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This thread is for discussion about the Middle East

Long Live The Intifada

Israel/Palestine cytube still going?
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Yeah, but how do they loose on the ground? They literally have all the guns and tanks they could want. I heard their army training is a bit shit, but why can't they just hire out PMCs and mercenaries that would clean it up then?


I don't know. I listened to every War Nerd episode on this and I forgot any answer they had. I think one of the answers is number advantage; the majority of the population sees that the enemy (gulf state-backed Yemenis IIRC) are foreign puppets so there's no shortage of recruits. But they were seriously disadvantaged: Saudi f15s and drones bombed hospitals and food supplies, 2 million cholera cases were reported, famines. I think the ansarallah coalition is nothing short of heroic. They did seem to have a bunch of drones, somehow, in spite of the blockade. Maybe that was Iran helping out.


They did: thousands of Sudanese mercnaries, to the point that especially in the UAE forces 80%+ prolly were not even from the UAE in the first place.


That wasn't actually my thread, I just thought that the topic belong better as a question here than it's own thread. But regarding the false flag option, I'm a bit confused where you're coming from, false flag from the Iraqis themselves or Iranians? Or do you mean like foreign intervention in service of the US? Which forces in Iraq would seek that?


IMO, Iraqi PM getting killed by anyone is an invitation for someone like the US to re-occupy. Iran does not actually want that and does not actually care that the weak Iraqi state has a US puppet as president. So I think it is either a bad decision by an Iraqi militia or some other force trying to frame them. Who could that be? I don't want to be too conspiratorial but anyone from CIA/Mossad/MIT to ISIS or some other "burn it all down" type of militia.


Since when is Iraq considered a US puppet? I thought after the Shia victory in their civil war they formed a very pro-Shia government, and ever since then Iran has been solidifying its influence in the country more and more.


You're right my bad, I forgot he has a strong relationship with Muqtada so I shouldn't have said that, though he does have a surprisingly friendly relationship with the US and the Gulf states. Iran isn't nearly as friendly with the Iraqi Shiites as the west always assumes, so maybe it was them who tried the assassination but in my opinion that would be very stupid for them or anyone else to try that in earnest. It wouldn't get anyone anything without a major military commitment.


(Cont) Apologies, I had to write my thoughts out on the assassination attempt

I think the Iraqi militias are more strongly nationalist and resent the openness Khadimi has to the rest of the world (including Gulf States and US) so they might have tried this assassination. But that would be extremely stupid, as they would invite their own destruction by Iran or the US. Iran would not do this unless they thought they could replace Khadimi with an Iranian puppet, but that is a hawkish thinktank propaganda type of idea; more likely that would only cause destabilization, and they currently have the best relationship they've had with Iraq since the Iran-Iraq war. If that's true, and a Shiite militia did the attack, then it shows that the Shiite militias are not in coordination with Iran like everyone wants to claim about every Shiite everywhere. The only entities who could do this without major risk are intelligence agencies. As for Khadimi, the rest of the world has Iraq in a headlock and he seems to be balancing well, though he's not as friendly as a Muqtada type of leader might be with Iran, and maybe he should be. He does not seem like he's itching to get the US out of Iraq, and I'm sure that both the militias and Iran want that very badly.


IT ALL BELONGS TO OUR GLORIOUS ALBANIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


balkans < middle east


It's the topography. Houthi areas are very defensible, and cannot be taken without a force willing to take a lot of casualties even in the best of circumstances.. In nagorno-karabakh the Azerjannies still lost more men despite being more modern, better equipped, and arguably even trained (that last one thanks to Turks). Mercenaries don't like that much, and Saudi army is not up to the task.


My understanding is that the gulf states mostly sent mercs and Yemeni rebels on the ground, is that true? I would think that their armies are basically dogshit, which would explain why they all bend over for the US and Israel.
Tfw the Azeris got Turkish and Israeli drones and btfo the armenians now..


Also a bunch of right wing Colombians


File: 1636903614315.mp4 (987.37 KB, 640x352, 1458128451399999492.mp4)

the chad Palestinian Pick-up vs the virgin zionist tanks during the zionist infiltration into Gaza 5 days ago


Update: After two weeks of harsh fighting have passed, Saudi lines directly South of Marib seem to be still holding.
That said there are rumors that a few cracks are beginning to form, but still very limited.
Breaking up the last lines of defense was known to be a tricky endeavor anyways.


Meanwhile Turkish lira value is literally melting away, with the rate at 10,50 for a dollar.
Expect Erdogan to do something very stupid in the near future.


zionist occupation forces are breaking into homes of palestinans to pull the children out of their beds and take pictures of them.
video is from Hebron.


