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Pencil man is victorious, but will Kekko seppuku or kamikaze a Cessna full of cocaine into Peru Libre HQ?

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File: 1624130930080.jpg (8.3 KB, 321x306, 1346960025131.jpg)

Failure of the ballot makes the bullet more necessary. Nobody except newbies is surprised at yet another AMLO.


File: 1624131913269.jpg (49.47 KB, 640x361, la-lider-de-derecha-keiko_….jpg)

Keiko changed her logo/aesthetic to look more fashoid


Digits and Pedro Castillo has already cucked out.




Digits or no digits, and the ride hasn't even started yet.


File: 1624138540007.jpg (395.87 KB, 2048x1536, E4RkDn6WUAEbG5c.jpg)



I- I kneel


is it happening?


File: 1624144492892.jpg (69 KB, 640x638, E4RtnbaXIAUou4M.jpg)

Gonna need source on that.

Incidentally, I have had a hunch for a while that here in Brazil the officers who keep making veiled threats at a coup have always been bluffing, because they know it's extremely unlikely someone will call them on it since we know they're all awful cunts. Well they're awful cunts but they don't have enough support to pull a coup, but that bluff is an incredibly powerful one.


File: 1624150442777.jpg (100.11 KB, 720x1154, E4I7ujmVkAwmVVy.jpg)





File: 1624159240624.jpg (480.47 KB, 1080x1930, IMG_20210620_001758.jpg)

Anonymous backs keiko
<Definitely an us op


I mean isn't Anonymous way past their prime where they used to be "revolutionary"? (extremely vulgar to call them revolutionary but you know what I mean). At this point I imagine they're glowed like all hell.


Anonymooose, I looked it up on Twitter and it's mostly a clickbait page directing you to their site that begs for donations, sells you cups and tshirts and other crap lmao


You gotta ask yourself what kind of retard would still be subscribing to that shit. It’s been almost 15 years soon lol. Glow-op or confused liberal.


I hope more and more of them embrace the evil and make their brutality a part of their public image.


File: 1624165743272.jpg (317.51 KB, 1250x735, N4FUNSHRVVD37NLB7S2DLRQDC4.jpg)

Pretty much, in the first round a candidate used anonymous style of delivering messages, some twitter one menaced him and it was a nothingburger in the end.
The fact that once again the media has gone behind Keiko like puppies is a better story from today, only shadowed by the march


A triple loser. Any Peruvian memes about that? Does she have a nickname for that? She should.
I can make a Twitter account in a few minutes with the face of a kpop star. That doesn't make me a kpop star.




>Anonymous backs keiko
although they're mostly decentralize and it could be a fake this still sucks


ur mom


What a washed up sorry excuse for a movement.


Pencil Castillo rule over pencil friedman


who's the dude?


>english slang
what, CIA too poor to have proper Spanish translators now?


How exactly is this a setback for Alberto Fernandez?


>Americans losing one stable foothold after another
What is happening?


It's something which has been happening for several years now. See the Caucasus war for example, a decade ago it would have been a big deal because it's ultimately a war within the American-led bloc. It would be the center of attention of Western media for a week or two before the usual diplomat figures swoop in to save the day. Now it completely slipped out of control, and was almost fully ignored by Western media, and these two things may or may not be related. In fact, after the 2020 collapse added a material aspect to the non-material crises, there seems to be a trend in all West and West-aligned countries of their national media a) ignoring international news as much as possible and b) fully couple itself to the bourgeois class dictatorship apparatus, with the goal being to hypernormalize the crises away. Arguably, Trump's surprise victory was the historical landmark for, among other things, Porky's grasp starting to slip after having reached its strongest. The system has grown too complex to properly stabilize, I suppose.


File: 1624248027662.jpg (197.29 KB, 1284x1172, E4XU2R1WUAI589h.jpg)



The 2 types of males.


Today was a soft day,
So I will post some stuff I find about Velasco as archive. In the last thread I wanted to post an old soviet or polish movie about the Peru of those times. I can't remember the name


The one on the right is a CIAuyghur


>Speech of the Gnrl. Leonidas Rodriguez
The complete speech of this animation >>323352


File: 1624308465003.jpg (140.18 KB, 1080x848, E4bwRaUWYAIKYnY.jpg)

Keiko might return to jail today


>>Inshallah. Literally the only good thing Car Wash might do.


oops misquote >>330180


The judge didn't send her to jail again, based on that they should have send her a warning first, but this citation will be considered the warning.
Things keep slow, everything is in the hands of lawyers, bureocrats and the ones that vote on the JNE.


Fucking arm chair revolutionaries


The dialectic is in motion.


I dont think so, they just want to vandalize people's property to cope or whatever. They will assist a pro choice rally one day and a pro life the next day just to paint anarchist symbols and break stuff.




Its a really good song


Some on the intelligentsia are warning that a coup is probably on the way. While that, the coordination for a future goverment continues.
The informant: Vladi and Vero
>Professor Pedro Castillo has reached an understanding with the doctor Vladimir Cerrón, secretary general of Peru Libre, and with the party's elected congressmen, regarding the political leadership of the movement in the new situation. First of all, there will be an instance of three powers to make the main decisions. On the one hand, the government, personified in Castillo. On the other, the party, whose highest representative is Cerrón. The third part, no less important, is the bench of elected congressmen. This agreement means that the President of the Republic would not act for free but in concert with the party that made him a candidate.

