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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Has anyone on here read the book Witness by ex-communist-turned-rightoid Whittaker Chambers? How much of it is real cash how much of it is complete horseshit? Are any of the accusations he makes against the CPUSA (especially the “underground”) true?


someone posted a epub of it here earlier but i havent got around to reading it yet




Every snitch memoir released during the McCarthy era is deliberately sensationalistic in order to give fuel to the feds. Witness, School of Darkness, and others are all McCarthyite porn.



> Has anyone on here read
I doubt it.


I love how /leftypol/ has gone from reading one book to reading no books.


I regularly post book reviews here, anon


I should have said "most of /leftypol/".


Which books?


I'd read articles instead of books.


>communist until you look into your daughter’s ear



Is there any way to convert this thing to PDF?


Just use a converter. Look up "epub to pdf converters"


what did he meaned by this


Go to the 21-minute mark in OP's video.


oh thanks lol


OP, what I'd do is look for a critical review of the book and go off of that.


Based Chiraq driller.


Did this guy actually claim the CPUSA was killing people?


Shouldn’t having a kid make you desire communism more, because now you have a little one whose future is in your hands?


If the CPUSA had shooters and hittas, don't you think that would have been mentioned in all the Red Scare hearings?

It's 100% sensationalism used to give the McCarthyites and FBI more fuel.


Haha, usual anticom rightoids…


It's bullshit and would have been one of the first things these stool pigeons would have brought up while testifying against comrades.


Right-wingers are known for pedo behaviour.


>muh snitching

What if I told you you’re in no way obligated to be loyal to a group of people who aren’t loyal to you?


yeah, not reading every turd squeezed out by some retard is "reading no books"



same could go for you. Trump certainly isn't loyal to his base. jobs in coal country have gone down since 2017 and he basically mocks the military as a bunch of losers. I don't think trump even cares about you republicans lmao.

and no, you can't say something like "you leftists support biden and yet he betrays you" because we aren't democrats, we are socialists and communists.



Except for the fact that Chambers (and Bella Dodd, and Morris Childs, and all the other rats) made a promise to be loyal to the Party first. Many of the things these tattletales claimed happened (the Party having assassins, the Party sending dissidents to the Soviet Union so they'd "disappear", the Party taking millions of dollars a year from the Soviets, etc.) never happened. And assuming this shit did happen, well that comes with being part of that world. They didn't join a country club but a communist party run in a very hierarchical manner by a bunch of authoritarians at the top. They chose that life, that life didn't chose any of them.


Of which… well, as untrue as the statement screams, UNTRUE!


Plus it's a known fact the FBI embellished a lot of the stuff in comrades' FBI files. They do that in order to create an atmosphere of distrust at the very least, if they can't nab you on bullshit charges.


>Trump certainly isn't loyal to his base.
It's worse actually. Trump HATES his supporters. What happened on Jan. 6th was his final attempt to show the world he could still command them to do his bidding.


File: 1632878176512.png (214.16 KB, 1202x1024, 1c29989t44a.png)

>Shouldn’t having a kid make you desire communism more, because now you have a little one whose future is in your hands?
Technically yes, but the narrative Chambers was trying to convey is that the evil commies were forcing its members to have abortions (if we know anything about WZF's syndicalist days, probably for the birth strike), and it was his wife's refusal to abort which lead him to a religious awakening whereby he realized communism was PURE GODLESS EVIL.

See how much these narratives are specifically contrived to cater to right-wing sensibilities?


Maupin is cringe.


Isn't it actually the opposite where he regularly cries on his PR's?


Thinking Caleb is cringe is cringe



This and I’m sure 99% of the people on here would testify if they were in the same situation.


Well get to reading it so you can give us a review.


>implying we're unprincipled enough to ever be in that position


So was Hiss really a CP member or not?


File: 1632903602828.jpg (7.93 KB, 240x250, doghead edakefoafea.jpg)

>"stop glamourizing communism"
>"100 million people were murdered by this totalitarian movement"




You've gotta stick with your mans, dude. No one else deserves to go down because you done goofed.


yeah its a conservative religious think tank, what did you expect?


>Chaya is in the comments


pdf version of the book if anyone's interested


>its 1200+ pages


File: 1632966191545.jpg (24.36 KB, 200x200, da.jpg)


How does it end?


No idea, haven't read it yet. I'll get back to you when I slog through fucking TWELVE HUNDRED PAGES of this crap


>buckley wrote the intro


i can barely read one page of anything. godspeed.


