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File: 1629212477227.mp4 (1.6 MB, 640x638, mcdonalds.mp4)

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He was handpicked by the USA in hopes of Western aligned gov, lolol


lol Bongs squabbling about whether to evacuate the animals at the pound or Afghans.

Collaborators cucked again!


StrategyStuff is pretty good for general geopol theory and history. He's from HK btw.



File: 1629958159106.png (437.82 KB, 994x989, ClipboardImage.png)

>a war against a us backed nation would be won swiftly and decisevely by china
>europe and the anglosphere will surely support chinese aggression over western interests

looks like office hours just started in beijing


That's quite interesting, thanks for bringing it here, but are there any good sources for the merc numbers?





>Ben Wallace had been adamant that the Ministry of Defence would prioritise 'people over pets' as the Government scrambles to evacuate thousands of British nationals trapped at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul - which fell under Taliban control last week.

>But Mr Johnson is said to have overruled the policy following a 'huge' swell of public support calling Royal Marine turned charity boss Paul 'Pen' Farthing get 200 cats and dogs out of Kabul - where he runs an animal welfare centre.

Risked their lives and their families’ lives for neoliberal capitalism, a system in which noone can afford to have children and people have “fur babies”.


imagine having ch*ldren when you can have pets


>a war against a us backed nation would be won swiftly and decisevely by china
There's a good chance of that happening and we're pretty much seeing why.
>europe and the anglosphere will surely support chinese aggression over western interests
Western interest in Taiwan can be summarized into semiconductor industry, that's it. China still has to pick up on technology and, once the gap is narrowed, I doubt even Japan would bother with the situation.


Malding impotence


File: 1629989664109.png (194.54 KB, 721x348, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1629990039093.mp4 (151.77 KB, 854x480, 1622807055749.mp4)

it's happening


File: 1629990205520.png (229.62 KB, 588x427, bd8.png)

>tfw they probably had a dozen manpads within range of the airport for weeks and nothing happened


ISIS-K is being blamed apparently


I watched a short video of the aftermath, I honestly feel sick to my stomach and this is even after years of watching war footage from Chechnya to Syria. Leftists should never stoop to the level of ISIS or /pol/yps who go for civilians like absolute cowardly pieces of fucking dog shit.



You can easily find it on Twitter, sorry anon I'm not linking this shit. I guess it's not even that bad compared to something like Turkish leftist rallies getting bombed by ISIS, but maybe I'm getting re-sensitized after losing my edgelord side.


it's a pile of meat. taliban can prove themselves now by exterminating isis


this, taliban making some anti-isis purge now would unironically shift their image in big parts of the west.
Are they that different tho, outside of the "islamist internationalism" part?


Well, through 1996-2001 I would say they were pretty similar, though it's hard to know for sure if they're being honest about reforming somewhat, if they pull throughthen yes the two groups will be quite distinct. Should be mentioned though, the Taliban is already in a similar situation with groups like Hamas or Hezbollah, where they unlike ISIS where only really focused on their own countries against foreign invaders. With Hezbollah it has changed a bit, they're more agressive on the international stage by actively helping Syria against ISIS and the rebels, though we should of course remember that they were originally created to expel Israel from Lebanon. And incidentally just like the Taliban in 20 years they did it, now they have expanded a bit but you can see the similarities. With Hamas their activities are far more limited, they haven't been active on any other fronts except Gaza afaik, it makes sense of course, their main focus as of now is still Israel. And the Taliban I'm not aware of any foreign intervention by them, again it makes sense since they have been focused the last 20 years on fighting the US and until more recently, ISIS, all within the territory of Afghanistan.

I mention this since it's pretty much the opposite situation of ISIS, who are extremely interventionist around the world and were actively seeking to create a regional caliphate in the Muslim world, something not seeked by neither the Taliban, Hamas, or Hezbollah. Hell these people had groups from Algeria to Indonesia, from the Caucasus to Yemen, their intentions were clearly to reach around the entire Muslim world, so in that regard they're quite different.


yes, the Taliban have spent the last twenty years gaining legitimacy by doing real local governance for afghans. This is apparently in some book that Mark Ames of Radio War Nerd talks about by some italian guy (giustoto? justoto?). ISIS does nothing like that, they are marauding cowboys who steal things and enslave women, they do no governance. The modern taliban is unlike ISIS and even al qaeda. But it isn't actually the West who would appreciate killing ISIS the most, it's the neighboring countries who don't want the migrating killers or refugees. They also want the Taliban to do things like ban opium production, which they did for a few months in 2001 and the world supply of opium took a huge hit. Taliban has a real incentive to appear as a protective force against these elements.


ist this a free episode by any chance? do you have a link?


the book is "The Taliban at War" by Antonin Giustozzi


This ISIS attack shit glows hard.
Pretext for a new intervention?



It would be pretty funny if it was.


No pretext is needed, the media and military has already been calling for Biden to stay.


I don't think they'll intervene again anytime soon, at least not boots on the ground. It would be a bit too absurd to get everything out, and then everything back in again. Also a majority still support leaving.

The farthest I can see that going is a campaign of airstrikes.


4 U.S. soldiers among the dead at the airport.


>Between 2005 and 2019, at least 26,025 children have been killed or maimed in Afghanistan—an average of five children every single day over the past 14 years

Oh but the bombing today was the first bad thing to ever happen in AF, so the US obviously needs to stay, right of course


File: 1629998264912.png (17.49 KB, 617x107, burgerstan.png)

this country is a strip mall outside of a military base


makes no sense for the us to spend all this time pulling out to just go right back in. sometimes things happen that the cia doesn't influence lmao



Am I a bad person if this makes me happy?


No, in fact you're a good person


is this the thread where i can express my critical support for the taliban except by critical support i mean unironic support to own the anglos


File: 1630001386132.jpg (24.15 KB, 345x450, 1354928874087.jpg)

They're encircled and outnumbered in the middle of a city, and there's a 2km tall mountain 4km away from the airport, and these poor underequipped, undersupplied chumps have no answer to Taliban putting artillery there. Retards talk a lot of shit about HoI4, but seriously, you should play it to understand that you always unencircle first.


False Flags make sense only if there's an obvious plan behind it, this is a fucking headache for the Biden Administration and there's no easy fix or recovery from this


the US could easily destroy any artillery emplacements that are hastily dug. the Taliban is probably more spooked about more ISIS rats fucking things up for them.


>the world supply of opium took a huge hit
market manipulation/ tb has huge opium stocks


haha, funnily enough I had to track it down for another friend already, if you follow the links in the articles far enough, it's from some nato/US DoD official document iirc.


>dude infantry only lmao
The nearest source of support is 1588km away in Qatar.


How are they getting killed?


Anyone where I can donate money to the Taliban?


Nobody here knows, officer.


US probably has enough aircraft and drones flying nonstop surveillance and patrols over Kabul to fuck the Taliban up. plus, if those mountains are 4km away, do you expect Taliban who aren't formally trained on this shit to hit their intended targets properly? they'd be better off parking ATGMs or recoilless rifles within a kilometer but either way the US has bretty gud surveillance so it's hard.


>>463438 (me)
plus, the war is over. both Taliban and US troops don't want to fight anymore, there's no need for killing anymore. most of the US troops are kids who have never seen combat. this bombing was conducted by retarded Daesh rats who deserve nothing less than total extermination.


oh shit



This site is the only place where you can be called a glowie for being against the Taliban and also for supporting them lmao


Hearing reports of more explosions?


>plus, the war is over. both Taliban and US troops don't want to fight anymore, there's no need for killing anymore. most of the US troops are kids who have never seen combat. this bombing was conducted by retarded Daesh rats who deserve nothing less than total extermination.
I'm glad all the Afghanis have completely forgiven America. That's real swell of them. Maybe they can fight Daesh together now that they are on the same team. It's like one of those super hero movies.


the MICIMATT/Deep State whatever is hardly some unified force. I highly, highly doubt Biden or someone like him would order this. There are many in this system who could be arming ISIS in an attempt to pressure Biden to get back into the giant money laundering operation in Afghanistan. Not saying it's happening, but this is much more likely and more scary than a directive from on high.


>reee American imperialism good! fuck the enemies of America!
>no, officer
>hey anybody want to discuss how to do literally illegal shit?
>no, officer
woah, so contradicting


I saw that some 200+ were injured, if they have to triage people then I assume that a lot of people that took severe damage that would've survived don't because there's not enough medical resources.



Now 13 dead US soldiers, 20 wounded out of which 10 are critical.


The Taliban are not banned in my country


I don't doubt something like that being possible, I think military generals and others in that field are the most functional psychopaths around.


>tb has huge opium stocks
sure I mean I don't doubt it, but I heard suggestions from multiple sources that the only people doing more opium growing than the Taliban were the US backed warlords (almost certainly funding the CIA's black budget)


Injured due to the explosions?



Third explosion a few minutes ago, twitter reports of a breach of the airport proper


Are you Pakistani or from a Gulf country?


