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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1626035232709.png (74.78 KB, 385x363, itg.png)

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/Internet Trash General/ - endless eceleberry


Maybe you are stuck in the Anglo Box


>This might be the least secure thing I have ever seen. In my entire life
and you look at yourself in the mirror every day!


File: 1642415474346.png (241.28 KB, 521x305, ClipboardImage.png)

That girl looks old as shit. Mid 20s. Her face is like twice the size of Destiny'sp


You have anglo genes


Destiny looks cute there. Who would've know he would grow into a psychopath 30+ twink.


>For those who are shameful enough to actually go on reddit, does it seem like the site is becoming more right-wing?
liberals are right wing, you buffoon


Are you 8 Haz?


If what wilayat is he the emir?


>wants to fight in a communist revolution
>can't handle bants


>being surprised a reddit for 4chan posts is right wing



unrelated question. any sub on reddit worth following? ty



>unrelated question. any sub on reddit worth following? ty
Not great but it's quick to skim to skim through and you might see a headline or two you might've missed on other aggregators.
>The default video reposting subreddits. /Awww /holdmybeer or whatever.

>science maybe some of the science reddits are good.

I don't know if this is worth "subbing" but /MechanicAdvice/ is an amazing subreddit if you have a car. They saved me a couple 100 dollars. I think they also have ask a lawyer type reddits that might be decent.



I can handle bants kek, I just want them to be high quality


The ask a lawyer subs are shit and full of cops, but if people have no other option it is what it is







www.reddit.com/r/shitliberalssay (mocks capitalists)












meds, NOW


Hah. They let watchpeopldie come back under a new name?

Funny how the jailbait stayed banned but the gore was allowed to come back. Intredasting.


/r/sorceryofthespectacle for schizo shit


Dude is known for writing character who are incels or just losers. Most of the stories are about down to luck MC whose most of his life is in shit. There is glimmer of hope which then gets snuffed out at the end. Most of his plots coincidently seem to predict real life events involving terrorist attack. Another thing of his that draws attention is his novel being very illiberal and politically incorrect. Submission was about right wing's fear about Islamic and Arabic takeover of France. His resentment toward the '68 generation as he himself is a child of that is also worth noting.


Uh officer she looked much older!


What is this anon? I don't get it.

>What is this?

>This is a sub dedicated to housing information about the setting Aprils in Abaddon. So far, most content relating to it has been spread out across a handful of other subs, so I created r/AprilsInAbaddon to put it all in one easily accessible place.

>What is Aprils in Abaddon?

>Aprils in Abaddon is a fictional world with an alternate history which diverged from our own in the recent past. The crux of the setting is the ongoing Second American Civil War, which is developing in real time parallel to our own reality (the current date in this alternate timeline matches the current date in ours). Aprils in Abaddon serves as the backdrop for a novel of the same name, which is currently in the early stages of development.

A subreddit for a novel that doesn't even exist?


Forgot to add vid related.


This is where dengoid cultists are born take note


>Tell me you hate r/stupidpol without telling me you hate r/stupidpol , starter pack.


Pretty sure that's only because allowing that back would be a risk to their bottom line/, besides, watchpeopledie was fine, only reason it got banned in the first place was because people kept on posting the Christchurch killings


Remember to filter schizo tripfags.




Carl Schmitt is an interesting jurist because he's like Hans Kelsen but even more to the point. Hans Kelsen said the law is what the law says it is, but later went on to make some nonsense non-argument about how there's a inherent ethics which the State must follow, Carl just said "lol the State has the maximum authority because it killed every other authority".
But Engels is my preferred analysis for being even simpler, because the State for him is just the assets the government uses to have a monopoly of force (hence, why the proletariat can overtake the State but that doesn't mean bureaucracy with a red flag).

Oh my god, is that what the nation of Islam actually believes? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I doubt he can actually handle a cigar. I'm 3x his size and I get dizzy with straw cigarretes.

Thanks Trump for forever ruining the internet. Now there's no place safe from astroturfing or old men.


You don't inhale cigars, you puff them.


They look very similar and have good chemistry. Maybe they could pretend to be in a gay relationship to boost views.


File: 1642427711481.png (239.57 KB, 562x440, god made UwU.png)

>4chan tries to sabotage reddit and leftists
>ends up making it into an actually sustainable bussiness and encourages more unioninzing
Don't let those dreams remain dreams.

Suprise, the mechanisms of copyright protection and of censorship are the same.

But he is only able to stab him in the leg.




File: 1642432467841.jpg (72.11 KB, 560x375, citadelgraphic.jpg)

Ok now this is what I wanted to hear. Thank you, now it makes a lot more sense. I usually am more of a sci fi/ fantasy reader but I think I will really check out his stuff now.


the fuck is 🅿️?



In fairness the black Air Force 1 plays a similar role in US as adidas do in the UK. You’ll see three pairs in just about any kitchen you walk into where I live at


watching someone unbox an old console while being intermittently haunted by a sense that as well as trying to escape the nightmare-present (on which his livelihood depends) this man is attempting sorcery, to recapture the joy the product would've brought as a child, to defy the reality of his aging and of his own inevitable death, by clinging desperately to the commodities of his youth.


Or maybe you're projecting your own insecurities and he just thinks it's neat that he found some old shit that nobody has opened yet. I'd personally love to get comic books from the 80's whose pages haven't become brittle and yellow.
Are there people selling old cars in their "packaging"? Houses, bread, shirts? What things people are willing to buy and not use to sell in the future?

It's stored in the balls.

Sure, but still, pure Tabbacco is pretty fucking strong.


🅿️ is "stored" in the "balls"? The fuck does that mean, dude?


Someone hasn't heard of the 2-ball theory…


nah my neuroses relate more to being pedantically accurate in odd circumstances, such as doing a joke that hinges on product packaging that gets most of its humour from knowing i made the effort to actually confirm rather than riding with the knowledge something was probably there. (ah, it all comes together.) life is for fighting life - death will come when it comes. ideally in front of a firing squad who're big on communism but not so much on esoteric comedy.

as for unused consoles: i think (but am too lazy to check for statistics - figures!) they're new-old stock 90% of the time, rather than being hoarded. someone puts them in a warehouse somewhere and forgets them. one spectacular efficiency of capitalism that leaks into another as the electronic toys make their way to market at inflation busting prices. (at least the producers didn't make like Australian Sega and lose them in transit on launch week, I suppose.)


File: 1642438949730.jpg (44.33 KB, 500x719, 1642360346104.jpg)

You clearly don't know the one ball theory where one ball can operate at peak efficiency.


>Are there people selling old cars in their "packaging"? Houses, bread, shirts? What things people are willing to buy and not use to sell in the future?
I wish I invested in holo-charizards. I knew that shit would be insanely valuable one day. I remember they used to sell for like 100 bucks when they first came out. Now they sell for 10s of thousands.


What's the zoomie merch I should invest in?





I think his brain is broken


>>695632 🅿️


File: 1642440129957.jpg (79.57 KB, 500x500, 1602367343167.jpg)

this, I would like to know too.



i'm already logged in, bloodvampire


Caleb just tweeted this.






File: 1642440612158.jpg (72.81 KB, 887x1097, 1639932218158.jpg)


File: 1642440670968.jpg (19.75 KB, 320x320, tendies.jpg)

>daddie wants cummies


File: 1642440756809.png (4.58 MB, 1486x1486, ClipboardImage.png)

NFTs and tungsten cubes, you should totally invest all of your life savings on those.

>they're new-old stock 90% of the time
Uh. I knew retailers would keep shit store to artificially inflate prices, but I didn't know it was that dire.

I actually made plans to become a robber specialized in beating up nerds and stealing card games. Luckly for them I'm well on my way to law school.but seriously, that shit would be better than cellphones, much more money for far less risk.

I didn't take Haz as a man of culture.
Just me and my 💕daddy💕, hanging out I got pretty hungry🍆 so I started to pout 😞 He asked if I was down ⬇for something yummy 😍🍆 and I asked what and he said he'd give me his 💦cummies!💦 Yeah! Yeah!💕💦 I drink them!💦 I slurp them!💦 I swallow them whole💦 😍 It makes 💘daddy💘 😊happy😊 so it's my only goal… 💕💦😫Harder daddy! Harder daddy! 😫💦💕 1 cummy💦, 2 cummy💦💦, 3 cummy💦💦💦, 4💦💦💦💦 I'm 💘daddy's💘 👑princess 👑but I'm also a whore! 💟 He makes me feel squishy💗!He makes me feel good💜! 💘💘💘He makes me feel everything a little girl should!~ 💘💘💘 👑💦💘Wa-What!💘💦👑


imagine being this ass


There's no way that's real lmao


bloodgasm, create a valid channel, god damn you, ffs!



File: 1642441064921.gif (4.1 MB, 640x640, kekw.gif)

I dunno, I think it sparks curiosity.
Yeah, that was totally intentional.


how the fuck you add a channel url?




ok boomer moment over, we are live





idk myself, just to chill I guess




ignore him, Shay. The anon you're replying to is probably a Hazlite doing the whole "Anglo Box" BS again.


File: 1642442234175.png (39.52 KB, 614x510, zero likes.png)

How does this have ZERO likes when he has almost 8k followers? Remember how he complained about fake tweets, how can this dude complain about it when his real tweets are WORSE than what people make up. Jesus Christ.


>It's fucking real


fun, fag


His followers must be having a hard time digesting this.


Haz was ratio'd in that one on the top lol


it's a fake account


he wanted attention and you guys gave it to him once again, literally just ignore him please


>>695707 (Me)
Unfortunately, it does appear to be fake, someone made a parody account lmao


I think this Dylan Burns debacle did traumatize Haz. I almost felt bad for him when he walked out that room with his head down, defeated and embarrassed, while Dylan Burns kept chilling with the people there.

