667073996750-1.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 10.25 MB, 1280x720, ax26swWKa8OC57VZ.mp4)

File: 1667073996750-2.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 720x1240, Cybb1UbdugafpKyR.mp4)

File: 1667073996750-3.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 6.62 MB, 720x1280, s9pYA6b3PkINA-5z.mp4)


Incels stay winning


they need juche.


Juche necromancy could have saved them


Average South Korean Halloween:



>3rd vid
Did they fused together? Spooktobery. My town actually had a famous "Halloween Massacre." These 3 kids thought it would be fun to dress up as gangbangers and then some real gangbangers saw them and killed them all. Now I guess Seoul will have their own spoooookky Halloween lore.


in mass crushing incidents people often get their limbs, hair, and clothes entangled, in addition to simply being on top of one another and unable to move. people die of suffocation, asphyxiation, and blunt force trauma typically


File: 1667083979669.png (1.38 MB, 800x1174, ClipboardImage.png)

Gentle reminder that Capitalist Deregulation and disregard for Safety is objectively Mass Murder


sigh, ngmi
>hermit kingdom
racist yellow peril term
>some of those alleged products


50% of south korea's population lives in seoul capital area, 11% of of north korea's population lives in pyongyang. high population density increases the risk of deaths from stampede though it can be mitigated with cultural strictness (or what leftypolers call "right-wing totalitarianism" and "spooks") like a sharia law city like riyadh or dubai where stuff like dancing or drinking alcohol in public is illegal


Thanks for keeping it classy in the discussion of this mass death event, very cool guys :)


File: 1667087765811.png (1.29 MB, 1024x768, ClipboardImage.png)

Thanks for keeping it spoooooky.


File: 1667096372369.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 1.82 MB, 720x1280, sex sex sex on the beach.mp4)


File: 1667097012907-0.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 640x360, 01NUtuWXeIx7h2BE.mp4)

File: 1667097012907-1.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 1.85 MB, 720x960, 73P6r9zLfViH9OsT.mp4)

File: 1667097012907-2.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 5.59 MB, 720x1280, kfP8QNIrHVxvpacY.mp4)

File: 1667097012907-3.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 9.96 MB, 720x720, drJMsiF47fEYp2lZ.mp4)


File: 1667097325203.webm (Spoiler Image, 972.46 KB, 720x1210, 1667097104788.webm)

nother angle of 3rd vid >>1243768(Spoiler or put some kind of content warning for infants browsing the catalogue)


how does this even happen?


lol dumbasses halloween is on monday


Should I give condolences to them? Also imagine halloween stampedes, that's pure insanity.


File: 1667141609856.jpg (236.44 KB, 1300x919, nagash_final.jpg)

>Juche necromancy could have saved them
It still can.


bad crowd control, unprepared architecture and infrastructure, large numbers of people entering a bottleneck at once, often with a slope to it, a few people at the front falling, followed by a huge pileup. Crowd crushing deaths are way more common than most people realize. Often happen at sports events and holidays. Any time there's a large number of inebriated people stampeding through a small area it's a possibility.

Look into some of the famous ones


1,300 or so people died at the coronation of Tsar Nicholas II



why is your file named "sex sex sex on the beach.mp4" anon? Did you overwrite your porn with some crowd stampede footage lmao?


File: 1667144225434.png (98.29 KB, 256x272, ClipboardImage.png)

What's worse than dying in these events is often surviving them. Massive blunt force trauma, internal bleeding, several broken and fractured bones, damaged organs, permanent disabilities, breathing problems. Only 150 deaths but probably hundreds upon hundreds of terrible injuries of every imaginable variety.


cont. and whenever things like this happen i can only imagine the suffering of the pregnant women and the children.


its the song theyre dancing to if u listen


(south) korean women don't get pregnant in their 20s that often and those that are wouldnt be out partying in such crowds, they and their culture are a little bit more educated/cautious about that than certain other cultures who view #YOLO/thrills even during pregnancy above the safety of their fetuses. the people who died in that crowd are all zoomers

>The casualties were young, mostly in their teens and early 20s, authorities said.


>The average age of mothers giving birth to a child was 33.1 years in 2020, up 0.1 year from 2019.