>another explosion
what is ISIS play here? just piss everyone off?


I'd rather not say


eternal international jihad do b like that


According to NATO
Taliban collect donations only in person, and nobody here knows any of their point of contact.

>government collapsed
>thousands of US troops are encircled with only one exit by air
>what do?
You call the boys, obviously.


oh come on, this is more of an example of burger brain. you think most Afghans aren't happy to finally have the prospect of peace after decades of nonstop violence? give me a break. the Taliban have been true to their word and patient as fuck when it comes to the American withdrawal. only Salafists and online retards want the war to go on.


I imagine that they show that they still exist + to embarrass the US Government and force them to either go back into Afghanistan or leave without saving face, giving them a major propaganda victory. Also Taliban is more than happy to kill ISIS in the same way that a Nick Fuentes type conservative wants nothing to do with the satanic 09A dudes.


Unfortunate, I imagine it will be much more difficult traveling to Afghanistan now.


I wouldn't be surprised if the ISIS bombers themselves came from outside of Afghanistan specifically to keep US resources focused over there instead of on ISIS presence in the Phillipines, Mozambique, the Maghreb, the Middle East.


Good post. Afghan anon. So what's the mood on the ground there right now?


daesh is basically islamofash posadism? 🤔


Their space comrades are the Saudis so perhaps the comparison is adequate


The question was whether US government wants the war to go on. They probably don't, but your argument was "USA! USA! US military invincible!", which is terminal retardation.


Here you go : https://tv.leftypol.org/r/livenews
Don't hesitate to add a link in the playlist.


ok fine anon, you got me there you bloodthirsty faggot. now if we're being honest, the outskirts of the Kabul airport are not exactly the most informative slice of Afghan society. a bunch of compradors, professionals, actual PMCs (not the American Ehrenreich type) terrorists waiting to bomb people are not representative of the rest of the country, where you have the Pashtun population who are probably chilling hard right now versus groups like Hazara elsewhere who are anxiously awaiting to see what it's going to be like when the Americans totally leave and Afghanistan is out of the global spotlight. but i can say that for many young teenagers, the next few years will be the first where they don't have to hear of a neighboring village or local mosque being bombed or wiped out. they can just fucking live.


the US is almost guaranteed to have tactical superiority over the Afghans, so what? they still lost. to your original example, HOI4 can only model a very simplified version of conventional warfare. it has nothing to do with the situation at the Kabul airport. this isn't Dien Bien Phu or anything (but fine if it became that i would admit that's kind of based).




Good job commies. Your antiwar demoralization campaign worked and now a rushed evac went from bad to worse. Thanks.


vijay prashad is great
Imo the grayzone videos were even better
also: radio war nerd http://exiledonline.com/45wn84klrz/media/rwn_ep_291_081121_v21.mp3
i so badly wish we had that much influence




You’re welcome.


Our pleasure


File: 1630004531434.jpg (51.82 KB, 505x500, empire collapse.jpg)


File: 1630004580542.jpg (107.22 KB, 854x562, 243.jpg)





Our pleasure! ; )


Damn uygha fucking savage


Pentagon presser going on right now: https://youtu.be/LnQklPFsLHQ

They confirm 12 dead US soldiers.


ISIS-K made it through to the airport


File: 1630004940883.gif (1.26 MB, 320x240, based.gif)




yeah anon you gotta give a sauce with that, Twitter right now only gives me conservatives shitting their pants




literally who?


The media and Republicans are going to start having blood pour out of their mouths as they demand a sacrifice to avenge the dead troops.


>They confirm 12 dead US soldiers.
Shit that sucks, but ya we are still leaving August 31.


i forget this board knows about three living writers


File: 1630006208389.png (16.72 KB, 447x214, 3458934509890543-905.png)

A million Americans dead from a virus: eh, whatever, we can live with it.

Soldiers killed in a combat zone: I'm physically shaking



Soldiers and civilians killed over decades of war: I sleep
deaths as we evacuate: real shit??


Lmao the coping and seething started immediately


File: 1630006725505-0.jpg (116.06 KB, 895x627, Hardball With Evil.jpg)

File: 1630006725505-1.jpg (219.54 KB, 893x685, Todd Starnes.jpg)




more boombs



>the US is Jewish


Get on the stream, aftermath of the explosions https://tv.leftypol.org/r/livenews


What nationalism does to a mf.


the US could probably destroy Taliban positions around the airport, but not before the Taliban craters the airfield or causes a decent amount of casualties


but taliban have some artilery that is not in the near proximity of the airport that can reach it



It seems this is the most devastating attack since the beginning of the US invasion of Afghanistan.


How many are dead? There seem to have been many attacks throughout the years with similar numbers
also 900 died of covid yesterday in florida alone, kek


actually idk how long it's been since the last FL covid report to the CDC, 901 since then


>some chickenhawk boomer getting ratio'd


12 US soldiers killed apparently


>US soldiers
oh. don't care.
would be funny if Biden was impeached over one of the greatest decisions by any US president in my lifetime


Seems unlikely but that would be hilarious


You're welcome, cracker.




File: 1630008019044.png (157.91 KB, 438x425, 43985983450934.png)

Johnny Joey Jones


Aftermath of one of the bombings, it's kinda gory so don't watch if you're easily disturbed by gore https://twitter.com/karimi_shafi?s=20


This "Head of the CIA" is right.


U.S. officials provided Taliban with names of Americans, Afghan allies to evacuate

“Basically, they just put all those Afghans on a kill list,” said one defense official.


What a nightmare.


File: 1630008497822.webm (2.63 MB, 640x480, 1607473963048.webm)

>U.S. officials provided Taliban with names Afghan allies to evacuate



least they got some on the way out

this is gonna be Joey's Benghazi though, lol


>daesh flag
>maga retards vs. militant movement


>valid until 2019



File: 1630008703115.gif (1.47 MB, 382x308, too funny.gif)


At this point no one will ever work with the burgers ever again, holy shit


File: 1630008865593.png (21.61 KB, 989x130, NJF.PNG)



Are they doing this to try to show how bad the Taliban are when they don't hand over the evacuees?


why do you watch this retarded child


>ISIS to rule Afghanistan
do people actually listen to this guy?


Notorious dotard Joe Biden will talk about the attacks at 5pm EST. 45 minutes. Watch here: https://youtu.be/sRxMiM17KJE


File: 1630009023299.webm (1.53 MB, 1280x720, Nick Fuentes bubly.webm)

He's the Zoomer Rush Limbaugh except not a neocon


How is this real? Do you have any source, I don't doubt it coming from the recent insane burger stupidity we've seen recently on foreign affairs but I want to see it for myself.




I'm pretty sure Vaush said the same thing.



i mean EDT


Beyond parody




based biden will plainly state with a matter-of-fact deadpan that americans ate so much shit in AF that this outcome is the best possible evacuation
>vaush is the liberal nick fuentes


The fish hook theory prevails once again.


The fuck is ISIS-K?


Let me google that for you, brb


I believe Vaush said "I'm talking Cambodia level here people."


The new variant.


File: 1630009697223.png (45.93 KB, 1055x774, azansoy.png)

>the new variant


>The fuck is ISIS-K?
The new consent-manufacturing talking point from top beltway minds.



new thing for burger politicians to drum up fear about


>Lives following war shit
<Gets devastated by people dying
WTF was this dude expecting?
War is hell.


They can only relate to the violence if it's being inflicted on someone like them. A few hundred people in Afghanistan or Iraq being vaporized in an instant doesn't even make them flinch.


File: 1630010474232.jpeg (1000.1 KB, 3515x2636, based_biden.jpeg)

>Listen here, jack. America is falling like me on those stairs. I'm in touch with Corn Pop to handle the evacuation. The fact of the matter is that any more war will flip us upside to Sunday, fat. President Ocornpop has determined that it is in the nation's best interest to stop all wars and cut the military budget in half. How else will we pay for China's Road and Belt?


These jingoist types don't feel a thing about the actual loss of human life, not the lives of the troops and certainly not the mass deaths of civilians. They just live vicariously through the American military and when American military or it's troops get fucked or humiliated in any way they too feel personally violated.


Damn, now I want some ice cream.


me too


<Biden resigning
<Biden resigning
<Biden resigning
<Biden resigning


Would be entertaining but I'd actually prefer if he stayed until the end of his presidency, I want more of his shenanigans if it means it'll keep destabilizing the US.


glowuyghurs are conspiring to tank biden


Can't wait for QUEEN Kamala to take office!


everyone except annoying georgetown grads still want to leave afghanistan


File: 1630011328729.png (159.76 KB, 452x501, 5395-934-59-34.png)

CIA killing Marines

Also why the fuck are there "dozens of Californian students" just hanging out in Kabul.



Whats up with the fucking ice cream meme? Is it Biden choice on the burgers culture of being photographed with food before election?


So, any bets on which country will be the first to recognize the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan?


>be american
>go on a warzone holiday
>get shot


CIA opsec in training.