Here's School of Darkness if you want to read the work of another – and arguably worse – snitch.


Apparently, Chambers snitched on Bill de Blasio's mother.



So what are the outrageous claims he makes about the CPUSA?


>that screencap
This is the least materialist thing I've ever read.


Explain why.


The commies threatened his family. He had every reason to expose them and all their evil.


>Except for the fact that Chambers (and Bella Dodd, and Morris Childs, and all the other rats) made a promise to be loyal to the Party first.
Then they were hopelessly spooked idiots.


Assuming that's true for the sake of argument, that's what you get for being part of that world.

Also, if the Party is sending shooters after you and your fam, it's not because you went against the Party line once or twice but because you did something serious like endangering the lives of other comrades.


>Then they were hopelessly spooked idiots.
Loyalty was a thing back then, dude. People still held a sense of collective obligation.


>This and I’m sure 99% of the people on here would testify if they were in the same situation.
Glow Projection.


>if they were in the same situation.
In what situation is it ethical to have others go down for you?


>and it was his wife's refusal to abort which lead him to a religious awakening whereby he realized communism was PURE GODLESS EVIL.


In case you need a summary. This isn't anything close to what really happened.


but is it accurate?


>Most of it is real.
Such as?


>Burger sees something he doesn't understand
>Wow too comblex 4 me. Habs to be god
It's amazing all their infrastructure hasn't collapsed already.



Oh I get it now. Yes, I agree.


Amazing how the same people mad about “McCarthyism” have no problem when Antifa doxxes people.


You can believe in God and still be a dedicated communist.


It’s basically this.


Except anti-fascist comrades aren't in solidarity with the fascist scum they dox. The no snitching rule is about solidarity: if you're all working alongside one another then you have a commitment to each other.

That's exactly why Chambers was a piece of garbage for tattletelling: he and Hiss were allegedly doing shit together. Ratting out your mans is seriously low.


Literally posted verbatim here before. Seethe


The audio on this video is way too low.


why would I dumbass uygha


Nothing wrong with exposing the enemy. Racists do objective damage to society as a whole whereas communists seek to help society as a whole.


Amazing how anyone could conflate the two even a little bit.


CPUSA members be like


>Oh yeah you don't like to lose, yet you like to win making someone else lose HUH!?

Don't get me wrong idc about culture war shit, but you wont find a shred of sympathy for rightoids.

>Oh someone fed a maga's family through a woodchipper for wearing the wrong hat!

How monstrous, don't care.


Alger Hiss was never a CP member.

This entire convo is moot.


This woman has no fucking clue what she's talking about.


Pure projection. This isn't the 80s anymore and no one gives a fuck about Televangelists anymore


File: 1633219780551.jpg (837.31 KB, 828x1142, 2DDD9292921633212857723.jpg)

18:35 - I mean…


There's no evidence abortion was "commonplace" in the CPUSA back in the day. If I recall correctly all the feds revealed was that there were a few back alley abortion doctors who were Party-affiliated, not that comrades were forced to abort or whatever.


>I had a change of heart so I’m going to go snitch
Doesn’t work like that bro.


Good for them.


>It does when the commies are trying to kill you and your family.
Good snitches get stitches


He openly mocked them for being poorly dressed slobs and also claimed he would march with then but instead just went home to watch it on TV


>we are the good guys btw
LOL, psycho


Correct. Trump hates his supporters. He’s scum.


And why would they want to do that?


Then don’t sign up to be a part of that group.


>LOL, psycho


You’re not obligated to pledge your loyalty to those people in the first place.


Bella Dodd’s story is even more infuriating because she worked with the labour wing of the CP for 15 YEARS before she tried to quit and was then purged for being a Browderite. She was hardly as naive as she claimed, rather she knew full well what the Party’s agenda and tactics were and went along with them to the fullest. She claims Foster was a bloodthirsty fanatic even though she had no problems working with him for years. And when she turned state, most of the people whom she snitched on were the comrades she recruited into the teachers union herself (imagine me selling you an AR-15 and then snitching on you for buying an AR-15; that’s the equivalent of what Dodd did). She admitted she was reluctant to snitch until her priest (Fulton Sheen) convinced her to yap.

So yeah, Dodd was a total piece of shit. I hope that bitch is enjoying Hell.


