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Hello leftypol, we noticed an under-appreciation for the theory that upholds our political ideologies: As such, we have decided to revive the reading sticky! This thread will be dedicated to the sharing, discussing, and general banter about various leftist thinkers, theories, and political outlooks.

But, other than that, we believe there are other important reads that must be addressed, especially, for beginners and those just now getting into leftism.

Don't forget to check out >>>/edu/ for more reading and discussion!

Common Right Wing Talking Points Debunks

Check out the /edu/ thread at

Also see the relevant leftybooru tag
Add topics into the tag list to further narrow down your search!

Introduction to Marxism Reading List - Thanks to the /read/ matrix room (https://app.element.io/#/group/+leftyread:matrix.org)

Absolute Beginners Tier:

'Principles of Communism' by Friedrich Engels

'Three Source and Three Component Parts of Marxism' by V.I. Lenin

Not a book but Halim Alrah's youtube channel is good for the absolutely basics of Marxism but obviously not a replacement for reading

Marx and Engels Reading List

Tier 1:

'Manifesto of the Communist Party'

'Critique of the Gotha Programme'

'Socialism: Utopian and Scientific'

Tier 2:

'Wage Labour and Capital'

'Value, Price and Profit'

'Theses on Feuerback'

By this point you should have a good understanding of the basics of Marxism and are ready to branch out to other theorists and also read Capital.

Tier 3:

'Capital vol.1'

Lenin Reading List - By Moo (aka Zizekposter)

Lenin Essentials:

'State and Revolution'

'“Left-Wing” Communism: an Infantile Disorder'

'Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism'

Petit Bourgeois Philistine Tier:

'What is to be done'

'The Proletarian Revolution and Renegade Kautsky'

'Two Tactics of Social Democracy in the Democratic Revolution'

ADHD Tier:

'Socialism and Religion'

'Zizek's Introduction to Revolution at the Gates'

'Revolutionary Adventurism'

MLM Reading List


Why MLM?

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism Basic Course

'Continuity and Rupture: Philosophy in the Maoist Terrain'


'On Practice & Contradiction'

'On Guerrilla Warfare'

'On Protracted War'


'Fanshen: A Documentary of Revolution in a Chinese Village'

'Red Star Over China' - Edgar Snow

'The Unknown Cultural Revolution' - Dongpin Han


Interview With Chairman Gonzalo

General line of the PCP

'Shining Path: Terror and Revolution in Peru' - Simon Strong


Operation “Green Hunt” in India

Eight Historic Documents (AZAD)

'Urban Perspective'


Araling Aktibista - Activist Study ARAK

'Stand for Socialism Against Modern Revisionism'

'Philippine Society and Revolution'
https://bannedthought.net/Philippines/CPP/1970s PhilippineSocietyAndRevolution-4ed.pdf

Political Economy:

'Rethinking Socialism' – Deng-yuan Hsu & Pao-yu Ching

'China: A Modern Social-Imperialist Power' - CPI(Maoist)

'Maoist Economics & the Revolutionary Road to Communism' - The Shanghai Textbook

Leftcom Reading Lists

r/marxism101's reading list:

r/bruhinternational's reading list:


'The Democratic Principle'

'Proletarian Dictatorship and Class Party'

'The Spirit of Horsepower'

'Report on Fascism'


'The Lyons Theses'

'Theory and Action in Marxist Doctrine'

'Dialogue with Stalin'


'World Revolution and Communist Tactics'

'Party and Class'

Herman Gorter:

'Open Letter to Comrade Lenin'

'The World Revolution'

Bookchin Reading Lists - based off of posts by Gorm1918 (pbuh)

'The Next Revolution'

'Urbanization Without Cities'

'The 3rd Revolution'

'The Ecology of Freedom'

Links to Resources and Libraries:

More Marx and Engels:


Other Selected Marxists:

Classical Works Recommended To High-Ranking Cadres:

Many important books can be found on libgen:

Libcom has some good books/documents:

Other links:

Various assortment of historical and biographical works:

The Leftist Bookshelf (4.16 GB, 600+ files)
This was originally a torrent but I can't find the link anymore. Its description was: "640 eBooks, mostly in PDF format (a bunch are CHM, DJVU or ePUB), from a revolutionary Leftist viewpoint. The main subjects are politics and philosophy, history, economics, and much much more."

Political Theory (MLM) (2.64 GB, 550+ files)
I found this on reddit years ago (circa 2016) Don't really remember who made it or where it came from, but this is a reading course (politics, philosophy, economics, etc) focused on Maoism. Has many books and articles on the USSR, PRC, Stalin, Mao, etc.

