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File: 1632908203955.mp4 (24.94 MB, 1024x576, HayTaburGonzalo.mp4)

 No.520180[Last 50 Posts]

[Edit: 'Defend Gonzalo' Megathread]
The victors of the Syrian civil war share pride for the legacy of Chairman Gonzalo, the Syrian people morn the death of Chairman Gonzalo who synthesised Maoism akin to Stalin synthesising Marxism Leninism.

The Syrian people and sectors of the army realign to Maoism and are militarising for victory. Our Praxis was defeating the US, Nato and UN.

People's war to world socialism, cultural revolution to world communism.
We are building a Maoist Military


This video post shows our pride!


File: 1632908551107.png (812.53 KB, 2888x1588, 1623639493018.png)


Literally Fed Jackets a communist military apparatus. Touch grass.




Reminder if someone spends all their time complaining about “fed jacketing” they are proabably a fed.


So your allowed to fed jacket by saying a group is CIA but you are not allowed to say the person claiming something is CIA is fed jacketing.

ok autistic faggot CIA


'tis true


Please do not. You will be killed. We dont need more white kids being sent to the desert. There's also no analysis on whether we should apply maoism in Syria, or have any connection with groups connected to the masses





I will never join an organization that publically endorses the shining path


Is this infighting? Seems like MLs are opposed to Trots and Maoists…


they're being dogmatic. ironically the people who claim that MLM is dogmatic are the most dogmatic about the Shining path. The Shining Path is more of a symbol for working class people since they're the revolution of our times in the age of neoliberalism and gets a lot of sympathy (would the Nepalese revolutionary war have happened without the Shining Path?). Even the maoist groups like the Phillipines and Indians have respect for the Shining Path even if they do have criticisms of it


Sectarian*. Thats probably a better word to use than Dogmatic


good for you


MLM groups have shown to do admirable work in the third world, but their Western counterparts are laughable and cultish.


Absolutely based, long live Gonzalo thought


We had this thread yesterday and you got btfo, provide one piece of evidence you fucking moron


>Reminder if someone spends all their time complaining about “fed jacketing” they are proabably a fed.
Nom its the exact opposite of that retard. People who go around calling everyone agents is a tried fed tactic. Stop being an edgy mong all your life.


The feds don’t want you to be able to talk about Maoism on leftypol


It’s a fed tactic to respond to any accusation of fed activity with

>nooo don’t you know that’s fedjacketing calling out my fed like behaviour is exactly what the feds want


>It’s a fed tactic to respond to any accusation of fed activity with
>>nooo don’t you know that’s fedjacketing calling out my fed like behaviour is exactly what the feds want
Absolute retard read any book about the black Panthers you dumb preeteen jewish nigger.


Wait, so who is this group exactly? Are they aligned to the Assad regime or against it? A splinter group from the SAA? What do they think of communist groups in the SDF/Rojava?

Explain it to me like I'm a clueless liberal please



File: 1632915855104.jpg (41.31 KB, 417x578, pop team epic.jpg)

>We know this man is the murderer, his footprints were all over the crime scene!
<That isn't evidence, where's the evidence?
>We found his fingerprints all over the murder weapon!
<That isn't evidence, where's the evidence?
>DNA samples taken from the crime scene match him exactly!
<That isn't evidence, where's the evidence?
>He had tricked the victim into taking out a huge life insurance policy with him as the recipient, we've established a clear motive!
<That isn't evidence, where is the evidence?
>None of the locations where the suspect hangs out reported seeing him anywhere at the time of the murder and a cell phone call made just before the crime has him in close proximity to the crime scene!
<That isn't evidence, where's the evidence?
>Clothing with the victim's blood was found in the trash at his residence
<That isn't evidence, where's the evidence?


Oh Jesus Christ almighty. People on this fucking website piss themselves as soon as they hear "Maoist". Keep your sectarian retardation to yourself and touch grass. Sage'd to avert catastrophe


But you literally haven’t given a single piece of evidence at all those analogy is entirely inaccurate, you were then provided with ample evidence that your pet country is in fact the glow Lord, and you stopped responding entirely rather than take the L


What militia is that?


>the last guy to respond wins!
lmao fuck off

I stopped responding because you're a bad faith idiot.


I think it's the Martyr Nubar Ozanyan Brigade.


anyone who says “sectarian” needs to read a book


File: 1632923807880.png (1.69 MB, 3840x2160, FAT9V_CX0AEU9Cb .png)

Thanks to Chairman Gonzalo TKPML has been able to start liberating Turkey under the banner of Maoism. Stand today in defence of Gonzalo who was assassinated via being refused skin cancer treatment after 29 years in solitary confinement.
Chairman Gonzalo is the 6th head of Marxism and Turkey shall be liberated in his name.


Your gonzalo fbi.gov should stop spamming up this board with your LARP.


How the fuck is it bad faith. I was literally the only person in that thread to post an actual source backing up my claims which other posters responded to positively, posters on your side even, shut your lib mouth


>shall be liberated in his name.
you know you're a cult when…..


Damn so Armenians paying respect to Gonzalo? What a strange world lol. They're part of the SDF according to Wikipedia so that makes it even weirder, though it makes sense in regards to standard non-sectarian international solidarity.


It's not super weird, there were a bunch of commie factions backing the SDF including Turkish Maoists and Hoxhaists.


Talk about Maoism without sounding like you're in a cult challenge

Are you talking about Kurdistan? They are libs with daily struggle sessions in the military. Surely you are not talking about Assad kek


Complain about Maoism without buzzwords challenge

Complain about Maoism without repeating CIA talking points challenge


The CIA has no problems with a bunch of wreckers discrediting socialism and fighting against any real movement. Same reason Mao turned into a Yankee bootlicker.


where the fuck did all these maoism defenders come from though


You failed


no I dont defend mao, gonzalo, sison, or the other complete failures


“wrecker” has a very clear and useful meaning. if it’s your mkultra trigger word that’s your problem


Teenage discörd users raiding


Literally every group accuses every other group of wrecking, also, you fedjacketed, a CIA talking point


>Mao failed
Lmao. Sure, failed at defeating the Japanese.. oh wait.. failed at turning China into a world superpower from a feudal backwater… oh.. wait


Mao would have succeeded if his retardation didn't allow Deng to come.


the united states is a world superpower yet people live like shit what is your point


Mao's biggest failures
1. Sino soviet split
2. Cultural revolution
3. Sparrows
4. Not destroying the proto Dengoids


>le great man theory

Yes Mao is responsible for literally everything in China

People lived far better under Mao than they did before

Sino Soviet split cannot be laid entirely at maos door cmon


the cultural revolution completely failed after that how can you even take mao seriously


how can you take yourself seriously


"Cult" is a "buzzword?" So is "buzzword" by this brainlet standard


by keeping my idealism in my head and not trying to make it work in real life


>Not destroying the proto Dengoids
In fact what if I tell you that it's not just Mao, it's Deng who laid the foundations of Chinese greatness? AKA Deng made China greater?


reminder that deng was a moderate who staved off the roaders in the party that wanted to do it gorbachev-style


<In his name
What a shitty surrogate for Christianity you got going.


>the cultural revolution completely failed
Ok anglo


alright what the fuck is the deal with guzman? i always see young american people talking about how he synthesized MLM and was a great thought leader or whatever, what did he actually write? did he write at all? or is this really just the most absurd personality cult to ever smear the name of marxism?
all the people praising guzman keep repeating the exact same shit over and over again but can not point to any further theory and neither to any real success, if you dont count dead dogs. is that because there literally isnt anything to it other than some sick great man theory?


>muh cult of personality
Literally exactly what libs say about Stalin


>they’re the same words so it’s basically the same argument!
dumb lib


You’re the fucking lib. Every point you have is just a general lib talking point about socialism applied only to Maoists. Joker. Get some self awareness


show a single example of this


ok. and? a broken clock is right twice a day, personality cults suck.
>libs say something so i must automatically assume the exact opposite position
internet brain


Talking about personality cults

>muh Gonzalo was just bloodthirsty and violent

It’s not just doing that though, it is bad because it isn’t true, it wasn’t true with Stalin and it’s not with Gonzalo.


>libs say something so i must automatically assume the exact opposite position
internet brain
/leftypol/ in a nutshell.