It was a bad decision for him to get involved with IRL stuff. Over his stream he has total control, but IRL we see how he truly fares. This trip has been a debacle. He got punched by Zherka, he was practically homeless for two days as his AirBnB host cancelled him, he got banned from Twitch for a week, he got humiliated by a neoliberal in a debate, he got baited into saying creepy shit in a hangout with Destiny. If he continues to take Ls he might snap completely and in a year we are seeing him on Pornhub starring in some amateur cuck porn or something.

I see it now. Good job with the handle though.



Fuck me, got baited hard.


Fuck me, got baited hard.


I doubt he'll do porn. Most likely he'll move back in with his rich parents.


This is your brain on eternal anglo-protestantism.

If you dare to state the obvious fact that children are born "naked?"

If you dare say that only protestant-burgers are anal about the above fact?

If you dare to point out that USSR cinema was completely comfortable with showing naked children?

This is your brain on anglo-saxonism:
>whoever dares to point out that child nakedness doesn't automatically equals pEdOpHiLiA, you get BANNED

By this definition Tarkovsky, Klimov, etc. are all fucking pedophiles. This is your brain on angloism.

BTW, by the fucking way:
>in my culture, if you have a 6 yrs old kid naked at the beach?
>that's 100% ok!

In pedophelic anglo-culture?
>that 6 yrs old kid needs to wear a bikini!

beyond fucking parody



>Read link
<It’s fucking nothing
You beat me to it


>1) kids are born naked
>2) 6yrs olds aren't sexualizied, they can rome the beaches naked, if they want
>3) OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS PEDOPHILIA
you are a protestant anglo

you represent 0.03% of human society

keep fighting against them "pedos," you retard


File: 1642444783057.jpg (30.84 KB, 600x421, 1636311775613.jpg)

I banned your ass for being a fucking schizo spamming ped shit, and I just reported your ass here. Fuck off and die.



why are you so obsessed with pedophilia anon?
If I didn't know better I'd think you were one.



File: 1642445061339-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.98 KB, 800x534, bundesarchiv_bild_183-1985….jpg)

File: 1642445061339-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 137.45 KB, 1300x1023, at-the-nudist-beach-leipzi….jpg)

>"ped shit"
<"ped shit" is when you point out that we are ALL born naked
<"ped shit" is when you point out that the WAST MAJORITY of human societies didn't conform to your anglo-saxon idiocy
picrel: historic pic from GDR
<I'm not ALLOWED BY ANGLO LAW to post pics of totally natural pics of kids being naked at beach in GDR, cuz, uhm, we are protestant anglos, and uhm every pic about naked kids = pedophilia
look up a fucking birth video, you anal prude(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Flag related?

t. protestant "atheist" anglo


Why are you pointing all this out tho?
Nobody cares about naked toddlers or whatever, they care when weirdos are creeping on them, and it’s weird that you’re ranting about all this


Again showing that he's just a discount politics themed tyler1 wannabe. The tchad is a manlet, sure, but hes swole AF and behaves in public. tyler1 may have gotten famous off his chimpouts and pro gamer heckling but ultimately he's delivered the goods. He become a pro at the game and effectively manages an audience of worse spergs than Haz's and orders of magnitude larger. Haz has only clout chasing rants that no one cares about anymore and secret wisdom in his secret books.

Also tyler1 dates a hot AF girlfriend which does miles better to reinforce the chad aesthetic than cutting your beard square and talking shit online.


>Nobody cares about naked toddlers or whatever
yeah, except you anglos ban posters based on this


WARNING: PEDOPHILIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Do you mean you got banned for posting naked children to an imageboard where people fear FBI surveillance? Why wouldn’t you?(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


>I think this Dylan Burns debacle did traumatize Haz. I almost felt bad for him when he walked out that room with his head down, defeated and embarrassed, while Dylan Burns kept chilling with the people there.
I really try to avoid knowing anything about these people but I did see a clip of Burns sparring and I thought, damn, this guy looks like he can actually box. I really can't imagine the twists his followers will contort themselves into now, but before I got kicked from their server, the quality of discussion had degraded a lot to the point where it was just unreadable.


File: 1642445992382.jpg (29.43 KB, 540x302, 1639981059679.jpg)

>start leftypol tv channel
>to just chill watch stupid eceleb shit and good stuff made by other online comrades
>weirdo fuck starts talking about naked kids
>spams constantly about that fucked up shit
We just can't have nice things. I swear if I stream again, Im laying down the ban hammer on any of you fucks you brings shit like that up again. You may see an ancom flag near my name but Im gonna fucking go full authoritarian on your ass and report your ass here too while Im at it. Fuck around and find out /pol/tards or anyone stupid enough to try that shit.


I got banned for implying that kids are born naked, they hit the beaches naked, and they hit the toilet naked. Apparently, and according to anglo-saxons, this is already pedophilia.



<kids are born naked
>>weirdo fuck starts talking about naked kids



did you ever read the one about the guy who is insane and breaks out of the asylum, but although he's insane he knows he needs to convince people he's sane, so he decides to say something nobody can deny: the world is round. so he goes around the town centre shouting that the world is round, and of course he's immediately carted off to the loony bin.

well that's you, except as well as being insane you're a pedophile.


touch grass


Bruh, the fuck are you obsessed with naked children for?


learn sex-positivity


learn to calm down


>state fact: "kids are born naked"
anglo be like:


my man don't know about the stork


learn to not ban ppl for stating facts

learn to not ban ppl who aren't anglos based on your anglo cultural shit


File: 1642446288494.gif (1 MB, 640x480, 1639023611960.gif)

Holy shit bros. Agent Kochinski is posting on /leftypol/!





observe the anglo-saxon


Trips of truth. There are no holes only the stork.


Now this is some thing Noticer shit and you will get banned because it's such a retarded nonsensical post.


>stating the fact that humans are born naked is like racism


File: 1642446417387.jpg (52.71 KB, 1199x800, laughing stork.jpg)

>humans are born



touch grass, anglo


I wanted to tell you to have sex.
but I'm scared for the children


People here talking about storks acting like they don't know the actual truth which is about birds and bees.


For context, we were watching a video about the difference between fucking liberalism and leftism. This mf just starts raving about kids and anglos.


"won't somebody please think of the children! …not you."


File: 1642446640607.jpg (107.44 KB, 960x720, Marabou Stork and Bee.jpg)

a stork is a bird genius


The one made by Felow Traveller?



>birds and bees.
that's a strange way to say cabbages


>state fact that capitalism exploits workers
>state fact that capitalism is a broken garbage system inferior to communism



>posting on /pol/
see now theres your problem right there.


>pedophilia is when you state the fact that kids are born naked
>pedophilia is when you state the fact that in your culture kids are allowed to roam around the beach naked
>pedophilia is when you state the fact that kids have been allowed to be recorded on KINO, even though it was in Socialist Countries
<this is pedophilia according to anglo-mods
Let's just ban everyone who isn't an anglo-saxon, for fuck's sakes.


Storks are a made up animal. Haven't you heard the Heideggerian and Landian theory of the anglo creation of fake birds like a stork or dodo?


File: 1642447983929.png (184.51 KB, 750x730, ClipboardImage.png)

bruh, have you tried not being a pedo?


>pedo is when you breath air


the only fake birds are when your m8 says he's got a gf but she goes to a different school, all other birds are real.

Xi has the blessing of the Fenghuang




File: 1642448399466.png (683.32 KB, 700x406, ClipboardImage.png)

Yeah, that's how the airs from the zone affect you.


>in a year we are seeing him on Pornhub starring in some amateur cuck porn or something
please God let this happen


Is he STILL coping? bruh


>It was a bad decision for him to get involved with IRL stuff.
don't forget his previous cringe outing with hinkle


Al-Jolani went a long way from Idlib to Youtube.





Insanely cringe.




(the rest of mine are porn subs)


>muh manh00d


File: 1642453067566.mp4 (3.24 MB, 1280x720, 9sDzpanUtKZt-Ybx.mp4)

lol, sry, wrong vid


>just take the pill, bro



Agent Kochinski back on the horse-cock train…







disingenuousness is a word, but genuousness isn't. a metaphor for our times.
if you're thinking "that's because the root is actually 'ingenuousness', from 'ingenuus', the same root as 'ingenue' then congratulations, you have a linguistics degree. i hope being able to read the IPA comforts you as we deep dive into internet hell.


>Knot VS Horsecock
[spoiler] Horsecock is hotter in porn [/spoiler]


Уберись, Сталкер


Damn I am messing my syntaxes for sites agai. was it ||spoiler||


two asterisks (**) on each end, fucks me over all the time.



Mf's goin bald. You can tell he's just pushing all his hair forward to cover it up. kek
>pic rel
Haz in a year after he drops from law school.


Haz is such a fucking loser lmao


lol i remember him getting angry about his chat telling him he was balding way before he became a lunatic, back when he'd get loud and aggressive but not crazy, just entertaining.


fucking crazy person


Honestly he seems like a deranged drunken drugged-up sex cult leader who would get innocent people killed. I hope no one ever falls for his scam.


>fake Matrix track


we got someone on the inside edition



Is BadEmpanada turning into a ML proper? His anti-China stuff has significantly been toned down and he is now fronting anarchists for being complete failures.


File: 1642463817305.jpg (104.08 KB, 1080x946, 1231123132123.jpg)


>His anti-China stuff has significantly been toned down and he is now fronting anarchists for being complete failures.
He is learning from experience.




File: 1642468356430.jpg (158.39 KB, 1600x900, FHnPqlSaQAQ-xh8.jpg)

[Scene: A slightly disheveled, drably-dressed young man named BILL X hurries up a flight of stairs in a building in Manhattan, whisking past an art supply store located on the first floor. He's then buzzed through a locked, metal door into spacious interior offices decorated with items from struggles long ago. Sitting in a wheelchair by a desk is a bald, elderly and contemplative man named SIMS who is busily writing on a notepad with a blue grease pen…]

>Bill X: "Good morning revolution! Secretary Sims… we have an update from one of our contacts in Dallas about the Infracel affair."

