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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1627979190541.jpeg (151.51 KB, 1200x773, 26373.jpeg)


How do you deal with radically apolitical people? Since these people are ignorant of social/economic/political aspect of any issue, they basically boil down everything down to culture and then boil down culture to biology.
These people are the most prejudiced of all. I understand not caring about electoral politics but these radically apolitical people just don't wanna learn about anything that isn't personal self-help shit.


Many of them are actually political-nihilists
Those like that are smart, they see "bourgeoisie democracy" is nothing but shit while modern left is near to dead that either controlled by establishment or far away from doing change
So they claim there is nothing worth to care about


based strokeposter


For some reason most of them are weebs who are completely obsessed with everything Japan and their shitty reactionary media.


Ignore them and move on. If they're proles and don't want to fight for their own interests there will be others who will.eurekaEureka


I'll try to find common ground with them, bring them closer, educate them according to Leftypol ideals, and set them free here.


These kind of people are just smug and complacent. It grinds my gears how they mock people who are actually fighting for good causes as naive idiots.


>For some reason most of them are weebs who are completely obsessed with everything Japan and their shitty reactionary media.
<Big portion of society is weaboos
Kek, yes hard-weaboos are apolitical because they are isolated but you had shit at there
What does that mean? I'm an ESL


"The apolitical are biological supremacists."
It just keeps getting better doesn't it frenerinos.


Japanese media is pretty mainstream these days.


Most white men dream of living in Japan and fucking Japanese cuties


>These kind of people are just smug and complacent
No you are just coping or being angry to them. They are generally accept that they are no important, which i meet
>It grinds my gears how they mock people who are actually fighting for good causes as naive idiots.
Are they generally wrong? Doing activism without both brain/thoughts and theory/books is retarded and most of activists are like that
Leftists are always scream while leftism had grow little compared to past fifty years, and the left we talk about is AOC/DSA, Bernie Sanders or even Yang shit. This is still same at Europe, and worse at Middle-east and India
I watch a lot of anime and listen to some alt-japanese stuff. Does it makes me an hikikimori??
Yes, but how much of them are isolated? Japan is exotic and japanese cuties are really cuties.


>I watch a lot of anime
Thanks for giving us a reason why we should ignore all your posts.


ABSOLUTELY NOT. If you're into Japan, don't just act like a weeb, instead search for Japanese lessons and immersing yourself into real Japan.


What's wrong with anime? I've watched a full season of nanatsu, and it doesn't impress me nor disgust me. They are just japanese animation, why wrong? As long as he's not a weeb it's okay!!!


I see myself as part of them, kinda follow lefty politics, but at this point i am so annoyed by them that i become numb after being surrounded by apparently apolitical people that constantly read mainstream but say they dont read politics but then they do, fuck i got a brain seizure, sry guys


kek, go back. I don't watch anime all day or all time. I barely finish 1-2 serie* at a 1-2 month. But it's had become a lot of anime at 7-8 year


Imagine wasting time watching reactionary escapist fantasies made for otaku incels instead of reading leftist material or doing leftist activity.


>Imagine wasting time watching reactionary escapist fantasies made for otaku incels instead of reading leftist material or doing leftist activity.
KEK, what you will do after revolution comrade? Will you still do leftist activism? You sound like rightoid-retards or boomers.
Anime is not much about escapism you retard, it's an enternainment
>Everything i don't like is reactionary
Bruh, there is a lot of leftist-esque anime
>Muh otaku incele
Yeah, everyone who watches anime are otaku incels



Time to read


File: 1627981800873.jpeg (53.49 KB, 500x613, images (9).jpeg)

One Piece is also written by communist and does have many leftist-themes while there are also leftist-themes at other popular series, such as Code Geass, C: The soul of money or Akame Ga Kill
Anon is probably someone who made politics his identity and will do nothing after revolution


Thanks anon ^_^


Anime at best are liberal shit. Leftist anime aren't a thing. You won't have anime after revolution. At least not the way anime is right now which is just exploiting loneliness and depression of otaku incels.


I haven't met anyone who is completely apolitical.
What they do mean by apolitical is that they don't see a political dimension in *everything*. Which is true. Not everything is political.


