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💰️DOW/Market Watch Thread💰️
monitoring the market, trends, fluctuations, etc.
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You're a retard for the 401k but roth ira is based, just trade in your roth and be conservative only buy blue chip and index funds or ETFs


401k is through my employer. Gotta get that match.


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>post yfw it's your first bear market where you have your own money on line

plz just make me even and I will be good wagie for rest of my lifu


A match is basically free money so keep doing it, in the worst case scenario you gain nothing.


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Imagine investing. It's alright, fiat won't be worth much in the future that you will definitely see, unless you planned to kick the bucket in the next year.


>Although the details remain sparse, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that it had seized $1 billion worth of Bitcoin and Bitcoin forks (BCH, BSV, BTG) from individual “X”. The hacker is affiliated with the Silk Road, the infamous online marketplace that was what gave Bitcoin the kickstart it needed to get where it is today. He purportedly stole the coins, or at least acquired them, from the now-jailed Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht.
>t. https://cryptoslate.com/the-u-s-government-owns-1b-in-bitcoin-and-some-dont-think-they-should-sell-it


$70K is too much for a prole. Maybe $50K and then he should have donated the rest to a good charity.




Damn, bretty good guy


it's called day trading dad! words have meanings ya know?

fuck it. my fiat value of ETH might be hurt but my weeklies will double the fucking ponzi coupons I own by end of this month.

you will be jelly when I comfily retire to study das kapital without wagecucking


If you wanted to, you could learn technical analysis and become a millionaire, then periodically donate tons of money to some org or movement. You'd be doing more for socialism than 99.9% of other leftists.


you can study Capital right now while wage cucking, stop making excuses


what's the alternative tank anon


Watch the world burn.


Bitcoin is mainly good for long-term investment I think. I don't put too much money into it.


Reddit posts are driving Tesla shares more than fundamentals, Barclays study finds
<There may be a connection between Tesla’s stock performance and the amount of online attention the electric car maker receives on social media platforms such as Reddit, a Barclays study found.
<“On the autos team, we have painfully learned that social media memes can matter more for TSLA share performance than actual financial metrics, fundamentals or (dare we say) valuation,”
Musk is literally Reddit : The porky.


To be fair, when have financial metrics, fundamentals, or valuation ever mattered in this ponzi scheme of an economy. Still, long term $TSLA puts might be the way to go, but what do I know.


last chance to buy the dip


File: 1614153912030.jpg (202.57 KB, 1280x1242, 36mocxqne7v11.jpg)

>He thinks this is the dip
Everything is STILL overpriced as fuck. Nasdaq is back to what? Mid January levels?


File: 1614183111701.jpg (154.95 KB, 850x973, szv04lhkebo01.jpg)

I guess I was wrong, I'm up 5% today. 2.5 if you count the money I have saved



Italian Carabinieri (kind o a military police) are ordering to food delivery platforms to hire 60k people and treat them as employees and not whatever bullshit they come up with.

This comes after UK supreme Court told Uber that its drivers are workers and not self employed:

Is the tide shifting against the gig economy or will it be just a European phenomenon?


Literally Engels.


>Is the tide shifting against the gig economy or will it be just a European phenomenon?
No, burgers just enshrined the gig economy in a California vote, can't remember the name and specifics. It was Uber related.


what is "gig economy"? is that like freelance work or some shit?


yeah, basically working through an app. Think ride sharing, food delivery, etc. Basically, you aren't a real employee with actual benefits and labour protections; it's late stage capitalist exploitation.


it's dogwhistle for part time job. it's honestly good thing for agitation purpose. Soon all the debt loaded STEM / med fags will have to compete directly with third world niggers and graphics card. days of comfy white collar jobs and management positions are numbered.

meh, everything is ponzi schemes. There exists gradient of shadiness and accountability but all the securities and derivatives are nothing but fictional entities and de-gamified casino games


The basic fact is that even the simplest MBS creates an incentive for banks to go from originate-to-hold (the classic giving loan with extensive underwriting and requirements) to originate-to-distribute (i give the loan to a Special Purpose Vehicle which will pay me with money gathered from the market and i thereby avoid all risk).

