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Because the last one keeps getting to 500 posts, then 1 post get's deleted and someone necro-bumps the 499 post thread and I'm sick of it.



based fresh-content enjoyer



What was somalia like under socialism?


Thoughts on Pan-Africanism?


Based. I prefer pan-humanism, but pan-africanism is needed, especially in response to pan-Arabism in Africa.


How tf does pan arabism work when israeli Jews exist. After all jews are arabs


What are the seminal texts in the field of african history/studies from a leftist perspective?



israeli jews are white european immigrants


China be like
we've polluted ghana for progress


>Africa General

They're like half-European and half-MENA. And there's a lot of intermarriage, so the distinction will become less relevant over time.


Anon most ashanzaki jews are from turkey, they're arabs you fucking dolt


File: 1632350459659.jpg (870.9 KB, 2560x1707, stanleyvillerebels.jpg)

so what do you guys think about the Simba rebellion?


Anything that harms the interests of imperialists is based


Can we kill all Americans?


File: 1632356942628.png (653.17 KB, 2208x1236, 2030-obesity-prediction.png)

Thankfully they'll kill themselves


I'm not sure if chinese investment is getting anything done considering from what I've seen it mostly locals and chinese foremen sometimes building anything. The rest of those foreign investors feel closer to migrants than well investors


Is anything happening in africa anymore, al shabaab and the tplf feels like theyre as scary as your standard south american gang at best, south sudan, Sudan's, Libya's wars have all ended with more wars going on the decline, I'm not even sure if the SA riot changed jack shit because Zuma is out and is continuing with his plans. Is it just gonna be dead or is something gonna change a month from now


File: 1632430431507.jpg (29.36 KB, 700x360, profiles.jpg)

Any thoughts on John Garang?


He formed an independent state, not many people can pull a stunt like that, especially for Chechnya. Respect for what hes seen


Good job kenyans


Why exactly is al Qaeda and isis in africa?


probably glowies and standard peasant chafing against national governments


File: 1632750686236.jpg (73.64 KB, 700x394, 35953854_303.jpg)

This is an image of Ethiopia under socialism, post anything you can find of socialist africa before the ussr dissolved


This dude was a legitimate murderous moron who the USSR should have Hafizullah'd.


Several countries are already Muslim.


Yeah his executions happened but it wasnt 1.2 million and it was over a several decade long timespan, more ethiopians die to smoking


He has a boomerbook account! or is it, DDG recommended me on its info panel


Also the famine.
p.s. AAAHHH I JUST CHECKED the motherfucker is still alive, somebody should kill his ass.
Why do faggots like him get to live while kings like Sankara die?


Sankara was a social Democrat whose policies would allow the cancer that is neoliberalism to form, real revolution happens with force


Why is it? Explain to me which policies made him one


He did the right thing by investing heavily in public health and education which allowed urbanism to form in faco the problem was he failed to nationalize much of the developing economy early and likewise neoliberals around the world would take advantage of that to overthrow his government and send the country into a perpetual insurgency against jihadist groups, something that didnt exist under his rule


File: 1632752748076-0.jpg (42.54 KB, 357x540, Seretse Khama.jpg)

Could I get a quick rundown on Botswana? It seems to have the highest quality of life of any Subsaharan African country (not counting the tiny island countries). How did they achieve this?


That would actually be gabon that has the highest living standards, idk what he did beyond prevent Botswana from getting sanctioned into oblivion


Despite its name Chad has a very low HDI…


Socialist Somalia


Diamonds and a low population


Hey guys I got an update about the coup in guinea. Shits actually looking alright




