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Why is WSWS insistent that there was a genuine fascist coup attempt on Jan 6 that nearly succeeded?
This seems massively overblown and since WSWS is irrelevant they can’t even LARP pretending they prevented it or played any role at all


It’s Trotskyist brainworms. You gotta be a super democrat to prove your a radical.


Because it was
Stop being such a pseudo-leftist and admit that the Left must fight fascism in all its forms


It’s Trotskyist brainworms. You gotta be a super democrat to prove your a radical.


Fuck off bougie glowie. I fight neoliberalism in all its forms, some fascists are just useful idiots. We won't fall for your tricks anymore. I fight for my own empowerment. I don't figjt for "right" to dilate or circumcise babies.


Calling a bunch of boomers storming into a legislative building in order to stop a vote and being removed in under an hour with the only 'combat casualty' so to speak being an unarmed women being shot by a male cop at near point blank range a 'coup' when nothing Kinetic was occurring anywhere else in the country or city is obviously demented.


The whole 'Jan 6' mythos is a false flag. Not a false flag for the same purposes of starting some sort of foreign conflict like the maine, the gulf of Tonkin or 9/11 but one meant to justify stricter internal control and surveillance in order curb any genuine threats to capital that arise during the now seemingly inevitable decline of the western-core / Five-Eyes.


What would you accomplish by exposing things we make no effort to hide? What if I expose you as a counter-productive psyoped little bitch? You can provide me with no incentive to support your gay pet issues. I support my own personal and financial issues and that's it. Fuck off back to Malibu with your gay black trans Jewish blablabla.


File: 1631706261968.jpeg (46.22 KB, 836x557, 1029472385625.jpeg)

Disrespecting the Hallowed Halls of Democracy and it's Dome like that is an act of unforgivable vandalism, even if wasn't a coup.


>trans people are
>counter-revolutionary opportunism blocking the path to left unity and planetary proletarian revolution
Damn kind of sounds like your poltical strategy is a bit dumb and untenable then


What is a "trans person"? I just want higher pay and more benefits.


Why are you so obsessed with defending so insignificant a population?


Haven't you heard? Leftism is when you're a LGBT BIWOC. The more letters apply to you, the more of a Leftist you are. This is how we overthrow the rich and totally not a distraction from issues that actuslly threaten them which is why they support us at every step.


The Transgender bourgeoisie is our enemy, while the Transgender proletariat are our brothers and sisters.
-Some guy with anger issues


I am referring to anon's post about "troons"
<Why are you so obsessed with defending so insignificant a population?


so do actually have anything to say or no?
sure but that's the same for any given demographic of people, even if it is a meme with certain people to treat them with disrespect


>fags bitching about "troons": i sleep
>someone pointing out this is retarded: "hurr hurr it's so smol why are you obsessed lol hurr!"
your brain, not how you're pushing your retard agenda


The Anarcho-Nihilism flag doesn't mean "Fresh off Stupidpol Tulcel", it means "washed up druggie who wants to smash shit". Maybe the United Farm Workers flag is more your speed.


Okay, and why should I give a shit about this demographic? What is my vested interest or incentive to give a shit about yet another minority group the mainstream media has invented?(An injury to one is an injury to all)


Anon’s post is a copypasta meme about WSWS because they end almost all of their articles in the same way and usually cover the same repetitive, highly fringe trotskyist topics
You must have just dropped in from Reddit, eh?


"First they came for the troons, and I did not speak out, because I was not a troon…"


your brain, not how you're pushing your retard agenda
that was kinda slick ngl
lol idk I have seen better takes under that flag, could just as easily be a polyp adopting it I'd imagine


>MSM invented transgenders
who scooped your brain out /pol/ack


I consider the anarcho-nhilist flag to represent my utter lack of a fuck for annoying little shits whining all over this board about shit that is conducive whatsoever to our best interests. I don't care about your hobbies and neither do the majority of people who would otherwise be leftists.


>you have not seen this specific post as a copypasta before
>You must have just dropped in from Reddit for not realizing it is a copypasta
with all due (0) respect, I think this is how the kids say, a grass touching moment.
Further more I don't change my point at all if it is copypasta or not


>Okay, and why should I give a shit about this demographic?
you clearly do or you would not be replying. I don't care what is in your vested interest in fact, the point I made has nothing to do with that


the more you vocal you are about your aversion to transgender people, the less "fucks you give" baka


The mainstream media randomly decided to give credibility to your claims. I can tell you right now that you wouldn't be getting your cock turned inside out if Jenner didn't give their little speech on the TV have a decade ago The LGBT movement is a porky-sponsored media event, Occupy Wall Street wasn't. Why?


