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5th Edition: Real succdem hour edition

Discuss anything on Southeast Asian politics. Elections, open orgs, Myanmar breaking apart or just random shit. There’r still dozens of us… hopefully!

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>If anti-communists believe in it, it must be wrong
This is most ass backward troll logic I’ve ever seen. Both sides of the argument support the fact of Stalin having disdain of his own worship. Something that the only people who fought against it having personal political goals against him.
>listing three place that was named after him before the official ban in 1934
Can you read or do you not know how governmental bureaucracy works? One you go through the absolute nightmare of changing a city’s name, changing it back will take the same amount of horrible effort, especially in the context of Stalin was still handling the effects of preparing for the coming war and reforming the military after the reorganization of the purge. I’m surprised he even have the time to issue the ban in the first place. Or do you expect him to personally go to every single city named after him to tell them to change it back with a memorandum?
Based on the sloppy links you’ve given me most of the results are just you searching about things that named after Stalin and then copying the Russian language wiki to make them feel more legit. Do you expect more to make an honest rebuttal to such sad effort clearly in bad faith. Reminder that I’m not even a Stalinist here. I’m just making an obvious comparison that somehow angered you for some reason.
>Don't be a fucking retard, khruschevites were literally rewriting history to suit their needs - including altering memoirs.
<Khrushchev personally changed history to suit his need 1984 style
Hey I’m only using Occam’s razor here. So in your mind you think that literally everyone wants to portray Stalin to be against his cult of personality. From political opportunists Khrushchev (who needs to bad mouth Stalin to get ahead), out of favor old supporters like Molotov and even western cold warrior historians (who have little to no reason to give Stalin a good nuance light). But then for what reason? Why do they want to say that?
There’s literally no motivation behind the grand conspiracy you’re insinuating. Shouldn’t Khrushchev talk more about Stalin’s god complex more like his secret speech? Why rewrite Molotov’s memoir when the guy is still alive? Why does Molotov needs to rewrite anything related to Stalin when he got sidelined by the old Stalin a few years before his death? Shouldn’t western historians do the same to make him more of a maniacal villain?

Or maybe, just maybe because most of his actions had nothing even remotely close to a support of his worship and all parties involved with even his political enemies can see that. You don’t need to be a genius to draw this simple conclusion. And come on now, I’m an honest to Marx Khrushchevite here and even I know the lovable retard wasn’t that competent or powerful. If he was, he wouldn’t get himself dumbstruck when he realized Brezhnev had coup’ed him on a morning to work.
>Even then EVERYONE RED who participated in Civil War got cities named after them, except for Trotsky, Tukhachevsky and people like that.
>This whole bullshit with "Stalin against his cult" should look incredibly fishy from the get go to anyone who saw Revolutionary names of Soviet-Russian cities, because it just contradicts "historians" claims.
Make up your mind mate. Throughout your posts you have contradicted yourself multiple times now. If everyone in the civil war had their names put on locations, then would that make everyone with a cult on their own. Which then brings back to my argument about Lenin streets. They were used because simply names of monarch would be incredibly idiotic in the context of that time. If that’s the case why bring up the cities with Stalin as the name?
>Jesus christ, Stalin was ordering to dig a channel bearing his name! Don't be a goddamn retard, falling for stupidest propaganda.
Ah yes the propaganda of western historians to make Stalin look good how could I forget! And here I thought that anti-communists often want to portray communist leaders as egomaniacal men who wanted to put themselves in everything like Big Brother. I guess I was wrong, most anti-communist historians actually love Stalin so much they build him up as a selfless professional politician with their anti-communist propaganda!
And on the channel. You mean the Baltic Sea canal that most just call it that? Funny how it got its name changed more than half a decade after Khrushchev was in power. The efficiency or lack there of of Soviet bureaucracy makes the argument you made up top meaningless yet again. Funny you didn’t even post the links for this one since it just makes you look like a fool.
>Lolno, those "multiple sources" are extremely narrow and rare. Khruschevites were sowing fbi.govs between stalinists at the time, and there's plenty of claims that Stalin was attacking Voroshilov and his other closest people. Why WOULDN"T khruschevites claim that Stalin was against his own cult?
When those sources are from the west and east alike my man. You haven’t even addressed the most important one that is the dozens of speeches Stalin made in the 30s and 40s going against leader worship as it was unsocialist. Ah yes, you continue your rebuttal with another impossible to falsify conspiracy theory about the supposed intelligent cornholio using tactics to divide Stalinists while making himself look bad. Such 69d chess moves! You do understand that most people on Stalin’s side supported his policies instead of him right?
>You have not even a clue who Lenin was for USSR! Morn his death? Seriously? Look at North Koreans crying over their dead Leader. Are you going to say that before his death there was no veneration, no statues of him, no his books, no nothing? That crying was the thing that started "worship"? Get your brain straight
Why are you talking about North Korea? We’re talking about Lenin in the specific context of the USSR here. Where as you’ve said above named everything after Russian civil war figures from generals to bureaucrats. Having statues and streets for Lenin (the man that basically helmed the formation of the USSR the first socialist state in existence in the world) isn’t the same as that but a cult? Really now!
Also get my brain straight? Buddy, I’m not the guy with a western pro Stalinist conspiracy in his brain while constantly contradicting myself in every paragraph. I think if you continue this obviously schizophrenic behavior I should just let you post more to make yourself more of a clown. At least it’ll offer more content than mindless bump posts.