There is no coming back from this. All finance will turn out to Ponzi finance the more time it passes, and the only reason we have not seen a crisis as Minsky predicted is because the Fed has practically created an infinite supply of money at a fixed rate (which is 0).


not saying you are wrong but I don't like such description as it fails to emphasize what market truly is. When I said every securities/derivatives are ponzi, what I'm implying is this : suppose bitcoin 'price' is 50k atm or TSLA around 720, what does this mean? It does not imply anything about their intrinsic property like future prospect, use value, dividends et cetra. It's not even 'derived' by supply&demand as it's just post-hoc explanation. Price on barter market only have instantaneous meaning: one idiot sold it at 50k and one sucker bought it at 50k. Line goes up when majority (>51%) fears it would go up, and it comes down when majority (again >51%) fears that it would come down.

Nothing in real world changed significantly enough from Sunday to Monday to warrant severe correction well I guess fed meeting was bit of an risk factor despite their continued gesture that they will not stop quantitative easing yet we are never short of rationalization on why market is crashing.

This is why I changed my mind about criticizing cryptocurrency. It's stupid, inefficient, does not solve any actual problem but I can say the exact same thing to any stocks or instrument that bets on stocks. If people want to gambul, let them gambul. it's not like there's much left to do anyway


iirc TSLA was undervalued for a long time and eventually Musk and retail (ie WSB) managed to give the hedgies a beating on it, so it became a safe undervalued stock with consistent good gains until recently. It's one of the sources of Musk's pally relationship with reddit.
Also the guy behind the Big Short in 2008, Michael Burry, has been shitting on the market recently. Him and Buffett were liquidating stock recently.


Ethereum to the moon?


GME up 100% AH

Thoughts on this? This is absolutely ridiculous; how can anybody have faith in this meme market anymore.


Monero is good too, current black marketers crypto of choice which gives it some fundamental value.


File: 1614214266007-0.png (63.13 KB, 828x120, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1614214266007-1.jpg (38.66 KB, 500x500, screaming.jpg)



don't tell me that's your loss; is that from Reddit?


Went to check WSB for info to see if anything caused it and found something better than anything else I could post.


I just don't get why someone would put that much fucking money tied to a meme stock, he deserves to get washed.


Thought he was gigabrained going against the grain. Should have sold when their CFO was sacked earlier.


I personally prefer my 401k to my IRA because the fee structures on both target date and index funds are superior. During the last financial crisis the company extracted a concession from the union on pensions for new hires in exchange for a top tier 401k plan and a $4500 contribution (not match) for any worker that doesn't qualify for the pension. The plan has a traditional 401k option, a a Roth 401k option, and a plain "after tax" option that you can either use as an essentially free brokerage or like a bourgeois tool to backdoor money into your IRA well above normal contribution limits. Back in 2016 I had a gangbusters year and hit the 401k limit, saved another 12k in the after tax and backdoored all of it into my IRA.


File: 1614221862701.png (905.65 KB, 1052x909, 50f196852b9c9b3ed807883791….png)



File: 1614222055978.jpg (112.04 KB, 1080x1072, Screenshot_20210224-205846….jpg)



>being this much of an ape

if you don't take profits you're dumb af




>it's dogwhistle for part time job.
No it's not, it's worse.


Wouldn't better strategy have been to sell when it peaked an then buy back in when it was low again?


File: 1614227790482.jpg (27.23 KB, 419x304, 1345434444565.jpg)

A "short position" is when you borrow someone's share, sell it, and promise to buy it back and return it on certain date. If the stock price drops, you profit, and pocket the difference. Now, if a lot of people(wielding a lot of money) think a stock price will go down, they might decide to "short" a stock. A lot of it. Like, say, 140% of the total stock available.

Here's the problem, if someone catches on to what that group is doing, they might start to buy that stock, forcing the price to go up. They might also forbid the lending of their shares to be shorted. This takes shares out of the market. A short seller, is contractually obligated to buy the share back. But if they have to come up with more shares than there physically exists on the market, they have to buy it at whatever price the sellers want. And the price usually increases ten-fold, but is potentially infinite. This is called a "short squeeze".

Here's where it gets interesting - if a short seller cannot come up with the cash to cover the price of the shares they owe, they are forcibly liquidated, and the rest of the burden is assumed by their insurer (usually, a bank), and they might get liquidated, too. Just a chunk of the financial system gone, just like that, because some retards on Reddit decided to HODL some Gamestop stonks. I forgot, but I think this exactly how Bear Stearns went down, before 2008.


Thanks for the rundown anon but i already knew this. I wanted some more news on this 2nd wave of the squeeze and if it's a thing for real or a fad.



this itself does not prove any shady shits but it is shady af for sure. My hazard guess is other HFs rode squeeze and made deal with citrons et al to cover damages.



Well yes, time traveling and a crystal ball will make you a god tier investor, who woulda thunk it

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