<Sims: "Good morning revolution to you as well. What's the status, comrade?"
>Bill X: "It's hard to, ah, explain, sir. Take a look at this…

[BILL X holds up a smartphone with the video clip of HAZ having a meltdown in a hotel lobby and then backing out of a boxing match before storming out in a huff.]

<Sims: "Thank you for the update. Well then, I don't think we have to worry about him any longer… or the Infracels.

>Bill X: "You did expect it would come to this. I have to say you were perceptive as usual, befitting a CPUSA General Secretary. So what's our next step?"
<Sims: Contact the CPC International Department Bureau for North American Affairs that we've resolved the situation and that we're back on track. We have more important work to do, anyways.
>Bill X: "…building the all-people's democratic anti-monopoly front against the ultra-right."
<Sims: "I've taught you well. Inform the clubs. By the way, add a reminder to them to set course to CPUSA… 2036."




File: 1642469351745.png (201.24 KB, 461x528, ClipboardImage.png)







>genes aren't real
>science is satanic


*parrots bad reading of Lysenko* yeah I'm an ML


What's going on in his stream? Can't watch it right now because unlike Haz and his infracels, I work for a living and don't have rich parents who I can leech from.

<muh lysenko discovered epigenetics!
<muh epigenetics proves genes aren't real!
Literally the stupidest interpretation of Lysenko's work and a braindead understanding of genetics and epigenetics.


File: 1642472309828.png (149.22 KB, 449x647, ClipboardImage.png)

Hakim liked this tweet making fun of Haz so now Infracels are raging lmao


Didn't Haz talk shit about Hakim first? It'd make sense if Hakim doesn't like him.


>2 holes haz
>brawler of high school debates haz
marxism leninism baby


Bro Infared is full on saying he is a cult


Infrared is everything he calls others.
He's a Satanic drunken pedo


There was an attempt lel. r/stupidpol splits into r/twopidpol

<Join us on r/twopidpol: stupidpol but without the weird mod policies

>We're founding r/twopidpol, a subreddit that will literally just be how stupidpol was before all the weird new mod policies.

>Why a new sub?: None of us wanted to do this, but stupidpol's current moderation policy is off the rails and it's not going to get any better. Bans and low flairs (which are the same as bans under the flair-shadowban system) are given out totally arbitrarily, anyone who disagrees with a mod on one of their pet issues is labeled a "rightoid" and silenced, and there's no appeals process. Mods who try to actually reverse other mods' capricious decisions are stripped of mod privileges or demodded altogether.

>Who are the mods?: We're mostly founding stupidpol mods. Any current stupidpol mod who wants to be modded on the new sub can just ask. We'll also be aggressively modding quality posters.

>What are the specific differences in mod policy?: If you were a regular of this sub before about last summer, that's pretty much what we're aiming for. We won't be flairing leftists as rightoids over minor disagreements. We'll be flairing rightoids but letting the well-behaved ones post. We'll lock culture war threads if there are too many of them. We'll allow memes and image posts until there are too many of them, then we won't.

>A subreddit like this has to have some sort of respect for diversity of thought on the left if it's to be useful for anything. It can't just be a venue for powertripping internet autists to fuck with people. So we're going to take another crack at it.

>Edit: Lol, as expected the freakazoid mods have locked this thread.

The thread was unlocked though.

Missed opportunity not calling it r/thtupidpol IMO.


They should pretend to be dating to increase views and gain publicity.


Anyone have a summary of what Gucci is alleged to have done?

How does this split compare with the leftypol splits? Epic or fail?


Haz and Gazi should join forces
They're both deranged brainless cult leaders


Hakim does more to educate new leftists than any garbage Haz puts out and Haz can only maintain relevance being getting on debates with e-chicks on twitch who could care less about Marxism or Hegelian crap.


I' not very well informed myself. I believe this is the current saga of threads for the public face of the mod drama. Oldest first:

<Soliciting feedback on moderation policy


<I used to be a mod here - figured I'd better post this now before my rating drops so low I'm not allowed to anymore.


<Can we Vote to Remove Certain Moderators?


<Immanent Critique of r/stupidpol


Sample of their version from the second post:
>TL;DR - the sub has dumped the old mod consensus program in favour of unilateral rule by gucci and a small handful of mods, including effectively shadowbanning anyone with a low enough number rating, and allowing a tiny handful of mods to capriciously change people's numbers at will, often based entirely on their stance on COVID or china, and not on their actual political positions - socialists with IRL commitments are being labeled as rightoids and having their posts removed by the automod because they said something about lockdowns that gucci didn't like. The sub is now literally run by academics and PMCs, the remaining majority of the mod team who don't approve of this move have essentially been cut out of the process.

Eventually it came to denouncing u/guccibananabricks, the founder and presumably head mod and demanding they step down.

It didn't happen, whatever drama the mods had in private, and so they are splitting. It seems the splitters are oldfags with u/thebloodisfoul apparently being co-founder, among them.

Their ~200 concurrent viewers at this time means they are already bigger than /leftypol/ and the sub is like 5h old lol.


This generally seems to be over people wanting to be schizos on the whole covid issue. If I was going to schizo out, I would actually say that there are even more dead people out there that the US is hiding from us, not less. Which I never really got the point of trying to downplay covid in a lot of cases honestly, especially for vaccinated people.


Al Gertina


Even reddit users are now laughing at infared



Haz should unironically get a public fiancee. It doesn't even matter if it's fake or they are fugly, fat and literally retarded. Having a fiancee collab is much more of a sign of status and a bigger powermove for a streamer, and that's half of Haz's shtick, than all of his macho bravado and debatebro takedowns and controversial takes put together.
It would also anchor those things to the internet part of his persona, giving the presumption of normalcy off camera without the more cultist-y in the audience feeling betrayed that he is not "one of them". Which, in turn, would give him license to not carry out his debatebro antics IRL and save him lots of trouble from people less committed to the bit.


Isn't this a fake tweet?



>Thanks for writing this. I'm pro worker, anti CCP and believe in a two state solution. Gucci - hit me with your jannie stick, bitch

If this is the type of retard splitting from the stupidpol sub the place might actually become inhabitable


Reddit is such a honeypot of fed bots it’s fucking awful.


I mean I get criticizing china and all but what sort of basic bitch says something like that?


>The sub is now literally run by academics and PMCs
incredible how everyone always finds themselves oppressed by their own boogeyman
i, of course, could provide substantial evidence that the monetarists are after me.


Just watched the new matrix movie. Got me thinking about ideology again. We have never had the immense power to create our own personal and individual realities.

While this might be a tool that could be used to provide relief, instead we create retarded realities where twitch streamers are relevant. Its like we live in hell and were given a 3k USD Ikea gift card and we blew the money on sad clown paintings and kitsch ironic holiday decoration.

The ironic part is that sad clowns like Haz somehow make hell more bearable.
I'm currently developing a fear of twinks. God willing my next boss will be a hot twink who will make me question my convictions.


>I'm pro worker, anti CCP and believe in a two state solution.
That sounds like something a politician during a presidential debate. I'm thinking of the scene in that RATM video where Bush and Gore mutate into the same person.


I recently watched this video of this British science man reviewing the movie Don't Look Up and he literally said in the video that: "we shouldn't criticize corporations because they're going to save us". A science man said this, now I know not all scientists are as absolutely dogshit brain as this guy and are away of the political economy of corporations and what makes them stupid and ineffective, but seriously we expect these people who work in astronomy and shit to understand this shit. Even NDT has laughed off SpaceX and given more import to a nationalized space agency like NASA.


The more I age, the more my friends become less scientifically and politically literate, and the more I become scientifically and politically literate.

Science is fucking rotten to the core. I am skeptical of scientists who are sure of things. Doctors are insanely illiterate in general, for example. Doctors I know are prescribing ivermectin. A friend was telling me how he got into an argument with a doctor recently who didn't seem to understand the difference between false negatives and false positives regarding covid tests. My pediatrician didn't believe me that the flu and influenza were the same disease.

Same with people in my field of work. Some people are incredibly ignorant about how things they work with every day. There are hobbyists on leftypol with a better grasp on some of these things for fucks sake.

People are insanely retarded, apathetic, and they also atrophy into ignorance and illiteracy.


Hey maybe if all the anti-China and anti-vax retards split r/stupidpol will actually be usable for once.

I mean, I still doubt it because most of them seem well to the right of Sanders, but who knows.


Doctors aren’t scientists anymore than a speed racer is a mechanic.


Yeah I agree. Just saying scientific literacy is a requirement for being a consistently good doctor in almost all specialties.


those who spend all their time dealing with problems of the physical world naturally abstract away the social world.
pollution quickly becomes a problem akin to calculating when to drop rocket stages, something to be resolved scientifically and technologically rather than socially. where does the pollution come from? well, start asking questions like that and you'll wind up back at the big bang. better to look forwards. a power plant built by ConEd is the same as a powerplant built by "the people", so why waste time trying to swap a 2 for a 1+1 in your mental model?
it is the worst form of brainworms by far.


Reddit seems to think the CIA killed Kennedy
I still think our boy Oswald was based






File: 1642507696983-1.jpg (132.17 KB, 1024x696, A-cast-14827-1024x696.jpg)

File: 1642507696983-2.jpeg (34.92 KB, 474x324, download.jpeg)

File: 1642507696983-3.jpg (268.57 KB, 1257x852, A-cast-14815-1.jpg)

Thoughts on presuppositional apologetics, the latest in Christcuck ideology? It's basically Kantianism with a Bible.


They should rant like a madman if they wanted people to care


lol he spent a whole stream talking about the tilted photo


hardly the latest, this stupid bullshit has been around for years


There are scientists enthralled by porky and scientists that see porky as the enemy, it’s just an is thing, being a scientist isn’t a political position


Oswald was a fed. Idk why you retards keep thinking he was with us.


Haz literally tilted.
His K/D plummeting.
Team flaming him in the chat.
Law school incoming


Newbies, probably. Maybe right wing schizos.