Habib Rizieq still hot even after 10 months.

Even demonstrations broke out in support of him: https://www.cnnindonesia.com/nasional/20210902162529-20-688941/demo-di-makassar-massa-minta-rizieq-shihab-dibebaskan

Do you feel like Habib Rizieq Shihab is Indonesia's Donald Trump?


More like Indonesian Dennis Prager.
>highly religious to even his peers
>funded by oil barons
>never got into big political stage despite a lot of support


File: 1630678883360-0.jpg (183 KB, 1080x1080, DN AIDID..jpg)

File: 1630678883360-1.jpg (177.38 KB, 1080x1080, MUSSO.jpg)


>An attempted coup occurred on 30 September 1965, which was later officially blamed on the PKI (see Transition to the New Order). On 2 October, Aidit went to Yogyakarta to meet the regional PKI chairman Sutrisno. After a few hours, Aidit moved to Semarang also to consolidate to the party officials in the region. The meeting concluded that the coup was the Army's internal problem and PKI knew nothing about it. In the afternoon of that day, Aidit went to Boyolali to meet Boyolali regent Suwali who was a PKI member. Aidit then went to Solo to meet the mayor Utomo Ramelan who was also a member. The meeting contradicted the conclusion of the meeting in Semarang. Several Politbiro members including Aidit and M.H. Lukman met in Blitar on 5 October. There Aidit wrote a letter of the PKI view of the coup which was read by Njoto during a cabinet meeting in Bogor.
<dude if it has nothing to do with us, it’s surely not a culmination of a plan made year long to destroy the PKI. Just write a letter lol.
His death was tragic but this is Bernie and Corbyn level of naivety. How the fuck did his party become the biggest party in the country while having no paramilitary force? Suharto tied the noose, Aidid put it around his own neck.


I guess he really thought that Sukarno really had things under control. Also arming the PKI would make it wayyyy easier for the military and the Americans to blame PKI anyway.


The conflict was inevitable. How do you expect a bunch of Islamic fundamentalists and imperial trained military personnel go along peacefully with the 3rd largest communist party in the world? That’s like the Bolshevik trusting Kerensky to keep the Whites under control, complete fantasy. If you’re a communist in a country that hasn’t had a communist revolution, your first expectation is that they’ll be coming for your head in time, not winning the poll.


Maybe if Sukarno receive aid from the USSR to keep the economy and his army in control the PKI might have a chance to gain more popularity and arm themselves.


Sukarno should've purged Suharto from the military as well as "disgruntled" (actually spy) military officers instead.


What the hell is going on in Myanmar?
Very difficult because he was part of the non-aligned movement. Everything could’ve been better if he hadn’t compromised his support for the PKI with trying to balance everything else. However it’s also the fault within the PKI’s naivety of the time to even place all of their trusts on one man that was never a communist in the first place.


>What the hell is going on in Myanmar?
Just CIA things~


You will face the wall, zionist filth


Ask Washington to pay us back for what you've done to us in 1965, cuntpitalist shill.


>shadow government to oppose junta
Btw do you side with the junta or the people?


File: 1631058790047.jpg (84.47 KB, 474x711, cuntpitalism.jpg)

I love capitalism!


Again, ask Washington to pay us what you've done back in 1965. Not to forget Timor!


