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A general thread for all China related discussion.
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Wholesome af


The West is a bigger threat to both of them than they are to each other which is probably why they have better relations now


>Lenin would support bourgeois wage theft from construction workers employed via subcontractors
>Source: Dude trust me bro


Well, that's partly why the ussr failed. I mean, I don't blame them, socialism was still very much a new thing at the time, but I think China's more careful and calculated aproach has the highest chances to construct a solid hub to export socialism form in the future.


how based are PolyMatter's takes? They make a bunch of stuff on modern China


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They would have to produce some socialism before they can export any.


this really isn't as damning as it seems
the CIA world factbook is an unspeakably common general reference source since all works of the US government are public domain and the CIA has a legitimate* interest in basically every nation on earth.

*legitimate in the sense of "they care about getting the data right because they are going to be the ones using it", not in the sense of morally or ethically legitimate.


even then half the vid was just emotional appeal abt muh demographics
for example they cite China's 2020 census's fertility rate as proof it's declining, while literally mentioning how COVID hurt global fertility in 2020 the scene before.
I liked their stuff abt China's railways but goddamn this is Falun Gong tier


You're worse than fucking anarkiddie larpers. Keep forever irrelevant.


>Biden and the exploitation of the Chinese workforce


File: 1614909944430.jpg (267.6 KB, 685x873, based alien mao.jpg)

Whatever you say, state capitalist. Mao is rolling in his grave


the original is actually from 2010 era /v/ AKA /b/ 2.0.


Lel, enjoy your billionaire "socialist" bosses.


File: 1614920807188.jpg (84.55 KB, 560x797, cover-capitalismonaventila….jpg)

Amazon bans book exposing U.S. COVID chaos–a commentary

The censored book is “Capitalism on a Ventilator: The Impact of COVID-19 in China & the U.S.” This anthology of 55 articles by a broad range of social justice authors discuss the importance of free health care, social distancing, testing, protective equipment, education and social mobilizations during the pandemic.

The book highlights the differences in policy and state organization toward a virus that has so far caused fewer than 5,000 deaths in China, but more than 225,000 deaths in the U.S. The book also shows the glaring lack of social support infrastructure in the U.S. in contrast to U.S. trillions spent on elaborate military, police and prison infrastructure, both at home and worldwide.


Is China social credit system even REAL? Myth Hunters p1




Callisto is (IIRC) the only Galilean moon that isn't being blasted with Jovian radiation; NASA even did a study on a manned mission to Jupiter years ago and they talked about landing on Callisto.
China owes nothing to the colonizer that stole its city or their lackies that want to keep it Ancapistan.
>I think that's what China does, and people who hate China can't deal with it, so they just get crazier. The other option is to say "fuck it" and vicariously get excited about the based aesthetic Chinese trad regime which just so happen to share our fascist politics for realsies!
A lot of /pol/yps are from Reddit and have this Reddit mentality that all non-liberalism is Literally Hitler. The /pol/yps and other neo-fascists *do* have the clusterfuck known as post-Maidan Ukraine; I've always found it curious as to why none of them want to claim it…
>So I was thinking about that while watching these cheesy PLA parade drill practice video, and you have to love the epic movie trailer music (we're gonna have a montage!), but this whole ironic, I'm-too-cool-for-school blah blah funk that the West has descended into, man, I dunno.
It's very telling that the only people they can find to defend the Neoliberal "open society" as is are complete utter hacks like Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris and Steven Pinker. Its like even they know how completely, utterly uninspiring it is.


File: 1614987274853.png (67.05 KB, 803x1112, EvYo0qBVcAMyfGw.png)

List of countries China has send/sold vaccines to.


I wonder if there will be a backlash against the shit that the US has been saying about China. I think stupidpol of all places seem to be at least split on the matter of China.


Did >>100076
>Yeah so? China lets the USA spend 100s of billions on their white elephant fighter, then steals all the data to clone their own cheaper version without all the 'optional extras' that made the F-35 such a meme. Seems like smart statecraft to me.

Did we bully china into spending on their military?

>China boosts defense spending by 6.8% amid debt, pandemic

>A national budget report issued Friday said China would spend 1.355 trillion yuan ($210 billion) on defense in the coming year. That’s up from 1.3 trillion yuan ($180 billion) last year representing a 6.6% boost, the lowest percentage increase in at least two decades.


China's military is behind in
-Infantry training (supposedly, maybe it's bullshit)
-Hypersonic weaponry (even if with the Df-17 they got a foothold on it the Russians are still way ahead)
-Naval capabilities (even if those are rising the Us Navy boasts way more heavy ships not to mention having 11 aircraft carriers against 3 of the PLAN)

That said PLA is bridging the gap with the Us and in the next 5-10 years these problems could all be fully or partially solved.


