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File: 1622766000463.jpg (501.32 KB, 1320x954, middle east.jpg)

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This thread is for discussion about the Middle East

Long Live The Intifada

Israel/Palestine cytube still going?


File: 1622766217175.jpg (56.93 KB, 312x500, 9780905762234-es.jpg)

Have any of you anons read this book? Would you recommend it? I'm interested in reading it, the fact that the Middle East is one of the few regions were communism never really took off grabs my attention and the author apparently gives his take as to why this was the case.


File: 1622766307610.jpg (73.34 KB, 640x360, north-middle-east.jpg)



bretty gud interview with a professor about palestine and the history of imperialism

no, anyone have a download? not on libgen.fun


Middle East is a retarded term
It is West Asia


Actually, it's South Middle Eurasia.


Even Egypt?


Saudi Arabia is by far the strangest country in contemporary.


I was there once
They had gender segregated restaurants at the time


File: 1622771525308.jpg (116.1 KB, 520x350, 090504-tortureUAE-3.jpg)

>Saudi Arabia is by far the strangest country in contemporary.
All the sheikdoms, but yeah. When you get a lot of money early in your development, you never have to grow up kind of thing.




Can you tell us a bit how it was?


Foreign Exchanges blurbs about the middle east for 6/3/21:


Writing at Foreign Policy, the Quincy Institute’s Annelle Sheline argues that the Biden administration’s inability to broker new Yemeni peace talks is largely attributable to its unwillingness to acknowledge what’s happening inside Yemen:

>In a recent interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria discussing the war in Yemen, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken asserted that “the Saudis have been engaged productively in trying to bring this war to an end.” He criticized the Houthi rebels, known formally as Ansar Allah, who “continue to hold out” by not agreeing to negotiate. His statements reflect the official U.S. stance, yet they betray either a lack of information or a refusal to accept the reality on the ground: The Houthis have defeated the Saudis.

As Sheline writes, the framework for Yemeni talks is rooted in a 2015 United Nations Security Council resolution that lays full responsibility for the war on the Houthis and implicitly assumes that they’ll be defeated. It is clearly not a suitable framework for talks in 2021, when its basic assumptions no longer apply.


The Wall Street Journal reports that recent demonstrations of the battlefield effectiveness of relatively cheap drones, most prominently Turkey’s Bayraktar TB2, may be changing the nature of the arms industry:

>A soldier idles by a Russian-made T-72 tank. A moment later, a missile fired from a drone slams into the vehicle, exploding in an orange flash, blowing the man off his feet and leaving the tank a smoldering wreck.

>The scene is one of dozens of aerial videos that were posted online in Azerbaijan last year showing off a new weapon. Over six weeks, it helped the nation regain territory in the Nagorno-Karabakh region that had been held by Russian-backed Armenian forces for more than two decades. The videos show attacks on tanks, trucks, command posts, mortar positions and radar installations.

>Smaller militaries around the world are deploying inexpensive missile-equipped drones against armored enemies, a new battlefield tactic that proved successful last year in regional conflicts, shifting the strategic balance around Turkey and Russia. Drones built in Turkey with affordable digital technology wrecked tanks and other armored vehicles, as well as air-defense systems, of Russian protégés in battles waged in Syria, Libya and Azerbaijan.

>These drones point to future warfare being shaped as much by cheap but effective fighting vehicles as expensive ones with the most advanced technology.

Those high-end drones are still in demand, but their cost—and the unwillingness of the countries that manufacture them (the US, Israel, etc.) to sell to just anybody—has created a market for alternatives. And it would seem those alternatives are just as effective as the more expensive/harder to obtain models, or at least the difference is so negligible that it doesn’t matter.


There’s nothing new to report on the Israeli political front. But with the new “Change” coalition still days away from being ratified in the Knesset, Benjamin Netanyahu and his allies are putting on a full court press to try to peel individual legislators away from it. Even a single defector could collapse the whole effort. The coalition’s first order of business appears to be replacing the current Knesset speaker, Yariv Levin, who is a Netanyahu ally and could use procedural tricks to delay a vote on installing the new, Bibi-free cabinet. If the coalition manages to oust Levin it could schedule its ratification vote relatively quickly.


File: 1622783135577.webm (15.88 MB, 304x228, hilLEL.webm)

just norm responding to a hillel shill


It did took off, the problem, the main one was the kingdoms using oil to buy power from the US to keep their kingdoms intact from socialists revolutions.


File: 1622790531517-0.jpg (220.36 KB, 1200x779, 210508-gaza-jerusalem.jpg)

File: 1622790531517-1.jpg (308.54 KB, 1200x800, 210529-quds-brigades.jpg)

File: 1622790531517-2.jpg (129.76 KB, 1200x762, 210514-beit-lahiya.jpg)


im unironicly from turkey ama


what do turks think of syrians


the conservatives dont have any problem with syrians cuz they are muslim too but the Republican People's Party supporters (Cumhuriyet halk partisi) they dont want any refugees in their country
the political part is diffrent both conservatives and republicans dont want kurdistan


What's your take on socialist patriotism? Do you like Turkey as a country and think communists there should take a patriotic approach? Or should it be abandoned. Also, semirelated but I'm interested to know what do you think about Kurds and what would be the best way to solve the conflict.


File: 1622817967213.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1049, 1622610834804.png)

sounds based


Based kazakh


File: 1622820063262.jpg (226.79 KB, 1280x1024, wp1988482.jpg)

What is their endgame?


Sucking up to the USA, staying in NATO, getting in to the EU


Do they know they'll never be let into the EU?




this is adorable with the grey wolves hand thing, fascists are always into that funny homoerotic shit


Yeah it's hilarious though the song is actually kinda good imo lmao, anyone know what it is? I know it's probably some fascist shit but I want to know either way. That being said though I'd like to be able to live a similar experience to this at least once, obviously not rightoid shit but something lefty or somewhat related to leftism, just imagine you and your buddies there having fun like that.


slow dancing with the boys is for everyone


File: 1622842052519.png (260.32 KB, 625x355, al julani.png)

Can't believe the US is rehabilitating this al qaeda freak to take over Idlib province


Whiteoids love al qaeda and muslim terrorists. Ask the mods.


the answer to religious people acting up is tankstankieTankie


I'm not surprised, Americans have utilized muslims as geopolitical tools all the time, if it's what imperialism seeks then they are being genocided and must be saved or they're murderous terrorists who must be eradicated.



File: 1622845000586.jpg (168.71 KB, 947x2048, 20210605_011358.jpg)

He did it ,he did the meme


No Turk seriously wants the EU for over a decade.



File: 1622849590718.mp4 (2.49 MB, 640x360, bns2l.mp4)

Why do turks do this?


wad de fug??? :D


Turks historically have demonstrated a lot of homosexual tendencies


it's funny because they were the 9/11 gigaSatans for Americans a short time ago


Classic British Empire tactic of finding the most depraved and hates psychos and putting them in charge. Great way to make sure Idlib remains in chaos.


dont the turks have some wrestling shit where they try to stick their finger up your ass


oil checks are common in wrestling everywhere


ISIS kills two iranians in syria

HTS arrests Assad supporters in Idlib

Afghan military kills 20 in air strike, claims they are Taliban looting an abandoned military base, the Taliban and local witnesses say they were civilians


File: 1622924749200.png (62.51 KB, 798x324, march.png)

the resistance is effective


File: 1622930297899.png (539.98 KB, 727x638, iran_cia.png)

blatant glow is blatant


File: 1622962287808.png (517.59 KB, 733x981, ziocide.png)

dicks out for ziocide


Why the fuck will Bennett get killed?


I thought it was taking place on Friday. Anyways Gantz demanding they stop doesn't mean jack


For not only having the far right in his coalition apparently (as if that will temper the excesses of Israel)


because he made a coalition with left wingers lol

also there's the precedent of the Rabin assassination for when he signed the Oslo accords (though he was just as bad to Palestinians otherwise) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assassination_of_Yitzhak_Rabin

doesn't it mean that gantz doesn't want more fighting? doesn't matter if it's for some electoral reason



>doesn't it mean that gantz doesn't want more fighting
it's more about him wanting to maintain the neoliberal "rules based international order" with uncle joe backing him. Even if the march is cancelled there's some spat about Israel not allowing Qatari funds into gaza


Sure but that order has to account for Hamas' retaliations which means they can claim that they have some influence, even if very small
Can those funds go thru Egypt?


File: 1622985064898-0.png (101.33 KB, 917x525, Screenshot (459).png)

File: 1622985064898-1.png (63.21 KB, 914x377, Screenshot (460).png)

Muna Al-Kurd and her brother got arrested.


Not my waifu


File: 1622992885193.png (872.76 KB, 925x934, Screenshot (461).png)

She's out now.


File: 1622995470545.png (371.81 KB, 723x735, torture.png)

Nice. Better than how Gazans are treated


I really don't think Israelis give a shit about retaliation at this point
>Can those funds go thru Egypt?
Money sent to gaza requires Israeli approval


i think part of this is just image, to try to unite Palestine as well as encourage their allies like Qatar


File: 1623004716139.png (767.82 KB, 1224x1196, ClipboardImage.png)

Rallies in Syria in al Jazeera in the north east , and the Arab Tribes are ready to undermine the SDF in al Jazeera and call for their expulsion . Also in Manbij that is also under Kurdish administration there are some frictions that were reported between Arabs and Kurds . Mind you, anything happening in Syria is always manipulated and part of a world agenda and not genuine. Now, the Kurds are being targeted, and they are one of the Syrian social constituents , and the goal might be social disorder and conflict . It is remarkable that instead of rallying the Kurds to fight the Turks and the terrorists whom they sponsor and using which they occupy Syria , the target now are the Kurds under the pretext that- helped by the US- they are controlling areas of Syria and imposing their will on others . The Syrian rule is responsible for this state of things because it failed in protecting the Kurds against the terrorist groups throwing those Kurds into US hands . If the goal is to bring these territories under the Syrian rule control , then this should include those territories that are under Turkey’s control as well which is not happening . There are no protests in the areas under Turkey’s control . The reunification of Syria might prove very costly , and the coexistence with the enemy whether Turkish or other might not be excluded


>The people rather have instability than any sort of deviation from their doctrine


why the hell is the US so pro saudi? is it just for the oil?


>map from 2019


>Now, the Kurds are being targeted, and they are one of the Syrian social constituents , and the goal might be social disorder and conflict . It is remarkable that instead of rallying the Kurds to fight the Turks and the terrorists whom they sponsor and using which they occupy Syria , the target now are the Kurds under the pretext that- helped by the US- they are controlling areas of Syria and imposing their will on others .
interesting, source?



File: 1623103804012.jpeg (105.29 KB, 1024x768, hellyah.jpeg)

"If an attack comes from the north, Lebanon will tremble… the houses in which weapons and terrorist operatives are being hidden will become rubble,” Gantz said in a speech on May 26. “Our list of targets for Lebanon is bigger and more significant than the one for Gaza, and the bill is ready to be settled if necessary.”
>Gantz’s bellicose remarks came after Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary-general of Hezbollah resistance movement, in a speech warned Israel that any aggression on holy sites in the occupied Jerusalem al-Quds would lead to regional war and destruction of the Tel Aviv regime.



Fighting is taking place again on the Marib frontline.
Let's see how it develops in the coming days.sandinistaSandinista


File: 1623107744638.jpg (904.48 KB, 1667x2500, gigachad.jpg)

>Why yes, I will destroy Israel, how could you tell?


Taybeh checkpoint, West Bank


File: 1623159510736-0.jpg (37.24 KB, 571x649, E3WAA66WEAMzrHk.jpg)

File: 1623159510736-1.jpg (408.36 KB, 1015x1385, E3Wjh52XoAYZIHm.jpg)

File: 1623159510736-2.mp4 (195.43 KB, 340x426, PPkTVxgOpB6EQse4.mp4)

Peshmerga killed by based PKK sniper north of darkar



Those Palestinian bucks are going to be broken soon. They will be calling Israel massa till the end of time



Absolutely caged
It will never catch on, just give it up


I always found the term "regime change" to be funny, because it implies nothing more then a shifting of regimes, a opposed to any form of actual emancipation. Which is fitting I suppose.


apparently the CIA is trying to recuperate lefty language


Does the term regime change even originate from leftists?


no idea but that's what leftists/lib-lefts use to describe it, precisely for this >>306877
reason. state dept usually calls it democracy


Damn that sucks, Rest in Power to that chad


I'm unironically turkish, muslim and gayislamic_communismIslamic Communism


What are your thoughts on the kurdish question?


>Meanwhile on Iranian election debates


If Iranian kpop fans are anything peruvian ones, it's ogre


Don't know if this is the right thread but in Afghanistan Talibans are on the offensive in multiple districts and it really seems it's getting bad for the government.

