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Can we get a europe general?
I'm kinda curious what's going on in the countries of my fellow europeans, but I feel like having a general for each separate country, with each speaking their own language segregates us further fellow euro brothers and sisters.

So dump news, banter, events, feels, and so on and so on
Let's create a better general than /USApol/

Reposting this from the bunker cause why not, it's been a while since the last one


File: 1632877690399.mp4 (2.91 MB, 640x352, oklak_4jg9LqhUM-.mp4)

<Serbia-Kosovo tensions brewing as Belgrade deploys armored vehicles at border


But don't you guys already have your own countries' generals?


More good music I guess, if anything does go down


Only Brits and Krauts are active


whats the deal with "communists" stanning lukashenko? I thought he was a literal nazi?


Even if you don't see any point in supporting him calling him a Nazi is such a retardedly braindead thing to say. What makes him a Nazi to you?


File: 1632878170142.jpg (99.73 KB, 784x960, image0 (8).jpg)

please keep the anti-americanism to a respectable minimum
you would all be speaking German if not for the US victory over nazi germany, always remember that


Fuck off subhuman, we have the USSR to thank for that, not your half assed "help". Back to your containment thread, faggot


Didnt he praise Hitler for his public speaking or whatever?
And he tried to assassinate a journalist for exposing a nazi or something?
Honestly I dont know anything about Belarus politics so thats why im asking


mainstream media brainwashing, many such cases


according to my calculations, you fell for bait


I have heard about that first shit though only vague comments recalling something he supposedly said, nothing concrete. As always, I would take any Western comments on any geopolitical enemy with a grain of salt, after all these are the people that voted against a UN resolution to condemn neo-nazism just because it was the evil russians proposing it.

For the second point I think you might be thinking of someone else, Lukashenko actually arrested a journalist called Roman Protasevich in that whole plane scandal and that Protasevich guy is either sympathetic to neo-nazis or is one himself, he was affilliated to the Azov Battalion and far-right protesters in last year's protests against the government in Belarus.


alright, I got my propaganda mixed up
ty comrade


Anyone know if this is a common ocurrence or can we safely expect escalation?


>Let's create a better general than /USApol/
That won’t be hard to do at all.
C’mon man, don’t embarrass us.


File: 1632880424924.png (12.51 KB, 933x525, 1632877613374.png)


File: 1632880599308.png (18.98 KB, 282x179, ClipboardImage.png)


>imagine being a bargaining chip between massive empires for your entire history


It's nothingburger, Kosovo started taking down Serbian licence plates, because Brussel agreement expired. Serbia is doing that to Kosovo since "independence".
You can see this also as marketing campaign for upcoming election, both in kovoso and serbia.
Tanks and armored vehicles are there for nationalist, who jerk off to that kind of stuff. Vučić, serbian presedent, has been silent for 2 days about situation, he even canceled meetings with Russian and Chinese diplomats, probably because he got bereated by the eu officials



Chill pill man


>The Soviet economy had been built around the entire Union, and going it alone was a hard option for most of the republics. In an attempt to protect each new nation from total economic collapse, a new union was created, this time called the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The CIS was created in Belarus at a country house in Belavezha. The chief architects of this commonwealth were the Russian President Boris Yeltsin, Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk, with Stanislav Shushkevich representing Belarus. The Belavezha Accords could only officially declare the end of the Soviet Union after each of the constituent governments had voted to adopt them. The vote in Belarus was all but unanimous, with only one member of the Belarusian parliament voting against the dissolution of the Soviet Union. That one member was Alexander Lukashenko.


What happened to Wallonia on the map? What is the point of making the entirety of Belgium and Luxembourg controlled by Flanders in Particular? Administering the French and German speaking parts of the country in Dutch will definitely lead to issues.

I think a better solution would be to incorporate them some sort of pan-Benelux union, or simply keep the current country borders in tact.


Fuck the EU btw


I see, thanks for the explanation


I vote for giving back all that shitty pseudo-nations to the sea


Belarus is the only socialist country in Europe.

3rd lowest inequality on earth
Majority of economy is state owned


Is this book good or is it imperialist fed shit?


File: 1632928153446.jpeg (307.38 KB, 1280x930, reichstag.jpeg)

>US victory over nazi germany
watch this burger faggot -> https://youtu.be/ctp5a21Mtvs

>you would all be speaking German

ich spreche aber doch Deutsch


No clue but that description at least to me seems to hype up Lukashenko. Like to me this would sound flattering, but that's probably due to my personal perspective, I can see how that same description would paint him as an evil man for many people.


File: 1633371546783.png (180.12 KB, 382x597, 9c871fec461a064.png)

What's the political situation is switzerland like? Is it a liberal hell hole or a conservative hellhole?


>high iq
He was just the Agent Kochinski of the 20th century


are you that afraid of leftcoms?


its pretty comfy gorgeous nature and not many immigrants are allowed in



Remind us again what happened to the Soviet Union please


File: 1633372471593.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.2 MB, 320x320, 1633139232426.gif)

well, kinda, 99,98% of leftcoms can't leave their chairs and do nothing, now the 0,02%….


seethe i guess


Got illegaly dissolved, which shows that stalin did nothing wrong when purging non communists from the party.


t.part of the 99%.


but I just read switzerland is the european country with the highest amount of resident aliens


Thanks for proving my point


For nothing fella,still did more to comunism cause than leftcomunism will ever achieve :).