You mean the retard that had his entire family killed by glow? Soekarno sure learned from him!


>failed to crush cuban revolutionaries despite backing from gusanos and the (((CIA)))
JFK is a joke even worse than Nixon


>Has very remarkable urban planning
>Rethinking The Future


>Worst urban planning ever
>Also Rethinking the Future

Would Indonesia be radically different had it not become independent yet. instead choosing to be a dependency of the Netherlands?


>Would Indonesia be radically different had it not become independent yet.
Compared to other Dutch colonies it was a better alternative. Most got even more fucked up by the British when they got exchanged.
>instead choosing to be a dependency of the Netherlands?
No country is better off being dependent on their ex-colonial masters. Look at the eternal economic burden and threats of political intervention in Francophone Africa for example. Or what happened to most British colonies when they got “released”.

However I would even argue that Indonesia never fully decolonized. The Dutch military won on every front until they got stretched too thin and had to give up on their own. This is not something like the Indochinese war where the Vietminh, Pathet Laos and Khmer Issarak were beating the French legionnaires while controlling most of the region. Later the Dutch-trained local military clique later made into the backbone of the new order, which later was the ones that made Jakarta into the ramshackle trash heap of today.


Yea look at Philippines right now. Still clinging onto to its colonial master. What a joke it is now.


File: 1631203038660.jpg (30.4 KB, 474x551, Ne Win.jpg)

Your thoughts on Ne Win?



Takes on this /SEA/bros? Who is complicit?


44 confirmed dead including 2 foreigners at an overcapacitated area of the prison


>>485547 (continued)
It is due to overcapacity and Polri is to blame because they have made those prisons like crap


Probably because the prison had shit fire prevention system that made the fire spread out of control. Plus the architecture of a place like that is not friendly for air circulation so smoke might form inescapable death clouds inside that suffocated the inmates.


Will this change anything or will it stay the same?


It depends, if they want to improve, then it would become much better, otherwise expect more incidents like these in the coming years


File: 1631421235061.jpg (22.59 KB, 474x332, BJH.jpg)


9/11/2019 - 9/11/2021



>2 years old
damn this lil dude aged like shit!


File: 1631434234306-0.jpg (837.89 KB, 720x3440, HABIBIE summary.jpg)

File: 1631434234306-1.jpg (757.09 KB, 720x3682, HABIBIE summary 2.jpg)

File: 1631434234306-2.jpg (742.28 KB, 716x3467, HABIBIE summary 3.jpg)

File: 1631434234306-3.jpg (378.13 KB, 720x1756, HABIBIE summary 4.jpg)


File: 1631440145154.png (337.34 KB, 474x451, ClipboardImage.png)

Saw this out of the corner of my eye, thought it was Alfred E Neuman.


It's 2 years since his death


>The great reformer
Too bad he didn’t reform enough to get out of neoliberalism though. Nonetheless he’s not the reason for the reforms but the people that protested were.


File: 1631458568962.png (55.97 KB, 400x380, 1533577595887.png)

RIP he seemed pretty cool.


Cases in Singapore hitting 1k liao. Guess it is back to shift work soon.


“The open the economy” plan here got pushed back to the end of the month. We’re probably heading toward covid being flu 2.0. scenario for the world.


>Imagine having one of the longest parliament session in Singapore about immigration and racism where everyone including you beats their dead horses, only for the biggest takeaway from it that you are an elitist.

Couldn't have happened to a worse person.


What can we learn from this happening?


EU sides with China? Meanwhile Burgers sticks with their loyals anglo friends?



File: 1631852967134.jpg (65.63 KB, 640x360, FUCK ANGLO Charms.jpg)

>EU sides with China


Australia is not part of SEA. Go to their general for that.


France still have empire delusions. Unlike the UK or AUS who have been cucked since the 60s. Of course they’ll go with the side that currently offers more autonomy to expand.


>EU sides with China
>I smell neo warsaw pact
Socialist Europe under joint Russian-Chinese guidance when?



imagine australia's reaction


ah just let scomo cope hard we'll be fine


File: 1631971018589.jpg (211.57 KB, 1280x933, madiun.jpg)

Today is Madiun Day!


Probably never. Russia as it is now is a neoliberal oligarchy while China’s social democracy is almost the same as France and Germany. Literally nothing would change if they became allies.


Well, except for the fact that the Americans are going to seethe so hard over it.

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