Shit seems dire AF.sandinistaSandinista


Some of the recent damage done to Gaza, targeting international food aid and economic areas


Also related question: what would happen for the Middle East if these people get back into power?
Could we see a jihadi resurgence?sandinistaSandinista


IIrc they were threatening to do something like this if the US didn't pull out, I wonder if this is that


Idk, i just worry that these people will give safe haven to Jihadi/salafist elements if they take over.,which could be a massive problem for the whole area.sandinistaSandinista


Last time Taliban invaded Kabul they killed 30 000 people by shelling indiscreetly into civilian areas.


This will not end well for neither China nor Iran nor Central Asia if left uncheckedsandinistaSandinista


China and Russia will be quite happy that America wont have possible nuclear missiles behind their backs. China has proven it can contain the islamic problem.




>The new peace deal includes:

>1) Saudi-led coalition will fully reopen Sanaa airport & Hudaydah seaport

>2) In return, Ansarullah will cease drone or cross border attacks inside Saudi territories

>3) Most importantly: #Sanaa government will DIRECTLY ENGAGE with Saudi government

<Some notes on Ansarullah-Saudi peace deal (or Sanaa-Riyadh treaty):

1) Does NOT include the ongoing battle in #Marib and all internal fronts in #Yemen

2) It was carried forward by American Empire proposal to reopen both Sanaa airport & Hudaydah seaport

Seems like a fat W for the Yemeni Resistance to me.
Blockade partially lifted in exchange for a small concession.sandinistaSandinista



Yeah looks like Saudis are recognizing the victors


US will probably encourage it to train weegur freedom fighters


File: 1623363701165.mp4 (672.23 KB, 240x416, 64rHe6dCVdm8Kyqy.mp4)

Americans also getting btfo in iraq. They arrested a militia leader, then the militias took over tge green zine and forced them to release him.



>tge green zine
The green zone*



some 6/11 news

six Southern Transitional Council fighters were killed, 15 others wounded in an explosion of unknown origin in Yemen

Turkey looking to leverage its successful drone program in a meeting with US to avoid further sanctions

Turkey bombed a refugee camp in Iraq, killed 1 PKK member, 2nd time this month

IDF shot and killed a Palestinian teenager at a protest

Outgoing Mossad head implicitly admits to assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists, sabotage of Iranian nuclear facilities also probably Stuxnet but that was before his time

Center for Naval Analyses member says that the US has no recourse under international law to interfere with Iranian ships headed to Venezuela


extremely baste


Finkelstein on how Israel radicalizes Gaza and manages the narratives to keep its justification for endless war and settling, in spite of Gazans' desire for peace




Netanyahu ousted from power as rival Bennett set to become Israel's new prime minister
>Jerusalem (CNN) — With lawmakers' vote of 60 and 59, Naftali Bennett won a crucial vote in Israel's Knesset Sunday, ousting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – the country's longest-serving leader – from office.
>The vote set the stage for Bennett's swearing in as the country's first new leader in more than a decade.



it actually happened. eternally fuck bennet though, things are going to get worse in the West Bank


It doesn't help the Palestinians' case that so many of them do indeed hold the bigoted viewpoints that Israel accuses them of.

An LGBT parade or two wouldn't hurt. Just sayin'.


Technically true but I think it is understandable that a less developed nation is more backwards than the West, but unfortunately the Nazi logic is applied to these impoverished prisoners. Also, the Israelis are overtly anti-Arabic (and are never held accountable) and the Palestinians could be seen as sending the racism right back. Still hurts the cause, yes, but only because of the asymmetry in power.


Don't see why as a bisexual I should support the Palestinians, many of whom would punish or kill me just for existing. And frankly, I'm not interested in trying to re-educate them either. If they want sympathy they should respect other people's legitimacy.


The indigenous Americans brutally skinned and raped people; guess they deserved to be genocided.


Israel backs far right groups around the globe. They can get sneeded


They don't deserve what's happening. I just find it hard to sympathise.


Is sympathy necessary for support? Also social progress comes after material conditions are met, not before. You're asking these Palestinians to have a first-world standard of social awareness while most of them live in an open air prison. I don't think it's right to judge their moral development until they aren't being driven insane by an occupation. Do you though


Israel supported Hamas originally to put them in this moral position and to undermine Fatah, the secular party. This whole narrative has been manipulated by Israel. Read Finkelstein if you care


GTFO Degenerate Bourgeois Liberal who supports Zionist Imperialism against Palestinians because they don’t want to be overwhelmed with Corporate Hollywood LGBTQIA+ shit, LMFAO.naxaliteNaxalite


Because the conflict isn't about LGBTQ or whatever, silly. That's just a result of Israel being aligned culturally and politically with the West which is the more over-arching issue, or at least I hope it would be.


Tomorrow the Ultra Zionist will stage a march in Jerusalem, and they'll pass through the Arab neigbourhoods.
Hamas is already on high alert and even Hezbollah could mobilise for this round.

Are we gonna see another round of this?sandinistaSandinista


I'm definitely keeping my eyes open for tomorrow.


File: 1623721371455.png (44.49 KB, 735x195, ibn.png)

I bet they will continue to threaten and test Hamas but Hamas won't budge


Any developments in Yemen? It seems like the Houthis have basically won but no one in the Saudi/UAE camp is willing to acknowledge it


partial peace agreement with some concessions for houthis >>310389
but, fighting continues: saudis claim they just intercepted a houthi drone https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/saudi-led-coalition-intercepts-houthi-drone-says-state-tv-2021-06-14/


>Fatah calls for mobilization of the people to protect Jerusalem

Someone should open a new thread cause it's gonna happen something imhosandinistaSandinista


<Settlers begun storming the Al Aqsa area

Someone should exhume the Third Intifada thread cause we could potentially really need it.sandinistaSandinista


oh fug


The flag march will start at 5pm palestine time which would be around 4 hours from now.


File: 1623753253349-0.png (597.46 KB, 908x817, Screenshot (480).png)

File: 1623753253349-1.png (90.98 KB, 911x485, Screenshot (481).png)

Things look like they're going to pop off in palestine.


File: 1623899653570.png (513.63 KB, 989x583, 1623633315437.png)


RIP to that poor mf who has to manually pilot a Sagger towards a Merkava.sabo-tabbySabo-Tabby


File: 1623927047053-0.jpg (32.94 KB, 832x468, E4FBvZtVkAIhpqj.jpg)

File: 1623927047053-1.jpg (168.19 KB, 1020x660, E4E5QbjXMAAq0Iu.jpg)

>The İzmir provincial organization building of the Peoples' Democratic Party has been attacked. HDP MP Murat Çepni has announced that party worker Deniz Poyraz has been killed in the attack, which is later confirmed by the İzmir Govenor's Office.


>done by Ministry of Interior
<pls let us join the EUwu


The EUwu doesn't give a shit about things like that ,they just can't give free movement to 80million people


Who does the US bomb next? Iran has been on the chopping block for some time but they are stronger than the past targets.


Maybe Yemen depending on the outcome of the civil war?


US has already bombed Yemen.


Oh shit you're right, I had forgotten they were also involved there. Idk then tbh, no country seems as of now to be completely vulnerable. They tend to attack when they know no one will come to help.


Idk, to be quite honest, it seems like the United States is running out of places to invade in the Middle East, as so many places are either staunchly American allies (Israel, Turkey, Saudis, Gulf States, Jordan, Morocco, etc.), logistical nightmares to actually invade (Iran and Algeria), or have already been attacked by the United States so far (Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, etc.). If I had to venture a guess, assuming the Houthis are able to achieve a victory in Yemen, I could see them, if not directly militarily invading due to logistical issues, at least instituting massive bombing and destruction campaigns to keep the country from rebuilding (aka make the country Somalia 2.0). Alternatively, given Morocco's recent tightening of relations with America, perhaps America will decide to give greater aid in crushing the Sahrawi nation. Maybe if Lebanon sees greater Hezbollah rule, that may bring about a military campaign against the Lebanese nation. As it stands however, I don't really see any large-scale Iraq-style invasions occurring. The only two major regional powers that aren't already in America's pocket are Iran and Algeria, and both of those countries would be incredibly difficult to invade due to their size and geography.palestinePalestine


We could also consider the possibility that the US may pivot away from the MENA region altogether to refocus on other areas. The rise of China and the re-emergence of Latin American social democracy leads me to believe that they may turn their attention to these regions. It seems like the strategic offensive in the Middle East which began in 1991 has been recognized as an overall failure by the American leadership.sabo-tabbySabo-Tabby


I agree 100%. It seems that MENA, like Indochina before, has been a pretty colossal embarrassment for imperialism. The fact that the largest superpowers on the planet have been unable to subdue places like Yemen, Iraq, and Somalia is an undeniable embarrassment, especially considering the high hopes they had going into this string of conquests. Of course, this isn't to say that this was some great devastating defeat for imperialism, at least on a grand scale. Their mission of crushing secular socialist / left-nationalist governments in the region has unfortunately succeeded (although this mission has been in place far longer than the current war on terror), and they have still managed to secure the continued support of key allies in the region. Still, given how amazingly futile their efforts have been, particularly given how heavily the odds were stacked in their favor, I agree that the imperial powers may have to lick their wounds, cut their losses, and turn towards the insurgent popular struggles in Latin America. Either way, the cracks in the imperial system, unable to subdue a historically conquerable region like Iraq, have never been more apparent.palestinePalestine


Today is Iran's presidential election. Is anyone following this? What can we expect?


Idk but someone could do us all a favor and make a free acct and unpaywall this


>U.S. Military to Withdraw Hundreds of Troops, Aircraft, Antimissile Batteries From Middle East
(there's probably a less awful source but w/e)
>The Pentagon is pulling approximately eight Patriot antimissile batteries from countries including Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, according to officials. Another antimissile system known as a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or Thaad system, is being withdrawn from Saudi Arabia, and jet fighter squadrons assigned to the region are being reduced, those officials said.
goes on to claim it's because of 'afghanistan drawdown' (ignoring the blackwater agents/CIA/parastatal actors etc) and negotiations with Iran


UAE delivered 60,000 vaccines to the part of Yemen that they want to annex

Israel offered a bogus vaccine deal to the Palestinian Authority, 1.4 million shots that were to expire "in July or August" and to be returned when PA gets its Pfizer shipment later this year. Turns out the Israeli shots are to expire this month, too quick to be handed out, so the PA sent back the shipment.


File: 1624087012234.png (730.62 KB, 888x724, Screenshot (483).png)


Excellent news!


Another win for the workers of the world.spurdoSpurdo


surprisingly good article considering the source, dated May 30

Other articles like this?


So can anyone explain a bit about Ebrahim Raisi? I've skimmed over some Western news outlets and what they've been saying about him, most are kvetching about him being ultraconservative and whatnot, but is it actually true? How much more of a hardliner will he be compared to Rouhani? And ultimately does it matter he'll be president now? Doesn't Khamenei have the final say in pretty much all policies? Correct me if I'm wrong, but as long as the Ayatollah is a hardliner then wouldn't we expect the same policies from Iran to remain unchanged, that being religious conservatism and "Iranian neoconservatism" in the region.


Don't use these western terms. He is on the left economically, he believes in economic sovereignty, nationalized industries which no 'reformist' or anyone in a peripheral nation who wants to liberalize their economy for western interests believes in. Another thing, his social conservatism is part of a national identity (which is very important for peripheral nations according to many theorists like Fanon) also in the Iranian case it is part of an anti-Western stance. It does matter what the PM wants, but Khamenei/IRGC might pick the winner, I don't know or really care. I expect to see continued improving relations with China's BRI and Russia, multi polarity in general (see: recent ships headed to VZ that were illegally intercepted by US), continued distancing from west, prosperity for Iranians. Doubt the US will get what it wants from new nuke deal as it will never ever lift its sanctions and China just signed a 25-year trade deal with Iran.


So Israel bombed Gaza again, is the Intifada back on?


doesn't seem so


I see, thanks for the explanation. Also I don't mean Iranian neoconservatism as an insult, I know technically it doesn't apply to Iran but I'm simply using it to refer to Iran's interventionism in the region ever since 1979. Probably won't change unless structural changes in Iranian politics occur.


Will even Palestine be resigned to its grisly fate at the hands of the fascists?