File: 1633376037884.png (42.49 KB, 1064x288, images (5).png)

All that work, all those sacrifices and we are back at zero again :(


That is how it is when you play the political game, if you win you win, if you lose you lose, now it's better to pick ourselves again than mop at or academias and our autofellating types of comunism while doing nothing, principally now that the conjucture of the world is changing from the US monopoly, like, it does matter what you think about china, but they taking the place of the US in the world economy would be helpful to future socialist contries.


Hey man you do you, I am just saying that M-L failed because you can't fight imperialism with socialism, socialism must happen in the imperial core and if revolution happens outside of it the main goal must be to create a revolution inside of it, not build socialism (or state capitalism) in one country and wait until shit hits the fan.


wtf is this image saying


well you can stop imperialist actions in your coutry and even others through the secret police apparatus, Cuba showed this a thousand times, but is impossible to stop it in the entire world when the main world order can, through the monopolization of it''s global media and currency, embargo, murder or dissolve any country without repercution like they did with the ussr or libya, and the imperial core going socialist could end it forever, but they are the main beneficiaries of imperialism, thus the hardest to making it go red, but with the increasing fallings of the US and rise of China the entire liberal world order is going into chaos, if only a big country like russia, india or brazil would go red or the ussr still existed and had a plan to export revolutions like cuba did in the past, this global turmoil would be the time to spread.


Immigrants = Non-whites


File: 1633431297355.png (533.45 KB, 660x712, 123123123123.png)

The Socdems just keep winning and winning. Im getting tired bros. How can this socdem momentum be used to gather communist support? Many dishearted socdems havent taken the red pill.


"Center left", at least in Italy, is on the rise due to voter participation falling, leaving only PMCs &co the vote.

In Rome we just had elections with 48,86% overall participation, in Milan with 49%, and even in Bologna just 51% (20 years ago it was 80+% in all three).

There simply is no representation for proles, so proles just stop voting, and when they do as such PMC-heavy parties tend to win.


Refocus socdemism into it's roots of believing socialism is possible through liberal democracy.
Introduce them to the young Marx and focus on the readings that make no distinction between the young and the elder Marx.


Also, bring back dirigisme, it's something social democrats should be promoting above more taxes and more welfare.


Polish Constitutional Tribunal just ruled out that their constitution overrides important parts of Eu treaties.
This could be getting more and more interesting.


The UK is good. I spent some time in London recently and was overwhelmed by how international and diverse the city was. Monolithic white or reactionary vote blocs seem like an impossibility in all major British cities I’ve visited. Plus awesome food. You can come from anywhere in the world and feel at home in London.


I hope this causes a chimp out that leads to polish reactionaries fracturing the EU.


>poland fucks up the cohesion of the EU like they did with the Warsaw Pact.
Now that would be funny


EU high spheres are livid about this, but idk if they have the possibility to expel Poland.


>implying they would even want to
why the fuck are you people forgetting that the east is german colony?


This is true.
But this time the Polish verdict is too strong to be left unpunished.
If the other 26 states start having similar verdicts being emitted is game over for the EU as a viable entity.
So while there's concrete interest in letting Poland be this time there's also interesti in punishing them.


Same. If the Poles actually cause a chimp out, Hungary will follow, and Eurosceptic movements all over the EU will gain momentum once again (starting obviously with France). The 2015-2017 right-populist wave has failed to break the EU apart, but it created some deep cracks in its unity, cracks that will only deepen if the Poles do their thing and cause a new chimpout.


Currently, they don't want to expel them, and Poland is too afraid of getting backlash from its population if it tries to leave. Therefore, the polish strategy is annoying the EU so much that they kick them out. The EU doesn't want to do this, because then they'd lose their precious cheap labor, plus, the poles would be able to play victim and spark a new anti-EU chimpout.


File: 1633683520003.png (155.08 KB, 800x612, EU25-2004.png)

That's an anglo meme really. Anglo imperialists don't like the €, they don't like the EU, they don't like France and they don't like Germany as their whole geostrategic doctrine is literally about mitigating and suppressing political & economic power - be it fascist, crypto-fascist/neoliberal, feudal, neoliberal or socialist - within continental Europe since centuries in order to prevent any potential rivals from challenging their own
hegemonial ambitions on world stage. Today the Eastern Euros form sort of a strong (reactionary) faction themselves and have blocked Germany+France+BeNeLux+Italy numerous times. Poland-Lithuania have own imperialist ambitions towards the east too and Eastern Europe is despite the victim play of the local bourgeoisie (of course supported by anglo media) it's own economic sphere, the German and French bourgeoisie are just players among others (local and foreign) there.

>because then they'd lose their precious cheap labor,
I doubt anything would change in that regard, unfortunately. Remember Poland et al. only joined the EU in 2004, yet Polish and other eastern euro workers moved all over Europe for cheap labour long before that and western european capitalists outsourced production for cheap to Eastern Europe already during the 1990s. If Poland would exit the EU economic relations within Europe would probably simply revert back to 1990-2004 status. So the reason why there's such reluctance in Brussels to kick Poland out are likely not economic concerns.


