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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Feel free to watch US related happenings and chat with other anons at : https://tv.leftypol.org (You can create your own channel too)

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Bloomberg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dp8PhLsUcFE
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They didn't declare war, breh. This is literally their standard M.O.


It's exactly that. It seems the link is gone from my browser's memory, but the creator had a background of contact with the alphabet soup. Its initial name was racial realism (seriously) until the creator's intellectual heir changed it to critical race theory to steal valor from critical theory.

If you ask me, we have no chance in media. We should keep a token presence, and that's it. We have to proselytize in the neighborhoods. While porky media keeps everything seemingly fine, our ideas grow under its shadow.


File: 1618633232226.jpg (134.46 KB, 700x1069, Cask-of-Amontillado-01.jpg)

>>173584 >>173702 >>173788 >>173798 >>173864

Imagine getting all the rich Muskfags in the tunnel at once

Just imagine


city slickers are so stupid holy shit


File: 1618634240697.png (317.06 KB, 759x572, fkfghwwwy_jpeg.png)



That would be much less deadly than the real thing.

I can't recall quite when, but I do remember that it turned against him quite strongly, first on Twitter then elsewhere, a few years ago. His dicksucking was at its apex when suddenly the journos which used to hail him did a 180. Maybe his checks bounced or something.


He acted like a petulant little toddler when there were the boys trapped in an underwater cave a few years ago, throwing a hissy fit when nobody would pay attention to him and his retarded little mini sub that didn't work. That was embarrassing enough but public opinion really turned on him when he randomly accused one of the divers of being a pedophile out of nowhere, because he was jealous that the filthy mud peasant was getting praised as a hero merely because he saved the kids, when daddy musk had the [i]intention[/i] of saving the kids and got no credit at all.

I think that was the first crack in the armor, I can't remember seeing much/any shit talking towards musk before that.


I recall the 180 I mentioned having happened before that, tho it was mostly restricted to Twitter, which has a disproportionate presence of journos and media people.


File: 1618640633698.png (20 KB, 667x290, Screenshot 2021-04-17 at 0….png)

Hate this failson so fucking much. Every time I read about him I despise him even more.


Retail workers should be allowed to physically kill customers that assault or even insult them. I'm sure a dead bad customer or two will improve America quite a lot.


Wth happened to that car?


Woah calm down, violence is not the answer

Anyway, holy shit working retail in an area filled with new money types is the literal fucking worst. I swear to god, liberal individualism is a motherfucking disgrace. These people will fucking rifle through an entire shelf of product for something at the back that expires literally, and I mean LITERALLY a few hours or a day later than the stuff at the front which absolutely destroys FIFO ordering for perishables which results in the next guy getting only shit that expires soon, as well as completely fucking the displays.

These idiots also just dump shit everywhere, I've found entire fresh cut 5lb hams inside of ice cream coolers, hidden behind milk, raw fish shoved behind frozen pizzas, all kinds of stuff that's like, can you show even basic consideration for anything around you? I've literally seen people take product, look at it, and instead of putting it back where it was LITERALLYgo through the extra effort to put it out in the fucking boonies.

I shop at the poor person grocery store and sometimes I used to wander around there pre corona out of weird boredom (suburban hell so not much to do) and people watch and I never saw anything in as much disarray as where I work now, and those guys have even less staff than we do.

One of our employees got hit by some dumb FAGGOT in our parking lot who just decided their bitch wife or god knows fuck couldn't wait and then proceeded to do 60mph in the tiny ass parking lot. Like what the fuck? I routinely see people floor it through the area behind the store to get to….the other side? People parking in the employee parking in the back, people with Mercedes S-Classes unable to park properly

Not to mention the complete disregard and disrespect for employees. I'm going insane because people will cut me off and bump into me no less than 5 times a day when I'm trying to do my job because somehow they just can't see me.

I had this dumb fucking bitch basically straddle me while I cleaned up an egg spill because she was too much of a fucking dumbass to wait 2-4 minutes or go get something else while I cleaned up the mess she could easily slip and die on.

It's insanity. I might be generalizing too much but I've worked in another place in this plaza and I swear the culture of petty boug (which does not apply only to Anglos, as these are not primarily Anglos though they tend to be the worst) in America is just rationalized sociopathy.

I don't even understand how "society" is meant to continue functioning when it's all just one long chain of people having basically zero regard for anyone around them.