>These days the voices that advise Castillo - or rather demand - to move away from Cerrón are growing. One of the reasons is that the general secretary would represent the inflexible version of the filo-chavista program of the government of Peru Libre, while Castillo the moderate one. The other, the accusations of him for corruption.


>Regarding the first, the teacher's speech is eventually broad and convincing, although imprecise. There is no evidence of his discrepancies with this or that point of ideology. On the contrary, his recent agreement with Cerrón and his fellow congressmen indicates that he agreed to consult with them the road map of his government.

>The agreement on a tripartite leadership was developed on Tuesday 15 at the Casa del Maestro. There were the congressmen, plus party leaders and the presidential candidate, who has not yet been proclaimed by the JNE. There were no guests. A central issue was the priorities of the new government. What points of the plan that caused controversy during the campaign would be unfailingly developed? They agreed that what cannot be renounced would be the convocation of a Constituent Assembly, the revision of the major State contracts and the control of natural resources. The how was not discussed. Each of these issues has profound economic and constitutional implications.

<Demanding bench

>It is clear that once in government the president has his own powers independent of those of Congress, and responsibilities that he shares, at most, with his cabinet. But if he wishes to walk with the bench, he must have minimum points of consensus with her. Among its members there are affiliates and non-affiliates, dissimilar personalities who will hardly act in harmony. Apart from Castillo, who has influence in one part of them, and Cerrón, with leadership in another, there are few people who bring them together.

>This quality will be important when Castillo chooses the prime minister. And it will be a litmus test for the agreement adopted in the House of the Master, as it could be that Castillo elects someone who does not enjoy the sympathy of the bench and the most radical bases. It should not be forgotten that for the first time the Antaurists and the Movadef expressed electoral preferences and now they consider that they too have won the election. The professor, who knows them well, would not want to upset them for no powerful reason.

<The disagreement

>Thus, a leftist representative of those who have lost the election, or associated with the "neoliberalism" of previous governments, would not be welcomed. For example, Salomón Lerner, former prime minister of Ollanta Humala, despite the fact that he would be the best. In addition, Lerner expressed caution against Cerrón, as did Verónika Mendoza, who was a candidate for Juntos por el Perú and is sponsored for the award by a sector of the left and militant journalism. In 2020, when, as a leader of New Peru, - a movement she founded after her break with Marco Arana, the owner of the Broad Front - she allied with Peru Libre and embraced her boss, Mendoza endured resignations from Marisa Glave, Indira Huillca and several more, who did not want to appear associated with someone classified as sexist and homophobic, with accusations of corruption.

>"To top it off, he was cholo and provincial," adds a source from Peru Libre, cited here because in these quarries it is considered that there was some racism in the contempt of the Lima left for Junín's competitor. Who knows?

>The fact is that Verónika Mendoza endured her resignations firmly until Cerrón received a four-year prison sentence that was not effective for incompatible negotiation. In this column we have written that the failure has no proof, something worth going back to. When the sentence was known, Together for Peru, the leftist association that launched Mendoza, expelled Cerrón, obeying the veto of his candidate. Then Cerrón offered Castillo, who only wanted to be a congressman, to run for president for Peru Libre. The rest is known history.

<Filing rough edges

>Given the electoral results, the Lima left has bowed to Pedro Castillo, something natural due to its ideological proximity. Peru Libre needs its technicians. Pedro Francke, from Nuevo Peru, likes Castillo and Cerrón and could be Minister of the Economy. It would be difficult, however, for Verónika Mendoza to be prime minister. Anyway, she has smoothed out rough edges with Cerrón. After a meeting between the two, she declared that the claim that Pedro Castillo governed without Peru Libre is absurd. In the meeting, Cerrón would have reminded him of her mistake when, pressured by her middle-class environment, she vetoed him in 2020.

>"If you hadn't left, Castillo wouldn't exist," she would have told him.

>An element outside this analysis is the way in which the processes for corruption against Vladimir Cerrón will advance for his management in the Regional Government of Junín. Apparently they will not influence the bench or the Castillo himself. It remains to know the attitude of the rest. Vero will have to decide if he agrees to sit next to his ally Vladi while he is investigated, for the sake of greater goals, such as his candidacy in 2026.


File: 1624447639117.png (128.47 KB, 3039x1941, peru election world map.png)



WTF based Egypt bros


Norway & Sweden is very surprising


The fact that there’s Peruvians in Vietnam is a big wtf for me. The second is that they voted for kekko.
Peru Libre should start purging the military and government now when they have a chance.


16 people out of which 3 voted
Probably the ambassadors family


They are not in charge until July 28th. So we are in a place of just holding, holding until then and waiting that a coup by the navy would be met with international condemnation and fire on the streets.

Also looks like the gringos don't want it to happen, since they have congratulated the country by having "just elections that are a model of democracy to the region".

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