>On June 30, the Congo’s independence was formally celebrated in the flag-draped National Palace in Leopoldville. King Baudouin of Belgium, a young monarch who never fully took to his role, and would become known as “the sad king,” delivered a fatuous speech, praising his royal predecessors for bestowing the “fabric of civilization” on the primitive nation. The handsome king, who wore a white colonial uniform and round spectacles that gave him the wide-eyed look of silent screen comedian Harold Lloyd, seemed oblivious to the country’s shameful past. It fell to Lumumba, who followed the king to the microphone, to set him straight. The Congo’s colonial history, said the new prime minister, was “much too painful to be forgotten.” Lumumba spoke passionately about his people’s struggle against “the humiliating bondage forced upon us”—years that were “filled with tears, fire and blood.” But he ended on a hopeful note, vowing, “We shall show the world what the black man can do when working in liberty, and we shall make the Congo the pride of Africa.”
>Lumumba’s ardent remarks lifted up the Congolese people, who danced in the streets of the capital to celebrate their freedom. But King Baudouin and the other Western representatives who attended the independence ceremony were insulted by the prime minister’s frank remarks. Lumumba had “marred the ceremonies,” sniffed the New York Times correspondent.
>Dulles, Doug Dillon (then serving as a State Department undersecretary), and William Burden, the U.S. ambassador to Belgium, led the charge within the Eisenhower administration to first demonize and then dispose of Lumumba. All three men had financial interests in the Congo. The Dillon family’s investment bank handled the Congo’s bond issues. Dulles’s old law firm represented the American Metal Company (later AMAX), a mining giant with holdings in the Congo, and Dulles was friendly with the company’s chairman, Harold Hochschild, and his brother and successor, Walter, who served in the OSS during the war. Ambassador Burden was a company director, and Frank Taylor Ostrander Jr., a former U.S. intelligence official, served the Hochschild brothers as a political adviser.
>Burden, who had acquired his ambassadorship by contributing heavily to the 1956 Eisenhower campaign, spent his days in Brussels attending diplomatic receptions, where he soaked up the finest Champagnes along with the racial prejudices of Belgium’s shriveling empire. It was the ambassador who first raised alarms about the rising Patrice Lumumba, whom the Belgians only yesterday were calling “a dirty monkey” but now were labeling “Satan.” Burden began sending agitated cables to Dulles in Washington well before Lumumba’s election, suggesting that the growing aspirations of the Congolese people were Soviet-inspired and urging that strong measures be used to put down African unrest. “Dear Allan [sic],” Burden wrote in a November 1959 cable, misspelling his chum’s name, “Have your organization and [the Department of] Defense done much work recently in studying the type of rioting which is occurring and might occur in the various countries of Africa [and] the degree to which new weapons, such as some of the newer gases, might enable such difficulties to be controlled?” By the following summer, Burden was cabling Washington “to destroy Lumumba government” as a threat to “our vital interests in Congo.”

This is from a book called The Devil's Chessboard and it isn't even a central point of the book, but I keep coming back to it every few months because of how insane it all is, the continent was fucked from the word go. How do you even escape something like this?


Any good texts/statements/manifestos on climate change from African comrades/groups?


Nuking the united states and burning every neoliberal on the planet alive


Speaking of the DRC anyone have any thoughts on the president and his actions?


Hes actually a pretty decent president, his crackdowns on rebel groups have actually increased as time has passed due to the fact that NATO has sanctioned the DRC so many times that NATO lost nearly all of its influence within the country and then you have a situation of reports over glowies getting arrested for trying to smuggle arms to terrorists in that country
>pic rel


We should start a movement my fellow Black Nationalists to rally up all the blacks and go back to Africa and start the Black Nationalist movement


>We should start a movement my fellow Black Nationalists to rally up all the blacks and go back to Africa and start the Black Nationalist movement

Only after the whiteys move back to Europe comrade. Someday.


Nations dont exist and nationalism exists to organize a set of people based off pre prepared social constructs into fulfilling imperialist agendas that mostly damage the lives of ordinary proles rather than elites. It's a safety threat to everyone including nationalists


Alright sounds like a plan


>Nations dont exist and nationalism exists to organize a set of people based off pre prepared social constructs into fulfilling imperialist agendas that mostly damage the lives of ordinary proles rather than elites
African Union is better then.


File: 1632887918802.jpg (199.17 KB, 1024x737, 1631891557176.jpg)

We should start a movement for people to move to;
>cuba, bolivia, nicaragua, venezuela (for spanish speakers and north americans)
>eritrea, south africa, azawad (for black nationalists)
>north korea, vietnam, laos (for people interested in living in asia)
>belarus, transnistria and abkhazia (for euros)
>abkhazia and kurdistan (for middle easterners)
And bring technology and skilled labor to those nations which are undergoing trade embargoes and blockades (such as cuba and north korea)



Ben is a schizo but that image is full /pol/ variety schizophrenia.