I am completely ignorant but I will say tajikistan


TY based Biden, this withdrawal couldn't have gone any better. The true accelerationist president.



Probably Pakistan


they need to make the candidates look human and Biden likes ice cream
based biden. or maybe trump, for starting this peace process set to end during Biden's admin



>In a draft of the speech leaked to the media, Biden is scheduled to say "Marines die, that's what they're for. But the Marine Corps lives forever. And that means THEY live forever."





>Marines die, that's what they're for.
King shit. I am a diehard Bidenist Accelerationist now. Death to the marines


File: 1630012016667.jpg (11.82 KB, 320x306, 1620147486075.jpg)

Burger exceptionalists are going to sperge out so hard if he actually sais this.


Was Biden the accel choice all along?


This kid is a fucking mess.

>Palestinian children dying

<I sleep

>dozens of Afghan civilians including children dying

<I sleep

>Dozen of crowd pushers dying

<Shaking and crying rn


God. I hope he does it.



File: 1630012211570.mp4 (6.6 MB, 1280x720, video0-1(2).mp4)

I can't believe this. I was convinced he would be the biggest back to normal nothingburger president.


What more do you expect from a fucking doge branded conflict analysis pundit


>Burger exceptionalists are going to sperge out so hard if he actually sais this.
Let's fucking go. Come on you apes, you wanna live forever?


fake and gay, that's from full metal jacket

it will be boring platitudes


I'm gonna wait through the whole speech if necessary, and the moment he says that I'm closing it


0% chance he says anything that interesting


File: 1630012496160.jpg (67.92 KB, 912x1024, chad biden.jpg)

>we- when we were in Vietnam I was the Vice President, and we had soldiers die everyday, the journalists were on the front lines with them, god bless our press… during Desert Storm in Iraq, I was a Senator, and I remember that-that they called it the video game war, because they had such lifelike combat footage on the nightly news people, I think we definitely need– more restrictions on the issue of these gaming experiences, we can't allow criminals to practice these abhorrent acts in cyberspace, Secretary Psaki informed me about a game called No Russian, it's a film– A game where you slaughter dozens of non-Russians with a simulated AR-15, how much more gruesome can it be? I inherited great challenges, and I look forward to facing them every day. God bless our troops.







Beautiful. Eloquent.


File: 1630012644259.png (317.55 KB, 712x444, ClipboardImage.png)

Taliban showing god-level memetic warfare capabilities. ISIS doesnt stand a chance


Pic related is their caliph



The Taliban's online propaganda is so weird


File: 1630012695855.mp4 (1.32 MB, 854x448, holy_alliance.mp4)


holy kek


Reports of up to 6 different explosions today, and of Isis gunmen storming Parliament street.




First the Panjshir fags and now this? Talichads can't catch a break


i heard they already pushed those guys back to the mountains in panjshir


Biden is live.


Biden is senile for sure.


can we get a cytube viewing for Biden's statement please?




File: 1630013372161.webm (624.72 KB, 640x360, 1401411217993.webm)

They're probably reposting 4chan memes. There's no way we're in a timeline where Taliban spokesperson is an old school 4channer.


red salute


*steps over a pile of bodies*

America must defend its professional murderers in uniform with violence the likes of which the world has seen over and over and over. Otherwise we can never be free.


bros.. why does everyone just hate our freedoms so much…


>Journalists calling for more troops on the ground
as to be expected


File: 1630013826547.jpg (103.56 KB, 1200x1200, image.jpg)

>tfw people actually believe this neocon false flag


File: 1630013880455.gif (2.6 MB, 498x278, conspiracy-theory.gif)


We need to return.. for the freedoms…



based biden coming through with the evacuation promise and the reliance on the taliban's war on daesh


U.S. Marines fistbumping their Talibros


File: 1630014290000.gif (778.62 KB, 499x346, 1504730303941.gif)

He didn't say the marine line, bros.


Based Biden making jokes and laughing



chat and comments disabled lol


File: 1630014416041.jpg (211.44 KB, 665x1024, Average joe Biden.jpg)

If he keeps fucking up like this he will soon outdo the Orange Man in the accel department. And because he is a democrat who vowed to restore US prestige the damage will even greater, because they can't just blame the republicans this time because they were meant to be the cure for the previous republican fiasco.


in the cytube btw


99% of those "intel osint" accounts are nato shills


File: 1630014641399.jpg (71.36 KB, 480x765, 20110915nw256 CROP.jpg)

Joe is kinda like a Christ-like figure in some ways. He's there is to absorb all the blows and arrows, and be flayed alive with whips while eating a giant shit sandwich. Biden deserves some kind of monument imo


File: 1630014684649.png (368.28 KB, 902x497, pain.png)



They will memory hole all of this. You should've learned this from Obama.



>we basically lost the war
based biden


Low Energy


What happened?


Whole lot of cope and seething, nothing too interesting


he asked a reporter if he knew about trumps plan to pull out and then he just put his face in his hands lol


Sorry folks I have another meeting for real, gotta go


he said shit like "we already won" and "I never thought we should try to nation-build/that wasn't our country's real project" and between the lines it was a lot of "we lost, bye"

he tried to talk to a reporter and he's old and tired


Absolute hit btw


You mean the media will spin it and pretend it never happened? However small of a portion more and more people will start to smell bullshit every time this happens.


Joe and Kopmala should both resign clearing the way for President Pelosi to maximize acceleration



git in here, comrades
we understand, bye anon :)



CIA did it as a desperate hail mary to get enough retards on board with going back to the Ghan

Why do these cocksuckers want to waste money and time over there so badly?


>we understand, bye anon :)
he was mocking when biden basically said that during question time


psaki with the malarkey


>10 Democrats are fuck ups! Rally the people!
>20 (R) gets in
>40 (D) gets in
>50 GOTO 10
Nothing changes. The media runs interference for Democrats, but if Republicans are in charge, exposure is larger, but everything gets blamed on them. While libshits are in hysterics over which letter sits in White House, and apostate and baptize themselves depending on whether or not a cop goes to jail over murder of an innocent.


I am aware. I was watching in the chat. Thanks, reddit.


Drug money. 90% of world's heroin and opium poppy supply. Probably.


File: 1630016809874.png (9.19 KB, 426x65, ClipboardImage.png)

What did wikipedia mean by this?


CIA black budget, also war profiteering in general ($2 trillion!), imo


CIA after the false flag terror attack isn't working this time even after they bought all the journalists


Fun fact contradicting that Wiki entry: No U.S. military personnel were killed at Benghazi. They were CIA contractors.



The Taliban probably shouldn't have killed 12 burger military men.


Uni in my city has had ties with an uni there for archeological research. Maybe something like that?


US gave the Taliban the list of afghan collaborators in exchange for getting out the american citizens safely.


File: 1630024758411.jpg (615.94 KB, 2470x1647, derboomer.jpg)

I think iran is behind this, so should bomb them to be safe, have I mentioned we need to bomb the islamic republic of iran?


covid's a beast of an anti imperialist


Their actually gonna impeach him aren't they lol?


If they win the House but it probably won't pass. Every US president from now on is going to get impeached, every election contested, etc.


File: 1630034823576.png (225.3 KB, 400x400, liar.png)

stand by for a public service announcement

this guy is a

this has been a public service announcement


Its very suspicious since they have never i the past accurately predicted a terrorist attack would happen in the next few days

anyway, they died for Israel a few days before they were due to be flown home safely. How devastated their families must be! They will now get a gold star which allows them to go to front of the line at McDonalds!


We're in a timeline where MLK's "I have a dream" speech is being played in fortnite, i would believe it at this point.



Cool that so many americans suffered so much to end this Gilded age bullshit only for our politics to go all 19th century again the second our hegemony started to end



i guess the Taliban did not wanted this also so the relayed information


File: 1630039243102.gif (1.34 MB, 250x250, 5984309850934534.gif)


Nah he’ll just resign or die naturally considering how old he is lol


Hologram Joe will be uploaded into that robot Elon Musk was showing


File: 1630041229363.png (102.84 KB, 341x277, 1630014675921.png)

I just had a dream and I think I just realized a scenario that is plausible enough to be real:
>as the world, the establishment, the average person was still too conservative for the lefties in the 70's and the 60's honeymoon ended, you saw a spike in left wing terror, with Baader Meinhof, Weather Underground, and other groups using terrorism as the tactic of choice with political solutions seemingly not viable
>as the world becomes too [non-economically] left for the right, they may eventually begin to see violence as more legitimate, this would be compounded by various aggravating factors, COVID restrictions, right wing celebs deplatformed, no fly lists and arrests for protest attendees, eventually it will be more than just lone wolf shooters and evolve into an IRA style group (that operates online and is made up of more than just one countries nationals) that is right wing without being insane Atomwaffen/O9A Satanist shit that the average person would never sympathize with
>RAF and Co. made strange bedfellows and trained with the PFLP in Lebanon, while Black September used Neo Nazis to prepare the Munich Massacre, this is nothing new
>Assuming the Afghanistan withdrawal continues and that a USG "War on Domestic Terrorism" ramps up in both rhetoric and raids, the right could start using Afghanistan as a terrorist base as far as it's doubtful that there will be an extradition treaty, and the fact that it's an extremely poor country where a crypto hundredthousandaire could easily buy influence
If things ever got polarized enough, you might see the 46/47th President building a NATO coalition to go into Afghanistan to fight right wing extremism, and it'd actually be true that they're "fighting them over there instead of over here"
<one could argue that a decentralized terrorist cell/terror campaign was already created by Brenton Tarrant's attack and manifesto, who inspired John Earnest, Philip Manshaus, and Patrick "McLovin" Crusius to also carry out attacks in the same year, as well as radicalizing many more, if only briefly, to consider the thought


forgot this
<in the future, western terrorism will be conducted near 100% online on secret BBS's


You forgot one thing about these individual terrorist attacks and adventurism:

They didn’t advance any political aim. Except maybe frighten the masses into the government’s arms.



