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Try without the RT logo. Some alt-media interview him. Like Katie Halper would invite Norman Finkelstein in a regular basis when some Palestine-Israel news happens.



It's disgusting how little regard these monsters have for innocent life. It's some strange American solipsism.


File: 1631476441592.jpg (146.69 KB, 838x1200, E-nIEwCWEAAx2QJ[1].jpg)

If you want to know why America lost the war read this.
One of the most remarkable articles I've ever read


So colonialism isn't imperialism? Because Britain frequently used locals for muscle when they were running their empire.


>When Talibros are said to be the soldiers of the Apocalypse and are ready to free Palestine from the settler-colonialist c*ntry of Israel


>The invasion of 2001 is not imperialism
Gotta post this to tantrums general, it'll be ready in just a second


File: 1631639449943-0.png (177.58 KB, 651x500, malang1.png)

File: 1631639449943-1.jpeg (241.68 KB, 1080x1450, malang3.jpeg)

File: 1631639449943-2.png (246.71 KB, 643x423, malang2.png)

File: 1631639449943-3.jpeg (88.76 KB, 1188x1058, malang.jpeg)

File: 1631639449943-4.png (295.5 KB, 654x516, malang4.png)

Some Malang posts. He's posting lots of reactionary misogynist and anticommunist stuff, also lots of video of illegal alcohol being found, as well as money taken from people claimed to be criminals. He thinks no hijab = "OnlyFans."


Also interesting is this interview with locals about 9/11.

It's been noted many times that most Afghans have literally no idea what America is, where it is located, why they are invading, or what it's like in the West.


Interesting how a terrorist is allowed to have a twitter account.


Um sweaty Trump is also a terrorist. But yeah the massive hypocrisy lol


how depressing, I wonder how they rationalized the americans being there


I don't think the Taliban are considered Terrorists, only their Pakistani branch.


they couldn't feel the freedom and democracy???



>Huge stash of dollars and gold discovered in Panjshir

The hidden treasures reportedly belong to Amrullah Saleh and the money will be added to Afghanistan's budget

Lmao, there goes western taxes.


lol cucked


>talibans were running the country
>taliban were against the invasion
>somehow my rotting brain can't say it didn't consent
>no, it was consented by the afghan people
>somehow this guerrilla out of nowhere without popular consent could win, the NATO invasion, despite not having even remotely the same technology nor budget
Oh lawl. This bitch is a CIA bot. Can't understand reality and hasn't touched grass in her lifespan.


yeah desu, got banned for like a week for calling someone a faggot, good to know I can still support the taliban


>we have no fuel
>we need ammo 
>we need food
>we have a cache of gold but we need to run an oped in WAPO asking for the glows to help us instead buying these things


They let U.S. government officials have twitter accounts, and they murder far more than the Taliban.


File: 1631669289606.jpg (42.89 KB, 712x717, img_1_1631581770533.jpg)

So account of real talibani not that of a larper?


this. US is the biggest terrorist state
he's either a larper who, based on the videos he reposts, seems to know pashto as well as many aghan social media accounts, or is an actual talib


Eh, I’m fine with expropriation of the wealthy. So long as the taliban actually put it to proper developmental use.


File: 1631701964517.png (507.56 KB, 472x741, -5069-4596-54.png)

Did he take the videos or are they taken from other accounts? I saw one video he posted that had a woman's voice in it, so either he scraped the video from elsewhere or he's a she.

I really suspect the account is either (a) some Muslim guy in another country who supports the Taliban but is also plugged into English-language internet nerd culture and is having some fun with it or (b) an intelligence op to make the Taliban look bad (jokes about beating women etc. etc. etc.) along with (c) possibly sniffing out 4chan guys who want to convert to Islam now because memes. I also imagine a lot of what he's posting might be considered vulgar by the Taliban if they even understood it.

Also what's with this? Is the Taliban guy now posting pro-ISIS and anti-China stuff? It doesn't make sense.


I think it's more revealing that people want to believe it's real, though. But like that other video showed, most "Taliban" are just redneck farmers who can't point out America on a map, don't speak English, and don't have internet connections. Some of them have never used a phone. Around 72% of the population is illiterate. They're probably more concerned about drought affecting their crops.