Is this currently ongoing? Why are they doing this?


File: 1637266275761.png (1.1 MB, 800x600, ClipboardImage.png)

>Meanwhile Turkish lira value is collapsing to 9,25 for a dollar, with likely repercussions on the Turkish economy.
Time to bring the war back home!


They are Zionists


Update: Faced with currency devaluation Erdogan literally said "I'm gonna crash this with no fucking survivors" and CUT INTEREST RATES.
Turkish lira is above 11 for a dollar now, and who knows how much can it drop now.


Didn't it almost go in to freefall a few years ago? How was it fixed then? Is his clown of a relative still in charge of the finances?



File: 1637275449031.mp4 (5.33 MB, 636x360, pure-antisemitism.mp4)

reported for pure antisemitism


Two updates on Yemen:

1) The push south for the Red Sea Coast by Ansarallah still ongoing, but the daily gains are very modest cause the Saudi coalition after retreating from Hodeidah has re gathered forces 100km south of it and is now offering some resistance.

2) Situation on the Marib front is approaching a stalemate, with Ansarallah that does not seem to be able to pierce through Saudi coalition's last line of defense, and the Saudi themselves that are getting some reinforcements.

If things keep going like this, the war would not be over anytime soon.


The only reason Erdogan kept getting voted in was because he fixed the Turkish economy from its shitty situation from the 1990's.
This will surely end his career.


It was in freefall recently, he put a different more hard-money guy in to calm markets, but recently with the global inflation piling on the already high Turkish one it seems he's gone full retard again.

This will finally be the end of Erdogan, says this increasingly nervous anon.


File: 1637354659021.png (689.68 KB, 541x960, ClipboardImage.png)

Meanwhile in Lebanoff:
>nearly about 2 years ago
>1,500 LPB = 1$
>about 24,000 LPB
That's -1,500% (-16x).
I wouldn't be surprised if they suppress Venezuela's currency loss.


Didn't meant to sage.


Now that the Syrian war is over, the UAE is trying to drive a wedge between Assad and Iran by offering diplomatic support in Washington to lift US sanctions. If Saudi Arabia can be convinced to recognize Assad, the US and Israel would likely follow the Gulf to normalize Syria and some concessions could be made about Israel's attacks on Syria's bases, and maybe even returning parts of the Golan, but the lifting of sanctions requires an act of US congress to undo the Caesar Act. I don't think that the US would let this happen, or to an extent that is economically worthwhile for Syria, so I hope Syria doesn't take the bait (which are still only promises) and sticks with Iran/Russia who fought the war for them.



South Africans in Israel: A home away from home for white colonialists
>Historically, South African apartheid was the model for Zionism in Palestine. A surprising number of Afrikaners are now converting to Judaism and making their home in the occupied territories
Larping settlers do be settling tho


UAE wedge attempt is probably a response to this:
Syria now building relations with China.

>During the call between President al-Assad and Chinese President Xi Jinping, they emphasized the great importance that the Syrian and Chinese sides attach to the development of bilateral relations between the two countries.

>President #Assad considered that the relationship with China is pivotal and important in order to support the Syrian people in their steadfastness against internationally supported terrorism, and in the face of the siege that has greatly affected various aspects of their lives.

China almost certainly wants Assad to eradicate the ETIM that have made a base with the last of the jihadis, in Idlib province.

>President #Assad affirmed Syria's keenness to develop the relationship between government institutions in the two countries, especially with the improvement of the security situation in most regions, and at the same time joining the Belt and Road Initiative, which constitutes a path for economy and development and a new way for countries to interact with each other in order to link the common destiny of peoples and humanity.


>President #Assad expressed the Syrian people's appreciation for China's political support for them in international forums, which confirms China's commitment to international law and world peace, and the efforts it is making to preserve the territorial integrity of Syria and stop the terrorist war on it.

>President #Assad thanked the Chinese President for the great humanitarian aid provided by China to the Syrian people to alleviate their suffering in light of terrorism and the siege they suffer from.

>President al-Assad congratulated his Chinese counterpart on the fiftieth anniversary of China's restoration of its legitimate seat at the United Nations, which represents a victory for the right of the Chinese people, and reflects the importance of the constructive role that China plays on the international arena and its contribution to peace and development in the world.

>President Xi Jinping expresses China's keenness to enhance cooperation with the Syrian side in the field of security and combating terrorism, and in confronting the Corona virus pandemic, noting that the Chinese side will give Syria in the next stage a new batch of vaccines and medical equipment to help it control the pandemic.

ETIM btfo forever, #RipBozoCIA #PackWatch


>diplomatic recognition from mortal enemies
>but you have to betray an ally that went to the mat for you
This seems like a bad deal only taken up by a fool.