As a venezuelan, I invite you. Please, come here :)


Why Vietnamehen you have Indonesia? The latter is more in SOS than you can ever imagine



>As a venezuelan, I invite you. Please, come here :)

Give me your top 5 reasons I should move to Venezuela over anywhere else.


Honestly, I was saying that in bad faith. Things were better with Chávez, but now when you hear about the people dying of hunger, it's really not propaganda - although the part about the solutions to this problem indeed are.

But, if you want, these are my reasons:
>You will get to see what happens when a national revolution is co-opted by the corrupt elements of a party
>Hard life conditions will make you an ascetic
>You will get to live the worst unequality that Latin America has to give
>Great culture and people, you'll get to meet many hard-working men
>Literally a surreal country. Shit that seems only capable in a dream happens here


>Honestly, I was saying that in bad faith.
I had a feeling.

>Hard life conditions will make you an ascetic

Already there. Not saying I'm nearly ascetic as some. But compared to the image that's presented to you in borgerland and people's assumption of what's normal to experience at X stage of life, I'm practically a monk.

>You will get to live the worst unequality that Latin America has to give

So you're not a fan of your country? You think life would be better in other LatAm countries?

>Literally a surreal country. Shit that seems only capable in a dream happens here

Such as?


What's your opinion about the PSUV and Maduro? And the opposition (MUD)?
Was Chavez doing ok until he died? He seemed to be really popular?


>But compared to the image that's presented to you in borgerland and people's assumption of what's normal to experience at X stage of life, I'm practically a monk.
Cool. That's pretty necessary these times, when "Socialism" (or, better, the interpretation given to it by people like Bernie Sanders) is presented by the same capitalist machine as a commodity. There you have Hasan and the other left-wing youtubers who engage in the most luxurious life.

>So you're not a fan of your country? You think life would be better in other LatAm countries?

Not a fan of the government, no. But I'm a fan of my country. The tragedy of this nation is that many venezuelans feel that they have lost a dream. Many times did we have the opportunity to lead Latin America in terms of economic and politial wellbeing, but being this low is a great shock for our people.
I'm already considering moving to Colombia next year.

>Such as?

The dark contrast between people living by an open-air sewer (don't know what's the term for cañada in english) and, some blocks apart, people living in apartments who can afford to buy things from the USA and have them delivered to their door. Electricity outages that sometimes last days, the price of the dollars raising in the matter of hours, literal slums of trash that build meters-high, etcetera.

Nothing more than a corrupt organization by now. Usually, people who are in it (or, better put, in the middle to high ranks) are only by the material gain that can come from knowing a mayor, a governor, or a military man. But others, indeed some minority, are still in it only due to loyalty to what they believed when things weren't as hard as now.
My interactions with PSUV members haven't been good. Most of them treat you like shit, but I guess that's because they already live an stressful life. Most people despise Chavistas, though.


Literally a retard. He doesn't just lack the vision, but also the charisma. He has done things that have been grave offenses to the people, which go from eating an empanada in live TV "as a joke" when referring to the food crisis, up to massacring hundreds of students in the protests of 2014, 2016, and 2018.
Although, now what I feel is that nobody really talks about him. We just know that he exists there, in his bubble. But most of us don't even care by now, we are too tired to.

>Was Chavez doing ok until he died?

Things were already fucked up with Chávez, but I'm sure things would have stabilized -not improve- if he remained president instead of Maduro.
>He seemed to be really popular?
He was initially, but already by 2012 the country was really divided. Some of the PSUV members are in it just for loyalty towards Chávez, but most of the people have negative or neutral opinions about him by now.


Kek this was much longer than what I thought.


how do you guys feel about this guy?



A good skilled statesman and government, not being involved in the cold war as well as being way better off during colonization than other nations in Africa.

Sereste Khama also had one of the first interracial marriages in Africa which helped soothe tensions between whites and blacks.


Black Nationalists are some of the only westerners who love Africa yet most still stay home. Go move to Africa and help develop their god knows they need it.


