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Hello leftypol, we noticed an under-appreciation for the theory that upholds our political ideologies: As such, we have decided to revive the reading sticky! This thread will be dedicated to the sharing, discussing, and general banter about various leftist thinkers, theories, and political outlooks.

But, other than that, we believe there are other important reads that must be addressed, especially, for beginners and those just now getting into leftism.

Don't forget to check out >>>/edu/ for more reading and discussion!

Common Right Wing Talking Points Debunks

Check out the /edu/ thread at

Also see the relevant leftybooru tag
Add topics into the tag list to further narrow down your search!

Introduction to Marxism Reading List - Thanks to the /read/ matrix room (https://app.element.io/#/group/+leftyread:matrix.org)

Absolute Beginners Tier:

'Principles of Communism' by Friedrich Engels

'Three Source and Three Component Parts of Marxism' by V.I. Lenin

Not a book but Halim Alrah's youtube channel is good for the absolutely basics of Marxism but obviously not a replacement for reading

Marx and Engels Reading List

Tier 1:

'Manifesto of the Communist Party'

'Critique of the Gotha Programme'

'Socialism: Utopian and Scientific'

Tier 2:

'Wage Labour and Capital'

'Value, Price and Profit'

'Theses on Feuerback'

By this point you should have a good understanding of the basics of Marxism and are ready to branch out to other theorists and also read Capital.

Tier 3:

'Capital vol.1'

Lenin Reading List - By Moo (aka Zizekposter)

Lenin Essentials:

'State and Revolution'

'“Left-Wing” Communism: an Infantile Disorder'

'Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism'

Petit Bourgeois Philistine Tier:

'What is to be done'

'The Proletarian Revolution and Renegade Kautsky'

'Two Tactics of Social Democracy in the Democratic Revolution'

ADHD Tier:

'Socialism and Religion'

'Zizek's Introduction to Revolution at the Gates'

'Revolutionary Adventurism'

MLM Reading List


Why MLM?

Marxism-Leninism-Maoism Basic Course

'Continuity and Rupture: Philosophy in the Maoist Terrain'


'On Practice & Contradiction'

'On Guerrilla Warfare'

'On Protracted War'


'Fanshen: A Documentary of Revolution in a Chinese Village'

'Red Star Over China' - Edgar Snow

'The Unknown Cultural Revolution' - Dongpin Han


Interview With Chairman Gonzalo

General line of the PCP

'Shining Path: Terror and Revolution in Peru' - Simon Strong


Operation “Green Hunt” in India

Eight Historic Documents (AZAD)

'Urban Perspective'


Araling Aktibista - Activist Study ARAK

'Stand for Socialism Against Modern Revisionism'

'Philippine Society and Revolution'
https://bannedthought.net/Philippines/CPP/1970s PhilippineSocietyAndRevolution-4ed.pdf

Political Economy:

'Rethinking Socialism' – Deng-yuan Hsu & Pao-yu Ching

'China: A Modern Social-Imperialist Power' - CPI(Maoist)

'Maoist Economics & the Revolutionary Road to Communism' - The Shanghai Textbook

Leftcom Reading Lists

r/marxism101's reading list:

r/bruhinternational's reading list:


'The Democratic Principle'

'Proletarian Dictatorship and Class Party'

'The Spirit of Horsepower'

'Report on Fascism'


'The Lyons Theses'

'Theory and Action in Marxist Doctrine'

'Dialogue with Stalin'


'World Revolution and Communist Tactics'

'Party and Class'

Herman Gorter:

'Open Letter to Comrade Lenin'

'The World Revolution'

Bookchin Reading Lists - based off of posts by Gorm1918 (pbuh)

'The Next Revolution'

'Urbanization Without Cities'

'The 3rd Revolution'

'The Ecology of Freedom'

Links to Resources and Libraries:

More Marx and Engels:


Other Selected Marxists:

Classical Works Recommended To High-Ranking Cadres:

Many important books can be found on libgen:

Libcom has some good books/documents:

Other links:

Various assortment of historical and biographical works:

The Leftist Bookshelf (4.16 GB, 600+ files)
This was originally a torrent but I can't find the link anymore. Its description was: "640 eBooks, mostly in PDF format (a bunch are CHM, DJVU or ePUB), from a revolutionary Leftist viewpoint. The main subjects are politics and philosophy, history, economics, and much much more."

Political Theory (MLM) (2.64 GB, 550+ files)
I found this on reddit years ago (circa 2016) Don't really remember who made it or where it came from, but this is a reading course (politics, philosophy, economics, etc) focused on Maoism. Has many books and articles on the USSR, PRC, Stalin, Mao, etc.