The temptation is very strong for the easing of harsh sanctions, along with the slightly more realistic goals of Israeli concessions, but I agree, they cannot ever trust the West/Gulf. Look at this war that just ended, look what happened to Gaddafi. I don't think Assad is that stupid


Does BRI have any provisions about denying membership to countries in a state of civil war?


File: 1637850438476-0.png (7.51 MB, 2560x1706, ClipboardImage.png)

wtf is going on in turkey?


Small protests after Erdogan crashed their currency. Nothing nor in any way shape or form relevat for socialism sadly.


Uh, it probably wouldn't be offered especially if they are planning to help industrialize the place. The war is over though


The people in the second part of the video are clearly literally communists (SYKP). And even if it wasn't the case this kind of event can be a spark for greater things to come.


>Nothing nor in any way shape or form relevant for socialism sadly.
<Collapse of living standards isn't relevant to socialism


This can always be but TKP is still weak, despite following probably the best ML line around along with the KKE.

Haiti and Afghanistan (and many other places in Africa) show us that there's not a direct correlation between shit living standards and socialism getting stronger.
(This is not to say that having such a situation does not help socialism spread on average, its to say that sometimes we can just have collapse with the blackest reaction staying well entrenched).


Ah yes the KKE, the vanguard of… the police in defense of the parliament.


<Still rehashing an incident from 10+ years whose relevance would have been zero in every case


If you really want to clown on KKE from an old incident just talk about how they were politely asked to lose the civil war and then complied.


Fair point sadly, and one of my biggest criticisms of Stalin.


We, the undersigned communist and workers parties, on the International Day for Solidarity with the Palestinian people, call to end the ongoing Israeli occupation of all Occupied Palestinian and Arab lands, and the establishment of the Independent Palestinian State on the borders of June 4th, 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, as well as implementing a solution to the Refugees issue in accordance with the UN resolution 194. We express our support of the Palestinian political detainees and prisoners and of their fight for freedom and call for the immediate release of all political detainees and prisoners.

We condemn the Israeli government's policies of occupation and settlements, and the continuous dismantling of the geographical continuity of the future Palestinian state’s sovereign lands, and all the imperialist and Zionist machinations aiming at eliminating the Palestinian cause. We demand the immediate dismantling of all Israeli illegal settlements and the Apartheid Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

We denounce the long-term US Administration's support to the Israeli war and occupation policies, the hypocritical attitude of the EU of equating the victims with the perpetrators, and we denounce the escalation witnessed since its aggregation less than 6 months ago; escalation in the settlers' daily aggression and attacks of civilians, farmers, and activists to break the spirit of the Palestinian popular resistance.

We support the just fight of the people of occupied Jerusalem, in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan, and we denounce the machinations to uproot them from their homes and lands.

We condemn the reactionary Arab regimes' normalization with Israel, fostered by the US and the imperialist machinations in the region. These are not peace agreements, but a validation of Israel and the US's policies to more resource exploitation and military and economic hegemony in the region.

We condemn the continuous Israeli aggression on Syria and Lebanon, and its involvement in undermining their sovereignty. We condemn the joint military maneuvers, between Israel, Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus, and most recently several Gulf countries, coordinated by NATO and mean to terror the peoples of the region, and guard the imperialist interests adding new sources of conflict in the wider region.

The parties undersigned denounce the latest escalation of outlawing the 6 Human Rights organizations, and the continuing Israeli occupation and all atrocities against all economic, political, and democratic rights of the Palestinian people.

Communist Party of Australia
Communist Party of Belgium
Brazilian Communist Party
Communist Party of Britain
Communist Party of Canada
Socialist Workers' Party of Croatia
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
Communist Party in Denmark
French Communist Party
German Communist Party
Communist Party of Greece
Communist Party of India [Marxist]
Iraq Communist Party
Communist Party of Kurdistan-Iraq
Tudeh Party of Iran
Workers Party of Ireland
Communist Party of Israel
Jordanian Communist Party
Communist Party of Luxembourg
Communist Party of Mexico
Communist Party of Pakistan
Palestinian People's Party
Paraguayan Communist Party
Philippines Communist Party [PKP 1930]
Communist Party of Portugal
New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
Communist Party of the Workers of Spain
Communists of Catalonia
Communist Party of Swaziland
Communist Party of Sweden
Communist Party of Turkey
Communist Party of Ukraine


File: 1638446381101.png (298.46 KB, 583x768, ClipboardImage.png)



What a based lad


lol. Lol


File: 1638451509038.gif (474.52 KB, 400x278, danylaugh.gif)

Zionists lost a pissing contest, literally.

Unique IPs: 25

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