The CIA did kill Kennedy. Oswald flew U2 spy plane missions. An actual intelligence operative.

This shit right here is why if you aren’t at least 40% minimum skitzo you are a bad communist. Ideally you should be 49%, if you get to 51% you have become a liability but still good if you have a solid support network, this carries on up to 60% at which point you become too difficult. However, anything below 40% makes you a worthless lib. It’s about hitting the sweet spot.


Lol what's going on with that loser?


What the fuck?
Has he dropped all pretense of Infrared being a ML channel? Because it seems like it's become like all those twitch personality channels.


File: 1642513647204.png (2.55 MB, 1743x1538, ClipboardImage.png)

Check out Science for the People


you can tell a lot about a person based on when they're willing to lie.
but can it tell you anything about yourself?


People lie because either they want to cover for something they are, because they are insecure about it, or, because it will give them some material advantage


File: 1642516821951.png (876.19 KB, 1324x1713, 297756968106211.png)

wtf did I miss? My internet went out last night.


>Shilled LaRouche
>Was supplicating to Destiny and some pro-Confederate LARPer
>Was an open misogynist for months at this point
>Challenged some chubby youtuber to a fight then bitched out when he learned said chubby youtuber had actual experience as a boxer
>Went on rants about how ecology is malthusian and shilled oil
>Went on rants about how ancient eurasian empires were socialist because they were
>Has repeatedly said socialism basically means nothing and is whatever you want it to be
>Has claimed America is already socialist
Maybe something else happened last night, everything I’ve mentioned have just been the last six months of this man’s life


that first premise in the last picture is really amazing


What the fuck is going on with Haz?


At this point I'm convinced he's being retarded on purpose. No way does he actually believe this shit. Right? RIGHT?


hes now trying to pretend to be retarded on purpose extra so he can call the rest of the stuff that wasn't on purpose a bit


Haz gonna have kids just to prove to twitter how alpha he is


File: 1642519885920.jpg (94.86 KB, 900x545, stuart-little-2.jpg)

had to ban a manlet from the stuart little fandom wiki for his inane theory that the films have anything to do with respecting people regardless of height. he is a tall mouse. his tallness is one of the many reasons i and many others around the world respect him.


ok haz, stuart is a manlet attom compared to the chad snowbell, which did nothing wrong because he is bigger than manlet little.


File: 1642520161010.png (300.32 KB, 570x334, ClipboardImage.png)

For a manly men's man you'd think he'd assume it with grace or just shave.

You can't have a sex cult with just one mildly attractive trans girl in your roster. It's more like the dingy basement of an otaku store where 15 year olds smoke and play yugi-oh with 40 year olds.

I gotta say, I didn't expect the collapse of contemporary civilization to come from SPECIALISTS becoming DUMBER in the FUCKING AGE OF INFORMATION!


Isn't this a fake account?


snowbell canonically comes to respect stuart over the course of the first film and that respect is maintained in subsequent entries in the franchise.


an chad can respect his manlet friend.



The thing is, knowledge isn't valued at all anymore, the only thing that matters in regards to getting a job where you supposedly require technical skills is that you need to have good interview skills, be good at sucking up, and good connections.


File: 1642522566172.png (38.1 KB, 466x592, ClipboardImage.png)

Not even Kantian, this is a throwback to the dumbest arguments Thomas Aquinas made and were only spread out in the first place because it benefitted the catholic church, aka the mightiest military at the time.
The only thing funnier than christians trying to convince others that their beliefs are rational and they are openminded is how they still so irrationaly insecure about the continued existence of their cult even when it has been going on for two thousand years.

You should not, however, diminish the political importance of capital in science. You can't really have a particle collider without imperialism and investiments from the private sector, which is obvioulsy not doing it out of kindness.

I can't believe you'd make fun of POCs like this bruh.


Caleb doing another interview with Daniel Burke from the LaRouche organization of the Schiller Institute.


>You can’t have a particle collider without imperialism or private investments
Should’ve known scientific research would cease under socialism 😌

You do realize all the biggest technological advances tend to come from public investment?


>from public investment
Manly of countries in the imperial core. Oh, wait, sorry, I was supposed make a small paragraph about the Soviet Union even thought the context is clearly about how scientific research currently works?
I don't know, maybe try paying attention next time.


>imperial core enriches itself by being parasites on weaker and poorer countries whose development is stymied
>they buy the best toys with those riches
>best toys means you both grow and attract best talent from around the world
and then some dude says "wow the imperial core invests in technology!!!!"


Congratulations, you're saying the same thing that I'm saying. Sorry, let me put >>696926
in a way leftypol can understand:

You should not, however, diminish the political importance of capital in science, in today's climate. You can't really have a particle collider without imperialism, in the imperial core, which is evil and immoral, and investiments from the private sector, not always but sometimes, generally looking to get some kinda of competitive advantage that allows them to produce more than the socially required time to produce a given commodity, or to monopolize a market by utlizing copyright law and enforcing it with the power of the State, which is evil and immoral, and they are is obvioulsy not doing it out of kindness, because generally they're looking to get some kinda of competitive advantage that allows them to produce more than the socially required time to produce a given commodity, or to monopolize a market by utlizing copyright law and enforcing it with the power of the State, which is bad, for us, the proletariat.
The user that made this post does not endorse capitalism and imperialism under any forms and nor this the aforementioned user believe it is impossible to have scientific progress in socialism. The user is referring to the specific conditions of financial support of laboratories, phd programs, scientific research and other related fields in global capitalism. This short analysis does not extend to China, Cuba, and other self proclaimed socialist countries which this user does not have an opinion if they are truly socialist or not for this post.Your use of this Operator Online Service is at your risk. If you are dissatisfied with this Operator Online Service in any way, its programs, contents, or features, or these Terms and Conditions of Use, your sole and exclusive remedy is to discontinue accessing and using this Operator Online Service.

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File: 1642525964465.jpg (300.28 KB, 1500x1865, backyardphot.jpg)

One of the weird side stories about Oswald that I've never seen commented on is that he was holding up copies of both the Militant (Trot newspaper) and the Daily Worker. What kind of "communist" does that? I also doubt that an ideological assassin would say "I'm a patsy" before getting gunned down by a mob-connected FBI informant instead of shilling a manifesto or saying that he did it for the global proletarian revolution or whatever, which he did not do.

Watched the Oliver Stone documentary recently and it was pretty good. I liked the part about the government totally botching the chain of evidence and then one of the doctors who did the autopsy saying that the top of JFK's head had been blown off from what appeared to be shots from the front, while photos of his head that were released later did not look like that, like his head had been stitched back together.

It's interesting that the left has largely dismissed the case because "oh, JFK was an imperialist" and then moving on. But a friend of mine has been deep in the assassination literature and came to the conclusion that JFK had a liberal (and Catholic-seeming) belief that communism was a reaction to technological shock in poor countries. While JFK still believed that communism was an opportunistic conspiracy in these places, it was better to support elected, non-communist governments to the hilt to help them hold out while not fighting communists in countries where they had majority support, because you couldn't defeat a whole population anyways.

This would've probably been a disaster for U.S. foreign policy though, and while JFK didn't believe it would be, the hardliners thought otherwise, which is why he had to go. Like it seems that the Bay of Pigs was an attempt by glowies to force his hand on Cuba, which he didn't do. Then he fired CIA director Dulles and issued orders (McNamara confirmed this in his memoirs in the 90s) to withdraw U.S. troops from Vietnam while declaring he was going to smash the CIA into a thousand pieces. Then once JFK was out of the picture, the glowies and military went on the warpath in Indonesia with the liquidation of the PKI and in Vietnam.


Hello British science man porky lover.


Still coping


Just watched Badmouse's vid on Agent Kochinski, what're your thoughts lads? I'm not one for the whole decolonization bit myself.


Why are you angloids so obsessed with height?


Something something diet something something social mobility something something the revelation that reform didnt kill the class system something something transfer the external into something essential and internal


File: 1642528666128.jpg (119.62 KB, 990x887, heights.jpg)


I think he is actually on the spectrum if he doesn't see how this doesn't make him look good. He just looks like a coping little child.


Badmouse went radlib, the rhetorical analysis remained without the appropriate ideology to frame it (though he he never really had that either).
If you’re unfamiliar with him you should check out his debate where he teamed up with Finnbol and One Book Muke to take on Sargon and two other randos who were relevant back in 2016


File: 1642528998165-0.png (395.49 KB, 474x632, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1642528998165-1.png (92.7 KB, 1767x437, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1642529136907.png (240.86 KB, 1086x813, neoliberals are dwarves.png)

taller = closer to god


File: 1642529611725.png (2.65 MB, 1600x1345, ClipboardImage.png)

shortie = down to earth
therefore based materialists.


File: 1642529775240.png (122.92 KB, 260x245, hazza.png)

Never thought of Keynes as a socdem. Also the thought of a John Maynard Keynes towering over me is scary as fuck.

That's the best meme out of this whole ordeal so far.

Can wait for Haz to migrate to Peru just so he can be taller than someone for once in his life.

I do love pork. I could really use some ribs with barbecue sauce about now.


File: 1642529846053.png (253.78 KB, 630x269, ClipboardImage.png)

I didn't know Daniel Day Lewis was short.


File: 1642530124547.png (404.3 KB, 720x540, ClipboardImage.png)

Why just get close when you can crush him with your bare hands?


Why does Caleb whine about IdPol yet he supports Black Nationalists and Latin American Nationalists?


>Naming your future king "George"
It seems like Anglos want to fuck up the relationship with the US.


da newest breadtube shit


the funny thing he's still a manlet even if he's 1cm taller than destiny. can't imagine he feels good about being under 6"0


File: 1642535702670-0.png (173.51 KB, 329x400, 1.png)

File: 1642535702670-1.png (173.88 KB, 644x178, 2.png)


File: 1642536256873.gif (396.95 KB, 500x374, 9754.gif)

Based Zim poster


Solid money is still on the boxer in a street fight.
Idk why he thinks this is an own.