The Anarchist Library (669 MB, 4000+ files)
This is a complete mirror of the anarchist library with pdfs and epubs

Little Bunker of Marxism-Leninism (680 MB, 100+ files)
Unfinished project focused on M-L with more than 100 books on several topics like history, economics, politics, etc. Lots of stuff on the USSR.

Historical Materialism series (330 MB, 100+ files)
A pdf archive of over 100 books from the Historical Materialism book series. I got this from thecharnelhouse.org years ago and the website had released many marxist books from other publishers but unfortunately it's been taken down.

/leftypol/ with a slash of liberty (239 MB, 100+ files)
I didn't make this, just reuploading it. This is a classic /leftypol/ link, marxist stuff mixed with anarchism.

Marx & Engels Collected Works (900+ MB, 50 files)
The official, complete works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels organized in 50 volumes and 3 categories.
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File: 1665797730695.png (572.88 KB, 850x687, 1625256116699.png)

anyone know what book this quote is from?



reading is bourgeois, a real prole would simply look at his surroundings and understand things from interacting with the objective reality around him


>the objective reality around him
Well, it hasn't worked out for you. I'll take my chances with the books.


File: 1666061070764.png (161.89 KB, 441x406, ClipboardImage.png)

any1 know where I can get used books for cheap? I'm tired of reading shit online from college, and want to keep a copy of Society of the Spectacle for a research project im doing on american hedonism


Do you mean online stores, or are you a USA person who forgets this is an international forum that can't tell you where your nearest libraries and sencond-hand book stores are?


online duh
since im in a college town bookstores arent an option (cost), let alone implying any have that


Apologies for the accusation: it happens more than you'd think.
Have you tried the obvious options, like Ebay/Amazon/AliBaba?


A few historians like to cite "The Path to Socialism and the Worker-Peasant Alliance" (1925) as an article by Bukharin that explains his conception of the Kulaks growing into socialism, but Marxists.org has nothing for Bukharin in 1925. Where can I find this?


Why do people make fun of you if you read Bookchin? I really liked the RevLeft Radio on Bookchin and Brehht is a Marxist Leninist who still managed to find enough value in Bukchin that he did an episode on it so IDK what the meme is


I would really like some recommendations for books on oligarchism both in history and the modern era if anyone has any


Oligarchy is not a political ideology, and all states have essentially been oligarchies, with the AES having more wiggle room.
>Feudal system
Oligarchy of the aristocrats
>Slave system
Oligarchy of the slaveowners
>Capitalist system
>Oligarchy of the bourgeoisie



What are some left-wing authors who are anti-materialist and anti-marxist (anarchists excluded).


National bolshevism is still nationalism, it's right-wing.


literally meaningless.

Use the word you're actually referring to. Socialist? Anti-capitalist? Egalitarian? Progressive?


>Socialist? Anti-capitalist? Egalitarian? Progressive?
literally meaningless.
Left-wing means the universe is evil, right-wing means the universe is good. The left wages a war against an evil reality, destroy the world and change it into something new and better. The right thinks reality is good, and wants to preserve the good thing, this is why Hitler in Mein Kampf is a pantheist, he thinks nature is good, he wants to preserve the natural order, he is conservative and right-wing.


>universe is good
>universe is evil
Why are you even trying to argue politics? Stick to astrology.


File: 1666869536569.jpg (24.64 KB, 474x398, dammit.jpg)

If this is a joke, I'm laughing with you.
Otherwise I'm laughing at you. Either way I can't stop laughing at this schizobabble.


Astrology is appeal to cosmic order, appeal to naturalism - right-wing.
Not an argument


File: 1667022223131.gif (2.68 MB, 498x372, porky.gif)


File: 1667280867536.jpg (389.02 KB, 1800x1800, 1665007377661393.jpg)

any books on organising?
all I got so far is:
rules for radicals by alinsky and coup d'état by luttwak



How the World Works: The Story of Human Labor from Prehistory to the Modern Day


Probs been asked to hell and back but im asking again:

Where to start with theory? I've read bits of Marx and Lenin before, and wanted to take on Kapital but simply will not have the time for years given my backlog (might still read vol 1 next summer). State and revolution & Imperialism are on top of list but any other recs, especially introductory works would be greatly appreciated.


>How the World Works: The Story of Human Labor from Prehistory to the Modern Day
Weird to see labour spelled a la burger, with a Brit author…



Absolutely do NOT start with this >>1256064, however slow you might read you're still better off reading Marx straight from the source instead of trying your luck with sixth-hand sources like the textbooks there, giving you a static, diluted, ossified, de-radicalized and frankly garbage interpretation of both Marx and Lenin. The only things linked here that aren't complete garbage and wouldn't give you a confused understanding of Marxism are the texts from Marx and Lenin themselves lmao
If you want to read Marx and Engels, then read Marx and Engels. Start with the super easy texts like the Manifesto and Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, work your way down the rest of their bibliography from the most easy to most diffiicult texts, search for explanations of what you don't understand, there is no other way. You also shouldn't bother with Lenin before you get a good understanding of them, otherwise you won't understand *why* Lenin is so important and what revolutionary core of Marxism he tried so hard to protect.