>rifle through an entire shelf of product for something at the back that expires literally, and I mean LITERALLY a few hours or a day later than the stuff at the front
must admit i do this with some stuff, mostly milk, but don't take it that far. i've had milk go bad too many times, even before the expire date. so i often look in the back for later dates, but I wouldn't care about a small difference. the store i go to sometimes the milk in front 'expires' in like 4 days, and occasionally even like tomorrow. i've even seen it sometimes already expired and still out there for sale. if the date's not at least a week away i look behind or won't buy it, or will look for a different kind of milk.


Well apparently DSA managed to push Senator Angus King to support the PRO Act. Let's cross our fingers and hope they can pressure the rest.


How the fuck are there still pacifists around considering the outrages of 2020?

If you notice what I wrote, I wrote "allowed". It can't be incitement, because I am implying it would be legal. Legalize deadly and disproportionate employee self defence!


I mean, I was being sarcastic, which should have been obvious considering the near homocidal rant that followed.

I always found it morbid that employees actually have no right to self defense. I know some of you guys are NEETs, but every job I've had has basically told us or implied that if someone hits us or is otherwise threatening us we basically can't do shit except call the cops.

I was actually in an armed robbery in the last job I had and instead of being allowed to go home (at 12am no less lol) after they had us stay and continue cleaning up the kitchen despite the fact that the robbers (who we managed to kick out in uh, self defense) were probably still lurking around

I seriously, and I mean seriously have no idea how having a service or otherwise low skill job doesn't turn people into anti-capitalists. I've been trying to get into the labor aristocracy by doing the STEM thing and I swear on me mum I will still desire to bring this system down just because of the crap me and the other people I saw have to put up with in that racket. It's ridiculous.


You should just get the one with the longest time for yourself

Let the shop throw away the expired one. Anyway many shops have heaps of expired stuff they forget to throw away so you should always check


what "personal subjective interest" do they have in it?


Edison actually had some engineering and science capabilities of his own and actually took part in research. Musk is just a pure marketing guy that larps as universal genius for the sake of his ego.


File: 1618666396420.jpg (21.66 KB, 268x268, download (8).jpg)

>This wayward behavior is on display in his personal life too. According to one person who witnessed an argument between Musk and a former girlfriend upon leaving a club one evening, Musk aggressively railed against her, asking why she had hair on her face (referring to the slight peach fuzz that everyone has, visible under the bright light of the club’s awning). “Because I’m a mammal,” the girlfriend replied, which only pissed Musk off even more.

>“There is a high level of degenerate behavior with Elon,” one person who knows Musk told me. “There’s a paranoia: Are you with me or against me?” Musk’s hyper energy is sometimes uncomfortable to be around, this person added: “I genuinely want to leave the room sometimes when he walks in.” And, while he can even come across as a “bully,” they noted that Musk is not alone among tech titans in this character trait. “All of these guys, I’ve spent time with them, Musk, Zuck, all of them; they all exhibit tendencies of total and complete pathological sociopathy. They don’t at their core give a flying fuck about you or me as individuals.”


>At about 10 o’clock on Saturday evening, an angry Musk was examining one of the production line’s mechanized modules, trying to figure out what was wrong, when the young, excited engineer was brought over to assist him. “Hey, buddy, this doesn’t work!” Musk shouted at the engineer, according to someone who heard the conversation. “Did you do this?”

>The engineer was taken aback. He had never met Musk before. Musk didn’t even know the engineer’s name. The young man wasn’t certain what, exactly, Musk was asking him, or why he sounded so angry. “You mean, program the robot?” the engineer said. “Or design that tool?”

>“Did you fucking do this?” Musk asked him.

>“I’m not sure what you’re referring to?” the engineer replied apologetically.

>“You’re a fucking idiot!” Musk shouted back. “Get the fuck out and don’t come back!”

>The young engineer climbed over a low safety barrier and walked away. He was bewildered by what had just happened. The entire conversation had lasted less than a minute. A few moments later, his manager came over to say that he had been fired on Musk’s orders, according to two people with knowledge of the situation. The engineer was shocked. He’d been working so hard. He was set to get a review from his manager the next week, and had been hearing only positive things. Instead, two days later, he signed his separation papers.



File: 1618668107245.mp4 (228.71 KB, 640x360, Biden calls nazi faggs.mp4)

Biden calls Nazis "faggs" lmao


>That fucking JUST face he makes
love the dementia slip


File: 1618668606151.jpg (220.11 KB, 602x1125, Fascism and faggots.jpg)

Dementia man is not wrong.