As someone who works in healthcare, his eyes do look like someone who is schizophrenic and/or on chronic high-dose psychoactive substances.


Don't just say that, gives the spicy details.

Sign Haz has never been or seen a street fight. He thinks just because he can pick up a chair that will counter balance a guy that knows how to properly throw a punch.


File: 1642541572605.png (26.21 KB, 97x206, haz-tilt-corrected.png)

As the world's foremost expert on phrenology, I concur. You can tell from this man's eyes alone that he is a deeply repressed homosexual with beta bitch tendencies who would do things like compete to be the tallest manlet in a bid to win approval from internet strangers.



I watched the documentary, too. And also the TrueAnon episodes on the assassination and I was honestly shocked about how JFK was somewhat of an anti-imperialist and really fucking hates the CIA so much that he wants it to be destroyed and the CIA and Dulles want him dead. Even left-wing leaders like Ghana's Nkrumah and Indonesia's Sukarno were rolling with him. For a liberal, he was kinda based. Don't see why the left keep shitting on him.


The Left shits on him because he dropped Agent Orange on Vietnam.


I'm sorry what? Didn't the Vietnam war start in 1965? He was dead by 63.


>Uploaded by someone called AlbanianNationalist88


he sent "advisors" into vietnam
wiki says he signed of on agent orange (operation ranch hand) so that's on him, at least the first couple years


bay of pigs invasion


does haz have gynecomastia? it looks like he has tits


bro look at cuba


File: 1642548324448.jpg (119.49 KB, 1406x1382, 1604767821428.jpg)

>JFK was somewhat of an anti-imperialist


Watched this and his argumentation his surprisingly strong. Kinda left me undecided tbh


and there is more


Ideal communist society should resemble what Irken society is in Invader Zim, reproduction through cloning and machine-run.


>Even left-wing leaders like Ghana's Nkrumah and Indonesia's Sukarno were rolling with him.
Exactly. Those were the elected, non-communist leaders he thought the U.S. should help hold out. But then once he was gone, you see what happened to Sukarno and the PKI.

Thing is, it wasn't necessary for JFK to be an anti-imperialist or a communist for the glowies to have him killed. What he was basically trying to do, I think, is come up with a "progressive" (for his outlook anyways) alternative to communism and the old-style reactionaries and the European colonial states. That was in contradiction with right-wing forces in the U.S. military and intelligence services.




>Abortion advocates claim that abortion is necessary to lift women out of poverty
Who wants to bet that that's a fucking lie lmao


File: 1642553162559.gif (1 MB, 640x480, 1639023611960.gif)

>calling out Agent Kochinski's stupidity
>see jews control some banks because many kinds of ppl control banks so that means Agent Kochinski was correct to state a nazi talking point
>it was all a trick to make Agent Kochinski look bad
>see Agent Kochinski walked back his claim so that means he isn't so bad in saying that
>dude pedophilia is just like slave labor, nevermind all the other times Agent Kochinski brought up ped shit
>we should treat the way china is handling the uyghurs just like it was genocide, its just not genocide see
>bro a 17 yo isn't a minor
>BE calls out Agent Kochinski's ped comments
>see BE just said ped in a video so that's like the same thing as what Agent Kochinski said
>How dare you sling slander at this man who has made all these weird comments about pedophila and anti-Semitic talking points
>muh Chinese airspace joke
>This person I have never met personally is none of these things
>Shyamalan Twist
>Agent Kochinski does the same things, especially to Prof Flowers. So he's to blame too.
>So I guess everyone's to blame.
>I hated Agent Kochinski, then I liked him, now I'm hoping Agent Kochinski doesn't act like an asshole anymore(even though he always did)
This is all centrist bullshit. Jesus fuck. Blah blah technically this. Blah blah actually he was talking about that. For fucks sake man, its the fucking internet, the people you are criticizing are all looking for clout and Agent Kochinski is the biggest clout chaser of them all.


>anti-abortion extremist site
Better luck next year.


and don't forget innocent Timorese blood!


Abortion does not change someone's wealth. It's a matter of income and shit.


Why does this guy simp to hairy fat ogres?


>bro a 17 yo isn't a minor
Some countries also don't consider such, like mine, of where they get to obtain their driving license and citizenship card at that age. It's basically the age of majority here.


>abortion has made poverty worse
how in the fuck
article: https://archive.ph/wip/0wV2D
oh it's just a bunch of "HMMM coincidence? I think not!" and distracting people from the claims being made.


Americans think its pedophilia if the person is one day away from being 18.

People were eagerly waiting for Billy Eilish to turn 18 so they could openly lust over her.

American 17y/o on the internet act as child sexual abuse survivors whenever older men lust over them in their comments. They even say "I'm a minor, how can you be attracted to me??".

Americans, mostly left libs, really believe sane normal people are physicially incapable of lusting over someone until the day of their 18th birthday.


You're right, however, if your goal is to spread socialism online, maybe you should just shut the fuck up about how actshually not all child sex is bad


I don't think "spreading communism online" is a significantly worthwile endeavor.

And I also don't think crusading against the insane pedo pathology of anglos is worthwile. It's a culture shock thing that still surprises me, so I try to pass along the favor to other non-anglos, at least on leftypol.


It's not the actual eco-socialist poster.


I'm referring to Agent Kochinski, I don't care what you post on this site obviously


stop linking fake accounts retard


why are you harping on about it
yeah burgers have anglo brain what else is new


Got you.
Nothing much.


I should have been clearer, I'm sorry how's this:
>bro a 17 yo isn't a minor in some countries, so pls discount all the other crap Agent Kochinski said that is really weird


Fun fact: Billie Eilish's uncle (Brian Baird) has CIA ties.


File: 1642559112610.jpeg (19.15 KB, 474x266, Infa.jpeg)

Did anyone else see Haz imply having sex with men is straight if you are the dominant one? Does anyone have a clip of that?


>Be me
>Check c h u d logic's twitter (I dunno why, I just did lmao)
Just what the fuck is this clown's endgame?

>Did anyone else see Haz imply having sex with men is straight if you are the dominant one?
<Fucking a dude is not gay if you're the top according to Haz


haz really do embody Achilles of Troy


File: 1642559916894.png (1.56 MB, 1080x2113, ClipboardImage.png)


Someone post it on the Infrared Subreddit lmao


He's playing by ancient Roman rules.



I saw the clip Haz said something like the following but I think he was joking because he was really loud and energetic it seemed like he was ranting.

"It's genuenly not gay to bang a dude if you are the dominant one and you like girls.
You are not acting effeminate or trying to get dick. You are fucking someone who probably looks and acts a bit girly, you are fucking them in a masculine way and asserting your dominance. You are getting off to an effeminate ass not a cock. Sometimes women arn't even avaliable in prison and girly "guys" are easy to fuck. You likely don't have the ability to fuck a girl whenerver you want like how you can with guys so if you can't fuck a girl its not gay to fuck a guy."


Is haz the queen of bithynia?


post it on twitter lmao


File: 1642560455794.png (208.54 KB, 498x462, haz.png)

Oh my fucking god. XD


you just gonna go on the internet and tell lies like that


>"It's genuenly not gay to bang a dude if you are the dominant one and you like girls."


File: 1642561502984.jpg (26.8 KB, 415x413, joder ciela.jpg)


can we sissify Haz already?


>"It's genuenly not gay to bang a dude if you are the dominant one and you like girls."
The turkish military actually bans bottoms from joining while allowing tops because they believe that bottoming is gay while topping is masculine and straight



stop the bottomphobia




I thank the lord every day for just being a mundane faggot instead of whatever the fuck you guys turn into.


They should pretend to be dating to boost views and gain publicity


wonder the correlation of that beard and being a fag


this is so good
Definitely send it on Twitter and Reddit and their pedo fbi.gov server


Well things would work out bad for me if I was ever captured by the Turkish army.


You should invest in an armored butt shield


Where does the idea that asians are unimaginative come from?


Seems like Haz wants to go back to Classical Traditions of Male Romance. I wonder why that is, maybe he understands the number of holes a guy has compared to a woman.


Wait wait wait… is this as retarded as I think it is? They literally just pull out any claim that has a presuposition, and then choose a presuposition that is true, and thus argue that the claim is also true? So, for instance, I could argue that "If bees exist, Earth is flat", and thus "prove" the Earth is flat by their logic because bees do indeed exist?


asians clearly stagnated during the ming, and qing

its clearly because asians arent creative(ignoring the fact thats because the ming gov went retard mode and decided argiculturalism is superior than industry)

(wait a minute doesnt this show that in some cases economics follow politics)


File: 1642582700281.png (688.9 KB, 639x583, ushanka.png)

What's the consensus on this guy? Does he glow or is he just a useful idiot?


Just idiot.


y touched grass and found myself becoming sickened by internet culture. I know that most people outside are those who are also internet poisoned and I'm still on the fucking internet but I'm like…I Just find that a lot of the internet is drenched in this perpetual mire of cynicism and decay. Everyone seems to hate each other, and try to outsnark one another. It's like everyone on the right and left or whatever the fuck is always trying to be fucking Daria.

I know for a fact that I've been infected by this "Daria-fecation" of a person, the sort of person who is critical but also not only a subject but THE best perpetuator of neoliberal culture. They are basically the avatar and signal of post modernism itself. Not to say that Daria is at the fault of this but Daria is basically the apex of what it means to be a neoliberal. Able to recognize it's own faults but never having the incentive to change because that would transform you into a different person. Daria is the ultimate conservative, and we are all turning into Darias. Just look at Steven Crowder, 4chan itself, Ruben and Kyle Klenski and Haz and stupidpol. All sorts of hyper reactive snarklords who are always jockying for positions of power through the power of SNARK.

I do not know how to escape the eternal malaise, it seems as if America itself is covered in it, and I doubt that it becoming more socially conservative wouldn't just make the Daria-fication of society even more potent, even more wretched in it's psychosis.


