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File: 1621548981266.jpg (3.2 MB, 4075x5988, 1608655930331.jpg)

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Thread for news and discussions of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, its material conditions, the status and health of its socialist tradition, disproving common myths about it, etc.

Archive of the previous DPRK thread:


>The article has been corrected to show that it’s South Korea, not North Korea, that has made a donation to Myanmar.


Oh, lol. This happened in the last hour or so. Was not my intention to decieve, I merely copypasted RT…


File: 1623950378539.jpg (31.63 KB, 800x449, kim-jong-un.jpg)

Kim Jong Un admits North Korea is facing 'tense food situation'


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has admitted his country is facing food shortages that he blamed on last year's typhoon and floods, just months after he warned North Koreans about a looming potential crisis.

Kim told the plenary meeting of the Workers' Party of Korea the nation was experiencing a "tense food situation," Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported on Wednesday.

The secretive country has cut itself off from the rest of the world even more during the pandemic. Speaking on Tuesday, Kim said the conditions and environment that North Korea was facing "have become worse upon entering this year," even though its economy has, on the whole, shown improvement.
He said the meeting of the ruling party should take the measure of the problem, according to KCNA.

In April, KCNA reported Kim urged people to undertake another "Arduous March," while addressing a top-level political meeting.
The term "Arduous March" refers to a period of devastating famine in the early 1990s, when North Korea's economy spiraled downward following the collapse of the Soviet Union, which ended the flow of aid into the country.

Hundreds of thousands of people, or as many as 10% of the country's population, were estimated to have starved to death.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has estimated that North Korea is short of about 860,000 tons of food, enough for just over two months of supplies.

In a report released on Monday, the FAO said North Korea officially plans to import only about one fifth of the food it needs to cover the gaps in domestic shortages. It said that while North Korea increased agricultural planting in 2020, the growth "mostly offset yield losses due to floods and storms" that the Korean Peninsula experienced from early August until early September 2020.

The FAO has warned that if the gap in supplies is not covered through imports or aid, North Koreans could experience "a harsh lean period between August and October 2021."

KCNA said the plenary meeting would focus on directing all efforts to farming this year and coping with the epidemic situation.



The DPRK is known to publically understate agricultural production in bad years and overstate it in good years.

It does this to get extra aid and sanctions bypassing during bad years while gaining good propaganda during good years.

Honestly, I fully this strategy. Take everything you can get from the non-socialist world


I fully this strategy too.


Why does the West give it aid again? Are they making some secret deals?


>The DPRK is known to publically understate agricultural production in bad years and overstate it in good years.
The north of korea is for agriculture very badly situated because very mountainous thats the reason they importet food from the USSR as G*rbachev dissolved the USSR the DPRK starved.


Pretty much the same with South Korea though, only the DPRK is 25% bigger.


For appearances sake, so they can claim they're helping


Overall, what has the Biden administration policy between towards hostility towards DPRK? Been strangely quiet. I don't think I've heard a single Biden official say anything.


The title of "Supreme Leader" continues to be phased out.
The Rodong Sinmun section for "Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un’s Revolutionary Activities" has been renamed to "WPK General Secretary Kim Jong Un’s Revolutionary Activities"


Probably to reduce perceived culpability of the head of state in the possible upcoming famine and pick a fall guy or two to execute from the cabinet as has been done in the past.


If you pay attention it actually serves a propaganda purpose, they claim that they keep giving North Korea food and that NK just gives it to elites and military of the country, it's meant to characterize them as selfish and unwilling to help their starving people even with aid


The fall guy will probably be magically resurrected after a few months


Sounds a bit weak for an argument. Are there any other reasons they do it? Does it work to win over North Korean citizens/officials?


I fully my dick in your mom's ass.piratePirate



Any good books on the Korean war


Cockshott for Advisor to the Supreme Leader.



With the capture of Haeju by the south crossing the 38th first. With the bombings and fight's at the borders for a good year or more around 1949, done mostly by the south. Someone tell me how all the demonization of the DPRK, is still allowed under the narrative that they started the war they deserve what it cost them then and today.

It is sick to me that 9/10 people still think the north started the war.



>In the first episode of The Revolution Report's miniseries on the DPRK, we're going to explore the validity of this seemingly inviable idea that North Korea is hell on Earth.


>vowpal wabit and mlpack are DPRK-pilled
I'll be sure to use those in any future assignments


>no one wants to talk about how the entire world believes a lie that the DPRK started the Korean war!.


lol this guy works for RT? that's cool.


Can Juche be applied to other countries? Their version of Socialist Patriotism is very interesting, I've always wondered if it was possible for other countries to attempt this or if the DPRK can only exist due to circumstance, geography etc.


>Graduate students in North Korea have unfiltered internet access, and the student had used this access to download the mlpack machine learning library in order to implement their vehicle detection system.


they'd do you even worse


What do you mean? Do what you even worse?


>what are olgino trolls
>what are redditfags


As much as I respect the DPRK its obviously far from perfect. Consider for instance is flaw:

Ever since aquiring nuclear weapons they have consistently refrained from cleansing the imperial center with atomic fire.



Does anyone know if the western estimates of dprk per capita ekectricity production are anywhere near correct?

To my mind the nautilus institute and south korean estimates don't make much in the way of sense? Why would DPRK government neglect such and obviously bottleneck and not recover it to the 1989 levels?

500mw of coal powerplant capacity for example might run a few years 1-2 billion usd if you imported everything including labour. Its really not that bad.


She said that for the wrong reasons.


File: 1625009064953.png (20.4 KB, 626x126, dprk-democratic.png)

holy fuck bros it's real… dprk really is democratic, i thought it was just dogma. brings tears to my eyes


File: 1625016423842.jpg (136.98 KB, 640x516, _20210602_185611.jpg)

My ass has to wait till I'm 35 to be president :/


File: 1625017262253.png (19.37 KB, 663x133, ClipboardImage.png)

Learn Korean and go get em boy/girl



Doit doit doit


Honestly considering it. It couldn't possibly be worse than living in the US.


File: 1625088835780.png (19.18 KB, 544x165, ClipboardImage.png)

>copyright and patent laws
nooooooooooo whyyyyyyyyyyyy


So comrades can be acknowledged for there actions, I'm sure it works differently.


File: 1625089400758.jpg (3.59 MB, 3720x2800, rare-stallman.jpg)

Comrade Stallman is very disappointed, I can feel it.


File: 1625143273450.jpg (136.86 KB, 828x958, E5ElZjiWQAMxTvF.jpg)

>Mr. Kim’s health, like the North Korean regime itself, is shrouded in such secrecy that experts are often forced to divine clues using pure guess work.
they admit it


The US has pumped endless resources into their occupied territory as part of the propaganda war. The moment DPRK dies they'll stop, like when the USSR fell.


Our leaders aren't completely heartless automatons, though they may seem like it. Plus it's good propaganda.


What the hell is going on in this Rare Stallman?


Respected Comrade Richard Matthew Stallman is seen riding a horse and doing a little activism on his Thinkpad


There used to be a South Korean (?) website that showed how fertilizer and pesticide imports collapsed after 1991, coinciding with the famine. That website is dead now, does anybody still have the data?


File: 1625459427278.jpg (3.68 MB, 4252x2835, juche-gang.jpg)

Why did China, Venezuela and Bolivia, three supposed "socialist" countries, and Russia, a supposed "anti-imperialist" country, repeatedly vote for sanctions against North Korea?

In favor of sanctions against North Korea:

In favor of sanctions against North Korea:

In favor of sanctions against North Korea:


Why doesn't Israel get the same treatment from these so-called "socialist" and "anti-imperialist" countries for housing hundreds of nukes and ethnically cleansing Arabs in a Nazi-like way or Saudi Arabia for slaughtering Yemenis?

Speaking of China, a "socialist" country according to /leftypol/, besides their trade deals and huge investments in the Israeli military, why are they helping Saudi Arabia build nukes?


>Why vote for sanctions against North Korea?
China and Russia don't ever enforce these sanctions. They are powerful enough that the US can't make them. Technically speaking economic sanctions are war-crimes, because it's targeting civilian populations. It's violating international law and therefor it has no legal standing, and upholding sanctions is optional regardless what anybody votes. And voting yes sometimes makes diplomacy less tense. The other small countries from your list aren't as powerful and that's why they have to trade through middle men with the DPRK, which in praxis means that sanctioned DPRK trade just goes through unofficial channels in Macau.

>Why doesn't Israel get the same treatment from these so-called "socialist" and "anti-imperialist" countries for housing hundreds of nukes and ethnically cleansing Arabs in a Nazi-like way or Saudi Arabia for slaughtering Yemenis?

China an Russia economically support Iran which is keeping the Yemenis alive (somewhat). When Saudis get too aggressive, then Iran gives the Yeminis a batch of bigger weapons and a Aramco OIl refinery/pipeline goes up in flames. The rest of the Arab world needs to become united enough to bully the Zionists into halting "mowing Palestinians" for lebensraum

>Speaking of China, a "socialist" country according to /leftypol/, besides their trade deals and huge investments in the Israeli military,

Israel gets US restricted military technology and they sell it to China who will reverse engineer the tech. Which means that if it ever comes to a hot conflict between the US and China, US weapons will be a lot less effective.

>why are they helping Saudi Arabia build nukes?

So far we only know for certain that China is helping the Saudi's build nuclear power plants for electricity and other parts related to the nuclear fuel cycle, which isn't really all that interesting, because the civilian tech isn't suitable for making bombs.
No nuclear power has ever helped another country make it's "own nukes", what really happens is that a big power ends up controlling the nuclear arsenal of the small country, "it is helping" I doubt that the Saudi's are really getting nukes, you can't keep something like that a secret, and there would be way more noise if nuclear proliferation would be happening.


Why would you have a laptop open on a horse?


For coding on the go obviously


File: 1625467264402.gif (20.51 KB, 640x400, horseshell.gif)

Maybe that's how he tells the horse where to go


>China and Russia don't ever enforce these sanctions
Proof? Also if they don't enforce the sanctions, why bother voting for them?


But you can't keep your hands steady and you might drop it.


It looks like a steady and reliable old horse. Nice and chubby. I would say it's pretty stable and unlikely to bolt.

But, if you want a real answer, he probably did it to take a funny picture.


>Also if they don't enforce the sanctions, why bother voting for them?
North korea bad!


>Proof? Also if they don't enforce the sanctions, why bother voting for them?
Because it's the path of least resistance. They could challenge the legality of these sanctions, spend a huge amount of diplomatic capital to de-legitimize it in international courts and then the Americans would completely ignore the courts and threaten them with an invasion if they ever tried to prosecute an American citizen. Aside from producing tons of paperwork and speech bubbles filled with hot air nothing would change on the ground.


Because that's what a true socialist does: the path of least resistance.


They will play this game until they entrenched their competing financial transaction system that the US can't control and then sanctions will become completely irrelevant.


What? All they have to do is vote no, we're not talking about challenging it through international courts, we're just asking why they aren't voting no on the security council


So you want them to create lots of diplomatic tensions and then not follow up with a legal challenge against sanctions.
what's the point of that ?


How does it create diplomatic tensions? As if there isn't already tension between China and the West.

Just look at all the China/Russia/China+Russia vetoed Resolutions here - don't pretend there isn't precedent: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_vetoed_United_Nations_Security_Council_resolutions


You keep evading, what's the point of doing this when you can bypass it anyway ?


Of course the US can evade it, but YOU are evading the question: why not just vote no? This shows symbolic support to north Korea. There was literally no reason to vote yes if they truly were against the sanctions. Instead, China actually did put sanctions on trade (except for oil apparently). Explain this


>symbolic support to north Korea
China does offer material support to the dprk, which is actually worth anything


lmao "sometimes we just make shit up" damn i love journalism.


An interesting channel with a lot of DPRK analysis on it.

Switch to desktop mode to use auto-translate if you are on a phone.


