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I still don't understand why she's here if she's a Bengali nationalist.



democracy in action



The original statement was india is not sexyally repressed because of some stupid sculpture. People who believe india is sexland are idiotic westoids.


File: 1634759033521.jpg (56.18 KB, 595x335, 20140705_blp503.jpg)

does anyone know who the soviet representative is in this photo?


File: 1634759996205.png (1.41 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>we need to put a stop to those who support violence against elected officials
But Black Dynamite, I support violence against elected officials!



>This actually happened to the AK47. At some point after AKM adoption a superior design was perfected but they were already rolling out an incredible amount of guns so they just left it as it was.
Interesting, more info on that, I assume the pics are related to that?


That Amess was quite the opponent of compulsory masking, passports and lockdowns. Makes you think doesn't it.


not in the mood for thinking about anything other than the fucker who stole my get


File: 1634766058809-1.png (198.57 KB, 1920x501, TKB 517 ТКБ-517.png)

Yeah but it's pretty hard to find stuff about it, I did another search about it after posting and found that Kalashnikov Concern say that it wasn't adopted because it didn't handle ammo quality/temperature variation as well as the AK, which can shoot any ammo you put in it, and because it's delayed blowback it needs cleaning more often. They do say that it costs half the labour to make one and it's much more accurate in fully automatic, so I'm surprised they haven't brought it out as a budget AKM in a world of high quality ammunition.
Also shows off the gun from the pic in a video of more angles, it's kept at the Tula State Museum of Weapons. Engraving on the side says NO12 so unless that means something else there's more than you'd expect but still hardly any in existence.
Article text:
>Against the background of the obvious advantages of the Korobov sample, the victory of the future AKM looked rather strange, which gave rise to a number of conspiracy theories.
After the failure with the 408, German Korobov continued to work on the weapon according to the semi-free bolt scheme. The next samples in the line were the TKB-517 assault rifle and the TKB-523 light machine gun based on it, which was distinguished by a longer barrel length, butt and magazine capacity.
>The main differences from the previous images were: improved lever retarder, which became more reliable, reinforced receiver, new open sight and forend made of steel sheet with ventilation holes.
>Most of all, military customers were interested in the fact that the scheme used by Korobov made it possible to solve the main problem of the AK - low accuracy during automatic firing from unstable positions. A similar scheme was implemented on his sample and the Kovrov designer A. Konstantinov. It was the Konstantinov assault rifle (2B-A-40), together with the Korobovsky TKB-517, that became the main rival of the M. Kalashnikov samples during a series of competitive tests of the 50s.
>At the first stages, the chances of TKB-517 looked quite promising. The assault rifle demonstrated good manufacturability, which was a very important parameter when choosing weapons for the huge Soviet army, not to mention helping the "fraternal peoples". With accuracy, too, everything was fine - the tests of the TKB-517 showed that for inexperienced shooters this indicator almost doubles (1.3-1.9).
>Against the background of such obvious advantages of the Korobov sample, the victory of the future AKM looked rather strange, which eventually gave rise to a number of conspiracy theories:
<"Despite the superiority of the TKB-517 over the AKM in many respects, including the accuracy of fire and half the labor intensity, the preference at the hardware level was given not to the more successful Korobov assault rifle, but to the assault rifle with a gas outlet circuit, which has been tested for several years in the army".
<"Systems with a semi-free shutter, as unconventional for the USSR, were rejected, since it was completely unreasonably believed that they did not provide advantages over AKM both in terms of service and combat, and in terms of production and economic indicators."
<“And the victory of the Kalashnikov assault rifle in that ill-fated competition is more a political and propaganda move than a reasonable approach to increasing the state's defense capability. All weapons experts unanimously affirm that the Korobov assault rifle was an order of magnitude better than the AKM, in all respects, from the mass to the accuracy of the battle with bursts from any position. "
>In fact, weapons experts without quotation marks are well aware of the main problem of the scheme used by Korobov and Konstantinov (by the way, also used in samples of another "underestimated genius" - Baryshev). This is an early unlocking of the bolt with all the ensuing - in the literal sense of the word in the form of powder combustion products - consequences. Large contamination of internal parts with powder carbon deposits, a decrease in the energy of moving parts with dry parts, the sensitivity of the automation to external temperature due to pressure surges. Of course, if it was possible to pick up a "clean" gunpowder, insensitive to temperature, some of these complaints would be removed. But as practice shows, such results cannot be achieved even now, and in the USSR of the 50s, such requirements for the production of ammunition were classified as anti-science fiction.It will be appropriate to recall how many problems the Americans got in Vietnam by changing the gunpowder for the serial M16 cartridges. And the USSR also had the experience of the Great Patriotic War with a drop in the quality of the ammunition produced. And the French, having played with FAMAS to their heart's content, eventually came to bow to the Germans from Heckler-koch with their short-stroke gas outlet.
>Nevertheless, one should not forget that when discussing the results of testing the competitive machines of the 50s, along with the listing of the shortcomings of the "semi-flexible scheme", the following phrase sounded: "Merit comrade. Korobov is big, he showed Comrade. Kalashnikov ways of solving many issues. " And in this regard, the TKB-517 assault rifle became a quite significant stage in the evolution of Soviet small arms.
This article is the only thing I've ever stumbled across addressing it too lol



Nigel Farage gets tricked into saying up the RA, somebody please webm dis


Yes it’s Novara media cry about it, at 56.21 the sphere gets unanimously merked by a focus group for a full minute or two.