Code gayass is literally pro fascist propaganda


Everything is ideology
Everything is political
That's a fact


>I don't like it so it should be banned
No, i will still watch anime and fap into neko cuties ;)
Kys boomer. Anime is an enternainment and look at your business


>Code gayass is literally pro fascist propaganda
You are a troll, aren't you ? :D


>One Piece is also written by communist
source pls I'm 99% sure you made that up


Let's see how you will fap to loli harem shit in those gulags.


File: 1627982378111.jpeg (28.94 KB, 458x669, Brecht.jpeg)

>The worst illiterate is the political illiterate, he doesn’t hear, doesn’t speak, nor participates in the political events. He doesn’t know the cost of life, the price of the bean, of the fish, of the flour, of the rent, of the shoes and of the medicine, all depends on political decisions. The political illiterate is so stupid that he is proud and swells his chest saying that he hates politics. The imbecile doesn’t know that, from his political ignorance is born the prostitute, the abandoned child, and the worst thieves of all, the bad politician, corrupted and flunky of the national and multinational companies.


throw me in gulag daddy please fuck im going to cum


based Bertolt Brecht poster


File: 1627984584626.jpg (68.48 KB, 854x648, opinion_havers.jpg)

Its because they have an actual life.egoismEgoism


>nooooo, don't support bad politicians
>support our bad politicians


that's a really nice quote. thanks anon.


This is why you need to support accelerationism. We need to make the masses uncomfortable for them to give a shit.accelerationAcceleration


maybe better than not doing it, but most likely the masses would simply continue with less comfort


>leftist-themes at other popular series, such as Code Geass
<the anime in which every country became America is seen as a good end
Kysviet_congViet Cong


Are you doing a humor or are you retarded?
British Empire becomes "non-British Empire" at the end. Still same state but completely different government that inclusive, progressive and populist which is the opposite of pre-coup
Also doing that, Lelouch united the peoples of world and created an total peace where there are no borders


Still same shit under different label
Same capitalism


File: 1627999907345.jpeg (59.7 KB, 702x715, 4g5luesl3rg41.jpeg)


Why do you have to "deal" with them? If they don't care they're not gonna act one way or another so can be ignored until they do.


The problem with being political is that many political issues are a tissue of illusions manufactured by the ruling class to dissimulate and misdirect. It's all contrived to draw attention away from the real problems and the real solutions.


>Same capitalism
Which? There is nothing about capitalism at all 2 seasons, i even doubt that it exist because there was too much lack of market mechanicisms and there was too many royal enterprises. At best they were monarcho-dengists. Also Chinese were socialists, as said by king despite being federal-monarchy.


We have an anime board here if you didnt notice newfriend
If you so triggered you should go back to your no fun zone


File: 1628008495981.jpg (177.71 KB, 960x720, 1380242744488.jpg)


Kaiji (class conflict) and Fang of the Dougram (Imperialism: the highest stage of capitalism) are the better leftist anime than Code Geass.


>How do you deal with radically apolitical people?
Death and rape by me personally


File: 1628012043477.png (125.46 KB, 474x355, ClipboardImage.png)

My parents were "apolitical". What they meant by that was a narcissistic, "whatever makes me feel smugly superior with the least effort". In the end, one became an embittered closet reactionary who justifies anything with their persecution complex and the other an open reactionary who justifies everything with their persecution complex.

It's not worth it, as you say, they are not being honest. They can't be swayed any easier than other people because they aren't "apolitical". They have manufactured a self serving, incoherent, "virtuous middle point" from all the garbage(often propaganda) floating about in their minds to get a feeling of stability, of being "in the know".

Contesting that position is just as hard as a true believer because the only difference is that they constructed their rickety garbage ideology themselves and they lack the facade of orgs and labels to hide behind. Instead, whenever they feel attacked they have to speak for themselves.

When most people say they are "apolitical" they are deflecting. They lack the confidence of expressing their true beliefs because they are either flimsy bullshit that hurts to reflect on, or revolting to the present company.


Which is dead for a reason.


That board is only used by radlibs who deluded themselves into thinking they aren't radlibs


Eat shit radical my freedom of thought enables me to disengage in politics whenever I want and you cant do shit about it


By persuading them without mentioning hideous words like socialism/leftism/etc

Since they pretending to live in apolitical world, we prolly just need to adapt with their way of thinking. If it's not work, well inevitably they couldn't escape from realpolitik. So why bother? Fizzlegang also part of LARPers.