File: 1632944773926.png (230.06 KB, 623x519, 991.png)



>”guys, what did gonzalo even do?”


lmao this, nothing makes the feds seethe more than a sensible discussion about Gonzalo.

>nooo muh cult of personality

>noooo think of the dead genocidal reactionaries
>noooooooo he was CIA even though there is literally zero proof of this at all and Peruvian Guerrillas were fighting a US/CIA backed Peruvian oligarchy for years even before this nooooooooo
>nooooooo i don't have to post sources because my opinions are really really important on a subject i no nothing about
>noooo muh red guards nooooooooo
>not muh PSL, not muuuh precious PSL
>DSA are LITERALLY the next russian social democratic and labour party talking shit about them is LITERALLY WRECKING THE NEXT REVOLUTIONARY MOVEMENT NOooooooo

libs, they gonna lib


nobody replied to that post, there was already discussions ongoing.

Absolutely typical libshit lies


quote a single post itt that isn’t sectarian metadiscussion you fucking teenager


yes exactly, its impossible to have a proper discussion because of you stupid libs doing all this stuff:


which you do continually, every, single time this subject comes up. Just admit you actually don't have the faintest idea what you are talking about

there was a thread about this yesterday, the only person to post sources and actually make an effort post was pro Gonazalo.


File: 1632954589754.jpg (23.62 KB, 313x313, 9snKOcaa_400x400.jpg)

>Posts an OP with incredibly bold claims with exactly zero proof for anything
>Spends the rest of the thread crying about muh evidence when people call his dumbass tendency a glow op


>provides no evidence of glow
>continues to post glow over and over again.
>refuses to post evidence when asked


You ever gonna provide a single shred of evidence for your own fucking OP, bud?


watch out he’s got several walls of text hotkeyed


It’s not my OP and I’m not the one making the assertion that Gonzalism or whatever is a glow op you retarded fuck


So the point of the thread is?


File: 1632962525849.png (879.62 KB, 800x600, ne2.png)

We the peasant and proletarian people of Brazil have managed to defend our town from Brazilian fascism through Maoism.
Stalin synthesized Marxism Leninism and was later attacked by the revisionist Nikita Khrushchev in an effort to attack Marxism Leninism.
Chairman Gonzalo like Stalin synthesized the new highest stage now being Maoism.
Do not let the MSS Dengist dogs and CIA "democratic" socialist dogs or any other revisionist dog attack Gonzalo, hence Maoism and hence Marxism itself. The people of Brazil will one day enter strategic defensive of our Protracted peoples war and we will win.


Based fuck Khrushchev


You don't use the same card FIVE times in a day goddamn. Patience


Presidente Gonzalo, presente na luta!


>implying op is a fed
hmmm…. sounds like dengoid cope
did you know fedjacketing is an anti-maoist cia tactic? food for thought.


I support the lgbt community, not the shining path




Then why the fuck did you respond, dumbass?


aggressive schizos get the gulag


Sorry I forgot I’m not allowed to post in threads I didn’t OP dumbass sorry I’m not allowed to call out bullshit like people calling things glow with no evidence dumb ass. Jesus how retarded are you Killi yourself




Well they aren’t actually leftist they are anti communists who parrot anti communist propaganda so you can see why they don’t want you to talk about it. Plus they are feds and the feds don’t want you to talk about Maoism on leftypol


Aplicar El Maoismo


Why are there lots of Maoist rallies lately?


Because Gonzalo died recently.


We the people of Sri Lanka have marched 18 nights in a row to defend Gonzalo, defend Maoism, defend Marxism.
May the global proletariat rise up in this new era of the global strategic offensive and wipe capitalism off the face of the earth.
Like Stalin Gonzalo must be defended from both right revisionists and left revisionists as they produce their slanderous lies.


Absolutely 100% based aplicar el Maoismo


Based, the glowies will have to work overtime to drown the thread.


aplicar el Maoismo

muerte al glow


this thread is just further evidence that leftypol is utterly useless


Basado y rojo se pill!


Basado y rojo enpastillado.
Este -> Esto


File: 1633019175842.jpg (427.74 KB, 4096x3717, Pres Gonzalo.jpg)


File: 1633159738430.jpeg (491.6 KB, 1024x682, My City.jpeg)

I am seeing lots of Maoist sightings on this site.

In my city I see different Maoist groups like 2 times a day now!
There was a Maoist banner over my city's highway this morning!

I feel like there is an unironic global Maoist plot going on with a similar eerie feeling to what happened a few years before the Bolshevik revolution.


The virgin "global Jewish plot" vs the chad "global Maoist plot"

Also can I ask what country you're from?


No one likes your forced meme dumbass


I am from Colombia.


>I feel like there is an unironic global Maoist plot going on
Yeah it's called Operation Mockingbird.


<Global Maoist plot
What living in your bubble of the same 4 people does to a MFer.
Even basic ML is wildly unpopular, there's no way MLM shit has any minimal traction.


It's some German gonzaloist spamming Gonzalo shit to try and recruit.

In some of the threads he poses as anti maoist/gonzaloists, in some of them as a third world gonzaloists and in others as some observer seeing Gonzalo shit in his city.

9/10's of the Gonzalo shit being spammed here 24/7 as well as some of the more retarded false flag "attacks" on them are either a small group of/more likely a single dumbfuck Avakinaoid intentionally trying to stir up drama.


Here it's more like right before 1968


Glowzaloid online agitprop follows the same formula every single time. Put up a banner/poster/graffiti and either claim that it was thrown up spontaneously by "the masses" or claim to be a neutral observer impressed with the weird drug addict transients who make up these groups in the west.

It's a ridiculous kind of fake it til you make it approach to agit prop combined with dirty salami tactics online. IE, create fake accounts and pose as an opponent, stir up shit & say intentionally provocative things in order to either get people to say straight up illegal shit or push people in the Gonzaloist camp.

It's like a kind of mass Taqiya/"theological warfare" with mass deception but being carried out by either narcissists or their borderline retarded drug addled followers. In reality none of these western gonzaloid groups have any kind of mass base and their claim to being "supported by the masses" is a ridiculous LARP.


No you're not, you're the same guy who was claiming to be Turkish/Sri Lankan/Brazillian.

Look at the actually photo. There are exactly two people posing with a banner. Similar agitprop from others countries involve maybe 1-6 people with a banner. The absolute largest groups can gather up maybe 20-30 people nationally for some kind of march once or twice a year. The entire gonzaloist movement globally consists of several hundred people, most of them deeply Americanized and taking orders from the FBI crew in Austin.

"Gonzaloism" is not Maoism but in fact a rejection of Maoism. The majority of the Maoist movement globally, including the largest Maoist parties reject the narrative that Gonzalo "synthesized MLM" and hence "Gonzalo thought" as a whole.


File: 1633221295696.jpg (630.56 KB, 1860x1315, 930gonzalo_ecuador_2.jpg)

We in Ecuador support Marxism Leninism Maoism and stand with Gonzalo the 6th head of Marxism that was kept in solitary confinement for 29 years and assassinated by the state via not being given medical treatment for skin cancer. Close to no one has died in such a harsh way.

May the international community continue waging its 4 protracted peoples wars in India, Philippine's, Turkey and Peru whist continuing to launch more protracted people's wars and consolidating the global Marxist political line under Marxism Leninism Maoism Principally Maoism.


Leftypol told me all Gonzaloists are American teenagers. Seems leftypol was wrong again.


File: 1633233582081.png (180.91 KB, 1500x500, 1500x500.png)

I heard that there was a Maoist march in Texas today.
Is it based to walk around with pictures of Marxist leaders or does it harm the movement as some has suggested.
I think its based and good to start showing we like Stalin etc so we are not viewed as lib cucks. The general population of America especially Texas think Communists are just lib cucks.


File: 1633233837906.jpg (868.71 KB, 2048x1536, FAuZXWZXIAUtqXP.jpg)

'fraid I didn't hear anything about that but the Revcoms were at the Women's March in Austin so they weren't the only Maoists marching in Texas today


Why are there so many threads about random Maoist marches?


The 4 firstworldists cats want to show that they are not 4 firstworldists cats who sometimes glow and that they have their own 4 thirdworldists cats as well.

Don't mind them attention.



File: 1633238320652.png (3.3 MB, 1490x1117, Gonzaloists BTFO.png)


A small group of Gonzaloists are spamming pictures from Gonzaloist groups either pretending to be neutral observers or false flagging poorly as critics and saying ridiculous shit to stir people up.