Does he have light sensitivity now?


He’s got to shield his eyes from the glow of all those Nazi fags.




He's like "aww goddammit"


Heis gonna call Obama a nig nog next.


File: 1618670936483.jpg (58.42 KB, 406x565, 01ffefec4f5c72bb9e98ea4f36….jpg)



File: 1618672173642.png (401.54 KB, 650x433, ClipboardImage.png)

>When a Wall Street analyst asked Tesla’s chief financial officer about capital expenditures, Musk responded: “Boring. Bonehead questions are not cool. Next?” With the next question, he erupted again. “These questions are so dry. They’re killing me!” and called upon a YouTube video blogger with an enormous enthusiasm for Tesla to ask questions for the next 20 minutes. (The company’s stock price dropped more than 5 percent after the call.)

The inbred child king sits on capitalism's throne.


That passing guy looked at it wrong.

What about personal cargo movement e.g. furnishings, or light construction equipment?

The Party decides whether the vote will be allowed to fail or pass, you know. Nothing gets brought to a vote without foreknowledge of how that vote is going to go.

"Their" grandkids, for example.


Meanwhile, Bezos is now part of the national security establishment.


File: 1618672348833.png (1.25 MB, 1400x1500, 1618076694862.png)

>called upon a YouTube video blogger with an enormous enthusiasm for Tesla to ask questions for the next 20 minutes.



It’s almost miraculous this dude has survived this long as a total basket case. I think Musk sounds a lot more unhinged than some other executives. Many executives are demanding and callous towards their subordinates, it is pretty common to hear about executives that rage at people. But most top executives also don’t publicly rage on Twitter, and they don’t over-promise to the degree Musk does. Musk basically lies to the market constantly, other executives are often more tempered in their ability to manage expectations. Even Zuckerberg, who has exhibited sociopathic tendencies in the past with the way he dealt with the Winklevoss case and his long ago leaked private messages, can usually navigate the boundary between his private and public persona. It’s just the case that he has zero charisma so his public persona is being a robotic lizardman. But Musk genuinely seems dysfunctional. He can’t control his desire to impress everyone by promising that he will create a warp drive next year, and when that clearly isn’t happening he goes ballistic and starts screaming at people that they’re making him look bad.



The way kids are talked about and generally understood and handled is sociopathic and literally indoctrinates them into class structure from birth.


File: 1618674385338.jpeg (68.35 KB, 517x593, B4538090-F9A1-4C9B-A236-5….jpeg)

Lamest fucking corporate overlords ever


>striking workers in New York build their own isp
Is there any chance it'll be a co-op? Is WSWS smearing them yet?


> >“You’re a fucking idiot!” Musk shouted back. “Get the fuck out and don’t come back!”

>>The young engineer climbed over a low safety barrier and walked away. He was bewildered by what had just happened. The entire conversation had lasted less than a minute. A few moments later, his manager came over to say that he had been fired on Musk’s orders, according to two people with knowledge of the situation.

Dude should have punched the muskrat or ripped off his shitty toupee. He was going to get fired anyways


He’d be a hero but also be put in jail for a decade after Musk uses every lawyer at his disposal to destroy his life completely.


File: 1618676668395.jpg (82.78 KB, 960x720, FB_IMG_1618425190368.jpg)

They really need to let this guy speak more.


KEK Biden is the great uniter, he will confusedly lead us to the frontlines against the industrial bourgeoisie and financial bourgeoisie and proclaim the words that will initiate the Great Proletarian Revolution: "Where am I jack"?


It's not that miraculous once you consider Trump. Wealth has enabled him to reach the highest position in the world. The only difference between him and Chris-chan is that he was born into wealth. Private property is so absurdly, disproportionately prioritized that the proprietor can be excused for anything.


how is there no /pol/ thread on this




what is with billionaires dressing like this.
Bill Gates literally looks like a telemarketer


Trying to pass as “relatable” so we’re less inclined to see them as sociopathic lizard people wearing skin suits.
The fact they are so bad at it only reinforces this notion.


"ey come on brudda, just a light 'earted joke ya hear?"


File: 1618679443831.png (672.15 KB, 1604x765, 23.PNG)



File: 1618682003944.webm (548.78 KB, 624x352, murderface goes shopping.webm)

That second story was straight up a gag in metalocalypse, a show about retarded manchild celebrities. Except musk's version is more surreal.

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