Didn't he kill a bunch of communists in the 80s?


perseverance is not resignation
the only political restructuring I see (short of revolution) involves opening up to the west and it is clear for the moment that Iran does not want that and the US has as little leverage as ever


i did not mean he was a socialist, i should have said he is to the left of the reformists who want western exploitation/sanctions lifted


>>327795 me
western exploitation, and sanctions lifted


since we're talking about Iran I thought I would repost these comments made by someone else




Imagine being an ML and also being such a sad cuck that you defend Tudeh revisionists over chad Hekmatists


of course, communist revolution is as preferable as it is unlikely


possibilism is why we can't have nice things


are you an Iranian fighting for liberation? if not then stfu larper


Thanks anon, was me, I'm glad you liked the posts

What can I say, I'm sure there are better orgs than Tudeh out there, but as it stands now, Tudeh is the one that has the most prominence and notoriety. I have been trying to read more works of the Fedai guerillas, and so far they've been quite insightful, but it's hard to concretely support them now given how they've splintered over the years. Either way, what I was trying to prove to anons in the thread is that, contrary to their third-camp (or at worst, actively pro-Shah) stances, the Iranian left was both very supportive of the 1979 Revolution and is still 100% opposed to the idea of Western-backed regime change today. The Tudeh quotes just served as evidence to this point, and frankly, regardless of their broader party, I think their position on US-Iran relations is spot-on.palestinePalestine


Anyone see the film entitled "Mayor" featuring Ramallah mayor Musa Hadid, by David Osit?


>but it's hard to concretely support them now
compared to what ? you smuggle guns to other groups in order to support them "concretely" ?


ya it's v cute
yeah the context of our discussion is that we are (likely Westoid) observers who cannot pick meaningful sides in this fight because it is not ours. in this case, the Tudeh perspective is important because there is always some westoid ultra who wants to claim that the only thing worth 'supporting' in any case is the most radical communist revolution which is almost always a dead-end for internet discussions like this, and also a larp


File: 1624213261670.png (405.25 KB, 670x395, ClipboardImage.png)

Many voters, including Ahmadinejad, boycott ‘sham’ Iran election

>Former hard-line populist President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad seized on popular anger by repeating his decision to stay home and not vote. He warned that the heavily restricted process will produce a government without domestic or international legitimacy.

>“I am not going to vote. And the main reason is that I am witnessing a major part of the people is put aside,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

>“A weak government is coming to power. And a weak government will weaken the situation in Iran. It will weaken the domestic situation and it will weaken our relations with the world. It will turn our relations with the rest of the world against Iran.”

4 million void ballots say sources

the youth did not show up


yes mostly older and pro gov people voted this time.
funny thing that fucker ahmadinejad is Iranian trump, he is saying this shit because he himself was not accepted to run, and now he is mobilizing his fan base.


File: 1624220617743.png (411.58 KB, 625x410, ClipboardImage.png)

This long letter was sent in 2017 by Dr. Ahmadinejad to the leader of Iran where the president of Iran diagnoses the various problems of Iran at all levels and tries to find solutions. A very important document that shows Dr , Ahmadinejad’s insight into the Iranian condition and how every detail is being mentioned with an incomparable concern for what Iran is and how to keep the Revolution alive ( Please wait at least one minute for the process of translation to complete)



File: 1624220758042.png (631.36 KB, 749x499, ClipboardImage.png)

Dr speaks about the dissatisfaction of the Iranians and how the Iranians are being alienated and frustrated because the Revolution that is their making has not fulfilled their hopes and expectations . The Iranians have become an alienated people who are no more seeing themselves represented in the various government institutions .They have become isolated and their voice is no more heard . Most of the state institutions have become superimposed and under the pretext that the country is threatened many are being silenced and not allowed to express themselves . This should not happen . These institutions should serve the people and not serve the officials and their ambitions . And the external threats should not be used to silence people. As a result, people have grown poorer and are seeing their dignity and honor gone, and the gap is widening between them and their government . The Iranians are badly informed about the situation and this why they become helpless . The institutions have grown unfriendly to the people . Is this the promised Revolution ? These things should be straightened and this is possible . Dr Tackles each and every problem at each and every level and regarding each institutions with answers .



So the Amrenians reelected the PM that lost the last war ,how come ?


Glowie pornporkyPorky





Last archive of front page
Archive of archive in case the storeshittistahnis try to play funny buggers w/ the archive
What's storeshittistahn trying to hide here?
Was the crypto the Iranians shut down connected with storeshittistahn sponsored terrorist groups like the (data)base or MEK?stalinStalin


File: 1624395486988-0.png (11.66 MB, 3263x2579, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1624395486988-1.png (3.74 MB, 2103x1577, ClipboardImage.png)

Why Dr Ahmadinejad has been denied candidacy is not because he is not suitable or because he has violated the constitution as many like to think going to the extent of accusing him of corruption . Where is the money that Doctor has hoarded we ask ? We have not seen any sign of material wealth on him . It is because he is not corrupt that Dr. Ahmadinejad has been denied candidacy and because the corrupt ones that have taken over Iran's administration will not accept him since he represents a direct threat on them. And also the foreign powers fear very much that Dr Ahmadinejad ascends to presidency and they do everything to prevent this from happening . Remember what happened in 2009 , the western powers through their embassies and their affiliates did everything in order to prevent the winner candidate Dr Ahmadinejad from ruling

How can people accuse this modest, humble person as corrupt? It is they who are corrupt. Ahmadinejad scared them to death. A man with a pure heart in this dirty world of politics.


Saudis shoot down 4 Houthi drones
Houthis claim they have video evidence of them shooting down 2 US drones, US denies
Egypt and Ever Given owners agree on $550 million settlement, crew still held in Egypt as collateral
Iran claims they have thwarted an attempt to sabotage their nuclear facilities
US intelligence is doubting the stability of Afghan government after Taliban surge, probably as expected so that they can justify cancelling the military withdrawal


File: 1624569786917.png (505.67 KB, 909x730, israeluyghur.png)



Finally, a majority-Arabic Middle Eastern state has legitimized the Uyghur Muslim struggle


Clarification: he was on the judiciary that sentenced MEK terrorists to death who were killing Iranians in support of Saddam. If some of these people were actual communists and did not commit these acts, then that's unfortunate. Doesn't seem like he personally sought to kill commies.
All I have heard is that there was a "consensus" that he should not be able to run. I wonder how big was this consensus and was it mostly party elites. I don't care that much though, he seems to be appealing to the west on twitter.


File: 1624667051768.jpg (59.89 KB, 770x513, ezgif-3-e8a2ff04c85b.jpg)


>Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei receives local COVID vaccine

>“I didn’t want to use a non-Iranian vaccine. I said we will wait until, inshallah, the local vaccine is produced and we can use our own vaccine,” he said.

>The supreme leader had in January outlawed the use of United States and United Kingdom-made vaccines, notably those developed by Pfizer and Moderna, as he said they “cannot be trusted”.

Retarded but very based



Ah yes I am glad that Palestinian Genocidal murders support Ugyhurs an pushing the narrative of the United States. Man look how tolerant and understanding Israel is with their support for the Muslims that they suddenly care about in China!

This is fucking clown world and I hate it.posadasPosadas


File: 1624681397247.jpg (12.43 KB, 258x245, 1623780580758.jpg)


File: 1624846005679.mp4 (10.96 MB, 320x240, holocaust 2.mp4)

>US strikes hit Iran-backed militia facilities in Iraq and Syria
>Pentagon says air strikes were in response to drone attacks against US personnel in Iraq

>The Pentagon spokesman added: “As a matter of international law (XDDD LMAOO), the United States acted pursuant to its right of self-defence. The strikes were both necessary to address the threat and appropriately limited in scope.”


File: 1624847103014.jpg (271.33 KB, 1028x1189, Twitter.jpg)


File: 1624848883450.jpg (25.58 KB, 482x373, 1624425966333.jpg)


>>310200 "islamic problem" lol is that Sam Harris i thought u Dengist were better than americansleft_communismLeft Communism


More than 100 killed in Yemen as fighting over oil-rich Marib region continues (Saudis + Yemen Gov't vs Houthis)

U.S. carries out air strikes against Iran-backed militia in Iraq, Syria

==Riots in Lebanon over economy injure 10 soldiers, protesters

Iran has drones with range of 7,000 km, Guards commander says

Iran says it will never hand over images of nuclear sites to UN nuclear watchdog

Afghanistan: Thousands flee fighting between government, Taliban


we can make it better


>Assad Is Friends With the Arab World Again


kind of cringe if by "Arab World" they mean the theocratic feudalist monarchies like Jordan and Saudia. Syria should only be allies with secular governments like Iran, Hezbollah and the Palestinian factionsssnpSSNP


also Yemen ofcssnpSSNP


>#Breaking Syrian & Iraqi forces currently shelling USA occupation base in al-Omar oil field in Deir ezZor, Syria. Barracks & armoured vehicles have been hit and are burning. USA drones and F-15s violated Iraqi sovereignty & are attacking Syrian positions in response…Ongoing..



Hezbollah is indestructible, I don't know what these fags think they'll get out of this, bombing Hezbollah militants is just as futile if not more than bombing Vietcong guerrillas.


Um, you do know Iran is a Theocratic country right? It hasn't been Secular since ironically the Shah. But I get what you are saying.posadasPosadas


File: 1624921692867.jpg (2.54 MB, 2000x3036, 20p 2000.jpg)

The middle east is a body between the jaws of history
the fangs and teeth of Iranian holywar porxied shiaism, gulf neoliberal-fauxislaimo monarchies, illmodren Egypt, economically colonized north Africa, disorder tolerating hyperState fertile crescent, American client states, Abrahamic schizophrenia, tribal state-exist tradtionalism, zionist-nazi return of the repress complex, and desecularize globalism, oil necro-vitalism


Pic source?
Basically it is secular compared to most other ME states. They allow for multiple religions and Khameini claims that he stays out of politics. Better than the other states
Super based


For someone who stays out of politics he certainly makes enough political speeches.

And it's honestly one of the least secular states, aside from maybe Saudi Arabia. Please don't confuse the Iranian Revolution that overthrew the Shah with the Islamic counterrevolution that happened shortly afterwards.


Secularism and theocracy are less opposed than they might seem. Israel is not a theocracy in that its clergy does not have political power, but you must be Jewish to live there. Iran, a theocracy, allows for religious pluralism and a recent poll had ~30% of participants claiming no religion or atheism. https://theconversation.com/irans-secular-shift-new-survey-reveals-huge-changes-in-religious-beliefs-145253
Saudi and the gulf states are far worse.


religious pluralism is kind of bogus when you still have shariah law and 50% of the country as second class citizens…again agreed not as bad as Arabia (I refuse the Saudi ownership)


File: 1625032299402.jpg (92.07 KB, 938x450, us-israel.jpg)


this is pretty good, it has a few minor nativist tendencies, but overall: a very solid analysis


File: 1625296477293.mp4 (8.66 MB, 640x360, Dhofar Yemen.mp4)

Documentary on the Dhofar rebellion which was recently digitized:


>Israel is not a theocracy in that its clergy does not have political power, but you must be Jewish to live there.
Oh no no no. The Chief Rabbinates Office is a governmental body with political power. They are paid by the State of Israel, and indeed do interpret halacha, which can be legally binding. They have the final say in which women are permitted to have an abortion for example, and they can start deportation proceedings by recommending it. Israel works as a semi-theocracy, which will likely give way entirely in the coming decades as the orthodox becomes a majority and brain drain persists due to liberal younger Jews reverse aliyahing back to Europe.


File: 1625329980300-0.jpg (112.75 KB, 719x768, 20210703_193053.jpg)

Situation in Afghanistan after Americans flee the country.


Thanks for correcting me.


File: 1625529226018.mp4 (1.25 MB, 576x720, 1621287542232-1.mp4)


fuck islam, it fucked this retarded land beyond fuckery we would have been better of without this retardation.


File: 1625529364758.png (1.06 MB, 708x878, 124214.png)

Ahem as you is me and we are doing what is known coequally as "samefagging" which btw has no links to actual homosexuality i would have to have to agree with me its truly a masterful post of pure genius truly you are (aka me) head of your (my) time.


File: 1625642295538.jpg (70.05 KB, 705x592, 5434236.jpg)

Looters invaded Afghanistan’s Bagram airbase after US left without telling new commander

>The US left Afghanistan’s Bagram Airfield after nearly 20 years by shutting off the electricity and slipping away in the night without notifying the base’s new Afghan commander, who discovered the Americans’ departure more than two hours after they left, Afghan military officials said.

>“We (heard) some rumour that the Americans had left Bagram … and finally by seven o’clock in the morning, we understood that it was confirmed that they had already left Bagram,“ General Mir Asadullah Kohistani, Bagram’s new commander said.

>Before the Afghan army could take control of the airfield about an hour’s drive from the Afghan capital Kabul, it was invaded by a small army of looters, who ransacked barrack after barrack and rummaged through giant storage tents before being evicted, according to Afghan military officials.


The Afghan government and their troops are fucked


File: 1625681841121.jpg (818.23 KB, 1440x1773, 1625357771580.jpg)

Kurd born in Bürgerstan here ama



File: 1625683073696.png (879.15 KB, 1121x1680, IMG_20210707_133544_e.png)


So what's going to happen with Afghanistan? Taliban sweeps back into power and the US just shrugs? Some vague backing of Moderate Rebels(tm) to resist the Taliban?