As these people have no mass base they are reduced to deception in order to recruit lone individuals.


>No mass base
Maoists have 4 ongoing revolutions
All non Maoists have nothing, no socialist states and no movements. Your little north Korea has abandoned Marxism and socialism whist it transitions into a dengist like system.


>4 revolutions
one which succeded (Nepal,yay) and the other three that stagnated and lost any support of the population from all that time that they murdered with no punishment of the doers and offered nothing to better their immediate and long term situation and will never change because maoists think themselves as perfect and any one that critisizes them as revisionists.


<4 ongoing revolutions
3 of which have been completely annihilated and the last one of which keeps stagnating with the same 5000 people in the Philippines since 1968,with the very Joma that said that they did not even get past the first stage despite having 50+ years to do so.


you have no popular support and you sound fucking retarded


>11 (eleven) people and two dogs
Truly the power of the masses here.


This retard posting the same thread every day has successfully made me hate all Gonzaloids. Mods really have no standards if they allow the same faggot to post over and over just to cope with the fact his movement has failed.


File: 1633243016738.png (3.3 MB, 1490x1117, ClipboardImage.png)

Fuck gonzalofags and marxism-leninism is based.
And (You), OP, you're a cunt.


It's actually 13


File: 1634011969816-0.jpg (49.6 KB, 320x240, 1..JPG)

File: 1634011969816-1.jpg (121.19 KB, 800x600, 2..JPG)

File: 1634011969816-2.jpg (31.69 KB, 320x240, 3..JPG)

File: 1634011969816-3.jpg (52.63 KB, 320x239, 4..jpg)

(announcement google translated, I can post more pictures later if you want I think leftypol only lets you post 4.)


The consummation of the assassination of President Gonzalo has been a severe blow to the international proletariat, but under no circumstances does this fact represent the defeat of the people's war in Peru, much less eliminate or neutralize the historical significance of the figure of one of the greatest communists that the international proletariat has had in its ranks after Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Chairman Mao.

The contributions to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism that President Gonzalo has made were developed in the course of the revolution, of the people's war in Peru, are of worldwide validity and application, so much so that, among others, the Communist Party of Ecuador, Sol Rojo, has established Gonzalo thought as a theoretical basis that guides the Party in its struggle to develop the people's war to communism. The PCE-SR has declared itself Marxist-Leninist-Maoist-Gonzalo thought, and we do so with class pride, applying and developing its thought to the specific particularities of our country and the New Democracy revolution.

President Gonzalo gave his life to the party and the revolution, developed Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, but also became the most effective touchstone to distinguish revolutionaries from counterrevolutionaries; to unmask and combat revisionists and opportunists of all kinds.

President Gonzalo crushed the plans of imperialism, reaction and the LOD to defeat the people's war in Peru, but also to pretend to show him as a capitulator. He turned his ergástula at the Callao Base into a luminous combat trench from where he kept the people's war lit up in the service of the world proletarian revolution.

The PCE-SR points out the importance of never forgetting all those who in one way or another put their dirty hands on President Gonzalo, those who trafficked in their lives and their struggle to petardear the Central Committee the PCP, the people's war and drag the masses to travel the rough bureaucratic road. There will be neither forgiveness nor forgetfulness!

President Gonzalo will live in every struggle undertaken, in every drop of blood shed, in every victory we wry from imperialism and reaction; President Gonzalo will live forever in the hearts and struggles of the class and oppressed peoples of the world.


Just hurry up and overthrow the government already, it’s not like the cia is gonna do anything since these days they might as well be considered office workers with fucking handguns along with the fact that sanctions from NATO mean batshit fucking nothing these days


File: 1634012456040.gif (142.47 KB, 1221x1007, yourself.gif)



The Ecuadorian communist party said that not me that is the translation.


Lmao, I read about them, didn't they proclaimed PPW and put two bombs and then faded into obscurity?
Voluntarism anyone?

I was worriying that gonzaloites were leaving.


They have not entered ppw they want to.


in fact they do this


Thats Germany? This is Ecuador.


a compilation of gonzaloite rallies
that video exposes the absolute retardation of such folk


Yup lmao
>03 de junio 1994 , 12:00 a. m.
>Redaccion El Tiempo
>El último grupo guerrillero en Ecuador, Sol Rojo, presuntamente vinculado al movimiento Sendero Luminoso del Perú, anunció ayer que abandonaba la lucha armada y entregó sus armas al Ministro de Defensa en una inesperada ceremonia pública. Sol Rojo (comunista) o Puka Inti, como se hacía llamar en lengua quichua, surgió en 1992 a través grafitos de apoyo a Sendero y atribuyéndose atentados dinamiteros contra algunos edificios, sin que se registraran muertos o heridos. El grupo llegó a estar integrado por 20 personas.


>June 3, 1994, 12:00 a.m. m.
>The Weather Newsroom
>The last guerrilla group in Ecuador, Sol Rojo, allegedly linked to the Shining Path movement of Peru, announced yesterday that it was abandoning the armed struggle and handed over its weapons to the Minister of Defense in an unexpected public ceremony. Sol Rojo (communist) or Puka Inti, as it was called in the Quichua language, emerged in 1992 through graffiti in support of Sendero and attributing dynamite attacks against some buildings, without any deaths or injuries being recorded. The group came to be made up of 20 people.


Warning: Seizure indusing


1000000000000000 based

Revisionist embassies and ronderos btfo


No YouTuber has any right to call anything cringe


<30-40 guys in a forest

The Ecuadorian army is trembling in fear.


Compared to your “orthodox ML” doing what exactly and where?


Yeah there gonna need more than just muskets and knives but also a bare minimum 2000 members, 40 trucks, 100s of explosives and molotovs and a bare minimum of 200k rounds of ammo before any real damage can be done to take over Ecuador. Wonder how they’ll do it


File: 1634048110091.jpg (388.87 KB, 1080x1920, 20211007_182353.jpg)


Shitting in the woods with a gun isn't "doing something", unless you regard getting yourself arrested and/or killed for no reason to be a positive goal to strive towards.


Okay but what ideology do you ascribe to and what are they doing


Probably nothing, calling people who act feds is simply a nice excuse for being lazy. That said those people seem to be actual larpers, there's just too much weirdo cultish personality cult in their announcement and too little substance


Most groups are just trying to build a base and foment some kind of political movement. Which is the correct thing to do, rather than shitting in the woods having shootouts with the police for no productive purpose.


This is not incompatible, Ho Chi Min began the Vietnam struggle in a shack with a few dudes a some guns. There are active communist insurgencies throughout the world that didn't go as much sideways as the shining path one that began with dudes with guns shitting in the woods. Similarly and related to your flag the Bolsheviks built themselves and took power trough a fair amount of shootouts with the police. The "correct thing to do" isn't necessarily to distribute pamphlets at your local college until the revolution comes


moving on…


Also note that Ecuador 2 years ago was in the shitzone.
Remember the takeover of parlament and how the neoliberal Judas had to run away to Guayaquil?

All big talk, all but larp


>boiled babies
uM AckShUaLLy SwEAtY, tHAt'S CiA PrOPaGaNDa, hE POURED bOiLInG WaTEr On cHIlDrEn


Is shining path leftcom or maoist


their chairs have no arms, make your own conclusions


>no evidence he was supported by the CIA
>boiled baby claims made by fascist state and a widely discredited truth and reconciliation committee report

Image thinking you are a communist and going to the effort of making this meme which is anti communist propoganda


Gonzalo was like 100 years old and in prison, why is it that he HAS to have been assasinated?


engineered martyrdom for propaganda ends


Engineered by whom? The man was elderly as shit, elderly people die


imagine if Gonzalo won


>Praises multiple real communists of note
>Criticizes Peruvian baby boiler and all around failure
More like anti-CIA


>imagine if the CIA's man had won
See: Cambodia


Of course there are some instances where forming some kind of insurgent militia is the right path forward, but that is not the universal path forward like Gonzaloids claim. Ho Chi Mihn and the Bolsheviks had essentially found themselves in revolutionary situations. Not from declaring protracted people's war and shitting in the woods until everyone else got with the program. The commonality with all these Gonzaloid marches is that they came out of nowhere and no one in the community knows who the fuck they are. It could not be more obvious that, whatever their goals are, building a base of support isn't one of them


You know, i don't consider myself a maoist, but the massive amounts of butthurt the mere mention of maoism causes on the terminally online larpers in this site is aways apreciated.