>Imagine having 50% union density despite this, and not the cucked government-mediator scandi type
>Imagine having a healthy balance between a superior culinary culture and affordability for the masses
>Imagine having some of the most well-preserved medieval city centres in Europe
>Imagine surviving for 200 years without any sort of civil war or domestic violent conflict despite the fact that every terminally online political "expert" predicts your country splitting in about 2 weeks
>Imagine the fact that speaking 4 languages is considered slightly above the norm, not completely extraordinary, opening many cultural doors around the world and enabling you to truly get to know different cultures instead of communicating exclusively with the bourgeois English-speaking elite
>Imagine living in the greatest country in the world

Yea I'm kinda butthurt, but feelsgoodman :) België !!!


Hungary was supposed to be expelled too and nothing happened.


You haven't named a single source for your claims.
>muh anglo meme


>You haven't named a single source for your claims.
Neither did you.


I haven't made a claim in contrast to you who did


Write something more than
>please add links to bourgeois anglo media else your're wrong
or at least provide what made you specifically butthurt and why.


>anglo meme
>half of the parliament in on german payroll
Okay then.


>or at least provide what made you specifically butthurt and why
You're claim that eastern europe is actually a leveled playing field where different entities compete. Like I get the fact that anglos are seething over "muh 4th reich", but from an economic perspective, eastern europe is in the grip of german imperialism. The fact that poland and the baltics have adopted burger autism won't change that


> speaking 4 languages
english, obviously
french and dutch, the 2 national languages
what's the fourth, german?



>Another German Army unit under observation for heavy far right infiltration

How long till these people will start plotting coups and shit?



Yeah, any of German/Spanish/Italian/Arabic/Slavic wildcard/other diaspora language. 4 languages is the minority but it's not out of the ordinary. It's fun


Italiabros explain

>Rachele Mussolini wins most votes in Rome city council election

<Far-right Brothers of Italy candidate is granddaughter of fascist dictator Benito Mussolini

And it's not even the only Mussolina in politics

Wtf, like i know the Franco's in Spain have a foundation and what not as a platform for their interests, but at least they don't bother with office much less going that far. Sometimes it's a matter of respect, even if you do some fuckery from behind put literally anyone else at the forefront

Is there no public reaction or do people just don't give a shit?


File: 1633735085173.png (91.57 KB, 426x228, afghanistan 2.png)

france just dissolved as a superpower


yeah in 1812 lol


By all metrics western Europe is stagnating, especially in the coming decades.

What is our strategy as European communists for a highly developed Europe, trans-atlantic imperial capital and NATO ossifying / becoming obsolete?


She's been a politician for years and years.
I think she was in berlusconi's cabinet or something lmao.


Fascism in Italy never got eradicated as it should have been.


Shattering the EU and founding groups of socialist nations.
(I would cum for a Mediterranean socialist league with Italy Spain and Greece).


about this can i ask something for comrades in europe ? is it true that the GDP of EU is pretty much stagnated for a time ?


>Catholic church gets caught being nonces #746.


It depends on the zones.
Italy and Greece never got back to pre-2011 GDP heights, Germany and Nordic countries had a stable but relatively low growth instead.
Eastern Europe (specifically Poland and Romania) grew relatively fast instead (easy to do it when everyone is outsourcing shit to your workers, crushing wages everywhere in the process).


ok, and the situation of the comunist parties in these coutries are positive ?, cuz with the stagnation, the slowing of resource drain from africa because france was one of the main enforces of that shit, the EU will suffer economicaly, the perfect time for the Parties to act.


All of them are dead,or with 20 boomers,or they support the succdems.


There's no communist party in Europe.
KKE and KPO in Austria are the only worth of note and have huge problems as of now (mostly of being directed by boomers).


>People thought that the EU was gonna be ded within 5 years in 2008-9
>This is it, the Greek debt Crisis has shown the EU's true face, its sure to collapse now
>Anytime any country has an election.

The EU will collapse anyday now is just 'china will collapse anyday now' but applied by burgers and their sycophants to Europe.
Yes the EU is obviously a capitalist and National-Chauvinistic endeavour but the people that make their entire identity seethoiding about it have been moulded by burger propaganda into hating basically the last string stopping Europe from being turned into a giant McDonalds with Walmart's everywhere or whatever with no backup plan, Leaving the EU should ONLY be considered under the premise that whichever government is in power in the day wont just immediately capitulate to American imperium such as how Britain did.


One anon is so pure his eyes doesn not even "see" the European communist parties
Another thinks the EU is indestructible, while simultaneously, in a detached, sarcastic liberal tone, casually admits that neo-fascism is a surging political force. No cause for alarm tho, the communists can wait, right?… The EU bourgs will handle it…?

/EUROpol/ - What a general!


>Another thinks the EU is indestructible,
>casually admits that neo-fascism is a surging political force.
Where did i say either of those things lmao?


well, if that is true then, it kinda of opens the way to fascists get there first with help of the porkies.


Poland? Definitely not. They're firmly stuck up in the arse of the USA and UK and they literally hate Germany with all of their heart. Anti-german sentiment is very strong in Polish politics and media.
So which Eastern Euro parliament is supposedly half on Berlin's payroll? Who exactly gets payed and who pays? That would be quite interesting. Why do Visegrad politicians block German proposals in Brussels and piss off Germany, France, Benelux et al. whenever they get a chance to do so? How come Nordström I & II faced such strong opposition despite Eastern Europe being essentially just a German colony, as you claim?