Do you agree, crudely speaking, that capitalism is a result of inability of human beings to organize? It is very crude and stupid, but this somehow gives a different outlook on workers struggle. I always assumed Hegel master-slave problem. But I think it means that some fight is going on and if this fight is lost, then you have this choice of freedom of will but death or enslaving your will to this who you lost the fight. But to put a fight, you have to organize with others, but there is no organization and Hegel's "will enslavement" does not happen, they simply do not fight, just give up.

A capitalist simply use this opportunity of a society that can't organize. And he, the capitalist, is the result of this lack of possibility of organization.

Yes, some workers fight. But this luck of organization shows everywhere. And you can't say it is ideology, not in all cases. Sometimes capitalist ideology is actually pushing towards organization. Like the for profit production companies, it is an organization. But as an example, I have an interesting problem that can be profitable. If you ask you to join me, will you agree? You will not, I do not know why.

So I think I miss something since it is super trivial thought. Did Marx or someone wrote on this?


He lived in revisionist Brezhnevite then reformist USSR of course he thought it was shit. You would too.


remember when most of /leftypol/ and jannies were sucking infrared/Haz dick because they mentioned this website on a stream watched by a couple hundred people? remember when mods removed criticism of Haz and even considered giving infrared their own board? it's nice to reminisce about these things from the right side of history. I can't imagine the cringe and embarrassment people who were defending Haz are feeling right now.

recovering hazbots, have you seen the error of your ways or have you decided to double down on the retardation and come up with a rationalisation why listening to a lonely loser screaming in his room about women having two holes is a worthwhile use of your time?


Dear Comrade Xi

I am a tired old blue collar worker and a communist. I love my country and want my people to prosper in abundance. Our people cry do freedom please free us from our cruel burger overlords that enslave our country so we can sell your people our delicious food, iron and uranium ore for reasonable win win prices and no longer have to pay exorbitant amounts for burgers crap weaponry we don't need anyway especially when our health system is crumbling and needs that money instead

Yours sincerely,

ps. Also high speed trains all over country plz gibs plz

Try sincerity?


i stopped looking att a month or so ago because everyone was just talking about haz all the time. check back in and people still obsessed with this guy. i've never watched him but he must be doing something right. y'all uyghas would sniff his farts all day if you could.
anyway, here's a vid of fucker tarlson saying there's growing numbers of homeless in America because our government started helping them too much (at your expense!) so they have it too good now.


Someone should go on his show and argue that that gubbmint money should simply be used to give them a home instead of using it to help them live homeless

I know you ecelebs lurk this thread to find out what we're saying about youse go be useful for once and make it so


one of the things he's complaining about is the government giving some of them homes


>t. Sage
Infrared has been the best arc in leftypol history. Even in the early days, seeing fellow leftypolers talk was pretty cool. I'm still thinking of marrying DDR anon after he showed his prowess and dominance over Haz.

And I straight up have never laughed so much for so long at a single entertainment source.

And when Haz shit was banned here because he reported us to the FBI (sad), I went on to troll his fbi.gov and had even more fun.

I have never had so much fun interacting with streamers, and I don't think I ever will again, not like the early and mid infrared days. Now his streams are insanely boring and its only nice to see clips of his antics and seething.

Yeah sure, in the beginning he seemed to have something interesting to say. We found out there was nothing there pretty quickly. After that he's been our bitch lolcow.


Glad to see you got a tripcode, now we'll be able to tell if that imitator comes back.


File: 1642592897535.png (4.71 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Plz don't encourage tripfags son
Encouraging tripfags is like feeding rats


>in the beginning he seemed to have something interesting to say. We found out there was nothing there pretty quickly
>pretty quickly
I saw through his shit immediately. but I guess can kinda see how his vocabulary could fool a brainlet.


>flagfag objects to identity on anonymous imageboards
come on now


welcome to nu-/leftypol/. this is a place for great ideas, and Lenin forbid an amazing post is screenshot without proper author attribution! imagine poor junko, or shay, or sage, or Eco-socialist anon, or bee, or thing noticer, or Leninhat, or eugenics-kun writing their essays but no one knows its them! they would literally die from the lack of attention.
the difference being that anyone can use a flag. the anprim lib is using a tripcode because other anons dared to use the same flag.


Tucker's been mask off with his contempt of poor people haven't he?


>>698350 (me)
I know, I was just 'avin a giggle.


I don't get why people think it's fun to spend so much time on retards, or on particular retard itt. It's in poor taste when you laugh at mongoloids in the streets, it's no more uplifting when it dominates online discourse.


shut up, haz


I've suggested to two different anons to make a thread for good content producers and everyone knows it's a good idea, no-one makes the thread.
>no u
I'm a visitor, I don't know any.


That literally is the imitator and forced me to get my own trip because I was sick of that fag pretending to be me


kys namefag


>good content producers
Structurally impossible. The material drivers underlying the "content creation" grift doom politically branded content creation. There are only so many booklet explainer videos one can make before lapsing into e-drama, skits, and for some unfathomable reason gender-bending.


>Structurally impossible
You're an idiot. There are pressures that make it harder, but it's clearly not impossible. Maybe you're too used to e-celebs who are the content, not people who actually make things without being a personality.



whos the real one then?


Seethe and shoot yourself in front of your mother, envious dork


>trying this hard to fake being someone else
The joke's old, they already got a tripcode then you imitated them. They're a fuckhead who should go to another website for having a tripcode but you're somehow even more pathetic.


see /meta/, !!gK/JTZJPSM is the real one but they're both fucking losers and you shouldn't care.


So you think I photoshopped (You)s into that screenshot or I just planned all of this out back in December before anyone started the annoying bullshit of pretending to be me out of the pathetic seethe of un-self-aware leftypolers that can’t actually beat any argument I make?


>they're both fucking losers and you shouldn't care.
I don't, I only asked to fuck with the tripfag. I remember when sage got his, there was about 4-5 Sage trips in the moderation thread on bunkerchan, he was seething like a bitch. same MO as anprim, reporting "fake" trips and asking for them to be banned. tripfags truly are a pathetic bunch


>So you think I photoshopped (You)s into that screenshot
right click > inspect element


Except he isn’t you fucking retard
I wouldn’t have been pushed into this position if you seething losers thinking you’re more important than any other chan losers weren’t LARPing as me to not need to actually prove me wrong
>Oh, don’t need to prove him wrong if I just pretend to be him and say retarded shit
You people are so pathetic and weak, another one you hate is Sage for being better than almost every single one of you, same with Sabocat

This all started with this faggot copying my green flag, then copying the name I used to distinguish myself from him, then getting a tripcode before me when I asked how to get one in the mod thread, you people are lower than the shit I’m taking right now


didn't read


I didn’t “report” this faggot poser and he probably didn’t report me either, just pathetic that I needed to get a fucking trip and a new flag because you faggot pseudo-chinlets LARP as other people to not have to dismantle an argument





What the fuck I never got a tripcode.

What happened yesterday im so fucking confused. Is this a meme?


>This all started with this faggot copying my green flag, then copying the name I used to distinguish myself from him, then getting a tripcode before me when I asked how to get one in the mod thread, you people are lower than the shit I’m taking right now
>MY green flag
>the name I used
>getting a tripcode before ME


lol kill yourself retard


you haven't taken your daily covid booster. shoo shoo


Just ignore the other guy.
I'm not dumb, I know anyone can do basic HTML editing without any software beyond their browser.
I agree. I particularly like Carefree wandering for video essays. For introductory theory, I'm convinced there isn't a better resource than Filosofia de la Historia https://m.youtube.com/c/Filosof%C3%ADadelaHistoria in either English or Spanish. Some videos have manually translated subtitles in English, I think some of the videos are in English, but not sure. All of them have auto translate.
There's some good stuff. I recently found "Deleuze for the desperate" series on YouTube. Looks ok so far.

The Krupp documentary that someone made a thread about was great. I'm not really into history so these types of videos are a great way for me to learn about these stuff. I also watched it while cooking and cleaning the kitchen, which is extra nice.
Lots of words to "prove" you're me. Not fooling anyone.


You really are pathetic without limits
I hope you die in agony(Fake eco-socialist anon)


stfu fake tripfag


Its possible that someone else on the collective who later left was more knowledgeable in ML. There used to be more people on their show.


Haz, Haz, Haz loves little girls
They make him feel so good
Haz loves little girls
They make him feel so bad
When they're around
They make him feel like he’s the only guy in town
Haz loves little girls
They make him feel so good


oingo box


It seems as if greentext has taken over 4chan. From what I could see it seems as if reposting screenshots of greentext from 4chan is rather popular on reddit for some reason.


When you take away 99.80% of it, 4chan is surprisingly good.
Unfortunately that suck can't curate for shit and 4chan got worse in the past 7 years so I don't have high hopes, but in '12 that sub was cool.
It's like [insert every non-theory anti-capitalist subreddit that posts the same twitter screenshots all day], short dopamine-hit punchlines.


Reddit is downstream from 4cuck


You don't watch a whole lot of news, do you Mr Wayne?


Thanks mods. Its a shame things had to get to this point.
For me, it was as >>698347 says:
>but I guess can kinda see how his vocabulary could fool a brainlet.
I'm not really a brainlet, just not well read. I didn't discard him because I wanted to understand what he was saying. He turned out to not be saying anything deep and then for me it was pure trolling. Later I read up a little on Heidegger and understood Haz and his crew didn't really know what they were talking about. They mostly like to point to nice inspirational phrases, but beneath the esoteric concepts, there isn't much there, especially when it comes to IRL praxis, which is important for me there is basically nothing except esoteric synonyms for basic concepts.


to be fair they are all children maybe they will become better when they mature


>Later I read up a little on Heidegger and understood Haz and his crew didn't really know what they were talking about.
>there is basically nothing except esoteric synonyms for basic concepts.
exactly. anons were mesmerized by haz being hard to understand. they thought if they could only unravel the mysticism, there is something there. and haz kept endlessly teasing them about all his writings that were going to change the world, but they weren't ready for them. it was cult behavior 101. and apparently he admitted as much on twitter recently



File: 1642598998211.png (116.73 KB, 802x922, 20220119_062912.png)


haz really looks like reckful in this pic


Oh noes, the fabled texts of Haz are not real?