File: 1615045303458.jpg (61.31 KB, 960x684, https___blogs-images.forbe….jpg)

I think it'd be interesting to look at China's military spending as a % of GDP, and whether it's increasing or decreasing or staying mostly flat relative to that. Since GDP is growing, it stands to reason that military spending would grow in absolute terms, but I think China still spends relatively less on its military than the United States.


I've read similar things. The rocket/missile branch and the navy is where a lot of the money is going. The navy is the "hot shit" branch now with the cool, new toys. The PLA is also trying to do more "realistic" training with the army where they go out on maneuvers more like they're actually simulating something like a war, but the PLA ground force is probably better thought of as a really big national guard.

That's by design of course and ties in with the "people's army" notion, defense of the homeland, etc.


File: 1615046204384.jpg (125.39 KB, 1582x604, 6l277nwud9l61.jpg)

Apparently the Chinese have a 41% approval rating from American 18-35 year olds. Which is kind of weird isn't it?


They are young enough to embrace the new future (90s era cyberpunk but with Chinese influence rather than Japanese)


This is why, even if I don't think China is explicitly good or socialist, you really have to fight against CIA state department propaganda. Anti-Chinese sentiment, sinophobic and yellow menace attitudes are more than prevalent, more than half of every age group have unfavorable views of the country. It doesn't extend to just America but all throughout it's vassals and colonies. I would rather "defend" a capitalist state than take part in its endeavors by helping it attack an enemy.


File: 1615048941630.jpg (118.3 KB, 965x676, r1xlp3x6vfcbis3m9adb.jpg)



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File: 1615049238275-1.png (148.43 KB, 831x275, 43958734985789345.png)

New term from "China hawk" (i.e. neocon) Twitter for libs who think the U.S. has ever done anything wrong: soft tankies


File: 1615049271598.png (37.1 KB, 539x293, 439857349579834759.png)

Oops double posting the Onion cartoon. Here you go.


Why though, is the question.


I honestly don't know. Maybe it's the genshin impacts or just the fact that hating the chinese is kind of a cliche now.


File: 1615052273317-0.jpg (264.09 KB, 1000x667, htra270_vv086-2000.jpg)

File: 1615052273317-1.jpg (121.68 KB, 720x1006, e979f0867ef1ee8c6cace781fc….jpg)

File: 1615052273317-2.jpg (38.73 KB, 460x555, ap5PVQW_460s.jpg)

Older, whiter, conservative and rural is consistently the most belligerent and reactionary group of people in the United States. Also lack of a college education among the older people trends with very negative. But it's also interesting that among younger people, those who lack a college education are much more positive about China.

I suspect that's mostly non-white younger people. This is interesting to think about. There have been attacks recently in the U.S. targeting Asian-Americans, often older people being attacked, and the perpetrators have been young black men. But there's another side of the coin where going back to the 1970s, black culture in the U.S. has been into "Asian" stuff, Chinese stuff, kung fu, and I think some of that was because those movies back then were the only films that had black guys being based, like Enter the Dragon. Think Wu-Tang Clan. Mike Tyson has a Mao tattoo. The Black Panthers also had enormous influence and they were Maoists.

Chinese are non-white, but they're doing based stuff, and kicking white guys in the balls. "Oh, let's do that."


Black communist / black nationalist rappers in the U.S. with scenes of martial arts training in a Uhuru Movement gym. Notice the "Asian" fonts when the screen flashes words like "focus" and "control."


File: 1615053507503.jpg (30.45 KB, 749x499, xi.jpg)

>>(4) The ensuing class struggle would (in their estimation) pave the way for young Maoism in the future. Allegedly this was the thing that rattled Deng the most because it was something that most party thinkers supported, especially those from rural backgrounds. This is further compounded by kids learning Marx, Engels, Lenin and obviously Mao in primary history classes.

This. What makes China unique on the world stage is structure of the Communist Party. Despite the development of the capitalist mode of production, the high capitalists do not directly control the state the way that they do in the West and the US most egregiously. Class struggle was forestalled by Deng's commitment to increasing the standard of living for Chinese working class, but all this depended on the meteoric rise of the economy and the sudden realization of productive potential fueled by foreign capital. As China's economic growth begins to decelerate the high capitalist class that has appeared will look to increase labor exploitation to make up for lost profits. This will reignite the class struggle in China between these high capitalists and the urban proletariat which is completely new class makeup than Mao's revolution fueled by the peasantry.