>but from an economic perspective, eastern europe is in the grip of german imperialism.
It's under the grip of German imperialism, under the grip of Anglo imperialism, under the grip of Swedish imperialism and so on, but most importantly it's under the grip of local oligarchs who sell assets and workforce for cheap to foreign capitalists and are often times even worse exploiters, reactionaries, neoliberals and capitalists than western euro porkies. I know it's very tempting to blame western porkies for each and everything, however despite West German capitalists absolutely dominate politics and economy in East German states since 1990 i can't blame them for our local shitlibs, conservaturds and far-rightoids making sure that wages are still lower here by a margin of 30% than in any western state, that east german workers work longer for less money than west german workers, that unionisation is much lower and so on and so forth. That is mostly the fault of "our" own greedy porkies and spineless, opportunist politicians as well as dumb people voting for neolib/rightoid parties.


t. Kraut


Polish parliament is split 50:50 german-american payroll. PO/KO (Donald Tusk, the former president of European Council) party is in alliance with liberal leftist coalition, both of them indirectly take money from the german interest groups (via EU grants or various fundations).
>anti-german sentiment is very strong in polish media
>TVN defending EU and Germany on a daily basis
>media outright say that the constitutional tribunal ruling that the polish constitution is supreme to the european union law is treason
I admit that the current government is pro-American, but also has been in secret talks with China, most likely to leverage USA though. Nordstream opposition is irrelevant, its just for domestic consumption, especially since Burgers have blessed the project anyway. Visegrad as a unified political entity doesn't even exist. Czech interests are vastly different than those of Poland, especially if we take the recent chimp out in polish-czech relations, where Czechs are siding with Germany to shut down polish coal mines. UK is completely irrelevant to polish politics, nobody cares about them.


The PO party meeting that happened like two months ago and was shown in TVN for its entire duration was sponosred by CDU (Konrad Adenauer Foundation). PO is the most vile, neoliberal party that is in this country. During their political event one of their politicans said that we have "too many hospitals here, about 1000, we should close maybe 600-700 of them". Pre-2015 PO era was an era where economic austerity almost killed this country. Schools, hospitals and workplaces were being shut down left and right. Children from smaller towns and villages couldn't often reach schools at all, because of no bus infrastructure reaching their places of living. People living on the verge of absolute poverty, some even living in the SEWERS of Warsaw, because they couldn't afford housing nor heating (they heated themselves by sleeping next to the sewer heat pipes). Don't believe that the current government of Poland is in charge, because of some imaginary anti-German nationalist hysteria. It's our only choice, to be fair. It's either the neoliberal machine or social democracy with polish characteristics that we currently have. I'm not a massive fan of the current government (PiS), but I have to admit that they are the only political force in Poland that was able to break the neoliberal dogma and introduce SOME sort of welfare at least. They also broke the "fuck you, got mine" attitude that ruled polish politics since the fall of the Warsaw Pact. It's certainly a party of the local bourgeoise, that just drops some scraps for the proles, but I have seen (and heard about) enough poverty in this country to turn away from a chance to collectively attain better life conditions. Overall, I think this is an accelerationist choice, because the neoliberals and the so-called "left-wing" parties have shown their true colours where the voted against PiS bill to introduce progressive taxation (it was more of a reversal of a degressive taxation, but thats beside the point). I only wish they had less retarded attitude towards Belarus and Ukraine, but you can't have everything, I guess. Anyway, we are on the crossroads right now. Either PiS opens the door to an actual socialist movement manifesting itself, by making people realize that social policy is possible and even desirable or we slip back into the neoliberal hell that we have been in for so long.


And speaking of Konrad Adenauer Foundation, they have opened their first institution here in 1989 to "aid in the process of political, economic and social transformation" and they have been closely working with polish christian-democratic parties, where Donald Tusk was starting his political career. KLD (Liberal-Democratic Congress) received a loan of a million marks in the 90s from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. The political event of PO "Poland - campus of the future" was lead by Rafał Trzaskowski, who was leading the PO until Tusk has returned from Brussels. He met with german ambassador, Konrad Adenauer Foundation representatives and leader of the Junge Union before the event. Rafał Trzaskowski is a mayor of Warsaw and during his rule he signed a deal with Commerzbank for 100mln PLN. Michał Gramatyka said in polish public TV that he prefers to be sponsored by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation rather than by the Polish National Foundation (foundation of the polish State Treasury). What's even more interesting is that all the parties that are vocally supporting the European Union are calling for abolishment of the Polish National Foundation.


To sum it up, what is being shown in foreign media about Poland is a very calculated image that is crafted to produce an outrage and put pressure on the polish society to restore the neoliberal clique back to power. It's surprising that I have to say this on leftypol, but don't believe everything that media says. Follow the money, not the words, keep to the marxist materialist analysis.



File: 1633842071495-0.png (22.86 KB, 675x158, BRUH.png)

File: 1633842071495-1.png (29.29 KB, 801x387, CZHEC.png)

Can someone in the know explain how the Czech Communist party get annihilated in the elections that just happened? They seemed to be doing reasonably, considering that they existed in a post-real-existing-socialism country.