Dengists never have proof.


beyond stupid


File: 1625716737544.png (58.04 KB, 769x456, tor dprk.png)

elite users here. something might have happened yesterday for that spike



I am confused. Are these dprk ips using leftypol?



>socialism is not when calm strategy but when reckless bravado


>real socialism is when empty words and symbolic acts satiate my Western sensibilities



Hm, interesting. I guess it makes sense that would use tor occasionally.


Could you explain why it's reckless bravado to vote against, or veto, sanctions aimed at crippling another socialist country for bullshit reasons? Could you explain why it's calm strategy to shoot your allies in the face?


You are an idealist, countries like China that seek to undo the sanctions regime, first have to build up the capacity to fully undermine the sanctions in a physical sense, so that trade is not negatively impacted regardless what the US does. Once they can do that their vote against sanctions will actually carry weight.


>Once they can do that their vote against sanctions will actually carry weight.
They have a veto


>They have a veto
Idealist, that just changes the description of " international sanctions" to "US coalition led embargo"
They need to have to put the material trade systems in place that can bypass US interference.


Kim Jong Un was 26 years old when he was thrust into leadership in the DPRK. Hence his exact age being covered for several years, Korea has a strong age worship culture and men tend to marry older (towards their 30's), normal for 30 year old guys to still live with parents & defer to their father as the absolute head of household. 26 guys in the DPRK are just wrapping up their 8 years of military service and in the context of Korea's age worship culture would probably be seen as the equivalent of 13 or 14-year-olds in the west to older men, esp given that the leadership in the DPRK tend to be super old.jucheJuche


File: 1625729894114.jpeg (111.72 KB, 1420x503, media-E5lqhb7X0AMOu7v.jpeg)

Votes against sanctions at the UN are useless when the core countries and Burgerland can unilaterally impose santions by means of control over the financial system. Trade with countries like Iran or Venezuela, and get arrested by imperial lackey states like that Venezuelan businessman or Chinese businesswomen, or have all the intermediaries decline to abet attempts to do business with said countries because of the possibility of secondary sanction risk. Numerous times the countries of the world have tried to lift the embargo on Cuba, yet the motions never have any concrete effect, and even when the UN rejects blatant proposals to commit the crime of war the imperialists nonetheless invade. So it's hardly easy to oppose the whims of the imperial core nations and to do sanctions evasion.anarcha-feminismAnarcha-Feminism


They fucking stopped trade according to the US-backed sanctions. OK, so symbolic acts like voting against sanctions are "empty words", let's agree on that. Why the fuck is starving north Korea of trade by going along with the US imperialists any better?


>They fucking stopped trade according to the US-backed sanctions.



are they enforced already or just empty promises?


>Jack Ma
>disappeared from the public after fucking around trying to get more power and wealth



who is this guy?



File: 1625806445520.jpg (25.62 KB, 1578x789, Reunification.jpg)


File: 1625840881558.png (935.48 KB, 1024x728, ClipboardImage.png)

infinitely based



"I don't believe in preventing my people from getting the things they need. I think sanctions are unjust laws and I still do."


>disappeared from the public after fucking around trying to get more power and wealth
<returned with his power and wealth intactsabo-tabbySabo-Tabby


File: 1625888057322.jpg (128.99 KB, 980x551, 60e82f6b.jpg)

North Korea rejects AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccines over blood clot concerns


North Korea has canceled shipments of Oxford’s AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine that were due to arrive in the country through the Covax program, citing concerns over potentially fatal, but rare, side effects.

A report from the Institute for National Security Strategy (INSS), a South Korean think tank that works closely with the country’s spy unit, has revealed that neighboring North Korea has rejected the import of AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines due to concerns over a few cases of blood clotting in people following inoculation.

The intelligence information detailed that the hermit kingdom was due to receive some 2 million doses of Oxford’s vaccine in May through the Covax scheme. However, the process had been delayed due to North Korean concerns over the vaccine’s safety, as well as worldwide shortages because of India’s vaccine export ban.

Covax, led by the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, Gavi, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund, was designed to alleviate vaccine inequity by donating vaccines to countries that cannot afford to produce or procure high volumes of shots.





Yeonmi changed her story again?


Leaders of DPRK, China vow greater cooperation in face of foreign hostility.

In a message to China's Xi Jinping, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said their relationship is vital in the face of hostile foreign forces, while Xi promised to bring cooperation "to a new stage", KCNA said.
China has been North Korea's only major ally since the two signed the treaty in 1961, and international sanctions imposed over Pyongyang's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programmes have made it more dependent than ever on Beijing for trade and other support.
"Despite the unprecedentedly complicated international situation in recent years the comradely trust and militant friendship between the DPRK and China get stronger day by day," Kim said in his message, KCNA reported, using the initials for North Korea's official name.
The treaty is defending socialism and peace in Asia "now that the hostile forces become more desperate in their challenge and obstructive moves," Kim said.
Xi's message said he plans to provide greater happiness to the two countries and their people by strengthening communication with Kim and "by steadily leading the relations of friendship and cooperation between the two countries to a new stage," KCNA said.


why would he die on this hill?piratePirate



People seem to be responding pretty positively to it, so good news there.


Damn, she has gotten plastic surgery? Bitch trying to look more western by the day.


So what's the deal with the Ryugyong Hotel? It's kind of a big deal of a landmark in Pyongyang, and western media always harps on about how it's only complete on the outside, but on the inside its a total skeleton. Which is why I ask, what's the real scoop? Is the hotel finished? What's planned for it? Have people stayed in it, and if so what's it like?


They started it just before the collapse of the USSR. If they had hindsight they'd suddenly lose their main trade partner and supplier of fuel which would result in a near-total collapse of their state sector economy (it still hasn't recovered today from its peak in 1990), a long-term famine and have to deal with the prospect they may soon be invaded by USA, ROK and Japan if they don't make a nuclear deterrent, they obviously wouldn't have built an overambitious skyscraper hotel meant to impress tourists mainly from the USSR, Eastern Bloc, Yugoslavia, China and neutral countries.


Damn shame, I kinda hoped they had managed to open something in it. I have heard that they use it for projections at least, so that's kinda cool.

Speaking of hotels and touring and such, what hotels in Pyongyang are recommended? And what tour groups? I've been long thinking of one day taking a tour there with some friends of mine or maybe a leftypol dedicated group, but it's hard to know what to use. I know the Koryogroup seems to be the most popular, but apparently the Korean Friendship Association offers tours as well.



The DPRK dkes nit release any official compleye economic statistics, all figures you find on the internet are south korean central bank fabrication.

Ergo, there is no way to know how the economy is doing since at least 1975, if not in the mid 60s.

My guess is it has recovered and surpassed whatever level it was in 1989 in real gdp per capita terms, but its just a guess like everybody else. I also guess that the structure of the output has shifted a bit towards services and some raw materials.


File: 1626698212924.jpg (341.13 KB, 1366x1010, ryugyong-hotel-night-ktg.jpg)

The hotel isn't structurally sound so it will never be completed, the LED exterior is pretty cool though.
All in all it's an eyesore but probably not worth the effort to tear down either


I dont think it's an eyesore at all, if anything I wish there were more cool ass buildings like that. It's just a damn shame that it's going to waste.


Why do you think it is structurally unsound? I never heard that before.


It was left with its insides exposed to the elements for years during the last economic crises.


File: 1626953465359.jpg (113.88 KB, 980x735, KimMaoAnyingGrave.jpg)

Kim visiting the grave of Mao Anying (Mao's oldest son) who was killed in a US airstrike while serving in the PLA during the korean war in 1950.eurekaEureka


Song about Mao Anying by Unhasu Orchestra in both Korean and Chinese


Anti-raid bump




Caught between North and South Korea
A documentary about a DPRK citizen whom the South deny going back to her homeland. Check it, DW takes down some documentary by who knows what criteria.


N.K. leader pays respects to fallen soldiers to mark anniversary of Korean War armistice

>North Korean leader Kim Jong-un visited a cemetery to pay respects to the soldiers killed during the 1950-53 Korean War to commemorate the armistice that ended the fighting in the war, a state broadcaster reported Tuesday.

> The Korean War ended in the armistice signed July 27, 1953, leaving South and North Korea technically in a state of war. The North called the war the Fatherland Liberation War and designated the armistice signing date as Victory Day.

> Kim visited the Fatherland Liberation War Martyr's Cemetery in Pyongyang at midnight Monday to mark the 68th anniversary of the Korean War armistice, according to the North's state Korean Central Broadcasting Station.

> The Rodong Sinmun, an organ of the ruling Workers' Party, said that Kim delivered food, medicine and other gifts to the war veterans to mark the anniversary.


But it's just a fact that N Korea isn't worth trying to justify bc of how it's universally criticized, Hakim might need some normal pillspiratePirate



I have the same premise as you do, but my conclusion is the opposite one: Because the DPRK is demonized, as a socialist country, we must defend it against outrageous slander and attacks.

One doesn't in any way need to idealize it to do so (it has after all, a representative political system and a kosyginreformlite type economy).


File: 1627501891202.png (631.69 KB, 811x482, Veterans conference.png)

Can someone identify the two lads in wheelchairs at 1:28 or have a higher quality version of this broadcast? the guy in the black suit looks suspiciously like Kim Yong-nam. Ri Myong-Su is surprisingly there as well wearing the army suit.


only cowards abandon their possitions by pressure.


All you need to do is to scratch the surface. You don't need to make any descriptive and definite claims about the DPRK to at least invoke massive scepticism when you easily dismantle the ridiculous propaganda against it.


At the risk of sounding like a dumbass, whats the deal with the border?

I've grown to appreciate the DPRK more and more due to the countless debunks of really stupid shit and have just generally read up on more. As much as i'm beginning to like the nation more, the border shit is always stuck up on me. Is there any reason that the DPRK is so harmful to people trying to leave the nation? Is it just a bad side we have to accept? or is it all just shitty western propaganda lol.

Hopefully I dont get called a glowie for a question like this lmao.tankieTankie


It's a military ceasefire line. The south also shoots people who try to escape across it.


OHH. makes a lot of sense lol. thank youtankieTankie


both sides try to shoot anyone who runs away, for often the same security reasons; they could be spies or have sensitive information to pass to the enemy.


Gotta remember, they still are at war with one another, they are in high alert of anyone that tries to cross to the other side.


Did you uyghas know about this? Just learned about this event only a few days ago, insane shit tbh
>On August 18, 1976, a group of five Korean Service Corps (KSC) personnel escorted by a UNC security team consisting of Captain Arthur Bonifas, his South Korean Army counterpart, Captain Kim, the platoon leader of the current platoon in the area (First Lieutenant Mark Barrett), and 11 enlisted personnel, both American and South Korean,[3] went into the JSA to prune the tree.

>The two captains did not wear sidearms, as members of the Joint Security Area were limited to five armed officers and 30 armed enlisted personnel at a time. However, there were mattocks in the back of the 2+1⁄2-ton truck. The KSC workers had the axes that they brought to prune the tree branches.

>After the pruning began, about 15 North Korean soldiers appeared, commanded by Senior Lieutenant Pak Chul, whom the UNC soldiers had nicknamed "Lieutenant Bulldog" because of a history of confrontations.[4] Pak and his subordinates appeared to observe the pruning without concern for approximately 15 minutes. Then, he abruptly told the UNC to cease the activity and stated that the tree could not be pruned.[2] Captain Bonifas ordered the detail to continue and turned his back on the North Koreans.