US Vice President Kamala Harris announces alliance with North Korea


that's a month old


that's why I said "whenever things like this happen" because they happen all the time, and not just in South Korea.




also one thing this video doesnt mention is that park geun-hye was working for the eight goddess cult, not the church of eternal life. they're completely separate cults! and the ferry that sank was a human sacrifice ritual. also hillary may or may not be involved in the eight goddess cult. also there's other major cults in south korea, like shincheonji church which intentionally spread covid, and the moonies who worship ar-15 guns.


Did the DPRK ever make a statement on Park's involvement in that cult?



Are there any reliable ways to access websites like Naenara and KCNA? (My ISP blocks DPRK websites)


File: 1668078336955.png (45.15 KB, 1453x751, fact.png)

Explain to me commies: if the north korea is really so good, why tens of thousands of people emigrated from there to kazakhstan? Just curious.


Are they seriously counting Koryo-saram as DPRK emigrants? They are descendants of Koreans who moved to the Russian Empire during the Japanese occupation of Korea.


Could any based anons please post some recommendations for good books on the DPRK, particularly those that provide an overview of their political and economic history, and anything on the contemporary political economy and recent trends in development. I’m especially interested in coming to conclusions about the degree to which the country can be accurately described as socialist in the Marxist sense, so please no glowie shit or Grover Fudd tier apologism. Many thanks


does the dprk have an official minecraft server?



File: 1668625786308.jpg (158.28 KB, 1400x1854, 20221106_222637.jpg)

Yo-Jung chads, i fucking kneel…


File: 1668813564998.jpg (66.01 KB, 900x596, Family Outing.JPG)

Kim Yo Jong sisters… its over…
First photos of Kim Jong Un’s daughter have just been released



This could be us


File: 1668903385247-0.png (1.45 MB, 1300x866, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1668903385247-1.png (1.18 MB, 1300x866, ClipboardImage.png)



Lil Kim.


NK capable of hitting any US city


File: 1669584777942.jpg (985.1 KB, 1920x1125, 63830129.jpg)

North Korea vows to create world’s most powerful nuclear force


North Korea seeks to have the most powerful nuclear capability in the world, the nation’s leader, Kim Jong-un, said on Sunday. He also ordered the promotion of military officials and scientists involved in the recent successful test of a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), which is thought to be able to reach the US mainland.

In his order, quoted by the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), Kim said that North Korea’s “ultimate goal is to possess the world’s most powerful strategic force, the absolute force unprecedented in the century.”

He also described the Hwasong-17 ICBM as “the world’s strongest strategic weapon,” claiming that North Korean officials and the scientists behind the launch “made a wonderful leap forward in the development of the technology of mounting nuclear warheads on ballistic missiles” – showing Pyongyang’s resolve to build “the world’s strongest army.”

According to the KCNA, the missile has “clearly proved” that North Korea is “a full-fledged nuclear power capable of standing against the nuclear supremacy of the US imperialists.”

Kim also took part in a photo op with those involved in the ICBM launch, while accompanied by his “beloved” daughter, whose existence had never been publicly confirmed until she joined him during the launch of the ICBM last week.

North Korea fired a Hwasong-17 on November 18 in order to shore up Pyongyang’s “overwhelming nuclear deterrence,” amid the “military threat of the US” and its allies in the region, according to Kim.

At the time, North Korean officials said the ICBM travelled nearly 1,000km (620 miles) and reached an altitude of 6,040km (3,750 miles) before landing “accurately in the planned waters of the East Sea of Korea.”

The test was condemned by members of the UN Security Council, including the US, UK, France, and India, who called it a “serious escalation” which “poses an unequivocal threat to international peace and security.” The Security Council, however, stopped short of issuing a formal resolution due to opposition from permanent members China and Russia.


Kimchi has officially been confirmed to be good for you



Would someone direct me to some good starting points to dispel common myths and establish a more reasonable narrative around NK? I'm a commie but all my friends are libs.


File: 1670205023332.pdf (1.01 MB, 180x255, DPRK Reading Guide.pdf)



Shay do you have more reading guides ?.


Doing Korean shit here: >>>/hobby/31403


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