The typical pessimistic outlook is that the US says "omg muh power vacuum, time to stay here for another 20 years." This would accord with what Col Wilkerson said about the US strategy to stay in Afghanistan through 2050 to A) obstruct China's Belt and Road and B) "be able to jump on the world's most unstable nuclear arsenal in Pakistan"
Is Rojava dead? What happens to the Kurds now


>>>/games/10418 (Not that anon)
Any suggestions?


i still dont get it wtf were erdogan and his party thinking what i mean is they really obsessed wants to be part of europe union dont these people realize joining eu meaning you must follow their rules such as legalizing same sex marriage/relationship which we all know very contradictive to average conservative turks


It's hard to say at this point. The US is still talking about keeping some sort of special operations contingent in operation there but I doubt the Taliban are just going to allow that.

It largely depends on what the US's next move is. They've been gearing up for some sort of confrontation, and Iran has been high up on their shit list for a while now. It looks like they're shifting to the Caribbean/South America at the moment, but that could just be a feint or show of force. If not, Venezuela is probably their next target. I will be shocked if the US isn't at war with Iran before the end of Biden's presidency though.


File: 1625890784757.mp4 (2.3 MB, 640x348, 1621518459193.mp4)

if it's only one player it has to be abu ubaida


File: 1625891031559.jpg (58.74 KB, 640x609, 1621216507975.jpg)

another 20 years of civil war
if america goes to war with iran it will literally self destruct


I'd go with Abu Ubaida.


Israeli forces open fire on Palestinians; hundreds wounded
The Palestine Red Crescent reported 379 protesters were wounded – 31 of them by live ammunition.

Israeli forces opened fire on hundreds of Palestinian demonstrators who rallied against an illegal outpost in the occupied West Bank on Friday, with more than 370 people wounded including 31 hit by live ammunition.

Drones dropped tear gas canisters and smoke filled the air at the scene of the protest in the West Bank town of Beita, near Nablus, where Palestinians protested illegal land confiscation.

Demonstrators burned tyres and threw rocks at Israeli forces, local media reports said. Witnesses said Israeli troops fired live rounds and rubber-coated steel bullets at the demonstrators after Friday prayers in Beita.

The Palestine Red Crescent reported 379 protesters were wounded – 31 by live ammunition. There was no immediate comment from the Israeli military.

Similar confrontations were also witnessed in the town of Kafr Qaddum and in Beit Dajan, where dozens of Palestinians were treated for the effects of tear gas.

The Israeli army also suppressed a protest against the settlements in the Masafer Yatta area in Hebron.

Israeli and Palestinian estimates indicate there are about 650,000 settlers in the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, living in 164 settlements and 116 outposts.

Under international law, all Israeli settlements in the occupied territories are illegal.

Evyatar outpost
Tensions in the occupied West Bank reached new highs in the past months with the Evyatar settlement being one of the focal points of clashes, as settlers refused to evacuate the land and Palestinians fiercely demonstrated against their presence.

In May, 34 Palestinians were killed – the highest monthly figure in 10 years – with Israel’s domestic intelligence agency, the Shin Bet, reporting almost 600 violent incidents, as the Israeli military reinforced its presence in the occupied territories with several more battalions.

Palestinians in nearby villages say the Evyatar outpost was illegally built on their land and fear it will grow and merge with larger settlements nearby.

At least four protesters, including two teenagers, have been killed in the clashes in recent months.

The settlers named the outpost Evyatar after an Israeli was killed – allegedly by a Palestinian – in 2013, and say it is home to dozens of families.

At the end of June, Israel reached a compromise with the settlers living in Evyatar. Under the agreement, the settlers left the outpost, and the area became a closed military zone, but the houses and roads remained in place.

Critics say the eviction did not reflect a change of Israeli policy.

An Israeli government survey will be carried out that the settlers say will prove the outpost was not established on land privately owned by Palestinians.

That would pave the way to establish a religious school and for some families to return.



>Is Rojava dead?
In all likelihood it's an alliance with Assad and a slow loss of power in their future. I think they weren't going to collective any time soon, and they made some pretty poor decisions, so I doubt they would have lasted that long.
>What happens to the Kurds now
We wait to see which imperialist power the Kurds decide to side with when they fuck us over thinking they'll spare us if we be good boys now lol.


File: 1625942785566.gif (1.97 MB, 380x285, tenor.gif)

looks like whack el dorado



A controversial legislation that defines Israel because the nation state of the Jewish folks was upheld by the Supreme Court, which rejected claims by opponents that it discriminates towards minorities.

In its ruling on Thursday, the courtroom acknowledged shortcomings within the so-called Nation State Law. But it stated it “didn’t negate Israel’s democratic character” outlined in different legal guidelines.

Proponents of the 2018 legislation claimed the laws merely enshrined Israel’s current Jewish character.

Critics stated it additional downgrades the standing of Israel’s Palestinian minority, which makes up about 20 p.c of the nation’s inhabitants.

Adalah, a Palestinian rights group that attempted to overturn the legislation, stated the courtroom upheld a legislation that “fully excludes those that don’t belong to the bulk group”. It stated it could “proceed to work internationally to show the discriminatory and racist nature of this legislation”.

Israel’s Palestinian residents have the suitable to vote and are well-represented in lots of professions, however nonetheless undergo from widespread discrimination in areas corresponding to housing and the job market.

The legislation was accepted by the Knesset, or parliament, in July 2018. It defines Israel because the “nation-state” of the Jewish folks and provides that “fulfilling the suitable to nationwide self-determination within the state of Israel is exclusive to the Jewish folks.”

It additionally downgraded Arabic from an official state language to 1 with “particular standing”.


Lebanon power stations are shutting down completely.
Expect civil war to happen in the coming weeks.
(Also, could someone create a thread on it? For some reason /leftypol/ does not allow me to do it on Tor)sandinistaSandinista



>Local activist, Fares Ka'abneh, told Wafa that the Israeli occupation forces also seized tractors, water tankers and solar power units.


news bump: al mayadeen edition

Israeli PEGASUS Spying on Journalists, Activists Worldwide (Including Khashoggi)

MBS Requests Spying on Ghassan Ben Jeddou, Several Figures

Israeli Media: (Based) Hezbollah Precision Missiles Proof of Deterrence Failure

Biden Slaps al-Kadhimi and Violates Iraq’s Sovereignty
>The US Administration is pushing itself to the edge of an abyss and has put its ally in Baghdad, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, in an embarrassing and weak position as he faces his own security forces and political parties.



File: 1626837002128-0.jpg (68.69 KB, 580x764, manbij1.jpg)

File: 1626837002128-1.png (8.27 MB, 3025x2055, manbij2.png)

The tribes in jazeera are very pro-SDF with the exceptions of the clans around Qamishli. The protests in Manbij were against the unpopular conscription policy and were organized by both Arab and Kurdish tribal leaders. Everyone hates the manditory conscription, but the tribes especially.

>There are no protests in the areas under Turkey’s control

there are protests in al-Bab and Ras al-Ayn all the time when the gangs there aren't killing themselves over oil routes or houses


Ansarallah forces open another front against the Saudis pressing them South of Marib


Finally the Yemen war is igniting again.
Let's see if Saudis will get definitely BTFO.sandinistaSandinista


great twitter acct, hope it's accurate


Ben & Jerry's committing 'new form of terrorism', against Israel says President
>Newly sworn in Israeli President, Isaac Herzog, who is supposed to represent Israel's so called moderate camp, having served as chairman of the Labor Party, joined the chorus of outrage. "The boycott of Israel is a new sort of terrorism, economic terrorism," Herzog is reported saying by Haaretz at a ceremony commemorating prime ministers and presidents of Israel who have passed away. "Terrorism tries to harm the citizens of Israel and the economy of Israel. We must oppose this boycott and terrorism in any form."
had to post this kek

Iran Inaugurates New Pipeline to Transport Crude Oil

Violence escalates in water-shortage protests in Iran’s Khuzestan

Iran's Rouhani says water protesters have 'right' to demonstrate

OPEC+ agrees oil supply boost after UAE, Saudi reach compromise

in other news: taliban and afghan cov't had fruitless peace talks, though they agreed to an Eid ceasefire, and to talk again
Iranian chief JCPOA negotiator called a halt to the negotiations for the transfer of presidential power from Rouhani to Raisi
Lebanon gov't fails to form yet again


File: 1627119049761-0.jpg (78.03 KB, 1000x848, איראן בחוץ.jpg)

File: 1627119049761-2.jpg (169.48 KB, 1280x1280, 732895235.jpg)

File: 1627119049761-3.jpg (116.42 KB, 750x1486, 437654745423.jpg)

File: 1627119049761-4.jpg (226.13 KB, 820x730, 653856346234.jpg)

It's over, mullahbros.


File: 1627129525918.webm (2.34 MB, 540x960, 0000654.webm)

Based and zionpilled


What's with Gulf-Economies, especially Saudis? From what i read on some forums and eksisozluk, they always say that they are fucked hard on so many points but can someone explain me more leftist way?
Collapse of Gulf would be catastrophic for imperial-core, also for the global-capitalism. Why did they allowed them ? Couldn't they install "pro-western liberal" governments at there ??


File: 1627137822687.png (684.78 KB, 815x741, ClipboardImage.png)

Meanwhile, in reality.



Go away JIDF


Syria won't survive until the SDF and all kurdish ethnonationalist contras are exterminated



How are they collapsing? They're actually diversifying the economy, most revenue from UAE currently comes from tourism, not oil


File: 1627139742106.jpeg (254.98 KB, 1270x1136, zoroastrian spurdo.jpeg)




It's not a Persian, it's, may Allah forgive me for uttering this word, a z*okike


File: 1627140496592.jpg (49.8 KB, 504x604, 16432696032919382.jpg)

Press R to pay respect for Bashar al-Assad



Did he die?


>They're actually diversifying the economy
Saudi Arabia is too late for it, same with Kuwait. They don't have enough educated people
>most revenue from UAE currently comes from tourism, not oil
And it will probably not last longer. They are not able to do projects like before, they even cancelled many of their projects like Mall of the World or Aladdin City. Also UAE also Geta cash from sectors like banking or trade and they are becoming not good at them. Especially after dubai-banks released the names; they lost their status as switzerland of middle-east; also new planes can go by only one flight


Wasn't F for death?


What's the first graph referring to?



Only 5 percent of UAE money is from oil revenues


Religiosity as expressed by precentage in Iran


>Collapse of Gulf would be catastrophic for imperial-core
Why? Lmao, they can easily get fossils from their friends in russia or invade venezuella.


There's more at stake then just oil, such as weapons sales.


>such as weapons sales
Literally meaningless macroeconomically.


File: 1627143331015.gif (2.02 MB, 260x260, turkoroach airforce.gif)

forge a cockroach empire


>No Turk seriously wants the EU for over a decade.
Wrong, the country is devided between 3 factions
>Erdogan supporting inner anatolia (low birthrates) wants unironically to become islamic shithole
>Western turkey (very low birthrates) wants to join EU and Western Civilization
>Kurds (extremely high fertility) want have an own independent country or autonomy


>Literally meaningless macroeconomically.
Wut??? Saudi is literally biggest customer of US military-industry complex
>Only 5 percent of UAE money is from oil revenues
Other sectors are not well today
Expats are leaving Dubai now
>forge a cockroach empire
<MuH Turks are cockroach
Go back pol
What's your problem with birthrates? İf you think fertility is good, you're wrong


>Saudi is literally biggest customer of US military-industry complex
No the US military is, lmao.


>What's your problem with birthrates? İf you think fertility is good, you're wrong
Cope, you are dying out turkboi, kurdish bulls will take over.


>Cope, you are dying out turkboi, kurdish bulls will take over.
İmagine thinking that kurdish birthrates are not decreasing. Also many of kurds are becoming integrated and no longer wants autonomy. Many of them are migrating to West and Turks are migrating to south east.


I just hecking love idpol



Most Kurds are overly nationalistic Turkish citizens

Kurds and Turks are historical friends it's sad to see some of us fighting each other in present times.


> Also many of kurds are becoming integrated
In the more western oriented part, not erdogan's retarded islamo-nationalism.
>and no longer wants autonomy.
Completely wrong.


You're not even Kurdish, just some right wing pol/oid Greek or any other sort of European


Do you aware of that around %75 of Turkey lives in coastline ?


Turkish-backed rebels leave trail of abuse and criminality in Syria’s Afrin

>10 young women take their own lives after being raped by members of the Sultan Murad Brigade, a Sunni rebel faction which operates under the banner of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA).