>After being ignored by Bonifas, Pak sent a runner across the Bridge of No Return. Within minutes, a North Korean guard truck crossed the bridge and approximately 20 more North Korean guards disembarked carrying crowbars and clubs. Pak again demanded that the pruning cease. When Bonifas again turned his back on him, Pak removed his watch, carefully wrapped it in a handkerchief, placed it in his pocket, and shouted, "Kill the bastards!"[5][6] Using axes dropped by the tree pruners, the KPA forces attacked both US soldiers, Bonifas and Barrett, and wounded all but one of the UNC guards.[7]

They got btfo'd hard
>Bonifas was knocked to the ground by Pak and then bludgeoned to death by at least five North Koreans, and Barrett jumped over a low wall that led past a 4.5-metre (15 ft) deep tree-filled depression just across the road from the tree. The depression was not visible from the road because of the dense grass and small trees. The entire fight lasted for only 20 to 30 seconds before the UNC force dispersed the North Korean guards and placed Bonifas's body in their truck.[6] There was no sign of Barrett, and the two UNC guards at OP No. 5 could not see him.

>The UNC force observed the North Korean guards at KPA No. 8 along the UNC emergency egress road exhibiting strange behavior in that one guard would take an axe and go down into the depression for a couple of minutes and then come back and hand the axe to another guard, who would repeat the action.[1] That went on for approximately 90 minutes until the UNC guards at OP No. 5 were informed that Barrett was missing, when they informed their superiors about the KPA activity in the depression. A search-and-rescue squad was quickly dispatched and found that Barrett had been attacked with the axe by the North Koreans.[1] Barrett was recovered and transported to a hospital in Seoul via an aid station at Camp Greaves, but he died on the journey.

Absolute sigma males destroyed those Americans lmao


Forgot the link if you want to read the whole thing https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Korean_axe_murder_incident


File: 1627663800652-1.mp4 (3.98 MB, 576x1024, IMG_0253.mp4)


I think I'm in the same mindset as Laibach (maybe). They performed in North Korea, which is not something that would be allowed to happen if they went there to "troll" them or something which is kinda how it was described by some media. I don't think that's true whatsoever.

I think the "joke" from their videos about North Korea is really at the West's expense. By contrast, an "ironic" satire of North Korea was the movie "The Interview" which ended with the main characters blowing up Kim Jong Un with a tank. And then some neocons tried to send DVD copies of the movie into the DPRK via balloon like that will convince people to overthrow their government. And that just tells you everything. The West will make jokes and treat the whole situation as a big farce, but underneath, the West is serious about destroying their country and killing their leader. And that's not a joke. So, the conclusion to draw from this is that the West is like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Or seeing the DPRK as a "problem" to be solved, which makes you wonder whether North Koreans see themselves as a "problem."

They're human beings for Christ's sake.

Also if you've read interviews with the band about their visit there, it's very different. They don't endorse the political system, but they're not "against" it really. I think it's just not anyone's place to decide that except for the Korean people. And I think their videos from there poked a little hole in the Western ideology bubble and looking at the people and showing their humanity (instead of dehumanizing them as "brainwashed automatons" or whatever). This is what they told Rolling Stone:

>Our first impression of the country was, “This is just like we expected… but it is somehow completely different.” A few days later, we were thinking about an option to be able to “live and stay there to reach the higher wisdom in ourselves.” The country may be poor and isolated, with a heavily oppressive political system, but the people are fantastic and they seem to possess the precious wisdom that we don’t.


>The general people of Korea are definitely the brightest jewel in the country. We couldn’t find any cynicism, sarcasm, irony, vulgarity and other “Western characteristics” in their eyes, on their faces and in their behavior. It was nothing but sincere modesty, kindness, proudness and respect. There was no military parade for the 70th Anniversary of Freedom, only people dancing gracefully instead everywhere on the streets and parks of Pyongyang.


>What misconceptions don’t [the West] have? It’s a country everybody in the West loves to hate, but most of the tabloid stories about the DPRK are utterly false: They don’t eat their own children, they don’t throw people to dogs and they don’t starve because of a lack of food. Americans in North Korea are, for instance, not hated at all, but welcomed. And Koreans do not equate the American people with U.S. governmental policy. Entering North Korea is not that difficult at all. As a matter of fact, it is generally easier than entering U.S.

>Pyongyang, which was completely bombed and erased during the Korean war — of course by the American warheads — is today a beautiful, clean, well-kept and colorful city with impressive architecture and parks. North Koreans laugh, smile and joke a lot and people across the country are incredibly well and “dignifying” dressed. They learn foreign languages; children begin to learn English at the age of seven. Koreans are keen to open up to the outside world, but they want to do it slowly, on their own terms, and in a very different way than the Chinese.


>Honourable, Dead or Alive, When Following the Revolutionary Road is based on an aria from the classic North Korean revolutionary opera "Tell, O Forest"(1972), written and produced under the guidance of the Dear Leader Kim Jong Il. "Tell, O Forest" is one of the five famous revolutionary operas in the DPRK. It vividly represents the steel-strong faith and steadfast will of a revolutionary. The opera is highly regarded as a masterpiece of eternal value.

>Laibach’s re-interpretation was prepared for the 2015 Liberation Day concert in Ponghwa Theatre in Pyongyang, but deemed too “confusing” by the North Korean hosts and therefore struck from the concert repertoire.

>Includes an edit of a poem ‘Jutri gremo v napad’ (Tomorrow We'll Attack) by Slovenian partisan poet Vladimir Pavšič alias Matej Bor.





i'm not a fan of these new overdesigned uniforms for the commanders, and at the same perplexed how only the highest echelons received them and everyone else still has the old ones





Kim is more slim with every new appearance


File: 1627830492977.png (732.63 KB, 738x670, ClipboardImage.png)


Yeonmi Park was on Joe Rogaine.



Joe getting worse and worse by the day
>inb4 I'm spammed with he was already shit
I know, that's why I'm saying he's getting even worse


File: 1628095186254.png (729.67 KB, 722x839, slim jong un.png)

He will soon look like this


File: 1628097808749.jpg (36.6 KB, 725x543, joerog.jpg)

this is his face at the end of this clip,
what does he think ?
Does he know how incredibly fake and over the top all of this sounds ?


Doesn't he always make that face


He makes that face when he wishes he had asked Jamie to "pull that up" in preparation for whatever activity he's presently engaging in before hand.
Which is all the time, so yes.

The fox and the grapes.


Does this meathead ever question whatever his guests are telling him? This guy is such a pushover, you can tell him anything and he will believe it. You could probably put Grover Furr in there and Joe walks out being a hardline Stalinist.


File: 1628104867740.jpg (692.33 KB, 2000x1657, oqhncKd.jpg)


>Doesn't he always make that face
I don't know, the face isn't really my primary concern, I was asking whether he is aware about what he is participating in ? Like does he notice how crazy the story is he is being told ?

>Does this meathead ever question whatever his guests are telling him? This guy is such a pushover, you can tell him anything and he will believe it. You could probably put Grover Furr in there and Joe walks out being a hardline Stalinist.
Oh that's explains it.


That woman looks like an alien with too much makeup. Giant eyes + shiny skin.


File: 1628106250383.jpg (104.64 KB, 1280x720, moranbong band.jpg)

She has an ugly soul and it starts to reflect itself in physicality.


I like them.


I suppose it's better than having an "interviewer" try to make the interviewee look like a retard or evil. I figure that's why his show is so popular, because people find it rightfully annoying when the media tries to play circus with anyone they don't like.


What was up with Kim Jong Un's uncle being executed? Was it justified? Asking this because it seems to be the only story where Kim executes someone and they're actually dead and don't magically come back to life later


File: 1628149342893.jpg (55.88 KB, 402x634, two types of cold.jpg)

I'll say.


>I don't know, the face isn't really my primary concern, I was asking whether he is aware about what he is participating in ? Like does he notice how crazy the story is he is being told ?
No, anon. He isn't a very smart person and rarely does research by himself, and when he does it's very surface-level (like going directly to Vice News for DPRK coverage).


Tried to do a coup with glowie influence if I remember correctly, other anons can probably answer better.


that's the only legitimate story, since DPRK media confirmed it. And it was what gave fuel for South Korean media to make up purge stories willy nilly. Thaek was apparently consolidating powers for himself and it culminated with soldiers loyal to him having a shoot out with other soldiers during a spat over the ownership of some fisheries. Watching all footage of Un and Thaek together before his purge is interesting. It seems like Thaek was one of the few people who did not exhibit completely submissive body language to Un, many other people also didn't at the time. It was after the purge that everyone became extremely stiff around Un, out of fear obviously.


Thaek didn't have glowie influence, he had Chinese influence, if the assembled conjectures about the chain of events are true.


File: 1628222189903.jpg (121.65 KB, 744x1000, 1721543741266.jpg)

This documentary is great, the director might be a bit of a lib, but the long term unconverted prisoners are based af.



More flooding in DPRK, if this keeps happening the agricultural situation won't look good in the future.


>see YT video of Pyongyang's downtown
>People minding their own business
>No smartphones
>No stupid selfies
>No tattoos
>Traditional clothes
>Women are not wearing whorish clothes
>Everything clean and in order
>Family goes together
>Friends talk to each other instead of sending stupid phone messages.

>The rotten burger mind comments:Oh it's so sad, it looks like 1960, they don't have IPhones and they wear old clothes so sad

>Also "muh freedom"

I hate burgers, I can't stand their retarded mentality, they are literal feral animals that are ok as long as they have their stupid IPhones and social media shit.


They are retarded in that this should be the burger's fantasy land or because of the fact that burger society does not represent YOUR fantasy land?


They are retarded because they only care about stupid worthless shit like how flashy or new their clothes are or their IPhones, burgers can't live without their IPhones.

I know that NK is not some kind of utopia, they have serious problems as every other developing country, but burgers think that life there is some kind of dystopia because they don't have about stupid trash.

This is why burgers are totally ok with their ultra expensive education, healthcare and housing, because as long as they have their retarded toys, whorish clothes to show off and social media everything is ok and they have "freedom"


*they don't have stupid trash


Any thoughts on "Crash Landing on You"? Apparently this South Korean show does not depict the DPRK in a bad light.




ahhh I am sympathetic to your position but I guess I'm fundamentally dubious of conflating consumerism with some "degeneracy"
I didn't realize that women shooting period blood into the air was the essence of consumer culture! Have you had any experiences with it first hand in the imperial core?


From what I’ve seen the depiction is: “People good but ignorant, Party very bad and manipulative.” It’s a step up from 1960s propaganda, but that’s not much of an improvement.


File: 1628364019495.png (89.01 KB, 228x221, ClipboardImage.png)


>>No smartphones
How old is the video? Cell phones and even smartphones aren't uncommon in Pyongyang these days.anarchismAnarchism



You are correct. The profile building selfie making culture however does not exist to any significant degree there.

I really think the DPRK should take special care to design phones that are far less addictive then westetn counterparts, that includes never developping any kind of mass social media beyond maybe messenger apps.



*addictive isn't quite the right word; Its more like a compulsion driven by anxiety rather than a search for pleasure.


Reliable information about the country's intranet is surprisingly rare, and Western outlets often betray their ignorance on even the basic Internet/intranet distinction.
However we can get a little bit of a glimpse. The following may or may not still exist, but they did apparently exist on the country's private intranet at some point.

A Facebook-like website used on campuses:

"[A] government-sanctioned social network, as well as multiple local message boards that try to give citizens levels of interaction similar to Western social networks like Twitter or Facebook":

Online dating:


File: 1628380427745.png (138.35 KB, 879x742, ClipboardImage.png)

>Just being able to eat is a luxury in North Korea. Nobody has time there to go on the intranet.
Try reading something about the country sometime? Eating is not a luxury there. Certain foreign products might be, such a fruit, or whatever it may be - this was somewhat the case in the mid to late USSR as well. I was just reading earlier about how sanctions have limited tattooing supplies (inspired by >>429291 ):


Today, on reddit, it was claimed that the North Korean government "refuses to accept aid from South Korea during a food shortage". I was immediately sceptical because I knew they have accepted South Korean aid before. Turns out, the "aid" is not coming from the South Korean government, but from a sketchy private organization backed by conservatives and religious cults called the Korean Sharing Movement. And it is in no way just offering donations! They want something in return, for example, they want their books being published in the North. Here is an account by someone criticizing this who is in no way sympathetic to the DPRK:


I noticed that the MSM and all these think tanks do not reference Yeonmi Park anymore, at this point she is probably more hurtful to their cause. It coincided with the shift towards becoming an internet personality with her own YouTube channel who now visits right-wing podcasts and becomes part of the right-wing internet eco system. The fact that the algorithm promotes her so much also lets me suspect that she is probably backed by some conservative organization in South Korea or something similar.