Does that mean the followers of the cult will be forever trapped in the Anglo box?


The Anglo box is a black hole


Trapped in the oingo box forever dealing with his Lolita complex


File: 1642600394236.png (141.24 KB, 1209x895, ClipboardImage.png)

This man can't do basic math holy shit


Damn. This is the reason I ended up getting a trip. One time I saged in all fields and then it stuck around on my laptop for some reason so i just went with it, then people started seething about it being a name and also I wanted to direct peoples war against the mods, so i stuck with it, then some completely insane poster began impersonating me, wrecking multiple threads, including the Bolivia coup thread at the time of the Bolivia coup, so I ended up getting a trip. That's when they really hit the fan and started harassing me literally every time I posted. From various conversations and deductions, this poster was either Ginjeet, or the mod Pasquale. More recently I have come to realise it was probably Pasquale. During the split, something weird happened where all the .org mods tried to blame a leftychan mod who had previously been on the team (zul) who they also claimed was leninhat- this was caballo and moody, but the leftychan mods also blamed a .org mod (Pasquale).

Judging by conversations in matrix with both Zul (normal enough guy for a chan mod) and Pasquale (utter fucking lunatic who repeatedly displayed such in an extremely distinctive style constantly) I think it was Pasquale.

That being said, the style was also characteristic of things Ginjeet said and did. Although maybe psychotic behaviour through the filter of an image board basically makes extremely toxic people barely distinguishable from each other. It eventually resulted in one of them trying to semi dox me because I did the crime of sharing some organising experience that I have.

The mods, for their part, actively encouraged this behaviour, as I had complaints about them, and they took it as some kind of petty revenge. They did this right up until the doxxing, and even after the doxxing, they still had to be persuaded by a large number of anons that actually it isn't okay to dox the userbase just because they said some shit you don't like, which just goes to show the level of petty narcissism and fit of pique the mods are consistently working at.

So yeh, this impersonating thing is a pattern of behaviour previously seen. You may find yourself harassed and attacked by somebody who seems to have mod powers. Did you recently have a disagreement with somebody who carried on for hundreds of posts and then came to find you in other threads to shoehorn the point in? In an increasingly irate style that eventually broke down directly nonsensical and ridiculous things? could be your guy


It's amazing you can accuse multiple people without evidence (of the same thing) and think it is not entirely clear who is the psycho here. All I am gonna say to you.


>I'm a narcissistic self aggrandizing wrecker


File: 1642600580182-0.png (281.89 KB, 1209x1366, ClipboardImage.png)



What the fuck? How do people think these retards like him, Haz, or Agent Kochinski are worth listening to when they double down on stupid errors like this as if basic math doesn’t exist?
I don’t know if these streamers or their audiences are the bigger retards.


guys pls stop
it's not nice to harass mentally disabled people


I have accused exactly 2 people.

My evidence for Ginjeet is purely his style of writing and also things he has said in matrix that were very similar to things that were said by this anon on the board. Although, like I said, my suspicions of him waned, suspect number 1 is Pasquale.

Why? Because several mods, some currently on the team, some who are now on the leftychan team, and ex mods from before the split, had suspicions it was him, and told me as much on various occasions.

On top of that, I have had extensive exchanges with this person, and it always seemed to be at the time Pasquale was online (you could tell because the logs were filled with his insane ban sprees and so on)

On top of that, I had regular exchanges with Pasquale in matrix, and again, the style was extremely similar to the unnamed anon, a lot of the subject matter was the same, the triggers seemed to be the same.

So the evidence is 1) eyewitness from mods 2) Eyewitness from myself, matching board log times with these insane rants that would happen and 3) circumstantial evidence of style and content.

I guess number 4 is that this person hated me with an obsessive passion, not like the average retard cries about not liking me, this person dogged every posted I made for a long time, often the things they would say would be completely ridiculous, pure contrarianism, then break down into seething and doing toxic shit, impersonating, semidoxing, etc. It was very noticeable who this person was.

That same obsessive hate has been displayed by pasquale on numerous occasions, it goes way above and beyond usual imageboard obtuse and autistic behavior


I can't tell with you to what degree your behavior is deliberate wrecking and to what degree it is mental illness.


(this post was supposed to be to the actual eco socialist anon who has been impersonated I am now extremely unclear which one is which, but the impersonator should know they are a ridiculous individual and colossal retard)



Oh noes, somebody got your flag, now they think it's you! How tragic.

Not quite *that* retarded, it's more "if you can think the earth is flat then the earth must be flat".
Of course, that is still not the same because it's about god, which is to say: if you already believe god exists, then that argument sounds smart.

He doesn't need to be anti-imperialist for the CIA to hate or for leftists to like him, but there's more options between being a proud Mayoist and expanding the world police.

That's very broad. Technically everyone has ties with the government, so what exactly did the guy do?


What about this is wrecking? Getting a trip with the expressed purpose of stopping a nutjob anon ruining multiple threads, including threads about a CIA coup? Or being doxxed for talking about organising?

Or speaking out against an anon impersonating another anon for the same effect. That is the real wrecking, and certainly mentally ill


>Wait wait wait… is this as retarded as I think it is? They literally just pull out any claim that has a presuposition, and then choose a presuposition that is true, and thus argue that the claim is also true?
>Not quite *that* retarded, it's more "if you can think the earth is flat then the earth must be flat".
It's basically the same thing though and this part is the most important thing:
<if you already believe god exists, then that argument sounds smart.
The really important thing to understand is that religious apologetics is designed to make religious people stop thinking critically about religion. It's meant to soothe their doubts enough that they'll stay in the community, but not enough to make them fully convinced. The anxiety about questioning beliefs is very lucrative, just like the anxiety about not being beautiful enough is used to sell cosmetic products. What burger evangelicals have figured out better than anybody is that neurotic anxiety about whether the beliefs are fucking retarded (they are) is actually way more effective at controlling people than true devoted belief.


File: 1642601811326.png (56.36 KB, 596x433, 1642601678_19-01-2022.png)

Lmao what the fuck is this


>I'm still thinking of marrying DDR anon after he showed his prowess and dominance over Haz.
Kek, when was this?


Bruh, what?


File: 1642601973342.png (379.66 KB, 600x337, ClipboardImage.png)

Am I dumb or just missing context?
3/3=1+4/3=0.3 ->4/3=1.3
9/9=1+1/9=0.1 -> 10/9=1.1



Like checkmark but based


Glowies explicitly claiming that a person is a threat to national security because communism is a gigabased seal of approval.


File: 1642602585970.png (453.26 KB, 536x623, ClipboardImage.png)

Just set off the nukes


Its a newsletter anyone can add to their profile.


Did this person actually do anything or are the glowies going mask off


Did he go in a shitpost frenzy to try and distract from the actual state of his business?


File: 1642602898053.jpg (35.02 KB, 500x280, 1491954906048.jpg)

name me one anime where the fans missed the point harder than they did with evangelion


File: 1642603458015.jpg (30.7 KB, 500x333, commie laugh.jpg)

CIA boomers are so fucking stupid
I literally cannot imagine a worse reaction than this


"Just doing a quick request cause I run out of my money too fast. If anyone has $30 I’ll send it right back to you Friday.
Cash App: $joeywreck
Venmo: joeywreck"


File: 1642603735206.png (11.72 MB, 2225x3172, ClipboardImage.png)

Begin binge listening Bill Burr this week.
1-Dude's pretty fucking funny.
2-Not half as edgy as libs think he is.
3-he and Nia is absolute relationship goals.


Yeah. He's good. Do you like Doug Stanhope?


Eh, it happens to responsible adults too. You can be as careful as you want, but eventually some insane shit happens, like your car breaking down 25km from the nearest city before you got your insurance or half of the wiring in your house burning because of a storm.

Haven't heard of him. I'm not huge into stand up. I do like John Mulaney tho.


I've noticed some of his (former?) fans thinking he sold out cause he married, and a black woman to boot. Plus some talk about his bits being tamer but that's just bullshit IMO. They thought he was a Cumia when he wasn't even remotely like that.


I mean I know money troubles can happen but begging on Twitter? Damn man.


File: 1642605342619.jpg (367.61 KB, 1080x1035, IMG_20220119_161428.jpg)

Jokerfied Aimee


I wasn't that mesmerized, I knew Haz was spouting BS from the moment the mods were championing his streams. I watched only a few seconds of his stream and knew that he was saying Bullshit.


i'm tired of this gotta dicksuck the cons arc of the internet saga.
it's so tiring
i'm tired
the internet is cringe
fuck it all
fuck memes
fuck the zoomers who are brainwashed by them
there is no revolutionary potential in the west or anywhere.
i'm abyss pilled, not even sophia will save us from the muck of god.


if it makes you feel any better, the internet and social media have compressed time so hard that this arc won't last for a couple more years. the nu-post-lefties either have to go back to being angry leftoids or go full on fashoid. then in a few years after that they'll become trad-Buddhas or something.


What the fuck is this uyghas' problem?


Burr is based af


Yeah, true, but that speaks more about lack of social skills irl.

Some people will not be satisfied until their favorite comedian wear a nazi uniform and recite Hitler's speeches word for word "as a bit", Bill was just smart enough to not fall for it.
I don't think he's tame, he's just more nuanced, which just makes him a much better comedian than average.

Rise up gamers.

I'm hopeful. More and more it's becoming clear to everyone that nothing short of a revolution will do. Soon enough even libs will start saving their money on gold and learn how to manufacture bullets.


can someone explain to me wtf are they talking about?


Terrible Taco can't do basic fractions.