>Some used belts to hang themselves, some pens or other sharp objects which they jabbed in their throats. Then there were the poor girls who just banged their heads against the wall until they collapsed
>We were given a potato with half a loaf of Syrian bread twice a day, and beaten every night from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. Each night the men would take away a few of the girls to defile them, saying, ‘We are taking you to the doctor.’ It was like a tradition


>Then there were the poor girls who just banged their heads against the wall until they collapsed


Are the cockroaches Jews or something?
kurdistan or rojava or w/e will be slowly eliminated by extremist proxy war. the kurds that accept turkish citizenship will be okay? i guess



It seems it's about Iranian Azeris (according to Wikipedia) which makes it even weirder. What's the beef against Azeris in Iran?


File: 1627358590067.png (707.43 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Biden’s bombing of Iraq and Syria: the normalization of war
>Two decades after the start of an invasion and occupation that claimed the lives of a million Iraqis, the US is still attacking the region as it prepares for far wider wars.

I think this is a panicked reaction to hybrid war gone bad for the bases set among seething populations, and protected by Kurd sepoys who greatly offend Erdogan in Turkey. The American tanks are routinely stopped by village children. Really. The local tribes suffer indignity from the Kurds , and wow vengeance.

Of late , the Iraq forces established by the Revolutionary Guards who have just seized power in Iran , have launched drone attacks that evade the Patriot and other systems. Some landed just yesterday. This is an untenable position, sort of like the old flic, "Beau Geste"

Leon Trotsky.Criticism of the Program of the Comintern:

“We cannot enter into a consideration of the problem of the time of the American crisis and its possible depth. …. For us, of course, the inevitability of a crisis is absolutely unquestionable and, considering the present world expansion of American capitalism, its great depth and sharpness is not excluded. … in a critical epoch the hegemony of the United States will prove even more complete, more open, more ruthless, than in the period of boom. The United States will try to overcome and get out of its difficulties and helplessness primarily at the expense of Europe …”

Or Serbia, or Iraq, or Syria, or Libya, … Australia, Canada…


File: 1627359189212.png (950.34 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

War criminal Rumsfeld dies, but his militarist legacy lives on
>The crimes for which Rumsfeld is justifiably detested the world over have in the course of past two decades been fully normalized by US imperialism under Democrats and Republicans alike.

Great article, which cuts through the hagiographic miasma of the tame corporate press and presents Rumsfeld's true record.


File: 1627359905503.png (1.25 MB, 1280x843, ClipboardImage.png)

US imperialism’s criminal debacle in Afghanistan
>The US evacuation of Bagram Air Base in the middle of the night, without notifying Afghan forces, epitomizes the debacle wrought by 20 years of war.

Like someone sneaking out of their apartment in the dead of night to avoid paying the rent and taking the landlord's furniture with them. Now ignoble.





Ansarallah forces consolidating their control in the southern districts, while also seeking a breakthrough in Marib (to no avail as of now).sandinistaSandinista


<New study shows 2013 chemical weapons attack in Ghouta was likely done by rebels

Aaron Mate reports on an open-source study that claims it was Syrian rebels who did this attack. This attack at the time was used by Obama to threaten a missile strike on Assad's territory and later became a precursor to the 2018 Dhouma "attack" which was actually staged by the White Helmets and used to drop NATO bombs on Syria. Mate claims he ran this study by physics and engineering experts, including one at MIT and they rated it very highly.

It should be noted that there have been many instances of ostensible chemical weapons attacks on both sides of the Syrian civil war, and the 2013 Ghouta incident led to the dismantling of most or all of Syria's chemical weapons. Assad having used CW doesn't absolve NATO of intervening, getting things wrong, lying and co-opting the OPCW to justify its losing war for regime change against Syria and its citizens.


There's a lot of info out there on the abuses of the SNA in Afrin. It's unique as the militias here have nearly free reign to rape, steal, and kill each other as long as they lob mortars at tal rifaat occasionally.

>SDF and all kurdish ethnonationalist contras
not an apoist but let this meme die please. In all likelihood they'll be merged with the state, just a matter of how integratedchristian_communismChristian Communism


It seems the new direction for Ansarallah offensive is Southern Yemen as of now, so the focus will shift from Marib to Southern Yemen.




File: 1627935538074.mp4 (729.27 KB, 640x360, the sniper.mp4)




First time this happens since 2006.sandinistaSandinista


oh boy



allahu akhbar as they say in europe


Get it through your head kike: Persians were NEVER your friends. Not even Kourosh/Cyrus helped you because he liked it. Moreover, I know 100% Kourosh would have regretted his decision to free your filthy kind from Babylonian captivity. You should have all just been slaughtered to the last there and then.
Literally the only based ancient ruler was Hadrian since he was fed up with your shit kind.

t. anti-Islamic Persian who hates Jews more than anything


>t. anti-Islamic Persian who hates Jews more than anything


File: 1628383721530.jpg (7.18 MB, 5906x3455, 1620462745427.jpg)

The Israelis are not humans. From now on, the word "Israeli" causes gunfire. We shall not speak. We shall kill. If during the day you have not killed a single Israeli, you have wasted the day. If you do not kill the Israeli, he will kill you. If it is quiet at your section before of the front and you are waiting for the battle, kill an Israeli before the battle. If you let the Israeli live, he will kill a Palestinian man and rape a Palestinian woman. If you have killed an Israeli, kill another one too.

Do not count the days, do not count the miles. Count only the Israelis you have killed. Kill the Israeli - this is your old mother's prayer. Kill the Israeli - this is what your children beseech you to do. Kill the Israeli - this is the cry of all the Earth. Do not waver. Do not let up. Kill.


File: 1628384476826.webm (615.32 KB, 404x720, escape this thread.webm)

>the final solution




Despite So-called “Withdrawal”, US Has Far from Given Up Its Designs on Iraq

As JCPOA Deal Fades, Is the Military Option More a Chimaera?

Zionist regime’s collapse a reality, will materialize in near future: IRGC chief commander HELLO BASED DEPARTMENT??

Afghanistan: 27 children Killed in Just 3 Days, UN Agency Says

From Haiti to Yemen: Why Colombian mercenaries are fighting foreign wars

news i'm not linking:
Turks killed some Kurds in Iraq,
Israelis assaulted some Palestinians near Al Aqsa,
UNICEF claimed that 8 million children in Yemen need 'emergency' educational aid,
Saudis sentenced a Hamas envoy to 15 years in prison along with other Palestinians and Jordanians
Egypt receives first J&J vaccines
Iran's daily new COVID cases up to 40k a day


File: 1628665345261.mp4 (11.21 MB, 1280x720, raeisi.mp4)

a response to the glowie question about Raeisi's 'crimes against humanity'


it's an official Iranian poster lol



Gee, how does it do that ? 💧 ¿ 🤔 Quirky and innovative!




this post is extremely powerful



File: 1629580044658-0.png (80.18 KB, 733x738, gaza1.png)

File: 1629580044658-1.png (117.89 KB, 753x484, gaza2.png)

Things heating up in Palestine again.


File: 1629580163005-0.png (207.07 KB, 648x766, gaza3.png)

File: 1629580163005-1.png (47.83 KB, 645x436, gaza4.png)

The event that led to the bombing.


File: 1629580369401.png (210.99 KB, 654x728, gaza5.png)

more context


File: 1629581179252-0.png (47.92 KB, 907x226, gaza6.png)

File: 1629581179252-1.png (52.6 KB, 890x242, gaza7.png)

Currently it doesn't look like things will escalate.


>no casualties
Eat shit pissrael
Hope the qatari funds make it into Gaza but not sure why they would allow that, nor what they would allow to be purchased with those funds


Zionist really push close to being antisemitic I tell myself not all Jews are Zionist but damn these Uyghurs get under my skin.


>all these shitranian flags and portraits
you will never liberate palestine, you filthy majoosi.


Your time has passed, old man. Right now they're the most capable and ready to engage Israel.


I don't understand whats going on in this video. Anyone autist enough to explain?


And remember lads…


Gist seems to be that Norman is pissed at a guy who basically ignored his entire talk and asked him a completely unrelated question about Jordan and Egypt apparently not wanting to create a Palestinian state in 1947/1948, and only focusing on that goal much later.


Yeah Hillel is a college organization that is Jewish and Zionist. They send their members with prewritten questions that have nothing to do with whatever Norm is talking about on a certain day, and are always argued in bad faith, like all Zionist arguments. Norm seems to be sick of getting so many bad faith Zionist questions, he's probably received the most in history. In this case the shill is asking why it is Israel's responsibility to take care of its Arabs instead of the nearby Arab states' responaibility. It's clearly an ignorant question, as the Arab world rejected the existence of Israel until 1967 and didn't have control of the territory of Gaza before then. They wouldn't have agreed to take care of Gaza because it would be the same as the acceptance of Israel's existence. "Progress was made" though, they came to recognize Israel, and now the shill is revising history to say that Israel had always been accepted and Gaza was shoved on them unfairly.


File: 1629774712474-0.png (178.2 KB, 649x856, gaza8.png)

File: 1629774712474-1.png (315.05 KB, 586x907, gaza9.png)

File: 1629774712474-2.png (177.61 KB, 553x921, gaza10.png)

File: 1629774712474-3.png (178.08 KB, 771x870, gaza11.png)

The bombing resumes.


Bloodthirsty faggots really couldn't wait for more than two months to bomb again


File: 1629909518473-0.jpeg (29.15 KB, 485x363, hiding pussy.jpeg)

File: 1629909518473-1.jpeg (67.83 KB, 720x919, headshot.jpeg)

Gazan hero noscope headshotting the Zionazi sniper who helped shoot 41 Gazans


File: 1630279535254.png (217.06 KB, 485x363, Vaushoid spotted.png)



Yes, dum-dum. Saudis effectively control OPEC, thus the petrodollar.


Ansarallah is back on the offensive, and after a brief detour to the Southern provinces in the last few months Marib city is again the main target of the push.



The IDF sniper died in the hospital a few days after that


Wonder if this is the same video or if it happens a lot


Must be the same video
Get hype


Allah Yeḥfaẓkum


>We were given a potato with half a loaf of Syrian bread twice a day, and beaten every night from 1 a.m. to 3 a.m. Each night the men would take away a few of the girls to defile them, saying, ‘We are taking you to the doctor.’ It was like a tradition
These criminals are not human. How can you have human rights for something distinctly not so?


This is why the SAA just started massacring them when they surrendered


The Israelis are not humans. From now on, the word Israelis causes gunfire. We shall not speak. We shall kill. If during a day you have not killed a single Israeli, you have wasted the day. If you do not kill the Israeli, he will kill you. If it is quiet at your section of the wall and you are waiting for the يعارك, kill a Israeli before the يعارك. If you let the Israeli live, he will kill a Palestinian man and rape a Palestinian woman. If you have killed an israeli, kill another one too. Kill the Israeli, thus cries your البلد الام.
Do not count the days, do not count the miles. Count only the Israelis you have killed. Kill the Israeli - this is your old أم prayer. Kill the Israeli- this is what your الأطفال beseech you to do. Kill the Israeli - this is the cry of all the Earth and of Allah. Do not waver. Do not let up. Kill.


A trial and public humiliation followed by execution would perhaps be more suitable but who can blame them, the heart aches.


<Yemeni forces liberate 1,200 km2 in Ma’rib in large-scale operation against Saudi-backed mercenaries
hell yeah


Pretty good speech I think. Comparing the Yemeni traitor mercenaries to the french hired Algerian mercs and afghan collaborators with NATO, whom ended up betrayed in the end.
How are the Houthis doing now? Could we say they are winning currently?


Yes, in the past year they have demanded some concessions from the saudis and have received one or two, IIRC.


<Israeli Media: 6 Settlers Injured after a Rocket Launch from Gaza
Hamasbros we got so close…
>In the same context, an Israeli website said that one Israeli settler was injured as he slammed into the wall of the shelter in his attempt to escape
>boohoo muh precious zionists


File: 1631514022862.jpeg (11.62 KB, 474x143, confusion.jpeg)

>one Israeli settler was injured as he slammed into the wall of the shelter in his attempt to escape


File: 1631515444454.png (666.22 KB, 640x425, pflp hamas pij alaqsa.png)

نحن نعرف كل شيء. نتذكر كل شيء. لقد فهمنا: الإسرائيليين ليسوا بشرًا. من الآن فصاعدا ، أصبحت كلمة "إسرائيلي" أفظع لعنة بالنسبة لنا. من الآن فصاعدا ، تفرغ كلمة "إسرائيلي" البندقية. دعونا لا نتحدث. دعونا لا نكون ساخطين. سنقتل. إذا لم تقتل إسرائيلييًا واحدًا على الأقل في يوم واحد ، فسيضيع يومك. إذا كنت تعتقد أن جارك سيقتل إسرائيلييًا من أجلك ، فأنت لا تفهم التهديد. إذا لم تقتل الإسرائيلي ، فسوف يقتلك الإسرائيلي. سيأخذك ويعذبهم في إسرائيليا الملعونه. إذا لم تستطع قتل إسرائيلي برصاصة ، فقتل إسرائيلييًا بحربة. إذا كان هناك هدوء في منطقتك ، إذا كنت تنتظر قتالًا ، فقتل الإسرائيلي قبل القتال. إذا تركت الإسرائيلية لتعيش ، فإن الإسرائيلي سيشنق الرجل الفلسطيني ويخزي المرأة الفلسطينية. إذا قتلت إسرائيلييًا ، فقتل آخر - لا يوجد شيء أكثر متعة بالنسبة لنا من الجثث الإسرائيلية. لا تحسب الأيام. لا تحسب الأميال. احسب شيئًا واحدًا: الإسرائيليين الذين قتلتهم. اقتل الإسرائيلي! تسأل الأم العجوز. اقتل الإسرائيلي! - هذا طفل يصلي من أجلك. اقتل الإسرائيلي! - هذه موطن يصرخ. لا تفوت. لا تفوت. اقتل!