File: 1667896922913.png (224.37 KB, 680x338, Pseud.png)

> Start with the Manifesto


File: 1667907274128.png (354.59 KB, 912x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

>No, you can't start with Marx by reading the text where he lays out his positions in clear and concise terms. Here, read this literallywho academic and this medium article instead


what is a dialectic and what should i read to understand what a dialectic is


A dialectic is a movement, a process.
I'd read this.
Also whatever you do, do not read Hegel.


brave new world is a classic and brave new world revisited is a non-fiction about how such a world could be brought about in real life, you may notice some parallels with the real world. its like an instruction manual to creating a dystopia


ok, and?


File: 1668251725628.png (70.85 KB, 651x661, serious.png)

one of these band memb­ers being interviewed was later revealed to be a literature teacher, the other a music teacher. no prize for guessing which was which


Aside from pirating, what do you do when you want a book but don't want to support the publisher? Pluto Press has some bad takes on Syria.

Related question: What should I do if I want a physical copy of the Ben Fowkes translation of Capital but don't want to pay for Ernest Mandel's introduction?

Is my only option piracy? I don't want to read on an LCD screen and the PDF of Capital loads really slowly on my eReader.


>print pirated ebooks
>buy second hand books
>use the library


Mandel is dead, his introduction is entirely gratuitous


Why shouldn't you read Hegel? Seems pretty important towards reading later theory.


File: 1668720828137.jpg (415.7 KB, 1976x1014, 248702104.0.x.jpg)

Does anyone have a PDF of the Wrecking Activities at Power Stations in the U.S.S.R. Verbatim Report? The trial of the Metro-Vickers Affair.


Try asking Ismail at /marx/, he has a lot of old crap scanned.



Does anybody have a source of that quote by Marx where he talks about how its absurd to suppose that the Paris Commune burned the exact correct number of buildings and no more?


Is this it?

>When governments give state licences to their navies to “kill, burn, and destroy,” is that licence for incendiarism? When the British troops wantonly set fire to the Capitol at Washington and to the summer palace of the Chinese emperor,60 was that incendiarism? When the Prussians not for military reasons, but out of the mere spite of revenge, burned down, by the help of petroleum, towns like Chateaudun and innumerable villages, was that incendiarism? When Thiers, during six weeks, bombarded Paris, under the pretext that he wanted to set fire to those houses only in which there were people, was that incendiarism? – In war, fire is an arm as legitimate as any. Buildings held by the enemy are shelled to set them on fire. If their defenders have to retire, they themselves light the flames to prevent the attack from making use of the buildings. To be burned down has always been the inevitable fate of all buildings situated in the front of battle of all the regular armies of the world. But in the war of the enslaved against their enslavers, the only justifiable war in history, this is by no means to hold good! The Commune used fire strictly as a means of defence. They used it to stop up to the Versailles troops those long, straight avenues which Haussman had expressly opened to artillery-fire; they used it to cover their retreat, in the same way as the Versaillese, in their advance, used their shells which destroyed at least as many buildings as the fire of the Commune. It is a matter of dispute, even now, which buildings were set fire to by the defence, and which by the attack. And the defence resorted to fire only then when the Versailles troops had already commenced their wholesale murdering of prisoners.



>What should I do if I want a physical copy of the Ben Fowkes translation of Capital but don't want to pay for Ernest Mandel's introduction?
Buy the Ben Fowkes translation then skip Mandel's introduction lmao; it's not hard. Or just wait for the new Reitter/North translation to come out (hopefully) next year.


Mandel's a fine economist


That's not the one I was looking for, but it's okay because I managed to find it. Turns out it was actually Engels.
>But what a lack of judgment it requires to declare the Commune sacred, to proclaim it infallible, to claim that every burnt house, every executed hostage, received their just dues to the dot over the i! Is not that equivalent to saying that during that week in May the people shot just as many opponents as was necessary, and no more, and burnt just those buildings which had to be burnt, and no more? Does not that repeat the saying about the first French Revolution: Every beheaded victim received justice, first those beheaded by order of Robespierre and then Robespierre himself! To such follies are people driven, when they give free rein to the desire to appear formidable, although they are at bottom quite good natured.


oh cool, glad you found it


Old Friedrich didn't get it correct though, on this one; the small farms and the domestic industry didn't get hollowed out due to persistence of land reform's benefits and continued state control of the heights despite the market reforms.

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