They and the SocDens got punished for. supporting Babis.


The biggest fuck up after Dubcek


File: 1633851426871.png (36.26 KB, 847x468, loldems.png)

>party does reasonably well in opposition
>cucks out to the rightoids
>gets its shit pushed in
Many such cases!


What causes them to cuck out all the time? Why did they all cuck out at roughly the same time?


lust for power
you name it.


They were already losing seats before in 2017 though.


kek it would definetly be pretty funny if it happened i want to move to ireland though
>PO is the most vile, neoliberal party that is in this country. During their political event one of their politicans said that we have "too many hospitals here, about 1000, we should close maybe 600-700 of them". Pre-2015 PO era was an era where economic austerity almost killed this country. Schools, hospitals and workplaces were being shut down left and right. Children from smaller towns and villages couldn't often reach schools at all, because of no bus infrastructure reaching their places of living. People living on the verge of absolute poverty, some even living in the SEWERS of Warsaw, because they couldn't afford housing nor heating (they heated themselves by sleeping next to the sewer heat pipes). Don't believe that the current government of Poland is in charge, because of some imaginary anti-German nationalist hysteria. It's our only choice, to be fair. It's either the neoliberal machine or social democracy with polish characteristics that we currently have.
this, people often neglect to mention how incredibly horrible PO was when criticizing PiS. even with the massive media push against the ruling party they aren't winning because most proles remember what the libs hiding behind progressive aesthetics are truly like



In light of the next election in 6 months, referencing Allende's 'Unidad Popular' Mélenchon's socialist 'France Unbowed' party has now completely rebranded to the so-called 'Popular Union', their convention kicked off today. While French leftists always sought to appropriate France's revolutionary history and its nationalism (they sing the Marseillaise after the Internationale) for their causes a crowded field dominated by Right-wingers of all stripes made them ditch the red flags and remaining historically socialist aesthetics for one that is more marked by French flags and national colors.


>they going more moderate.
That never goes well.


Right now it seems like more of an aesthetic change.


Never gets old


German anons, is it true that the new german govt (SPD + Greens + Liberals) are about to legalize cannabis?


yes, it's being discussed and it seems that there's a majority for legalizing it


This is interesting, not merely for petty recreational reasons, but even moreso for the ripple-effects this would have throughout the legal-systems of the entirety of Europe (that don't already have lax laws in regards to soft drugs like weed). Imagining the added pressure of the black market export of weed that would result from a German legalization (being a core EU economy, located in the center of the continent) I think it would overwhelm surrounding countries and making it more economically beneficial for them to change laws to accompany this change rather than to practically hyper-militarize borders. There also seems to be a generational dimension of weed usage, with it being very popular among the three younger generations vs the older that are rapidly dying off due to our embarrassing healthcare systems.
Dare I say… A 4…'20s EU?


Yes, extremely likely. Greens and FDP are for it with the SPD stalling for years but this week the SPD shadow health minister reversed course publicly.

The debate will probably center around whether they will do it in pharmacies or dedicated shops.


Underwhelming answer. Also it doesn't address my second question at all.


File: 1634466031710.png (222.32 KB, 360x366, 1633176214068-1.png)

>Inb4 EU banning bows and crossbows
I hate those fucking schizos and falseflag glowy attackers so much!


>banning bows and crossbows
How ?
You can make a very deadly bow and arrow out of sticks and string.


br*ts have banned kitchen knives and consider long pencils a dangerous weapon


Doesn't matter. If you get caught making, owning and training with a bow, which will become ever more likely as the survaillance state expands, you will get the same punishment like for illegally owning firearms: jail.
Also Jörg Sprave's repeating bows and crossbows are the best. I hope that Norwegian schizo didn't use one of those, since the amount of people he murdered is shocking. He either was very skilled or used one of Sprave's designed repeating bows.


File: 1634467058243-0.jpg (13.74 KB, 720x420, mwqs4zpn5cr01.jpg)

File: 1634467058243-1.jpg (79.44 KB, 669x668, 1526161828188.jpg)

Anglo problem.


Just wait until they ban petrol, alcohol and rags.


>Ban alcohol


Not until you realize its effectiveness against riot police.


Is this another far right terrorism?


Wouldn't be surprised if so, but we don't know for sure yet.


>Police said they had previously been in contact with him over fears of radicalisation after he converted to Islam.
Oh for fuck's sake!
>The victims were all aged between 50 and 70,
LOL boomers BTFO again.
>The suspect had a Danish mother and Norwegian father
At least not a non-Euro migrant at least.
>Norwegian police are not usually armed and after the attack the police directorate ordered all officers nationwide to carry firearms as an extra precaution.
LOL one off-duty cop was injured and all other cops are instantly spooked.


It really isn't, you daft lifestylist.


>He either was very skilled or used one of Sprave's designed repeating bows.
Skilled archers can shoot 2 arrows within 1s, depending on the bow model, without using one of Jörg's loaders. Also if they'd actually plan to ban crossbows and archery "concerned" bullshit speak would be all over the media right now, but there's absolutely nothing, the incident is already out of the news. I think there's no reason to worry, for the time being at least.