Yeah rightoids getting really into violence and adventurist retardation would actually be pretty good for the left, like as good for the left as Weather and the general terroristic malaise of the 70's was for the right



is this sativa or Indica?


what did he say?


File: 1630049135950.png (322.22 KB, 705x805, ClipboardImage.png)

The Taliban have discovered Stonetoss


File: 1630049632694.jpg (88.04 KB, 750x738, 390485903405.jpg)

Yes, anon. I'm sure that's a real, authentic Taliban fighter (from a country where only ~6% of the population speaks English at most) who loves Stonetoss and other /pol/ memes and is really plugged into the American culture wars.


Y'know, thinking about it, that account would be a good way – if I was a glowie – to identify 4chan guys who would be interested in radical Islamic stuff.



It is a glowie account.


File: 1630060323008.png (391.03 KB, 522x431, ClipboardImage.png)

U.S. is studying the option of backing the Taliban to counter ISIS


File: 1630060887460.png (174.74 KB, 500x690, ClipboardImage.png)


I may be remembering some other account but I believe the Malang guy is a turk larping as Taliban


From the point of view of the US this doesn't make much sense imo, they already have supported the Taliban in the past against ISIS >>463458 but back then it made more sense, now, I don't think so. In fact I think this may be a distraction. It wouldn't surprise me if they actually supported ISIS to keep the Taliban government as destabilized as possible.



The saga of the pet rescue continues! They are waiting on the airport and could die of thirst in the hot sun

Imagine risking your life for such a retarded Bongland


File: 1630076607017.png (84.97 KB, 871x842, taliban news.png)



>EXCLUSIVE: Pen Farthing escapes Kabul with 200 cats and dogs but is forced to leave his Afghan staff behind after they told him to go without them so he could make it to airport, his wife reveals

Great news, the stray animals are saved!

Meanwhile many who risked their life to help neoliberal capitalism and their families are left behind and risk being thrown off a roof or being blown up in a sewer. Cucked!


is that vaush about to harass a woman


Can someone spoonfeed me on why ISIS would want to do what they did? What is their endgame again?


It’s a false-flag


So you have no other explanation? What is the ideology of ISIS?


being retarded takfiris and killing people


what happened



They want to make the US stay and kill people because it drives people to join them. This is in the US MIC interests which is why its such a big media story.


What I still don't get is why Biden did this. Even with presidents that aren't senile sockpuppets there are always interest groups behind these decisions. Who is interested in this? The media clearly isn't, the "defense industry" clearly isn't, alphabet agencies clearly aren't, the Dems as a party don't seem like they are either.
Like come on. No one thinks Biden just decided to do this out of personal conviction or to appease the public, right?


its because he has a deep seated psychological need to one-up Obama. Unlike Obama/Clinton he isn't considered truly one of the elite due to going to a state school, etc. So they acted condescending to him. In that sense he's the democrat version of Trump.

Afganistan is due to his grudge against Obama/Clinton's elitist arrogance, its personal. It's to show people that he surpassed Obama and his "legacy".

This can probably be used somewhat by the socdem left to goad him into being more "progressive" than Obama, if anyone had the wits to do it.


File: 1630208795298.png (125.21 KB, 671x900, C Isis A.png)


Why sheeple cheering for this?


We're damned


To be fair, look how well the Afghan state has worked out, is he qualified for anything better?



this is honestly pretty funny.



More on the pet rescue saga

>Kabul animal rescuer Pen Farthing is accused of 'costing lives' as recording reveals his foul-mouthed rant threatening to 'f***ing destroy' an MoD official in the middle of Afghanistan airlift

>A leaked voice message obtained by The Mail on Sunday has revealed the behind-the-scenes bitterness over the airlift, with Mr Farthing telling an Ministry of Defence official that he would ‘spend the rest of my time f** destroying’ him if he did not secure clearance for a flight out of the country.

>The official, Peter Quentin, an adviser to Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, is understood to have also received death threats from supporters of Mr Farthing as a result of his involvement in the animal rescue.

>On the recording, which was shared by officials as part of an investigation into the alleged threats, Mr Farthing can be heard demanding ‘an ISAF number’ – a military callsign which has not been in use since 2014 – for a charter plane to take him, his animals and staff out of the Afghan capital.

Imagine risking your life for such a retarded nation


I read that he had two degrees of Harvard.
Looks like the stain of working in the fallen regime has it's impact
Not surprising than an animal lover would be so unhinged, the problem would be obeying him.


You think we are gonna get another stab in the back myth like the right wing framing of Vietnam?


the Taliban are the old feudal remnant that came back with a vengeance because the American occupation didn't industrialize the country, they are not fascist because they are not the open dictatorship of the imperial finance bourgeoisie. (that article is using a non marxist definition of fascism). The article goes on to compare the future years of Afghanistan with pre-revolutionary Russia, because hey it's got miners and peasants , and it makes a plea to save imperial collaborators to protect the empire's reputation.

This reads very much like somebody constructing a narrative to fit a few talking points:


File: 1630217082073-1.png (446.69 KB, 470x600, 345873459873495.png)

That's interesting. I think Biden pulling out of Afghanistan will probably go down well historically over the long term. I doubt the consensus among historians a few decades down the line will be negative toward it, anyways.

It seems like they're trying to get one going? Like Benghazi 2. The Vietnam War had much greater impact on American society though, so I dunno, and the POW/MIA myths and liberal elites stabbing G.I. Joe in the back persisted for a long time.

By the way, it's noteworthy to see so many people at /pol/ cheering on U.S. troops getting blown away at the airport, and they call them "zogbots." And the people often doing that are American far-right people. I don't think that's a widely-shared attitude among rightards in the U.S. by any means, but even I was kinda taken aback by that. That is pretty extreme. ISIS massacred dozens of civilians in that attack. The left position on this has been different? Does anyone else think that? The left is more like "well, they weren't the first U.S. troops to die in Afghanistan" and then being suspicious of the motives. The liberals and conservatives meanwhile are trying to out-do each other in flag-waving.

I really get fascist vibes from ISIS and not the Taliban. It's not just the psychotic and evil behavior of the organization, but the return-to-the-origin myth combined with their biomechanical futurist aesthetic. It's like a rollercoaster. The crackdown on their propaganda videos online went extremely hard, and they're very disturbing to watch, but it's interesting to compare it all to futurist artists in the early 20th century.



>By the way, it's noteworthy to see so many people at /pol/ cheering on U.S. troops getting blown away at the airport, and they call them "zogbots."

i wouldn't go and call them some /pol/ shit like that, but da troopz deserve it tbh. Better them than civilians, who're the real victims in Afghanistan - but of course, US troops, savages and dogs that they are, couldn't just take this lying down and had to shoot up some civilians on the way out.


i thought that Isis was a mercenary army, can you say more about the material causes why you think they are fascist.

>biomerchanical futurist aesthetic means fascism

I don't think that it's reasonably to base political analysis on aesthetics, it's also very annoying because it don't know what this means, are you taking a dump on bio-mechanics, that's like a research field, that's producing legitimately useful stuff:

<Biomechanics, in science, the study of biological systems, particularly their structure and function, using methods derived from mechanics, which is concerned with the effects that forces have on the motion of bodies. Ideas and investigations relating to biomechanics date back at least to the Renaissance, when Italian physiologist and physicist Giovanni Alfonso Borelli first described the basis of muscular and skeletal dynamics. Research in biomechanics became more widely known in the 20th century.

<Contemporary biomechanics is a multidisciplinary field that combines physical and engineering expertise with knowledge from the biological and medical sciences. There are multiple specialty areas in biomechanics, such as cardiovascular biomechanics, cell biomechanics, human movement biomechanics (in particular orthopedic biomechanics), occupational biomechanics, and sport biomechanics. As an example, sport biomechanics deals with performance improvement and injury prevention in athletes. In occupational biomechanics, biomechanical analysis is used to understand and optimize mechanical interaction of workers with the environment.