>I noticed that the MSM and all these think tanks do not reference Yeonmi Park anymore, at this point she is probably more hurtful to their cause.
Here's what an opinion writer in NK News had to say of that recently:
>Prominent defectors like Park often align themselves with conservatives in South Korea and the U.S.
>How did such a prominent activist come to muddle her message with this nakedly partisan punditry?
>Meanwhile, in South Korea, it is the conservatives who share these defectors’ hate for the regime from which they fled. As a result, many North Korean defectors, from Yeonmi Park to Park Sang-hak, turn to support the conservatives or even the alt-right.
>Unlike the conservatives who have historically been mostly frosty toward North Korea, progressives are far more receptive to dialogue and concessions to North Korea. Therefore, due to diverging political ideologies, the left has been largely silent about Pyongyang’s human rights abuses.
>The very real adversity Park overcame seems invisible to progressives, and that has contributed to her transformation into a right-wing talking point.anarchismAnarchism


Has there been a study on the political views of DPRK defectors? I’m curious to see how many identify as socialists and how they view the north. Every article I read about “North Korean from a defectors perspective” is from an ultra-capitalist grifter. I want to know how the average defector feels, not someone being paid by a bunch of think tanks and religious groups. I do know the largest reason for defection is economic reasons, not something idealist like wanting more freedoms.




This is talking about the poll saying how defectors perceive public opinion of KJU inside NK, not how the defectors themselves view him.anarchismAnarchism



I wonder why they say that. Especially since that poll is from 2016. That was a time where the DPRK's economy actually grew a lot and life got better.


You have to remember these are the people who decided to leave the country. Obviously the sample is going to be more in the direction of disliking the state of affairs there. This should generally be the case for other immigrant populations too, though there may be exceptions.
When they move to South Korea, they often are met with poverty, unemployment, and discrimination.anarchismAnarchism



Whether or not this is true, it will be used to label all leftist or pro-peace groups as DPRK spies.



File: 1628617700192.jpg (103.89 KB, 1255x670, kju.jpg)


Since the end of the Cold War, the “C” word of communism (공산주의) has rarely been used in official North Korean discourse. The Rodong Sinmun and KCNA have rarely, if ever, highlighted communism as the country’s ruling ideology.

Instead, DPRK publications and leaders’ speeches have used the more general Marxian term of socialism (사회주의).

But in his recent letter to the trade union, Kim used the word “communism” nine times, and his emphasis on “communist traits” in North Korea’s “working class” echoed Kim Il Sung-era doctrine. Echoing Marx’s stages of development, he advocated for the building of a utopian communist society in the DPRK.

“The powerful country, the socialist society, we are aspiring after is a society in which all the people live a comfortable and harmonious life in good health and without any worries about food, clothing and housing,” Kim wrote, “a people-oriented society in which the communist traits and virtues of all the people sharing pleasure and sorrow while helping and leading one another forward.”

North Korea’s revised 2021 ruling party rules, recently revealed in full, also state that the party’s ultimate goal is “to build a communist society where the ideals of the people will be completely realized.” The 2016 rules included no mention of “communism.”



File: 1628619058102.jpeg (41.97 KB, 650x443, images.jpeg)

Kim and Xi are the most ultra based leaders rn.
How can pedo joe even compete?



Greatly B A S E D if true.


Stop ruining the good news, Dengoid.


Based Un for seeing how tarded not reading elementary theory is.viet_congViet Cong


File: 1628761953882.jpg (36.46 KB, 460x325, Korean syndicalists.jpg)

South Korea will move to a very neoconservative path and embrace McCarthyism. Once everything goes to shit like it always does in a neocon state, the South Korean opposition will have no choice to embrace violent means of protests and accept "pro DPRK" labour unions and leftwing groups just like in the late '90s where Pro DPRK groups were rampant. Embrace Korean unification accelerationism.


This recent news convinced me to learn Korean. >>437366


File: 1628817227301.jpg (253.02 KB, 900x506, usa.jpg)

Dismal American Society Where Even Elementary Right to Existence Is Ruthlessly Violated


The United States is obsessing over admonishing other countries, behaving habitually like a “human rights judge.”

Then, what about the human rights situation in the U.S.?

Hundreds of thousands of people have lost their precious lives because the U.S. has not properly responded to COVID-19 pandemic. Beyond this shocking happenings, the living people are wandering in despair and pain without enjoying even the elementary right to existence. This is where the United States stands now.

According to data, 6.5 million families and over 15 million inhabitants in the U.S. are now in the position to be forcibly evicted from their homes for their inability to pay the rents due to the insufficient income caused by COVID-19 pandemic, and this number is projected to further increase over time.

From September last year, the U.S. Administration is said to have taken so-called “eviction moratorium” as a means to prevent the inhabitants – to be evicted due to their inability to pay the rents – from being exposed to the pandemic. However, it has been merely a stopgap measure designed to silence their complaints.

This has been substantiated by the actions taken by the Administration and the Congress following the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that the Administration has no power to extend the “eviction moratorium” and if extension is needed, the Congress should appropriate additional budget.

The Administration and the Congress busied themselves with shifting responsibilities onto others, with the former insisting that the budgetary matter is within the competence of the Congress and the latter asserting that it hadn’t received notification from the former that the “eviction moratorium” is due to be expired. The emergency meeting of the Congress convened somehow to discuss the extension of “eviction moratorium” degenerated into a fruitless, point-scoring partisan fight.

While the Administration and the Congress were wasting time, the “eviction moratorium” expired, and a number of people at risk of homelessness staged protests.

The U.S. Administration, frightened by the unexpected developments, made a last-ditch attempt to extend the “eviction moratorium” for 60 days to be applicable only to the pandemic-ridden regions. But, a great number of inhabitants without ability to pay the rents are spending every day in worries and panic for fear of unforeseeable eviction.

Notwithstanding this reality, the United States, instead of taking measures to ensure the elementary right of the inhabitants to existence, is engrossed in meddling with others’ internal affairs, impudently poking its nose into human rights situations of other countries.

The international society denounces and derides the reality of the U.S., saying that the U.S. should first remedy its dismal human rights situation before taking up others’ “human rights issue”; there are few countries like the U.S. which carries serious human rights problems; and ensuring human rights in the U.S. is tantamount to building a castle in the air.

Before talking impudently about “human rights issue” of other countries, the U.S. should address the human rights problems of its own society which are daily getting worse owing to its anti-popular policies.


aleksander dugin


File: 1629070433230.jpg (115.96 KB, 828x1009, Kim Bong Un.jpg)



Damn, they get weed to distract them from their miserable lives?
>look how evil nord gorea is, at least we get netflix and nintendo witch :DD


Filed under "obviously lie but unbelievably based if true"


File: 1629071986792.jpg (66.58 KB, 750x734, DPRKannabis.jpg)

As far as I know, it has never been illegal in the DPRK.




I think some shitty strain grows all over the place so banning it would have been a little redundant. I could be wrong here



Who is this qt?




a tour guide




There's nothing "shitty" about hemp, far more useful to humanity than marijuana which is a dulling drug that prevents people from revolting against capitalism.


>prevents people from revolting against capitalism.


I'm smoking weed right now and I despise Capitalism with every fiber of my mortal being.


File: 1629383462190-0.jpg (73.87 KB, 670x475, 1553448993842.jpg)

File: 1629383462190-1.jpg (60.51 KB, 720x720, best for.jpg)

<hemp, far more useful to humanity than marijuana
Marijuana-burger slang
It's all cannabis you stupid fucking cunt. Even commercially grown 'hemp' is a sativa variant(which is usually higher THC potency, this particular strain isn't though)
t. Epileptic, Multiple-Sclerosis sufferer on the devil's drug


But what are you actually doing?


>Second image
Lmfao. That better be in the booru already.


When you don't smoke it though.


<When you don't smoke it though.
[laughs in time with the Cuban rhythm]
Seriously though, in my case I use sub-lingual drops edibles and vape mostly, but if I need quick relief or if I start having spasms (MS) I smoke


are there any Jews in DPRK? I'm wondering cause there's only one in Afghanistan now. I thought maybe DPRK was the only place with less than one.


File: 1629596937080-0.png (1017.89 KB, 1248x792, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1629596937080-1.png (649.16 KB, 810x573, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1629596937080-2.png (564.11 KB, 851x524, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1629596937080-3.png (511.65 KB, 695x500, ClipboardImage.png)


Holy fuck he looks good after losing weight (and I"m not even gay)


Damn, he looks 20 years younger


File: 1629701239245.jpg (39.36 KB, 400x400, cVJubI7j_400x400.jpg)


I am going to get rich making self-help books on the Korean Diet.


>started losing weight right after they unveiled his official portrait a few years ago


Let's say, theoretically, I wanted to immigrate to the DPRK. How would one go about this? For purely theoretical reasons, once COVID ends. Just a hypothetical.


overview of DPRK


any thots?


go there to teach English


north korea does not consider immigration to be a benefit to their society and as such their visa and immigration laws reflect that


what the fuck word is being censored as minecraft lol


File: 1629905899363.gif (1.47 MB, 236x250, 1561819775695.gif)

Minecraft is a meme but this autistic faggot is overusing it to make a point or something.


who's that white dude next to him lmao


File: 1629907208442.png (3.03 MB, 2048x1536, finno korean.png)

President of Finland, I hope


File: 1629910122914.jpg (773.71 KB, 1200x744, image147 524.jpg)

Miguel-Diaz Canel, president of Cuba




so this is the origin of the finno-korean hyperwar


The names of Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il, and Kim Jong Un are always enlarged in government publications, it wouldn’t surprise me if their software did it automatically.


I've heard of them doing this. Is it just for the Kim's or do other leaders get their name emboldened? What about people like Marx and Engels?


It is the peace treaty after the hyperwar



File: 1630925113863.jpeg (656.51 KB, 1012x778, Tactical_racism.jpeg)

Still better praxis than Maoist Ultras


DPRK: How many levels of ironic tactical racism are you on?
Agent Kochinski: idk like 5 or 6 my dude
DPRK: You are like a little baby, watch THIS


It seems that every time someone calls them "North Korea" they gain a racism pass.




DPRK envoy calling the Japanese envoy a splitfoot splithead soyskinned Jap contributed more to communism than uyghur and Whigger brother James and Tyrones 14th DSA protest.


>A North Korean diplomat has set off sparks at the United Nations by referring repeatedly, in English, to the Japanese as "Japs" during a General Assembly discussion of its nuclear program.


Midnight parade about to start in Pyongyang




File: 1631155087532-0.jpg (28.21 KB, 360x240, E-zzKciXsAEGj3s.jpg)

File: 1631155087532-1.jpg (20.04 KB, 360x241, E-zzIduWYAICwm_.jpg)

File: 1631155087532-2.jpg (24.7 KB, 360x241, E-zzN89WUAUH1nE.jpg)

File: 1631155087532-3.jpg (19.26 KB, 360x240, E-zzJlGWEAEaUNf.jpg)

Kim looking good


File: 1631155330070-0.jpg (16.93 KB, 360x279, E-zrC4rVcAMBgg6.jpg)

File: 1631155330070-1.jpg (34.2 KB, 360x241, E-zrC2rUUAM9_7t.jpg)

File: 1631155330070-2.jpg (20.64 KB, 360x247, E-zrC1vVEAE-6ES.jpg)

File: 1631155330070-3.jpg (20.23 KB, 360x214, E-zrC0HVQAQldIj.jpg)


File: 1631155662411-0.jpg (19.36 KB, 360x239, E-zre4PVIAo8V1O.jpg)

File: 1631155662411-1.jpg (23.3 KB, 360x240, E-zre49VkAEFqVO.jpg)

File: 1631155662411-2.jpg (78.34 KB, 680x445, E-zre2PVQAQAre_.jpg)

File: 1631155662411-3.jpg (74.79 KB, 680x447, E-zsm2lVIAQgGbm.jpg)


File: 1631218581210.png (2.56 MB, 1360x768, ClipboardImage.png)

nabbed this screenshot from a parade video because it's pretty damn cool


Can someone give me a full vid of the parade?