Winning is a big word, but they're definitely not losing.
The overall outlook is optmistic as of now for them though.


>Could we say they are winning currently?
their is no winning or losing such a war, its a matter of who outlasts who


Wherever The US Goes, They Make a MESS!-Iran’s🇮🇷 Ambassador to the UK on Afghanistan🇦🇫
I fucking love this guy's show!


File: 1631586883871.png (63.81 KB, 610x566, nasrallah.png)

based Nasrallah is helping Lebanon import fuel despite sanctions
that was good


It seems there are strong protests in Southern Yemen against the imperialist coailition ongoing.
Meanwhile in Palestine IDF checkpoint get shot on with an increasing frequence.
Is the fire burning under the ashes?
You decide


I had such a bizarre dream, I dreamt that I was in school, and we got a siren alert of a supposed nuclear attack. Nothing happened in the end though we learned later on that every single Western or Western allied nation with nuclear missiles attacked Iran with their arsenal. It was so realistic when I woke up I genuinely thought that this shit had happened so checked immediately, the closest (and almost instantly) shit I found was that the DPRK was testing some ballistic missiles in the Sea of Japan. Coincidence?


File: 1631723083549.jpeg (29.13 KB, 500x295, western cartoon.jpeg)

>DPRK was testing some ballistic missiles in the Sea of Japan
they always do that lol. but yeah Iran is always a potential target for war


Rumors saying that Ansarallah just got a major victory by launching a blitz operation in AQAP (Al Qaeda in Arabian peninsula) territories.
Waiting for some maps to come out but this shit is big if true.
Reports talk of about 2000km2 being taken.



Getting some confirmations, and it seems to be big. Idk if this is the seal on the war (prolly not) but the initiative at this point is firmly on the Ansarallah side.


Ansrullah won the war years ago but nobody seems willing to acknowledge it


noice, right now there's a big US-Saudi diplomatic scandal, rumor is that Biden told the Saudis they need to withdraw from Yemen


Probably yes, but they still control less than 40% of Yemen territory, so they still have a way to go.
The momentum is on their side for sure.


>they still control less than 40% of Yemen territory
That 40% of physical land they control has like 90% of the population, they basically have won already


but there's nothing of value in that desert, can't even do decent attacks against Saudi Arabia because it's simply more desert in their direction

what they needed to do ages ago is take maarib


Not only that, but afaik the Houthis are only interested in the territory they currently hold because that's where the Zaidi majority is located. I believe their intentions where never to take all of Yemen, just their currently held regions, probably recreating the Yemen Arab Republic based around a Shia theocracy being the long term goal.


In 2015 they took for a while but their defensive positions were too weak at the time to hold that and it fell to Saudi counteroffensive.
Now they're way more consolidated.

They will want for sure the regions occupied by Saudis in 1934. but this will be more of a long term thing.


(Took Marib i meant)

In other unrelated based news Iran tankers with fuel just reached Lebanon, partially crushing the Us-imposed blockade.


What regions are those? Najran and something else right?


Yeah those one.


They have said several times that they reject the division of Yemen and that the Iranian system cannot be applied in Yemen due to it not having a Shia majority


Really? I didn't know that, what is their endgoal then?


Liberal democracy that isn't tethered to Saudi interests


their is no way they will retake that land, Narjan is a wasteland that is only wealthy because of Saudi Oil money, if they join Yemen they will be third world


some news
<290 settlers stormed al-Aqsa Mosque to perform Talmudic rituals
<Hamas denounced the transgression on Thursday, calling it "very dangerous"

<Qatar resumes aid to thousands of Gaza families

>UN says new funding amounts to $40m.

<Israel army chief threatens 'large-scale operation' on Jenin after Gilboa jailbreak


<Lebanon's new cabinet approves policy programme to tackle country's financial meltdown

>Lebanon's new government approved a policy programme to curb financial losses that includes restarting negotiations with the IMF and restructuring the banking sector.

<50-year-old UAE to pour billions into UK


<Iran will continue support for Lebanon resistance, boost all-out ties: FM

>In a meeting with the representative of the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah in Iran, Abdullah Safioddin, on Wednesday, Amir-Abdollahian stressed that the Islamic Republic is ready to extend a helping hand to the Arab nation on various fronts.

<Afghan finance ministry working on getting public sector salaries paid


<Turkey’s blind eye to jihadis worsens its predicaments in Syria

>Turkey is seeking to downplay the jihadi threat that its troops face in Idlib, the last Islamist stronghold in Syria, opting to turn the spotlight to the Kurds instead.
>After losing three soldiers in a bomb attack in Idlib, the last bastion of Islamist rebels in Syria, Turkey pounded Syrian Kurdish targets last week, sending a misleading message of revenge to its public. The episode underscores Ankara’s growing predicament in Idlib, where jihadi forces target Turkish troops even as Turkey’s military presence shields them against the Syrian army.


File: 1631938924696.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 278.91 KB, 1000x1240, its ogre.jpeg)

<Iran becomes full member of Shanghai Cooperation Organization

its ogre for nato


Gaddafi’s Ex-Spox.: Libyan Majority SILENCED By NATO, West TERRIFIED of Saif Al-Islam Presidency!


Rumors of a collapse of Saudi lines south of Marib.
If true Ansarallah will be a lot closer to victory in their Marib campaign.


It seems that a relevant advance is confirmed, let's see how big it will be.



It seems Saudi coalition just lost control of three entire districts today, with Ansarullah trying to take a fourth one too (but with fighting still ongoing).
Very bad day for the Saudis.


File: 1632249334301.jpg (196.64 KB, 960x591, armenian-woopsy-daisy.jpg)

You wanna get racist?


File: 1632249423353.png (1.55 MB, 1608x1200, kurd-inbreeding.png)

>kurdish bulls will take over.



next stop, Mecca




If it keeps going like this victory in Marib campaign for Ansarallah could be close, and with it a HUGE strategic victory in the overall war.



New day, new gains for Ansrallah south of Marib city.
The blitz against Saudi lines keeps going.


War will be over next month at this rate


File: 1632342458588.jpg (1.29 MB, 1520x2688, 1542652976849.jpg)

checked, houthibro guides ansarallah from paradise


houthi went on 4chan? lol. this is dated after saudi intervened, he might still live


he posted a while, went to the front and came back to post some more. then one day he left for the front and never posted again…


Well, you can tell they have fighting spirit from their music videos, that much is for sure.




File: 1632348587795.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.52 KB, 640x400, muh honour.jpg)

martyrdom is a sure way into paradise, rejoice for them who get to die in righteous and victorious battle


File: 1632350578182.png (3.75 MB, 1920x1080, eu4_23.png)


Middle East and the mediterranean are rightful TVRKISH territory



Another entire district surrenders to Ansarallah in Southern Marib.
At this point either they go all in towards the city or the offensive could basically stop here, except for some consolidation of gains here and there IMHO.


pepe escobar on Iran in the SCO. pepe is a duginist now lol jk

Eurasia takes shape: How the SCO just flipped the world order


It seems Ansarallah just bombed with missiles a Saudi coalition airbase, leaving tens killed and/or wounded.
Jointly with that, they just started a push to capture another district from the colation, still in the context of the Southern Marib offensive (which at this point if things go well could even transform into a wider push to the city of Marib itself).


File: 1632493147246.mp4 (3.95 MB, 640x350, lowkeyfunnyaf.mp4)

I wish I had some Iranian friends, them persian boys seem to have good banter, it'd be interesting to see how a relationship could be forged with them.


Nice, African Brittany and Malaccan Dehli


"Low key"? Nah, man that is blatant hilarity.


I'm sorry but I need to clarify something, for I have spread misinformation. These lads are not Iranians, they're Turks. Guess they're not all bad guys and crypto-zionists. This is from the Gaza flotilla raid in 2010, iirc.




Ansarallah keeps pushing northward and probably intends to create a pocket to encircle the whole remaining Saudi-controlled district south of Marib.
This will probably take some time because if that district falls Ansarallah will find itself approaching Marib to the South (in addition to being 10km from the city to the West), so its likely the Saudi coalition will put up at least some resistance.


"Israel" killed nine people on that ship and took all of the aid. I hate them so much


The gains keep rolling for Ansarullah in Souther Marib, slower than last week but coming nonetheless


Furthermore, they got 20km away from important oil and gas fields


Rumors say a further assault is planned for today so the situation could evolve even further.


Sandinistanon, you seem to be following Yemen, so I have a question: What is the deal with the Southern Transitional Council? I know that they claim to fight for southern independence, but does that have roots in material causes, or is it the remnants of the cultural division of Yemen since the British came in and partitioned Yemen with the Ottomans? Secondly, who are their benefactors, the Ansarullah have the backing of Iran and the Hadi government is backed by the Saudis, so where does that leave the STC? And my final question is that does the STC have any elements of leftists, like PDRY remnants?


think they are UAE so highly sus


STC is part of the UAE "pointillist empire" as war nerds call it


STC is backed by the UAE.
Sadly enough they appropriated the old socialist insignia of South Yemen, but don't seem to have any of the socialism left in them.


UAE could annex Socotra Island (which is 3800km2 of land in a strategic position) at the end of the war, even if Ansarallah wins.
They simply have no way to get it back as of now.


Looks like a large arid rock with a population of 60k. I guess their only interest in it is the military base


Fierce protests against Saudi rule in southern Yemeni city of Taiz are ongoing.

The city is tens of kms from the currently active frontlines but at the same time is very close to Ansarallah controlled territory, so it could very well be the next target after Marib city.


This is big but potentially overlooked news:
Jordan just reopened the borders with Syria.
This means Syria has a new trade avenue for reconstruction.



Houthis also captured Badyah


What's their endgame?



Keep an eye on the Iran-Azerbaijian border.
Tensions have been rising between the two countries throughout this week, and there are massive Iranian drills at the border.


Nuke Israel


Fucking little boys in the ass because sexual frustration?




File: 1633097960300-0.gif (1.26 MB, 320x240, based.gif)

File: 1633097960300-1.jpg (71.84 KB, 600x400, 3256174.jpg)


File: 1633150811876.mp4 (18.84 MB, 1280x720, Army Of God In Marib.mp4)


File: 1633153717821.gif (90 KB, 250x201, 1623497022033.gif)


File: 1633153955029.jpeg (23.48 KB, 474x287, checkem.jpeg)


Ansarallah offensive seem to have been stopped for now (even if there are some clashes here and there).
Right now the new strategy for Marib is dialogue with tribal stakeholders, to see if they manage to come to deals which could grant sizable gains with way less bloodshed.
We'll see in the next few weeks if this strategy will bear fruits.


Chinese Military Aircraft Land in Bagram Airbase, Afghanistan: Daily Mail

Iran's foreign trade grown by 47%
>The director-general of Iran's Customs announced that the country's foreign trade volume in the first half of the current Iranian year (started from 20 March, 2021) increased by 47% compared to the same period last year and reached $ 45 billion.

$4.6 billion in non-oil goods have been exported from Iran's Bushehr
>"Bushehr province's non-oil exports in the first six months of the year compared to the same period last year have increased by 87% in value and 15% in weight."

Iran, South Korea tensions spill over into education, trade
>Tensions between Iran and South Korea, stemming from frozen Iranian assets, are spilling over into other areas now, with Tehran banning the import of South Korean home appliances and Seoul blocking the bank accounts of Iranian students.

Window open for Iran nuclear talks, but not forever; U.S. official

99% of Yemenis unvaccinated as virus spreads: Oxfam

Interpol Lifts Ban Off Syria
>…the Executive Committee at Interpol's General Secretariat has lifted its ban on Syria with regards to Interpol matters, restoring to the Damascus office all its authorities.
>…the Damascus office can now provide Interpol services for other government organizations, such as immigration, passports, customs, and border crossings to tackle vehicle smuggling, as well as other services thanks to its linkage to the international fingerprint database.