>Terminally online
They exist in real life too. They're a bunch of wreckers and obvious glow op.


Fuck Gonzalo, if I could I would make him suffer a painfull death.


This. Mfs need to understand the distinction between war of maneuver and war of position, and learn to recognize when the conditions call for one or the other.


Oh so you have any proof at all he’s cia I suppose


>I wish death on communists


gayest thing ive seen today


File: 1634081198900-0.jpg (58.4 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1634081076172.jpg)

File: 1634081198900-1.jpg (66.69 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1634081083613.jpg)

A Gonzaloid made this unironically.


File: 1634081890609.jpg (105.39 KB, 482x640, 1631926380695.jpg)


>Are there criticisms of the PCP under Gonzalo’s leadership? Of course there are, there are critiques of everything under the sun, we are Marxists and adherents of the principle of critique of all that exists. But the difference between a principled Marxist critique of the type that Mao made of the USSR under the leadership of Stalin and an unprincipled, bad faith critique is that our Marxist critiques view Communist movements and struggles as, in the main, positive. It is good that the PCP existed, it is good that Chairman Gonzalo looked around at the state of his country and, out of love of his country and people, risked his life and sacrificed his freedom to organize his students and other masses to transform it through force of arms. Excesses and errors aside, his struggle and the struggle of his comrades in arms who sacrificed their lives breathed life into the Communist project at what was termed by many “the end of history” and “the end of Communism”. As the faded red flag was torn down from the Kremlin, as Deng Xiaoping turned China into imperialist cloud-cuckooland, in Peru, some comrades waited out many a cold Andean night to deliver people’s justice to many a traitor, fascist military officer, evangelical missionary smuggling in Yankee propaganda along with the Bibles, or CIA backed NGO stooge. PCP cadres did not wait around, they dared to transform through action. It is good that they did.
You guys seriously need to stop treating socialist ideologies as football teams. It's aways easy to claim to be a better revolutionary from the comfort of your home.


Is the Cultural Revolution seen as a success in modern China? I was under the impression that the CPC portrays it as a disaster led by the Gang of Four, and that Deng saved the country from the mess through “Reform and Opening-up.”



Depends on who you are. If you're a Neo-Maoist, the Cultural Revolution should never have ended, if you're a rightist, it was a disaster.

However, for the mainstream, there are actually cultural revolution-themed restaurants where the waitresses are dressed up as Red Guards. There's probably a typical non-Western approach to it; i.e, part sof it were good, parts of it were bad, and so on.




Now, the Great Leap Forward was a disaster for China as a whole, focusing on the rural population that was most exposed to hunger, but the Cultural Revolution? Primarily a problem for urbanites, who were around 10-30% of the population at that time.


This looks like shit and just like neo-Nazi stuff


Reject modernity, embrace 80's neoliberal aesthetics


>Muh buzzword
Yea man, nothing “cultish” about endlessly venerating some dude whose greatest accomplishment was losing a guerrilla war in the jungle, nothing cultish about endless repetition of readings, nothing cultish about “struggle sessions” that can end in uyghas dying, nothing cultish about that time a Jap maoist party went into the woods and killed half of their members because theory or something
>Muh CIA talking points


Chairman Gonzalo indirectly helped abolish the feudal monarchy in Nepal and for that we should be forever grateful


Ni La Muerte Ha Podido Vencerte !


File: 1634090068112.mp4 (210.91 KB, 1280x720, 2.mp4)


I see a Gonzalo thread, I bump


Do you do literally anything here but spread pessimistic doomer garbage?


Based so most Maoists rightfully despise the Gonzalo shitfest?


No, many Maoists uphold Gonzalo as a Maoist and a good Maoist, they just don’t worship him


>Even basic ML is wildly unpopular, there's no way MLM shit has any minimal traction.
MLM is way more popular than ML globally, they have like a dozen of armed insurgencies going on around the world with a few major ones.


45 dudes in a forest isnt a major insurgency.
Sison itself said that after 50+ years they're still at the stage of building up, and the CPP is arguably the most successful MLM insurgency still running.
It simply does not work.


Your hyperbole makes you look really insecure in your baseless hot takes.


Absolutely based

No evidence from anti Maoist fed jacketers as usual




I'll point you to the very interview in which SIson admits they did not manage even to get beyond the preliminary stage of buildup, then we'll see whose takes are baseless.


Read for yourself


Remember they are FIFTYTWO years into their strategy, and they cannot manage even to get beyond the first step.


>I see sightings


no evidence


I seen it with my own eyes the warm green glow of a maoist demonstration.


reading for myself, doesn't seem to be saying what you are saying, in fact there is clearly both positives and negatives to what Sison is saying, which you would expect really.

There is that use of the word "admit" as if it isn't something he openly stated.

okay and where is your orthodox ML that have even managed to continue a struggle for this long to any effect?


i saw xi jingping literally eat a child. Source: me i saw it


China's official ideology is ML whether you believe it or not. Everything else is cope.


>the only example you can give is a country that was built by Mao
LOL. Hope youre not the deflagged FSLN poster as well, cos China sold weapons to the contras


>everyone with the same flag is the same person
Retarded namefag brainworms


>Glowzaloid online agitprop follows the same formula every single time. Put up a banner/poster/graffiti and either claim that it was thrown up spontaneously by "the masses"
Can confirm. When I was in the RCP student wing we did this on several occasions.


Sounds like big cope time. Fact is MLM has hundreds of thousands of people actively fighting in guerrillas around the world while ML is dying on image boards and revisionist boomer meetings


Wikipedia-tier. Never mistake yourself for a Marxist.


>>546978 (me)
Maybe I'm hard, if you count trotskyists as marxist leninists (which they are tbh) then MLs are doing more than I said because they have some political influence in Europe and South America




I’m a Maoist and will concede places like Venezuela are running a more Trot like game.

Bolivia is interesting, they’ve done Trotskyism but in a sort of people’s war fashion, building up revolutionary bases in the rural areas but ultimately it’s not armed or militarised and they are taking the country through a liberal Democratic phase towards socialism (hence the party is literally called the movement towards socialism)

The majority of socialism in Latin America has not been Soviet aligned either, with the obvious exception of Cuba, be that through choice or not.

The Sandinistas fought a people’s war, same as guerrillas in El Salvador, Uruguay, other places.

Allende was more or less a Trot, and had he listened to Mao and armed the unions chile might be socialist right now


What’s key though is basically none of these places apart from Bolivia has the revolution come about through industrial organising a la the Bolshevik party, even if it has taken a part, basically all of these have taken the form of a National Democratic revolution.


The thing is that without the USSR the MLs have lost one of the major advantages (moreso than their actual theory/methods imo) that allowed them to be so successful relative to other tendencies. Never discount the huge boost offered by espousing the same ideology as a superpower, plus actually getting material support from one.


Not me anon.
The failure of having 5000 fighters in a place of 110 million after FIFTYTWO years is enough to prove my case.


gonzaloites were idiots who killed farmers for no good reason


Yeh no real reason you should kill armed right wing militias


>Even basic ML is wildly unpopular
Communism isn't a popularity contest. Marxism-Leninism has proved over the past century to be the only ideology remotely capable of defeating and fighting the bourgeoisie.


That's true in Peru but in Nepal they ended the monarchy, so I'd say it breaks even


File: 1634304075181.jpg (131.29 KB, 1200x768, meting town.jpg)

Hillo I Zaproah one of mi messions was to share meting on internet leftwing.

We had Maoist meting in Cameroon we hold up Mark Lenin Maoism.

All country leftwing will win.


Kep up strugle mi brotha comraid


Really wonder why you are going around samefagging. What are you selling


File: 1634442896425-0.jpg (619.1 KB, 800x1067, aus lmao.jpg)

File: 1634442896425-1.jpg (743.86 KB, 900x1200, triggered karen.jpg)

According to Sky News Australia (basically fox news) Leftists have been giving terrorist propaganda on the train.
Turns out they were Maoists lmao cope cuckservitives.


Leftypol cucked me saying error and I forgot to add title when trying to post again.


Will maoists ever not be glowing retards ever?