Archive of videos from the deleted "Echo of Truth" Youtube channel which was run from the DPRK:


File: 1631289771428.jpg (105.88 KB, 632x1952, 1532829230033.jpg)


who's the young lad in the fancy uniform? did Kim shuffle his cabinet again?





Very sleek and modern. It reminds me a bit of those upbeat info/propaganda videos big corporations do to show their own workforce. (I think I have heard the song in the clip "Covid19 situation" before in an Amazon video, heh.) Different people have different preferences, so I hope they don't fully switch to only making videos in this style. (What personally irks me about corporate pop or whatever you want to call the style is the common practice of displaying adults with avatars that look like teens or kids.)


File: 1631389753871.jpg (82.69 KB, 535x680, E_BxzHkXIAEqFPx.jpg)



She should show the world how brutal and oppressive NK is by opening an Onlyfans and show her freedomas


she was so cute bros. it’s not fair.


She was much cuter in the first picture

Looks so fake now, a doll


Plastic surgery isn't quite there, why the overuse always end up with there results!


Shit taste, there's nothing attractive in traitors.


File: 1631447957887.png (308.35 KB, 1550x1020, defector simp.png)

She has a patreon


File: 1631449436096.jpeg (53.68 KB, 750x816, E4E6lCiWQAISKPV.jpeg)


What numbers


File: 1631449560139.png (1.91 MB, 4321x4321, 1613822113214.png)

>human rights
>individual liberties


File: 1631752394519-0.png (503.63 KB, 702x344, nk-banner.PNG)

File: 1631752394519-1.png (644.6 KB, 694x342, nk-banner2.PNG)

File: 1631752394519-2.png (446.43 KB, 703x338, nk-banner3.PNG)

Does anyone know the translation for these banners?

It's from a YT music video. It's really cool because it looks likes a protest of common people. Unfortunaly I don't understand shit of Korean and I can't even google those letters (Hangul) because I can't type them on my keyboard.


File: 1631752657804.png (642.76 KB, 1022x731, Its all so tiresome.png)

this is just sad.


for 200 bucks per month you can fuck her?


according to her neighbors she was already a whore back then


how can you say "jap" in korean? it's just nonsense


쪽발이 (jjokbari)



위대한 김정은동지따라 최후의 승리를 향하여 앞으로!
Head onwards towards final victory following the Great comrade Kim Jong Un!

백두의 혁명정신, 백두의 칼바람정신
With the revolutionary spirit of Paektu, with the spirit of Paektu’s piercing wind.

김정일애국주의를 구현하여 부강조국건설을 다그치자!
Let’s create a prosperous country, emulating Kim Jong Il’s patriotism!


Wow, thank you, anon!

I actually managed to find the news on those rallies on YouTube. It's heatwarming to see a socialist country coming together and ralling against US imperialism.


File: 1631950258939.png (966.09 KB, 1253x836, 23.PNG)

I got curious and went into their website bruh this some personality cult


Because they have a picture of kim? It's like saying that the US is a cult because the WH website has a pic or Biden or Trump.

Actually forget that, the US IS an actual cult.


Speaking about North Korean websites, I found the North Koreans doing satirical cartoons. It's mostly about poking fun at South Korean conservatives and how they are the most fragile and traitourous party that is falling apart as you read. I compiled some things I found that have to do with outside of Korea.


Oh and Obama too


File: 1631979707690.jpg (303.39 KB, 800x600, TrumpvsWall.jpg)


they have toned it down a bit
for example calling him "Respected Comrade" instead of "Supreme Leader"



At the very least it is exaggerated.
There is no doubt that the DPRK has been forced to do at least some of these things due to the sanctions and blockades.


Welcome back to the main board.


some of those happened. But then, trolling imperialists to make your cash by bypassing copyrights/drugs laws, hacking or counterfeiting money is based



I am reminded of "The Virgin Venezuela vs. The Chad DPRK" meme, if anyone can share it.

Be sure to get juchepilled and take your songunmeds friends.


File: 1632295824186-1.mp4 (2.14 MB, 1280x720, Based DPRK.mp4)

"Our father is Marshal Kim Jong Un, Our Home is the Party's embrace"
"With the Respected Marshal who loves people most and regards his trouble for the people as his joy as our father in the harmonious great family we are assisting each other in the warm cherished house, our socialist homeland"

"The Household / Family well ordered is the true image of the Commonwealth." -Jean Bodin


Juche absolutely, irrecoverably BTFO


>ping pang pung
just letting people know this translates to ping pow scrotum


idk but some of it it's actually kinda based


File: 1632691349034.png (111.65 KB, 566x699, ClipboardImage.png)

Comrade Sisterboss birthday tdy


i want her to sit on my face, comrades


Happy birthday


you are a simp and deserve to be sent to a gulag


jake transhumanist


You uyghas seen this shit? Based af tbh, time to buy ETH. More countries targeted by imperialist sanctions should take this approach https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/currencies/virgil-griffith-ethereum-north-korea-crypto-sanctions-vitalik-buterin-foundation-2021-09


Grindillionaire mindset talks about the DPRK ft. the dog ate the rat and the rat ate my grandma and the rat exploded.


Damn she's yoing and cute.




pls respond >>522105


We were talking about that like here


Copy posting my response here because it probably should have been in this thread in the first place:

East Asian languages are way more "flowery" than English. South Koreans sound just as crazy if you translate what they're saying directly into English, Anglo MSM makes an effort to "humanize" their speech, ie not just directly translate but translate in such a way that seems sensible in English while deliberately directly translating Korean when spoken by Northerners to make them sound insane.

Same is true of Japanese and Mandarin too. Go to an Asian grocery and look at some of the crazy names they have for products. IE "Supreme soy sauce" or whatever. I once heard that the mandarin term for a ship based cruise missile is "Fire breathing dragon deployed over water" although I'm not sure if that is actually correct or somebody is just making the mistake of directly translating individual Chinese characters which isn't how words are actually spoken there.

This has been a long, weird standing tradition in Western Propaganda. In the past it was a little cruder and more overt, ie inventing the name "Viet Cong" because it sounds scarier than "Viet Minh". Now days they've learned to be more subtle, half truths are more effective than lies in manufacturing consent.

The problem is when western leftists don't understand this and start speaking in weird robotic wizard sounding English mao-speak which just makes you sound like a full blown spastic to anybody whose native language is English. This kind of speak can be good for reinforcing a tight knit high control culture within some kind of political/narcissistic cult, both warping speech to create an insular culture & through trauma bonding as cadre are unable to communicate with outsiders, but it's bad for actually achieving anything like winning over anybody isn't a weird shutin/drug addict/BPD whore or whatever.

The DPRK itself does play into this sometimes though and use it to it's own advantage. Notice how in official DPRK communiques they will translate roughly all political terminology, ie Songun = Military first system. But they never, ever directly translate the word "Juche", which is funny because "Juche" originates not as some indigenous Korean word or a word which Kim Il Sung made up, but as a translation of a fairly "common" word which existed first in English and German but which most people would probably not be able to correctly define in political/philosophical context.

Weird subject, isn't it?


No no look dude there's like a gazillion guards outside of frame aiming guns at them. People actually hate doing recreational activities for fun, look this is literally 1984!!!


Why is the DPRK so insular in comparison to other ML states like Cuba? Is this to any degree self-imposed?


They're technically still at war with the US and south (occupied) Korea. The Korean war never officially ended


>East Asian languages are way more "flowery" than English
I wonder if you're possibly making an error by assuming there's a certain average mundanity every culture leans towards, maybe koreans are simply more dramatic culturally.


>General Secretary Kim Jong Un Makes Historic Policy Speech

>And he ardently called for working hard for the prosperity of the great motherland, the DPRK, for the happiness and well-being of our great people and for the new development of construction of socialism of Korean style under the slogan of “The People Are God”, single-hearted unity and self-reliance.



>Weird subject, isn't it?
I see what you did there.


Refer to:
If North Korean poverty is indeed true, remember Cuba. It is not caused by economic mismanagement or whatever bullshit they tell you, but rather the sanctions Western countries and the UN (which was previously lobbied by the West) gave.


>Woke universities are crazier than North Korea



Found in a compilation of Kim Il Sung works published in 2020, page 15:
>Some capitalist newspapers call a socialist country which maintains independence “national communism”. Our Juche idea has nothing in common with the “national communism” which the reactionaries talk so much about.
>The Juche idea is based on Marx’s principle “Workers of all countries, unite!” and is in full accord with proletarian internationalism.
- Kim Il Sung, 1972


can any juche pilled comrade show some sources about the US/SK Government paying defectors to say shit, actually anything about the defectors is good


File: 1633566966709.jpg (147.71 KB, 1171x530, un.jpg)

North Korea threatens UN Security Council


North Korea sent a threat to the U.N. Security Council on Sunday, warning the global body against voicing criticisms of its nuclear program.

Senior North Korean Foreign Ministry official Jo Chol Su told the council that it “had better think what consequences it will bring in the future in case it tries to encroach upon the sovereignty" of North Korea, The Associated Press reported.

According a statement circulated by North Korean state media, Jo accused the U.N. Security Council of having a “double-dealing standard” due to it not treating countries like the U.S. and its allies similarly.

North Korea is banned from engaging in ballistic missile activities under numerous U.N. Security Council resolutions, the AP noted. Despite this, the isolated country resumed conducting missile tests in September, sending two missiles off of its west coast. The AP noted that despite these recent provocations, North Korea is maintaining its self-imposed moratorium on long-range missile that could hit the U.S.



China and Russia are on the UN Security Council. I am not sure whether this is a wise move. The UN is actually one of the few institutions where the DPRK can act as an equal to others and present their view.


This is a classic

Reminder that a lot of NK defectors actually return (or want to return) to NK after seeing with their own eyes that Hell Joseon is Hellish indeed.


File: 1633579843551.pdf (13.86 MB, 225x300, 20211003110358.pdf)

New illustrated booklet on the DPRK just dropped


Does the "Potemkin village" of Kijong-dong demonstrate that North Korea is willing to trick Westerners into thinking higher of it and thus some of North Korea's advances are actually not legit?


File: 1634045292823.png (230.38 KB, 1123x757, NKSquid.png)


This is is real though, even the writer himself said that the show is supposed to depict capitalism.


I mean…that was the point.


in fact the author knew it
"I wanted to write a story that was an allegory or fable about modern capitalist society, something that depicts an extreme competition, somewhat like the extreme competition of life. But I wanted it to use the kind of characters we’ve all met in real life." He described the work as "a story about losers


Wish I could see some of the natural beauties of NK with my own eyes :(
Open up, Kim


Same with Parasite, really.


File: 1634048157910.png (251.25 KB, 960x745, dhadhds.png)


i mean, thats still entirely true the security council is fucking bullshit that goes against the whole UN idea in the first place, and its also true theyre hypocrites in regard to nukes


High-profile spy that defected reinforces other claims that Kim Jong-un funds his lavish lifestyle through drug trafficking.


>He had to flee for his life in 2014, and since then he has been living in Seoul and working for South Korean intelligence.
Well of course an NIS agent would say such things.