>our best interest
Bold of you to assume that anyone has anything in common with a retard seething about le evil troons and geys distracting us from rapture Revolution, if it wasn't for them and the radlibs pushing them unto my face, this disorganized movement without a coherent agreed upon body of theory and praxis or mass appeal would sweep the world overnight as long as I'm in charge!


>It even talks like a Redditor
If you’re a newfag just say so
That’s one of our best copypastas right there
You’re the one that started seething because you read an obvious shitpost line for line but still can’t stop yourself from getting offended even when someone says something at a transhumanists’ expense as a joke
I didn’t even know the copypasta mentioned transhumanists until you seethed over it


who the fuck is jenner you absolute obsessed schizo
is jenner in the room with you?


Unironically yes. If the left completely abandoned social issues and went all out economics, they'd win overnight.


>you're seething not me, look at me calmly screeching at you
you fucking retard


ok schizo
is this guy incorrect?
I am 0 percent mad, not that it matters at all


Yes you are you utter faggot, you warped my entire thread that was about WSWS to being about your irrelevant trans idpol literally out of seethe over a single shitpost stfu


>I am socially conservative and lack theory of mind to understand that other people have different opinions and values than me, and am clearly willing to make patently and obviously fake statements because I know my word carries no weight


File: 1631707536483.gif (376.11 KB, 342x342, spurdo_burger.gif)

this tbh
just because its retarded burger-fascism doesnt mean its not fascism.

people always said if fascism came to america it would come wearing a flag.

Real fascism will be based on magaboomer shit not autistic wignats


Why are you still replying to me? I believe you lack self awareness here my friend


I am fully aware of your opinions. They are retarded and we don't need the support of all these little minority groups to win. Intersectionalism is a stupid perversion of internationalism. Fuck Marcuse.


what do you think of white supremacist orgs getting membership in certain areas of law enforcement, the military and the deep state in America?


Actually I think you are retarded, can you please debunk this?


It’s hard to tell how much of a threat that really is since the US military and law enforcement were arguably explicit white supremacist organizations for most of their existence


What do you think of the FBI and basically every other department being utterly filled to the brim with bougie self-hating woketards and a complete lack of action? If the system lets these people attempt entryism it is because it does not fear them. I don't know what you mean by white nationalists, it could be just MAGAtards or Groyptards for all I know. They're cancer and not a threat to the system.


If the majority of Americans are racist bigots then why is it necessary to attempt intersectionalism?


true, I mean the American hitlerites were pretty common at one point as well.
>FBI and basically every other department
more right wing then the average population. Look at all the far right influence in the American state and how much fedbux go to conservative right-fringe right CIA cutouts like the heritage foundation or the fucking falungong. Even some one like Navelny was significantly right wing to many Russian politicians. Or neonazis in the Euromaidan. There is a stronger association between the right and the bourgeoisie than for progressives and the bourgeoisie


All successful leftism has always been intrinsically socially progressive and the most rabid anticommunists are also the most socially right wing


Yes, totally, far-right white supremacists like the Heritage Foundation and the Falun Gong. Or maybe white nationalism is a grass-roots movement and these other orgs don't give a shit about anything other than free-market capitalism and it's a dishonest move to try to categorize this as a single ideology.


>Fuck Marcuse.
Read Marcuse.


>Yes, totally, far-right white supremacists like the Heritage Foundation and the Falun Gong
the Falun Gong are far right white supremacists yes, as well as "fringe right" as I stated.
The heritage foundation is indeed socially right wing/conservative in it's official line.
>Or maybe white nationalism is a grass-roots movement
Or maybe it's not and never has been outside of smaller orgs influenced by the white supremacist establishment. Have you not seen all the esoteric hitlerism threads or deepstate ties to the far right that get posted here?


File: 1631709145445.png (1.31 MB, 1200x900, ClipboardImage.png)

>it's just a bunch of boomers smashing store windows, how is that fascism

this is what all you pseudo-leftists sound like when defending the jan 6 insurrectionists


They had no plan and no leadership, dude. It was an infantile, impotent act of defiance that did nothing but fratboy hijinks and petty theft. There were some serious dudes there, sure, but they constituted the minority.