Che was an advisor to them and noted how the majority of them weren't actually communists, it was easily one of the most disorganized and incoherent communist guerilla groups to exist.

They usually resorted to machetes and spears and were mostly teenagers and young men usually from tribes.

Not to say they were evil or anything, i mean Che went there just to support and help them it's just that they really sucked at what they were doing.




based, egyptians will seethe


What's the current situation of al Qaeda and ISIS in Africa?


russians and malians are kicking them out and the french


based, thats all I have to say BASED AND REDPILLED


the fire rises


Redpill me on this union. Wikipedia says they reject both the SACP and the EFF?


Is it ogre for Morocco bros?
>One of the few countries in the world to still have a monarchy
>majority of seats in congress are dominated by liberals
>King Hassan the second killed off his main leftist rival, Mehdi Ben Barka
>Morocco is the heart of liberalization and selling out in Africa


Let's see what happens


They're a cancer spreading all over Africa.
As of now they're nowhere near conquering power though, except maybe in Nigeria.
For sure they're a problem.


>Is it ogre for Morocco bros?
unless they join the AU or something yeah theyll be cucks to the EU forever


File: 1633706085784.jpg (51.51 KB, 800x400, Flag-Ethiopia.jpg)

what was the point in placing ethiopia under sanctions? sanctioning an african country is like sanctioning a country like cuba, most african economies are fundamentally designed to promote trade between africans and sometimes middle easterners exclusively…


us sanction of a cant handle the idea of a country that isnt aligned to it, even to the point where it harms them

<pic rel

well thats good news, fuckers finally got their senses in check


File: 1633735022939.png (116.83 KB, 1040x95, ClipboardImage.png)

nevermind, theyre fucking crying about it


File: 1633735191353.jpg (51.52 KB, 750x538, EW3jJBkXkAIqU4k.jpg)

>they are normalizing everything with ISnotReal
>even made a movie and shit
>they tried to privatize every single thing
>a person in coma has got elected into office
>war is still on going
>France still cucking our economy


not for long read >>539189



france is losing most of its influence within west and hence north africa aswell, its unlikely the french economy or western politics are gonna influence you guys for too long


40% of the economy of my country is owned by France, they may retreating for Mali and but there still a dying tiger but still a tiger.


>They're like half-European and half-MENA



>Anon most ashanzaki jews are from turkey

They're from Poland and Czech Republic


Also glory to the Ba'ath, Pan-Arabists and Pan-Africanists should be brothers, not antagonize each other


File: 1633737922642.png (134.12 KB, 836x776, ClipboardImage.png)


ethnicities dont exist, youre either 100% black or white or youre a citizen of your country and most of the time youre a citizen


This is Jews in general, not the Ashkenazi, who were the founders of this despicable genocidal settler colonial ethnostate, Arab Jews were imported to be wage slaves after Eurokikes slaughtered and kicked out Palestinians.


Yeah, fucking Palestinians are too retarded to figure out how to make common cause with Sephardim / Mizrahim and split the Zionist base. Israel should be considered as an Ashkenazim project and an Ashkenazim idiocy which imposes costs on everyone not Ashkenazim. But noooooo


Are the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in South Africa based or not? They seem to be quite into black identity politics, but given the income inequality between white and black people in South Africa, I'm not sure we can blame them. I'm a Eurofag who has never set foot into South Africa, but from what I have read most whites live in gated communities with fences and security guards while most blacks live in literal slums.


File: 1633794636088.png (487.09 KB, 512x366, ClipboardImage.png)

idpol is cringe regardless of its source, as for the second part of your post currently the black petit bouj population is larger than the entire boer one meaning its unlikely that income inequality will remain a problem for long especially since the ANC isnt allied to NATO or israel meaning they have no incentives to sell off south africans as a whole to any particular body, there is one thing that can be confirmed and its that everything in SA is under construction as it is a developing country


It’s worse when you realized they barely made any money off that, fuckers wrecked the planet for nothing


They’re arabs tard


Miss this mf like you wouldn't believe
>fights off imperialists
> kicks out whitoid settlers


Is Congo’s war even still going on? I’m asking because Congo and Somalia have had governments for a while now


File: 1634061917416.png (5.15 MB, 2048x1356, ClipboardImage.png)