Libya says ‘very modest start’ to withdrawal of foreign fighters

Students return to Gaza classrooms, but many schools are still damaged from Israeli attacks

Hamas chief holds call with Taliban foreign minister
>During the contact, Haniyeh (Hamas) hailed the Taliban victory over US occupation forces in Afghanistan, Hamas said in a statement. Haniyeh voiced hope that the Taliban movement "could have a role in supporting their brothers in Palestine to liberate Jerusalem." Muttaqi (Taliban), for his part, expressed his pride in the struggle of the Palestinian people and their steadfastness in Jerusalem, according to the Hamas statement.


File: 1633670186663.mp4 (19.68 MB, 1280x720, 484kdg7fCBiN0We76.mp4)


The hypocrisy of the West is eternally maddening


Can anyone explain what the fuck is going one between Iran and Azerbaijan? Sandinistanon you seem to be one of the most knowledgeable people here on geopolitics of the region, what have you heard about this? Is there a potential armed conflict between the two countries coming? If any other anons know anything about this please drop any info, I have no clue what's going on here.



>The immediate cause of the recent escalation appears to be the alleged mistreatment of Iranian truck drivers delivering goods to Armenia, through Azerbaijan.

>In early August, reports began surfacing on Iranian social media that Azerbaijani security forces were imposing a hefty tax on Iranian trucks passing through the country.
>This is significant because Iran, owing to its relative geopolitical isolation from US-aligned states in the Middle East, has few trading partners in its own backyard.
>“Armenia was a safe country where Iran could trade and get access to the outside world, but now Azerbaijan is trying to close the gate,” says Professor Olsi Jazexhi, a lecturer at the International Islamic University in Malaysia.

Azerbaijan shares a border with Iran and Russia and has oil, and its government is basically a pro-Israel familial dictatorship (son of last president has been president since 2003 thanks to election fraud) that recently won a war against Armenia (latest Nagorno-Karabakh war) with the help of Turkish drones. Now they have Israeli drones and they already dislike Iranians, who need trade routes very badly under US sanctions. There is also the neighboring region in Iran which is full of Azeris and probably have some separatist/dissident thing happening (just a guess.) So there would really only be one reason why Israel wants military ties with an anti-iranian country on Iran's borders.


I see, thanks for the explanation


Any knowledgeable anons on the history of Ba'athism, I got a question; why did the Syrian and Iraqi Ba'athists split and what was the split based around? I only have some vague info about apparently the Syrian position being more internationalist (within the Arab world) and the Iraqi position being more nationalist, something like that? Though what confuses me more is that many former or current Ba'athist parties outside of Syria and Iraq are also all affiliated to one or the other position, so what's the deal with this? Why would a Tunisian party for example affiliate themselves with Iraqi nationalism? Unless I'm misunderstanding this whole issue.


>go to r/SyrianCivilWar
>people cheering on Turkish gains over PKK and downvoting disagreement
jfc why do I do this to myself in 2021


Rumors saying that Turkey is preparing a new operation in NE Syria.



It seems after a few days of heavy fighting Ansarallah managed to break through Saudi lines again in Southern Marib, and will probably make some gains between today and tomorrow.
I don't expect this to end the campaign in this part of Yemen but its surely something to watch.


Syrian ""Ba'athism"" corrupted into being Iranian assets while Iraq looked for Pan-Arab union and liberation from our oppressors


American soldiers and MRAPs spotted in a city in South Yemen.
Its the first time such a thing happens so overtly since the start of the war.
Are they going to repeat the Syria playbook and hamper Yemeni unification?



What the fuck, is it happening?


Considering Biden plans to withdraw all troops from Iraq by December, they may start focusing on Yemen more now.


I would have guessed that Saudi were trying to get out of this after they realized how much more difficult it is then they they originally thought. Maybe US already promised that they would move in here when AF withdrawal was being negotiated



Shut the fuck up saddamist faggot, stop pretending you fags were flawless, your people destroyed pan-arabism dumb bitch


>Gaza’s undrinkable water ‘slowly poisoning’ Palestinians
Flint water now in Gaza?
Fuck Israel


>your people destroyed pan-arabism dumb bitch
Nasser did that by ending Syrian political life and demanding the Arab world bow to him and him alone. Saddam didn't help but that's like blaming vultires for someone's death.


>at this rate, there will be no palestinians left in another 50 years.
The Israeli miltary have been slowly losing for years, despite how desperate it looks, the war of attrition is in favor of the Palestinians


The Israelis are a major tech exporter because they're mostly Jewish (some Bedouins etc are technically Israeli, although they make the Knesset fun when they call for Palestinian independence and so on). If you are running Intel, your CPU might have been designed in Haifa.

Obviously, the Israelis ARE Nazijews, and they are colonialist scum. On the other hand, most people don't want to make do without Israeli technology, so that's a basic argument for a moderate position on Israel.


>Also, at this rate, there will be no palestinians left in another 50 years.
In Palestine maybe, perhaps the citizens of the West Bank will survive but for Gaza it's really difficult. However Palestinians outside of the region still exist, 13 million in 2019 so it's probably higher now, their birthrates are definitely much higher than Israeli birthrates.



File: 1634104792975.jpg (58.58 KB, 1200x900, israel poster[1].jpg)

I mean the Zionists are smart. On one hand, the Israelis are a nuclear state (Samson option) so if you piss off the Zionists too much, they'll nuke you. On the other hand, Israel is known as the "start-up nation" with only the South Koreans matching them in R&D intensity. A negotiated solution that does not kill the Israeli hostage (Israeli tech) and provides sufficient reparations to the Palestinians is optimal.


Can anyone drop some info on Abu Nidal? Why is he so controversial within the Palestinian resistance? Do most Palestinians hate him?


It seems shit is escalating in Lebanon, with the deploying of the usual snipers from the color revolution playbook.
This could end very very badly.


Meanwhile Turkish lira value is collapsing to 9,25 for a dollar, with likely repercussions on the Turkish economy.
Expect Erdogan's foreign policy to get more and more aggressive and desperate.



It seems the battle for Southern Marib after weeks of intense fighting for a few villages is accelerating again.
Too early to say what the developments will be after today small (but significative) breakout in Saudi lines, for sure Ansarallah seems to be remaining on the offensive.



Update: Rumors have begun circulating of a deal between Ansarallah and tribal fighters in Southern Marib to give the former control of the area without bloodshed.
If this is true this would enormously accelerate the end of the Southern Marib campaign, and mean that after two years of fighting Marib city will be besieged by two sides (West and South).
A Northern Marib campaign could follow to finally end a multi-year battle.


Update: Saudi lines South of Marib are in total disarray, the Ansrallah campaign in this area will end with an important success for the Yemeni resistance soon.
That said, the overall Marib campaign is still far from its conclusion.


Wonder if Maarib will finally bring saudiuyghurs to the table, or if they will in stead try for Hodeidah again. Tho that was a UAE project before, and they have since dropped out. Without Maarib the Sauds have nothing left in Yemen really.


It really depends on how fucked up will they be internally.
If the prosecution of the war turns out to be unsustainable i don't exclude Saudi abandoning the better part of the land they occupy and focusing on just taking over the Yemeni Red Sea coast.


Lebanon Under Attack: U.S., Saudi & Israeli Attempts To Destroy Resistance, w/ As'ad AbuKhalil
Learned some shit, dope interview.


Saudi keeps claiming they're killing hundreds of Ansarallah. No one else has verified this, and it seems it hasn't stopped the houthis at all, according to @suriyakmaps

In others news:
The virgin bourgeois propaganda doing US stenography:
<Iranian claims that U.S. tried to detain tanker false, Pentagon says

The chad Al Mayadeen:
<Scenes of IRGC Foiling a US Attempt to Hijack an Iranian Oil Tanker Broadcasted https://english.almayadeen.net/news/politics/scenes-of-irgc-foiling-a-us-attempt-to-hijack-an-iranian-oil


Assassination attempt on Iraq PM a day after his regime killed at least one unarmed protester near his office; seems like a possible false flag
western source but:
>"According to our confirmed information, no one in Iraq has even the desire to lose a drone over the house of a former prime minister," Al-Askari added, according to Rudaw.
>"I believe it is a made-up explosion – hot air with the aim of covering up yesterday’s crimes and inflaming public opinion," [Al-Rubaie] said on Twitter, in reference to the killing and wounding of pro-militia protesters

IOF Officially Blacklists 6 Palestinian Rights Groups

Saudis, Iranians circle in a cautious rapprochement
>Now, however, with President Joe Biden, “there is a genuine fear in Saudi Arabia that America will abandon the kingdom, as the US pivots further to the Pacific,” Andreas Krieg, from the School of Security Studies at King’s College London, told Asia Times.
>A key factor here, too, was the September 2019 missile attack on the Saudi Aramco refinery at Abqaiq. Claimed by the Houthis, the missiles likely used Iranian technology.
>“Iran does not really fear Saudi Arabia,” says Krieg. Instead, Tehran “is interested in limiting escalation and a lifting of sanctions.”

Iran begins annual war games "Zulfiqar 140"

I haven't followed Sudan, possible glow alert in these AJ links:
Burhan says he will not be part of Sudan gov’t after transition
Sudan activists announce strikes, reject power-sharing with army


US won't lift sanctions against Iran any time soon; Expert interview

How USAID & Co. Destroyed Iraq


US oil caravan carrying Syrian oil to Turkey and then Israel



Update: After succesfully gaining control of the districts in Southern Marib, Ansarallah started a frontal attack against the last Saudi line of defense south of Marib city itself.
Fighting has been going on for a week now and the outcome is still uncertain.


Hey about the failed assasination of the Iraqi PM, what do you think this was all about? False flag to up his popularity, some sectarian Sunnis, CIA, what's the most likely reason?


HUGE news from Yemen:
Saudi coalition troops are lifting the siege of Hodeidah port.
Ansarallah soldiers are already advancing on some of the positions that were abandoned.
This port was besieged for 3 years and 5 months and this siege was one of the lynchpins of the Saudi blockade.
If the situation evolves positively the Axis of Resistance could have gained more access to the Red Sea.


:') let's fucking gooo


Update: Ansarallah elements are in full offensive along the Yemen Red Sea coast.
The end of the war is one step closer and with it defeat for the Us Empire lackeys.


File: 1636729633807.jpg (44.73 KB, 480x360, 1529358078432.jpg)



HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU LOOSE THIS BAD WITH SO MUCH FUCKING SUPPORT??? Jesus. I mean, I am happy that they will get their shits kicked in, but fucking HOW? At least burgerland actually managed to occupy, Sauds can't even do that.


File: 1636730163898.mp4 (2.51 MB, 960x720, 2d3ji4.mp4)

Saudis are subhumans who can only lose wars, the war will end soon and Ansar Allah will be victorious.


I think the lesson is that no amount of air advantage can substitute for troops winning on the ground, unless it's Gaza or some special circumstance


Chief IRGC general in Syria was ousted for being too based (attacking the US and Israel and provoking counter attacks)

Algeria Battling “Israel” in Africa

Three Mossad heads of divisions have resigned

300,000 Afghans have crossed the border into neighboring Iran, estimates the Norwegian Refugee Council. Up to 5,000 Afghans cross daily

Iranian FM congratulates Ortega in Nicaragua’s elections

US lies about being only monitoring Sea of Oman incident

Nuclear issue already resolved, Vienna talks to focus on US bans

Water scarcity reaches crisis point in northern Syria

Qatar has no plan to normalise ties with Syria: Foreign minister

I already told you my opinion in that thread you made, I think the possibility of it being a false flag to spur foreign intervention is quite high


Yeah, but how do they loose on the ground? They literally have all the guns and tanks they could want. I heard their army training is a bit shit, but why can't they just hire out PMCs and mercenaries that would clean it up then?


I don't know. I listened to every War Nerd episode on this and I forgot any answer they had. I think one of the answers is number advantage; the majority of the population sees that the enemy (gulf state-backed Yemenis IIRC) are foreign puppets so there's no shortage of recruits. But they were seriously disadvantaged: Saudi f15s and drones bombed hospitals and food supplies, 2 million cholera cases were reported, famines. I think the ansarallah coalition is nothing short of heroic. They did seem to have a bunch of drones, somehow, in spite of the blockade. Maybe that was Iran helping out.


They did: thousands of Sudanese mercnaries, to the point that especially in the UAE forces 80%+ prolly were not even from the UAE in the first place.


That wasn't actually my thread, I just thought that the topic belong better as a question here than it's own thread. But regarding the false flag option, I'm a bit confused where you're coming from, false flag from the Iraqis themselves or Iranians? Or do you mean like foreign intervention in service of the US? Which forces in Iraq would seek that?