The Anarchist Library (669 MB, 4000+ files)
This is a complete mirror of the anarchist library with pdfs and epubs

Little Bunker of Marxism-Leninism (680 MB, 100+ files)
Unfinished project focused on M-L with more than 100 books on several topics like history, economics, politics, etc. Lots of stuff on the USSR.

Historical Materialism series (330 MB, 100+ files)
A pdf archive of over 100 books from the Historical Materialism book series. I got this from thecharnelhouse.org years ago and the website had released many marxist books from other publishers but unfortunately it's been taken down.

/leftypol/ with a slash of liberty (239 MB, 100+ files)
I didn't make this, just reuploading it. This is a classic /leftypol/ link, marxist stuff mixed with anarchism.

Marx & Engels Collected Works (900+ MB, 50 files)
The official, complete works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels organized in 50 volumes and 3 categories.
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>reading order
This isn't a reading list, it's just every major work by Marx and Engels in order of writing. Of course any self-professed Marxist should be familiar with these works, but this is by no means an introductory list for retards on an imageboard. This is like from handing someone curious about Marx all 50 volumes of the MECW lol.


yes, historical context is a big part of it. their ideas weren't immutable
>this is by no means an introductory list for retards on an imageboard


misses the point of this thread


then the point of the thread is pointless. there's no use in a half-assed understanding of theory


>misses the point
>mises the point
>Ludwig von Mises
Not even subtle anymore. Kys


File: 1640230938222.pdf (490.87 KB, 164x255, Israel and Zionism.pdf)

A special early christmas gift for all of you, my seminal work, 100 pages of everything you need to blow the ever living fuck out of any Zionist you ever come across online, irl, academia etc.
The complete in-depth history of Zionism, every relevant quote, argument you will ever need to show it's crypto-fascist bullshit.



what happened to the leftyread.ml website
it was really fancy


migrated to marxists.xyz which is still under construction


Based. Always came across "mask off" ziocucks are crypto fascist quotes here and there, but it's rad having it all in one place.
Can't even imagine the pure autism you need to compile all of this.


Imagine being so antisemitic you write 100 pages compilation of le bad jews. Nice one leftypol.


>thinking anti-zionism is a gotcha for leftists
come on now.


Unfathomably BASED


No, opposing your ethnostate and genocide is not anti-Semitic.


Any good book recommendations on colonialism, interventionism and imperialism in the middle east+north africa? I'm Persian myself and its a topic I've always been very interested in, but I've never done much research beyond surface level.


Samir Amin has written a book about it, I think ot was called "The Reawakening of the Arab World"


And "Eurocentrism" is obviously a must read by Amin



>Israel is reportedly developing a biological weapon that would harm Arabs while leaving Jews unaffected, according to a report in London's Sunday Times. The report, citing Israeli military and western intelligence sources, says that scientists are trying to identify distinctive genes carried by Arabs to create a genetically modified bacterium or virus.

>The "ethno-bomb" is reportedly Israel's response to the threat that Iraq may be just weeks away from completing its own biological weapons.

>The "ethno-bomb" program is based at Israel's Nes Tziyona research facility. Scientists are trying to use viruses and bacteria to alter DNA inside living cells and attack only those cells bearing Arabic genes.
>The task is very complex because both Arabs and Jews are Semitic peoples. But according to the report, the Israelis have succeeded in isolating particular characteristics of certain Arabs, "particularly the Iraqi people."
>Dedi Zucker, a member of the Israeli parliament, denounced the research in the Sunday Times. "Morally, based on our history, and our tradition and our experience, such a weapon is monstrous and should be denied."
>Last month, Foreign Report claimed that Israel was following in the ignominious footsteps of apartheid-era research, in their supposed efforts to develop an "ethnic bullet."

Did they ever get it to work?


South Africans worked on a similar project 30 years ago, it's theoretically possible, but not something they would advertise.


>Did they ever get it to work?
Biological means that it will evolve. You can't realistically use genetic programing to make organisms not use all available food sources, they could possibly adapt to, that would be a huge evolutionary disadvantage. It would immediately mutate, once you set it free.

Also Zionists trying to work out a method to oneup the holocaust is still shocking, even if it's not that surprising.


>Tfw Israelis create a super pandemic that aniholates all of mankind because they were still trying to smite the phillestines in the 21st century


Everyone on leftypol wants to smite phillistines. Haven't you read Marx, Lenin, or Trotsky?