Not only was this action glowie, but the posting on here was glowie as well.
There have been numerous posts about Gonzalists doing some random protest or action being posted here out of the blue.
>I saw this Maoist march in my hometown
>I saw these Gonzalists protesting in front of my local McDonalds
>Maoists were passing out newspapers on a subway
Completely manufactured. I don't know where this shit is coming from but it is insidious and should be banned.


What if gonzola actually won?


why are they handing out spanish papers if they're in Australia?


This isn't in Australia


>Nova Democracia

OP is a retard and should follow the fate of the dog propaganda.


convince me MLMs aren’t just trots who like mao’s “aesthetic”


>"Go ahead little commies, worship your dead god."


>newspapers are in portuguese
What did OP mean with this?


Trotskyist false flag


>>550422 (OP)
These are not Australian trains, these newspapers aren't in English and the people on the train are clearly not Australians (There aren't enough African Australians that they'd be the majority in a train cart like this & these people are clearly West African whereas almost all Africans who immigrate here are east-african) whats more there are no active Australian Maoists in Australia and if they did pop up they'd be unlikely to sympathise with Gonzaloists as the handful of Maoists here are deeply tied to Anakbayan & NDF, etc.

Yeah something weird is going on. Most of the time the people posting it have the same weird schizo (and I mean that literally) disjointed writing style. Same gonzaloists are clearly false flagging too and then labelling criticism of their shit stirring and deceptive rat behavior as "glowie".


File: 1634469240054.jpg (174.43 KB, 1280x912, IMG_20210912_080251_847.jpg)

>Terrorist propaganda
>Gonzaloid schizo papers
Hmm, seems accurate on this one.
Anyway, Gonzaloid death cope remains beyond cringey.


Absolutely fucking based

aplicar el Maoismo


>glow glow glow
Absolutely zero evidence as usual


Is the outback suited for protracted people's war?


File: 1634483160549.jpg (97.79 KB, 640x480, fp8lak2960u71.jpg)

Armchairs get off the internet and start doing something anything for the movement.
Start making a change to the revolutionary situation reconstitute and constitute militarized communist party's under the banner of Maoism.
For example I may have done this tonight and I am in the process of building a committee to reconstitute the communist party under Maoism.


No organisation, no praxis.


aplicar el Maoismo


>get off your armchair
You cannot make this shit up.


Maoists are Stalinists, and therefore worse then even capitalist's and fascists.
Before we do a revolution, we can't go on without purging our ranks from reactionary stalinist scum.


I vote to purge the Trots




>whats more there are no active Australian Maoists in Australia
Well other than the arms of the CPP, there was this incident at the CUDL kitchen where some bloke from the "committee to defend the life of chairman gonzalo" rocked up almost exclusively to be a wrecker. When we emailed the org, their reply was basically "yeah fuck youse we're there to show people the light of MLM and drag them away from you".

Ol mate sat around looking sad alot of the time and since the lockdown x6 he aint come back.


I don't think so, most Aussies don't live in outback, I think in East Asia most of the people were peasants anyways.


No. Too flat, too sparse, no cover & distance is way too far between settlements. Nowhere to hide camps, water isn't readily accessible, no population to blend in with & air forces would wipe you out within a few days even back in the day.

Back in the 60's & 70's a bunch of Australian Maoists did go over to China to get guerilla training, similar program to what Gonzalo went through. Their plan was to wait for some kind of crisis & try to set up a guerilla war up in the great dividing range, which for non Aussies is a huge, heavily wooded mountain range spanning most of the eastern coast from Northern Victoria up to QLD. Imagine Appalachia went all the way from Texas up 'til New York and that's basically the size of it.

60 years ago it may have worked out (assuming hypothetical super crisis completely fucked up the state) but modern airpower is game changer now. You set up camp or try to march a number of people anywhere through those hills & drones are going to spot you within hours. No lighting fires, no setting up camp, state is going to drone bomb you or just send some SWAT police up to wipe you all out overnight.

People should really listen to Jose Maria Sison here, under present conditions PPW is not a viable strategy in any advanced capitalist state. Even if it was viable though, anybody talking publicly about launching armed struggle against the state is bottom of the barrel fucking retarded. If you want to do that kind of shit, you don't publicly talk about it until you're actually on the verge of doing it.

Are you in vic? Did they have Neon hair? What's a bet they're from university of melbourne, lol?


There are some indigenous communities up there, problem is they're spread out hundreds of kilometers between each other and they're also very small. It's not unusual to drive like 10 hours over in isolated parts of WA & NT and not come across a single town. I don't think Yanks quite understand how big the outback is.. Australia is roughly the size of mainland US, and "the outback" is something like 2/3 of our country. We also have a population density about 1/20th of the US (including non citizens). One giant, mostly flat, inhospitable, desert landscape. Alice springs is the only real town up in the interior, and all of the indigenous hamlets are too small to sustain any kind of guerilla force.

Another big problem is that there is no readily accessible water in a lot of places apart from little hamlets, homesteads and servos. A lot of billabongs are dangerous to drink from, full of brain eating amoeba so any group of people are either going to be camped around some fresh water pond or some small indigenous settlement. All the state has to do is check each known safe water pool or shut off the water to indigenous towns for a little while as they've done in the past & your "peoples army" are going to die of thirst.


>A lot of billabongs are dangerous to drink from, full of brain eating amoeba
lol fucking Australia


>People should really listen to Jose Maria Sison here, under present conditions PPW is not a viable strategy in any advanced capitalist state.
huh this reminds me of some discutions i've been having with an friend and even talked in some other thread about but i think even just the party structure and some journals is not enough for an revolution in the modern era, we need more than that these days.


Yep. Not neon hair but they were a skinny cunt. Real urban guerrilla sort.


Australians like to overstate how dangerous the wildlife is here. It's a weird kind of national meme which we play up to foreigners. While we do have some crazy critters reality is like 4 people a year are eating by crocs and we average maybe 1-3 snake bites deaths a year with about as many deaths from spider bites.

The inhospitable land/climate are far more dangerous than the wildlife although most Australians have no real experience with that as the overwhelming majority of us live in big air condtioned cities up on the mostly temperate east coast. Almost nobody lives inland because the interior is fucking Brutal & any cities buit up there would basically be little artificial & non self sustaining las vegases.

There's a reason that for indigenous people a noticable loss of technology occured some 30'000 or so years ago coinciding with both Megafauna extinction & the mass aridification of hte continent.

Gonna bet 2/3 of whatever his social media feed (because you know cunts like that are social media drama dophamine addicts) is USian politics lol. If he shows up again ask him if he can name more than a few former PM's lol.


>It's a weird kind of national meme which we play up to foreigners.
You're not gonna fool me. I'm not dying to any drop bears.




there are videos of eln and farc getting fucking droned and its terrifying 100s of people dead in seconds


Air power absolutely changes everything. These people have dedicated absolutely no energy to learning about this, to studying how state repression works in the 21st century. You'd have to legitimately be stupid to believe that PPW could work in any advanced capitalist state in the era of drone warfare. You'd have to be even more retarded to openly and loudly advocate for armed struggle given the insanely pervasive reach of western police states today.

Jose Maria Sison is absolutely fucking right to suspect these people. Groups have been crushed overnight by local police for far less than what western Gonzaloists do on the regular. The fact that they haven't all been blackbagged & killed or thrown into solitary confinement tells me that the bourgeois state considers them useful.


>Not only was this action glowie, but the posting on here was glowie as well.
What glows about handing out Maoist newspapers on a train? Seems pretty standard.


Cultural Revolution 2.0: Peruvian Boogaloo


Modern Western Gonzaloists would find some other defeated revolutionary martyr's image to steal & scream and yell that Gonzalo is a literal red fascist tanky white male colonizer while wrecking Peruvian backed Maoist orgs.


File: 1634501901704.gif (170.14 KB, 360x346, lmao.gif)

That's a fucking Brazilian newspaper lel: https://anovademocracia.com.br/

Also, i'm pretty sure i've once came across them distributing newspaper near my neighborhood.


Yeah that's what I said earlier in this thread. Picture clearly isn't from Australia & OP is lying. There's been no mention by Sky News so this looks to be more lies from the same gang of weird Yank gonzaloists who have been spamming up the board.