But why what’s the point in this


there's a shit-ton of oil in the disputed area


Who cares? Oil is worth nothing as all it does is cause banana republics to form and there’s oil fucking everywhere on the planet


File: 1634185560964.png (615 B, 318x159, IMG_0012.PNG)

Okay so I did some math on African birth rates and this country in particular

Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and stands with an urban population of 40-60%, combine this with the fact that a little under 14% of the country lives in Lagos a city of around 24 million civilians if you account for the larger metro area that also has a rapidly declining birth rate of birth 3.4 births per woman due to more civilians paying for things like rent and food, this ultimately means that as more Nigerians move towards cities this rapid shift in demographics is gonna play into how long it’s population spike will last and it’s likely that the population of that country will never grow past 250 million people if trends stay the same, as for the rest of west and central Africa it’s the same situation except for the Muslim countries that face little development at all due to reactionary ethics and the extended family unit that enables a lot of kids to be born(This is all under assumption that said Muslim African countries won’t start moving southwards for jobs and better living conditions and likewise don’t get atomized)


that's just a fan page, not a personal account


video of the infamous "Mengistu blood bottle" incident


File: 1634444919222.jpg (173.15 KB, 583x610, IMG_0007.JPG)

Abolish NATO the CIA the FBI and the French Foreign Legion, those fuckers cause war and poverty wherever they go


File: 1634475665535.png (2.45 MB, 1242x2208, PNG image 5.png)

Well that’s interesting…


wtf did he mean by this


it was meant to represent the blood of his enemies
basically saying that if you fight against me your blood will flow in the streets


Manufacturing jobs are gonna stay in Asia

African workers actually get paid and most trade done in an increasing portion of Africa is exclusively between Africans, by the time China or India(this will take ducking decades) hit the middle income crisis all the jobs will just move to Vietnam Cambodia etc etc.


Is anything interesting happening in Africa anymore?


The maritime dispute between Kenya and Somalia is over, Kenya converted oil gas plants to eco friendly grids


actually Sudan is very based let me tell you why

You might have heard of a coup being carried out in Sudan on Monday. While at glance it just seems like an ordinary post-colonial Africa thing, it's very important for all communists to keep their eyes on the situation, so I wanna lay it out for my comrades.

In 2019, the Islamist shiteater Omar Al-Bashir was finally deposed after 30 years of rule. He, himself was a military man who came into power after a coup and never displayed an ounce of economic or political understanding. His policy was essentially "(Salafi) Islam good, if not (Salafi) Islam, then bad". He was an Arab supremacist, was never interested in the rights of African tribes (they were not Islam you see). Sometime in the early 80s, oil was discovered in southern Sudan by no less than stinky American oil detectors, when Bashit came into power he kicked the Americans out (not because they were Americans but because they weren't Islam) and attempted to nationalise the oil fields. Silly Omar forgot that all the years of brutally oppressing and neglecting southern Sudan were gonna bite him in his juicy ass because the Americans then went ahead and funded southern separatist militias as payback.

The southern militias came up with the genius idea of supplying Western African Darfuri militias with weaponry to distract Omar. You see for a looooong time, Darfuri Arabs would let their cattle feed on Darfuri African's crops. African tribes asked lots of politicians to do something about it and the politicians said "ew Africans". The plan was that the African Darfuris rebels would commit murder, run into Chad and regroup with the southern rebels. It was a very good plan because it worked, Bashitty didn't know what to do until he did. He was gonna make his own militia made up of Darfuri Arabs and give them a cool name "The Rapid Support Forces," he was gonna give them sexy weapons and extra camels and let them do whatever they want and no one would notice because it wasn't the official Sudanese military right??? He even found a perfect leader with a great villain backstory and a great name. 'Hemedti'. His whole family was killed by militias and from that day on he swore revenge.