You would believe him if it was the other way around and he was an agent of the north. Btw North Korea has been doing this since the 70s: http://www.businessinsider.com/north-korea-meth-2014-4


File: 1634186626233.png (64.62 KB, 255x172, image.png)

>say my name
>hai sen burg
>your goddamn right


I don't justify them but what are they supposed to do? They're sanctioned to death and without resorting to various schemes NK would die.

Also the western media can't accuse someone else of trafficking drugs, both the US and the UK have engaged in drug trafficking to pay for their shenenigans.


I don't have anything against it, but why has the leadership of the Worker's party been passed on to his child and grandchild?



He knows them best and picked the most adept one to lead the country next. It has to be someone that can be trusted to make good decisions and hold a lot of power.



It's some kind of informal monarchy based on Korean traditional. Technically nothing stops a non-Kim from becoming the state leader, however the mechanisms favour this nepotism.


>North Korea ranks first in the world in modern slavery, with one out of every 10 citizens its victim, this according to Global Slavery Index by the Walk Free Foundation.

Sounds glowed as fuck.


Walk Free was founded by a billionaire kek


His company Fortescue Metals Group has a dirty history with australian aboriginals, having many times illegally invaded traditional sites.

Also how do they define slavery? I'm really curious but did not find any sources on the models Walk Free use to define it. Is it "if you don't work you'll starve?". Then most countries practice slavery.


maybe they can get into aquaculture (the Chinese have overfished squid in North Korean waters into 70% decline)


File: 1634270345983.jpeg (15.04 KB, 225x225, Unknown.jpeg)

that building is on the album' cover of one of my favorite bands


Minderoo Foundation’s Walk Free initiative was founded by Andrew Forrest and family (millionaire mine-company owner, born into a family of millionaire mine-company owners).
According to Walk Free Foundation 2019, Germany and Scandinavia are more slaveryesque than burgerstan.
I'm just reading the part in the Stacked Odds "report" about the Norks, and it's just vapid blahblah:
<While the regime forces men to work in abusive conditions, often without any pay, the women are left behind with their starving families. Even where the men are paid, the State wage is not liveable or realistic. The regime uses its control over resources, like food, as a weapon to keep its people weak and silent – preoccupied with survival. They are systematically starving their people and any sign of rebellion.
<Still, our women persevere. They barter and bargain for food on the black market, notoriously dangerous places for women, that are also illegal in the eyes of the State but overrun by corrupt government officials. They are raped and beaten by guards and market operators. When they return home with bread to feed their families, their husbands – who often turn to alcohol and gambling to cope with their own experiences of labour exploitation and abuse – beat them. Nobody speaks about the violence in their homes. Again, our focus is on the most basic needs of survival.
<North Korean women suffer in silence, as they are taught that their only job is to be loyal to the regime and serve their men, consistently reminded that they are the bottom of the value chain.
How is any of that valuable data that you could use for scoring countries?? Hold on, I just had a feeling and looked at the byline. It's written by Yeonmi Pork Park. This means the text can only get better…
<In North Korea, rape is inescapable for women no matter what caste, or songbun, you hail from. The only difference a higher social status makes is who is your abuser: a low-level market inspector, a mid-ranking official, or even the dictator himself.
Read https://rhizzone.net/articles/songbullshit/
<When I was in middle school, I was chosen for a prestigious group that entertains the Supreme Leader with singing and dancing – and suffers the onslaught of his sexual abuse – commonly known as the ‘Pleasure Squad’ but more accurately termed sex slaves. While I was ultimately spared as my family was from a low songbun, approximately 2,000 girls are trapped in this group today. To refuse is to die.
<The idea that a woman could be sexually victimised by a man is missing in North Korea: she is the one considered immoral and shunned for losing her virginity.
Yeonmi Park claims here that raping women is legal in North Korea!


>DPRK is a long-lasting socialist country
>DPRK is a nationalist authoritarian state
>DPRK is essentially a monarchy
>DPRK has abolished taxation
and now
>DPRK is the incel utopia realized
No one nation should have all that basedness.


>Let's disregard this source because it was funded by a rich guy
And yet you commies will source the NYT and BBC when they say anything that supports you… but when they say something bad you say "THEY GLOW THEY ARE FUNDED BY BOURGIES"


>Let's disregard this source because it was funded by a rich guy

I'm not doing that. It's just a detail. I'm interested in how they define slavery.

Also go back to whatever hole you came from


It seems like you were trying to discredit the source, not give a detail (to what?) and the definition of slavery thing was separate. Now, do you have any good reason to believe Walk Free is not credible?


File: 1634322610032.mp4 (1.22 MB, 320x320, weakest jucheist.mp4)

You must be new here. There is not a single instance in this thread nor the China thread of people claiming NYT/BBC to be credible sources, nor are these particularly respected elsewhere on this board. You are making up a position, finding no evidence for it, only evidence to the contrary. Instead of fundamentally revising what you believe, you then construct a flip-flopping character, flipping back and forth between the shit you got in your head about this place before arriving and what you see actually getting said on here by the regulars.
>Now, do you have any good reason to believe Walk Free is not credible?
The claim that Germany and Scandinavia have a bigger problem with slave-like living conditions seems absurd on the face of it. The US have an absolutely gigantic program of prison labor, so whatever concept of slavery-like conditions the WF project is working with must give little to no weight to that in order to get that sort of result.

As for Yeonmi Park, the person writing the NK section in the WF report Stacked Odds, see the vid related.


because it's funded by a porky who prob fabricated all of those data because the bastard can't profit in North Korea and have actual child slaves there?

Also the US and american billionaires are famous for creating fake news regarding DPRK.


can someone tell me how the workers in the DPRK have control over the MOP? Thanks


Through comitees and worker's councils


That's the thing, they don't


this. they don’t even have a system where every worker votes on how many pencils to make. basically fascism.


>Only one candidate on the ballot in each constituency that's pre-selected by the government
>WPK gets like 90% of the vote every time
These workers' councils likely have no real power, unless you're willing to elaborate on how they do in fact.


Dark Society Where Virtue And Affection Are Withering Away


Respecting and taking good care of the elderly and holding them up as seniors of the family and society are noble virtue and universal ethics of human society.

Contrary phenomena, however, are widespread in the Japanese society where the aged are subjected to maltreatment, contempt and abuse, far from receiving deserved attention and care of the family and society. They are thus spending the remaining years of their lives in misery, misfortunes and sufferings, prompting the public astonishment.

According to the related data, nearly 6,500 people aged 65 and over committed suicide in 2018 alone.

It is no mere coincidence that the Japanese media reported that it is becoming a household phrase among the aged that “life in retirement is tantamount to a probationary period.”

A dark society is not something abstract.

It is the society bereft of love, virtue and affection toward humans, where human beings are turning bestial, being reduced to the slaves of capital.

Cha Hye Gyong

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DPRK


Society Forsaken by People Ruins


The world has long been locked in fierce ideological debates and showdown over the issue of which society represents the future of mankind: socialism or capitalism.

The capitalist production mode by which capitalism has prolonged its days by dint of sweat and blood shed by the people has reached the limit to breathe its last.

As a result, the gap between the rich getting ever richer and the poor getting ever poorer has now become extreme.

Contradiction and antagonism between a tiny handful of the privileged and the popular masses are growing day by day in the capitalist society where the differentiation of society and the gap between the rich and the poor have come to their limits, signaling great social eruption.

The fate of capitalism going downhill is an inevitable result stemming from inhuman and unpopular individualism.

Individualism appeared on the stage of history as the product of outdated social system based on private ownership and as the idea of serving the ruling class who can not exist without exploiting others. It, therefore, makes people extremely self-interested beings and money slaves controlled by material desire.

It is as clear as noonday that in such society each person's dignity and worth can not be respected and the burgeoning distrust, antagonism, hatred and hostile relations would split society and lead it to destruction.

No matter how much the bourgeois advocates try to beautify capitalist society, they can never cover up its reactionary nature that goes against the aspiration and the intrinsic demand of the popular masses.

It is the inevitability of history and a law governing social development that capitalism finds itself falling deeper into the abyss of ruin as it goes fundamentally counter to the independent nature of mankind and mercilessly tramples down the demand of the people for genuine rights and happy life.

Capitalism Has No Future


Even though the Western politicians and media under their thumb idealize capitalism, advertising that it is a “typical example” of sustained development and prosperity whenever an opportunity presents itself, they can never cover up the social evils precipitating its ruin.

The gap between the rich and the poor, unemployment, moral decay, etc. are the cancer of capitalism and its fate is destined to sink like a setting sun.

The gap between the rich and the poor, unemployment and moral decay are not a passing phase but the fatal one jolting the root of the capitalist system.

Capitalism has maintained its existence while pretending to be a “model” of economic growth and “modern civilization” but is now driven into a tight corner.

The phenomenon in which the rich get richer and the poor poorer, moral decay, social disintegration and public discontent get more serious and grow larger, driving capitalism into a crisis.

The Western world is making desperate efforts to check the collapse of capitalism but it cannot stop capitalism going downhill with anything.

Capitalism at Its Evening Twilight


Advocates of capitalism slander socialism and preach the “eternity” of capitalist society more often than not. But the world sees it festering and falling like the setting sun.

The capitalist society is by no means the utopia of humankind but dark society without future.

Capitalism, fraught with serious contradiction, is doomed to ruin.

Outwardly, the developed capitalist countries seem flourishing but they are in decay due to daily worsening contradiction.

In capitalist society, political life is rendered reactionary and material life deformed.

The corrupt nature of capitalism finds its vivid manifestation in the political life of people.

No genuine political freedom and rights can be found in this society where capitalist class rules everything and the toiling working masses are left out of political life.

A handful of the privileged class holds control of the majority of social assets which are being snowballed each day. On the other hand, the broad toiling masses are exposed to constant worries about job, medical care, housing, food and children’s education.

The moral degeneration of man is the clearest expression of capitalism now at its evening twilight.

The pauperization in spiritual and cultural life and the degeneration of human beings have spiraled beyond control in capitalist society now.

In such a society it is impossible to stay clear of inequality in material life, imbalance between material life and spiritual and cultural life and imbalance between the increasing demand of the popular masses for independence and worsening political life.


>Only one candidate on the ballot in each constituency that's pre-selected by the government
>WPK gets like 90% of the vote every time

For what I know, the party and locals discuss who should the candidates be.

>WPK gets like 90% of the vote every time

It's the largest party

>basically fascism



>For what I know, the party and locals discuss who should the candidates be.
Where does it say that?
>It's the largest party
<It gets so much of the vote because it's the largest party
Circular explanation there. It's suspicious that one party, out of several, gets almost all the vote.
>basically fascism
I literally never said this, who are you quoting?


>Where does it say that?
Just do some research, moron. Do you know what socialism is?


It's in portuguese. Google translate it.

>It's suspicious that one party, out of several, gets almost all the vote.

Apparentely that's not allowed by you? Also there are plenty of independent politicians

>I literally never said this, who are you quoting?

This guy >>548924 who is a moron


Who is this dude and why should we believe what he says? And is there really nobody else but this Portuguese man?
>Apparentely that's not allowed by you? Also there are plenty of independent politicians
Nothing is for certain but I did say it was suspicious that almost everyone votes the same way. There seems to be some sort of coercion or other illegitimacy going on because even within a socialist framework people have different ideas, backgrounds, views, etc. This thing about ~90% of the vote going to one party is what happens in dictatorships.


>one party dictatorship
have you ever considered that opposition does not need to come from outside the party, american


>one party dictatorship


<one party actually has multiple factions inside it that argue and bicker with each other its just that unlike the chaotic mess that is multiparty democracy, a one party "dictatorship" encourages democractic centralism and unity and thus gets shit done as seen in china


>There seems to be some sort of coercion or other illegitimacy going on

And why do you say that? Why does it seem to have some type of coercion? People can still have different views even inside the party.