File: 1633413640881.png (51.69 KB, 900x771, k819204949w84t.png)



Bruh straight-up claims Foster and Browder were handpicked by Stalin to run the party, LOL!


Is joining the CPUSA today worth it?


>imagine me selling you an AR-15 and then snitching on you for buying an AR-15;
Jesus fucking Christ that’s a dick move.


McCarthyism was hell on earth for a lot of people. It wasn't just communists being snitched on either. If you knew someone who was Party-affiliated or knew someone who knew someone who was Party-affiliated you'd be written up too.


Nah fuck that. It is fine to give up on something or a group, but snitching is something else altogether.


Correct. If you want to give up communism for Christianity, fine. You do what you do.

However, demanding that others pay the price for YOUR actions while in the Communist Party (i.e. snitching on others in order to redeem yourself and show what a good American/Christian you are) is deeply unethical. You made a promise to be loyal to those people, and on top of it you were actively engaged in doing shit with those people. They don't deserve to be arrested, investigated, interrogated, thrown in jail, etc. because you played with fire and got burned.


Yet all of you would’ve snitched if you had been in that position.


LOL no. I would move on with my life and take responsibility for my own actions without incriminating anyone else.


>"you would have done X therefore X is morally justified"
Talk about fallacious.


Spooked nonsense
Regardless of anything else, porkies are driving the extermination of the majority of things that call Planet Earth home, including ourselves
Slaughtering all of them by any means necessary is inherently heroic

Since when does being “good” mean you let your enemies defeat you?


Communist Party membership is never forced. You choose to devote your life to that cause and you should stick with it even if you have a bad experience.


Bruh moment.


How many of them are glowies?


You might want to watch this.


wow, guess we're all part of the jewish atheist protestant gay masonic conspiracy. You literally can't argue against this!


Based if true.


The "CPUSA put 1000 communist infiltrators into the Catholic Church" is huge among TradCaths and often scapegoated as the main reason behind Vatican II. Bella Dodd, the ex-communist who allegedly revealed it, was a total scumfuck.


Why would a communist become a right winger? How does that make any sense? Like doesn’t it make sense for an ex-Communist to become generally a progressive or a lib-left? Favoring strong unions, high wages for workers, strong public healthcare and social housing? All of these staple things and some faggot that calls himself communist just drops all that shit to become some weird fascist esotericist?

That says a lot about people who call themselves communist. I’m a communist only because I educated myself. Before I was a communist I could describe my political and economic beliefs as lib-left favoring everything I just mentioned. So even if I ever became, in another lifetime, an ex-communist, I would maintain my generally leftist views. Fucking hate fascists, or any communist who’s actually a right winger that hides behind communism to spread their reactionary right wing bullshit. Motherfucking communism arose out of the French Revolution from Democrats who wanted to drive the revolution to its conclusion not only in words but in practice in the form of communism. That early communism had democratic ideals and those ideals are the basis for all communism no matter how “authoritarian” it may or may not be. Fuck these right wing communist pretenders, these people should be drawn and quartered for infiltrating true communist democratic movements. These are exactly the types of people that were purged in the reign of terror, the reactionaries who talked a big game about the revolution but only used the revolution to spread their undemocratic principles to undermine the authority of the revolution.


From my experience, people who change political camps (whether left to right or right to left) never really change their views; all that happens is, the baggage they acquired from their old views is mitigated to their new views.

So for instance, people who become leftists due to something like trauma or need for validation will have an easier time moving to the right if the right-wing gives them that comfort and validation that the left isn't. Or, take someone like David Horowitz as an example: guy was always a giant asshole, he just realized being an asshole for the right was easier than being an asshole for the left.


Much better account.




Who could forget "One Book Muke?"


Maupin is a cunt but every so often he makes a great video.


Don't call anyone a glowie without evidence.


Someone make a communist version of this.


Unequivocally based


Coincidence how O-Block just got raided by the FBI the other day.


He was disloyal first.


Trump was further to the left of Biden on most issues.


>They chose that life, that life didn't chose any of them.

So if I buy a faulty product without knowing it’s faulty I’m the one to blame?


They were though.


Terrible comparison. How long were Chambers, Dodd, etc. working in the Party? They were doing this shit for YEARS before they decided communism was evil, left, and snitched. Obviously, everything the CPUSA was doing when they were working within it wasn't bothering them then.


Lovestoneites stay salty.


>tfw communists today wouldn't have this level of balls

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