There are several forms of the ontological argument, given by different theologians and philosophers throughout the middle ages. They are all kind of retarded, but the one I am most familiar with is less retarded than this.
Basically, you start by defining God as the perfect substance, ie one that possesses all positive predicates to an infinite degree (omnipotent, omniscient, omni-benevolent, etc.). (At this point, you are not asserting that God exists/is actual, you are only defining a concept, just like the concept of unicorn being defined as a horse with a horn does not assert that unicorns are actual).
The next premise is basically that actuality is a positive predicate, or that an actual perfect thing is more perfect than a hypothetical perfect thing.
Therefore, God is actual. God exists by definition to an infinite degree. (The definition of God implies God's existence, in a way that the definition of unicorn does not imply the existence of unicorns).
There are a lot of problems with this argument, but a big one talked about by Kant is that actuality is not a real predicate. (eg the concept of $100 is the same whether it is a hypothetical $100 or $100 that you actually have, actuality is not a predicate that gets added to the concept of $100, it is a modality)


Welcome to the nhk


stopped reading






>Basically, you start by defining God as the perfect substance, ie one that possesses all positive predicates to an infinite degree
Nietzsche was right, Socrates was the begginning of the end for European culture.


Go back


Rude to impersonate like that but it's still a matter of etiquette and that can't be relied upon to stop bad faith attacks. I'm surprised it took this long tbh

In fact, I'm really surprised that raiders haven't started using the various flagfags and untripped namefag identities to sow chaos. Maybe too much effort but damn you could, do some damage with a dozen dedicated posters that started flaseflagging and making trips and sowing confusion.


I doubt anyone would care, the only one who cares is themselves.


File: 1642609556057.mp4 (410.36 KB, 1280x720, -1 social credit.mp4)

If you view flags as meaning something more than a convenience to attatch an image to a post without the effort of digging through an image or video folder you're doing it wrong son

Don't attach more to a flag than you'd attatch to a file attached to a post


File: 1642610068712.png (79.72 KB, 211x244, 1620443540815.png)

>needing pies to think in fractions
No Child Left Behind really does have its consequences…


I can't stress this enough but this.


what even is the 10/9 and 4/3 figures about anyways?


You should check out his animated show f is for family. It’s hilarious


It’s the opposite. President Sunday thinks 10/9 is larger than 4/3.


>one tenth left
>one quarter left
Is this just confusion about conventions for how to represent fractions and ratios? Some cultures put the numerator and denominator in opposite positions.


Proportion of Jews in banking vs Germans in banking during 1920s-1930s Germany


Really? What culture puts them in reverse?


I think I've seen it backwards from some places in europe and asia, but I've definitely seen it before.


the french


That’s interesting because I’ve lived in Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, and the US but I’ve always encountered it the same. I guess because of Anglo colonization kek


Fun fact lots of places have used different bases for their number systems but anglos are the reason base 10 is the global standard, even though it's not the best. Base 12 used to be really popular because it works better for common fractions, e.g. 1/3 is 0.4 but anglos didn't like it because the french did or some dumb bullshit.


Okay, I see, it's actually all a matter of interpretation, not calculation (oh god, this is calculus 1 all over again):

3/4=75% of ethnic (!?) germans take part in banking

9/10=90% of [german] jews take part in banking


25% of non-jewish Germans didn't took part in banking in contrast to 10% of german jewish people.

I'm not gonna bother watching a Schlecht empada video, but he's a fucking idiot if he's making an argument about math (and getting it wrong) when the reason jewish people are over represented in banking (or were, I have better shit to do than run a fucking /pol/ census) was because the Catholic Church forbade them from doing anything else for centuries.


>anglos are the reason base 10 is the global standard
Pretty sure the French are. Hence angloids still using barbaric measures like feet, yards, miles, pounds, stones, pints and gallons in stead of propper metric.


i thought we were working in like 1.111% vs 1.33% honestly


<Sometimes women arn't even avaliable in prison and girly "guys" are easy to fuck. You likely don't have the ability to fuck a girl whenerver you want like how you can with guys so if you can't fuck a girl its not gay to fuck a guy
My fucking sides!


Honestly we should be looking at the original numbers to figure it out because the 4/3 vs 10/9 makes it look like it's a ratio of over-representation, i.e. that german jews have 133% the numbers you'd expect relative to their share of the population while ethnic germans only had 111% above their share of population (both being higher because other minorities were not involved). There's too much information missing behind the exchange to properly make sense of it.


Fucking another man cause you're desperate doesn't make you gay. The neurosis around whether somebody is gay or straight is self-imposed retardation by straightfags.
t. bisexual



Haha if he sees this he will completely flip


File: 1642616175856.png (1.12 MB, 1086x652, ClipboardImage.png)

Just like the worst guys on grindr the romans?

This is why the YPK will win.

If you fuck a dude you're not straight.
T. also bisexual

I don't see why you'd represent overrepresentation with a fraction. Whatever overrepresentation could mean, it would be 3 numbers, not 2.


Tweet it out to him. I don’t have a Twitter


>If you fuck a dude you're not straight.
It's only gay if you are the catcher and like it.


File: 1642616760745.gif (2.61 MB, 600x300, hon hon hon.gif)

>the french


File: 1642617049592.gif (2.03 MB, 208x200, 1605834630955.gif)

At this point I think EcoSoc anon is just a bot created by the mods of this site to create constant discourse and drama to bump threads.


I think BadEmpanada is right in his spaz with President Sunday. The point isn't that the Jews may have been overrepresented by 0,1% (!) because that was not the thing the Nazis claimed, they claimed a much larger proportion, but since data doesn't corroberate they need to get conspiratorial, the "secret" Jew pulling the strings of corrupt directors.

I don't understand why this President Sunday really wants to die on this hill in defense of Agent Kochinski. Like, Jesus Christ.


File: 1642625178300.png (1.41 MB, 1080x2113, ClipboardImage.png)


people who say that 4chan is losing influence is just coping. If anything it has become EVEN MORE POPULAR than before. The zoomers really are turning to the right.


Post sources on any of those last two sentences.


when was the last time they even did anything? They haven't even had a school shooter in a couple years. Gay and tired out




>muh internet echo chamber
every single poll conducted in the last several years shows burger zoomers turning away from the far-right, ffs


>taking these numbers in isolation
you would get skullfucked by a stat 101 prof in pure rage


what's the issue? Numbers up = more engagement


Thank you.
When you say 'more popular', is there a timefram you had in mind? Because since the 2020 election, /pol/ has been remarkably static (see 1yr /pol/ graph) and /all/ (1yr /all/ if the big drop in Juy after the new captchas is ignored).

That said, I do expect the 2022 midterms to bring hype and activity back, political places live by elections, even here to a degree, and there will undoubtedly be a PPH spike in November/December that could leave them with a few new regulars, like a smaller 2016 or 2020.

>The zoomers really are turning to the right.

I don't agree, based on various USA IRL polls.


>more numbers up in a specific niche community

You cannot be serious


B-but muh polls
polling is muh science tier of soifaggotry. It's the same type of people who discredit Jung and Freud and then get people addicted to PILLS


What is this cope?




how are you this naive


Maybe you just spend too much time in rightoid shitholes like 4chan and dis.cord?
Most zoomers use Twitter and Instagram and Youtube, most memes are just retarded incoherent crap and have no political bend or are about mental illness


File: 1642630061904.png (141.61 KB, 360x346, tenor.png)

holy fuck absolute feels > reals hours here


Memes are the midochondria of ideology itself. Soijaks are basically mindworms that turn zoomers to the right. Just look at the thumbnails of recent youtube videos and you will see the soijak pointing at shit meme, which will then infest the rest of the zoomers with the troonjak which is an association with not only transsexuals but also the general degeneracy of the online left thus creating seperation from the left to zoomers because of this. STupidpol was an attempt to stop this, but they failed.
thinking the internet doesn't matter. I touched grass and everyone uses the internet
people go on 4chan and don't say anything about it.
whatever your say doc




> people go on 4chan and don't say anything about it
I’ll take
“Shit You Have Absolutely No Evidence For”
for 400, Alex


Do you not understand how fucking algorithms work?

You're seeing all this right-wing content because your search and browsing history gets fed into an algorithm spits out shit it thinks you're going to like based onr your past activity. If you're hanging around right-leaning places like 4chan and Reddit then fucking hell of course you're gonna see soyjak-tier shit in your recommendations. Holy fuck how are you this bad at the internet


>just look at le memes dood
I came across this the other day, you cringe you lose


File: 1642630646343.jpg (20.84 KB, 300x316, 1631383934407.jpg)

now this is some schizo posting


>thinks statistics is bunk but offers schizo arguments about how "memes are the mitochondria of ideology itself"

touch fucking grass, holy shit


I refuse to believe that anything good comes from this world. I do not think that zoomers are as anti-right as you think they are. You laugh at me, but I know for a fact that I can sense the decay of the world around me, and when you see that shit it fucking changes you. I touched grass and the grass touched me. I can feel the demons inside of everyone's minds FUCKING THEM with rightiod ideology, we live in the most right-wing apexes of history in which the talons of reaction sink into the flesh of humanity and tears into them to shreds. subs like anti-work or random ml tiktoks don't negate SJW cringe shit (which is CIA) and the reaction against it. I saw that my brother had a tiktok and I knew how it hooked him. That is the grass that I touched and that is when I became a knower of memes.


I'm pretty sure you're actually psychotic.

Log off and check yourself in.


Billie Eilishis the biggest CIA industry plant ever, second only to Lil Nas X.


If you got a blowjob you’d probably calm down


all the hoes here are fat and being a homo is not an option because of the surge of anti-gay sentiment period.




I'm not kidding. Get off social media, and if you can afford it, get an appointment with either a therapist, a psychiatrist, or both, because you are coming off as legitimately unglued.


What the fuck



I dunno guys I think this post is true, I'm not as pessimistic but I too touched the grass and it too touched me. I let the rage fuel me. I would like to sit on soft green grass every day and swim in cool clear water in the sunshine.

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