Kristallnacht had actual explicit and implicit political support and was aided and abetted by the police and law in all levels of government.


>A massive paramilitary army of WWI veterans, aristocrats, industrialists, being organized by active military forces to actually destroy the Weimar Republic is equivalent to some obese boomers and 4chan groypers doing a riot by the Congress building


>thread full of ex-/pol/yps
>b-but its not real fascism!


>Twitteroid radlib trying to explain why the FBI needs to do a sweeping purge and censorship campaign because of the genuine threat of the Jan 6 Coup against the Holy Hall of Congress whose only long-term consequence was more glowie surveillance laws and literally nothing else


Yes yes if you are not a /pol/yp youre a feminist from twitter.


And there was no plan or leadership to direct this orgiastic outburst into actual political action.


What proof do you have that people here are from /pol/ aside from not upholding your woke anglo LGBT idpol and not taking the glowie riot seriously?

Know what, I do take Jan 6 seriously
I take it as a serious excuse for glowies to curtail more of our rights


> explicit and implicit political support

so, like the president of the US giving a speech telling his supporters to march, telling his vice president to ignore the legalities, the police deciding to not mobile, etc. etc.

is that not explicit and implicit political support?


>Why is WSWS insistent that there was a genuine fascist coup attempt on Jan 6 that nearly succeeded?

There was a number of different left wing orgs in the world which condemned it, they don't have much choice.

The biggest problem for the left is that bourgeois democracy is finding enemies within to reproduce itself with, basically pretending it's still somewhere between the 19th century and the 1960s. This is where ideas of race and fascism play an important role as analyses of the insufficient development and crisis of bourgeois democracy respectively.

This has an awkward interaction with the Marxist/anarchist assertion that the bourgeois democratic revolution is complete. The western left historically only moved in this direction as time went on, which is why it has a lot of ultraleftists.

I think this threw the left off balance ever since 2015, when the second Obama term just saw American politics begin to really smolder.


No that’s rhetorical support
Do you know what Trump did at the actual event?
Did he lead from the front?
Did he tell them to hang the Congressmen?

No this uygha basically told them
>Okay folks we all had a nice fun time glad we got it out of our systems now let’s go home and remember to subscribe to the new Trump Newsletter!


>more of our rights
Yours? I dont give a fuck about americans but when neoliberalism turns into a dictatorship its fascism. This is the only point i care about.


Not if you reverse course and have the rest of the state being like “gtfo, old man.”


Critical support for the Qoomer Brigades against Glowuyghur Imperialism.


Then why are you upholding the actual turn towards fascism which is neoliberals using the riot as an excuse to massively increase policing and redefining “domestic terrorism” to mean political dissent?
Are you a subscriber to Agent Kochinski by any chance?


are they really different though? lol


Im not upholding anything terrorists laws are much more harsh in other countries that have bourgeoisie democracy.


different anon but it kind of seems to me that the january 6th people were basically majority far right with some fascist ideologues, I think that is correct also to say, however, that it was also of course used as an excuse to further enact surveillance and political repression legislation that could be noted to have similarities with historical fascist movements becoming emboldened by emergency measures to increase state power. I don't think there is any contradiction there no?


>so, like the president of the US giving a speech telling his supporters to march, telling his vice president to ignore the legalities, the police deciding to not mobile, etc. etc.
You need to brush up on the details. There was no coordination, it was a blunder for Trump who wanted to walk this fine line between accepting results and a couple that didn't really exist.
When it comes to the Trump era, incompetence rather than malice really defines a lot
>Yours? I dont give a fuck about americans but when neoliberalism turns into a dictatorship its fascism. This is the only point i care about
America is facing two forms of dictatorship as its electoral outcomes become black and white and only concluding with one party rule.

First is the kind of illiberal (flouts international liberal norms) authoritarianism coming from outside of the most developed areas of the country. This is petit bourgeois and Caesar like. Enough has been written about this that I don't need to say much more.