IMO, Iraqi PM getting killed by anyone is an invitation for someone like the US to re-occupy. Iran does not actually want that and does not actually care that the weak Iraqi state has a US puppet as president. So I think it is either a bad decision by an Iraqi militia or some other force trying to frame them. Who could that be? I don't want to be too conspiratorial but anyone from CIA/Mossad/MIT to ISIS or some other "burn it all down" type of militia.


Since when is Iraq considered a US puppet? I thought after the Shia victory in their civil war they formed a very pro-Shia government, and ever since then Iran has been solidifying its influence in the country more and more.


You're right my bad, I forgot he has a strong relationship with Muqtada so I shouldn't have said that, though he does have a surprisingly friendly relationship with the US and the Gulf states. Iran isn't nearly as friendly with the Iraqi Shiites as the west always assumes, so maybe it was them who tried the assassination but in my opinion that would be very stupid for them or anyone else to try that in earnest. It wouldn't get anyone anything without a major military commitment.


(Cont) Apologies, I had to write my thoughts out on the assassination attempt

I think the Iraqi militias are more strongly nationalist and resent the openness Khadimi has to the rest of the world (including Gulf States and US) so they might have tried this assassination. But that would be extremely stupid, as they would invite their own destruction by Iran or the US. Iran would not do this unless they thought they could replace Khadimi with an Iranian puppet, but that is a hawkish thinktank propaganda type of idea; more likely that would only cause destabilization, and they currently have the best relationship they've had with Iraq since the Iran-Iraq war. If that's true, and a Shiite militia did the attack, then it shows that the Shiite militias are not in coordination with Iran like everyone wants to claim about every Shiite everywhere. The only entities who could do this without major risk are intelligence agencies. As for Khadimi, the rest of the world has Iraq in a headlock and he seems to be balancing well, though he's not as friendly as a Muqtada type of leader might be with Iran, and maybe he should be. He does not seem like he's itching to get the US out of Iraq, and I'm sure that both the militias and Iran want that very badly.


IT ALL BELONGS TO OUR GLORIOUS ALBANIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


balkans < middle east


It's the topography. Houthi areas are very defensible, and cannot be taken without a force willing to take a lot of casualties even in the best of circumstances.. In nagorno-karabakh the Azerjannies still lost more men despite being more modern, better equipped, and arguably even trained (that last one thanks to Turks). Mercenaries don't like that much, and Saudi army is not up to the task.


My understanding is that the gulf states mostly sent mercs and Yemeni rebels on the ground, is that true? I would think that their armies are basically dogshit, which would explain why they all bend over for the US and Israel.
Tfw the Azeris got Turkish and Israeli drones and btfo the armenians now..


Also a bunch of right wing Colombians


File: 1636903614315.mp4 (987.37 KB, 640x352, 1458128451399999492.mp4)

the chad Palestinian Pick-up vs the virgin zionist tanks during the zionist infiltration into Gaza 5 days ago


Update: After two weeks of harsh fighting have passed, Saudi lines directly South of Marib seem to be still holding.
That said there are rumors that a few cracks are beginning to form, but still very limited.
Breaking up the last lines of defense was known to be a tricky endeavor anyways.


Meanwhile Turkish lira value is literally melting away, with the rate at 10,50 for a dollar.
Expect Erdogan to do something very stupid in the near future.


zionist occupation forces are breaking into homes of palestinans to pull the children out of their beds and take pictures of them.
video is from Hebron.


Is this currently ongoing? Why are they doing this?


File: 1637266275761.png (1.1 MB, 800x600, ClipboardImage.png)

>Meanwhile Turkish lira value is collapsing to 9,25 for a dollar, with likely repercussions on the Turkish economy.
Time to bring the war back home!


They are Zionists


Update: Faced with currency devaluation Erdogan literally said "I'm gonna crash this with no fucking survivors" and CUT INTEREST RATES.
Turkish lira is above 11 for a dollar now, and who knows how much can it drop now.


Didn't it almost go in to freefall a few years ago? How was it fixed then? Is his clown of a relative still in charge of the finances?



File: 1637275449031.mp4 (5.33 MB, 636x360, pure-antisemitism.mp4)

reported for pure antisemitism


Two updates on Yemen:

1) The push south for the Red Sea Coast by Ansarallah still ongoing, but the daily gains are very modest cause the Saudi coalition after retreating from Hodeidah has re gathered forces 100km south of it and is now offering some resistance.

2) Situation on the Marib front is approaching a stalemate, with Ansarallah that does not seem to be able to pierce through Saudi coalition's last line of defense, and the Saudi themselves that are getting some reinforcements.

If things keep going like this, the war would not be over anytime soon.


The only reason Erdogan kept getting voted in was because he fixed the Turkish economy from its shitty situation from the 1990's.
This will surely end his career.


It was in freefall recently, he put a different more hard-money guy in to calm markets, but recently with the global inflation piling on the already high Turkish one it seems he's gone full retard again.

This will finally be the end of Erdogan, says this increasingly nervous anon.


File: 1637354659021.png (689.68 KB, 541x960, ClipboardImage.png)

Meanwhile in Lebanoff:
>nearly about 2 years ago
>1,500 LPB = 1$
>about 24,000 LPB
That's -1,500% (-16x).
I wouldn't be surprised if they suppress Venezuela's currency loss.


Didn't meant to sage.


Now that the Syrian war is over, the UAE is trying to drive a wedge between Assad and Iran by offering diplomatic support in Washington to lift US sanctions. If Saudi Arabia can be convinced to recognize Assad, the US and Israel would likely follow the Gulf to normalize Syria and some concessions could be made about Israel's attacks on Syria's bases, and maybe even returning parts of the Golan, but the lifting of sanctions requires an act of US congress to undo the Caesar Act. I don't think that the US would let this happen, or to an extent that is economically worthwhile for Syria, so I hope Syria doesn't take the bait (which are still only promises) and sticks with Iran/Russia who fought the war for them.



South Africans in Israel: A home away from home for white colonialists
>Historically, South African apartheid was the model for Zionism in Palestine. A surprising number of Afrikaners are now converting to Judaism and making their home in the occupied territories
Larping settlers do be settling tho


UAE wedge attempt is probably a response to this:
Syria now building relations with China.

>During the call between President al-Assad and Chinese President Xi Jinping, they emphasized the great importance that the Syrian and Chinese sides attach to the development of bilateral relations between the two countries.

>President #Assad considered that the relationship with China is pivotal and important in order to support the Syrian people in their steadfastness against internationally supported terrorism, and in the face of the siege that has greatly affected various aspects of their lives.

China almost certainly wants Assad to eradicate the ETIM that have made a base with the last of the jihadis, in Idlib province.

>President #Assad affirmed Syria's keenness to develop the relationship between government institutions in the two countries, especially with the improvement of the security situation in most regions, and at the same time joining the Belt and Road Initiative, which constitutes a path for economy and development and a new way for countries to interact with each other in order to link the common destiny of peoples and humanity.


>President #Assad expressed the Syrian people's appreciation for China's political support for them in international forums, which confirms China's commitment to international law and world peace, and the efforts it is making to preserve the territorial integrity of Syria and stop the terrorist war on it.

>President #Assad thanked the Chinese President for the great humanitarian aid provided by China to the Syrian people to alleviate their suffering in light of terrorism and the siege they suffer from.

>President al-Assad congratulated his Chinese counterpart on the fiftieth anniversary of China's restoration of its legitimate seat at the United Nations, which represents a victory for the right of the Chinese people, and reflects the importance of the constructive role that China plays on the international arena and its contribution to peace and development in the world.

>President Xi Jinping expresses China's keenness to enhance cooperation with the Syrian side in the field of security and combating terrorism, and in confronting the Corona virus pandemic, noting that the Chinese side will give Syria in the next stage a new batch of vaccines and medical equipment to help it control the pandemic.

ETIM btfo forever, #RipBozoCIA #PackWatch


>diplomatic recognition from mortal enemies
>but you have to betray an ally that went to the mat for you
This seems like a bad deal only taken up by a fool.


The temptation is very strong for the easing of harsh sanctions, along with the slightly more realistic goals of Israeli concessions, but I agree, they cannot ever trust the West/Gulf. Look at this war that just ended, look what happened to Gaddafi. I don't think Assad is that stupid


Does BRI have any provisions about denying membership to countries in a state of civil war?


File: 1637850438476-0.png (7.51 MB, 2560x1706, ClipboardImage.png)

wtf is going on in turkey?


Small protests after Erdogan crashed their currency. Nothing nor in any way shape or form relevat for socialism sadly.


Uh, it probably wouldn't be offered especially if they are planning to help industrialize the place. The war is over though


The people in the second part of the video are clearly literally communists (SYKP). And even if it wasn't the case this kind of event can be a spark for greater things to come.


>Nothing nor in any way shape or form relevant for socialism sadly.
<Collapse of living standards isn't relevant to socialism


This can always be but TKP is still weak, despite following probably the best ML line around along with the KKE.

Haiti and Afghanistan (and many other places in Africa) show us that there's not a direct correlation between shit living standards and socialism getting stronger.
(This is not to say that having such a situation does not help socialism spread on average, its to say that sometimes we can just have collapse with the blackest reaction staying well entrenched).


Ah yes the KKE, the vanguard of… the police in defense of the parliament.


<Still rehashing an incident from 10+ years whose relevance would have been zero in every case


If you really want to clown on KKE from an old incident just talk about how they were politely asked to lose the civil war and then complied.


Fair point sadly, and one of my biggest criticisms of Stalin.


We, the undersigned communist and workers parties, on the International Day for Solidarity with the Palestinian people, call to end the ongoing Israeli occupation of all Occupied Palestinian and Arab lands, and the establishment of the Independent Palestinian State on the borders of June 4th, 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, as well as implementing a solution to the Refugees issue in accordance with the UN resolution 194. We express our support of the Palestinian political detainees and prisoners and of their fight for freedom and call for the immediate release of all political detainees and prisoners.

We condemn the Israeli government's policies of occupation and settlements, and the continuous dismantling of the geographical continuity of the future Palestinian state’s sovereign lands, and all the imperialist and Zionist machinations aiming at eliminating the Palestinian cause. We demand the immediate dismantling of all Israeli illegal settlements and the Apartheid Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

We denounce the long-term US Administration's support to the Israeli war and occupation policies, the hypocritical attitude of the EU of equating the victims with the perpetrators, and we denounce the escalation witnessed since its aggregation less than 6 months ago; escalation in the settlers' daily aggression and attacks of civilians, farmers, and activists to break the spirit of the Palestinian popular resistance.

We support the just fight of the people of occupied Jerusalem, in Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan, and we denounce the machinations to uproot them from their homes and lands.

We condemn the reactionary Arab regimes' normalization with Israel, fostered by the US and the imperialist machinations in the region. These are not peace agreements, but a validation of Israel and the US's policies to more resource exploitation and military and economic hegemony in the region.

We condemn the continuous Israeli aggression on Syria and Lebanon, and its involvement in undermining their sovereignty. We condemn the joint military maneuvers, between Israel, Turkey, Greece, and Cyprus, and most recently several Gulf countries, coordinated by NATO and mean to terror the peoples of the region, and guard the imperialist interests adding new sources of conflict in the wider region.

The parties undersigned denounce the latest escalation of outlawing the 6 Human Rights organizations, and the continuing Israeli occupation and all atrocities against all economic, political, and democratic rights of the Palestinian people.

Communist Party of Australia
Communist Party of Belgium
Brazilian Communist Party
Communist Party of Britain
Communist Party of Canada
Socialist Workers' Party of Croatia
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia
Communist Party in Denmark
French Communist Party
German Communist Party
Communist Party of Greece
Communist Party of India [Marxist]
Iraq Communist Party
Communist Party of Kurdistan-Iraq
Tudeh Party of Iran
Workers Party of Ireland
Communist Party of Israel
Jordanian Communist Party
Communist Party of Luxembourg
Communist Party of Mexico
Communist Party of Pakistan
Palestinian People's Party
Paraguayan Communist Party
Philippines Communist Party [PKP 1930]
Communist Party of Portugal
New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
Communist Party of the Workers of Spain
Communists of Catalonia
Communist Party of Swaziland
Communist Party of Sweden
Communist Party of Turkey
Communist Party of Ukraine


File: 1638446381101.png (298.46 KB, 583x768, ClipboardImage.png)



What a based lad


lol. Lol


File: 1638451509038.gif (474.52 KB, 400x278, danylaugh.gif)

Zionists lost a pissing contest, literally.


The dude who posted this voiced Harun Al Rashid from Sid Meyer's Civilization V


Fuck off whitey


wtf lmao. he is one of the best twitter follows in English for middle east too.


I know, and it's shocking how Firaxis hired him at all because I'm sure he's very vocal against Zionism way bf Civ V release

Unique IPs: 76

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