>Who is this dude and why should we believe what he says? And is there really nobody else but this Portuguese man?

Some poeple research about North Korea I guess



File: 1634849990662.jpg (76.6 KB, 1000x750, kjn.jpg)

Murdered half-brother of Kim Jong Un was working for South Korean spy agency: report

Since Kim Jong Nam's murder and the trial of the two women who applied VX nerve agent to his face, suspicions have also been raised about connections to the CIA


Since his face was smeared with nerve agent in Kuala Lumpur airport, mystery has surrounded the hit job that brought down the half-brother of Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s leader.

But new revelations suggest the murdered one-time heir to the North’s despotic regime had been working for the intelligence agency of Pyongyang’s main enemy: South Korea.

Kim Jong Nam was long believed to have fallen out of favor with the regime at home, having been forced into exile after being caught with a fake passport en route to Tokyo Disneyland.

Since his murder and the trial of the two young women who applied VX nerve agent to his face on a piece of cloth, suspicions have also been raised about connections to the CIA.

But now current and former officials at South Korea’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) claim Kim was using connections in the North to feed information to the South on matters such as his half-brother’s health and nuclear ambitions — and that he was paid for doing so.

“Kim provided the NIS with information on trends within the government and the powers of the regime’s most high-ranking officials, including Kim Jong Un, for five or six years before his death,” Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) reported.

They added that Kim “raised the question of the possibility of asylum in South Korea”, although the South Korean side apparently hoped to avoid that on grounds “it would put considerable burden on inter-Korean relations.”


>DPRK is a long-lasting socialist country
>DPRK is a nationalist authoritarian state
>DPRK is essentially a monarchy
>DPRK has abolished taxation

All of these are correct and they are why the DPRK is still standing & why it is the most based and redpilled state on earth.



traitors deserve to die


le seoul face


>It's suspicious that one party, out of several, gets almost all the vote.
Only if you believe they are doing a bad job. If they are doing a good job, why would people vote for somebody else?
People in the west are so used to dysfunctional governance they can't wrap their heads around the idea that there is somewhere in the world where the great majority of the people support one party that actually acts in their interest and successfully carries out policies that they want.


File: 1634852786657.mp4 (12.84 MB, 1474x696, SipsDrink.mp4)



What is this from? Seems like its a piece of an interesting documentary.


Is this is a Chinese national talking to a North Korean tour guide?


>they walk hand in hand because they're friends
No joke, imagine if they started doing state-sponsored gay pride parades in NK, I'd like to see how the western press would spin it.


fuck is the difference between Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism and Juche?


>2 random guys
>le gay is le bourgeois degeneracy
>no argument given for why
I'm sure none of you think this is convincing.
I doubt the DPRK is homophobic compared to the south, especially considering that the communist world has historically been much more progressive than anywhere else when it comes to LGBT rights.



File: 1634904317284.jpg (477.28 KB, 2048x1536, Chosen-gakko_classroom.jpg)

Chongryon, the main pro-DPRK organization of Japan-resident Koreans is not against the gays/lesbians etc. and teaches about them in the schools they run for Koreans.
From their official news site Choson Sinbo (in Japanese):

I doubt they would hold this position if the DPRK government was particularly against it.
(pic related is from Tokyo Korean Junior and Senior High School)


>no argument given for why
The argument implied is obviously the overt usage of LGBT issues for imperialism, with NGOs for LGBT rights being objectively tools for imperialism. Same with "human rights", but now that LGBT has been accepted by the West it is used for that agenda too.

When North Korean dress modestly, don't make out on the street, don't wear highly sexualized bikinis and don't legalize porn, it must necessarily be an expression of anti-LGBR sentiment and sexism for the imperialist narrative.


Yeah I'm not surprised
I could watch again but didn't they say something like 'gay people are weird and no one in the dprk is weird"? I'm sure straight couples hold hands and not just as a sign of friendship no?


*no one in the dprk is gay
and something about it would seem bourgeois


>NGOs for LGBT rights being objectively tools for imperialism
Can you elaborate?


You've already saw the connection already. Most of them are liberal-leaning, and when it comes to the King of all Liberals it would be…



It’s from this, kinda garbage documentary, just pretentious art school students visiting the DPRK.


File: 1634915945368-0.jpg (719.05 KB, 3548x2000, raytheon.jpg)

File: 1634915945368-1.jpg (184.52 KB, 1023x591, lockheedmartin.jpg)

File: 1634915945368-2.jpg (431.7 KB, 2560x1065, generaldynamics.jpg)

File: 1634915945368-3.jpg (103.91 KB, 1024x576, usarmytrannies.jpg)


File: 1634916379414-0.jpg (185.98 KB, 1419x1512, nato.jpg)

File: 1634916379414-1.jpg (142 KB, 800x533, usarmy.jpg)

File: 1634916379414-2.jpg (72.08 KB, 602x562, nsa.jpg)

File: 1634916379414-3.jpg (117.54 KB, 785x768, cia.jpg)


>DPRK is essentially a monarchy
This is the only incorrect one. It's not exactly a monarchy. More like a informal one. Nothing stops a non-Kim politician from becoming the Supreme Leader, but the system naturally put those of the family in the succession line.


Those aren't human rights NGOs


this is satire, right?


I find it obnoxious when Western petty bourgeois artists basically absue North Koreans basically as a prop
>I wonder what happens when I tell them that or when I present them that


File: 1634925174526.png (978.11 KB, 1403x896, kek.png)

>>560273 (me)
Gotta laugh the reaction from the North Korean party cadre when the Western hipster told him he sold a bunch of album covers covered with his own blood.

They must think we are retarded


>>560273 (me)
Also, can they stop behaving like fucking sexpats?
>I'd love to be arrested by that beautiful traffic coordinator
>I'll sign you this copy…. "for my future wife"


Look at those eyes, dead inside.


Westerners simply can't resist the allure of north korean women.


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Kim can't be losing weight it's a double NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


Regarding the defense minister "executed by anti-aircraft gun."


This is the most balanced analysis that I've found so far. Every other link is to sources breathlessly parroting hearsay from South Korean journalists that are parroting unconfirmed reports from South Korea's spy agency.

I really don't understand how people can just endlessly buy the outrageous, ridiculous stuff they hear about North Korea. Like, there's brutal and authoritarian, and then there's idiotic Cobra Commander-esque supervillainy that you'd have to be some kind of idiot to take at face value, like that time the West reported that Un fed one of his generals to his dogs, only for that general to turn up alive and well some time later. Oops.



Honestly, having African friends I speak to on occasion, this is a pretty standard reaction to western shit.

I am inclined to think it can actually be helpful to the communist cause in the global south by showing the degenerate dead end of advanced capitalism.

I feel bad for the Koreans though, having to endure western hipsters. Nobody should have to suffer through that.


Kim Long-Con.


It amazes that some Chinese company has not offered to invest and complete it since it would be quite the coup. Maybe because imperialist sanctions or because the DPRK government does not allow it.



Oh my god. I just watched.

The absolute undiluted raw cringe.

Those poor Koreans… Nobody should ever have to be exposed to that level of late capitalist sickness.

Thank goodness for that interlude of the successful nuclear weapons test. I admit I claped with the Koreans. Hopefully the H-bomb gives them many more years of breathing room and independence from the liberal virus.


Hey /dprk/, what should we fix here?

I might actually try and make semi-srs educational changes just for kicks, like adding pictures of people eating ice-cream next to the 'starvation' section and showing the aquariums and waterparks. Even to their libtard target audience, that shit is fascinating and thought-provoking. and add citations you dogs


There's quite a lot on our own wiki: https://leftypedia.org/wiki/DPRK
Your idea sounds funny/good, go ahead with it


Why does North Korea cut off Internet access to the outside world whereas China at least has the Great Firewall?


For one, I don't think they would have the infrastructure for widespread internet access and if they had, they would make themselves completely vulnerable to cyper warfare. Besides, the internet is easily utilized as a massive softpower weapon by the West, it would create a massive challenge to counteract such an influence.


This is fucking horrible, makes me feel more shame for my sexuality than being talked down for it ever does.



I intranet is the way to for any up and coming socialist society honestly. No fear of cyber attacks, no bombardment with soft power, no pornography, no degenerate social media, etc.

a handful of actually practical and useful webpages and the means to send messages to friends and family. Honestly seems almost utopian compared to the cesspool that is the vile spawn of darpanet.


>degenerate social media
what you doing here ?.


Have you not been on Twitter? Degenerate is the most fitting word for that site.


Food crisis in North Korea: Kim Jong Un asks people to 'eat less' till 2025
yikes, commies no food as usual…


>most people hate porn


No source


File: 1635442829251.png (275.25 KB, 564x376, ClipboardImage.png)

The North Korean government has asked its citizens to watch what they eat until 2025. That’s when the country expects to reopen its border with China following the COVID-19 shutdown.
Citizens are already feeling the effects of the food shortages, as the nation’s food supply currently can’t meet the demand. And let’s not forget the soaring prices of just about everything.
Kim Jong Un’s ask, to eat less food and tighten their belts for at least another three years, is devastating to North Koreans who are already wondering how they’re going to see themselves through the winter.
>The food situation right now is already clearly an emergency, and the people are struggling with shortages.



File: 1635442927549.png (311.84 KB, 640x466, 1635373819147.png)

Working overtime today?


It's true


File: 1635443461392.png (378.82 KB, 500x284, 1509139716626.png)

>Anonymous and governmental sources should be dismissed unless they support my viewpoint
The US and South Korea give the North hundreds of millions of dollars per year of food, and that's not even getting to the aid of China and other countries. UN agencies routinely give aid to the famished North Korean populace but that's not a convenient narrative for you all.




Look up "North Korea food aid". You could spend all week and then some reading about all the help the North gets.


You made the claim with no source tho


The handful of sources I could link to you would just touch on the extensive aid North Korea gets. Just look it up. Nobody believes the North has food security.


File: 1635444024498.pdf (418.53 KB, 232x300, R40095.pdf)

<The US and South Korea give the North hundreds of millions of dollars per year of food
>Since early 2009, the United States has provided virtually no aid to North Korea, though episodically there have been discussions about resuming large-scale food aid. Additionally, the Obama Administration officials have said that they would be willing to consider other types of aid if North Korea takes steps indicating that it will dismantle its nuclear program, a prospect that most analysts view as increasingly remote. As of March 2014, barring an unexpected breakthrough, there appears little likelihood the Obama Administration will provide large-scale assistance of any type to North Korea in the near future. Members of Congress have a number of tools they could use to influence the development and implementation of aid programs with North Korea.


Despite this North Korea still gets literally thousands of tons of food and millions in aid from Russia, South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, etc. The country's problems are real, and people are in fact hungering.


North Korea is already self-reliant on food. Urban farming is heavily encouraged and grocery stores typically distribute old food, instead of throwing it away to maintain a profit motive. Any acceptances of food offers from the UN is simply adding free food to the already existing stockpile, paid for by the globalist imperialist suckers that actually believe that North Korea is a starving country.


File: 1635444608876.mp4 (12.31 MB, 640x360, 1634177814503-0(1).mp4)

Yet America does not give them aid like you claimed. Do you think the USA has a role in starving the north Korean populace?
You start off your motte and Bailey by implying the us is not only aiding the DPRK, and by implication, also not actively undermining it.


I think conservative socialists are not really wrong to see woke imperialism as a monstrosity, but I think they also underestimate it. They look at something like this, and wonder who could possibly be inspired by this, because it's so bizarre. But there are also foreign legions arriving in the U.S. and joining the military for citizenship and saying "I love Captain Marvel, I love serving the greatest country ever." It seems silly but these people will nuke your ass.

I sometimes feel like the guy from Terminator when he's being interrogated and telling them about the killbot future and everyone thinks he's crazy. "You don't understand, they feel nothing! They'll rip your fucking heart out! LET ME GO!!!"