The RSF was super good at murdering, pillaging and general terrorising, Omari wasn't gonna hold them back either. (Fun fact: they found a cute side-gig as the EU's bouncers. The EU funnelled money into the RSF in the 2010s to get them to hold up East African refugees). African Darfuris began to escape into Chad where the UN could no longer ignore the issue there. Somewhere far away 2 towers fell and Arabs were being hatecrimed. America saw an opportunity to get back at Barshirry some more. "Genocide!! Stinky Arabs are committing Genocide" cried Colin Powell, and Angelina Jolie was on her way. Suddenly all eyes were on Bashibby. Sudanese people were confused, did we really just let genocide happen? Americans wouldn't lie about a genocide right? All Sudanese knew their African brothers were being oppressed, hell we're African ourselves, but why was the world denouncing us for a conflict we ourselves were suffering from? Why would they call a conflict a genocide? Why didn't they denounce Bill Clinton when he bombed our biggest medicine factory? Why were we being sanctioned, Bashuri has offshore accounts? Why aren't you actually helping southerners instead of just trying to get back at our military dictatorship? That's the story of how the entire country, African and Arabs, civilians and soldiers, pro-Bashir and anti-Bashir, all became fervent anti-imperialists. Seriously, you won't find a single soul ever speaking positively on liberalism or the West.

Anyway, the two worms in Omar's head couldn't figure out what to do with this strong wave of anti-imperialism, so they did what they do best: (Salafi) Islam. Unfortunately, Salafism is not a good economic policy, doesn't pay for bread, so protests broke out in Atbara, the city of iron and steel! The Sudanese Professionals Association, a coalition of unions, came out to organise the protests. The military knew that if Babooby went they did too, so they put on their best communist accent, joined the protest and put him behind bars. The four biggest opposition parties could finally come out of their hiding hole. The Ummah Party, progressive "Islamists" with a socialist faction. The Democratic Unionist Party, the conservative secular social democrats. The Sudanese Congress Party, progressive secular social democrats. And The Sudanese Communist Party, sexy Marxist-Leninists. The Ba'athists also came out of hiding, they are Ba'athists. Sudanese politics is entrenched in anti-capitalism (if you speak Arabic feel free to message for cool books), the only way Salafis and Saudi bootlickers ever managed to get in was by force. If elections were to ever occur, without question, explicit anti-imperialist anti-capitalists would take up the majority of seats, if not all. Not to predict the future since it's so uncertain but seeing as the Sudanese people are sick of Islamism and the social democrats flip flop on a lot of issues (particularly Israel), I think there would be a real chance for the SCP.

Here's where the current issue started.

The military trashed Al-Bashir to save themselves, but they never thought about all the militias the Bashir created, ones that were very bloodthirsty like the RSF. "No matter, come join," said Abdel-Fattah Al Burhan, the new general who's totally not a war criminal. His logic was if the military and the militias stuck together they couldn't alllll be thrown to the ICC. Well, now the military forces were composed of people with conflicting interests. The Sudanese army became Egyptian buttboys, Abdel-Fattah Al Burhan and Abdel-Fattah Al Sisi liked making friendship necklaces together and plotting against Ethiopia and their cool new dam. Hemedti found new friends in Russia who liked gold mines just as much as he did. And everyone started a new hobby of seeing who could sell the most land to Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The FFC (Forces For Freedom and Change, SPA rebranded basically) split up (never formally), there was one faction that was desperate to do anything to relieve crippling sanctions and debt, even if it mean normalisation with Israel. The other faction sat in the corner and waited for November 2021, when constitutionally the military had to give up their leadership to civilian politicians. Way after the world stop paying attention, protests continued, against the military, against normalisation, against imperialism.

On October 21st, millions marched to commemorate the anniversary of the October Revolution of 1964, which toppled an older military council (there's the devil and then there's the Sudanese military). This clearly scared the shit out of Burhan because for some reason the Sudanese people were still super anti-imperialist, and still, unions and the SPA had the ability to organise. On Monday of this week, a little bit after a US envoy was hanging out with Burhan, the military arrested tens of civilian ministers including the Prime Minister, announced a ban on unions and said it would place independent technocrats to take control. Burhan also said the Prime Minister was at his house, totally not kidnapped, and they were chatting earlier in the day, idk I thought that was pretty funny.