ACP com says apparently there are actually a few university of melbourne based Gonzaloists trying to wreck their mass work programs with the homeless which actually isn't very surprising. Saddens me that foreign coms wouldn't understand how simulatenous fucking sad & hilarious this. Uni of Melb is the best ranking uni in Australia & one of the best in the world, same tier as US Ivy League, Harvard, Oxford/Cambridge etc. Lots of upper class foreign students end up going there to so there is a reputation that it's students are a bunch of rich kids. Anyway, these Uni of melb gonzalo kids went over to a soup kitchen being run by the ACP - which as I understand it, is one of the only accessible places they can get food on the weekend, and were trying to tear it up and wreck it.

Rich kids taking food out of the mouths of absolute fucking poorest people in our country, homeless, refugees, etc, in order to own the "revisionists". Way to serve the people!




why did this random armenian militia in syria mourn gonzalo's death lel


source that turkish maoist claim, i'm a bit surprised to hear they'd back sdf over assad


>All of the banners are in Spanish

Why is it that you're only speaking in broken English when you're pretending to be African and not Sri Lankan/Ecuadorian/German?

You're aware that Cameroonians primarily speak French pidgin & that there is a sizable English speaking minority there?

Half the people there clearly have light brown skin & are Latino. You fuckers call me a "white supremacist" and here you are totally unable to tell black/brown people apart & intentionally speaking in broken English when portraying Africans.



Realizing more and more that the apocalyptic "global victory around the corner" and constant hype is not just a recruitment tool but a necessary retention tool for people stuck in the Gonzalo cult.

You have all these western gonzaloists talking about dozens of fictional people's wars, other gonzaloists posting pictures of fake movements, pretending to be random passers by just happening to spot the abundance of Gonzaloist propaganda & marches supposedly occuring outside of their doorsteps daily. Groups invest heavily in social media PR agitprop, taking neat looking guerilla porn photos, but if you actually walk videos or footage of these actions outside of Gonzaloist spaces you can see how blatantly their claims are exaggerated or straight up lied about. IE claiming victories when any impartial observer watching 3rd party footage can see a humiliating defeat, claiming the existence of mass bases which don't exist and just "happening upon" graffiti or posters praising Gonzalo supposedly put up "by the masses", in reality thrown up by the same small group of cadre.

I have a feeling that the majority of Gonzaloists have no awareness of just how fake their movement is. They absolutely need it to be the case that the final victory is around the corner, that their movement is expanding all over the world, that we're months away from a global 1917. They survive and retain membership based on this hype, and their collective organized ratty behavior, ie attacking other orgs, mass programs and soup kitchens in person or wildly lashing out and throwing accusations online is to create a kind of trauma bonding for their in-group. Their claims to be "the only people doing things" are built on a ridiculous form of circular logic. If you counter their claims that Gonzaloists are the only communists doing anything they hit back by saying all of the other movements which are fucking doing shit "aren't real communists, and MLMGZT is the only legitimate form of communism today" so therefore there are no other communists "doing anything" because Gonzaloists are the only communists.

Total insane circular logic, blatant internal deception & lying to their cadre, fostering of an environment of constant anxiety & enforced isolation/trauma bonding are the only things holding these people together. With all of this in mind the RGA/US Gonzaloist public recruitment strategy of intentionally seeking out the mentally ill makes a lot more sense.

These are blatant, narcissist abuse/new age cult tactics, and this is coming from a guy who defends cultism & upholds comrade Jim Jones etc. These people are fucked.


it's portuguese retard


I'll admit it, I have a hard time telling the difference between portuguese/spanish.

At least I know basic fucking geography & can differenciate between black/brown people. You're even fucking dumber than that because if you had have just not fucking said then you could claim plausible deniability because 2/3 of this board are Anglos and tell us that they were in Spanish out of solidarity with the Peruvians or whatever bullshit.

Instead you're the retard stuck trying to explain what a bunch of Latinos are doing in Cameroon & why they are speaking Portuguese.


uygha why are you so obsessed


>I'll admit it, I have a hard time telling the difference between portuguese/spanish
I'm a native Spanish speaker. Sometimes I don't notice something is in Portuguese until several words in. At a glance, its pretty hard to tell. Here there are no tilde õ vowels characteristic of Portuguese, so unless you speak either language, it'd be hard to tell.


Were Gonzalo and Sendero Luminoso really funded by the CIA?


There's no smoking gun evidence


Yup, the õ or the use of eu as others can show it is portuguese instead of spanish.
Truth to the matter no, there is no secret glow cable showing it.


That's what I thought.

I'm getting fucking sick and tired of tankies/Maupinoids claiming every leftist tendency that doesn't fit their version of socialism is de facto CIA.


AAA that is were the spine is though
SP not being funded by the CIA doesn't leave the wrecker kind (namely the gringos) from suspicion.

AusJuche has talked about some stupidity in Australia, I don't know if in Europe they behave equally stupid.


If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.


Lmao, I though of translating some obscure books to english, put an Alunya in the editorial cover, and calling the Book Collection "Unnecessary books from a lost war."
Until now I can say that I have found 3, time will tell if I can find more. Hopefully I do.


File: 1634725636471-0.png (1019.24 KB, 911x683, SE.png)

File: 1634725636471-1.jpeg (60.88 KB, 750x395, DK.jpeg)

Nordic Maoist report 19.10.21


In Trollhättan wall slogans were spotted with “Eternal glory to Chairman Gonzalo” and “Chairman Gonzalo is invicible”, among others.

The Stockholm chief of police has stated what wishes he has for the future of the police. Firstly he wants more “visible police” in the what the Swedish state classifies as “vulnerable areas” (area of “low socio-economic status”), such as in the Järva area of Stockholm. Also he said that in order to combat criminal gangs, audio surveillance should be legal and the use of anonymous witnesses admissible in courts.

A conference on the topic of combating anti-semitism was held in Malmö last week. The main focus was not what the name of the conference would suggest, it was mainly a way to appease Israel, after Sweden officially recognised Palestine as a state seven years ago (but still also recognising Israel), after which there has been no diplomatic relations between the countries.

The choice of holding the conference in the city of Malmö, is also very clear, many migrants from Palestine live here and the city has a history of struggles in support of Palestine. One example of such struggle is the 2009 demonstration against a tennis match with Israel, where the police barricaded a large area around the venue and for they had to ask Danish police to borrow additional riot vehicles, in the demonstration many thousands took part, that lead to large-scale struggles with the police.

Israel has sent one of its ministers, and he was joined via video-link by President of France Emmanuel Macron, Minister of the exterior Anthony Blinken from the USA, representative from the UN and others. Macron made the main focus on how governments should have more control over social media, so they more actively censor content, because "We want to stop hate speech online and ensure we have a safe digital environment for our citizens", what a lie that is, just look at his role in the increase of religiously based violence in France. Representatives from Google, Facebook and Tiktok, were therefore also present to pledge to combat antisemitism on their platforms, we can assume that it means a pledge to censoring support for the Palestinian national liberation struggle.

And what about Sweden started to examine its own past of colluding with and providing material support for fascist Germany during the second world war and its continued complacency in its own problems with fascists, instead of blaming religious and chauvinist violence on the masses.

This conference shows how afraid imperialism is to attack their enemies head-on and how it always has to make up false excuses for what they do. They conceal their opinions, because they know the masses despise them.


In Denmark the striking nurses are winning a moral and economic victory over the bourgeoisie, by continuing their strikes by organising around the labour aristocracy in the corporate trade unions. The strikes are being declared illegal, but the state is not able to fire the nurses because they need them. The bourgeoisie in Denmark has brought these conditions upon themselves by systematically cutting down on the public health service for years on end.

It has become clear for the striking nurses that they have to rely on their own forces in order to achieve victories.



Tjen Folket Media reports that for the past year the repression has increased in Norway. There has been an increase in both arrests beatings, imprisonments and killings done by the Norwegian police force. The police constantly violates it’s own rules as it seems fit, which is evident in the murder of a man named Eugene Ibora who was killed by the brutality of the police during an arrest.

The Norwegian police has become more aggressive towards demonstrations as is evident, when it comes to the aid of fascists from SIAN, when it attacks counter demonstrations.


M-L-M knockoff news anon.
Do you like get all this shit off a certain website?



Ecuador is gearing up for a people’s war. It’s happening


Any reading?