Second is a kind of neoliberal dictatorship, which prefers liberal dictatorship over illiberal democracy (think Hayek). This is more like the 'pure bourgeois republican' in Marx's analysis of France. That is, after sufficient distance to the precapitalist past a repeat of the same revolution (in this case 1960s to 2010s) immediately concludes with a conservative turn on the part of the liberal bourgeoisie, which does not like the antagonisms and upheaval of the new mass society that developed between these two revolutions. Thus, in the interest of bourgeois democracy it is amenable to emergency dictatorship. Think the German grand coalition after the great depression.


I think it was pretty significant. I don't think "muh hallowed democracy" was under attack, but if you paid attention you could see that it was a mobilization of different swathes of the new right. You had Proud Boys, random white supremacists, gusano Asians with South Vietnamese flags, real estate agents, new age hippies, and all kinds of small biznezz owners. If things go to shit in the US, these are the guys who will fight you in your own local community.

But I have noticed, courtesy of stupidpol lurking, that contrarians love talking about libs talking about the Capitol riots. These guys almost feel personally attacked by the 1/6 hyperbole, which might be a consequence of shilling for MAGAtards too hard. I think the proper position is to not give too much of a shit about the event itself but keep on eye on how the right is continuing to mobilize.

One interesting thing is that the BLM protests lasted for months, while the right just had 1/6. I guess there are lockdown protests nowadays, yet those are far smaller than in Paris or Sydney despite the burger right being the origin of the entire anti-vaxx/lockdown movement.


> I don't think there is any contradiction there no?
There isn't, see the dichotomy proposed here in the second part of my post

These two forms of authoritarianism together are what makes for the crisis in bourgeois democracy, originally started by its growing electoral black or white outcomes and thus their existential character. That in turn has to do with capitalism changing, first after the 50s/60s and second after the 90s.

We should be thinking in terms of liberals as like the pure bourgeois republicans and conservatives as like Caesar populists.


Oh, well said that makes sense. I think you could even apply this to the nazis frenemy-ship with the wehmar establishment before they seized and consolidated power
>That in turn has to do with capitalism changing, first after the 50s/60s and second after the 90s
How did it change specifically during these periods?


>Why is WSWS insistent that there was a genuine fascist coup attempt on Jan 6 that nearly succeeded?
They are trots which means they are mentally retarded

"Fascism" - if it has any meaning whatsoever today already exists in the form of the US state.

After ww2 USA absorbed all the fascist elements across Europe: ratlining Nazis to USA, getting Reinhard Gehlen out his Gestapo uniform and giving him to CIA, using Nazis in South East asia to setup drug connections and the Golden Triangle, using fascists in Europe to prevent communists coming to power under Gladio etc.

If WSWS are trying to portray Jan 6 as a fascist coup it's because they're giving cover to the entire of the fascist American establishment. In other words "support Biden against the fascists!!"

It's cowardly hysteria (the other thing trots are known for)

Nothing funnier than Qanons and Boomers shitting up the place and making a mockery of American "democracy".
That said it was a false flag to clamp down internally on the US state as it's starting to weaken


You talk like a poltard


>How did it change specifically during these periods?
From what I can tell capitalism and the top expanded, centralized, and homogenized. The middle was destroyed and its subordinate position to the bourgeoisie was asserted. The bottom was immiserated, ghettoized, and at the site of the intense violence and antagonisms in the cities.




The Jan. 6 riot was definitely reactionary but I dunno about comparing them to fascists because the facists seemed a lot better organized. They were also a militarized right-wing response to Bolshevism led by a former socialist who moved to a pro-war right-wing position during World War I and representing demobilized soldiers, rural landlords and porkies. Pretty scary movement overall.

You can probably blame the rioters for provoking that, too, though. For some reason, my friendly but aggressively contrarian friends always let these dumbass rightoids off the hook. I don't know whether it matters if I explain "why" the FBI "needs to do a sweeping purge and censorship campaign," that doesn't seem like the right question, as much as "are they doing a sweeping purge and censorship campaign" or not. If the fact that they are doing that, then you what do you want us to do about it? Please give suggestions. I'm all ears…


It was a massive knee jerk rejection and LARP. These people were not a serious threat to the established order, at best they would have hurt a couple of politicians. Seeing these people screeching like babies when police arrested them afterwards at airports just shows what a massive LARP of privileged people the entire ordeal was.


>a genuine fascist coup attempt on Jan 6
There was.
>that nearly succeeded?
I mean obviously it didn't even come close. It wasn't even Beer Hall Putsch tier. Idk why WSWS is intent on being so alarmist about it.