Millions march again, the whole country is in civil disobedience. Now we wait…

I've seen people liken it to the Arab spring or other African coups. It's not. The protests have and will always be clearly organised and non-violent, plus unlike 2013 Egypt, the military is fractured, they've all got different daddies they have to please and they don't have the numbers to fight against each other. There's a tendency to ignore Sudan and place it under the same lens as you would any other sad little sandy country. The Sudanese people are so inherently anti-imperialist and we're being led by every colour of socialism (with an extra emphasis on Marxist-Leninism, seriously, the SCP is no joke they have people everywhere).

If you need it to be any more obvious, Israel said Burhan's leadership would be good for them. https://www.israelhayom.com/2021/10/25/israeli-official-sudan-military-leaders-takeover-likely-to-boost-normalization/

Don't buy into the West's condemnation, they also know what civilian rule means. It means hundreds of anti-capitalists in the Sudanese parliament. It means no one stopping refugees from running into Libya, across the Mediterranean and it means one less country to exploit. And they're not gonna stop Egypt, KSA or the UAE from funnelling money and weaponry into the military's greasy greasy hands. It was easy to demonise al-Bashir, he was an Islamist Arab supremacist who built nice villas for himself, when he nationalises oil fields all you have to do is point that out. But when an atheist Darfuri communist nationalises our gold mines then what do they say?

Keep your eyes on us, there's not a lot of great sources. Stay away from political analysis trying to compare us to Arab or African uprisings and wishing for our "freedom" and "democracy". Sorry for writing so informally, but it's depressing to see violence on the streets in my country when liberation is so close and not one leftist on the outside paying attention.


So a simplification is
Government bad
Civilians want socialism
This good for leftists because potentially new ML state


Kek, all those hours reading sudanese history pays off by making it more funnier while is just a tragedy, but, what is not a tragedy this days?

Also I read in fucking french press that the PM was freed and other activists have been put in jail.


Super cool post, courage comrade.


Thank you, comrade, and good luck.



>articles about something in Amhara
>no pictures of Amhara but one from Tigray dating god knows how far back
>our only info is coming either from rebels or the govt both of which are notorious for various war crimes though Ethiopia is far more destructive
Wtf is actually going on? Obviously I didn’t think it would be easy to record the Tigray war as only around 18% of Ethiopians live in urban communities which would make reporting or giving access to things like utilities and public safety services obviously difficult but I’m not sure if this war is still happening or if it’s all propaganda at this point


It’s a war like the one that recently ended in drc, the Ukrainian conflict and the south Thailand insurgency. It’s not a war just a bunch of idiots with guns in a circle shooting each other while most of the population moves on with their lives as if nothings happening.

Believe it or not people actually follow Geneva convention as it reduces the destructiveness of war and how prone to conflict countries are


TPLF is marching towards Addis Ababa. Ahmed tells its citizens to take up arms and to prepare to die for Ethiopia.


Well this is gonna be interesting
A real race war


File: 1636128663551.png (10.09 KB, 275x183, ClipboardImage.png)

Holy shit it is legalized in Botswana


So any info on why the TPLF is performing so well? I would've guessed the Ethiopian army would've put up more of a fight but as of now they seem to be quite ineffective, what's the reason for this?


Because they started off with a larger army than the Ethiopian government


ANC no
EFF yes


Given historical context I’m amazed the Zulu populace had enough empathy to stop persecuting boers considering shit like this anywhere else results in immediate genocide without recoil, one only has to look at what happened to sunnis in Iraq to realize this


ok lol? they can keep their fucking middle class and their debt bubble developmentalism. who cares


You also forgot what happened to chechens, Syrians and Greeks, tibetans and Han Chinese before the cpc, Jewish revolts during the holocaust etc


Really? I had no idea, I would've assumed their army would be far smaller


Dude the tplf had been in power for 27 years it’s reasonable to assume they would’ve developed an actual army during all that time especially a trained one when you consider the wars they had with Somalia and eritrea


the black petty booj put a stop to it once they got what they wanted
natlib: not even once


Significant losses for the ANC and DA, with gains for the EFF and FF+. If the trend continues, the ANC will probably be forced into a coalition government in the next general election, which means they'll have to pick between fully cucking out by allying with the DA or taking the based route and allying with the EFF.