<Biomechanics research has fueled a diverse range of advances, many of which affect daily human life. Development of the biomechanics of labour, for example, focused on increasing worker efficiency without sacrificing labour safety. It resulted in the design of new tools, furniture, and other elements of a working environment that minimize load on the worker’s body. Another development was clinical biomechanics, which employs mechanical facts, methodologies, and mathematics to interpret and analyze typical and atypical human anatomy and physiology.

<During World War I and World War II, there was significant focus on the development of prosthetic limbs for amputee veterans, which led to major progress in biomechanics and rehabilitation medicine. Work in that area focused on increasing the mechanical efficiency of orthopedic implants, such as those used for hip or knee replacements. A biomechanics research-based approach also helped contribute to improvements in walking devices designed for individuals with lower-leg amputation and children with cerebral palsy. The development of a new class of prosthetic feet that store and return mechanical energy during walking allowed for a reduction of metabolic expenditure in amputees and made it possible for individuals with amputation to participate in athletic activities. The biomechanically based design of assistive devices, such as wheelchairs, and the optimization of environmental elements, such as stairs, allowed individuals with disabilities to improve their mobility.

<The applications of biomechanics are wide-ranging. Some examples include the use of biomechanical analysis in the design of implantable artificial prostheses, such as artificial hearts and small-diameter blood vessels; in the engineering of living tissues, such as heart valves and intervertebral discs; and in injury prevention related to vehicle accidents, including low-speed collisions involving minor soft-tissue injuries and high-speed collisions involving severe and fatal injuries.



This is totally wrong. Biden's doing this because Trump forced him to; the dominos were already falling, the Taliban already advancing, our viceroyalty already giving up, by the time biden could actually take office. see here:
for proof that biden, in fact, EXTENDED the war in comparison to trump. For Biden to keep it going, he'd need to commit to a full re-invasion, but without widespread republican support, seeing as Trump signed the deal with the Taliban to pull out in the first place.

Another factor: the US empire isnt really served by its presence in Afghanistan - at least, it's easy to argue that the same goals could be achieved in other ways. Without the complication of war, the Taliban would be a natural ally against Iran and China; the devastation of Afghanistan also means the Taliban would be desperate for economic aid. Further, as US presence in Africa shows, it isn't necessary to commit to a full invasion to keep a military presence in a country - whatever military goals we have in Afghanistan can be reached through special forces, contractors, front groups, etc, without the negative PR the occupation generates.

All this is to say we shouldn't think of biden as opposing "The Deep State" or "The Blob" or, most offensively, "US imperialism" - this is court intrigue between factions of the ruling class, so to speak.


>Yeah rightoids getting really into violence and adventurist retardation would actually be pretty good for the left
Except we tend to be the targets, you momg.


I hear the majority of deaths from the bombing at Kabul airport was not from the suicide bombing but from american soldiers shooting into the crowd because they are trained to shoot at loud noises.


>you mom
what did he meaned..


All I'm saying is, it's noteworthy that they're talking like that on /pol/, while others there are trying to push this line that Biden has betrayed the troops and so forth. So there's a split there and some really blackpilled American rightards over there to cheer that on.

Which I don't think would be the case if Trump was president, either. The Afghans who clinged to that plane and then fell off? I imagine 4chan guys would be making memes about it with Trump as Harrison Ford in "Air Force One" saying "get off my plane." They don't care about these civilians at all.

As far as the attack, they're soldiers in a country that doesn't want them there. I get it. But the bombing killed 60 people who weren't soldiers. It wasn't the Taliban that did that either.

>i thought that Isis was a mercenary army, can you say more about the material causes why you think they are fascist … are you taking a dump on bio-mechanics
No, I'm not taking a dump on biomechanics as a field of science. But futurist artists a century ago would talk about glorifying war ("the only hygiene of the world"), militarism, weapons (and becoming human weapons), contempt for women, "beautiful ideas worth dying for" and so forth. That's like ISIS to me. As far as them being a mercenary army, so was the Freikorps, and so is the Azov Battalion.

I'm pretty sure ISIS is not beyond blowing up dozens of people if they can take a dozen U.S. troops with them, and besides, they don't view those Afghans as real Muslims anyways, and thus, worthy of death.


File: 1630228962385-0.jpg (66.28 KB, 790x527, 324232332.jpg)

Also ISIS is really insane. They talk about wiping out basically everyone who won't convert to their religion or be their slaves.

It's why they make a lot of enemies. Including the Taliban.

Makes me wonder if the bombing could've also been a way to "get back" at the Taliban after they dragged ISIS' former Afghanistan leader out of prison and executed him a few days ago. Like, the Taliban seems to want to stabilize the situation and low-key allow the U.S. to fly their people out without interfering, and are probably in communication with the U.S. military as this is going on. Then ISIS nails the airport, which is a challenge to the Taliban, but it also creates pressure in the U.S. to strike back against ISIS (apparently in a drone strike yesterday), which thereby "proves" that ISIS is the legitimate Islamic jihadist group – because the U.S. is striking them and not the Taliban.

Kinda like… you know how rightards come here to boast about they're more radical than us because of [insert psycho shit] and we've sold out and so on? Same mentality. Similar kind of people. And they're trying to present themselves in this diehard manner.


"Right-Wing" Caliphatism: an Infantile Disorder


These people paid taxes to sustain the government that failed in a blink, yet they cherish the shit. Bastards are highly propagandized if they are not spooks themselves



File: 1630287040165.jpg (47.31 KB, 680x440, isis-video_joqzto.jpg)

>So you have no other explanation? What is the ideology of ISIS?
ISIS isn't even real. It's just a couple of White American CIA agents with beards who film snuff films at US airbases..


ISIS is an organization that subscribes to Takfiri Qutbist Salafi Jihadism.

What this means is that ISIS, unlike most other "radical Islamist" or Salafist movements is not actually a conservative or reactionary movement, but rather it's a postmodern one and is as such in some respects progressive in the sense that it moves away from how orthodox Islam has functioned in the past.

Central to understanding this is the concept of Shariah. A lot of people in the West think there is some set of particular rules here on earth that are called "Shariah Laws", but this is not true.

To Muslims, Shariah is the perfect law that exists with God. What we in the west call "Shariah Law" is in fact called "Fiqh" in Islam, as Islam has always held that however Shariah is implemented on earth is will always be a HUMAN INTERPRETATION of Shariah, rather than the actual divine law of God himself.

Therefore, in classical Sunni Islam there are 4 schools of Orthodox jurisprudence, that is supposed to derive Fiqh from the 4 sources of Shariah: The Quran, The Ahadith, Sunnah and Intellect.
This is how Islamic law has ALWAYS functioned.

Now, Salafist Jihadist Qutbism breaks with this tradition and claims that Shariah is in fact directly accessible to human beings, and that everyone in fact knows intuitively what God's divine law is.
They then claim that everyone that deny their intuitive interpretation of Shariah, which they claim is objectively true, are only denying it because they are pagans or apostates. This is what justifies killing anyone outside of the group.

In other words, where classical Islamic Shariah was in fact based on a lot of inquiry, philosophy and logic, the shariah of ISIS is entirely postmodern and based on intuition, and breaks with the entirely of Islamic tradition.


File: 1630290381364.png (79.04 KB, 474x654, 59-3095-3945.png)

>In other words, where classical Islamic Shariah was in fact based on a lot of inquiry, philosophy and logic, the shariah of ISIS is entirely postmodern and based on intuition, and breaks with the entirely of Islamic tradition.


Why is getting some pics so hard?


>are probably in communication with the U.S. military as this is going on.
bruh is not "probably" they are actively colaborating to keep things safe because everyone wants the us to leave asap


ISIS Taliban and al-qaeda are all glowies


Yes, but only Daesh hasn't turned against the US yet.


Yes, Sayyid Qutb who invented this doctrine of Islam was also literally inspired by Vichy French fascists.


Of nasrallah's statement? Couldn't find it in a search, perhaps because western outlets didn't report it


you don't know anything about islam nor what postmodernism means


Could you… point out where you disagree?


Not entirely true but they are supported and "encouraged" by glowies


Update: US Airstrike in Kabul on Sunday Killed 10 People
>A Taliban official told TOLOnews that all the victims were civilians.
>As a result of the US drone strike in Kabul in PD15 on Sunday evening, 10 people including five children have been killed, said relatives of the victims.

Afghan airport bombing survivors say some civilians killed by U.S. bullets
>After the deadly suicide blast which killed some 170 Afghan people and 13 U.S. soldiers at the Kabul airport on Thursday, some survivors have raised the possibility that a number of Afghan people were actually killed by American fire amid the chaos and confusion instead of by bombing.

US Airstrike Hits Suicide Bombers Targeting Kabul Airport: AP
>Zabihullah Mujahid earlier said in a message to journalists that the U.S. strike targeted a suicide bomber as he drove a vehicle loaded with explosives.

Defense System Intercepts 5 Rockets Fired at Kabul Airport
>Six rockets were fired from a vehicle in the Khairkhana area, and five aimed toward Kabul airport were intercepted.
>The sixth one, according to eyewitnesses, hit a residential building. No casualities were reported from the rocket attack.