File: 1631715065680.png (437.8 KB, 607x571, 56845096459065.png)

I have another question for you – well it's the same question but just rephrased slightly. So the U.S. bourgeois "republic" is doing doorknocks and slapping charges on 600+ rightoids, and what do you want us to do about it? Dedicate our time and resources to bail these people out? Maybe we could expand on a mass movement against the police… yeah… that's a novel idea, isn't it? Or is that just radlib idpol stuff?

Anyhow, you know it's also possible that the reactionary, pro-cop rightoid mob that caused a mess at the Capitol building might've also been setup by the pigs. Which might be why the feds warned the leader of the biggest brownshirt bowling team in the U.S. – who had previously worked as a career informant for said feds – from going to Washington on that specific day. You know they still haven't caught the guy who left "pipe bombs" at the DNC and RNC headquarters the night before either, right? How interesting… hmm… woah…

And this whole thing went down in the most heavily surveilled city in the U.S., literally minutes away from the FBI HQ, in a city where anti-cop protests by the left are immediately met by full-blown military and paramilitary responses, which is exactly what happened in summer 2020. Meanwhile, in January, a group of troglodytes literally broke into a building and occupied it for hours. Makes you think.

Am I saying it was all a false flag? No, I'm not saying that. I am suggesting they helped it along. Why would they do that? To intimidate you, and remind you that their ability to fuck you up is real – and also a demonstration that the United $nakkke$ government does farm and maintain far-right irregulars as a reserve force, and if there was ever an actual left-wing government in power in the same country, they could unleash them on that government at will. Imagine a socialist government in Congress and those same paramilitaries are knocking down the doors, but they're armed and the cops don't shoot back (or just outright join them instead of just doing it "undercover"). Don't think that can happen? It definitely can.

It's also not like these people are the fed's first-born sons. The feds probably think of them as dupes and clowns whose lives and futures mean next to nothing. They're just useful to them, and this is much of the history of the far right after World War II. And then you want us to do… what again, exactly? Spend our time and resources bailing them out? Why would we do that? We not only have to deal with these assholes trying to screw with us with police-state support, we also have to pay their legal bills? For understandable reasons, the left's response to all of this has been to sit back and say "we're good, we think we'll just sit right here and try not to draw any more attention to ourselves." And that's totally rational, too.


Oh I see. Thank you


well said


Because they are literally an FBI asset and the FBI wanted Jan 6 to be the next 9/11.


Reminder that everyone was filing out of the building in an orderly fashion by 6 pm. Yes the cops are maga but this was not a "coup" nor an "insurrection." WSWS leans towards liberal sometimes, insert trot-bashing here.


It's kind of an easy litmus test now. The circumstances are so obvious that anybody who presents themselves as informed calling it an insurrection must be intentionally doing it. So yeah ACAB, Tax the Rich, Smash the fash, 6/1 insurrection , oops out with you.


File: 1631724925024.jpg (32.29 KB, 600x683, Spede Pasanen.jpg)

6/1 was an inside job meant to justify a new patriot act.



File: 1631725271342.jpg (14.65 KB, 276x300, 12847923642915.jpg)

New book details Trump’s efforts to instigate war with China as part of January 6 coup attempt
>The new revelations shatter all attempts to downplay the significance of the events of January 6. Moreover, they emerge just days after Trump used the 9/11 anniversary to deliver fascist rants to police and firefighters in Manhattan.

Profoundly disturbing to think that the world 'yet again' came a hair width away from a probable nuclear catastrophe.

This reflects sharply on the role of the Democrats, and the vulnerability of the US working class to a fascist coup.

Workers must grasp the significance of this. They must build their own independent party.

Build the SEP….our future depends on it !!


Pandering to reader prejudices, most likely. When they posted a video of some kids getting harassed by union leaders, mistaking them for Woos Woos, made me consider that they may have a decently large audience among American workers (who are still lib as fuck).


Yeah, here
>On the afternoon of Saturday, May 22, United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) officials, headed by District 20 Vice President Larry Spencer, physically assaulted and threatened the lives of two members of the “Dixieland of the Proletariat” podcast, falsely believing them to be representatives of the World Socialist Web Site.


Definitely real and not a combination of Nixon madman theory and rallying the Trumpoids for another "much China is raping us" in preparation for Trump's obvious win in 2024

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