File: 1631707271798.png (1.42 MB, 1049x1086, 1629754541768.png)

It was funny seeing the contrast between urban Afghans seething impotently online with their hashtags while the Talichads took over the streets.


he's reposting the videos. the user certainly seems to know other afghan accounts, or have some other way of finding these pro-taliban videos. I think the language spoken in them is Pashto, not Arabic, so it can't just be any Muslim person, it's probably a Pakistani or an Afghan. You can check that the non-English language he writes some tweets in is pashto, not arabic.
That meme is not pro-ISIS, it's anti-everyone including ISIS and China, as a way of justifying the burka in Afghanistan.

I don't think it's surprising at all that an actual talib might know english and post memes on twitter. The only surprising thing is the maga-to-taliban internet pipeline or whatever. That was an old joke, that they hate women like conservatives do so they should get along, now it's becoming true. The only surprising thing is that he hasn't been banned yet, because every post is like "Yes I subjugate women by force, how can you tell?" But this is actually true of the Taliban


This meme is literaly sunni politics 101


This is the Taliban flag so it must be true that these videos come from online Afghans. The only reason that it seems like MalangKhostay might not be one of them is because he knows english and posts alt-right memes and that's politically inconvenient for westerners, or something.


So what should the conditions be for recgoniztion and aid for the Taliban government?


>"leftists" supporting extreme reactionaries because they beat the U.S. or imperialism or whatever

Going full neo-lib gets more appealing every day.


so you would instead support sending weapons and funds to these guys for your proxy war


File: 1631725070021.jpg (171.65 KB, 400x500, 1345479599163.jpg)

>implying imperialism doesn't real
>implying you're not already a neolib and your "threat" isn't, therefore, empty
Eat shit and die



I never said or implied it doesn't real but I'd rather bring "freedom and democracy" than have literal theocrats in power because we gotta respect muh right of nations and muh self-determination.


How did that work out for you in the last twenty years? Your borugeois morals are useless. It's not about respecting them, it's that killing them did nothing but empower their movement and enrich American contractors. If you want to show everyone how righteous and just you are (imperial warmongering be damned) then go back to twitter. Just remember this one fact: until the US undermined them, the Soviets were actually doing what the US has deliberately failed at doing, nation building and eradicating jihadist Islam.


but eradicating jihadist islam also ment bombing unsuspecting civilians who were not ready for an urban communist revolution so they were very susceptible for the mujahedin crap


>muh right of nations and muh self-determination
I don't actually give a shit about either. I want American imperialism gone, and I am not particular on the details.

But I agree with you, "freedom and democracy"(boypussy) is preferable to theocracy (lack of boypussy), you have your priorities straight (for some definition of straight).


>implying it was organic, rather than fully foreign funded


It just would not matter if they weren't given stinger anti aircraft missiles. The difference between theirs and the US' intervention is that they were actually interested in "nation building" when the US just wanted a money laundering scheme


anyone who thinks the US cares about freedom and democracy should go back to breadtube


File: 1631993727495-0.jpg (218.3 KB, 1242x934, E_lv-FSXoAU2H44.jpg)

File: 1631993727495-1.jpg (74.45 KB, 960x720, E_lv-FTWEAQO17P.jpg)

Taliban in Bamyan Province


Lmao. Also that water is amazingly clear




uygha, you can't see anything in that water except blue in the second pic. Its incredibly dark blue for water.


no it isnt. its blue.


3000 m altitude in the mountains
>They were created by the carbon dioxide rich water oozing out of the faults and fractures to deposit calcium carbonate precipitate in the form of travertine walls that today store the water of these lakes. Band-e Amir is one of the few rare natural lakes in the world which are created by travertine systems.
Really amazing. I hope they never turn into a popular attraction


yeah it looks fake af



me and de boys enjoying the bang-bang gtfo gringo watering place.


File: 1632003801187.jpg (46.15 KB, 487x244, Taliban summer.jpg)

>me and de boys enjoying the bang-bang gtfo gringo watering place.

Lol, everyone either taking a selfie or holding an RPG or AK.

White Brown Boy Summer!


Antiimperilalists like me have so few wins over the years, I appreciate talichads doing what ultras in their respective countries can't. But guess it takes to be too self-entitled to not realize that.

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