Taliban: Afghans 'No Longer Allowed to Reach Kabul Airport'
site is down rn

CIA Director Holds Secret Meeting with Taliban in Kabul
site down

Spokesman to Press TV: Taliban seeks political system approved by all Afghan people
>“The Islamic Emirate is determined to have a [political] system that is approved by our people and our people [would] feel comfortable under that system,” Zabihullah Mujahid told Press TV in an exclusive interview on Monday.

First WHO flight since Taliban takeover lands in Afghanistan
>A plane carrying desperately-needed medical supplies landed in Afghanistan on Monday, the World Health Organization said, a first since the Taliban took control of the country two weeks ago.


File: 1630351246599.jpg (83.52 KB, 750x997, 1630349240705.jpg)



gd lol


jesus, this will definitely help their image


probably fake one way or another. stop believing anything you see on twitter.


>worrying about the taliban's image


The last Ameridog plane left Kabul. It’s Officially™ over. Where next?


>Joe is kinda like a Christ-like figure in some ways. He's there is to absorb all the blows and arrows, and be flayed alive with whips while eating a giant shit sandwich.

Sure but he's just doing it so the dems don't have to.
>Tired old ( and mentally declining) ghoul finally fulfills his lifelong dream of being president in exchange for taking all the democratic party's bullets to the grave.

Biden is just here to be the political dead end with no succesors that absorbs the damage. He only needs to last(though he'll probably finish his term) until the midterms so the dems can lose both chambers and resume playing the opposition in power. His political past has been memory holed and his future is protecting his presidency's legitimacy with his death.

Biden is not really seen as "a democrat", he's the guy who defeated Trump. The old timer tasked with rebuilding our sacred democracy after the terror of the Trump years and the near capture of the government in the January 6th insurrection. He's a compromiser but what can you expect in this time of crisis. Yada Yada…


File: 1630358706111-0.png (36.15 KB, 715x235, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1630358706111-1.png (2.34 MB, 1200x800, ClipboardImage.png)

It's actually ogre. Never thought I'd see this day.


File: 1630359772062.png (17.8 KB, 544x202, war is over.png)

its ogre


so it's basically the white supremacism of islam





They think lanyard neolibs are commies, you'd be suprised how utterly retarded right wing types are at actually understanding their oppo


That photo isso blurred it could as well be a painting.


File: 1630369022553-0.jpg (38.31 KB, 881x165, afghan cheer.jpg)


I'm cheering too.


>Burger troops get suicide bombed at a airport checkpoint.
>Remaining troops panic and proceed to shoot up the crowd causing more civilian casualties.
>As revenge for the attack and to save face Burgers bomb a car full of civilians driving through a residential area, killing only civilians half which were children.


I don't think a lot of interpreters will be coming to US. Just a feeling.


>>worrying about the taliban's image
Except that what thrvtaliban has explicitly been doing for quite some time.


Where are the party images? !!

Arent they feasting again?


Taliban should respond by killing american troops for bombing random cars with civilians inside.


Free chopper rides for profiteers


>ancaps on suicide watch


Who did they hang?



Apparently they used a kinetic weapon to kill the driver of the carbomb which then went off, killing the civilians. Don't know if this is true, but that's their story.



>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fm-8uLHgj6k [Embed]
>lets just send the troops everywhere and stay in every conflict for ever lmao


File: 1630468912620.jpg (251.45 KB, 1080x1103, IMG_20210901_070009.jpg)


Cringe or based? No seriously, is this the moment that US accepts defeat and finds another way to continue or bullshit and they just focus on latin America and the Pacific?


File: 1630469625094.jpg (55.02 KB, 1079x1201, EffdJW2X0AI0xY5.jpg)

Based that he's so stringently defending the decision to pull out despite the collective crying of Conservatives, Liberals, America Firsters, Trump, Media, CIA and military vets.

But also, it's clear that Yankees just want to focus on countering China.


the amount of troops in Afghanistan were basically a rounding error, in terms of a confrontation with china, America lost more than it gained, now it can't deny the rare earths to china.
im seriously wondering if he isn't somehow an anti-imperialist triying to take down the empire from the inside


He is just doubling down on whatever decision he has made. Flip-flopping around on issues happens very rarely.


Chad Biden fighting the Deep State. What are they gonna do, kill his family?


File: 1630470726584.png (196.49 KB, 477x498, 099090.png)

Comrade Joe is combating malarkey but the deep state is trying to undermine him. To quote Lenin:

>"If the present war rouses among the reactionary Christian Socialists, among the whimpering petty bourgeoisie, only horror and fright, only aversion to all use of arms, to bloodshed, death, etc., then we must say: capitalist society is always an endless horror. And if this most reactionary of all wars is now preparing a horrible end for that society, we have no reason to drop into despair." ("The War Programme of the Proletarian Revolution," in Lenin on War and Peace, Three Articles, p. 63, Peking 1966 English edition.)

Has not the truth of this statement clearly been seen over the liberal wimps and reactionary /pol/yp tears over the bloodshed and death of American troops during the Kabul evacuation in recent days? I think Uncle Joe has shown far more fortitude than them in bringing this imperialist war to a close and revealing the true horror has been capitalism at home all along!


I've zoned out burger politics since Emperor Trump got couped but I thought we had him to thank for pulling out of Afghanistan? Are all of these posts praising Biden just falling for the psyop or did I miss something


Trump was never going to actually pull out, he started some political talks but the generals told him not to actually withdraw and he bitched out.


When Biden is based for the very first time


Tantrum incoming


So this is what imperial humiliation looks like


Anthony Fantano really let himself go


File: 1630473757917-0.png (280.21 KB, 476x603, -09-9-.png)

File: 1630473757917-1.png (327.71 KB, 751x627, 5093-9-09.png)

Imagine an army of these guys patrolling around Iraq and then people back in the U.S. wonder why the locals start firing RPGs at them.


He also made some strange music videos of his time in Iraq.


And therefore I'm against women's rights.

t. The staunch anti-imperialist.

>the West created the Taliban
Yeah, we know. People who fail the paperbag test has neither agency nor a history of their own. Also, during these last 20 years, the Gulf states and Pakistan have really flewn under the radar. Because of the paperbag test, you know.



I wonder how until the taliban is forced to deal with furries


imagine if Bernie was president and decided we need to finish the civilizing mission for the womens and childrens and the multitude of DSA troopers got really behind it and like got a "bipartisan" bill that included $15 minimum wage along with a Stay in Afghanistan Forever bill


Anyone else kind of concerned that all these vets' meltdowns over Afghanistan will lead to Freikorps 2.0? Their anger and hatred will be amplified by insane right wing propaganda thanks to the internet and we'll end up with something much worse than ever seen before


Hadn't thought about that but it is likely. Hopefully at least a few of them become communists, like what happened to several German WW1 veterans that turned towards socialism instead of reaction.


Dozens of them, as opposed to tens of thousands of reactionaries. Oh well.


Socdems are the left wing of fascism, so its not too unbelievable that he would do something like that.


Jesus christ it's private Gomer Pyle irl. Lol calling someone a coward while crying. AAAHAHAHAHAH.


I think we're going to see some of it but the Freikorps was on a different scale. That was a 1.5-million-strong paramilitary force, which numerically, is about the size of the total number of troops the U.S. deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 20 years.


Vets are easily triggered cowards, which is why many them end up murder-suiciding their families once they get their precious feelings too hurt. You don't have to worry about a neo-Freikorps because these hot dog necked weenies have spent twenty years getting owned by Pashtun farmers, they pose little threat


Is that Inti behind him?


File: 1630549310023.png (512.13 KB, 1080x1020, 12521.png)




File: 1630549764205-0.png (1.05 MB, 917x527, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1630549764205-1.png (301.18 KB, 754x900, ClipboardImage.png)

Muh white supremacy


Lmao seething bitch


They're deflecting real hard now


First we made Al-Queda, then ISIS, and now super Taliban. We're really on a roll.


Usual retardation of fake news CNN.

All cunt-ass burgeristani media hosts are retards.


Kek, usual americunt projection. Americunts are everything they criticize.


>my son was a genius child with an autism score of 156
Fucking extreme lel
This horrid cunt is not even sad


Eye Q is filtered to autism lol


File: 1630553051192.png (254.66 KB, 354x590, 1628059473155.png)

>Proud Boy to Fascist Pipeline Telegram channel
You've gotta be kidding me. That's the actual name of the channel? Glowies have been really lacking the subtle approach lately, but I suppose some raging rednecks who are thinking "I've gotta do something" and "it's time to take action" will get in touch.


Also it's funny to look up the SITE group and see where it's based (Bethesda, Maryland) and who the main person running it is (her father was a Mossad agent). It wouldn't surprise me if it was a fishing expedition to put the name of the channel in the media and then circulate on right-wing forums to see if anyone takes the bait. And I'm pretty sure at least some of them will, because they just can't help themselves.