>Any acceptances of food offers from the UN is simply adding free food to the already existing stockpile, paid for by the globalist imperialist suckers that actually believe that North Korea is a starving country.
Those are some hefty stockpiles then, which contradicts the reports of hunger that several sources bring up. Where did you read that accepting food aid is just a trick?


File: 1635448497427.jpg (52.07 KB, 720x406, utfjr4iz-720.jpg)

>>571338 (me)
I wouldn't want to live in North Korea though. I showed a video of those DPRK troops hitting each other with hammers as KJU and his sister watched giggling to my mom recently and she was like "gahh turn it off." She's cool because she's interested in this crazy stuff like me, but even that was a bit too much for her. Okay, those troops probably volunteered for that job, but abusing your body like that for the leader is some pretty extreme bullshit. Like, are you fucking kidding me?

Why is there a monarchy in this "communist" country? That doesn't make any sense. Frankly, I think the main reason the DPRK exists is because it's a buffer zone for China to keep the U.S. away. But if the U.S. really did pull out of South Korea and Asia, then there would be no reason for the country to exist anymore. Meanwhile, China does more trade with South Korea than with North Korea. They just don't want American troops on their border. That's why North Korea is a country. It's not because of some mystical Juche power. So, the DPRK is like a dog. Once upon a time, it wasn't so crazy and bitey, and actually helped scare off would-be burglars and you were even kind of proud of what a tough little sonofabitch he was. Now he's always barking, straining at the leash, trying to bite the neighbors, etc.


see >>547619
Also your conception of North Korean aggression is exaggerated. While it does express enmity towards the South Korean and American governments, it does so out of projecting strength to avoid being attacked itself - to show that it's too spiky of a hedgehog to step on. Many times its nuclear tests appear unprovoked, but if you dig you will often find that not long before such a show of strength, the US will hold a joint-training with the south near the DMZ or something, which is partially used as a threat. It's like talking shit back to someone who stirs it up in the first place with yourself, so as to not be walked all over.


File: 1635454390527-0.png (261.72 KB, 593x521, HRC-Raytheon.png)

File: 1635454390527-1.png (57.24 KB, 768x294, E5pE15DVEAEq3G8.png)



Yep continuosly starving for 25 years. Will collapse any day now.

The nukes are fake. The factories are fake. The population hates socialism.

Your country should seriously invade. Victory guaranteed and mission accomplished.

Zero chance your sickness of a civilization is erased and the world purified of you via cleansing atomic fire.


Raytheon being a tool of imperialism says nothing of the kind of workplace it is though.


an NGO saying nothing about it being a tool of imperialism while praising and awarding it "best workplace" says something about what kind of NGO it is.
As does the same NGO going out of their way to denounce a (relatively) anti-imperialist candidate for "embracing an endorsement" of a podcaster in order to help an ensure an imperialist candidate defeats him.


>what is realpolitik


so they're a tool of imperialism because they think that helps them advance gay rights? ok, whatever. point made either way.


sorry the smugtexting was meant for the other guy
as in they are imperialist and wearing rainbow helps advance their agenda, no more no less


Given that statements by Kim Jong Un made in public are broadcasted by the state, how hasn't that shown up yet in their official media?


File: 1635556212005.png (925.16 KB, 1260x840, template.png)

>top text
>bottom text


File: 1635558704978.jpg (115.35 KB, 800x600, gem inspector.jpg)

Yep, thats a certified gem


File: 1635559765125.webm (181.78 KB, 640x480, Quark Laughing.webm)




someone needs to put the fucking burger king crown on it


File: 1635560475129.png (266.29 KB, 568x1000, le seoul face.png)


File: 1635560622949.png (307.74 KB, 568x900, burgerkimg.png)

damn you, I just made this


File: 1635561007117.png (902.58 KB, 600x900, ClipboardImage.png)


Mokran TV, a YouTube channel which appears to be run from Pyongyang:

I guess this is the successor of the "Echo of Truth" channel which was taken down.





>South Korea glows


File: 1635961775057.png (940.34 KB, 960x863, 1635922476741.png)

is there any thing about black swans that make them better than raising chickens or more conventional forms of poultry?

is it a regional thing? like Eastern Europeans raising geese?

are the North Koreans just trying different things hoping something will work? (reminds me of the ostrich farm)

our are we seeing things through the unreliable sense of south Korean and western propagandists



aren't swans jerks anyway
eating them seems like a good idea
but i might have some objections about eating bunnies


they should try mushroom farming


File: 1635971678023.png (1.76 MB, 952x950, ClipboardImage.png)

that was always the poor steve's meal in minecraft back in the day, easy to do


File: 1635972432914.png (1.04 MB, 1168x440, ClipboardImage.png)

China, Russia Ask U.N. to End Sanctions so North Korea Can Import Bolts, Utensils, Vacuums
China and Russia are asking the U.N. to end key sanctions against North Korea, according to the Associated Press, which obtained a draft resolution given to Security Council members.

The resolution says that the sanctions should be lifted "with the intent of enhancing the livelihood of the civilian population" of North Korea. It also encourages North Korea and the U.S. to revive diplomatic discussions. The sanctions have been in place since 2006 and have become steadily tougher over the years.

The new resolution calls on U.N. member nations to provide "goods, materials, technology, and financial services needed by North Korea to combat COVID-19, improve livelihoods, and develop the economy," according to the AP…

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said in 2018 that the sanctions had cut off all North Korean exports and 90 percent of its trade and disbanded the pool of workers that North Korea sent abroad to earn hard currency.


I need to do it, incase we have a soft collapse and it comes in handy


Why are trying to pass them for desperate for wanting to eat rabbits?


>why [loaded question]?
another day on imageboards i see


I know it's just propaganda, but rabbits are normally eaten all over the world. It's like saying "desperate north koreans turn to eating bread"


that's so obvious that im not even sure it bears pointing out in this fashion anon, im a burger and some people i knew irl at one point in my life were rabbit farmers


because she's on her period or something, her avatar is a rabbit, thats why she has reservations.
That being said, roasted rabbit is 10/10
If you can get your hands on some, do it. I trapped one and prepared it, very lean, extrmely tender. If north koreans eat rabbit for their protein, I would be extremely jealous.


Not a fan of roasted rabbit, I prefer it cooked other ways.



Yeah rabbit is terrific especially when properly marinated.

Condemning the Koreans for eating catfish, swans, rabbits is I think just western journalists trying to get a story via much ado about nothing.

Soon it will be "Shock and horror as sick north koreans visit hospital."

I mean we already have that documentary above where the fact that the Korean artists mostly produce realistic art depicting natural scenery is implied to be evidence of le ebil totalitarianizem.


>I mean we already have that documentary above where the fact that the Korean artists mostly produce realistic art depicting natural scenery is implied to be evidence of le ebil totalitarianizem.
Extremist of loles, link?


File: 1635982020701-0.png (2.56 MB, 815x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1635982020701-1.png (10.1 MB, 2000x1658, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1635982020701-2.png (8.26 MB, 1481x2108, ClipboardImage.png)

totalitarianism is, frankly, when you have good taste and the better your taste is the more totalitarian you are



Here you go. It was posted earlier in the thread.


Imagine if Western countries were reported like they were North Korea: https://rhizzone.net/articles/british-regime-cant-feed-its-own-people/


>North Korea is so terrible that the kids eat rats, and everyone worships hereditary ruler as a magical god, but also isn't as bad as a Ivy League university




I remember this from way back. Video is well over a decade old & the guy being executed was a human sex trafficker. He was trafficking teenage girls & young women with physical health issues into brothels throughout Asia under the guise of getting healthcare in south Korea or China.

Public executions of bottom of the barrel human scum & traitors like this is just a human being civilized reaction to this kind of fucked up behavior.




Well they say it in the video




not dissimilar to public executions in the US
death is the easy way out for people like this. it is no punishment at all


>asking for a timestamp in a 2 minute video
You must be a very busy man.


just watch it

>not dissimilar to public executions in the US
what do you mean?


I mean that the US also does public executions


The only info I could found was:
>On this date in 2005, at an outdoor trial near Yuson, North Korea, Han Bok-nam was sentenced to death for trafficking across the nearby Chinese border and immediately executed by firing squad.
Looking for info on the sex trafficking part.


Yeah, but it's more institutionalized and biopoliticized. You see a dude being strapped into an electric chair or a bed and being injected by "professionals" the deadly dose or the electrocution handle being pulled by a guard, with a priest present, and so on. To the Western eye execution by firing squad appears "more brutal" because it is instantaneous, without much ceremony surrounding it, meanwhile, it's just simply more straight forward.

Spectacle very much related.


well yeah, there's an attempt to sanitize the death penalty. also when you read about things like botched lethal injections and botched electrocutions, it really makes firing squad seem much much more humane. if you really wanted to punish someone you'd do public torture. for weeks on end.



Cause just regular human trafficking is fine right?


If you made a claim like
>the guy being executed was a human sex trafficker. He was trafficking teenage girls & young women with physical health issues into brothels throughout Asia under the guise of getting healthcare in south Korea or China.
you better back it up.

<i don't need to prove shit

Yes you do. Quit being a faggot.



Here's another video on the subject. The NK officerl says they were trafficking women across the China border.


It's funny because a women in the crowd during the video yells "carry out those executions!". So there's support for that kind of practice lmao

Also the guy holding camera says they were accused of human trafficking.


you are still not proving the "sex trafficker" claim

stop responding to me if you can't provide evidence


Are you actually retarded?



and you dont need an account to post on leftypol. We could get north korean to post here !
also runs counter to the trad "dystopia dictatorship with no right" if they have complete internet access


virgin capitalists when black swan
>economic crisis
chad dprk
>eats them


are you brazilian?


funded by the EU


pull of a successful insurrection,(in Tetris)


<For decades the claims by North Korea and China of U.S. use of biological weapons have been dismissed precisely because the evidence came from Communist or supposed Communist-friendly sources. Existing evidence in U.S. archives was considered suggestive, but circumstantial. A military historian who examined the issue claimed that according to the secret record to which he was privy, the U.S. was incapable of waging biological warfare during the early 1950s.

<Meanwhile, in 1998, two Cold War scholars, Kathryn Weathersby and Milton Leitenberg, associated with the Woodrow Wilson Center, published documents, allegedly from former Soviet archives, detailing an elaborate hoax to manufacture false evidence of U.S. biological weapons attack.

<It wasn’t until September 2020 that evidence from U.S. archives was published that appears to definitively document U.S. BW attack. The evidence consists of declassified CIA communications intelligence reports, dozens of which quote U.S. Army intercepts of North Korean and Chinese military units describing “bacterial” attacks, including by use of insect vectors, in a style similar to that of Japan’s Unit 731 during World War II.




>Former South Korean military strongman Chun Doo-hwan, who took power in a 1979 coup and brutally crushed pro-democracy protests before going to prison for misdeeds in office, died on Tuesday. He was 90.



And yet: https://www.rfa.org/english/news/korea/squidgame-11232021180155.html
"North Korea has sentenced to death a man who smuggled and sold copies of the Netflix series “Squid Game”"


>foreign media = death penalty
ok explain why this was broadcast on national tv:



>Explain two random pages in Korean and a 500 Internal server error


This is 150 million percent true and I defy ANYONE to prove it wrong


>Some of the people who criticize this will defend America when it does the same


don't worry, just like his ex girlfrend, general, and even himself he will reapear, because liberals loooove to make up histories to repeat like npcs to shit on the enemies of the US.


>burger gubbmint propaganda outfit
I ain't clicking that link can someone gib name and picture of alleged dead guy so we can laugh when Juche necromancy resurrects him



Can there technically be a "socialist monarchy", since after all the Incans had a sort of monarch while they also had a sort of socialism? It could be a feudal holdover that functionally doesn't have any real effect on regular day to day administration.

That missile description, in original untranslated form, is probably the informal name, which, yes, is not supposed to be literally translated by each individual character.

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