>they basically boil down everything down to culture
>then boil down culture to biology
That's called being a reactionary and you deal with them using bullets.tankieTankie


File: 1628054055999.jpg (70.94 KB, 496x585, 1622869663051.jpg)

>actual life
Absolutely a spook.egoismEgoism


File: 1628054382016.jpg (116.5 KB, 1097x1337, 1622082797660.jpg)



>Implying that political processes will stop happening when you stop looking at them
Do you not have object permanence?


>tankie taking recourse to christian mythology
beyond parody


I feel this problem is that some people simply keep politics down and don't like to talk about it, if you get to know them well you can trace down some general views

When I was a closeted commie i'm sure i also seemed "apolitical" to some


Those people are real easy to btfo using Stirner and flipping their logic, tbh.


Everyone is apolitical except for those issues they care about.


That type of thinking leads to the types of excesses seen during the Cultrual Revolution, it was wrong and schizophrenic then and it's wrong now


In a system where the only political recourse you have is a single vote and statically speaking the chances of any given election being different if you happen to vote or not might as well be 0
the most efficient use of your time is to completely ignore politics and be apolitical


You know what’s schizophrenic? This leap of logic.


File: 1629340161184.jpg (423.48 KB, 2000x2000, extremist.jpg)

didn't we have this same exact thread in /his/ the other day or am I hallucinating?


In terms of the US, most of the country has laws in place to make participating in democracy as unpleasant as possible, so it makes sense why voter turnout is so low.


The only time a political compass is based.


voting is political masturbation. it might make you feel good but really accomplishes nothing other than making a mess.

real political engagement doesn't happen at the ballot box.


its almost like calling everything you don't like "political" and "ideology", and considering yourself an objective, unbiased, unconcerned nihilist upholds capitalism and existing oppression….
almost like these people understand that implicitly, and they only arent open reactionaries because that would make them the bad guys, and this way they get to pretend to be the passive ones

this has been from Marx to MLKJ just saying


the political compass is good for shitposts honestly


seethe and kys


They are political nihilists like >>420432 said.

There is proof of this. People see the bougeoise democracy and the people least likely to vote are the people who voting has affected the least: blacks, young, hispanics.


> Doing activism without both brain/thoughts and theory/books is retarded and most of activists are like that
Theory is worthless without praxis. It is up to the activists to read theory that is useful to them. Nor do the apolitical cynics have the right to criticize when they don’t even read theory.


apolitical lumpen > militants of any political ideology that I have fundamental disagreements with

change my mind.
protip: you can't


I tell them understanding dialectical and historical materialism will give them superpowers


Well yeah,a 20 y/o that couldn't care less about politics and just wants to play vidya or a homeless tramp is way better than an actual nazi that wants to kill all non whites.


But first you need to convince people there's a moral crisis to begin with


actually, no. with a nazi you know where they stand, they're a fucking nazi. we can learn from history how to deal with them. an "apolitical" 20yo will just go with whomever supports the status quo, i.e. he'll go with the ideology that allows him to CONTINUE "just" playing vidya. and guess what, that ain't revolution.


>showing a man where every day is a struggle for survival, even taking a dump a serious operation, not something that can be done just like that
Yeah, keep at it! With just a little more theory you'll learn common courtsey. Totally!


90% of politics is done by 10% of people. This is true of all society’s, some people are political some are not. You can’t force people to take on your political obsession.


Usually they are too scared to really face the fact we need a revolution, they just want to basically keep their head down like the people in Nazi Germany just not wanting to shake things up and just follow orders.


Read Saikyou Densetsu Kurosawa. His greatest work.






Basically, we just have the break the stereotype. A lot of people think leftism is just an extreme form of feminism, the controlled opposition Democrats and others are so determined to turn all our pushs for economic reform and alleviating the quality of life of the average worker into some kind of weird submission to this or that minority group.
I've even noticed that on this imageboard. Many people want to turn our struggle for our own well-being into infighting between us and others with the same interests. Just tell them to ask themselves "does the status quo benefit me personally as much as it possibly could?" Tell them to take whatever means necessary to benefit themselves fiscally and socially as much as they possibly could. Fuck the CIA, fuck Israel and fuck the rich.


*Liberalism, not just feminism in particular.

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