Why do feds do this? Why do they stir the pot and get rightoids to do bad shit? Are the feds just enacting their own agenda or do they just kicks from setting fall guys out there to maim and harass proles? What's the big idea?


I dunno. It's so obvious, though. Immediately in C(ia)NN there's an article citing Glow Inc. essentially giving free advertising to this Telegram channel.

Maybe they create a controlled opposition that (a) serves as a foil to rally the liberals behind the state – and against the white supremacist Taliban threat – and (b) is going to be pretty useless other than redeploying their patsies and dupes as a weapon against us when it's time, if we got our act together, maybe? And the fact that *we* know that *they* would do that leads a lot of leftists to go "oh, ok, we're good, we're just gonna sit over here…"

And you know what? For those leftists who decide that it's not worth the risk, that's totally sensible and rational.


shit is getting so complex and ridiculous that I can't believe we arent heading for some serious shit soon


They might just be libs. Glenn Greenwald's twitter banner claims this much.


lol its a Teleglow group


>Why do feds do this?
>What's the big idea?
To justify their own existence.
>Start fires
>Get people to pay you to put out fires.
Classic scam. Like mechanics who you come to for an oil change then they brake your radiator so you have to pay them to fix it.


stupido here. how did the taliban manage to own all this weaponry? did they just loot abandoned equipment?


It's pretty much all ANA equipment gifted by USA to my knowledge


Your image is making reference to all the equipment left by the US when they quickly pulled out. So it was a gift by the US by making a shit exit.



The US let them have those shining new M4s so they throw away the superior AKs. In a year or two, they will invade again, those M4s are going to get stuck all the time. Taliban lost.


I sorta feel bad for the kid having to grow up with a mother like that. maybe that's why he joined the corps


It was the ANA's, who left it for their cousins in the Taliban.

The arrogance of the US to think that these farmers would kill or die for the US. So insanely stupid. Some of them didn't even know what the US is, according to some vets.


>Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid has said that the economic future of Afghanistan rests chiefly in the hands of China after it agreed to help rebuild the war-torn country.


It was a jihadi watch/Memri tv style op


>IQ of 156
>dies in a stupid war
Guess this is what the real big brains do with their life.


>volunteers in a reactionary war become communist
I don’t think so.


I remember that somewhere I read or heard that in case of american abscense (as it is right now) the afghan economy would collapse since it greatly depended on it. No surprise on it.
Since China has most of the cards in this relationship, let's see what conditions they put.





pure copium.


More troops would have died if the US stayed in. More Afghans too but they don't care about them.


Can't believe America is still trying to foist the fucking 70 year old M113 on people


Taliban allegedly crushed the resistance in Panjshir.
Looking up for some confirmation now.


Lasted a really long time tbh ngl


<Taliban control now Panjshir
lel, too little hope for the CIA puppet there. I hope the ex-"VP" gets what he fucking deserves.



Cannot find any confirmation.
At this point the most likely situation is Taliban pushing but having not won completely yet.

It could change very soon though.



Taliban making inroads in Panjshir seems confirmed, situation unclear for the rest.


That's has been said here before: That's a natural fortress. I remember an interview with Pepe Escobar where he said that historians from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other neighborhood countries tried to conquest that place in the not-so-recent past and it was always nearly impossible to have access, so the win is only by a massive siege.


Great work CIA truly impressive. Lasted a whole week. Back to supporting Daesh I guess


Sputnik news Spanish says there's not clear confirmation, but the taliban is doing fierce combats to gain control there.


File: 1630715077309.png (64.06 KB, 500x522, b8-not-b8-at-this-r8.png)

>implying the CIA is happy with taliban
>implying taliban=daesh
truly impressive.


So, come on fuckers, what is the progress with that battle? Still going on? Has the MI5 faggot already fled? Where do you get your geopolitical news anyway?


>>implying the CIA is happy with taliban
>>implying taliban=daesh
not at all retard


I dont think that's what he meant.
He means their gonna support ISIS to fight the taliban now that the Northern Alliance has folded.


Pepe Escobar repeats Nasrallah's claim along with Hamid Karzai's and a Russian envoy named Zamir Kabulov's similar claims:
We already know that US allies (the gulf states) supported Daesh in Syria, so is it so unlikely that the CIA does the same in Afghanistan? doubt.jpg


Its a crying shame that due to my six-week ban that just ended on August 27th, I wasn't able to post while the Taliban had their epic victory against the U$ puppet state, that culminated in the restoration of the Based Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Hopefully, the Based Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan crushes the "Northern Alliance" fags in the panjshir valley as soon as possible, Inshallah.


Have you tried using vpns?


that doesn't matter if he uses a name/capitalizes Based


File: 1630857368146.webm (2.12 MB, 576x1024, WMMF.webm)

We will take care of the poor refugee girls that don't want to become slaves to dirty incestous desertmen


File: 1630857815026.webm (1.99 MB, 544x960, 000764857455635.webm)


>>implying the CIA is happy with taliban
lol I suppose you think they just waltzed into fully stocked US bases by accident.


File: 1630859191898.jpg (92.2 KB, 735x458, tunnel boi.jpg)

<lol I suppose you think they just waltzed into fully stocked US bases by accident.
I mean come on how else would dirty goat-fuckers ever gain the upper hand against muh empire amirite?? Jesus what a faggot


The Vietnamese were led by communists and waged a successful decades long struggle against the USA, its local bourgeois lackeys in Saigon, the Phoenix Program and much more. They triumphed by waging revolutionary war under Marxist-Leninist leadership. The Taliban on the other hand are a product of US-Pakistani aided counterrevolution in Afghanistan, did not and could not lead a revolutionary, are comprised of reactionary parasites, exist by growing drugs and robbing workers, and moreover, never seriously fought America. They signed a treaty with the USA just last year and have openly declared their intention to work with the USA, even allowing investment.

ISIS, another US creation, got their hands on loads of Abrams tanks in 2014 in Iraq in a similar scenario.


>i don't like their politics so i'm going to ignore the immense popular support they're getting


>lol I suppose you think they just waltzed into fully stocked US bases by accident
They didn't, they took huge swathes of territory after 20 years of warfare in which they managed to consistently evade destruction by NATO forces while wearing down the Western resolve and striking serious blows against local collaborators. The US had been drawing down for years because it was basically impossible to make serious progress against the Taliban. The mere presence of foreign troops was fueling recruitment for them, they were getting arms from foreign backers (mainly Pakistan and black market smugglers), and could always cross the Pakistani border to preserve a nucleus of hardened fighters to rebuild their forces from (and also recruit from Pakistani Pashtuns). In other words, they actually had a lot of the same advantages that contributed to the victory of the Vietnamese. So clearly the presence of the NATO troops was accomplishing nothing, which meant they would have had to withdraw eventually. The issue was that the ANA was plagued with such immense corruption (tolerated and abetted by the US) that even the ARVN seemed capable in comparison. So the Taliban didn't just "waltz in" to these bases, their victory was the culmination of decades of conflict.


I don't care what support they get (not that I suspect it's much). From an objective, materialist analysis of the situation, nothing has changed in Afghanistan. It already had Sharia law under the Islamic Republic, bourgeois social relations existed and now still exist. And now another group that got its start thanks to the counterrevolution against the DRA is in power.


"Western" resolve hasn't been worn down, they're just reorienting their troops to focus on waging war on their own working classes at home for the next phase of coronafascism, or perhaps going to war with China. The presence of NATO troops was there to enable opium production, not fight the Taliban.


If you went up to a Taliban jihadi and told him you're a communist, you'd be lynched like Najibullah or any of the countless other PDPA members murdered by them. And remember, they killed him despite not being in power for 4 years at that point. That shows their true class character. They're scum and the Soviets should have bombarded all areas hosting jihadis with poison gas like they did at Tambov, sadly by the 1980s the CPSU was too soft.


File: 1630868853812.jpg (322.14 KB, 980x650, hekmatyar and sayyaf.jpg)

>They're scum and the Soviets should have bombarded all areas hosting jihadis with poison gas
sure but not just because they killed communists, but because the mujahideen were Brzezinski's weapons, tools of imperialism designed specifically to undermine the Soviets, which led to the empowerment of the Taliban with the ISI's support, who were mostly the same, radicalized by the same imperialist intervention (they taught children with the same US-made textbooks that practiced counting in bombs/dead Soviets, they were taught by Pakistanis an outgrowth of the Salafism exported by Saudi, Deobandism). One can say that the Taliban were not as bad as other groups like Hekmatyar's Hezb-e-islami who were the most highly funded CIA asset, funded partly because they were the first takfirists in Afghanistan and caused the most destabilization. The Taliban, with help from the ISI, were seen as a force that created some order in the midst of chaos of warring factions, e.g. they pledged to kill pedos and other criminals. Some faction of mujahideen was bound to win after the Soviets left and it was probably going to be whoever the ISI supported, and they wanted pro-Pakistani stability. The only way any of this could have been avoided would be if the USSR had survived longer and cleansed the entire area of this imperialist-created jihadist influence.