>br*ts have banned kitchen knives and consider long pencils a dangerous weapon
UK people get arrested for carrying a pencil ? What about children who go to school ? This sounds too insane to be true.

if there is a legal equivalency for bow and guns, people will chose guns over bows, it's a law that would induce an upgrade in fire power. More surveillance and more repression just means more stealthy weapons and professionalization. The only people who get fucked by this are people who do this as a hobby, who would never abuse it because they don't want their hobby to get shunned. Many girls that are very plain looking get into bows and arrows because its a way for them to be more interesting. The people like the slingshot channel guy despite his distinctive bravado are the people who try to push bows from killing to playing and then to sporting. Look what he actually does, he is trying to get people to shoot at foam-boards. He is taking a very primitive and primal form of aggression, the piercing impulse which originated with single cell organisms, and turns it into a cultural ritual that safely discharges it into padding.

>since the amount of people he murdered is shocking

Apparently he also had other weapons. He killed 5 people compared to the 70 of the mass shooting that happened a few years previously in Norway by somebody who used guns. While 5 dead people is still 5 too many, you can't say this was shockingly effective, by mass murder killing spree standards. What ever convinced this guy to use primitive weapons instead of firearms, probably lowered the number of casualties. I would seriously consider looking into promoting ineffective meme weapons as a measure to reduce the lethality of such happenings.

>Just wait until they ban petrol, alcohol and rags.
lumpen-grenades kinda suck.


French presidentials are already depressing me





File: 1634553620966.jpg (104.41 KB, 1061x796, why.jpg)

>The 24-year-old was said to have told a female police officer that he had the pencil so he could “stab someone if I need to.”
if that's true
omg why ?




what is his deal, bros? is belarus socialist, state capitalist or something else? more importantly, what is he planning for it? i don't know much about him aside from western media screeching about muh dicktatorship and the local media screeching about the border spies he's supposedly deploying


Lukashenko did literally nothing wrong everyone characterizing his government as "right wing" has no idea wtf they're talking about or are glowies trying to slander him. By sheer size and output of their state they are more of a command economy than China. Who the fuck still uses collectivized agriculture these days? Cuba? North Korea? And Belarus, one of the last bastions against Western neoliberalism.


sounds pretty based, but how do you explain the protests then?


the belarus economy has gone down the drain in terms of gdp growth rate and thus people are angry. ALso the western powers are involved in their usual regime change stick


>everyone characterizing his government as "right wing" has no idea wtf they're talking about or are glowies trying to slander him
Whoever says that, probably thinks "right wing" means "authoritarian".



They will sneak in this ban a few years from now like they did with the defacto ban of big firearm magazines and SBRs, followed by forcing all EU and Schengen countries to adopt it.


File: 1634645130019.jpg (205.74 KB, 1026x1280, IMG_20211007_133639_260.jpg)

Thank bourgeois media for that.



you do understand that their is a limit on how many people can be surveilled before the quality of said surveillance takes a nosedive, their are not enough people to come through all the data that is collected in modern surveillance systems, which is why they keep failing at stopping terrorist attacks.
>state owned enterprises without a central plan
so its just running on inertia


True and sad. But I take solace in the fact that he'll certainly go to prison like Sarkozy if he end up president.


>Whoever says that, probably thinks "right wing" means "authoritarian".
that is correct though


File: 1634752623258.jpg (107.04 KB, 1076x748, 1631441776964-0.jpg)

If he becomes president, I hope the French chads make even more habbenings than during Macron.


I've been reading a lot about Western European countries, their history, culture, etc. and I must ask this, what is it about French that makes them so fucking based? It seems to have the only vocal dissidents in that entire region.


national monarchy vs german imperial universalism, rex imperator in regno suo


are there any migrants between the french chads or all migrants in France either libshits or religious extremists?


The French revolution and the Napoleonic wars is what started the contemporary age, that's pretty based.



I just hopes he dies.


Migrants are just normies who want a better life, they can't vote, they don't make waves because they don't want to loose their visas. Those who do political shit are generally undocumented, they tend to be very based. The religious terrorists mostly come from Belgium or more rarely are french since like 2 or 3 generations, indoctrinated by wahhabite faggots who made their turf in the ghettos with saudi money.


deutsche beweisen immer wieder eindrucksvoll wie humorlos sie sind


This ^
Couldn't have said it better myself.


Seems tension is flaring up again in Ukraine.
Ukrainian army seems to be deploying Turkish TB2 Bayraktar drones, and Russian armor has been spotted moving West of Bryansk.
96% chance that this is a nothingburger but you never know.


Listen if world war three starts because of some spat between Russians and cuckaianians I think humanity deserves to go extinct.


File: 1636719559505.png (222.32 KB, 360x366, 1633176214068-1.png)

Why is the Euro proletariat resistant to any kind of class consciousness?
Crisis after crisis passes in Europe, while we remain unable to capitalise on any of those, but the reaction can with ease it appears.
Even in fucking Burgerland, the bastion of capitalism, our comrades seem to make slight progress, but Europe absolutely nothing.
-2008/9, nothing
-No European Occupy Wallstreet equivalent
-Euro crisis, nothing
-Refugee pseudo-Crisis, huge success for the darkest reaction
-COVID pandemic, same as the last one
-Climate change becomes ever more noticable in everyday life and this year even killed hundreds of people in Europe, yet nobody cares
-German zoomers have a boner for more neoliberalism

There is Russian Soviet nostalgia, but from what I can tell, it's more of the pseudo-red nationalist type at best. The local bourgeoisie is apparently pretty successful in building the capitalism with Soviet and church characteristics.

