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One of the reasons the United States intervened in Lat Am so many times was to prevent the continent from industrializing and keep it as raw material economies dependent on the first world. Yet it's known that tons of capitalists collaborated with the coups and interventions, knowing that it would turn their countries into banana republics and probably wreck industrial development. Porkies could've become much richer if they had supported industrialization and didn't have to depend on foreign capital, so why did they reject that path? Just blindness and short term gains over long ones?


They were landowners, and got their money through plantations. Disrupting that would have harmed them since industrialisation inherently needs a mobile labour force.


industry wasn't very popular because it wasn't very profitable considering it had to compete with US industry due to americans pushing their free trade shit everywhere.

the finance sector and some extractive sectors on the other hand were profitable because they could out-deregulate the americans quite easily and because you can't extract certain stuff in the US.

This is what happened in Chile oversimplification ofc


>invest in tech that costs more than paying people slave wages
>lose capital
>be forced to compete with americans
>be forced to pay for higher land and property costs from said industrialization
>lose more capital
Etc capitalism is inefficient and unstable that's why they never modernized despite having clear opportunities to and its also why they're only beginning to industrialize now


Muh competitive advantages


Death to all gentry. Land reform NOW


This is something that baffles me about lat-am rightoids, they can never square the circle on "I am a patriot, that's why I'm against developing any kind of industries that could give us national authonomy, let's just keep selling raw materials forever instead"


>Sere de vuelta

The reason isnthat most p-boueg in LatAm are utterly stupid, and america doesn't want local competition


They say that "muh free market neoliberalism" will turn LatAm into a developed economy like Japan or Singapore.

Obviously that never worked, Chile is literally the first country to have neoliberalism as we know it and one of the most neolib countries on earth and even that failed.


They're like Balkanite rightoids, destroying their country is a form of patriotism.


Unironic racism. They're patriots of the USA.


correct. their nationalism is an abstract universal western homeland instead of the very geographic location they were born in. Which is why you get Latin Americans more obsessed with Europe's MENA immigration than actual Euros.
tl;dr settler colonialism that failed to integrate people properly,


Anglo supremacy


File: 1631704823271.jpg (154.05 KB, 1000x1000, 198243297482931.jpg)

Most Latin-Americans on the English-language Internet are part of their rich and privately educated upper class. They live in big mansions with maids and butlers, and hold strange reactionary beliefs about racial hierarchies and are sympathetic to fascist tendencies while being more often than not creepy religious fundamentalists.

They look down on their fellow citizens and would sell out their own country and all its riches to foreign multinationals and the neoliberal status quo while still calling themselves patriotic. They are members of their oligarchy and are afraid that someone is about to redistribute 'their' wealth that are the result of their greedy thievery and centuries of exploitation of indigenous people groups They are a kleptocratic class of parasites that has to be utterly purged and annihilated in a violent uprising if any state in South America is to achieve social progress.


Watch this, then extrapolate the same from Argentina to the rest of LatAm


Badass picture, where is this from?

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