Old Chinese cities in 1935 中國城市


File: 1615059297865-0.jpg (48.72 KB, 1280x720, rip.jpg)

File: 1615059297865-1.png (771.36 KB, 1246x637, cantonese.png)

File: 1615059297865-2.png (538.41 KB, 1241x634, romanian.png)

File: 1615059297865-3.png (338.17 KB, 1254x708, no homo.png)

Laoshu505000 just died
This nigga of mine was a polyglot who learned dozens of languages and became famous for his Chinese language(s) videos. He made a career by surprising random native speakers of African, European, and Asian origins by chatting with them in every day situations.

Some of his Chinese-related videos (he was most fluent in Chinese languages):

commemoration videos:

This nigga was one of the most respected african-americans polyglots who showed to the US black population that everything is possible when you have DISCIPRINU.

R.I.P. my nigga, we will miss you!

reposted in /IG/


File: 1615060033418-0.png (1.88 MB, 1061x1519, yakub13.png)

File: 1615060033418-1.png (457.07 KB, 646x780, yakub22.png)



I didn't know about him before this but it's sad to hear about his passing. It seems like he was a really cool and talented person with a passion for internationalism. It's tragic that he died so young too. Sorry for your loss anon.







>PBS notified PBS SoCal May 20 that it was removing the film from PBS.org, Passport and the PBS Video App, according to PBS SoCal CEO Andrew Russell. The network said the film did not meet its editorial standards, Russell said. The Los Angeles station notified two other stations that had already aired the film of PBS’ decision.

>In a statement to Current, PBS SoCal said the film passed its own editorial standards as a presenting station and co-producer and adhered to FCC guidelines. But because of PBS’ decision regarding the show, PBS SoCal will review the show’s content and production “to validate our original decision to air the documentary.”

>“The specific concern they had was around the funding and the funding relationship,” Russell said of his conversation with PBS. >“They assured me that they did not find concerns in other areas of editorial integrity.” PBS SoCal made sure to recognize the film’s association with CGTN and Kuhn’s foundation in promotional materials and the film’s credits, Russell said.

>PBS SoCal and sister station KCET will not reair China’s War on Poverty or stream it on their websites while the film is under review. Other stations can still air the program, and some have been planning to, according to PBS SoCal.

>“Per PBS corporate, stations across the country who previously indicated interest in airing the program are encouraged to make their own determination on whether to continue to do so as part of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month programming,” PBS SoCal’s statement said.

>PBS declined to comment.

>Producer defends film

>Kuhn, who hosted the documentary and led production, wrote last year in a column for CGTN that working with the Chinese network allowed his film crew “unprecedented access to travel across China.”

>Adam Zhu, a longtime producing partner and vice chairman and EVP of Kuhn’s foundation, was EP for China’s War on Poverty alongside Michelle Merker, a program development manager for PBS SoCal. Peter Getzels, another longtime producing and directing partner with Kuhn, directed the film. The film won a bronze Telly Award in the general television category.

>A clip from the film shows Kuhn interviewing Chinese citizens about their living conditions. Other parts of the film shows government workers teaching poor village farmers how to access microloans, diversify their crops and become better entrepreneurs.

>“Today, in the Western world, especially in the United States, there is concern about China’s actions and suspicion of China’s motives,” Kuhn said in an interview with China Daily last year about China’s War on Poverty. “But one of the things I wanted this film to do was to undermine the stereotype of China as a ruthless giant out to dominate the world. It’s just not the case.”



File: 1615092921662.webm (1.99 MB, 782x440, 1614534182548.webm)



File: 1615093626218.mp4 (27.14 MB, 640x360, chinese_military_pop.mp4)



File: 1615094203227.mp4 (27.56 MB, 800x600, PLA_boys.mp4)

The PLA also has singing, rapping attack-helicopter-pilot boy bands. Which goes to show that what seems gay to an American militarist isn't gay at all to Chinese people.


wtf i support the abolishment of gay rights and fun activities now


File: 1615099524176.png (489.29 KB, 1103x715, 534795873498573489.png)

Don't worry, you can have gay sex in China.



Seems China got BTFO by the Us missile chain project.

If only there was a way to ensure that chain gets broken, maybe in its south eastern part…


This whole thing costs 27 Billion. Money that could be wellspent on their Infrastructure, but no…they do this instead. Is the US-Bourgeoisie panicking?
The shit from Soft Power to exclusively Hard Power means that the Empire is really decaying fast


I agree with the analysis on the US side.
Still China is perpetually fucked strategically in the region with this, unless they start helping a certain group of people in an archipelago not so far off…

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