It’s good watching


let's see who you lost it to >>555555


(Plz somebody webm that focus group one too)


The guy was “known to prevent” and now the line from the spooks is that mi5 should have more direct power with prevent

I draw the posters attention to this post made by me sage not a week ago :





do it yourself you lazy cunt
>find the video on twitter (I've had both those clips in my feed in the last day)
>go to twdown.net
>download as mp4
>if you want it as a webm use an online mp4->webm converter or download 'webm for retards'
"teach a man to fish…" etc etc


I am technologically illiterate I never have pretended otherwise


File: 1634770928647-0.png (351.76 KB, 1428x646, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1634770928647-1.png (166.11 KB, 1416x698, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1634770928647-2.png (210.81 KB, 1436x968, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1634770928647-3.png (26.74 KB, 507x273, ClipboardImage.png)




IRL got bumped down from being a comedy show to a Netflix original.


Explain further


The Needle spikings are either from some hitherto unknown chemical that is quick acting and can knock someone out at low doses, or some organised group is deliberately engaging in mass needle spiking for some unknown reason.


What needle spikings?


People getting roofied via injection.


finally finished my life's work: building a house entirely out of lego in the hopes that one day nick clegg will be misdirected within its walls en-route to a press conference to explain the bugs in facebook's new maps app, finally ensuring he gets what he deserves: to have to spend every single moment of the rest of his days standing on lego


File: 1634781905622.png (1.32 KB, 1200x750, Beiyang Flag.png)

The color pattern on those walls give me Beiyang Army ROC flag vibes.


Based , revisionists get boiled

Also, both binmen and train drivers are striking during cop26 now lmao UN btfo


I hope they make it a total shitshow


File: 1634816253205.mp4 (13.34 MB, 1920x1080, UptheNigel.mp4)

You guys see this?


>Up the Ra, Nigel
Kek the fucking delivery of that line


did james may build that house or was that a fever dream I've had


had a dream last night where i spotted george galloway in a lebanese restaurant, he had brought his own spices with him and insisted on re-seasoning all the food because it didn't taste authentic


File: 1634869584511.png (561.55 KB, 828x576, ClipboardImage.png)

Jesus Christ.


Nah he did: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZvMGg4WY1o
James May's Toy Stories was fucking quality.


File: 1634872416170.png (653.4 KB, 815x751, ClipboardImage.png)


let the strike waves flow



Terrible Idea for a strike, GPs should be in person by now. Its getting ridiculous. We can quadroople jab them if they feel unsafe.


Sure why not lmao

Isn’t it about like the workload being too much for them?


This. GP's are lazy bougie faggots who've had it piss easy for too long. I have no sympathy for the fuckers honestly. My GP is on holiday 90% of the fucking time, the only time I saw him in the last 5 years was when he was parking his new model Merc at the shops. Most of them are snobby, judgemental bastards who treat poor people like dog shit. I genuinely dread having to deal with them, which is really not how it should be. Especially when I have to ring the surgery 100+ times to book a fucking 4 minute long telephone consultation. Them being "worried about covid" is just a pathetic excuse to avoid doing their fucking jobs, despite it regularly causing shit like picrel.
Rant over.


Yeah it's a pisstake to be honest, teachers and shit have to interact with hundreds of little plague rats every day and cashiers have been on the front lines this whole time, but no, actually seeing patients is a step too far.


Post the music playing when Lidl hasn’t had bagels for 2 weeks and has given up entirely, filling their position in the shelf with other bread products.

no they haven’t just moved it somewhere else I looked



Also yeh if it was hospital workers striking OK. Seems like being a GP is pretty kushy for a doctor, your entire job is basically writing prescriptions and referrals.


>Isn’t it about like the workload being too much for them?
Have you ever been to a GP? They do literally fuck all for anyone unless they're a boomer.


ahhh thanks, I knew I remembered it
The last bit of that clip though lmfao. May probably still loses sleep over that.


>no they haven’t just moved it somewhere else I looked
did you ask a member of staff?


No, isn’t this the britpol thread? I wouldn’t do something so gregarious. Instead I spent 5 minutes scouring all bread related product spaces. Trusss me, there is no bagels.


Mate they haven't had chicken thighs in the two ones near me for well over a month. Gets on my tits.


Post the music which plays


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