It’s in Spanish. I will try to offer a decent translation later today


File: 1634927335299.jpg (191.49 KB, 781x1200, tito partisan.jpg)

>tfw commies on the internet will simp for some literal who that led a bunch of thugs and massacred villages because "le based non-revisionist peeple's war" (which accomplished nothing other than alienating the third world rural working class to all forms of leftism) while calling picrel a revisionist traitor
Why don't modern Mao-oids recognize the achievements of Marshal Tito? He literally united a nation in resistance against Nazi occupation and fought an ACTUAL people's war against both nazoids and tankies. And succeeded. And ran his country for 30 years to become the leader of the third world.



>Why don't modern Mao-oids recognize the achievements of Marshal Tito? He literally united a nation in resistance against Nazi occupation and fought an ACTUAL people's war against both nazoids and tankies. And succeeded. And ran his country for 30 years to become the leader of the third world.
Shut your mouth, you market pig!


File: 1634933876642.jpg (71.71 KB, 346x512, rare tito hoxha.jpg)

Albania became irrelevant and poor under him. He did a lot of good for his country early on, but his petty ideological differences turned Albania into an isolated backwater microstate. He was never a world leader.


…What is 'balkanization' for 100.


These motherfuckers attacked both the USSR embassy AND the Chinese embassy. What else to call them?


Good analysis. Actually the far left is in a bad spot if these wrecker clowns get any attention at all. It is really an advanced form of LARPing to talk about the advantages of the PPW from the comfort of your US bedroom.


Why should there be a Portuguese sign in Cameroon? A country thar speaks French and English?

Why are you writing like a pirate?

Why are you LARPing as if you were at this meeting?

What does any group gain from posting their picture on this obacure forum, especially a Cameroonian group?

Why are you samefagging? >>547982


1. Not all Maoists are Gonzalo faggots. They did nothing in Nepal.

2. What ended the monarchy was one of the princes going postal and shooting up his entire family.


>Albania became irrelevant and poor under him.
Albania WAS the poorest country in Europe long before Hoxha
>his petty ideological differences turned Albania into an isolated backwater microstate. He was never a world leader.
Yet Albania lasted longer than Yugoslavia, lol. By the 80s the Yugo economy was collapsing, ridden with unemployment and resorting to the IMF.


Yes he’s an example of how people’s war is universal

>muh lazy crits about SP directly from the lib press

Why do you persist? It’s so boring and you’re wrong


How did Albania last longer? This is a bad argument. Obviously Albanian socialism collapsed as well.


What the FUCK did these adventurists achieve except delivering cannon fodder for the bourgeois press? Absolutely zero.


You say Hoxha failed as a statesman when Tito was more of a bigger failure


It wasn’t just a people’s war you dumb fuck, they also provided education, healthcare, food etc, all the usual things a guerrilla front did. They also defended the socialist movement from a genocidal CIA backed state which rolled back the worst of their attacks.

Sorry some YouTuber told you otherwise


Yes dumbass, socialism all round lost. Are we to say all socialism is bad? Or that the good guy can lose ? Which do you choose?


The higher you soar, the bigger your fall.


Ok fair enough, I guess the revolutionary is a doomed man


Wow, I waited for you anon, so I'm going to do it myself That comma in the title seems a little out of place
It couldn't be another way, the corrupt, representative of that rancid bourgeoisie, buyer, has decreed the state of National Emergency with the pretext of fight against delinquency.
Lasso emits this decree precisely when the popular protest is on the rise; when more class sectors, from the peasantry and the people join to punish and stop the regime that persists in the passing of the so called Opportunities Law, that seeks to build precarious jobs precarizar el trabajo , violate rights conquered by the workers and favor in a better or worse way the great bourgeoisie and great landowners' conditions of enrichment to the detriment of the masses.
Lasso parapets in an armed forces equally corrupt, repressive and in many cases involved with the criminal gangs that they say combat.
How wrong is the miserable if he think with that decision will stop the fury of the masses. 7 of 10 ecuatorians don't have a job, in the last few days the IMF requires the regime to reduce in 1000 million dollars the current expenses, What is coming? 50 000 state bureaucrats joining unemployment, nevertheless the usurer points that We have to generate jobs!
The country is bleeding, and the government, in a reductionist way simplifies the violence as acts between gangs, "reckonings" they say. The don't see pass their wallet, their interests their walled houses, such is the misery, unemployment, hunger and desperation of the masses that one has to be blind to not see there one of the potential causes of the growing violence that is lived in the country.
It has been launched the call for a great march in October 26th, well then, we are going to prepare ourselves, we are going to launch all the class contingent, the poor peasantry and the oppressed masses to the roads, the streets we are going to encircle the cities from the fields, that is what we have to do, strangle the cities and that it feels, over all, the fury of a peasantry that is equal to the proletariat, by now, they don't have nothing to lose, and a world to gain.
The war against the people is declared. And we are going to attend as it should be, but cautious and attentiveojo, atentos We have to stay vigilant with what the indigenous, peasant, popular and union leadership does we do not have to give them the opportunity again of reedit the treason of October, 2019. We can't allow them to sit in the negotiation table and sell themselves for a plate of lentils so that the usurer passes his law project, that maintains his policy of rising the prices of fuel, that he takes away from us the labor conquests that has cost blood and sacrifice to the class, that keeps giving away the country to the IMF and Imperialism, that they don't cease with his project of reprimarization of the economy and insists with his mining policies that goes against national interests, but overall, the interests of the poor peasants.
Rebellion is justified, here and now!
Let rebellion encircle cities from the fields!

Note: Lasso froze the price of fuel yesterday, since a rise in that just makes living a little more hellish than usual. Has called the protesters against him "putchists" and has met with the Blinken some days ago. And is in a standoff with parliament since he is mentioned in the Pandora Papers.

It was more of a "cutting the cake when we are ahead situation" ending with a bourgeois democracy in Nepal and the kicking of the NCP (m) from the Gonzalo Kool Klub,etc,etc.


>They provided living conditions
I hope you have literature on the living conditions on those "support comitees and liberated zones" if not your words are as good as those youtubers you always hate.
>They defended the socialist movement [as a whole?]
Yup, that is why the reformist left ,from their Mao Thought halfbrothers to the Moscow PCP went with the socdems instead.
I don't know what to tell you man, but I bet that if you talk to nonSP or Movadef peruvian leftists they don't have them in the highest regard to put in some way.


>they also provided education, healthcare, food etc
Hot water?


File: 1635018874448.png (205.31 KB, 293x314, okay.png)

That's actually my experience. There was supposed to be a march against some planned fascist/crypto-fash rally, and they started handing flags and shit and brought a loudspeaker with them. Most people played along, but it was only after a while that it hit me that they were trying to make it out like the whole crowd were Gonzaloids instead of like 8 Gonzaloids, two other small socialist groups and a bunch of liberals.


>I feel like there is an unironic global Maoist plot going on with a similar eerie feeling to what happened a few years before the Bolshevik revolution.



Bringing about the revolution one graffit at a time.


File: 1635228001337-1.jpg (273.43 KB, 1250x833, avenge-gonzalo-9.jpg)

File: 1635228001337-2.jpg (207.67 KB, 1250x833, avenge-gonzalo-2-2.jpg)

File: 1635228001337-3.jpg (179.05 KB, 1250x833, avenge-gonzalo-7.jpg)

File: 1635228001337-4.jpg (199.84 KB, 1250x833, avenge-gonzalo-3-1.jpg)

Last week in North York, a rally was held in honour of Chairman Gonzalo, the imprisoned former leader of the Peruvian People’s War and the greatest Communist of our time, who was assassinated last month by the social-fascist Peruvian State with imperialist backing, including Canadian imperialism. Chairman Gonzalo’s death was the result of 29 years of solitary confinement, physical and psychological torture, and denial of medical care for easily treatable illnesses which finally turned into a fatal skin cancer.

Supporters of the Communist Workers Front (Organizing Committee) and the Canada-Philippines Solidarity Organization were present at the rally with red flags, speeches, and a banner calling for vengeance for the Chairman’s murder. This was the latest action in the Campaign to Avenge the Death of Chairman Gonzalo which is being developed by revolutionaries across Canada.

The rally began during the afternoon rush hour at a busy square in North York. A speaker read the opening speech on behalf of the CWF(OC), while leaflets with the portrait of Chairman Gonzalo and information about his life and work were handed out to the crowd.