Are things escalating or deescalsting in Swaziland? Communists are very involved in the recent moves agains the monarchy



Does anyone have any sources on how profitable colonialism was for the Europeans? I keep hearing conflicting statements about how colonialism wasn‘t actually profitable or that it was profitable (which sounds much more plausible to reason such an extensive endeavor). The idea that colonialism wasn‘t profitable sounds even contradictory to historic materialism which argues that industrialization pushed Europeans outside of their national borders to acquire more resources. Correct me if I am wrong with that.


It wasn’t, brits and francs though thought they could create another cancerous state like America somewhere on the planet wether in Asia latam or Africa and likewise kept invading Africa Latin America and Asia for a little over 400 years before a productivity boost in labour from the rise of steam engines gave them the resources needed to actually stand a chance against Africans Americans and asians before it all collapsed in a few years to decades afterwards, triggering multiple decades of geopolitical tension.


File: 1636292453605.jpg (772.83 KB, 1658x2480, 91lnVVSE7oL.jpg)


Are you the same poster as this one >>586235? That‘s your source?

And that aside, is the current exploitation of the global south from the global north profitable?


No I’m not the same poster

>And that aside, is the current exploitation of the global south from the global north profitable?

Yes capitalists aren’t as wealthy as one would believe and don’t have the labour force required to build the infrastructure needed to produce jobs that pay beyond actual slave wages much less produce goods on their own without going through constant stress over profit margins


Okay, but what‘s your source for the initial statement then, when it comes to European colonization.


Multiple Wikipedia articles and understanding the colonial age started in like the 16th century


Wait shit it’s actually the 15th century meaning it was a little over 500


Well Wikipedia isn't a legitimate source and your article doesn't state anything of what you said. As said, I'm looking for sources.


Why are eurofaggots so bent on the belief that trading with China is bad for Africans? They’ve been saying this for years yet I have yet to see where any Africans have been badly damaged by having another trading partner


Like here take a look at this video
They never said they were stopping trade with the Chinese just that China doesn’t have anywhere near as much control as western eurofaggots screech their heads off at



Actually the same researcher has updated the number to 66 trillion:


How long can Tigray forces hold out for, it’s been over a month at this point and they’re still stuck where they originally were on the highway if not even further back while Ethiopians are more violently patriotic than ever


File: 1637010286019.mp4 (2.47 MB, 640x352, cpk-comrades.mp4)

based cpk




critical support for the ANC/DA 2 party system tbh. every win for the left-populist wignat EFF is just as much a win for their rightist counterparts


File: 1637019726408.jpeg (8.2 KB, 308x163, glowie.jpeg)


Despise my country's fat retard king


The Arab league is on the verge of collapsing Sudan is gonna get assimilated into the EAF and soon the AU


Hopefully, not much longer.



File: 1637666542656.mp4 (1.13 MB, 320x568, burkina faso.mp4)


Burkina Faso Flag of Burkina Faso said #NoMore French troops in the region as they blocked them en route to NIger Flag of Niger

The real African emancipation is underway in sha Allah.


File: 1638292479395.png (123.89 KB, 1831x2047, sacp.png)

The South African Communist Party (SACP) conveys heartfelt condolences to families of three mineworkers who died at the Impala Platinum mine in Rustenburg, North West province, following a mudslide which trapped several mineworkers on Sunday. Two of the seven mineworkers were rescued with injuries, and a further two managed to escape. The SACP wishes them speedy recovery.

The SACP also sends its condolences to the family of the worker who died on Saturday during underground drilling operations.

The SACP calls for urgent action from law enforcers, including the prosecution authority, to urgently investigate and institute prosecution in terms of the Mine Health and Safety Act, 1996, should the mining bosses be found to have been negligent.

The recent injuries and fatalities in the mining industry mark a worsening record, compared to the year 2020. The Minerals Council South Africa reported 55 fatalities in the mining industry by 1 November 2021, compared to 43 during the same period in 2020 – climbing to 60 by the end of year. Historically, mine deaths have often been characterised by the mining bosses prioritising profits over human lives.

The SACP is calling for an approach that puts people before profits. This and other common interests of the workers should be principles around which workers should unite. The SACP calls for unity of workers in the mining industry in the fight for improved working conditions, including health and safety standards. Worker solidarity, across union or federation affiliation, is crucial for the defence of workers’ rights at this point.

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