The concessions from the Cold War have been steadily chipped away, yet no prole seems to give a damn. There was the Gilet Jaune, but that wasn't red by any stretch of the imagination and just a random sperg out.

The gap between ultra rich and poor keeps expanding, yet the average prole is more pissed at his brown-skinned neighbour than the obvious class, which is to blame.

Why aren't we making any progress towards class consciousness? Most workers here don't even dare to participate in any form of class warfare. They are between apathetic at best or outright fascist sympathisers.
>inb4 muh LGBTQ idpol
I think this is oversimplifying it. Even opportunists like Wagenknecht, who tried to abandon those in favour of nationalist idpol, got completely BTFO'd in the voots. Leftists, who jumped on the anti-vax bandwagon also achieved nothing.

I do not understand this development.


>Latvia bans unvaccinated lawmakers from meetings
10% of legislators in Latvia excluded from the political process.


File: 1636745278660.jpg (65.49 KB, 1242x791, E8RKEUiWYAMJnfJ.jpg)

>Banning anti-vax politicians
Unfathomably based


>Can someone in the know explain how the Czech Communist party get annihilated in the elections that just happened?
KSČM is in deep crisis probably since they were created. And it's kinda their own fault. they can't propagate themselves, they can't agitate people, hell even their sites and FB page is shit.

They were just relying on people's discontent with neoliberalism (which actually helped in 2013 - practically the only time they were able to gain in popularity) and totally didn't expect the new emerging (right) populist movements like ANO 2011 or SPD (not the german socdems, but the czech nationalist party led by literal japanese)

there are of course many other problems but this is the most obvious one

t. czech


>the czech nationalist party led by literal japanese
Pffft what?! Nationalists are always the biggest sellouts to foreign capital if not outright traitors according to their own standards.
LMAO every time!


almost want to go now tbh


File: 1636749302665.jpg (724.79 KB, 1318x738, httpwww.tomio_.cz__0.jpg)

it actually exists


kek is it just me or is he forcing his eyes open? do czechs really


they tried to make him look more white


Is this because Melenchon loves pandering to muslims?


on the other hand his mother is czech, afaik


>His mom’s Czech
>Czechoid nationalists supporting the spawn of a foreigner with a czech woman
“Cuck” was always projection.


so he's the czech fujimori?


Como esta España? Al veces me quiero pelar de los Estados Unidos, pero se parace como España tiene un chingo de problems con desempleo. Como esta la politica? Tienen muchos fachos?

as a Bhürger from what little I've seen it seems like the migrant crisis completely fucked your shit, maybe I'm wrong but from what I can tell most of Europe was relatively homogenous beforehand so most countries there have never had to grapple with racism the same way we have had to in the US

Enjoy everyone having false consciousness to an even higher degree than we do in the USA, I guess. The USA is integrated enough these days that some people realize racism is a scam so my suggestion: download and run whitegenocide.exe

better get busy makin beautiful mixed babies


I fucking hate self hating hapas like allsup and this motherfucker.


Do you think these people wanna be there, man? In some foreign country with people who condescend to them and either are artificially nice at best or outright hostile at worst? Many of these countries make it impossible for those migrants to have a life in the places they’ve grown up in, make them leave everything and everyone they knew to go live with foreigners and work shit jobs. The only immigrants who like leaving are labor aristocrats and even then, they’re still gonna get a relatively worse deal compared to the native worker.

France and England, amongst other countries has had Gastarbeiters and immigrants for generation and they still despise them, although they’re learning to to keep it on the down low. Le “make cute mixed babies shit” isn’t a solution, because you’ll get self-hating hapas and, shocker, mixed people can look like any one of the historically defined races. Look at latinos, where the same mother and father can produce a “white” son and a “black” son and have them categorized as different races.


>Look at latinos, where the same mother and father can produce a “white” son and a “black” son and have them categorized as different races.

Yeah, I was being facetious because I was feeling feisty. I'm "Latino" too so I know that that shit doesn't work…..from the outside looking in it really does seem like the migrant crisis threw fire on the whole thing, when I watch videos from like European sources or whatever on Youtube the comments are usually filled with people talking about "rapefugees" or whatever


These people are probably nowhere near said “rapefugees” and even if they were are the equivalent of suburbanoid american whitoids who view them as the people who either take their welfare money or are there to pick their fruit or do their shit work.

I’m not saying race or nationalism is a perpetual part of human history or stay away from white women, since that would make me a hypocrite, but as a fellow brown burger, I’d tell you that you can’t abolish normative concepts of race without abolishing capitalism. At the best you’ll get social chauvinists doing woke imperialism while acting with performative civility to show how progressive they are while liquidating foreigners for their treatment of minorities and women.