The speaker explained how Chairman Gonzalo earned his place at the head of the World Proletarian Revolution. It was Chairman Gonzalo who understood that Marxism had attained a higher stage under the leadership of Chairman Mao, and so he called on the Communists of the world to unite under Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. Through his leadership of the Peruvian People’s War, he provided the finest example of Maoism in practice to date, which rightfully came to be known as Gonzalo Thought. He armed his comrades and the masses with this ideology – embodied in the Communist Party of Peru (PCP) which he conquered away from revisionism – and led them through 12 victorious years of armed struggle against the landlord-bureaucratic Peruvian State. The People’s War took root in the countryside and shantytowns by targeting local tyrants and representatives of the old order, mobilizing the masses to fight for their demands and build the foundations of the People’s Republic of New Democracy. Chairman Gonzalo defended and developed the revolutionary line at each step and never laid down arms, even after his arrest in 1992. Despite countless attempts by the CIA, Peruvian reaction, and false “Communists” around the world to slander him as a capitulator in captivity, the leadership and ideology of Chairman Gonzalo stand as beacons that continue to guide the General Reorganization of the PCP amid the People’s War and inspire revolutionaries of all countries.

Most importantly, as the speaker pointed out, Chairman Gonzalo raised the ideology of the proletariat to new heights:

Gonzalo Thought was first developed for the conditions of Peru, but today it has proven itself to have many components that are essential for revolution anywhere. These must be taken up as Marxism-Leninism-Maoism–Gonzalo Thought, principally Gonzalo Thought!

Expanding on the significance of Gonzalo Thought for the revolution in Canada, the speaker explained:

Today, revolutionaries in this country are applying Gonzalo Thought to reconstitute the Communist Party of Canada for People’s War. […] The example of Chairman Gonzalo shows us the need to overcome the pathetic fatalism that dominates the so-called “left” in Canada. The vigour of the people has shown that it can tear up and bring the imperialist and settler-colonial Canadian State to breakdown. Yet the working class and oppressed masses are scattered in their potential. Impish liberals and revisionists wish to stifle this energy and instead ask for scraps from the oppressor. They think the capitalists are impossible to even wound, let alone overthrow. They even mask their weakness as some kind of build-up to a revolution down the line. It is because of this cowardly revisionism that today we lack a genuine Communist Party in Canada. We need a Communist Party to unite the anger of the working class, to sharpen it, arm it and unleash it on the path of revolution. […] The lessons of Chairman Gonzalo and the Communist Party of Peru provide a vision of tomorrow. The task is to put this vision to practice, to materialize it, in Canada and the other citadels of imperialism.

Following the speech from the CWF(OC), several other statements were read out from Maoists of other countries in the spirit of proletarian internationalism. These included a joint international declaration in commemoration of Chairman Gonzalo that has been signed by 17 Maoist Parties and Organizations, as well as statements from the Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist-Leninist and the Communist Party of India (Maoist), two Parties heading the heroic People’s Wars in their respective countries. As the Turkish comrades correctly point out:

It is our revolutionary duty to spread awareness and take action to hold the Republic of Peru and the imperialists responsible for this massacre. Our immortal comrades are the light that illuminates our struggle. With their faith and determination, we will continue to raise the class struggle, and reaffirm our faith in the cause of Communism and the confidence that we are sure to win.

In that very spirit, the Campaign to Avenge the Death of Chairman Gonzalo will continue to develop with more and greater actions, linked with the struggle to put Gonzalo Thought in command of the revolution in Canada and internationally. To that end, a statement was also read out from the Communist Party of Ecuador – Red Sun, a Party with a long history of struggle that has enabled it to grasp Marxism-Leninism-Maoism–Gonzalo Thought as the highest summit of proletarian ideology. Revolutionary workers everywhere must take up the concluding call from the Ecuadorian comrades’ homage to Chairman Gonzalo: “Apply and develop Gonzalo Thought!”

Despite a pitiful attempt by a reactionary heckler to disrupt the proceedings, the rally was a positive step which marked the first such event held in honour of Chairman Gonzao in Toronto since his capture in 1992 – and the second one held anywhere in Canada outside of Québec, following last August’s rally in Vancouver.

The spread of Gonzalo Thought across this vast country is validated in these small but significant milestones. It becomes all the more resonant against the backdrop of silence and inaction from the Canadian revisionist groups. These decaying circles of academics, bureaucrats, and Québec-chauvinists traffic in the name of Maoism, yet are unmoved when the Communist who gave Maoism to the world is brutally murdered. They continually expose their complicity in this murder, a crime which they have been contributing to for years by negating Chairman Gonzalo’s ideology and in its place promoting lies pieced together from the CIA, the Peruvian State, and renegades cast off from the PCP. Such people are no better than a pathetic reactionary who would shout anti-Communist gibberish at a rally honouring the Chairman.

With fists raised to the air, the attendees concluded the rally with chants summing up the perspectives of the Communists-in-formation of Canada:

Avenge the murder of Chairman Gonzalo!

Apply and develop Marxism-Leninism-Maoism–Gonzalo Thought!

Reconstitute the Communist Party of Canada!

Long live the People’s War in Peru!

Prepare the People’s War in Canada!

Long live the World Proletarian Revolution!

October 24, 2021


why do you keep posting gonzalo stuff :/


File: 1635228098936-0.jpg (199.5 KB, 1250x833, avenge-gonzalo-4.jpg)

File: 1635228098936-1.jpg (224.33 KB, 1250x703, avenge-gonzalo-5-1.jpg)


This is the new Weird Sex Website?


This is my first post, it is to show action I partook in we need to actually do things in order to win. Get your message out there (:
Gonzalo is an important Marxist figure as he showed that peoples war and Maoism can be applied in all countries. Stalin did similar with Leninism.


>Again comparing Garbanzo with Lenin
>Again posting marches of 5 dudes battling the reactionary forces of a man and his dog
>The peruvian state is characterized as socialfascist
This one is new, normally is just fascist
>Reconstitute the Canadian Communist Party for PW
… yeah, PW in the first world, a totally reasonable thing to claim that you will be doing and not a way to become a lantern to leafy glows
>Ecuador's Red Sun
My dog, this only keeps getting funnier and funnier.
>PW are universal


gonzalo bump


as a maoist this article is fucking embarassing


File: 1635272529554.jpg (57.06 KB, 1200x514, brainlet so hard.jpg)

>Gonzalo is an important Marxist figure as he showed that peoples war and Maoism can be applied in all countries.
Gonzalo failed and died in prison while the Shining Path collapsed, you mong.


When you think about it all AES has failed, a mixed market economy is the superior system like we see in China.


File: 1635272782532.mp4 (714.79 KB, 1280x720, terry.mp4)

>this entire thread


How so?




This is the corniest thing I've ever read bro


what do you mean? taking a picture of some guy walking his dog? the blurring of faces as if they are some terrorists that need their identity protected? it’s fucking gay


The guy was a heckler. Taking photos is a good tactic to dissuade anybody except the most dedicated dumbasses from upping the ante. Publishing the photo is an entirely different issue, but again the guy was a heckler and if he ever shows up again with that bs it can and will be used against him. As for blurring photos, that's standard practice throughout most Maoist movements around the world. The cops and 3-letters are watching. In the imperialist countries at this stage in time, with liberal democracy in place, the way this works out is that they pick out people who they know attended such and such rally and levy trumped-up charges to scare them into informing. Blurring faces helps with that, plausible deniability and all that.


Fair enough, actually


Actally Had a friend who actually semi-defected to the maoists in the United front from the YPG. They’re very much real, providing critical support against Assad, which they believe to be a rightist deviation of the already reactionary baathism (their analysis not mine).
Maoists (not China sympathizers who think SWCC and Iran are based) generally hold a line on geopolitics similar to that of other ultra left tendencies like left communism and anarchism in that their general presumption is that a nation state is reactionary. That said, you are kind of kidding yourself if you believe the natural line of communists is to align with contemporary Ba’ath politics. That is a construct of terminally online zoomers


based friend




Recent footage of Ecuador communists what are your thoughts on this footage. They are trying to do good lets keep this movement going. May all the world unite on the correct line.


What's with Gonzalo worship? Shit's weird, do they do this in any non-SA countries? It's like a Catholic saint, there's even candles lmao


why's his face look all fucked up?

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