>Marx to Ruge, 1943


Amazing work anon!


really this gets pinned?


anon there are zero people that will read all of this
also put the good stuff at the top or make a TOC. picrel will probably make half the people close the tab
also i really hate jews but calling them racist is a gay and useless strategy. i prefer to focus on their lies and manipulation and control


could be a good resource, thanks for sharing
>Imagine being so antisemitic you write 100 pages compilation of le bad jews.
You are invoking the charge of antisemitism in vein, and with that you cheapen it a little, every time somebody does this there is a loss of credibility, the word looses a little bit of it's meaning. You and your ilk give cover to actual antisemitism, because every-time somebody warns about antisemitism we can't just head the warning, we have to check whether or not it's a false alarm.

On the political left actual antisemetism is very rare, because leftist thought is based on systemic thinking which doesn't lend it self to scapegoating very easily, and yet the false accusations are legion and astonishingly frequent.

Zionism probably is a form of antisemitism, because it clearly seeks to victimize Semites.

A table of contents would be nice but since it's easy enough to search through documents it's not that bad
>also i really hate jews
that's unfortunate you shouldn't stereotype people, it's also a little suspicious that you would say that, it could be that you might be trying to make it appear as if there were actual antisemitism on this board


>really this gets pinned?
The reading general?



While the low literacy rates are probably true, their conclusions regarding income are retarded.


What do you anons think about the Socialist Manifesto by jacobinmag?

I'm reading it right now and there is lots of stuff written on the history of leftist movements in the world, it has sweden russia and china.


File: 1641372904292.mp4 (6.23 MB, 1280x720, China vs EU.mp4)

WSWS unironically gives a more objective overview of news than Jacobin. Remember that whenever you read a Jacobin article bashing a foreign nation or supporting the Democrats that it's a glowie magazine.
Non-definitive list of glowie shit that Jacobin has done:
>Supporting the CIA-funded Solidarity "trade union" "movement" operating in Communist Poland
>Supporting Biden full throttle and delving deep into the whole "he can be pushed left" bullshit
>Agitating against China and believing in the made-up-by-one-guy "uyghur genocide"
>Running anti-Belarus and Lukashenko articles until the color revolution collapsed and then retroactively "discovering" that they were neoliberals intent on privatization
>Running anti-Morales articles in the lead up to the Bolivian coup
>Running anti-Assad/Syrian government articles during the civil war
>Running anti-Ortega articles and also taking part in a conference with US/glowie funded right-wing Nicaraguan opposition activists

<SocDem flag

If you like Keynes you'll realize that only socialists can implement what he wanted to implement. Take the REDPILL.


File: 1641379624288.png (3.55 MB, 2048x1364, 1641067796406.png)



idk wtf that meme pic even means which suggests your brain has been rotted by online twitter culture and can only think in le funneh images so go outside and touch grass you illiterate


Well let me tell you about my opinion

assad is not a socialist and he is a war criminal and has done numerous crimes against humanity

the Uyghur Genocide is real and is happening


>the Uyghur Genocide is real and is happening


Probably the fake "Uighur Tribunal" they recently had.


File: 1641535403206.png (11.14 KB, 411x345, ClipboardImage.png)

I decided to try Manufacturing Consent (2002 edition) as my first big political book.
The introduction is 38 pages long, excluding the nine pages of additional notes. Was I supposed to skip to the preface and just start there? Is not an introduction for briefly introducing the reader to the concepts elucidated thereafter? Or do books want to be Lego Star Wars Collectors Edition: Money Grab Re-release by adding a dozen years of history to the start instead of integrating it to form an improved overall work.
Or am I the asshole for thinking at least with books a reboot would be well-made?

I mean it had a couple of interesting points regarding the internet and changes since initial publication making media industry consolidation trends evident but after 20 pages of not-even-the-real-book it gets old.


long introductions, especially for something that's been reissued several times, are normal. The Communist manifesto has three introductions and four prefaces.


Last month there was a thread about quantum shit and somebody posted a pdf with a book debunking various quantum woo, I read a couple of chapters but then went on winter vacation and the pdf 404d, anyone saved it? I'd like to finish reading.



I know there's probably no real answer to this question..
but where can I get the least biased information on the 1989 Tiananmen square incident?


This is it, thanks.


Who failed to get the GET? inb4 /sp/ gets mad and whines on their homeboard.


Holy close!


>me: tries to post GET
>server: flood detected post discarded


I am first reading The Capital, so do not mind the n00b question. Marx says that commodities have a worth, [b]determined by how useful it is,[/b] and a value, determined by abstracting the worth. But Marx also says that by abstracting the worth, it is also abstracted [b]the work that was used to make the commodity.[/b]
1)The worth is how useful something is or the work that it took? Because a piece of paper is more useful than a diamond necklace, yet the diamond necklace takes more work, therefore it is more expensive.
2)What is abstraction? Because the final price involves more variables instead of just the worth.


just keep reading on


he explains it all in sequence


Who are they

Unique IPs: 37

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