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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Why did the Soviet Union annex Moldova but not Romania, eventually at least? Might as well have gone all out and annexed all Romanian-speaking lands.
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>China could absolutely start incorporating computerized planning and make a transition. But will they ever? I am doubtful.
They have the computing muscle to do it on the technical side of things, but their economy isn't in crisis, it's chugging along nicely. The opportunity for change exists where systems begin to crumble. They are not willing to make it fail on purpose to manufacture an ideological realignment. When their system gets worse they will relaunch experimentation, and it's very likely that socialistic computerized planning comes out of that.


What should be done with the people detained in Guantanamo Bay? Obviously the place itself (the jail) needs to be closed and the entire territory returned to Cuba but what about the people? I would assume try to deradicalize those who still identify with jihadist wahhabism, maybe convince them with islamic socialism but what if they choose not to? Execute them?


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What does "socialism" even mean to americans?


>If they have a dominant communist party or any leftwing party they're socialist
>But also if they're just countries opposed to the US
>But also nordic and western european liberal democracies
Am*ricans will never change will they?


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something among those lines


Low security, ethical prisons without any forms of torture where they can go to school and have a decent paying job etc. i guess.


sweden no


Not US, but probably:
>state owned services instead of private (beyond status quo, so not schools, military, emergency services, roads, etc.) like free health care and free education
>non-fascist totalitarianism
>Russian and Asian US enemies
>increased distribution of wealth


In a potential scenario of "from the river to the sea" for Palestine, what would be the best outcome for the country? To remain its own sovereign state or for Palestine and Jordan to unify?


Where can I find accurate statistical information on state-owned enterprises per country? Like the percentages of state property and private property, people here often use the percentages of how many people are employed in the public sector of a country from Wikipedia but it isn't really that accurate, since on many cases countries with a big public sectory can still have more of its workforce employed in the private sector and viceversa.


You guys know how /pol/ has an archive of Hitler speeches and the German army's marches and battles; do you guys have one for Stalin and the Soviet Army?


For Palestine to annex Jordan and guillotine the Hashemites


china imprisioning muslims is true or cia propaganda?


Cia propaganda


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Why was Marx such a lib?


Is there a comedically long list or wiki article about U.S. lies?


There's a lot of information on Leftypedia, for example this page: https://leftypedia.org/wiki/List_of_atrocities_committed_by_the_United_States
For specific lies about particular subjects just go to the page on it.


Any nice works on MLM that aren't written in the annoying larpy way in which MLMs tend to write? (The Revolutionary Application Of Enlightening Revolutionary Practice To The Strong Foundations Of The Scientific Material Analysis Of The Proletarian Struggle type shit). Just a dry ol' boring theory book?


Marx died before the infamous backstabbing of Rosa, so he could believe Socdems were legits.


Why did the Soviets end up 22 billion dollars in debt by its collapse to the Paris group?


Anybody have any sources on the majority of people in Vietnam wanting to vote in Uncle Ho?


is it safe to discuss how to materially benefit the working class? what are strategies right now in these current conditions?


File: 1618293563872-0.pdf (665.36 KB, 195x300, continuityandrupture_(1).pdf)

File: 1618293563872-1.pdf (932.81 KB, 184x300, S01-MLM-Basic-Course-Revis….pdf)

That's classic maoist wording, but see if this helps


How does the LTV explain YouTubers that make a living out of ad revenue?


They are creating a service people want to consume. They are using tools to create videos and tools (the platform itself) to post the videos.

Ytube is like any other type of media that makes money by selling add space.


Why do some "leftists" fetishize organized crime when they have a history of being mobilized as a attack dogs by bourgeoise government to destroy communist organizing?


Can I get a quick rundown of Juche and what exactly it is, as well as how it differs from normal ML ideology?




Could have to do with the ocassional hostility these groups have against the state apparatus (such as killing cops) but ofc it doesn't justify supporting them, for the reason you say and also because organized crime works in the same way as any other bourgeois entity works, except the violence is much more explicity, direct, and less subtle.

This is why shoving hobos, pimp-owned prostitutes, etc, with mafia bosses into one big social class as "lumpen" is very misleading, since they all have different material interests. This is why I believe the term lumpenbourgeoisie works well for organized crime.


What is the truth behind the holodomor? I remember watching video and shit in class, describing it as a result of Stalin’s personal hate of the Ukrainians, with the NKVD killing people who would pick spare bits of brain from farmed grain. Why did the Soviet Union export so much grain from Ukraine when Ukraine clearly needed if?


didn't happen but it should have
serious answer kulaks burning fields and killing livestock


>Why did the Soviet Union export so much grain from Ukraine when Ukraine clearly needed if?
Soviet grain exports went down 60% the year of the famine.


But I really don’t think that explains 7 million or so people dying, surely they had many farms that kept on going, not only in Ukraine but in the rest of the USSR?


There was a crop disease also and add people leaving the farms for cities since the country was industrializing. All of this together and the kulak sabotage you have a famine.


That number isn't even right. Also the famine affected all the grain producing areas of the USSR.


If too many people were leaving for the cities why didn't the state just close off those jobs, if the balance is unright?


this is more of an observation that doesn't deserve it's own thread
Cuba has the 103rd lowest GDP per capita, but the 70th highest human development index (HDI) and the 46th highest life expectancy


See anon! You don't need high wages to be happy!


Cheers mate. Will report back soon


any articles or studies on the increasing financialization of Capital? Read this old article and would like to read more



Is the consensus of the historic community that the Holodomor wasn't a engineered genocide? Proofs? I need to throw a book at someone.


File: 1618631572371.jpg (44.38 KB, 687x500, 4hu7z6.jpg)

What's some good stuff to read on Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge? Most stuff on them seems to be by bourgeois historians and calls them "orthodox ML". Were they a nationalist deviation of ML that went full nationalist, a reactionary peasant's movement that was closer to anarchism, were they never socialist at all and simply nationalist opportunists that adopted a superficial ML line for international support? All I have right now is this: https://msuweb.montclair.edu/~furrg/pol/khmerrouge.html




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can a political ideology catgirl expert tell me who these five are


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Fourth is Makhno


File: 1618641336466.jpg (116.74 KB, 1279x720, 118280596_812538456218014_….jpg)

Big thank you, anon.


because the state waas too slow to react


The truth behind holodomor is that the government decided to push collectivization of farming which stirred up rebellion among parts of the peasant population. There were violent uprisings and also in protest to the collectivization peasants slaughtered millions of heads of cattle. At the same time bad weather+crop disease stepped in and things went to shit.

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