File: 1636807294034.mp4 (6.33 MB, 720x720, 1459136860744138752.mp4)

based spanish uyghurs


nooo but i thought antifascism was for heckin libs


it is, antifacsim is for people who think that neoliberalism is the best possible system, and moving away from it is bad


>but from what I can tell most of Europe was relatively homogenous beforehand so most countries there have never had to grapple with racism the same way we have had to in the US
Where are you getting this 100% incorrect interpretation? Is this what burger media projects or did you get it from explicitly far right sources?


to be honest I'm a tard, this is just the impression I've gotten from when I used to browse 4chan

also my friends from Europe (all normies) I met from vidya always said that over there there isn't really "diversity" the same way there is over here, but they're all from Nordic countries


>>596335 see flag


File: 1636874773774.jpg (170.32 KB, 651x564, 1636874764517.jpg)

There is a shit ton of diversify in europe and has been as long as either of us have been alive. This narrative is a fantasy completely my friend.
I'm sorry but it sounds so silly; could you imagine me telling you USA was a homogenous place before BLM came and shited it up by putting blacks in the city suburbs?


File: 1636879226038.gif (Spoiler Image, 142.47 KB, 1221x1007, 1635302497194.gif)


post chin faggot


>Fucking around on Japanese occupied islands
>sends some tanks to Africa to prepare invasion of Italy
>Most effort the U.S. did was during D-day when the Nazis were already in retreat
>The Soviet Union is once again, refused acknowledgement


Hearts of Iron IV: Red Flood but real (and Czech)


100 years Fascism free and the snake crawls back.
That's Neoliberalism during an economic crisis!


There needs to be agitprop by Die Linke that shows that the SPD, CDU, and AfD don't benefit the working class, and instead give bread in the case of the SPD, and circuses, as done by the AfD


some viedos from the metal workers strike in Cádiz


>The Fraudo-"Marxist" is a Die Linke enthusiast
I'm not surprised.


the PdL is an important organisation of the German left
you don't have to be a "Die Linke enthusiast" to make such a statement


Pointless wasting your time and energy giving genuine advice for the anti-communist "left". Direct that elsewhere in these times of crisis and restructuring.


>the anti-communist "left"
they aren't anti-communist though
Communists are part of the PdL for example within the KPF (Communist Platform) which has ties to the DKP (they send delegates to each others assemblies and so on)
the PdL also provides with the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation a lot of important Infrastructure for example they are the Publisher of the Marx-Engels-Werke.


They are "communist" "Marxists" who oppose core concepts and foundational premises of Marx and the communist movement. You should pay less attention to names of orgs and more to what they do.
Luxemburg, in comparison to Lenin, had no effect on the world. It's telling when that's the figure they claim to base themselves around (and even that's a stretch, they're little more than eurocoms at best - going by the life and writing of Luxemburg she would have wanted nothing to do with Die Linke).


literally nothing in your post states a contradiction to my positon.


They are anti-actual communists. They are reformists. They are anti-Leninist eurocoms. Don't shill for these people is what I'm saying when you have actual communist parties in your country.


>Don't shill for these people
I don't. Infact, like all communists, I'm a vocal critic of the PdL but this doesn't make them less important as an Institution for the left.
the reality of political organising is way more nuanced than
>oh there not real socialists screw them


There needs to be agitprop by MLPD that shows that Die Linke, the SPD, CDU, and AfD don't benefit the working class, and instead give bread in the case of the Die Linke, and circuses, as done by the AfD


so is belarus the best place to live in eastern europe? i'm considering emigrating there as a pole


>The Communist Party wins in the city of Graz in Austria (Sep 26, 2021)

If you missed this (like I did)


You could migrate to the fucking Chad basin and you'd live better as a pole


Call the based department.


UN is warning about new bosnian war between local Serbians and Bosnians. Any yugobro have information?



File: 1637850687152.mp4 (9.29 MB, 720x720, 1463618993076334594.mp4)


These people are doing real class struggle and nobody here seems to care. All power to them!


File: 1637851199696.gif (535.8 KB, 1000x900, burger.gif)

>european labour revolt
don't care

>amerikkkan e-slut said x



holy based



>El presidente ucraniano, Volodymyr Zelensky, acaba de anunciar que la inteligencia ucrania tiene pruebas de que se esta preparando un intento de golpe de Estado a principios de diciembre. Este golpe estaría respaldado por Rusia y el oligarca Rinat Akhmetov.

>El mandatario ucraniano ha declarado que: "Tenemos grabaciones de ciudadanos ucranianos, con, por así decirlo, representantes de Rusia, que discuten la participación de Rinat Akhmetov en un golpe de Estado en Ucrania y señalan que mil millones de $ serán necesarios"

>Las relaciones entre el presidente Zelenski y el oligarca Rinat Akhmetov, el hombre más rico de Ucrania, se habían deteriorado durante los últimos meses tras la aprobación de la ley sobre oligarcas y la destitución del presidente de la Rada.

>Los canales de televisión propiedad de Akhmetov habían comenzado a ser críticos con el gobierno del presidente ucraniano.

>Zelenski había culpado anteriormente a "algunas estructuras oligárquicas" de los problemas de escasez de los recursos energéticos.

It seems Porky on Porky violence is rising in Ukraine.


Damn, will we see a second Yanukovych and a Euromaidan 2.0? Also who would execute the coup, the army I'm assuming right? Are they not loyal to Zelensky?


Idk anon, this whole thing seems to me as a settling of scores between porkies mafia_style with Russia mentioned only to get glowies attention.

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