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For example, in the Lebanese Civil War, the ML Lebanese Communist Party and the DemSoc PSP fought along with the nationalist and (potentially) antisemitic groups SSNP and Hezbollah.


Some White emigres fought against the Nazis during WW2, but the number was low, and the majority of them ended up collaborating with fascism (to no one's surprise)


>Kuomintang x Communists in 1937


communist and fascist/monarchist alliance against Yeltsin in 1990s Russia


The USSR and the US raping Nazi Germany so hard that Nazis keep coping to this very day.



imagine following a ideology of a country that only lasted 12 years and calling communists and neoliberals losers.


>b-but Hitler fought the whole world!!1

Meanwhile, USSR actually fought off interventions from entire world, from UK, France, Germany, USA, Japan, Italy, even Greece, all supporting Whites and sending their own troops to Russia. Japan, for example, has sent 100k troops to the Far East, and british had 20k stationed in Archangelsk, and similar bullshit all over the White-controlled territories. Funny how nazis conveniently don't know about this, huh


And having a shortlived userbase that stands on fragile foundations.



Fascism really is just a subversive ideology that just appropriates whatever it wants to get people to say they are fascist. I've seen them argue that they favor unions and abolishing capitalism.


The Mexican war of Revolution

Everyone wanted that cunt Diaz to gtfo



The 1953 Iranian coup and their 1979 revolution. These alliances rarely seem to work out for communists


Rojava and Burgers


File: 1631525985825-0.png (294.36 KB, 600x400, ONE STRUGGLE.png)

File: 1631525985826-1.png (40.38 KB, 318x638, ClipboardImage.png)


>The Soviet invasion of Xinjiang (Chinese: 蘇聯入侵新疆) was a military campaign of the Soviet Union in the Chinese northwestern region of Xinjiang in 1934. White Russian forces assisted the Soviet Red Army.[3]

>In 1934, Ma Zhongying's troops, supported by the Kuomintang government of the Republic of China were on the verge of defeating the Soviet client Sheng Shicai during the Battle of Ürümqi (1933–34) in the Kumul Rebellion.
>Two brigades of about 7,000 Soviet GPU troops, backed by tanks, airplanes and artillery with mustard gas, crossed the border to assist Sheng Shicai in gaining control of Xinjiang. The brigades were named "Altayiiskii" and "Tarbakhataiskii".[6] Sheng's Manchurian army was being severely beaten by an alliance of the Han Chinese army led by general Zhang Peiyuan, and the 36th Division led by Ma Zhongying.[7] Ma fought under the banner of the Kuomintang Republic of China government. The joint Soviet-White Russian force was called "The Altai Volunteers". Soviet soldiers disguised themselves in uniforms lacking markings, and were dispersed among the White Russians.[8]
>General Ma Zhongying's retreating army often hijacked lorries to assist in their retreat. Volgin noted that Ma Zhongying often destroyed Russian lorries during battle. A White Russian informed Sven Hedin that "We have been coming here from Qara-Shahr all day, troop after troop. Two thousand Russians arrived to-day, half White, half Red. There are a thousand Torguts here, and two thousand troops of all arms have gone straight on to Kucha to attack Ma Chung-ying without touching Korla. Most of the two thousand who are in Korla now will continue westward to-morrow. We were five thousand strong when we started from Urumchi."

>In Novosibirsk, a hospital for Soviet wounded for their invasion of Xinjiang was disguised as a "hospital for the injured from the Manchurian War", it was "discovered" by the Evening Standard reporter Bosworth Goldman.[31]

>Goldman's account of the hospital stated:
>Men were sitting about in a gloomy hall, many of them with some part of their body hidden in bandages; they ranged in nationality from Laplanders to pure Mongols … I asked some of them where they had been, and they replied that they had been fighting in the southern Altai, in co-operation with some Chinese, against 'anti-social elements' disturbing the advance of the class warfare banner into Sinkiang … Later, other men with whom I spoke about this struggle often told me that they had never heard of a hospital at Novosibirsk. On the other hand, an occupant of the one I visited told me it was 'the best of the three'.[32]

Also interesting is that Ma is one of those figures who records lose track of, his fate listed as being:
>Nothing more was heard from Ma Zhongying after 1936. There are at least five stories of Ma's end:
<Ma was killed in a crash prior to World War II.
<Ma was executed after being taken to Moscow in 1936.
<Ma was imprisoned at a labor camp and later executed during the Great Purge of the Army in 1937–1938.
<Some writers, such as Red Army Gen. Konstantin Rokossovsky, allege that Ma was first arrested during the Great Purge but was later released and participated in the Great Patriotic War.
<According to Sheng Shicai's memoir, Sinkiang: Pawn or Pivot? (Michigan University Press, 1958) Ma, together with all his staff, was executed in Moscow on orders of Joseph Stalin during the summer or spring of 1937.


>These alliances rarely seem to work out for communists

Gee, i wonder why, its almost as if allying with reactionaries and supporting them is counterrevolutionary and opportunistic.



Mao would like to speak with you, product of american education system.


Isn't this the only example of it working?


>What are some examples of Leftist groups fighting alongside reactionaries

Russian Civil War, the peasants who were the overwhelming majority of the people fighting for the Bolsheviks were reactionaries.


File: 1631531549336-0.png (6.67 MB, 3550x1768, caunz6t4prf61.png)

File: 1631531549336-1.png (23.02 KB, 601x362, n2vgqlqegkm61.png)

File: 1631531549336-2.jpg (353.58 KB, 1000x720, Kissinger_Mao.jpg)

>Mao admitted to Molotov that he had never read Capital. This was during his 2 month visit to the USSR and Molotov was given the task of quizzing Mao about his Marxism.

Why would I want to speak to a liberal?


Rojava and USA.


That phone was from a Russian company, not a Chinese company. There's dishonesty in you.


American Succdems lead by Jimmy Dore + Boogaloo Boys = Tulcel Alliance


What the fuck is a tulcel???



Ok, how about the others?


Funny post that makes everyone laugh


What about them?


Nothing, just funny you ignored them .


It's part of a glowuyghur campaign to control discourse on leftypol, you'll see their counterparts often as part of the same psyop denying that there such thing or greatly exaggerating the details as to ridicule those who know the truth. Pay more attention.


>Meaningless nonesensical babble
Go back, chinlet


>exposing glowies makes you /pol/


>(Chinese laugh.)
what did Nixon mean by this


USSR and German joint invasion of Poland, for one. But since most leftists are blatant opportunists there are dozens more examples.


>Why would I want to speak to a liberal?
This was during Mao's reactionary phase. If you can't separate Mao the revolutionary from Mao the reactionary to Mao the cult of personalty I don't know what to tell you.


File: 1631559134644.jpg (11.82 KB, 320x306, kekkety.jpg)


Every leftist revolution according to radlibs


That wasn't real maoism


All territory the ussr got from poland was from the ussr after trotsky lost to poland, also if the ussr did not split poland, all of poland would be taken by germany


Hi Agent Kochinski


they were both leftist for their time and context


six day war


the National Socialist German Workers' Party was also leftist for their time and context


Stop watching breadtube. You have a glowing cancerous brain tumour that must be removed if you ever want to have a critical thought ij your life.
Occupy Wall Street.



Shut up lolbert. I give zero shits about the well-being of the Jewish people or Germany in the 1930s.


>I give zero shits about the well-being of the Jewish people
wtf based annil?!


File: 1631712906340.png (7.14 KB, 261x288, ClipboardImage.png)

>everyone I disagree with is voooooooosh
Okay faggot

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