>sadly by the 1980s the CPSU was too soft.
More like trying to appease westerners
This is the motherfucker that built conflicts between China and Taiwan, undermined communism through boasting Pol Pot, and more.
No wonder he was invited by Reagan.


Hey, isn't that the dipshit who actually fell for the leet h4xor 4chan meme and thinks they actually have anything of worth to say?


Lmao, aren't soldiers in that job to die?
But oh well. Look what grief, anger and political blindness does to a mother.


They were targeted at Afghan communist workers and peasants just as much as Soviet Army soldiers.
Hekmatyar's an absolute piece of vermin, yeah.


Certainly, but I wonder if the USSR knew that they were CIA assets as well as mujahideen. Also wonder if success in AF would have significantly contributed to USSR's survival


They knew, the book I posted above >>478662 points out their meddling into the DRA via Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.


John Pilger on Afghanistan: US Military a Killing Machine! & How The Taliban Went From Ally to Enemy
Interesting interview.



Thanks for that. Have Pilger in high esteem since I watched some of his docus years ago.

I especially liked the mention of Assange trial and how he perceives the upcoming outcome. I am not following it unfortunately but will keep an eye now.


I hate when I see good shit on RT and I know it’s pointless to even share the info with my lib family because “tHaTs RuSsIan propAganDa”!


You can say that it shows an alternative point of view that the mainstream US-western media covers. And talk about the surveillence state the US has or Assange and Snowden for example.


Joe Biden literally killed an entire afghan family and labeled it as ISIS 2 weeks ago.

Click the thread and read it it's long and has lots of evidence


We know. We all watch the news.


Look at this shit


>work for U.S. in any capacity
>get BTFO by U.S.
Many such cases.


No we don't faggot, who wants to watch neoliberal propaganda?


they definitely killed him to cover something up


Lol they might just be idiots who bomb families and weddings


or deflection campaign


.the story has 6 upvotes in 2 hours on r/politics

These people are scum and will hide anything from DNC


Try without the RT logo. Some alt-media interview him. Like Katie Halper would invite Norman Finkelstein in a regular basis when some Palestine-Israel news happens.



It's disgusting how little regard these monsters have for innocent life. It's some strange American solipsism.


File: 1631476441592.jpg (146.69 KB, 838x1200, E-nIEwCWEAAx2QJ[1].jpg)

If you want to know why America lost the war read this.
One of the most remarkable articles I've ever read


So colonialism isn't imperialism? Because Britain frequently used locals for muscle when they were running their empire.


>When Talibros are said to be the soldiers of the Apocalypse and are ready to free Palestine from the settler-colonialist c*ntry of Israel


>The invasion of 2001 is not imperialism
Gotta post this to tantrums general, it'll be ready in just a second


File: 1631639449943-0.png (177.58 KB, 651x500, malang1.png)

File: 1631639449943-1.jpeg (241.68 KB, 1080x1450, malang3.jpeg)

File: 1631639449943-2.png (246.71 KB, 643x423, malang2.png)

File: 1631639449943-3.jpeg (88.76 KB, 1188x1058, malang.jpeg)

File: 1631639449943-4.png (295.5 KB, 654x516, malang4.png)

Some Malang posts. He's posting lots of reactionary misogynist and anticommunist stuff, also lots of video of illegal alcohol being found, as well as money taken from people claimed to be criminals. He thinks no hijab = "OnlyFans."


Also interesting is this interview with locals about 9/11.

It's been noted many times that most Afghans have literally no idea what America is, where it is located, why they are invading, or what it's like in the West.


Interesting how a terrorist is allowed to have a twitter account.


Um sweaty Trump is also a terrorist. But yeah the massive hypocrisy lol


how depressing, I wonder how they rationalized the americans being there


I don't think the Taliban are considered Terrorists, only their Pakistani branch.


they couldn't feel the freedom and democracy???



>Huge stash of dollars and gold discovered in Panjshir

The hidden treasures reportedly belong to Amrullah Saleh and the money will be added to Afghanistan's budget

Lmao, there goes western taxes.


lol cucked


>talibans were running the country
>taliban were against the invasion
>somehow my rotting brain can't say it didn't consent
>no, it was consented by the afghan people
>somehow this guerrilla out of nowhere without popular consent could win, the NATO invasion, despite not having even remotely the same technology nor budget
Oh lawl. This bitch is a CIA bot. Can't understand reality and hasn't touched grass in her lifespan.


yeah desu, got banned for like a week for calling someone a faggot, good to know I can still support the taliban


>we have no fuel
>we need ammo 
>we need food
>we have a cache of gold but we need to run an oped in WAPO asking for the glows to help us instead buying these things


They let U.S. government officials have twitter accounts, and they murder far more than the Taliban.


File: 1631669289606.jpg (42.89 KB, 712x717, img_1_1631581770533.jpg)

So account of real talibani not that of a larper?


this. US is the biggest terrorist state
he's either a larper who, based on the videos he reposts, seems to know pashto as well as many aghan social media accounts, or is an actual talib


Eh, I’m fine with expropriation of the wealthy. So long as the taliban actually put it to proper developmental use.


File: 1631701964517.png (507.56 KB, 472x741, -5069-4596-54.png)

Did he take the videos or are they taken from other accounts? I saw one video he posted that had a woman's voice in it, so either he scraped the video from elsewhere or he's a she.

I really suspect the account is either (a) some Muslim guy in another country who supports the Taliban but is also plugged into English-language internet nerd culture and is having some fun with it or (b) an intelligence op to make the Taliban look bad (jokes about beating women etc. etc. etc.) along with (c) possibly sniffing out 4chan guys who want to convert to Islam now because memes. I also imagine a lot of what he's posting might be considered vulgar by the Taliban if they even understood it.

Also what's with this? Is the Taliban guy now posting pro-ISIS and anti-China stuff? It doesn't make sense.


I think it's more revealing that people want to believe it's real, though. But like that other video showed, most "Taliban" are just redneck farmers who can't point out America on a map, don't speak English, and don't have internet connections. Some of them have never used a phone. Around 72% of the population is illiterate. They're probably more concerned about drought affecting their crops.


File: 1631707271798.png (1.42 MB, 1049x1086, 1629754541768.png)

It was funny seeing the contrast between urban Afghans seething impotently online with their hashtags while the Talichads took over the streets.


he's reposting the videos. the user certainly seems to know other afghan accounts, or have some other way of finding these pro-taliban videos. I think the language spoken in them is Pashto, not Arabic, so it can't just be any Muslim person, it's probably a Pakistani or an Afghan. You can check that the non-English language he writes some tweets in is pashto, not arabic.
That meme is not pro-ISIS, it's anti-everyone including ISIS and China, as a way of justifying the burka in Afghanistan.

I don't think it's surprising at all that an actual talib might know english and post memes on twitter. The only surprising thing is the maga-to-taliban internet pipeline or whatever. That was an old joke, that they hate women like conservatives do so they should get along, now it's becoming true. The only surprising thing is that he hasn't been banned yet, because every post is like "Yes I subjugate women by force, how can you tell?" But this is actually true of the Taliban


This meme is literaly sunni politics 101


This is the Taliban flag so it must be true that these videos come from online Afghans. The only reason that it seems like MalangKhostay might not be one of them is because he knows english and posts alt-right memes and that's politically inconvenient for westerners, or something.


So what should the conditions be for recgoniztion and aid for the Taliban government?


>"leftists" supporting extreme reactionaries because they beat the U.S. or imperialism or whatever

Going full neo-lib gets more appealing every day.


so you would instead support sending weapons and funds to these guys for your proxy war


File: 1631725070021.jpg (171.65 KB, 400x500, 1345479599163.jpg)

>implying imperialism doesn't real
>implying you're not already a neolib and your "threat" isn't, therefore, empty
Eat shit and die



I never said or implied it doesn't real but I'd rather bring "freedom and democracy" than have literal theocrats in power because we gotta respect muh right of nations and muh self-determination.


How did that work out for you in the last twenty years? Your borugeois morals are useless. It's not about respecting them, it's that killing them did nothing but empower their movement and enrich American contractors. If you want to show everyone how righteous and just you are (imperial warmongering be damned) then go back to twitter. Just remember this one fact: until the US undermined them, the Soviets were actually doing what the US has deliberately failed at doing, nation building and eradicating jihadist Islam.


but eradicating jihadist islam also ment bombing unsuspecting civilians who were not ready for an urban communist revolution so they were very susceptible for the mujahedin crap


>muh right of nations and muh self-determination
I don't actually give a shit about either. I want American imperialism gone, and I am not particular on the details.

But I agree with you, "freedom and democracy"(boypussy) is preferable to theocracy (lack of boypussy), you have your priorities straight (for some definition of straight).


>implying it was organic, rather than fully foreign funded


It just would not matter if they weren't given stinger anti aircraft missiles. The difference between theirs and the US' intervention is that they were actually interested in "nation building" when the US just wanted a money laundering scheme


anyone who thinks the US cares about freedom and democracy should go back to breadtube

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